lovable wife

Seema and Rahul were two happily married couple. Seema was around 34 and good looking. Rahul was 36 and well settled with two loving kids and they both loved each other.
Seema was lucky to find Rahul in her life which gave her freedom to work and have time with her life and do things in her career. Rahul always gave her a helping hand at home to do household work and look after the kids.
Seema had never thought about anything else than having a good family life and loving husband. She use to work hard and same time made sure she gives time to her family.
Things changed for seema when a new guy in her office joined his name was Aryan. Aryan was handsome well-built and had charms for which any girl could fell for him. Many girls in the office use to find him attractive and seema was not one of them until the day when she found him talking to one of his colleagues about her.
She heard him say that he would have loved to be with Seema and he finds her the most beautiful women in the office. Seema was flattered by his words and her mind deep inside feeling like a teenage girl once again who could not believe the guy likes him more than any other girls in office. 
She just smiled and walked but her mind somehow was getting back to the comments made by Aryan and she found herself blushing. 
She made her way back home after making the household purchases at the market, the comment made by aryan playing in her mind. She had never ever before experienced such feelings for sexual intimacy with another man since marrying Rahul. 
But now here she was, feeling and behaving like a silly young girl all over.
“Rahul I’m home,” she called out as she found her way to the kitchen with the vegetables. 

Soni and Vihaan ran into the kitchen and hugged around her, each of them trying to outdo the other in telling her what they had been up to with their father. 

Seema bent down and gave them both a loving, motherly hug. 
They were priceless to her. Watching her family around her never failed to bring about a warm glow on her face. She could not imagine achieving the perfect balance between a growing career as an architect in one of the leading firms as well as a successful homemaker without Rahul by her side. 
As the children rushed off to watch their favorite cartoon show, Seema felt her husband’s nearness even before he kissed her cheek from behind. 
“Missed you baby,” he whispered in her ear as his put his arms around her waist.
She leaned back and rested her head against Rahul’s chest and closed her eyes. 

Rahul moved his right hand under her skirt and slid his hand inside her panties. He began caressing her pussy with his fingers while his other hand continued to tease her nipples. Seema felt her legs went weak. He removed his hands as the kids came running back with some fresh mischief in their eyes.
Rahul settled the children in there room and came to the bedroom where seema was changing her dress and was now only in her innerwear’s. 
Rahul hugged her from behind and seema could feel his hardness touch her ass and feel it she immediately got hot whereas on any other day she would have made some excuse and went to her children first and her daily household work. They made love to each other and she was more than hot and responding to sex and finding it more interesting with thoughts of Aryan in her mind. 

As she dressed for the office in the morning, she kept thinking about the manner in which Aryan was slowly but surely invading her thoughts. He was an attractive and handsome man. 
“What’s come over me?” thought Seema as she switched on her computer to start another day at the office. 
“I seem to be behaving like a college girl who has a crush on her teacher.” She smiled and tried to concentrate on her work.
She was looking ahead for the meeting with Aryan for a project and was getting hot and unable to concentrate on her work.
“Seema, is a beautiful woman. Your husband is one hell of a lucky guy. Wish I had met her earlier,” words were constantly repeating in her mind. She felt a rush of emotions sweeping through her body.
She couldn’t quite understand the feelings her body was showing towards Aryan. All her married life she had never had the urge to flirt with another man, let alone having affair. The next couple of hours were busy. Time seemed to fly by and she was able to get her mind back to work.
Since it was 3 pm she managed to call Aryan
“Hi Aryan it’s me seema. When can we meet to look at the modifications done for the project presentation?”
Aryan was busy in his work and completely forgotten about the meeting with seema. He politely explained her that he got busy in some work and he can discuss about the presentation tomorrow.
Seema was really looking for the meeting ahead and was disappointed but managed to make excuse and told him that boss would like to have the final draft by today day end. Seema keeping up the phone made her way to Aryan’s office. She made her way directly to his cabin and entered to find him sitting on the couch, going through the project presentation. Hi Seema, “said Rahul with a wide easy smile and her heart felt beating faster than ever which she could not understand.
She sat across him and opened her papers, her skirt riding up above her knees.
Aryan didn’t seem to notice as he began studying the details. He had a good grasp of the work. His queries were to the point. So engrossed were they that she didn’t notice how late it had become. 
As she continued briefing Aryan she noticed him fixedly staring at her legs. She glanced down. 
Aryan was getting a good view of her skirt. In the course of their animated discussion, her legs had opened up a bit. He could see her creamy inner thighs .The parting between her legs was giving a great view. Seema could feel her body responding to the caress of his eyes. She bit her lips. Then she gently adjusted her position. Now her skirt had ridden up by a few inches. A bit more and her white panties would be discernable. Aryan licked his lips as he continued staring at her smooth thighs. 
Her heart was sending signals and her eyes were revealing her eagerness to Aryan.
Aryan shifted his position as he continued to talk and as clear as possible kept glancing at her display.
“I think we have finally covered everything,” said Aryan as he pulled back his looked towards her face. This calls for a little celebration. I have bourbon stashed in my drawers. Let me take it out.” “Just what we require for a short break” replied Aryan with a small wink. Seema smiled, warming up to him. 
He had a nice, easy going manner that went well with his tall, handsome personality. As he Aryan bent down to rummage in his drawers he took a quick glance up her legs.” 
He can see her panties from down there” thought Seema. The very thought of Aryan looking at her treasure made her wet. She wanted to rub her clit. She somehow refrained from her squeezing her thighs together. Aryan got up and made his way back towards her. She could see the bulge in his trousers.

As they continued making idle chit – chat Seema was surprised to realize that they had quite a few activities in common. He loved to paint and so did she. They even listened to the same type of music. 
With the second glass empty of water Seema was feeling relaxed and comfortable in his company. She had removed her jacket and placed it on the back of the couch during their discussions and every now and then Aryan would take a glance at her protruding nipples. But she didn’t seemed minding it at all.
As Seema crossed her legs, her skirt slid up further. Had he been sitting across her Aryan could have had a clear view of her panties. Seema gave wicked smile as she continued to listen to him talk about some of the recent painting exhibitions he’d been to. Aryan’s hand was now resting on her knees. Gently he rubbed the base of his palm as he shifted his hand above her knee. Her heart fluttered a beat as Aryan pressed his palm against her thigh, all along talking to her and looking into her blue eyes. His flirtation fired her blood and sensation passed thru her body. Seema wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the emotional upsurge convulsing through her body. But she continued talking with Aryan, her cheeks burning. 
“Met anyone interesting in the city?” she asked to change the topic.
“Yeah I have.” replied Aryan. 
“Anyone I know?” asked Seema with just a hint of shameful jealousy. 
“You sure do” replied back Aryan, looking serious. 
“Really?” Seema juggled her memory but could not come up with any name. 
“It’s you Seema. Like I said I wish we had met earlier,” Aryan replied. Seema was shocked and understood that he watched her passing nearby when he made his statement to one of his co-worker.
Aryan winked at her It was as if a floodgate of emotions had burst open inside her. She looked dreamily into his deep brown eyes, savoring the emotions as at last they spread to every part of her demanding body. By now Aryan’s hand had worked its way under her ridden up skirt. He was gently, very gently pressing his palm on to her skin as though massaging her thigh, feeling the softness of her body. He was close … very close to her pussy. “We have been working together for quite some time now. How come you have never invited me over to meet your family,” said Aryan. 
His voice, just a whisper, was having a magnetic effect on her. “You have a date – with me, my husband and our kids,” Seema said in a flash. 
“Great,” said Aryan his eyes devouring the dark shape of her areolas firmly imprinted on her blouse. His hand continued to gently explore her inner thighs. The heat of his palm was searing her thigh. For the next few moments neither of them spoke. She was feeling suddenly scared. Her body was sending signals she didn’t want to acknowledge. “It’s late now. I better leave,” Seema heard herself speak from far away. For a moment Aryan didn’t reply. 
He gently brushed away the strands of her hair falling across her face. He let his fingers trace the outlines of her cheekbone. He let them rest for a moment at the nape of her neck. 
“Okay, if you have to,” he finally whispered. 
He bent forward and kissed her near the corner of her cheeks. Aryan pressed his lips and held them there for a moment, brushing her lips with his as he withdrew. Seema got up and with a quick good bye she made her way out.

The night she was not able to sleep and found her sitting on the couch sipping a beer. Rahul and the kids had already gone to sleep when she arrived home.
She was letting things get out of her hands. Aryan overtly sexual behavior had made it pretty clear that he was interested in having an affair. It was her own reaction to his overtures that was disturbing her. It was exciting to realize that a man other than her husband wanted to fuck her. But she was letting this game go too far. 
She smiled to herself as she remembered how Aryan had felt her. 
Seema opened her legs and began playing with herself and imagined Aryan in the nude. 
He had a strong muscular body. It would be nice to press close hers close to his. Seema let out a low moan of passion as she imagined Aryan straddling her.
Her fingers quickened their circular motion over her erect clit as a warm feeling engulfed her, slowly drifting into an erotic dream. 
She could feel her body responding to the fondling of her breasts. She squirmed to allow him to get a better access to her body. He was rubbing his cock against her ass cheeks. His manhood was hard, warm, impassioned. 
“Manhood? Aryan was fucking her?” Seema opened her eyes wide. She looked round to find Rahul next to her. She had gone to sleep fingering herself.
“What made you late?” asked Rahul as she made her way to the bathroom. “I woke up in the night to find you sleeping on the couch with your nightie pushed up
“My meeting with Aryan finished late and by the time I got back you were asleep, so I had a beer and fingered myself to sleep, “said seema as she stepped inside the bathroom, her face turning a scarlet red with embarrassment. My God, if he knew what I had been dreaming about thought Seema with a shudder. “Hey, I would like to meet this guy who sends home my wife all heated up.” said Rahul with a wink as she made her way back to the bedroom with her bathing gown tightly wrapped around her curvaceous body. “Oh, he wants to meet you. Should we have him over for dinner this Friday?” asked Seema as she thought how close Rahul was to the truth. Sure said Rahul as he got ready and left for office taking the children to drop on the way to college. Seema didn’t get much time to think about the dinner date. She had to utilize every minute at her office to finish her work and then rush home for the evening schedule. It was Thursday before she could seriously think about calling Aryan over for dinner. The next day Seema took the afternoon off to prepare for the evening and made a call to Aryan to remind him about the dinner at her home. She decided to prepare some Punjabi dishes. Something nice and peppy. For the evening wear Seema decided to wear embroidered blouse and a skirt that ended near her knees. 
Aryan arrived on time, “You look lovely,” he said in her ear
Seema smiled at the compliment and then introduced him to her husband. They seemed to get along well. They talked about their office work, the ongoing cricket matches .Seema listened to the men as they sipped their drinks. After another round of drinks they finally settled down for dinner. 
Aryan seated himself next to Seema as Rahul took the chair on the opposite side. 
Rahul you are one hell of a lucky guy,” Aryan, rested his left hand on Seema’s knee as he said it. He continued to caress her as the dinner progressed. Seema looked towards her husband Rahul. Rahul didn’t seem to notice anything. Aryan pushed up her skirt as he stroked her thighs. Seema flushed as a warm sensation swept over her body. A couple of times Rahul looked at her as though trying to reading something in the expression of her face but didn’t say anything. Her skirt was now pushed up to her hips. Aryan’s warm roving hand was resting between her thighs, feeling the heat rise from her pussy. Then he began to gently apply pressure. 
“Oh, my God!!” she thought. “He wants me to open up my legs in front of my husband!!” 
A tight knot began forming in her stomach. Her body was sending signals she didn’t want to sense. 
The situation she found herself in was making her hot. She began parting her legs. Aryan placed his hand over her panties, causing a shiver. He kept it there, pressing the fabric between her pussy lips. 
Then he began to rub her pussy. Seema sighed and rested back on her chair letting the lust take over her body. 
Her breasts heaved and her body shook as she welcomed the orgasmic emotions rushing thru her body. Seema saw her husband looking her way with a questioning look. “My facial expressions must be worrying him,” she thought. 
Gently she indicated to her glass to show that the drinks were effecting her. Rahul continued to look at her for a moment then he nodded and continued conversing with Aryan. This had gone far enough. 
Aryan would look at her now and then with a knowing expression in his eyes. “He knows I’m in his. He knows I have accepted his gestures,” thought Seema. 
Aryan looked at his watch and exclaimed, “Wow! It’s late. Thanks for the lovely evening. I enjoyed it.” Seema got up and saw him off up to the main door. As they stood alone at the lobby near the elevator, Aryan leaned forward and before she could react kissed her slowly on her trembling lips. 
“You smell wonderful” he whispered holding her close, kneading her buttocks with his hands. 
Seema wanted to say something. But before she could say anything, he gave her butt a last squeeze and moved towards his car.
The next few days Seema avoided any meeting with Aryan. Every time she thought of their scandalous behavior during the dinner left her breathing heavily. It felt nice to be lusted for. But could she dare take it further? It was Friday noon when Aryan called her up.
Aryan asked her if she can go out with her for dinner and stay back in the night as they can complete the pending project work. Seema was in two minds but somehow unknowingly said yes 
Seema called Rahul and told him she won’t be able to come home today as she will be stuck in office work to which Rahul nodded and Seema’s mind once again drifted to Aryan’s thoughts. 
They both got into the car and Aryan reached his home in no time. He took her inside his home.
Both of them were silent as they got inside. 
Aryan had put on some soft music and it was initiating a meltdown of her resistance. 
“Let’s dance this,” Aryan said. He took her hand and helped her off the couch. 
They danced close. Seema felt comfortable in his arms as they slowly drifted across the room. Every now and then her breasts would brush against his chest. It aroused a tingling sensation in her nipples, one that was spreading down to between her legs. 


Aryan slid his left hand down from her waist and rested his palm on her bums. As they moved around, he began to rub her cheeks in slow circular motions. 
Flashy hotness was engulfing Seema’s body as they continued their erotic dance. Aryan drew her close. She rested her face on his shoulder. She pressed her lips against his hairy chest. A moan inadvertently escaped her lips. Both her hands were by now around Aryan neck. They were almost motionless, only swaying to the music. Aryan hands were freely roaming all over her body. He cupped her breast with his hand, gently squeezing it while his other hand explored the roundness of her rear. 
Then they stood motionless. A man and a woman in close embrace. 
Aryan rubbed his fingers along her neck. “You are a complete woman Sam, a complete woman.” 
Their eyes locked for an instant, and then Aryan bent to kiss her. 
Seema tilted her face in mute acceptance. His lips pressed upon hers. With a hungry intensity he kissed her lips. She reciprocated the intensity by opening her mouth for his passionate invasion.
Their tongues pressed together as Aryan began squeezing both her breasts. His cock was rubbing against her belly as his right hand applied pressure on her nipples from above her blouse. Then Aryan stood back and released her from his hot embrace .He looked at her with deep, somber eyes. 
“Remove your clothes.” 
“What are you saying, Aryan?” 
“Seema I have never met a woman like you – complete in all respects. I want to see you – admire you in all senses.” 
Slowly Seema unbuttoned her blouse .Button by button it opened up. It hung open exposing her bra. 
“Take it off.” 


She slipped it off. He was admiring her breasts, now encased in her white bra. Her breasts were heaving in response to his stare. 

She looked into his eyes and responded to an unspoken command by unzipping her skirt. It fell on the carpet. She stepped out of it. Her panties were wet. This was not lost to Aryan who stared intently between her thighs. He was breathing heavily. 
Aryan removed his shirt and tossed it aside. The sight of his hairy chest made her tremble. 
“Your bra,” he ordered. 
Seema sighed. Her hands went behind and she unclasped the hook. Aryan stepped closer as her lovely breasts freed themselves from their captivity. They stood out, proud and pert. The nipples were taut and pointing towards him. 


He stood transfixed. His eyes took in the fullness of her breasts as they shook gently. 
Aryan was mesmerized by her large reddish brown areolas. The nipples were fully erect, sending him a clear signal of the state of her emotions. He licked his lips. 
Only her panties remained. 
“Seema,” he softly said, barely audible. 
“Aryan. Aryan, please. I think we’ve gone too far already,” pleaded Seema. 
Her big, blue eyes looked pleadingly into his face. 
He continued to stare intently at her. 
Neither spoke. 
Then as if in a trance, Seema turned to her right and began sliding down her panties. She stooped to remove them and then stood up. Slowly she turned back to face him. 


She was clean shaven. Her pussy glistened with juice and sweat. Her wet lips were engorged and the pink inner lips were protruding. Aryan went down on his knees in front of her, his face close to her slit. He closed his eyes and deeply inhaled her womanly smell. 
Then he moved behind her. 
He affectionately gazed at her curvy ass. Seema could feel her ample juices wetting her inner thighs. Seema continued standing in only her high heels as Aryan began running his hands over both her calves. She shuddered at the contact. 
“Smooth,” he murmured. “Beautiful.” 
His roving hands moved to her thighs, then her buttocks. He felt them, rubbed them. Then he caught them and gently pried them apart to view her brown hole. Aryan placed his hand on her ass crack and began running his fingers up and down. He continued upward to feel her bare back. Again and again Aryan let his hands play all over her naked back. Seema closed her eyes and tilted her head, savouring the sensation. 
Aryan stood up and came in front of her. Her eyes were still closed, her naked breasts heaving with each breath she sucked in with her partly open lips. 


Seema heard the sound of his zip coming down. She opened her eyes wide. 
“Aryan what are you -” 
“Seema it’s only fair you should see me.” 
His cock sprang out. Seema stared dumbfounded at his manhood. It was big, handsome. The knob was smooth and red. And yes he was circumcised. 
After marriage this was the first time she had seen another man’s cock. Aryan was handsome. His semi erect cock proudly dangled in front of him. 
He took his cock in his hand and began playing with it, all along staring at her naked breasts. It began growing – thickening. 
“Look Seema. Look what your beauty is doing to me.” 
She continued to gaze at his cock. It was now extremely hard and sticking out proudly at a nice angle and a bit of curve. Her thoughts went to her husband. Aryan’s cock was very straight, no curve at all, and cut with a well-shaped knob. Aryan continued to move his hand up and down his shaft which was already wet with precum. His breath was getting heavier with every stroke. Her pussy was aching for the feel of his manly hands over it. She parted her legs a bit. 
Suddenly, all the pent up lust they felt for each other exploded. Aryan grabbed her, pulling her hard against him. They began kissing furiously, their tongues swirling furiously inside each other’s mouth, their pelvises grinding, hands grabbing each other’s ass, pulling harder against each other as their desperate, horny lust took over.

“You’re so big and hard,” she moaned, grinding harder.
Aryan leaned over her and began covering her hot pulsating body with a flurry of kisses.
Seema leaned forward, pressing her lips to his skin, tasting him with slow sweeps of her tongue, learning him with soft brushes of her lips. His heat, his scent, the mere feel of him was making Seema’s head spin, making her catch her breath. She dug her fingernails into his back as Aryan continued to feast upon her, taking his time, savouring her textures, her flavour.


Aryan got down between her legs, his balls and swollen cock hovering above her panting body and began rubbing his middle finger up and down her slit, teasing her, stroking lightly, dipping into her pussy, pulling out, playing with her, Then he added a second finger, thrusting deep then slowly pulling it out again, feeling her pussy gripping his fingers with each thrust. Seema gasped as his stubble covered cheeks brushed against her inner thighs. He moved closer, his tongue playing on her dripping pussy, In response to his ministrations Seema lifted her legs higher, opening her pussy, arching her back, thrusting her pussy harder against his tongue. Aryan played his tongue slowly up and down her slit, going deeper with each swipe, loving the delicious juiciness of her pussy, the pungent aroma of her sex, the deep guttural sounds coming from both their mouths as he devoured her dripping pussy. He found her engorged clit. 
He shifted his position and placed his lips over it, sucking hard, causing her to jolt and shudder. Fire burned beneath her skin, wetness tickling her thighs as it trickled from her nearly spasming pussy, her moans echoing with his groans, perfectly synchronized.

A whimper tittered on her lips as Aryan strong hips push between the roundness of her thighs, forcing them open, and the thick ridge of his impressive cock pressed against her wet pussy. Her teeth sank into her lower lip as his cock stretched her with a slow burn, tight muscles protesting the girth. Lips fell open. With one last nudge of his hips he took her fully, pressing all the way to the limits of her depths.
Holding still, Seema could feel him pulse, her body stretched tightly around him. Hot breath teased her ear, her only warning a deep manly growl before Aryan pulls back and slammed forward. He rode her hard and fast, groaning in her ear with each ramming thrust, using her body as he saw fit, taking his pleasure and giving her more in return. 
Seema felt his hips move faster, and he seemed swell even more, challenging the limits of her pussy, pushing through the too tight pleasure ravaged muscles of her pussy. 
She felt herself coming apart as her orgasm took hold of her body, so deep in intensity that no sound passed her lips. Her eyes had tears in them.
Aryan exploded in a huge, mind blowing orgasm, his sperm gushing into her, his thrusting harder and faster as spurt after spurt of hot cum poured into her like lava from a volcano. Aryan kept his cock in her tight pussy as though Seema had milked every ounce from him. Finally, he collapsed on her, still writhing in the aftershocks of his huge mind-blowing orgasm, his limp body laying heavily, her tits crushed against his chest, his head on her shoulder, unable to breath, his deflated cock pressed against their wetness, the aroma of our sex filling the room.
After a few moments, she began running her fingers through her hair. They were both completely spent.
“Open your eyes,” he demanded wanting her there with him. “Look at me.” So she did.
“Always love me,” she begged softly. “Don’t ever stop.” She was still Cumming. He could feel the twitching. And his own climax swept through his body as she whimpered, her lips still touching his. 
They clung to each other desperately. She wrapped her legs back around his waist and pulled him close, loving the feeling of his body shuddering and spasming on top of her, thrusting those last few thrusts, then collapsing against her, burying his face in her neck. She looked down at the top of his head and placed a kiss there, still feeling the pulsing of her lips around his softening cock.
Exhausted they lay entwined for a long time till sleep took hold of them.


Her cell rang. 
Seema got up with a start and looked at the number. 
It was Rahul. She got up. “I have to go, now.”

Seema was feeling guilty about facing Rahul and decided to stop before it’s too late. She got back to her office, she felt a bit flustered. This was different. She took a deep breath, smoothed her dark hair down with her hands, and got back to work. Must be some sort of hormonal shift, Seema thought to herself. He’s just a man. And besides. You’re married.
Seema was ignoring Aryan and trying to make less contact after the home episode but somehow she was also annoyed with Aryan not getting in touch of her.
In the mean while Aryan was talking to Vinod something in private about and seema just was passing by. The both glanced at each other and smiled and Seema’s heart once again start fluttering with her mind not in her control. 
Next few days both were playing hide and seek with each other and more desperate they got to be with each other. Seema received a ping on her phone and it was Aryan 


“Can’t stop thinking about you, with a smiley “. Seema replied “so, what’s on your mind”? Aryan replied lets plan a vacation. Seema seems confused but managed to say yes to him and they started planning for excuses at home to be told. Aryan was thinking in his office where he assumed that he loved Seema but her fears will take her away. So he decided to make the trip secret and not to reveal any details to seema unless and until they reach there. Seema was thinking about the vacation and the excuse she got to make to Rahul.
Slowly and steadily she was drifting towards Aryan and getting away from Rahul. 
She had mixed emotions but happy and smiling thinking about the vacation and her mind was wandering the honey moon. As that was the last time she had a long vacations due to the hectic office work and the kids to take care of. Aryan in his mind has decided to make seema his own and open her and make her his own wife.
Aryan made a few calls and planned the vacation trip and the place however it was just his secret. 
Seema completed her work and made her way home with her mind occupied with vacation. 
Rahul was waiting for her home and the kids just hugged her as she walked inside. She gave them kisses and turned to Rahul who was anxious to make love to her. 
Seema completed her housework and dinner and after having walked into the bedroom where Rahul was anxiously waiting for her.


I am really lucky to have you as my wife. All my friends are jealous, but I feel proud.” She liked the flattering words and blushed “Thank you as Rahul spoke to her.
His hands started roaming her body and seema was responding to his touches. Rahul now made her lie on the bed and started kissing her slowly from head to toe and even after such a long time of marriage Seema still was shy and like a teenage girl in her honeymoon which Rahul always loved in her. 


He moved closer to her until their thighs and shoulders were rubbing against each other. He pulled her palms from her face and looked at her lovely face. Her juicy pink lips were inviting. Her eyes shuttered in shyness. And a slight smile beautified her face. He lifted her chin with his hand and looked into her eyes and said “I love you” and kissed her lips. It was the softest thing he had ever tasted. He took her upper lip between his lips and sucked it sensually. She began to respond by lifting her chin up to meet his height. She let Rahul sensually suck her lips and kissed his lips in turn. Rahul was holding her palm while he was kissing her lips and felt her grip tighten. She was enjoying it too. They kissed again for what seemed like eternity. 


Slowly Rahul undressed her and himself and now she was touching and holding his dick in her hands and massaging with her fingers in circular motion. 

He opened her legs and placed his dick at the opening of her love hole and started moving inside. Seema let out a moan and was responding by pushing her up in air. Slowly Rahul was increasing his pace moving in and out. Seema was under his influence and both of them nearing orgasm. Seema gave a loud moan and it was unusual for her to be so loud. 


As both of them lying hugging each other Seema’s mind started wondering about how lucky she is too be loved by Rahul and care about her. She kissed him and said I am going to miss you for a week. Rahul was surprised and asked her what she meant about a week. Seema very skilfully was making her point to convince Rahul. Seema told Rahul about her office client trip to Bangalore for a week for important business to which Rahul nodded however little suspect but dint doubt her and kissed her back and said yes. They both lay each other in their arms and went to sleep.
Seema made her way back to office to find Aryan in the parking to whom she smiled and nodded about the plans. 
Aryan was very happy to get a confirmation and wanted to take her in his arms right in the parking but stopped himself not to make the other office colleagues suspicious. 
As the days passed by in office and the vacation day was near Seema made herself ready and to her way on airport. Rahul was having a concern look on his face and kissed her and repeating to her to take care and be in touch without fail. 

Seema joined Aryan at the airport where they both smiled at each other and spoke about office project as aware about the presence Rahul. Rahul spoke to Aryan and asked him to take care to which Aryan assured him that he need not bother and he will be there with her for the most of the part. Rahul felt assured and turned his way to home. Seema was still not aware about the location and asked Aryan his plans to which he winked and asked her to relax and say trust me it’s our honey moon and I want to surprise you. Seema blushed at the words honeymoon. As they boarded the plane that’s when Seema realized they were heading to island. 
When the shuttle from the airport dropped them off, they discovered their accommodations were a beachfront chalet with the sand right outside their door. 
Inside they found a comfortable living area, a mini-kitchen and a plush king-sized bed. 
“Hey, let’s try out the bed,” Aryan teasing as they set their bags inside the door.
Seema blushed like a newlywed bride and said “Let’s do the beach first. We can spend all night in bed.” Hearing her words Aryan puller her close and said you are a naughty girl. 


As they got settled in the room Aryan handed Seema a small suitcase full of clothes. Seema was surprised and Aryan told her that from now onward he is his husband and they are on their honeymoon and he will be happy if she also be his newly wed bribe. Seema just nodded and laughing said ok my sweet hubby. She was now completely being under the spell of Aryan and with so far from home had less choice and beyond thinking of the consequences of her adultery. 
Aryan handed her a rather modest size bikini while changing himself into long boxer trunks. Seema looked at the bikini and protested to Aryan about being too exposing to which he winked my sweet wife we are far away from our home and no one hear is going to know what we wear and the only person to know her his him and he has seen her far much in better ways than what she is wearing. 

Seema rather reluctantly changed into the bikini and Aryan took her hands and headed towards the beach. 
Seema gave a pose to Aryan and they both smiled
On her way Seema noticed a sign “Clothing optional” and she saw a foreign couple walking completely nude.


As the couple passed besides them the Guy just looked at them and said “Come on guys get nude” 
Aryan smiled at the couples and just said oh yes why not? Seema was now in a shock and looked at Aryan with anger. Aryan without looking at Seema slipped down his trunks and inner wears and he was now complete nude in front of her. 
Seema was rather reluctant now and holding to her bikini as Aryan looked at her and said your turn wife. Seema was no way going to be nude as she never have thought about the same and not even had any such experience till date. Aryan moved closed to her and seema took a step back a little worried and afraid. Aryan holded the towels he was carrying with him which he spread and asked Seema to pull down her bikini as no one can see her then.

After almost 5 minutes Seema finally pulled her bikini and was not completely nude. 
Aryan was admiring her beauty as she was the most beautiful thing with a great face firm breasts and round ass and wonder how did she managed to keep herself so fit after having two kids. Her nipples where tight now with just a pinkish shade to them. 
As they started moving Seema noticed many eyes looking at her but was also relieved to find that all the couples where just like they are now and busy with each other. 

Aryan made way near the waters and spread the towel where they settled and seema still was very quiet and not talking or looking at Aryan at all. 
Just then a middle aged woman passing nearby looked curiously at Aryan and her eyes was on his dick which was rock hard and Seema saw her staring and gave her a stern look to which she understood and moved on. 
Aryan now looked at her and pulled her close and kissed on her lips with his hands straight away resting on her breasts. Seema was now getting somehow relaxed and responding to his kisses and their tongues now moving into each other.

Starting at her ankles, Aryan moved up her legs, over the calves, and up her thighs. From the inside of her thigh, he slipped his hand under her, fondling her outer lips. She sighed with pleasure and spread her legs a bit, giving him better access to her pussy. Slipping two fingers into her already wet vagina, he used his thumb to stroke her clit. Her hips began to undulate, her ass rose and fell and his hand continued to plunder her. As she approached her peak, she fisted the towel beneath her, and went over in a shuddering climax.
Seema was totally under his spell and dint mind Aryan’s touch in open on a beach as she could see most of the couples busy in doing sex and enjoying their vacation or may be honeymoon. 

“Aryan, I want to talk to you about something. For some reason, I find I really get off on being naked in front of other people. Does it bother you if other men look at me?”
“Not if all they do is look. It kind of turns me on, watching them watching you. Seema’s hands was now on his dick holding and massaging it while Aryan was fingering her and moved two fingers and maintaining a steady pace.
As the time passed by they decided to take a walk on the beach and Seema was now more than open and all of sudden it looked as it’s just some other girl. 
While walking they saw many couples doing what they were doing just a while back and they moved towards the resort. They made themselves comfortable near the bar outside in the garden and Seema realized that the resort too was having “Clothing optional” and she could see many guys and there wife’s in their laps. 
The band there was playing some African drums and tunes and many couples dancing. The one good thing was about the beach and resort was it was strictly couples and no singles were allowed and no one with complete clothes. Aryan and Seema were now having martini and seema was now completely in control of the situation and no more nervous or worried. 
Just then a couple walked to us and they looked Indian and the guy came near us and introduced himself and his wife as Aarti and Akshay. He looked happy to find Indian couple in such a place. Aryan and Akshay wasted no time and started talking about business where seema could sense from the corner of her eyes he was looking at Aarti and she was beautiful and around 23 yrs. old. 
Seema and Aarti greeted each other and started chatting over a drink and Seema’s eyes wondered to Akshay as he was well built but his dick was thick and hard and almost 10 inches and she has never seen in her life so many guys and gals’ nude around and the curiosity got better of her than her shyness. 

After chatting for some time we both headed to our rooms and promised to be in touch with each other during the stay in resort. 

As Aryan and Seema walked into the room, “Oh my God, you look beautiful!” Aryan said to Seema. He added I think you should always be this way only. The clothes don’t do justice to your beauty to which Seema blushed and teasing started hitting Aryan. 

Seema’s mind exploded as she felt Aryans lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around him and slipped her tongue into his hot mouth. He responded even more fiercely. Aryan’s hand now wondered to her breasts and he now took one of the breasts and started sucking on her nipples.

He moved from one breast to the other, not able to get enough of them. He sucked on one while his hands massaged the other. He gently pinched one nipple with his fingers and nibbled on the other at the same time. Seema responded to each pain/pleasure filled bite with a sharp intake of breath. Aryan loved the fact that he could pleasure his new so called wife so fully and this encouraged him even more.
“Tell me what you want me to do.” Aryan asked Seema.
Seema now very open and bold asked him to lick her. 

Aryan licked her slit with the tip of his tongue. Her pussy opened liked a blossoming rose for him and he delved into her wetness with the eagerness that seema loved. He licked her pussy as deep as he could letting her juices fall on his tongue. He brought his lips to her pussy and kissed her quivering womanhood. He licked his tongue up and teased Seema’s pussy. Seema’s pussy was almost half an inch wide when aroused and would turn bright red. “OH yeas!” was all Seema could muster Seema reach between her legs and pulled Aryan’s face into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his head and pulled him in as much as she could. She was on the verge of her orgasm. 
Seema’s body continued to tremble as her orgasm washed over her. Aryan eased his licks and moved over to her and laid down next to her holding her.

Aryan whispered now it’s my turn to which seema asked loving what my husband wish me to do. 
He wasting no time pulled her head near to his cock to which Seema understood and took his cock in her mouth and starting licking and rolling her tongue to it. Seema was very hot and did something which she even never tried with Rahul She sucked on his ball and gently took one into her mouth. As she rolled her tongue over it. 

Seema’s eyes widened in hunger as Aryan cock grew in front of her eyes. She took his balls out of her mouth and straddled Aryan. Then she lifted herself up and lowered her pussy into his rod feeling him stretch her pussy as he entered her. She took his entire length in her letting her pussy adjust to his swollen shaft. Aryan rose up and hugged Seema feeling her velvety softness envelop his cock.

Aryan also enjoyed this position because not only could he be inside Seema’s hot love-hole but he could also play with her luscious breasts at the same time. As Seema started to rock herself back and forth on his cock, Aryan took her nipples in his mouth and started to suck. Aryan’s mind was now blank and his raw sexuality aroused Seema to no ends. She started to grind her pussy on his cock with every movement rubbing her pussy on him feeling his tongue do wonders on her nipples.
Seema started to squeeze her pussy muscles as she fucked Aryan and Aryan responded with sucking her nipples ever harder. She could feel his cock twitching inside her and knew that Aryan was close. Close to Cumming, close to filling her aching pussy with his manhood, close to pushing her off her own edge. Feeling his impending climax. Aryan wrapped his arms around Seema’s waist and intensified her movement. He could feel her juices drip down his cock. He was getting close, and his balls were tightening. Any second now!
She hugged Aryan as waves of ecstasy passed over both of them. Each comforting the other and counting their good fortune. “That was awesome” Aryan said.
Seema broke their hug and gently kiss his him on his lips. “I love you” she said. She slowly pulled off from his cock and both got into the covers naked, sweaty and wet.
They went to sleep in the same position hugging each other.

As the day started both of them had enjoyed the bath and got fresh. Seema wore a new top handed by Aryan and he was in his inner wears. Seema was wearing her panties and they both made their way out of the room to the restaurant.

They saw Akshay and Aarti and soon heard Akshay calling for Aryan. Aryan waived and they both joined them for breakfast. 
Aarti was curious to know more about seema and asked her how many times they have earlier go to such kind of resorts. Seema looked at her and replied actually his is our first time.
“Don’t worry, nobody will make you do anything you don’t want to do said Akshay and laughed as soon all the four of them enjoyed there chat. 

Aarti came up with the next question and asked what made you come to this place was it planned or just a curiosity. 
Aryan said we talked about our fantasies one night and found that we had some similar, uh, desires…so I started looking for a place like this where we might possibly enjoy some new experiences. We checked this place out on the Internet and decided it was a good choice for our first adventure.” Seema blushed and knew how good Aryan is in lying and just nodded.
“I’m dying to know more about your mutual fantasies,” Akshay interjected. “Maybe we can talk you two into revealing your desires while we’re having dinner tonight. Said Seema to change the topic”
Seema shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “Oh, I don’t think so. It would be too embarrassing to divulge our secret thoughts to perfect strangers.” 
“Hey, we aren’t strangers anymore,” Akshay & Aarti said. “We all are sitting here together, naked or nearly so, with common interests I think.
“Do you meet a lot of other people at those clothing optional places near you?” Aryan asked.
“That’s part of the fun,” Aarti replied. “We’ve made a number of good friends who enjoy the same lifestyle. We get together with several couples on a regular basis. Its third time to such a place said Akshay. “Tell us more about your fantasies,” Aarti urged. “No way,” Seema replied, “It would be too embarrassing.” “Let me guess, then said Akshay. You are both wondering what it would be like to make love to someone else, right.
“Oh God,” Seema gushed, and put her hands over her face worried now about the conversation heading towards. Aryan could sense a chance in this and was making no attempt to stop the conversation and leave making excuse. He was enjoying making seema in such a situation so he can finally get her in life completely without Rahul or the kids being there.
Just then the sound of loud music began to filter into the restaurant room. “Sounds like the disco is beginning to warm up,” Akshay said. “Why don’t we take a walk around the grounds, then go dance?”
The disco was in full voice when they entered. Other couples were at small tables and a good number of guests were up dancing. “Okay, everybody, it’s time to boogie,” Akshay said as they found a round table near the dance floor. Aarti took Aryans’ hand and soon they were twisting and moving to the loud beat.

“Are you ready?” Akshay asked Seema. In response, she took his hand and they moved to the center of the floor.
A slow number started and Akshay pulled Seema close. “I’ve been anticipating this since this afternoon,” Akshay whispered in her ear. “You feel as good as you look.”
Seema was now nervous and looking at the other side where Aryan and Aarti were dancing. 
Aarti easily moved into Aryans arms and put her arms around him. They moved effortlessly to the slow rhythm and Seema knew Aryan was enjoying his dance.
Seema now had no choice but to stay on the dance floor with Akshay.
Akshay put his hand on Seema’s leg and slowly caressed her. “What we do is still up to you, honey;” he assured her, “Don’t be afraid to say no. I’m just happy that we’ve kind of broken the ice.”
“I know how you feel Seema,” Akshay added. “This is a first time for you. Seema was quite numb and was just nodding her head and waiting for the music to stop.

The music lucky for her stopped and she made her way to the table and ordered for drink as Aryan joined her along with Akshay and Aarti. As they started sipping drinks Seema managed to down two glasses. Aarti could sense the nervousness of Seema told her “We all have fantasies and if there ever was a time and place to consider acting on them, this is it! I know you’re happily married to Aryan. But look at your husband he is such a sporting person. Akshay came with a suggestion and asked hey Aryan why don’t we just we reverse the roles here?
“You mean right here, right now?” Seema stammered. “Honey, let’s live a little,” Aryan said to Seema. 
“Oh, no,” Seema responded with a faint smile. “Dreams and fantasies are fine, but the reality is something else. “That’s something we might want to try later,” Seema said quietly.
As then the music once again started and Aryan sensing to leave Akshay and Seema alone “Would you like to finish this song with me?” Wordlessly, Aarti accepted his hand and let him pull her to him.
Seema was shocked until she felt a hand on her curvy bottom. She looked around at Akshay and saw him smiling down. “Let’s dance”


Seema looked at Akshay and casually said I would like to have a few drinks more don’t mind. Seema was very clear in her views that she may be cheating with Rahul but she don’t want to go further with any other guys however the choice she is having currently and she was really angry with Aryan for ditching her for Aarti and leaving her alone with Akshay. 
“That’s okay,” Akshay broke her thoughts in. “We’ve still got plenty of time. We’re all going to get a turn, I’m sure. I’ll wait, because I don’t want to stretch
“And, here’s to a beautiful lady that I’m glad I met,” Akshay responded with a sly smile. “I’d love to see much more of you.” Seema took another sip and looked at Akshay over the rim of her glass. “Meaning?” Akshay instructed. “I want to see you naked why don’t u take your panties and top off.” “Let’s go outside for more Seema said to Akshay she had too much drink and will go to her room now.
Akshay took the opportunity and got hold of Seema’s hand and moved out of the disc and headed towards the hotel room. 
As they both entered the room Seema looked at Akshay and said thanks. Seema’s eye widened as Akshay tried to kiss her. Seema closed her mouth and Akshay started kissing her ears and then neck. Seema looked at him and said please someone may come and I am here with my husband for a honeymoon.

Akshay looked at the door and just closed it and smiled hope its ok now. Akshay pushed her on to the bed and his hands were removing her top and she could feel the other hand tracing her panties.

Seema was never been scared in her life so much and helpless. Akshay same time was now moving his fingers on her pussy and removed her panties in one swift motion. Seema almost jumped as his fingers moved inside her and she almost screamed. 

Akshay had an easier time skillfully sliding his finger all over Seema’s sensitive spots in her sweet pussy. He looked down with satisfaction at Seema squirming below him wildly, trying her hardest to remain silent. She looked beautiful biting her lower lip and closing her eyes in an expression of extreme effort.
Seema looked at Akshay dick and felt there is no way she can take such a huge thing. 
Akshay confidently started rubbing the head of his cock against Seema’s pussy, getting her even wetter and taking charge of the situation. As he began to slip the tip of his cock inside the opening of her pussy it was clear that he would do what he wanted, with or without her permission. Seema pleaded with her eyes for him to stop

Akshay ignored her and pushed all the way inside of her with one smooth stroke. Seema had a half second to contemplate how unbelievably easily Akshay had slid inside her before. Akshay now started gaining his speed and composure moving in and out of Seema. Seema all could do was close her eyes and let this thing get over and was waiting for Aryan to be there to help her. Akshay in the meanwhile was thrusting inside her harder and seema was now near to her first orgasm. She threw her hands around Akshay as she had her orgasm. 

Seema now drifted in and out of full consciousness as she had orgasm after orgasm from Akshay’ s cock fiercely pumping in and out of her. After what seemed like hours, Akshay leaned in for a kiss. This time, Seema accepted it fully, letting him forcefully press his tongue against hers while he continued to drive his thick hard cock in and out of her tight pussy. Akshay shoot his cum inside her and it felt very warm as Seema clasped her legs around Akshay tightly. 
Akshay quickly moved himself out of the room before Aryan could sense and know what he just did with Seema.
Akshay went to disc after cleaning himself and saw Aryan and Aarti still dancing and he just winked at Aarti. Aarti gave him a smile and made excuse to return to her room with Akshay. Aryan was so much lost in the dance with her that he completely forgot about Seema. Now he started looking for her around as he walked towards the room. 

Seema in her room now was completely lost in her thoughts and was cursing herself to get carried away this far. She was ok with her affair with Aryan however she felt its going too far now with the place and Akshay and what is she going to tell Aryan and why is Aryan ignoring her and how could he do this with her for Aarti. She was angry and feeling sad at the same moment and lost in her thoughts. Just then Aryan walked into the room and came near to hug her to which she only managed to hold him and smile. Aryan sensed something was wrong and knew that how he got carried away with Aarti completely ignoring Seema. Aryan apologized to Seema for his absence to which Seema bluntly said no worries as she is not his wife and just a fling to him and likewise as he is now looking at Aarti for the same. Aryan was silent for a moment and made his way to washroom without a word. He knew that she was upset and he has to make something special to get her back and decided he needs to slow down and not ignore her or try to push her towards someone else as he may lose her in the process.
Seema told Aryan that she seems little unwell and needs to take rest. Aryan was now concern and asked if he can arrange for a doctor to which Seema said no its ok all I need is a sleep and will be fine and she will join him in the evening.

Seema went to sleep and Aryan nothing to do thought to pass his time looking around the places in hotel. Aryan noticed Akshay in the bar sitting alone and asked him if it’s ok for him to join in. Akshay told him no need for being so formal. Aryan asked about Aarti to which Akshay told her she wanted to take rest and Aryan said same here.
Akshay was somehow relieved to know that Seema has not shared anything to Aryan about events in the room and grew confident. Akshay asked Aryan about the party arranged by Hotel for couples who are open minded to which Aryan said no. Akshay explained to him the party is quite unique and only meant for couples to enjoy and one who are not conservative. Aryan now was interested to know more about the party and Akshay shared the details to him and asked whether he would like to join in. Aryan said he is ok with the idea of the party but not so sure about Seema and how she will respond. Akshay asked Aryan if he can help him to convince her to which Aryan was surprised and Akshay quickly said let plan to make her say yes. Aryan was happy and as time passed by he left towards his room to see Seema up. He went close to her and gave her a kiss and seema also responded. Seema was wearing her bra and panties along with shorts and t-shirt. Aryan and she made her way out of room and meet Akshay and Aarti on their way to the pool. Seema looked at Akshay and somehow managed to smile and all of them got comfortable near the pool on their respective chairs.
Aarti just then asked Aryan and seema if they ever have made video of yourself making love. Seema immediately replied before Aryan could say anything with a no as she wanted to cut the topic. Aryan however interrupted her and asked what about you guys?
Aarti nodded yes and added in fact they have made more than one videos. Akshay also added himself to the topic but saying he in fact has too many pictures of her with and without clothes too. Seema added that she is not interested and although Aryan wants it her answer is no. “You know I’d still like to do it sometime, honey,” Aryan said.
Oh yes why you don’t try it seema you are so attractive said Aarti. 
“Seema all could manage to say no and adding, what would we do with that sort of pictures? We can’t show them to our family and friends” “What do you do with the ones you have?”
Akshay has added to site where people post their own pictures and videos.”
“You’re kidding!” Seema said, surprised. “No, really!” Aarti replied. “There are pictures of all kinds of people, mostly women of all shapes and sizes, and couples and groups fucking and sucking and all sorts of stuff.” “Well, the thing is,” Akshay said, “A couple of months ago I convinced Aarti to let me post some pictures of her on this site, and a couple of weeks ago we posted a video of us having sex.” “Really?” Aryan said, even more surprised, and “I don’t believe it. Aren’t you afraid someone will recognize you? Or that friends might see them?”
“Well, not really,” Akshay answered. “We didn’t use our names and you can’t see her face on any of the pictures, or on the video. It’s just our bodies showing.”
Seema said. “I don’t think I could ever do something like that.” Aarti quickly responded in a sarcastic manner oh I see she seems to be the old fashioned girl and conservative. Seema was offended by the remarks and quickly answered well I don’t think I am anything like that. There was tension between the two girls and Aryan and Akshay seem to sense it. Akshay quickly said honey let it be some people are shy and pretend to be prude and all why bother about it. Aryan was quick enough to respond guys we both are also modern and bold couples and can match you guys in any way.
Oh really is it Aarti responded to looked at Seema. Seema was now very angry and said quickly yes definitely. Well then why you guys don’t come to the party arranged by the HOTEL tomorrow which is for couples who are bold enough. Seema was unaware about the party and looked at Aryan. Aryan said well the hotel guys just updated me about the party and she was sleeping so she is not aware about the party and who told we are not coming. Are you sure mister asked Aarti do you know the theme of the party and can your so called sati savitri wife handle it. Seema was annoyed with Aarti who kept taunting her and said well we will see in the party who is conservative and who is modern.
Akshay and Aryan looked at each other and smiled as they knew there plan to get Seema say yes for the party worked out nicely. Aarti smiled at seema and said relax sweetie I am just teasing you or else why would you guys be at this nudist island unless and until you don’t want to experiment in your sex life. What do you mean experiment asked Seema. Well as you see this is a resort and beach where most of the couples roam freely nude or with minimum clothes most of the people only come here to enjoy sex and try new things like group sex , dares, swapping & swinging etc..
Seema now realized what place she is in and looked at Aryan who had planned for the surprise. 
They enjoyed drinking and suddenly something brought her back to senses as she felt a hand on her thigh for a moment she thought it was Aryan but realized as she saw his hands on the table. Seema looked at Akshay with fear and he smiled back to her. He took her hands under the table and kept it on his dick. Seema looked at Aryan and he was busy chatting and dint notice anything. Akshay in the meanwhile has pushed seema short little down and now his fingers where tracing her panty lines. Seema with her pleading eyes looked at Akshay who completely ignored her and pushed his finger inside her. Seema unknowingly said ouch and Aryan looked at her and asked are you ok sweetheart. 
Seema said yes I am fine I think something bite me on my legs. Akshay was now fingering her with intensity and with every moment she was getting hot and scared too. Seema was enjoying it and at the same time feeling guilty. She asked herself now that I have already cheated on Rahul for Aryan what difference it makes if she enjoys with Akshay. Also she thought whatever happens here will stay here and she can get back to her life once she is back from the vacation and anyhow it is Aryan who wanted to be in such place with her. 
Aarti was knowing what Akshay was doing with Seema and to tease her she said “Hey guy I have a proposal for you”? Seema somehow came back to her senses and Aryan now both looked at her and asked what is it? Aarti explained to them how difficult it for them to shoot a video and take close up and sometimes it gets spoiled with so much movements and wonder if they can shoot them as Seema is a good photographer and her hobby includes taking pictures and making films. Aryan looked at seema and said well we will let you guys know about it but for now it’s time for us to get back to room and enjoy our honeymoon. Sure said Akshay as he removed his hands from Seema’s side and winked at Aryan. Seema and Aryan now came back to their rooms.
Seema was having too many questions in her mind and same time as she entered the room asked Aryan so you bought me to a hotel which is famous for sex activities and I thought you are only interested in me. Aryan pulled seema in his arms and said darling I brought you here so that we both can enjoy our little freedom and have a great time away from our families. Saying this he kissed her on her lips and seema also responded by opening and pushing his tongue in his mouth. Seema nodded and said that’s true we are here to enjoy away from the family but it was only between us not with others. Aryan well we can have a look around but no one is forcing us to involve others nor do I want it but what’s the harm in talking and having some fun. 
He asked Seema would she like to have a look at website which Akshay and Aarti were talking about. Sure why not let me see what do that so called modern girl looks like in the videos. Aryan opened his bag and got the laptop and browsed to the site told by Akshay. 
Both of them sat close to each other as they were browsing the site and found pictures of Aarti posing nude in different positions. Aryans hands were on seema thighs and he was caressing her and Seema opened her a legs a little to give him more access as she continued to look at the pictures of Aarti and Akshay. Seema entered the video section and found the video posted by them. Seema eyes turned back to Akshay dick and she started wondering how huge it is. Meanwhile Aryan’s hands now moved under Seema shorts and he could feel how wet she was inside. Seema was looking excitedly at the video and Aryan now pushed his finger inside her. The video was showing Akshay fucking Aarti and it was shot with such a trick that both of their faces where not visible but only the action was captured nicely. Seema now had her hands inside Aryan shorts and was rubbing his dick as she was about to cum. She got up and removed her clothes and sat on the bed and asked Aryan to get inside her as she was hot and turned on watching the video’s. Aryan was surprised by Seema’s attitude as she was always a shy person and although he enjoyed sex with her it was only he who took the initiative and she followed as per his wish. While Aryan kicked off his shorts and took off his t-shirt, she began running her fingers along her slit. He knelt in front of her as her fingers parted her lips. Seema hadn’t acted like this in a long time, if ever. Aryan was surprised, pleasantly so. Aryan plan was working and he was happy to see Seema bolder in their lovemaking and completely a new person and under his influence. She took hold of his cock and moved the head inside her slit a few times. She hadn’t been this wet in a long time. She placed the head at the entrance of her vagina and he pushed forward, his cock going all the way inside her in one thrust. 
Seema felt Aryan’s member sliding into her easily and gasped involuntarily. She hadn’t been this wet in a long time. Seeing those videos had turned her on.
Aryan had increased the tempo of his movements. Since he first penetrated Seema he had felt the warmth and wetness of her inner flesh enveloping his penis. He had begun moving slowly in and out of her, pulling back until just the tip of his member remained inside her vagina and then pushing forward slowly until it was buried to the hilt. Aryan mind was also wondering about Aarti and how it would be to be inside her and in such a small time how she was open and free and they talked and danced with each other so freely.
Seema had enjoyed the slow rhythm too. But as Aryan increased the speed of his movements she began moving her hips to meet his thrusts. She moaned softly and moved one of her hands to fondle her breasts. The images of Akshay’ s cock sliding in and out of Aarti kept flashing in her mind as she felt Aryan’s cock in her. She lifted her feet from the floor and placed them on the edge of the bed so she could move her hips better. She began rotating them as Aryan kept moving back and forth. Seema moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm beginning to build up deep inside her. Seema’s orgasm was building up inside her until it exploded. She gasped and moaned loudly and bucked her hips wildly, almost throwing Aryan off her. He grabbed her hips and moved forward. Aryan could feel Seema inner muscles contracting around his penis, milking him. As Seema’s orgasm continued shivering her body, Aryan saw the flush spreading from her crotch up her belly, breasts and neck until her face was flushed. He continued moving back and forth until his semen started flowing out of his dick, filling her. Aryan collapsed on top of Seema. They were both panting heavily. Seema felt Aryan’s dick shrinking inside her until it slid out of her. Then he got off her and fell on the bed at her side. They kissed tenderly and they just laid there, each one lost in their own thoughts. After regaining their breath they moved the laptop to the bed, the video showed Akshay and Aarti naked on the bed, he kissed Aarti and then sucked her nipples until they were really hard. As Aryan and Seema watched, she began playing with herself again and Aryan stroked his cock. Seema was watching the film intently, she could not believe how excited she was, and she could almost feel Akshay sucking on her own nipples. She ran her hands over her nipples until they hardened. She was amazed at her thoughts, how could she be thinking about Akshay who had forced her just a few hours back. She moved her attention to Aryan who was also watching the video closely and he was rock hard again. He reached over and placed his hand over Seema’s inserting one of his fingers into her. Seema parted her legs even further feeling Aryan finger sliding inside her right next to her own finger. She reached out to fondle Aryan’s balls while he continued masturbating. Aryan couldn’t believe how wet seema was. Aryan couldn’t wait any longer. He didn’t care what happened on the video next. Aryan got on all fours and buried his head between her legs, parting her lips with his tongue, flicking it against her pussy. Seema turned around and taking the tip of Aryan dick between her lips. She kept playing with her breasts, pulling on her hard nipples, feeling something like an electric current cursing through her body.
Aryan licked the juices that covered the lips of Seema’s pussy and rolled his tongue inside her, savoring it as if was the first time. He could feel the warmth of her mouth enveloping his manhood. He began moving his hips, fucking her mouth. The rough texture of Seema’s tongue felt wonderful on the underside of his shaft. Her smell filled his nose as her inner muscles contracted around his tongue. Aryan couldn’t hold it any longer and he came in Seema’s mouth. Seema took it all in her mouth, gathering the thick cream in her tongue before she swallowed it, enjoying the salty taste. Seema still now herself has never allowed Rahul to cum in her mouth as she felt it dirty. Aryan kept lapping the inside of Seema’s pussy sucking it into his mouth. Seema moaned in pleasure and as she felt her orgasm approaching, she grabbed Aryan’s head, pulling it closer, directing his tongue to her pussy. “Oh yeah, honey, just like that. Do that, don’t stop now.” Aryan sucked hard on her pussy and Seema came again wrapping her legs around his head. Afterwards they kissed each other and were exhausted and fell asleep, still naked in each other’s arms
Aarti went to the kitchen to freshen their drinks and when she returned to the living room with them, she cuddled up to her husband on the sofa and asked him, “What do you think?” “What?” Akshay replied, he had been lost in his own thoughts.
“Do you think they’ll go for it?” “Akshay thought for a moment before replying. “I’m quite sure Aryan will go for it. I think he’s is open minded and also wants to lay his hands on you, but I’m not so sure about Seema. As even I forced fucked her she was not open to me while we were sitting together but the only best thing was she dint say anything about it to Aryan.
Seema woke up in the morning and was quite turned on thinking about the previous night with Aryan. She went to take a bath and as she soaped her body her mind thoughts drifted once again to Akshay’ s forced fuck and she wondered whether it was really that bad, dint she also liked it. She came out this time without the towel wrapped around her and woke Aryan. Aryan made his way to washroom while Seema went to the laptop and started browsing the site. She found several couples with threesomes and group sex and etc… She wondered for a moment how would it feel she with Aryan and Akshay together same time. As Aryan made his way out he saw Seema lost in her dreams when suddenly asked her so what do you think shall we say ok make there video. Seema still in her dreams just murmured a yes and they both moved outside their hotel room to make way for the breakfast. 
Akshay and Aarti where already sitting and they joined them with greetings and smile. Akshay seems you guys enjoyed your night as today Aryan and Seema walked out of the room only in their innerwear. “So, what’d you decide?” Aarti asked, “You’re going to make the video?”
“Well, yeah, but…” Aryan answered, “You guys are sure? I mean are OK with it? I mean, what you did is very daring, you know, posting that video and the pictures on Internet, but… are you sure you want someone to actually watch you doing it?” Are you such a bold girl taunted Seema. “Well,” Akshay said, “Aarti and I have talked a lot about it. I mean, we really want to do it. Not just with anyone, but with you guys. We know it might be a bit awkward, but hell, it’ll be exciting too. We think.” “Well, OK then. When do you want to do it?” Aryan asked.
“Really, you’ll do it. Wow, I knew it. I knew you would. I can tell you have the hot for Aarti so I was sure you would want the opportunity of watching her.” Akshay said winking at Aryan, “But Seema, she really agreed to watch?” “Yes, she did.” Aryan said, “She really got really worked up watching your video. I don’t know, but she changed somehow.” Seema flushed hearing to what Aryan said. Well then why not we finish our breakfast and move to our rooms.. Aarti said. 
They finished their breakfast and started walking again towards the hotel room. Akshay managed to open the door with the keys with his hard on pointing towards the door thinking about the next events. All four of them walked inside and sat on the bed with Aarti sitting next to Aryan and Seema was besides Aryan but Akshay was sitting next to her. She was now sitting between two guys in underwear’s with their dicks pointing towards the ceiling. There was complete silence and to break the ice Akshay asked so did you liked the Video’s we posted have you watched them. Aryan nodded and said yes we did watch a few and read the comments made by other users too but to be honest the person who loved it most is Seema. Seema blushed and put her head on Aryan’s shoulder. 
“Well, then let’s finish setting up the lights and then let’s get started, shall we?”
Sure said Aryan and moved to setup the camera. As they managed to finish the setting up of video Akshay and Aarti made their way to the bed. 
Akshay moved closed to Aarti and ran his hands over the bra, pinching the nipple lightly; it stood out against the fabric immediately. Aarti pulled Akshay’ s shirt over his head and ran her fingers along his chest. She bent forward and sticking her tongue out, she licked his nipple and bit it, gently pulling it into her mouth. Akshay was still massaging her breast with his hand. Aarti lowered her hand, placing it over Akshay’ s dick over his innerwear. Aryan looked to the armchair where Seema was sitting and saw her watching them intently.
Akshay pulled one cup of her bra away, exposing her breast. He licked her nipple, tracing circles over the areole with his tongue and then sucking the nipple into his mouth. Aarti moaned softly and pulled Akshay’ s head closer to her. Akshay pulled Aarti’s other breast out of her bra and began pinching and pulling on the nipple with his fingers while he went on sucking the other one. Aarti moaned again. Akshay pushed Aarti’s skirt up, exposing her bare flesh where the stockings ended. Aarti lifted her hips and pulled her skirt up above her waist. She sat down again, parting her legs and exposing her clean-shaven pussy, covered only by a see through black thong. Akshay caressed it through the material, pinching her thick lips between his fingers as he continued sucking her nipples. He would suck one first and then trace his tongue down the slope of her breast and up the other one until he sucked her other nipple into his mouth. Aarti arched her back, pushing her nipples further into Akshay’ s mouth. Akshay was also feeling sort of nervous, he had turned to see Aryan a couple of times and he noticed the bulge under his pants, he also looked at Seema and saw her breathing was getting heavier, seeing that their friends were getting excited watching them eased his nervousness
Akshay moved his hand up to insert it beneath Aarti’s thong. Aryan was able to get a close up of Aarti’s thong with a wet spot in the middle. Then Akshay’ s finger parted her pussy lips beneath the thong, moving it up and down a few times. Akshay notices that Aarti was wetter than usual and his cock began to rise. Every time he hit her pussy, Aarti would moan in pleasure. She raised her hips a bit to accentuate his touch and when his finger entered her pussy, she began to cum, moaning loudly. When her orgasm subsided she stood up to remove her clothes. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic of the thong and slid it down her legs. Reaching back, she unclasped her bra, standing there now only completely nude.
She stroked her breasts; one of her hands moved down her belly and her finger disappeared between her pussy lips. She inserted it into her pussy and pulling it out, she moved closer to Akshay. He licked her juices off her fingers and she knelt in front of him to remove his trousers and briefs. Akshay’ s cock stood straight at attention and Aryan saw Seema bending forward to get a better look. She had her hand inside her panties.
Seema had involuntarily moved her hand to her crotch over her panties, and when she saw Akshay and Aarti looking at her she blushed, she was about to pull her hand away but she didn’t. After all, their friends were naked in front of them and about to have sex. She fixed her gaze on Akshay’ s cock, and she felt a new rush of excitement. Aarti placed herself in front of her husband, fondling his balls and circling his cock with her fingers, moving them up and down. She bent forward when a drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of Akshay’ s cock and sticking out her tongue, she licked it. She circled his cock head with her tongue a few times and then ran it down the underside, licking his balls before her tongue traveled back up the length of his shaft. She took the head of his cock lovingly in her mouth and kept it there for a while; Aryan could guess she was running her tongue all around it inside her mouth. Aarti began bobbing her head up and down, taking more of Akshay’ s cock into her mouth. Aryan moved around to find a better angle, and he saw that Seema had undone the buttons on the bra and one of her breasts was exposed, she had also pulled her panties downwards exposing her pussy. She was playing with her nipple with one hand, the other still buried caressing her pussy. Her gaze was fixed on Akshay and Aarti and she had a dreamy expression on her face. Akshay had his eyes fixed on Seema’s breast and Aryan couldn’t tell if the pleasure expression on his face was from Aarti’s ministrations or from watching Seema playing with herself. Seema lifted her gaze from Akshay’ s cock and saw that he was looking straight at her, she blushed and felt embarrassed but at the same time she was excited by Akshay looking at her. She stopped caring about her hang-ups and gave way to what she was feeling at the moment. She pushed her bra further exposing both her breasts. Aryan licked his lips as he stared at her nipples. She felt her nipples getting harder under his gaze and imagining his lips and tongue sucking them. Akshay was admiring Seema’s body, he wanted to get up and go to her, suck her nipples into his mouth and bury his head between her legs, but he held back. He was sure it wasn’t going to be long before he would be fulfilling his wishes. Aarti looked up and saw her husband looking at Seema. She felt her excitement growing knowing her husband was looking at another woman as she sucked him. She felt his cock throb inside her mouth.
Aryan had also seen Seema’s reaction when Akshay turned to look at her. He was surprised that he was actually turned on by knowing another man was seeing his wife half naked. He turned his attention back to Akshay and Aarti. She had more than half his cock inside her mouth, the head probably bumping against her throat. Akshay’ s cock was bigger than Aryan’s and a bit thicker around. Aarti pulled back, letting it all the way out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head a few times and then took it back into her mouth, just the head. Aryan noticed that she had her hand between her thighs so he zoomed in on it; she was teasing her pussy and rubbing the inside of her lips as she sucked her husband. He panned the camera up her body and focused on her breasts for a few seconds. They jiggled a bit in rhythm with her head movements, her nipples hard and pointing straight out. Aryan kept panning the camera up, catching her head bobbing up and down his cock again, continuing up his chest to get a shot of his face, which wore an expression of pure bliss.
There was some movement to Aryan’s left; Akshay opened his eyes. He still held the camera pointed at Aarti and Akshay but looked to his left in time to see Seema, who had stood up and was playing with her pussy. Aarti stopped sucking Akshay’ s cock and was looking at Seema too. Aryan pointed the camera at her, expecting her to complain, but she didn’t. She just kept on going, her eyes glued to Akshay and Aarti, who still had a hand between her legs while she masturbated Akshay with the other one. Seema let her bra fall down to the floor and she stood there wearing only her bikini panties. But not for long; she pushed them down her legs and bent down to remove them, giving all of them a great view of her hanging breasts. They were bigger than Aarti’s and very nicely rounded, with a little sag due to their weight. She stood up again, and Aryan got a full frontal shot of her body. Her nipples were hard and her pussy lips were swollen beneath her trimmed triangle of pubic hair. She cupped her breasts and pushed the nipples with her thumbs, making them stand out even more when they popped back out. She sat back on the armchair and opening her legs, slid her fingers between her lips.

Aryan completed the shooting and his hands slipped of the camera as it banged on the floor luckily no harm was done. Akshay and Aarti looked at Aarti and they both stopped and got up to pick the camera as Aryan was little afraid about dropping the camera. Seema got conscious and stopped fingering herself but stood there naked. 
Aarti got up and went near to Seema who was nude now and asked her let’s take a walk as the guys fix the camera again. 
As Aarti and seema walked outside the room they went to the tables placed near the pool and got themselves comfortable. Aarti looked at Seema and said I wish I could have the tits like you. Seema blushed at her comments and was getting friendly towards Aarti after the initial rudeness between them. Aarti added Akshay loved your tits and he just gets hard looking at you. Do you mind having sex with him said Aarti to Seema surprise? Aarti was aware about Akshay adventure with her in the room but dint wanted to seema let know about it. 
Seema dint know what to say but deep down she was already thinking about it. Aarti said “Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. Actually I was really fantasizing that Aryan was going down on me. So don’t be shy, if you want it there’s nothing wrong admitting it.”
“So tell me. Really, would you like to fuck Akshay? I mean not just fantasize but actually fuck him.”
“Hell no, how could I? He is your husband.” Seema answered quickly.
“But what if I told you I don’t mind. What if I told you I would really like you to do it?” Aarti said seriously. “Well, I don’t know…” Seema responded after a while, “I guess so.”
Would you mind if I have sex with Aryan asked Aarti to which Seema said well it’s unto him
I think we should walk back to the room Seema said and they made their way back to their hotel room. 
Seema walked to Aryan and asked him for private moment to talk. Aryan was surprised with the request and went ahead and asked Seema what is it
“Listen Aryan. I was talking with Aarti and she asked me if… you know… if I liked Akshay.”
Aryan thought he knew where Seema was going with this and he saw that she was having trouble saying it so he decided to help her. “Like him? You mean like more than in a friendly way.”

“Yeah,” Seema said, “You know, she kind of told me she wouldn’t mind if Akshay did it with me.” She finally blurted. “I mean…””I know what you mean, honey”, Aryan said running his fingers through her hair. “Akshay asked me the same thing, you know, if I’d like to fuck Aarti. He said they had thought about having sex with us, you know, you and Akshay and Aarti and me.
“And what did you say?” Seema asked him.
“I said that I surely find Aarti very attractive, and yes, I’d like to have sex with her. But I wouldn’t do it if it hurt you.”
“Well, I don’t know…” Seema said, “I mean I am already here with you cheating on Rahul and now going this far they think we are husband and wife.” Seema said it’s so strange. On one hand I feel it’s wrong. You know… I should feel it’s wrong. But on the other hand I don’t think it’s that bad. I just don’t know…” “Don’t worry honey,” Aryan said tenderly to her, “It seems like we both want to do it and love each other it is just we meet a little late or else we would have been married. Remember we are here to have fun and get away from our families and enjoy our life and have a good time so why don’t we give it a try? Aryan was happy and smiling as his plan was working and finally was able to open up Seema to new things and get her in his control so she stops feeling guilty.
Well relax and let me handle it lets move as they may be worried why we left alone. 
Aryan and Seema went to join Akshay and Aarti in there room and Akshay instantly asked Aryan is there any problem? Aryan smiled at him and said no its just seema wanted to share something to me
Oh what is it? Aryan winked at Akshay and gave him a thumbs up and Akshay sense that she is finally ready for him. He looked at Seema and she just blushed. Akshay listening to it was in heaven and wasted no time and got close to seema and took her in his arms. Seema was able to feel his hardness against her stomach and closed her eyes. Akshay got down on his knees and wasted no time and kissed seema on her pussy. Seema let out a long moan as Akshay started licking her pussy. In the meanwhile Aryan got close to Aarti and took her hands and they moved to the bed. Akshay had two fingers inside Seema, moving them rapidly in and out as he went on sucking her pussy hard. Seema was moaning loudly caught up in one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. She could feel her juices flowing, drenching Akshay’s fingers and running out of her pussy. The feeling was so intense that she had to push Akshay away. She clamped her legs together and massaged her lower belly as she kept Cumming in what seemed to be a never ending orgasm. The intensity kept fading until she could breathe again normally. She opened her eyes to see Akshay smiling and turning to Aarti as he saw Aryan’s cock in her mouth. Akshay got up and ran his hands down Seema’s back grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks. She reached down and fondled his balls. Akshay felt Seema’s hard nipples pressing against his chest and he broke the kiss to lower his head and suck one in his mouth. Seema pushed him back and he sat on the chair, his cock pointing straight up. Seema knelt in front of him and wrapped her hands around his cock squeezing it lightly until the head was shinny with his pre-cum. On an impulse she leaned forward and pressed his cockhead first to one of her nipples and then the other one. Akshay moaned and squirmed feeling the rough texture of her nipples against his sensitive dick He felt he was ready to explode and wanted to feel Seema’s lips around his cock. He put his hands on the back of her head and pressed down lightly. Seema got the message and before taking his cock in her mouth she licked another drop of pre-cum that has leaked out at the tip.
At the other end,
Aryan sank to his knees between Aarti’s legs and began sliding his hands along her ankles and calves, his eyes fixed between her legs. Aryan was taking in the view of Aarti’s pussy as his hands traveled up and down her lower legs. He marveled at how different she was from Seema. Oh, he knew all women were different down there but he had never had two woman in front of his eyes in so short a period of time. His hands moved up to her thighs, caressing first the outside part then going back to the knees and up the upper part till he reached her belly and back again. He was purposely avoiding the inside of her thighs or touching her between the legs. Aarti knew he was teasing her and she loved it. It was agonizingly pleasurable. Aryan had been watching Aarti’s thick lipped pussy, her pussy and outer lips barely visible beneath the thick folds. He had teased her enough and he was anxious to taste her. He pressed his hands up the inside of her thighs and inserting a finger of each hand between her thick lips he parted them and ran them along felling her wetness. Aarti moaned and began caressing her breasts and nipples. Aarti looked at the other chair just in time to see Seema taking half of his husband’s cock into her mouth. Just then, Aryan parted her lips as far as he could and she felt his tongue pressing against her pussy, licking it rapidly. She gasped. Akshay looked at his wife and then at Aryan’s head buried between her thighs. Then he looked down to see Seema sucking his cock in and out of her mouth, her warmth surrounding it. He looked back at Aarti and saw the satisfied expression on her face and knew she was getting close to reaching a climax. He had been looking forward to this for quite some time now and even though it excited him tremendously he still felt a pang of jealousy seeing his wife being pleasured by another man.
Aarti was on the verge of Cumming having her pussy licked and bitten by Aryan but then he took his tongue away and she felt it traveling down the inside of her labia. Aryan licked the juices that were now seeping out from Aarti’s vagina following their trail down to her asshole. He pushed her legs back against her chest and rimmed her ass with his tongue. He felt it pulsating under his tongue and he inserted the tip into her anal opening. He felt it opening and pushed his tongue further inside.
Aarti couldn’t hold back any longer, she began massaging her pussy and exploded in a powerful orgasm. Aryan felt her juices shooting out of her vagina, bathing his cheeks and running down her slit to gather in his tongue. With the added lubrication he was able to stick his tongue further into her ass. Aarti screamed as another wave of pleasure shot through her body. Akshay looked again at his wife as she came. He had been agonizing trying to hold back his orgasm as long as he could as Seema greedily sucked his cock. But his wife’s orgasm brought him to the edge. He reached down to squeeze Seema’s tits and began Cumming in her mouth. Seema had also turned toward Aarti and when she saw the position she was in she guessed that Aryan was tongue fucking her ass. She felt her own ass hole twitching. She was surprised not to feel any jealousy watching her lover and so called husband eating Aarti. She returned her attention to Akshay when she felt his cockhead expanding inside her mouth and a second later the first gush of sperm hit her throat. Gush after gush of hot sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed hard and never took her mouth away as she went on milking the cum from Akshay’ s cock with her mouth. Akshay was amazed that Seema never took her mouth away until he was completely empty and felt his cock beginning to deflate inside her mouth but she just kept it there, swirling her tongue around the dick, sucking him gently. Aryan didn’t take his mouth off Aarti’s pussy either. He knew her pussy will be too sensitive so he licked the inside of her lips and then inserted his tongue into her vagina. He could still feel her inner muscles pulsing in the after throes of her orgasm. He slapped her juices, savoring the new flavor; it was sweeter than Seema’s. Aarti lowered her legs and wrapped them around Aryan’s shoulders. He went on swirling his tongue inside her and reached up with both hands to tweak her nipples. Akshay was feeling and agonizing mixture of pain and pleasure every time Seema’s tongue touched the tip of his penis but he didn’t want her to stop. His cock was only half hard but Seema just kept on sucking him gently as it slowly began to rise again. Aarti’s juices began flowing around Aryan’s tongue again and as she felt her excitement growing, she felt an irresistible need to feel his cock inside her but at the same time she didn’t want to put an end to the marvelous sensations his tongue was giving her. Aryan’s cock had gotten hard again; he lowered his hand and began stroking himself. He used his other hand to press his thumb against Aarti’s pussy. She gasped and was surprised as a mild orgasm surged through her body. Seema had also been stroking her pussy for a while now while she continued sucking Akshay’ s cock. Her juices were flowing again, dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs. When Akshay’ s cock regained his erect state she pulled her mouth away and rose. She turned her back to him and reaching between her legs she guided his cock to the entrance of her vagina and lowered herself down on it. She was so wet that his cock slid in easily. When it was buried to the hilt, she sat motionless for a few moments. Akshay could feel her inner muscles tightening around his shaft and he moaned. He wrapped his hands around Seema’s body and cupped her breasts pressing the nipples with his thumbs. Seema lifted her hips until Akshay’s cock was almost out of her and then let herself sink down until it was buried all the way inside her again. She gasped in pleasure.
Seeing Seema sinking down on top of her husband’s cock made Aarti want to feel Aryan’s cock inside her. She pushed his head back and said, “Put it in me, arya. I need to feel you inside me.”
Aryan raised himself until his cock was in front of Aarti’s pussy; she had spread her pussy with her own hands so Aryan guided his dick to her entrance and pushed forward. Even though Aarti was really wet he had to pull back and push again a few times before his cock went all the way in; she was so tight. Seema and Aryan turned to look at each other at the same time. The same kind of thoughts rand through their minds: here they were being fucked by someone else and they were actually enjoying it. Just a few days back they were madly in love with each other and cheated on there respective families to be there for this vacation. Aarti was too engrossed feeling another orgasm rising within her and Akshay view of his wife was blocked by Seema’s body but they were thinking almost the same thing. Here they were fulfilling their fantasy of fucking their friends. Aryan was pumping his cock into Aarti faster and faster as her orgasm kept building up. He felt his own orgasm approaching fast until with a last shove he remained motionless as his came inside her. A few moments later Aarti exploded again feeling the head of Aryan’s cock pulsating inside her as he shot his cum into her. Seema had had a mild orgasm almost as soon as she impaled herself on Akshay dick and now was ready to cum again as she fucked him and he kept pinching and twisting her sensitive nipples. She reached between her legs and with one hand she cupped Akshay’s balls and with the other one she pressed her pussy. This brought her over the edge and moaning loudly and uncontrollably her orgasm shook her body. When she started cumming her inner muscles began contracting spasmodically around the shaft of Akshay’s cock, milking him and a few seconds later he shot his sperm into her.
Akshay and Aryan’s eye’s met and they both knew they had got what they were looking for in this vacation the only thing was he had to share Aarti with him to get this far due to seema reluctant all this while.
Aryan and Seema went to their room to get fresh. Seema went to take a bath and as she soaped her body her mind thoughts drifted once again to the events. She came out this time without the towel wrapped around her and woke Aryan. Aryan made his way to washroom while Seema got dressed with short skirts and tight t-shirt without a bra. Seema saw herself in mirror and could clearly see her nipples visible through the t-shirt and wondered how Aryan managed to bring all the dresses for this vacation for her. She was however now comfortable with the events and feeling emboldened and dint mind about her clothes.

As they got ready and walked towards the restaurant saw Akshay and Aarti and soon heard Akshay calling for Aryan. Aryan waived and they both joined them for lunch.
Akshay reminded Aryan and Seema about the party and both of them nodded. So seema asked in curiosity about the party. Aarti explained to her that the party is only meant for couples where there will be other couples and rest they will only come to know once they reach the party. Sounds interesting said seema and Aryan and all laughed together as they completed their lunch and headed back to their rooms for a sleep. Also since the party was to start by 5 pm they only had 2 hours left to have a nap and get ready to leave. Akshay also told them since the party is going to be outside the girl needs to get dressed and they will reach by car to the party location. Akshay asked Aryan and seema to join as they four together can move to the party. Sure our pleasure said Aryan and they walked into the room. 
Seema got ready wearing a tank top and a shorts and she was looking amazingly beautiful. As Aryan came out of shower and saw her complimented her for the looks. Aryan got dressed wearing a T-shirt and jeans. As they both headed to the door Akshay and Aarti were waiting for them in the car. They reached in location in 10 mins and made their way to the party. 

Several couples were already mingling and chatting softly. A small staff of waiters served cocktails to the guest. All of the guests looked very similar in age; they all seemed to be in their mid-thirties, married, attractive, and well-off. There were three or four couples
This place is amazing.” said Seema and all nodded in agreement. They all meet two more couples i.e. John and Vanessa and Mamta and Shekhar.
After about 30 minutes — when the couples had a chance to introduce themselves and sample some of the excellent champagne and appetizers the host of the party appeared.
“Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of your host, may I offer you warmest greetings and appreciation for attending the party. My name is Mr. Ken
I am here to offer you courtesy and to provide for your every need while you are with us. Some of you are here for the first time. To you in particular we extend our warmest greetings and sincere wish that you will enjoy a most memorable evening.
In a few moments dinner will be served in the dining room next door. Afterwards, some very special entertainment has been arranged for you in the ballroom. Prior to that, however, I will have some additional information and instructions to share with you. As you enjoy dinner
Thank you for your cooperation. And now, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served
They were ushered into a spacious and ornate dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included a vast array of delicious and incredible dishes served by an attentive and courteous staff. The group was seated by their initials at reserved places that separated spouses from each other in order to allow the couples to mix more freely and continue to become acquainted. Aryan and Seema were almost at opposite ends of the massive table, but they caught each other’s eye occasionally and silently acknowledged that the food and the company were completely enjoyable. 
As they were finishing a delicious dessert, Mr. Ken appeared at the head of the table and rang his bell again. “I trust that you have enjoyed your meal. Has everything been satisfactory?” Everyone around the table glanced at each other smiling and nodding with approval; the meal was indeed excellent. 
“Fine. . .” Ken continued, “Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have some additional instructions to share with you before we present the evening’s entertainment. Those of you who are first- time guests will want to pay particular attention. You will be escorted into the ballroom where you will be seated together as husband and wife couples. When the entertainment begins, you will kindly stay in your assigned seats until the chime sounds. Ladies, when you hear the chime, please move to the next seating area to your left . . . then continue to move to your left to the next area each time the chime sounds. Gentlemen, please remain seated where you are throughout the performance. 
For our new guests, the purpose of this rotating method of seating is to encourage you to become better acquainted with one another. Hopefully you have all had the chance to become familiar enough to enjoy the company of whomever you happen to be seated with. You will likely find the entertainment stimulating. Feel free to react naturally to what you will see and hear. However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, please do not hesitate to excuse yourself and leave the room. We would also ask that you respect unconditionally the wishes or the concerns of the other guests. No one shall be required to participate in anything against their will. Is this clearly understood?”
Aryan and Seema glanced nervously at each other, as did ‘Akshay’ and ‘Aarti’. They all had similar thoughts about the strange nature of these instructions — especially the idea of “stimulating” entertainment and the possibility that someone may be “uncomfortable” with what was going to happen But the other couples who had been there before seemed comfortable with what was happening, so the two “new” couples shrugged and nodded slightly in agreement. “Very good,” Ken smiled with satisfaction. “Now, if you will follow me to the ballroom.” They made their way down the hallway they had entered through and came to a large set of double doors that opened into a modest-sized room that really looked nothing like a ballroom. The room was furnished and decorated splendidly, like the rest of the mansion, but instead of the expected wooden dance floor there was thick, luxurious wall-to-wall carpet. Soft music was playing from unseen speakers somewhere, and an amazing assortment of candles flickered everywhere — providing the only light and casting interesting shadows on every surface. In the center of the room was a circular platform or stage — perhaps two-feet high and ten-feet across — surrounded floor to ceiling by a closed black velvet curtain. The couples were seated with their mates in four comfortable black-leather love seats positioned closely around the stage in exact North, South, East, and West point’s facing the curtain. 
When everyone was seated, Ken stepped back to the doorway and rang his bell one more time. “Ladies and gentlemen, please remember the instructions I gave to you earlier. And now, honored guests, we present for your enjoyment . . . The Newlyweds.”
As Ken stepped back through the doors and closed them behind him, the volume of the pleasant classical music increased and the curtain began to rise. Spotlights rigged above the stage faded up and brightly revealed a king-size bed. As the curtain continued to move upward they saw a pair of shiny black shoes — then tuxedo trousers — and finally a young man seated in a chair by the bed. When the curtain stopped rising the group could also see a lovely young woman seated with her legs curled under her on the bed; she was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and veil.
The newlywed couple was young — perhaps 19 or 20 — and they were radiant. He was extremely fit and handsome with dazzling blue eyes, stylish blonde hair, tan complexion, and an eager, confident smile. Each of the women in the room felt immediately attracted to him.
The bride was just as fresh and alluring. Her long dark hair hung almost to her waist and it contrasted vividly with the brightness of her gown. She reached up and pulled the veil back over her head to reveal the face of an angel — bright eyes flashing with excitement; full, pouting red lips framing perfect teeth; high cheek bones and cute little dimples flushed with excitement. She gazed longingly at her new husband as her generous, swelling breasts rose and fell noticeably within the confines of her lacy bodice.
As the party guests watched with fascination, the young girl moved gracefully off the bed and stood before the groom. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth to the music as she took off the veil completely and tossed it on the bed. Then she removed her long white gloves slowly, one at a time, to start what was the beginning of an obvious strip tease. While she continued to sway her shapely hips, she reached back and grasped the zipper of her dress; unhooking it, she turned her back to her new husband and teasingly drew it down. 
The young man slumped down in his chair slightly — still grinning from ear to ear. A noticeable bulge was growing in the front of his pants; again something none of the women in the room failed to notice. He watched in a happy daze as the pretty bride continued to dance and strip. 
Soon the top of her dress was down around her slender waist revealing the sexy white lingerie underneath. With a giggle, she pushed the dress the rest of the way down and stepped out of it along with several layers of petticoat slips. Now the lovely young girl was dressed only in a shiny white camisole — showing off her enticing cleavage, high-cut satin panties with the dark triangle shadow of her trim bush clearly visible beneath, and a matching lace garter holding up her sleek white stockings.
Still dancing seductively, the bride kicked off her shoes and moved closer to the young man. While he watched her every move, she slowly sank to her knees between his now wide-spread legs. Smiling up at him, she reached out with her dainty hand and ran it up along his thigh until she brushed against the now straining erection in his pants. Everyone in the room held their breath as she traced the outline of his impressive manhood with her fingers — gripping and milking it lightly. A soft groan escaped the back of his throat.
Seema sat watching as if hypnotized. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the provocative scene right in front of her. Never in her life had she experienced anything like this. Of course she and Aryan both had seen to some pretty steamy core movies on Internet and saw Akshay and Aarti fucking together, but certainly nothing that compared to the raw emotion of watching two people being intimate with each other in front of a live audience. 
Seema didn’t know how to react. Her conservative religious upbringing should make her feel guilty and offended by what she was watching, but she knew that wasn’t the case. She held Aryan’s hand tightly — squeezing it in involuntary response to each exciting tingle that shot through her aroused body. Yes, that was it . . . more than anything else, Seema realized she was highly aroused by what she was seeing. She was already beginning to feel damp between her legs, and she crossed and uncrossed her soft thighs — pressing them together in a reflexive effort to intensify the electrifying pleasure she was feeling.
Aryan was having a hard time too — literally. His cock was trying to break free from the confines of his underwear and trousers. With all of the suspicions he had about this party, he certainly hadn’t expected anything like this. He sensed Seema nervous next to him as he watched the beautiful young bride on stage slowly unzipping the groom’s fly. Both Aryan and Seema shuddered when the girl reached into the opening and withdrew the young man’s naked, throbbing penis. It was a huge fleshy column in her tiny fist. . 
Slowly the bride began to pump up and down on his shaft. The young man groaned in appreciation — throwing his head back and closing his eyes. A contented smile played across his lips. In response, the girl leaned forward and lightly kissed the slick, bulbous head of his engorged cock. Her bright red lipstick left a slight smudge on his meat as she leaned back and licked her lips as if sampling the taste of him. Then, suddenly, the young woman smiled wickedly and plunged down to engulf his solid shaft with her warm, wet mouth. Almost immediately, she began bobbing her head up and down with youthful abandon — as if she couldn’t wait to make him explode.
It was almost more than Seema could stand. Her nerve endings were already raw and overheated. She could feel her nipples swelling and scraping against the fabric of her bra, and she kept squeezing her thighs together in an effort to quench the burning sensations between her legs. She watched the girl’s loose dark hair flying free as her head bounced up and down on the young man’s lap. 
Without thinking, Seema reached her hand over to grasp her Aryans thick, muscular thigh. Aryan reacted by placing his hand over hers and urging it to move upward until she felt his pulsing tool in his tented pants. Seema wrapped her fingers around the steel-hard shaft through the cloth and began to rub him urgently. Aryan returned the favor by placing his arm around his wife’s shoulder and reaching down to cup one of her quivering breasts through her tank top. He had no trouble finding the hard point of her sensitive nipple poking out from the fabric. He scraped his fingernail over the turgid nub causing Seema to gasp and arch her back. 
On stage the newlyweds were continuing their intense foreplay. The bride had succeeded in opening the man’s pants completely and had pulled them down his hips slightly while she continued to devour his huge pole with her sweet mouth. His rod was slick and shiny with her saliva, and she looked like she was starving for the taste of his meat. 
Meanwhile, he had untied the ribbons that held her tank top together. Pushing the satiny material aside, he reached in and helped her creamy breasts spill out into his big hands. She moaned with muffled delight around his cock as he began to massage and knead her soft, jiggling flesh. His thumbs soon found her small pink nipples and he teased them without mercy — rolling and pulling the sensitive tips between his fingers until she almost squealed.
Aryan and Seema continued to paw at each other — getting bolder and more impassioned with each passing moment. They had almost forgotten about the other guests until a chime suddenly sounded in the room. Seema immediately felt panic in the pit of her stomach. Remembering the instructions to move to the next love seat to her left, she couldn’t imagine sitting with someone she hardly knew in this condition. “Oh Aryan. . .” she whispered, “What should we do?”
Aryan was having similar thoughts. The “entertainment” had seduced and carried them both away almost to the point of no return. What was expected now . . . for them to calmly continue to watch this wildly carnal display without acting upon the incredible urges they were feeling? Or was that the idea — to build the couples to a fever pitch of sexual need that would turn the party into a wild orgy. He’d heard about things like this before, but Aryan never expected him and Seema to ever be involved. Like Seema, he was confused and overwhelmed . . . that is until he saw Aarti standing expectantly in front of him. 
Seema looked bewildered and a little frightened as she slowly rose to her feet and watched Aarti slide quickly into her seat. Somewhere behind her on the stage she heard moans and deep sighs as she awkwardly moved over to the next seating area where she found their friend, Akshay, smiling and relaxed as he watched her approach.
As Seema nervously took her seat she looked back at the couple on the stage. The bride was now laying on the bed — the pretty satin camisole had been completely removed and her perfectly shaped breasts, tipped with bright pink points, bounced slightly as she shifted and settled. The young groom was gazing down at her — still grinning with pure lust — as he quickly removed his tuxedo and other attire. The young woman licked her lips as she hungrily watched his large erection bob and wave between his muscular thighs.
“This is pretty damn hot, isn’t it?” Seema heard ‘Akshay’ whisper beside her. She had intentionally avoided sitting too close to him, but she felt him shifting next to her as they both stared at the stage. “Have you ever seen somebody do it right in front of you like this?” Akshay asked.
Seema cleared her throat and whispered back without looking at him, “N…no, never . . . I never imagined. . .”
After he had removed his clothing, the attractive groom on stage placed one knee on the bed and reached out to effortlessly pull the scantily clad bride closer to him. Taking his time to tease the girl and his audience, he slowly unhooked and removed her garter and then peeled each of her white stockings down and off her shapely legs. The dark- haired beauty smiled and cooed with pleasure as he hooked his fingers in her skimpy lace panties and began to pull them off. She lifted her hips slightly to assist him and soon she was completely nude and spread wantonly on the bed. 
Seema’s heart was pounding inside her chest and she was having trouble catching her breath. She watched the young man lift the girl’s delicate foot and then — starting at her ankle — he began to kiss and lick his way up her leg until he reached her tender inner thigh. . .just inches away from her soft, wet opening. Seema could feel her own warm juices soaking her tiny panties, and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs — causing the hem of her shorts to ride up higher and higher.
Seated next to the Seema, Akshay’, was no longer watching the performance on stage. He knew he had limited time before the chime sounded again and he wanted to make the most of the opportunity

Akshay had moved closer to Seema and gazed down at the lovely sight of her naked thighs squeezing together tightly and then relaxing repeatedly. Her dress had ridden up high enough that he could almost see the hidden juncture between her legs, but she was wringing her hands together in her lap preventing the dress from rising any higher. Watching her swelling breasts rise and fall with each ragged breath, he slowly reached his arm around her shoulder in a careful, casual manner so he wouldn’t frighten or alarm her. 
When she did not object to his advance, Akshay lightly placed his hand on her knee — again watching her closely for any resistance. But Seema was dizzy and almost drunk with desire. She heard the wet slurping sounds and the constant moans from the couple on the stage and she couldn’t help imagining — no, wishing — that she was the one on the bed tangled in the naked, passionate act with the handsome young groom. She vaguely felt a hand touching and slowly sliding up her leg, but it didn’t register in her lust-filled brain until she felt the hem of her dress being tentatively pushed aside.
Seema instinctively looked down to see a man’s hand lightly stroking her exposed skin. Then, with wide, glazed- over eyes, she dreamily looked up and tried to focus on his face smiling back at her. “Let me help you. . .” she heard him say. Akshay shifted even closer to her small frame and reached down to gently take her hands and move them off her lap. While they both watched his movements, he carefully took hold of the bottom of her short dress and gradually lifted the fabric up and folded it back onto her stomach — completely revealing her wispy black panties.
Akshay took a deep breath. She was more captivating than he had imagined. The scant fabric did little to hide her feminine charms, and he knew he must have her . . . if not entirely now, then certainly before the night was over once again.
On the other couch Aryan leaned back and planted his hands on the cushion to brace himself. He watched the two young lovers on stage trying to send each other over the edge in a frenzied sixty-nine position; but between his outstretched legs, a gorgeous woman he hardly knew knelt in front of him greedily deep-throating his aching cock. Her technique was fantastic as she swirled and stabbed her tongue around the sensitive head each time she lifted her lovely head with the flaming red hair.
Aryan was in heaven until he remembered Seema. Whipping around to look to his left, his eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open when he saw what was happening. There was his conservative lover with her dress bunched around her waist and her legs spread wide. Hovering over her was the large form of his friend, Akshay, who had his hand buried in her panties — obviously fingering her furiously. Seema stared straight ahead with unblinking eyes as her pretty mouth gasped for breath. Even several yards away, Aryan could hear her pant and whimper helplessly. 
Electric shocks jolted through Seema’s small body as the Akshay continued to plunge his fingers in and out of her drenched pussy. Before she even realized what was happening, Akshay had first traced the lips of her opening through the scant piece of silk between her legs — then he moved his hand up and slipped it down inside. Fireworks went off in her head when his fingertip went straight for her erect little clitoris which he teased and stroked until she cried out in pleasure. Then he moved his big fingers lower and found her steamy, wet opening. 
Akshay reached under and silently urged her to raise her tight, round buttocks so he could remove her panties completely. Cool air rushed over her inflamed sex as she leaned back again and waited breathlessly for the thrill of his touch. But it would not happen now . . . The chime sounded again. Somewhere deep in her clouded mind, Seema realized she had been signaled to move to a new location in this surreal version of musical chairs. Akshay reluctantly removed his hands from her naked skin and helped her rise unsteadily to her feet. “We’ll finish this later,” he breathed in her ear while he helped straighten her dress; then he gently directed her toward the next couch. Sensing her hesitancy, John reached his hand out to her. With a calm, low voice he said, “Come, sit with me . . . don’t be frightened. Let me please you.” Tentatively she allowed him to take her delicate hand and guide her to sit next to him, but she couldn’t pull her eyes from the coiled steel monster between his legs. Vanessa took place next to Aryan
John on the other hand was wasting no time with Seema he could see her looking at him from the corner of her eye. He finally leaned over and whispered, “You’ve never seen one this big before, and have you?” Seema thought to herself as she thought Akshay was with a big dick but this one was even bigger and thick
“Never . . .” came the almost choked reply. Realizing she could no longer avoid him, she tentatively turned and gazed directly at his massive tool. “I had no idea that a man could be that large . . .” Her voice sounded almost like a little girl’s to him. She looked like a little girl next to his giant frame. “It’s OK,” he told her softly. “Go ahead, touch it . . . I know you want to. I want to feel you touch me too.” She did want to touch him . . . desperately but somehow she was attracted to it as magnet. Seema cautiously reached out and lightly ran her fingertips over the velvety smoothness of it, feeling the ridges and the swollen tissue; it was so warm, almost hot to the touch, and it jumped and twitched slightly in her hand. 
“Damn . . .” he moaned. “You’re touch feels like a feather on my cock.” She smiled shyly and grew bolder with his encouragement. Grasping him more firmly, she tried to encircle his entire girth, but her tiny fingers could not completely close around him. As she started to rub and milk him slowly, he decided it was time to get in the game too. 
Hovering over her, he reached a long arm out and gently pulled her closer. While she continued to play with her new toy, he reached around and took hold of her small jacket, silently encouraging her to let him remove it. Seema stopped stroking him long enough to let the big man pull the garment past her shoulders and then slip it over her arms and off.
With her Tank top gone, John had a better view of that creamy cleavage he had been admiring since he saw her. Although she was a petite woman, he could tell she had amazing breasts. He wasted no time in brushing his large hand up her side, lightly feeling the ridges of her rib cage, until he found the plump firmness of her tit flesh straining against the confines of her dress and flimsy bra. Her sensitive nipples were erect and poking through the fabric and he could easily feel the hard little point scraping against the smooth skin of his palm as he cupped and kneaded her.

Seema closed her eyes and let a little moan escape her throat. Sharp, hot electric sensations shot through her chest and down into her loins as he teased her breasts. While she continued to stroke and pull at his throbbing meat with one hand, the other reached for and found his huge dark testicles bouncing gently below. She lightly massaged and squeezed him there, feeling the heat of his molten seed churning deep inside.
He caressed the silky-soft skin of her exposed back and slid lower until he grazed the strap of her bra; with practiced skill, he unhooked it with a flick of his wrist and she felt the release of pressure against her swollen mounds. Shrugging her shoulders slightly, she helped him lower the top of the dress until it dropped down almost completely – snagging briefly on her hardened nipples. They both looked down as he reached out and pulled on the fabric. With tantalizing patience, he first uncovered her puffy pink areolas . . . then the twin points of her turgid buttons aching for attention. 
As Seema lay back and gasped, he took handfuls of her milky white flesh and rubbed his rough thumbs over her burning nipples. Seema threw her head back and bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as she thrust her chest toward him. She parted her thighs slightly to allow him access to her body, and he leaned forward and took advantage, lowering his mouth and flicking her inflamed little nipples with his long tongue.
“Shhhh…Shhhh! Yes . . . right there!” She panted. Her hand dropped automatically to find and grasp his rigid tool again. In direct response to the maddening sensations he was giving her with his mouth, she frantically rubbed his straining cock. The more he licked and sucked at her sweet breasts, the faster she pumped her tiny fist, making him grunt and shudder. 
John had to taste more, so he moved lower and kissed his way down to the top of her fallen dress. Tossing the bra aside, he scooted back on his haunches, reluctantly causing her to lose her grip on him. She whimpered slightly, but he reached down and firmly tugged at the rumpled dress until it slid down her torso and past her stomach . . . nearly to the secret juncture between her legs, but her grinding hips stopped his progress. Continuing his teasing game, he leaned down again and kissed the smooth, heaving surface of her belly until he could feel little wisps of hair tickling the tip of his nose. He was close enough that he could smell the musky scent of her flowing nectar.
Almost delirious with desire, Seema’s hips began to hump up and off the couch. This was what John had been waiting for. The next time she lifted up with a jerky spasm, he quickly hooked the dress and slid it down and off her slim hips – then he leaned back and pulled it the rest of the way down her writhing legs and off. Now she was naked and splayed out before his hungry eyes. He couldn’t believe how enticing she was – her hard, firm body looked almost virginal – with flawless caramel-colored skin glowing with sexual heat. Gazing lower, there was her flowering sex, obviously moist and framed by a slight tuft of neatly trimmed dark hair. 
No longer able to contain himself, he pressed her tender thighs apart and lowered his greedy mouth to her steamy opening. Seema’s eyes flew open when she felt him taste her there. She fought to momentarily regain her senses. “No. . . Please, don’t do that!” seema begged. John ignoring her pleas started fingering her slowly first and then started circling his fingers inside to touch her sensitive parts

Seema was near to her own mind-shattering orgasm and climbing rapidly toward another when the chime sounded again. ‘John’ was still lapping hungrily between her wide-spread legs, hoping to beat the clock and plant his giant member in the willing little housewife, but he knew he had run out of time now Seema allowed him to help her up and stood naked except for her high heeled shoes. Something in her woozy brain triggered and she remembered who was waiting at her next stop, causing a tremble of anticipation. Shekhar was waiting for her in anticipation and she also found him very attractive.
Dropping her dress, Seema rushed to his waiting arms. Without a word they melded together in a passionate kiss that made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up and tingle. She could feel his hardness pressing insistently against her belly — throbbing gently with his rapid pulse. Gasping for breath, she broke the kiss and pulled his ear to her mouth. “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this,” she whispered. “Please . . . I need you inside me. Now…please hurry!””’
Reaching between her legs, ‘Shekhar’ dipped a fingertip into her swollen lips. His digit was instantly coated with her warm, sweet honey. “Yes, you are ready for me,” he smiled. “Well, I’ve learned to never keep a lady waiting . . .” 
He gently turned her around and wrapped his massive arms about her, pressing himself against her back. Sliding his hands down, he found and caressed her quivering breasts as he slowly guided her to the love seat. Seema allowed him to position her so that she was kneeling on the leather cushion with her arms clinging over the back, facing away from him. His strong hands urged her legs apart and he moved up behind her. At first she could feel his body heat against her skin, then she felt the blunt rounded shaft of his organ moving and rubbing between the soft cheeks of her buttocks. He moved back and forth like that for a few moments, sending chills through her already frazzled nerves. “Please . . . don’t tease me,” Seema whimpered.
Finally he grasped his cock and aimed down until he found her soggy opening. He brushed the thick head around briefly to cover it with her slick juices, then he pushed forward slightly and felt the tip catch and move through the snug ring at her entrance. He was amazed at how tight she was, even after all this prolonged stimulation. Hearing a dreamy sigh of approval, he grasped her hips and pressed forward again, this time sliding almost half way inside.
Oh….yes.” she said. “It feels so good, put it in!” 
First he pulled out until just the head of his dick was poised at the opening, then he jerked his mighty hips forward in one smooth stroke, impaling her completely. Seema’s eyes rolled back in her head and she cried out with unbridled rapture; her hands gripped the back of the chair tightly as she felt him immediately begin to move in and out with slow, smooth thrusts.
It was better than she could have imagined. Every muscle and tissue in her small body strained to accept and meet his powerful, but controlled movements. She could feel his heavy balls softly smacking against her backside each time he pushed against her, and soon they were rocking together . . . gradually building the tempo. She discovered that, if she leaned back and arched her pelvis at just the right angle, his swollen shaft would rake against her hypersensitive clitoris occasionally, causing sharp tremors of pure pleasure.

The strange rotation was now complete; all of the couples had sampled each other’s spouses. Up on the platform, Mr. Ken reappeared completely nude and joined the newlyweds’ erotic performance. The bald man was built like a bull; his hard buttocks flexed and relaxed as the bride sucked him hungrily, her blushing cheeks puffed and hollowed around his girth. Behind her, the handsome young groom looked like he was about to explode. Every muscle strained and the cords in his neck stood out sharply as he jackhammered against the girl.
Seema was nearly overcome with the sweet sensations pouring through her every fiber. Shekhar reached out to hold and massage her bouncing breasts while he continued to slam into her, filling and emptying her completely with each rapid stroke. Suddenly she was aware of another person standing close in front of her. Trying to focus her blurred vision, she realized it was John gazing down at them with lust in his eyes and silently offering his angry-looking cock to her. She knew instantly what he wanted, but again her conservative upbringing made her balk at the thought and she closed her eyes tight and turned her head away.
John was not to be denied, however. He’d waited too long for this. Gently he placed his hand on her silky hair and turned her pretty face back to him. Seema was gasping and panting for breath and there was no way on earth she could keep her mouth closed. Soon she felt the rubbery tip of his hot tool brushing against her parched lips . . . pushing in past her teeth and gliding across her tongue. The taste was not unpleasant, she realized; slightly salty and almost familiar. Surrendering to the fact that she could not refuse him in this position, she allowed her tongue to swirl tentatively around the spongy hardness. John heaved a great sigh and pushed his hips forward slightly, basking in the moist warmth. He smiled with satisfaction when he felt her small, shaking hand reach up to grasp and accept him while her head began to bob slowly, sucking him in deeper with each small thrust.
Seema found herself wedged between two strong males – both trying to fill her openings with their swelling erections. Her diminutive body was being assaulted and buffeted by the eager, forceful pumping and prodding, but she felt heavenly. Never before had she felt so sexually alive and in tune with her womanly desires. Every part of her burned with intense excitement and raw passion. She could feel the familiar stirring of another shattering orgasm rolling and crashing through the dam in the deepest part of her soul. Wanting to cry out in pleasure, she could not because her mouth and throat were engrossed in greedily slurping and sucking John engorged cock as it pistoled in and out through her tender lips.
Between her legs, Seema sensed that Shekhar was nearing his end. Sweating and growling above her, he pushed himself with his great strength against her, deeper and harder . . . faster and faster, until she could feel him touch her very core. Suddenly he slammed his hips forward and roared. A bright light flashed in her head and her insides seemed to burst . . . followed by soothing warmth that washed throughout her ravaged body. 
Choking and gasping, fighting to breathe, Seema pulled her mouth off John who was watching the dramatic crescendo between the conjoined lovers; the vibrations of their release passed through her mouth – stimulating and triggering the eruption he’d been fighting to keep in check until now. The spent, weary Seema instinctively used her hand to continue pumping his shaft, slippery with her saliva. Her efforts were soon rewarded as John groaned loudly and sprayed out his hot, milky fluid – blasting it across her slender neck, shoulder, and arm.
Seema who started her first affair with Aryan just a few weeks back was now completely lost by having sex with Akshay, John and Shekhar. She was lost in her own world of lust with her innocence gone.

They were exhausted from the previous night’s sexual marathon and they both slept in that Friday morning. Aryan woke up first and saw that they still had thirty minutes to make breakfast. He was famished so he woke Seema up and the two of them threw on tees and shorts and dashed for the buffet. They managed to fill their plates and were seated when the staff began to break down the buffet. 
After breakfast it was back to the nude beach. They looked at each other and complimented themselves on their golden dark tans. The tan lines had nearly disappeared completely. 
They had a relaxing day on the nude beach and they skipped lunch since they had eaten a late breakfast. They sunned all day and took in the beauty of the island and ocean. That evening they dined in the restaurant again and returned to their room early. There was no entertainment that nigh and most couples went to the disco. However this was Seema’s last night with Aryan and she wanted to make love all night if she could.
Once in bed he ate her and fucked her through multiple orgasms but did he did not cum. Seema didn’t know it but he planned to satiate her and then spend the rest of the night in her incredible ass. Seema was sexually drained and sated when Aryan began with the massage. Her body glowed even though she was limp and early lifeless. She had never felt so good and as relaxed as he massaged her lovely body. He massaged her buttocks and toyed with her bottom for nearly 30 minutes before lubing her anus and lifted her to her knees. Seema knew what was next.
Aryan entered her ass and fucked her slowly. He was very turned on and ejaculated quickly flooding her rectum. He stayed hard and continued to fuck her ass and came a second time. Seema was surprised when he stayed in her and continued to fuck her bottom. Her rectum was full and she could feel his seed squishing around as he continued to drill her ass. Seema’s thighs were burning and she collapsed face down on the bed. Aryan followed her down keeping his cock in her and resumed fucking her. 
It seemed like hours before he came a third time and Seema felt another surge in her rectum. His body weight had crushed her and pinned her to the mattress but he finally rolled to his side and turned her with him. His cock was still in her ass and she wondered how he could stay hard for so long. Surely he wouldn’t be able to cum again. Aryan did not cum again but he allowed his cock to soften and slip from Seema’s curvy bottom. A steady stream of semen poured out of her anus and Seema was excited by the sensation. They stayed in the spoon position and cuddle as they finally dozed off. Seema felt the semen drying on her buttock as she went into to sleep.

It was Saturday and time to head home. They had breakfast at the resort and later took the shuttle to the airport. They passed through Departures without any trouble and Aryan bought some scotch in the duty free store. Their flight was on time and they would land in Mumbai later that evening. Seema had had a wonderful time and she never felt better in her life.
They sat on the plane with her arm looped through his as she cuddled up to him. Seema now wished she could be with Aryan all the time
That was exactly what Aryan always wanted and he was happy that he succeeded in his mission to get her close to himself and make her his for life time. 
“Hey you two, how was your business trip?” Rahul asked as if everything was normal.
“It was great. We had a great time,” Aryan responded and winked at Seema. Seema was sad to be back but happy at the same time to see Rahul and she knew that she has to get back to her routine life and her kids would be missing her too. She was happy with the experience she had with Aryan and managed to fulfill all her fantasies but deep in her mind she wanted to get back home to her normal life as she dint want to hurt her family for her fun.

Seema and Rahul reached home and the kids were waiting for their mom to reach home. Soni and Vihaan ran towards as they saw her mother and seema hold them in her arms and they complained to her about not being there and how they missed her. Seema kissed both of them and no wonder she missed them too. She hugged them hard and her mind drifted to the vacations and she felt guilty about being selfish for just thinking about herself and her pleasure and ignoring her family. Tears started to roll down as she talked to both the kids and kissed them for a long time promising them that she will not go anywhere for such a long time. Rahul got in the room carrying the bags from the car and was happy to see Seema back. He pulled her close to himself and kissed her on forehead and whispered “I missed you darling”. Seema all of a sudden realized how much she was selfish to ignore all her loving family for being with Aryan and having fun. She got carried away and promised herself that she won’t repeat her mistakes again and make her family suffer. 
Rahul spoke to her about her work and told her about a surprise in the room. He asked her to get fresh as she may be tired after such a long trip. Seema walked to her room and went for a shower.
Seema was in the shower with her mind thinking about the week and how much she got carried away with her lust and dint think about Rahul, Soni and Vihaan and she once again felt guilty as the water dripping down her body as she stood in the shower quite for some time without moving lost in her own thoughts. Finally she manage to finish with the shower and came out from washroom in the room where Rahul was eagerly waiting for her. 

As she walked in the room and looked at Rahul who smiled at her. 
He walked towards her and she turned around to look at him while wiping her body. Rahul’s strong arms wrapped around Seema’s soft, warm body, nestling his soft kisses on the back of her neck. 
Her eyes shut slowly, loving every minute of the warmth that her husband’s kisses left along her skin. His hands made their way slowly down to hers. He took them to hold, the roughness of his loving hands pressed against her soft ones while his kisses started forth to her lips. His soothing lips met hers, their eyes shut as a passionate kiss emerged as the towel dropped and she was completely nude in front of Rahul her real husband who loves her so much 

Letting her hands go, he never stopped the soft yet deeply passionate kiss.
Rahul moved his hands to her shoulders again but this time moved down between her round, plump breasts; brushing his fingers against her slightly hard nipples, his lips let the kiss go. Seema breasts slump down slightly forming a round teardrop shape her reddening nipple poking against her ivory skin. Whenever he took her breast in his large hands, they fit strikingly. She rested her head on his shoulder, letting him do as he wished to her. She turned her head a little to his and lightly caressed his neck with her soft kisses and nibbles. All the while, his hands kept moving up and down her body, removing the perspiration that the water and the steam produced on her lovely skin.
Rahul walked over to the night dresser. Reaching down into a slightly open drawer, he grabbed a bottle of strawberry scented oil. Putting it behind his back, he walked back over to the bed just as she rolled over to her stomach, her bum in the air, showing off its roundness. He sat on the side of the bed and dripped a few drops of the oil into his hands. He then placed the bottle on the nightstand. His strong hands started massaging her back gently a little at a time. He started at her lower back, moving his hands slowly up her body.

Finally reaching her shoulders, she was very relaxed. He leaned down kissing her cheek, softly brushing his lips against her ear as he kept swirling his hands around her back. When he finished he stood up, as she rolled slowly back over so that her entire body was exposed.
He kissed her forehead and leaned down to whisper in her ear, “You look amazingly beautiful, Seema.” 
Seema lips drew close to his ear as she whispered, “Only because you make me that way Rahul.”
His hands on her hips he pulled her closer to him, his arousal pressing into her abdomen. Looking up at him she blushed, wrapped her arms around his neck as he leaned down, and started nibbling on her neck, her eyes shut. She moaned at the touch of his lips against her warm flesh. She bit her lower lip, her hands moving down his shoulders to his elbows. They then slip to his hips, pulling his body closer to hers. 

She ground her hips into his. Lust filled his eyes as he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He lay her down as he started kissing her neck. Her legs moved up around his hips as he ground into her, slightly teasing her. Her teeth gnawed on her lip, while her hands worked down his body caressing every inch of his back. His hands slowly moved up between her thighs, moving her dress up. She leaned down and started nibbling and sucking on his neck. His arousal throbbed against her thigh as her nipples pressed hard in his chest. His hands caressed up further on her thigh until he reaches her pussy, moist and ready for him


His hips right against hers, he felt her wetness rubbing against him. Pulling from her slightly he placed his raging cock at the opening of her shaven pussy. 
He looked up at her as her hands moved to his hips and his to hers. He guided himself inside her with one full thrust, making her body arch in pleasure. Her lips parted as his kissed her, his tongue lightly exploring her mouth as his body pushed and pulled into hers making her moan breathlessly. Her body shivered under his as she tensed while he thrust harder and faster making her moans louder. 

A pressure like no other filled her body as waves of rapture rushed through her as she climaxed over his cock. Moaning loudly her nails dug into his back, her body moving along with his.

He kissed his way down her body to her nipples, teasing them with his tongue. His hand massaging the other as he continued to move in and out of her, her tightness wrapped around him squeezing him. He nipped down slightly hard as he moaned and thrust one final time into her, his body shaking with the same force as hers had as he came deep inside of her. 
The two of them lay there breathless, holding on to one another. She leaned up and kissed him lightly on the temple, then slightly moved her body. His penis was still hard inside of her. She laid her head back, held him close to her and fell into a peaceful sleep as she listened to the rhythmic breathing he made atop of her.

As Seema resumed her office from the vacation. She had made it in her mind that she would tell Aryan that she liked him and even loved him but she can’t go any further and they had both wonderful time but she has a family with two kids and loving husband.
As she got in the daily routine of her office she heard a voice who greeted her. She looked at him and it was Aryan and she smiled to him as she was feeling nervous and wanted to tell him what she felt and what she wants. She said hi to him and got back to her work. Aryan stared at her in disbelief and was stunned with her as he slowly made his way out of her cubicle. 
During the lunch time Seema was having her food with her friends in office and Aryan was with Ravi and joined them. Seema was completely ignorant towards him and continued chatting with her colleagues. As she finished her lunch she made her way towards the washroom. Aryan instantly followed her and asked her he needs to talk to her. Seema asked him to meet in the office library. As she made her way to library and Aryan followed soon. As she moved to the books section Aryan followed her all the way. She looked at him and told him that she liked him very much and she enjoyed the time with him. However she will not be able to continue with him as she had to look after her family and take care of them and it would be unfair to them if she continues with him. Aryan was shocked to hear it from Seema and said what about me and what about my feelings then? She looked at him and said as we both are married and have to look after them its good we don’t meet unless and until it is work related matter. Aryan was in shock and told her he can leave his wife she wants to be with him. Seema in a cold manner said to him that she has two kids and she loves them the most than anyone and she can’t think about her life without them. Well Aryan said we will look after them and I will also take care of them if you wish. Rahul is my husband and I love him the most than anyone and she can’t cheat on him and whatever has happened although can’t be changed they can just forget and move ahead with their life. Aryan was angry now and told her oh what about the time we had and reminded how she was sad when the vacation was over and how she wanted to be with him for her rest of the life. Seema knew she has made too many mistakes and there is no way she can admit to anyone what she has done with Aryan but not showing oh is it, well you were always interested in me as a sex object and how he used her and shared her and now he has the audacity to stand beside her and talk how much he loved her. Aryan was speechless as seema walked passed him to saying hope he understand her and thanked him for the time they had spent together.
For the next few days Aryan tried in vain to talk to her and convince her but seema was unrelenting and was not showing any positives towards his advances. Aryan was not able to understand how did she changed just in two days back from vacation. He was looking forward to talk to her alone but was unable to find any privacy in the office and Seema always left with her colleagues for home.
Aryan was angry at looking at an opportunity to get back seema.
Aryan was angry at looking at an opportunity to get back seema. Aryan had lost so much in her that he wanted her at any cost either willing or unwilling but decided to go ahead with his plan he had in mind.
He saw seema walking to the storeroom in office and he sensed this opportunity and moved behind her. As seema was busy looking for some important files Aryan moved behind her and caught hold of her and tried to hold her in his arms. Seema was taken by surprise and in reaction moved her hands which hit Aryan in face like a slap. Aryan pulled back and stared into her eyes with anger. Although no longer pressing against her, his leg remained between hers, effectively pinning her to the cabinets. His left hand released her jaw to hold the side of her face. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were swollen. Like him, she was panting slightly. 
“Please Aryan,” she pleaded. “You’re really scaring me.” 

She tried to edge to the left, and maybe slip under his right arm, but shifted back to center when she felt his arm tighten as she neared it. 
“I’ve waited a long time for this, Seema,” he said. “These last couple of weeks have been the longest in my life.” You can’t play with me like this and come in my life and move out of my life as per your convenience. 
She didn’t know what else to say, as real panic began to set in Seema tried to rationalize and keep her thoughts under control, it wouldn’t do any good to succumb to blind panic. Seema thought she will talk to Aryan and convince him.
Aryan leaned towards her and kissed her on the lips and said he loves her and wants to be with her. Seema was not showing any interest in his kiss and kept her lips tight and tried to push him away.
She told Aryan that she would shout and it may create a problem for him in office.

Aryan shook his head apologetically. “You don’t understand,” he tried to explain, “I’m still that same guy who made love to you a few days back. It’s just…I can’t resist you. And you like me, I know you do.”
Aryan told seema “I can’t forget what we did on the vacation and – I want more.” Seema was shivering now but gaining control to her body and not showing fear threatened Aryan to complain to the HR in office for his misbehavior. 
“Don’t fight me, Seema,” he murmured into her ear, his mouth on that sensitive area sending shivers through her body. “I can make this good for both of us.” If you wish you can go ahead and raise a complaint to HR but what will you do about the video. What video are you talking about, asked Seema? Aryan reminded her about the shooting they had done in Akshay and Aarti’s room and wonder how would it look for the office guys to watch and how also Rahul will feel about it. 
“Are you going to cooperate?” he asked roughly. Seema thought how stupid she had been to go with this guy on a vacation and do all those things. How her own past is now in front of her and the guy whom she enjoyed such a nice time is now blackmailing her. OK all right tell me what do you want Aryan? Aryan now sensing the opportunity told her that he wants her back in life and since she has acted badly and hurt his feelings he is going to punish her and she will do exactly as being told or else the video will find everyone’s email in no time and wonder how long she can be with Rahul or the kids after that. Seema was angry and told him that it was her mistake that she thought he was nice guy and good friend. Instead he is blackmailing her. 
Well I tried to be nice but you were the one who ignored me and threw me out of your life, said Aryan.
So now he will do as he wants and she has to do as he wishes too. So will you do now what I ask you to do? 
Seema knew she had no option but to listen to Aryan as she herself is too blame for this. 
“You win, Aryan,” Seema said finally after a long pause, “I’ll do what you want.”
Well that’s like my girl said Aryan and told her time to get himself relieved after so many weeks of ignorance. So start with why you don’t just give me blowjob in the storeroom. Seema was shocked and pleaded with her eyes to Aryan to let her go. Aryan told her the more time she is wasting then she is risking herself as someone from office can walk into the room for work and she may get caught with a cock in her mouth and as far as I know the guys around they won’t mind joining us. 
Hesitantly Seema stood up from her sitting position, onto her knees and reached for his belt. After she unbuckled his belt she flinched as he whipped it from his trousers to assist her. She managed to pull his underwear down and saw his cock on her face completely hard waiting for her to suck.
Aryan stopped her and told her remember the time we had in vacation and I want you to suck me exactly the way you did there. 
Seema wrapping one hand around the base of his cock, and grasping his thigh with the other for support. His cock felt hot in her hand and was large enough for her to know her mouth would be stretched to its limit. 

Seema got on with it, rhythmically pumping the base of his shaft with her hand and using her tongue on the underside as she sucked, tracing the veins, tasting his musky male scent, feeling the velvety texture of him as her mouth was filled with a mix of cock, saliva and pre-cum.
“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, like a whore.
“Oh, God, Seema,” he groaned, “that feels amazing. You’re so good at this.”
Seema’s cheeks burned in embarrassment. Without realizing it himself, Aryan started making small thrusts with his hips. He couldn’t help it, he was only half-way in and her little wet mouth on his cock made him feel like King of the world. In his pleasure he very nearly forgot that they are in office.
Her eyes were closed as though she was in the midst of an orgasm, her long dark lashes adding to the effect. Her cute pink lips stretched obscenely around his cock, making slurp sucking sounds. He watched half his cock, all that could fit, disappear into her mouth again and again, shiny with her saliva and his pre-cum. The corners of her hot lips were wet with fluids, which began to seep out and edge down her chin as she pumped him in and out. Her moans vibrated right down his dick to his balls, and the sound of her ragged breathing drove him wild. He couldn’t last much longer.
“Shhhh shit!” he gasped, pulling out of her throat and poking around her mouth, savoring the moist, warm environment magically massaging his dick. “Oh, fuck! Oh, Seema! Oh, FUCK!”
Seema knew what was coming and squealed around his cock as she felt it jolt and stiffen in her mouth. Then out spurted several streams of cum, choking her, coating her tongue, teeth and gums. She desperately tried to pull back but he anticipated this, and quickly added his other hand to grasp her head tightly, dropping his forehead onto the cabinets in his relief.
“Take it all, Seema,” he said thickly. “Swallow, baby. Taste me.
Finally he released her, but very deliberately, taking as long as possible to slide his cock out of her mouth. It was still swollen, semi-hard. As soon as it pulled out Seema turned away, wiping her mouth and trying to spit out anything she hadn’t had to swallow. Aryan fixed his pants and began to hook his belt through the loops on his trousers.
“That was incredible, thank you,” he sighed, stepping back so she had room to stand. He held out his hands to pull her up. “Come on, we need to talk,” he said.
It seems we are getting late baby for home let me drop you. 
Aryan and Seema moved to the elevator and Aryan had his hands on her ass groping her of course no one watching. Seema was uncomfortable and never imagined this to happen to her in office

As they both got into the elevator since only the two of them were there Aryan took the opportunity and pulled her close and kissed her with one hands of his on the ass and seema just waited for the ground floor to reach as she adjusted herself as the elevator reached and opened up

Aryan drove Seema home. On the way he tried to engage her in conversation and even had the nerve to ask her to have dinner with him the following night, but she just stared out the window. Seema’s mind was in damage-control. Trying to shut out his deep voice, her imagination strained to think of ways to get out of her predicament. He dropped her near her home and she got out of his car as he told her look for my messages for tomorrow and hope you obey them as you know……..he smiled and drove away. Seema got in her home as fast as she can and straight away went to her room. She started crying and was very unhappy about the turn of events. Rahul and the kids where not at home and she stayed silent for some time. 
As Rahul came home he found seema sleeping in the room to which he enquired about the same and she made excuse about not feeling well and she needs rest. 
As she woke in the morning and was getting ready for the office, her phone ring and it was Aryan and he told her hey today wear a mini-skirt and shirt just around the navel.
Seema replied no way but deep in her mind there is very less she can do to stop Aryan and waited for his reply.
Just as her phone beeped once again she saw a video of her in which she was fingering herself with a message hope people in the office would love to watch it.
Seema saw it and knew It was the same video captured during Akshay and Aarti love making and replied ok please don’t do this I will be wearing as you said. 
However she had a dilemma and asked Aryan that she would start from her home with the normal clothes and would change in office as Rahul won’t like it and this may create problem for her at home. Aryan happily agreed and told her may be you can change in the car as he will be waiting near her home and pick her up. Seema got ready with her normal dress i.e. salwar and khameez

She kissed kids good bye and Rahul and left from home. Rahul offered her to drop her to office to which she got nervous and shouted on him well I can take care of myself. Rahul was surprised by her behavior as she walked past him outside home. As she past near her home Aryan was already waiting for her in car. Seema looked around and got into the car as Aryan drove the car on the way to office. Aryan showed her the clothes which he had bought for her to wear in office. Seema looked at the clothes it was a mini-skirt and jacket which was only up to her navel. She told Aryan she has never wore this clothes in office and it would not look good on her to be in such clothes to office. Aryan reminded her that she don’t need to think about what others feel but needs to follow what he says. Seema reluctantly gave up and asked him where she is supposed to change the clothes. Seema thought since there is no place to change she can get away with the idea. Aryan well you have this car please get into the back seat and change there is nothing to hide from him as he has seen her naked so many times. Seema was shocked and asked him why he is treating her like this and she liked him and had a wonderful time in the vacation and thought he was close friend of hers. Aryan laughed and said I also thought so but you wanted to throw me out of your life without any fault of mine and now you are talking to me about the vacation. Since she has already done all this things at the hotel to which Seema said it was unknown place and no one knew her and it was a safe secret and no one around her knowing her. Aryan told her not to bother about others the own thing she should be bothered about is the video if it gets to Rahul and her friends in office. Seema was on verge of tears and begged him to not do this things to her. She was wrong and she will do anything with him unless and until it’s between them. Aryan said that he don’t believe her anymore and if she wants to get her trust back she has to do things as per he wishes for three days and then he won’t force her to do such things. Seema finally gave up and went to the back of the car but requested Aryan to take the car to lonely road so she can change. Seema went to back seat and removed her Kurtis and wore the jacket provided by Aryan and slided her trousers down to wear the mini-skirt as she changed in the car. 

Aryan was watching her from the front mirror while she was changing in the car and love to see her in inner wears in his car. He felt a surge in his trousers and found his dick responding to the situation. As seema changed and came to the front seat. Aryan before we start for the office well you need to take care of my feelings for you as he pointed her to his trousers where the bulge can be clearly be seen. Seema looked at it and asked him not in the car please as someone may pass by and notice they and Aryan told her the road where they are is a dead end and couple there only come to be naughty with each other. Seema finding that it’s no use of arguing with Aryan opened his zip and pushed her hands inside his trousers to pull his dick out. Aryan removed the buckle of his pants and now the dick was outside and asked seema to start as they may get late to office. Seema looked at the dick and slowly bend to take it in her mouth but requested him not to cum as it may spoil her clothes for office. Aryan laughed at her and said ok but get on with it now don’t waste time. Seema took his dick and started rubbing by her hands as she bend down to take it in mouth. As she placed her tongue on the dick Aryan was in heavens and started moaning and making sounds. Seema was working fast on his dick so she can make him cum fast and she could feel the change in Aryans body as he was about to cum. 

Aryan not wasting any time hold her hair and pressed her face onto his dick as it spurted out cum and hit her throat, he laughed better lick it clean if you don’t wish to spoil your office clothes. Seema cleaned him and the salty taste felt her disgusted not for being never done it but the reason as she was abused by the guy whom she had given the most pleasure and cheated on her husband and kids for him. 
As they move and reached office Aryan asked Seema to get down as he will be in office parking the car. Seema got of the car and adjusted her clothes and was feeling awkward as it’s the first time she was in skirts that also shorts where her thighs and pant line almost visible.

Seema moved fast as the watchman looked at surprised and greeted her good morning as usual but only to stare at her. Seema always preferred Salwar suit, Jeans and T-shirt or Skirts below her knees on presentation day with shirt tucked in with a proper jacket. 
As seema made her way to the office at her seat she could see her friends looking at her strangely and smiling. Ravi and Ashwin stared at her for long time and wondered what happened to her as she was looking extremely hot and she never had worn such dresses in office not even in parties. 
She placed her bag in the drawer and sat in her chair and noticed that her skirt rode further up and her inner thighs was almost visible along with her waistline.

She starting going through her routine work as Aryan came and said good morning to her. She looked at him and said good morning not to create suspicion in others mind. As Aryan was about to leave he just told her in soft voice don’t forget to look at the messages as he needs some inputs on project they were working. As the hour passed by she was happy not to be disturbed by anyone and started working with the project files. 
She noticed a message on her Skype popped up and her worst fear where coming true. It was Aryan’s message “Hey darling time for some fun”. Seema looked at it and typed back what he means by that. 
Aryan reminded she has to follow as he wish and it’s time for his first command. Ok she said and asked him what it is
Aryan replied back to take her legs outside her cubicle so other guys can see her legs. 

She managed to pick up a file and started reading and move near her cubicle placing her legs and sitting like pretending reading something. Aryan peaked from his cubicle and those legs are too sexy.
Seema dint type back as Aryan send her another message “raise your skirt so the panties are visible”.
Seema looked at the message and requested Aryan please not to make her do such things in office. 
Aryan immediately typed in don’t waste my time and forwarded her the video of hers typing “How about this”?
Seema deleted the video and said ok I will do it. She raised her skirts and her panties was now clearly visible as Aryan asked her to open her legs so others can have a nice view.

She did as told by him and both of them got a little tied up in the work. As the lunch type approached Leena went to her place as they generally have lunch together. Leena was surprised to see her in short skirts that also with legs open and panties in view. She pointed to her and Seema walked to her and told her lets have lunch. Leena asked her about the clothes and she told her she wants to look good and what’s the harm when so many girls prefer skirts in office. Leena said yeah she is right but in last 5 years she has never seen her in such outfit. Well you need to start somewhere what better place than office Seema said. As they both finished the lunch she headed to her seat in the office. 
As she passed by 

She could see Ravi talking on the phone who saw her and immediately turned to have a good look at her back with her skirts on. He messaged Aryan hey buddy did u notice Seema today she is looking too hot to resist. Aryan replied yes wish she was single and they both shared smiley on chat. 
Aryan’s message popped up and asked her to come to him with a file in hand. Seema reluctantly walked to Aryan’s cubicle and he pulled her close. Aryan put his hands on her jacket and adjusted in such a way that her boobs were visible clearly. 

He asked her to go the same way to Raj there boss and show him the file and get his initial so he can send the file to client. Seema tried to adjust her dress once again to which Aryan reminded her and Seema reluctantly went to Raj office. She knocked on the door and raj called her inside. Raj was stunned for movement to watch Seema in skirts and her cleavage and nipple visible. As seema went near to him and showed him the file and asked him to sign so they can send it to client.

Raj was busy staring at her tits and could clearly see her bra and one of the nipples visible pointing at the jacket. He was lost in his own thoughts and Seema once again asked him for the sign on the papers. Raj realizing signed the paper and looked at Seema as she was about to leave. Raj looked at her ass swinging and her sexy legs displayed and thought how could he miss her and never found her so hot until now and all of a sudden he called Seema and said “Hey you look really great today”
Seema blushed and left without a word to her place of work. 
Aryan message was waiting for her as she read “Go to Raj and drop a paper and pick it up with your back to him and get it signed”. Seema once again made her way to Raj office and he was happy to see her once again. As she walked in a paper dropped from the file and seema as told by Aryan made her back towards Raj to pick it up. As she bend down Raj clearly had the most beautiful view of his life as he saw seema’s skirt raised above and her panties and almost naked ass skin visible to him. Raj felt a surge in his trousers as seema picked up the papers got it signed from him. 

Seema came to her place however Aryan already had send a new message to her “Come to my cubicle and stand outside and bend as if talking to me by pointing your ass upwards.
Seema looked at the message and went near Aryan’s cubicle and did as told.

Seems like talking about some office work Aryan asked her to place one of her hands on her waist and ass. Seema did as told and Ravi from the opposite cubicle saw Seema ass raised and her beautiful legs and winked at Aryan. Aryan nodded seema to walk back to her place and wait for his next instruction. 
As seema made her way to her place. Ravi went to Aryan and said did you see her. Aryan not showing any surprise or creating suspicion what is he talking about? Ravi told how hot Seema was looking and how she is different today than usual. Aryan as new to the office said what in that so many girls in this office wear skirts. Ravi told him this is the first time that she is wearing skirt in all this years and since he is new he may not know. Aryan laughed our luck but she is hot and Ravi nodded. As Ravi passed her cubicle on purpose dropped his pen from pocket. As he bent down to pick up the pen he tried to look down through Seema’s skirt and he was able to see her panties an was in heaven as he made his way not to create any trouble between Seema and him. He went to Aryan and said hey buddy “Its black” and winked. 

As it was now near to Tea time Aryan send Seema a message “Meet me in Storeroom”. Seema saw the message was afraid as the last time they both were in storeroom he made her suck him. She was reluctant to move and shocked as Aryan was already waiting for her in the store room. He called her on the cell and seema came back to life from her thoughts and saw aryan’s call and made her way to storeroom. As she walked inside Aryan immedietly moved her to back side and pushed her jacket open and let it drop on the floor. He kissed seema and lifted her and tried pressing against her With his hands inside her skirts and fondling her ass. He slowly slided his hands to make his way to her panties and with one jerk he took it off. Seema protested but could not say a word as he has pressed her lips with his lips as his hands started to remove her panties from her. After fondling and kissing her for few minutes he asked her to pull her bra down to give him good view of her tits. 

Seema reluctantly pulled her bra downside to give a good view to Aryan at her tits looking at the door to make sure no one in opening the door to move inside the storeroom. Aryan pinched her nipples hard and seema managed to let out a small scream. As he continue to massage her boobs and as the tea time was about to get over they made way to their room. As he got to his place Aryan called Ravi and told him hey you are right she is too hot today but I think she is not wearing any panties. Ravi asked him how he can say that to which Aryan said I don’t see any line of panties from her skirt. He also told her tits are almost visible and he should have a look at them. Ravi wasted no time and went near Seema’s cubicle and asked if she has time so he can work out about some work assigned by Ravi to him and her. Seema looked at him and clearly saw Ravi eye’s staring at her jacket and having a view of her cleavage and as the message read out from Aryan she raised her hands to give him a further view. Ravi was in Trans and seema almost interrupted his thoughts by saying ok will do in sometime. 

Seema was very ashamed as most of the guys where having a great view of her assets and she had never been such a tease in office and maintained her image as a hard working woman and in one day Aryan took all that away from her.
As the day got over she hurried made her way to Aryan’s car and was waiting for Aryan. Aryan came to his car and saw her waiting and jokingly said seems you are looking for more fun. Seema reminded him about his clothes and he started the car as she sat beside him and left as Ravi and Ashwin saw her leaving in Aryan’s car. 
She changed in Aryan’s car of course with a blowjob following finally made her way to home.

Rahul and the kids arrived from college and office and seema greeted them warmly. She hugged Rahul and kissed him a little longer than usual. Rahul was hot for her and missed her in the week and only had sex once with her as she went to sleep yesterday early.
As seema completed her work and put kids to sleep she slipped into her bedroom where Rahul was eagerly waiting for her. Seema was also feeling wet and even though she dint enjoy the day it turned her on and made her wet and wanting for sex.
Seema came close to Rahul and sat beside him and Rahul pulled her in the arms as seema stopped him and asked him she needs to talk to him.
Rahul was confused what she has in her mind and said well you can always talk to me tell me. 
Seema discussed with Rahul there sex life and how it has taken a toll in times with kids and she wants more of it and more of him. Rahul was really surprised with her attitude as seema was more of a shy girl than anyone else and talking about sex so openly was not in her nature. 
Seema spoke but I think it’s about time we did something to spice up our love life.” 
“What are you suggesting?” Rahul asked.
Seema said let’s see. She Hmm well why don’t we get naked and see what happens,” She stood up and slowly peeled off her clothes letting him watch but not touch her as she stripped. Seema’s nipples were immediately hard and her underwear were already soaked.
Seema now turned towards Rahul and asked him to stand up and made him naked a minute later and held his hard 8 inch cock in her hand gently stroking it. Rahul tried reaching her wet pussy and seema pushed him away. She smiled coyly and said, “Tonight is only for you babe. Tell me what you want.” Tell me your fantasies.
“I want to have sex with you, of course,” Rahul replied.
Seema smiled and said, “Not yet,” and pushed him back onto the couch in a sitting position. 
Rahul’s cock stood straight up and he looked both horny and confused until seema dropped to his knees before him. He smiled and massaged her head with his hands as she took him deep into her mouth. He moaned as Seema took him as deep inside her mouth as she could while massaging his balls with my fingertips. 
Seema slowly removed her mouth, still stroking him with my left hand while her right massaged his balls, “Tell me does this turn you on?”
“God yes Seema this is intense. Don’t stop,” Rahul replied. 
“What would make it better baby?” Seema asked. 
“Nothing,” he gasped. 
“We’ll see,” Seema said as she lowered her mouth to his balls as she continued to stroke him.
“Oh my God baby. Yes that is so hot,” Rahul moaned.
She licked lower until her tongue was below his balls gently rubbing his prostate. Rahul moaned harder as she stroked. 
Seema licked back up the shaft and used her left hand to continue to massage his balls. She could tell he was close as she stroked him a bit slower now. 
“Mmm baby how is that. Is this what you want?” she asked teasingly. 
“God yes, but you better stop,” he said stutteringly. 
“Why baby?” Seema asked. 
“God Seema if you don’t stop its going to get messy,” Rahul replied.
“I bet you like it messy. Don’t you?” She teased.
Rahul was biting his bottom lip trying not to cum as she stroked him. Rahul did not answer her not trusting himself to speak. 
“Tell me baby. Say it. Say what you want. It’s ok,” Seema asked.
Then he broke. Seema could see it in his face before he spoke, but then a second later he blurted out in short panting syllables, “Seema I uh want to uh cum all over your face.”
Rahul would have been embarrassed by these words if he was not so aroused. She did not let him suffer, but stroked him harder and said in my sluttiest voice, “Do it baby! Cum all over my face. Cum on my tits. Do it. Cum all over me.”
He exploded like she has never seen or even heard of a man exploding before. The first spray hit her between the eyes, followed quickly by a second and a third that coated her mouth and nose. He came so copiously that she felt like her whole face was covered in hot cum. 
Seema let go of his cock reflexively from the sheer surprise of the amount of cum he was spraying on her. He moaned as he grabbed his own cock and pumped it up and down. Rahul stood above her and continued to cum. Seema gathered her wits and turned her face up to take everything he had to offer, not wanting to leave any of his fantasy unfulfilled. She opened his mouth and he spurted more into it. Rahul could feel her tongue being coated with white hot cum. Seema had to close her eyes but spurt after spurt continued to hit her. 
After what seemed an eternity and a pint of cum later the spurts slowly stopped. Seema opened her eyes tentatively and used her fingers to clear the cum from her sockets. She looked up and saw Rahul standing there with his cock in his hand looking down at me. His cock still oozing semen onto my chin as he slowly finished stroking.
Seema smiled at him and said, “God that was hot.” 
Immediately the fear melted from his face, and they both broke into a fit of giggles. He helped her to feet and hugged her. He walked seema to the bathroom, as both have got bit sticky.
Seema looked at herself in the mirror and could not believe how much he came. Her entire face was coated with his cum. 
“Damn you can cum baby,” was all she said and they again both broke into giggles. They stepped into the shower together and then they went to bed. That night Rahul and Seema made a promise to each other to share all of their deepest fantasies and to try to make them come true for each other as long as the other person was ok with it.
Rahul hugged her closely and told he wanted to share all of his fantasies with her and wanted to make all of her come true. It was at that moment that Seema knew that she loved him, and that he loved her. 
As Rahul and kids have left she was waiting for nervous about office today. She was reluctant to be shameless in her office but somehow she had no choice. Aryan message arrived “Short skirt, white blouse, no bra and no panties”
Seema looked at it and wondered what he was planning today for her. 

Seema Tensed after looking at her dress

“No bra or panties!” Seema practically was in tears but went to the dressing room and got ready. 
Just then second message from Aryan came to her “Hurry up, don’t be late”. I am waiting outside your building. Seema come down the stairs from her home and walked towards Aryan’s car. Aryan looked at her as she came near and he could clearly feel a bulge in his trousers. As she was about to get in his car he smiled and his hands went behind her and gave her ass a squeeze.

Seema in White shirt without bra

Aryan Squeezing Seema’s Ass

He started the car and told her he has informed Office that they won’t be coming today as will be going directly to client for a presentation. Seema looked stunned and half-hour later Aryan and Seema arrived at the mall. The first place they went was to a department store where Aryan picked out four or five skirts, blouses, and dresses for Seema. Each piece of clothing had in the same thing in common, they were short, tight, and revealing. No matter how much Seema protested, Aryan wouldn’t relent and made her try each article. 

Seema in changing room

However, as much as she tried to deny it, the situation was exciting as well making her nervous. Her hands were shaking as she tried on one lacy blouse, looked in the mirror, and saw her nipples poking through. Then she put on one of the little skirts Aryan had selected. She turned around and looked at the rear view in the mirror as she bent forward slightly cheeks of her ass were revealed and her pussy could be plainly seen between her thighs.
Seema checking clothes while changing

“Are you ever going to come out of there?” Aryan asked from outside the changing room.
She rushed out, praying that there was no one else around. Unfortunately, there were two older women waiting for a booth. They both looked at Seema with surprise and a hint of disapproval. As soon as Aryan gave his nod of approval, she rushed back into the privacy of the dressing room, her heart pounding in her chest.
Seema shocked about revealing clothes

Aryan took the ones he liked most and purchased them Seema got Janice dressed again.
The next stop was the exercise section where Aryan made Seema purchase several pair of skin-tight stretch shorts and tops. He said she needed to get into shape. Aryan pulled her close to him and put his hands on her waist and seema noticed that all the men who passed them would look at her bouncing breasts. Yet, there was nothing she could do to stop the staring. There were several men who seemed to pass by more than once, Aryan stopped in front of a shoe store. Then he turned to Seema. “I want you to go in and pick out three or four pair of four -inch high heels. They can be any color, you decide.”
Seema walked into the shoe store and began to look around. As she stood looking at a pair of shoes, a young man came up to her and asked if he could help. She looked around for a female clerk but saw none. There were two young men in the store and she was going to have to be waited on by one of them. Her heart started to pound as she realized that when she sat down there would be no way that she could prevent the young man from looking up her skirt.
“Ma’am, may I help you?”
I would like to see these shoes in various colors,” Seema said nervously, pointing to a pair of stiletto heels. “Size 8 medium, I think.” She made herself comfortable on the sofa for customers and looked away, unable to watch as the clerk sat on a low stool and reached for her foot. She continually pulled her skirt down and shifted to protect her modesty. The guy passed on the pair of shoes, her heart was pounding in her chest when she lifted her leg, setting her foot on the chair to buckle a strap around her ankle. This caused her skirt to slide up her leg. One thigh slipped away from the other in the process. If the young man had any doubt that she was wearing no underwear, it had been removed. Seema saw his eyes staring directly at her exposed crotch. 

Seema pussy visible while trying shoes

Finally she made up her mind and bought the shoes and made her way to the counter and handed over the man credit card to pay the bills given to her by Aryan.
Seema walked out of the store towards Aryan with shoe bag. Aryan looked at her and well time for shopping inner wears as they moved to the next shops. They moved inside a lingerie shop and were welcomed by lady. The lady showed her few bras and Seema moved to the changing room for trial. 
She choose a few and paid the bills thanking the lady as she moved out of the shop. 
As Aryan and Seema started to drive towards the client office. Seema spoke to Aryan that it would not be wise to wear such clothes at client place for the presentation and Aryan said relax I have already made arrangements and we will get the contract.
As they made their way to the parking lot Aryan moved the car to the last corner and stepped out of the car as he parked the car. Seema got down from the other side and Aryan wasting no time went to her and put his hands around the waist as she was having trouble walking. Aryan turned Seema to him and pressed her to the door of the car. He brought his lips to hers for a French kiss.
Aryan forcing Seema kiss

Aryan other hands was on her skirts and he began to slide it up her legs. Seema realized what was happening and pleaded him to stop. What are you doing? She asked.

Aryan Removing Seema Skirt in Parking Lot
Seema felt and heard Aryan pulling his zipper down. “God, Aryan, not here!” she protested again. However, she knew that her protests were useless when she felt Aryan pull his hard penis from his pants. Then she didn’t care anymore as Aryan lifted one of her legs and placed his swollen gland at the opening to her dripping hole. “Oh Godddddd!!!” she moaned when he slowly slid into her. His penis slid in deep on the first push.
Aryan Fucking Seema in parking lot

Aryan moaned as he felt Seema’s warm and wet pussy surround him. He knew that he was taking a big risk that someone would see them — maybe someone they knew and report to the office. However, that was part of the thrill. He had never been so excited in his life.
Aryan started to move slowly in and out. Soon, the movement of his hips increased until he was pounding into Seema. Seema was feeling hot and started responding to Aryan as it was no use for her to protest anymore as he is not going to listen to her. Seema wrapped her arms tightly around Aryans neck as she began to shake with his movements. Aryan lifted the other leg, pressing her back against the car for support. Almost all of Seema’s weight was held up by Aryan’s penis. 
Seema’s body tensed. “I’m… oh yes… I’m… oh God, I’m going to cummmmmmmm.”

Aryan and Seema clung to each other as an intense climax rushed through both of them. Suddenly Seema realized where she was and looked around and sighed a relief fortunately as the place was very much deserted. 

Seema looking around nude in parking lot

They made their way to the Client office entrance. Aryan and Seema walked to the reception and introduced themselves and asked for the client team for presentation.
People staring at Seema in Client Office

Sure they are expecting you, take a seat and I will let you know you guys are here. Said the lady at reception. Seema made herself comfortable in chairs although very nervous about her dress. She could feel her nipples visible through the white shirt. As she and Aryan waited she noticed her skirt ridding up. She moved her hands to strive it down as Yatin walked down to them. 
Seema’s pussy visible at client’s reception seat

He smiled at Aryan, “good to see you again”. Aryan introduced him to Seema and he looked at her almost as his eyes got fixed to her chest as he could clearly see her nipples poking at the dress. The reception saw Yatin eyeing her legs up, blushed and stared at Seema. Seema had felt disgusted as she can see Yatin’e eyes on her skirts. As they made their way to the boardroom she looked at Aryan with anger. Vipul and Jatin were already seated and Aryan move forward to introduce them to Seema and said “Guys this is seema, the one we spoke about. Seema heard Aryan and wondered what he has talked to them about her.
Yatin introduce the other two and told Aryan and seema if we like the idea your company has the deal as they need to close it today itself considering change in deadline from the management. Aryan assured them and pulled his laptop to connect to the projector. Seema could feel all the three eyes on her checking out as her nipples were hard and almost pressing at the shirt material.
Seema’s tits visible as she sat in presentation room

Seema started the presentation as they all listened intently to her. She could feel every one of them eyeing her tits. She moved towards the board to explain the graph and raised her hands to point towards the figures mentioned and almost felt her ass exposed as her skirt rode little high.
Seema’s ass visible while giving presentation

Yatin, Vipul and Jatin were murmuring and she could feel them whispering as they had a good view of her ass as she raised her hands. Yatin on purpose asked her question about the figured mentioned on the top of the board to which she pointed out again could feel cold breeze touched her ass as the skirt was now more riding high and Yatin on purpose kept her busy with the questions with no purpose. 

Seema’s ass visible as client watching

As she walked to her seat her dress strap shifted from shoulder and her tits popped out. All the guys’ eyes almost popped out and heart beating fast with bulge visible in trousers. Seema was embarrassed with the situation managed to pull her strap back as look down not able to look into the guys eyes.
Seema Boobs visible as strap falls

Finally she came back to her seat and Aryan walked towards the board to complete his part or presentation and explanations. Seema could find all the three staring at her and less interested in what Aryan was trying to explain.
Aryan concluded the presentation and offering the client the best deal to save money and gain edge over their competitors. 
Yatin stood up with his eyes fixed to Seema and told they are impressed about the work they had put on the presentation however we have a couple of queries about your support. 
Seema assured him that they will put the best team to complete the work in time. Well it’s ok and well said but we would like to consult each other and get back to you in 5 mins if you don’t mind. Yatin, Vipul and Jatin walked out of the room asking Aryan to accompany them leaving Seema alone in the boardroom. Seema wondered alone in the boardroom what they have to talk to Aryan as if they have to make the decision it’s going to be completely their call. She waited nervously as she knew it was very important for her to close the deal considering the benefits for their firm. 
As all of them walked back in Yatin interrupted her thoughts and told her they need to know more on the support expected from her as she had said also Aryan had assured them about her co-operation in full for their needs. Seema thanked them and looked at Aryan in suspicion. Aryan just smiled and winked at her and typed something in his mobile. Her phone beeped and she picked it up to read the message from Aryan “Make them happy today and we walk out of here with the business deal”. She excused herself and asked Aryan for a talk. Aryan and Seema walked into the adjoining conference room and in anger asked him what does he mean by making them happy? Aryan looked at her and told her that they are pretty impressed with the presentation but the only problem was they are more impressed with the presentation she gave of hers and they want to have it in a detail. What do you mean by that, why don’t you cut the crap Aryan and talk clearly what is it you guys discussed? 
Aryan bluntly said they want to see u nude and I have already agreed as the deal is most important for us. Seema slapped him in the face and shouted at him what do you think I am? Aryan was shocked by her move and got scared but tried to put a brave face well you can do as they wish or can have them reporting you to HR Team for indecent clothing. 
He walked out of the room handing her bra and panties and told her you can walk home from here and get fired and or can be back into the boardroom and walk with project and be a hero in office and earn a promotion. As he past the room told her she has 5 mins to make her own decision.
Seema was shivering now and was now blackmailed by Aryan and client both and was getting in trouble more and more and cursed Aryan for the same. She thought what her friends in office would think if the client complains about her clothes. How would she explain Rahul about being fired from the job and losing all the monetary benefits which they both work hard for to look after the kids. She had a decision to make and thought since they have already seen her almost nude what harm will it do to get nude in front of them. She nervously took the bra and panties and wore them made her way to boardroom. As she walked in she found guys chatting with each other and looked at Aryan and just nodded her head in affirmative. 
Seema depressed and with no choice tensed

Aryan and the guys smiled and he told them why they don’t just get the paper signed and walked back to his home so they can provide with them the support needed as per their wish. 
As Aryan and Seema walked out of the office parking he made sure that seema gives him a blowjob as he was hot and unable to keep his bulge in trousers. Seema gave him a blowjob as she reluctantly looked around and finished as Aryan drove car to make way to his home. Yatin, Vipul and Jatin walked towards the reception and informed her that they are going out for lunch with the Aryan and Seema and will be back in hour or so. As they made their way and got into their car and all of them reached Aryan’s home. Aryan on the way told Seema what is expected of her. Seema was shaking and was feeling uneasy and was just nodding to what Aryan was saying. Luckily Meghna and Rahul had left for lunch As Aryan opened the door and walked in and gave the shopping bags to Seema and told her hope now you got why we went shopping today. Seema looked at him and got hold of the bag and walked inside.
She looked with pleading eyes at Aryan and asked him please don’t make them fuck me I will do the strip tease as promised for getting the project. Aryan smiled and assured her don’t worry sweetheart no one is going to touch you as you belong to me and in return as good will she don’t have to do what he says for three days but just today and he will give her back the video’s if she keeps the promise and be his wife as she was during the vacation. She just nodded and said I always loved you but you have made me a slut now in my own city and front of friends and colleagues. How could you do this to me Aryan if you wish to make me your wife and tears just flowed from her eyes and her voice almost choke. 
Aryan saw Yatin’s car and welcomed them to his home and asked them to get comfortable on the sofa as Seema is getting ready for the treat. 
Seema getting ready in room

Aryan went to the room and looked at Seema. She was wearing a blazer with a turtleneck, tight skirt and hi-heel shoes all they had purchased in the morning. He served her drinks and told her it may help you. Seema picked up the glass and gulped it down her throat in one sip. Aryan asked her to come out as she is looking great.
Yatin, Jatin & Vipul were comfortable on sofa and Aryan had placed table in front of them with a comfortable distance for Seema to stand. Seema stepped through the door and Aryan waived her
Helped her get on the table. Aryan stepped down and looked at the three guys and started the music and said “Let the show begin”

Seema standing on table

Seema looked at the three guys on the sofa and could see lust filled in their eyes and bulge in the trousers. The guys started to cheer and seema started to dance slowly bringing more applause from Vipul. Seema danced for a minute as the guys were watching her intently. Suddenly Jatin got up from his place and got near to her and took out bundle of 100 Rs note and placed it on his palms and with his one finger swiped and the notes started flying. 
Vipul, Jatin & Yatin watching Seema dancing

Seema was now dancing nervously and remembered the scene from movie where the bar girls perform and guys around her throwing money. Jatin got back to his seat as the guys laughed and Seema pulled her blazer of her shoulders and dropped it to the floor to the whistling sounds from Yatin and Vipul. 
Jatin showering money and Seema dances

Seema put her hands up in the air as she danced as her tits started to sway under her dress. She tried to smile and got applause from Aryan who was watching her and remarked “Puppies Time”. Seema crossed her hands and grabbed the turtleneck over her head. 
Seema removing her shirt

Dropping down on the floor she danced in her pink bra. The bra was low cut and her tits almost popping in out of it. Yatin, Jatin and Vipul clapped for her along with the music as she managed to smile at them. Deep inside she was torn and hurt and almost on a verge of nervous breakdown. Jatin just then got up from sofa and walked towards her as she continued her dancing and pointed towards the nipple visible to Yatin and Vipul. She slowly moved her hands to skirt working the zipper on the side of her skirt. 
Seema removing skirt while dancing

Cheers followed from Jatin as he got to his seat again and saw Seema sliding down the skirt her hips. Now seema was only in her panties and bra dancing and Aryan went near to her to pick the skirt and threw it at the three guys who caught it and Vipul brought near his nose to smell it. 
Seema dancing in bra and panties

Her panties were tight over her pubic mound and transparent as guys could see her pussy lines. Seema jiggled her belly as she danced but now her tits were almost out of her bra as she danced. She bent down and removed her heels show and all of them could see her tits almost popped out of her bra. As seema realized that the bra was no more covering her tits she lowered her bra strap off her shoulder and unclasped her bra as it fell down from her hand. 
Seema dancing with naked tits

Her tits were now bouncing up and down as she started jumping as she danced as Aryan instructed her too from the corner of the room. Seema felt dizzy realizing she was dancing now topless in front of her clients with whom she has to work on daily basis now as they won the project. A thought just brushed her mind how could she keep working like this and what’s more in her fate as the time goes on.
Seema dancing in bra and panties

The three eyes were now completely fixed on her tits with her hard nipples almost pointing towards them. Seema tried to put a brave face as she could see the guys laughing and giving high five to each other. Seema brought her hands towards her tits and juggled them in and out. She looked at Aryan thinking he may ask her to stop but he with his hands motioned her to remove her panties. 
Seema shaking ass and removing panties

Guys cheering after watching seema nude

She turned her back towards the guys and shake her ass at them pointing it upwards. She put her hands on the waist and moved it on her panties band to slide it little further down her hips. She raised her one leg to take it off in one swift motion and get over it as she got tangled and lost her balance from the table and Yatin got up and hold her from falling to the ground with his hands straight on her ass and tits. She thanked him and got onto the table and stood in front of the three guys completely nude. Vipul was having her panties in his hands and was sniffing as he passed it on to Jatin who also did the same. The music stopped as Seema was very much relieved that her ordeal was over and now she can get home and make love to her loving husband as he walks home from office. She was wet and hot with the events as it was her second strip tease, the first one she did for Rahul after almost he tried to persuade her for a month. It was the birthday gift from her to husband. Aryan got near to her pulled her close as his hands travel her ass behind giving them a hard squeeze as Seema jerked on the table. 
Aryan thanked Yatin, Jatin and Vipul for awarding them the project and Seema for her dance specially.
Then as Seema was about to move out of the room from the table he caught her hands and flunked towards the three guys and told them as a bonus they can do what they wish with her for 30 mins more.
Seema was shocked as she stumbled and fell down and the three guys caught her with Yatin holding her one breast, Vipul hands on her ass and Jatin on her waist. The three guys were happy with Aryans announcement and wasted no time getting nude and started feeling Seema’ body.
Seema surrounded by Yatin, Vipul & Jatin

Seema could feel their hands on her tits, pussy, and thighs. She was shocked by Aryan’s announcement but getting wet with three guys working her body with their hands. Seema could feel her both nipples licked by Vipul and Jatin and Yatin in her legs sniffing her pussy and licking her thighs. The licking was having effect on Seema and she was getting aroused as well as same time tears flowing down her cheeks. Seema was feeling a tingling sensation and current running through her body as she started shivering with the three males licking her tits and pussy. 

Seema body licked by Yatin, Vipul & Jatin

Yatin moved her back to the sofa as the three shuffled as they place her on the sofa. As she sat on the sofa Yatin stretched her legs and pushed his tongue inside her pussy licking her inner walls. Jatin continued with her licking her tits and now one hand pressing her other tit as Vipul forced his lips and pushed his tongue deep in her mouth. Seema now feeling the pressure pushed her hands wide to her both side and tried to maintain her balance. Seema saw Yatin’s cock placed it at her opening. She started moaning as Yatin started moving his dick inside her and felt almost choked as Vipul still was kissing her hard with his tongue moving inside her mouth. Yatin was already pumping her in out and Jatin still licking and pressing her tits by his hands. 
Yatin fucking & Seema giving blowjob to Vipul

Yatin exploded in her pussy and the cum started flowing down as Seema tightly gripped his dick inside her pussy walls as he pulled himself out of her and sat on the sofa besides. Vipul now pulled Seema from the sofa and placed her on the table with her head hanging out and spread her legs as he placed his dick at her pussy opening. Jatin wasting no time went to the other side of the table and pushed his dick inside her mouth. Vipul started sliding inside her and it slipped quickly to the end as the wetness of Yatin’s cum helped it with ease. Now with Vipul fucking her pussy and Jatin fucking her mouth. Jatin started Cumming in her mouth as Seema almost choked as cum straight hitting her throat with force. In the meanwhile Yatin moved and took Jatin’s place and placed his limp dick on her lips. 
Seema riding Jatin and Sucking Yatin

Seema understood and rolled her tongue on his limp dick and guided it in her mouth as she slowly licking it like a lollypop. With Vipul slamming her hard with his dick she raised her legs in air and wrapped it around his back. Yatin could feel his dick come to life again as it started to get hard once again as he hold her hairs and started to fuck her mouth. Vipul shivered as he cum inside her pussy and pulled out. Jatin in the meanwhile was hard again after the blowjob and motioned something to Yatin with his hand. 
Yatin nodded and pulled out of her. Jatin lifted Seema in her arms and sat on the edge of the sofa placing Seema on his laps. He pushed seema and asked her to ride his dick. Seema used her hands to place his dick at her opening and lowered herself with his half dick inside her started riding her like a jockey riding a horse. Yatin now asked Jatin to move a little back and pushing her legs in such a way with Seema’s ass visible in the air. 
Seema’s first triple penetration


Yatin got behind her as she was riding Jatin with Jatin holding her pressing her head above shoulder as her ass was now clearly visible. Yatin called Vipul and Vipul understanding what Yatin wanted put his hands and stress her ass chick. Seema was now exhausted and stopped moving as it was her first double penetration experience and was scared. Yatin with help of Vipul now placed his cock on her ass hole which was stretched by Vipul. Yatin wasting no time and wet with cum pushed his dick inside her with one hard push. Seema felt pain as Yatin pushed his dick hard in her asshole with two more pushes and she let out a scream. Now Jatin was in her pussy and Yatin in her asshole. Jatin and Yatin was now moving slowly in and out her one in ass and other in pussy. Seema was feeling the pain as Yatin started moving faster in her ass and felt like he is going to reap her ass wide. Jatin moved his waist to move in and out as Seema was almost exhausted and no longer to ride herself. Vipul was watching intently as his dick started to rise again with the fucking around him. Vipul stood near to face and pulled her face towards his cock as she was forced to open and accommodate in her mouth as Vipul started moving her head with his hands behind her head forcing her to gag. As the three kept pumping her and now for the first time she had dicks in all her three holes. 
Yatin and Jatin almost cum in her at the same time and pulled out slowly and so did Vipul as he pulled out her mouth and splashed all his cum on her face and tits.
Seema with cock in ass, pussy and mouth

Seema had multiple orgasm in this time and completely lost in sex and enjoyed it. She was now finding hard to meet eyes with the three guys. Vipul, Jatin & Yatin gave seema facial and got themselves cleaned in the bathroom and thanked Aryan and kissed Seema and left. Seema was now lying on the sofa with her eyes closed as she thought in one month from a faithful wife she has cheated on her husband with Aryan, then Akshay, then John and now had sex with Yatin, Vipul and Jatin all at the same time.
Seema gets cum on her body by all three

Aryan sat near her on the sofa and started moving his hands through her hairs and asked if she was ok. Seema dint reply to him and got up and went to bathroom to clean her. She took a shower and came outside completely naked by drying herself with towel and walked towards her clothes. She got dressed and sat on the sofa as Aryan sat next to her. 
Her telephoned rang and she picked it up and heard her boss Raj congratulating her for getting the project from such a tough client with her hard work. As the words hard work ringed in her ears she nodded and said yes I did have to work my ass out to get this project and Raj laughed on her humor and once again congratulated. Aryan was listening intently and understood her words as she looked at her in anger. He went to kitchen and got some soft drinks for both of them as in the meanwhile Seema was fumbling with the mobile and did send few documents to few numbers.
As Aryan got the soft drinks and walked in the road she placed the mobile on the table took a sip from the glass. Aryan called Yatin on his mobile and thanked him for the project once again and reminded him about the secrecy about today and told him that the project cost has increased by 50%. Yatin on the other side was surprised by his attitude and warned him to cancel the project and Aryan immieadetely reminded him about a video they discussing the terms of project deal captured and the steamy sex between Seema and them. Aryan told it will not be good for his company’s future three top directors having sex and involved in casting couch scandal. Yatin understood Aryan’s tone and assured him a raise of 50% to the existing project cost and maintain secrecy about Seema. Seema was listening to the conversation and was confused about him, as at one time he makes her do things like a slut and same time making sure she is not blackmailed or hurt by any of the guys.
Seema and Aryan on sofa

Seema had a confused look on her face. She was hurt and angry and unable to understand him properly his intentions. She told him “oh so now you are showing concern about me”, what happened to you when you used me and treated me as your slut and blackmailed me and abused and raped me.
She was in very angry mood and slapped Aryan right across his face as he has ruined her reputation in front of her colleagues and bunch of other guys. Aryan could see her eyes burning as she was breathing fire and tears rolling down her cheeks. Aryan took the courage and sat beside her and told her he could explain everything to her. Seema just stared at him emptily and “Ok go on come up with another of your bullshit” but listen from today I am not going to be controlled by you anymore. It was mistake that she fell for him and got carried away with her emotions. Aryan looked at her and if you listen to me once then after that you can decide as per your wish. Seema nodded to him and said ok make it quick I don’t want to see you from tomorrow anywhere near me. Aryan asked her do you remember when we were out on vacation, he had some important calls and had made his way outside his room to answer them. Ok then, well that call was from our Boss Raj and he had told him about the financial condition about the firm and how important this project can be for us to save the firm from going down bankrupt. Raj also was worried since Yatin had called him and asked for presentation to be cancelled as they have decided to award the project to Mehta & sons. I assured Raj that I will speak to Yatin and try to change his mind. Raj asked him to be back in office cancelling his leave as Seema was also not available and they needed someone to convince Yatin. When we meet Akshay and Aarti and while I was dancing with her she told me about her work with Mehta & sons and how she got Yatin seduced to get the project and they were celebrating their success as company had given them a free Vacation for such project which was valued 50% more than our cost. So I made my mind that time we got to work and get this project back to our firm as we had worked hard for this and our offer was superior to Mehta & Sons. If I would have failed to get this project we all would have been jobless and with the current market conditions it would have been hard to find a new job. I loved you from day one when I saw you and I found your dairy in which you had listed your fantasies about sex. Seema was surprised and asked how he managed to get her diary as she always keep it in safe vault in office. Aryan told her remember when I meet you first time and Raj had called and you were writing something and had to go and left the diary on your desk. I was standing and saw one of the pages and out of curiosity started reading as was waiting for you where you have mentioned my sexual fantasies “Sharing, force, Swinging, DP, Strip-tease, exposing etc…” Well ok but what does it had to do with this. Aryan explained as he called Yatin to talk about the project who was very reluctant and told him that he has made up his mind as he feels Mehta & Son offer was the best. I spoke to him and convinced him that we will give you much better offer and I told him about Aarti. He was surprised to hear it from me and said that’s our personal decision and it has nothing to do with the project. I assured him that if he gives us the project he will have more than what he got from Aarti. He laughed on me and said well I have one girl in mind from a long time can you make her sleep with us once and consider the project to be yours. I told him well I can provide you much better girls than one he is having in mind, he cut me short and said no if you wish me to put Mehta & Sons project deal you have to give us Seema. I was shocked hearing your name but he and the other fellows where after you and dreamt of sleeping with you or maybe they knew I could never do that as you will never agree. I was confused with his offer and I knew you won’t agree to do anything with this. Seema I really loved you when I first saw you and wanted to make you happy and fulfill all your dreams and fantasies to keep that smile. As we returned from our vacation I wanted to talk to you about this but you were ignoring me completely and I dint get chance. I only wanted to make you bold by blackmailing you and making you expose so you can be prepared for this. Trust me I never wanted any guy to touch you but as I went through your dairy I thought why not use this opportunity to fulfill your fantasies and same time get the project. It was very hard for me to force you in the office and it hurt me more than it did to you. I know fantasies are different from reality but I wanted to make them true to have the experience and you to know to make them true you also have to work hard. The only fear I had what if Yatin backed off after he gets you and tries to use you further for his own personal gains and ruin your family life and career too. I had enquired about the guy and he had used such tactics but one thing was he wanted you from a long time they day when our firm started working with them and he saw you many times during his visits to the office. So I wanted to make sure he don’t back tracks on his word and you get in trouble as he wanted to make you his personal bitch just like the receptionist in his office. I took her help and put a camera to capture the video and audio while talking to him in his own office so he can’t deny it later. He wanted to take you to hotel but I declined and took you her at my home so that you can be safe and in front of me when they are with you. I just called him once everything was done and we got the project to make sure he knows very well that he is now the one who is in trouble and we will make sure no one bothers us anymore and we honestly complete the project as promised. Seema was stunned and in shock after he heard him and put her hands in his arms and kissed him as she said “I love you Aryan”. I just don’t want anything else other than you. 
Aryan and Seema kissing

Aryan kissed her back and told her don’t worry I am always with you. Seema told him she can’t leave Rahul and kids as she loves them both but gave a mischievous smile to Aryan may be less than you but still they are my responsibility and my life too. Aryan hugged her close to him and told her don’t worry may be some day we can convince Rahul to share you with me. Seema laughed and said hey no more fantasies I just want you and no one else and started kissing him furiously and as tears rolled down from their eyes. 
Aryan and Seema started kissing each other and both were now hot for each other and wanted to make love once again. Aryan moved his hands in Seema’s skirt
Aryan putting hands inside Seema’s skirt

As they were interrupted by the doorbell. Aryan went to open the door as Seema adjusted her clothes and sat on the sofa. Aryan was surprised to find Meghna and as she came inside she saw Seema on the sofa. Aryan introduced Meghna his wife to Seema. Meghna looked at Aryan and could see he was not able to meet her eyes. However she herself was lost in thought of her lovemaking in the morning and was waiting for another chance. Meghna asked Aryan about being early at home and he told her about the client meeting and the new project they got and she was happy for his success. Then she looked at Seema. Seema and Meghna exchanged smiles with each other and started talking. As they spoke more friendly they got with each other just then mobile started ringing and Seema excused herself to leave as Rahul had called to inform he is home early.
As she was about to leave Meghna invited her to dinner with her family. Seema accepted the invitation and thanked her and assured her she would talk to her husband and inform her about the time. She made her way by Cab to her to home. Rahul was on his way to office in the car when he saw a familiar face across the road. His heart start beating loud as he recognized her instantly and wanted to stop but the cars behind him were honking and he made his way to the next signal. He took a U-turn and went to the other side of the road as he made his way to the place where he saw her. He stopped the car nearby and looked and she was not there. As he was about to leave with his eyes looking for her he made his way towards the car and spotted her. It was Meghna and she was still the same and he called her as she was about to cross the road. Meghna looked back to hear a familiar sound and was surprised to see Rahul. They recognized each other immediately. Rahul was very happy to see her and unknowingly pulled her close and gave her a hug right in the middle of the street.
Rahul hugging Meghna

Meghna managed to talk him out and remind him that they are not lovers anymore but she was also happy to meet him. They spoke for a few minutes and both exchanged there numbers to make way to their respective locations. Rahul was very happy and all his old memories came back to him. Meghna was the girl whom he loved the most during his college times and they were supposed to get married but had to succumb to their family pressure. Rahul missed her love and company from the day they parted and suddenly all his old found memories came back to him. 
Rahul called her once he got time from his office schedule and it was like a teenager again with anxiety. The sound of her voice on the other end pushed that anxiety away and after about 5 minutes of small talk, Rahul asked her if she’d like to meet for dinner the next night. She hesitated at 1st saying that she was still married and that she was not sure if she should, but Rahul reassured her that they were old friends catching up and she went along. Meghna sms him the address and asked him to meet during the afternoon time if it was ok or they can meet some other time but she can’t come out for dinner with him without her husband knowing.
It was almost 10 years they had seen each other and Rahul was excited to see her after such a long time. Rahul went to her house. When he pushed the calling bell, as expected, Meghna opened the door. “Hi.”
“Oh, Rahul. Come in, please.” Meghna welcomed him a bit nervously.
She walked inside as Rahul followed her, admiring her sexy figure from behind. Meghna walked to the living room and showed Rahul the sofa to sit.
“What’ll you take? Tea, coffee?” Meghna asked him as she about to leave for the kitchen.
I just come to talk to you.” Rahul told her.
Meghna came out of the kitchen after some time carrying tea for both.
Meghna on Sofa

As she sat on the other side of the sofa. Rahul look at her and she was as beautiful looking as he had meet her the first time. Rahul also could see how hot Meghna was looking and his eyes went to her breast and she was wearing a low cut blouse. Meghna had spent lot of time getting ready and was wearing a red sari without mangal sutra. Rahul always liked the color red and insisted her to wear red saris and he was happy to find her at home with red sari. Both of them were staring each other and felt like waiting for invitation to get in each other arms just like the old times. However Meghna was happy to see him but same time not sure how could she stop herself and afraid of getting carried away. As the ice broke and they both enquired to each other about their wellbeing. They spoke for almost 30 mins and shared details about their family. Meghna told Rahul that she was married to guy called Aryan and was happy with him and he is really a nice and loving husband. Rahul told her about Seema and the kids. 
Meghna sexy figure and backless blouse

She stood up and walked towards the kitchen holding tea cups and placed them in the wash tub.
Rahul saw her back and her swaying ass and wondered how beautiful she is and still carries a great figure. His eyes were fixed on her ass and could help thinking about feeling it again. Rahul got up from the sofa and came behind her to the kitchen. He saw her standing near the gas and as she was lost in her thoughts, looking out through the window. He was at the kitchen door and admired her nice curvy body from behind.
Rahul hugging her from behind in kitchen

Rahul looked at her smooth white back, which was on full display as she was wearing a small blouse and knotted the sari quite low on her waist. Then he slowly lowered his gaze down on her back to her exposed waist line. Rahul was glad to see that Meghna still maintain her trim and tight waist. Then he lowered his eyes further down, from her waist curve to her rounded bottoms. 
Rahul silently stepped in to the kitchen and stood behind her. Meghna still not aware of his presence behind her. Rahul was only a foot behind her. He could smell the lovely perfume of her body which ignited the fire inside him. And all of a sudden he stepped forward and grabbed her from behind putting his hands her stomach through waist. Meghna felt a current run through her body as she could feel his hands on her naked stomach and his bulge poking at her ass. She knew that Rahul is not able to stop his feelings for her and still loves her and after meeting after 10 years it suddenly has reignited their desires. Meghna still confused with her thoughts was enjoying his touch but don’t wanted to go any further as she dint want to cheat on her husband. She managed to speak finally
“Stop it Rahul. It’s not fair. I’m somebody else’s wife now. Please Rahul. We can’t do this.”
Rahul pulled her close to her and took her in his arms and put his finger on her mouth before she could say anything. 
Meghna and Rahul were alone. Rahul looked at her and she turned her eyes from him.
“Please Rahul. Just leave now. Meghna deep inside never meant what she was saying and enjoying his touch but the guilty feeling was eating her inside. Just leave.” Meghna replied with a hard voice. Rahul not wanting to hurt her after meeting her after a long break of 10 years pulled himself away from her
Meghna got what she wanted but her protest was not genuine and was touch disappointed as he pulled himself away from her.
“I’m sorry Meghna. I just got carried away too much. You know I missed you and love you so much as tears started to form in his eyes as the girl he loved was so close to him yet so far away from him.
“Rahul, I still love you like the way I loved you before. I won’t lie that I do not have any feelings for you. In fact, since the day we have parted, I remember you each day. But we both are married now… just then something happened and their eyes meet once again and Rahul was unable to control himself and pulled Meghna close to her and kissed her lips an all the resistant Meghna had to offer was gone. They kissed each other for a long time. Rahul picked her up and placed her on the kitchen table and leaned ahead to kiss her again. They kept kissing each other for almost 5 mins and as they broke the kiss they stare at each other eyes for a long time and stood glued to themselves in each other’s arm.
Rahul and Meghna Kissing

As they moved from kitchen back to the main room holding each other arms. Rahul placed both his hands on her cheeks and pulled her close to give a sensual kiss
Rahul & Meghna lost in each other eyes

Rahul pulled her once again in his arms and now started to remove her sari as he put his hands inside her sari and Meghna shivered as she could feel the touch of his hands inside her petticoat and above her panties elastic as she just looked at him and closed her eyes biting her lower lips. She was lost in her own world and now they moved from the present to past when they you use to be lovers and in their own world. 
Rahul removing Meghna Sari


Meghna stood there as Rahul was removing the sari slowly with her nipples went erect and pointing hard at her bra. Rahul managed to remove her sari and left it in her feet as he moved his hands to feel her tits and kiss her on neck as they both were now breathing heavily even the guy in other room could hear it. Meghna now only in just petticoat and blouse stood fixed and was enjoying Rahul’s hands on her boobs and his soft kisses on her neck. Rahul licked her ears and knew her weak spot very well as Meghna let out a soft moan and was completely turned on.
Rahul opening Meghna’s blouse

Rahul kissing and sliding her blouse down

Rahul now continued licking her ears with Meghna making soft moans as he removed her blouse and moved in front to see her just standing in bra and petticoat. He placed his face on her boobs and started kissing them softly and sniffing them. He loved her body sexy smell and no longer to control herself Meghna now reached for Rahul’s shirt and started slowly removing it same time 

Meghna also removing Rahul’s shirt

Rahul was busy feeling her tits and pressing his thumbs on the side to make her squirm. He managed to push her hands inside her bra and started massaging her boobs as a current ran through her body. Her hands where same time feeling his muscular chest. Meghna felt pain as Rahul like old times pinched her nipples where her rock hard and Meghna let out a scream. His mouth now took her nipple and started licking it as Meghna was beyond control now making sounds like Shhhh……………..haaaaa……Shhhh…………aaaaaaaaaaa.. Aeaeeeee
Rahul unclasped her bra and let it fall on the ground and he moved his hands further down towards her back and slowly inside her petticoat with his mouth working on her tits and hands pressing her ass and feeling her softness. Rahul moved his mouth and placed it on her lips to kiss her as he untied her petticoat as it fell down in her legs. As he broke the kiss biting her lips and Meghna could remember their adventures during college time. After even such a long time Rahul exactly knew what she liked while making love. Meghna never shared with Aryan that she never was a virgin as Rahul and herself made love during their college days.
Rahul putting hands inside Meghna’s panties


Rahul picked her up in the arms and asked her for the bedroom to which she showed the direction by her hands. Rahul placed her on the bed.
Rahul placing Meghna on bed

He started mauling her boobs and giving it a press. Meghna was getting turned on and all her resistance had broken with just a few hours. Rahul then slid his hand on her smooth leg in an upward motion. A shiver ran through her body as Meghna felt his hand on her leg. She could feel his hand sliding up and placing it on her panties rubbing her pussy over the thin material. Rahul hands kept massaging on her panties and he pulled it down and Meghna lifted her ass a little so Rahul could easily slide it down to her legs. 
Rahul removing Meghna’s Panties

Rahul asked Meghna to turn around. Rahul pulled his clothes off and his dick was rock solid. He gave a smack on Meghna ass and she shivered and understood what Rahul wanted and moved her ass up in the air.
Rahul entering Meghna doggy style

Meghna could feel his dick on her love hole and she was moaning softly. Meghna now could feel Rahul’s dick entering her. Meghna let out a scream as Rajesh pushed his dick completely inside her and kissed her lips at the same time. Rahul could sense Meghna’s pussy walls gripping his dick very tight and he just laid on her to enjoy the feeling in the meantime kissing her face all over. 
Rahul finally started moving his cock in and out of her moist pussy with long and slow strokes. He slowly withdraws his entire cock till only the head remains in her, and then pushed back slowly again till their pubic meets and his balls slapped her ass. Rahul was moving fucking her in fast rhythm and no longer thinking anything about his marriage and cheating. HE was completely lost in her and no matter how long the time has passed, both loved each other and the time only had made it more intense and passionate. Rahul pushed his cock deep into her pussy and started shooting his hot cum inside her. Meghna felt his cock twisting and shooting his hot cum deep in her pussy. That made her come too and she dug her nails in the pillow and she whispered “I Love You Rahul” and Rahul kissed her and said I love you too.
Meghna giving blowjob to Rahul


They both were not satisfied and just wanted to keep fucking and making love to each other. 
Rahul slept besides her holding her in his arms. He was not done with the love making and made her sit in his legs and asked her for a blowjob. Meghna happily looked at his dick and accepted in her mouth. She started moving her tongue and Rahul started feeling tickling as he knew she loved rough way when it comes to blowjob. He caught hold of her hairs and forced her head to take his dick deep into her throat and started making her move her mouth as fast as he can. Meghna could feel his dick hitting her throat walls and enjoyed and remembered their last love making and it was her idea to try rough blowjob and Rahul still remembered it well. Rahul movements slowed down and Meghna understood as he was about to cum. As he shot cum she started swallowing it without spilling a drop on the ground as she sucked him dry. 

Rahul got dressed and sat on the sofa and as his faced turned he could see Meghna’s picture with her husband and something struck him and it was Aryan the guy from his wife’s office. Rahul dint say anything to Meghna. He kissed her as she walked in having a shower and getting dressed as they both left for their office. Rahul dropped her office and promise to meet again and again. Meghna just laughed at his childish behavior and left for her office.

Meghna unaware about Seema’s husband did invite her and is up for surprise. As seema opened the door Rahul was waiting for her in main room. He looked happy and Seema was also happy with the change of events and Meghna was happy to find Rahul, so was Aryan happy with job well done. Rahul took Seema in his arms and gave her a sensual kiss and seema was surprised and responded equally with a long kiss. Seema kept her bags and told Rahul about the project deal and he was happy for her and wished her success. She also told Rahul about the invitation from Meghna (Aryan’s wife) and Rahul was surprised to find Seema meeting Meghna. Well she told Rahul about meeting her at Aryan’s home today while on the way home and Rahul thought lucky getting out in time from her home or else they both would have been caught red handed. Seema asked Rahul if it is ok and he can accompany her at Aryans place for dinner. Just then Aryan called Seema and asked her whether they can come today to their place for dinner, seema asked him to wait as she need to ask Rahul. She asked Rahul if she can confirm about today’s dinner plans. Rahul was more than happy but dint wanted to show upfront as he said ok to her. He was thinking about Meghna as it would be twice on same day he would see her and was looking forward. Aryan asked Seema to call him in private for some time as he needs to talk to her very interesting. Seema excused herself and asked Rahul to get ready as she will be back from washroom. As seema stepped inside the washroom she called Aryan from her mobile. Aryan briefed her about the plan and Seema was confused and scared what if Rahul doesn’t like it. Aryan told her to be brave and leave it to him to take care about rest of the things. Seema asked Aryan what about Meghna will she agree and he assured her he will take care of that. You just say yes to what I propose and let’s see how it goes. Ok but I don’t want to lose Rahul so you better be careful and she kept the phone as they will reach in one hour or so. Rahul and Seema both got ready and both of them equally excited to go however both of them were unaware about each other feeling for the others. Seema got dressed and walked towards Rahul’s car who was eager to see Meghna again. He was so engrossed that he dint even notice how hot Seema was looking in the Red sari with deep cut blouse. Aryan in the mean while updated Meghna about Rahul and Seema reaching in 30 mins. Meghna heard the name Rahul and her thoughts got to the morning. She said ok and went to get dressed since she also need to cook for four people instead of two. Rahul and Seema on their way bought Wine bottle and reached Aryan home. Aryan saw them parking the car and asked Meghna to get ready ad they are there. 
Seema heard the doorbell as she walked to welcome the guest. She opened the door and was shocked to see Rahul and stood stunned for a moment as Seema walked to her and greeted. Seema introduced Meghna to Rahul and both greeted him normally as if she has seen him first time. Rahul looked at Meghna as she was looking very beautiful in the Yellow Salwar. Rahul congratulated Aryan about the project as they both made their way to Sofa. 
Meghna got wine filled in the glasses as she served Rahul and Seema and made her way and sat beside Aryan with her glass in hand. Rahul and Aryan started chatting and got comfortable with each other soon and were talking as longtime friends. Meanwhile Seema was helping Meghna making food as they started there girl gossip and giggles.
The girls joined Aryan and Rahul as they finished making dinner and were sipping wine. Rahul was eyeing Meghna and Aryan was staring at Seema as they continued with their drinks. The discussions continued and branched towards their individual likings. While Aryan & Seema talked about their project, Meghna and Rahul spoke of movies. Aryan knew Meghna loved to watch movies specially Bollywood movies. Aryan switched on the TV and inserted Ajnabee DVD staring Akshay, bobby Bipasha and Kareena. Meghna in the mean while served dinner and they all sat to have dinner with Rahul and Seema sat beside each other with Aryan and Meghna opposite to them. As they continue to talk and watch the movie while having food Aryan got naughty and started touching Seema’s foot. Seema made no attempt to move her feet and Aryan got bold by further his legs towards her knees inside her sari. Seema was feeling the heat and was started to getting aroused but same time was aware of Rahul besides her. Meanwhile Rahul’s foot touched Meghna’s and she blushed as she could feel her desires aroused for him. As the deserts were served and they all moved from the dinner table to the sofa watching the movie. The movie was now playing the scene were Akshay Kumar was provoking Bobby for wife swapping for one day. Aryan looked at Seema and winked. This was the right opportunity for him to make a move. Interrupting Rahul watching the movie Aryan said “IF I would have been in bobby’s position would have willingly agreed” after all its just one life we need to enjoy and since they both are friends what’s wrong in that, he looked at Rahul. Rahul not knowing what to reply when Seema replied hey Mr. Akshay you have Bipasha with you why do you want to do that as Meghna blushed at her comment. Meghna always appreciated someone praising her beauty. Aryan immoderately replied well even Rahul is lucky to have Kareena with him as they all laughed. Aryan was in no mood to miss the opportunity I don’t mean to sound irrational and you guys being prude don’t wish to embarrass talking sex. Meghna gave a cold look to Aryan as Seema also acting according to plan said well we are no prude even we love talking sex and all. Rahul looked at Seema little shocked by her openness which was exactly opposite to her nature. 
Aryan continuing the discussion well in that case tell me what you guys would have done with such a proposal from someone. Rahul jokingly said well if Bipasha looks like Meghna why we would say no. Meghna was silence but blushing at his comments and her eyes almost pleading to Rahul to take her in his arms. Rahul at the same time wanted to spend some time alone with Meghna. Seema poked her nose in between… my lovely bobby ask Kareena also what she feels also mister your Bipasha looks conservative. Meghna was little embarrassed with the comment. Hey I guess I can handle bobby she said looking at Rahul laughingly. 
As they all now getting comfortable with each other chatting and laughing like old friends. Aryan managed to put the idea in their mind and Seema helped him. He had now planted the seed of swapping in Rahul’s mind and rest would leave for Seema to take care. The only worrying factor was Meghna and how would she react to it as unaware about her love for Rahul. As they looked at the time, 
Rahul got up and said “Thanks for the food it was wonderful time with you and hope to get in touch more” as he looked at Meghna. Meghna knew what he meant by that and said well why not sure even we are new and only know few people would love to spend time on weekends with you guys. 
Aryan then asked “Since the kids are their at in-laws place why not we together go out for a small picnic outing. That sounds good said Rahul and promised to talk to him as they all exchanged numbers with each other as Rahul and Seema left for their home. Rahul and seema reached home. As Rahul got inside their home he pulled her close to him and started playing with her sari and started removing it. Oh please said Seema it’s very expensive let me change and come. He was hot with the events in his life in last 24 hours however Seema managed to excuse herself as they both changed to their night suits and returned outside in the balcony to have chat while going to sleep. Seema knew she has to follow and keep the discussion open as Aryan told her to discuss fantasy. Seema looked at Rahul and asked him hope he dint get bore with the dinner party at Aryan’s home. Rahul say no way it was nice to know Aryan more and talk to him. Seema looked at him and what about Meghna did you find her boring. Oh no I don’t mean to say that she is quite a good looking woman. Seema smiled as he speak then looked at him and tease him more well so you liked Bipasha MR? As she laughed and Rahul looked at her well it was just a joke as he pulled seema close to him. Well I saw you looking at her I thought you liked her more than that you were staring at her tits shamelessly. Rahul felt a little uncomfortable as he looked at Seema well it was nothing of that sort and as Seema asked him about Aryan’s joke. I don’t think he was serious about it neither was I. Seema looked little disappointed hearing that. Oh come on Rahul I am you wife we can talk frankly to each other and share fantasies as we promised yesterday. Rahul was very surprised with Seema’s boldness and also wanted to get with Meghna but dint wanted to let his wife know anything about his past and also he was pretty unsure about sharing her with Aryan. Rahul surprised Seema as he asked her what she has mind to tell him and asked her you how you feel about it. Seema was taken back as she was getting trapped in her own game, she wanted to open Rahul more but she was not comfortable to let Rahul about her feelings. She was silence and Rahul said its ok you can tell me honey he said teasing her more using her own tricks on her itself. Rahul pulled now Seema in his laps and she could feel his hardness poking at her thighs. They both were feeling hot with the talks and Rahul kissed her necks and seema moaned. Rahul further teasing her hey you still dint answer. Seema was getting wet and her body tingling as she was getting hot. Rahul was now working on her nipples as he himself was hot and completely forgot they were in balcony. Seema was trying to rub herself on his hardness and she was on fire now. Seema finally started talking again with burning desires and said I feel Aryan is very handsome and definitely any girl would love to be with him. He is open minded and I feel he is interested in me as he try to make pass on me. Oh is it so, what let you feel like that. Seema completely lost in her thoughts and full with lust. Well to be honest when we are in office I often find him starting at me once and sending me flying kisses and even twice in elevator I could find him touching my ass over the dress. Also he never waste opportunity to get near me to feel my body showing as if unintentional as she paused and realized with whom she was talking. Rahul looked at her please tell me about it, don’t be shy, I won’t be upset, I just want you to share all of your experiences with me” Seema continued to tell her experience with Aryan in office. Rahul was stunned by her openness but himself was hot with the turn of events in his own life. Just a day before he would have been angry with her to know his wife talking about some other man so openly. Rahul lifted Seema from his laps a little and pulled down his shorts to release his hard dick as he at the same time pulled her panties down. Seema was turned on with the event as she murmured to Rahul “Fuck me baby. God fuck my pussy”. She has never talked while having sex forget about talking dirty. She took it in her own hands and wasted no time to place her love hole on Rahul’s dick as she started taking his dick inside as it slowly slide inside her. She started riding Rahul and her tits jumping up and down as Rahul was moaning along with her. 
They were completely lost in their own lust so much that they dint realize they were having sex in the open balcony. Just then they heard sounds of guys whistling and they turned around to see three guys on road watching them intently as they saw them. Seema was not new to this situation and with last one month her sex life she had experience almost everything from sex to public sex. Rahul wanted to move inside as he was now aware about three guys watching them as he lifted her in arms and moved inside as he just placed her on the bed and closed the balcony door watching who the guys were and was relieved to know no one from the locality and just passerby. Seema was now lying on the bed still unsatisfied and wanted to have more as Rahul walked near to her. Seema asked him how it felt to make your wife watched by some guys while doing sex. Rahul was himself completely in shock but also hungry for more as he went near to her. Rahul placed his dick on her love hole and pushed in one stroke deep inside as he started to fucking her with speed. Both of them were enjoying the session and nearing orgasm as Rahul started jerking and emptied his cum deep inside her as he lied on top of her both completely exhausted with the love making. 
Rahul was in two minds about sharing episode and although he wanted to be with Meghna and make love to her but at the same time he loved seema and don’t wanted to hurt her. He knew this was a good chance for him to get close to Meghna and somehow seema was also ready for Aryan but he was not sure about Meghna or even Aryan how they would take it. Meghna and Rahul already had a great sex just today and he was feeling guilty about cheating on Seema at the same time his mind was not to let go Meghna as she was his first love and deep inside he still loved her. All this years he had block the thoughts of Meghna but now all of a sudden when she is back he is not willing to let go. More ever he felt what’s wrong if we both couples are ok with the same. Tonight at least he came to know that Seema was open to the idea and the only thing he has to lose is to let Aryan have her but then he can freely have more time with Meghna and they can get together. Seema got up and saw Rahul sitting alone and thinking she was worried now, she got carried away by her emotions and got shameless. She has never shown such attitude and wondering what Rahul may have thought for her. She loved him more than anyone in this world and was willing to give up everything but unable to control her desires. She came near to Rahul and kissed him and apologized if she was bad. Rahul looked at her and kissed her back and said nothing like that. Even I would love to go through the idea if you are ok but want to let you know that I always love you and will take care of you all the time. Seema got emotional and hugged him and tears flow her eyes as she kissed him once again. Rahul looked in her eyes and said it sounds silly, but I wanted others to want you and envy me because I have got the most beautiful girl in the world. Rahul meant every word he said to her as although he loved Meghna he was still luckily to have Seema who brought him back from depression after Meghna got married and he achieved all things in career and personal life with Seema’s support. He had no regrets about marrying Seema and thought to himself he was lucky to have two ladies in his life now. Seema was happy as Rahul almost agreed to their plan as she was feeling most guilty cheating on Rahul behind his back and now she could be free from all the guilt and enjoying her new found sex life. She was not looking for anymore sex with other people except Rahul and Aryan.

Meghna was a reserved person and conservative as compared to Seema. She loves to talk to her closed ones, friends but was silent with new people around. She ideally preferred to be dress in sari, suit and Punjabi. She had however had great assets with 34D 29 38. She was fair in complexion with eyes to kill any guy who saw into it. Even in Indian clothing she looked a bomb shell just like a model. Aryan was happy to find a girl like her but unable to fulfill his fantasies for sex as she was shy and loved sex with him but was against exposing in public, ideas of kinky and rough sex forget about sharing. Aryan was apprehensive about her involvement in the idea which seema and he had thought about. Aryan however was surprised to feel her more comfortable in company of Rahul and Seema. He tried to speak to her many times about experimenting in sex and playing fantasies or having sex in open and exposing in public places but she shut him off in such talks and never allowed to be part of all this things. 
He was not sure about the promise he made to Seema about getting Rahul as he himself was not sure about Meghna’s reaction. As soon as Rahul and Seema left he wanted to convince Meghna with the idea as he found her willing at least discussing idea of swapping although just as harmless joke. Aryan was having no idea about Rahul and Meghna and for him they were completely strangers. Aryan although liked Meghna however he was kind of unhappy with sex life and found all the things he wanted in Seema as she was just open to all ideas just like he was and were ideal match in that sense. He don’t wanted to lose Seema for anyone else and not even Meghna. As Rahul and Seema left,
Aryan asked Meghna to make another glass of wine. Meghna reminded him that he already had four glasses to which Aryan said oh come on don’t be so naive lets have it together. Meghna finally nodded and got two glasses for him and her.
As they started drinking wine Aryan asked her how she found Rahul and after a long pause he said Seema. Meghna looked at him and said they are interesting and a nice couple and friendly and she found herself comfortable with them more than anyone of his other friends and their wives. 
Oh so you liked Akshay? Meghna unable to understand Akshay looked at Aryan and asked who? Aryan little irritated with himself oh nothing forget it.
With a shy smile Meghna asked, “Well do you mean to say Rahul?” Aryan looked at her and was excited and said, “Oh come on so now you are pulling my legs…..”
Meghna giggled and said, “Ok ok….no was just kidding with you and I know what you have in mind when you bring such jokes with other couples…..”Aryan said, “Ok but you always get angry with my jokes and not ready to experiment what you think about today can we have small fantasy for me.
Meghna asked what is it sipping her wine and it was definitely having a desire effect on her. 
Let’s imagine for a while I am Rahul and you are Meghna. Meghna nodded with a blushing smile and started ok so what you have in mind feel free to talk openly. Aryan was taken aback by her answer all this years he was not able to convince her for any of his fantasies and now here she is without any persuasion immediately agreeing to the role play. Meghna picked up the empty glass and her chunri fall down on the floor and kept bending with her blouse holding a sexy, desirable pair of round breasts envious with desire and as if willing to jump out of her bra which was all seen and the bra strap of the left side slipped to her arm…..
Aryan then with lusty eyes and cleared his throat, putting his hand to his crotch, and whispered, “Please stay like that for a while Seema…..” Aryan called her Seema however Meghna seems to not notice as she herself was so much engrossed with the thought of Rahul. Meghna with a smile asked, “Why Mister Akshay?” Aryan was overjoyed by her response and said, “I was longing to see the hidden parts of your sexy body Meghna and let me please my eyes please sweetheart!”
Meghna with the same smile, still bending in front of him said, “It’s not nice to say such words to your friends’ wife Mister Akshay’ you are being naughty!” Aryan said hey Meghna please call me Rahul not Akshay and Aryan stood up and pulled her near him over the couch.
Seema was then in his arms and his fingers had started undoing the Khameez buttons, while Meghna in little murmurs said, “Oh Rahul please don’t let go of me?”
Aryan was looking at her and was finding her reactions natural and she more than turned on with the name Rahul. Aryan got hold of her and started undoing her dress as he slide it down and was playing with her boobs as Meghna seemed to close her eyes and said ooh Rahul it feels so good to find you touch my body. Aryan was aroused with the role-play and his tongue was making circular movements around her navel which made Meghna quiver and take grasp of his hair in her fist pulling them and she gave a sharp moan’ “Sssssshhhhsssssss pleeeeaaaaasseeee Rahul don’t stop
Aryan found Meghna more interested in Rahul as in role play she was making no attempts to stop Rahul and in fact encouraging him for more. She has never been the same before
Aryan now had opened her knot from Salwar and let it fall as he started removing her pantie licking it from the top, reaching her openings Aryan found she was all wet as he touched her pussy with his hands. Meghna was getting lost and could not control herself she wanted it fast too… and so she moved her hand to his crotch quickly and started undoing his underwear. 
Meghna did not waste any time and very quickly took Aryan’s dick in her mouth which she licked, caressed and started sucking playing with his balls with her hands….
Suddenly Aryan stood up, lifted Meghna in his arms and placed his mouth to hers while she enlivened opened her mouth to put her tongue inside his mouth, and Aryan carried her to the bedroom and asked, “Which is your bedroom Meghna direct me to your bed please….” He was walking in the corridor carrying Meghna, all nude in his arms like carrying a baby, and Meghna pointed her bedroom with her finger still lost in the kiss while they walked at the same time… reaching there since Aryan was carrying her it was Meghna who opened the door and said shamelessly, “!!Oh my God!! Rahul please make love to me fuck me hard” I missed you so much
Aryan was listening intently to Meghna and was wondering what has got into her today for a moment he thought the wine is having her say all this as she is not in her own senses or else she has never been so openly talking about a man forget about being pushing a man for sex
As he placed Meghna on the bed she pulled him closer and took his dick in her hands and placed it on her pussy and said Rahul don’t waste any more time I need you inside me. I have waited for so long now please make me happy take me to the new world
Aryan could not wait any longer and started pushing his dick in and out. Meghna was moaning and near to her orgasm as she was wet with just the feeling of Rahul making love to her twice in a day. Aryan pulled his dick out and pushed it in and he continued to fuck her in that way as she was making sounds and moaning with pleasure. Aryan was about to cum as Meghna shivered with her own orgasm sweeping her body and Meghna out of no wear completely surprising Aryan pulled him outside and placed his cock in her mouth to suck as Aryan started jerking and Cuming in no time as Meghna gulped all his cum. Aryan was surprised with this as in all this, 8 years of marriage she never had drink his cum as she always find it disgusting and scolded Aryan. She closed her eyes and fell back to bed to say oh Rahul I love you so much please don’t leave me now just be with me. Aryan just looked at her as she went to sleep. 
Waking up Meghna felt shy for last night’s event and the way she responded to that play. She could not look into her husband’s face, she was escaping his looks. Aryan was too happy of the night’s encounter and was getting erect on thinking about her response in the role play. He was now relieved and thought has already made good progress and the most important thing was he is near to convince Meghna. So not letting the opportunity slip out of his hands he pulled her close and said You were superb last night darling, I want you to always be like that and make me happy and do as I say.
“Look darling.” Aryan said to Meghna. “We’re involving other people in our sex life, not in our love life. It’s for physical thrills, not emotional ones.” She gave him a slight push and nodded with a coy smile.
Aryan gave a smile as he his plan had worked and wanted to know from Seema about Aryan just when on his mobile a message arrived as he saw it was a picture of thumbs up send by Seema to him.

As the morning wore on Rahul and Seema, Aryan and Meghna became more and more nervous, there was a silence. Not because they didn’t want to do the things, but because they were so nervous about who is going to take the initiative, and Rahul and Meghna were new to all this.
Aryan had called Seema about visiting their place to decide about the vacation trip. Rahul and Seema weren’t even sure they should be wearing to greet them, or even sure that they would discuss and how it can be. Rahul was unsure about the complete thing. Eventually Rahul saw a car parked outside home as Aryan stepped out along with Meghna. He could clearly see Meghna nervous and walking slowly. What will happen next was all were waiting for. As the doorbell rang and Rahul opened to find Aryan and Meghna as they both looked silent and Rahul asked them to come in. The nerves were showing on all the faces. Seema got tea for all of them as they settled and smiled at each other. Aryan could feel the nervousness but this was his moment and he dint wanted to either of them back out. The plan executed perfectly for him and it is just the finishing touch they have to provide. Aryan breaking the silence said “hey come on guys we all are adults and know what we are doing, I know it was just a joke when we started the conversation but we don’t need to be silent. I would love to have my hands with Kareena as he looked at Seema and I am sure Rahul would like to explore Bipasha more at least we won’t end up fighting with each other as in the movies the guys did he laughed and almost broke the ice as Rahul and Meghna along with Seema all laughed at his comments. Aryan asked Rahul if he has any place in mind where they can spend time together and he was not pretty sure. Seema showing more courage and got up and sat next to Aryan as Rahul and Meghna looked at her. Aryan looked at her and seema looked at him in a naughty way as they both smiled at each other They both were desperate to have their hands on each other but were waiting for the right time. Aryan suggested about a place near the lake where his friend has a small bungalow and it’s near to the city so they can always save time on travelling. Aryan and Rahul finalized about the venue and just then Aryan’s mobile rang and it was Raj who has asked him to send some urgent presentation changes for a client. Aryan sounded upset and looked at Seema and asked whether they both can complete the work so can save on time as they both headed towards computer room leaving Meghna and Rahul alone on the sofa. They both looked at each other and smiled nervously. Rahul finally spoke to Meghna and asked her whether she would love to see the house. As they walked to the rooms and went near the stairs Rahul managed to hold her hands and just said “well the stairs are slippery”. As both of them started chatting Rahul pulled her near to him and gave a kiss on her lips as she responded and they both were dying to get in each other arms but were also aware about Aryan and Seema in the other room. As they made their way finally to the room where Aryan and Seema were working and shocked to see both of them as they slowly opened the door and stopped in their tracks. 
Aryan was almost nude and Seema was in her bra and panties only and as Aryan was kissing on her back and seema with her head down. Rahul looked back at Meghna and again peeped in as Aryan and Seema were working at the presentation however Seema was in Aryans lap and Aryans hand were playing with her tits as they both were giggling completely unaware about Rahul and Meghna watching. Meghna was shocked and she dint expect to see her husband in that way with Rahul’s wife she gasped and looked at Rahul trying to see his reactions. Rahul eyes were watered and he felt nervous seeing his wife in Aryans lap. Meghna holded his hands and Rahul looked at Meghna as she said “that at times married people get carried away and he should not be as upset as they almost did the same thing to their spouses a day back. Rahul could see Seema’s hands on Aryans underwear’s trying to feel his hardness and rubbing it more and more. Rahul and Meghna were feeling the heat as Rahul pulled Meghna close to him and started kissing. Meghna started taking deep breaths. Rahul lifted Meghna in her arms and took her to the corner and as he tried to press his hardening penis in her legs. Rahul asked her should they head for bedroom. What….? She asked in a soft tone. You mean you want to fuck me now with Aryan and seema around. Rahul told her if Aryan and Seema can enjoy why they should feel shy. Rahul lifted her took her to bedroom and laid her on the bed. Meghna was now on the bed with her legs slightly open. Her long hair had framed around her head, on the bed; her arms were spread out upward on her sides, and her legs were spread out wide on either side, with her knees bent. She looked like an open book. Rahul reached out and started removing her sari. Initially Meghna was hesitant and held his hands. She was in two minds to go ahead or not with Aryan in the other room. Rahul looked into her eyes as he started undoing her blouse as she started breathing heavy. Meghna had closed her eyes as she was now only in bra and Sari at her legs. Rahul slowly put his hands and slided her bra as the tits just released and popped out. She was marvelous. Rahul now kissed her tits with his tongue licking her nipples. Meghna wriggled under him as jolts of erotic shocks passed through her. Rahul put her hand below her chest and lifted her to put more of her breast into his mouth. Rahul undressed himself and slowly took her sari off along with the petticoat as her pinky panty was now visible. 
Rahul and Meghna kissing each other on bed

He lifted further up to remove her panties as his hands pressed her ass. Meghna had closed her eyes and now knew what was next in store for her. She looked at Rahul’s dick as it was now its full glory. Before she could say anything Rahul kneeled before her and put his lips on her pussy. This was a totally new experience for her although she had made love with Rahul just yesterday however having sex with him with knowledge of her husband was relieving and also thrilling for her. As soon as Rahul lips touched her cunt, she pushed up as though she got a shock. Rahul kept kissing her down there furiously and she was wriggling and moaning. “Aaaaaah, oooh my God, what are you doooooing… Rahul stop it…..” her voice trailed off. 
Rahul Kissing Meghna pussy

She had never thought that the pussy was meant for kissing too; initially she tried to pull Rahul head away, but a new feeling was taking over her. Rahul looked up to see her clutching her lemons. Her head was moving from side to side as waves of pleasure cruised through her. Suddenly the dam broke. Her body stiffened and she let out a shriek and shuddered her first orgasm. Slowly she let her hand down to hold Rahul’s penis in her soft hands. As Rahul felt her Soft smooth hand on to his penis, he kissed her again and she hold on his dick became more forceful. She started to pump her hand on his dick and this made Rahul’s dick grow further and get rock hard. Rahul could not control it any longer, and put his hands under her armpits and lifted her on the bed. He asked her to slowly put her legs around his waist. Her expression was of total surprise. She did not understand what was happening, but she did as told. As soon as her one leg was hooked around his waist, Rahul positioned his dick at her hole, and lifted her other leg to hook her around the waist. Her pussy was now positioned just above his erect dick, and the weight that she put would guide his dick into her. She understood Rahul’s intentions and slowly started to push up & down. The head of Rahul prick entered her and her face contorted in pain. 
Rahul lifting Meghna and placing her pussy on his dick

She looked into his eyes “Please take me Rahul, please I need you in me. I can’t push any further.” Rahul wasting no time then held her close to him and started to hump upwards; she could feel him entering her inch by inch. Her eyes and face showed pain but her moans were exciting Rahul more and more. She swung up & down, to & fro. She was enjoying this new position. 
Rahul slowly started walking around the bedroom and swinging in and out of her. Meghna hands were around Rahul’s neck and she was enjoying this novel pose. Rahul now wanted to watch Aryan and Seema as he moved towards the bedroom door to which Meghna asked him to stop as she was shy to be seen by her husband this way. 
Rahul lifting Meghna and fucking


Rahul dint say anything and started ramming her pussy with force to which she started moaning. As Rahul reached to Computer room he peeked in and saw Aryan and Seema. 
Rahul carrying Meghna to other room while fucking

Aryan and Seema were in their completely nude. Seema was totally bent over the computer table, holding the same with her hands, and Aryan was furiously humping her doggy style. Seema’s big boobs were hanging down and swinging.
Aryan fucking Seema in doggy style

Now and then Aryan would bend to fondle them. 
Rahul was excited now watching Aryan and Seema and pushed Meghna to the wall and started to fuck her roughly. Rahul could not control any further as his dick started moving in and splitting cum inside her. Meghna threw her head back and tried to stifle her moans and cries. She too writhed with her orgasms and held on tightly to Rahul. Rahul now lifted and placed her down as she was standing and cum on her thighs oozing out of her pussy.
Rahul fucking Meghna roughly

Rahul and seema entered the Computer room and Aryan and Seema saw them as Rahul said “Hey guys, thanks for giving us the lead as he looked at Aryan and Seema.” Aryan looked at his nude wife and Rahul and said that Seema was a great fuck, and that it was his first time with her. Seema smiled as she knew now her secret is safe as Rahul is part of the game and she no longer has to be worried being caught by him for her losing him
After sometime they all came outside as they completed fucking each other’s wife. All the four now were comfortable with each other as Aryan asked do we still need to go for the vacation and they all laughed together.

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