Kunal first encounter with sexy married colleague

Hi to all dear friends, Im Kunal from Ddun. Im in touch with this blog since 4-5 months & really have enjoyed the stories of other people.This is the time when I shud share my experience. I was in Chandigarh for 6-7 years, I was 23 Yrs old, working in a pvt firm in Chandigarh Sector-35 known as “flower market”.
Well, Im a cute good looking guy since childhood, was bit slim those days with athletic body & wheatish complexion. I was always very honest & hard working towards my job thtsy although I was only 23 but was a TL of my office with around 6-7boys/girls working under me, most of them were elder to me.
As I was the best performer of my firm was very close to my Bosses ( hus & wife ). I used to be busy like anything as most of the responsibilities of office were mine, by nature I used to be very strict, less spoken & reserved guy during work but was very helpfull for all & intelligent so most of my collegues used to respect me alot.
We used to enjoy alot during lunch period overall I was in very good terms wid all. I never had a girl friend & was a virgin & didnt had any intentions for any gurl in office, for me it was work, work n work only. Suddnely most of the my team members left our firm & I was left with only one boy (Sunny ) in my team n we were close friends.
Then One day ( it was May 2010 ) a girl joined in my team, her name was Anisha. She was very simple married himachali girl wearing Chuda, bindi, sindoor, mangalsutra n all that stuff. She was living with her husband in Chandigarh, due to his husband’s less earnings she was forced to do this job. Their marraige was around 1 year old.

She was a fresher so it was my responsibility to train her properly, she was a very fast learner & I completed her trainings in 3-4 days. Slowly n slowly, Anisha got gel with us very nicely. Her performance was superb in the first month so the bosses were very happy with her. She used to thank n respect me alot as I was her TL.
If I describe about Anisha, she was 5’2″,very slim body, flat belly but with very huge boobs & well shapped ass, around 36-26-34. She has hood sharp features, wheatish complexion but not very b’ful n she used to wear Slawar Suits only. Earlier she used to sit bit far from me but due to his good work my bosses shifted her seat very next to me n now we were sitting very close to each other.
After spending sm more time with Anisha I discovered that she is not that simple, actully she was a very straight forward n open girl but very good at heart. As time passes we became good frnds & I used to teach her how to operate a computer as it was a new thing for her. She was very happy with me n used to bring some self cooked dishes for me to eat.
One day Sunny said to me “yaar saurav tuney Anisha k boobs dekhe, they are so huge man…. iski lene me bht maza aayega” I just giggled over it. Well Sunny was like that only, he used to stare n fantasies for each n every girl. But as I told you that Anisha had big boobs so they were always tends to pop out of her suit & one can see her clevage all the time if the dupatta is not rightly placed.
Anisha started to share her personal life with me, she told me that its been 15months now since she is married but dont hav a child bcoz she was suffering from stone so cant concieve a child. She was not happy with her married life, her husband was not supportive at all so she moved with her father n brother who were also in Chandigarh & her husband used to come to their place occasionally.
Later on I came to know thru her that it was a forced marraige n she loved smbody else. Till then I never had any intentions to fuck Anisha. Everything was going nice n smooth she was coming closer n closer to me as a frnd, we started to have lots of laugh n fun at office she was enjoying the time with me & yes I was also getting fond of her.
One day Sunny was absent & my bosses were out for some meetings, Anisha & I were alone n working, I was speaking over phone with a client suddenly she started to tickle me over my stomach, I stopped her & hold her wrists tightly. I then completed my call & said to anisha ” wht r u doing ?” She replied ” Dekh rhi thi aapko gudgudi hoti hai ya nahi “.
I was surprised with that move & said ” Im a human obviously gudgudi to hogi hi” She said over that ” Mujhe to nhi hoti ” I said ” acha ji let me see “, saying tht I stand up in a flash & started to tickle her near stomach, underarms..I was trying to tickle her as much as I could. Trying to stop me she suddenly fall from her chair n I had to hold her so that she doesn’t fall over the floor.
I also got wrong footed & we both fall in a way that she was allover me facing away frm me & my hands were on her huge boobs. Man It was a first time in my life tht I got to touch boobs, was an awsome feeling as they were huge n very soft. Moreover, we fall in such a position that her boobs n bra ( it was black ) were quite visible to me & her ass was right in front of my dick.
I helped her to get up n said sorry, she said its ok it was an accident. We took our chair n sat on our positions, we didnt speak for a while & evrything which happned was running thru my mind. Than after 30mins I said smiling ” Somebody was saying ki mujhe tickle nahi hoti ” She replied smiling “haan haan to mujhe kha hui, mujhe nahi hoti” I said ok let me see again, she sat straight n I started to tickle her on stomach but this time she controlled it very well.
I then slowed my speed & now I was doing it very slowly with only one finger, she suddenly closed her eyes n her expressions changed. I too moved from her stomach to her back over her suit, her breath were getting heavier n I was enjoying it. I kept doing it for a minute to her lower n upper back she was not opposing it n her eyes were still closed.
It gave me some more courage, I standup went behind her & moved my fingers over her throat & chest ( above breasts ).I was touching the upper parts of her boobs & it was an awsome feeling for me, When I tried to put my fingers inside she hold my hand & said pls stop dont do it. For a min everything was freezed she was holding my hand & I was standing n having a look of her milky boobs.
Then she left my hand & I sat on my chair, we didnt speak for few mins. She was sitting head down on her desk, I asked ” R u OK ?” she siad ” yeah Im fine “. Suddenly my phone rang & it was my boss, he was coming in 10-15mins. We then finished our work n went home. That night I couldnt sleep & was thinking of Anisha only, now something new was building inside me.
Few days passed, we were going good in office enjoying our time with eachother. She was looking at me differently & I was enjoying it. I was thinking how to get close to Anisha, now I was thinking to fuck her & I was sure she is also interested in that. After few days my bosses agn went for a meeting around 12pm & Sunny was alraedy absent, we had lunch together & got back to work,
Anisha said to me she is not feeling well, I asked If she wanna go home she said no to it n said she will take some rest in office only. After 15-20 mins I asked her how is she now she said same no improvemnt. Then I offered her If she feel comfortable she can come to my flat & have proper rest as it was very near to our office. She accepted it & we went on my bike to my flat.
It was around 3pm, I took her to my bed gave her a pillow, she kept her dupatta a side n started taking rest. I was having rest on the same bed but bit far from her. After 15mins, I looked her, her eyes were closed & boobs were popping & I could see her amazing figure. Suddenly she opened her eyes & caught me red-handed staring at her assets.
I asked do you need anything she saaid no to it. After half an hour she said lets get back to office. Nothing happend that day & I was very disappointed with me. Then came a golden chance, in July my bosses went to a hill station for family trip for 5-6 days. They left office resposibility over me.
Hearing that Sunny was very happy, he said to me ” bro I m also going outofcity with my GF but dont let bosses know that Im not in office” I said OK no worries, you go n enjoy. Next morning, I went office Anisha was already there. I told her about the situation that we two are alone for next 5-6 days. She was also very happy n said ” Chlo ab to jitna mann karega bs utna hi kaam krenge “.
On this I said ” so wht we will do rest of the time ?” She replied with a smile ” we will do chit chatting” I gave her a smile & started our routine work. All day went thru like this only working & gossaping but frm inside I was waiting for that magic moment. The time was 4:30pm & she used to leave around 5:15pm, I knew this is the time when I have to do smthing.
She was having rest with his head down on desk. I went to the main door of our office looked out no body was there. I then came back & stopped behind Anisha’s chair. Dont know from whr but somehow I got courage & placed my hands over her shoulders she didnt move at all, I started caressing her shoulders & back and keep doing it for a while.
She got up but remain sat on her chair, she stopped my hand but kept them holding in her hands. She said ” kunal pls mat kro” I said ” Why ? Are you not enjoying it ” She kept mum for few seconds then said ” koi aa jayega ” I said “dnt worry, u just enjoy no body will come at this time “. I was working in that office from 2 years so I know at wht time of day anybody can come to our office, thtsy I was not worried.
Then I told her to relax & keep sitting on the chair, I started caressing her throat, hands, earlobes, shoulders.. she was enjoying it. I touched her lips they were so dry & a very hot air was coming out of her mouth. AFter that I decided to take a step forward, I touched the upper parts of her boobs with my fingers very slowly & kept doing it with both hands for a few mins.
Then I put my right hand inside her bra & get hold of her right boob. She immediately hold my hand & asked me to stop in a very horny tone. From inside I knew that she is enjoying it the most & dont want me to stop. I said “Anisha pls dont stop me “…. then I got rid of her hand & squeezed her right boob, she moaned. Similarly, I did it with my left hand, now her both milky jugs were in my hand & I was feeling out of this world.
I kept playing with her boobs very slowly, they were amazing very huge, soft but still in very good n round shape & hard brown nipples. Then I took my right hand out & remove the suit & bra strip frm her right shoulder, I kissed n liked her shoulder. Now she was fully enjoying it f, she hold my head n started to play with my hairs.
I wanted to suck her boobs as I watched on porn films, so I took her both boobs out of her suit went in front of her. OMG they were so so so huge ( like big Papitas ), I was not believing my luck thn started sucking her boobs very fast, she moaned n said ” Oh Kunal aaram se “….but I didnt slowdown & kept on sucking n licking her boobs vigroulsy.
After 8-10 mins, I stopped & looked at her she was enjoying it with her eyes closed & was holding my hairs. I said to her ” let me look out if somebody coming ” I went & came back but this time I bolted the door. Anisha was adjusting her boobs in her bra & then she tied her hairs. I went close to her ask hold her agn frm shoulders & make her standup, I moved her away frm her chair n desk.
She said ” Kunal, wt are u doing ? Pls koi aa jajyega ” I didnt say a word. Just squeezed her boobs tightly frm behind, she immediately turned & hugged me very tight, so tight tht I was feeling the softness of her boobs on my chest. I parted her from my chest & looked at her she was getting shy n said ” mera jaane ka time hone wala hai ” I replied ” No, abhi bohut time hai ” I immediately locked my lips with hers,
she didnt respond initially but once she respond we just ate out eachother mouth. It was a very deeeep & long kiss which went for atleast good 5 mins. Then there was no looking back, I rested her back on the table took her suit & bra upwards so that I can take out ger boobs. They were red bcoz of my roughness earlier.
I agn started playing with those milky jugs, I liked, sucked & bited her nipple very hard. I moved down tried to open her salwar knott, but she stopped & pulled me up & started lip kissing me very hard. I then got hold of her pussy over her salwar & played with it… she was enjoying it at the most. I put my finger inside her cunt over her salwar n panty & kept it thr for a while.
She said ” kunal, main late ho jaaungi pls let me go now “. I was not in a mood of listening bcoz I wanted to fuck her now. I siad ” bus few more minutes Anisha “…… I turned her around facing away from me & got hold of her boobs frm behind, I also took her hand n placed it on my dick over pants.
She stared to caressing my dick, I then took my pants down & treid to pull her suit & bra off but She said ” Pls inhe mat utaro koi aa jayega, aese hi krlo “…. She was playing with my dick very well & herself she took it out of my jockey & started jerking it slowly. I was in heaven bcoz it was first time when smbody was playing with my tool.
I then tried agn to open the knott of her salwar she agn said no but this time I didnt listen to her. I opened the knott & pulled her salwar down, she left my dick & hold the table with both hands, she was in black panty….OMG what an ass she had, seeing this my dick size increased by an inch & it was giving salute to her killing figure.
I then grassped her pussy & played with it, she moaned ” Aaahhh aaram se ” I played with it over her panty…. thn I couldnt control for long I pulled down her panty & first time ahd a look of a mature pussy….I was surprised to see that it was cleaned shaven pussy just like a new highway…& bit dark n pink in colour…
I asked her to bend down a lilttle, she did tht & then I tried to put my dick inside her…. but as I was my first time, didnt know whr to go :p….I told Anisha to pls help, she took my dick in her hand & guided it to her pussy. OMG she was so wet & hot inside I felt like getting melt inside her OH ! wt a feeling tht was.
Initially it was half inside bt then Anisha bend herself more & then I put my 6inch rod completely inside her…. A loud moan came out frm Anisha. Now I statred banging her slowly, It was paning me alot mayb bcoz it was my first,my hands were on her huge boobs squeezing them. With time my pace increased & started to bang her witrh force.
Both of us were moaning & brething heavy, me more due to that pain. Then after 5-6 mins of banging, I felt some heat developing inside me, my hands got tighter on her boobs & I said ” Anisha Im gonna cum ” She replied ” pls dont cum inside “… Listening to her I banged her with brutal force 7-8 times & then took my tool out & shooted my cum on the table.
After that, we both got dressed up, I cleaned up the table & sat on my chair. Anisha was already on her chair having rest, I asked ” are you ok ? ” She just replied ” Hmmmm” After 5 mins She got up & said ” chalti hu ” & went for her home.
Guyz it was an amazing fuck for me although it pained me alot till night but the feeling of fucking a girl was mindblowing. Well we did have sex next morning also & many many times after that, will share it with you in my next stories of how we fucked in other areas of office, in my flat & at her home.
I am still in touch with her, she has a baby boy now & is living in Himachal.Guyz n gurls I hope you like my first experience, pls share your comments. And forgive me for such a lenghty story as it was my first writing experience.

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