Last Summers

Have been reading stories here for ages now and loved them. Here would like to share my real story, with a bit of modification and name change. Hope you all read and like it. It’s a one off incidence that will for ever be itched in my memory. Would love to hear your comments. 9i wont bother you guys abt who and what i am)
Well me and my friends all married and with young ones had planned to go out for a small vacations to a hill station say nainital. Everyone was very excited and gay as it was a much need vacation after a long time for all of us. all together we were 4 couples. so we took two taxis to from lal kuan to reach nainital.
It so happened one my wife was in another car and i was in another with a couple and wife and couple of moths old daughter of my friend who was in another car.
We reached to r hotel b4 the other car and checked in but most of the luggage was in another car.
When they did not reached hotel even after few mins we checked to find out about there where abouts and came to know that they were stranded in between as there was a landslide and can only reach here after at least 4-5 hrs..
Neeru (my friends wife) and me checked in adjacent room and the other cpl took another room.
I had known Neeru b4 marriage as we were class mates and friends as well…
She went to her room and to mine and the rooms were joined thru a door in between. after a while i heard the baby crying loudly and knocked to check if all was well.

Neeru asked to come on in and told me that his food is with luggage in another car and he is hungry.
I casually asked her don’t u feed him.. to which she replied that he doesn’t suck it properly and leaves a lot of milk and without the pump it starts to leak.
Since there was no option she decided to feed her and when i got up to go she said that could wait here. so she just turned around with her back towards me and opened her top buttons and started to fed the baby.. and in no time the cries were quiet and he fell asleep.
Neeru placed the kid on the bed closed her top and turned around.. only for me to find her face absolutely red and the front of her top soiled with milk and could make out that it was still dripping.. hey neeru u ok.. y u so red…
She said it happens always whenever the baby sucks milks she gets very excited and her face gets red and she starts to leak the remaining milk and if the milk is not pumped out all her clothes get soiled..
I asked her if I could be of ne help… she said only if I can suck the remaining milk to ease her agony and help her clothes from being soiled as the fresh clothes r in another car.
neeru how can i do that, i would love to help u but will it be right…
Though i was very excited by the thought of sucking the milk, as i love boobs and milk ne ways… and that too neeru the queen of my fantasies since our growing up days,
There was no way i could have said no to such a tempting offer and no way could have said no to neeru…
So on her insistence i agreed to help her…and went to the bed where she was sitting. as i reached the bed she switched off the lites and in the dim light of the room i could see her unbuttoning her shirt…
As she opened the button of her shirt i could see her big heavy boobs hanging and dark nipples which were erect.. Seeing the erect nipples and heavy boobs filled with milk only added to my excitement. i was just waiting for the moment when i could take those big juicy melons in my mouth and suck them to my hearts contentment..
I was getting a bit anxious as well.. as i had never seen ne other female in this state apart from my wife.. Though had a number of times fantasized about these.
neeru sat on the bed and motioned me to sit besides her.. as i sat besides her staring at her boobs she requested me to start sucking
My breathing was getting heavier…
I sat next to her and slowly took her right boob in my hand and held it gently.. it was warm, heavy and soft. As I touched her boob neeru closed her eyes and a warm current ran down my spine giving the shock to my dick.
Slowly yet firmly I held and felt her boobs and rubbed it and squeezed it gently as I squeezed it the milk oozed out and seeing the milk oozing made me excited instantly. I slowly bent down and liked the oozing milk of her nipple just licking it and flicking her nipple. The warmth of her fresh milk and the sweetness started having its effect on me. Her eyes were closed could feel her heart beat and feel the chest moving up and down. I started to squeeze her boob ever so gently and licking and drinking the milk oozing out. While I was squeezing the right boob and licking the milk oozing out I felt drops of milk falling from her left boob as well. Her milk was so delicious and I didn’t want to waste a single drop so I moved my attention from right to left boob. Gradually squeezing it gently and licking it and flicking the nipple with my tongue.
As I was concentrating on her milk filled boobs I felt I could hear muffled moans.. I knew she was enjoying it and was in seventh heaven. I started to pay more attention on her boob and took the entire left boob in my mouth and started sucking it and flicking her nipples with my tongue. And my other hand slowly moved to her right boob and started to caress it and play with nipple and rub it and pinch it.
Her hand slowly moved on to my head her finger in between my hairs…
She started to gently caress my head with her long slender fingers.. and using her long nails to good effect.. while sucking her boob I tried to look at her face from the corner of my eyes, and I saw her eyes tightly shut, her breathing heavy and lips apart and soft moaning sounds escaping her beautiful sexy lips.
Looking at her in this state and her boobs in my mouth and in my hands feeling the soft warm flesh was making me horny. Controlling myself and my desires was becoming difficult by the seconds.
But I knew the thin line where I was at the moment no matter how much I wanted to go ahead but I didn’t wanted to go overboard and spoil our relation.
I therefore let nature take its course of action. Concentrating on the work in hand. That was sucking and squeezing the milk filled boobs and playing with nipples which I so much love.
I was alternating my sucking and squeezing from one boob to another and enjoying the fresh, sweet and warm milk. I though I had drank quite a lot but there seemed plenty. No wonder she was in this state after the baby had drank the milk.
I don’t know what got into me and I started to bite the nipple from my lips and pinch the other one at the same time. And this made her moan loudly and her hand on my head was getting stronger and was kind of digging her nails in my scalp.
Then all of a sudden I realized her other hand moving slowly yet assuredly on my leg and creeping closely towards my dick which was already rock hard by now and making a tent in my lower..
I could feel sum kind of sensations and currents running all over my body.. it was a kind of feeling which I had never ever experienced before in my life not even the first time I had sex. It was so different, it was so strong, it was so exciting. Don’t have words to explain the feelings at that moment.
Slowly I felt her soft hand caress and touch the tip of my erect dick very gently, as her hand touched the tip of my dick, it felt as all the blood of my body had rushed to my dick leaving me helpless.
She hesitantly yet assuredly held it in her soft warm hands from over my lower. (all this while I was not able to think of ne thing but continued to suck and squeeze her boobs). And her moans changed into moans got louder and hornier… ooooo aaaaaaaa wwwwww aa a aa a a aaaaaa yyyyayyaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooooo.
Slowly her grip got firmer and the motion of her hand became stronger. I did not realized but my hands as in some kind of hypnotic state reached her love valley and touched it from over her lower…
I could feel her lower was already wet and a lot of heat was oozing out form here. As I touched her pussy, she closed her eyes tightly and squeezed my penis hard and I could at the same time feel that a lot of warm liquid oozed out form there which made her lower wetter.
I could feel her breathing getting very heavy she was kind of panting. For the first time I took some initiative and brought my lips close to hers. Just waiting there for few seconds to gauge her reaction I was feeling her warm breath on my face and when she didn’t open her eyes or moved back I placed a soft gentle kiss on her lips… uuuummmmm aaaaaaa wwwwwoooooooowww… her lips were so soft and they tasted like strawberry (which suggested that she used flavored lippers). Slowly I felt her lips moving apart and I took
her lower lip within my lips and started to kiss it and suck on it.
All this while her hand on my dick and my hands on her pussy and boobs. Her nipples were erect as a pencil eraser. Which with my constant rubbing, squeezing and pinching had become bright red and very sensitive to touch.
As i was touching those red sensitive nipples of her a kind of current was running in her body and her pussy was secreting juices which were only making her lower wetter. as if she had peed. but i was enjoying making her wet and horny. Her milky boobs were only adding and giving me pleasure.
The strawberry of her lips was making my mouth water and wanting more.
As her hand was playing with my dick. i just pushed my tongue inside her mouth. and started to explore the entire inside. Licking the inside of her mouth her tongue. as my tongue touched with her tongue.. Her entire body tensed and the tongues just kind of started licking and sucking.
Our breathing was getting heavier. Her boobs were rising and falling with every breath.
I could tell she was itching for me to get inside her. She was waiting for the moment to touch my bare dick. But wasn’t able to gather the courage to go that far.
Even after coming this far she was feeling and thinking how to go on. i could sense her anxiety and didn’t wanted to let this moment go.
So i …………
Just slowly crept my hand inside her lower and into her panty and for the first time touched her wet pussy…. oooooo mmmmyy god it was so dam wet had never touched a pussy so wet and so hot.. I was sure it could have burnt ne thing. and as y hand was moving there i could feel more and more hot and warm liquid squirting out of it.
I could feel her breath choking for a moment her eyes closed tightly and her hand tightened its grip on my dick as well.
As my hand was inching close to the spot i could feel her mouth even getting wetter with saliva and her tongue was going wild. With her free hand she was digging her nails in my back. It was giving me some electric shocks..
oooo boy whats this i found her clitoris i just touched the small bud which was erect and hard and very slippers…
i just took it in between my fingers and just kind of gently squeezed it..
ooooo aaaaa were the sounds escaping her mouth..
With my other hand i lowered her lower and panty which was completely wet by now and now she was absolutely naked in front of me.
Still not ready to open her eyes.. but with closed eyes saying me not to stop and to fuck her..
Neeru: i have not been fucked since i conceived my pussy is dying to be touched and it needs your hard member please put it in.. Please i beg u i will do ne thing just give it to me.
I want it i need it please give it to me..
As she was saying this i inserted my middle finger in her pussy which so well lubricated that i dint need ne more assistance and it slipped in…
It went all the way in i slowly started to squirm my finger and move it around and the only noises that i could here were ooo ahahah oooooo eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I took my finger out and as i did that for the forts time she opened her eyes and asked me not to tease her like that… i aid honey don’t worry u will get heat u want and asked her to lie on the bed and spread her legs… and wait for me…
I quickly took a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil bottle lying on the table next to the bed. neeru asked me what i had in mind???
Asked her to be quite and just enjoy….
I took some oil in my palms and just rubbed both my palms with oil on them and then put my hand on her waist. Sowly started to rub it.. From waist upwards at the side reaching to the boob and just from under it rubbed my hand and moved to till in between her boobs and all the way down to her waist. then i took the bottle again and poured some oil on her navel and all over her stomach and some drops on her boobs and nipples. and kept the bottle away.. Lets the drops of oil to just role over her body and them i started messaging her body with my warm and oiled hands concentrating on her navel just lingering my finger in there. Before i moved on to her boobs.
I had them completely covered with my hands.. Moved my hands in circular and anti circular movements with my finger and thumb. Rubbing her nipple in between my finger and rolling it in between.
As i was messaging her boobs i could c her eyes closed and moaning sounds escaping her closed lips and her hand moving on her pussy. Started rubbing her self. i moved down to her legs and started oiling it from her waist to her toes her thighs to her calf’s. all the time avoiding her pussy and hand.
Then i could feel her inserting her finger in her pussy and fingering herself as her moaning sounds increased…
At this point i sat across her legs…… and took her hand off her pussy only to find it dripping wet..
As i took her hand out of her pussy it automatically went to her boobs and started squeezing it and playing with her nipples’..
i took my hand and just scooped off the wetness off and licked it from my fingers ummmmmmm
Then i just bent down on her pussy and….. smelled it ummm ahahh what a sexy smell i exclaimed… and then kissed it…..
I then started to pour some oil just over her pussy drop by drop allover her pussy and with one hand i spread her pussy lips to ensure the drops fall on her pussy and clit.. As the drops fell i could feel her just trying to squirm under me.
Then i took my hand and placed it over her mound and with my thumb started to rub her clitoris and moving it in circular motion. and the small bud there started to peek out of the covering like a small red bud.. Which i took in between my finger and just rub it only to her moan loudly AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
I just started to rub my finger all along the pussy lips and concentrating every now and then on her clitoris.. Which she was enjoying and making her horny and the oil on her pussy along with her justices had made the area very slippery and smooth as silk..
i was just playing with her opening of the pussy and at no time trying to go in… just rubbing over the hole only to hear her moan loudly every time I did that..
SO neeru u getting what u wanted….????
Neeru: ohhh yyyeyeeeeeessssss haven’t felt that way ever… keep it going plss don’t stop. I need u… my body needs u… pls take me..
On hearing these words of encouragement from neeru I once again took my hands on her boobs and bend down with my face on her pussy. Just pushed my face on her wet and leaking pussy. And started to lick it using my tongue in long strokes from top to bottom. And lapping all her juices which were kind of sweet. And then took her clitoris in between my lips and sucked on it..(as I did so I can hear her moan loudly and her hands on my head and pressing me hard on her pussy).
As I was licking her pussy and squeezing her boobs I could feel her excitement level rising every second. Her vaginal muscles were contracting every second and her breathing getting heavier.
As I tried to remove my face from her pussy but she pushed it back on it again. And this time I just inserted the tip of my tongue in the pussy and just started to move it in circular motion and in and out… the all of a sudden I could feel her body getting stiff and her moan turning into her scream and then with a bang she come .. and the juices just started running out which I started lapping it up.
After Cuming she wanted me to leave her sensitive pussy and stand up. But now I was in no mood to leave her. So started sucking her and licking her pussy with her hands trying to get me off her and to get my hands off her boobs and nipples as well.
But I was determined to make her come once again this very instant. And made my tongue in a round manner and pushed my tongue in her pussy….
Ummmmmmm a a a a a aaaaaa oooooooooo e e e e e ee e e ee e Was all I can hear….
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