little secret

my neighbor she is of age 37 and has a voluptuous body and has two children and stays adjacent to my house i know her from my child hood and never thought that she would be my sex teacherGenerally i use to chat with her when ever possible and play with her kids and use to call her as vadina(bhabi) during my third year vacation i came to home and both my parents use to go to office by morning 10am she use to talk to me after her regular activities one day as i was leaving my home i am locking my door and she came to see it and inquired about where i am leaving to,i replied to her that i am leaving to my friends house she said that there was a problem in her television set top box and insisted me to come a take a look at that i agreed and entered in to her home at that time i didnt know that i am entering in to my real sex life.There was some loose connection to the wires and adjusted that thing and get readied to leave house she asked me to wait for a while she went to kitchen and brought some puddings and offered to me initially i rejected and i was forced to have those in the mean while i enquired about her husband and children she replied that her husband is out for work and her children went to college we are having a regular chatting she came and sat in my adjacent chair and i asked her for some water and she brought it for me at time of offering me water she bent a little bit and her saree pallu had fallen a bit and i had a glimpse of her huge boobs after that i am unable to change my sight from her boobs she was able to notice the change in my sight and behaviour and she asked me why are you looking at me like that i acted innocently and behaved as nothing happenedShe said that she was an elderly lady and and can be able to notice the difference and said that i was starring at her bossom i repelied that it was not intentional and unable to divert my sight after having a glimpse at thoseShe asked me that have you ever seen those for realMe:i have seen many but i haven’t seen such lovely ones as you haveBhabi: you have grown very much and its time to leave the houseMe:why so urgent i will go after some time as it is soo hot outsideBhabi:lets go to the bedroom and have a chat there under the acBy this time i am able to catch the change in her voice and thought of grabbing those sexy boobs and fuck her madly. We entered the bedroom and enjoying the coolness there was an erection in my pant first time i was thinking badly about my vadina(bhabi) and i was so desperate to fuck herI told her that you have very nice body.She felt shy and told me to talk about something elseI said you look like sex goddessShe said shut up and keep quiet. Meanwhile she got a phone call and she was attending the phone call.I was observing her from behind and went crazy about her huge ass.She completed her call and came back to the bedroom.I took the courage and hugged her tightlyShe tried to get rid off me and pushed me aside.I said that i want to fuck her madly she said it is wrong.I begged her to give a chance and again tried to hug her tightly and crushing her boobs and hold her waist.She reduced her resistance and pleading me to leave her.I increased and force and crushing her boobs with my chest and slowly massaging her ass.She slowly came in to my control and removed her saree from her boobs and madly pressing those.She went crazy and came in to my complete controlI removed her blouse and squeezing her huge boobs madly she is moaning with heavily.I started sucking her right boob and pressing her left ones she is moaning ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohohoohohI removed her saree and petticoat and pressing her boobs she removed and my t-shirt and pants she is rubbing my cock on my underwear.I was in cloud nine and never felt such happiness she removed my underwear and playing with my cock i asked her to take it in mouth.She insisted to lick her pussy first as her husband wont do it.I made her to lay on the bed and went to her pussy.It is a little bit hairy and the aroma of her wet pussy made me crazy and started licking her pussy.She is moaning and enjoying my tongue in her pussyShe was moaning in her ecstasy hmmm……0hhhhhhhhhhh.HmmmmmmmmmmmmI was enjoying her pussy infact its my first pussy and licking it madly she is pressing my head towards her loins and she got her first orgasm of the day and i drank it completely.Now i asked her to suck my dick she made me to stand and sat on her knees.She took my penis in to her hands and playing with my balls.She licked all the precum and licking at the the starting of my penis with her tongue.She is licking my penis very skillfully and i was moaning and and abusing her in happiness.She seems to be enjoying those wordsI scolding her as chekave lanja baga cheeku(bitch suck it well)I cummed on her face and boobs and she cleaned my penis and we both fell on the bed and i was holding her boobs and kissing her lipsAnd i made to catch my pennis and made to rub on my penis with her hand.With in no time my penis got elongated and i jumped over her and separated her legs and tried to insert in to her pussy i just entered in to her with in one push she shouted in pain i shut her mouth with mine and pressing her boobs madly she is moaning as ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh……….Dengara baga denguNee madda undanta na danilo vadulu baga kottuI was also enjoying the foul language used by her and scolding her lanja ne teeta anta terusta ne gula motham vadilistha.I was moving to and fro in her pussy and there was a rhythmical sound of thpak thapak and that sound made me crazyAfter 20min of rigorous fucking i was about to cum i asked her to where to cum she said to cum inside her as she was operated to not to bore children any more and i cummed inside her and collapsed on her i slowly removed my penis out of her pussy and fell on her she started kissing me passionately and told keep our thing very secretly i agreed to her and we both slept hugging togetherAfter some time she wake me up and it is about 2:30pm she asked me to get my dress and have a lunch with her.I insisted to be naked and have our lunch she smiled at me and went to the bathroom i followed her and she was peeing and i pressed her boobs from behind and penis got elongated and rubbing in ass crack.She said we can have another session after lunch and gave me a kiss and pressed my penisWhile having our lunch i sat in her laps and pressing her boobs and having food by her she is sweetly scolding me to remove my hands from her boobsI said that she has wonderful boobs and she felt shy for thatWe had our lunch and directly went to the bedrool and laid hugging each other i asked her about her sex life with her husband she said that he wont fuck her properly and never kicked her pussy.I asked her about her husband penis size she said that it about 1″shorter than mine she doesnt like him as he has a huge belly and wont do anything new.I said her to get ready for new adventurous sex life with that she got excited and start kissing me i made her to bend like a dog and pressing her ass.I was pressing her huge ass and praising her ass em petti penchave ne gudda ne inta baga balisindi and tried to insert my cock in her assShe said that she was virgin from that side and do it from that side after some days.I forced her to get fucked in her assShe agreed and went to brought some oil.She applied to my penis and i applied in her ass with my finger.She is pleading me to do slowly as it was her first time.I put one finger in her ass and it was real tight and fucking her ass with finger.Slowly i put my two fingers and fucking her she is moaning ahhhhhh……….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhha……. Vaddu ra gudda lo vaddu emi kadu vadina rendu vellu pattai ante na madda kuda pattudiI applied more oil in her ass and started to enter with my cock its really tight and i slowly entering in to her ass i entered about 2″ she is shouting with pain.I said to be keep quiet as anyone may hear her she is holding her pain and kept her mouth shutI poured some more oil over my penis and in her ass hole and entered with in one shot she screamed with pain and i stood quiet for few seconds and started ramming her ass slowly she slowly forgetting the pain and started to enjoy my pnnis in her ass.She was moaning ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………Chinnaga dengara plzzzzzzzzzzzzzBy listening to her screams i have gone crazy and started to ram her ass rapidly and i was beating on her huge ass.She is ahhhhh………..Ahhhhh…….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.After about 20min of rapid fucking her ass i was about to cum and removed from her ass cummed over her body.She closed her eyes with pain and breathing heavily after few seconds she started talking to me.She said this is the best day of my life and i want to have many more days like this and hugged me tightly.I kissed on her forehead and catch her pussy and promised for many more sessions of sexI asked her about the pain in her ass she said that she wont be able to walk properly with that pain and said it is ok and promised that her body is mine and can fuck her when ever i wanted and can use all her three holes.I felt happy with that and climbed over her and kissed her passionately.I asked her to shave her pussy as i like hair less pussies and took her to the bathroom to shave her pussyWhile walking to the bathroom she kept her legs wider due to loss of her virginity of the other hole.We both went to the bathroom and i washed her pussy and ass with water.I asked her to suck my dick and wash with water.She bent on knees and took my penis in hand and gave me a handjob in order to lengthen my penis.After that she took it in her mouth i ordered her to take it completely.She did as a obedient slut and sucking my cock i said to increase her speed and cummed in her mouth.She then drank the whole cum and washed my dick with waterNow i asked her lay on the floor and applied some foam on her pussy and took the razor and shaved her pussy.She felt tickling sensation while i was shaving her pussy and after shaving and i cleaned her pussy with water and started licking her pussy.Now i enjoyed the real taste of her pussy with out any hair.We both had a shower in the bathroom.She applied soap to my body and i was playing with her boobs at that time.After that she wiped my body hugged me and asked me to not to reveal our little secret

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