Love Rekindled Ch. 01

I am Vandana, now 34 years old, married to Vijay ten years ago. My marriage was a typical Indian type, arranged by parents. I had done my post-graduation in literature in a small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. In our ten years of marriage, we have had our share of ups and downs.
Our sex life was just average in the first year of marriage. I had been in love with someone during my college days. But those were the days when most love affairs met with family resistance from both bride and groom sides. Our love affair met the same fate.
Vijay was a very understanding and easy-going personality. I even thought that he knew about my affair but was afraid to ask or discuss this with him. During our first night, I slept on a sofa in the same room! Strangely, he did not disturb me and rather looked relieved. After we set up our home in Pune, the city where Vijay was employed, we started opening to each other. With months passing by, I started forgetting Kishan, the man I was in love with.
In college, I was one of the few most beautiful girls on the guys’ list. I had a figure that was the envy of the girls. I had inherited good looks from my parents, as both of them were good looking themselves. Though Vijay had average looks, he was of a short stature. We did finally consummate our marriage three months after we got married.

Next morning, over the breakfast, Vijay looked into my eyes and asked, “Did you have a love affair before marriage?”
The question caught me off guard. “Yes!”
Vijay seemed little shocked despite this truth that he had guessed right.
“It is ok, as I had an affair too but it never blossomed. A few years later I learnt that she had got married.”
Affairs those days were hardly physical, what with the little freedom we enjoyed in our small towns. Time seemed to play wonders as we started growing fond of each other after our first anniversary and the sex life was turning great during the next few years. We had a child. After our fifth marriage anniversary, when our child had completed two years, we did not know what hit our sex life, as we were losing interest! But, it never occurred to us, as we got busy with bringing up of our daughter.
She is now eight. During the summer holidays, we planned to go on a holiday with our daughter to a hill station. It was a hectic journey and my daughter was very tired and fell asleep as soon as we checked in. We decided to take a leisurely walk around the picturesque streets surrounding the hotel. When we were returning back, I stopped in my walk seeing a man coming towards me! It was Kishan! My heart skipped a few beats!
Vijay was alarmed to see me like that suddenly and took hold of my hands. “Are you ok?”
Then he noticed the man standing next to us and smiling knowingly at me. It slowly started dawning on him that it could be none other than Kishan.
“I am Kishan. Vandana and I were college mates!”
“Hi, I am Vijay!”
“I am here on business”.
Kishan was in his family business of tea. He had apparently settled in a city close to the hill station. He was on his weekly visit here and was staying in the same hotel.
We went back to our room. Kishan’s presence for a few minutes had brought back my old memories! That night ended in a disappointment for Vijay with both of us going off to sleep in different thoughts. The next two days were uneventful. Our daughter enjoyed the trip the most.
We were relieved to be back in our home. I knew that Vijay was feeling uneasy with the sudden reappearance of my old love. Though I had come out of it during these ten long years, I was still surprised at the sudden fluttering of my heart whenever I thought of him since seeing Kishan again! His tall good looks came back haunting me. Though he did not show it, I knew Vijay was quite as disturbed at my growing aloofness. It took me a month to gather myself back into the routine life!
Just as we seemed to have got settled back into the routine life, one day, out of the blue, Vijay asked me, “Do you still think about Kishan?”
I was dumbfounded.
“You have changed over the past month since meeting Kishan”. Vijay continued, “But, it is ok and you could discuss with me whatever your feelings were with me because I am worried more about our life together!”
I realized that I was letting it affect our marriage. “I am sorry Vijay!”
“It is ok so long as you expressed to me your feelings openly and not kept them locked up “.
He suggested that we invite Kishan along with his wife and children to our home for a lunch on a Sunday. I agreed to it thinking that getting to know his family might help. The day they came to our house and had lunch with us, I had sensed that Kishan and his wife were not that close and had completely different wavelengths.
The way Kishan was stealing looks at me at every opportunity made me uncomfortable. Of course, Kishan did not know that Vijay knew about our college day affair. I knew my husband was taking these initiatives so that we realize that we have grown into two different families with different outlook and not the same old love birds. But, the cold relationship between Kishan and his wife probably came as a dampener for Vijay’s thinking. I could sense some sexual tensions whenever Kishan and I were left alone even if it were for a few seconds.
I was also feeling sorry for Kishan for his cold vibes with his wife and to my horror found myself thinking more and more about him long after they left that day. In the night, I was shuffling between my sides with a bodily longing. Vijay sensing my need pulled me close. My single piece night dress came off easily. I was naked underneath. Vijay reached my clit straight with his right middle finger, he found me wet with my pussy dripping love juices already. It had been years since probably he found me in that aroused state. He did not have to do any foreplay. I was on the edge. It was making him aroused too. I took both his hand and made him cup my breast while his other hand was still on my clit.
“Kishan… will you please take my breasts in your mouth and suck them now?”
Vijay stopped from what he was doing. It was only a few seconds before he kissed me again on the lips as if he did not hear me uttering Kishan’s name. I was relieved as I thought he did not notice it. But, Vijay had this uncanny knack of asking questions at unexpected moments!
He suddenly withdrew from the kiss and asked me “Are you dripping so wet because of your thoughts on Kishan tonight?”
I stood up from the bed as if to protest. He caught me at my waist and stood behind me and cupped my breasts gently from behind, while planting kisses on my neck and right cheek and said that I was uttering Kishan’s name. I felt naked emotionally in front of my husband. I was feeling both guilty and surprisingly still aroused.
Vijay was whispering into my ears, “It is ok dear. It’s just a physical attraction you have on him and I understand!”
Surprisingly, I found myself slowly turning towards him and kissing him again with a passion as if we were some teenage lovers.
“You are free to call me Kishan if you desired so”.
Though I did not call him that, the sex that night was out of the world for both of us.
“I have never experienced such a union with you and I am aroused several notches up than I normally am!”
We had three rounds of sex before sun rise. In our entire marriage life, we never did it more than once in a night until then.
It changed our sex life completely and I was opening up like never before in front of my husband after ten years of marriage, I did not realize that it was just a beginning of exciting times ahead…
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