keeping my android phone। faster and long battery life। by feel

Hiiiii friends today I will tell you about your android phone. In your android phone or tables many unwanted apps is running in backgroun, consume too much battery and RAM.So your phone is slow and taking too much battery.
you can make your android phone faster without using any software. 😉
So here I show you many problems and solutions.

1. Your android phone consume too much battery.
2. Your android phone processing is slow.
3. Many time your android phone is not responding and hanging.
4. Many videos run slowly.
5. etc.
So many kinds of problem you can solve yourselves.Here I give you some tips for your android phone.
1. By manage Apps you can save battery and keep your phone faster.
Go to – Setting>Apps>Running.
and turn off unwanted running apps.
2. Install only selected Apps and game in to your android system.Becose Apps consume energy and make your phone slow so install only selected Apps.
3. Keep your live wallpaper off.
4. Always keep your display brightness to lowest.
5. Keep your display light time to 15 sec.
6. Keeping your vibration off and always use earphone for music and movies.
7. Always keep a back for your Apps.
8. Keep your phone sender off.

If you do all steps then your battery life increase by 60% and your android phone is 30% faster.
So be smart and keep your phone faster and long battery life. Thanks.

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