Love Making In A Trek

I am Mahesh. I am 5’8, fair and muscular with 7 inches dick of 2-3 inches round diameter. It’s a day of excitement and thrill to me and my girl friend. After a long period of one year that we got settled in our new jobs, we got time to spend a good vacation. It’s time for me to show how much I love her and miss her all this period of 1 year. So, I decided to give her a bunch of memories for her to carry for next 1 year.
I booked tickets for both of us to reach Pune on that day and I planned for a couple trek to a lonely place in a forest near pune.
I packed all the necessary materials for the trek and also discovered a lonely place to stay overnight in the forest area so that we can easily move to our place once she arrived in pune.She reached the place on time and we kissed each other and proceeded to our trek location.
It’s 3:00 pm and we both reached the trek location and started moving towards our hidden spot. The more we go upwards, the more she became tired and started breathing heavily .Now it’s exactly 5:30 pm and we reached our location and I quickly set up the tent for us to settle down for the night rest.
She is Richa. She got very good assets of nice and big boobs, fair and lean structure and simply sexy. During our college times, most of the boys are after her but she chose me and I always feel special for her. We did had many good times of fun during our college days.
And we fall in love at first sight and our bond grew stronger and stronger over the last 4 years. We always give each other surprises from time to time to keep our bonding stronger that makes us to experiment with new ways of enjoying life.
I cooked food and made tea for her and she started relaxing in the tent. It’s cold winter and cool breeze hitting us making our bodies need some warm air. I quickly collected a log of firewood and we started enjoying the cool breeze and hot fire with maggi and chai.
It’s one of the most romantic moment for me to see her face near the fire and we hugged each other and started relaxing in each other’s warmth. Place is lonely and deserted giving us freedom to enjoy ourselves together.
Slowly, I started kissing her on her face and she started responding by kissing me back. As our bodies getting more closer, I brought my lips near her lips and our lips bonded together and we started sucking each other’s juices for 10-15 minutes.
In the meanwhile, I undressed her t-shirt and playing with her boobs and hugging her strongly without breaking our lips apart. Under the light of fire, her body is glowing like wild fire and it’s making me difficult to stay away from her for an other moment and I removed her bra. Now, she looks like a divine goddess with two big mellows waiting to be milked for happiness.
I kept one boob in my mouth and the other I pressed it smoothly. Her loud moans made me go wild and freak. I removed my t-shirt and night pant and kept sucking her big melons. She enjoyed it wildly in the open place with her loud moans echoing the forest. Smoothly, I moved from boobs to her pussy lips opening her golden lips and for the cool breeze, her body was shivering which made me more uncontrollable to conquer her G-spot.
I removed her panty and now she was stark naked in the dark forest under wild fire which was freaking hot to see her there. I moved my lips to her pussy lips and sucked her juices for 20 minutes till she completely discharged her fluids in my mouth.
That relaxed look on her face made me feel more satisfied and she came hungrily to suck my cock. She eagerly removed my underwear and sucked my cock for 30 minutes while I kept finger fucking her pussy.
She always impressed me with her blow jobs which no one ever can give. Her blow job drives me crazy and nuts. Now, we both are stark naked in a thick jungle under wild forest. Our bodies in golden color under wild fire were more intoxicating for us to enjoy more and more.
We hugged each other for some time and restarted our journey to explore ourselves more.
Now I slept on the ground and she came on top of me and I inserted my dick into her pussy in cow girl position and she started riding my cock and taking every push of my dick into her pussy and shouting wildly for 10 minutes.
Then I moved her down and started fucking her in missionary position for another round of 5 minutes.
Later, we moved towards doggy position and I fucked her for another 10 minutes till I discharged my cum fully into her and fallen into each other’s hands and laid there for an hour or so. We recharged with energy drinks and snacks. We did barbecue in the wild fire being naked and enjoyed our nakedness and warmth of each other’s bodies. We again restarted our journey of love for couple of rounds before we fall into sleep to see the sunrise and get ready for a morning bang.
Our list of surprises didn’t end till the end of our vacation time and the journey continues. A moment of fun to cherish for a long time for us
I work in Hyderabad at present and I can travel to your area to satisfy you.
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