Loves of Ramu

I lived with my parents and my younger sister Meena in a two-bedroom apartment. There was also Shanti, the maid who did general work and also acted as Meena’s ayah. Shanti was about 35 years old and very ordinary looking. She was a widow. My parents slept in one room and my sister, the ayah and me in the other. While Meena and I slept on beds Shanti slept on the floor.

By nature I was very horny. I started to masturbate at the age of twelve and since then masturbated nearly daily. One night, thinking that every one is asleep I started to masturbate. My eyes were closed and my hand was moving fast on my cock. As I was about to come someone grabbed my hand.
Surprised I said, “What? Who? “Shh dheere bolo koyi sunn lega (Shh speak softly someone might hear)” I heard Shanti whisper. Maybe the shaking and creaking of the bed woke her. I was already imagining as to what was going to happen to me when Shanti tells mummy, mummy in turn will tell daddy and I will be severely taken to task.

I started to beg Shanti to let me go but she cut me off and said, “Ramu agar tujhe masti chardi hai tau aa main usse uttar deti hoon (Ramu if you are feeling horny come I will look after it)” and pulled me down from the bed. I lay on top of her ample tits. She pulled up her sari exposing her hairy choot (cunt) and pulled off my pajamas and said, “Ab karo (Do it now)”.

I had never fucked before but knew that there was a hole down there and the cock is supposed to go in it. So I started to push blindly in the hope of finding the right path. Shanti caught hold of me and said, “Thehro! (Wait!)”. Then putting her hand below she took hold of my rigid cock and with a deft movement of her hips and her hand inserted my cock in her choot (cunt) and said “Ramu ab chodo (Ramu now fuck)”. This was my first fuck.

We then fucked every night and also in the day if we got a chance. Shanti taught me every thing about cunt, tits and what women liked etc. She even sucked my cock. One night she wanted me to fuck her in her ass hole. I refused. No way was I going to put my cock in her shit. She was very persuasive and promised extreme pleasure. I succumbed to her desire and fucked her in her butt. She was right her tight gaand (ass hole) gave me real, real pleasure.

That day I found out why men loved to fuck young girls and deflower virgins. Yes, for their tight cunts. Tighter the cunt more enjoyable it is.
For six months or so every thing was fine till one day that stupid Shanti got herself fired for stealing a small trinket of my mother. Mother got her trinket back but I lost a choot forever. I was back to square one that is masturbating.

Next opportunity arose when I was in college.

My father was transferred out of town and I had to stay in the hostel. My chacha (uncle), a very distant cousin of my father, also lived in town. Our families were quite close to one and another. He was appointed my local guardian.

The household of my uncle comprised of my aunt and their two daughters Madhu and Sudha. Madhu was pretty, slim, with long hair and nice big black eyes. She was serious and a quiet type. Looks wise Sudha was just like her sister but more lively and a chatterbox. The girls liked me. I liked the girls. We were good friends and had some good times together. I never looked at them as sex objects. I spent many weekends at his house but nothing of consequence happened.

After my first years exams I decided to spend my summer vacation at my uncle’s house (the hostel being closed for the holidays). I had not done too well in couple of subjects and wanted to take tuition from the professors. As it was summers my uncle and aunt slept on the roof. Only one room had a dessert cooler therefore we three slept in that room. As the room was small and could not accommodate three beds we slept on mattresses on the floor. In the afternoons my chachi (aunt) also rested in the room with us.

One evening we decided to go to see a movie. When we reached the hall all the tickets were sold out. Not wanting to go home without seeing a movie we went to a nearby hall. We did not realize that the picture being shown was an English ‘adult’ movie. The picture contained lots of kissing and many sex scenes etc. making me horny.

After the movie I felt quite embarrassed so did Madhu but Sudha was busy chattering as usual. Sudha said, “Ramu how do these people kiss doesn’t the nose come in between?” I told her no. “I don’t believe you. You must show it to me” said Sudha. “You stupid girl you want me to show you how to kiss here on the street and make a spectacle of ourselves” I scolded her. “No not here but when we get home. Just before going to bed” was her reply. During all this conversation Madhu did not say a word. She was lost in her thoughts.

When we were preparing to go to bed Sudha said, “Now Ramu show me how the kiss is done”. I took Sudha in my arms and tenderly kissed her on the lips and then with more passion. I was by nature horny and the movie tonight had made me hornier. My cock was erect and I started to kiss her with real passion and pressed her small but very hard tits. Sudha started making small animal sounds. When we separated we were both panting.

Sudha said, “Ramu that was great. Now show didi (elder sister) how to kiss”. Madhu would have no part in it but Sudha kept insisting. In order to shut her up Madhu agreed. I kissed Madhu and squeezed her tits. My erect cock was pushing between her legs. She was moaning with pleasure. Suddenly she blushed and pushed me away from her and said, “This is enough for tonight lets go to bed”. After switching off the lights we all lay down.

After seeing the sexy movie and kissing my cousins I was feeling very horny. I could not sleep and kept tossing and turning. I could hear the rhythmic breathing of Sudha who was fast asleep. I looked towards Madhu. I could see the whites of her eyes in the moonlight filtering through the window. She was looking at me. I motioned her to come near me. She smiled and shook her head.

After few minutes I decided to take a chance. I reached out and caught her hand and pulled her towards me. At first she resisted but soon slid and lay next to me. I started to kiss her and kneading her bosom. She started to moan softly. I pushed her kameez over her breasts. She was not wearing a bra. I kissed her firm boobs and sucked their nipples. Madhu was getting hotter and hotter. Soon her hips started to jerk up and down in passion. I tried to take off her salwar. She caught my hand and shook her head.

I whispered, “Madhu please don’t say no now, it would kill me” and continued to kiss her and rub her choot from outside her salwar. Soon her grip relaxed. I pulled her salwar off and placed it under her bottoms to avoid staining the bed sheet. She was also not wearing a panty either. I quickly took off my pajamas and got on top of her and rubbed my hard on between the lips of her now very wet cunt. Madhu sighed loudly and said, “Yeh bahut achcha lag raha hai (Ramu this feels very nice)”.

I placed my cock on the entrance of her choot and said, “It will pain a little now”. She nodded her head and braced her self for the pain. In a swift firm stroke I broke through her hymen and was fully buried in her cunt. She gasped “OOHHH heavens it really hurts”. I said, “It will soon abate” and started to fuck her. It was not long before Mahdu came with a loud AAHhhh. I was no where near coming and continued the in and out movement. She said, “Ramu please be careful. Don’t make me pregnant”. “Don’t worry I know what to do when the time comes” I told her. She relaxed. Another five minutes of in and out motion Madhu came with loud sign ‘AAAHHHhh’ I was also about to come. When my seed rose I spilled it on her stomach. She wiped it with her kameez and rubbed it on her body.

We lay still in each other’s arms for many minutes enjoying the sensations of our first union. In fifteen minutes or so my cock was rigid again. We fucked again. Madhu said, “Ramu it was heavenly. I have never felt such intense sensations before”. After our second fuck she slid back to her side.
I still could not sleep in about half an hour I saw that Madhu was still awake. I beckoned her to me. She quickly came and we had another glorious fuck. When we had finished I said, “Madhu be careful your clothes must have got soiled”. She said, “I know I will take care of them in the morning”. Then we slept.

It was late when I got up in the next morning. When I entered the dining room I saw Madhu sitting alone and cutting vegetables. In a whisper I asked, “Is everything all right”. She whispered, “Yes. I got up early and had a bath and washed my clothes. Then I asked loudly, “Where is Sudha”. Madhu replied that she was having her bath and as soon she has finished I should bathe. It is already late for breakfast. I then whispered, “Madhu it was lovely last night. We will do it again tonight”. Madhu blushed and nodded.

Thereafter every night when Sudha was asleep we both fucked.

Madhu had a friend Lata. She was as old as Madhu but darker. She had nice features, flashing black eyes and real big boobs. Madhu and Lata were class fellows and best of friends. Lata used to visit our house nearly every day. She was like a family member. I started fantasizing about fucking her and playing with her ample bust. We used to play many games together and some times the games got rough. I managed to feel her tits on several occasions but she did not react. She must have thought it was by accident.

One day Lady Fortune did smile on me but in quite an unsuspected way.

After a fortnight or so of fucking Madhu my uncle and aunt had to go to a wedding. When they were leaving my uncle said, “We will get late and you children should not wait up for us”. After the usual lecture about ‘opening the door to strangers’ etc. they left.

As soon as they had gone I took Sudha on my lap and started to kiss her. Sudha said, “Ramu why don’t you do what you do with didi”. “I am doing that” I replied. “No not this. Lie on top of me and move” she said. “I don’t do that with Madhu” I said trying to evade the matter. “Don’t lie to me. I have been watching you both for last four nights. When you think I am sleeping you lie on top of her and move and didi sighs and says Ramu this is really heavenly I have not felt so much pleasure before and things like that. I also want to feel this heavenly pleasure” she said. I thought, “We were lucky, as the moon was on the wane she could not see all that was really going on.

I wanted to fuck her choot also. Her cunt would be real tight I thought. I remembered that tighter the hole more enjoyable it is. Sudha repeated, “Ramu please do it. Please”. How lucky can one get here I thought Sudha is begging me to take her virginity. I did not want to lose the favours of Madhu’s choot. I looked at Madhu and enquiringly raised my eyebrow. Madhu smiled and nodded. The road to Sudha’s virgin choot was now clear.
I took her in my arms and said, “I will do what you want but on three conditions. Firstly you will tell no one, I repeat no one at all about what we do here. Secondly you will not stop me doing anything I want and thirdly you will do everything I ask you to do without asking questions. Agreed?” “Yes. I promise Ramu, I promise” she panted eagerly.

After switching off all the unnecessary lights to avoid attracting attention I took a towel and spread it on the bed sheet. Then I lay down on it with Sudha in my arms. I kissed her and fondled her small but rock hard tits. When I tried to raise her kameez above her tits she caught hold of hand. I said, “Remember your promise”. Slowly her grip slackened and I pulled off her kameez. God what lovely breasts? I kissed them at first then sucked their pink nipples. Sudha was moaning with pleasure, “Ramu this feels really nice. It is lovely etc.” I placed my hand on her choot and started to rub it from outside her salwar. She moaned louder.

When I opened her salwar string she caught hold of my hand again and said, “Ramu tum kya pagal ho gaye ho? Mujhe nanga kyon kar rahe ho? (Ramu have you gone mad? Why are you undressing me?)” I again reminded her of her promise but her grip did not loosen. I insisted on taking her salwar off. She looked at Madhu for help. Madhu smiled and nodded. For a few minutes she did not know what to do. I kept on sucking her tits and rubbing her slit. Then hesitatingly she removed her hand and let me do what I wanted. I took off her salwar and she lay absolutely naked in front of my eyes.

I had never seen Madhu naked but the sight of Sudha lying naked was like seeing a houri from heaven. Her small hard tits pointing towards the ceiling, her choot with slight growth of hair on it, the virgin lips of her cunt pressed together and the small clit peeping through them. As I did not want her to change her mind, I did not dally long at this heavenly vision but immediately put my lips on her choot and started to lick it and I suck on her clit. With a sharp intake of breath she said, “Oh it is really heavenly. I never thought one could feel so much pleasure”. Madhu said, “Wait sister dear it gets better and better”. I looked at Madhu and saw her hand moving inside her salwar masturbating.

I quickly took off my pajamas and lay on top of Sudha. I took my hard lund (cock) and rubbed it up and down between the lips of her cunt. Sudha went wild. Her hips were moving, she was moaning loudly and her breath was coming in gasps. I then placed my cock on the entrance of her tight virgin hole and slowly pushed the head of my cock inside till her hymen stopped further progress. I whispered, “Sudha now it is going to hurt you”. “Does not matter let it hurt. It feels lovely please don’t stop” she pleaded. I think she did not believe me that it would hurt. Gathering her firmly in my arms I pushed hard. The hymen tore and I was fully buried in her tight choot. “OOOWWWWOOO didi it hurting me like hell. Ramu kya kar rahe ho? Mere uper se uttero. Bahut hee dard ho raha hai (OOOWWWWOOO didi it is hurting me like hell. Ramu what are you doing? Get off me. It is really hurting me)” she yelled and tried to dislodge me. Keeping a tight hold of her I kept pumping her choot and said, “I am only doing what you wanted”.

Soon her struggles became feebler and feebler and then stopped. She lay there enjoying the new sensation in her cunt. Her eyes shut saying ‘OHHh’ ‘AAHHh’ ‘it is very nice’ etc. As I had thought her choot was very tight. It held my cock like a vice. It was not long before I got to the short strokes. My speed got faster, the strokes shorter and harder. Seeing this Madhu realized that I was about to come. She said, “Ramu come in her choot there is no danger. Her periods finished only yesterday”. Giving her a grateful smile and with a loud AAHHHhh I shot my load into Sudha’s cunt and lay panting on her breasts.

Sudha opened her eyes and said, “Ramu ruk kyon gaye aur karo na? (Ramu why have you stopped please continue?)”. I just lay there enjoying the sensation. Sudha turned to Madhu and asked, “Didi Ramu ruk kyon gaya? (Didi why has Ramu stopped?)” “Give him a few minutes he will start again”. Few minutes later I started to fuck her again. Soon Sudha was about to reach her climax. Her hips started to move her moaning became louder and louder then with a shudder and a loud sigh she came. I continued to fuck. After ten minutes or so the juices in both of us started to rise again and we both came together. We just lay there panting and savoring the lovely sensations we had just experienced. We even dozed off.

It was Madhu’s voice that brought us back to our senses. She was saying, “Ramu get off her and Sudha you go to the bathroom and wash the tell tale sighs off your first fuck properly with soap. “Must I? It feels so nice?” Sudha said. “Yes, young lady go wash yourself. Mummy and daddy will be here soon”. This galvanized us into action. Soon every thing was in tiptop condition. We decided to go to sleep and not undertake any more risks. We were fast asleep when my aunt and uncle came home.

Next day began as usual with fight over the bathroom, then breakfast etc. On reflection of last night’s events I was amazed that girl as old as Sudha did not know what fucking was. I decided Sudha was play-acting with us. I talked to Madhu about it. She agreed with me but on asking Sudha we did not get a straight answer.

Next night I wanted to see Madhu naked but she said, “No I feel embarrassed”. Sudha was furious, “You saw me naked last night and now you are playing coy”. After lots of persuasion we managed to make her naked. Her body was just like Sudha’s except for her lovely tits. They were larger than Shudha’s and she had more hair on her choot. The girls also inspected my cock and the balls from every angle.

I asked Sudha to kiss it and take it in her mouth and suck on it. At first she refused saying it was dirty. When I reminded her that I had licked her cunt last night she agreed and sucked my cock. It was not long before I came in her mouth. She tried to free herself but I held her tightly. She had to swallow my-cum. “Not bad. Salty but not at all bad” she said. Soon we had Madhu sucking my cock and drink my-cum. Thereafter we fucked, sucked and licked every night.

Only one thing was unanswered. Did Sudha know what fucking was? We asked her again. She tried to be evasive but we would not take an evasive answer. She said, “Okay I will tell you. You guys think I am stupid. Of course I knew what you both were unto. You see that night after the sexy movie I was feeling very horny. That is the reason I started with the kiss business as a hint to Ramu. I wanted Ramu to fuck me but he did not take my hint and I was too embarrassed to ask him directly. As it turned out instead of me my dear sister got fucked.

No I did not know you two were fucking till one night I woke up to piss and heard Madhu moaning. I just lay there and watched. It was a dark night I could not see much but knew you two were fucking. Thank god you finished soon and went to sleep otherwise I would have pissed in bed. Since then I watched you fuck every night and felt hotter than the kitchen stove. I knew now how to broach the subject but was waiting for an opportunity. The opportunity came and you know what happened. I got myself a nice cock. I am a good actress. I think I will join the films. What do you guys say? “You are a very naughty girl” we said and laughed.

Well I fucked both of them every night for a fortnight or so before another piece of luck happened to me.

Lata was Madhu’s bosom friend. She came daily and was like a member of the family. I had always wanted to fuck her but was in a fix. If I tried directly and she repulsed me, she was bound to tell Madhu. Madhu might not like it and I could end up losing her choot also. If I asked Madhu to help me get her then the same result could follow. So I waited maybe luck will help me in the same manner it helped me to pluck Sudha’s cherry.

One morning when we all four were playing monopoly I found that Lata was behaving very strangely. Whenever I talked to her she would go red in the face and then lower her eyes before replying. I also caught her staring at my crotch.

At that moment I said nothing but when I was alone with Madhu and Sudha at night I commented, “What is wrong with Lata she was behaving very strangely today?” Sudha said, “You are right I also noticed it”. Madhu said, “May be because of what I told her”. “What did you tell her?” I asked. “I… I… t t old her… everything” she stammered. “What? You stupid girl you mean you have told her about us fucking?” I said angrily. “Only about you and me and not about Sudha” she said. “But why did you do that. Now she can blow the whistle whenever she pleases and we all three, mind you we all three will be in deep trouble”. Sudha said, “Tut, tut how could you do this didi?”

Madhu started to cry and said, “I did not mean to tell her but it slipped out. She was bugging me with her story of her last summer vacations and all the fun she had at the hill station. This must have been the hundredth time she was telling me. I got so annoyed that I said your fun can’t be better than the fun Ramu and I are having together”. Later I realized what I had said and tried to get out of it but Lata did not let go. Slowly, slowly she extracted the whole story from me from the first kiss to the last fuck of last night”. “Don’t worry she is my best friend and she would never, never tell on us” she continued. “Yes she is your best friend today. What happens if you both quarrel? Well what is done is done let us forget it and have fun. Madhu I will fuck you first today”. Then we fucked and forgot the matter. So I thought.

Five days later Madhu said, “Ramu jab Lata kal aayegi tau ussko bhi chodena (Ramu when Lata comes tomorrow please fuck her also)”. Surprised I asked her what has happened? She said, “I thought about what you both had said and decided the best course would be for her also to join us. I therefore started telling her that as to how lovely it was last night and all we did etc. Each day she was getting hotter and hotter. Today she said to me, “Madhu Ramu se keh kar mujhe bhi chudwao (Madhu ask Ramu to fuck me also)”. I told her, “Agar tujhe chudwana hai tau tu khud hee poonchena (If you want to be fucked then you ask him yourself). Another thing you don’t have to worry about consequences. Her periods are due in four/five days”. Although my dream was coming true I said, “I would do what you both decide remember you will the have one-third cock instead of half now”. Sudha was not in favor but in the end we all agreed that this is the best course. “What about Sudha she can’t be present when you fuck her” I said.

Madhu said, “Sudha you go to the market with mummy. I remember you wanted to buy some cloth material for your salwar kameez. Sudha protested, “I want to watch too”. “Well dear if you are present then there will be nothing to watch” was Madhu’s simple reply. So it was decided that Sudha would go to the market with aunt.

Next day when Lata came she looked nervous. I behaved as if I knew nothing about their plan but kept an eye on her. When Lata saw Sudha she looked at Madhu and made a face in Sudha’s direction. Madhu just smiled and shrugged. Sudha also showed no signs of going anywhere. As usual we started discussing what game we should play. Then my aunt came in and said, “Children I am going to the market and would be back as usual”. Sudha said “Mummy I will come with you. I have to buy some material for my salwar kameez. You start I will join you in two minutes”. With the corner of my eye I saw Lata’s face light up and a big smile came on her lips.

Sudha took me outside and whispered, “Ramu isse intna zor se chodena ki woh kayi dinau tak chal na paaye (Ramu fuck her so hard that she can’t walk for days)” and left. When I came back Madhu said, “Ramu Lata also wants you to show her how they kiss in English movies”. I looked at Lata. She was blushing and nodded. I took her in my arms and kissed her at first tenderly then with mounting passion. At the same time I kneaded her big boobs. Lata was already hot and started to moan. We lay down together and I slowly undressed her. I kissed and sucked her nipples. Lata was moaning loudly with pleasure. I then sucked and kissed her slit. Then getting on top of her started to rub my cock between her cunt lips. She said, “Oh Ramu mujhse ab bardaashj nahin hota. Please mujhe itna mat satao. Apna laurda meri choot main gusserd do aur mujhe chodo. Zoron se chodo (Oh Ramu I can’t bear it any longer. Please don’t tease me so much. Put your cock inside my cunt and fuck me. Please fuck me hard)”.

Well who was I to argue with her, I placed my cock on the entrance of her choot and pushed? My cock entered destroying her virginity forever. “OOOHHHH it hurts. Madhu it is hurting me a lot” she shouted. I kept fucking her till she forgot her pain and again started to moan with pleasure. Soon her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes and her breath was getting shorter and shorter. I was also about to come. My strokes were getting faster and shorter. With a loud AAAAHHHhh of satisfaction we both came together. We just lay there enjoying the sensation. I fucked her three times that day.

By the time my aunt returned we were dressed and playing cards making more noise than usual. Sudha looked at me and I nodded. She grinned and went to help aunt. After Lata had left Madhu asked Sudha, “Don’t you want to know Lata’s opinion?” “I don’t have to ask I saw her leave with a big smile on her face. Which left me in doubt that her bleeding cunt was full of Ramu’s cum” she said and laughed.

Next day when Lata came she looked around and asked, “Where is Sudha?” I just shrugged but Madhu said, “I think I saw her going out”. Lata said, “What are we then waiting for? Ramu go ahead I am ready” and started to undress. I did not have to be asked twice. I then fucked her two times. As we lay resting Lata said, “Ramu make your cock hard again but this time you must fuck Madhu”. I said why don’t you make my cock erect again. She asked “Me how?

As if on cue Sudha walked in and said, “I will show you how? Seeing Sudha Lata turned pale and made a grab for her clothes to cover herself. Madhu laughed and “Don’t worry Sudha is one of us”. Sudha took my cock and started to suck it. Lata said, “Sudha you are very dirty”. Madhu said, “Lata you are stupid the cock is nice wherever it is mouth or cunt. Why don’t you try it”. 

Reluctantly Lata took my cock in her hands and at first gave it a couple of kisses. Then licked it tentatively. The girls kept telling her to take it her mouth and suck it. At last she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I held her head firmly and encouraged her to continue. “Go on suck more. It is feeling very nice. Oh Lata don’t stop I am about to come”.

Lata tried free her self but I held her head in place. “Oh Lata I am commmmiing” and shot my load in her mouth. “Swallow it; swallow it” the girls shouted. Lata was reluctant. I pinched her nose and she was compelled to swallow my-cum. “How was it?” the sisters asked. “Quite salty but all right” was her reply. “Don’t worry you will soon enjoy it like we do” they told her. My cock was flabby again. I told Madhu, “Now it is your turn to suck my cock” she immediately got down on her knees and started to suck it. Soon I was hard again. Lata said, “Ramu now fuck Madhu or Sudha” I said no I can fuck them at night also. Daytime it is yours and fucked her once again.

This went on for few days. One morning Lata came as usual but had a glum look on her face. “Why so gloomy today” Sudha asked. “Damn, my periods have started” she replied. “Stupid girl you should be happy that nothing untoward has happened” Madhu told her. “Oh I am happy about that but today I will not be able to enjoy Ramu’s cock. This is the cause of my sadness” Lata said. You know folks I had been trying to persuade Madhu and Sudha to let me fuck them in the ass but they always refused. Sudha always said, “First didi and then me”. Madhu would say that it was unnatural. That was the end of the matter. No amount of persuasion would move them.

Now I saw an opportunity to fuck Lata in her butt and maybe fuck the sisters later in their ass holes. I told Lata, “You can still enjoy my cock in you if you like”. Surprised she said, “You mean…” I cut her short and said “No not that way. Today I will fuck you in your ass hole”. She looked a little uncertain. I quickly told Sudha to get some Vaseline. Lata was still not sure “Don’t worry you will enjoy it. All the girls I have fucked in the ass hole have enjoyed it why not you”. This gave her the impression that I had already fucked the sisters this way.

The sisters however kept quiet.

When Sudha came with the Vaseline I hassled Lata into getting on her fours and spreading her ass cheeks. I applied Vaseline on her butt hole then inserting first one then two fingers in it and slowly finger fucked her rear entrance. Lata said, “Ramu your finger feels very nice”. I said, “Wait till I have my cock inside it”. After greasing my hard on I placed it on the hole and applied pressure. Her sphincter was very tight and did not give way. I kept the pressure on. Soon it opened a little “Ramu it is hurting” wailed Lata. “Wait it will soon be over” I said and increased my efforts. My cock was entering. Lata shouted “Ramu stop I am dying. It hurts too much”. Just as she said that the head of my tool gained entry. “I am now in. From now on you will experience only pleasure” I told her. In three pushes I was completely engulfed in her backside. I started to fuck her ass hole and rubbing her choot. At first Lata groaned with pain then the groan changed into a soft moan. “Ramu it is nice just like you said” Lata said. That day I screwed Lata’s backside three times. When it was over she thanked me for the pleasure I had given her.

While going she said to Madhu, “Remember a cock is nice wherever it is in the cunt, the mouth or in the gaand” and left. That night I told the girls that today there would be ass fucking only. Sudha said, “I am ready but as I said earlier didi first”. Madhu was reluctant at first but we, Sudha and me, were able to persuade her. Then I fucked both the sisters in their ass holes. “It is the same old story. Every girl first says no to ass fuck but when she experiences it once she likes it” I remarked. Sudha asked, “Tell me how many girls have fucked in their butt”. “You are the fourth” I replied grinning broadly. After that night I fucked them many a times at their request in their rear hole.

Only one thing remains to be told. I had never had all three of them together. What I mean is one after the other. This desire was also fulfilled. On one Diwali night Lata was there as usual. We lighted fireworks till after dinner. It got late at night and she stayed over. That night I fucked all three of them together in their cunts and their ass holes till I nearly dropped dead. Although all three of them were very passionate and hot cunted, Lata had the least inhibitions. She was ready to try anything anytime, followed by Sudha. Madhu was the most conservative of them. Friends I enjoyed the three beauties throughout the holidays and also on every weekend that I spent at my uncle’s house thereafter. On completion of my studies I returned home. I lost touch with them and their beautiful sexy bodies. We did keep in touch with each other by letters etc.

This however does not mean that I never got to fuck them again. I did get another opportunity but several years later.

In these years many things had happened. My father had built a house. My parents with my sister Meena lived on the ground floor. I lived on the first floor with my family. Yes folks I had married and was a father of a four-year boy Sachin and a sweet daughter Madhuri, just two weeks old. On the second floor there was a barsati (a small room) in which excess furniture and other stuff was stored. The girls i.e. Madhu, Sudha and Lata were also married. My sister Meena was getting married.

You know how much work and arrangements are required in a girl’s marriage in our society. As my wife had just had a delivery she was in no shape to do much work. Her hands were full with looking after Madhuri. So it was decided to call Madhu and Sudha to help. Lata, who was also a good friend of my sister, also volunteered to come. All three arrived on the same day, about ten days before the wedding date, though by different trains and directions. They chose to stay with my sister in her room.

Seeing all my three beauties of yesteryears together a desire to fuck them again arose in my mind. My cock was with me on this. I had not fucked for a long time due to my wife’s delivery and chances were that I would not do so for at least another four weeks or so. My balls were full and urged me to think of a way to unload them. As first step I decided to try and get at them one by one.

Next morning when I caught Madhu alone I told her to come to the roof, as I had something to show her. “What?” she asked. I told her I would tell you when we meet. I went to the roof and unlocked the barsati. I must mention here that as many guests were expected to stay with us I had rented a number of mattresses and other stuff like utensils etc. required for the wedding. These things were all stored in the barsati and I was in-charge. Being summers the weather was hot and the roof was deserted during the daytime.

After ten minutes or so when Madhu came I took her inside the barsati. “What do you want to show me?” she wanted to know. I opened my zipper and said this, producing my cock in full erection. “Now Ramu none of this you know that I am married now” she said. Forcing her hand on my erection I said, “Yes I know but I am longing to fuck you again”. I could see lust rising in her eyes and with a little more persuasion she agreed. I laid her on the piled up mattresses and we had a glorious fuck. I must have come in litres. Madhu commented on it and I told her that I had not fucked in months and then seeing you three here together reminded me of our old days. I wanted to fuck her again. She said, “Not now dear Ramu may be later. I must go now. I don’t want to be missed”. I made her promise to come on the roof again the next day at three in the afternoon. Everyone will be resting and we won’t be missed. After promising she left.

I thought one down two more to go. Later in the morning I cornered Sudha and asked to meet me on the roof. When she came I made the same request. With only slight hesitation she agreed and we fucked. I made her also promise to meet me again the next day at three in the afternoon. She said, “Yes” and left. After lunch I asked Lata to come to the roof. She came and I repeated my request. She said, “Why not it would fun doing it again with you”. We had a satisfying fuck. After promising to meet me again the next day at three like the others she left.

Next afternoon I was waiting for them. Lata came first. I sent her inside the barsati and told her I will join her soon. Sudha followed her. I dealt with her in the same way. As I waited for Madhu I could hear Lata and Sudha speculating about what was going to happen. After ten minutes or so Madhu arrived. I entered the barsati with Madhu. Seeing her both Lata and Sudha said, “It seems that all the actors are here now”. I said, “Yes”. I told them that after seeing them together again I had the desire to repeat what we did when we were last together that Diwali night. I also told them that I had fucked them individually yesterday and today we will do it together. Sudha and Lata were game but Madhu demurred. Sudha and Lata soon dealt with her objections.

Lata said, “Ramu whom will you fuck first? Please fuck me first”. Sudha said, “No. Me”. Madhu kept silent. As this question would be raised I had already given thought to it. I did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings by choosing one and not the other. I said to be fair I will fuck you in the same order as I had taken your virginity but in the manner you would like. Lata looked a little disgruntled and said, “This means my turn comes last”. “This is how the cookie crumbles, my dear. But you will agree it is fair” I told them.

Madhu said, “All this would take time. What if some body comes?” “Don’t worry, firstly no one will come and even if somebody does come, seeing all four of us together will not suspect anything, as long as we are not caught with our hand in the cookie jar. You understand what I mean don’t you? So those of you awaiting your turn should keep a sharp lookout”. I said. Seeing the situation it was not prudent for us to undress completely and it was therefore decided to proceed with minimum of undressing. The girls were wearing saris but I had to take my pants off in order to give full freedom to my cock.

I asked Madhu as to how would she like me to fuck her. She raised her sari and pulled off her panty. After tucking it under the mattress she lay down on it pulled up her sari. Spreading her legs to display her cunt said, “Ramu fuck me like this but fuck me hard”. “This way I won’t last too long” I told her. “Does not matter that is the way I like it but make me come”. “No problem” I said and started to her bidding. In few minutes we were both about to come. “Ramu I am about to COM mfh mfg”. “Not so loud didi” Sudha said placing her hand on her mouth. “I am commmminnngggg” Madhu whispered and came. I also came at the same moment. “Ramu it was very good” Madhu said.

It was Sudha’s turn now. “Ramu fuck me from the rear” was her preference. “You mean…” I started to say. “No stupid, not in the ass hole. Enter my choot from the rear” Sudha interrupted. I entered her as directed placing one hand on her clit and with the other I pressed her tits. As it was my second time it took much longer before my seed rose and I unloaded my-cum in her choot. In the mean while Sudha had come three times. “Oh Ramu I say you are very good” she said.

Lata said, “Now it is my turn. Ramu you lie down and I will ride you”. “Yes but give me some time to recover” I said. “I will suck your cock and make it ready” Lata said. “No sucking today we keep it for some other day” I replied. Turn by turn they took my cock in their hands and tried to revive it. As soon as I was ready again I lay down and Lata mounted me and with a smooth stroke took my cock inside her cunt and started to move up and down. After about three minutes she came with a loud sigh and lay on my chest. After a minute or two she started again. As soon as she came for the second time she lay down on my chest again. Again and again she did the same.

Sudha said, “Lata you crafty bitch you are very clever. Ramu if you let her go on like this then she will fuck you all night and morning and we won’t get another chance”. I also saw through her ruse and said “Lata one more time then I will fuck you”. She laughed and agreed. When Lata came the next time I turned her over and fucked hard and fast till we both came together. Lata said, “Ramu you are the very best man I know”. Her manner was such that it gave all of us the feeling that she was also fucking other men than her husband. Madhu and Sudha simultaneously asked ” Whom all have you been giving the taste of your choot” Lata tried to deny it but it was quite obvious that she was fucking every cock in sight in her in-laws house. Then I fucked all the three girls by turns. It was getting late and we called it a day. After agreeing to meet again the next day at the same time we dispersed.

Next day when we all were present I said, “Today I will fuck your ass holes in the same order as I took their cherry”. Lata said, “This is not fair. My turn will again come last”. “Don’t fret my dear you are wrong. Today you come first” I told her. “What? I thought you had already fucked their ass holes before mine otherwise I would never have let you near it” she said. “No my dear your ass hole was the first and because of you they agreed to let me take their ass hole cherry” I said. “But I thought you had already fucked their ass holes” she said. “Well you were wrong. First you, then Madhu and then Sudha. Now let us have less talk and more action. “Jaldi se apni gaand pesh karo (Quickly present your ass hole) ” I commanded.

Lata got on to the mattress and offered her ass hole. When I got behind her she asked meekly ” Kya meri gaand sukhi hee maroge? (You will fuck my ass hole without any lubrication)”. Madhu said ” If you had already decided to fuck us in the ass hole then why did you not bring some cream or vaseline with you? I grinned and said “Sorry I forgot”. “No you have a choice. Either I wet your ass hole with my spit but the cock is dry or I wet my cock in your cunt and your ass hole is dry. Which way do want it? I asked. “In my cunt first” she replied. I entered her cunt from the rear and after a few strokes I placed my cock on her ass hole and pushed. “Oh my God it is hurting like the devil” she complained. “It will soon ease” I said and started to fuck her ass hole.

After having fucked her it was Madhu’s turn. She wanted me to use spit. She also experienced considerable pain as I entered. After I asked Sudha to get ready. Seeing the pain the others had felt Sudha was not keen. But Lata and Madhu said “Hamane apni gaand marwayi hai, tujhe bhi marwani pardegi (We have had our ass hole fucked and you will also have to do the same)” and soon got her in the right position. I used both my spit and wetted my cock in her cunt. Despite this she said, “Ramu your cock is killing me”. I fucked their backside once again and promising to meet the next day, we left.

After that day we met regularly and enjoyed ourselves in all sorts of manner. I started spending most of my time on the roof. Even if any one or two of them could not come to the roof at the appointed time they came up before or after for a quickie. As the marriage date of Meena came nearer more guests arrived and our meetings became more and more difficult. Their husbands also arrived. We did however manage to fuck but not so regularly as earlier. After the wedding they all left for their homes. We agreed that we should try to do this again sometime. 

I am nearly six-foot tall, slim, muscular. By profession I am a teacher. I got some lucky breaks and I am at present the principal of a government college. I am married and my wife is also a teacher, employed in a prestigious private college. We have two children Sachin a five years old boy and Madhuri, a girl just about a year old. We live in the house built by my father. My parents live on the ground floor and my family and I on the first floor.

We have a cook cum maid Maya. Maya is in her late twenties, married but separated from her husband. She is not very tall, slim, dark with real big boobs which swing when she walks. Their movement alone is sufficient to give anyone a hard on. We also have Kanchi, a young girl from Nepal to look after Madhuri. Kanchi was short, fair and very pretty. She has beautifully shaped small boobs. She looks so pretty and fresh that I want to pull her to me and shove my cock up her virgin cunt. Both the maids live on the second floor in the barsati (a small room on the roof).

During the summer vacations my wife along with the children and Kanchi went to spend a month or so with her parents. Maya and I were left alone in the flat. My parents wanted me to stay with them during this period. I told them that as I had very irregular timings etc. I would not like to disturb them and would prefer to stay in my own flat.

The real reason was that I wanted to enjoy Maya’s choot (cunt). Though she had been married and probably well fucked by her husband my readers would agree with me that a new choot is a new choot. From the very first day, I started to plan as to how to get her in my bed.

Few days later one night while eating dinner I asked her, ‘Maya where is your husband and why did you leave him?’ My wife had told me all about her marital history. My purpose was to remind her of her husband and make her think about the nights she was spending alone without the benefit of his cock to pacify her young choot, in other words to make her wet and horny.

She said, ‘I did not leave my husband but he threw me out. I asked, ‘But why you are young, sexy, pretty and a good cook?’ She said, ‘I got married when I was only eighteen. Even after five years of marriage I did not have children. My husband took me to different doctors and to hospitals for check ups me. After a year or so they established that due to some internal deformities I could never become a mother. My in-laws then pressed my husband to marry again’.

‘At first he resisted but in the end gave in to them and married again. My husband was a fair man and after the initial few months, in which I let him enjoy his new and young bride without complaining, he distributed his favours evenly between us both. The new wife treated me like her elder sister. Every thing was going well till the new wife got pregnant and her brother came to visit us’.

‘After he left the attitude of the new wife changed completely. She started instigating my husband against me by telling him small lies about me. There were fights and quarrels nearly every day. One day she told our husband that he had to choose between the two of us’.

‘As she was giving him the long desired child he kept her and threw me out. Since then I have worked as cook and maid in different households and since three months I am working for you sir’.

After dinner I went for my daily walk. On my return I did not see Maya anywhere. It was the month of June. The day had been a scorcher. The night was also very hot. There was no relief under the fan so I decided to go to my bedroom straight away. An air conditioner was working in the room and the temperature was very pleasant.

I was reading in bed when Maya knocked and came in with my nightly glass of milk. ‘Yahan kitna achha hai. Bahar tua bhatti ki terah garam hai. Pata nahin mujhe iss garmi main neend aayegi ya nahin? (It is so nice in here. Outside it is hot like a furnace. I don’t know whether I will be able to sleep in this heat?)’.

I told her, ‘Tu chahati hai tau yahan so ja (If you want you can sleep here)’. She blushed and said, “Sachhi? Main abhi aayi (Really? I will just come)” and disappeared. I knew that tonight I was going to fuck Maya.

After ten minutes or so she was back with a pillow and a sheet and started to spread it on the floor. ‘Kya kar rahi hai? (What are you doing?)’ I asked. ‘Apna bistar bana rahi hoon (I am making my bed)’ she replied. I told her that there is no need for her to sleep on the floor and she could sleep on the bed it was broad enough. She blushed again and lay down on the far end of the bed. I continued to read.

I thought she apparently wants fucking and she will surely make the next move. If not the night was still young and I could make my move later. Sure enough after half an hour or so she said, ‘Mujhe thand lag rahi hai (I am feeling cold)’. I said, ‘Paas aaja main tujhe garam rakhoonga (Come nearer I will keep you warm)’. After initial hesitation and blushing she slid over to me.

I laid down my book and started to press her ample boobs. She said, ‘Saabji kya kar rahe ho? (Saabji what are you doing?)’. ‘Tujhe garami de raha hoon (I am warming you)’ I said. There after she said nothing and let me do what I pleased. I opened her blouse and slid her bra up releasing her large tits. I kissed them and sucked the nipples. She was moaning loudly. I raised her sari and rubbed my finger in her slit and then finger fucked her.

She was panting and said, ‘Saabji aur mat tardpao. Jaldi se mujhe chodo (Saabji don’t tease me any more. Fuck me quickly)”. I told her to undress completely and started too undress myself. She had her clothes off in a trice and lay down for me to ‘mount’ the nights show. Her cunt had no hair on it. I quickly inserted my cock in her waiting cunt. ‘AAAHHhh how lovely it is to feel a man inside me again. I had nearly forgotten the pleasure it gives’ she murmured.

After every few strokes she came. Due to lack of fucking her choot was quite tight and in ten minutes or so I was ready to shoot my-cum in her. My strokes became faster and harder. Her bottoms were moving in rhythm of my hips and she was moaning loudly and shouted, ‘Faster harder y… hes more Y… HEEEES’ then with a loud sigh I shot my-cum into her and at the same moment she also came with a loud ‘AAAHHHhh’.

After the fuck she snuggled up to me. She lay with her head on my chest playing with my balls and my limp cock. I asked her if she removed the hair on her cunt every day and smelled so nice too.

She said, ‘Actually no. Today all the talk of my husband had made me lewd. I wanted you to fuck me. So after dinner when you went out for a walk I dumped all the dishes in the sink and went up to my room. I removed the hair from my choot and had a bath with the aromatic soap given to me by madam. I thought may be I will get lucky tonight and wanted to be ready. When you asked me to sleep in the room I knew you also wanted to fuck me. I lay waiting for you to make a move but you didn’t. So I told you I was feeling cold. Well I did get lucky didn’t I?’

Then she said, ‘Saabji mujhe ek baar aur chodo (Saabji fuck me one more time)’. I told her sure but first suck my cock and make it hard again. Without any hesitation she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. She was an accomplished cocksucker. Soon my cock was hard again. I fucked her two more times that night. Thereafter we went to sleep naked in each other’s arms.

Next morning when I got up Maya was no where insight. A few minutes later she came in with a steaming cup of tea. She was still naked. I asked her sit next to me on the bed. She sat down and started to handle my cock. In no time it was erect again. ‘What are you going to do about this?’ she asked with a big smile pointing to my hard on. ‘I am going to do nothing about it, but you are going to suck it and drink my-cum’ I replied. ‘Drink your cum? I have never done it before’ she said.

‘You have to start some day’ I said and pressed her mouth on my cock. After initial hesitation she started to suck my cock. As I had said before she was good. What a blowjob she gave me? I quickly finished my tea and held her head, lest she decides to cheat at the last moment. I told her to get ready, as I was about to shoot my load. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all that I had to offer.

‘How was it?’ I asked. ‘Little salty but nice’ was her reply. That night after fucking her once I told her to turn over on her stomach. ‘Why? What are you going to do?’ she asked. ‘Main ab teri gaand marunga’ I said. She questioned, ‘Larkiyon ki bhi koyi gaand marta hai? (Does one fuck girls also in the ass hole?)’. ‘Haan. Tunne pahele nahin marwayi tau theek hai. Main teri kori gaand ko phardoonga (Yes. It is okay if you have not done it before. I will take the cherry of your virgin ass hole)’ I said.

I turned her over and after greasing her butt hole and my cock I pressed my cock on it. ‘It is paining very much’ she said. ‘Don’t worry it will soon be all right’ I replied and increased the pressure. Her ass hole opened and I was in. She screamed, ‘Saabji bahut dard horagi hai AAAYYYIIIEEE (Saabji it is hurting me a lot AAAYYYIIIEEE)’. Then I fucked her rear entrance while continuing to rib her choot. Afterwards I asked her as to how it was. “It was much better than I thought. I really enjoyed it,” she said.

After that day we fucked every night. We fucked on every piece of furniture and in many positions. We fucked during the day also. In other words we fucked as and when we wanted till my wife returned. After her return it was difficult to fuck safely but we did manage to fuck at least two times a week.

All was well. I was happy.

One evening I sat reading the morning papers and Kanchi was sitting on the floor playing with the kids. After some time I started watching the pretty, fresh and youthful face of Kanchi, though pretending to read. My cock came to attention and I started to press it with my hands thinking how lovely it would be to fuck this fresh piece of virgin flesh.

These thoughts were going through my mind when Maya brought the evening tea. She saw me with an erection, watching Kanchi sitting on the floor. ‘Saabji bilkul taaza aur kora maal hai (Saabji she is absolutely fresh and a virgin)’ she said. ‘So tau hai (That is so)’ I sighed.

‘Isse aap chod kyon nahin dete? (Why don’t you fuck her?)’ she asked. ‘Ek din isse chodunga tau zaroor. Bas mauke ka intezaar hai (I will surely fuck her one day. I am just waiting for an opportunity)’ I said. ‘Dhyan rakna kahin yeh maa na ban jaye (Just be careful that she doesn’t become pregnant)’ she warned. “Fikar ki koyi baat nahin hai. Maine nasbandi kara rakkhi hai (There is nothing to worry about. I have under gone vasectomy) I told her. ‘Phir der kayeki chod do haraamzadi ko aur mazaa lo (What is then the delay fuck the bitch and enjoy yourself)’ she said and left.

About a week later, as I had some family matters to attend to, I came home around noon. As I entered I looked around and did not see Maya. Placing my briefcase on my study desk I entered my room. As per my habit went in the bathroom to wash my face. I was very pleasantly surprised to see Kanchi, absolutely naked sitting on a low stool having a bath. Seeing me she got up and placed one arm across her small bosom and the other hand in front of her hairless choot (cunt) in an endeavor to hide them from my gaze and cried, ‘SHAABJI AAP? (SHAABJI YOU?)’.

In one glance I had seen all. The sunlight was reflecting from her wet body. The water drops twinkled like stars on her body. Her well formed small tits. The light brown nipples erect and pointing towards me. The lips of her hairless choot pressed against each other. The little clit barely peeping out of them. It was a beautiful sight to watch. My cock responded by getting hard.

‘Kanchi tu tau bahut khoobsoorat hai (Kanchi you are very pretty)’ I said. She was not listening to me. Her eyes were darting here and there trying to locate something with which she could cover her nakedness. Her eyes rested on the towel. I knew she will go for it and she did. As she grabbed the towel I grabbed her round the waist and pulled her to me.

She started to struggle. I lifted her face and kissed it tenderly. She said loudly, ‘SHAABJI MUJHE CHORD DO (SHAABJI LEAVE ME)’. Without replying I placed my hand on her tits and pressed them and tweaked her nipples between my fingers. A soft moan escaped her. I said, ‘Kanchi tu tau ab bardi hogayi hai aur chodene ke liye tayyar hai (Kanchi you are grown up now and ready to be fucked)’ she again started to struggle again and shouted, ‘NAHIN, NAHIN (NO, NO)’ but I held her tightly.

I moved my hand from her tits to her choot and started to move my fingers between its lips. After some time her cunt became wet. ‘Kanchi dekh teri choot kitni geeli ho gayi hai. Ab teri choot bhi chudayi mangati hai (Kanchi see how wet your cunt has become. Your cunt also wants fucking)’ and started to half pull and half push her towards the bedroom. ‘NAHIN, NAHIN SHAABJI MUJHE CHORDO (NO, NO SHAABJI LEAVE ME)’ she shouted.

In the bedroom I pushed her on the bed. She tried to get up but I held her down with my hands. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck it. She was no longer struggling to get free but moaning with the pleasure created by the new sensation she was feeling for the first time. Realizing her vulnerable situation she again made a desperate attempt to get free and shouted, ‘SHAABJI MUJHE CHORD DO (SHAABJI LET ME GO)’. I stopped sucking her tits and looking straight in her agitated eyes I said, ‘Chordoonga tau sahi per pahele tujhe chod tau loon (I will let you go but after I have fucked you first)’. Her agitation and struggles increased and she again shouted, ‘SHAABJI MUJHE NAHIN CHUDWANA (SHAABJI I DON’T WANT TO GET FUCKED)’.

Ignoring her protest I attacked her cunt with my mouth. I licked her cunt and took her erect clit in mouth and sucked on it. Slowly her protests ceased and a loud “OOOHH” escaped her. Her struggles became feebler and feebler. Then they stopped. She placed her hand on back of my head and presses it to her cunt. Her small bum was raised pressing her cunt to my mouth. After ten minutes of cunt licking I saw her body was getting tense. She was about to come. Then with a loud “AAAAHHHHHhhhh” she came.

I got up and placed the towel under her bum and undressed releasing my hard on from it’s confinement. My cock was wet with pre-cum. Kanchi just lay there with her eyes shut savoring the pleasure she had just felt. I lay down top of her and started to rub my cock between her cunt lips. She started to moan again.

I asked, ‘Kanchi tu ab chudwayegi na? (Kanchi you want to get fucked?)’. ‘Haan, haan (Yes, yes)’ she moaned softly. I said, ‘Kanchi apni tangain chowrdi kar. (Kanchi spread your legs)’. She spread her legs as wide as she could. I placed my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole and pressed in. The head entered. Kanchi groaned, ‘OOWW’. I then held her firmly and gave mighty push. My cock tore through her virginity and was half buried in her virgin hole. With the next push I was fully engulfed in her cunt.

Kanchi screamed, ‘AAAAIIIIEEEE SHAABJI BAHUT LUG RAHA HAI. NIKALO, NIKALO (SHAABJI IT IS HURTING A LOT. TAKE IT OUT)’. ‘Dheere bol Maya sunn legi (Speak softly. Maya will hear you)’ I said and ignoring her pleas started to fuck her. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes. She held me tightly to her with her arms. Her cunt was real tight. It was one of the tightest cunt I ever fucked. I felt as if my cock was gripped in a vice. I knew I could not last long. I fucked hard and fast. Soon she was also ready. With a loud sigh of satisfaction ‘AAAHHHhh’ we both came.

I lay on her for a minute or so enjoying the sensation. Then I withdrew my rod. Kanchi lay still with her legs apart. Her cunt oozing my-cum streaked with the blood of her shattered virginity. I took her hand and placed it on my now flabby cock. At first she pulled it back but I forced her to hold it. She started to move the foreskin up and down.

Friends, a girl doesn’t require to be told what to do with a ‘cock in hand’ nature teaches her.

After ten minutes or so she asked, ‘Ab main nahane jaoon (Can I go and bathe now)’. I told her, ‘Abhi nahin hum ek baar aur chodenge (Not yet my dear we will fuck again)’. When I was hard again I asked, ‘Kanchi main tujhe dobaara chodoon? (Shall I fuck you again?)’. Kanchi did not say anything but only smiled and spread her legs wide.

We fucked two more times. I said, ‘Kanchi you can finish your bath now. Then make the bed and remember to wash the towel properly to remove any signs of blood on it’. She nodded. I then had a quick wash. As I was ready to leave I told her that tomorrow morning after madam has gone to the college, she should come to my room and we will fuck again. Kanchi blushed and said, ‘Aaungi (I will come)’. Then I left.

I met Maya standing near the gate and told her to tell madam that I will be back by evening.

In the next days I enjoyed fucking Kanchi’s tight cunt. I also introduced her to cock sucking and cum drinking which she relished.

One afternoon Maya said, ‘Saabji now that you have deflowered Kanchi it is not nice to forget your old friends’. I kept quiet. ‘Don’t play innocent I know everything. It was only because of me that you could enjoy the virgin choot of Kanchi’. I still didn’t say a word.

‘You don’t believe me. Then listen. On the 16th after dinner I overheard you telling madam that the next day you will come home by noon, as you had to attend to some family matters. Kanchi did not know about this. Next morning I kept Kanchi busy in the kitchen doing meaningless chores. When I saw your car enter the gate I told Kanchi that it was getting late and she should quickly go and have her bath. I knew she would go to your bathroom to bathe. She did this daily despite my telling her that it was wrong. I also knew that as per your habit you would go straight to the bathroom to wash and find a naked Kanchi. You are much too experienced to let such a golden opportunity to fuck a virgin choot go by’.

‘When you came up I hid. You went straight into your room and then into the bathroom. I ran to your bedroom door and listened. I heard Kanchi say, ‘Shaabji aap? (Shaabji you?)’ I could not hear what you said as you spoke softly. Next I heard was, ‘Shaabji mujhe chord do (Shaabji leave me)’ then silence and then Kanchi said ‘Nahin, nahin (No, no)’ again silence then an agitated Kanchi said ‘Nahin, nahin Shaabji mujhe chordo (No, no Shaabji leave me)’ her voice was getting nearer you both were now in the bedroom. Then I heard the sound of somebody on your bed then she again pleaded ‘Shaabji mujhe chord do (Shaabji let me go)’ I still could not make out what you were saying. Then she shouted in an agitated voice ‘Shaabji maine nahin chudwana (Shaabji I don’t want to fuck)’

Then she said, “OOOHhh” followed by a long sigh ‘Aaaahhhhhhhhh’. I could guess as to what was going on. The life span of Kanchi’s virginity had come to an end. It won’t be long before your lund shatters it. I was just thinking this when I heard Kanchi shout “Ooww’ followed by ‘Aaaaiiiiieeee Shaabji bahut lug raha hai. nikalo, nikalo (Aaaaiiiieeee Shaabji it is hurting a lot. Take it out. Take it out)’. I knew the deed is done. Kanchi was no longer an innocent girl but a woman. I then left you to your pleasures and went down stairs to ward of any disturbances. You will remember when you left after an hour or so I was standing at the gate and you gave me a message for madam’.

‘Why did you not say something before’ I asked. ‘Well I thought let Saabji enjoy the new tight cunt for some time in peace. I also know all about your morning games. When will you fuck me?’ she replied. I told her that tomorrow when Kanchi is with me in the morning then you come in and ‘discover’ us. I also explained to her what to say and how to act. She asked if this is all necessary. Yes it is. She is still too new to fucking to know the meaning of sharing.

Next morning as I was fucking Kanchi Maya came in and said, ‘Kanchi yeh kya ho raha hai? Madam ko pata chalega tau woh tera keema bana dengi (Kanchi what is this going on? When madam finds out she will make mince meat out of you)’. I withdrew and said, ‘Kanchi quickly catch her’.

Kanchi without thinking obeyed. Together we both pushed Maya on the bed. I raised her sari and I entered her already dripping choot and fucked her. Kanchi was watching us with astonishment. After we had finished she complained, ‘Shaabji aapne Maya ko kyon choda? (Shaabji why did you fuck Maya?)’ I explained to her that it was necessary otherwise she would have told madam and we both would have been in trouble. This way she will keep her mouth shut. Maya said, ‘I will keep quiet only if I can join you in your daily games’. After some persuasion Kanchi reluctantly agreed. Thereafter we all three fucked every morning.

One morning as I was on the bed with Maya Kanchi had to go out to attend to Madhuri. I quickly explained to Maya my plan to fuck Kanchi’s ass hole. When she came back she found me fucking Maya in her ass hole.

‘Shaabji yeh kya kar rahain hain? (Shaabji what are you doing?)’ She asked. ‘Saabji meri gaand mar rahe hain (Sir is fucking my ass hole)’ Maya replied. ‘Maya tu bahut ganndi hai (Maya you are very dirty)’ Kanchi said. ‘Pagli gaand marwane main bahut mazaa aata hai. Tu bhi marwa ke dekh (Stupid fucking in the ass hole is very nice. You should also try it)’ advised Maya between moans of pleasure.

‘Main nahin marwauingi (I will not do it)’ Kanchi replied. ‘Mat marwa main hee akele gaand ka mazaa lootungi (Don’t do it I alone will enjoy it)’ Maya told her and started to moan loudly with pleasure. Kanchi watched as Maya enjoyed herself. This set Kanchi thinking.

After we had finished I asked Kanchi to come on the bed. Hesitatingly Kanchi asked me, ‘Shaabji would like to fuck me in the ass hole also? Will it pain a lot?’ ‘Sure I would love to fuck your ass hole. Initially it will hurt but thereafter you will enjoy it, but if you think you can’t bear the pain then don’t do it’ I told her.

Kanchi was not to be outdone by Maya. She said, ‘If Maya can bear the pain, then so can I’. I then put her on the bed doggy fashion and pressed her head down on the pillow. I asked her spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands. At my instructions Maya applied oil on her butt hole and on my cock. Then placing my cock on her ass hole entrance I applied pressure. The ass hole started to expand making way for my prodder. It started to hurt and Kanchi shouted, ‘Shaabji bahut dard horagi hai. Main mar jaoongi (Shaabji it hurting a lot. I will die)’. I told her that until now no girl had died while getting her ass hole plugged and gave big push.

My cock was now inside her bum hole. Kanchi was screaming and crying loudly to release her. I did not relent but started the in and out movement. After some time she calmed down and started to enjoy it. When we had finished she said, ‘Shaabji pahele tau bahut dard huyi lakin baad main mazaa bhi bahut aaya (At first it hurt a lot but later on it was very, very nice)’. I told her would she like me to fuck her in the butt again. She said, ‘Aaj nahin abhi bhi dard horaha hai. Kal phir maar lena (Not today it is still hurting. You can fuck it tomorrow).

From that day onwards I fucked both of them in their cunts and their ass holes, as I wanted. Things now settled down in a routine.

One evening when I was reading the morning paper Maya came and said, ‘Today I overheard a lady asking a shopkeeper about a teacher for giving tuition to her daughter. I told her that you were a teacher and she could talk to you and gave her our address. Her name is Mrs. Pooja and lives not far from here. I hope I did right?’ Then in a confidential tone she added, ‘Mrs. Pooja is around thirty-five and very beautiful. From her clothes I think she is a widow. Maybe you can enjoy her and the daughter too. You must be getting a little tired of Kanchi and me’.

I assured her that it was not so but a new choot is always welcome. Anyway she had done the right thing and in case I don’t want to teach her daughter then I can always refuse. Three days later when my wife and I were drinking our evening tea Maya announced that a Mrs. Pooja had come to see me. My wife asked her to escort Mrs. Pooja in.

Mrs. Pooja came in and introduced herself. Pooja was about 35-odd years old. She was pretty, fair, tall and slim with a lovely figure. Her tits were large and nicely shaped. She wore a white sari draped tightly round her body showing her ass and her big tits to their best advantage. She did not have ‘sindoor’ (red coloured powder) in her hair parting. Maya was right she was apparently a widow.

Seeing her my cock started to rise to greet her. If the daughter was anything like the mother then I was on to a good thing. I thought I must remember to reward Maya with an extra fuck or two for the good sense she had shown. She explained the purpose of her visit. She wanted me to give tuition to her daughter, Sarita.

‘Sarita’ she said, ‘is an intelligent girl and had always done well in the class but since six months or so her grades are falling and if this continues then she might be detained in her class’. She was very worried and wanted me to help. I told her not to worry I will see to it that Sarita will pass her exams with good marks and is not detained.

Then she said, ‘Mr. Kumar I am a widow, though financially comfortably placed, I am not rich but am ready to pay whatever tuition fees you want on hourly or monthly basis to see that my daughter’s college year is not wasted’. I told her that the matter of tuition fees is a small matter we can settle it after I have to meet Sarita and gauged the amount of effort I would have to make.

Mrs. Pooja however wanted to settle my fees in advance. My wife said, ‘Mrs. Pooja my husband will definitely settle this matter after he has had a chance to gauge the work involved’. It was then agreed that I would visit her house two days later after I come home from my work. She spent another hour with us drinking tea and chatting with my wife.

Two days later as agreed I was at Pooja’s house and met her daughter Sarita.

Sarita was slightly shorter and darker than Pooja. Otherwise they were like two peas in a pod. After talking to Sarita and going through her books and her work I said, ‘Mrs. Pooja initially I will teach Sarita on weekdays for an hour in the afternoon and after seeing her progress the frequency of the tuition can be reduced’. Pooja asked, ‘What about your fees?’ I laughed, ‘Don’t worry Poojaji. I won’t teach her for free. Give me time and I will tell you on my own’.

I started to teach her from the next day.

During the lesson Pooja kept going in and out of the room at some pretext or the other and why not? She was guarding the virginity of her daughter from a stranger. During the tuition I found Sarita to be quite intelligent but her mind kept wandering and seemed always preoccupied. This was the main reason for her not being able to concentrate.

After three weeks or so on a Friday evening I received a call from Pooja, ‘Mr. Kumar you have not yet told me your fees. Why don’t you come and meet me on Sunday morning if it is convenient to you. We can discuss Sarita’s progress and also settle the matter of your fees’. I told her that I would be with her between 10.00 and 10.30 a.m.

On Sunday morning as I had also some other matters to attend I reached Pooja’s house earlier than the appointed time. When I rang the bell I heard Pooja shout, ‘Please come in the door is open’. On entering I saw that Pooja was standing on a shaky stool trying to drive a nail in the wall. She was dressed in a near transparent housecoat and her black bra and panties were clearly visible. Seeing her attired this way I got an immediate hard on. ‘Oh it is you Mr. Kumar. I did not expect you till later’ she said.

I apologized for coming early. She said, ‘Doesn’t matter I will be soon with you’ and raised the hammer to hit the nail. Somehow she lost her balance and fell. I tried to catch her but only succeeded in breaking her fall and we both went crashing to the floor. We fell in such a manner that she was on the floor and I on top. Lying like this did my cock no good. It became harder and pressed into the divide of her legs against her choot. I moved slightly to arouse passion in her.

For a few minutes she lay under me with her eyes closed moaning. Then she opened her eyes and looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘Ramesh ji I think I have hurt my shoulder and knee. Could you please help me to my room?’ I said, ‘Sure’ and half carried and half walked her to her room. She kept groaning at every step she took.

I sat her down on her bed and propped up her back with pillows against the headrest of the bed to make her comfortable and said, ‘Can I get you something or call a doctor? Where is Sarita?’ ‘No, a doctor is not required. Sarita has gone to attend her computer class and will only be back by noon. You can, if you don’t mind, rub some deep heat on my shoulder’ she said handing a tube to me. ‘Sure with pleasure’ I told her and sat down next to her on her right side.

‘It is my left shoulder that hurts’ she said pulling back her housecoat and lowering her bra strap. ‘Don’t worry I can reach it from here’ I told her and started rubbing the soothing salve. ‘Yes that is the place but a little gently it hurts’ she said and closed her eyes. ‘A little lower. That is right little more’ she said guiding me. While I was rubbing the deep heat she laid her head back and started to moan.

Initially I thought she was groaning with pain but she was actually moaning with pleasure. ‘Please Ramesh ji a little lower’ she moaned. I moved yet lower and when I felt the fleshy part of her breast I stopped and shifted higher. She caught my hand and placing it squarely on her left boob and looking me straight in the eye said, ‘Ramesh ji the real pain is here. Please press it’.

I pressed her boob and putting my hand inside her bra pulled it out. I bent forward and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She reciprocated my kiss with the same tenderness. She then in a quick movement pulled down my head and gave me a passionate kiss. I kissed her tit and started to suck its nipple. With a deft movement she unclasped her bra and threw it off and said, ‘Ramesh ji don’t forget this one’.

I said, ‘Pooja please don’t call me Ramesh ji. Call me Ramu every one else does’. She took off her housecoat and slid lower in the bed lying flat on her back. She looked very pretty lying there with nothing on but her flimsy black underwear. Her boobs, big as they were, were still very hard and without any sag. Her nipples were light brown in colour, hard and erect with sexual excitement. While I was to kissing her and suckling her tits she placed her hand on my crotch and started fumbling with my zipper. I pulled down my zipper and freed my hard on.

She quickly took it in her hand started to move the foreskin up and down. She was moaning loudly all the time. I moved downwards. While kissing and licking her belly I put my hand in the elastic band of her panties. Her panties were soaked with her cunt juice. I pulled it off with her help. I looked at her choot for the first time. It had no hair on it. I found the smell of her womanly aroma mixed with some lovely fragrance rising from her choot very invigorating. ‘You have a very pretty cunt’ I told her. ‘You like it? I am happy. I shaved and scented it this morning especially for you’ she said.

I heard her remark but let it ride for the present there will be lots of time afterwards to find out what she meant. I bent down and kissed her cunt. Then started to lick it and suck her swollen clit. All this time she kept squeezing my cock hard and harder till it hurt. ‘Please Ramu don’t delay now. Put your cock inside my choot and fuck me. Yes fuck me hard’ she said relinquishing her hold on my cock to my utter relief. I got between her legs and pushed my rigid lund (cock) inside her dripping choot (cunt).

‘Aahhh it is so nice to feel a lund in my cunt again. Ramu you can’t imagine how much I missed it’. ‘My husband died two years back since then you are my first man. Oh, now fuck me hard’ she said. I started to move my member in and out of her fuck hole. Within minutes she came with a loud sigh. ‘This was lovely Ramu make me come again and again’ she said. I kept fucking and she came again.

This went on till she came four more times. I was now moving faster and slamming into her harder. She also was moaning louder. Her hips were moving in rhythm with my strokes. She was shouting, ‘Yes Ramu faster, harder yes ram it into me. Meri choot ko phard do chahain tanke lagwane pardain (Tear my cunt even I have to get it stitched). I was also panting and was about to come.

I said, ‘Pooja dear I am coming and started to shoot my spunk into her fuck canal but kept moving in and out of her choot’. ‘Come darling come I am also reaching my climax again. This time it is going to be a big one. Go on harder h… yes h… yes I am there I am COOMMMIINGGggg’ and fell back exhausted on the bed. As I had come inside her and thought she might feel a bit apprehensive. I told her that there was nothing to worry about and she won’t get pregnant, as I can’t make babies. She didn’t say anything but only smiled sweetly.

When we lay resting I lit a cigarette and asked her what she had meant by ‘have especially prepared for you’. She said, ‘Okay I will tell you everything. I am a very horny woman. My poor husband, may God rest his Soul, was equally horny. We used to fuck a lot. Much more often than normal married couple’.

‘In the first year of our marriage itself Sarita was born. During her birth something went wrong, I don’t remember the medical terms but that is not important now, and I could not bear any more children. That is the reason Sarita is my only child. We had wanted at least four children. You remember the day I came to see you about Sarita’s tuition? I nodded. That day as soon as I saw you my choot got wet. I have not had this type of reaction towards any man since my husband passed away’.

‘On my way home my choot kept itching for your cock and my juice kept flowing. When I got home I was so wet that I found it difficult to remove my panties. I could not resist myself and I fingered myself for so long and came so often that I was nearly half-dead with exhaustion. I was not sure how you felt but I was determined to try to fuck you. Whenever you came it made me feel worse’.

‘Then I hit upon this idea of calling you to discuss Sarita’s progress. This was just a ploy. I had actually no hard and fast plan. I had thought I will try to seduce you and if nothing worked then I would simply ask you to fuck me and in anticipation of your agreeing I removed all the hair from my choot and applied the best and the sexiest fragrance I own. But God is great I toppled down from the stool (no, no this was not planned. It was a genuine accident) and you fell on top of me. I could feel your hard cock pressing against my cunt. When you moved I knew you would also like to fuck me. Well rest you know. I just helped a bit in case you still felt hesitant to take the initiative’.

Her story gave me an erection and we had another very satisfying fuck. We rested for a while then I asked her to suck my cock. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. She was good. She knew exactly when to do what. In no time I was ready to come. I told her that I was about to come. She just looked up to me and without releasing my cock from her mouth nodded and increased her effort. With a loud sigh I shot my load into her mouth. She continued to suck till she had swallowed the very last drop. ‘Pooja dear you are good. Where did you learn to suck cock like this? She laughed, ‘Remember I was married for several years. I had lots of practice’.

‘After some time she said, ‘Ramu will you do me a favour?’ ‘Sure ask away’ I told her. ‘If you don’t mind then please fuck me in the ass hole. Haan meri gaand maro (yes fuck me in the ass hole). I love a cock in my butt. ‘I would love to but we will have to wait for sometime’ I said pointing to my limp cock. ‘We don’t have so much time. Sarita will be back soon. I will help you’ she said and took my cock in he mouth and brought it to attention in minutes. Pleased with her work she got on all fours and said, ‘As it has been a long time please for the first time wet your cock in my choot before entering’.

I did as directed and pushed my cock in her butt hole. ‘Oh it hurts but go on don’t stop’ she said. While I was fucking she kept saying, ‘It is lovely Ramu, yes that is the way, yes harder, now faster and harder, I haven’t enjoyed myself like this in years etc.’ till I came in her butt hole. She looked at the clock and said, ‘Ramu dear now you must go. I must also get dressed. Sarita will soon be back and she knows you were coming’. ‘When will you come again’ she asked. ‘When ever you want’ I told her. ‘Weekdays in the morning you work in the afternoon Sarita is here. On Saturday also Sarita is here nearly the whole day. Yes Sunday mornings are the best. Sarita goes to her computer class at 9 a.m. and is back only by noon. During this period I am alone. You will come next Sunday?’

‘Sure don’t worry I will be here’ I said and left.

Just outside the house I met Sarita returning from her class. She stopped and wished me and asked, ‘How did the meeting with mommy go? I hope you did not run me down too much’. I laughed and told her not to worry and that everything was okay. As it was too late to do any other work I headed for home.

On the way I thought back on the pleasant morning I had spent. I could not help wondering that though Sarita had inherited her looks and figure from her whether she had also inherited her hot and sexy nature? When will I get a chance to fuck her virgin cunt? I did not know then that it wouldn’t be long before I got the answers to my questions.

In the following week one afternoon I reached Pooja’s house earlier than usual. I found Pooja out side tending to her potted plants. She said, ‘Ramu go in, the door is open. Sarita is in her room doing some work on her computer. I won’t be long and join you soon’. I went in and after knocking entered. Sarita was sitting in front of her computer. She turned and said, ‘Oh, it is you sir? So early?’ and quickly switched off the computer and ran into the bathroom saying, ‘Please sit down I will be back in a few minutes’.

She looked a little hassled and confused I thought. Then I recalled the fading image of a naked man and a woman in the act of fucking on the computer screen. The reason for her confusion was now obvious to me. I see our young lady is fond of pornography. I was now confident that it will not be long before I have her in bed and my cock in her kori choot (virgin cunt)’. This thought alone gave me a terrific hard on.

After ten minutes or so Sarita came back. She was slightly out of breath and her face was flushed. She has been fingering her self I thought. ‘Don’t worry my boy soon you will satisfy the needs of her body’ with these words I pacified my erect cock for the time being. We then completed the tuition.

After that day I was more alert to any opportunity to fuck her that may come my way.

The day I got lucky, I met Pooja at the door as she was leaving the house. She said, ‘I have to go out for a couple of hours and will be back as soon as possible. Sarita is waiting for you in her room busy on her computer’. My chance had come. I was certain that Sarita was surfing pornographic sites. I therefore tip toed to the door and noiselessly opened the door. I was right.

She was watching a couple fuck and her left hand was caressing and pressing her boobs while the right hand was moving between her legs. Her breasts were heaving up and down at a quick pace. Without making any sound I stood behind her watching. When I thought she was about to come I placed my palm on her boob and pressing it tenderly said, ‘Your finger is a poor substitute for the real thing. Come let me show you how a real lund feels’.

Sarita was too far-gone to be able to say anything or resist. I helped her on to the bed and laid her down. She lay with her eyes closed and her breasts heaving waiting for the anticipated pleasure. I did not think it prudent to undress her and quickly took off my pants and drawers freeing my steed, which was in full force. I lifted her skirt. She was wearing a very flimsy yet a sexy panty, which was wet to the core. Spreading her legs I got between them and pushing the panty aside placed my cock on the gate on her love tunnel and pushed in slowly.

She was so wet that I easily entered her till her hymen stopped me. Then holding her firmly in my arms I gave a hard shove. My lund tore through the flimsy membrane and was buried to the hilt in her. ‘AAYYYIIIEEE oh my god sir you are killing me. It is hurting me’ she screamed. I kissed her and told her that it will soon be all right and started the in and out motion. She lay there groaning.

After a few minutes her groans of pain became moans of pleasure and said, ‘Oh sir it feels soooo good’. I kept fucking her first slowly then faster and harder. This made her moan louder and louder. Suddenly she opened her eyes and held me tight stopping my motion and said in a scared voice, ‘Sir, please don’t make me pregnant. I will die’. ‘Don’t fret I am safe and cannot make you pregnant’. She relaxed visibly and closed her eyes again. I continued with my in and out movement. ‘Please, don’t stop. I am about to come’ she shouted and came with a loud sigh.

I kept fucking her till she came three more times. My strokes were now much faster, harder and shorter. I was also not far from coming. Sarita was also heaving her bottoms in rhythm of my strokes. ‘Oh I am going to come again. Just go on like this. I am nearly there. Y… hes I am COMMIIINNGGG’ she screamed loudly. At this very moment I shot my-cum in her hitherto virgin choot.

That afternoon I licked and sucked her cunt and fucked her two more times. She said that fucking was even better than what she had heard or imagined. I said, ‘Sarita it will get better and better but I think for the first day so much is enough. ‘Oh sir this was wonderful. Can’t you do it just once more? Please’ she begged. “I would also like to fuck you again. We will do it again some other day. Now get up your mother will be here soon. It is also getting late and I must also go’ I told her.

Reluctantly she got up and in a worried voice asked, ‘What will happen if mommy finds out?’ ‘Does your mother check your choot?’ ‘No! Definitely not’ she replied indignantly. ‘Then how will she find out? You won’t tell her, I will also not tell her and your choot can’t speak’. After advising her to smoothen out the bed, to act normal and not to do anything abnormal or unusual I kissed her and left.

Next time when I visited her I inquired if everything was all right. She laughed and said, ‘Mommy came right after you left. She noticed nothing though I had forgotten to make the bed’. ‘Don’t underestimate your mother she is no fool. I only hope that she did not notice it’ I said. ‘Well if she had noticed she would have definitely said something. Actually I would be dead by now. Come sir let us fuck you remember you promised?’ she replied. ‘I made no such promise. Be sensible Sarita. Let us give it break for a few days and if anything is to happen it would happen. You don’t want your mother to catch us red-handed do you?’

The next few days we were at our best behavior and did nothing except an occasional kiss or squeezing of her tits. One thing I noticed that Pooja who normally hung around during the tuition hour, did not show her face since the day Sarita had lost her cherry. Thereafter every afternoon we either had a quick fuck or Sarita sucked me off (she relished drinking my juice, as she called my-cum).

I was in the seventh heaven. I had Maya and Kanchi to fuck in the mornings. The youthful, exhilarating choot of Sarita in the afternoon on weekdays and the mature and experienced Pooja on Sunday mornings. On Saturday nights I performed my marital duties. I could not have asked for more. When things are going well then if anything that can go wrong goes wrong.

It happened to me but the result was totally unexpected.

One Sunday morning when Pooja and I were resting after a very arduous fuck Sarita walked into the room. Understandably she was shocked and giving me a nasty look exclaimed, ‘Oh mommy what are you doing naked in bed with sir’. For a moment I thought there would be an unpleasant scene but Pooja was quite composed and after thinking for a minute replied, ‘Darling Sarita I am doing the same what you and Ramu do every afternoon, fucking him’. I was not too surprised. I had already suspected that she knew but Sarita was aghast and said, ‘Oh mommy you know’.

‘First you tell me what you are doing here. Why are you not in your computer class?’ ‘The teacher had some important work to do so he let us go early. He said he would make up the lost time some other day. How could you know?’ Sarita asked. ‘Of course I know. You think I am stupid. I know you both were fucking from the very day you surrendered your virginity to Ramu’ she replied calmly. ‘Oh mommy, but how? Sarita asked. ‘Listen. When I came home on the day you lost your virginity, I saw you sitting in your room lost in your dreams, your face was flushed and your eyes had a sparkle I had never seen before. I thought my little daughter has had a very emotional experience. Then my eyes fell on the rumpled bed’.

‘God I thought she has been on the bed with Ramu. I hoped against hope that you both had done some heavy petting only and not gone all the way. I wanted to be sure of my facts before I said anything. So the next day when you had gone to college I inspected your clothes very closely. I must say you did a good job of washing off the telltale signs but your effort was not good enough to fool your mommy. I was able to make out faint streaks of blood on them especially on your panty. I knew you were not having your periods so the conclusion was that Ramu here had fucked you good and proper’ and when she paused to catch her breath.

Sarita interjected, ‘Oh mommy why did you not say anything and I thought… ‘ ‘Yes you thought you had fooled me. I was livid with Ramu to have taken advantage of my innocent little daughter specially when he was already fucking me. Then I thought, if this were the case then Sarita would surely have told me. This means Sarita had willingly offered her cherry to Ramu. Ramu being a man did what any man would have done. He fucked you. I was then angry and disappointed in you’.

‘Then I thought you had grown up and your body also requires relief and if you did not get it here you would go out side to get it. It was much better for you to be screwed by an experienced and safe person like Ramu than some horny boy in the college. Young boys are stupid. They tend to crow about their conquest and in no time your reputation, my name would be mud. Maybe you would end up getting pregnant and I had no desire to become a grandmother at my young age’.

‘Having worked this out I decided to let you fuck Ramu and I stopped coming to your room during the tuition hour. Best of the lot is that of Ramu, he was fucking both mother and daughter. Now that you know that Ramu is also fucking me, we would have to work out some rational solution. Remember the main reason for Ramu to be here is not to screw either of us but to teach you. So I propose that you both promise not to indulge in any sexual activity during the tuition hour and concentrate on studies only’.

‘In return I would have no objection if you joins us on Sundays in our frolics and Ramu can fuck both mother and daughter together. ‘Oh mommy but what about my computer class?’ Sarita asked. ‘Don’t worry I will talk to your teacher and have you shifted to the afternoon session even if I have to fuck him to get what I want’. ‘Oh mommy’ Sarita exclaimed.

In an annoyed tone Pooja said, ‘Stop repeating ‘oh mommy’ like a parrot. If you are agreeable to what I have proposed then take off your clothes and jump into bed. Let me also see how much you have learnt in this subject’. Sarita was overwhelmed with relief and said, ‘Oh mommy you are so sweet’ and undressing got into bed.

As Sarita lay naked on the bed I looked admiringly at her body. ‘Isn’t she very pretty?’ Pooja asked proudly. ‘Yes she is very pretty. She looks exactly like you except for that growth between her legs’. ‘That is easily rectified. Later I will explain to her what to do about that. Fuck her today as she is and next time she won’t have any hair on her choot’.

Dear readers In all these days I had fucked Sarita’s choot umpteen times but had never seen her naked. I looked kissed and licked every nook and cranny of her body driving her mad with lust and then fucked her. ‘Mommy it is so nice to feel sir’s naked body on my naked body. All our limbs touching each other’ she said placing her legs on my back and pressing me to her. After I had fucked Sarita I fucked Pooja. Before leaving I said, ‘It would be difficult to do justice to you both together. Don’t you think?’

‘Now that we are not required to keep our affair secret from Sarita we could fuck on Saturday mornings also if you are free’ Pooja suggested. This was okay with me so we all three agreed. Pooja came to see me off and said, ‘Ramu please don’t mention ass fucking in Sarita’s presence. No I love it too much to give it up. We will do it some time when we are alone. I don’t want her to know anything about ass hole fucking and you too please leave her ass hole alone’.

The next day while I was teaching Sarita, Pooja came in and announced proudly that the matter of the computer class has been settled’. ‘Did you have to… ‘ asked Sarita. ‘Of course not silly I was just joking’ Pooja said interrupting her the added, ‘Your computer teacher is very sweet old thing a smile did the trick’.

There after I fucked both mother and daughter every Saturday and Sunday morning. Occasionally in the afternoons when Sarita was busy with her home assignment I sat with Pooja and invariably ended up fucking her in the butt. On one such afternoon Pooja said, ‘Ramu do you know that since you have been fucking Sarita her grades have improved’. I laughed and replied, ‘Yes I know. Don’t give my cock the credit for this it has been purely Sarita’s effort. Earlier her mind was preoccupied with sexual thoughts and was tense but now that she is having sex on a regular basis her mind and body are relaxed and she is able to concentrate on her studies’.

All was well for several months. One Saturday morning when I reached Pooja’s house I found that she was alone in the house. I asked, ‘Where is Sarita? ‘She has gone to meet her best friend Najma and would be back soon. Don’t worry she knows that you will be coming today and won’t be long’ Pooja said and with a laugh added, ‘She is too fond of your cock to miss out on it. Let us not wait and start. She can join us later. Come quickly fuck me in the ass before she is back’ and got into ‘gaand fuck’ position. While I was fucking Pooja in her ass hole Sarita arrived… 

All was well for several months. One Saturday morning when I reached Pooja’s house I found that she was alone. I asked her as to where Sarita was. She told me she had gone to meet her best friend Najma and would be back soon. She further added that she was aware that you would be coming today so she won’t be long. Then she laughed and said ‘She is too fond of your cock to miss out on it. Let us not wait and start. She can join us later. Come, quickly fuck me in the ass before she returns and got into ‘gaand fuck’ position.

While I was fucking Pooja in her ass hole Sarita arrived. ‘Oh you guys have already started. How mean’ she said pouting her lips. ‘We did not know how long you would be so instead of wasting Ramu’s time I thought it was best to start. Sarita your turn comes next’ Pooja replied. ‘Don’t worry mommy I was just joking’ said Sarita and after undressing got into bed.

She sat watching us and kept fingering her cunt. As she did not find anything unusual about what we were doing I assumed that she must be under the impression that I had had entered her mother’s choot from the rear. After five minutes of the fuck movement Pooja started groaning and moaning with pleasure.

‘It is wonderful. Yes Ramu go on but harder and faster’ she begged and added, ‘Haan Ramu apna laurda meri gaand main zor zor se pelo (Yes Ramu shove your cock as hard as you can in my ass hole)’. I looked at Sarita. As soon as she heard these words her ears perked up and with a shocked and surprised expression on her face got up from the bed and bent down to see where my cock was.

Dear readers you know that I love fucking in the ass hole. I had always wanted to fuck Sarita’s butt hole also and would have done so but for what Pooja had said. So I slowed down my strokes and pulled my cock out nearly to it’s tip before pushing it in again so that she could have a clear view of my cock going in and out of her mother’s butt. Fascinated Sarita watched us and heard all what Pooja was saying in her ecstasy.

After we had finished Sarita wanted to be fucked in the ass hole also but Pooja put her foot down saying ‘No, never. I wanted you to be a virgin when you married but you gave your cherry to Ramu. I could not do anything about it. I want you to at least take a virgin ass hole to your husband’s bed. This means no ass hole fucking for you young lady, understand?’

‘Aw mommy you are mean. You sounded as if it was great fun’ lamented Sarita.

‘Of course it is very enjoyable but as I said no butt fucking for you’ replied Pooja.

‘Mommy this is not fair’ complained Sarita.

Pooja was now annoyed and said threateningly, ‘Don’t tell me what is fair and what is not. Was it fair to me or your future husband that you gift your cherry to Ramu? You will do as I say or… ‘ seeing her mother angry and thinking that she might get deprived of fucking all together she said, ‘Okay mommy whatever you say’. Pooja smiled and said, ‘That’s my little girl and kissed her’ and turning to me said, ‘As for you mister don’t you dare take her butt hole cherry without my consent which you will never get’. ‘You don’t have to worry about me’ I replied.

The matter was closed at least for Pooja and me. However, Sarita had other plans.

For two days nothing unusual happened but on the third day she said, ‘Sir please fuck me in the ass hole’. I reminded her of what her mother had said and said no. She kept repeating her request every day and I kept declining. One day when I entered her room I found her lying on the bed on her stomach with her skirt turned up and her pretty ass exposed. I said, ‘Sarita get up’. She immediately spread her ass cheeks with her hands and said, ‘Look Masterji (a form of addressing a teacher like ‘sir’ in English) look at my small ass hole isn’t it tempting? Don’t you want to make it larger with your cock?’

She was a tempting sight. I did want to fuck her ass but did not want to displease her mother and lose her’s as well as Sarita’s cunt. I said, ‘Stop playing games and get up we have some important lessons to cover today’. She got up and made a face and with a pout said, ‘Masterji you are very cruel’. She was not giving up so easily.

One after noon when I reached her place I found another girl of her age with her. Sarita said, ‘Sir this is my best friend Najma. We are in the same class. She has been sick and missed a lot of classes. She is experiencing some difficulties so I invited her to have them clarified by you. I hope you don’t mind’. ‘No not at all. I would be glad to help her’ I replied.

I then looked at Najma more carefully. God! Najma was beautiful. She looked like a European. She was very fair, with green eyes and long golden brown hair. She was slim with a perfect figure. Her boobs, they were just the right size for her body and perfectly shaped. I had seldom seen such well-shaped tits. I could see her nipples through the thin material of her kameez. I guess she knew that her boobs were extraordinary. The cut of her clothes was such that it displayed them to their best advantage.

While I clarified her difficulties I had a perpetual hard on and found it difficult to keep my eyes away from her shapely breasts. Before leaving Najma thanked me and asked, ‘Sir can I come again if I want some more clarifications. I did miss a lot in college’. ‘Come any time you are always welcome’ I told her. I watched her while she walked away. Her ass was tight and moved in a sensuous manner which did my hard on no good.

How did you like my friend Najma?’ Sarita asked. ‘I liked her very much. She is very beautiful’ I replied. ‘That you like her I can see’ Sarita laughed pressing my hard dick. After that day Najma came quite regularly approximately at least thrice a week. I did not mind it at all as I got a chance to see her shapely tits and her tight bum. Another advantage was that Sarita did not pester me so much with her usual ‘fuck me in the ass routine’.

One Saturday morning after fucking mother and daughter once each we lay resting. Both the girls lay on either side of me with their heads resting on my chest. ‘Ramu may I ask you a personal question but you must be truthful?’ Pooja said. ‘Sure, go ahead I will answer as best as I can’ I replied. ‘Why do men like to fuck virgins when an experienced woman can give them more pleasure? Do you also like to deflower virgins and why?’ she asked.

‘That was not one question they are three’ I laughed. ‘Don’t try to change the subject. Answer my question you promised’ Pooja said. ‘I don’t know about other men but I love to deflower virgin cunts. As to why frankly I have never given it much thought but will try to answer your question as best as I can. Maybe it is the challenge of persuading and convincing a virgin to have sex for the first time in her life. Maybe it is the satisfaction of making her experience her first orgasm with a cock inside her and opening for her the venue of the most superior pleasure in this universe. Another thing I love fucking a tight pussy and a virgin cunt is the tightest. The way it grips the cock during the in and out movement making it difficult to push in and equally difficult to pull out. Then there is the excitement of ‘going where no man has ever been before’ to borrow the opening line of a well known television serial’ I said and laughed. ‘Another thing if virgins didn’t get fucked then where would ‘more experienced women’ come from’ I added.

Pooja said, ‘You are right. I suppose these things do excite a man’. Sarita had not uttered a single word during this exchange but listened to everything I said with rapt attention. The thought of virgins had given me an erection and the girls transferred their attention to it.

Everything was under control and fell into a routine. On weekends I fucked both mother and daughter together. During the week I taught Sarita. Sarita kept singing her song about ‘fucking me in the ass hole’ and I refusing. Najma came thrice a week and I watched her boobs while nursing a hard on. During this period Pooja told me that one of her friends is opening a boutique and she would be helping her. This meant that she would be away from home during the day. She also asked me to spend a little more time with Sarita as she did not want her to go to anyone else.

Surprised I asked her, ‘Do you think there is danger of this happening?’ ‘Maybe not but she is young and her body demands more than just a couple of fucks on weekends. She has yet to learn the meaning of the word restraint’ she replied. ‘I can’t spend too much time here. What do you suggest’ I queried. ‘Maybe a fuck once in a while during the week will keep her choot happy and satisfied but ensure her studies don’t suffer’ she suggested and added, ‘Please don’t tell her that I told you to do it. Fuck her only when you feel it is necessary’.

One afternoon when Najma came, I taught her as usual. I was unable take my eyes away from her beautifully formed tits. Naturally I had a hard on the whole time. When she left I started to teach Sarita. Suddenly she surprised me by asking, ‘Masterji tell me something’. By experience I knew that whenever she addressed me as ‘masterji’ she was up to some mischief but what she said took me completely by surprise.

She said, ‘You said you liked Najma’. I nodded. ‘You also told mommy you loved deflowering young virgins’. I nodded again. ‘Najma is young and a virgin would you like to fuck her?’ After I had recovered my composure I, instead of answering her question directly, asked her whether Najma would agree. ‘Of course she will agree if I ask her. She is my best friend. She is a very horny bitch and would never pass up a chance like this’.

‘How do you know?’ I asked. ‘We both surf pornographic sites on the net together and when we get hot we play with our choots to get relief’. ‘You mean you do each other… ‘ I started but she interrupted me. ‘Don’t be offensive masterji. We are horny but we are not lesbians. We satisfy ourselves not each other’. Then after a few seconds she added, ‘I forgot to tell you there is another plus point. She has no hair on her choot’.

‘Now how would you know that?’ I asked. ‘Well when we are fingering ourselves we naturally see each other naked’. Suddenly a thought struck me ‘What was her reaction when one day she saw your cunt devoid of hair’ I asked her. ‘Oh that. That was no problem. You see Najma always wanted me to shave my pubic hair. She said they make it difficult to keep the cunt clean and thus were unhygienic. So when she asked me as to what happened to them I told her that I felt an irritation in my cunt and on my mothers advise I removed them. She bought my explanation without any further question. You know Najma is not very clever actually a little dumb I would say. What I did not tell her the irritation was not because of the hair but for your lovely cock’ and grabbed my hard on and laughed merrily.

Suddenly she said, ‘Hey, you have not answered my earlier question. Tell me do you want to pop her cherry. I can arrange that and in exchange for it you will only have to fuck my pretty ass hole’. Now the cat was out of the bag. I should have known that it was too good to be true and there had to be a catch to it. ‘No’ I said. ‘Why? But why tell me?’ she asked in a desperate tone. ‘The price you are asking is too high. Okay now let us get back to our lesson’ I told her.

‘Lessons, studies is that all you think about?’ she shouted at me and then started to mutter under her breath. I could distinctly hear what she was saying. I think I was meant to hear it. ‘Some men are dumb, real dumb. Here I offer him a virgin choot, the hairless virgin choot of a beautiful girl who happens to have the shapeliest pair of tits in the world. He could deflower her, fondle, squeeze and suck those heavenly boobs but he says the price is too high, too high my foot. What is the price I ask? All he has to do is to fuck my virgin ass hole’ and started to sob softly.

I took her in my arms and kissed her tears away and said, ‘Don’t cry sweetheart this is not the end of the world’. With a resolute look in her eyes she said, ‘Don’t you ever think that I am going to give up. I will make you fuck me in my ass hole. You will see that I will win in the end’ and started to cry again. ‘God willing’ I said softly and I kissed her and led her to the bed and fucked her two times without withdrawing before she was her usual cheerful and carefree self again.

In the next days she did not speak of the events of that afternoon. She also did not renew her request to ‘fuck me in the ass hole’. I was happy as well as sad that probably Sarita has come to terms with the fact that I was not going to pop her ass hole cherry. If I could only have read her mind, I would have known how far my assumption was from the truth.

One day after Najma had left Sarita started to giggle uncontrollably. ‘What is so funny? Do you mind sharing the joke with me’ I asked her with my tone dripping with sarcasm. Still giggling she said, ‘Did you see Najma’s face? Frankly I had not paid much attention to her face as I was too busy eyeing her tits and trying to keep my hard on under control and told her so.

‘It was very funny she would look at you and lower her eyes and blush and then sigh. I think she must have come at least three times. I bet when she left her panty must be dripping wet’ she said still laughing. Hearing this the vision of Lata floated before my eyes, who had behaved in similar fashion in a similar situation and catching her by the ear I asked, ‘What have you been telling her you naughty girl?’

‘OWW it hurts. I will tell you but first let go’ she begged. This is what she told me. ‘Few days back when we were fingering our cunts after surfing the net I asked her whether she had ever thought of sleeping with a man. She said that she is always dreaming about it but who will fuck her? I suggested why not my masterji? She then asked that would you agree? Of course he would agree he is a man isn’t he. I know all men love deflowering virgins and you are a very pretty virgin. Then in a confidential tone she asked me if I had done it with you. I laughed and I told her the truth that you were fucking me since several months. Then she wanted to know how it was? How does it feel? Does it hurt a lot? I told her that it does hurt a little at first but the pleasure afterwards is worth it. The pleasure is hundred or more times greater than our finger gives us. It is very difficult to describe it. It must be experienced. Then she wanted to know whether I was not scared of getting pregnant? Then I told her what you had told me. She was on fire and still is. She has asked me three times in the last two days to ask you to stick your cock into her’.

‘Did you tell her about your mother also?’ I asked. ‘Of course not. Do you think I am stupid?’. ‘I don’t know sometimes you do behave very foolishly’ I replied. ‘Don’t be rude. Masterji I tell you her cunt is hot, wet and ready. Don’t you want to open her love passage?’ ‘No. You don’t give up do you?’ I replied. ‘I will never give up. I told you that’ she affirmed. ‘Yes that you did’ I confirmed.

That Sunday when I visited Pooja I found Sarita absent. Pooja told me that she had gone to spend the night at her mama’s (uncle- mother’s brother) house and would be back in the evening. She has left a message for you I quote “Masterji save some cum for me I will collect it on Monday afternoon with accrued interest”. I laughed and said, ‘Why not, it is her due’. After fucking Pooja twice in the cunt and twice in the ass hole I left. However I did miss Sarita’s tight choot.

On Monday afternoon after Sarita had collected her due as well as interest she said, ‘Masterji listen and listen carefully. I am tired of asking you actually begging you to fuck me in the ass hole but you remain adamant. Earlier I had offered one virgin cunt to you and you refused. Today I am offering you two virgin choots in exchange of your fucking my gaand. Frankly this is best I can do’.

I was about to refuse when she interrupted me and said, ‘I am not yet finished. This is my last and best offer and if you refuse then I will be compelled to get someone else to do it. There is this boy in my class. His name is Ashish, I don’t like him but he will have to do. He looks at me with lust dripping from his eyes and gets a hard on each time he speaks to me. I only have to give him a hint and he will be happy do the job and be grateful also. If he fucks me in the ass then I will not be able to refuse him my choot. Should mommy become a grandmother then it will be you and her to blame and not me. This is not a threat but a promise’.

I looked at her and saw that she was dead serious. This was no idle threat. I was sure that she would do exactly what she had said. Therefore to gain time I told her that I require some time to think matters over. ‘Go ahead think as much as you like and if you want to consult mommy be my guest but I want your final reply on next Monday. Remember no extensions’.

During the week I thought over the matter. Sarita is adamant to get her ass plugged and if I don’t do it then this boy Ashish will do it may be with disastrous consequences. All this while my cock was urging me to agree. I decided to go along with my cock but also decided to get some more pleasure for it or put an end to this daily ‘fuck me in the ass routine’.

On Monday she asked, ‘Okay masterji what is your decision?’ I told her, ‘I will do what you want’. Hearing me she squealed with delight and made for the bed. ‘Hold on let me finish first. I will fuck your ass hole but on three conditions.

Firstly both the girls must agree to let me fuck their ass holes also. Secondly they will also suck my cock and swallow my-cum. Thirdly I will fuck your ass hole within four weeks of collecting full payment and in the mean while you will study hard and not pester me every day. ‘Sir you do drive a hard bargain. Okay I agree to my part but for the other I have to consult the girls. I asked, ‘Sarita tell me about the second girl. Who is she?’ She said, ‘Don’t be so impatient. You will meet her when the time comes but this much I can promise her choot is going to be the tightest of all’. Two days later she confirmed that both the girls had agreed to my conditions.

‘Now masterji it is time to celebrate. On Monday you will have Najma’s cherry’ she laughed.

On Monday when Najma came she was blushing like a bride. Apparently Sarita had told her that she is going to lose her virginity that afternoon. She was dressed in a light green ghagra and kameez matching the colour of her eyes and not her usual salwar kameez. She was looking like a real bride. I could see her gorgeous boobs with the nipples straining against her kameez. One look at her and my cock became hard as rock. I opened my arms to welcome her and she very smoothly moved into them. I kissed her on her cheeks and to confirm matters asked softly, ‘Tujhe maloom hai na ki tu aaj yahan kyon aayi hai? (You do know why you are here today?)’. She blushed prettily and nodded and her reply was barely audible, ‘Haan, aaj aap mujhe chodo ge (Yes, you will fuck me today)’ and hid her face in my chest.

I then raised her face and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She reciprocated hesitatingly. Simultaneously I caressed her beautiful boobs and squeezed them gently. She started to moan softly. The more I pressed her tits more excited she became and started to kiss me more and more passionately. I was dying to see her naked boobs so while kissing her I undid her kameez buttons and tried to pull it off. She made no objection but helped me to remove it. Immediately her boobs fell free. She was not wearing a bra.

Later Sarita told me that Najma always had her kameez tailored in such a fashion that it gave her tits the little support they needed. Naked her tits looked even more beautiful. They were hard and without any sag whatsoever. Her pink nipples were pointing straight at me as if aiming to shoot me. I laid her down on the bed and opened the string of her ghagra and lifting her bottoms dragged it off laying her whole beautiful body naked to my gaze. ‘Najma dear you have a very beautiful body’ I said. Najma blushed and hid her face behind the back of her arm. I knelt beside the bed and started to kiss her and suck her tits and simultaneously ran my finger between the lips of her choot.

Najma lay with her eyes closed and moaning loudly. I was very excited and my cock was urging me to deflower this gorgeous angel without further loss of time. I got up and quickly undressed and stood naked with an enormous erection before her. As soon as she saw me she started to get up saying, ‘My god his laurda (cock) is very big. It will kill me. I don’t want to fuck’. Hearing this Sarita was alarmed and jumped to her side and pushed her back. ‘What do mean by, it is very large’ she asked. ‘The cock of my brother Salim is quite small’ Najma replied. ‘You stupid girl Salim is barely eleven years old and when he grows up his laurda will also be big like masterji’s or maybe bigger. Have you not seen the cocks of men on the net? They are big and some were even bigger?’ Sarita said. ‘I thought that was all trick photography’. Najma said with tears in her eyes.

I saw that Sarita was getting nowhere with her. I had to divert her mind urgently otherwise there would be no virgin to deflower. Quickly I went down on my knees and started to kiss and suck her tits again. She started to moan again. I licked her tits and her belly and moved downwards to her choot. Reaching her cunt I kissed it and flicked my tongue on her erect clit. With a sharp intake of breath she shuddered as if an electric current had passed through her body. I continued to suck her clit. She raised her bottoms and pressed her crotch against my face. She placed her hands behind my head and guided my tongue to where it gave her maximum pleasure. All this while she kept moaning loudly. Suddenly her body arched and she shouted ‘Mera… mera hone wala hai (I… I am about to come)’ and then with a loud ‘OOOHHhhh’ fell back on the bed. I however continued to suck her clit till she came for the second time.

Then releasing her clit I moved towards her boobs and lips. I started to kiss her lips and got on top of her with out any objection from her. Taking my cock in my hand I rubbed it between the lips of her choot. Of their own her legs opened wide. I placed my cock on her virgin hole and said, ‘Najma darling main ab tujhe chodene wala hoon (Najma darling I am about to fuck you now)’. ‘ Haan, haan mujhe chod do masterji please (Yes, yes sir please fuck me’. I looked at her and she lay with her eyes wide open and panting heavily. I could see the look of lust and faint touch of fear in them.

Slowly I pressed my cock in her. It slid in easily till her virginal barrier stopped it. I gathered her firmly in my arms and pressed further. I felt her hymen stretching. She said, ‘Masterji slowly it is hurting’ and suddenly it snapped and my cock was half buried inside her. ‘AAAAAYYYYIIIIIEEE meri amma. Bahut dard horaha hai. Masterji apna lund meri bur main se nikalo nahin tau main mar jauingi (AAAAAYYYYIIIIIEEE my amma (mother). It is hurting very badly. Masterji take your cock out of my cunt otherwise I will die)’ she shouted. Ignoring her protests I continued to move in and out.

For few minutes she kept complaining of pain then stopped. Soon she started to feel the pleasurable sensation and started to moan. Sarita who had been watching all the time asked her with a broad smile on her face, ‘Na! Dear Najma how does it feel? Does it still hurt?’. ‘It hurt a lot earlier but it is very nice now’ Najma replied. ‘Stop it Sarita. This is no time to carry on a conversation. Let her enjoy herself’ I said.

Dear readers Najma’s choot was really very tight just as tight as Kanchi’s cunt and very soon I felt my seed rising. Najma was also not far away from her climax. I quickened my strokes. As I was injecting my-cum inside her she shouted, ‘I am COMMMMIIINNNGGG’ and came with another loud OOOHhhh. Najma lay with her eyes closed enjoying this new sensation. My cock started to get soft. I kept moving slowly in and out to keep it semi hard. In five minutes or so I was again hard and we had another satisfying fuck.

As we lay resting Najma said, ‘Sarita you were right the pain was worth the pleasure that followed’. Then she said, ‘Masterji now fuck Sarita. I am sure her bur (cunt) is itching and dripping’. I said, ‘Sure but you will have to first make my cock hard by sucking it’. She said, ‘Must I? It is dirty’. ‘You promised to do it didn’t you?’ She nodded. ‘Then does it. If you break your promise I will never trust you again’ Sarita said.

She reluctantly took my flaccid cock in her mouth and started to suck it. When I felt that I was about to come I caught hold of her head and warned, ‘Najma I am coming’ and shot jets of my semen into her mouth. Najma did not swallow it but collected it in her mouth. ‘Swallow it’ ordered Sarita but Najma shook her head. I gestured to Sarita to pinch her nose. Sarita then caught hold of her nostrils between her fingers. In order to breathe Najma was compelled to swallow. ‘Na! How did you like the taste of masterji’s cum’ Sarita asked her laughing. ‘You are a very naughty girl. Why did you make me swallow it? Najma complained. ‘Remember you had promised and I did it only because I did not want you to break your word’ Sarita replied still laughing ‘but you have not told us whether you liked the taste’.

Najma smiled and told us that it was gooey and very salty. ‘Don’t worry the taste will grow on you’ was Sarita’s verdict. Najma repeated her earlier request “Masterji please now fuck Sarita’. While I was undressing Sarita was in a hurry to get her ass hole fucked. She whispered to me, ‘Sir instead of fucking me try to fuck Najma in her the ass hole’. I pretended not to hear her and proceeded to fuck her.

After we finished as it was already late Najma left. Sarita was livid. She asked angrily, ‘Why did you not fuck Najma’s butt hole?’ I pacified her with the words, ‘Don’t worry I will do that also but tomorrow when my cock is still fresh. Najma is a scarecrow. She takes to new things slowly. We must proceed gently with her. Remember to keep some vaseline ready’ and left.

Next day I reached late to Sarita’s house. Sarita was waiting for me impatiently. Najma was lying naked on the bed and blushing sweetly. ‘Sir you are late. Look at Najma’s cunt it is dripping in anticipation of your cock’ Sarita told me and lifted Najma’s legs to show me her wet and dripping cunt hole. ‘This is rectified in no time’ I said and quickly undressed and entered Najma’s waiting choot. After a very satisfying fuck when I was about to withdraw Najma said, ‘Masterji abhi mat nikalo. Ek baar aur chodo (Masterji don’t withdraw yet. Fuck me once more)’. ‘Sure I will do it again but let me get stiff ‘ I told her and withdrew and lay down next to her. She immediately took my cock in her hand and first kissed it then took it in her mouth and sucked it to erection.

‘Sir it is ready. Fuck me now’ she said pleased as punch at her achievement. ‘Najma darling this time you fuck me’ I told her. She looked a little confused and said ‘Me? How?’ I pulled her on top of me and inserted my cock in her cunt from below and said, ‘Like this. Move your ass up and down and fuck me’ I said. Najma immediately started the fuck movements. After a few minutes when she started to moan I inserted one finger in her ass hole and commenced to finger fuck her ass hole.

She stopped and asked ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Finger fucking your ass hole. You don’t like it?’ I replied. ‘Of course I like it. It feels very nice’ she said. ‘Then why have stopped continue fucking and enjoy my finger in your rear hole?’ I told her and she started to move her bum up and down again. I then inserted another finger in her butt hole and started to move them in a circular motion. ‘Oh masterji your fingers feel so nice in my gaand’ she panted.

After ten minutes she lay still on me and said, ‘I can’t do it any more. I am tired. Now you fuck me pleeease’ she said and got off me and lay down with her legs wide open. ‘Okay I will do it but not like this. I will fuck you from behind’ and brought her on all fours. Then gripping her firmly I entered her cunt from behind. I fucked till she came. I had however not come yet. I then took my cock out and said, ‘Najma darling now I am going to fuck you in your ass hole’. ‘No it will hurt’ she protested. ‘When I fucked you in your cunt for the first time it hurt but then you liked it. You found my finger nice in your butt hole. Sure it will hurt but my cock will give you much more pleasure than my finger’ and started to apply vaseline on and in her ass hole.

‘Are you sure that I will not die of pain. What are you doing? She wanted to know turning around. ‘Of course sweetheart you won’t die. You will love it. Promise. I am applying vaseline it will help reduce the pain when my cock enters your virgin ass hole’. She then turned around and offered her ass hole to me. After applying vaseline on and inside her ass hole and on my cock I placed my cock on her butt hole and pushed. Her ass hole was also very tight and her sphincter did not yield.

‘It is hurting me’ she shouted. ‘Just a little more patience’ I told her and pushed harder. Her ass hole started to open and soon the head of my cock was in. Najma was in great pain she screamed ‘AAAYYYIIIIEEEE it hurts terribly. ‘Oh meri bechaari gaand phatt gayi (my poor gaand is ruined forever)’. I did not reply and gave another push and my cock was fully engulfed in her ass hole. I started to fuck it. Najma kept complaining of pain. ‘Wait a few minutes darling you will soon feel the pleasure’ I told her. After five more minutes Najma started to enjoy my cock in her behind and said so.

After her first gaand fuck we lay down to rest. Sarita, who was watching all this with delight, said, ‘Masterji it is now my turn to be fucked’. Najma protested, ‘After all the pain I had to bear I deserve a bonus fuck’ and grabbed my cock. I laughed and said, ‘Don’t fight. There is enough for every one. If not today tomorrow is another day’. That day I again fucked Najma. As it was already late we dispersed. Sarita had a big grin on her face, ‘Masterji the first part has been successfully completed. Now for the second virgin’. There is no hurry. Let me first enjoy Najma to the full’ I said. ‘Enjoy Najma masterji but not for too long. I also want my ass hole fucked. Remember!’ Sarita replied.

In the days to follow I enjoyed Najma’s tight choot and gaand every day. Najma also started to like the taste of my-cum. On the weekend it was back to Pooja and Sarita. Pooja was blissfully unaware of Najma’s fuck sessions of the afternoons. I enjoyed Najma in the following week also.

Then on Sunday when I was leaving after screwing both mother and daughter Sarita whispered to me, ‘Tomorrow you will have the second virgin’. ‘What about Najma?’ I inquired. ‘She has to go out of station to attend a marriage in the family. She will be back only after ten days. I planned it this way. Am I not a good planner?’ she replied happily.

The next day when I entered Sarita’s room she was alone. ‘Where is the virgin? Don’t tell me she didn’t come’ I asked. ‘Don’t worry she is here. When I plan things that are important to me nothing goes wrong. You sit down and relax and I will fetch her’ she said with a proud look and left the room. ‘In a few minutes she was back with a girl of her own age in tow. She was not pretty but quite ordinary looking. She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. She was a little plump and her tits were a little too small for her body.

Judging by her disheveled look, she had apparently been asleep when Sarita fetched her. Her face bore a marked resemblance to Sarita. ‘Who is she? Is she related to you? I questioned. ‘This is Shobha my cousin. Daughter of my mamaji (uncle – mother’s brother)’ she replied and then turning to Shobha she added, ‘Munni, this is her pet name, meet my tutor Mr. Ramesh Kumar. He will deflower you today’.

Munni automatically said, ‘Good afternoon sir’ but when Sarita’s words soaked in she squealed with delight and said, ‘You stupid girl why did not say so in the first place’ and started to undress. She was naked in no time and jumped on to the bed and lay down with her legs wide open and said, ‘Come sir I am ready. Which cherry do you want to take first? My cunt, my ass hole or you would like me to suck your cock and swallow your seed’.

For a moment I was taken aback at such brazenness on part of a virgin and looked at Sarita. Sarita smiled and shrugged. I then undressed and approached the bed with my cock pointing towards the ceiling. ‘Oh what a nice big cock you have. I am going to have a ball’ Munni giggled. I started to kiss her lips and tits while running my finger through her pubic hair and between her lower lips. ‘Oh how lovely your fingers feel’ she said and after a few minutes sighed loudly and opened her legs wider. ‘Please sir, don’t waste so much time in foreplay. I am already quite wet. I can’t wait to feel your lund inside me. Just shove your big cock into my choot and fuck me and fuck me hard’ she panted.

I said, ‘If I do what you are suggesting then you will experience a lot of pain’. ‘I don’t care. It has to pain some time. Why not now. Little more or less pain doesn’t really matter’ she said. I looked at Sarita questioningly. She nodded and said, ‘If that’s what she wants then that’s what she will get. Masterji fuck her and fuck her hard’.

I got on top of her and after placing my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole gave a mighty push. My cock tearing through her virginal sentinel entered half in. ‘AAAYYYYIIIEEEE god it hurts like the devil. Please stop. Let me catch my breath’ she screamed. There was no stopping now. I pushed my cock in and started to fuck her with all my might.

After the initial pain subsided she started to enjoy herself and kept giving voice to her feelings, ‘It is lovely. I knew that it would be lovely but I never imagined that it would be so heavenly. Yes masterji fuck me harder’. In between she stopped speaking only to cum and then restarted. By the time I shot my seed in her choot she had come four times.

‘It was really lovely. Now shall I suck your cock? She suited her words with action and soon sucked me off and swallowed my-cum with relish. ‘Now it is the turn of my ass hole isn’t it?’ She asked and turned around and lay on her stomach. ‘Munni slow down. What is your hurry? We have lots of time’ I told her. ‘I don’t like to keep things pending. First I must fulfill all your conditions and my commitments then I will make you fuck me where and the way I want’.

This was quite fair. I then fucked her in her ass hole. In the beginning it hurt a lot but later she said she enjoyed it. Sarita said that she also wanted a fuck. Munni said ‘No way dear cousin. Masterji has been fucking you now for several months and you kept enjoying yourself quietly without saying a word to me. Now it is my turn. You can have your screw when I am gone but as long as I am here his cock belongs to me and only to me’ she said firmly.

For the rest of the week I fucked Munni in every way she desired. On Friday afternoon after our fuck session a satisfied Munni left for her home.
On a Sunday after a week when Pooja, Sarita and I were starting our mornings activities I asked Sarita to fetch the vaseline and turning to Pooja I told her that today I am going to fuck Sarita in her ass hole. Sarita ran out of the room naked as she was and was back in a trice. Pooja was aghast, ‘Why do you want to do it? I told you that I don’t want you to do it’.
I then related all the events since the morning when Pooja had made me promise not to fuck Sarita’s gaand. Sarita pestering me daily – my refusing – her offer of a virgin – my refusal – then offer of two virgins cunts – her threat to let Ashish fuck her butt – my placing severe conditions to deter her – her acceptance – my collection of payment over the last three weeks or so. I finished by saying that I thought it was better that she has it done at home than her going outside and distributing her favours.
Pooja listened to me intently and then throwing up her hands in despair said, ‘Okay go ahead fuck her little butt for all I care. You are right that if she is bent upon getting it plugged then it is better to do it at home’. Hearing this Sarita clapped her hands and said, ‘Come masterji let us start’.
Suddenly Pooja said, ‘Ramu did you say two virgins? One I can imagine must have been Najma her best friend. They are very close. But who was the other one?’ I kept quiet and looked at Sarita. Sarita replied in a low voice, ‘It was Shobha’. Pooja said with a puzzled look on her face, ‘Shobha? Who Shobha? Do I know her?’ Then the truth hit her, ‘You don’t mean Munni? No, not our Munni? Not my brother’s little girl? Sarita you are a despicable person. Just for fulfilling your fixation to have your gaand fucked you persuaded your own cousin to sacrifice her virginity, her most valuable possession. Shame on you. How low you have sunk’ and turned away from her in disgust.
Stung by her mother’s sharp words Sarita shouted back, ‘Yes I am the villain and she is a saint. For your kind information it is not I who got her fucked but it was she who led me to lose my virginity. As you would say my precious virginity. She is the one who introduced me to pornography. She was the one who always talked about sex and how wonderful it was. She is the one who gave me passwords to various porno sites. She is the one who made me an addict of self-gratification. Yes you are right I am the bad girl she is a saint’ and started to cry uncontrollably.
Hearing this Pooja took her in her arms and kissing her said, ‘Don’t cry darling. I am sorry but I did not know the background. Come I will help you to fulfill your desire’. When Sarita had calmed down she said, ‘Mommy I am telling you the truth. I did not need to persuade Munni. I just mentioned about fucking in passing and she was all over me and pestered me daily to introduce her to a cock. Ask sir how she behaved on the first day. I was ashamed that she was my sister’.
Pooja looked at me and I nodded. She said, ‘Come to bed darling’. Then Pooja lovingly applied Vaseline on Sarita’s gaand and on my cock. Then placing my cock on the ass hole of Sarita she said, ‘Ramu go into her butt hole and give her the pleasure she has worked so hard for’. After I had finished fucking her butt hole Sarita said, ‘It was nice but nothing very great. I do not understand why you both rave so much about it’.
I said, ‘I love fucking ass holes as they are much tighter than cunts’. Pooja said, ‘The first time when your father fucked my butt I felt the same as you but as he loved fucking in the ass as Ramu does I got used to it and started enjoying it immensely. I suppose that by the time you get married Ramu will fuck it often enough for you to start relishing it also’.
I fucked Munni only when she came to visit Sarita, which was seldom. One day I said, Sarita how is Munni I haven’t seen her since weeks’. Sarita said, ‘Sir you can forget about her. The stupid girl is now involved with three guys. One boy from college, no not Ashish, an elderly neighbour and their driver. If she goes on like this she will surely land herself in big trouble’.
I enjoyed Najma and Sarita till they got married. I still fuck them whenever they are on a visit to their parent’s house. As for Pooja I am still fucking her on regular basis but not as often as before.
I was looking forward to the month long winter break so that I could again fuck my three beauties daily… But this was not to be. As they say ‘man proposes, God disposes’. I received a letter from my mother insisting that I should come home during these holidays. Excuses like pressure of studies etc. did not cut any ice with her. I could not persuade her to relent. Just as well as things did work out well. When the break started I packed my bags and left for home. I was looking at a month of boredom with no one to fuck.

The day after my arrival, I strolled around the neighborhood visiting all the places, which were my haunts during college days. When I reached the PlayPark in which all the children of our locality used to play, I saw a girl sitting on a swing. Coming nearer I recognised her, she was Cassie. Seeing her on the swing brought back the memories of yesteryears.

Cassie was the daughter of a police officer. She lived not too far away from my house. Although Cassie was a couple of years younger to me, we were childhood friends. She was very intelligent. We went to the same college. She was a little tomboyish. She preferred to play with boys than girls. We used to wrestle and play other such rough games together. I recalled that as a young girl also she was passionately fond of playing on the swing.

When I had become aware of sex, during our games on every opportunity I used to press her small tits several times and even tried to touch her cunt. Either she did not notice, or chose not to say anything. I was always willing to give her a push on the swing. Not because I liked doing it but it afforded me the opportunity to look under her billowing skirt. Most of the time I was able to see her panty only. Sometimes she stood on the swing with her legs apart. It was on these occasions that I got a deeper look at her panty-covered valley between her legs. That night I would masturbate myself to sleep.

I approached her from behind and said, ‘Cassie how are you?’ Lazily she turned her head towards me. When she recognised me she got excited. She jumped off the swing and embraced me. She kissed me wildly on my cheeks and said, ‘Ramu oh Ramu you are back’ then suddenly she released me and stepping back asked me in a calm voice ‘Ramu when did you come back? ‘I came home only last evening’ I told her. ‘How long are you going to be with us? she asked. ‘I am here for the winter break’ I replied.

I stepped back and looked at her. I remembered Cassie as a gawky, thin girl with unruly long hair. Now she had grown into a beautiful young lady. She was wearing a blood red sweater and a black skirt. Her sweater was tightly hugging her tits accentuating their beauty. She was 5’6″ tall and had short bobbed hair that suited her longish face. Her boobs were of just the right size for her tall slim body. She had a marvelous figure. ‘Cassie you are beautiful’ I told her. She blushed and said, ‘Thank you. You are also looking good’. We just stood there talking about old times.

Then I asked, ‘Cassie are you still very fond of the swing? Would you like me to give you a push?’ ‘You remember? It would be just like old times’ she said and hurriedly climbed on to the swing. As expected, her skirt billowed up. I looked under her skirt and could only see her white panty. She worked the swing higher and higher. She changed her position and stood with her legs apart. I could, as in the past, see right up to her panty-covered valley of love. Only difference was that this time I espied a wet spot between her legs.

She remained on the swing for ten minutes or so. Then she came down and stood panting before me. ‘Cassie did you enjoy yourself?’ I inquired. Still panting She replied ‘Of course, I enjoyed myself. The question is how did you enjoy the view? ‘What view? I replied innocently. ‘Ramu don’t you dare try to be coy with me. I have known for several years now why you were always so keen to give me a push on the swing. Did you enjoy what you saw?’ she said. I decided the time for play-acting was over and said, ‘What I really wanted to see was not your panty but what it is guarding so jealously’.

She blushed and said, ‘Ramu are you trying to tell me that you have never seen a girl naked? I don’t believe you’. ‘Of course I have seen naked women but can one ever see enough? Cassie tell me have you ever seen a man naked?’ she turned red and with downcast eyes said softly, ‘No I haven’t’. I pressed further with the subject and said, ‘I have a proposition for you. You can see me naked provided you also show me all you have’. She was silent for sometime and then said, ‘You will touch me’. ‘Of course I will touch you. You can also touch me as much as you like’ I replied.

She didn’t say anything and turned to leave. ‘What have you decided?’ I asked. ‘I will tell you tomorrow’ she said and ran towards her house. ‘When and where?’ I shouted after her. ‘Tomorrow, here at the same time’ she shouted back. On my way home I thought that maybe my visit here wouldn’t be so boring as I had anticipated.

That night, I could hardly sleep. The suspense was killing me. Next day I reached the park well before the appointed time. To my surprise, Cassie was already there. At first we talked about this and that. Then I looked at her and raised my eyebrow in a questioning gesture. Cassie blushed sweetly and nodded. I was so happy and relieved that I wanted to embrace and kiss her right there and then. Being in a public place I refrained from doing so.

‘Where shall we go? I asked Cassie. ‘I don’t know’ she replied. ‘We can’t go to your house or mine, we have to find some other place. What about going to a hotel with me?’ I said. ‘No Ramu, please not to a hotel. Hotels are dirty and there are too many people around. What if someone knows us? My father would kill me. Please Ramu not a hotel’ she begged with tears in her eyes. ‘Please Cassie, don’t cry. You know I would never impose my will on you. What ever you do, do it only if you wish to do it. Well, hotel is out of the question. Let me think. Maybe I can think of some other safe place. I will call you as soon as possible’ I told her.

Here again lady luck came to my rescue. The same evening by chance, I met an old friend. Though he was several years older to me we were good friends. He invited me to his rooms. For a long time we sat chatting but my mind was not in it. He noticed my preoccupation and asked, ‘Ramu do you have a problem? Tell me. May be I can help’. Reluctantly I told him about my predicament. He immediately offered his rooms saying, ‘Ramu my rooms are empty every day between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can use them if you want. I only get home from work after six in the evening. I can stay away longer if you so desire. Please, just don’t do anything which could get us both in trouble’. I thanked him for his offer; I promised to be careful.

He had just the right accommodation for a bachelor, a small one room flat consisting of a bedroom, a sitting room with a small niche with a table for eating and a small kitchenette. After thanking him and collecting a spare key I left. First thing in the morning, I rang up Cassie and asked her to meet me in the PlayPark in an hour. Armed with the key I went to keep our rendezvous. Excitedly brandishing the key, I narrated the whole story to Cassie. ‘Have you told your friend about me? she asked. ‘Of course not. I told him a girl. I did not give him any names or any other detail. ‘You want me to go to your friend’s flat?’ she asked. ‘Yes Cassie, it is perfectly safe and no one will see or recognise us there’ I told her. ‘What about your friend? He will see me’ she said. ‘My friend? Oh, no, he won’t see you either. He works from 10 to 6. I tell you Cassie it is the ideal place. It is nice, clean and safe. Please say yes’. ‘Okay Ramu if you say so, I agree’ she said.

Next afternoon we met at the appointed place and I escorted her to the room. She was understandably very nervous. First she inspected the rooms thoroughly. When she had satisfied herself that we were alone she came and stood in front of me. We looked at each other then I asked, ‘Cassie how would you like to proceed. Will you like to undress first or should I?’ she remained silent and lowered her eyes. ‘I tell you what? We will undress simultaneously. Is this okay with you? I suggested. Still staring at the carpet she said very softly, ‘Haan theek hai (Yes it is okay)’. Her hand started to unbutton the top most button of her blouse. I in the mean while quickly pulled off my shirt. I looked at Cassie.

She was staring vacantly past me and still nervously struggling with the first button. I took her in my arms and kissed her lightly on her lips and asked, ‘Cassie do you want me to help you?’ she placed her head on my chest and said, ‘Yes Ramu please’. I undid her blouse buttons and took it off. She did not hinder me. I then snapped open her bra. Her beautiful tits fell free. Oh how pretty they looked. I wanted to fondle them and kiss them but resisted. I then took off her skirt and panty. I then quickly became naked. All this while Cassie stood there with her eyes tightly shut. ‘Cassie please open your eyes’ I asked her. She opened her eyes but in a flash shut them tightly again.

‘Cassie please open your eyes’ I requested her again. One by one she opened her eyes. She stared at my erection with awe. ‘Oh, aadmi ka laurda itna barda hota hai? (Oh, a man’s cock is so large?)’ she exclaimed. I said, ‘Take it in your hand if you want’ I offered. She hesitated. I caught her hand and placed it on my hard lund. She moved her hand from top to bottom. Then she went down on her knees and started to inspect it more closely. Suddenly a big drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of my cock. ‘What is this? Ramu are you coming?’ surprised she said. ‘No my dear, I am not coming. It is my pre-cum. When a girl is sexually excited her choot becomes wet. Similarly when a man is aroused his cock starts to ooze pre-cum.’ I explained to her.

I then asked, ‘ Cassie darling tell me are you wet?’ She nodded and blushed furiously. ‘Cassie lick the pre-cum with your tongue’ I suggested. Cassie shook her head vehemently. She continued to inspect my genitals. She handled and squeezed my balls. Moved the foreskin of my cock up and down. After fifteen minutes she stood up. I said, ‘Cassie come in the bedroom, now it is my turn’. ‘No, not in the bedroom. See what you want to see here only’ she said. ‘Sweetheart you know very well that I can’t see what I want when you are standing. You require to be lying down for me to see you properly. Please come to the bedroom’. Without any further ado she let me lead her into the bedroom.

As she lay on the bed with her eyes closed, I looked at her closely. She was looking very pretty. Her boobs were excellently shaped with large light brown nipples. Her nipples were hard and pointing towards the ceiling. She had trimmed her pubic hair to the minimum. It was a sight for the Gods. I kissed her on her lips and said, ‘Cassie you are very beautiful. I have never seen such beautiful tits in my life before. ‘I am going to kiss them’ I said and translated my words into action.

She moaned softly. I started to suck her erect nipples. Her moans became louder. I ran my fingers between her cunt lips. ‘Oh Ramu’ she moaned. I moved my lips to her choot and started to lick it and suck her clit. She pressed her legs together and shouted, ‘Ramuuu what are you doing? Please stop. I can’t bear it. I will die’. Ignoring her protests I continued. She then raised her bottoms pressing them against my lips and said, ‘Oh please don’t stop, it is wonderful. I have never felt like this before. Please doonn’t stoooppp. I am nearly there. H… yesss I am there. I am commmmminnnng’. She came with a loud sigh ‘AAAHHHH’ and with wide-open legs she fell back on the bed panting. I continued to lick and suck her clit till she had come two more times.

I got on top of her and started to rub my lund between her cunt lips. She quickly pressed her legs together and moaned, ‘Ramu tum kya chahaaate ho? Tumhaara laurda bahut garam lag raha hai (Ramu what do you want? Your cock feels so hot)’. ‘Cassie mujhe tumme chodne ka bahut dil kar raha hai (Cassie I want to fuck you very badly)’. “Oh Ramu I am scared’ ‘There is nothing to be scared about. I will make sure nothing happens’. ‘Mujhe chod ke tum mujhe bhool tau nahin jaoge (You will not forget me after you have fucked me)’ she asked. ‘No Cassie but you know that we… ‘. ‘I know that we can’t ever get married. Our parents would never agree, especially mine. Nevertheless, I am scared’ she said.

Then after a pause she opened her legs wide and said, ‘Ramu tum apna laurda meri choot main daal kar usse phard do (Ramu shove your cock in my cunt and deflower me)’. Surprised at this sudden turn of events I stuttered, ‘Cassie aaare you sssure’. ‘Shut up Ramu and do as I say, fuck me before I change my mind’.

Without dallying further, I placed my cock on the entrance of her wet choot and pushed slowly. ‘Oww” she said as my dick slid inside the slippery virgin choot till its progress was stopped by her hymen. I increased the pressure but I still did not make any headway. Cassie was in pain, she said, ‘Ramu please be tender. You are hurting me’. I increased the pressure further but still I made no progress. Her maidenhead was quite tough. Cassie was now in considerable pain ‘Please Ramu, stop. I can’t bear the pain any more’. ‘Just a few more moments’ I told her and pulling back my cock gave a mighty shove. Tearing through her tough maidenhead half my lund was inside her choot. ‘JEEEEESSSUUUS RAAAAMMMMUUUU I am dying. PLEEEEEASE take your lund out of my choot’ and started to sob softly. Two more pushes and I was fully buried inside her fuck sheath.

I stopped and looked at Cassie. Poor Cassie, she lay writhing with pain and tears were flowing freely down her face. I kissed her tears away and whispered, ‘Sorry darling, I had to do it this way. Your hymen was very tough. Now the painful part is over. You can now look forward to heavenly pleasure’ and started to move my lund in and out of her cunt. She kept murmuring ‘OW’ with each in and out stroke. Soon the ‘ows’ became ‘ohs’ and later turned into ‘ahs’. I kept fucking her with strokes of varying length and speed. Her hips started to move, keeping rhythm with my strokes. ‘Oh Ramu it feels great. Please don’t stop. Y… hes Y… hes that’s the way. Harder y… hes harder. I am nearly there. Oh, I am about to come. RAAAMMMMMUUUU I am COMMMIINNNG’ she shouted and fell back panting. At this moment I also came.

For a long time we lay kissing, relishing the sensations we had just experienced. ‘Oh Ramu it was much better than I had imagined. Ramu I love you so’ she said, kissing me all over.

As we lay resting I said, ‘Cassie you know that since childhood I wanted to see you naked and make love to you. Today my desire has come true’. Cassie said, ‘Ramu I also have a confession to make’. I laughed and said, ‘Sure, confess what ever you like to me but don’t you go and confess, about what we have been doing in the church’. Hitting me playfully she said, ‘Do you think I am stupid? My father will shoot me. Will you stop cracking corny jokes and listen to what I have to say’. ‘Shoot dear madam, I am all ears’ I said.

Cassie said, ‘I have been in love with you since childhood. That is why whenever you pressed my tits while we wrestled or played around, I never objected. Actually I liked it. I was also aware of why you were always so keen to give me a push on the swing. You wanted to see my choot. I also wanted to show it to you. Many a times I came to the park without wearing a panty and with a firm resolve to show you my choot but seeing many children around I always chickened out. Best I could do was to stand on the swing with my legs wide apart so that you could look as deep as possible. I used to dream of you taking my virginity and making love to me. You can imagine the shock when I heard you were going away. I was sure that some conniving bitch will snap you up and I would lose you forever. For several nights I cried myself to sleep. They say time is a great healer’.

‘With passage of time, I learnt to live with your memory only. Then the other day when you hailed me, all old memories came rushing back to my mind. I was so excited that my Ramu was back that for a moment I lost all control. Then you offered to give me a push. I knew what you had in mind. I did my best to show you as much as I could. Just thinking that you were watching made me very wet. Then you came up with that preposterous proposal. I was certain that if I agreed to your proposal, I would surely lose my virginity. I did not mind that at all, actually I was looking forward to it. I wanted to say yes right away but I decided to sleep on it. Hoping that some good sense would prevail in me. That night all good sense was overshadowed by the thought that my wishes and dreams were about to come true’.

‘Next day I said yes. Another thing, when your lund was poised at the entrance of my choot ready to pierce it, I nearly backed out but gritting my teeth together I asked you to fuck me. You my dear did not fail me’. I took Cassie in my arms and kissed her passionately. Disengaging herself from my embrace she smiled broadly and said, ‘Hold it big boy. There is more to my dream. I also use to dream that after you have taken my virginity, you will fuck me so often and so hard that I can barely walk’. ‘Is that so? Then I must make that part also come true’ I said laughing and got on top of her and we fucked and fucked till she had to leave.

We met as often as she could get away from her house without making anyone suspicious. One afternoon just before Christmas when we were together and I was licking her choot I asked her to suck my cock. She hesitated and said, ‘Darling not that’. ‘Remember Cassie in the dictionary of love the word ‘no’ does not exist’ I countered. Without any further ado she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. Then we sixty-nined and she enjoyed swallowing my-cum. ‘How was it?’ I asked. ‘Frankly much better than I thought’ was her reply.

After resting for a while she said, ‘Ramu ab please mujhe chodo (Ramu please fuck me now)’. While we were fucking the telephone rang. Ignoring the persistent ringing, I continued to fuck. ‘Ramu please answer the phone’ she said. ‘Why, it can’t be for us? I told her and continued the in and out strokes. ‘Ramu please’ she insisted. When I picked up the phone a sweet voice said that she wanted to talk to Cassie. Surprised I said, ‘Cassie it is for you’ and handed the receiver to her. Panting heavily, she took the receiver and said, ‘Yes Nisha, what is it?’ I could only hear what Cassie was saying. Cassie said, ‘Of course I am panting’. ‘Kyon? Kyonki Ramu mujhe chod raha tha (Why? Because Ramu was fucking me’ she said. I heard a loud scream from the other end. ‘Tu hee tau poonch rahi thi main kya kar rahi hoon. Maine tujhe such such bata diya. Kya issi liye phone kara tha? (It was you who wanted to know what I was doing and I told you truthfully. Is this the reason why you rang up?’ ‘What? What did she want?’ ‘Okay I will call her but you don’t go away and remain by the phone’.

She then quickly dialed a number and said, ‘Yes mummy I am sorry, I was in the bathroom’. ‘You want me to come home right away’. ‘Okay. Mummy you just relax. I will be home as soon as I finish what I am doing’. Then she dialed another number and said, ‘Nisha thanks a lot. In case mummy calls again then tell her that I have left. Bye’. All the above conversation took place while my cock was still in her choot. ‘Ramu finish quickly. I must get home right away’. It was ten minutes before we both came together. I had a dozen questions in my mind but Cassie said, ‘Please Ramu, I will answer all your questions the next time. She then dressed and left in a hurry.

We met again on Boxing Day. After our first fuck and while we were resting I asked, ‘Cassie who is Nisha? Have you told her everything?’ ‘Nisha is my best friend. You know it is not easy for a girl to be away from the house every few days without arousing suspicion. I therefore took Nisha in confidence, just to the extent it was necessary. That day I had told my mother I was going to Nisha’s place to study’. ‘Who is this Nisha? Do I know her?’ I inquired. ‘Sure you know her. Remember the girl we used to call Billi (cat)? Her real name is Nisha’.

‘Of course I remember her. She was short and chubby. She was very curious about everything that went on. That is why we used to call her Billi the curious cat. Yes I remember her. Is she still short, chubby and curious?’ I said laughing. ‘If you see her now you will stop laughing. She is an inch taller than me and much prettier but still curious as hell. Each time we meet she wants to know what we did, how we did it, how it feels, everything blow by blow or I should say stroke by stroke etc. There is no satisfying her curiosity. I tell you Ramu that one-day her curiosity will get that girl into trouble. I would not be surprised that she loses her virginity’ just out of curiosity.

‘Is that so? I will then have to look her up and satisfy her curiosity in this regard’. Cassie started to cry and said, Please Ramu never joke about our relationship. I know it is going to be short but till it lasts you are mine and mine only’. I apologised and promised not to make such off color jokes. (later Cassie wrote and told me that her prediction did come true. Nisha did loose her virginity because of her curiosity. No, no I was not the lucky one. My friend did the honours).

‘Cassie tell me why did your mother call you that day?’ ‘Sometimes my mother gets nervous for no rhyme or reason. It was a day before Xmas. We were expecting about fifteen people for dinner on Christmas Eve. The dinner had to be cooked, cakes and biscuits to be baked. So she was on an edge. She wanted me to come home and help. That is all’ she explained. ‘Well sweetheart I don’t have any cake to bake but if you permit then I can bake this loaf in your oven? I said pointing to my erect cock. ‘Go head dear sir, my oven is already hot and ready to bake your loaf’ she replied with a big grin. That morning we had a great time.

We kept meeting each other as often as we could, fucking and sixty-nining to our hearts content. The holidays came to an end. We said an emotional good bye to each other. Cassie did not cry or make a scene. With tears in her eyes she wished me good bye saying, ‘Ramu please think kindly of me. Good bye’ and ran out of the flat. I wanted to say many things to her but did not get the opportunity. When I came back after completing my graduation, I looked for my dear Cassie but I found that her father had been transferred out of town. I did not see her again.

I had decided to become a teacher. After having been accepted by a leading institution I decided to take a holiday.

On arrival at my destination I checked into a hotel which was laid out more like a holiday resort than a hotel. In addition to rooms in the main building it had cottages spread over a large area. I chose a small cottage. The cottage was self-sufficient. It consisted of a large bed-sitter with attached bathroom and a kitchenette and above all, it guaranteed complete privacy.

One evening at dusk I was going to a party when I saw a young woman selling very colourfully painted statues made out of baked clay. This area was famous for these statues. They were made in nearly every household. They looked very attractive. I stopped and looked at them and decided to buy some as gifts for family and friends back home. As it was getting dark and also I did not want to carry them with me to the party I asked the woman selling them if she could bring them to me to my hotel the next day. This sort of request was probably quite normal as she readily agreed. After giving her the name of my hotel and cottage number I proceeded to the party.

Next day as I drank my early morning tea there was a loud knock on the door. I opened the door and found the peddler woman from last evening standing with a basket on her head. I invited her in and asked her to wait and went to the bathroom to do my early morning chores. I came out wearing a dressing gown.

She was sitting on her haunches on the floor with her basket full of her wares next to her. I drew a chair opposite her and started to inspect the statues. During this time I looked at her covertly. She looked quite young. She was married as was evident from the ‘sindoor’ (Red powder that married women put in their hair parting. A sure sign of a married woman) in her hair parting. She had a nice face and a pleasant smile. Two large black eyes and long hair made into two plaits lying lazily on her nice large boobs.

Seeing all this my cock stiffened and I had the desire to fuck her. While inquiring about the statues I also asked her some personal questions. She was a very simple girl. She replied to them in a straightforward manner. I found out that her name was Basanti and she was married. Her husband worked as a peon in a large company in a far off city. At home, apart from her father in law and mother in law there was also the family of the elder brother of her husband. The men folk made the statues and her mother in law looked after the household. Both the daughters in law peddled them around town.

‘Teri shadi ko kitne saal huye hain? (How many years have you been married?)’ I asked her.

‘Aisse hee koyi 14/15 maheene huye hain (Approximately 14/15 months)’ she replied.

‘Kya itne din hogaye aur tere koyi bachcha nahin hua? (What! you are married so long and you have no child?)’

She blushed and said, ‘Meri shadi ke dus din baad woh vaapas duty pe chale gaye the. Phir ab saal bhar baad ek maheene ke liye aaye the (Ten days after my marriage he had to go back on duty. Then after one year he came for a month)’ then blushing profusely she added that she was now two months pregnant.

This suited me quite well.

I selected three statues and after a long and hard bout of haggling we agreed on a price. I gave her a 500-rupee note in payment.

Taking the note in her hand she said, ‘Arre babu humaare paas itne barde note ka chuttal nahin hai. Humne suna tha ki itna barda note bhi hota hai lakin aaj paheli baar dekh rahi hoon (Arre sir I don’t have change for such a big note. I had heard that such a note exists but I am seeing it for the first time today)’. I told her that I did not have anything smaller.

Shrugging her shoulders she said, ‘Koyi baat nahin babu kissi aur roz sahi (Doesn’t matter sir some other day maybe)’ and started to arrange the statues in her basket. As she placed the basket on her head and started to get up, I saw my chance slipping. I decided to go for all or bust, even at the risk of hearing her abuses.

I said, ‘Basanti agar tu chahe tau yeh pura note tera ho sakta hai (Basanti if you want then whole of the note can be yours)’.

She stopped midway and with a puzzled look asked, ‘Kaisse? (How?)’

Opening my dressing gown and displaying my raging hard on I said, ‘Agar tu mujhse chudwane ke liye raazi hojaye (If you agree to let me fuck you)’.

She sat there as if frozen. Her eyes riveted on my erection. The colour of her face became beet root red then pale and again red. As she did not abuse me I thought she might agree and maybe is too shy to say anything.

I said, ‘Basanti agar tujhe meri baat manjoor hai tau tu apni tokari neeche rakh de aur agar nahin tau uth ke chali ja (If you are agreeable to my proposition then place the basket on the floor and if not then get up and leave)’.

The next two minutes were like a lifetime. Couple of times she tried to get up and then sat down again. Couple of times she lifted the basket but only to replace it on her head. But all this time she kept staring at my cock. Then slowly she lifted the basket and placed it on the floor and lowered her eyes.

I was overjoyed. I moved quickly to her and helped her on to her feet. She moved smoothly into my embrace and hid her face in my chest. I lifted her face and tenderly kissed her on her lips. Seeing her dirty face I somehow got doubts about her hygiene. I therefore decided to have a shower with her before proceeding any further. With this thought in mind I started to unbutton her blouse.

Suddenly she caught my hand and said, ‘Yeh kya kar rahe ho babu? (What are you doing sir?)’

‘Main tere kaprde uttar raha hoon (I am undressing you)’ I told her.

‘Hai nahin mujhe nanga mat karo. Main sharam se mar jauingi (Oh no don’t undress me. I will die of shame)’ she said.

‘Agar main tujhe nanga nahin karoonga tau chodunga kaisse? (If I don’t undress you then how will I fuck you?)’ I asked her.

She blushed and said, ‘Babu aisse hee chod lo na (Sir, fuck me like this only)’ was her simple reply.

‘Tere pati ne tau tijhe nanga dekha hoga? (Your husband must have seen you naked?)’ I asked.

She shook her vehemently and said, ‘Nahin kabhie nahin (No never)’.

‘Tunne tau usska laurda chua aur dekha hoga? (You must have touched and seen his cock?)’ I persisted.

She again shook her head and said ‘Nahin (No)’.

‘Such? Phir tera mard teri chudai kaisse karta hai (Really? Then how does your husband fuck you?)’ I asked.

‘Hamara ghar main ek hee kamra hai. Jab woh ghar main hote hain tau woh charpai pe sote hain aur main unke paas farsh per chatai per soti hoon. Jis din unka chodne ka dil karta hai woh mujhe anpi charpai per bula lete hain aur mera lehenga utha kar apna laurda meri choot main ghussa dete hain aur mujhe chod dete hain (Our house has only one room. When my husband is at home he sleeps on the charpoy and I sleep on the floor next to him on a straw mat. When he wants to fuck me he calls me on the charpoy. He lifts my lehenga (a calf length loose skirt worn predominantly by village ladies) and shoves his cock in my cunt and fucks me)’ she replied.

‘Woh tere honton ka chumma leta hai? (Does he kiss your lips)’ I asked.

‘Kabhie, kabhie (Sometimes)’.

‘Wohi teri chuchiyan dabata hai? (Does he squeeze your boobs)’.

‘Kabhie, Kabhie (Sometimes)’.

‘Wohi teri choot ko sehrata tau hoga aur ussme ungali daalta hoga? (He must be caressing your cunt and putting his finger inside it?’

Again she replied ‘Kabhie, kabhie (Sometimes)’.

This was getting quite intriguing. ‘Tujhe chudai tau achchi lagtti hai? (You enjoy fucking, don’t you?)’

Blushing she said ‘Haan, lakin thordi, thordi (Yes but a little)’.

Some thing did not seem right. Was it possible that a married and a pregnant girl, with all the fucking she had received had never had a real orgasm?

‘Basanti meri baat sunn. Aaj tujhe intna mazaa aayega jitna tujhe pahele kabhie zindagi main nahin aaya, lakin main jo kahoon karna hoga. Manjoor? (Basanti, listen to me. Today you will enjoy yourself more than you have ever enjoyed in your life but you will have to do what I say. Agreed?)’

She nodded and said, ‘Haan (Yes)’.

I then undressed her without any objection from her. I also undressed and led her into the bathroom. I applied soap on her hard tits. I finger fucked her choot while soaping it. She did not say a word. I then asked her to apply soap on my body. She did that but studiously avoided touching my erect cock. ‘Basanti iss per bhi sabun laga (Basanti apply soap on this also)’ I told her pointing to my cock.

She hesitated. I took her hand and placed it on my cock and said, ‘Fikar mat kar yeh katega nahin (Don’t worry it won’t bite)’.

Gingerly she took my cock in her hand and studied it while soaping it. She found the up and down movement of the foreskin most fascinating. After we had dried each other, I carried her to the bed and laid her down.

She asked, ‘Babu ab aap mujhe chodoge? (Sir, are you going to fuck me now?)’.

‘Abhi nahin. Thordi der baad (Not now. Little later)’ I told her.

I looked at her lying naked on the bed. ‘Basanti tu bahut khoobsoorat lag rahi hai. (Basanti you are looking very beautiful’. I remarked. Basanti only smiled and did not reply. I started to kiss Basanti while I pressed her tits. I then moved my attention to her tits. I kissed them and sucked on her nipples while constantly running my fingers between her cunt lips. She moaned softly.

‘Kaissa lag raha hai? (How are you liking it?)’ I asked.

‘Achcha (nice)’ she replied. I then moved my head downward towards her choot. As I neared her cunt after dallying briefly at her navel, Basanti caught my hair and stopped me saying, ‘Wahan nahin babu gandi hai (Not there sir, it is dirty)’.

‘Mujhe karne de jo main chahata hoon. Tujhe achcha lagega (Let me do what I want. You will like it)’ I told her. Slowly her grip on my hair relaxed and I reached her choot. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she bucked her hips and exclaimed, ‘Oui maa (Oui mama)’. I started to lick and suck her cunt in earnest. I raised her legs and tongue fucked her cunt hole. She was enjoying herself and moaning loudly. I continued to lick and suck her clit. Her hips had started to move up and down. By her moans and hip movement I felt that she was about to come and started to lick faster.

Panting she shouted, ‘Ruko babu ruko (Stop sir stop)’.

Alarmed I stopped and asked, ‘Basanti kya hua? (Basanti what happened?)’

‘Mujhe lag raha hai ki mera peshab nikalne wala hai (I feel I am about to pee)’ was the reply of simple Basanti.

‘Nikalne de. Usse rok mat (Let it come. Don’t try to stop it)’ I told her.

‘Aap ka bister ganda ho jaye ga (your bed will get dirty)’ she said in a worried tone.

‘Ho jane de. Jaissa main keh raha hoon waissa hee kar (Let it get dirty. Do as I tell you) I advised her. I again latched on to her choot.

It was not long before she reached the point of coming. Babu, ab mujh se aur nahin roka jaata. Oh, nikal gaya (Sir, I can’t hold it any longer. Oh it is coming)’ she shouted loudly and fell back panting on the bed.

Basanti had had a full-fledged orgasm for the first time in her life.

I kept sucking her clit till she came again. ‘Kyon Basanti mazaa aaya? (Na Basanti did you enjoy it?)’ I asked her.

‘Arre babu itna mazaa tau mujhe pahele kabhie nahin laga (Oh sir, I have not felt such pleasure ever before)’ she panted.

I then got on top of her and slowly inserted my lund (cock) in her choot. With a loud ‘AAHHh’ she spread her legs as wide as possible. I started to fuck her with long slow strokes. I kept varying my speed and length of my in and out strokes. Soon she was moaning loudly and her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes. I kept fucking her till she had come two times before I shot my load in her waiting choot.

Kissing me she said, ‘Babu bahut hee mazaa aaya. Mujhe nahin maloom tha ki chudai main itna mazaa aata hai. Ab meri samajh main aaya ki meri jethani chudai karwate huye itni awaaj kyon karti hai (Sir I enjoyed myself very much. I did not know that fucking is so pleasure some. Now I understand why my sister in law makes so much sound while fucking)’.

‘Tunne apne jeth aur jhethani ko chodte dekha hai? (Have seen your brother and sister in law fucking?)’

‘Hum sab ek hee kamre mai tau sote hain. Maine dekha tau nahin, lakin kai baar sunna hai (We all sleep in one room, I have not seen them but I have heard them many times) she clarified.

Then with a serious look she asked, ‘Ek baat batayiye jab mera mard mujhe chodeta hai tau mujhe itna mazaa kyon nahin aata? (Tell me one thing, why don’t I feel so much pleasure when my husband fucks me?)’.

‘Ek baar ab teri choot se pani nikalna shuru hogaya hai tau ab tujhe usske saath bhi mazaa aayega (Now that you have started to cum properly, then you will enjoy with him also)’ I told her with a prayer to God that what I said was correct.

We then fucked a couple of times more and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When I got up I saw that Basanti was all dressed up, ready to leave. Catching hold of her arm I asked, ‘Itni jaldi kahan ja rahi hai? (Where are you going so soon?).

‘Bahut der hogayi hai. Mujhe murtiyan bhi tau becheni hain (It is very late. I have to sell the statues also)’ she replied.

I pulled her on to the bed and said ‘Ek baar aur (Once more)’. I raised her lehenga and tried to insert my cock in her cunt but my cock would not get hard enough.

I told her to take it in her mouth and suck on it.

‘Nahin, yeh ganda hai (No, it is dirty)’ she objected.

‘Maine teri choot bhi tau chati thi. Pyaar main kuch ganda nahin hota (I licked you cunt also. There is nothing dirty in love)’ I reminded her. For a second she looked at me and then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. In no time my cock was hard as a rock. I laid her down and fucked her. As she was leaving she left three statues on the table. I went back to sleep.

Later I saw that with the statues she had also left the 500-rupee note I had given her. This promised that she will be back.

Two days later as I was still lolling in bed, I heard a knock on the door and Basanti peeped in. I called her in and asked, ‘Basanti sab theek hai na? (Basanti is everything all right?)

‘Haan (Yes)’ she replied and stood there with the basket on her head, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. I waited for her to say something but she remained silent.

Laughingly I asked, ‘Basanti kya tu phir chudwane aayi hai? (Basanti have you come to fuck again?)’

She blushed and said very softly, ‘Haan (Yes)’.

I laughed and said, ‘Phir tu waha khardi khardi kya kar rahi hai. Jaldi se kapdre uttar ke mere saath palang main guss ja (Then what are you doing standing there. Take off you clothes and quickly get into bed with me)’. She grinned broadly and placed the basket on the floor. Then after locking the door undressed and moved towards the bed. In the meanwhile I took off the top of my night suit and threw it in the corner.

As I was about to pull off my pajamas she commanded, ‘Thearo! (Wait!)’. Puzzled I stopped. She came to the bed and very lovingly pulled off my pajamas. She then took my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. Despite that she was quite artless I started to enjoy it. I encouraged her saying, ‘Basanti bahut achcha lag raha hai. Aur choos. Haan jor, jor se choos (Basanti it feels very good. Continue to suck. Yes, suck harder)’. When I was about to come I held her head firmly in my hands and spurted my seed in her mouth.

When I had finished coming, I released her head. She had not swallowed my spunk but collected it all in her mouth. I said, ‘Basanti satak le (Basanti swallow it)’.

She shook her head and moved towards the bathroom. ‘Maine bhj tau teri choot ka ras piya tha (I had also drunk the juice of your cunt) I shouted after her. She stopped in her tracks and turned around. Then with a visible effort she swallowed my-cum and said, ‘Ab theek hai na? (Now, is it okay?)

I got out of bed and embraced her and led her to the bed. That day we fucked and sucked for few hours. When she was going she asked, ‘Main phir kab aauoon? (When shall I come again?)

‘Jab teri marzi ho (Whenever you like)’ I told her.

She smiled and said, ‘Pardson subha aauingi (I will come day after tomorrow morning)’. She placed few more statues on the table before leaving.

She came every other day and we enjoyed ourselves in every manner. On some days she even cooked something for me. Each time she left she either added some statues to the stock or exchanged them with others. I did not say anything and left her to do whatever she was doing.

On the last day of my holiday, we spent nearly the whole day together fucking in all conceivable ways. When she was about to leave I gave her two 500 rupee notes.

She refused to take them. ‘Kya aapne humain ek randi samajh rakhha hai? (Do you think I am a whore?)’ She said in a hurt tone.

‘Nahin, nahin… (No, no… )’ I started to protest but she cut me short.

‘Aap mujhe paise iss liye de rahe hain kyon ki main aap se chudwane ko itni jaldi raazi hogayi thi. Babu maine pahele kabhie mard ka laurda nahin dekha tha. Aap ka laurda dekh kar mujhe aap se chudwane ka dil aa gaya. Such babu, hum randi nahin hain (You are offering me money because I agreed to get fucked by you so quickly. I had never seen a man’s cock before. When I saw your cock I felt the desire to fuck. Really sir, I am not a prostitute)’ she said and started to cry.

I embraced her and pacified her as best as I could. Then I asked her, ‘Basanti tu bura tau nahin manegi agar main murtiyan khareed loon (Basanti you won’t mind if I bought some statues from you)’.

She smiled broadly and said, ‘Nahin babu, yeh tau hamara dhanda hai. Boliye kaun si murti achchi lagi? (No sir, this is my business. Tell me which statue you like?)

‘Sab moortiyan dede (Give me all the statues)’ I told her.

‘Nahin, itni saari nahin. Aap phir wohi baat kar rahe hain (No, not all of them. You are again doing the same thing) she said making a face and chose the ten most beautiful statues and placed them on the table. Then she told me the amount I owed her.

The amount was much less than 500 rupees. With very great difficulty I persuaded her to take 500-rupees as payment. I then kissed her good bye. After a most enjoyable holiday, I caught the train for home the same night..

This is about what took place few months after I had completed my graduation. I was now studying to become a teacher. One night at dinner my father said, ‘Ramu, my friend Lal Kishen came to see me today. He is very worried about the studies of his young son Babloo. At the start of the academic year Babloo was doing fine but in the last months his grades are going from bad to worse. He wanted my advice. I told him that my son Ramu is studying to become a teacher. Why not let him talk to the boy. Maybe he can identify the problem and be of some help. I want you to go and see Lal Kishen uncle tomorrow evening at six’.

‘Oh no daddy, not tomorrow. I have already fixed up some other program. Would the day after tomorrow at the same time suit LK uncle (we used to call him LK uncle)?’

‘That should be all right. I will tell him that you will see him the day after tomorrow at the same time’.

When I rang the bell of LK uncle’s flat, a young girl of about 20-22 years of age opened the door. I started to introduce myself, ‘My name is Ramu I have co… ‘

‘Yes, yes I know who you are. You have come to see Mr. Lal Kishen in connection with Babloo’s studies’, she said interrupting me and laughed merrily and added, ‘See I know who you are and why you are here. I am Neha. I am Babloo’s older sister. Please come in papa is waiting for you’.

I looked at the girl more closely. She was quite pretty with a nice figure with real big tits. Her tits reminded me those of Lata’s. What struck me most was the mischievous twinkle in her eyes and a very naughty smile. I met LK uncle and told him before I could decide I would like to spend some time with Babloo to be able to really identify his problem. He said it was fine with him.

After three days I told LK uncle, ‘There is nothing wrong with Babloo. It seems that his mathematics teacher went a little too fast in the beginning of the academic year or Babloo did not pay enough attention and he got lost. With time he sank deeper and deeper. Now this is reflecting on his other subjects also. Just give me few months to strengthen his basics. Then he will be his old self again’.

In the mornings Babloo and I had to attend our respective colleges. I did not want to forgo my evenings. Therefore it was decided that I would come each afternoon around 3 p.m. for an hour or so to teach Babloo.

Each afternoon Neha dressed in a loose housecoat, opened the door for me and after the tuition saw me out. One afternoon when Babloo was tackling some sums I sat chatting with Neha. ‘I haven’t seen your mother is she away?’ I asked her.

‘You don’t know? I lost my mother a year back’ she replied with tears in her eyes.

‘I am sorry. I didn’t know. What do you do?’ I asked.

‘Me? I don’t do anything nowadays. When mummy was alive, I was doing my masters but after her death I gave up my studies to look after Babloo and run the household’ she replied.

‘That was very noble of you’, I teased.

She laughed and said, ‘Wasn’t it?’

‘Doesn’t LK uncle plan to marry again?’ I asked.

‘Yes I think he does but only after my marriage. I don’t think he wants a wife for himself as much but someone will be required to look after Babloo after I am married’.

‘Congratulations! When is the big day’, I inquired.

‘Nothing has been settled yet. Papa is pursuing the matter with two families’.

‘I am sure you are looking forward to married life’, I said with a twinkle in my eyes. She blushed and kept quiet.

Babloo’s study table was so placed that Neha could keep an eye on it from the kitchen door. Babloo sat with his back to the kitchen door and I sat on his left. In other words if I turned my head to the right I could see inside the kitchen. For the first few days nothing out of the ordinary happened.

On the fourth day when I turned my head to the right I saw Neha framed in the kitchen door making funny faces and doing all sorts of pantomime. Sometimes she would strike dance poses and sometimes did physical exercises. When she jumped her tits would swing wildly. It was like watching TV on a large vertical screen. I dubbed it as the Kitchen TV channel (KTV for short).

The programs were of short duration but the ‘commercial’ breaks were sometimes too long. During the tuition hour Neha served me with tea and snacks. She would sit next to me with a mischievous smile staring at me while I ate. Her eyes followed every movement of mine. Occasionally she bent forward in such a manner that I got a good view of her ample cleavage.

Whenever she displayed her cleavage she kept staring at my crotch. Naturally when I saw her big boobs I got a hard on. When she saw the big bulge in my pants she would smile broadly. Giving me a hard on amused Neha no end. At first I thought that her ‘boob show’ was an accident but soon realized that she was doing this on purpose just to see my reaction.

After a week or so a big change took place in the program of KTV. Neha appeared wearing salwar kameez. At first she just stood there facing me with her chest out. Her kameez was very tight. It underlined every curve and bulge of her breasts and body. She then turned showing her profile. Next she would go out of view and appear very, very slowly. The first part of her body that appeared in the doorway were her big boobs. No other part of her body was visible. Then slowly she would appear. Then she would slowly walk to the other end of the door and then repeat the performance from the other side.

KTV channel was getting more and more interesting but it was playing havoc with my neck and cock.

Next day I changed my position and sat opposite Babloo so that I could look straight at the kitchen door without having to turn my neck. When Neha brought tea and snacks for me she said with a naughty smile, ‘Ramu why have you changed your position?’

‘This way I can oversee Babloo’s work much better’, I replied.

She said, ‘Are you sure that is the reason?’

‘What other reason could there be?’ I asked her innocently.

She laughed merrily and said, ‘Liar. I don’t believe you’ and she left with a big grin.

In the next two days programs on KTV continued. They were reruns but the difference was that they were now of longer duration and more frequent. I had no complaint. I was enjoying myself. On the third day during the show she moved her hand sensuously all over her body accompanied by a very sexy expression and silently mouthing moans of pleasure.

Friends, this was getting a bit too much. I decided to test the waters. As I was leaving that day I suddenly grabbed Neha and kissed her on the lips and pressed her ample tits. She moaned loudly. Then regaining her composure she firmly shoved me away from her and said angrily, ‘Ramu tumne mera chumma kyon liya aur mere mamme kyon dabaye? (Ramu why did you kiss me and press my boobs?)’

‘Kyon ki tu itni khoobsoorat hai aur teri chuchiyan bahut hee pyaari hain. Kaash main inhain nanga dekh sakta (Because you are so pretty and your tits are so sweet. How I wish I could see them naked).

With anger flashing in her eyes she said, ‘Aap bahut hee battameez hain (You are very rude)’.

‘Tere chuchiyon ne mujhe battameez bana diya hai (Your boobs have made me rude)’ I replied.

Now she was really angry and shouted, ‘Go. You better go now’ and pushed me out of the door and slammed it shut in my face. On the way home I thought that this is probably the end of KTV.

I was right. For the next three days I was received by a serious looking Neha, no KTV and the tea was served in a very unfriendly manner. On the fourth day KTV was back on the air. Neha dressed in a loose housecoat smiled at me. At first she showed her usual dance poses etc. Then she stood facing me and sexily undid the top button of her housecoat.

This action brought us both i.e. my cock and me to immediate attention. Slowly like a stripper she continued to undo more buttons. Then suddenly catching one lapel pulled it aside for a second. I had a fleeting look of her pretty tit. She repeated this with the other tit also. Then she sexily moved her hand over her body like an accomplished strip artist with her mouth shaped as if ‘OOOOing’ and AAHHing’ in ecstasy.

At the end of each show she laughed silently and her tits would jump up and down. Fascinated I watched her with lust in my eyes and sat oozing pre-cum. After seeing that day’s show I got the impression that she was absolutely naked under her housecoat.

As she was seeing me off she laughed and said, ‘ Mamme dekh liye? (You saw my tits?)’. On the way home I thought over the situation and came to the conclusion that Neha does want me to fuck her. To be prepared for all eventualities I purchased few packets of condoms.

Next morning instead of going to my classes I reached Neha’s flat and rang the bell. She was surprised to see me and said, ‘Ramu what are you doing here at this hour? Babloo is still in college’. I walked in and looked around to see if anyone else was there.

‘Ramu I told you that Babloo is in college. There is no one here other than me’.

‘I have not come to see Babloo. I have come to see you’ I said.

‘Me?’ she asked surprised.

Pushing her into the bedroom I said, ‘Yes you and your pretty boobs sweetheart’.

‘No Ramu please don’t touch me’ she protested.

By now I had pushed her on to the bed and was kissing her and pressing her big tits. She moaned loudly. I undid her housecoat buttons and laid her boobs naked to my gaze.

‘Ramu what are you doing? Please let me go. I was only teasing you’, she begged.

Don’t worry darling I am going to kiss your big tits. I am not going to tease you. You are about to feel the real thing’, I told her and started to kiss and suck her brown nipples.

She moaned louder and said, ‘Oh Ramuuu’. While sucking her nipples I undid the remaining buttons and ran my hand down her body. My hand came in contact with her lower growth. I was right she was naked under her housecoat. She lay with her eyes closed moaning and groaning with pleasure. I ran my fingers between her cunt lips. With the sensation my fingers were creating her hips started to move up and down in fuck motion.

I shifted my attention to her hairy choot. I sucked and kissed her clit.

‘Oh Ramu it is lovely. I have never felt such pleasure before’, she moaned. I kept sucking her clit till she came two times amid loud ‘OHHH’s and AAHH’s. Her legs which were initially pressed together were now wide open. I released her and quickly undressed. She opened her eyes to see why I had stopped.

She saw me standing naked with a hard on. ‘Ramu tum nange kyon hogaye ho? (Ramu why have you undressed?)’

‘Neha main ab tujhe chodunga (Neha I am going to fuck you now)’.

‘Nahin! Ramu nahin. Please mujhe mat chodna. Mujhe bahut dar lagta hai (No! Ramu no. Please don’t fuck me. I am very scared)’ she pleaded and pressed her thighs together again.

I showed her the condoms and said, ‘Darling I will make sure that nothing happens’ and lay on top of her. She kept her thighs together. I rubbed my erect lund between the lips of her wet choot.

She moaned with pleasure. ‘Jaan apni tangain chawrdi kar ke mere laudre ke liye jageh bana de (Darling please open you legs and make place for my cock)’.

She moaned, ‘No. Ramu please don’t. Oh don’t’ but slowly her thighs separated.

I placed my lund on the entrance of her heavenly fuck hole and gently pushed forward. To my surprise my lund slid smoothly inside her choot, amid soft ‘Oh’s and Ah’s’ from her, without encountering the sentinel of her virginity. Her cunt was quite tight and my progress slow. After a couple of short in and out strokes I was fully inside her fuck sheath. I was disappointed that dear Neha was not as innocent as she pretended to be. She had definitely fucked some one before.

This was not important at that moment. The important thing was that I was inside her choot. I started to fuck her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed of my strokes constantly. With each stroke of mylund, Neha’s moans kept getting louder and louder. Her hips started to move up and down in rhythm of my strokes.

Suddenly she raised her hips pressing them against me. ‘Oh Ramu bahut acchha lag raha hai. Mujhe aur tezi se chodo (Oh Ramu it feels so nice. Please fuck me faster and harder). Y… hes that is the way. Y… hes yet faster. God I am about to come. Y… hes faster and harder. Ramuuuuu I am COMMMIIINNNNG’ she shouted and fell back panting on the bed. After a few more strokes I also poured my elixir inside her choot. For a few minutes we lay kissing each other and enjoying the sensations we had just experienced.

As we lay resting Neha said, ‘Ramu I had heard that fucking is very enjoyable but I had never dreamt that it would be soooo fantastically great’. I was surprised at this comment.

‘Neha you are talking as if this was your first time and you have not been fucked before’ I asked.

She said angrily, ‘Of course it is my first time. Why? Do you have any doubt?

‘Well the fact is that when I entered your choot I did not encounter your hymen, which one usually finds in a virgin choot’ I told her.

‘What hymen? Oh that? That is easily explained. One night when I was sixteen I was feeling very hot and horny. I took a cucumber and tried to put it inside my choot. It went in a little and stopped. I gave it a mighty push. It went in all right but I nearly died of pain. I quickly took it out. My choot was bleeding. The cucumber was also covered with blood. I was scared that I had harmed myself. I never tried it again’ she explained.

I thought this could easily explain the absence of the hymen. Before I could say something she said with tears in her eyes, ‘Ramu I give you my solemn word of honour that you are the only man who has ever kissed me or touched me. Ramu you do believe me don’t you?

‘Of course darling I believe you’ I said and kissed her.

‘Neha why all the antics on KTV’ I asked.

‘KTV? What is that?’ she asked. I laughed and explained it to her.

‘Oh I see. Good thinking. Well in the beginning I did it just to tease you. Then that day when you kissed me and pressed my tits saying you wanted to see them naked, I thought things over and decided it would be nice to make love to you. Then I tried to seduce you by taking the initiative. If you had not come today then I would have given you broader hints or maybe just said, ‘Ramu tum mujhe kab chodoge? (Ramu when will you fuck me?), she replied.

‘When you had already decided to fuck me then why all this ‘no, no business’ and other protests.

‘Why not? I am a girl. I have the right to say no and play hard to get’ she said haughtily and then laughed and added, ‘ I just made sure not to protest too vehemently. I did not want you to back off. What do you think of me as an actress?’

‘I think you should get the ‘Oscar’, I told her and taking her in my arms kissed her.

‘Ramu enough of talking. Did you come here to talk or to fuck me? Now fuck me’ she commanded. We then fucked till it was time for Babloo to come home. For the next two months or so I visited her at least twice a week. During this time Neha learnt to suck my cock and loved to swallow my-cum.

One morning as I entered her flat I saw that Neha was not her usual cheerful self. I asked her, ‘Neha why so glum today?’

‘Papa has fixed my wedding. I am to marry in four weeks time’.

‘Congratulations! This is the time for you to be happy and not sad’, I told her.

She said, ‘Thanks. Main soch rahi thi ab hum kya karenge? (Thanks. I was thinking what are we going to do now?)’.

‘Hum kya karenge? Wohi karenge jo hum karte aaye hain. Main tujhe teri shaadi tak chodeta rahunga aur usske baad tujhe tera mian tujhe chodega. Rahi shaadi ke baad meri baat tau main chodene ke liye koyi aur choot dhoond lunga (What are we going to do? The same what we were doing till now. I will keep fucking you till you get married and thereafter your husband will fuck you. Regarding me, after your wedding I will look for another cunt to fuck)’ I told her with a smile.

‘Ramu you are incorrigible. Suppose I don’t let you fuck me any more’, she countered.

‘Yes that would pose a problem. I have an idea. Till such time I find another choot to fuck I could bugger your brother Babloo. What do you say?’ I suggested.

‘You are not going to do any thing of that sort. I love my brother too much. I think it would be better if you continue to fuck me’, she said laughing.

‘That is exactly what I had in mind’ I told her and carried her to the bed.

After we had fucked once I said, ‘Neha, fucking your brother’s ass hole reminds me. Get ready, today I am going to pop your ass hole cherry’.

‘No. Ramu, please don’t. Let me at least take one cherry to my husband’s bed’ she said.

‘Well if that is what you want then so be it’ I told her. I kept fucking her till the day of her wedding.

Within three weeks of Neha’s wedding LK uncle brought home Parvati, a childless widow as his bride. When I saw her for the first time I introduced myself, ‘Aunty my name is Ramu and I am Babloo’s tutor’.

‘Yes I know. Come in. Babloo is waiting for you. Please don’t call me aunty. There is not much of a difference in our ages. Call me Parvati or Paro as you like. I would prefer Paro as every one calls me by that name’ she replied. Paro was about thirty years old. She was much prettier than Neha. She was tall, slim with a beautiful figure and her boobs were the right size for her lithe body. She looked radiantly happy. She kept humming popular tunes while going about her work. After six weeks or so I saw a change in her. She no longer hummed and looked quite dejected. She had also become irritable and got angry with Babloo for no rhyme or reason. Frankly I thought ‘stepmother and all’ and did not give too much thought to this sudden change.

One afternoon when I arrived I found Babloo was not there. ‘Where is Babloo? I asked.

‘He has gone out’, she replied calmly.

‘Why? Babloo knew that I was coming today’ I asked getting slightly annoyed.

‘That is the reason I sent him on an errand’ she said and grabbed my cock. ‘Ramu main chahati hoon ki tum mujhe chodo (Ramu I want you to fuck me)’ she said.

I was taken aback and stuttered, ‘B… b… but what about LK uncle?’

‘Your uncle is very nice but getting old. In the beginning he fucked me quite often but now he can manage an erection only once in couple of weeks or so. I am young. My choot requires much more fucking than once in a fortnight. When I became a widow I gave up thought of fucking but since my marriage I have tasted the pleasures of fucking again. Kya karoon choot maange more (What shall I do my cunt wants more). I have chosen you to fulfill my desire’, she said.

While she was speaking she dropped my trousers and took hold of my hard erection. Getting down on her knees she started to suck my lund. She was good. I started to moan loudly with the intense sensation her practiced mouth was producing. While sucking my cock she disentangled the trousers from my feet and pushed me towards the bed.

As I lay on the bed she stopped sucking me. ‘Paro bahut achcha lag raha tha. Rook kyon gayin. Aur chooso (Paro it felt very nice. Why have you stopped? Please do continue)’ I begged.

‘I promise that I will suck your big balls dry some other day and give you pleasure in more ways than one but today I want to take all the juice your balls have to offer in my choot’ she said and raising her sari sat down on my erect cock.

As soon as my cock entered her dripping choot she said, ‘AAAHHHhhh Ramu it feels so good to have a really hard cock inside me again’ and started to ride me at a gallop. In no time she came with a loud sigh of satisfaction and fell panting on my chest. She came so copiously that her cum ran down my balls on to the bed sheet.

‘Paro don’t stop now. Continue’ I moaned. ‘Main aur nahin chod sakti. Ramu ab tum mujhe chodo (I can’t fuck anymore. Ramu now you fuck me)’ she replied. I turned her over and started the in and out movement.

‘Ramu it is lovely’ she moaned. I varied my speed and the length of my strokes constantly. Soon she was in ecstasy. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes and she shouted, ‘Y… hes Ramu that is the way. Harder. Y… hes yet harder. Make mince meat of my choot. Y… hes I am nearly there. Y… hes I am COMMMMMIIINNNGGG’ and came.

After a few more strokes I also shot my load into her cum-thirsty choot. ‘Ramu you were great. I am so glad that I decided that you fuck me” she panted. That afternoon we fucked several times till it was time for Babloo to return.

As I was leaving Paro asked, ‘When will we fuck again?’ My mornings were still free and I told her that I would be with her after two days but in the morning.

She said, ‘That will be wonderful. I am always alone in the mornings’.

In the days that followed she sucked my cock and swallowed my-cum. She was good at it and I told her so. She laughed and said that she had had lots of practice in her previous marriage. One morning she asked, ‘Ramu tumne pahele kabhi kissi aurat ki gaand maari hai? (Ramu have you ever fucked a woman in her ass hole?)’.

Instead of replying, I questioned, ‘Tumhain dard nahin hoga? (Won’t it hurt you?)’

‘No, just a little if it is done properly’. She then brought some oil and asked me to apply it on her gaand and on my cock. I then penetrated her rear hole. As I was fucking her gaand she took my hand and placed it on her choot and said, ‘Ramu keep rubbing my clit while you fuck my gaand’.

I did as I was told and soon we both came with loud sighs of satisfaction. We used to meet twice a week and fuck each other to our hearts content in various positions. She was a very accomplished fucktress.

One morning as I was about to enter the building I met Neha. ‘Neha what are you doing here?’ I inquired.

‘Shouldn’t I be the one asking you this question? Ramu it seems it did not take you long to find another choot to fuck did it? She countered. I kept quiet.

‘Don’t play innocent. I know everything. Tell me how do you find my stepmother’s choot? She asked.

‘I have no idea what you are talking about? I said trying to avoid the issue.

‘Listen smart pants. Two days ago I saw you coming out of the flat in the morning. I should know why you were there shouldn’t I? When I went in I saw my stepmother Paro lying naked on the bed wiping her choot. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she was feeling hot and was wiping the sweat. It did not require an Einstein to tell whose immersion rod had made her choot sweat like this. So answer my question truthfully or do you want me to tell papa’ she threatened.

Now that the cat was out of the bag I told her diplomatically that Paro had had a lot of experience.

She asked, ‘Tell me have you been able to persuade her to let you fuck her ass hole?’

I laughed and said, ‘To tell you the truth I did not have to. She herself invited me to fuck her ass hole’.

With a sad expression she said, ‘Lucky her. Look at poor me. I am now married for over three months and my gaand cherry is still intact’.

I laughed and said, ‘Come in with me. This situation is easily rectified’.

‘No Ramu. I couldn’t do that. You go in and enjoy yourself. I have to get back home’ she lamented and turned to go.

I went in. When Paro and I were in the middle of our first fuck we heard Neha’s voice saying, ‘Look what is going on. My dear stepmother is fucking Babloo’s tutor Ramu. What will papa say?’

Paro was aghast. With one hefty jerk she displaced me and started to cover her nakedness. I knew why Neha was there. ‘Paro forget about covering yourself. Come grab Neha’ I told Paro and jumped up to catch Neha.

Together with Paro we laid the feebly protesting Neha on the bed. I raised her sari and rammed my cock into her already wet choot. While I was fucking Neha Paro said, ‘Aur chodo isse. Ab yeh hamaare baare main kuch nahin keh sakegi (Fuck her harder. Now she won’t be able to say anything about us)’.

After we had finished I told Paro, ‘Thorda tel le aao aur isski gaand chudai ke liye tayyaar karo. Ab main isski gaand maroonga (Bring some oil and prepare her ass hole for a fuck. I am now going to fuck her in the ass hole)’. Paro obeyed immediately. She undressed the mildly protesting Neha and lubricated her ass hole and my cock. I then placed my cock on Neha’s ass hole and pressed to gain entry.

‘Ramu please stop. It is hurting me very much’ Neha shouted.

Paro said, ‘No. Ramu don’t stop. Go on’ and then turning to Neha added, ‘Neha darling it will hurt a bit in the beginning but later on you will enjoy it very much’.

Suddenly her ass hole opened admitting my cock in its fold. Neha screamed AAAAIIIIIEEEE my god! It hurts’. I started to fuck her rear hole and simultaneously massaged her clit. Soon her choot was flowing and so was my cock. After that day I fucked Paro regularly and also Neha whenever she chose to join us.

Babloo passed his final exams with flying colours. My tuition was no longer necessary. Everyone was happy. My father was happy because he could help out a friend. LK uncle was happy because Babloo was back on track. Babloo was happy because his grades had improved and he did not require tuition anymore. Neha and Paro were happy because they had their husbands and me to tail them. I was also happy because firstly my first teaching assignment had been a success in more ways than one. Secondly I had deflowered Neha and thirdly I got the experienced Paro to fuck also.

Even after I had stopped teaching Babloo I kept visiting Paro till I had competed my course and left town to pursue higher studies.

Before I start this episode of my love life, I would like to give you some background. After a prolonged legal battle, the government had taken possession of a very large house with vast grounds. It was decided to open a secondary college in these premises. I was appointed as principal of this nascent college.

As there was not enough rooms most of the classes were held in tents. By and by a new block was built. Despite this some classes continued to be held in tents. It was then decided that another block would be built and the old building would then be razed to make way for more sports facilities. Just as the construction started, I came down with a severe attack of jaundice. I was advised complete rest.

Even after I had recovered, the doctors advised me not work full time and avoid strain of any kind. Due to lack of effective supervision the construction schedules were lagging behind. The government asked me to rejoin and to solve my problem gave me another office with an extra room and bathroom attached to it. I converted the extra room into a small bedroom to rest in, if I felt any strain. In a month’s time I was fully fit but I continued to occupy my new office rooms.

One of my duties was to make fortnightly reports to the ministry on the progress of the construction. The procedure I had adopted for this purpose was to take fortnightly photographs and attach them with my report.

One afternoon when I was prowling around the construction site with my Polaroid camera I heard some strange sounds. I quietly approached the scene of these noises. I was shocked to see that a girl was lying on the floor with her legs wide apart and a boy was busy fucking her. First I took some picture of them as evidence and then walked on to the scene.

‘What do you think you are doing? I said sternly. With a loud gasp they got up and started to cover their nakedness. I continued to glare at them. Both kept silent and stood with their heads bowed. The boy looked young but the was girl around 18/19 years of age. I took down their names Martin and Mansi and asked them to come to my office the next day at noon.

The boy nodded sullenly but the girl said, ‘Sir I have a test at noon tomorrow’.

‘Then shouldn’t you be studying for your test instead of indulging in this activity?’ I scolded her and added, ‘All right, come to see me at 2 p.m. immediately after the lunch break’.

Next morning the first thing I did was to check the data sheet of both Martin and Mansi on my computer. Martin was a tough nut. His reports stated that he was insolent and rude. There were umpteen complaints against him from every quarter i.e. boys, girls and teachers. His tutors were sick of him. His academic record was also bad. He just managed to scrape through to the next class each year.

Mansi’s record on the other hand was good. There was nothing adverse in it. She was good at her studies and had only three months left to finish college. Armed with this information I was ready for them. At least I thought that I was.

At sharp noon Martin came to my office. He stood ramrod erect in front of my desk with an insolent expression on his face. I asked him, ‘Martin kal wahan kya ho raha tha? (Martin what was going on there?).

‘Main Mainsi ko chod raha tha (I was fucking Mansi)’ he replied.

So this was his game. He wanted to annoy me by being rude and using vulgar language. I decided to remain calm and ignored his words. ‘Yeh tau mujhe bhi maloom hai. Main janana chahata hoon ki tu yeh kyoon kar raha tha (This I know but what I want to know is why you were doing it)’ I asked.

‘Kyonki mujhe chodna achcha lagta hai (Because I like fucking)’ was his rude reply.

‘Tujhe maloom hai jo tum dono kar rahe the woh kharaab kaam hai? (You know what you both were doing is bad?) I asked.

‘Mansi ko chudwana achcha lagta hai aur mujhe chodna. Iss main kya kharaabi hai? (Mansi likes to be fucked and I love to fuck. What is bad about it?)’ was his simple but rude reply.

‘Agar yeh baat main tere pitaji ko batadoon tau kya hoga? (If I tell this thing to your father then what would happen?)’ I threatened.

‘Kya hoga? Kuch nahin. Mera baap mujhe roz peet ta hai ek aur pitayi hojagegi (What would happen, nothing? My father beats me every day. He will thrash me one more time)’ he replied calmly with a hint of an insolent smile on his face.

I showed him one of the pictures I had taken and asked him, ‘Agar main yeh tasweer college ke Board ko bhej doon tau tujhe maloom hai kya hoga? (If I forward this picture to the Board of the college then do you have any idea what would happen?)’

‘Board hum dono ko college se nikal dega. Mujhe koyi farak nahin parta, mujhe tau waisse hee college achcha nahin lagta. Mansi ki badnami ho jayegi aur ho sakta hai usski poori zindigi hee kharaab ho jaye, lakin yeh usski problem hai, meri nahin (Board will expel both of us. It makes no difference to me. I don’t like collegeing any way. Mansi would lose her reputation and maybe her whole life would be ruined but that is her problem, and not mine)’ he replied insolently.

I saw I was getting nowhere with him. He had come well prepared. He was too cock-sure. I had to do something to rattle him. I got up from my chair and paced around for a while coming up behind him. I then suddenly caught him by the neck and bent him down on the desk. He was taken by surprise and asked loudly, ‘Sir, aap yeh kya kar rahe hain? (Sir, what are you doing?).

Without replying I started to unbutton his pants. He was now nervous and whined, ‘Sir, aap meri pant kyon khol rahe hain? (Sir, why are you unbuttoning my pant?)’.

‘Tu sab sawaalon ke jawaab janta hai. Khud hee soch le (You know the answer to every question. Think about it for yourself)’ I said softly and continued to unbutton his trousers.

He was now really rattled, ‘Sir, aap kya meri gaand marenge? (Sir, are you going to bugger me?)’, he cried. I did not reply but pulled down his trousers exposing his ass. He was now completely broken and was crying openly. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. ‘Sir, please meri gaand mat maariye. Jo aap kahainge main waissa hee karunga Sir, please (Sir, please don’t bugger me. I will do whatever you say. Sir, please)’.

I said ‘Promise?’

‘Promise’ he replied. I released him and asked him, ‘Mujhe theek theek bata tum dono ke beech main kya hua? (Now you tell me correctly what all happened between you two?)’.

‘Teen hafte pahele main construction site ke paas khel raha tha tab Mansi wahan aayi aur mujhe under bula ke le gayi. Wahan usne mujhe usse chodene ke liye majboor kar diya. Kal humari teesri baari thi. Sir yeh bilkul such baat hai (Three weeks back when I was playing near the construction site Mansi came and took me inside. There she seduced me into fucking her. Yesterday was our third time. Sir, this is the absolute truth)’ he replied between sobs.

Yes, this had a ring of truth in it. I said, ‘Now you can go but remember if I hear any complaint about you from anyone, then Martin, my boy, I will bugger you so hard that you will not be able to sit or shit for days altogether. Just bear in mind that this is not a threat but a promise, I will do it even if I lose my job’.

Martin immediately placed his hand on his heart and said, ‘Sir, I solemnly promise that from this minute onwards you will not hear any complaint about me’. Then wiping his tears he left.

Martin was true to his words. Thereafter I received no complaints about him from anyone. His grades improved dramatically. In the annual report his class teacher even had words of praise for him. Two months later his father came to see me and said, ‘Mr. Kumar I don’t know which magic spell you have cast on my son Martin. He is now a completely different boy. I am very happy. I just came to express my appreciation. Tell me what did you do to bring about this radical change?

I laughed and replied, ‘No magic spell or anything so dramatic. I just had a serious heart to heart talk with him. I suppose it got through to him’. ‘You won’t tell me what you told him, would you?’ I just laughed and escorted him out of my office.

Later that afternoon at the appointed hour, there was a soft knock on my office door and Mansi peeped in. ‘Come in Mansi and sit down’ I told her. When she had settled down I asked her, ‘Mansi what have you to say about this sordid business’.

Without replying she hung her head. ‘Mansi I have seen your data sheet. You are from a good family, your academic grades are good and you have only three more months left before your college leaving exams. Then why all this?’ She still kept quiet but I pressed her for an answer.

Reluctantly she said, ‘Sir you will not understand my compulsions’. ‘Maybe not but I will try. Tell me what compelled you to act in this fashion’ I said and got up from my chair and sat in front of her on my desk.

Mansi said, ‘About a year or so back I was a virgin and was happy with life. I had no worry in the world. A boy, Raju one-year-older to me, lived in my neighborhood. We were good friends. Raju owned a very fast motorbike. His passion was to ride it as fast as he could. He had invited me several times to go for a ride with him. As I was scared, I always refused.’

‘One afternoon as I had just returned from college, Raju came to my house. Raju said, ‘Mansi chal aaj achcha mausum hai tujhe main apni motorcycle per ghuma laoon (Mansi come, the weather is very pleasant today, I will take you for a spin on my motorcycle)’. At first I refused but later he persuaded me. I was still wearing my college uniform i.e. skirt and blouse I told him I will change into a salwar kameez and come. Raju said, ‘Nahin aisse hee chal. Iss main kya harz hai? (No come as you are. What is the harm in it)’. I agreed and got on his bike.’

‘In the city his speed was okay but as he hit a deserted road just outside the town he gunned his bike. ‘Mansi mujhe kass ke pakard ke rakhna (Mansi hold on to me tightly)’ he shouted to me. I held him tightly round his waist. The mobike went faster and faster. The wind hit me in the face. Though I was scared, I started to enjoy the wind brushing past my face.’

‘The wind went into my blouse through the sleeves and started to caress my tits. My whole body started to tingle. It was a lovely sensation. My boobs became hard and my nipples erect. To enjoy the sensation more I opened the top buttons of my blouse. To expose more of my breasts to the wind, I slightly altered my position.’

‘My skirt, which was hitherto stuck between the bike and my thighs, fell loose and the wind gushed inside and hit my choot with full force. Sir, I cannot describe the sensation I felt. In no time my clit became hard and my choot wet. I was now feeling very horny. I put my hand on my boobs and gently squeezed them. The feeling became even more intense. I was now moaning with pleasure.’

‘Thank god, Raju could not hear anything because of the sound of the wind whistling past our ears. Then without my realizing my hand crept under my skirt. As soon as I pressed my button of joy I came.’

‘By the time Raju dropped me back home I had come countless times. ‘Kyoon Mansi kaissa laga? (Mansi how did you like it?)’ Raju asked me. Still a little out of breath I panted, ‘Raju, mujhe bahut hee mazaa aaya (Raju, I enjoyed myself immensely)’. ‘Phir kab chalegi? (When will you like to come again?)’, he inquired. Not to sound too eager I told him after two days. He told me that he would come and collect me from my house and I should be ready.’

‘Two days later Raju came at the agreed hour. I was ready and waiting for him. To enjoy the caress of the wind to the maximum I discarded my bra and panties. I wore a thin blouse and a loose skirt only and otherwise I was absolutely naked underneath. This day also, Raju took the same route. This time the feeling in my body was much more intense. Sir, I felt I was in heaven. I had never felt like this even the first time.’

‘After that day we went for a ride together two to three times a week.

‘One afternoon as we were returning, it started to rain. In order to take shelter from the rain, Raju turned into a deserted house. The front of the house was barricaded. We drove round to the rear. Spying a small shed, parked the bike there and entered the house through a half-rotten door. The house was in a bad shape. The windowpanes were broken. It was full of cobwebs. The house looked eerie and haunted.’

‘Once inside the house we stood near a broken window, watchpng the rain come down. I was quite wet. My blouse was sticking to my body. The contours of my breasts and the hard erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of my wet blouse. I felt embarrassed and I tried to pull the cloth away from my tits. Raju saw me fidgeting and looked down. Seeing my tits he drew a loud breath. I could see the large bulge in front of his jeans get larger. Suddenly a gust of cool breeze blew across the room. I felt chilly and shivered with cold. Raju took me in his arms and pressed me against his warm body.’

I felt comfortable in his strong arms. Raju said, ‘Oh Mansi’. I looked up and he bent his head and placed his lips on mine. While kissing me tenderly, his hand crept between our bodies and he gently squeezed my tits. A soft moan escaped my lips. He then unbuttoned the last button of my blouse freeing my boobs from the little protection they had. I then felt his hand on my naked tits. Squeezing them and tweaking my erect nipples. I moaned louder.’

‘He then dragged me unto the floor with him. As we lay next to each other he continued to press and knead my boobs. The sensation I felt in my body was great and I was enjoying the first touch of a man on my naked tits. Raju kept murmuring softly, ‘Oh Mansi, Oh Mansi’. As he sucked my nipples he raised my skirt and placed his hand on my naked choot. His touch was enough to send an electric current through my body. He rubbed his fingers between my lower lips and slowly pressed my button of joy. I said, ‘Oh’ and my legs opened slightly.’

‘He inserted his finger into my choot. This was the very first thing that had ever entered my virgin cunt. My legs separated further. Raju finger fucked me for several minutes. I knew what we were doing was wrong. I wanted to stop him but my body wanted more. I just lay there enjoying the sensations produced by his finger. After few minutes he removed his finger. Disappointed I opened my eyes. I saw he was fidgeting with the zip of his jeans.’

‘He then lay on top of me and separated my legs with his knees. I did nothing to hinder him but on the contrary I helped him. I then felt the warm head of his lund on the entrance of my choot. He crushed his lips on mine and pushed his hard cock inside me. I felt a tearing pain in my choot. My scream of pain was muffled by his lips. I was groaning with pain. Raju was moving his cock hard and fast in and out of my cunt. The pain started to subside. Raju was now fucking me with hard short strokes. By the time I came to terms with the pain, I felt spurts of his warm seed falling in my choot.’

‘Sir, I had read that there is no greater pleasure than one experienced while having sex. My first chudai (fuck) was over and I did not feel anything other than pain. With the limited knowledge about sex matters stupid questions like ‘Will I ever be able to enjoy sex? Am I frigid etc.? started to arise in my mind.’

‘Then I felt that Raju had started to move again. His flaccid lund started to get hard again. At first, his strokes were long and slow. I still felt pain as his cock rubbed against the torn edges of my virginity. I braced myself for another bout of pain and disappointment. Slowly I felt a good feeling coming over me. I closed my eyes and a soft moan escaped me. Raju’s strokes became faster and shorter. The good feeling became more intense, my moans louder. My bottoms started to move in rhythm of Raju’s stroke. Raju went faster and faster. My arms encircled his body pressing him hard on my naked breasts. I started to murmur ‘Oh Raju, oh Raju’. My feelings were about to climax.’

‘Suddenly the dam broke and my choot juices started to flow like a mountain stream running downhill. I shouted loudly, ‘OOOOHHHHhh RAJUUUUUUUuuuu’ and lay still. At this very moment with a loud ‘AAAHHHhh’ Raju also shot his load inside me and collapsed on me. Raju’s cock started to go limp and slipped out of my slippery choot. We lay like this for a long time. Then with a start Raju got up and stowing away his cock in his jeans and pulled down my skirt over my naked cunt. He took my hand and helped me to my feet.’

‘The rain had stopped. We went to his bike and rode home in complete silence. Raju dropped me in front of house and left without even saying goodbye.

That night as I lay in bed thinking over the events of the afternoon I felt angry with Raju for having popped my cherry. Then I realized that it was not entirely Raju’s fault. I could have stopped him if I had wanted but I did not want him to stop. I wanted him to fuck me. I was just as much to blame as Raju.

I broke into a cold sweat thinking ‘Oh my god what would happen if I got pregnant?’ There was nothing I could do about it now. It was too late. Only thing left was to pray. Then with a prayer on my lips I fell asleep. Three days later my prayers were answered and the ugly red stream started to flow from my choot.’

A fortnight went by but Raju did not come back. My anger for Raju gave way to a feeling of love and tenderness. I felt the need of experiencing the fantastic sensations I had had once again. One day I saw Raju on the roadside. Despite the fact he saw me he turned the other way. I hailed him. He had no choice but to come to me.

Our conversation was painful. To all my questions his replies were in monosyllables and he studiously kept avoiding eye contact. When I came home I thought poor Raju is feeling so guilty at what had happened that he is trying to avoid me. If he remained in this frame of mind he will never fuck me again. I however, wanted to feel his hardness between my legs very badly. So I decided to take the bull by the horns.

Few days later I dressed exactly like that fateful day and went looking for Raju. I found him in front of his house cleaning his motorbike. I went up to him and said ‘Raju tu mujhe phir kab apni motorbike per ghumaane lejayega (Raju when are you going to take me for a spin on your motorbike again?)’.

He looked surprised and said ‘Mansi tu mujhse naraaz tau nahin? (Mansi you not angry at me?)’ ‘Kya main tujhe naraaz dikhti hoon? Kya tu aisse hee kharda baatain banata rahega ya gardi start karega? (Do I look angry?

Are your going to stand here and gab all day or are you going to start the motorbike?)’, I said getting on the pillion seat. With a happy smile he kicked the bike and off we went. Raju always took the same route as it was the most deserted. On our way back as we were about to pass the deserted house I asked him to stop. He stopped but I could clearly see a feeling of guilt in his eyes. We went in. When we reached the spot where I had lost my virginity I undid the buttons of blouse exposing my naked tits.

Then turning to Raju I said, ‘Raju please mujhe aaj phir waisse hee chodo jaisse uss din tunne mujhe choda tha (Raju please fuck me today like you fucked me the other day)’. At first Raju thought I was making fun of him but when I caught hold of his lund and repeated my requested. He took me in his arms and kissed me hard and long. ‘Mansi main kab se iss din ke khwaab dekh raha tha (Mansi, I have been dreaming of this day since long)’. We then lay down and Raju started to press my tits and finger my choot. When he was about to enter I said, ‘Raju dhyaan se, mujhe bachcha na ho jaaye (Raju please be careful. Don’t make me pregnant)’. He just nodded and started to fuck me.

When he was about to come he withdrew his cock and spilled his seed on my stomach. That afternoon we fucked four times. Each time before starting again, Raju would ask me to suck his cock to remove any lingering sperm in his lund.

Sir, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. After that day we went for a ride nearly every other day. Raju purchased condoms for protection. Now he could also have his full pleasure. Raju promised to marry me if anything went wrong. Sir, I was very happy. We both were in love. Our happiness did not last long.

After some months of bliss, Raju drove his motorcycle into a standing lorry at full speed. He died on the spot.

For two months I mourned his passing away but my choot was getting restless. My cunt wanted a hard lund to fuck it. One day in a party I met a smart young man named Amit. He was good looking and polite. I thought I had found another Raju. He also seemed to like me.

We separated from the party and went to a secluded spot. We smooched and petted. When he was about to enter me I asked him to use some protection. He did not have any but promised to withdraw in time. I was not fully convinced but as my choot was hungry for a good fuck, I agreed.

He started to fuck me. I was lost in the pleasurable feeling I was experiencing after so many months. We both were moaning with pleasure. Amit was fucking me with hard and fast strokes. Then his strokes became slow and ultimately he lay inert on me. I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that it was only then I realized that Amit had shot his load inside me. I dislodged him and scolded him for breaking his promise. ‘Agar mere bachcha hogaya tau kya hoga? (What will happen if I get pregnant?)’ I asked him. Do you know sir what that bastard replied?

‘Yeh tau tunne pahele sochna tha. Agar bachcha hogaya tau yeh teri problem hai meri nahin. Main har baat ko saaf mana kardoonga (You should have thought about it earlier. If you get pregnant then it is your problem and not mine. I will deny everything)’ was what he had to say. I was lucky again and did not get pregnant.

It was then that I decided not to go out with boys. But my choot would give me no rest. One day I saw a young boy playing near the construction site. I thought that he is young and can not make babies. I lured him inside the construction site and seduced him. When after few days I asked him again, he refused to come, as he was scared. Same thing happened with two other boys also.

Then I met Martin. Martin was completely different. He was bold and confident. He enjoyed fucking. He used to pester me nearly everyday to come to the construction site but I agreed only when I felt his need. Yesterday when you discovered us it was our third time together. Sir this is my story. I hope you will now understand that when you discover us yesterday, I was fucking Martin under the compulsion was satisfying my cock hungry choot’.

While Mansi was relating her story I was watching her. She was very pretty. She had a nice figure and large firm boobs. I got a tremendous hard on hearing her narrate her story in this graphic manner. With a big bulge in my trousers I said, ‘I am not sure whether I appreciate your compulsions but one thing I am certain of is that I don’t accept them. Mansi you have to stop seducing young boys of my college immediately’.

She did not reply but just looked at me with pleading eyes. I said, ‘Okay I tell you what. I am not interested in ruining you specially when only three months are left for your finals. If you give me your word of honour to stop this business immediately then I will not take this matter any further. What do you say?’

‘Sir, main kaisse yeh vaada kar sakti hoon. Meri choot ka kya hoga? Main beghair chudai ke mar jaaoongi (Sir, how can I give you this promise. What will happen to my cunt? I will die without a cock to appease my choot)’.

‘In that case I will have no other choice but to put the whole matter before the college board. They will have to decide. You can well imagine what their decision will be’ I told her.

‘Sir I have another suggestion. Why don’t you fuck me?’ she said.

‘Have you taken leave of your senses? I am your principal and you are my student. This can never be. Do you understand?’ I said sternly.

‘Yes I understand what you are saying but I am also seeing what your lund wants’ she said and quickly grabbed my hard on and freed it from its confines. Before I could react she took my lund in her mouth and started to suck it.

‘Mansi stop it. This is not right. I say Mansi stop immediately’ I said and tried to free myself but she held my cock tightly and continued to suck. Well friends I may have been her college principal but I am also a human being. I started to enjoy what she was doing and I moaned loudly. ‘Oh Mansi your mouth feels so nice. Don’t stop. Yes, suck harder. That is the way. Harder Mansi harder’. I caught her head and helped move it up and down on my cock. ‘Y… hes Mansi just a little more. Oh, oh I am about to cum my god it is coming. Mansi I am commmminnnggg’ I screamed softly and released my load in Mansi’s mouth. Mansi kept sucking till she had swallowed the last drop of my-cum.

‘Now tell me sir if I promise to leave the young boys alone then will you fuck me regularly?’

‘Dear Mansi after all this how can I say no? I told her. She got up with a big grin of victory and started to undress.

‘Stop, what are you doing? I asked her. ‘Aapse paheli baar chudwane ke liye main apne kapdre uttar rahi hoon. Nangi hokar chudwane main mujhe sabse jaida mazaa aata hai (I am taking my clothes off for my first fuck by you. I enjoy fucking most when I am naked)’ she replied.

‘No not now. I have a meeting in fifteen minutes. Come tomorrow about this time then we can enjoy ourselves undisturbed’ I told her. With a happy smile on her face she left promising to come the next day.

Next day Mansi arrived punctually. I told her to wait in the small room attached to my office. After finishing the work in hand I joined her. She was lying absolutely naked on the bed. She welcomed me with open arms. I undressed and joined her in bed. I kissed her while she fondled my cock.

After sucking her nipples I moved towards her hairy gate of heaven. I licked and sucked her clit. ‘Oh sir bahut mazaa aa raha hai. Rukna mat. Raju ne meri choot kabhie nahin chaati. Oh sir mera ras nikal rahhhaaaa haaaaaiiiiii (Sir this is lovely. Please don’t stop. Raju never licked my cunt. My god I am commminnng)’. I kept sucking her till she had come three more times. As I paused to catch my breath she said, ‘Sir mujhe theek terah se chodo. Main ek mard se chudne ke liye bahut betaab hoon (Sir fuck me properly. I am dying to be fucked by a real man)’.

I moved on top of her and pushed my cock into her very wet choot. ‘Sir kuch pahen lo. Mujhe maa mat bana dena (Sir use some protection. Don’t make me pregnant)’.

‘Don’t worry I won’t make you pregnant’ I told her and started to fuck her. I fucked her with long slow strokes, varying the length and speed constantly. She held me tightly. ‘Bahut mazaa aa raha hai. Sir aap tau chudai karne main mahir ho (It is lovely. Sir you really know how to use your cock)’ she said panting and moving her hips in rhythm of my in and out strokes.

Soon her body stiffened and with a loud ‘I AMMM COMMMMING’ she came and fell back on the bed. At that very moment I also came. As soon as Mansi felt the first spurt of warm seed falling in her fuck tube she tried to dislodge me but I held her tightly till I had finished coming. I then rolled off her.

‘Yeh aapne kya kiya? Apna beej meri choot main daal diya (What have you done? Left your seed in my cunt)’. I said nothing and started to finger her cunt. She did some quick mental calculations. ‘This time I will definitely get pregnant. It is the most vulnerable time of the month’ she lamented and started to cry.

Suddenly she caught my hand fingering her and said, ‘What do you think you are doing?’

‘Preparing to fuck you again’ I said innocently.

‘Preparing to fuck you again’, she mimicked ‘That is what you think. You men are all alike, selfish to the core. I trusted you sir but you also turned out to be like Amit. I was better off with young boys. They were artless and had a smaller prick but were at least safe’ she shouted and started to cry even louder.

‘Listen Mansi… ‘ I started to say.

She interrupted me saying, ‘What is there to listen now? You have ruined my life’.

‘STOP IT MANSI’ I said loudly. My stern tone shocked her into silence. I then told her, ‘Mansi stop crying. You won’t get pregnant. I can’t make babies’.

‘You are saying this only to calm me and because you want to fuck me again’ she said and started to bawl even louder. I quickly got up and brought my briefcase from my office and gave her the doctor’s certificate. She studied it minutely.

Then with a big smile she said, ‘Why did you not say this in the first place?’

‘I just wanted to test you’ I told her.

Puzzled she asked, ‘Test me?’

‘I wanted to convince myself that what you said was really correct and you were not the type of girl who takes pride in seducing young boys and depriving them of their virginity’ I told her.

‘Are you now convinced?’ she asked.

I nodded. ‘Aao ab aap mujhe ek baar aur chodo (Come now fuck me once again)’ she said with a big grin and pulled me by my cock on top of her. There after we fucked every other day till her exams were over. During these days we fucked, sixty-nined and I also introduced her to anal sex, which she also enjoyed immensely.

Three months after she had left the college she came to see me. She looked very happy. She gave me an invitation card and said, ‘Sir I have come to invite you to my wedding. I am getting married in six weeks time. Please do come to my wedding’.

After congratulating her I told her that I would try my best but can’t promise. If official work does not interfere then I would definitely come. As she was leaving she said, ‘Sir please do fuck me one more time’. I laughed and told her that she had only six more weeks to wait then she can fuck when she wants and as much as she wants.

‘I knew this is what you will say’ she said sadly and reminding me again to come to her wedding left. Well friends, I did make it to her wedding. Mansi was looking stunningly beautiful in her wedding make up and dress.

After wishing the couple all the best I came away. I had lost another lovely fuck partner to the institution of marriage.

Our college had the policy of taking the senior students for an educational excursion once the academic year was over. The college arranged three to four such trips and the students chose the one they wanted to join. The excursions were to places of historical interest and architectural importance.

During the excursion the students were kept busy with physical training, sightseeing, games and track events. At night they participated in indoor games. Individual and team prizes were given to the winners of indoor and out door events. In other words the students were always keen to join the excursions. At the start of the next term they had to submit a paper on the excursion. The marks obtained carried weightage in their final grades.

As the responsibility of their well being and safety was that of the college, the college sent one male teacher for every twenty boys to ensure their safety and to see that they did not get into any trouble. As the girls carried a very perishable item between their legs, one lady teacher was deputed for every ten girls to look after them and ensure that the boys don’t get into them. In case our college staff did not suffice, we invited teachers from other affiliated colleges.

Few years ago sixty boys and thirty girls signed up for a particular trip. I, with two other male teachers made up the male staff. The ladies staff compromised of Mrs. Rama, a senior lady teacher of our college, Mrs. Rajni, a teacher from an affiliated college and Miss Gita, also from our college.

Mrs Rama was 50 years old with streaks of grey hair peppering her head. Mrs Rajni aged about 35 was very fair and had a pretty face. A little plump but she must have been a stunner when younger. Miss Gita about 25 years old and had joined us about six months back. She was not a beauty but had a very charming smile. She had a good figure with long black hair and nice big boobs. She always smiled sweetly at me whenever we met. Whenever I saw her, my cock became hard. I was looking for an opportunity to get to know her better and fuck her if possible.

She was actually the main reason for me to join this batch. What better opportunity could I get I reasoned than spending seven days together in close contact? The responsibility of different aspects of the trip like sightseeing, transport, games etc. was supervised by different committees. A committee consisted of two teachers, a male and a lady teacher.

I being the senior most, I took charge of finance and food. Food normally was the area, which had the maximum number of complaints. In the food department I chose Miss Gita to assist me. This way I thought I would be working closely with her and get to know her better and maybe manage to get into her. We had planned to stay in a college at our destination. As it was vacation time the college would be empty.

On arrival we settled down. There were four rooms for the staff members. The other two male teachers were required to share one room, Miss Gita and Mrs. Rajni shared another while Mrs. Rama and I had single accommodation.

The routine was that the students got up at the crack of dawn and after a quick wash they did physical training for an hour. Then shower etc. and participate in the day’s activity. In the afternoon games and track events were held. In the evening they played indoor games and 10.30 p.m. was ‘lights out’ time. The food was served in a big hall during fixed hours. The table for the staff was in the centre of the hall. The boys and the girls sat separately on either side of the staff table.

On the first morning after breakfast Gita came to me and said that she wanted to discuss several points regarding the menu and procurement of provision. ‘Is it very urgent?’ I asked.

‘No, nothing that can’t wait but we do require to discuss it today’ she replied.

‘This is first day and I have lots to do and check. We will talk in the evening. Is that okay?’ I told her.

‘Fine. I will see you then’ she said and left.

I watched her go. Her ass was moving very sensuously. I was just hoping that I get a chance to make nearer contact with it and her choot soon.

In the evening she approached me again. I told her ‘I have just come back from the town and am feeling very dirty and hot. Let me have a shower and change then we will meet’. Then as an after thought I added ‘Gita why don’t you come to my room in an hour with the papers. We will settle everything then’.

Not suspecting any design on my part she said, ‘Okay I will be there in an hour. In the meanwhile I can also shower and change’.

Punctually in an hour she came to my room. She looked fresh and had changed into a pretty sari. She looked very beautiful and desirable. I lay relaxing on the bed and watched her enter wondering whether lady luck will smile on my lund today and get me the choot of this pretty angel to fuck.

The room was sparsely furnished. There was only one chair, which I offered to Gita while I sat down on the bed opposite her. After initial small talk we got down to business. We discussed things for thirty minutes. Then I told her that I had to go and attend another meeting.

She said ‘Sir I have some other points left to discuss’.

‘Then please wait here I will not be long. It is just a short consultation. If you want to read something then you can check out that file’ I told her pointing towards a file lying on my bedside table and left. The file contained a collection of erotic poems and stories written by a good friend. If she reads them her cunt will surely get wet and hot and lubricate the passage to fuck her choot and grease my path to it.

I came back in about half an hour. Gita was reading the file.

I said ‘They re good aren’t they? Did you enjoy them?’

Seeing me she stood up and facing me said ‘You are a very bad man to make me read such stuff’.

‘Are you offended? I asked.

‘No, not really. I am a big girl now you know’ she replied.

I placed my hands on her arms and said ‘Sure you are a big girl. Let me check how big? And pulled her to my chest and raising her face with my forefinger kissed her lightly on her lips.

At first she struggled to get free. Her struggle was so feeble that she would not have freed herself from a young lad. I got bolder and kissed more passionately. After the initial passiveness she started to respond and kissed me back. For some time just stood kissing each other. Then while continuing to kiss her I placed my hand on her boob and squeezed it slightly. A soft moan escaped her mouth. Then I pressed her tit harder. Her moan became louder.

I led her to the bed and we both sat on it side by side. I kept kissing her tried to put my hand inside her blouse. Her blouse was tight and could not achieve my purpose. She did not make any protest and kept moaning with pleasure. I then opened a few buttons of her blouse and pushed my hand in and caught hold of her nipple and pinched it lightly.

She responded by pressing her lips harder to my lips. While kissing her I pushed her back on the bed. We lay there with our bottoms on the edge of the bed and our feet on the floor. I opened the balance buttons and pushed down her bra strap and laid her tits naked. Releasing her lips I kissed her tits and nipples.

She was now moaning louder than before and kept repeating, ‘Oh sir, oh sir, it is wonderful’.

I said, ‘Gita dear don’t call me sir call me Ramu’.

Then while sucking her both nipples in turns I placed my hand on her choot from outside her sari and started to rub it. She was now mad with desire. She raised her hips and pressed them to my hand. While continuing my action I slowly pulled her straight on the bed. We now lay side by side on the bed. I kept rubbing her cunt and slowly and stealthily pulled up her sari to above her waist and then rubbed her choot from outside her panties.

Feeling my hand on her panties she said ‘Please Ramu don’t’.

I said, ‘Are you enjoying what I am doing?’

She nodded. ‘Then please let me’ I continued.

I pushed down her panties as best as I could and ran my finger between the lips of her cunt and took her swollen clit between my fingers and pressed it. She shuddered as if an electric current had gone through her body. Her legs opened wide making more place for my hand. Her hips were now slowly moving up and down in fuck motion. She was steeped in throes of passion.

I did not want to delay any more and quickly removing my hand from her clit pulled down my pants and underwear releasing my cum oozing hard cock and put my hand back on her clit recommenced to massage it. I pushed my pant to the floor and got on top of her. Pushing her panties to one side I rubbed my cock in the furrow of her cunt. I did not undress her completely, as I did not want her to emerge from the depths of passion she was in.

Then placing my cock on her fuck hole slowly tried to push the head of my cock inside her. She immediately closed her thighs tight imprisoning my cock. ‘Please Ramu let me go and don’t do this. I have never done this before. It is my first time and I am scared that I might get pregnant’.

‘By jove, what luck? A virgin to deflower’ I thought and my cock expressed its happiness at this thought by becoming a shade larger. I kept pushing in and out as best I could.

‘Darling open your thighs I will be as tender as possible and you will not get pregnant as I can’t make babies’ I said.

Hearing this she relaxed visibly and her thighs separated. Seeing my chance I pushed my cock further in. Her hymen stopped the progress of my cock. Then I started to kiss her to stifle any loud scream from her and gave a mighty push. In one stroke my cock tearing past her virginal barrier was buried to the hilt in her tight passage of bliss.

The sudden push had taken her by surprise and this combined with the pain she screamed ‘AAMFFF AAIIMMFF’. I saw her eyes had tears in them. Tenderly I kissed the tears away and simultaneously kept moving my cock in her tunnel of love. She opened her thighs wider to facilitate the movement of my cock. I continued my in and out movement.

With each stroke as my lund rubbed against the torn edges of her virginity Gita said, ‘Oh!’ But the oh’s soon turned into ah’s and ah’s into AAHH’s. I pulled my cock back to the tip of her choot and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length and the pace of my strokes. It was not long before her hips started to move in rhythm with the in and out movement of my lund.

Suddenly Gita clutched me and pressed me hard to her body. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and a wild look came into her eyes. I knew she was very close to coming and I was also not far away. I began to thrust viciously into her, ramming her so hard that her tits rolled back and forth. She began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her back and thrust her head back her eyes clinched tightly close. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. With a loud ‘oh my god’ she came immediately triggering off my orgasm also. Gradually our motions slowed and continued to make soft “ahhhh” sounds. We both opened our eyes. Our lips drew together and kissed a long tender kiss.

Soon my laurda became soft and I withdrew it from her heavenly fuck tube. She lay there with her legs apart and a mix of our-cum streaked with the blood of her shattered virginity, oozed out of her choot. She confessed that she had never cummed so hard and for so long before. We lay there kissing and fondling each other for some time and then I suggested ‘Gita darling take off your clothes.

Next time I want to feel your body touching mine. It will enhance the pleasure for both of us’. She gave me a long kiss and said ‘You undress me’. I then undressed her with her active assistance. Gita’s naked body was beautiful. Her pubic hairs were nicely trimmed. Her tits firm and nipples erect with excitement.

I said ‘Gita your panties and sari are stained’.

‘Don’t worry I will wash them when I get back to my room’ she replied. We then fucked two more times and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

After some time Gita woke me and said, ‘It is getting late and if we want dinner then we must go now’.

‘Are you very hungry? I asked her. ‘No much. Just a little bit, but I am sure you must be hungry’ she asked.

I said ‘No, I am not hungry for food but only for you. I will now introduce you to a new taste’.

I then turned around and said, ‘You take my lund in your mouth and suck it and swallow my cum. It will not be enough to still your hunger pangs but it will definitely give you appetite for more of it and in the mean time I will sip the sweet nectar of your beautiful choot’.

She took my erect cock in her mouth and started to suck, while I latched on to her cunt. As I licked her choot and sucked her clit she was delirious with pleasure. In between sucks, she kept moaning and saying ‘Ramu dear I have never felt such pleasure before. Please go on. Do not stop. Yes more please more. Oh I AM COMMMMINGGG’… 

She came three times before I shot my load in her waiting mouth. We then fell asleep again. A noise woke me. When I opened my eyes I saw that Gita was pulling on her panties. ‘Where are you going?’ I asked.

‘It is late and I must get back to my room’ she replied.

‘Don’t go yet let us fuck one more time’ and pull her into the bed. Then after a glorious and satisfying fuck I asked her ‘Gita why don’t you spend the night with me? We will fuck many more times till morning’.

‘No, I must get back to my room otherwise what would Mrs. Rajni think of me’. I asked her again to stay but she was adamant but promised to come again tomorrow and left.

In the morning at breakfast Gita sat blushing every now and then and Mrs. Rajni kept throwing me hot and knowing glances. The day went by in routine work. I however kept running into Mrs. Rajni. Wherever I went, I found her staring at me with lust in her eyes. I could see that she wanted me but I preferred Gita’s tight choot to her well-fucked and loose cunt. I tried to ignore her as best as I could.

In the evening I lay naked in bed waiting for Gita to arrive. I looked at my watch and saw she was already late by thirty minutes. ‘What has happened?’ I wondered. At that moment there was a light knock at the door and Gita entered slightly out of breath.

‘What happened? Why are you so late?’ I asked her.

‘I will just tell you every thing. Let me first catch my breath’ she replied. After undressing she joined me in bed.

‘Mrs. Rajni knows everything’ she said.

‘How can that be? Tell me’ I asked.

‘I suppose it was my fault but let me start at the beginning. When I left here last night I crept into my room quietly. I started to prepare for bed when I was surprised to hear Mrs. Ranji say, ‘So you are back dearie. I thought you had forgotten that this is your room’. I did not reply.

Then she added ‘Where were you all this while dearie? With the principal no doubt, having fun and enjoying your self. Dearie why did you not sleep there also? I am sure he would have liked that. You both were also missing at dinner. Are you hungry my love? Have you had anything to eat?’

‘Yes I had something’ I mumbled truthfully and gave my erect cock a few licks.

‘I can imagine what you ate’ she said. Thank god that the room was dark and she could not see me blush.

Without replying I went into the bathroom to clean up. As I was entering the bathroom I heard her say under her breath ‘Some people have all the luck’.

After changing into my night suit when I came out I heard Mrs. Rajni breathing heavily and thought that she had gone to sleep. After hiding my soiled clothes I also went to sleep.

In the morning when I woke I saw Mrs. Rajni standing near my bed and inspecting my stained panties with lot of interest.

‘What are you doing with my panties? I exclaimed.

Without looking at me she smelt it and said, ‘From the stains of cum and blood on your panty I can wager dearie that the principal popped your cherry last night’.

I was annoyed and jumped out of bed and snatching the panty said angrily, ‘What if he did? What is it to you?’

‘You don’t know how fortunate you are’ she said softly.

‘Why did you not wash your panties as I had told you’ I asked sharply.

With a defiant look she said, ‘I wanted to keep it as a memento of our ‘first time’. Do you have any objection?’ Seeing that she was serious and did not want to annoy her, I let the matter drop.

Then today evening she kept talking and talking and would not let me go despite my giving her several hints. At last she said, ‘I know you are anxious to go to the principal. Go for all I care and enjoy your self and leave poor me alone’. 

I quickly left and ran all the way here. ‘Enough talk’ she said and added ‘let us fuck now. I missed your cock all day and since evening my choot is on fire. Ramu please fuck me hard and fast’.

I did not need to be asked twice. I got on top of her and pushed my cock in her already wet cunt and started the fuck movement. After several minutes Gita started to moan and pant. Her eyes were closed, her butt was moving in rhythm of my strokes and she kept saying, ‘Oh Ramu this is what I missed all day. Yes fuck harder. Yes faster. God it is lovely. Oh don’t stop. Y… hes y… hes more more y… hes I am COOMMIIINNNGgg’ and came. At that very moment I also shot my load in her waiting love canal. We both lay on the bed enjoying the sensation.

While we kissed Gita took hold of my cock and started moving the foreskin up and down. My limp cock became semi hard.

At that moment Mrs.Rajni burst into the room. Apparently Gita in her hurry had forgotten to lock the door. She stood there looking at the scene we presented. My mind started to work overtime. If Mrs. Rajni squeals about us then both our careers would be ruined. ‘What could I do?’ I thought hard but Mrs. Rajni herself soon solved the problem.

‘Just as I thought, fucking no doubt. I told you dearie you were fucking the principal. What have you got there in your hand dearie? She said taking my semi hard cock in her hand, ‘Oooo it is a very beautiful cunt rammer’ she said and started to kiss my cock and lick it. My cock immediately became erect. She then took it in her mouth and sucked on it. ‘Oh it tastes just as good as it looks. Please sir, introduce it to my cock thirsty choot’.

I looked at Gita. She grinned and nodded. Apparently she was having the same misgivings as me. ‘Rajni I will fuck you if you want but you must promise that you will do everything I want. Another thing, call me Ramu while we are here together’ I said.

‘Yes, yes I agree. I will do anything you want me to do but first fuck me quickly or I will die’ she said excitedly, taking off her salwar she moved to get into the bed.

‘No not like that, take off everything’ I told her. Then she undressed completely and lay down. Her ten yeas of marriage had not taken away much from her. Her well-shaped tits were still firm. Her choot had no hair on it and her clit was erect and hard in anticipation of the coming fuck. If she had not been a little on the chubby side she could take on Gita any day and win hands down. I started to kiss her and squeeze her boobs. Then while sucking her nipples I finger fucked her choot’.

‘Ramu my choot is ready. Please don’t delay and ram your lovely cunt basher in my choot and fuck me as hard as you can’.

I mounted her and shoved my cock into her. ‘AAHHhh your lund feels so nice. Yes please fuck me hard’. I started the fuck motion. As I had come only ten minutes back and was not likely to come soon. During this time Rajni kept saying things like ‘Yes fuck me. Ram your cock harder in my choot. Yes faster’. Then suddenly she cried ‘OH RAAAMMMUUUUUU I am COOMMMIINNNNNG’ and fell back panting. I continued to move in and out. Thereafter she let out her cunt juices, every ten/twelve strokes with a loud sigh. Her cunt was like a fountain working overtime. She must have wetted my cock umpteen times before I shot my load into her fuck tunnel.

As we lay resting Rajni kissed me and my laurda and said, ‘Ramu this the best fuck I have ever had. I just came and came and lost count of the number of times I came’.

‘Shall I tell you something? You probably won’t believe me but today I experienced an orgasm for the first time during sex’.

I was surprised and said ‘Yes, you are right I don’t believe you’.

Gita asked, ‘Does your husband have a problem?’

‘No nothing like that. My husband is a good man and a good provider. He has a small business and works very hard to keep it going. He leaves early in the morning returning only late at night. Yes he does fuck me regularly but he is not a stayer. By the time I get hot and start to enjoy our chudai (fuck) he shoots his seed in me and I am left to my own devices to finish. When I found out that you and Gita were fucking I thought I might also get lucky and kept a close eye on both of you for an opportune moment. Tonight I was listening out side the door and I heard Gita moaning and shouting, I got so hot that I had to come in and enjoy your lund’.

‘You poor thing. I am so glad that you came in’ Gita said and embraced Rajni. That night they stayed with me and I fucked them several times. Early in the morning I gave their cunts another shot of my-cum and saw them off.

Before they left we agreed to meet again the next day. To avoid suspicion it was decided that we would have an early dinner and assemble thereafter.

The next night both the girls came in together.

I asked ‘Have you decided who will start first?’

‘Fuck Rajni didi (term used to address an elder sister) first she is elder’.

‘No Gita dear you go first’ Rajni said.

Surprised I asked, ‘Didi? That was quick’.

Gita laughed and said, ‘We may not be ‘blood’ sisters but we are definitely ‘fuck’ sisters’.

‘That you are. Okay I will decide whom I will take first with flip of this coin. Heads Gita gets it, tails is for Rajni’. Rajni won. Then I fucked them once.

After resting I told Rajn, i ‘Prepare my cock, I will now fuck your butt hole’.

‘No please it will hurt. I haven’t done it before’ Rajni said.

‘Don’t worry I will use some Vaseline and the pain will be minimal. Remember your promise to obey me. I did not get a chance to deflower you but I will surely pop your ass hole cherry’.

Soon Rajni had my cock hard as rock. I took out a tube of vaseline from my toilet bag. I always carried a tube not knowing when I might get lucky and need it. Then I applied it on her butt hole and my cock and placing my cock on her hole pressed for entry. As my cock entered she shouted, ‘Please Ramu stop, it is hurting me’.

‘It will soon be okay’ and pushed the whole of my cock in her behind.

‘God it hurts’ she said. I started to fuck her ass hole. Soon she was enjoying it. After we had finished she said, ‘it was not that bad I rather enjoyed it.’

‘Why have you not fucked me in my ass hole? Gita complained.

‘Actually I wanted to take your butt cherry yesterday but Rajni’s entry diverted the attention of my cock from your gaand to her choot. Nothing is lost yet, I will now take your second cherry. Prepare my cock for it’ I told Gita. Then I fucked her in her butt. She also enjoyed it.

Thereafter we met each night till the trip came to an end and I fucked their cunts, ass holes and we sucked each other off.

After this very pleasant excursion, I kept fucking Gita whenever we got the chance for another six months or so till she got married and left town. I did not forget Rajni or rather she did not let me forget her. I visited her regularly and gave her cunt a good cock bashing every now and then.

One evening she invited me to her house for dinner. I met her husband. He was a very nice and pleasant chap. I felt a little guilty about fucking his wife and sharing his bread also. I have tried to explain this to my cock. He does not understand my sentiments and keeps repeating the axiom ‘a standing cock has no conscience’. You see I am helpless. What can I do other than continue to fuck Rajni.

I was visiting an old college friend who lived in a village not too far from where I lived. He was a big zamindar (landlord) having acres and acres of land and several fruit baghs (gardens) including a mango grove.

One afternoon after lunch, I decided to take a walk in the mango grove. The weather was pleasant. It was overcast and a cool breeze was blowing. I set out, taking my walking stick and my Polaroid camera. As I walked around the grove black clouds started gathering and it threatened to rain.

I was not prepared for rain and started looking for some sort of shelter. Not far away, I spotted a gardener’s shed with a tin roof, most probably used for storing the produce during the season. With long steps, I moved towards it when suddenly with a flash of lightning and clap of thunder it started to rain. As I reached the shed it was raining cats and dogs. To make sure that the shed was unoccupied, I peeped in through the dirty windowpane.

The sight that met my eyes staggered me. Inside a young girl, naked below the waist and her kameez pulled up to expose her breasts was lying on a makeshift bed and a young boy without his pants was lying on top of her pushing.

“Ah ha, some illicit fucking is going on,” I thought.

My brain started working overtime as I saw an opportunity to taste a local choot (cunt). I opened the door slowly, which was luckily not locked and softly stepped inside.

Both of them were so engrossed in themselves that they did not notice my entry. I took number of pictures of them with my camera. Suddenly I heard the girl say, “Kishan, itni der hogayi tunne abhi tak apna laurda meri choot main nahin dala, uppar se waise hi dhake mar raha hai (Kishan, you are just pushing without putting your cock inside my cunt).”

Kishan said, “Tujhe maloom hai ki maine pahele kabhi chudai nahin ki hai aur yeh teri bhi paheli baar hai, iss liye mujhe teri kori choot ka chotta sa ched nahin mil raha hai (You know that I have never fucked before. You are also doing it for the first time and I am not able to find your small virgin fuck hole).”

My ears perked up. It was getting better and better. I had an opportunity to fuck a virgin village belle. As I did not want Kishan to find the hole and deprive me of the pleasure of deflowering the girl, I said in a stern tone, “Ahem, yahan yeh kya ho raha hai? (Ahem, what is happening here?)”

Hearing me the boy immediately got up. I had a brief glimpse of his fine erection before his cock lost its stiffness out of fear. The girl started to get up but I placed my walking stick on her stomach and said, “Tu aisse hi leti reh (You keep lying like this),” and she lay back.

Both were scared. Kishan was a handsome village lad without much hair on his body. His crotch was also almost without hair. The girl was also a young village lass with nice sized tits and a slight growth of hair round the lips of her cunt like a black streak.

I sat down beside the girl, started to massage her tits, and said, “Kishan tunne bardi namkeen chokri phasayi hai (You have got yourself a very sexy looking girl).”

Kishan, now nearly in tears blurted out, “Maine isse nahin phasaya hai. Champa mujhe khud yahan layi hai (I have not ensnared her. Champa has brought me here).”

This did not seem right. I said, “Tu mujhe poori baat bata (Tell me the whole story).”

Kishan said, “Abhi haal main Champa ke bhai ki shadi hui hai aur Champa ne apne bhai aur bhabi ko kayi bar chodete dekha hai. Chudai main iss ki bhabi ko bahut mazaa ata hai.Tau issne socha ki main bhi chudwa ke mazaa loon aur mujhe yahan le aayi (Champa’s brother had got married recently. Champa had seen him and her sister in law fucking on several occasions. The sister in law enjoyed fucking so much that Champa wanted to taste the pleasures of fucking also and brought me here).”

I looked towards Champa for confirmation and she nodded. Champa looked familiar to me and I asked her, “Tu Roshan Lal atte ki chakkiwale ki beti hai na? (You are the daughter of the flour mill owner Roshan Lal?)”

The girl on being recognized was terrified and both of them started asking for forgiveness and promised never to repeat this mistake again.

I told them, “Main tumahare maa baap se kuch nahin kahoonga agar tum dono jo main kaheta jaoon waissa hi karo (I will say nothing to your parents provided you both do what I say).”

Gratefully both agreed. While we were talking I kept pressing the girl’s tits and moving my finger up and down between her cunt lips. I introduced myself and told them to look at me as a friend and not like an enemy. They relaxed visibly.

I asked, “Kishan, tu chodna chahata hai aur Champa chudwana chahati hai? (Kishan, you want to fuck and Champa wants to be fucked?).

Both nodded.

“Theek hai (Okay),” I told them, “Main tum dono ko chudai sikhaunga lakin meri guru dakhshina deni hogi (I will teach you both how to fuck but you will have to give me my ‘teachers fee’)”.

Both agreed.

I bent Champa’s legs and pointed out the small fuck hole to Kishan. I told him now I will teach you how to fuck. I took off my pants and released my hard on. On seeing my cock both of them drew an audible breath.

Champa, sensing that I was going to fuck her said, “Ramu, aap ka laurda tau bahut bara hai, meri chotti si choot main kaise ghusse ga (Ramu, your cock is very large how will it go inside my small cunt)”.

“Fikar mat kar, ghuss jayega (Don’t worry it will go in),” I told her.

By now her choot was quite wet. I placed my cock on her fuck hole and gave a mighty push. “AAAAAYYYYIIIIEEE, ma mar gayi (AAAAAYYYYIIIIEEE, mama I am dying), Champa screamed as my cock tearing her hymen entered her virgin choot.” I gave another hard push and my cock was snugly lodged in her choot.

It was still pouring outside and the rain was making so much sound on the tin roof that I was confident no one would have heard her scream.

Champa kept screaming but I kept moving my cock in and out. After some time her pain subsided and she stared to feel the pleasant effect of my cock’s movement.

“Oh Ramu,” she moaned repeatedly.

It was not long before she was enjoying it and started moving her hips in unison with my hips and moaning with pleasure. We kept fucking till I shot my-cum inside her tight choot. At the same moment she also came with a loud satisfied sigh, “AAHHHHhhh”.

I asked her, “Champa, paheli chudai kaissi lagi? (Champa, how did you like your fist fuck?)”

“It was nice but I thought it would be better,” she replied blushing.

“If you are fucked a few more times then it will get better and better,” I told her.

After the fuck, I showed Kishan her fuck hole again and he said, “Ramu, it looks much bigger”.

“Will you be able to find it now?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Okay, Kishan, now you fuck Champa but do it slowly then you will both enjoy it more,” I told Kishan.

Kishan got on top of Champa. He, with difficulty and some help from Champa, found the fuck hole, which was oozing blood and my-cum and entered it. I watched Kishan and Champa fucking.

After some time Champa was moaning loudly with pleasure. Kishan felt his pleasure coming and shuddered.

“How did you enjoy the fucking?” I asked them.

Champa said, “It was great.”

“I enjoyed it very much,” Kishan said blushing.

“Kishan, get some rain water and wash my cock,” I said.

When Kishan had finished washing my tool I laid Champa flat on the makeshift bed. “Champa, take my cock in your mouth and suck it,” I said. She hesitated.

“Go ahead,” I said, “remember you promised to obey me.”

Reluctantly she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. “Good girl, now I will reward you,” I said and glueing my mouth to her choot started to lick and suck her clit.

Champa was enjoying herself. She kept bucking her bottoms against my mouth and pressed my head with her hands against her choot. She swallowed my cum eagerly when I spurted it in her mouth. In the meanwhile, she, amid lot of groaning and moaning, had come three more times.

I then made Kishan suck her cunt and she sucked his cock. When this was over, I asked them to pose for a photograph. At first they were reluctant but with veiled threats, I got them to agree. I stood them absolutely naked next to each other with Champa holding Kishan’s erect cock and Kishan’s finger in her cunt. Few minutes later I showed them the photo. They were surprised that the results were available so quickly.

It had stopped raining. As it was getting late, I told them to go home. “I want to see you both tomorrow, here in the shed at the same time,” I said.

Kishan was game but Champa was reluctant. I told her, “Do you want me to send this photograph to your parents? Do you know what will happen to you?”

She said, “My father will kill me”.

I said, “You decide, is it not better to come here and enjoy some more fucking or you want to die?” At last it was agreed that we would meet here the next afternoon at 2 p.m.

Next day I bought a small bottle of Vaseline on my way to the shed and therefore got a little late in getting there. On arrival I found Champa and Kishan were busy fucking. They apologized for starting without me.

I told them, “It is all right go on continue.”

I took off my pants and catching hold Kishan by his hair, raised his head, “Kishan, take my lund in your mouth and suck it. Remember to swallow my spunk when it comes.”

He was very reluctant. I tugged hard at his hair and out of pain he opened his mouth to yell. Seeing my opportunity, I pushed my cock into his open mouth.

I said, “Kishan, either you suck my cock and drink my-cum or I will penetrate your gaand with my cock again but this time without spittle.”

The threat worked and he started to suck my cock in earnest. As yesterday we all three came together. I told Champa it was time that she paid her ‘guru dakhshina’.

In a low voice she asked me, “Kya aap meri bhi gaand marenge, jab ki aap meri choot chod sakte hain? (Are you going to fuck me in the ass also when you can fuck my cunt?)”

I told her it was a must but she should not be too afraid as I have brought some Vaseline to lessen the pain of the first entry. She resigned to her gaand’s fate.

I placed her in the ‘gaand fuck’ position. While applying Vaseline on her gaand, I inserted first one then two fingers in it and rotated them to dilate it. She enjoyed this maneuver and moaned, “Oh Ramu, your finger feels so good.”

“Gaand marwane main mazaa ata hai (Fucking in the ass hole is quite pleasurable),” I said.

“Will it hurt,” she asked.

“Yes at first then you’ll enjoy it,” I said placing my cock on her brown wrinkled hole.

“Ab thorda dard hoga (Now it will hurt a little),” I said so that she could brace herself for some pain and not scream like she did yesterday.

Today it was not raining and some body could hear her scream. I pressed the head of my cock in. She winced with pain and shouted, “AAYYYIIIEEE it is hurting,” as my cock entered her gaand (ass hole).

“Champa, relax the worst is over. My cock is inside your ass hole,” I said staring to move my cock in and out of her shit hole.

Soon the pain abated and she said, “Ramu, it is nice but I like fucking in the choot much better.”

I was now fucking her gaand with short hard strokes and simultaneously rubbing her choot with my hand. Her gaand was tighter than her choot. I could not hold back and filled her gaand (ass hole) with my-cum.

There after we fucked sucked and licked each other on every afternoon till I had to go back to town. Before leaving I gave the photographs to Champa and asked her to destroy them. I kept the one for which they had posed.

“I will like to keep this one as a memento of the enjoyable times we had passed together,” I said.

They gratefully accepted them and destroyed them there and then.

I also told her what to do and how to act on her wedding night so that her husband does not suspect that she had already lost her cherry, which was his due, to someone else. After fond farewell we parted.

Kishan came to the railway station to see me off.

I told him to fuck any girl he wants and as much as he wanted to but he must ensure that they do not get pregnant or disgraced and are driven out of the society. Another thing never tell anyone about your experience with any girl under any circumstances, not even to your best friend, this could lead to the same result.

He promised and thanked me for the advice and for teaching him how to fuck. I told him not to worry he had paid for the lessons. The train started to move and I waved goodbye to him asked him to say goodbye to Champa.

About ten years later, on the occasion of my friend’s daughter’s marriage, I again visited him. His house was full of guests. Among the ladies of the village I saw Champa and asked her, “How are you?”

She said, “I am fine. I have got married in the meanwhile. Ramu please don’t say anything about what happened in the mango grove.”

I assured her that I had no such intention and her secret was safe with me. “How did your wedding night go? Did you have any problem?” I asked.

“All went well. I did exactly what you had suggested,” she said smiling.

“Tell me in detail,” I said.

“When my husband came to me, I tightened my lower muscles. My husband was so eager to fuck me that he rammed his cock inside my choot. I screamed so loudly, much louder than when I had actually lost my cherry to you, that not only convinced him of my being a virgin but also all other household members who heard my scream,” she giggled.

During the wedding one evening, Champa introduced me to her husband. In the conversation her husband asked me since when I knew Champa.

“I met her in my friend’s mango grove one rainy day ten years ago. She was with a friend and we took shelter from rain in the gardener’s shed. We had spent a pleasant few hours together till the rain stopped,” I said truthfully.

Champa, who was looking at me with a worried expression, suddenly relaxed and smiled as I finished my ambiguous remark. I winked at her and after saying goodbye to them I mingled with other guests.

Next day while walking in the bazaar, I met Kishan. After exchanging pleasantries, I asked him how the fucking game was going. He said, “I continued to fuck Champa for another six months. Thereafter she did not let me fuck her. I begged her and I even promised her not to fuck her in her choot but only in her back hole but she still did not agree.”

She said, “In a weak moment I might let you fuck my cunt and I could be in big trouble.”

A very clever girl I thought. “Then what are you doing for a choot nowadays?” I asked.

He said, “Last year I had a stroke of luck. My father had sent me to a young widow’s house to deliver some provisions, which she had ordered. When I got there, I knocked but got no reply. I found that the door was not locked and I entered. Inside I found her fast asleep. Her sari had worked its way up and part of her shaven choot was exposed. Seeing this sight my cock became hard and throwing all caution to the winds, I quickly put my mouth on her choot and started to lick it furiously.

She woke up with a start and screamed, “Kaun? Kya? Chordo mujhe! Kya kar rahe ho? (Who? What? Let me go! What are you doing?)” and started to struggle.

I did not stop but continued to suck her clit. After some time the good feeling came over her. She started to moan with pleasure and pushing her hips against my face, begged me not to stop. She kept repeating that she had not enjoyed herself so much since long. I stopped licking and sucking her cunt only when my jaws started to ache. In the mean while she had come at least four times.”

“After I had stopped, she took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately and said, “Dear boy, you have given me so much pleasure. You deserve a reward. Tujhe iss tarah choot chaatna kissne sikhaya hai? (Who has taught you to suck and lick a cunt like this?)”

I told her, “Kissie ne nahin. Aap ko iss tereh lete dekh kar mere dil ne kaha tu iss ki choot chaat aur maine aap ki choot chatni shuru kar di (No one. Seeing you lying this way my heart said to lick and suck your cunt and I started to do it).”

Then she asked me, “Tunne pahele kabhi kissi ko choda hai? (Have ever fucked anyone before?)”

“Nahin (No),” I told her.

“Chode ga? (You want to fuck?)” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied eagerly.

I hope you will forgive me for telling this lie. I remembered your advice and thought it was best to lie than tell the truth.

“You did the right thing,” I said endorsing his decision.

Before I proceed further let me tell you something about her. Her name is Shanti. She is slim and very pretty, many times prettier than Champa. Her husband died about three years back and since then she had been without the services of a cock. She is about 30 years old with real nice hard tits and a wonderful figure. She has not had a child. Her choot was also quite tight. I don’t know whether it was because she had not fucked for so long or because she did not get enough cock from her husband. She undressed me and took my erection in her hands and said, “Kishan, you have a nice long and thick lund (cock). I will enjoy taking it in my choot (cunt).”

“She then laid down flat on her back and asked me to get on top of her. I tried not to show too much knowledge about fucking and she guided me through my first fuck with her. After that day I have been fucking her on regular basis. I fuck her, lick her cunt and she sucks my lund and drinks my-cum.”

“Tunne abhi tak usski gaand nahin mari? (You have not fucked her in the ass hole as yet?)” I asked.

“No, I tried many times but she would not let me, saying men only fuck the gaand of other men and not girls. I could not tell her that you had loved to fuck Champa’s gaand,” he said.

“Kishan, your experience has given me a hard on. I would very much like to meet this lady and fuck her,” I said.

“Sure. When I tell her that your laurda (cock) is much larger than mine, she will beg me to introduce her to you. She has many a times told me that she loves big cocks up her phuddi (cunt). Promise me that you will fuck her in the ass and get her to let me do the same,” he said.

“Done,” I said, “Bring her to the shed in the mango grove tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the afternoon and if I am late don’t start without me.”

Punctually at 2 p.m. the next day I was there and found both Shanti and Kishan waiting for me. Kishan introduced me as an old friend from the city.

Shanti came straight to the point and said, “Kishan keh raha tha aap ka laurda bahut barda hai (Kishan tells me that your cock is very big).”

“Tu khud dekh le (See for yourself),” I said inviting her.

She opened my zipper and put her hand inside and pulled out my lund. “Baap re baap yeh tau sachi bahut barda hai (Holy cow, it is really very big),” she whispered in awe.

I pulled her to me, undid her sari, and laid her down on the makeshift bed. I then rammed my cock in her already wet and dripping cunt.

“OWW”, she shouted, “Dheere dheere karo, bahut lag raha hai (Do it gently, it hurting me a lot).”

“Tujhe barde lundon se chudwane ka showk hai. Ab dil khol ke chudwa. Ronne se ab kya fayeda (You are fond of getting fucked by big cocks. Now get yourself fucked to your hearts content. There is no sense in complaining now),” I said laughing.

After some time she got used to the size of my cock and started to enjoy herself. She was moving her hips up and down in rhythm of my strokes and kept screaming, “HAAN RAMU, KHOOB CHODO AUR ZOR SE CHODO. BINA RUKE MUJHE SARE DIN CHODETE RAHO (YES RAMU, KEEP FUCKING ME, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME ALL DAY LONG WITHOUT A PAUSE E).”

This went on for some time and soon I came to the short strokes. Sensing that I was about to come she shouted, “I AM ALSO NEARLY THERE. DON’T STOP. GO ON. FEW MORE STROKES, I AM CUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG.”

At this moment I also shot my seed inside her. She told me this was the best fuck she had ever had in her life.

I told her better things are to follow. She wanted to know as to what I had in mind.

“Tunne kabhi do lauron se ek saath chudai karai hai? (Have ever been fucked by two cocks at the same time?)” I asked.

She shook her head. I told Kishan to lie down on the bed and then asked her to lie over him and take his cock inside her choot.

“What will you do?” she wanted to know. I will put my lund inside you from behind I told her.

“Would two cocks enter me at the same time?” she said, “Will it hurt?”

“Yes, a little because it is your first time but don’t worry I know what I am doing. I have done this umpteen of times,” I said.

Apparently Shanti thought I was going to insert my cock also in her choot along side Kishan’s cock. I did not correct her misunderstanding.

“You relax and leave everything to me,” I said.

Kishan knew what was about to happen. Winking at Kishan I spread her bottom cheeks and saw her small brown puckered ass hole.

Taking some spit I rubbed it on it. She now knew what I was up to. “Aap meri gaand maroge. Nahin, nahin maine apni gaang nahin marwani. Mujhe uthne do (You are going to fuck my ass hole. No, no I don’t want my ass hole fucked. Let me get up),” she said and started to struggle.

She tried to dislodge Kishan’s cock. Kishan was prepared for this reaction and held her tightly.

She threatened Kishan, “Kishan, mujhe chord de nahin tau main tujhe phir kabhi bhi nahin chodne doongi (Kishan leave me otherwise I will never let you fuck me again).”

Kishan held her tightly and did not loosen his grip.

Calmly I kept preparing her ass hole for insertion and she kept shouting, “NO, NO LEAVE ME. I WILL SHOUT OUT FOR HELP. PLEASE DON’T FUCK MAAAAAYYYYYIIIIIEEEEEEE,” she shouted as I pressed the head of my lund inside her virgin gaand. Another push and full penetration was achieved.

She continued to groan with pain. I told her to relax and enjoy the double fuck and started to move my cock in and out of her gaand. It felt heavenly as my cock rubbed against Kishan’s cock through the thin partition that separated the choot from her gaand. Kishan was also enjoying similar sensation.

After some time when the pain had abated, Shanti also started to moan with pleasure. “How do you like two cocks inside you?” I asked her.

She said, “I could never have imagined that it would be so nice.”

Stroking harder, I asked her, “What did you say about Kishan not fucking you again.”

“I had said that in anger and frustration. Dear Kishan can fuck me whenever he wants. He can fuck me in my ass hole also if he wants,” she giggled.

Another five minutes of in and out movement fetched all three of us. Kishan shot his cum upwards in her choot, her choot juice ran down on Kishan’s pubic hair and I spurted my spunk in her ass hole.

After we had rested for some time, I asked Kishan to fuck her in the ass. Shanti did not object and took Kishan’s lund up her back side amid groans of pain. I watched Kishan fucking her and put my cock in her mouth for her to suck.

This time also we all three came together. It was getting late and as we were dressing Shanti said, “Ramu, double fucking is really very enjoyable.”

I told her to enjoy even more we have to have another lund then you can suck it while the other two cocks are fucking your front and back holes. This way she could have three cocks in all her three inlets giving their spunk to her at the same time.

She reflected on this suggestion and said, “No it is better that no one else knows about my fucking. You know how people talk.” I agreed with her.

Thereafter we enjoyed ourselves every afternoon in the mango grove, till the day I was to leave.

Shanti told me to look her up whenever I was here again. I promised to do that and we said goodbye and parted.

Kishan again came to see me off at the railway station. With a smile he told me that last night his parents had fixed his marriage to a young girl from the neighboring village and he was to be married in two months time.

“Congratulation,” I said and laughingly added, “If you can’t find the small virgin hole of your bride don’t hesitate to call me and I’ll make it big for you.”

He laughed and said, “No thank you. I think this time I will find it on my own.”

The train was ready to leave. I said goodbye to Kishan and boarded it. I never did go back. May be in the future. Who knows?

Thus ended my adventure in my friend’s mango grove. Mango groves and other fruit gardens have many varieties of fruits but the cherries I tasted in my friend’s mango grove were the sweetest and more satisfying than any fruit in any garden of the world.

On a hot May evening I was sitting on the lower berth of a coupe in the first class ac coach of the Tamilnadu Express scheduled to depart for Chennai in ten minutes time. I was wearing a kurta and pajama so that I would be comfortable and didn’t have to change on the train. The upper berth was still empty. I was wondering who would be my travel companion when the coach attendant arrived with a lady.

“Madam, this is the only berth, which is not occupied. If you want I can have it alloted it to you. This gentleman is also traveling to Chennai like you,” he said, pointing to the upper berth.

The lady looked around the compartment and seeing me she hesitated but said, “Oh, I must get there by this train. Okay, I will take it.” The lady stared at me for a minute then went out with the coach attendant.

Soon she was back carrying her vanity case and accompanied by a coolie, who stowed away her luggage. The train started to move as she settled down. I was sitting next to the window and she made herself comfortable on the other end of the berth. She took out a novel and started to read.

She was about 24 years old, beautiful, tall, slim, very fair with long hair tastefully done up in a bun behind her head. She wore a sky blue chiffon sari with matching blouse, matching bindi and matching sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly round her body showing all her curves to their best advantage. The pallu was pulled tightly across her firm boobs. Her boobs were not very large but the right size for her physique.

It was evident from the sindoor in her hair parting that she was married. She had a double pearl string around her neck, which enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck, pearl tops and a diamond ring on her fingers. She looked educated and seemed to belong to upper middle class and moving in good society. To me she seemed like Miss World and Miss Universe both rolled in one.
Seeing her beautiful face I wondered how beautiful her choot would be and I got a hard on. I introduced myself and we started to talk. Our conversation was in English. She was easy to talk to and was quite at ease during the whole time.

During our conversation she told me that her name was Nina. She was married for four years and had no children. Her husband had gone abroad for two months training and she had spent this time visiting with her parents. Her husband was coming back tomorrow night and she was returning to her husband’s home to be with him. Actually she wanted to travel on yesterday’s train, so that she could receive him, but could not get a berth. This apparently was the reason she had agreed to share a coupe with an unknown male passenger.

While we were talking the coach attendant came to make the beds. We went out in the corridor. She stood near me. I could smell the lovely perfume she had used.

“She has not had a cock for the last two months, as her husband is away and must be feeling very horny,” I thought. This did not do my hard on any good.

After the attendant had finished making the beds he took our order for dinner and said, “I will serve it around 9 p.m. in the compartment. Is it all right?”

We said okay and he left.

We returned to our seats. I sat down as before near the window but Nina instead of sitting at the far end of the berth sat down near the middle and we continued our conversation.

During our conversation I kept getting hard on from time to time. On couple of occasions I had to adjust my position to hide my hard on from her view.

At about seven I opened my ‘travel bar’. “Would you care for a drink? I am sorry I can offer only a limited choice of scotch and cognac,” I asked politely.

For a moment she hesitated then said, “Thank you very much. I would love to join you. Scotch with soda for me, please.” I poured out the drinks and we settled back to enjoy them.

While I had finished half a glass, Nina had emptied her glass. When I started to refresh her drink she took the bottle from my hand and poured herself a stiff drink, which she started to gulp.

I was in no mood to be stuck with an intoxicated woman all night. I advised her to drink slowly. She said, “Don’t worry, I will not embarrass you. I am quite used to drinking at parties.”

When the attendant brought dinner she had had four drinks to mine two. She was definitely used to drinking because the scotch had no visible effect on her. We ate our dinner. After dinner we sipped some cognac. When the attendant came to collect the dishes he asked, “When should I serve the morning tea?”

“Would tea at 7 a.m. be all right or would you prefer it earlier?” I asked Nina.

“7 O’clock is fine with me,” she replied.

“At seven,” I told the attendant.

At 10 p.m. she said, “I think I’ll go to bed now.”

“I will go out to smoke a cigarette and in the meanwhile, if you like, you can change into your nightclothes,” I said going into the corridor.

After 15 minutes, I returned to the compartment. The compartment was in darkness. I slid open the door without making any noise. All the lights in the compartment were switched off except the nightlight. I thought that Nina had gone to sleep. I opened the door softy and entered. In the glow of the nightlight I saw, to my surprise, that Nina was lying on the lower berth. She lay flat on her back with legs slightly apart and her arm across her face.

Now you can imagine what was the effect on my cock seeing her in this posture. I got a hard on again. I called out her name softly but she did not reply. I touched her on the arm and said, “Nina, tumhara berth uper wala hai tum wahan leto (Nina, the upper berth is yours, you lie there).”

“Uuunnnn,” she said shaking her head. The whisky has taken effect, I thought.
“Nina, tumhara berth uper wala hai tum wahan leto (Nina, the upper berth is yours, you lie there),” I repeated.

Without removing her arm she said, “Uunn, tum uper let jao (Uunn, you lie on the top).”

This remark of hers gave me the opening I was looking for all evening but still to make sure, I asked, “You won’t mind?”

“No,” she said shaking her head.

I quickly lay down on top of her and pushing my standing cock between her parted legs, started to make fuck motions.

“WHA… ,” she said surprised.

I immediately sealed her lips with mine. At first she tried to protest but few seconds later kissed me back. Her legs opened a little more making it easier for my lund (cock) to reach her choot (cunt).

When our kiss broke, she said softly, “Aap yeh kya kar rahe hain? (What are you doing?)”

“Jo tumne kaha tha wahi kar raha hoon. Uper let gaya hoon (I am doing what you said. I am lying on top),” I said.

“Mera yeh matlab nahin tha (This not what I meant),” she giggled.

Now confident of fucking her I started squeezing her tits and kissed her again and again. She kissed me back with the same fervor that I kissed her. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her.

I whispered, “Nina, aise chudai main mazaa nahin aayega. Hum apne kapre uttar lain (Nina, we will not enjoy fucking this way. Let us take off our clothes).”

‘Nahin, aisse hee chodo (No, fuck like this),” she said.

“Nina, please take off your clothes,” I said again.

“Achcha, lakin batti band kar do mujhe sharam aati hai (Okay, but switch off the light, I feel embarrassed),” she replied.

I switched off the nightlight. I quickly undressed and watched her undress in the little light, which filtered through the door curtain and the window. When I saw that she had pulled off her panties, I suddenly switched on the main light of the compartment. With a small squeal she jumped into my arms, screaming, “EEEKK, batti kyon jaladi? (EEEKK, why did you switch on the light?)”

“Tera khoobsoorat badan dekhne ko (To admire your beautiful body),” I said holding her at arms length.

As expected her body was very pretty and without any blemish of any sort. Her shapely tits were firm and without any sag. Her nipples were hard with excitement and pointing at me. Her choot, with her swollen clit peeping out from in between her lower lips, had a freshly shaven look.

‘Ramu, please switch off the light,” she pleaded.

Kissing her and running my fingers caressing her choot, I slowly led her to the berth and laid her down. In order not attract undue attention I switched off the main compartment light leaving the reading light on and I lay down next to her.

She was staring at my erect cock. “What is the matter? Haven’t you seen an erect cock before?’ I asked placing her hand on my standing cock.

“Aapka lund tau bahut barda hai. Mere mard ka laurda iss se chota hai (Your cock is very large. My husband’s cock is smaller),” she said.

“They come in all sizes,” I laughed taking her erect clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and pressed it.

“Ooooo,” she exclaimed bucking her bottoms against my hand.

I continued to press her clit and slowly moved my fingers into her wet choot and started to finger fuck her. When I drew my finger outwards she raised her choot to keep the finger from withdrawing.

She continued to moan with pleasure while I finger fucked her. After a while she took hold of my cock and tried to pull me on top of her. I mounted her but did not attempt to enter her choot. Instead, I rubbed my lund up and down in her wet slit, from her clit to her fuck hole and back.

She kept muttering, “Oh Ramu, oh Ramu,” with her eyes closed and her hips moving up and down in fuck motion.

“Ramu, mujhe iss tereh kyon sata rahe ho. Please apna lund meri choot main dal kar mujhe chodo (Ramu, why are you teasing me like this. Please put your cock in my cunt and fuck me),” she begged. I placed my cock on the door of her dripping choot and pushed slowly.

“Oh, oh zara dhire dhire, lag raha hai (Oh, oh little slowly, it is hurting),” she said.
Amid lot of UFF’s and OHH’s I entered her. Soon I was fully in her. I found her choot to be quite tight for a woman who had been married for four years and was used to regular fucking. Apparently her statement that the cock of her husband was smaller than mine was correct.

I slowly moved in and out. After a few strokes she let out a loud sigh and released her cunt juices wetting my prodder. I maintained my slow rhythm and soon her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes.

‘FASTER RAMU FASTER, ‘ she shouted.

“Shh, someone might hear you,” I said.

‘Let them, ‘ she panted.

Her breath was coming in gasps. Suddenly she threw her head back and her body arched pressing her choot against my crotch. It was not long before she came again with a long sigh. Without missing a stroke I continued till I felt my seed rising and my strokes became faster and harder.

“Darling, I am about to come,” I gasped.


Just then I also spurted my cum into her fuck hole. When my lund (cock) lost its stiffness I withdrew and lay down next to her.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked panting.

“Oh, it was heavenly. I have never cum like this before,” she said, “I hope my bald choot pleased you.”

“Oh yes, I love bald choots,” I said, caressing her shaven choot, “and it was tight like the choot of a freshly deflowered hairless choot of a young girl.”

Aren’t you scared to deflower a virgin? This cock yours could kill her,” she said taking my limp cock in her hands.

“I have deflowered many virgins, young and old, and none of them have died. On the contrary all enjoyed themselves thoroughly,” I laughed, “enough about me, I hope I didn’t impose myself on you?”

“Not at all, I wanted you to fuck me,” she said blushing.

“Really, tell me about it,” I said.

“You already know that I was without a cock for two months. I was looking forward to my husband fucking me. I had also shaved my choot this morning, as my husband does not like hair on it. Thinking about my husband made me very horny,” she said moving the foreskin of cock up and down.

“While talking to you I saw you becoming hard every now and then. Seeing this my choot started to drip. I therefore decided not to wait for my husband to fuck me but to get fucked by you tonight. The trouble was I did not know how to go about it. I thought you would make a pass at me but you did not. When you offered me a drink, I accepted hoping to drown my inhibitions in alcohol and be able to give some suggestive hints. But this also did not help, as I could not overcome my maidenly shyness.”

“Soon it was bed time and I was very disappointed. That is why I was lying the way I was when you came back. Then you asked me to shift to my berth without thinking and out of frustration I made that remark. I actually meant for you to take the upper berth but thank God you misunderstood me and lay down on top of me. Rest you know. I was very happy that you had taken the initiative.”

“I knew that you wanted me to sleep on the upper berth but as I had wanted to fuck you from the moment I had laid my eyes upon you, I decided to take the risk and lie on top of you,” I said laughing.

“What would you done if I had screamed?” she giggled.

“I would have said that I misunderstood you,” I laughed.

“You are a sly man,” she laughed.

The conversation and Nina’s handling of my lund had made it stiff again. I mounted her again and we enjoyed a long slow satisfying fuck. Then we lay back to rest and fell asleep.

When I got up the train was standing at a station. I looked at my watch. I had not slept more than 20 minutes. When the train started moving again I slowly removed her arm, which was round my chest and pushed her flat on her back. Nina was fast asleep.

I crouched between her legs and separating her cunt lips started to lick along the length of her slit. She got up with a start and not knowing what was happening gave a small scream.

“Darling, not so loud,” I cautioned her again.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she said loudly.

“Let me do what I like. Just lie back and enjoy yourself,” I said and continued to eat her choot.

“Oh Ramu, it feels sooooo good,” she moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against my lips.

The train and my tongue gathered speed. I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.

“OWW, IT HURTS BUT IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON Y… HES GO ON. I AM NEARLY THERE. OH OHHH I AAAAMMMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG,” she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.

“Darling, raise your legs and hold them there,” I said, continuing to eat her pussy
She raised her legs and held them aloft exposing her gaping choot hole. I rimmed her cunt. ‘OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ‘ she screamed. Then I shoved my tongue in her lower mouth.

“AGHRR,” she yelped and with a loud sigh came again.


Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes she was on the boil again. She pressed her choot to my mouth and placed her hands on the back of my head guiding me to her sensuous spots. She was coming non-stop like a waterfall.


I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on top of her. “Ramu, ab mujhe chodo (Ramu, fuck me now),” she said gasping for breath.

I got on top of her. “Your wish is my command,” I chuckled and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot pushed in the whole of it in one hard stroke.
“OWWW,” she cried.

I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly and her moans of pleasure got louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly she threw back her head and her back arched upwards.


I continued to fuck her with steady strokes.

“Y… HESS Y… HESSS, RAMU, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG,” she screamed and lay panting. I slowed down to give her time to catch her breath.

“OH RAMU, DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN,” she panted bucking her bottoms from below.

I recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping rhythm with my in and out strokes. I felt my sperm rising and my strokes became shorter and harder.


“I am not too far away also,” I panted.

“FASTER, RAMU, FASTER AND HARDER. I AM NEARLY THERE. Y… HESSS, Y… HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH SAAAHEEEEBJIIIII,” she shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment I also shot my load into her cum thirsty cunt. Our lips drew together. We lay kissing and savoring the sensations we had just experienced.

“Ramu, I am surprised that you licked my cunt,” she panted.

“Why? Has your husband not licked your cunny,” I asked.

“No never. What is it called?’ she said.

“It is called cunnilingus or crudely eating the pussy,” I said, ‘I am surprised your husband has never eaten such a pretty pussy.”

“No, this was my first time,” she replied, “My husband squeezes my boobs, sucks their nipples and fucks me. That’s all.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

“Oh it was fantastic,” she said, “I have leaned something new tonight.”

“Jaan, abhi tau kayi aur cheezain seekhni hain tumne (Darling, you have to learn many more new things),” I replied.

She looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Jaan, abhi tau tumne mere laurde ko apne muh main lekar choosna hai (Darling, you have to take my cock in your mouth and suck it),” I said.

“No, I am not going to do it. It is wet and slimy,” she said.

“It is your choot that has made it wet and slimy. First lick it clean then suck it,” I said, “Come on do it.”

“Please don’t make me,” she pleaded.

“If I can lick your cunt then you can suck my cock also,” I said pressing her head on my semi hard cock.

She opened her mouth and started to suck. After a couple of minutes my cock became hard as a rock. At first her teeth hurt me but I instructed her and soon she got the hang of it and sucked my cock like an experienced cocksucker.

“Nina, go on. You are doing fine,” I moaned as her head bobbed up and down.
I caught her head and started to fuck her mouth. “Darling, go on. Don’t stop. I am about to cum,” I moaned.

She tried to free her head from my grip but I held her head tightly. “Oh I am coming,” I moaned and spurted jet after jet of cum into her mouth.

She didn’t swallow but collected all my cum in her mouth. “Swallow it,” I said.

She shook her head. I pinched her nose and held it. She had to decide whether to swallow or choke. She swallowed naturally.

She released my cock and without a word and lay down on the berth.

“Achha laga? (Did you like it?)” I inquired.

“Why did you force me to swallow your cum?’ she asked haughtily.

“Did you like it?” I laughed.

“NO… oh on second thought, it was not so bad. I could get used to the taste,” she giggled, “what is it called? I mean other than sucking cock.”

“Fellatio, blowjob or giving head,” I said laughing.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

When I got up it was five in the morning. I tried to extricate myself from her arms. 

“Where are you going?” she asked yawning.

“Darling, it is time that I go to the upper berth and sleep,” I said.

“Not yet,” she said catching my cock.

“Darling, it is five in the morning,” I said.

“All right,” she said turning on her back and opening her legs, “but fuck me once more.”

I couldn’t refuse her loving invitation. After a very satisfying fuck, I said, “Okay, let’s sleep.”

“All right,” she said covering herself with a sheet.

“You are not going to sleep naked. Wear something,” I said.

“Why? When you fuck me in the morning I’ll have to undress again,” she said then as an after thought added, “You will fuck me, won’t you?”

“Of course I will but what will happen when the coach attendant brings our morning tea, then breakfast etc. You want him to fuck you also?”

“No never. You are right, I should wear something,” she giggled.

She opened her suitcase and took out a pink silk night suit. She thought for a moment then put the pajamas back and wore the top only.

“What about the pajamas? I asked, “Aren’t you going to wear them?”

“What is the use, I’ll have to take them off again,” she giggled. I looked disapprovingly at her.

“Darling, stop worrying, it’ll be all right,” she said.

Then we slept.

“Good morning, madam, good morning, sir. Your morning tea,” I heard the coach attendant say.

“Good morning,” I mumbled trying to open my eyes.

Suddenly I heard the crockery and cutlery clattering. I opened my eyes quickly and saw the coach attendant ogling at Nina.

I was about to intervene when the coach attendant turned to leave.

“May I come down?” I said so that the coach attendant hears it.

“Yes, you can come down,” she chuckled.

“Good morning,” I said kissing her.

“Good morning,” she said cuddling up to me.

“Why was the coach attendant ogling at you?’ I asked.

“Oh that! I gave him a glimpse of my left boob,” she giggled.

“Why did you do that?” I asked surprised.

“To reward him. It is because of him that I met you,” she said pouting her lips.

“I thought you had forgotten that you were naked and shown him your choot,” I said.

“I am mad but not that mad,” she giggled and uncovering herself, added, “You can see my choot and fuck it also.”

“Darling, have pity on me. I am still half asleep,” I said pouring myself a cup of tea.

She grabbed my cock and shaking it, said, “Good morning, big boy, are you also half asleep like your master?”

My cock stood up like a gentleman to reciprocate her greetings. “See your cock is up and about. Ramu, please fuck me,” she said renewing her request.

“Later, let me finish my tea first,” I said.

“You men are all alike. First you are after a girl for her choot but once you get it then you act tough,” she said feigning anger.

“Your choot is not the only thing I am after,” I chuckled softly.

She asked, puzzled, “Tell me what else do I have other than my choot?”

“I’ll tell you later. Cover yourself properly because the coach attendant will be coming to collect the trays,” I said, “I am going to the toilet.”

“While you are away do you think that the attendant and I have enough time for quick fuck,” she said with a naughty smile. I left the compartment without replying.

When I returned the trays were gone. “Did you enjoy your quickie?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly, I was joking,” she said lying down and spreading her legs, “Now fuck me.”

“As you wish,” I said locking the door and getting on top of her.

“Oh Ramu, it has been sooo long,” she moaned as I inserted my cock into her choot.

“So long? I fucked you just two and half hours ago,” I said staring the fuck motion.

“Two and half hours equals 9000 seconds and 9000 seconds is a loooonnnng time,” she giggled.

I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed of my strokes. Nina lay moaning softly under me with her eyes closed.

“Oh Ramu, fuck me hard,” she moaned. “

“You promise not to scream,” I asked.

“Yes, make mince meat out my choot,” she moaned.

I started rammed into her as hard I could. “Y… hes, that’s way,” she moaned and grabbing my head started to kiss me passionately.

Soon her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes. I continued to bang into her. Five minutes of bashing her cunt my seed started to rise. I fucked her with short and fast strokes. Her bottoms kept pace with my strokes. Suddenly her body arched. She pressed her choot against my groin.

I was ready to cum also. Then with a loud sigh she came and fell back on the berth gasping for breath. Few strokes later I deposited my load in her cum thirsty choot. We lay kissing and savoring the sensations we had just experienced.
Soon my cock lost its hardness and slipped out of her cunt. I also got off and lay beside her.

“Oh Ramu, this was great,” she panted cuddling up to me, “My cunt is still tingling.”
We lay in each other’s embrace for a long time. “Darling, we must get up. It’s time for breakfast. The coach attendant will be coming,” I said.

“Fuck me again,” Nina said.

“Niiinaa, don’t be naughty,” I said shaking my finger at her

“You are right,” she said with a long sigh and sitting up, wrapped the bed sheet tightly around her body.

“Why don’t you get dressed?” I asked.

“I will after breakfast. I promise,” she said giving me a peck on my cheek.

After breakfast when the coach attendant had removed the breakfast trays, I said, “I’ll go out for a smoke. You can in the meanwhile get ready.”

“No need to leave, you have seen and fucked all what I have,” she giggled.

“You know it, I know it but the coach attendant doesn’t know it,” I said.

“Sorry, my mind doesn’t work without a fuck,” she said pouting. I looked at her and shaking my head went out.

After I got the green signal from Nina I returned to the compartment. “Are you happy?” she asked turning around in a circle and striking a pose, “I am dressed now.”

She was wearing her pink night suit, complete with pajamas this time and over it a pink housecoat tied with a matching strap round her slim waist.

“Thank you,” I said, “I think it is better so.”

I opened my book as she looked out of the window. After ten minutes or so she stood up and started to undress. “What are you doing?’ I asked.

“Main apne kapdre nahin uttaar rahi hoon (I am taking off my clothes),” she giggled.

“But you just wore your clothes,” I said puzzled.

“Agar main kapdre nahin uttaaroongi tau tum mujhe kaisse chodoge (If I don’t take off my clothes then how will you fuck me),” she giggled.

I was speechless. “Y… Y… You just wore them,” I managed to stutter.

“I got dressed to please you and now I’m undressing to please my choot so that you can fuck it,” she said with a charming smile.

“Darling, not in the day time,” I protested.

“You promised,” she said pouting impishly.

“I stand by my promise but listen to reason. Fucking in daytime is very dangerous. If we are caught we both will land in jail. The newspapers will get hold of it. Your name will be published along with mine. Your husband will hear of it etc. etc. Think, is it worth the risk?” I explained to her, “We’ll fuck again after dinner like yesterday. Okay?”

She thought for a minute. “If we get caught then I’ll cry rape,” she giggled.

“Who’ll believe you? We’ll be both naked with our clothes neatly folded or hanging,” I said laughing.

“Then I’ll have to tear them,” she said.

“Is it worth it?” I asked.

She again thought for a minute then said, “You are right. My clothes are too expensive. Yes! I’ve got it. I think we’ll have to fuck with our clothes on.”

“It’s too risky. Please Nina, wait till after dinner then we’ll fuck,” I pleaded.

‘All right, if that is what you want,” she said in a huff and sat facing away from me.
I went back to reading my book. For half an hour there was no sound other than chug, chug of the train. Then I heard sounds of somebody kissing. I looked up and saw that Nina would pucker her lips and make kissing sound.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked.

‘Do you mind?” she said sticking her tongue at me, “I am practicing how to kiss.”

“As if you require any practice,” I laughed and continued to read.

She kept making kissing sounds for some time then there was silence. It was too quiet. I was sure that she was up to something. I looked up from my book and saw that she was caressing her choot over her pajamas and mumbling.

“Why are you rubbing your choot? Can’t you wait for few hours, ‘ I asked.

“For your kind information I am not rubbing my choot. I am telling my choot that it will have to wait for another twelve hours before it can feel your big cock in it,” she said making a face.

I laughed and continued to read. After ten minutes I looked up. Nina quickly pulled the lapels of her housecoat together.

“Now what?” I said laying down my book.

“My left booby wanted to see the cruel man, who has not kissed my sensuous red lips, nor squeezed my beautiful tits or put something nice and hard in my poor horny choot in the last two hours, ‘ she giggled.

“Darling, if the coach attendant would have come in then what would have happened,” I asked.

“Did you see my tit? I was too quick, wasn’t I?” she said.

“No, I did not see your boob but I saw you pulling your housecoat lapels together. If the coach attendant sees this much he’ll get suspicious and keep an eye on us. 

Then we may not be able to fuck at night also. Therefore I suggest we wait patiently till after dinner,” I said.

“Aw, it’s a ten hour wait,” she said looking at her watch.

“Nina, do you think about fucking all the time?” I asked.

“Of course not. What do you take me for? A depraved hussy,” she said indignantly, “I think about sex for twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes and few seconds in a day only.”

We both laughed. “Nina, come here,” I said.

She slid over to where I sat. I took her in my arms kissed her lips, squeezed her tits and caressed her cunt and said, “Tell your cunny that I want to put something nice and hard in it but can’t. We’ll have to wait till tonight for that.”

She smiled happily.

“I am very tired. I am going to sleep and don’t wake me for lunch,” I said yawning. Then I climbed up to the upper berth and lay down.

“Sleep well, my dear, because I’ll not let you sleep tonight,” she giggled.

‘Nina, I suggest that you also rest for a while,” I said.

“No thank you, I’m fine,” she replied.

When my eyes opened it was six o’clock in the evening. I looked down. Nina was fast asleep. I got down without disturbing her and went out. I requested the coach attendant for a cup of tea. He brought tea from the dining car.

“Sir, shall I serve it in the compartment?’ he asked.

“No, madam is sleeping. It will disturb her. If you don’t mind I’ll drink it in your cubicle, ‘ I said.

After having tea I returned to my compartment. Nina was still asleep. I sat down near her feet and read my book. At seven thirty I opened my ‘travel bar’ and poured myself a drink.

“A whisky soda for me also,” Nina murmured.

“Sure, did you sleep well?” I said pouring a drink for her.

“Yes, I slept like a log,” she said sitting up and looking at her watch.

“Only couple of hours more then we can enjoy,” I laughed.

“Tell me, Mr. Ramu, do you always think about sex?’ she asked looking me in the eye.

We both laughed.

At last the wait was over. It was ten o’clock and we prepared to go to bed. Nina shed her clothes in a jiffy and lay down on the birth with her legs apart.

“Ramu, hurry put something hard in my choot as you promised,” she said impatiently.

“Let’s start with putting something more pliable inside it,” I said getting between her legs and starting to eat her pussy.

“OH IT FEELS SO NICE,” she moaned loudly.

“Darling, not so loud people are still awake,” I warned.

“Sorry, I got carried away,” she moaned.

She raised her hips and holding my head pressed it against her choot. I ate her cunt till she came six times. Each time when she came she sighed loudly. Then I got on top of her and rammed my cock into her dripping fuck hole. I fucked her till she had orgasmed another half a dozen times.

After I had filled her thirsty choot with my seed, I rolled off. We lay kissing and enjoying the intense sensation we had just felt. When our kiss broke I lit two cigarettes. We smoked silently for a while.

“Ramu, you said you’ll tell me after dinner what other thing you were after other than my choot,” Nina asked kissing my nipples.

“Teri gaand (Your asshole),” I replied.

She repeated what I had said softly to her self. “Meri gaand! Per kyoon? (My asshole! But why?” she said sitting up.

“Haven’t you heard of anal sex?” I asked.

“Nahin tau… OH GOD… tum meri gaand maarna chahate ho (No… oh my God… you want to fuck me in my asshole,” she literally shouted.

“Shhh not so loud. Haan ab main teri gaand maarunga (Yes, now I’ll fuck you in your asshole),” I said pulling her to me and inserting a finger in her anus and moved it in and out.

“Please Ramu, let me go,” she said slipping out of my grip.

“I was only giving you a foretaste of how it’ll feel when my cock goes in and out of your ass hole,” I said.

She thought for a while and said, “Do you really want to do it?”

“Of course,” I nodded.

“Bahut dard hoga kya? (Will it pain a lot?)” she asked.

“It is your first time therefore it will pain but if you have some cream or vaseline then it will reduce the pain),” I replied.

“I think I have a tube of vaseline in my vanity case,” she said. I waited for ten minutes or so but she did not make a move to fetch the tube.

“Darling, get the tube,” I said.

She got up in a huff and took out the vaseline and placing it in my outstretched hand, said, turning her ass towards me, “Yeh rahi vaseline aur yeh rahi meri gaand. Phard dalo iss ko (Here is the vaseline and here is my ass hole do as you like).”

I took the Vaseline. Then placed Nina in the ass fucking position with her bottoms sticking upwards. I first applied vaseline on my cock then taking an inch of it on my fingers I rubbed it on her ass hole. I inserted first one then two fingers, in the puckered hole to make her asshole slippery from the inside. Then I moved my fingers in and out and rotated them.

“Oh Ramu, it is nice,” she moaned softly.

“Abhi tau mera lund baki hai (My cock is still to come),” I laughed.

I placed my lund (cock) on her rear door and applied a little pressure. It started to hurt. She opened her mouth to scream. “Darling, don’t scream. If the pain becomes unbearable then bite on the pillow,” I said.

After initial resistance her sphincter started to give way. Suddenly it snapped open and half my cock went into her asshole. Nina bit hard into the pillow. I slowly pulled and pushed my cock till the whole of it was inside her puckered hole.


“Shh Nina, you are very tense. Relax and it won’t hurt anymore. I am fully inside,” I said and waited for her asshole to get used to my cock.

During this period she lay there groaning with pain and pleasure. “Is it still hurting?” I asked.

“No, not much,” Nina replied.

I commenced the in and out movement. At first I fucked her slowly then gathering speed. Simultaneously I rubbed her cunt. After I had finished I shot my load inside her gaand (asshole) I lay down next to her and asked, “Mazaa aaya? (Did you enjoy it?)”

“Pahele tau bahut dard hui phir achha laga (First it hurt a lot then it was nice),” she replied.

“Don’t worry, next time you’ll really enjoy it,” I said.
She did not say anything. I had a feeling that all is not well. I asked her if she was all right. She said yes in a small voice.

“Do you know why I introduced you to cock sucking, pussy eating and anal sex?” I asked.

She shook her head in the negative. “One reason is because I like these acts. The other is, they add variety to love making. There is no fun in fucking in the missionary position always. It does give pleasure but variety is the spice of love life. Do you agree?”

“I think so,” Nina said hesitatingly.

“Another important reason is that if you suck the cock of your husband and let him fuck your asshole then he will be your slave for life. He will suck your cunt also and do or buy anything you desire,” I laughed.

She did not say anything but after some time, she said, “You are right our sex life is quite monotonous. I must get my husband to do these things you have taught me.”

“How will you manage it without revealing too much?” I asked.

“Don’t worry I will manage it,” she said with a smile.

Dear reader a man is but a child before the guiles of a woman. We fucked through the night in different positions with short rests in between to recharge our batteries. We also fucked on the upper berth to give it a ‘slept in look.’

At 6.30 in the morning we called it a day or better said a night. Nina lovingly sucked my lund (cock) clean and got dressed. The coach attendant brought our morning tea at 7 o’clock. While we were sipping our tea I gave Nina names of few books to read which would add spice to her sex life. She made a mental note of them.

When we reached our destination she gathered her luggage and giving me a peck on my cheek, said, “Goodbye, I hope you have made me pregnant. I would love to have your child,” and she was gone. I stood at the door and watched. She met a man and then disappeared in the crowd.

There was nothing left for me to do but to collect my belongings and leave carrying with me the memories of a very pleasant train journey.

“But then you got religion fucking us all up,” I went on. “There’s some other social factors in there too, but religion is the biggest one. Here you have a natural urge, the urge to reproduce. It’s a function of your body. But you got religion telling you it’s dirty. They make people feel guilty for these urges which occur through no fault of their own. They tell you that sex is wrong. They tell you to never do it before marriage, and then they tell you that it’s okay to do it when you are married but not to enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you’re sinning.”
“Yeah!” Lonnie put in. “That’s fucked up.”
“And if that wasn’t bad enough,” I continued, watching Debby carefully now. She was staring with rapt attention. “Religious influence throughout our history has led to the passing of laws against certain types of sexual acts. Did you know that in the State of Washington it is illegal for a man to eat a pussy?”
“What?” Debbie and Lonnie said together; Debbie blushing a little.
“Yep.” I nodded, picking up the roach in the ashtray and taking another hit. I was really rocking now. “And it’s also illegal for a woman to suck a man’s dick. Its called oral copulation in the penal code and it’s listed as a crime. Now here we have an activity that people enjoy doing to each other.” I paused, smiling at Debbie. “At least I know I enjoy the shit out of eating a nice pussy. An activity that hurts no one but that if fact brings a great deal of pleasure to people. At least when I do it anyway. But, thanks to religious assholes back in our history, it’s illegal. I could be arrested for, say, eating out Debbie there. And she could be arrested for giving me a blow job.”
“You’ve never eaten a pussy before,” Debbie giggled, her eyes shining.
I looked at her meaningfully. “Debbie, I’m an expert at eating pussy. I bet that I could make you come in less than ten minutes using only my tongue upon your gorgeous body.”
She swallowed nervously. “Oh really?”
“Really,” I said. “Come here a second.” I patted my lap.
“Why?” she challenged. Lonnie and Raisin were both speechless, watching this development.
“Just come here and let me give you a little sample of what my tongue can do for you,” I told her. “Unless you’re scared that is. Afraid I might make you lose control.”
“You talk pretty bold, little boy,” she informed me nervously.
“Come here,” I whispered, staring lustfully at her. “Let me show you a sample.”
She hesitated for another second or so and then curiosity got the better of her. She stood and walked over to me. I patted my lap again.
“Sit down,” I told her, reaching out and touching the side of her right leg. The denim of her jeans was tight. Tight enough to let me feel the muscle of her leg beneath it.
She sat on my lap, turning her face towards me, her eyes transfixed upon my face. “Well?” she said.
I reached up and took her face in my hands, feeling the soft skin of her cheeks. I pulled her forward, drawing her lips to mine. She came willingly, parting her lips. I kissed her softly, feeling her puffy lips meeting mine. I darted the tip of my tongue forward slowly, touching the inside of her lip and running it back and forth, tasting the smooth membranes and feeling the back of my tongue rubbing against her top teeth. I withdrew my tongue for an instant and then darted forward with it once more. Her tongue shot out to meet it this time. I swirled the tip of mine with hers, marveling at the fact that I was making out with a sixteen year old girl. My cock jumped to full attention.
I gave her my best kissing, sucking lightly on her tongue and lips, nipping a little at them. It was undoubtedly a far cry from what she was used to, which was probably some brute ramming his tongue down her throat. I used my tongue like an instrument, tasting her young mouth, and arousing her. She pulled herself closer to me, forgetting that two other people were in the room. Her sweater clad breasts pushed against my chest.
I kissed across her cheek to her neck, licking and sucking on it softly, working my way upward, nibbling at her soft flesh. When I reached her earlobe I nipped at it and then slid my tongue softly through the hollow of her jaw. I blew lightly in her ear and then began to whisper to her.
“Have you ever been kissed like this before?” I asked.
“No,” she groaned, her hands moving up and down my back.
“Do you like the way my tongue feels against your skin?”
“Yes,” she panted, trembling all over now.
“Imagine this tongue and this mouth sliding all over your beautiful body. Imagine it suckling your nipples like a newborn baby. Imagine it kissing your tummy, your legs, sucking on your toes, and finally going between your legs and licking you there. Eating you until you come in my mouth.”
“Ohh,” she squeaked.
“You want that, don’t you?” I whispered in her ear. “You want to come in my mouth, don’t you? Has anyone ever made you come before?”
“No.” She shook her head as I nibbled her earlobe again.
“I can,” I told her. “I can make you come until you beg me to stop. I can make you come until you scream. Would you like me to?”
“Oh God,” she whined, loud enough for the other two to hear.
“Would you?” I repeated.
“Ohhhh.” She was now trembling all over, her skin flushing.
I ran my tongue across the side of her neck, tasting the salt of her skin, until it was teasing the delicate skin in the hollow of her throat. I sucked a little and then raised up and kissed her again. Her tongue eagerly sought out mine, sucking it into her mouth a little harder than I liked, almost painfully. That was okay. I knew I had her.
Many years ago, when Madras was still known as Madras and not Chennai, I had to travel to this South Indian city on business. I decided to travel by train instead of flying because for me it meant forty-four hours of relaxing in air-conditioned comfort, far from the daily hustle bustle.
As per my habit, dressed in kurta pajama (men’s dress suitable for day and night wear), I reached the railway station early. The train was just pulling in from the yard. I located my compartment and sat next to the window.
A young girl arrived fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of departure. After the coolie (porter) had stowed away her luggage, which consisted of a trunk, a large suitcase and several small pieces, she sat down on the opposite corner i.e. as far as possible from where I was sitting.
I observed her more carefully. She was quite beautiful. She was fair, about 5’4” tall slim with small perky boobs. She had done up her long hair in two plaits, which were lying lazily on her tight hips. She was wearing a pink salwar kameez. The color suited her very much. The contours of her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her kameez.
Every now and then she glanced nervously at me and then at her wristwatch. She must have looked at her watch twenty or thirty times in five minutes. As the departure time approached she looked at her watch more frequently.
‘She is worried at the prospect of spending two nights alone with a stranger, ‘ I thought.
I smiled to myself at her apparent discomfort and to reassure her, said, ‘Miss, there is no need to be nervous. According to the reservation chart a Mr. and Mrs. Sharma are also traveling with us.’
‘Who says I am nervous, ‘ she shot back, putting up a brave front.
‘Sorry, I didn’t know that you are in the habit of consulting your watch every couple of seconds, ‘ I laughed.
She blushed but remained silent.
Suddenly there was a flurry of activity outside our compartment and an elderly couple, panting heavily, entered. The girl breathed an audible sigh of relief. The coolie left their luggage in the corridor as the train had started to move.
‘Let me, ‘ I offered and helped them to stow away their suitcases.
When they had settled down the gentleman said, wiping his perspiration, ‘Thank God, we just made it.’
‘You did cut it very fine, ‘ I said, ‘I make it a point to arrive much before the departure time.’
‘We too, but today we had bad luck. The taxi we took broke down half way. We requested the driver to transfer our luggage to another cab. “Two minutes,” he said and disappeared under the bonnet. After twenty minutes of tinkering with the engine he managed to start the taxi again. Then he drove like mad. We nearly died of fright, ‘ the man said.
‘On reaching the station he wanted my husband to tip him for bringing us in time, ‘ the lady said indignantly.
‘Forget it, the main thing is that we didn’t miss the train, ‘ the gent said, ‘the journey ahead of us is long. I think it is best that we introduce ourselves. My name is Arvind Sharma and this is my wife, Rajni. We are traveling to Jhansi to be with our youngest son.’
‘My name is Ramu. I am traveling to Madras on business, ‘ I said.
‘My name is Piya. I am planning to do my graduation in Madras, ‘ the girl said.
‘Aren’t you a little young to be traveling alone in a train?’ Mrs. Sharma asked.
‘I am eighteen, ‘ she said proudly.
‘You don’t look a day older than sixteen, ‘ Mrs. Sharma said, ‘it is very brave of your parents to let you travel alone. I would have been scared, ‘
‘Usually I fly but this time because I had a lot of luggage, I had to travel by train. My parents thought traveling in 1st class air- conditioned coach would be quite safe, ‘ Piya explained.
‘Safe from vagabonds like me, ‘ I said laughing, ‘you should have seen how nervous she was.’
Piya blushed. ‘What is there to be nervous about?’ Mr. Sharma asked.
‘You didn’t turn up and the prospect of spending two nights with a “rogue” like me made her nervous, ‘ I laughed.
‘Mr. Ramu, I am sure you are a very nice person, ‘ Mrs. Sharma said.
‘I tried to reassure her but… ‘ I said shrugging,
‘Mr. Ramu, please, you are embarrassing me, ‘ Piya said blushing.
‘I am sorry. I didn’t want to… ‘ I said.
‘It is I who should apologize. I am sorry that I misjudged you, ‘ Piya said interrupting me.
Now that the ice was broken the Sharmas told us that they had three sons. They were posted in three different cities. They spent six weeks with each of them every year. They were now going to Jhansi where their youngest son was a working.’
‘His wife is going to have her first baby, ‘ Mrs. Sharma said proudly, ‘they were married last year.’
‘I love children. How many grandchildren do you have?’ Piya asked.
‘We have five. The eldest son has two, a girl and a boy and the second one has three, two girls and a boy. This one in going to our sixth grand child, ‘ Mrs. Sharma replied smiling.
‘Piya, why are you going so far to study?’ Mr. Sharma asked.
‘I didn’t do well in the college leaving exams. Therefore I didn’t get admission in any college here. My mausaji (uncle – mother’s sister’s husband) has arranged for my admission in a college in Madras. Now for the next three years Madras will be my home, ‘ she said laughing nervously.
‘We have never been to Madras, ‘ Mr. Sharma said then looking at me added, ‘Ramu, have you?’
‘Yes, a couple of times but always on business, ‘ I said.
‘Madras and its surroundings are very beautiful. They are worth a holiday, ‘ Piya said.
‘This time I am planning to spend a couple of weeks there, ‘ I said.
‘Really, I know Madras very well. I have spent many holidays there. Please let me show you around to atone for my error of judgment, ‘ Piya said.
‘Of course, it will be my pleasure but you don’t have to, ‘ I said.
‘Please let me, ‘ she said.
‘All right, if you insist, ‘ I laughed.
‘Thank you. Do you like to swim in the sea? Madras has some of the finest beaches in the world, ‘ Piya said, going into great detail of what she was going to show me.
At night the Sharmas slept on the two lower berths and Piya and I on the two upper berths. The next day around lunch time the train reached Jhansi. The Sharmas got off and a young couple got on.
The man was about 25 years old, not very tall slim with a round face and his wife about 20 years old. She was quite pretty; slim with large orange sized boobs. The way she was dressed it was clear that they had married recently.
Are you going to Madras?’ the man asked.
‘Yes, have you been there before?’ I replied.
‘We live in Madras, ‘ the man laughed, ‘we are returning from our honeymoon. By the way my name is Amit and this is my brand new wife, Amita.’
‘I am Ramu, ‘ I said introducing myself.
‘My name is Piya, ‘ Piya said, ‘where did you go for your honeymoon?’
‘To Khajuraho, ‘ he said.
‘The temples in Khajuraho are very interesting, especially for a honeymooning couple, ‘ I said with a naughty smile.
Amita blushed and lowered her eyes.
‘Yes, very interesting. Every morning we chose a sex position and studied it. Then returning to our hotel we practiced it. Isn’t it so, darling, ‘ Amit said laughing loudly putting his arm around his wife’s waist and hugging her. Poor Amita, she didn’t say anything but her face turned crimson.
‘We are very lucky. We think alike and enjoy the same things. As if God made us for each other even our names are similar, Amit and Amita. Isn’t it so, darling, ‘ Amit said.
Amit was quite a jovial person. He talked incessantly. He kept us amused with his anecdotes and jokes till bedtime. At ten we decided to go to bed. I lay on my berth trying to sleep whereas Piya, on the other hand, covering herself with a sheet, promptly went off to sleep. Suddenly my eyes fell on Amita.
In the dim blue night-light I saw that she was shaking her head and pointing upwards. ‘Ah, Amit wants her to come to him for a fuck, ‘ I thought and to see what happens next, pretended to sleep. I watched through half closed eyes. Piya was asleep and Amita kept shaking her head.
Suddenly Amit stood up and peering at Piya and then me said something to Amita, which I could not understand as his back was towards me. She shook her head again.
Amit pushed down his pajamas and exposed his erect cock. Then he caught Amita’s hand and pulled her towards his berth. Amita got up and both of them disappeared from my view. I looked at Piya to see if she was still asleep. I was surprised to see that she was awake and watching them with a shocked expression.
As I could not see what was happening below me without giving myself away I kept watching Piya through half closed eyes. After a while her hand disappeared under the sheet and after a minute the sheet started to move. Apparently Amit and Amita were fucking and Piya was masturbating.
She kept looking at the couple and masturbated till she orgasmed with a sigh. I waited to see what happens next. After ten minutes or so Piya started to rub her choot again.
‘Ahh, they have started to fuck again, ‘ I thought.
After twenty minutes or so I saw Amita return to her berth. I looked at Piya. Her eyes were shut. A few minutes later she turned over and went to sleep. Tonight’s show was over. I went to sleep also.
‘Did you sleep well?’ Amit asked nudging his wife when we were having morning tea.
‘Very well thank you, I slept like a log, ‘ I replied.
‘Me too, ‘ Piya said blushing sweetly.
‘We slept also very well, didn’t we darling, ‘ Amit said laughing loudly and hugging his wife. Amita blushed. Couple of hours later the train arrived at Madras railway station.
‘I am sure my mausi has come to receive me, ‘ Piya said.
‘Go have a look, ‘ I said, ‘I’ll take care of your baggage.’
I stepped off the train a few minutes later with two coolies carrying our luggage. I saw Piya talking to a very beautiful lady. I recognized the lady right away. I had met her on the same train nearly a decade ago. We had had a lovely time together .
Ten years had not taken away anything from her. She was still as beautiful as before. She was in her mid thirties, beautiful, tall, slim, very fair with long hair tastefully done up in a bun behind her head.
She wore a deep red silk sari with matching blouse, matching bindi and sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly round her body showing all her curves to their best advantage, the pallu (the upper end of the sari) was pulled tightly across her firm boobs.
Her boobs were not very large but the right size for her physique. She wore a double pearl string around her neck, which enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck, pearl tops and a diamond ring on her fingers. Even today she looked to me like Miss World and Miss Universe both rolled in one.
I walked up to them. ‘Mausi (aunt — mother’s sister), this is Mr. Ramu. I met him on the train. I have promised to show him around. May I?’ Piya asked.
Her mausi, seeing me, blushed and said hesitatingly, ‘I don’t know. You must ask your mausa (uncle — mother’s sister’s husband).’
‘She has recognized me also, ‘ I thought seeing her blush.
‘Oh mausi, I can’t ask mausa as he is not in town. I’ve given him my word. Please can I show him around?’ Piya insisted.
‘All right, you can show him around but… ‘ mausi said hesitatingly.
‘But, what?’ Piya asked.
‘No, nothing, go ahead you have my permission, ‘ mausi said.
‘Thank you, mausi, ‘ Piya said, ‘Ramu, come to our flat tomorrow at ten. You have the address already. We’ll take it from there, okay?’ I nodded.
Next morning, which was a Monday, I reached their flat at ten. Piya was ready but her mausi was still in her housecoat.
‘I am sorry but there is a small change in the program. Mausaji rang up. I must go to the college today and fill out the forms etc.’ Piya said apologetically.
‘That’s all right. We can start sightseeing from tomorrow, ‘ I said and turned to leave.
‘Ramu, don’t go. I won’t be long. I’ll be back in couple of hours. You are an artist so is mausi. She paints, ‘ Piya said, ‘Mausi, show him your paintings maybe he can give you some hints.’
When Piya had left, I said, ‘Nina, how are you?’
‘You remember?’ she whispered.
‘Of course, how can I forget the most pleasant journey of my life, ‘ I said, ‘Are you okay?’
‘Yes, thank you, ‘ Nina said, ‘I am very well.’
‘Where is your husband?’ I asked.
‘He is on tour, ‘ she replied, ‘he’ll return in about ten day’s time.’
‘Have you any children?’ I asked.
‘Two girls, one is six the other four, ‘ Nina replied, ‘They have gone to college.’
I noticed that Nina was tense and ill at ease.
‘Why don’t you show me your painting?’ I said to divert her mind.
‘Oh yes, follow me, ‘ she said leading me to a small room.
The room was apparently her studio. An unfinished painting was on a stand. A divan was also in the room. Seeing that I was looking at the divan, she said, ‘Sometimes I paint till late in the night and not wanting to disturb my husband, I sleep here.’
She removed the painting from the stand and replaced it with an abstract painting. She described what it was supposed to depict. She was relaxed and talked enthusiastically about her paintings.
I didn’t pay much attention to what she was saying. My thoughts wandered to our train journey together and the desire to fuck her again made my cock rock hard. I kept making appropriate noises, waiting for an opening to get her into bed again. She went on and on. The first canvas was replaced by another and yet another.
After half an hour she placed a painting of woman with fire in her eyes trying to fight off two men, who were trying to snatch her child from her arms by force.
‘This is my favorite. I call this painting “The Struggle”. You must see it from a distance to really appreciate the color and depth of the painting, ‘ she said, backing away from the stand and walked right into my erection.
‘OH, ‘ she exclaimed as my hard on poked her in her ass. She tried to pull away but I quickly put my arm around her and pressed her to me.
‘Ramu, please let me go, ‘ she whispered.
I spun her around and pressing my hard on against her crotch, I kissed her tenderly.
‘Ramu, please don’t, I am a married woman, ‘ she protested.
‘You were married then also, ‘ I replied and kissed her passionately.
Initially she tried to free herself from my hold but a few seconds later she melted into my arms and responded with the same ardor I was kissing her. While kissing her I pushed her towards the divan.
‘Ramu, not here, let’s go to the bedroom we’ll be more comfortable, ‘ she said panting.
Once in the bedroom we undressed and lay down on the bed. Her body was as beautiful as I remembered. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.
For a few minutes we lay kissing each other then I nibbled her ear and then suckled her erect nipples. ‘Oh Ramu, Oh Ramu, ‘ she moaned repeatedly. I kissed and licked my way towards her cunt. I paused briefly, to rotate my tongue in her navel, on the way to her cunt. Reaching her cunt I licked her swollen cunt lips. ‘Oh Ramu, it feels sooooo good, ‘ she moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against my lips.
I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.
‘OWWA, IT HURTS BUT IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON. Y… HES GO ON. I AM NEARLY THERE. OH OHHH I AMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG, ‘ she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.
Without a pause I continued to eat her pussy. She raised her legs and held them aloft exposing her gaping choot hole. I moved lower and rimmed her cunt hole. ‘OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ‘ she screamed. Then I shoved my tongue in her lower mouth.
‘AGHRR, ‘ she yelped and with a loud sigh came again.
Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes she was on the boil again.
I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on her. ‘Ramu, please ab mujhe chodo (Ramu, please fuck me now), ‘ she said gasping for breath.
I got on top of her. ‘As you wish, my love, ‘ I said and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot pushed the whole of it in one hard stroke.
‘OWWWA, it hurts, ‘ she yelped.
I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans of pleasure became louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly her back arched upwards, pressing her choot against my crotch.
I continued to fuck her with steady strokes.
‘Y… HESS Y… HESSS, RAMU, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG, ‘ she screamed and lay panting. I slowed down to give her time to catch her breath.
‘OH RAMU, DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, ‘ she panted bucking her bottoms from below.
I recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping rhythm with my in and out strokes. I felt my sperm rising and my strokes became shorter and harder.
‘Y… hes, I am not far away also, ‘ I panted.
‘FASTER, RAMU, FASTER AND HARDER I AM NEARLY THERE. Y… HESSS, Y… HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH SAAAHEEEEBJIIIII, ‘ she shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment I also shot my load into her cum thirsty cunt.
For few minutes we lay savoring the intense sensation we had just experienced. As I was about to roll off, she panted, ‘No, please don’t get off yet. Fuck me one more time.’
I started to move my half-stiff cock in and out of her choot till it was hard again. Then we fucked for the second time. After a long satisfying fuck, in which she came four times, I rolled off her.
‘How is your sex life now?’ I said.
‘Very good, ‘ she replied laughing, ‘we do everything that we did ten years ago in the train.’
‘How did you manage it?’ I asked.
‘Quite easily, ‘ she giggled.
‘I am curious, tell me, ‘ I said.
About a fortnight after my arrival one night when we were resting after making love, I asked my husband, ‘What do the words cunnilingus and fellatio mean?’
My husband was taken aback and asked, ‘Who told you these words?’
‘No one, I read them in a book, ‘ I said, ‘I know that they have something to do with sex but what?’
‘Cunnilingus is cunt licking also known as pussy eating and fellatio means cock sucking or giving head or a blowjob, ‘ he replied.
‘Chi chi, who would want to do these dirty things, ‘ I asked making a face.
‘It is nice and many people enjoy doing it, ‘ he said.
‘You have done it with what’s her name, haven’t you, ‘ I said accusing him. Pradeep, my husband, had had an affair with a married neighbor before our marriage.
‘Yes, I licked her choot and she sucked my cock, ‘ he replied, ‘if you want we can also do it.’
‘I don’t know… all right, I’ll try it, ‘ I said.
‘If I lick your choot then you’ll have to suck my cock, ‘ he laughed.
I protested but allowed myself be persuaded by him. Then we sixty nined.
‘Oh darling, it was wonderful, ‘ I said after the act, ‘why didn’t you mention this before?’
‘I thought you’ll think I am a pervert, ‘ he laughed.
Few nights later he wanted to fuck me in the asshole. ‘You are a pervert, ‘ I replied.
‘I’m telling you it is very pleasurable, ‘ he said.
‘For whom you or me, ‘ I asked skeptically.
‘For both of us, ‘ he replied.
‘Won’t it hurt?’ I asked.
‘Yes but only a little, ‘ he said, ‘don’t worry I’ll use vaseline on your asshole and my cock. This will mitigate the pain of entry.’
‘Okay but promise that you’ll stop if is very painful, ‘ I said.
‘Okay, ‘ he said. Since then Pradeep is fucking me in the asshole.
‘You women are too clever for us men, ‘ I laughed, ‘shouldn’t you get ready? Piya will return soon.’
‘Oh, fuck me one more time then I’ll get ready, ‘ she said.
‘Theek hai, ab main teri gaand maroonga (Okay, now I’ll fuck you in your asshole), ‘ I said.
‘Gaand kal maar lena. Aaj mujhe chodo (You can fuck me in the asshole tomorrow. Today fuck me), ‘ she said.
After we had fucked again we had a quick shower together. I went and sat down on the sofa in the drawing room while Nina went into the dressing room to make herself even more beautiful. After a while she came into the drawing room and sat on the floor near my feet.
‘May I ask you something?’ she said pulling my zip down.
‘Sure, anything you like, ‘ I replied.
‘Kya iss badmash ne Piya ko bhi choda hai? (Has this rogue fucked Piya also?)’ She asked pulling my erect cock out of my trousers.
‘Come on… we met on the train for the first time, ‘ I laughed.
‘Hum bhi paheli baar train main mille the lakin mujhe tau tumne choda tha (We met for the first time in the train also but you fucked me), ‘ she said pouting.
‘Tumhari baat doosri hai, tum chudwana chahati thi (That was a different matter, you wanted me to fuck you), ‘ I laughed.
‘Whatever the reason but the fact remains that you screwed me, ‘ she giggled, kissing my cock, ‘now back to my original question: have you fucked Piya?’
‘No I haven’t, ‘ I said, ‘and for your kind information I am not in the habit of fucking all the ladies I meet on a train journey.’
‘I am glad that you haven’t fucked her, ‘ she said taking my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob.
I thought it was better not to mention that I’ll definitely fuck her if I got the chance.
‘My dear, you have learnt a lot since we met last, ‘ I said praising her after she had swallowed my cum.
‘Practice makes perfect, ‘ she giggled.
Just then the doorbell rang. ‘It is Piya, ‘ she whispered pushing my cock inside my trousers and zipping me up. Nina opened the door. It was Piya. ‘What took you so long? I hope everything is all right, ‘ Nina asked.
‘Nothing is all right, ‘ Piya said with tears in her eyes.
‘Piya, don’t cry. What happened?’ Nina asked.
‘Miss Ruby Abraham, the principal, was busy in a meeting. I waited for nearly two hours then I came to know that she has left and won’t be coming back. A gentleman in the Administration Office advised me to see Mrs. Joshi. I met her. She was very rude. She told me that I was too late and the admissions were long over and even the classes had also started, ‘ Piya said bursting into tears.
‘Didn’t you tell him that the… ‘ Nina said.
‘I tried to tell her but she was in no mood to listen. She told me to leave and not waste her time, ‘ Piya said blowing her nose.
‘I’ll go with you tomorrow, ‘ Nina said.
‘They won’t listen to you either. I am not going back, ‘ Piya said stubbornly. Nina looked towards me for help.
‘If you like I’ll accompany you, ‘ I offered.
‘What is the use, ‘ Piya said.
‘What is the harm in trying one more time, ‘ I said.
‘He is right. The principal might listen to a man, ‘ Nina said.
‘All right but this is the last time, ‘ Piya said.
‘Okay, I’ll see you at 9.30 tomorrow, ‘ I said preparing to leave.
‘Please stay and have lunch with us, ‘ Piya said, ‘and after lunch we’ll go sightseeing.’
Piya was her old cheerful self again. During lunch, she asked, ‘Mausi, did you show your paintings to Ramu.’
Nina nodded.
‘Isn’t she a good painter?’ Piya said enthusiastically, ‘Did you see all her work.’
‘Not everything but whatever I saw was very beautiful. I enjoyed myself very much, ‘ I said winking at Nina. She blushed and nodded.
‘What do you think of “The Struggle”, ‘ Piya asked.
‘It is very good. That’s when I really started to enjoy her… er works. Didn’t I?’ I said raising my eyebrow.
‘I enjoyed myself also, ‘ Nina said, suppressing a smile, ‘the rest of my… er works I’ll show him tomorrow.’
‘But he has promised to go with me tomorrow, ‘ Piya said pouting, ‘haven’t you?’
‘Of course, I’ll see what is left day after tomorrow, ‘ I said.
In the afternoon Piya took me around. After couple of hours of sightseeing we stopped for a cup of tea. We discussed what all we had seen when suddenly, I asked, ‘Piya, tell me what was happening on the berth below me in the train?’
My reason for mentioning it was that her mind will go back to that scene and her choot will become wet and horny. Then she’ll be more inclined to surrender her virgin choot to me.
‘Nothing happened, ‘ she said getting red in the face, ‘let’s go.’
Next day we reached the college at ten sharp. ‘Please tell Miss Abraham that we would like see her for a few minutes, ‘ I said giving my card to the peon on duty outside Miss Abraham’s office.
‘Madam says to wait, ‘ he said when he returned.
We waited in the corridor overlooking a courtyard. It must have been break time because the courtyard was full of girls. The girls stood and sat in groups. The sight of their big tits, their body hugging blouses and tight jeans played havoc with my cock. It became hard and then soft alternately.
‘She is taking her time, isn’t she?’ Piya said.
‘She must be busy, ‘ I said as I was in no hurry. I was enjoying watching the girls. Fifteen minutes later the peon appeared and said, ‘Madam will see you now.’
‘Go ahead Piya, I’ll follow, ‘ I said to gain a few seconds to get my cock under control.
The principal was in her late thirties. She was not a pretty sight to look at. She was dark with pox marks on her face. She had a pronounced squint and wore thick glasses.
‘This is my secretary, ‘ she said pointing to a young girl standing beside her. I looked at her and froze. She was the most beautiful girl I had seen in a long time.
She was about 20 years old, 5′ 6″ tall with a figure of a goddess and flashing big black eyes, short bobbed hairstyle, which suited her face, fair complexion and beautifully formed features.
She wore a string with green stones round her throat. She was wearing a tight green blouse hugging her big shapely tits and a black skirt with large green buttons from waist to hem and black pumps to match.
I stared at her and blood rushed into my cock. It lurched in my pants and my crotch got bigger and bigger. ‘Ramu, ‘ Piya said nudging me with her elbow.
‘Eh, ‘ I asked coming back to reality.
‘Please sit down and tell me what can I do for you?’ Miss Ruby Abraham said smiling.
‘Oh yes. I am sorry. I was momentarily distracted, ‘ I said laughing nervously, ‘my name is Ramu and this is my cousin Piya. We wanted to see you about her admission. The Joint Secretary Education… ‘
‘So you have come. Weren’t you supposed to come yesterday?’ Miss Abraham said interrupting me.
‘She did come… ‘ I said.
‘Mr. Ramu, please let Piya answer, ‘ Miss Abraham said, shutting me up.
‘I did, ma’am, ‘ Piya said, ‘but you were busy in a meeting. After the meeting you left for the day. I was advised by a gentleman in the Administration Office to see Mrs. Joshi. She said I was too late and the admissions are over.’
‘That is what she told, ‘ Miss Abraham said softly. Piya nodded sniffling in her hanky.
‘Nagma, ‘ Miss Abraham said.
‘Yes ma’am, ‘ replied the paragon of beauty.
‘Take Piya to Mrs. Joshi and tell her to give Piya an admission form, ‘ Miss Abraham said and turning to Piya, added, ‘You fill it out and deposit it in the office by 11 o’clock tomorrow. Understood?’
Piya and Nagma left.
‘Mr. Ramu, I would like to talk to you about Piya’s admission but I am busy right now. Can you call me at six in the evening at my residence? Here’s my card, ‘ she said.
‘Of course, ‘ I said taking the card.
In the afternoon Piya and I again went sightseeing. During the afternoon I asked her to tell me what happened on the train. ‘I told you yesterday that there was nothing to tell, ‘ she said blushing.
‘Are you sure?’ I asked.
‘Yes, nothing happened, ‘ she replied.
I called Miss Ruby Abraham at the appointed time. ‘If you are not doing anything then come over to my house and we’ll talk, ‘ she said.
I wondered what she wanted to talk about. Maybe she wanted to talk about a donation for the college… or maybe for herself. If I can please her then Piya’s admission is a certainty I thought.
Therefore I bought a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of red Beaujolais and reached her flat at sharp eight o’clock. She opened the door. ‘Come in Mr. Ramu, ‘ she said, ‘I’m glad you are punctual. I hate people who are late.’
I had not seen her standing before and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was 5′ 6″ tall. She was dressed in her housecoat and from what I could see she had a good figure.
‘I hope you don’t mind me dressed like this, ‘ she said, ‘all day I have to dress formally but at home I like to be comfortable.’
‘Not at all, ‘ I said politely giving her the flowers and the bottle.
She led me to the sitting room. When we were seated, she asked, ‘Would you like a glass of sherry or wine?’
‘I’ll take wine if you’ll join me, ‘ I replied.
‘I’ll join you. I love wine, ‘ she laughed, ‘but I hope you don’t mind if I open the bottle you have brought.’
‘It is meant to be opened, ‘ I laughed.
We talked on many subjects but not once did she mention Piya’s admission or anything about donations. I was dying to ask her about Piya’s admission but did not lest it gave her an opening for asking for a donation.
After an hour I got up to take my leave. ‘Don’t go. Have dinner with me, ‘ she said, ‘I have cooked it myself.’
I hesitated but agreed remembering my resolve to please her in every way possible.
‘Good, ‘ she said, ‘I’ll go and lay the dinner. In the meanwhile if you like you may smoke.’
The dinner was simple but tasty.
‘Miss Abraham, the food was delicious, ‘ I said at the end of the meal.
‘Call me Ruby, ‘ she said, ‘thank you. I hope you’ll enjoy the dessert too.’
‘I have a sweet tooth, ‘ I said putting on my best smile.
‘I can offer you two desserts, one you can eat here and the other in the bedroom. Your choice, ‘ she giggled.
I thought fast. A choot is a choot and with that face she might be even a virgin, I thought. ‘In the bedroom of course, ‘ I said without hesitation, pushing back my chair.
We adjourned to her bedroom. Suddenly we were in a hurry. We undressed and got into bed. My guess was right. She had an excellent figure. Her breasts were firm with just a little sag and her nipples were hard and pointed with excitement. There was no hair on her cunt.
‘Jesus Christ, you are big, ‘ she exclaimed fisting my cock.
‘It is the only one I have, ‘ I laughed running my fingers through her lower lips, ‘now for the dessert.’
‘Yeah, eat it before it gets cold, ‘ she giggled like a teenager and spread her legs wider.
I took her in my arms and gently kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked her breasts and her taut nipples.
‘Oh Ramu, ‘ she moaned.
Then I kissed my way towards her choot (cunt). On the way I stopped long enough to rotate my tongue in her navel. Reaching her cunt I licked her swollen cunt lips.
‘Oh Ramu, it feels sooooo good, ‘ she moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against my lips.
I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.
‘OH GOD, IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON Y… HES GO ON. I AM ABOUT TO CUM. OH OHHH GOD I AMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG, ‘ she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.
Without a pause I continued to eat her pussy. ‘OH JESSUSS, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ‘ she screamed and came again
As I licked her offering, she yelled, ‘RAMU, STOP. FOR GOD’S SAKE FUCK ME NOW.’
Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes she was on the boil again.
I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on her. ‘Ramu, meri choot kabhie phir chat lena ab mujhe chodo (Ramu, you can eat my pussy some other time, fuck me now), ‘ she said gasping for breath.
I got on top of her and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot pushed it in gently thinking that she might be a virgin.
‘OWWWA, it hurts, ‘ she yelped as the head of my cock entered her choot. Slowly the whole length my cock entered her without any resistance. She was not a virgin but her choot was very tight.
I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans of pleasure became louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes.
Suddenly she yelled, ‘RAMU, STOP.’
Alarmed, I stopped. ‘Is something wrong?’ I asked.
‘No, open that drawer and give me the white bottle with the blue label, ‘ she panted pointing to her bedside table’s drawer. I complied. She took out a large tablet from the bottle and giving it to me, said, ‘Put it in my choot then I can’t become pregnant.’
‘Aren’t you on the pill?’ I asked shoving the tablet deep inside her cunt with my cock.
‘I am but sometimes I forget. It is better to be safe than sorry, ‘ she giggled. I recommenced stroking her. Soon her bottoms started to move in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly her body arched.
I continued to fuck her with steady strokes. Soon I felt my seed rising. My strokes became harder and faster. I was now on short strokes. Ruby was on the boil again.
‘Y… HESS Y… HESSS, RAMU, DON’T STOP. GO ON. Y… HESSS OH JESUSSS CHRIISST I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG’ she screamed and lay panting. Few strokes later I jettisoned my load into her tight choot.
For few minutes we lay kissing savoring the intense sensation we had just experienced then I rolled off and I lit a cigarette. ‘Light one for me also, ‘ Ruby said. For a few minutes we smoked in silence.
‘Ruby, did you enjoy yourself?’ I asked.
‘Oh Ramu, it was wonderful. I have never enjoyed myself like this before. What about you?’ she asked.
‘Oh yes. Your choot was very tight, ‘ I replied, ‘Ruby, tell me who deflowered you and when?’
‘My friend popped my cherry five years ago, ‘ she said.
‘What a pity I would have loved to deflower you, ‘ I said.
‘You like popping cherries?’ she asked.
‘Oh yes, I love deflowering girls, ‘ I replied.
‘Well you are too late to take my cherry but are in time to fuck me again, ‘ she giggled, catching my cock and pulling me on top.
We had a very satisfying fuck. Several times I thought of bringing up the subject of Piya’s admission but just couldn’t and decided to ask her at the time of leaving.
After fucking her two more times I prepared to leave. ‘Ruby, will Piya get admission?’ I asked hesitatingly.
‘She should with the Deputy Secretary’s recommendation but the Admission Committee has the last word, ‘ she replied.
As I was leaving, she said, ‘Ramu, drop in whenever you like. I’m usually at home in the evenings.’
Next morning I reached Nina’s flat as Piya was leaving.
‘Hello Ramu, what are you doing here?’ Piya asked.
‘I thought I was supposed to come today to see the rest of your mausi’s paintings, ‘ I replied.
‘Sorry, I had forgotten, ‘ Piya said apologizing, ‘Good that you have come. After seeing mausi’s paintings you wait here. I’ll go and deposit the admission form and then we’ll go sightseeing.’
‘Will do, ‘ I replied.
‘We don’t have much time. Let us go to the bedroom. You promised me your asshole today, ‘ I said to Nina as soon as Piya left.
‘Mujhe yaad hai lakin pahele meri choot ko chodo phir gaand maar lena (Yes I know but first fuck my cunt then you can fuck me in the asshole), ‘ Nina said.
‘Then hurry, ‘ I said starting to undress.
We fucked once in the missionary position and when I was fucking her in her asshole the telephone rang. ‘Nina, answer the phone, ‘ I said withdrawing my cock from her asshole.
‘Aapne apna laurda meri gaand main se kyon nikal liya (Oh why have you taken your cock out), ‘ she moaned.
‘The phone is ringing, ‘ I said.
‘Let it ring. Hurry, put your cock in my asshole again, ‘ Nina said.
‘If it is Piya then she will wonder why you are not answering, ‘ I said getting off her.
‘She had to phone when I had just started to enjoy myself, ‘ Nina murmured under her breath and walked naked to the phone to answer it. She returned after few minutes and said smiling broadly, ‘It was Piya. She said that she’ll be delayed and she’ll meet you at your hotel at three.’ ‘Did she give a reason?’ I asked.
‘Yes, she said something about attending classes. I was not paying attention. If you are interested you can ask her when you meet her. Ab jaldi se apna laurda meri gaand main dalo (Now hurry and put your cock back into my butt, ‘ she said getting into gaand fuck position.
There was no hurry now. After fucking Nina in her asshole I ate Nina’s pussy then we fucked some more.
After eating lunch I left. I reached my hotel shortly before three. When Piya arrived we went sightseeing. At teatime, I asked, ‘What happened? Why were you delayed?’
‘When I was about to leave after depositing the form the principal called me and said, ‘Piya, I think that you should consider attending classes as you have already missed a lot of studies.’
I was overjoyed thinking that I’d been admitted and started to thank her.
‘I didn’t say that. The Admission Committee has yet to decide on your application but if their decision is in your favor then these classes will stand you in good stead in future and if they decide against you then no harm is done. You’ll have learnt something. Decision is yours, ‘ she said.
‘I decided to attend the classes therefore I got delayed, ‘ Piya laughed.
‘Good girl, you must keep Miss Abraham happy, ‘ I said.
‘That’s what I thought, ‘ she giggled.
‘Intelligent girl but now tell me what happened on the train, ‘ I said.
Her expression changed immediately. ‘My God, how many times must I tell you that nothing happened, ‘ she said getting irritated.
‘Something did happen and you don’t want to tell me, ‘ I said smiling.
‘There is nothing to tell, ‘ she said getting up, ‘let’s go.’
At six thirty she returned home.
On Wednesday morning I made sure to reach Nina’s flat after Piya had left. I returned to my hotel after Nina and I had enjoyed ourselves.
On reaching my hotel I rang up my customer. The right person was not available and I was asked to call back around seven in the evening.
Piya arrived at three. We went shopping. When we were walking back to my hotel, I asked, ‘Piya, please tell me what happened on the train.’
She stopped and with fire in her eyes said, ‘Ramu, you are the limit. Every evening you ask the same question and my answer is the same. Why don’t you believe me?’
‘I know you saw something and I will not rest till you have told me what you saw, ‘ I said.
‘Can we talk about something else, ‘ she said sarcastically, ‘I’ll never tell you what I saw.’
When she had gone home I rang up my customer and fixed my presentation for Tuesday at 2 p.m.
Next day, I fucked Nina in the morning as usual and Piya came to pick me up for sightseeing at three. When we returned to the hotel, I asked, ‘Piya, yesterday you said you saw something. Tell me what it was.’
‘No I won’t, ‘ she said blushing.
‘Please, ‘ I requested.
‘Never, ‘ she said getting up, ‘one more word on this subject and I’ll leave.’
‘Sit down, ‘ I laughed and changed the subject.
After she had gone home I decided to visit Ruby. I bought some Chinese food from a take out, a bouquet of flowers and bought two bottles of red Beaujolais. Then I arranged them my in a basket and arrived at her doorstep around eight.
Ruby opened the door. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. She was dressed in her housecoat like last time. ‘Ramu, come on in, ‘ she panted.
‘Are you okay?’ I asked.
‘Yes, I am all right. My friend and I were watching TV, ‘ she said.
‘If it is inconvenient then I’ll come some other day, ‘ I said.
‘Don’t be silly. You are always welcome. Is this basket for me?’ she said taking it from me.
‘Yes, I have brought some Chinese food, red wine and flowers for you, ‘ I replied.
‘I love Chinese food, ‘ she said, ‘Come and sit down while I put the food away.’
‘I’ll help you with the wine bottle, ‘ I said following her into the kitchen.
When we entered the sitting room with glasses and the wine bottle, I noticed that it was empty. ‘Where is your friend?’ I asked.
‘On the sofa, ‘ she giggled pointing to a dildo.
I examined it. It was not an ordinary dildo. It was made of India rubber and had balls made of soft rubber attached to it and an inlet to fill liquid in it, which squirted from its tip by pressing the balls. The dildo was still wet. Apparently Ruby was using it when I rang the bell.
‘So this fellow took your cherry, ‘ I said with a twinkle in my eyes.
‘In the absence of a real man this was the only alternative I had, ‘ she giggled.
‘Sorry for the interruption, you can continue if you want, ‘ I said and offering the dildo to Ruby.
‘CAREFUL, DON’T PRESS… ‘ Ruby shouted. Her warning came too late. I had inadvertently squeezed the balls.
‘Oops, ‘ I exclaimed, dropping the dildo on the floor, as some white liquid spurted from it on me.
I bent down to pick it up and gave it to Ruby.
‘I don’t require it now. I’ve the real McCoy, ‘ she giggled grabbing my cock and pulling me towards the bedroom.
‘What was the whitish liquid?’ I asked brushing it off my clothes.
‘It was only lukewarm milk, ‘ she said.
We undressed. When Ruby took off her housecoat I noticed that she was not wearing anything underneath it.
‘Ramu, lie down on the bed and let me welcome your cock properly, ‘ she said taking my cock in her hand and started to lick it.
I was surprised that she sucked cock like a veteran. She knew what men liked. She licked my cock from its hairy roots to the head. She twirled her tongue around its swollen head. She licked my thighs and gently licking and squeezing my crown jewels. She kept switching from one operation to the other.
Soon a big drop of pre cum appeared on the tip of my cock and with a flick of her tongue she swallowed it. After a while she took my cock in her mouth and commenced to suck it.
‘OH RUBY, it feels sooo good, ‘ I moaned closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation her warm mouth was producing.
Soon I felt my sperm rising. My cock became bigger and harder. Ruby must have noticed it because she released my cock and went to work on my thighs and my nuts.
Ruby smiled naughtily. She started to suck my cock again after giving my sperm few minutes to settle down. Just as I was about to cum she stopped. She did this a couple of times. I wanted to cum desperately.
Next time when I was about to cum, I caught her head and shouted, ‘Y… HES RUBY GO ON. DON’T STOP. I AM ABOUT TO CUM.’
She nodded and continued to bob her head up and down.
‘FASTER RUBY FASTER, Y… HESSS OH Y… HESS I AMMM COOOMMMMINNNG, ‘ I screamed starting to spurt my-cum into Ruby’s mouth.
Ruby continued to suck till my balls were empty.
‘Oh Ruby, this was great, ‘ I said kissing her.
We drank wine in bed. Then fucked and ate dinner. After dinner, I asked Ruby, ‘Has anyone fucked you in your asshole?’
‘Of course not, why?’ she replied.
‘Then I’ll take your asshole cherry tonight, ‘ I said.
Ruby didn’t react. She stared at me for a minute or so then she said, smiling, ‘Why not, I’ll try anything once.’
‘Do you have Vaseline?’ I asked.
‘No, ‘ she said.
‘Bring some cooking oil in a small bowl, ‘ I said.
‘Now what?’ she said fetching the oil.
‘Get on the bed on all fours with your head down and your butt in the air, ‘ I said. She did what I told her.
When she was in gaand fuck position then I started to apply oil on her puckered hole.
I applied oil out side and then inserted one then two fingers in her ass hole and rotated them to lubricate the internal passage of her butt tube.
‘Oooo, it feels so nice, ‘ Ruby moaned.
Then I applied oil on my cock. ‘Are you ready?’ I asked placing my cock on her rear entrance.
‘Yes but please be gentle, ‘ she said.
‘Of course my dear, ‘ I replied and holding her firmly lunged forward.
‘AAAAYYYYYYYIIIIIEEEEEEEE, ‘ she screamed as my cock buried itself to the hilt inside her butt.
‘RAMU, I SAID GENTLY, ‘ she groaned.
‘This is the least painful way to take an asshole cherry, ‘ I said commencing the fuck motion and simultaneously rubbed her cunt.
Her ass hole was very tight. After fucking her butt for ten minutes, I panted, ‘Ruby, your ass hole is very tight. I am enjoying it very much).’
Ruby did not reply. She lay moaning softly with her eyes shut. ‘Kyon mazaa aa raha hai? (Are you enjoying it?)’ I asked.
‘Y… hes it feels very nice, ‘ she moaned.
I felt my seed rising. My strokes became faster and shorter. ‘Y… HESS RAMUGO ON DON’T STOP AAAAHHHHHHHHHH, ‘ she shouted in ecstasy. Just then I filled her gaand (asshole) with my cum.
‘Was it very painful?’ I said lighting cigarettes for both of us.
‘It hurt only when your cock entered my gaand otherwise I it was very enjoyed it very much, ‘ she said, ‘More wine?’
‘Yes, please, ‘ I said.
‘Ramu, have you fucked Piya?’
‘She is my cousin, ‘ I replied.
‘Cousin my foot, I’ve been a teacher for a long time and instinctively know when some one is lying, ‘ she said laughing, ‘have you or have you not fucked her.’
‘I met her only a few days back on the train coming here, ‘ I said.
‘That doesn’t matter, ‘ she said, ‘Tumne mujhse kaha tha ki tumhain kori choot phardene main mazaa ata hai (You told that you enjoy deflowering girls).’
‘Yes, I did, ‘ I said.
‘Mujhe yakeen hai ki uski choot kori hai. Meri baat maano aur uski choot phard do (I am sure that she is a virgin. Take my advice and pop her cherry), ‘ she said, ‘She is in love with you and will not give you any trouble.’
‘I’ll try my best, ‘ I said.
After a couple of glasses of wine we fell asleep in each other’s arms. When I woke up it was past eleven. I wanted to leave but Ruby insisted that I fuck her one more time. We fucked again. When I was leaving, she said, ‘Ramu, Piya is a nice girl. I like her. Don’t make her pregnant.’
‘Don’t worry if and when I fuck her I’ll take full precautions, ‘ I said.
‘Take these tablets with you, ‘ she said putting the half full bottle in my pocket, ‘I trust them more than all other methods put together.’
‘What about you?’ I asked.
‘Don’t worry, I have more, ‘ she replied.
When I reached my hotel a message from my client was waiting for me stating that I should meet them at nine in the morning for some urgent discussions.
In the morning I rang up Nina. ‘Sorry Nina I won’t be able to come today, ‘ I told her… 
‘Kya koyi aur milgayi hai chodene ko (Have you found some else to fuck, ‘ she giggled.
‘Kaash mil gayi hoti (I wish I had found one), ‘ I laughed, ‘no, I’ve a meeting.’
‘When do I see you again?’ Nina asked.
‘Tomorrow morning at the usual time, ‘ I replied.
‘I’ll be waiting, ‘ she said signing off.
When I returned to my hotel after the meeting I felt very tired. I changed into my pajama suit and went to sleep.
Insistent ringing of the doorbell woke me. It was quite dark in the room. Practically no light filtered through the heavy window curtains. I switched on the bedside table lamp and looked at my watch. It was nearly three in the afternoon.
‘It must be Piya, ‘ I thought.
I jumped out of bed and after opening the door quickly got into bed again and sat half reclining on the headrest. ‘Why didn’t you open the door? I have been ringing the bell for the last five minutes, ‘ she said making a face and looking around for a chair.
‘Sorry, I was asleep, ‘ I yawned and patting the bed beside me, added, ‘sit here.’
She sat down and with a very serious expression, said, ‘Ramu, I’ve something important to tell you.’
‘Tell me, ‘ I replied.
‘M… Miss Abraham called me today and said… ‘ she said and stopped.
‘Piya… what did she say?’ I asked getting worried.
‘S… She said… she said that the Admission Committee has approved my application, ‘ she said with a straight face. It took me a few seconds to realize what she had said.
‘You devil, you had got me worried, ‘ I said slapping her playfully on her back.
‘Oh Ramu, I am so happy, ‘ she said laughing happily.
‘Congratulations, I’m very happy for you, ‘ I said.
‘Thank you, it’s all because of you, ‘ she said.
‘I didn’t do anything. You got admission because of your mausaji spoke to the man from the ministry, ‘ I said.
‘No, if you had not persuaded me to go back to the college then what would the man from the ministry have done, ‘ she said.
‘Well, if you put it that way then thank you, ‘ I said modestly.
‘I wish I could do something for you too, ‘ she said.
‘There is something, ‘ I said.
‘What?’ she asked.
‘You promise to do it, ‘ I said.
‘Of course, if I can, ‘ she said.
‘Then tell me what happened in the train, ‘ I said.
‘Oh my God, you are still stuck on it. No, I won’t, ‘ she exclaimed.
‘Piya, you promised, ‘ I said.
‘Okay, I’ll tell you but you’ll have to close your eyes. It is very embarrassing, ‘ she said blushing.
‘I’ve a suggestion. You close your eyes. This way I cannot cheat, ‘ I said with a naughty twinkle in my eye.
‘Okay but no interruptions, ‘ she said.
‘Mum is the word, ‘ I said placing my finger on my lips.
‘I fell asleep as soon as I climbed up to my berth, ‘ she started to narrate the story, ‘Then something woke me I don’t know what. I was about turnover and go to sleep again when I saw Amit gesticulating. Wondering what he was up to so I pretended to sleep and watched as to what happens.’
‘Soon I realized that Amit wanted Amita to come to him. After few minutes when Amita did not come, he stood up and peered at you then at me. Come, they are both fast asleep, he said or something similar. I could not hear clearly. Nothing happened. Then he pushed down his pajamas and exposed his… ‘ She hesitated.
‘Lund (cock), ‘ I prompted softly.
‘Eh, what was that?’ she asked.
‘I said that it is called lund or laurda (cock), ‘ I said.
‘I can’t say that, ‘ she said blushing.
‘Why not? There is no harm in calling a spade a spade. Say it. Yes, say lund (cock), ‘ I coaxed her.
‘L… Lund standing in its full glory, ‘ she continued blushing profusely.
‘Good girl, now continue, ‘ I said.
‘He then caught Amita’s arm and pulled her to his berth, ‘ Piya continued, ‘for a couple of minutes they lay kissing and while kissing Amit kneaded Amita’s breasts and Amita held his lund in her hand. Then his hand disappeared under her sari.’
‘Could you see this clearly?’ I asked.
‘Yes, the night light was bright enough, ‘ she said.
‘Are you sure or you are guessing, ‘ I asked.
‘You want to hear what happened that night or not, ‘ Piya said haughtily.
‘Sorry, I was just wondering. Okay, okay continue, ‘ I said quickly.
‘Where was I? Yes… he then pulled her sari above her waist exposing her… ‘ she said, blushing.
‘You know what it is called, ‘ I asked. She remained silent but her face took a deep red hue.
‘Then say it, ‘ I prompted.
‘Exposing her ch… ch… choot, ‘ she said covering her face with her hands, ‘Her… choo… choot had no hair. Ramu, why do women shave their pubic hair?’
‘To please their man because some men like a shaven choot, ‘ I said.
‘Then he got on top of her and picking up her legs placed them on his shoulders. Then he pushed his l… lund into her choot. Amita spread her legs as Amit started to f… fuck her. Amit… ‘ she said.
‘And your hand crept inside your salwar and started to rub your choot, ‘ I said interrupting her.
‘IT DID NOT, ‘ she snapped. She opened her eyes and glared at me angrily. ‘Yes, it did, ‘ I laughed. ‘How do you know?’ she asked. ‘Because I saw it, ‘ I said.
‘YOU SAW IT? That means you were awake. You wicked man, you saw everything, ‘ she said hammering my chest with her fists.
‘Hey, calm down, ‘ I said catching her fists and pulling her to me, ‘ I saw you but could not see what was going on under me. That is why I asked you.
‘Oh, I see, ‘ she said placing her head on my chest.
‘Amit Amita ko chod raha tha (Amit was fucking Amit), ‘ I prompted.
‘Haan, kuch der tak Amit Amita ko dheere dheere chodeta raha (Amit continued to fuck Amita for some time), ‘ she continued, ‘Amita’s hips had started to move. Amit’s strokes gathered speed. Amita’s hips moved with the rhythm of Amit’s strokes.’
‘Amit was fucking her with short and fast strokes. Their lips met. While they were kissing Amita’s body arched and then fell back. Suddenly Amit pushed hard into her and stopped. Their kiss broke. They were panting and gasping for breath. Then Amit started to rock slowly.’
‘They did nothing but kiss for the next ten minutes. I was about to go to sleep when Amit started to fuck her again. It was a repetition of the first time. When they had finished Amita, wiping her choot with her sari, returned to her berth. I also went to sleep. This is what happened that night. Satisfied?’
‘You forgot to mention that you rubbed your choot while they were fucking for the second time, ‘ I said.
‘What if it did, ‘ she snapped glaring at me defiantly, ‘it is my choot and I can rub it whenever I want.’
‘Of course you can. I was only setting the records straight, ‘ I laughed.
I could see that the outline of her hard nipples was visible through her tight blouse and her face was flushed. As I had hoped that reliving the events of that night had made her horny. I decided to go for her choot.
‘When you slept did you dream of fucking?’ I asked.
‘I did not, ‘ she shot back.
‘But I did, ‘ I replied mysteriously.
‘What did you dream?’ she asked.
‘No, I can’t tell you, ‘ I said.
‘Ramu, don’t be mean. Please tell me, ‘ she begged.
‘Okay but promise that you won’t be offended, ‘ I said.
‘Cross my heart, ‘ she said.
‘I dreamt that you and I were lying on the same berth, ‘ I said.
‘How could we? There is not enough space, ‘ she giggled.
‘We were lying close to each other, ‘ I said and lifting her bodily and laid her next to me, ‘like this’.
‘HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ she shouted, ‘LET ME GO.’
‘Just showing you how we were lying, ‘ I laughed.
‘Oh! Then what happened?’ she asked lying close to me.
‘I gathered you in my arms and kissed you tenderly, ‘ I said taking her in my arms and kissing her tenderly.
‘RAMU, ‘ she said shocked.
I kissed her again. This time more passionately. Initially, she tried to resist but later she responded and kissed me back with the same fervor as I was kissing her. While kissing my hands at first caressed her boobs then squeezed them.
She caught my hand and tried to pull it away from her tits but I resisted. Gradually her grip slackened and I could press her tits without hindrance. Then unbuttoning her blouse I pushed up her bra.
She broke the kiss and moaned, ‘Ramu don’t.’
I immediately started to kiss and suckle her nipples. She moaned and pressed my head to her tits. While sucking her nipples I pushed my hand under her skirt and caressed her choot from outside her panties.
‘NO, PLEASE DON’T, ‘ said loudly catching my hand and closing her legs.
‘Don’t you like what I am doing?’ I asked continuing to caress her choot.
‘Yes but… ‘ she said.
‘Hush, my dear, enjoy, ‘ I said stopping all comments by placing my lips on hers.
I continued to massage her cunt. Her panties were drenched with her cum. Her legs opened and she moaned loudly. I inserted my hand inside her panties and ran my fingers through her wet lower lips. Then I squeezed her clit between my fingers. Then she gave a strange half cry, half hysterical laugh, she had passed the rubicon, meant fucking. Her legs opened wider. Her body had conquered her mind. Now I knew that her cherry was mine.
I withdrew my hand from her choot and pulling off my pajamas got on top of her. Instinctively, she tried to close her legs but I quickly inserted my knees in between and spread her legs wide. Then pushing her panties aside I rubbed my cock up and down her slit. Then I placed my cock on the entrance of her virgin choot.
‘Please be gentle I haven’t done this before, ‘ she moaned. ‘Don’t worry, my darling, ‘ I said pushing my cock inside her gently.
‘AAWAAO, IT HURTS, ‘ she screamed as the swollen head of my cock forced its way through the small entrance of her virgin choot. My cock slid into her dripping choot till it encountered her hymen. I pressed.
‘RAMU, STOP! YOU ARE HURTING ME. OH MY GOD IT IS AWFUL. PLEASE STOP, ‘ Piya screamed as hymen stretched and wrapped round my cock’s knob but didn’t tear. I pressed harder.
‘NO, NO, STOP. RAMU, YOU ARE KILLING ME, ‘ Piya shouted still louder.
I pulled back a little reducing the pressure on her hymen.
‘Oh my God it was horrible, ‘ Piya muttered relaxing.
I took a firm grip of her I lunged forward.
‘AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE, ‘ she screamed at the top of her voice as my cock tore through her tough hymen and buried itself to the hilt inside her hitherto virgin choot till our pubic hair inter mingled with each other
Ignoring her scream I commenced to move my lund in and out of her tight love tunnel.
‘GET OFF ME, ‘ she shouted trying to dislodge me. I held on and kept pumping her choot.
‘YOU ARE HURTING ME, STOP, ‘ she screamed still trying to push me off her and starting to cry. I didn’t say anything and kept fucking her.
‘Main tujhe chod raha hoon (Iam fucking you), ‘ I said without missing a stroke. ‘PLEASE MAINE NAHIN CHUDWANA (PLEASE I DON’T WANT TO FUCKED), ‘ she yelled sniffling.
When she could not dislodge me then she stopped struggling and lay without moving under me with her mouth half open and staring blankly at me. I continued moving my cock in and out of her tight choot.
After a few minutes her eyes closed and her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes.
‘Oh Ramu, ‘ she moaned. It was time to put the tablet given to me by Ruby in Piya’s choot.
I withdrew my cock and before I could take out the table from the bottle, Piya moaned, ‘Ruk kyon gaye? Aur chodo na (Why have you stopped? Fuck me more).’
‘I will, ‘ I said and sticking the tablet on the tip of my lund (cock) I pushed it inside Piya’s waiting choot and started the fuck movement.
‘OOHHH, ‘ she groaned as my cock rubbed against the torn edges of her hymen.
Soon her hips stated to keep rhythm with my strokes again. I fucked her with harder and faster strokes. ‘Y… HESS Y… HESS, ‘ she yelled.
I felt my sperm rising. I was about to cum. My strokes became harder and shorter. Suddenly her body arched. ‘Y… HES Y… HESSS FUCK ME FASTER AND HARDER OH MY GOD I AM CUMMMINNNNG OH OH OHHHHHH, ‘ she screamed and fell back. Just then I also pushed deep inside her and started to spurt my cum.
Our lips met in a passionate kiss. We lay joined together savoring the intense pleasure we had experienced together. After a few minutes I rolled of her.
‘Piya, did you enjoy yourself?’ I asked lighting a cigarette.
‘At first it was horrible, ‘ she said cuddling to me and unbuttoning my pajama top.
‘And then?’ I asked.
‘Oh it was heavenly, ‘ she said blushing and licking my nipples.
‘What would you have done if I had stopped when you asked me to?’ I asked.
‘I would have never forgiven you, ‘ she said biting my nipple playfully.
‘Piya, let us undress, ‘ I said.
‘Uuuunn, I am fine like this, ‘ she said cuddling closer to me.
‘Do you want me to fuck you again?’ I asked. She nodded blushing sweetly and hiding her face.
‘When we fuck again we should be naked, ‘ I said.
‘Kyon? Jab tumne meri choot phardi thi tab maine kapdre pahene huye the ab utaarne ki kya zaroorat. Tum mujhe aisse he chod lena (Why? When you deflowered me then also I was dressed why undress now. If you want you can fuck me like this), ‘ she said pouting.
‘That is so but if our naked bodies touch each other then it enhances the pleasure, ‘ I said.
‘Okay, but switch off the bedside lamp, ‘ she said.
I switched off the lamp. I undressed quickly and watched Piya undressing. I couldn’t see much because of the heavy curtains, which I had drawn before going to sleep. When I saw that Piya had taken off her clothes and was getting into bed I switched on the light.
‘EEEK, ‘ she screamed, covering her boobs with her arm and her cunt with her hand, ‘you promised not to switch on the light.”
‘Because I wanted to see your beautiful body, ‘ I said, ‘Remove your arm.’
‘No, I won’t, ‘ she said shaking her head vigorously.
‘Come on, Piya, let me see your tits, ‘ I said and forcefully removing her arm. She immediately placed the second hand also to cover her choot.
‘Teri chuchiyan bardi pyaari hain (Your boobs are very beautiful), ‘ I said caressing and kissing them.
She blushed and covered her face with her hands. Then she realized that she had left her choot uncovered. She quickly covered it with one hand.
‘Now show me your choot, ‘ I said.
‘No I won’t, ‘ she said shaking her head.
‘Darling, main teri choot ko chod chukka hoon. Ab dikhane main kya harz hai (Darling, I have fucked your choot. There is no harm in letting me see it now), ‘ I said.
‘NO, ‘ she said.
‘Darling, please, ‘ I said.
‘Okay, but then I’ll inspect your cock also, ‘ she said.
‘Of course, ‘ I said. Hesitatingly she removed her hand and immediately covered her face.
I couldn’t see her lower lips or her clit because her pubic hair growth was quite dense. I lifted her leg. A blob of my cum which was stuck at the entrance oozed out. What surprised me was the absence of blood. She had not bled at all. If I had not deflowered her myself I would have doubted that she was a virgin. ‘Isn’t my choot pretty also?’ she giggled. ‘Yes, it’s very pretty, ‘ I said giving her choot a wet kiss.
‘You are a dirty man. Kissing my choot like that, ‘ she said, ‘Okay, now it is my turn to inspect your cock.’
‘All right, ‘ I said and sat half leaning on the headrest.
She looked at my cock from all sides. ‘Can I touch it?’ she asked.
‘Be my guest, ‘ I laughed.
She picked my cock gingerly with her thumb and forefinger and looked under it. Her touch made my blood rush into my loins and my cock started to get hard.
‘EEEEKK, it… it is getting big, ‘ she screamed dropping my cock like a hot potato.
‘What did you expect, ‘ I laughed.
Wide eyed she watched as my cock grew bigger and bigger till it stood in all its glory. ‘OH MY GOD, ‘ she said loudly.
‘What happened?’ I asked.
‘It… It is huge. Amit’s cock was much smaller, ‘ she said.
‘My dear, cocks come in different sizes, ‘ I said laughing.
‘Now I understand why it was so painful, ‘ she said.
‘Your maidenhead was very tough. It would have been just as painful if Amit would have deflowered you, ‘ I replied.
‘Are you sure?’ she said.
‘Yes, ‘ I said, ‘take it in your hand. It won’t bite you.’
Hesitatingly she took my cock in her hand. ‘Oooo, it is so thick, ‘ she said.
‘Move your hand up and down, ‘ I said.
‘Itna barda laurda kaisse meri nanhi si choot main kaisse guss sakta hai? (How can such a big cock go inside my small cunt?), ‘ she asked masturbating me.
‘It didn’t, ‘ I replied with a straight face, ‘maine tujhe paun ke anguthe se choda tha (I fucked with the toe of my foot), ‘
‘Please Ramu, don’t joke, tell me the truth, ‘ she said pouting.
‘Of course it did, ‘ I said.
‘I don’t believe it, ‘ she said.
‘Okay, lie down, ‘ I said pushing her on her back, ‘I’ll show you.’
Then I got between her legs and slowly inserted my cock in her choot.
‘OHHH, it hurts, ‘ she groaned, ‘will it always hurt like this?’
‘No, the torn edges of your shattered maidenhead are still raw but by tomorrow they’ll heal and you won’t feel any pain ever, ‘ I said, ‘now check if my cock is inside you or not.’
She put her hand down and convinced herself that the whole of my cock was actually inside her cunt. ‘Oh my God, the whole of it is inside my choot, ‘ she said blushing.
‘Darling, now close your eyes and enjoy yourself, ‘ I said starting the fuck motion.
For the next ten minutes I fucked her with slow long strokes. I kept varying the length and speed of my strokes. Then I increased the tempo. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes.
‘Oh Ramu, ‘ she moaned softly.
My in and out movement became faster. Piya pressed me to her naked body and moaned, ‘Oh it feels so nice.’
I fucked with fast short strokes. Her hips kept pace with my strokes. Suddenly her body arched.
Without missing a stroke I continued to fuck her with steady pace. After another five minutes Piya’s choot was on the boil again. I was also about to cum and started to fuck her with hard and fast strokes.
My speed became faster and strokes shorter. Piya’s bottoms continued to keep pace with me. I fucked her faster and faster, so did her bottoms. Suddenly her body ached.
‘Y… HESSS FASTER RAMUFASTER OH FUCK ME HARDER. Y… HESS OHHH OHHHH GOD I AMMMM NEEAARLY THERE OH GGGODDD OHHHH I AMMMMMM COOOMMMIIIINNNNGGGG, ‘ screamed again and fell back gasping for breath. Few strokes later, I spurted my cum into her choot.
Our lips met in a long passionate kiss. I continued to lie on top of her. My cock was fast losing its hardness. I moved my cock in and out slowly to keep it semi erect. After five minutes or so my cock was again fully erect. I started to fuck her again.
This time she came at least five times before I deposited my load into her. We lay in a close embrace with our lips glued together. When the kiss broke I got off her and lay next to her. For several minutes we lay silently savoring the intense pleasure we both had just experienced.
‘How was it?’ I asked.
‘Oh Ramu, it was fantastic, ‘ she panted cuddling to me, ‘it was even better than first time.’
We both fell asleep. When we woke up it was past six. ‘How time flies, ‘ Piya said, ‘I must go home.’
‘Piya, stay for sometime more time, ‘ I said, ‘we’ll fuck again.’
‘Please, I have to go otherwise mausi will get angry. I’ll come tomorrow again then… ‘ Piya said starting to dress.
‘Then… ?’ I asked.
‘Nothing, ‘ she said blushing.
‘You were about to say something but stopped, ‘ I prompted.
‘I wasn’t saying anything, ‘ she said.
When she was ready to leave we kissed each other. ‘See you tomorrow, ‘ I said.
‘Haan, phir tum mujhe jee bhar ke chodena (Yes, then you can fuck me to your hearts content), ‘ she whispered in my ear. Before I could react she opened the door and hurried out.
‘Don’t worry, I will, ‘ I laughed, watching her receding figure down the corridor.
After Piya had left, I thought over the events of the day. First of all I congratulated myself for popping Piya’s cherry. I had never thought that it would be that easy. In our discussions I had noticed that Piya was very naïve about sex. She knew the basic facts otherwise her knowledge about sex was very sketchy. I decided to take advantage of it.
Later I went to the coffee shop and had a hot soup and something light to eat. I was tired and decided to sleep early. As I lay in bed the phone rang. Ruby was on the line.
‘Hello Ramu, how are you?’ Ruby said.
‘I am fine and you, ‘ I responded.
‘Have you heard the good news?’ she asked.
‘What good news?’ I said.
‘About Piya, ‘ she said.
‘Oh yes, I have heard. Thank you very much. I am very grateful to you, ‘ I said.
‘Thank you. I didn’t phone you for that. What I wanted to know was whether Piya thanked you on phone or in person?’ she asked.
‘She came personally and thanked me. Why do you ask?’ I said.
‘Did she thank you properly? I mean real properly, ‘ she chuckled.
Now I understood what she was getting at. ‘Yes, she thanked me properly, ‘ I laughed, ‘is this why you called?’
‘Yes and I wanted you to come over, ‘ she giggled, ‘but you, poor dear, must be very tired. I think it would be best if you rest today.’
I looked at my watch. It was eight o’clock. ‘I’ll come if you want, ‘ I said.
‘No, you rest today. My friend will look after me, ‘ she giggled
‘Ruby, I’ll come… ‘ I said but she had already disconnected the line.
Next morning, I went to Nina’s flat as usual. The first thing, she said was, ‘I suppose, I should congratulate you.’
‘Congratulate me? Why?’ I asked.
‘Kyon ki tumne kal Piya ki choot phard dee (Because you deflowered Piya yesterday), ‘ she said.
‘She knows or guesses, ‘ I thought but aloud, I said, ‘Who says so?’
‘I say so, ‘ Nina replied.
‘How can you be so sure? Do you inspect her choot every night?’ I said.
‘No but I put her clothes in the washing machine, ‘ she said.
‘That means that I’ve fucked her, ‘ I said.
‘Then explain why her panties were stiff with dried cum?’ Nina said.
I thought swiftly. ‘Piya is young and healthy. She must have felt very horny and masturbated in her panties several times, ‘ I said.
‘That doesn’t explain the streaks of blood on her panties, ‘ Nina asked.
So she did bleed. ‘She was probably having her period, ‘ I said shrugging.
‘No, it was not her period. Her period finished day before yesterday, ‘ she said.
‘Probably, I am guessing, in her excitement she put her finger or something too deep inside her choot and damaged her virginity, ‘ I said smiling.
‘God, you have an answer for everything. You should have been a lawyer, ‘ Nina said throwing up her arms. I laughed.
‘Ramu, don’t laugh. I am serious. As far as I am concerned it is Piya’s choot and if she wants you to fuck it then fuck it by all means but please, please don’t make her pregnant and shame me in front of my sister, ‘ she pleaded with folded hands.
‘Why are you telling me all this?’ I said.
‘You may deny it but deep down in my heart I know that you have opened Piya’s choot yesterday, ‘ Nina said.
‘Forget Piya’s choot and tell me how is your choot doing?’ I asked.
‘Poor thing, it is leaking like a municipality tap since you left yesterday, ‘ she giggled.
‘Let’s go to the bedroom, ‘ I said picking her up, ‘luckily I have the right sort of plug for it.’
After I had plugged her leaking choot two times I returned to my hotel.
After lunch I waited for Piya in my room. I was looking forward to fuck her tight choot but she didn’t come. She rang up around six thirty.
‘Where are you? I am waiting for you, ‘ I said.
‘I am still in the college. The principal wanted to talk to me and had asked me to wait, ‘ she said.
‘What did she say?’ I asked.
Piya said, ‘I was waiting outside her office. When she was leaving she saw me.’
‘Oh my God, you are still waiting, ‘ Miss Abraham said.
‘The peon told me that you wanted to talk to me so I waited, ‘ I said.
‘I am so sorry. I completely forgot that you were waiting, ‘ she said.
‘That’s all right, ma’am. You wanted to talk to me, ‘ I asked.
‘It’ll keep. Now go home. Your parents must be worried sick, ‘ she said and getting into her car, drove off and I came to phone you.
‘I missed you very much. Why don’t you come over, ‘ I said.
‘I want to but can’t, ‘ she said sobbing, ‘it is getting late and I must go home.’
‘Don’t cry. Tomorrow is Sunday. We can meet early, say at eleven and spend the whole day together, ‘ I said trying to pacify her.
‘I can’t, I’ve promised mausi to spend the whole day with her, ‘ she said blowing her nose.
‘Don’t worry, my dear. We’ll meet on Monday at three, ‘ I said.
‘I wanted to meet you so, ‘ she said bursting into tears afresh.
‘Piya, please stop crying. Go home and we’ll meet on Monday. Bye, ‘ I said.
‘Bye, ‘ she said.
I was very disappointed. What do I do now? Shall I call Ruby? I was still debating it when the phone rang.
It was Ruby. ‘What are you doing tonight, lover boy?’ she asked laughing.
‘Nothing, I was about to call you, ‘ I replied.
‘Come over and spend the weekend with me, ‘ she said.
‘Okay, do you want me to bring anything, ‘ I asked.
‘Yes, bring your laurda (cock) with you. We’ll need it, ‘ she giggled.
‘That I will do, ‘ I laughed, ‘anything else?’
‘Bring Chinese food and wine and lots of it so that we don’t have to cook or go out on Sunday, ‘ she said.
‘Okay, will do, ‘ I said.
It was nearly eight when I reached Ruby’s flat. ‘Come in, Ramu, ‘ she said leading me into the kitchen.
While we were stowing away the food, Ruby said, ‘Did you meet Piya today?’
‘No, it was getting… you engineered it on purpose, ‘ I said accusing Ruby.
‘Yes I did, ‘ she said owning up.
‘Why did you do it, ‘ I said. I was annoyed because I had missed out on Piya’s tight choot.
‘Because I wanted you to be fresh tonight, ‘ she said.
This was like adding insult to injury. I was now angry and my ego was hurt.
‘Have I ever disappointed you before, ‘ I asked keeping my temper in control. Ruby sensed that I was livid.
‘Ramu, please don’t get angry. It was not for me, ‘ she said apologizing.
‘For whom then?’ I asked.
‘Ma’am, I heard the door bell… oops, ‘ I heard a female voice say behind me.
‘For her, ‘ Ruby whispered.
I turned and saw Nagma standing, red in the face; with her hand in front of her half open mouth.
She was wearing a figure hugging lemon green satin blouse, which did little to hide the contours of her nipples, and a dark green plaid skirt. It seemed to me that Nagma was not wearing a bra.
She was as surprised to see me, as I was to see her. I was speechless. I stared at her with my blood running to my loins and with my crotch rising. Seeing Nagma my anger disappeared into thin air.
‘She is beautiful, isn’t she?’ Ruby giggled.
‘Y… hes, she is very beautiful, ‘ I said.
‘You have seen nothing yet, ‘ Ruby said and turning to Nagma added, ‘Take off your clothes and show Ramu your goodies.’
‘MA’AM, ‘ Nagma said aghast.
‘Why are you so surprised?’ Ruby said, ‘what did I tell you in the morning.’
‘Y… Y… You s… s… sa… , ‘ Nagma stuttered.
‘Stop stuttering, stupid girl! Didn’t I tell you that you are going to lose your cherry today?’ Ruby asked.
‘Yes, b… but I… I thought… ‘ Nagma said.
‘You thought that I’ll use the dildo to deflower you, ‘ Ruby laughed.
Nagma nodded.
‘Darling, your cherry is much too precious for a lifeless dildo to take. I have decided that Ramu will deflower you. Come on off with your clothes, ‘ Ruby said.
Hesitatingly Nagma started to unbutton her blouse.
‘Stop, ‘ Ruby ordered, ‘I’ll do it.’
Ruby unbuttoned Nagma’s blouse and dropped it on the floor. Nagma’s boobs swung free. As I had thought Nagma was not wearing a bra.
‘Ramu, aren’t they beautiful?’ Ruby said, cupping Nagma’s tits.
I nodded gaping at the shapely boobs.
‘Look at these taut nipples, ‘ Ruby said kissing and licking Nagma’s nipples.
‘Oh ma’am, ‘ Nagma moaned.
‘Oh y… hes, ‘ I said
Then Ruby dropped Nagma’s skirt to the floor. Then hooking her fingers in her panties pulled them down. Her choot was freshly shaven. Her lower lips were stuck together and her clit was barely peeping through her slit.
‘Have you ever seen such a beautiful choot before?’ Ruby asked running her fingers between Nagma’s cunt lips.
‘Y… hes, it is very beautiful, ‘ I panted.
‘She is already wet in anticipation of losing her cherry, ‘ Ruby giggled.
‘Oh ma’am, ‘ Nagma protested.
‘He is going to deflower you. There is no harm in telling him. Ramu, Nagma has been begging me for the last few months to pop her cherry, ‘ Ruby elaborated.
‘Oh ma’am, please don’t, ‘ Nagma protested again.
‘Look at her clit. It is also swollen with excitement, ‘ Ruby said rubbing Nagma’s clit, between her forefinger and thumb.
‘Oh my God’ Nagma exclaimed jumping as Ruby squeezed her clit.
‘Ramu, show her your cock, ‘ Ruby said.
I undressed immediately displaying my cock standing in all its glory.
‘Look this handsome cock is going to deflower her, ‘ Ruby said fisting my cock.
‘Oh ma’am, it is so big. I’ll die of pain, ‘ Nagma said.
‘On the contrary, my dear, it will give you lots and lots of pleasure. Come, my dear, make friends with it. In the meanwhile I’ll undress and see that your bridal chamber is ready.’ Ruby said disappearing into the bedroom.
Nagma did not move. She stood staring at her feet and blushing. I walked up to her and putting my left arm around her cupped her left boob. Then taking her right hand placed it on my raging hard on and then ran my fingers between her lower lips while kissing her upper lips.
‘Oh Ramu, ‘ Nagma moaned.
‘The bridal chamber is ready. Ramu, bring the bride here, ‘ Ruby called from her bedroom.
I carried Nagma into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Ruby had sprinkled rose petals on the bed and burnt some sandal wood incense.
Nagma lay on the bed with her eyes closed and breathing heavily.
‘The bride is ready to lose her cherry is the bridegroom ready to deflower her, ‘ Ruby announced.
‘Yeah, I am ready, ‘ I said moving the foreskin of my cock up and down.
‘Look how small her choot hole is, ‘ Ruby said lifting Nagma’s legs. The choot hole was really small. I doubt whether my little finger could enter it.
‘Yes, but not for long, ‘ I said predicted. I was about to get between Nagma’s wide spread legs when Ruby stopped me.
‘Ramu, wait! On second thought I think it will be better if I prepare her choot for your cock, ‘ and crouched between Nagma’s spread legs and started to eat her pussy.
I was a little disappointed but seeing that Ruby’s butt was up in the air and her cunt was in the right position. I entered her cunt from the rear and started to push my cock in out of her cunt.
‘Oh Ramu, ‘ Ruby moaned wriggled her ass.
I moved slowly so that Ruby would come and not me.
‘Oh ma’am, it feels wonderful, ‘ Nagma moaned.
I bent forward and caressed Nagma’s tits
Ruby spread Nagma’s lower lips and licked up and down between them. Then sucked Nagma’s swollen clit and bit it lightly.
‘OWW, IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON Y… HES GO ON. I AM NEARLY THERE. Y… HESS OH OHHH I AMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG, ‘ she screamed and released her cunt juice in Ruby’s mouth.
‘Ruby, don’t stop. Go on eating her pussy till you come, ‘ I said increasing the speed of my strokes. Ruby nodded and recommenced to lick Nagma’s choot.
She moved lower and rimmed Nagma’s choot.
‘OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ‘ Nagma screamed.
Ruby continued to eat Nagma’s pussy. Nagma had three orgasms before Ruby wriggled her bottoms to indicate that she was about to come. I caught her hips and shoved my cock hard in and out till Ruby cried in ecstasy, ‘JESSUUSS I AMMMMM COOOMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG.’
‘Oh thank you, Ramu, it was wonderful, ‘ Ruby said gasping for air.
‘It was my pleasure, ‘ I replied gallantly.
‘Now it is your turn to enjoy the ultimate pleasure on this God’s earth, ‘ she said to Nagama and then turning to me, ‘Ramu, deflower her.’
I got between Nagma’s legs and placed my cock on the entrance of her virgin choot. ‘Oh ma’am, I am so scared. His cock is very big, ‘ Nagma said trembling.
‘There is nothing to be scared of. One day you have to lose your virginity, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Please ma’am, Ramucan fuck me but first deflower me with the dildo, ‘ Nagma begged.
‘Ramu, this will never end. Deflower her, ‘ Ruby said.
I slid my cock in Nagma’s virgin choot. ‘AWWWA, ma’am it is hurting. Stop him, ‘ Nagma yelped as my cock, stretching her virgin entrance, slid into her fuck passage till the hymen stopped its further progress.
I looked at Ruby. Ruby nodded. I pulled back a little and then rammed my cock in.
‘AAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE, ‘ Nagma screamed as my cock tearing through her hymen buried itself to the hilt in her hitherto virgin choot.
‘Hai Allah, mujhe nahin maloom that inta dard hoga (Oh God, I didn’t know that it is so painful), ‘ Nagma said with tears in her eyes. ‘
‘Darling, it won’t hurt anymore, ‘ I said, kissing away her tears and started to fuck her with long slow strokes.
‘Yes, my dear, Ramuis right. The painful part is over. Now you’ll feel only pleasure, ‘ Ruby said patting her hand reassuringly.
I moved my cock in and out of her choot.
‘OHHHH, ‘ she groaned, as my cock brushed the torn edges of her hymen.
Nagma continued to groan as I fucked her with slow long strokes.
‘Does it still hurt?’ I asked, pausing.
‘Not much, ‘ she groaned.
I recommenced my in and out movement. ‘Ohh, ‘ she groaned, with each stroke, as my lund (cock) rubbed against the torn edges of her virginity.
I pulled my cock back to the tip of her choot and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length and the pace of my strokes. It was not long before her oh’s turned into ah’s and ah’s into AAHH’s and her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes.
‘Ramu, don’t forget to be careful, ‘ Ruby reminded me.
Nagma’s choot was so delightfully tight that I did not feel like stopping and continued to fuck her.
Reluctantly, I withdrew my cock. In my hurry to open the bottle I fumbled and dropped it. ‘Oh Ramu, why have you withdrawn?’ Nagma moaned.
‘It was for your own good, ‘ Ruby said, ‘if he had not pulled out then you could have become pregnant.’
‘Oh I don’t care if I became pregnant. It felt soooo nice, ‘ Nagma moaned, ‘Ramu, hurry put your cock back into my bur (cunt).’
‘Stupid girl, if you get pregnant the Governing Body of the college will sack you, ‘ Ruby said.
In the meanwhile I retrieved the bottle and taking a tablet shoved it in Nagma’s choot with my lund.
‘AAAAHHHHH, ‘ Nagma sighed as my cock entered her cunt again. I recommenced the in and out movement.
Suddenly, Nagma pressed me against her naked body. Her hips moved in a feverish motion. A wild look came into her eyes. I knew she was very close to coming. I was also not far away. I began to thrust viciously into her tight choot. Ramming my cock in her choot so hard that her tits rolled back and forth.
She began to gasp. She arched her back and thrust her head back her eyes clinched tightly close. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps.
‘Y… HES, Y… HESS, Y… HESSSS, OH OHHH, OHHHH, OHHHH SAAAHHHHEEEEBBBBBJJJJIIIIIIIIII, ‘ she screamed and fell back on the bed. Few strokes later I shot my load into her cunt.
Gradually our motions slowed. We continued to make soft “ahhhh” sounds. We both opened our eyes. Our lips drew together and kissed a long tender kiss. I rolled off her when my laurda (cock) became soft and flopped out of her heavenly fuck tube.
We lay in each other’s arms for a long time savoring the intense pleasure we had just experienced.
‘Congratulations, my dear, you are a woman now, ‘ Ruby said kissing Nagma.
‘At last, ‘ Nagma giggled.
‘How was it?’ Ruby asked.
‘Fantastic. I had never imagined that fucking could be so wonderful, ‘ NagmaI said.
‘Would you like to see how your freshly deflowered choot hole looks like, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Oh yes, I’d like it very much, ‘ Nagma said.
Ruby gave Nagma a hand mirror. Nagma placed the mirror in such a manner that she could see her cunt hole oozing my cum streaked with blood of her shattered virginity.
‘Ramu’s laurda has made my small bur much bigger, ‘ she giggled.
‘That’s right. My dear, now clean Ramu’s lund, ‘ Ruby said.
‘I’ll get a towel, ‘ Nagma said starting to get off the bed.
‘Not with the towel, my dear, lick and suck it clean, ‘ Ruby said.
Without hesitation Nagma took my cock, stained with the blood of her virginity, in her hand and started to lick and suck it. My cock started to get big. Nagma continued to suck my cock till it stood in all its glory.
‘Nagma, you’ve made Ramu’s cock big and hard again, ‘ Ruby said, ‘enjoy it.’
‘No ma’am it is now your turn, ‘ Nagma said.
‘No, today Ramu’s cock is all yours, ‘ Ruby said.
Then for the next few minutes they argued about whose turn it is. ‘All right, let Ramudecide whom he’ll like to fuck, ‘ Ruby said. Nagma agreed.
‘You’ll abide by what I suggest?’ They both nodded.
‘Okay, Ruby you lie down; Nagma you eat her pussy and I’ll fuck Nagma doggie style, ‘ I said as I also wanted to screw Nagma’s tight choot again. Reluctantly Nagma got into position. When everyone was in position I penetrated Nagma’s choot from the rear and started the fuck motion.
It was nearly thirty minutes before I spurted my cum in Nagma’s choot. In the meanwhile Ruby, judging from her cries of ecstasy had five orgasms and Nagma drenched my cock with her cum four times.
After we had finished we rested with me in the centre and Ruby and Nagma on my either side. ‘Ruby, tell us who introduced you to cunt licking and when. After you Nagma will tell us her story, ‘ I said lighting cigarettes for Ruby and myself.
‘I’ve asked her this many times but she has never told me, ‘ Nagma complained.
‘All right, ‘ Ruby giggled, ‘first I must drink something. I am parched.’
‘I’ll get a cold drink for you, ‘ Nagma volunteered.
‘Wait, I’ve a suggestion. It is getting late for dinner. Let us go to the dining table. There we can drink wine and eat dinner and I’ll tell you my story, ‘ Ruby said.
The suggestion found favor with everyone and we adjourned to the dining table. When I was pouring out the wine Nagma said, ‘No wine for me as I don’t drink.’
‘There is first time for every thing, ‘ Ruby said, ‘like you fucked today for the first time similarly try a glass of wine also. You’ll enjoy it.’ ‘If you say so I’ll try, ‘ Nagma said. After I had served everyone, I said, ‘Ruby, now you can start.’
‘You can see that in the looks department God has not been very kind to me, ‘ Ruby started narrating her story, ‘In college itself I realized that with my face I’ll never get married. Therefore I put all my energy in studies with the result I came first in college leaving exams.
Before I proceed further I’d like to say a few words about my parents. I was the only child of my parents. My parents, God rest their Souls, believed in God and tried their best to find a match for me. Many boys came to see me but after one look at my face never returned. My parents were heart broken but did not give up and died trying.’
‘In college I took up Economics. For the first two years everything was normal but in the third year one day Mrs. Romy, our history teacher, called me to her house on the pretext of giving me reference book. She offered me tea when I reached her house. Naturally, I offered to help making it.’
‘While brewing the tea she tried to kiss me and caress my boobs. I protested loudly. ‘Mrs. Romy, please don’t touch me. It is not right, ‘ I said removing away from her. This made her angry.’
‘Not right! So the ugly duckling has dreams that one day some man will fuck her, ‘ she said laughing sarcastically, ‘have you ever seen your face in the mirror? I know men. They’ll never fuck you and if you’ll dangle your choot in front of them they’ll look the other way. You are destined to die a virgin.’
‘I knew that what she had said was probably true but the brutal manner in which she said it made me weep. She embraced me immediately and tried to pacify me.
‘Don’t cry my pet. Romy is very bad to make my beautiful darling cry. Don’t worry if men don’t think you are pretty but I find you very pretty. I’ll give you pleasure, more pleasure than men can ever give you, ‘ she said kissing me all over the face including my lips.’
‘To my surprise I kissed her back. This was the beginning. Within the week we were eating each other’s pussy. Our affair lasted for three years till I left the college after my M.A. She begged me to stay promising the moon but I wanted out.’
‘Ruby, Mrs. Romy was married then why did she take to cunt licking, ‘ I asked.
‘I asked her the same question, ‘ Ruby replied, ‘She said that she was seduced by her English teacher when she was only fifteen. After graduation, at the insistence of her parents, she got married. Her marriage was not a happy one. She left her husband after six months and moved in with her seducer.’
‘Why did she wait for two years before trying to seduce you?’ I said,
‘Because the English teacher died and she was left alone, ‘ Ruby clarified.
‘Why did she call you pretty? Was she also like you?’ I asked.
‘I asked her that in particular because no one in their right mind would find me beautiful, ‘ Ruby giggled, ‘it was because her English teacher looked like me and Mrs. Romy was very much in love with her. During our liaisons many times she would keep kissing my face and murmuring how pretty I was.’
While Ruby was narrating her story I kept topping up the glasses. ‘Nagma, don’t drink fast. You might become tipsy, ‘ I warned her as she finished her second glass.
‘Don’t worry, I am okay, ‘ she giggled. I looked at Ruby. Ruby shrugged and I poured Nagma the third glass.
‘What happened then?’ I asked.
‘Immediately after my post graduation, I joined this college as a lecturer in Economics. I put the affair with Mrs. Romy behind me and worked hard. Five years ago, at thirty four, I became the youngest principal ever of this college.’
‘Six months later one day Mrs. Joshi dumped some sex magazines, which she had confiscated from some students, in my office. Out of curiosity I leafed through them. There I saw an advertisement of a dildo and promptly ordered one.’
‘When I received it then one night I tried to put it up my cunt. Some of it went in then my hymen stopped it. I tried to push it in further but it hurt. Then gritting my teeth I gave it a mighty shove. The whole of it went in. It was so painful that I screamed aloud. I quickly pulled the dildo out. It was covered with blood. Seeing the blood I got scared and squeezing my thighs together I went to sleep.’
‘In the morning I gathered courage and again tried to push the dildo up my cunt. It went in very easily. Then I moved it in and out. Ramu, it was a lovely feeling. That day I didn’t go to work but remained in bed the whole day fucking myself with the dildo. Since then I use the dildo when ever I feel horny.’
‘Couple of months later I said to myself that Mrs. Romy was wrong. I’ll not die a virgin. Yes, I agree I didn’t lose my virginity to a cock but nevertheless I was not a virgin. I wondered if her statement that men won’t fuck me even if I dangled my choot before them was true. To test its veracity I decided to take a vacation to a far of resort where I was not known. As an added precaution I booked my hotel accommodation in a false name.’
‘I decided to target married men who were there with their families. I studied them for the first few days. Then choosing two men I started my campaign. Lo and behold within a few days both of them were in my bed. I came to the conclusion that men want a choot. For them any choot would do, it didn’t matter to them whether the owner of the choot is pretty or ugly. Yes, if they are required to make a commitment then other factor like looks etc. come in consideration. I go on a vacation to a different place each year and enjoy myself.’
‘Ramu, you fucked me because you wanted my choot and my face did not put you off, isn’t it so? Don’t lie, ‘ Ruby asked.
‘Broadly speaking you are right, ‘ I replied, ‘in this context I have a question. Do you invite people to your home like you invited me?’
‘You are the third, ‘ Ruby replied.
‘Why did you invite me, ‘ I asked.
‘When I introduced you to Nagma you stared at her and I could see your crotch getting bigger and bigger. That turned me on and my choot started to drip, ‘ Ruby laughed.
‘Ma’am, you didn’t go out this year, ‘ Nagma asked.
‘Because, my pet, I found you, ‘ Ruby said caressing Nagma’s naked boobs.
‘Ma’am, next time take me with you, ‘ Nagma pleaded.
‘I’ll think about it, ‘ Ruby replied.
‘Please ma’am, now that Ramuhas opened my bur (cunt) there is no problem. We can enjoy together. You in one room and I in the other, ‘ Nagma said jumping with excitement.
‘Ramu, who would say this girl was a virgin two hours ago, ‘ Ruby laughed.
‘One thing is certain she will attract men in hordes, ‘ I laughed.
‘I think so too, ‘ Ruby laughed.
‘If you travel as mother and daughter then men will kill to fuck mother and daughter together, ‘ I said.
‘What an idea? Both of us getting laid together in the same bed and then changing partners, ‘ Nagma said excitedly.
‘Did you hear her?’ Ruby giggled.
‘I think it is the wine speaking, ‘ I laughed.
‘I think so too, ‘ Ruby said, ‘a year ago, Nagma came to work as my assistant. She was the least qualified and the most beautiful among all the candidates. I chose her because I like beautiful things around me.’
‘How did you both get together?’ I asked.
‘Nagma you tell him. I am very thirsty, ‘ Ruby said gulping down her drink.
I hail from a town about two hundred miles from here. My family consisted of my parents, two younger brothers and me. My father was the principal of a high college. During my graduation I helped my father in the office whenever I found time, ‘ Nagma started her story, ‘I was not a bright student. I just managed to scrape through my graduation exams. Unfortunately my father died a month after I had graduated. I realized that I had to work.’
‘I was overjoyed when ma’am selected me. I took a room in the working girls hostel. In a few days I found out that ma’am is a workaholic. She worked hard in office and invariably took work home. Many a times she called me to her flat to clear the pending work. Six months ago on a Saturday evening ma’am called me to her apartment to prepare some important statements for the Board, which was meeting on Monday.’
‘It was after eleven when we finished. It was too late for me to return to the hostel as the main door of the hostel was locked at eleven p. m.
‘Don’t worry you can spend the night here, ‘ ma’am said, ‘there is only one bed but I am sure we’ll manage.’
‘She gave me a night suit. I changed and got into bed. I fell asleep immediately as I was very tired.’
‘When I went into the bathroom to change into my night suit I saw Nagma’s bra and panties hanging on the hook behind the door, ‘ Ruby said picking up the thread of the story, ‘The thought she was naked under the night suit made me wet.’
‘I don’t know what got into me. I took her bra and panties and smelled them. I inhaled long and deep. The intimate feminine aroma awakened the old feelings and desires, which had been lying dormant for many years inside me. When I came out I saw that Nagma was fast asleep. I just couldn’t resist the temptation. I undid the buttons of her pajama top. Ooo, her tits were so beautiful.’
‘I’ll endorse that, ‘ I said interrupting Ruby. Nagma giggled happily.
‘I caressed them. She was still asleep. I got bolder and squeezed them a little, ‘ Ruby said.
‘I woke up with a start and saw that ma’am was handling my boobs, ‘ Nagma continued the story, ‘Oh God, ma’am, what are you doing?’ I exclaimed.
‘Nothing, just admiring your titties, ‘ she replied starting to kiss my boobs.
‘STOP, LET ME GO, ‘ I shouted trying to push her mouth away.
She just laughed and began to suck my left nipple. ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE MA’AM LET ME GO, ‘ I pleaded trying to wriggle out of her grip.
‘It feels nice, doesn’t it?’ ma’am said.
‘NO, NO, JUST LET ME BE, ‘ I begged starting to cry.
‘Liar, just lie quietly and enjoy yourself, ‘ ma’am replied continuing to suck my nipples. She was right. I liked what she was doing. My choot even got wet.
‘NO, NO, I DON’T WANT TO. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE, ‘ I said struggling to rescue my tit from her mouth.
‘You want to keep your job?’ she threatened. I was shocked.
‘Yes, ma’am, very much, ‘ I replied.
‘Then shut up and let me do what I want, ‘ she said.
I lay still, hating the whole world and myself in general. I endured what ma’am was doing as my salary was the only lifeline of my family. While I was feeling sorry for myself ma’am pushed her hand inside my pajamas and ran her fingers between my lower lips.
‘Open your legs, girl, ‘ ma’am laughed and continued to rub my choot. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and separated my legs. I masturbated regularly but I found her tender touch very exciting. She sucked my nipples and kissed my lips while her hand continued to rub my choot and tickle my clit. To my surprise I kissed her back.’
‘Slowly the good feeling crept on me. I forgot everything. There was only one thought in my mind: I wanted to cum. My breath became labored. My hips started to move up and down. My mind was urging ma’am to continue and she did till I screamed and released my love juice four times.
‘MA’AM, PLEASE STOP. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE, ‘ I shouted gasping for breath. She stopped.
‘I think it is time to sleep now, ‘ she panted embracing me. We kissed for the last time that night and went to sleep.
Suddenly I woke up. It was already morning and ma’am was kissing my nipples. ‘Oh ma’am, what are you doing?’ I asked trying to push her away.
‘Nothing, just wishing your pretty titties good morning, ‘ she giggled. Suddenly it hit me that last night before sleeping I had not closed the buttons of my pajama top leaving my boobs exposed.
‘Please ma’am, can I go home, ‘ I asked.
‘Where are your manners? No good morning, ‘ she said, placing her lips on mine and kissing me. While she was kissing me she inserted her hand in my pajamas and shagged me two times.
‘Please ma’am can I go home now, ‘ I begged when I had recovered my breath.
‘What is the hurry? You can go after breakfast, ‘ she said laughing.
‘I think I’ll go now as I don’t eat breakfast, ‘ I lied wanting to get out of her flat as early as possible.
‘But I do, take off your pajamas, ‘ she ordered.
‘Please ma’am, no, ‘ I replied shrinking back.
‘Take them off otherwise I’ll have to undress you forcibly, ‘ she said tersely.
‘No I won’t, ‘ I replied defiantly, holding the waistband of my pajamas tightly with both my hands.
She laughed and taking out a pair of scissors from the bedside drawer started to cut the pajamas in two.
‘OH MY GOD, ‘ I screamed and releasing the waistband of the pajamas quickly covered my cunt with both my hands.
‘Let me see your choot, ‘ she said pulling my hands away and exposing my choot.
‘W… W… What are you going to do?’ I asked fearfully.
‘I am going to do some thing about your bush. Don’t move otherwise I might snip off something that wouldn’t grow again, ‘ she giggled and started to clip my pubic hair.
I lay with my eyes closed. She continued to clip the hair until she was satisfied with her workmanship. Then grabbing my legs she commenced to lick my choot.
‘MA’AM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ I protested loudly.
‘Eating breakfast, ‘ she giggled and continued to lick my choot.
‘Oh Ramu, it felt sooo nice, ‘ Nagma sighed.
She licked the whole length of my slit. She licked from my clit to my choot hole. She flicked my clit with her tongue then went down and rimmed my choot hole. Oh it felt so lovely. I came and came in her mouth. I must have cum about half a dozen times before she stopped. Then kissing me on my mouth, she asked, panting, ‘How was it?’
‘Oh ma’am, it was fantastic, ‘ I moaned kissing her back.
‘Would you like to eat breakfast now?’ she asked.
‘Oh yes but I don’t know how, ‘ I replied blushing.
‘Don’t worry I’ll guide you, ‘ she said, ‘first play with my tits.’ I was too embarrassed to do so.
‘Come on girl, play with my tits, ‘ she said taking my hand and placing it on her boobs. I pressed her tits shyly.
‘Good, now suckle my nipples, ‘ she said. Hesitatingly I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked them.
‘Good, now move downwards towards my navel, ‘ she directed. I kissed my way to her navel.
‘Now stick your tongue in it and rotate it. After doing it, move towards my choot, ‘ she said.
I did as she ordered and reached her choot. Here my resolve wavered and tried to avoid her choot. She placed her hand behind my head and pressed it against her choot. I nearly suffocated.
‘If you want to retain your job then eat my pussy, girl, eat it, I say, ‘ she ordered.
Hesitatingly I stuck my tongue out and gave her cunt couple of tentative licks. It didn’t taste bad. I licked some more. I liked it and started eating her pussy in earnest.
‘That is the way, my pet, ‘ she said, ‘take my clit between your lips and press on it.’ I did as told.
‘OHHHHHH, ‘ she moaned and released her hot cum in my mouth. It didn’t taste all that bad.
‘Go lower, yes, to my choot hole. That’s it… Now put your tongue in my choot hole… AAAGGGRRR… Yes, now move your tongue in and out. Yes, tongue fuck me, ‘ she moaned.
After a few minutes of tongue fucking she came again. ‘That is enough for the first time, my dear, ‘ she said pulling me up and kissing me, ‘would you like to go home now?’
‘Blushing beetroot red, I shook my head in the negative and hid my face in her breasts. We lay like in each other’s arms for a long time. Then she took me to the bathroom and removed all hair from my choot. After a shower together we returned to the bed. The whole of Sunday we made love to each other. It was only at ten that I returned to my room in the hostel.’
‘That is the story, ‘ Nagma said.
‘What about the dildo?’ I asked.
Oh yes, the dildo, ‘ Nagma continued, ‘about two months ago when I came here on a weekend ma’am showed me the dildo. I had never seen a man’s cock before. I asked many questions. After satisfying my curiosity she strapped it on me and asked me to fuck her. In the beginning I was a bit awkward but soon got the hang of it. I fucked her for ten minutes or so. She began to pant. Her breath came in gasps. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my in and out strokes. I continued to ram the dildo in her choot. Suddenly her body arched.
‘NAGMA, QUICK PRESS THE BALLS, ‘ she shouted and came with a loud sigh. I slowed down.
‘OH DARLING, KISS ME, ‘ she panted holding me tightly to her.
We lay panting together for sometime.
‘Oh this was lovely, ‘ ma’am moaned. Since then I fuck her on every visit.
‘Ma’am mujhe bhi tau dildo se chodo. Main bhi tau isska mazaa loon (Ma’am, fuck me also with the dildo sometimes. I want to enjoy it also), ‘ I said to ma’am a couple of weeks later.
‘Not yet, my pet, I’m preserving your cherry for a special occasion, ‘ she replied.
‘That special occasion never came but you did and popped my cherry, ‘ she giggled.
We finished our dinner and after washing up got into bed. Their stories had made me horny. ‘Nagma, ab tu mujhe chod (Nagma, now you fuck me), ‘ I said lying flat on my back.
To my surprise she jumped out of bed and placing her hands in front of her choot, said, ‘Nahin, main ab nahin chudwayuingi. Ab aap ma’am ko chodo (No, I won’t let you fuck me. Now you must fuck ma’am), ‘ she said, her voice a little thick.
‘Maine kaha na. Aaj Ramuke laurde ka mazaa tu le. Main kal chudwalungi (I’ve told you. Today you enjoy Ramu’s cock. He can fuck me tomorrow), ‘ Ruby replied.
‘NAHIN, BILKUL NAHIN. AAP KO AAJ CHUDWANA HEE PARDEGA (NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. HE WILL HAVE TO FUCK YOU TODAY), ‘ she yelled covering her choot and jumping like a spoiled child.
‘Ruby, let’s fuck. It seems Nagma has had a glass too many, ‘ I suggested. Ruby agreed and I started to fuck her. Nagma bent down and watched us fuck.
‘Oh ma’am, look at Ramu’s cock go in and out of your choot, ‘ Nagma said clapping and laughing drunkenly.
After we had finished we noticed that Nagma was fast asleep. We also decided to call it a night and went to sleep.
I woke up at six in the morning. Ruby was sleeping with her back to me on one side and Nagma was lying on her back, snoring softly, on the other side. Nagma looked so pretty that I had an instant erection. Slowly, I picked up Nagma’s legs and sent my cock up her choot.
She gave a loud cry not knowing where she was. ‘OH… WHAT… WHO IS… ‘ She cried loudly.
‘Hush darling, it is me, Ramu’ I said softly. She smiled in acknowledgement. I started the in and out movement. After some time her arms pressed me to her naked breasts. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes.
‘OH RAMU, IT FEELS SO GOOD, ‘ she moaned loudly.
‘Not so loud, Ruby is still asleep, ‘ I said putting my mouth on hers. After a delicious fuck we slept in each other’s arms.
‘Rise and shine, ‘ I heard Ruby say. I looked at my watch. It was eight o’clock. ‘Good morning, Ruby, ‘ I said yawning and sat up half leaning on the headrest of the bed.
‘Good morning, ma’am, ‘ Nagma said sitting cross-legged on the bed.
‘Good morning, a cup of hot tea coming up, ‘ Ruby replied pouring out two cups of steaming hot tea.
‘Oh ma’am, you should have woken me up. I would have prepared the tea, ‘ Ruby said accepting the offered cup of tea.
‘Thank you, my dear, I was awake anyhow, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Didn’t you sleep well?’ Nagma asked.
‘I did but I woke up when Ramu’s cock was saying good morning to your choot, ‘ Ruby said smiling. Nagma’s face turned crimson.
‘We didn’t make much noise, ‘ I said.
‘Yes, you were quiet but the bed shook as if an earthquake of intensity ten on the Richter scale had hit it, ‘ Ruby laughed. Nagma and I joined in the laughter.
‘You must have been bored. Why didn’t you wake us up earlier?’ I asked.
‘Not really. I tossed and turn in bed for an hour or so then got up. I had tea and swept the flat, ‘ Ruby said. ‘Have a cup with us, ‘ Nagma said.
‘I’d rather not. I have had three cups of tea already. I think I’d like to sip fresh cum from its source, ‘ Ruby giggled taking my cock in her hands and moving the foreskin up and down.
‘What are going to do?’ Nagma asked.
‘I am going to suck Ramu’s cock. You watch carefully because later you’ll have to suck his cock and swallow his cum, ‘ Ruby said kissing my erect cock.
I played with Nagma’s boobs while Ruby sucked my cock. After hearing her story I understood why she was so good at giving head.
She took my cock in her hands and started to suck it greedily. She licked my cock from its hairy roots to the head. She twirled her tongue around its head. She licked my thighs while gently squeezing my balls. She kept switching from one operation to the other.
Soon a big drop of pre cum appeared on the tip of my cock. Suddenly her tongue appeared from nowhere and flicked away the drop of pre cum. After a while she took my cock in her mouth and commenced to suck it.
‘Oh Ruby, it feels sooo good, ‘ I moaned closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation her warm mouth was producing. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She varied the pace of her head’s up and down movement continuously.
Soon I was about to cum. My cock became bigger and harder. Ruby was too experienced not to notice it. She released my cock and went to work on my thighs and my nuts.
‘OH, DON’T STOP. GO ON, ‘ I moaned.
She looked at me and smiled. After sucking and squeezing my balls for couple of minutes she started to suck my cock again. Just as I was about to cum she stopped.
In my desperation to cum I caught hold of her head and shoved my cock back in her mouth. My hips moved forward and backwards fucking her mouth.
‘I AM CUMMING, ‘ I shouted and ramming my cock deep into her throat. She nearly choked. I pulled back a little and started filling her mouth with my cum.
She swallowed as fast as I spurted my cum but still some of it leaked out and ran down her chin. Nagma, who was watching the proceedings very closely, sprang up and licked the overflow off Ruby’s face and didn’t let a single drop fall on the bed. Ruby released my cock only when my balls were empty.
‘Oh Ruby, you were wonderful, ‘ I panted.
‘Nagma my pet, that was quick thinking, ‘ Ruby said, ‘now suck Ramu’s cock and make it hard.’
‘Ruby, you know what I’d like, ‘ I said, ‘I’d like to watch you two eat each others pussy.’
‘Come my pet let’s show Ramu how it is done, ‘ Ruby laughed.
Nagma lay down on her back and Ruby reversed on her. Then they started to lick each other’s cunt. They continued for thirty minutes or so. In this time each of them must have come at least half a dozen times. Watching them sixtynineing my cock became hard as a rock.
‘Was it exciting?’ Ruby asked, breathing heavily after they had finished.
‘You can see it for yourself, ‘ I laughed pointing at my erect cock. Both Ruby and Nagma giggled.
‘Nagma, you suck Ramu’s cock and in the meanwhile I’ll get some thing to eat, ‘ Ruby said then winking at me, added, ‘If I am not mistaken, Ramu, you like to start of the day with a fruit.’
I had never discussed my eating habits with her but seeing her wink, I said, ‘I’d like to.’
Nagma busied herself with my cock and Ruby went out of the room. Five minutes later Ruby returned carrying a tray with a small bowl on it. I recognized the bowl. It was the bowl of oil that I had used to oil Ruby’s virgin asshole before fucking it a couple of days ago.
I smiled to myself and my cock at the thought of popping Nagma’s asshole cherry became bigger and harder. ‘Ma’am, you have forgotten to bring the fruit, ‘ Nagma laughed.
‘No, my pet, I’ve not forgotten it. You’ll provide the fruit, ‘ Ruby replied, setting down the tray.
‘Me? I don’t have any fruit. I am naked and have no place to hide it, ‘ Nagma said and then as an after thought, added, ‘I’ve only two ripe mangoes and pussy to offer.’
‘What about your cherry?’ Ruby asked.
‘My cherry! Ma’am you must be joking, ‘ Nagma said and laughing heartily, added, ‘Have you forgotten? Ramu’s big cock put paid to my cherry last evening.’
‘I am not referring to that cherry, ‘ Ruby said, ‘I meant your asshole cherry.’
‘My asshole cherry?’ Nagma said perplexed then suddenly the coin fell, ‘Oh my God, you mean Ramuis planning to shove that monster cock of his up my asshole.’
‘Ask him yourself, ‘ Ruby said laughing.
‘Ramu, kya aap meri gaand maarenge (Ramu, are you going to fuck me in my asshole?)’ Nagma asked nervously.
‘Haan (Yes), ‘ I replied.
‘(Please ma’am, meri gaand main nahin (Please ma’am, not in my asshole). Main dard se mar jauingi (I’ll die of pain), ‘ Nagma said starting to cry.
‘Stop whining! Main tau nahin mari jab Ramune meri bhi tau gaand maari thi. (I didn’t die when Ramufucked me in my asshole), ‘ Ruby said, ‘Get on all fours.’
‘Ma’am, mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai (Ma’am, I am very scared), ‘ Nagma said sniffling but got into gaand (asshole) fuck position.
‘Good girl, there is nothing to be scared off. It’ll hurt in the beginning then you’ll feel pleasure only, ‘ Ruby said, pressing her face down on the pillow.
‘Ruby, you apply oil on my cock and I’ll prepare Nagma’s ass hole.’ I said,
At first I applied oil on the outside then I insert first one then two fingers in Nagma’s ass hole to make the inside tube slippery.
‘Oh ma’am, it feels so nice, ‘ Nagma moaned.
‘Abhi tau Ramune ungali daali hai tab yeh haal hai soch jab woh apna lund teri gaand main gusserdenge tab kitna mazaa aayaega (Think if the fingers feel so nice then how will it feel when Ramushoves in his cock inside your ass hole), ‘ Ruby said.
After I had oiled her asshole outside and on the inside I placed my cock on her back door and pressed.
‘Just a few seconds more, ‘ Ruby said patting her hand.
‘MA’AAAM, ASK RAMUTO STOP. HE IS KILLING ME, ‘ Nagma yelled. Just then I felt her ass hole opening.
‘AAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE, ‘ she screamed as her sphincter snapped open and half my cock buried itself in her ass hole. I slowly moved in and out till my balls were resting on her cunt.
‘OH MA’AM, I AM DYING OF PAIN, ‘ she shouted.
‘Relax Nagma, the pain will subside in no time, ‘ Ruby said.
I started to fuck her butt. After few in and out strokes I stopped and asked, ‘ Is it still very painful?’
‘No, it is much better now, ‘ she said.
I recommenced the fuck movement and simultaneously rubbing her choot.
‘OH, ‘ she groaned with each inward movement of my cock. I continued to fuck her asshole with steady rhythm.
‘Oh Ramu, ‘ she moaned softly.
‘I told you that you’ll enjoy yourself, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Haan, haan, mujhe bahut mazaa aa raha hai (yes, yes, I am really enjoying it, ‘ she moaned.
I felt my sperm rising. I increased the speed of my in and out movement and rubbed her choot harder.
‘Oh ma’am, it was wonderful, ‘ Nagma panted embracing her.
After we had rested, we showered together followed by a hearty breakfast and then got into bed again. All afternoon and evening, till Nagma and I left, we spent playing sex games.
The girls would sixty-nine and I would butt fuck the one on top then turn them over and fuck the other’s ass hole or when Ruby ate Nagma’s pussy I fucked Ruby’s cunt and vise versa.
Ruby gave Nagma taste of the dildo also. ‘Now, my pet, I’ll fuck you, ‘ Ruby giggled, strapping on the dildo. While Ruby was fucking Nagma I got on into her cunt from behind and fucked her doggie style.
Once when Nagma was riding me I made a sign to Ruby to insert the dildo in Nagma’s asshole. ‘Will she be hurt?’ she asked hesitatingly.
‘On the contrary, she will enjoy it, ‘ I said.
Nagma was so busy moving up and down and did not pay attention to our conversation. ‘Nagma, be still. Let me enter you also, ‘ Ruby said.
‘K… K… Kya? Aap dildo ko meri gaand main gusserdengi (W… W… What? You are going to shove the dildo in my asshole), ‘ she asked stopping and placing her hand on her asshole.
‘Yes, let her, ‘ I said.
‘No. It is impossible, ‘ Nagma said.
‘Ramu says it isn’t, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Yes, I have done it many times before, ‘ I said.
‘It’ll hurt, ‘ Nagma said.
‘No, my dear, on the contrary you’ll enjoy yourself, ‘ I said.
‘No, I don’t believe you, ‘ Nagma said.
‘Ruby, are you willing to try?’ I asked.
‘Will it do any permanent damage?’ Ruby asked cautiously.
‘Of course not, otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it, ‘ I replied.
‘Nagma, get off him and let me try it, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Y… you are willing to do it, ‘ Nagma asked surprised.
‘Yes get off, ‘ Ruby said again.
‘Wait a minute. I’ve changed my mind. I’m willing to try, ‘ Nagma said.
‘Okay, Ruby you lie down and Nagma you impale your choot on the dildo and bend as forward as you can with your legs drawn up and I’ll enter your asshole from behind, ‘ I said.
When they were in position I placed my cock on Nagma’s rear entrance and pressed for entry. ‘OHHHH AAAAAYYYYYYIIIIEEEEEEEEE, ‘ Nagma screamed as my cock entered her gaand.
When my cock was fully inside her, I asked, ‘Did it really hurt so much that it merited such a scream?’
Nagma blushed. ‘No, it didn’t pain much but I thought it’ll hurt much more. Therefore I screamed in anticipation, ‘ Nagma said laughing.
‘Ruby, you push from below while I fuck her from above, ‘ I said.
After we had finished Ruby asked, ‘How was it, my pet?’
‘Oh ma’am, you must try it. It was fantastic. I felt the pleasure of both, choot (cunt) and gaand (asshole), together, ‘ Nagma replied. Then we double fucked Ruby.
We played another game, which I call “Suspense”. I will describe how we played it.
I placed Ruby on her back on the bed with legs wide open and knees drawn up to her breasts. Basically the fetus position but on the back and legs spread wide. Then I lay Nagma on top her facing her, between Ruby’s spread legs and pulled Nagma’s knees up under Ruby’s armpits.
They lay in such a manner that their lips met, their nipples were on each other’s and their clits pressed against each other. From behind their slits looked like one extended straight line and I could see four lovely holes at the same time. Then I pushed my cock in one of the four holes from behind and then withdrew and enter another hole and so on. I did this at random. The girls did not know which and whose hole I would enter next.
They kept each other informed by telling each other where my cock was. One would say, “It is in my cunt, it is now out” the other would one say, “It is now in my ass hole. I am getting few strokes etc”.
During all this in and out movement both of them also kept moving their bottoms thus rubbing their clits against each other and enjoying themselves. I however made it a point to come in the choot of one of them so that the other could suck my-cum from her cunt immediately thereafter.
During these games whenever I required recharging my batteries they would sixty-nine or fuck with the dildo and I would watch. After rejuvenation I would join them.
We played these games till late at night. Then Nagma and I left at night. After dropping Nagma at her hostel I went to my hotel.
In the morning as usual I visited Nina. ‘You are late, ‘ Nina said, ‘I thought you were not coming.’
‘Sorry, I overslept, ‘ I said apologizing, ‘Now that I am here let us start.’
After we had fucked and were smoking, I said, ‘I’ll not be able to come tomorrow as I have a business meeting.’
‘That’s all right. I’ve also news for you. My husband is returning on Wednesday morning, ‘ Nina said.
‘Oh, oh, this means today is the last day we are together, ‘ I said.
‘Not necessarily, If you come like today then my husband will be in office and Piya in college and we can discuss my paintings, ‘ Nina giggled kissing my cock.
Nina played with my cock while I smoked.
‘So how was your weekend, fucking away no doubt.’ Nina said.
‘Nina, please don’t start that subject again, ‘ I said.
‘This time I have information from a very reliable source, ‘ she said. ‘What source?’ I asked.
‘Your cock told my cunt while you were fucking me, ‘ she said taking my cock in her mouth.
‘What did it tell your choot?’ I asked laughing.
‘It said that you were fucking hard during the weekend, ‘ she said moving the foreskin of my cock up and down.
‘Fucking whom? Did it mention any names?’ I asked.
‘My cunt didn’t ask but fuck me again and I’ll tell you, ‘ she laughed. After I had fucked her one more time I returned to the hotel.

At three o’clock Piya came. ‘I am so happy that you have come, ‘ I said taking her in my arms and kissing her.

I am sorry, I couldn’t come on Saturday, ‘ she said kissing me back.
‘Doesn’t matter now you are here, ‘ I said, ‘shall we do what you said while leaving on Friday.’ She blushed but started to undress. Half way through Piya said, ‘Ramu, please turn around.’
‘Piya, don’t be shy, ‘ I said.
‘Pleeeease, I’ll tell you when to look, ‘ she requested.
I turned around and on her signal I turned to face her. She was naked but was covering her cunt with her hands. ‘Piya, remove your hands, ‘ I said.
‘No, ‘ she said shaking her head.
‘Come on Piya, I have not only seen your choot before but fucked it also, ‘ I said forcibly removing her hands. Her pubic hair was clipped very short.
‘WOW! What happened to your bush, ‘ I said.
‘I cut it, ‘ Piya said blushing.
‘Why?’ I asked.
‘On Sunday, I was surfing the net. Most of the sites that I visited were touting shaved pussies. I thought that men must have liked shaven pussies. Therefore I took a scissors and here is the results, ‘ she said, ‘I hope my choot pleases you.’
‘Oh I love it, ‘ I said running my fingers through her nether lips, ‘Why didn’t you shave your cunt.’
‘I wanted to but I was scared to do it lest I cut myself, ‘ she replied.
‘Would you like me shave your choot for you, ‘ I said.
‘Oh y… hes, that would be great, ‘ she said. After I had shaved her cunt we stood before a full-length mirror. ‘Look how pretty your choot looks, ‘ I said.
She blushed and very softly said, ‘Your cock is also so handsome and big.’
Then I carried her to the bed and lay down beside her. We kissed while I ran my fingers through her slit. I kissed her on the on her upper lips, nibbled her ear and suckled her erect nipples.
‘OH Ramu, ‘ she moaned. Then I kissed and licked my way towards her cunt pausing briefly on the way to insert and rotate my tongue in her navel.
As I reached her cunt and started to lick it Piya shouted, ‘NO RAMU, IT IS DIRTY.’ I ignored her protest and spreading her lower lips continued to lick up and down.
‘DON’T RAMU, IT IS… Oh it feels sooooo good, ‘ she moaned, raising her hips and pressing her cunt against my lips.
I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.
‘OWWWWW, IT HURTS BUT IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON Y… HES GO ON. DON’T STOP. OH OHHH I AMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG, ‘ she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.
Without pausing I continued to eat her pussy. I raised her legs and held them aloft exposing her tight choot hole. I moved lower and rimmed her cunt.
‘OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ‘ she screamed. Then I shoved my tongue in her lower mouth.
‘AGHRR, OH RAMU, ‘ she yelped and with a loud sigh came again.
I licked her offering, she yelled, ‘RAMU, PLEASE STOP, I CAN’T STAND IT ANY MORE.’
Ignoring her plea I started to tongue fuck her. ‘OH MY GOD, ‘ she exclaimed and after few minutes she was on the boil again.
I continued to tongue fuck her and every few minutes her body arched and she came. She must have cum half a dozen times before I stopped. Then I got on top of her and rammed my cock up her tight choot as she lay gasping for breath.
‘OH RAMU, ‘ she moaned as my cock reached the lower depths of her cunt.
I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans of pleasure kept getting louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly her back arched upwards.
I continued to fuck her with steady strokes. Within minutes she was on the boil again. Her body arched.
‘Y… HESS Y… HESSS, RAMU, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG’ she screamed and lay panting. I slowed down so that we both could catch our breath.
‘DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, ‘ she panted bucking her bottoms from below.
I recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping perfect rhythm with my in and out strokes. I made her cum again and again till I felt my sperm rising. My strokes became shorter and harder.
‘Y… hes, I am about to cum, ‘ I panted.
‘OH MY GOD, I AM ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN. FASTER, RAMU, FASTER. I AM NEARLY THERE. Y… HESSS, Y… HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH RAAAMMMUUUUUU, ‘ she shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment I shot my load into her tight cunt.
For few minutes we lay kissing savoring the intense sensation we had just experienced. After sometime my cock slipped out of her choot and I rolled off her.
I lit a cigarette and Piya cuddling up to me said, ‘Oh Ramu, it was fantastic, ‘ she moaned, ‘I have never cum so often and so much before.’
While I smoked she lay with her head on my shoulder twirling the hair growing on my chest between her fingers. After a few minutes, she said, ‘you know Ramu, a very strange thing happened on Saturday.’
‘What?’ I asked.
‘My mausi said that I know that you like Ramu but keep in mind that he is here for a few days then he will go away, ‘ Piya said.
‘What was your reaction?’ I asked.
‘I know that, ‘ I said.
‘Then mausi said that what I am trying to tell you is that don’t do something that you’ll regret later. I asked her what she meant. She said I am not going to elaborate. You are old enough to understand what I mean, ‘ Piya said.
‘What is so strange about it? It’s her duty to look out for you, ‘ I asked.
‘I know but the strange part is that she mentioned it a day after you popped my cherry, ‘ Piya said.
‘Do you regret that you are not a virgin anymore, ‘ I asked.
‘Not at all, I love your cock. It gave me immense pleasure today, ‘ Piya said taking my cock in her hand.
‘Then I am sure you’ll like to reciprocate, ‘ I laughed.
‘What! You didn’t enjoy yourself, ‘ she asked sitting up.
‘Oh yes, I did. I thought you would like to give my cock more pleasure, ‘ I asked.
‘Of course, I would. What shall I do?’ Piya asked.
‘Take my cock in your mouth and suck it, ‘ I said. She looked doubtfully at me.
‘Okay, ‘ she replied and taking my cock in her hands and added, ‘What shall I do?’
‘Suck it but be careful that your teeth don’t hurt me, ‘ I said.
‘Okay, ‘ she said and started to suck my cock.
‘Careful, your teeth are hurting me, ‘ I said. She continued to suck.
‘Move your head up and down. Yes, like my cock is fucking your mouth, ‘ I prompted.
Her head bobbed up and down. After a while I felt my seed rising. I caught hold of her head and moved my hips forward and backward fucking her mouth.
‘Oh God, I am about to cum, ‘ I said fucking her mouth faster and faster.
‘Y… HES, I AM COMMMIIINNNGGGGG, ‘ I shouted and started to spurt my come into her mouth.
At first Piya tried to jerk her head away but I held it firmly in position. Then she relaxed and swallowed everything my cock had to give.
‘Why did you come in my mouth?’ Piya said making a face.
‘Didn’t you like the taste?’ I asked.
‘No, it was salty and so… so… gooey, ‘ she replied.
‘I felt the same when I ate pussy for the first time but then I started to relish it. After sometime you’ll like it also, ‘ I said.
As we lay I told her that I have work to do tomorrow and she should come only after checking that I am back. She told me that Wednesday was a holiday and she has obtained her mausi’s permission to show me Mahabalipuram.
We fucked one more time then she left. While leaving she said, ‘I’ll come at 8 a.m. on Wednesday then we’ll leave. So be ready.’
The next day I returned from my meeting after five. As I was having a cup of tea the phone rang. It was Ruby on the line.
‘Do you know that tomorrow is a holiday, ‘ she asked after we had greeted each other.
‘Yes, I know, ‘ I replied.
‘If you are doing nothing tonight then why don’t you spend the night here? Nagma will also be coming, ‘ Ruby said.
‘Sorry I can’t. Tonight I’ve an official dinner and tomorrow I am going to Mahabalipuram for the day, ‘ I said.
‘I see you are spending the whole day with Piya fucking her tight choot, ‘ she chuckled. I laughed also.
‘Ramu, when are you leaving?’ she asked. ‘On Sunday, why?’
‘Then spend the weekend with us, ‘ Ruby said. ‘Okay, will do. I must rush now. I am already late. See you on Saturday, bye, ‘ I said and rang off.
Then I placed her in the gaand fuck position and applied Vaseline inside and outside her puckered hole. Then placing my cock on her rear entrance I pressed to gain entry. ‘OOOWWWAAA RAMUIT IS HURTING, ‘ she screamed.
I eased the pressure a little. ‘I told you it’ll hurt. If the pain becomes unbearable then bite on the pillow, okay, ‘ I said and started to press for entry.
‘AAAAAAYYYYYYIIIIIIEEEEEE, ‘ she screamed as her sphincter snapped open and half my cock was buried in her rear fuck tube.
I moved my cock slowly in and out till the whole of its length was inside her gaand. ‘Oh Ramu, it was very painful, ‘ she groaned.
‘Just relax. It won’t hurt now. My cock is fully inside your asshole, ‘ I said moving slowly and simultaneously rubbed her cunt.
After the minutes she started to moan. ‘Oh Ramu, it feels sooo good, ‘ she moaned. I moved faster. Soon we both came together.
‘Did you enjoy it, ‘ I panted.
‘It was all right but I prefer to take your cock in my cunt, ‘ she giggled.
After resting we fucked for one more time. Then we showered together. During the shower Piya sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. Then we ate lunch and after another fuck we slept.
We woke up around five and fucked two more times.
‘It is getting late. I must go home, ‘ Piya said, getting out of bed.
‘Don’t go yet. You can tell your mausi that because of the holiday we met with heavy traffic while returning from Mahabalipuram and that is why you are late, ‘ I said.
‘That’s a good idea, ‘ Piya giggled jumping back into bed.
Then I ate her pussy till she discharged her cunt juices six time and then I fucked her till she came half a dozen times.
At seven thirty she left.
As usual I visited Nina in the morning. ‘Did you enjoy the holiday?’ Nina asked when we were smoking after fucking.
‘Yes very much, ‘ I replied.
‘Tell me did you fuck Piya’s tight cunt in your hotel the whole day or in one of the hotels on the beach on the way to Mahabalipuram?’ she asked.
‘What did Piya say?’ I asked climbing on top of her.
‘She said that you guys had visited Mahabalipuram, ‘ Nina replied. ‘You have your answer. Why ask me, ‘ I said sending my cock deep into her choot. ‘Knowing you I don’t believe her, ‘ she said. ‘That is your prerogative, ‘ I said starting the fuck motion.
After we had finished, I asked with a naughty smile, ‘What about your holiday?
Did your husband fuck you silly yesterday?’ ‘Oh yes, he did, ‘ she sighed blushing.
In the afternoon Piya came and we enjoyed together. On Friday in the morning I fucked Nina. I told her that I’ll be leaving by Sunday evening flight. ‘This means today is the last day we are going to be together, ‘ Nina said.
‘I am afraid so, ‘ I replied. ‘Before you go tell me if you have fucked Piya or not, ‘ she said.
‘First answer one question. If Piya asks me if I had fucked you then what reply should I give, ‘ I asked.
‘Naturally, no, ‘ Nina replied.
‘You don’t want me to tell her about your sex life and want to know about hers. Is it fair?’ I said.
‘Okay, you win. I knew you wouldn’t tell but there was no harm in trying is there?’ Nina giggled.
‘Goodbye darling, I am sure we’ll meet again sometime somewhere, ‘ I said kissing her.
‘Piya is my only niece. I don’t have anyone left for the next time, ‘ Nina giggled.
‘Maybe one of your daughters will be of age by then, ‘ I laughed.
‘You… you… devil, ‘ she said, throwing her sandal at me, in mock anger. I ducked.
‘Mr. Ramu, it is time for you to leave now, ‘ Nina said feigning anger. We both laughed. Then after a long passionate kiss, I left.
In the afternoon Piya came to my room. I also told her that I was leaving on Sunday afternoon. She started to cry. ‘Why are you crying? Are you sorry that you are not a virgin anymore, ‘ I asked holding her in my arms.
‘No, I am happy to have lost my cherry to you, ‘ she said wiping her tears, ‘it is just that I may not see you again.’
‘Life is long and we’ll definitely meet with each other again, ‘ I said, ‘now take off your clothes and I’ll give a treat to remember me by.’
Then I ate her pussy. She came so often that she begged me to stop. When she had recovered a little I fucked her. Each time when I was about to come I stopped then started again. I did this so often that she was hoarse from yelling.
‘RAMU, PLEASE STOP. I AM HALF DEAD FROM COMING, ‘ she screamed between gasps breath. Then I stopped after jettisoning my load into her choot. She offered to give me a blowjob.
‘No my dear, not now, maybe next time when we meet, ‘ I said kissing her, ‘I want to be remembered by the intense pleasure you have experienced just now only.’
There was still time before she had to leave. We went to the coffee shop and spent the last hour talking.
On Saturday morning I slept late. I checked out at noon then had a leisurely lunch. After lunch I reached Ruby’s flat with my suitcase.
‘Come in Ramu, ‘ Ruby said, ‘you are early. Nagma has not yet arrived.’ ‘ ‘So what you are here, ‘ I said and carried Ruby into the bedroom.
We had a long and a satisfying fuck. When Ruby was licking my cock clean the bell rand. ‘This must be Nagma, ‘ she said and wearing her housecoat went to open the door.
‘You are already dressed for action, ‘ I heard Nagma say. ‘You are also aren’t you, ‘ Ruby said. ‘I am not wearing a bra or any panties so that when Ramucomes I’ll be ready for his cock in no time, ‘ I heard Nagma giggle. ‘Come into the bedroom. Let me give your choot a treat till Ramu comes, ‘ Ruby said.
‘RAAMMUUUUU, ‘ Nagma yelled on seeing me and jumped into bed with shoes and all. Nagma smothered me with kisses while pumping my cock.
‘How are you?’ I asked.
‘I am fine but my choot missed your cock very much, ‘ Nagma giggled continuing to kiss me.
‘You are in luck. Today by chance I have brought my cock with me, ‘ I chuckled.
‘Thank God for that, ‘ Nagma said impaling her cunt on my erect rod and started to ride me.
‘What is the hurry? Why don’t you take your clothes of first and make yourself comfortable, ‘ I suggested.
‘I will but first let me cum once, ‘ she said pumping hard.
‘OH IT FEELS SO GOOD, ‘ she screamed riding me faster and faster till in ecstasy, she screamed, ‘I AAMMMM COOOMMMMIIIIIIGGGGGGGG, ‘ and slumped on me gasping for breath.
‘This girl had made my life hell since you left on Sunday. Ring Ramu. Call him here. Why does he not come?’ Ruby said, ‘now that you are here fuck her only and don’t bother about me.’
Nagma had taken off her clothes and was back riding my cock. ‘Is that so, ‘ I asked kissing. She blushed but kept fucking without missing a stroke.
‘I am sure Nagma does not wish that, do you?’ I said. ‘No, we’ll fuck together, ‘ Nagma panted.
We fucked, fucked and fucked some more the whole weekend till I had to leave for the airport. ‘See you when you are again in town, ‘ Ruby said kissing me goodbye but Nagma started to cry.
‘I’ll not see you again, ‘ she cried.
‘Of course, you will and if you get married in the meanwhile then I’ll drag you from your home and bring you here. Then I’ll fuck you so hard that you’ll find it difficult to explain the swollen condition of your choot to your husband, ‘ I said laughing.
‘Why don’t you fuck me like that now? Shall I get into bed again?’ Nagma giggled.
‘Because you are not married that is why, ‘ I said.
We all three laughed.
Two hours later I was flying home with pleasant memories of my visit to Madras.
We had a maid who did all the household chores including sweeping and cleaning. She had been working for us since six months or so her name was Gita. I had never paid much attention to her. Usually she came in the morning did her work and went home in the evening.
Till one day… 
Let me tell you something about Gita. 5’4″ tall, slim with long black hair. She is not fair but bit on the darkish side. She is also not pretty but is also not ugly either; she has what is called an “everyday” face. She did not look very bright. Her most redeeming features were her tits, ass and naturally her kori choot (virgin cunt). She has lovely tits not too large and also not too small just the right size for her body and a slim tight ass.
One day as there was no electricity in the morning I sat in the verandah reading the morning newspapers. While reading when I lowered the paper to turn a page I saw Gita sitting on her haunches and wet wiping the floor. Her back was towards me and I could see her salwar (the lower portion of women’s attire called salwar kameez) pressing tightly against her ass cheeks. I could even make out the divide between them. My mind immediately went to the valley of pleasure that lay between her legs and got a hard on.
I raised the newspaper but kept an eye on her. Slowly she turned and continued to wipe the floor. When she was facing me she put her left hand on the floor and leaned forward to reach a far off area with the cleaning mop. In this posture I could see right inside her kameez (shirt) She was not wearing a bra but only a shift/slip under her kameez.
What I saw electrified me. I saw the loveliest pair of tits hanging from her body like mangoes. They were not very large but just the right size with pointed nipples jiggling and swinging with the rhythm of her movements. My God, this sight made me even harder. I kept watching her and pressing and rubbing my rigid cock.
After that morning I made it a daily practice to read the morning papers in the verandah and enjoy the scene of Gita’s ‘tit dance’. I invariably ended up with a huge hard on. I also started harbouring thoughts of getting this delectable piece of virgin flesh into bed and fuck her brains out.
One morning when I was openly staring at Gita’s tits she saw my stare and followed it with her eyes and realized what I was staring at. She also saw me pressing and rubbing my lund (cock). Instead of changing her stance she blushed slightly and for a second her lips curled into a thin smile. She continued to wipe the floor with renewed vigor thus making her tits jiggle, jump and swing harder than ever. This reaction of hers seemed intentional and gave me heart that my aim to fuck her would be realized, all I had to do was to wait for the right moment.
During this period my wife was on a few days leave. There were many opportunities but only for a “quickie”. I was not looking for a “bang, bang thank you ma’am affair” with Gita but a long lasting tender relationship. For this, it was necessary that I had lots of time to make her real horny and deflower her tenderly so that she enjoys her ‘paheli chudai’ (first fuck) and remembers it all her life.
A couple of days later the opportunity came. My wife told me she had to go to town for some work and visit friends and will be back only by late afternoon and Gita will give me my lunch. If I wanted anything else I should ask Gita. I assured her that I would be okay and am sure Gita will give me all that I want.
Now knowing that Gita and I will be alone for at least four hours or more I decided the time has come to relieve Gita of the burden of her cherry.
After my wife had left I called Gita and asked her to bring me a glass of water. When she brought the water, I asked, “Gita Tune apni kameez main kya bhar raha hai? (Gita what have you stuffed in to your kameez?)” She blushed and lowered her eyes but kept quiet. I repeated my question she replied, “Kuch nahin (Nothing)”. I said, “Kuch tau, aaj teri choochiyan bahut bardi lug rahin hain (Something, today your tits are looking very large)”. On insisting she said, “Mera badan hee hai (It is only my body)”. “Nahin ho sakta? (No it can’t be?)”I said. She kept silent.
During this conversation, her answers came only in whispers. Her eyes were lowered and she kept shuffling from one foot to the other, but did not make any move to leave or protest. This was an encouraging sign.
I said, “Sachie idhar aa choo kar dehkun (Really, come here let me touch and see)”. “Nahin, nahin (No, No)” she said and crossed her arms across her breasts. I pulled her tenderly but firmly towards me. She leaned against me and hid her face in my chest. Oh the feeling of her small taut breast pressed against me gave me an instant hard on. I put my finger under her chin and raised her face. I kissed her face, cheeks, ears and her lips tenderly. A man had never kissed her before. I took her lower lip and then her upper lip in my mouth and slowly sucked on them.
I turned her around so that her back was leaning against my chest. I slowly put both my hands on her beautiful tits and pressed them. I took the nipples between my thumb and forefinger and rubbed them. She said, “Ahhh ohh, yeh kya kar rahain hain aap? (What are you doing?)”.”Tere mamme daba raha hoon (I am pressing your tits) I replied”. In the mean time I kept kissing her. I then put my hands one by one under her kameez and gripped her tits.
The feel of her boobs was great. My hard on became harder and so did her tits. I pressed her tits and tweaked her nipples. She moaned with pleasure. I said, “Gita tere mamme bahut pyaare hain. Zara dekhun to sahi (Gita your tits are very sweet. Let me see them)”. “Nahin, nahin (No, no)” she whispered but let me lift her kameez above her tits level. I continued to massage them.
I said, “Kameez uttar de (Take off your shirt)”. She protested, “Nahin nahin (No, no)”. “Kyon? (Why?)”and before she could reply I pulled her kameez over her head. We were standing not far from the bed. I slowly led her to it and laid her down on it. She continued to protest mildly but I paid no heed to her protests. She again crossed her arms across her tits. “Haath hata na (Remove your arms)” “Nahin, nahin sharam aati hai (No, no I feel embarrassed)”. “Aisa kar tu ankh band kar le tau tujhe pata hee nahin lagega ki main teri chuchiyaon ko dekh raha hoon. Phir tujhe sharam nahin aayegee (Close your eyes then you won’t know that I am looking at your boobs and you will not feel embarrassed)” I advised.
Slowly I pulled her arms away from her breasts. She lay there half-naked with her eyes’ shut tightly not knowing what is going to happen next. She looked lovely. She lay panting, her breasts hard, nipples taut and moaning softly. I kept kissing her and handling her tits and she kept moaning. Her breath was getting shorter. ” Bahut pyaare hain, chakhta hun (They are very sweet let me taste them)”. I kissed her tits and slowly moved to her nipples and took them in my mouth. A loud moan escaped her. She started to pant heavily. After a minute or so her hands caught my head and pressed them on her nipples guiding it to the places she enjoyed most. She kept muttering, “Oh! Ramu, oh! Ramu”. Suddenly her body became tense and with a loud ‘AAAHHHhh’ she relaxed and lay limp. She had creamed. The little virgin had her first orgasm with a man… 
My lund was so hard that I wanted to shove it inside her kori choot and fuck her hard and shoot my load into her tight sheath, but better sense prevailed. Long-term pleasure was far better than a moments impulse. So I kept control of my laurda (cock). I again started to kiss her tits and pressing her mammas (tits).
Slowly I moved downwards and when I got to her navel, I sucked on it and stuck my tongue in it and rotated it. Gita nearly went wild. I went back to her tits, her face. For some time I shuttled between her boobs and her navel. Gita was half-mad with lust. While kissing her I undid her salwar knot which Gita did not seem to notice. She was so steeped with desire. She was panting like a sprinter after a 100-meter dash. Her breasts were heaving with the rhythm of her breathing.
My hand traced down the rounded contour of her abdomen and into her pubic curls. Stroking the hair with my fingers I found her secret crevice and the swollen bump of her clit. I pressed her clit between my fingers. With a start she caught my hand and whispered, “Oh Ramu wahan nahin chuo (Oh Ramu do not touch me there)”.
Ignoring her protest I continued to massage and lightly pinch her knob of pleasure. Soon she felt the pleasant feeling and her grip on my hand relaxed. She started to moan softly. I put my hand under her back and lifting her slightly slid her salwar off her hips.She again protested loudly, “NAHIN, NAHIN mujhe nanga mat karo (NO, NO do not make me naked)”. “CHUP! leti rah aur maaja le (Quiet! remain lying and enjoy)” I said sharply and slid her salwar completely off.
My little dark virgin lay naked on the snow-white bedspread. Her eyes tightly shut with her arm covering them, her mouth slightly open, her hard tits pointing towards the ceiling, her breasts heaving up and down. Her clit hard, erect and just peeping out of her short pubic hair (Apparently the growth was quite recent), the lips of her choot were stuck to each other untouched by man and her thighs pressed tightly together.
I pressed and massaged her swollen clit and ran my finger up and down the furrow of her choot. She was wet with the hot flow of her arousal and the slit was a slippery slide down in her womanly depths. I put my mouth to her clit and sucked at it. She moaned loudly and her hips moved up and down and gyrated in a circular motion. Tremors ran through her body and she moaned softly, unable to resist the pleasure waves mounting higher and higher. Suddenly Gita clutched my head and pressed it to her clit. Few seconds later with a loud AAAHHHhhhhh she sighed and lay still and relaxed. She had creamed again.
I lifted her legs and pressed her knees to her breasts. I looked at her kori choot hole for the first time. It was very wet, oozing her cum. I took off my pajama and kurta releasing my raging rock hard lund. It was all sticky with pre-cum. My poor lund had been completely ignored in the above proceedings. It was time for him to “get into the middle of things”. I gave it a couple of up and down strokes with my hand and spread Gita’s legs apart and got on top of her. I took my laurda and moved it up and down in her slit.
“Yeh garam garam kya hai? (What is this warm thing?)” she inquired softly. I took her hand and placed it on my hard member, “Yeh mera laurda hai (This is my cock)”. She felt it and whispered softly, “Ramu yeh tau bahut bara aur mota hai (Ramu it is very large and thick)”. I placed my lund on her choot hole. “Oh! Iss se kya karoge? (Oh! what are you going to do with it?)” she asked. “Main isse teri choot main gusserd ke tujhe chodunga (I will shove it up your cunt and fuck you)” and pressed it into her.
The head slipped easily into her cum lubricated kori choot. “OOhhh” said she.
I moved my lund in and out of her phuddi (cunt) making slow progress. Her choot was very tight. Soon I reached an obstacle, the hymen, the sentinel of her virginity. I did not try to break through it but continued the to and fro motion. Gita started to feel the pleasure coming over her and started to moan.
The time was now ripe to shatter her virginity.
I gathered her firmly in my arms, putting my head down I lunged into her. My lund tore through the hymen and was half engulfed in her tight passage of bliss. “AAAYYEEEIII, UUUIIIII Ma bahut dard ho rahi hai OOHH! AHHH! Main mar jauingi (AAAYYEEEIII, UUUUUIIIII (Mama it is hurting OOHH! AHHH I will die)” she screamed. Ignoring her screams I commenced to move my lund in and out of her tight love tunnel till my lund was buried in her to the hilt and our pubic hair intermingled with each other.
I raised my head and looked at her. Poor Gita, she was lying with her mouth and eyes wide open. Tears were flowing down the side of her eyes and she was groaning with pain. “Bahut dard hui? (Did it hurt a lot?)”I asked. She nodded. I assured her that the painful part was over and she will now only feel pleasure and tenderly kissed her tears away.
I recommenced my in and out movement. With each stroke as my lund rubbed against the torn edges of her virginity Gita said, “Ohh”, But her oh’s soon turned into ah’s and ah’s into AAHH’s. I pulled my cock back to the tip of her choot and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length and the pace of my strokes. It was not long before her hips started to move in rhythm with the in and out movement of my lund.
Suddenly Gita clutched me and pressed me hard to her body. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and a wild look came into her eyes. I knew she was very close to coming and I was also not far away. I began to thrust viciously into her, ramming her so hard that her tits rolled back and forth. She began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her back and thrust her head back her eyes clinched tightly close. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. With a loud scream she came immediately triggering off my orgasm also. Gradually our motions slowed and we continued to make soft “ahhhh” sounds. We both opened our eyes. Our lips drew together and kissed a long tender kiss. Soon my laurda became soft and flopped out of her heavenly fuck tube.
She lay there with her legs apart and a mix of our-cum streaked with blood of her shattered virginity, oozed out of her choot. She confessed that she had never creamed so hard and for so long before. Apparently she had had the ‘mother of all orgasms’.
We lay there kissing and fondling each other for some time and then fucked twice again.
We got up cleaned each other. She relaxed visibly and kissed me tenderly.
Then I ate my lunch and lay down to rest and Gita went about doing her daily chores.
When my wife returned I overheard her asking Gita if she had given the boss what he wanted (to eat, she had meant). Gita replied with a naughty tone, “Yes, whatever the boss wanted I gave it to him”.
And I thought she did not look too intelligent.
Few days later my wife rejoined her duties.
Everyday, we at least fucked once and sometimes twice and even thrice. I noticed that if for some reason we were unable fuck one day then the next day Gita would flit in and out of my room puttering around doing meaningless things trying to draw my attention to her. And as soon as I asked her to come to me she would grin and happily walk to the bed take off her salwar and pull up her kameez above her tits and lie down on the bed for her daily dose of my cum.
Though she loved to fuck she never used obscene words like lund, choot, chodo and chudai etc. during our fuck sessions. I tried to persuade her to use them but she kept repeating, “Mujhe sharam aati hai (I feel embarrassed).
I don’t know how you feel about this but I really like it when a girl uses these type of words during sex or even otherwise. It increases my enjoyment. I had to think of a way to break down her modesty in this respect also.
Before I could do anything her periods set in.
The day after Gita’s periods ended she came into my room and again started her antics to attract my attention. I talked to her, listened to her chatter but did not invite her to come to me. She went away disappointed. This went on for three more days. Once she even went to the extent of breaking a plate in my room, inviting the wrath of my wife, to attract my attention but I continued to ignore her.
She was desperate for a fuck and so was I, but this was according to the plan I had formulated to break down her modesty.
On the ninth day she came to my studio and stood around. I asked her, “Kya baat hai? (What is the matter?) She said, “Maine aapse kuch kehena hai (I want to talk to you)”. I left my work and went to the bedroom and sat down on the bed and asked, “Kya kehena hai? (What do you want to say?)”.
She said, “Ramu mujhse koi galati ho gai hai? (Ramu have I made a mistake?)”
“Nahin, kyon? (No, why?). “Aap mujhse naraaz lagte hain? (You seem to be angry with me?)”
“Nahin tau, tu esa kyon keh rahi hai? (No, why are you saying this?)”
“Main aap ko main ab achchi nahin lagati? (You don’t like me any more?)”
“Nahin, tu mujhe bahut achchi lagati hai (No, I like you very much)”.
“Phir aapne itne dino se mujhe bulaya kyon nahin? (Then why did you not call me for so many days?)” she said with tears in her eyes.
“Tujhe bulaya nahin, kaye ke liye? (Did not call you, for what?).
“Aap jante hain (You know)”.
“Main janta hota to tujhse kyon punchta? (If I knew, then why would I ask you?)” I queried.
She stood there silently looking at her feet, scratching the floor with her big toe. “Kuch kaheti kyon nahin? (Why don’t you say something?)”.
“Sharam aati hai (I feel shy)”.
“Teri choot main kujhli ho rahi hai? (Is your cunt itching?)”. She nodded.
I saw her discomfort and felt pity on her and decided to help her out of her predicament. I thought she was so desperate that if she did not get some good solid fucking today, she will go looking for a cock in her neighborhood. This I did not want. Another reason was that I had come to like her very much and I also did not want to lose a good young cunt.
“Tu aaj chudwana chahati hai? (You want to be fucked today?) I asked. She nodded. “Muh se bol (Speak out)”. She kept quiet. “Agar tu bolegi nahin to main tujhe nahin chodunga! (If you don’t speak up I will not fuck you)” I threatened. “Kya boloon? (What shall I say?)”.
“Bol, Ramu please aaj aap mujhe chodiye (Say, Ramu please fuck me today)”. Hesitatingly, she said softly, “Ramu aaj aap mujhe please chodiye)”.
I was overjoyed and pulled her to me and kissed her. She was also very happy and kissed me all over my face. I sat her next to me asked her to repeat after me, “Ramu aap apna lund meri choot main dal kar mujhe jor jor se chodo, pleeaase.” She repeated what I had said and promised to use the words lund, choot, chudai and their like in future. I asked her to get undressed. She had her clothes off in a trice and moved towards the bed.
I stopped her and asked her to undress me and sit on her haunches facing me on the carpet. I sat down on the bed with my lund hard and pointing straight at her face. I told her, “Ab mera lund apne muh main le aur usse mithi goli ki tereh chooss (Now take my cock in your mouth and suck it like a lemon drop)”. She looked at me and kept quiet. I repeated, “Chooss (Suck)”. She said, “Mujhe ganda lagta hai (I feel dirty)”. I reminded her that there is nothing dirty in love.
She still hesitated. “Main teri choot phir kabhi nahin chatoonga (I will never lick your cunt again)” I threatened. She did not want to forgo the pleasures of my tongue and immediately took my cock and gave it a few tentative licks. “Apne muh main lekar choos (Take it in your mouth and suck)” I said. She hesitated but took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. At first she was artless but soon she got the hang of it. I put my foot between her legs and pressed my big toe against her clit. Now she started sucking my lund with gusto moving and pressing her ass against my big toe.
It was nine days since I had ejaculated and it was not long before I was ready to shoot my load. With one hand I kept her head pressed on my cock and with the other pinched her nose and said, Gita mera nikalne wala hai. Usse tune poora satakna hai samjhi (Gita I am about to shoot my load. You have to swallow it understood)” and spurted my seed into her mouth. She tried to free her head but I held fast and per force she was compelled to swallow it. She also came and her juice dripped on to the carpet. “Kaisa laga? (How did you like it?). ” Theek hee tha “(It was okay)” she replied.
She looked at my cock which had gone soft and looked up to me and said in a small voice with tears in her eyes, “Aap ka lund to mulayam ho gaya ab yeh mujhe kaise chodega? (Your cock has become soft. How will it fuck me now?” I explained to her that each time the cock shoots its load it becomes soft but there was nothing to worry, take it in your hands manipulate it and suck on it. Soon I was hard again.
She clapped her hands with glee and danced around singing, “Aapka lund phir sakht ho gaya ab aap mujhe chodiye (Your cock has become hard again now fuck me)” I lay down on the bed, “Aaj tu mujhe chod (Today you fuck me)”. “Main? Kaise? (Me? How?) She questioned. I pulled her on me and inserted my cock in her fuck hole from below and said, “Aise (Like this)”.
As soon as my cock slipped into her cunt she came with a long deep sigh and commenced the in and out movement. I took some juice from her cunt with my finger and applied it on her gaand (ass hole) and carefully inserted one finger and then two in it. She kept fucking me and I kept finger fucking her ass hole. It hurt her at first then she started enjoying it.
As this was my second cum in a short period it took twenty minutes or so of hard grind before I shot my cum into her fuck sheath. In the meanwhile she had come at least three times.
Many days went by, our love games continued.
One morning I called her and asked her draw my bath. I normally took a bucket bath and finding it difficult to sit on a low stool I used a 2’X 2′ X 2’stool. When the bath was ready I told Gita, “aaj hum saath nahenge (Come we will bathe together)”. She readily agreed and undressed quickly. I sat her down on my lap and soaped her body paying special attention to her choot and tits.
She was in ecstasy.
Asking her to continue rubbing her cunt I shifted my attention to her gaand. I soaped it from the outside and then inserting one then two fingers in her ass hole and soaped it from the inside. I applied soap on my raging hard on and made it slippery, in order to avoid unnecessary pain to her, I had thought of this procedure.
I positioned my lund on her ass hole and started to shove it in her gaand. “Kya kar rahen hai aap? (What are you doing?)” She asked. “Aaj main teri gaand maroonga (I will fuck you in the ass today)”. “Bahut dard hogi kya? (Will it pain a lot?) She wanted to know. “Thori dard hogi phir tujhe bahut mazaa aayega (It will hurt a little then you will enjoy it)”. Slowly I entered her ass hole. “UUUII dard ho rahi hai (UUUII it is hurting)” she groaned. I then moved her up and down on my cock while pinching and rubbing her clit. She enjoyed her first butt fuck.
In the days to follow we continued our games. She got used to butt fucking and soon started relishing it. After this day we fucked all over the house in all the rooms, on every piece of furniture. We even fucked a couple of times on the roof.
Her education was now complete.
One morning Gita, after receiving her daily shot of cum in her choot was lying next to me cuddling my lund, kissing and sucking it. I said, “Gita, tell me about yourself, your family and your first contact with sex and how matters developed till date.
This is what she said, “I live in two small rooms adjacent to each other with my mother and my sisters Sita, Ritu and my brother Dipu. Sita and Dipu are twins. Ritu is one year younger to them. My father died two years back. When my father was alive, all of us children slept in one room and our parents in the other. After his death Dipu started sleeping with my mother leaving us girls alone in the room”.
“, yes I used to go but after the death of my father, being the eldest I had to help mother and go to work. I had couple of jobs before; the employers mistreated me. Then I came to this house, I was happy here, but now I am in heaven” she said giving my cock a loving squeeze.
“My brother and sisters still go to college. Sita does not like it but the other two are happy. My knowledge about sex was very sketchy. I thought that after marriage the man and the woman put their ‘things’ together and made babies. I did not know what the ‘things’ looked like but had a vague idea. I had no real girl friend in whom I could confide. I was on good terms with a married neighbour who was few years older to me. We were however not on intimate terms and had never discussed sex”.
“Our room is very small therefore we all slept on mattresses on the floor. One night I suddenly woke up and heard strange sounds in the room. I thought that maybe one of my sisters is not well. After my eyes got used to the darkness I saw Sita lying on her back with her kameez rolled up to her neck and her salwar open and her choot exposed. I saw that her one hand was pressing her mammas (tits) and pinching their nipples while the other was moving up and down on her choot. Her eyes were shut and she was breathing in gasps and moaning”.
Fascinated I watched her. Her movements grew faster, her moans louder and suddenly she raised her ass and sighed loudly and lay back panting. After a few moments she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her. A scared look came into her eyes. “What are you doing you dirty girl” I hissed. “Oh didi (a term of addressing the older sister)”. “Bol (speak)”. I forgot to mention that Sita was normally aggressive and not easily intimidated”.
“In the meanwhile Sita regained her composure and said brazenly, “Didi mazaa le rahi thi (Didi I was enjoying myself)”. “Kaise? (How)?” I asked. She was now in her element she said, “Aapne yeh kabhie nahin kara? (You have never done it?)”.”Nahin (No)” I said. “Didi kar ke dekho bahut mazaa aaata hai (Didi try it you will enjoy it)”. I refused but finally she persuaded me and I agreed to press my mammas and pinch my nipples only and not touch my choot. Under her expert guidance I commenced to press and pinch my nipples”.
“God it was nice, slowly a strange but nice feeling came over my body and unconsciously my hand moved towards my choot. At first I rubbed it through the salwar, it was not satisfying enough I opened it and slid my hand inside and started massaging my clit vigorously. Soon I was moaning and panting and with a small animal like cry I experienced my first orgasm. I felt my salwar getting wet. I had never felt such lovely sensation before it was just great. “Kaisa laga? (How did you like it?)” Sita asked. I confessed it was great. I masturbated two more times before falling off to sleep. Sita was watching me throughout”.
“After that night we masturbated together. Slowly we graduated to rubbing each other and looking at each other’s choot hole. No! No! We never put anything inside the choot, not even our little finger. I am sure Sita has also not done anything like that either, otherwise she would have surely told me”.
“Sita knew more about sex matters than me. She said a man has a lund from which he pisses and when excited the lund becomes large and thick like a banana. On the wedding night he puts it inside the woman’s choot. This she said was called chuddai and chuddai makes babies. I asked how did she know all this she said her girl friend had told her. I did not quite believe her. I had seen my younger brother pissing many a times and no way could his little lund become as large as a banana and go into the small hole of the choot, it would kill the girl”.
“But my curiosity was aroused and was determined to find out more. One day, when my married friend came home to spend a few days with her parents, I visited her and asked her what happens on the wedding night. At first she laughed off my question and when I begged her she looked at me and said you are old enough and for your own good it is better that you know everything”.
“She told me basically the same things that Sita had said. On expressing my doubts she clarified that when a boy grows into a man his lund also grows and when it gets excited it becomes large, thick and hard. Some men’s lund is even larger and thicker than a banana. Like yours Ramu, she said giving it a kiss.
“The woman’s choot is very elastic it extends and accommodates the lund easily. For your information the baby come out of the choot so you can imagine how much it can expand. Yes, it pains a little when the lund enters the choot for the first time then there is no pain thereafter. Pleasure, yes in chuddai one experiences so much pleasure that you cannot imagine, it is many more times enjoyable than masturbating”.
“Did you tell her that you masturbate?” I interjected.
“No she must have assumed it, probably all girls masturbate, this is what Sita says. My friend advised me that many times the heart wants to do things but the head is against it. One should therefore use both the heart and the head before deciding anything. Moreover the danger of pregnancy is very great it will bring shame and disgrace on the girl as well as her family. The biggest and the costliest jewel a woman can take with her to the wedding bed, is her virginity”.
“I assured her that I planned to remain a virgin and all I wanted was to clear my mind. We chit – chatted for a little while and after thanking her for the clarifications I left”.
“I did not tell Sita about this conversation but kept thinking about the intensity of pleasure one felt during fucking. I loved to masturbate and feel its pleasure and if fucking gave more pleasure then I wanted to get fucked and experience the pleasures it promises. Get fucked yes, but who will fuck poor me I thought. My heart said the man should be someone I liked, he should also be tender and considerate. My mind said he should be experienced, mature and capable of handling any situation. “How is that for using my heart and head”, she laughed.
“One day I was thinking of chuddai, the truth is after that day I only thought of chuddai, I saw you walking in the garden. Suddenly it hit me why not Ramu. I had always liked you and to my mind you were perfect. Then doubts started to come in my mind. Why would a nice man like you want to fuck a poor servant girl like me? You had so many beautiful rich society women to choose from. (Gita did not understand that for me the lure of one young virgin of tender age and at one’s beck and call is far greater than the loose cunts of several, beautiful society women). I dismissed the idea from my mind but this did not stop me from fantasizing about it while masturbating”.
“One morning when I was cleaning the floor while you read the newspaper I saw you looking at my mammas and pressing your big hard lund. I thought if my mammas have excited Ramu then there still might be a chance that he will fuck me. I immediately started shaking them so you could enjoy and like them more. You won’t believe me but I rubbed my choot and came at least five times in the next hour or so. After that morning I made it a point to clean the floor when you were sitting there and went out of way to attract your attention to me”.
“How can I ever forget the morning when you called me. Maine socha shayad aaj Ramu mujhe chodenge (I thought maybe Ramu will fuck me today). Then you took me in your strong arms and kissed me? A man had never kissed me before. I liked it and what followed was much better than I had imagined. You kissed, pressed and sucked my dudhoos (breasts), I was constantly releasing my cuntal juices. Soon you had me naked and put your mouth on my swollen lump, oh! I felt as if an electric current had gone through my body I shuddered and I came and came. If this was the intensity of pleasure before you had even touched my choot hole then what will the pleasure of chuddai be like I wondered”.
“It was mind-boggling”.
“You then rubbed your lund on my choot and placed my hand on it. I felt its size. It was much larger than I had ever imagined. You picked up my legs and placed the head of your cock on the entrance of my choot. Thinking your huge lund will tear my poor little choot into shreds, I wanted to chicken out but thank god you were firm and pushed its head into me. I was waiting for the pain to come but a good feeling came over me and as I was about to relax oh! Pain such severe pain I thought I would die, but you were so considerate and your kisses so tender I felt the pain subsiding”.
“As you kept moving this (planting a big kiss on my lund) dear lund, in and out of my choot my level of excitement kept increasing. Soon I did not know what I was doing my bum was moving my back arching and my choot coming perpetually. Your movements became faster and the strokes harder I was about to come when I felt some thing warm being injected into my choot, I came, I came with such intensity as I had never come before, my cunt juices would not stop flowing they went on and on”.
“It was sometime before I recovered. I still remember the big wet spot of cum intermingled with the blood of my shattered virginity; I left on your snow-white sheet. She laughed. The pleasure I had felt was more than my friend had promised oh, much more. “Thank you Ramu and you my darling lund” she said and kissed and sucked it.
“The chuddai over, I came back to reality I knew Ramu that you had poured your baby making seed inside my cunt and was scared. I had meant to ask about it before you entered me but I was so aroused that I did not care. You remember I asked about the danger of pregnancy and you told me that you were safe. I was overjoyed and said to myself, ‘Yehi hai right choice baby’ (punch line of a popular ad on TV)”.
“I admonished myself right away for doubting that a kind and considerate man like my Ramu would put me in any danger. “I hope you do not mind my thinking of you as ‘my Ramu’?” I said “No”. She then raised her hand and solemnly declared “Ramu I will never, never doubt you again. You believe me don’t you? I nodded and I took her face in my hands and kissed her tenderly.
“Now on with your narration” I told her. I can never forget the eight days (Yes, yes I remember this number how can I forget those eight days of hell) of sheer torture I went through when you did not fuck me. I did my best to draw your attention to me but in vain. Foreboding thoughts started coming to my mind like Ramu will never fuck me again, he is tired of my choot, I have made some grave mistake, who will fuck me now etc. I was going mad. My choot wanted a big, long and thick lund, this was despite of nightly frigging sessions with Sita”.
“Even one day without a good bout of chuddai drove me crazy. I did not want anyone else, you were so nice, I decided to make another attempt. You see when I came to you that day I had wanted to ask you outright to fuck me but could not get the words out my mouth and stood there mumbling stupid things. When you saw my predicament you helped me. I was overjoyed that my Ramu still liked me otherwise why would he help me. You wanted me to ask you for a fuck using words like choot, chuddai etc. On several earlier occasions you had asked me the same but I had refused”.
“I confess now that I had always wanted to use these words before you but my shyness stopped me from doing it. At night when I fantasized that you were fucking me I always used these words in my mind. The situation now was that I use these words or lose you. No way did I want to lose you so I threw away the mantle of shyness and accepted your command”.
“Am I now using these words to your satisfaction?” She wanted to know. “You are doing fine, just continue using them” I told her.
“You desired I suck and lick your laurda. I did not want to do it but when you threatened that you will never suck my lump of joy and not wanting to forgo that pleasure, I went to work on your rigid lund. At first I did not like it but after a while I started enjoying it. Soon you shot your seed into my mouth and made me swallow it. Initially I did not like it but by and by I started enjoying it. Yes, the taste is pungent and salty but it tastes great, I like it. Now I can’t get enough of it”.
Grabbing my already erect cock she asked, “Shall I suck you off now”. “Later, continue with your story now” I told her she laughed and continued.
“One day you asked me to bathe with you, I had once while bathing rubbed soap in my slit and feeling very horny masturbated with the soap in my slit oh, it was great I did it regularly thereafter. I even introduced Sita to this new way to masturbate she loves it also. Knowing that soap enhances the pleasure I looked forward to more heightened enjoyment with you. I was shocked when this big fellow, pointing to my lund, wanted to enter my gaand and pop my gaand cherry”.
“You also wanted it and I had promised to obey. This huge lund entered plucking my second cherry and fucked my gaand. It hurt at first then I got used to it but I enjoy gaand fucking now. If left to this cruel but sweet lund it would have torn my gaand to pieces. I have to thank you for the fore thought of using soap to reduce the pain. I did not expect any thing different”.
“Well, I have told you everything”.
Her narration had given me a raging hard on. Gita saw no sense in wasting it, so she got on top of me and rode me while I finger fucked her ass hole. After we both came, with a sigh of satisfaction, she lay down next to me with her head on my chest”.
Few minutes later she said, “Ramu mujhe aapse kuch kehena hai (Ramu I want to say something to you)”. “Kya? (What?)” “Mujhe dar lag raha hai (I am scared)”. “Dar? Kiss ka? (Fear? From whom?)”.
She said, “Sita”.
She explained that you remember my telling you that each night we rubbed ourselves. I nodded. We had also got into the habit of looking at each other’s choot. I nodded again. About two weeks ago when Sita was looked at my choot she said, “Didi aap ki choot pahele se bahut khuli huyi lag rahi hai (Didi your choot is looking much more open than before)”.
“I laughed it away saying that she is mistaken. Now every night she keeps pestering me about it. She is even saying that I am putting things in it or otherwise I am fucking someone. I keep denying it but of no avail. What shall I do?”
I thought for some time and asked, “Sita chudwati hai? (Does Sita fuck?)”
“No but I am sure that she would love to feel a hard lund between her legs” Gita said, “oh! How I wished she had been fucked also then I will be safe”.
This gave me an idea. I advised her to keep denying it and in the meanwhile I will think of something. A willing virgin choot was within my reach and I must find a way to pop its cherry. The thought alone gave me a terrific hard on. Gita saw my condition and with a grin went to work on it with her mouth and drank my load with relish.
The days rolled by… 
Our house required white washing, painting and polishing. Some repair work also needed to be done. All this would take about a month or more. This will also generate a lot of work for Gita so I suggested to my wife that maybe Gita could bring someone with her to help her out for the duration on a temporary basis and we could pay for the extra help. The idea appealed to her and she asked Gita.
Gita came and told me. I said, “Tu Sita ko le aa. Iss se teri samasya bhi sulajh jaayegi”. She said, “Kaisse? (How?)” I told her that I have a plan to fuck Sita with her assistance of course and then she will not tell on her because she herself will be in the same boat. Though she liked the idea of Sita getting screwed but was reluctant to share my cock with her. She agreed reluctantly when I told her it was either this or live in constant fear of your mother’s wrath.
Next day she talked to her mother about it and she agreed but on only temporary basis, as Sita’s education would suffer.
Lo and behold two days later Sita was working in the house.
Sita was slim with long tresses reaching down to her bottoms. She was a slightly smaller version of Gita, better looking and fairer in complexion. Her boobs were smaller with nipples pressing against her kameez wanting to tear it and come out in the open. She looked intelligent, attentive, bold and straightforward. She promised a tight virgin choot and gaand. Looking at her gave me an instant hard on.
Because of Sita’s presence in the house Gita and I could not fuck easily. I knew I could hold out for some days but was worried about Gita. I had to implement my plan soon before Gita lost her cool.
Well I had a plan of sorts to fuck Sita. I called Gita and said to her, “Agar hamain roz chudai ka silsala jaari rakhna hai tau yeh zaroori hai ki teri madad se usski bhi chudai ho jaye (If we want to continue our daily fucking sessions then it is necessary that with your help Sita also gets fucked)”. Gita asked, “Mujhe kiya karna hoga? (What will I have to do?)” I explained to her that the next time Sita asks you about sex matters you should tell her we should ask this from someone who is educated and experienced in these matters and then at an appropriate juncture suggest my name.
My plan was quite transparent and its success depended upon Gita’s opinion that Sita was also very keen to taste the pleasures of a hard lund between her wide spread legs. If her reading was right then even if Sita saw through my plan, she will cooperate. I will have another tight choot to deflower. If it did not work then nothing would be lost except that I would not be able to fuck Gita as long as Sita was in the house. Gita was not too keen but her cock-starved cunt persuaded her. I explained my plan to her in detail, making her repeat it couple of times so there would be no slip-ups.
One morning both of them presented themselves in my room. Gita said, “Ramu we would like you to teach us about the bodies of men and women and also tell us what they do after marriage etc.”. While Gita was saying her piece Sita was vigorously nodding her head in agreement. “Sita what do you say?” I asked. Sita said, “Please sir I also want to learn”. I pretended to think about it and said, “Only on one condition”. They asked in unison, what the condition was. I told them that they must obey me without any hesitation or question. Gita said, “I will” and Sita said, “Fikar (worry) not”. (I must tell you here that Sita had the habit of mixing English words with the local language in her conversation and ‘fikar not’ (Don’t worry) was one of her favourite phrase).
“Okay girls first I want you to take your clothes off. Yes all of them” I said. Gita hesitated but Sita shrugged her shoulders and started undressing. Gita followed suit. I was watching Sita. She removed her kameez and slip and started to pull the string of her salwar when she stopped and pouting said, “Ramu aap bhi, nahin tau hum aadmi ke badan ke baare main kaise seekhenge (Ramu you too otherwise how will we learn about the body of man)”. I assured her that I would when the time comes. Now I was quite certain that my plan would meet with success and today my lund will taste Sita’s kori choot and make mince meat out of it. Satisfied she pulled the string of her salwar and stepped out it. Both the girls now stood naked before me.
This was a sight for the gods. Sita was lovely. Her boobs were not large but firm, erect without any ‘sag’, the nipples pointing straight at me. The button of pleasure quite pronounced swollen and stiff. Her cunt lips were sticking together with just a hint of pubic hair on them. Sita seemed to be already aroused and so was I. Just seeing her had given me such a hard on that I could hardly wait to ravish her virgin choot. But as a poet has said, “Fruits of patience are sweet”. Surveying the scene before me I heartily agreed with him.
I told the girls that this is how I will proceed, first I will instruct Sita on Gita’s body then Gita on Sita’s body. In between if you have any question feel free to ask. They agreed. I asked Gita to lie down. I started with her lips stating that one kisses and sucks them and proceeded to translate my words into action. Down to her tits I told them these are called mammas or dhoodoos and when a girl has a child they produce milk and the child suckles them to draw the milk. You must have seen this? Both nodded. When a man presses them and sucks on them then it produces a nice feeling in her; I said doing what I had said. I asked Gita if she liked it she nodded. I did not want to dally long with Gita as I wanted to get to the tight virgin choot of Sita as quickly as possible.
Coming to the clit I said this is called the clit and it is the center of girls sexual feelings and is very sensitive. Taking the clit I pressed it between my fingers and rubbed it. Gita’s ass jumped and she started to moan. See Sita, Gita is already feeling the sensation of pleasure. Sita was looking bored, as all this was old hat for her. I then put my lips on it, now I had Sita’s undivided attention, as this was something new for her. After sucking and licking Gita’s choot for few moments I said that this produces intense feeling in a girl.
Then I undressed and released my raging cock. I said this is called lund or laurda. Normally it is soft and hangs between the legs and when it gets excited it becomes hard and big. Pointing to my testicles I said they are called tatte (balls) and they produced the seed which impregnates a woman. Sita whispered, “Kitna mota aur lamba hai. Yeh choot main kaisse gussta hoga? (It is so long and thick. How does it enter the choot?)”. Ignoring her comment I proceeded by asking Gita to take it in her hand and move the top skin up and down. She complied. Then I made Sita do it. I explained that apart from pissing the lund is used for fucking. I asked Gita to take my lund in her mouth and suck it, which she did then I made Sita do the same also. I explained when a man sucks and licks a girl’s choot the man likes it but the girl feels the pleasure similarly when a girl sucks a man’s lund he experiences the pleasure but the girl also enjoys doing it also. If one keeps moving the skin up and down then the lund gets harder and bigger and then squirts out the baby making seed.
Sita asked, “Choosne se bhi beej nikalta hai kya? (Does the seed spurt by sucking also?)”. “Yes” I replied. “Beej tau muh main jata hoga, phir kya karte hain? Iss se bhi baccha hosakta hai? (The seed must be going into the mouth, then what happens? Can one get pregnant?)” Sita questioned again. Girls enjoy swallowing it. No, one cannot become pregnant. I clarified. Sita wanted to try it right away but I told her it was for later. “Fikar not” was her reaction. I then picked up Gita’s legs and spread them wide. Pointing to her choot hole I said this is called choot, phuddi or bur and when the man’s seed is released inside it and it combines with the girl’s egg then a baby is made. I then proceeded to explain the phenomena of periods, conception, and family planning, virginity and related matters answering their many queries.
Then getting between Gita’s legs I placed my lund at the entrance of her hole and said that when I push my lund inside a choot for the first time then it will tear the hymen. Then I will move my lund in and out of her choot. This is called chuddai. Yes, the first insertion pains a little, but for a short while then it is pleasure and more pleasure.
“Itna bara laurda iss choot ke chote se ched main kaise ghusse ga? (How does this big cock enter the small hole of the cunt?)” Sita asked. I showed her by pushing my lund few inches inside Gita’s choot then gathering her firmly in my arms I pushed further and soon my lund was fully engulfed in her choot. Gita gave a sharp cry of pain (as per plan). I asked, “Did it hurt?” “It did but not now” she replied. I commenced the in and out movement. I did not want to cum keeping my cock fresh for Sita but also wanted Gita to have her fun. As soon as Gita released her cunt juices with a deep sigh, I pulled out my cock glistening with her cum.
I said this is chuddai and asked Gita how she liked it. “Bahut mazaa aaya (I enjoyed it very much)”.
It was now Gita’s turn to be instructed.
Sita lay down and I proceeded as before, Sita enjoyed every minute of it. When I sucked her clit she moaned loudly and pressed her mound against my lips. As she had practically no hair on her cunt I was also enjoying myself and sucked her till she had cum twice. Releasing her clit I moved between her legs and said, “Sita ab main tujhe chodunga”. By now she was very aroused. Gasping for breath she said, “Haan, haan mujhe choddo please choddo (Yes, yes please fuck me, fuck me)”. Slowly I pushed my lund inside her kori choot and when I came to the hymeneal obstruction I paused. I moved my cock in and out till she had another orgasm.
Then holding her firmly I slammed my lund, past the virginal barrier tearing it, into her tight phuddi. “AAAAIIEEE AAIIEE UUIIIEE Nikalo, nikalo, apna lund meri choot main se nikalo mujhe nahin chuddwana (AAAAIIEEE UUIIIEE take it out, take it out, take your cock out of my cunt, I don’t want to get fucked)” she screamed. Ignoring her protests I kept slamming my cock in and out of her tight vagina. She started to enjoy the new sensation and shouted, “Haan mujhe chodo aur jor se chodo (Yes, fuck me fuck me harder)”.
She was so tight that I did not last long and soon shot my load in her now no longer a virgin choot. “Apni paheli chuddai kaissi lagi (How did like your first fuck)”Gita asked Sita. “Pahele tau bahut dard hui phir achcha laga, phir bahut mazaa aaya (At first it pained very much then I liked it, then it was great)” Sita said embracing Gita and kissing her. I fucked Sita once more and then she sucked my cock and drank my-cum with relish.
Sita embraced Gita and jumped around the room shouting, ‘Didi thank you, didi thank you”. It was a sight to watch. Their small tits dancing up and down, swinging and hitting each other’s boobs. By just watching them my tired lund was hard again. “Ramu ab aap didi ko choddo (Ramu now you fuck didi)” said Sita. I was happy to oblige.
Apparently Sita had guessed the truth but I wanted to hear her say it. So the next day before we started our frolics I asked, “Sita what did you mean by thanking Gita? She said, “Ek bar pahele chud loon phir bataoungi “(First let me get fucked once then I will tell)”. “Nahin pahele bata phir chudai karenge (First tell then we will fuck)”.”Shuru se suna (Start from the beginning)” I added.
Fikar not, main shuru se sunati hoon (Okay I will tell from the beginning)”. We lay down on the bed Gita playing with my cock and I tickling Sita’s cunt. This is what she had to say.
“Last year, shortly after my birthday, a friend of mine, of the same age as me told me about sex. Till then I was quite ignorant in these matters. She asked me, “Have you ever seen a boys peepee (this what we called a lund among ourselves then). I said, “Yes I have seen my brother naked many times”. “Do you know what it is used for?” “Yes for pissing”. “Okay, but it has other use also”. “What other use?” I inquired”.
“My friend said, “I have an elder brother and we, all brothers and sisters sleep in one room (like us). One night I could not sleep and I saw my brother’s hand moving up and down vigorously. I asked him bhaiya (A term to address one’s elder brother) what are you doing? He did not reply but lay with his fist wrapped round his peepee moving it up and down. His peepee was hard, long and thick resembling a banana. Soon with a sigh he stopped and some white stuff shot out of his peepee. He looked at me and asked, “You don’t know what I was doing?” I shook my head. He asked, “Don’t you do it?” he asked. I said, “I don’t have a peepee like you”. He laughed and said, “Pagali, lardkiyon ke pas choot hoti hai aur lardkon ke pas lund hota hai jisse tum peepee kahati ho (Stupid, girls have cunts and boys have a cock, which you call peepee)”.
“I did not understand and he elaborated. The boy’s peepee is called a lund and is normally small and flabby but when it gets excited it becomes hard and big. He showed me his lund and asked me to take it in my hand. Hesitatingly I took it in my hand and it jumped. He explained that when he feels sexy his lund becomes hard and when he moves it up and down with his hand. This gives him great pleasure and after some time his seed spurts out accompanied by heavenly feeling of pleasure. He then asked me if I rubbed my choot with my hand. I shook my head. He said try it I will tell you how and tried to open my salwar. I protested but he forcibly removed my hand and pulled down my salwar”.
I was now lying half-naked in front of him. He gazed at my choot for sometime and said, Teri choot tau bahut pyaari hai (Your Cunt is very beautiful)”.
“He then placed his hand on it and rubbed it soon the lump of my choot became hard and he pressed it. I felt great. He removed his hand and asked me to do it. I did as he directed oh! Sita the feeling was lovely and after few minutes I felt some liquid flow out of my choot hole. The pleasure I felt can’t be described it has to be felt. My brother explained further that when a man and woman get married then on their wedding night the man puts his lund in the woman’s choot hole and fucks her and shoots his seed in it. The seed combines with the woman’s egg and baby is made”.
“Doesn’t it hurt?” I asked him. He said, “At first it does but the pleasure to be felt thereafter is very much greater than rubbing the choot and the pain is of no consequence”. Since that day I constantly rub my choot, my friend concluded”.
“I was curious and asked her to show me. We went in the loo and she showed me how to rub my choot to derive pleasure. “Teri saheli ke bhai ne usse zaroor choda hoga? (The brother of your friend must have fucked her?)” I interrupted. “I don’t know for sure but about 6-7 months back I noticed that she had picked up weight. I told her not to eat too much. She shrugged and changed the topic. A month later she dropped out of college. There was lot of talk about some thing being wrong” with a smile she added, “Apparently she had eaten or rather drunk too much of her brother’s white ‘sauce’ with her lower mouth”. We all laughed at her wit.
“Since that day I started masturbating, usually doing it at night before sleeping, it also helped me to sleep better. One day when I was doing it didi saw me. Didi had never done it. I convinced her to try it she loved it. Thereafter we did it every night together and also started looking at each other’s choot. About three weeks back I noticed that didi’s choot hole looked more open than before and confronted her with it”.
She steadfastly denied it being any different or having put anything inside it. I was not convinced. I was certain she was fucking someone and kept an eye on her to catch her red handed or better with her salwar down but I found nothing amiss. I thought if didi can fuck so can I and thinking of the extreme pleasure to be felt, much, much more than masturbating, I decided to fuck also. I started to keep my eyes open for a suitable opportunity and person, but I continued to pester didi about the size of her choot hole. I never dreamt that she would have the courage to fuck you”.
“Then I came to work here. One fine day didi comes to me and says that she knew the right person to clear our doubts about sex matters and suggested your name. The truth dawned on me. Gita is fucking you and she wants you to fuck me too. I liked you and thought who could be a better person than you to introduce me to the world of fucking. So I agreed”.
“How did I know?”
“It was simple I know didi, she would never suggest a man’s name to instruct us in sex matters until she was very intimate with him. When you touched my choot it felt much better than didi doing it and when you sucked my clit I was in heaven. Then you pushed your lund in the entrance of my pussy. At first I was scared then the good sensation came over me. As I was still enjoying this new feeling you rammed your lund down my choot. Of course it hurt me terribly and I screamed but you continued to fuck soon the hurt was replaced by a sensation I had never experienced before. Few minutes later I was transported to the seventh heaven. The second fuck was even better”.
“I was so thankful to didi for introducing me to such a nice lund that I had to thank her. Worried about getting pregnant? No I was not, if didi did not get pregnant then why should I, I had full confidence in you. As promised I fucked Sita first and Gita thereafter”.
For sake of caution I asked the girls to swear that they will not fuck anyone else without my consent. Both readily agreed and placed one hand on their choot and raised the other and took the oath.
Actually I was sure that Gita would not do it but Sita was a different cup of tea. Safe is safe. I also introduced them licking and sucking each other’s cunt. After initial hesitation they tried it and loved it. I learned later that they had made this a permanent item on their nightly agenda.
The normal routine was that the girls came in the morning and quickly did their chores and came to my room undressed and asked, “Aaj kya karenge? (What will we do today?)”. One morning when this question was put to me I said, “Sita aaj main teri gaand maroonga (Sita today I will fuck you in the ass)”. She was perplexed as she had not heard of girls getting it in the ass and looked enquiringly at Gita. Gita with a big grin on her face nodded and said, “Bahut mazaa aata hai (It is very enjoyable)”. This was enough for Sita.
She asked, “Mujhe kya karna hai? (What have I to do?)”. I told her to get on the bed on all fours put her head down and spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands and expose her ass hole. She promptly complied. Taking some Vaseline I started greasing her gaand outside and inside Gita in the meanwhile took my laurda in her mouth to wet it with spittle to make the entry easier.
Liking the sensation my finger was producing in her ass Sita said, “Arre kya kar rahe ho? Jaldi se apna lund meri gaand main dalo (What are you doing? Quickly put your cock in my ass hole)”. I told her to be patient otherwise it will hurt her a lot. Sita was aroused, “Phikar not jaldi se dalo, jab dard hogi tab main dekh loongi (Put it in quickly and when it pains I will deal with it)”. Hearing this Gita released my cock immediately from her mouth and with a wicked smile said, “Ramu iss ki ichcha poori kar do (Ramu oblige her)”.
When both the girls were in agreement who was I to disagree.
I got behind Sita placing my cock on her rear hole and holding her bottoms tightly I gave a strong push. Half my cock entered, the second push saw it in fully. Sita was screeching loudly, “AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE mar gayi, Ramu meri gaand phat gayee, haaye aap ke laurde ne meri gaand phard di, main phati hui gaand ka kya karoongi etc (AAAAAIIIIIIEEEE I am dying. My ass hole is torn, Ramu your cock has rendered my ass hole, what will I do with a torn ass hole)”.
Ignoring her screams I continued to fuck her ass hole hard with steady strokes. Soon I deposited my load deep in her butt and pulled my now half-erect cock out of her rear sheath. Sita lay moaning with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Well you wanted it this way” I told her she nodded and vowed that in future she will listen to my advice. She got up and gingerly touched her ravished ass hole and said, “Yeh tau sach much main phat gayee hai (It is really torn)”. It was now my turn to say, “Fikar not, ek do din main theek ho jayegi (Fikar not it will be okay in couple of days)”.
Two days later she came in smiling and said, “My gaand is now as good as new but the last two days were hell for sitting and shitting”. We all laughed and just to feel how her new gaand felt I fucked her in the bum twice and Sita enjoyed it. Thereafter we fucked in many ways. As I liked hairless pussies I taught them how to keep them shaved. The girls would sixty-nine and I would butt fuck the one on top then turn them around and fuck the other’s ass hole but our favorite was a game I called “Suspense”.
I placed one girl on her back on the bed with legs wide open and knees drawn up to her breasts. The second girl then would lie, on top her facing her, between the legs of the first one and pulled her knees up under the armpits of the first one. Lying like this their lips met, their nipples were on each other’s and their clits pressed against each other’s. From behind their slits looked like one extended straight line and I could see four lovely holes.Then from behind I pushed my cock in one of the four holes and then withdrew and enter another hole and so on. I did this at random. The girls did not know which and whose hole I would enter next. The girls kept each other informed by telling each other where I was. One would say, “It is in my cunt, it is now out” the other would one say, “It is now in my ass hole. I am getting few strokes etc”. During all this in and out movement the girls also kept moving their bottoms rubbing their clits against each other and enjoying themselves in that manner. I however made it a point to come in the choot of one of them so that the other could suck my-cum from her cunt immediately thereafter.
The days went by.
Sita knew that she was in the house only for a limited period. The clever girl went out of her way to please my wife by pressing her feet, oiling her hair etc. with the result that my wife developed a soft corner her and decided to engage her on permanent basis. Sita’s education was the problem. Sita solved this also. She told her mother that she did not want to go for regular classes. Her mother relented as Sita anyway was a reluctant student and her name was struck from the rolls.
We celebrated this occasion by doing what she desired for three days. To be fair to Sita I must state here that she shared my lund equally with her sister Gita. Our games went on, till one day…
A month or so later we had a big party in the house. As there would be lot of extra work the girls brought Dipu, Sita’s twin brother and their younger sister Ritu with them. After wishing my wife they came to wish me. After wishing me all of them went to do their work but Sita lingered behind. Looking at Ritu she said, “Kaisi lagi? (How is she?)”. Without waiting for my reply she continued, “Kya aap isse chodenge?” (Would you like to fuck her?) I nodded and asked, “Kya maan jaygee? (Will she agree?)”. “Maane gee kyon nahin, Ramu kushi kushi choot chudwayegi aur gaand bhi marwayegi (Why won’t she agree Ramu she will happily get her cunt as well as her ass hole plugged)”.
“Gita aur Sita ki jordi zindabad (Long live Gita and Sita)”she added.
I warned, “Remember don’t put anything in her choot or her gaand not even the little finger”. “Phikar not” she said and moved away.
I was quite confident that with Gita and Sita, especially with Sita the virginity of Ritu was short lived. I could already visualize that Ritu, a sweet looking girl, slim with long hair, hairless choot and small tits, straining to come out of her kameez, lying naked on my bed with her legs wide apart begging me to shatter her virginity. Just this thought gave me a super hard on. I sat pressing my cock. I noticed both Gita and Sita looking at me with big grins on their faces. Apparently this was pre-planned. I was confident that with their help Ritu would soon join our love games.
Another thought came in my mind. Will I be able to cope with the three hot cunted girls in the long run? No, therefore it would be necessary to introduce the services of another cock in our activities. My eyes fell on Dipu. Yes he will be ideal. If he fucks his sisters then he will keep his mouth shut and everything will remain in the family. I had not fucked the ass hole of a boy for a long and wanted to renew the experience, maybe I could get him to suck my lund too. Yes he will be the right choice. This was thinking too far ahead. First things first. First Ritu then… 
Next day when we were alone I asked, “Yeh kisska idea tha? (Whose idea was it?)” The girls pretended “Kaun sa? (Which one?)” “Ritu ko chudwane ka (To get Ritu fucked)”. “Hamara (Ours)” said Gita. I mean which one of you thought of it first.
Gita said let me explain, “You know the big festival is coming and we wanted to give you something special or do something that you will enjoy. We had been discussing this for many days without coming up with anything. About two days back when we were wracking our brains, Ritu came in, we asked her to go away as we were thinking”.
Ritu said, “Didi kya main aapki koyi seva kar sakti hoon? (Didi can I be of some service to you?)”.
“Suddenly the solution flashed into our minds simultaneously and we looked at each other. Sita told Ritu that she had already helped and shooed her away. We then agreed among ourselves that we will present Ritu’s kori choot to you and you will really enjoy making a woman out of her. I expressed some misgivings about her cooperation but Sita was quite confident that we would manage. Sita mused after all she is our sister she is bound to be just as hot cunted as we are”.
“We then decided to bring her to the party and show her to you and get your approval. We also brought Dipu to avoid any suspicion. We are glad you liked the idea”.
“For your information we have already started on this project ‘Ritu ki chudai (The fucking of Ritu)’ last night and are pleased to report it won’t be long before she is lying in your bed with her legs wide open begging you to be fuck her”. We hope you are happy with us.
I congratulated them for the idea and told them that I am waiting impatiently for that day to come.
The main problem was to get her in the household. Here fate took a hand. Unfortunately my wife fell sick and required someone full time to look after her. She had to be helped to the bathroom, to dress, comb her hair etc. I could help her at night but somebody was required during the day. It was not the type of job for a nurse but an ayah.
I told Sita to ask my wife if she could do this and tell her that you would bring your younger sister Ritu to help Gita in the housework and in your free time you would help too. My wife being comfortable with Sita agreed.
Their mother however objected, “What about Ritu’s classes”.
I told the girls that Ritu and Dipu both could attend the evening classes together and naturally Ritu will be paid full wages but could leave an hour earlier to be in time. Their mother gave her consent.
All decks were now cleared for Ritu’s entry in the household.
Couple of days later Ritu was working in the house. I used to look at Ritu and wondered when the D-day or shall I say F-day would arrive. I did not want to hurry the girls as I wanted Ritu to be fully ready and willing.
A week went by. During the week the girls were careful that Ritu did not suspect anything. While one of them kept her busy the other came and got her shot. On the eighth day they came to me together and with a big smile on their face said, “Ab Ritu tayyaar hai (Ritu is now ready)”. “Kya usse maloom hai ki tumahri chudai ho chuki hai aur kissne tumhe choda hai? (Does she know that you have been fucked and who has fucked you?)” I asked. “Haan usse maloom hai ki hum chudwate hain per hamain kaun chodta hai usse nahin maloom aur usse yeh bhi nahin maloom ki usse kaun chodega (Yes she knows we fuck but she does not know who fucks us, she also does not know who is going to fuck her).” “Hum usse kal aapke pas kal le aain? (Shall we bring her to you tomorrow?)”. I gave them my consent.
Next morning after Sita had attended to my wife and given her her medicine and she was sleeping comfortably they came to my room with Ritu. “Ritu aaj teri chudai hogi aur Ramu tujhe chodenge (Ritu you are to be fucked today and Ramu will fuck you)”. “Sacchi? (Really?)” she said and quickly took off her clothes and lay down on the bed with her legs wide open and said, “Ramu please mujhe chodo (Ramu please fuck me)”. “Ramu hamara yeh chota sa tofa kabool kijiye (Ramu kindly accept our small present)” the elder sisters chimed in unison.
Who says instruction does not pay. Ritu had been well tutored and she had learnt her lessons well. I looked at the beautiful, naked virgin lying before me begging to be fucked. Her tits were hard and the nipples pointing towards the roof and her hairless choot was a beauty to look at. The lips tightly pressed together the clit barely peeping out.
Sita was right. Her choot was really tight. But as saying goes the tighter the better. I thought that if I push my lund into her cunt with out adequate precautions then she would never enjoy a fuck again in her whole life. Something had to be done. I kissed her and went on to kiss and suck her pretty choot.
It was not long before she had her first emission.
I told Sita to continue licking her choot till she came at least two more times and took off my clothes and gave my raging hard on to Gita to suck to make it slippery enough for the entry. Seeing my cock Ritu said, “Didi itna bara laurda meri choti si choot main kaise jayga, main to mar jauigi. Maine nahin chudwana (Didi how will such a large cock go into my small choot I will die, I don’t want to be fucked)” and tried to get up. The Sita pushed her back and continued to lick her choot while Gita pacified and calmed her promising heavenly pleasures. Sita kept licking and sucking her clit till Ritu had come twice. Ritu said, “Didi pahele aap chudwao (Didi you get fucked first)”.
I laid Gita down and entered her whispering to her to exaggerate her feelings. Soon Gita started, “Ramu bahut maza aa raha hai hai aur chodo aur zor se oh aur zor se haai mera ras nikal gaya aahhh (Ramu it is lovely yes fuck on harder yes harder oh my juice is flowing aahhh)”. I am sure this was not all play-acting.
This and the heat she felt in her choot convinced Ritu of the pleasures to be experienced and agreed on the condition that I will stop if it hurts her too much. Sita winked at me and with a big grin said quickly, “Haan, haan (Yes yes)”. I think Sita had a sadistic strain in her.

I lay down on the bed and motioned Ritu to mount me. Ritu’s choot was quite wet and slippery and so was my raging lund with pre-cum. I told Ritu to slowly impale herself on my cock and when it starts to hurt to ease off and try again till she has taken the full cock inside her. Ritu moved downwards, my cock started to enter her she said it hurts but gamely went on till the head of my cock was inside her. She pushed further down. The cock started to stretch her hymen. This hurt her and she pulled herself up. She did this a number of times and did not find the strength to pierce her virginity. My lund wanted to enter her choot badly. These up and down movements in her real tight choot were driving me crazy.
Throwing all caution to the winds I caught hold of her hips firmly and the next time when she moved downwards I pushed my hips up and pulled her body down on my cock with a jerk. The result was as expected. My lund broke through her hymen and was half buried in her tight virgin choot. Ritu caught unawares by this sudden onslaught let out a loud scream ‘AAAAAIIIEEEE’ Sita with presence of mind placed her hand on Ritu’s mouth and cut it short.
I was wild with desire I pulled her down and pushed my hips upwards till whole of my cock was buried in her tight cunt. Having achieved full insertion I started to fuck her vigorously from below. Ritu was in considerable pain and started crying. Gita put her arm round her, caressing her tits, consoled her saying that the worst was over and only pleasure will follow. Ritu with her face between Gita’s naked breast continued to sob softly. I continued to fuck her from below with hard strokes. Sita with a big smile watched my blood stained cock going in and out of Ritu’s cunt. Her choot was very tight and it was not long before I deposited my load in her tight choot.
After my lund had lost its hardness I laid her down on the bed. She lay there sniffling with her legs apart. My-cum mixed with blood oozing out of her recently ravished hole. This sight made my lund stiff again and I wanted to mount her again. Ritu started crying louder than before saying, “Nahin, Nahin (No no)”.
Gita advised me, “Ramu isse aaj chord do kal chod lena. Agar chodna hai tau Sita ki ya meri le lo (Ramu let her be today you can have her tomorrow. If you want you can fuck Sita or me)”. I grabbed Sita and fucked her so savagely that she also cried out in pain and pleasure. The pain in Ritu’s choot was so much that she could hardly walk. After dressing she limped out of the room.
The sisters told me that I had done the right thing and this was the only way my massive cock could enter Ritu’s small choot. I told them that Ritu’s choot was very tight and I want to fuck her again. They assured me that tomorrow she would be willing.
During lunch my wife asked Sita, who was helping her, “I heard one of you girls scream. Who was it?” Sita said, “Ritu thi (It was Ritu)”. “Kyon? Kya hua? (Why? What happened?)” my wife inquired. “Paheli baar tha na aur acchanak hua (It was the first time and it happened so suddenly)” Sita replied. I thought the cat is out of the bag and held my breath but I had under estimated Sita’s guile. My wife looked bewildered and said, “Kya matlab? Saaf, saaf bata (What does that mean? Tell me clearly)”. Sita explained, “Main darwaza khol rahee thi jo thorda phas rahaa tha. Jab darwaza acchanak khula tau Ritu a paun ke anguthe main lagaa aur usski cheekh nikal gayee, aissi chot usse paheli baar lagee thi na (I was opening a door that stuck. When it opened suddenly it hit Ritu’s big toe and she let out a scream. She hurt her toe for the first time)”.
As if on cue, Ritu limped into the room with the food. Seeing Ritu limping my wife asked, “Kyon bahut dard ho rahi hai? (Is it hurting a lot?)” Ritu said, “Uss wakht tau bahut dard hui per ab kuch kum hai. Meri paheli baar thi naa (It pained a lot then but now the pain is not so much. It was my first time you know)”. My wife cautioned Sita to be more careful in future. “Phikar not, ab usse kabhi dard nahin hogi (Don’t worry it will not pain her ever again)”.
My wife opened her mouth to say something when I intervened and said, “Apna khana khao aur in pagel ladkiyon ki bataun se apna dimaag mat kharab karo (Please eat your lunch and don’t bother your head about what these foolish girls say). Sita and Ritu stood with big grins on their faces. I made a mental note to scold the girls for talking so clearly. It could lead to exposure and there will be no cock for their choots. Moreover I would also get into trouble. Few minutes later I heard laughter from the kitchen. Apparently Ritu had related the conversation to Gita.
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