Losing virginity to bhabhi

I am Rams 30 and belong to coastal Andhra Pradesh. Though we hail from the elite circle of our society, fate had it otherwise and due to our father’s attitude we had suffered serious setbacks. Due to our financial and social problems,

I was then staying with one of my cousins at Rajahmundry. I was then in the prime of my youth with incredible sex drive, but was afraid to take any step towards any girl as it may further damage us. It was my sister-in-law.

My cousin’s wife, who had aroused my desire and fucked me on her own. One summer morning I, my cousin brother, my sister-in-law, and her friend sat down for a game of cards (playing cards are the favorite pastime there).

It was in the middle of the game I found somebody’s foot touching my foot. But I ignored it, considering it to be accidental. But after sometime, it was repeated with a little bit of more pressure and sort of a cunning smile crossed Suneetha’s face (my sister-in-law).

I had eased myself a little bit back to see whose foot it was and found it to be that of Suneetha’s. She was not afraid and was not even caring to remove her foot. I mustered some courage and started feeling her foot and I could see her getting excited.

This went on for about half-an-hour and suddenly Suneetha stood up and said she had work and she is going into the kitchen. She called my brother and asked him to go to her father’s place and bring some money which was due to them.

Her parents reside at a village that would take at least 2 hours of bus journey. He immediately got dressed up and left for her village. This had left only three of us in the home. Immediately after my brother left, she declared that all three of us are going to a movie.

Once inside the theatre, she sat beside me and our shoulders are rubbing against each other. I dared and took her hand into mine. She looked as if horrified and said what are you doing? I said nothing and started feeling her hand. She was not objecting or resisting my moves.

I managed to move my hand on to her tits and started feeling them over her blouse. That was the first time that I ever touched a woman’s tits. It was so wonderful and my 6.1 cock was rock hard. Once after the movie,

we left for home in a rickshaw and she was smiling all the way home. Knowing pretty well that my brother would not return for a solid 6 to 7 hours, she started making her moves. Once in the home, she asked me to come into her bedroom.

Once I am inside she just closed the gap in between us and took me into a tight embrace. She was very hot then and wanted to have a hard fuck then and there itself. Even I was in a hurry. I took out my cock and placed it in her hands.

That was the first time that a woman had ever touched my cock. She was squeezing my cock with one hand and with the other she lifted her saree and placed my cock at her entrance. I was going mad and squeezing her tits. We never had any time to undress.

She said, “Rams I am starved. Fill my whole with your cock. I need it. Do it. Hearing her say these words I started pushing into her. But I couldnft go in as it was paining. Suneetha was going mad at this.

Suddenly she gave one strong forward push and my whole cock disappeared into her pussy. The first fuck lasted only for a few minutes. Being our first time, both of us came fast. May be everything took 15 minutes. After cleaning herself up, she went out and saw her friend off.

On her return, I asked her whether her friend is aware of our affair. She smiled and said gyes. She knows that we are going to fuck each other today. I took her help. She was part of the plan. Now forget it and let us enjoy once more before your brother comesh.

Saying this she took me into her arms and in no time we are on the bed pulling at each other’s clothes. I peeled her clothes off and made her stand naked in front of the mirror. She was a real sexy bitch in heat. She is aroused again.

She made me stand in front of her before the mirror and started playing with my cock looking at it in the mirror. She was pressing her pussy against my arse and was tickling my balls alternatively pumping my cock back to life.

Rams! Fuck me in front of the mirror. I want to see how your cock is entering my pussy. You really have a strong and hard cock. I want to see it going in and out of my pussy. Suneetha! Your pussy has become slippery. Lot of fluid is oozing out of your pussy.

Yes Rams! I am excited and I am longing for a hard fuck. I need a cock like yours. Your brother is not able to satisfy my lust. Fuck me hard. Oooooooh! That’s it. O boy! One day I will fuck you in front of your brother. He should see me fucking you.

Suneetha! How are going to tell our affair to my brother. He will go mad. She smiled and said, I know how to tell him. I am sure he will accept. By this time she went into frenzy and was rocking hard. Her nipples have become hard and her tits are tight and swollen.

She was just asking me to thrust more into her. Oh come on. Push hard. Oh yeah that’s it. Touch my depths. Bang me hard. You bastard I want to suck your cockc You mmmmmmmmm I am cummmmming. And with this I shot my entire load into her pussy and collapsed on her.

This is my first post. The narration may not be that good. But the entire incident is real except for the names. Later I fucked her in front of my brother. How it happened is another story. Later I fucked her friend too in front of Suneetha. If I get good response I will post these stories too.

They are also real. Life was great fun in those times. Now, I am married and well settled with good income I am a bit hesitant to venture out. Yet I starve for sex as my wife is not that interested. Suneetha’s memories still haunt me. And I am looking forward for some intense sexual pleasure.

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