Lesbian encounter of Irum and Anum

HI! Dear readers, My name is Irum and my sister’s name is Anum(Names changed obviously) and this is a story about our incest lesbian experience, so for those who thinks it is immoral, please don’t waste your time. It’s more of a story about love rather than sex but sex isn’t left untreated.
I am a married lady of age 38 living a happy life, have 10 years old daughter 6 years old son and still pregnant with another kid. My husband is a military officer and he loves me a lot and suffices my needs for sex and every other thing. We travel all around the globe due to his job description.
My father is also a high ranked military officer and we used to live in a very lavish 2 story bungalow with lots of rooms in a city where my father was posted as commandant. We were not quite rich but as father was an army official, we were living quite a luxurious life.
Anyways, let’s talk about the story but let me be clear that Please don’t ask for having sex in the comments as it is stupidity and quite cheap as well. I am not posting to lay with people. I just can’t forget these beautiful memories and wanted to pen down and wanted to share it with readers who appreciate true incidents, so here it is.
It all started when I was in Second year. I was 17 and Anum was 15. To tell you more about me n Anum that time…, we were slim girls, very attractive long faces with prominent features. I had long black hair that catched everyone’s attention, skin tone quite fair, 5’4” with 32b, 26, 34. My curves were not that cool that everyone stares them but I do gained quite much attention due to my face.

The credit goes to my mom and dad as they both are very attractive and smart with perfect bodies. On the other hand, Anum was a very attractive girl. At that time she was hardly 15 but her very very cute face was always an eye catcher for everybody. She looks so innocent, specially her magnificent curly hair, lengthy eyelashes, slim long nose, small but chubby lips, protruding cheek bones with small dimples on her cheeks and most of all her big wide eyes.
She was so cute that anyone, male or female, that sees her, spontaneously wants to hold her cute face and kiss her. Most of the time, she’s sick just because of the evil eyes of the people. At 15 she was slim like me, but at 19 her measurements grew so astonishing that no one can help keep staring them, 35D, 26, 38, dream figure to die for with a height of 5’9” quite tall, Slight chubby thighs but slim legs and arms.
Moreover her hands and feet were even prettier, long sleek fingers and pink nails. In short she was a sex goddess…It all started when she got her first periods. We were not very close to each other especially telling our secrets and I never could have talked about my periods to her. She was at home that day, when the periods started and blood oozed out of her virgin hole, she didn’t know what really happened.
The first time she saw blood coming out of her pussy, she became morose as she thought she had caught an internal wound. She was upset the entire time and visited the toilet every 10 minutes. Astonished by her abnormal behavior, mom got curious and asked me to check if everything was fine. She didn’t tell me a bit about her problem.
I sat with her, comforted her and she sat beside me. I asked her what is wrong with her but she didn’t utter a word and stared back at me. I felt her looking into my heart as if she wanted me to ask every problem of hers but her lips couldn’t speak and I saw tear drops accumulating in her eyes and as soon as she blinked her eyes, it started flowing out of one of her eyes and started running over her cheek.
I couldn’t resist at all. My heart was about to pop out of my chest. Don’t know how but I was shocked to see myself crying as well. I hugged her tightly to my chest. I asked her that what is it that’s eating her, because she used to be so energetic, lively always and used to amused us of her silly but cute questions, but she stayed mum.
I held her face close to mine and wanted to kiss her cheek when another tear drop came out of her eyes. I don’t know what took me but as I kissed her cheek and her tear drop touched my dry lips and I found myself sucking it. She pushed me away and said “AAAAAAAAAAAPPPPIIII…..Yaaaaiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkhsssss!!!!
(Aapi is Used for elder sister)” and I said “Acha sorry baba sorry”. She said “Kitni gandi ho aap” (You are so gross!) and I smiled and hugged her again. She said “let me go” and pushed me harder that time and I released my grip too as I was little ashamed of my act. She got up and again feeling the urge to visit the washroom, stood up and at that moment I saw blood on her shalwar.
I recognized it in a jiffy and instantly her wrist was in my hand. She asked me to let her go and tried to free her hand but I gripped it even tighter this time. She was about to burst in tears once again when I said “So that’s what bothering my Princess” and pulled her upstairs. I asked her to go to the washroom and wait for me there.
I brought a pad with me to help her out and explained briefly a few things about it. Totally unaware, she was in utmost shock after listening that it’s gonna happen to her once a month with agonizing pain in the back and abdomen and as filthy as anything that will make her dull the entire time. Later that night I called her to my bed and asked her to lay her head on my lap.
I was resting my back on the bed rest and she was laying straight. For some reason she was very scared and she was not feeling comfortable due to her periods. One can clearly determine from her expressions that a flood of questions was there in her mind. I asked her and she told me that all this is very strange to her.
I was caressing her hair and she was staring at my eyes with the very same look. This time I read her mind and talked to her very gently, “I am not a very good sister, I should have been the one to tell you before time that you might face such a problem…I’m very sorry my dear…I totally failed you…” She kept silent and held my hand tightly and closed her eyes.
I kept on talking, “Guriya! I promise you that from today onwards I won’t let my baby cry for my failures. She nodded her head with her eyes still shut. I couldn’t resist the fragrance of her that was entering my nostrils. Something about her was so tempting. I don’t know what I wanted but it was something that I never experienced before. I was so much in love with my little angel.
I rubbed the back of my fingers gently on her silky soft cheeks and kept on doing it for a while. I could sense her that she liked it. I rubbed my hand on her neck, very gently; she shivered as if something hit her and opened her eyes. She was about to get up but I was completely taken by the moment and before she could move,
I reacted so quickly and hugged her such that her head was in my lap and my arms were around her waist and her face was under my belly, and then she wrapped her hand around my waist as well…That was the most precious moment I had in my life till that time. I will never forget that time. As if I were complete and she was the only asset of my world.
Then I felt that she was getting uneasy as my tummy was hindering her to breathe so I lifted my body back. We talked for the whole night. I promised to be there for her for the rest of my life. From that night onwards the sisterhood bond grew stronger. I shared everything with her. We used to talk about guys and stuff but our concepts about sex were vague as even I wasn’t aware.
We joined our beds and she used to sleep holding my hand. Every night when I closed my eyes her face was always the last thing that I used to see and always dozed off looking at her. She used to say that “AAPI how will you gonna live with your husband after your marriage”. And I used to say that “No problem sweetheart, for you I can share even my husband.
Let’s get married to the same guy” and we both used to start laughing. Days passed by and our love grew more but never thought that this love could lead to so much more that was hidden inside me and that too for my younger sister whom I love more than myself.
Things went on and I still remember very clearly that it was exactly three days before her 19th birthday that I received a call from Anum’s college that she had hurt herself. I felt as if all of a sudden I would have lost everything. I didn’t wait for the driver to come and left my home without even telling mother as she was away. Mobile phone was not there those days as common as now.
I knew where to find a cab as 2 or 3 were always present outside our cantonment gate. I rushed into one and reached her college and went directly to the college dispensary. I found Anum sitting on a bench leaning her body on her thighs. I ran towards her and called her name and after listening to my voice she lifted her face.
I was not in my senses but I gathered some courage and asked her what happened to which I came to know that she was standing next to a class mate while her friend dropped something on the ground. As her friend bent down to pick it up, Anum came forward as well and as soon as her friend got up, Anum was standing right above her head and her head hit right between Anum’s legs.
It was so painful to her that Anum was in deep agony and her tear drops and pale face was telling her situation clearly. I took her directly to a Gaenecologist. She said that it was just a minor bruise below her labia and her skin was ruptured but nothing critical and gave her a cream. She was alone with the doctor as I stood outside as till that time we were not close enough to share our private parts with each other.
All we used to do is to change in each other’s presence but warn each other while changing that don’t look back. The doctor gave her a cream to apply on the exterior part of her vagina under her labia. I took her back home. Our mother used to involve in some extracurricular activities with other ladies in the colony and held a prestigious position as the wife of a commandant and was usually away in the working hours as of that day.
So as soon as we reached home I made her lie on the sofa and prepared a meal for her while she was watching TV. After that I gave her the medicines that the doctor prescribed. It took us quite a while. Mother returned and went back to her room after listening to the entire story. After the dinner I took her to our room upstairs and I asked her to get rid of her trousers and panties.
She looked back at me with astonishment and her beautiful eyes were wide open and she declared that I’ve gone out of my mind and she is not gonna do it. It didn’t take me more than a minute to convince her to let me do it for her. I made her sit down on the bed with her legs hanging from the sides while I sat on the carpeted floor. I took off her shoes first as she couldn’t bend completely.
She was lying on her back with her legs hanging from the side of the bed from her knees. She slid off her shalwar till her knees and I got lost on seeing her white immaculate thighs. Something tickled me inside. She looked at me and found me staring at her thighs. She said…”Aapi!” and blushed and covered her face with both of her hands. I let go of her shalwar completely.
I came close to her and I embraced one thigh in each my arm and cuddled my arms around them. The moment I touched her, an electricity spark went through both of our bodies and we could sense each other’s states clearly. Both of us were feeling strange and couldn’t meet our eyes. She broke the silence by saying “sexy hoon na main buhut”…and I spontaneously kissed one of her thigh.
I felt something wet in my panties. This was the very first time I was having this feeling. I liked it and so does she. Her body language was telling every bit of her feelings. I tried to slide down her panties but as soon as I touched it, she held my hands and asked me to stop that it’s never gonna happen and she could do it herself but my wrist touched her pussy and the pain that she felt made her change the decision as I asked are you sure???
She didn’t say anything for a while and then said do it without removing my panties. I asked her that if you do’not remove it than how am I gonna apply the ointment to which she said to apply it by moving it to a side while she keeps on wearing it. I said no and it will spoil the panties. She argued but I won eventually.
She let go of her grip and I slid down her panties as she lifted her buttocks and she closed her legs tightly. She was blushing and blushing and her one hand was covering her mound and other her face. She folded her legs slightly and I couldn’t even have a glimpse of her love hole. I placed one palm on each of her thighs and tried to separate her but she was resistant.
I applied a little force and here it goes…It was the most beautiful mound I could ever imagine. It was all clean shaven as if hair was removed 2 or 3 days ago. I couldn’t view it completely as her qameez was holding back most of the light. I stared at it and she grabbed my hair and said what are you looking at? She said I know you don’t shave yours.
I was kind of shocked that how did she managed to have a clean shave without letting me know. She smiled in return. Next thing I asked to hold her qameez but to my surprise she removed it totally. She was just wearing her bra now. She said whats the use, if you have seen me naked than watch me completely naked as she doesn’t care. I can’t express what my feelings were back then.
I was shocked, excited, blushing and totally obsessed by my younger sister. I saw her like that the very first time. Oh my God! Her beautiful round firm breasts were so tender and still giving a pleasurable sight out of her skin coloured bra. She was like milky white and so fair that I don’t want to remove my eyes of her. I already saw her belly button and teased her about it that it’s prettier than mine.
And her complete hour glass figure with fleshy thighs and the sexiest legs I had ever seen. And finally I saw her pussy. It was such a delight ful sight that I can’t express it in words. Clear mound with shiny skin and no hair at all as if there weren’t any althrough and a line cutting through flesh as if it has never been touched going slightly inwards and completely covered.
I couldn’t take off my eyes of her opening for quite some time to which she said” Aapi aap k pass nai hai kia jo aisey ghoor rai ho” (Why are you staring at it as if you don’t have one). Believe me friends that It was the time when this bizarre thought came to my mind that am I the daughter of the same parents? How can she be so pretty and I’m not even close to her. It wasn’t jealousy; it was my pride that she is my blood sister.
For a moment I completely forget about her injury to which she reminded me “Aapi pehley mujhey dawa laga do takey main leit jaon phir jitna dil karey dekh lena mujhey. Paraya maal nai hun.” (To apply ointment and then I have her permission to watch her). I came back to my senses and found myself badly wet in my pussy. I enjoyed that feeling. I got up and brought the ointment.
She sat on the edge of the bed and I sat on the carpet now and still her legs were closed. I asked her to come forward so that I can gain access to it. I asked her to open up her legs and hesitantly she obliged. I couldn’t see because of insufficient light. I opened up a little more and a scream came out of her mouth…”Aram se” (Watch out).
I apologized to her and very slowly opened her legs again. I asked her to lie down completely and sat between her feet and asked her to put one leg on each side of my shoulder. It was easier for both of us. I couldn’t still see her lips down there yet because they were pressed inwards and hidden by the flesh of her pussy. What a sight it was!
I separated her legs apart very slowly and even then she had tears in her eyes due to pain. I asked her to open up her pussy lips but she failed. I touched her skin and a current passed between our bodies. We clearly sensed it. Her eyes were closed but she instantly opened them and tried to get up. We couldn’t look into each other’s eyes.
Rather I don’t want to look at anything other than her love hole. I placed my thumbs on both sides and opened it. Her skin was sticking to the bruise. She screamed lightly in pain. I couldn’t figure out what to do as to relieve her of it and in response I placed 2 of my fingers lightly on her pussy lips to pacify her. She relaxed. Then I attempted to move the lips again. This time I applied pressure very gently.
And finally here it was…, light pink small pussy lips which were all wet. I looked at her and said are you in pain or what? What is this wetness about in here? Are you turned on? And she gave me a shut up call. I asked her to keep the skin to sides by holding it and I went down to see the bruise. It was behind her left labia and her labium was still sticking to the bruise.
I touched it and separated it from the bruise to get it back to its original position but by it gave quite a lot of pain to her. She dint speak but hissed “sssssssssss” and I grew more careful. it was as skin got stretched and flesh torn off. I got down further to see it clearly.
I don’t know what came to my mind and how did this happened. I never thought that something like this can happen or I haven’t heard of it but her beauty compelled me. I brought my lips closer and was trying to place kiss on her pussy, but as soon as my lips met her pussy lips, she screamed lightly in pain and held my head from my hair,
trying to slide back her body and I had to take back my mouth from the kiss but as the pain subsides instantly she relaxed her grip and then again I brought my lips closer. We didn’t know how it happened? It was strange for both of us equally. I knew it that as she left her grip so now this was a go ahead signal or she wouldn’t have released my hair from her grip.
As I tried to Kiss back again a sudden sigh came out of her mouth as she shivered. She was younger but stronger. I couldn’t hold on to it. I let go. He dragged her bottom towards herself and the kiss broke. Both of us were speechless. Complete silence had taken over the room. I could see the question mark on her face but to which I didn’t have any answer.
All of this took not more than a few seconds since the time I first kissed. For a moment I thought “Irum! What were you doing?” but I forgot it there and then as I loved it totally. Friends I didn’t know about sex, not at all about oral sex. There was no inexpensive internet available like now and there was no literacy about sex as it was not possible for a girl like me to have magazines for such knowledge at that time.
It was just a reflex action. I was a very tidy girl and I had no attraction towards genitals, not at all towards females’ genitals, ladies can understand my point well because of our feeling during the periods. Well anyways back to the story…
Without saying a word I put my hand again on her knees and tried to apply pressure to slide them downwards. She was still but she complied and let go of her will. I grabbed both of her legs from her calves, down the knee and back side…she was so soft even there. I pulled her down. I watched her as I separated her lips again.
I wanted to see if her pain is relieved or not as I just opened it and her labia wasn’t sticking to the bruise anymore. She didn’t showed expressions of pain. I take out the ointment out of the box and was about to open when that feeling took me again and I dropped it and place my open mouth on her opening.
She tried to resist but I overruled her this time and the moment I finally placed my lips my tongue tasted her love juices. Oh my god what a burning sensation and such good tasty fluids. So smooth and soft and wet and warm….the moment I pressed my lips and licked her juice it felt as I was controlling her with a remote. She lifted it to my mouth with a sigh of joy.
I give a second lickie moving my tongue and applying pressure again. Her body moved with my tongue. She uttered “aapppiiii” with sighs and couldn’t control herself either. I started stroking her lightly with my tongue…she liked it to my surprise. I made my tongue move faster but she uttered lightly “araam se plz. Buhut dard hai”(to do it slowly because of pain).
She was starting to love it now. I could sense it from her motions with my tongue moments. Her hips were moving in rhythm with my tongue. I curled my arms around her thighs and she unfolded my hair on her body. It was arousing her more. Within a couple of moments her moments grew wilder and she was almost out of her breath. I was eating her pussy like it was the best dessert I ever had.
I still remember the exact sensation and aroma. Her pussy was so juicy and soft that my lips were gliding through her entire pussy as if there was a lubricant around my lips and her pussy juice that worked better than any oil in this world. I wanted to take all of it in my mouth and her pussy was even softer than my lips.
Scent of her pussy juices were driving me nutssss and I didn’t want to lose a drop out of her pussy, but the more I tried to catch, more it get flooded. I inserted my nose in her pussy to smell her deeper and her reactions were so intense that she grabbed my head between her legs tightly towards her pussy. I dig it for a few seconds and then took my nose out.
All my lips, face nose were soaked badly in her pussy juices and my nostrils were rich of her mild pussy fragrance that was turning me on. She was giving me sexy screams in a low voice and then she couldn’t control, her body shivered with tremors and her hips contracting and lifting to get buried in my mouth and rhythms were so fast that my tongue couldn’t keep the pace.
My tongue was getting tired but I continued and she was moving faster and faster till she let her pussy remain lifted, tightly held my tongue in it, strongly grabbed my face and pressed it on my mouth with all her strength and let her body converged to one point and had a powerful orgasm. I was like suffocating for a moment but I held my breath. I kept on licking for a few seconds more.
Then I stopped. I opened my mouth to maximum and moved my tongue all over her wet pussy and suck inwards as I wanted to lick every drop of her love juices. I gave a long wet kiss and removed my lips from her. She was all full of sweat but her body odour was killing me. I was still to cum and sex was building in me more and more.
I came over her and sat on her thighs with my legs sideways trying to rub my pussy on hers by I was all dressed up. She should have felt the wetness of my panties even over my shalwar. Her eyes were still closed. I don’t know what was she thinking? I placed my hands on her belly and started to feel her more. I ran my palms all over her stomach and start moving towards her breasts.
I knew that she wont let me touch them now. She held my hands with hers and opened her eyes. I was still rubbing my pussy over her slowly. She looked into my eyes directly with a question and I just signaled by closing my eyes and shaking my head that its okey sweetheart and she released her grip. I unhooked her bra and revealed the most beautiful part of her body.
Her milky white assets…her boobs were firm and stiff. Her nipples were erect and were small and lightest brown with pinky shades pointing straight at me n small areolas in the centres. I placed my palms on each of her breast and held her breasts in both of my hands with her nipples crushing under my palms. What a sensation it was…. As soon as I grabbed them, I felt a jerk against my pussy.
My palms were warm but her boobs were warmer and they were smooth like cheese and soft like it were made of cotton and firm as airbags. Couldn’t cupped even half in each palm. They were so soft and firm. I started to slightly squeeze them. She closed her eyes as she was enjoying it. I pressed slightly more and more and my pussy was still rubbing hers.
If you ask me I just wanted to rub my naked pussy on hers, but as I was elder I didn’t have the courtesy to get naked myself. I was pressing her boobs and desires were building in my own body. I started to press harder…and harder and instead of pain her moans started to increase. Her pussy started answering my pussy rubbings.
I wanted more and her melons captivated me towards them and as if my mouth was starving for them. I opened my mouth wider grabbed her left boob in my palm and ran my tongue over her truly erect nipple. It felt like the best chocolate I ever had. Her pussy crashed against mine, she grabbed me with my hair thrusting wildly and my pussy was responding equally.
I sucked and sucked and pressed and sucked more, shifted my mouth to the right one and again felt a jolt against my pussy. I knew she was cumming again. I dint relax my mouth sucked her tits more and also kept the pace of my pussy rubbings. Her grip tightened and so did my pussy. I rubbed my pussy with hers, squeezed her tits more and sucked and chewed her nipples a little ferociously now.
Our moments grew faster, our breaths became heavier and our bodies thrusting wildly. I pressed her boobs so hard and her body thrusted and she was the one who cumed first and instantly after her my body started converging. Desires bursting, yet not satiated, I hit harder, pressed tighter, sucked her tit more madly and I was almost about to cum when I forget where I was and started screaming
……eennnnnyaaaaaaah ennnyaaaaaah enyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh n I found myself cumming….oh I cant describe the feelings how I cummed but I was as if I was being electrocuted with pleasure and flapping like a fish out of water. That few seconds interval felt like the world stood still. I forgot everything about the world, as I was literally in the seventh heaven.
I was breathless and my body exhausted. I shifted my entire body on hers and hugged her naked body tightly. Both of us were out of breath. I held my sweet angel in my arms and stretched my legs and shifted my body towards right side while hugging her. I didn’t have the courage to look into her eyes, instead I closed my eyes and pressed her body against mine such that my hand was on her hip and my leg was between her legs touching her still wet pussy.
I tried to kiss her but she resisted. She told me later that it was because my mouth was in her pussy some time ago. She didn’t let me kiss on her lips and I kissed her cheeks instead. I closed my eyes and lay there silently. Both of us were tired, our breaths took some time getting back to normal and by the time it became normal, she dozed off…It might be the effect of pain killers or something that she slept so quickly.
I was long from asleep. A million thoughts were there in my mind, that what have I done, what if our future husbands found out, what if our virginity has broken…and there were so many questions and I couldn’t ask anyone about them. I stayed awake for a long time with all these thoughts when finally I also went into the valley of deep sleep.
I didn’t know what time I wake up but we were asleep cuddling each other. I woke up when she was trying to get free from my hug. I held her tighter. She hugged me and she slept again. After that I couldn’t sleep and thoughts were again hitting my mind. Was I a lesbian? Was it ethical what I had done with my sister? what if mama founds out?
What if she told anyone that Aapi took advantage of her misery? What if when she wakes up she would be the one quarreling that I tried to rape her…? What if my little angel never talked to me again? I would have died if it happened…tears came into my eyes and I wept and wept for atleast a couple of hours and was sobbing. It was my voice that woke her up.
She was still hugging me. She got worried and got up instantly. Ohhhh my little angel!…even after waking up from sleep she was looking like a fairy…hair scattered, face swollen and blood frozen on cheeks on the side which was on my arm…she was so damn beautiful. I forgot what was I crying about? She inquired me that whats eating me? Why am I crying?
I kept mum…she was still stark naked… she looked for something to cover herself but couldn’t find the sheet and left the thought as I was still crying. All that I could utter was “I am sorry guriya” and bursted again weeping wildly.
She pacified me, and gave an entire speech that everything is Ok and nothing to be sorry about and she liked everything that happened and when she returned the question that didn’t I? to which I nodded affirmatively. She hugged me tightly and brought me water. It was a relief that she wasn’t angry from me. I lied down and she brought the blanket. She didn’t bother to wear any clothes.
She giggled and asked me that what if mother came up or what if she had heard us and what if she found out how we were sleeping as she was without a string on her body. Instead I ask her to bolt the door n that I am not gonna let her get dressed now and gave a smile. She looked at me with slight anger but I didn’t lose my grip and hugged her tighter. Her silky back was softer and smoother than butter.
I looked towards her and was still in crying mode just about to cry when she placed her hand on my neck and brought her mouth on mine. I welcomed it spontaneously. She kissed me on my lips, I kissed back…I pressed my head tighter and opened my mouth as her tongue hit my lips. I sucked her tongue and we exchanged salivas. She was sweet like honey.
We were open mouthed French kissing and that too passionately. I held her tighter and we kissed for about two minutes when I draw my face back…she lifted her head and said…why are you still wearing your clothes… to my utter surprise I looked back at her with a little anger and there was a question mark on her face…
I said shut up but she started to giggle…she was an adamant child…she had lots of ways to appease others of what she wants…but I hugged her tightly and didn’t want to keep her away from my heart for a moment. She called me a cheat n bla bla but I wan’t in a mood to answer anymore. I was dead tired but kept fighting my conscience.
I couldn’t figure my sweety doing the same to me that time. As soon as she stopped her blabbering she went into deep sleep and I followed her instantly…and we literally slept like kids for hours…:)

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