I am living on rent in a house where my landlord lives in ground floor and I am having one room and kitchen on first floor. They have one daughter. Her name is Riya. She is of my age only. She looks beautiful, hot and sexy. Fair, gorgeous, frank, outspoken, maintained and 36-28-36{She knocked at the door. I opened the door.}Me: Hi Riya, How r u?Riya: I m fine. Can u plz come downstairs?Me: Ok, but what happened?Riya: First u come down.{I went down with her. There was a silence in the house.}Me: Where are uncle and aunt?Riya: They r out of town.Me: Ok. So what’s the matter?Riya: My computer is not working properly, it’s very slow. Can u plz have a look?Me: Ok.{After investigating I found that it is infested by viruses and many system files get corrupted.}Me: We have to format. That’s the only feasible option.Riya: Ok. I have Windows CD. I’ll get it.{She came with CD and bent towards me to give it. And I got a cleavage show from her low necked and tight T-shirt. Her big boobs were trying to pop out. Wowww, it was amazing. I was gazing at them. She caught me and corrected herself.}Me: Today u r looking very beautiful.{She smiled.}Riya: Thanks…. Well format it fast… I’ll get a cup of coffee for u and something to eat…{After few minutes she brings coffee and cookies. And came and just sat near to me on the handle of my chair itself. She was wearing mini-skirt. And her bare thighs were just in front of my eyes. She had put a lovely perfume. I was just smelling that and staring at her thighs. She noticed. She tried to hide it from her skirt. Although she can’t cover it too much, because it was mini-skirt. I changed my direction and looked at computer for the progress of formatting.}Riya: How’s the coffee?Me: Great!!! You make great coffee…{She leaned towards monitor. And again I got to see her cleavage. Man, I can’t resist looking at her and it was turning me on. She looked at me and noticed me seeing her breast.}Riya: What r u looking at? {In an angry tone.}Me: Umm, nothing… {I got feared by her reaction. So changed the topic.}Me: So how’s your college going on?Riya: It’s good. Lectures and practicals. Exams in next month.{She put her hand on my thigh and was making it back and forth. And was talking about her college stuff. Oh my god, that gentle touch that really turned me on. And in addition to that, every now and then her cleavage. But I was constantly looking at her assets. She leans towards my right hand side to pick up a pen. Oh my god that time I had an extreme view of her boobs. I smelled her hair too. It was very hard to control myself.}Riya: What were you doing in your room when I came in?{And the pen from her hands has fallen between the areas between my legs on the chair. She extended her hand there to pick the pen and touched my pants, indirectly penis. As she bends down, instantly I saw her big boobs again and got turned on and suddenly there was a bulge in my pant. My penis got erected. She noticed it. I shivered. She smiled at me. I was confused. She picked the empty coffee mug, and laughed and went to kitchen. I was embarrassed.}{She came again with gaajar halwa. And this time her hairs were open. I think she was also playing with me.}Riya: Taste this. I made it. Tell me how it is?Me: It’s sweet like u. And it looks beautiful like u. And also it’s very hot.Riya: Like me? {Smiling…}Me: Totally. {Smiling}Riya: What else does u feel about gaajar halwa, or indirectly about me?Me: I want it hotter. And when I put it near my lips, I just want it to remain there only and want to feel its warmness and then eat it. I hope u got it. {Smiled…}Riya: Ya, exactly what u mean…{She gets up from sofa and again came near to chair. Sat on the handle of chair. This time she was very close to me.}Riya: Ok then let me feed you halwa.{She grabbed the spoon and took gaajar halwa in it. And put closer to my lips. Meanwhile I closed my eyes. And she let that spoon remained there only. Oh God, it was very hot, my lips burnt. She started laughing.}Riya: That’s the way u wanted???? Hahaha….Me: What the fuck was that? {Totally angry upon her…}Riya: I did what u told….Me: I didn’t mean that way..Riya: Then in what way?Me: Umm… in another way….Riya: Would u explain me that? {Teasing me…}Me: Nothing, let it go. Your computer’s formatting is 50% done.{I was very upset. She brings her mouth near me. I can feel her breathe. She can feel mine too.}Riya: Do u like me?Me: Yes….{She came more closer. Now it was she who was in front of me not the computer. Now she was sitting on my thighs. I put my lips onto hers. And started kissing. It was very soft and wet. She was responding equally. Slowly it was getting intense like in movies. Then I touched her tongue with mine. I was playing with it. She was too. We started kissing tongues. That was totally arousing me up and her too. We kissed for 15 minutes. }Riya: It was fabulous. You are damn good kisser. How u learnt that?Me: Practice… {Smiled and winked.}{We both got aroused now. I started kissing her neck, and behind the ears. The lovely smell of perfume, which she might have put behind the ears, was making me mad. She kept her eyes closed. It was now her turn. She kissed my neck and bites my ear. Man, that was seductive. I slowly went to her deep neck and was kissing there. Both of us were rubbing our hands on the back of each other. It was a kind of gentle massage and also helping in arousing us. I took off her T-shirt. I was like in heaven. She had worn white bra with thin strips. She got big round boobs. She was looking fabulous. I started kissing her neck, shoulders and armpits. Armpits were fully shaven and fair. She might be using that dove armpit cleaner. But still the smell of sweat was there. And I like that smell. It was getting me turned on.}Riya: Ummmm…. Hmmm…{I went deep into neck inside the cleavage to feel the warmth. Kissed there. I was gently pressing my hands over the bras, indirectly boobs. Her boobs were firm and fluffy and big. Now she started unbuttoning my shirt. Then my vest. Now I was bare in front of her on upper half. Since I was going to gym, so I was having my chest and biceps in good shape, not though too much muscular, but still good shape. She started kissing everywhere. Wow that was great. She kissed my neck then behind ears , then my armpits. She was also taking smell of it. My armpits were not shaven. But she liked it. She came to my chest , kissed it. Then went to my nipples. Touched it and kissed it. Bite it.}Me: Ahhh…. {Smiled.}{Then she went down to my abs. Well they were not six packs but still there was a little pattern. I felt damn lovely.}{I put my arms on her back. The back strap of bra was lovely. It touched it. Then I tried to unhook it. But she stopped me. I was confused.}Riya: First , go down and unbutton my mini-skirt.Me: No, I want to remove your bra.Riya: Please do what I say. I have surprise for u.{I lifted her up in my shoulders and laid her on long sofa. Unbuttoned her mini-skirt. Wow… She now in white panty. It was lovely. I put my hands on panty and caress her. Then I rubbed on panty on vagina lining. She moaned.}Riya: Ahhhh…. Ummmmm…… Don’t open the panty.{I kissed her thighs and panty lining. She was moaning. I licked that part. It was clean and shaved or may be she used Veet to make it smooth. Then I went to legs and kissed every where and then ankles. Then I kissed her toes , fingers and bottom of her foot. She was enjoying. She was moaning.}Riya: Please stop it. I am aroused.{She got up from sofa. Took her clothes. I was confused about what’s going on.}Me: What happened? Why you got up.Riya: Just wait here. I have surprise for u.Me: I don’t want surprises. Please stay here. I want to make love. I can’t wait.Riya: Wait darling. Have patience. I’ll be back in 5 minutes.{She went towards her room. I followed her.}Me: Wow…. U got nice big ass.{She smiled at me. But then she slammed the door on me.}Me: Open it up. Please. Don’t tease like this.Riya: HaHa… Wait sweetheart. Just few minutes.{I went to back to living room. I was sitting there half naked. Trying to calm down my hard and erect penis. But no use. Hard to control. She waited me for 15 minutes. Now it was too much. I banged the door of her room.}Me: come on… Riya…. I m waiting.Riya: Coming, baby….{ I was again in living room. Sitting on the couch. Thinking of her and her surprise. Another 10 minutes passed away. I was frustrated.}{Then she appears to the entrance of living room. She was standing there. Leaning near the wall. She called me.}Riya: Honey, here’s your surprise.{I was dumbstruck. My mouth was wide opened. I felt like I was dreaming. She was in bikini. That too was very tiny. Her hair was open. There was a fragrance of her perfume in whole room. She looks hot hot and hot…. Oh my god. Her upper part of bikini was very small , was just covering her nipples and her boobs were bulging out and dying to come out. Bra strap was just a line and that too nearly transparent. And her lower part of bikini, or panty u can say, was just covering her vagina. It was also small. There were two knots on both the sides of waist which were holding the panty. If u open them , panty is down. Then she turned around. Man. That was awesome. Her bare back with with just two knots, one on back part of neck, another one on her back. Those were holding her bra. And then comes the heaven. Her bare big ass without any covering. Just a thin strip of bikini and small back cloth of bikini on lower back waist. I have to say it’s awesome bikini I have ever seen.}Me: It’s damn hot surprise. Its making me arouse.Riya: You liked it?Me: Absolutely, Only a foolish will not like it.{My dick was rock hard and fully erect. There was bulge in my pants. She saw it and started laughing. I had a pre cum. }Riya: Wanna see striptease dance?Me: Yes {excited.}{Although she has already stripped as she was in bikini. But still I want to see her sexy dance. She started it. She started moving her lower waist. Her big ass. Then went to upper body part. Then boobs. Oh my God, it was like I am in heaven. She was doing very very sexy moves. My dick was getting harder and harder. It was hard to control it. But she didn’t remove her bikini bra and panty. Because she wanted me to remove them. Something should be left for me also to do. Haha. Finally the dance ends.}Riya: How was it?Me: Superb, from where you learnt it?Riya: Internet. {Laughs.}Me: I want to fuck you now. Please don’t test my patience any more.Riya: You have to tell your dick to wait a little more.Me: No….. {Totally disappointed. Frustrated.}Me: It’s hard to control.Riya: Hahaha… You have to catch me. That’s your task.Me: No way.Riya: Come honey. Get me.{And she started running to another room then kitchen and then dining room. But I managed to caught her. While running her boobs and ass were bouncing. Finally I lifted her into my arms. Kissed her lips. Took her to her room. There was a nice bed with lovely mattress and bedsheet. It was so tidy and clean. It was full of fragrance.}Me: Today your room gonna be most dirty with our cum.Riya: Go ahead charming. Don’t worry about the room.{ I laid her onto the bed. She was lying on her back. I stared at her.}Me: Now no one can save you from me.Riya: Go ahead, horny.{ I made her sat up on the bed. We kissed. I pressed her bra and boobs beneath it. Kissed everywhere.}Riya: Stop taking pain. Open it up , honey.{ I opened her bra strap from her back and neck. I felt my hands on her bare back. Her back was lovely and smooth. I kissed her neck. Then I one by one removed both the shoulder’s strap of her bra. And now her boobs were naked in front of me. Wow…. Such a lovely view. My mouth was wide open. She shuts my mouth. Smiled at me. I put my hands on them. They were big, round. I pressed them gently. They were firm and fluffy. I put my both the hands below the boobs and hold them. My dick was erect. There was arousal in my pants. I asked her to see that. She smiled. I started pressing her boobs with my both hands. I started licking them. She got aroused. I touched her nipples. They were erect and aroused. She was moaning.}Riya: Ummmm…. Ahhhhh……. Wow…. You do it very good.Me: I know. I am expert. {Smiled.}{I was busy licking her boobs, Her nipples. I was pressing it. I was playing with it. I was so aroused. And also she was moaning. Gradually I got intense. I started biting her nipples. I think it hurts her.}Riya: Ouchhh…. Slowly. Gently. They are not going anywhere. {In anger.}{I started again. Licking and biting. Pressing.}Riya: Ahhhh…. Ufffff…. Ummmmm…….. Wow……….. Aaaaaahhhhhhh……. Ohhhhhhhh…..{Her hands were on my head and she was pressing my head more into her boobs. She was moaning like anything. I licked, kissed, pressed and bite her boobs for 20 minutes. I was not able to leave it. I was mad at those. Now she tried to put off my head and mouth out of there. But I was opposing. I was totally sticked to the boobs. Finally she lifted my head off, forcefully.}Riya: Enough of this. There are other things too. Now please go down. {Smiling}Me: No, I liked it. Few more minutes.Riya: No… No…. No…. You had too much fun with my boobs, now go down.{I went down by kissing her stomach. It was very smooth. I think she had waxed each and every part of body. Wow… Then I kissed her navel. She shivered. I liked that. }{I brought some strawberry shake from fridge and started pouring on her navel slowly slowly. Then I started licking it. She was going mad. It was very smooth.}Riya: Ahhh… Ummmmm… Wowww……{After this ended, then I move downwards towards panty. I kissed it. And started moving my hands all over the thighs and inner thigh area. Her inner thigh area was totally shaven and smooth. Then I was about to open the two side knots of panty. She suddenly stopped it.}Riya: Wait…. First I want to taste your dick and you cum. I want to give you a blow job.Me: Woww…. Of course. Sure…{She sat up. I was standing on the floor. There was a bulge on my pant. She started laughing after seeing it. It looks like a mountain. Haha. She opens the zip of my pants and then my boxers. And here comes my dick. She was surprised. Her mouth was wide open after seeing my 8′ inches long dick. Now it was my turn to close her mouth. Hahaha… She was staring at it with her eyes wide open. She touched it. Kissed it. There was drop of pre-cum. She licked it. She was feeling it by hands. She touched the balls.}{She went to the almirah and brought the condom packet. There were many flavours.}Me: You keep male condoms? {surprised.}Riya: I was planning for this day since long back.Me: Man…{smiling.} Which flavor do you like?Riya: Strawberry, Paan and chocolate flavor.{she took out one condom with paan flavor and put it on my dick. She started kissing my dick. Then she put my dick in her mouth. And here starts my blowjob. Her lovely hands and tongue. I was getting high and high. It was the best time I was experiencing. She was swallowing it gently. And she was giving a very good bowjob.}Me: Ahhh…. Hmmmm… Ohhhh…….. Wowwwwwww……. Superb.{After licking my dick for some while, the she stopped. She removed the condom. She got up and then went to kitchen. She brought melted chocolate paste. She started pouring slowly on my dick and it was flowing to the balls. She was licking each and every drop. I was totally enjoying it. I was on cloud nine. She was expert in licking.}Me: Ahhh…. Hmmmm… Ohhhh…….. Wowwwwwww……. Superb. Babe u r expert.{ All the chocolate paste was finished now. There was chocolate spread at all over her mouth. I brought her up. I kissed her lips and licked the remaining chocolate.}Riya: It’s not finished till yet.Me: What’s remaining?Riya: The actual blowjob, where my mouth is totally drenched with your cum.Me: For that u have to work hard on licking. Because I’m not gonna cum so soon.Riya: Don’t u worry about that. I am very good at this. Be prepare. Take your time. I’m gonna do it.{We were again in the same position now. She started kissing all over dick and balls. Swallowing it. Licking it. She was engulfing my whole dick. She keeps moving my dick in and out her mouth. She puts her saliva all over my dick and balls. Spitting on it. Licked it. It was getting dirtier and more interesting. I was moaning also. I was totally aroused. It’s hard to control. I was also controlling it and making it difficult to complete it for her. I had still yet not cum. She increased the pace of licking and was giving very extreme blowjob. I was enjoying it.}Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Hmmmmmmmmm…… Come on baby…. Show your talent.{After 15 minutes of rigorous blowjob. I was finally near to cum.}Me: Riya, I am coming. U won. Shall I cum inside you?Riya: I would love to swallow all that. I want to taste it. Please cum inside my mouth.{Finally, I came… Loads of hot cum was inside her mouth. She was swallowing all of it. She don’t want to waste even a drop…. She was enjoying it.}Me: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh………. Aaaaahhhhhhh….Riya: Thanks…. Thanks a lot…. I really enjoyed it.Me: U r superb at giving blowjob. I won’t forget it in my whole life time. How does it taste?Riya: Very tasty. Salty. Very very tasty.{I was exhausted. She licked all over my dick and balls. Cleaned it. Then we kissed each other passionately. Then we sat for few minutes. We ate fruits. Then we again came to bedroom.}{I took her to bed. We kissed. We again got aroused. I licked her boobs. Then I went down and opened the two knots of her panty. Wow…….. I saw her clean shaven vagina. It was wet. I was totally flat on her. I kissed her pussy. I opened the lips of pussy. She was virgin. I put my finger in her pussy. I was making my finger in and out of pussy. Gradually I increased my speed. I was playing with her pussy. She was moaning.}Riya: Aaaaahhhhhhh…….. Uhhhhhhhh…….. Hmmmmmmmmm…{ Then I started licking pussy and put my tongue deep inside the pussy. I was increasing my speed and here she was moaning loudly. I really like her moaning very much. It arouses me also. I was fully enjoying it. Then I brought grapes juice from fridge. I pour the juice slowly on her pussy. And again started licking her pussy. Her moaning was getting louder.}Riya: Aaaaahhhhhhh…….. Uhhhhhhhh…….. Hmmmmmmmmm… Oh my god..{I finished all grapes juice. Now I increased my speed of licking making it intense. I was pressing her boobs also. She was biting her lips. Her hands were on my head. She was inserting my head deeper in her pussy. She was totally enjoying it. Therefore in a few minutes, she was totally at her high. She was fully aroused. Moaning like anything.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh….. yes…. I am about to cum……Me: Come in baby…. I ready to drink it….. I like the taste……Riya: I m comingggggggggggg………. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………{Finally she cum in my mouth. I drank all her juices. She was exhausted. I really enjoyed it.}Riya: We have to shave your genital area. It’s full of hair.Me: I want u to shave it for me.Riya: Woww…. I’ll get a razor and shaving cream.{She shaved my whole genital area. I was enjoying it. Meanwhile she was shaving my dick was full aroused. It was hard rock. She shaved very gently. To remove hair on my balls she used Veet, as razor would be dangerous on that part. After some time I was fully shaven by my girlfriend. She cleaned it. It looks awesome.Riya: Now it looks perfect. {Smiling}{Few minutes later, I took her to bed and I again inserted my finger in her pussy. And also started licking her pussy.Riya: Aaaah Uhhhh Hmmmmmmmm…..{In few minutes my pace was increased. She as moaning like hell…… She was about to cum again.}Riya: This time u insert your cock. Please….. It’s unbearable now….. Please….Riya: Have u wore condom?Me: No……Riya: Then wear it dude….. {she yelled.} I don’t want to take risk.Me: Which one would u like me to wear….?Riya: Strawberry flavor. {Smiling.}{I put on the condom on my dick. I put my cock on her lips of vagina. I pressed my cock a few centimeters and she screamed little.}Riya: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh……Me: What…. I just pressed…. I didn’t even inserted. {Laughs….}Riya: Please do gently. I hurts.Me: Don’t worry…. It will hurt. It’s your first time.{I again put the dick on her pussy. It was slippery. Because her pussy was wet. Somehow I adjusted the position. I pressed a little bit. Again she screams.}Me: Come on….. {I yelled.} I have not even inserted.Riya: It will hurt.Me: Ofcourse it will hurt. But after that u will enjoy. So don’t worry. I’m here.Riya: Ok.{I thought of a trick. I thought that in this way she will always resist to put the cock inside. So let her make busy in some talk. }Me: So do u like all which happened till now… How was it?{Simultaneously I was adjusting my dick’s position over her pussy lips…. Getting the hole.}Riya: I liked it very much. You are superb. I had best time.Me: U gave brilliant blowjob. I totally fan of yours.Riya: U too are very good. U made me cum so fast. Ur act of licking of pussy is just woowww…{I got the hole… Adjusted my position of dick. Somewhat pressed my dick on her pussy. Then I brought my lips near to hers. I started kissing.. I was on top of her body. Simultaneously I pushed a stroke in force and my 1/4th of cock just got inside her vagina. And my god, she screamed like hell. Her nails were scratching my back.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… Mommyyyyyyyyy….Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..{I put my hand on her mouth. Somehow stopped her from screaming.}Me: Ssshhhhhhhhhh…. Don’t scream too much, neighbors will come to know.Riya: Fuck neighbors. Why didn’t u tell me that u r inserting. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh….. It pains like hell.Me: If I would have told u then u wouldn’t have let me insert in. {Smiling….} Congratulations your hymen is broken. I broke your seal. I love this part of sex…. {Laughs…}Riya: U r enjoying and I m feeling a lot of pain.{My one fourth of dick was still inside her}Riya: Take it out. It’s hurting.Me: Its only one fourth inside.Riya: What??????? {shocked…. Tensed….}Me: Hahaha… See now I will push it more. It will hurt u somewhat but don’t worry…. So be strong.Riya: Oh no….{I pushed one more stroke and my dick was now three fourth inside. She again screamed. Tears were rolling out of her eyes. I had to put my hand again on her mouth. She is very sensitive.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. Mummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy…..Me: Ssshhhhhhhh…. Calm down….. {smiling….}Riya: Fuck u…. Oh my god…. It’s hurting….. Lot of pain….Me: bear it honey….. {I kissed her lips….} Now only one fourth is remaining.Riya: Please take it out. It’s paining a lot. Please….. I can’t bear it.Me: I can’t.Riya: y u got such a big dick?Me: Ohh….. that time u were enjoying while giving blowjob…. And now u r complaining.Riya: Please take it out. Please….Me: I can’t dear….. It’s my love for u.{Then I pushed somewhat more and now whole dick was inside her….. Wowwwww…. What a feeling. I was enjoying. She was screaming like anything.}Me: Aaaahhhhh….. Wow……Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….{I was on her top. We were still. Tears were rolling out of her eyes. I was smiling. My dick was inside her fully. She also calmed down now. I started kissing her. Then I slowly took out my dick. There was blood all over it. Her seal was broken. I cleaned my dick. There was blood on bedsheet also. She was surprised by seeing blood.}Riya: Oh my god, its blood…. {shouted….}Me: Ofcourse. Your hymen is broken now. That’s why u felt pain. You are now no more virgin. I took your virginity. Congrats…. {smiling.}Me: Let’s start again {We kissed again….. and started.}{I was on top of her. I put my dick on her pussy. And with a force I stroked it inside. This time it goes whole. She screamed and felt pain but lesser than last time.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….. Fuckkkkkkk ….{Slowly slowly I increased my speed of strokes. She was also in sync. She was enjoying it now. No more pain….. It was going in full sync.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ummmmmmmmmm…. Fuck me honey…… Fuccckkkkkkkk…. Tore my pussy….. Fuckkk hard…..Me: Fuck u baby………… I’ll fuck u hard……… AAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…..{We both were enjoying. The strokes were intense. I was fucking her with great speed. She was also helping me by raising her butts and enoying to full extent. I was like in heaven….}Riya: Oh my goddd…….. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….. FuckkkkMe: Fuck u bitchhhhhh……….. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….Riya: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….. yes yes honey……. Yes……… Yessssssssss.{I was kissing her lips, pressing her boobs simultaneously. She was also moaning and rubbing the upper vaginal parts. She was near to orgasm. Finally after few minutes she reached orgasm.}Riya: I m cumming……. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh…….{Then we changed the positions. She was on top of me. I was lying on my back. I again inserted into her hole. Again started stroking. She was also in full motion. She was thumping on me. Speed of strokes was increasing. A sound was coming due to wetness and friction as my dick was rubbing in her vaginal walls.}Fucchhhh…. Fuccccchhhhhhhhhh….I love this sound….. Hahaha….}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……….. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Fuckkkkkkk me hard………. Yesssssss..Me: Oh my god….. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh……….. Baby I love u………….{I was pressing her big boobs…… She was rubbing my chest, sometimes vagina. She was bringing my hands on to her boobs…. She was biting her lips…. Lot of pain, lot of enjoyment….}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….{After 15 minutes we she again cum. Just few seconds after I am also about to cum}Riya: I m cumming……….. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………Me: Me too…… I m also cumming…………. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..{We both cum. Our bodies were full of sweat. It was hardcore fucking. My big dick has fucked her very intensely. I made her screamed a lot. I really enjoy her screams and moans. It arouses me. Both were exhausted. I remove my condom. It was full of cum. She took it from me. And started pouring on my chest. Then she started licking it. And she licked all the cum. She licked it from condom also. She is a hardcore sexy and hot bitch. I love her.}{Then we ate some food and fruits…. Then we relaxed for few minutes. Watched porn. We were gently caressing each other by our hands. She was also playing with my dick. Then we again aroused. This time I fucked her in doggy style, few other styles also which we watched in kaamsutra. She enjoyed a lot. I fucked her like anything. She was also supporting. Whole room was filled with the fragrance of our cum. She gave me a blowjob again. She gives superb blowjob. She was enjoying my big and thick dick. I played with her boobs for few minutes. Such a big boobs. I liked it very much.}Riya: I had such a great time with you today. {Relaxing….}Me: Me too…. U r superb in bed. U r really hot.Riya: Your thick dick has totally like torn my pussy. I will never forget this day….Me: Honey……… Fucking is not complete………. {Smiling sarcastically}{She was giving confused looks.}Me: I want to have anal sex with you now.Riya: Noooooooooooooooooooo…………… {Shocked}Riya: There is a lot of pain in anal sex. I am not going to do it.Me: But I want to. Please. I’ll Take care of u. There will be no pain.. Trust me….Riya: No…. no… no……. A big no………..Me: it will be fun. Honey, Trust me…………..Riya: I have seen in porn videos of first time anal sex. It hurts like anything.Me: It hurts. I agree. But there is lot more fun in that. Once u start enjoying it. U will beg for it.U want to do it again and again. It has to be done with proper way. And I know that way.Riya: Please, try to understand. I can’t bear that much pain. We will do next time. Ok…Me: No, I want to do it today only. Don’t give me excuses. U gotta trust me. I’m not going to give u any pain. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee………. Pleaseeeee……………Riya: U r very stubborn. Okkkkk fine. But if the pain will be extreme, then I will step out of it.Me: Sure. But that won’t happen. Because I’m gonna take care of u. I won’t let u feel u any pain.Me: I mean, lot of pain. {Smilinng…..}{She hit me with pillow. These sweet fighting, I love it.}{I took her to bed again. Getting her ready for extreme anal sex. Hahahaha………..}Me: Give me Vaseline.{She brought it. I ask her to get in doggy position. Then I put my finger near her asshole. Wowwwwww.I licked it. She moaned. I licked it for few minutes. She got aroused. I was also aroused. My dick was hard again. Then I put some Vaseline in her ass hole, to make it greasy. Then I put my finger inside her hole. She screamed.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… Take it out. It’s hurting.{But I didn’t. Hahaha… I was slowly putting my finger in and out of her ass hole. I was getting her ready for a big fuck. She was also moaning and enjoying too.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…………… Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..Me: Riya, u have to take care of relaxing and contracting of your muscles inside the ass. It helps you in getting ore enjoyment and less pain. If u r in sync with it, U will enjoy it and feel no pain. And if u r not in sync then u will feel more pain. So listen to your muscles. Know when to contract it and relax it. That’s why I m fingering u first. So that u will be comfortable with it and know what to do when. Ok ?Riya: Ok. But I m afraid.Me: Don’t be afraid sweetheart. I’m here. You will enjoy it more than vaginal sex.{I put my thick dick on the ass hole. Before that I put lot of Vaseline in the hole, so that she will feel less pain. I m very caring, u know. Then I pressed my dick on the hole, a little bit. And as my expectation, she screamed. Hahaha….}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…… No………Me: Riya, I just pressed it. Ok?Riya: Ok. I’m nervous….. Please do gently.{This time I put little more pressure. As it was about to go inside she started screaming, so I have to take it out.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… No. No, I am not doing anal. That’s it.Me: Come on. {I yelled at her. I have not at all put it inside and u r screaming. So it’s fake.}Riya: It’s not fake. It’s hurting. But u will not understand as something is not going into your ass. Ok?Me: Trust me. U have to believe me. U will enjoy it just after a little pain. And u have to bear that.Riya: I am not going to have anal sex. That’s final.Me: Ok fine. {yelled at her.} Don’t have. {shouted.}{I got angry. And moved to another room and sat there. I was just acting because I know she come to me and will have anal sex.}{After few minutes, she came. And sat near me.}Riya: Ok let’s do it. But promise me it will not hurt.{I didn’t responded anything. But I was acting. Hahaha….}Me: I don’t want to have it now. Go from here. I don’t have mood for anymore sex. {in angry tome.}Riya: Please. Let’s have it. I won’t complain. Please. I trust you. Please????????Me: Sure?Riay: Yes……….. {smiling}Me: ok….. Let’s go.{We went to bedroom. I put on condom. We were again in same position. Then I applied some Vaseline to her. And put my dick onto her hole and pressed gently. This time she had some courage and didn’t screamed, but ya she was moaning in pain….}Me: Don’t worry honey. It won’t hurt much…. Just in the beginning it will hurt after that u will enjoy. And remember muscles movement which I told u.Riya: Ya {in slow voice…….}{Then I put little more pressure… And with a great force I inserted my little part of dick into her. She screamed like anything. I was aware of that. I put my hand on her mouth. I know she was feeling pain. But can’t help. We have to do it. And because my dick was thick so that is also the reason she was facing more pain. Tears come out of her eyes.}Riya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. FuckRiya: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . Uhhhhhhhhhh.Me: Honey , be strong . Calm down{Then I put some more pressure and inserted the some more into h

 Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. fuckkkkkkk yessssssMe: AaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhRiya: Yesssssssssss yes…………… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh UhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhRiya: Fuck my ass…………. Fuck it hard……………. Fuck it……….. YesssssssssssssssMe: Oh baby…………………. U r hottttttttttttttttttttt………….{Finally after fucking extremely hard for 10 minutes I was about to cum.}Me: I am cumming babyyy……. I m done………..Riya: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………….. I m also cumming……………….{Finally we both cum and totally got exhausted. But she loved it so much that we had one more round of anal sex after one hour.}{At last we both were totally exhausted. We fell in each other’s arm. It was hardcore fucking. I will never forget that. She was happy. She also lost her virginity. We were lying on bed.}Me: So
 how was it? {Smiled}Riya: Superb. I am on cloud nine. Best experience of my life. Will never forget it and also u. U r very very good in bed. Above my expectations. {Smiled} What do u think about me?Me: Same here. I have never met such a hot
 beautiful and sexy girl like u.Riya: Thanks. I love u……….. {We both kissed once again.}Me: So when are going to do it next time?Riya: When my parents are not at home!!!!{We both laughed loudly………………….}”
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