lady doctor

I m very much interested in married ladies because they know how to satisfy men. I have sex with many females till now. This is the story of me having sex with a lady doctor from sec 32 hospital Chandigarh. This is the latest incident happened with me when we meet each other and enjoyed in a hotel.

Her name was Neha(fake name) with stats 36b- 32-34. She is around 40 years old married lady living in mohali with a family. Her husband is abroad. She is living with her 2 sons and father in law. I have made my account on yahoo to chat with females. Whenever I got time I will try to chat so that I can get any female for chat. My yahoo id is 7-8 years old.

Now yahoo chat rooms are not there. So now to find females on yahoo is a difficult task. But I have 2-3 ids on yahoo and I have thousands of contact in them.On one day I got message from neha and I start chatting with her. First normal chats then personal chat and then some naughty stuff. She was comfortable to chat with me.

She told me she got my id from her friend dr rashmi malhotra with whom I have encountered many times. This is another story will tell u about this later on. She is interested to meet me for some fun. So we exchanged phone numbers and then start chatting on whatsaap and exchanged pics with each other. She asked my size.

As my size is 6.5 inches so she got excited and want to see on whatsaap so I messaged her pic of my dick in a erect mood. She told she want this in her pussy. So she told she wanted to meet on 16th august 2015 Sunday. She has booked a room in jw marriot hotel.

After meeting she told me that she has booked this room from pharmaceutical company. I dont know why they booked room for doctor. So we planned to meet in day time at 1:00 pm on 16th august. She was very nice and beautiful in pic. My tool get erect on seeing her.

On 16th august at around 12:00 pm she called me and told that reach the hotel at 12:30 pm sharp because she have just 4 hrs and she want to enjoy them to the full. She was wearing a long kurta yellow color with white legging and looking like a queen. She looks like just 25 years old girl and some one sees us were thinking as husband and wife.

Because we look like same age group. We had dinner in hotel and reached in room at around 1 pm. After entering the room she started to kiss me. Her lips are so soft I love to suck them. Slowly my dick starts erecting so I start pressing her boobs. Her boobs are so soft.

I started to remove her kurta and she remove my t shirt and jeans now I m in underwear in which my dick is visible. She start laughing and sais someone is uncomfortable. I told her to make someone comfortable. I also remove her legging. Now she was in white bra and white panty. She is white in colour. Looks like she is not Indian.

If someone sees her nude then they will tell this female is not Indian. Wherever I bites her that part of her body becomes red whether lips, boobs every part of her body. Now I removed her bra and panty and made her nude. She also removed my underwear and start playing with my dick. Her pussy was clean shave and pink in colour. We started in 69 position.

She sucked my cock and I m sucking her pink pussy. She is moaning in pleasure. She is expert in sucking cock. I love the way she sucking cock. We both were enjoying oral sex. After some time her pussy got discharged and after 2-3 mins my dick also cummed in her mouth. We drink each other and waits for 10 mins to get some rest.

After 10 mins she again start sucking my dick. She has strawberry flavor condom dotted with him which she taken from her purse. After sucking dick for 5 mins dick got erect she told fuck me now. After one year I m seeing dick. Pls satisfy me full. I slowly entered my dick in her cunt. She cried ” please slowly oh no, ah please…. ” slowly and steadily she calmed down and I got rhythm.

Now she was feeling great. Neha stopped moaning and said ” cum on fuck hard. Faster faster you bastard”. I was shocked to hear the words, but I liked them as they were nothing in front of that fuck. I kept on fucking her for half hour and then a big load of juice came out. I removed my dick from her vagina and inserted it in her mouth.

She drank most of my cum,. She said “great taste !!!! ”. By now we both were tired. We both slept naked for next hour or so and then again started the same game of “hard sex” it was areal great day for me. I fucked her 2 times that day. She got satisfied she told will meet you again after some time. Whenever I call pls come then. You are very good on bed. I am fan of your dick. These words make me proud on my dick.

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