Kaali Jawani Ka Mazza

Part 1
Hello readers,Again Sonia is here with a new story sent by Jehha ajay and i am writing story in her own words ,With out wasting your time straight away to story
I am Jehha Ajay(Ajay my husband) i am 35 married lady with one baby girl of 11 .i am 5.6 milky white ,round face,cute juicy lips and good cute hands and feet my figure is 36.24.38 i got a bid round ass when walking in choureedar ,every body looks at my ass moments am married by 13 years my hubby is in garment business so many times on tours of other city.We have a big 3 story house near University and we are only 3 members i was virgin at my marriage and happy with my sex life as my hubby got 6 inch long and nice thick cock.This happened last month thats i am going to tell now.
One day my hubby came and told me that a young guy approached him through a friend ,He is from Ghana(Africa)studying here in uni looking 4 a house and i promised him the top floor room with bath room and he will pay 5000 pr month with breakfast and dinner.first i was unhappy but ölater i said ok.next day a very young guy of 18 or 19 came with my hubby he was very black tall and looks muscular body with nice features my hubby showed him room and he liked and said tomorrow he will move and went.Ajay jab tum yahan nahi hoo gey mujhay darr lagay ga aik ajnabi kay sath ,woh bolay iss main darnay ki kaya baat hey woph apnay room main ho gaa or acha hey na koi male ho ga ghar per or baat khatam ho gayee next day he moved in woh acha hansanay bolnay wala larka tha uss kay pass tv nahi tha so main nay kaha u can watch tv when u wanna he said thanks madam and with in some days we were frank and he told me all about his family.

After 2 weeks ajay said he is going to other cities for 2 weeks and said to JIM(his name) to look after the home and if she need help do it plz he said ok and ajay left as we were already frank he comes and stay with me watching tv and some times help in cooking on friday my mother in law called me and said she want NEHA (my daughter) to be with her so i dropped her from college to her grandparents .After dinner me and jim were watching tv i was in long nighty and he was in t.shirt and short i asked him if he like a drink he said yes i brought beer for us and start to drink ,I saw that he is looking to my red painted feet i asked him ,jim what are u looking he said nothing madam i asked again why u looking at my feet he was bit shy but said your feet are very cute i smilled and asked him do u have Gf he said no but i like indian females very much ,,hmmmi saw a tent in his short i came to same sofa and sits with him and asked him why u dont have Gf u are young and cute he said coz i am shy i patted on his thigh and said u are cute baby and kissed on his cheek and suddenly he hugged me and said u are very beautiful madam ,dont say madam call me Jehha he was still in hug with me and moving his hand on my shoulder
Then i too hugged him and in next moment our lips met and we kissed gently and then i took his lower lip in my lips his lower lip is a bit thick and very soft i started to suck his lip and he to was responding with opening his mouth i pushed my tongue in his mouth and he started to suck with that i pushed my hand in his t and rubbing his nipples he moaned a bit i pulled his t shirt and he helped me to remove it he have very hard muscular body i was still in kissing now i took his tongue in my mouth and sucking ,OMG he got a long and fat tongue with hand was massaging all his chest and brings his hand to my breast and pressed on my left boob he pressed hard i cried ain pain ,Slow baby slow plz its hurting he was trying to open buttons of my nighty and opened first 3 and pushed his hand inside my nighty rubbing my nipples i was bra less as i dont like bra when going to sleep i brought my hand to his cock area and was shocked with his size he got long and very thick
I opened his short and pop up come out his black cock OMG it was not less then 10 inches long and more then 3 inches in thickness and his cock head very thick::OHHHHHHH JIm u got abig cock ,,yeh Jehaa dont u like? ohhh yes baby i liked it i was massaging his cock head full of his pre cum.I whispered in his ear lets go to bed room and we wlked toward bed room i was holding his cock as we entered i removed my nighty and he removed his short he was fully naked i was in black panty and we hugged and started to kiss again
After 10 minutes of sucking and kissing i pushed him on bed his hips on bed and legs on floor i bent and kissed his cock OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHH he gave a big moan i sits between his legs and started to lick his huge cock from base to head and same time pressing his balls with full of his cum AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JEHHA OHHHHHH DO IT DO IT AHHHHHH u are great he moaned as i took his cock head in my mouth and pressed with teet AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH he was holding my head with his hands i started to lick his cock head he Cried in pain AHaHHHHHHHHHHHH
I took his most cock in my mouth and sucking hard my mouth was fully wide open feeling pain but love to suck him hard slowly i took whole length in my mouth and sucking hard same time pressing his huge balls he was mpoaning badly AHHHHHHH OOOOHHHHHHH JEHAAA DONT STOP;; SUCKK ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and after 5 minutes he cried I AM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and i started to suck hard and in minutes he came in my mouth like a broken fountain was cumming and cumming he was pulling my head to push more in my mouth i was trying hard to drink all his cum and i got all of his cum to drink and i cleaned his cock and made iut dry and laid on his chest kissed his lips and let him to taste his own cum and he kissed me and said thanks Jehha and now is my turn he made me lay on bed and laying on top of me kissing my lips pressing my boobs AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NOW it was me moaninh as he was pressing and twisting my hard nipples
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH YEESSSSSSS BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i was rubbing his back some times even scratching with my nails he was bit rough pushing his long tongue in my mouth i was sucking hard and he was moaning in side my mouth and the he broke kiss and asked Jehha do u like rough sex ,OHHHHHHH yes darlling do it as u want i like u very much he took my nipple and bited hard ,I cried in pain and pleasure AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOHHHHHHHHHH BABY I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU he was biting all over my boobs on left right same time pressing so hard i was in pain but i loves this pain after 15 mintes of sucking and biting my boobs he went down licking and biting my tummy he pushed his tongue inside my deep belly button OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHH u are best jim He bited on my belly button i lifted my belly to push in his mouth and then he kissed my wet pussy on panty JIM plzzzzz remove my panty he pulled it in one go and said wow what a pink pussy i was clean shaved but always i have a bunch of hairs ontop of my puzzy as Ajay loves that suddenly i cried in loudly and jerked my body he slapped my pussy hard .
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH JIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM its hurtinggggggggggggggggggggg PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ AAAHHHHHHH and he kissed my pussy right on hole i was dipping my juices were flowing out of my love hole i bend my knees toward my breast and opened my legs he took my feet and started to kiss my soul and licking OOOOOHHHHHHH JEHHA u have best feet soft as silk and took my fingers in his mouth started to such and same time massaging my pussy i was uncontrollable moaning loudly he was biting my toe ,my soul my fingers ans slapping my puuy sound like THAP THAP THAP as was wet he licked,kissed and bited my feet and licked my both thighs and came to pussy and licking from top to till my ass hole suddenly he took hold of my hair bunch pulling hard i cried and lifted my hips to ease my pain::OOOOOHHHHHHH PPLLLZZZZZZZZ JIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Its huring but he dot listening was just pulling i lifted my hips to subsedise my pain he left and pushed his tongue in my wet hol i cied and moaned OOOOOOOHHHHHHH YES BABYYYYYYYY DO IT DO IT FUCK MY PUSSY WITH UR TONGUE he was doing in out his long tongue And i was pulling his head toward pussy pressing his neck with my feet AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH with a big moan i cum my juices were in his mouth he was drinking and i was moaning UUUFFFFFFFFFFF AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I locked his face with my thighs i cum and cum for 20 plus seconds and then loosened my feet and released his head he quickly turned me in doggy and slpaed my hips hard i cried in pain OOOOOOOOHHHHHH JIM its hurting but he never stzoped same time he was biting my hips he spanked me hard for 10 mintes i am sure my hips will be red blooded with full of bite marks then he put his lips on my vergin ass (my hubby never fucked or pushed a finger in my Ass hole ) but he was licking my asss hole i was moaning loudly UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hepushed his right hand finger in my ass hole i cried in pain but he never listen started to dop in out in out and then pushed other fingre of left hand it was realy pain full AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH remove it its hurting me but he was finger fucking my ass and then he pulled his finger in opposite directions to open my ass hole and pushed his long and thick tongue in my ass hole OMG i never got that he pulled back his fingers his tongue was inside he was moving his tongue in my ass hole and same time rubbing my clit with his hand it was a new pleasure for me painful but so nice i was moving my hips in round and pushing to his face .
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF i screamed as i cim again on his hand he pushed his 2 fingers in my wer pussy hole finger fucked me i cant breath i was feeling so tired in 20 mintes i got 2 shattring orgsams then he pushed me on bed i was on my back he was laying on top of me and kissed my lips and asked how was that Jehha i holding his head said Surely best of life now i want ur cock in my pussy plz i opened my legs wide as possible and bend my knees to my breast holding my knees Jimm plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont tease me put ur cock inside me he was rubbing his cock in my slit and suddenly he pushed his cock i was very wet and slippry but still i cried as he got a huge AAAHHHHHH OOOOHHHHH jim be gentle be slow its sooo big ,Jehha in sex no mercy he said and with that he gave a hard push I cried and got tears in my eyes still half of his cock was out AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF i will dye be slow but he took my lips in his mouth pressed with teeth and gave a very powerful push and he was fully inside
I was feeling some blood of my pussy i cant cry or moan as my lips were in his mouth he started mercilessly doing in out very fast and long pushes he nearly took out whole cock and pushe again after 3 mintes i started to enjoy as i was roaming my hands on his hips and pressing his hips with my feet he left my mouth AAAAAAHHHHHHH Jimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm FUCK ME !!! FUCK HARD TEAR MY PUSSY DO IT FAST FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT MORE MOREEEEEEE OOOOHHHHHHHH he was fucking and gain i locked him in my legs and holding his head with my hands i cum again this time on his cock but he never slow down he was fucking like a machine after fucking me for 40 minutes i came 3 times he made me in doggy and with one push he went fully inside i cried and i was moving my head left right crying and moaning this time he was more in deep in my pussy same time slapping hard on my hips he fucked another 30 minutes and i came twice and then with a big moan he sprayed his hot cum inside my pussy he was comming like a river OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH he was moaning JEHHHHAAAA u got a nice tight hole for my cock and then we colapesed on bed till in each others arm kissing and huging :after some time we went to bathroom i was unable to walk properly so he was holding me we cleaned each other i saw in mirror my hips and thighs have unaccount able bite marks and hips were red as blood Look JIM what u did i said to him he kissed and said Don’t u liked that i huged him kissed and said yes darlling we came back i saw bed sheet it was full of our juices and some thing pink also sure that was blood mixed with our cum we lay there in each others arm he whispered in my arms Jehha u have nice pink ass i want to be in ur ass I said
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jim i am vergin in my ass i will dye with this huge cock he said dont worry i will be gental he forced me a lot and i said ok not today tommorow:he asked promise i said yes darrling and we went for another fucking sessions he fucked me till morning 7 times and i came howmany times dont remember but my body was like a jelly i cant move we slept in eachothers arms.

Part 2 

Hello readers JEHAA is back with 2nd part of my story with an African guy JIM as in previous part he fucked me whole night with his jumbo cock and was insisting for an ass fucking but any how I avoided it with promises of next time he left for his college and I was in deep sleep just I cleaned my soaring pussy with tissue paper and feel a sleep don’t know what was the time but I heard a continue bell ringing I get up and walked to door it was really difficult to walk normally as I was fucked 7 times with a huge cock and very roughly with alot spanking and biting. Any how I opened the door and was a bit surprised to see my sister in law(AJAY’S YOUNGEST SISTER)her name is RENUKA but we call her Renu she is 19 with very fair 5.5 and 36.30.38 she got a wide ass I welcomed her and we came in kitchen. Kaya baat hey bhabhi aap chall kaisay rahi hain ? Haan Renu kal main bath main slip ho gaye the ,tum sunaao kaise hoo she said I am ok bhabhi.woh boli bhabhi main thaki hoi hoon I wanna take rest and went to other bed room .I went in my bed room bed sheet was meesed with juices of me and Jim I changed b4 Renu comes and see that then I took bath and went to cook but still thinking of last night the best in my life and how powerful is Jim and his big cock.
At 4 afternoon came Jim and straight away asked for a quick fuck but I refused as I can’t take any risk and told him about Renu and said u should behave normal when she is here and told him to come to my room late night when she goes to sleep and keep mouth shut no moans he wasn’t happy but said ok and went to his room. Evening me and Renu were sitting and watching tv when Jim came and I introduced him to Renu they talked a bit and he said he is going to see his friends perhaps will be back late so no need of a dinner when he left Renu said Bhabhi bohaat kalla hey yeh but bohaat jawaan bhi hey or sunna hay kaloon kay bohaat baray ……..she stoped and winked to me ,yeh kaya keh rahi hoo Renu tum ko yeh sab kaisay patta she smiled or boli Bhabhi internet per sab kuch hey later we took our dinner and she went t her room saying she is tired I came to my room changed in nighty and now waiting for Jim still he wasnt there after one hour I went to check Renu she was in deep sleep and I came to my bed thinking of last night I was wet and fingered myself after 12 I heard door opening and I know this is Jim .
He came to room and slowly closed the door and came in bed and kissed me we were lying besides he whispered in my ear please Jehha let me to be in your ass hole. I said no till she is here we can’t he was sad but kissed me and said ok and removed his T-shirt and lay down in his short. We kissed and sucked for 20 minutes and I went to his nipples and bit him and removed his short and took his hard cock in my mouth. He gave a slow moan I removed my bra and pushed in his mouth to stop his moaning and sucked his cock for 15 minutes. Then he pushed me and took my nipple in his mouth and bit I screamed and kept my hand on my mouth. He pushed his underwear in my mouth and went to my pussy. I was not wearing panty he licked and bit my pussy lips so hard but I can’t moan or scream as his underwear was in my mouth. He made me in doggy and in one push whole his long and thick cock was inside my pussy. He started mercilessly fucking with hard long pushes and with one finger rubbing my ass hole and pushed his finger in my ass.
It was hurting and I was moving my head in “no”. But he was doing what he want then he pushed 2nd finger in my tinny ass hole and I pinched his thigh hardly but he never stopped he fucked me 4 times till 5 am. And then I said go to his room as she can wake up any time as he always wake up early he went I changed my bed sheet cleaned my pussy and fell asleep. Don’t know what the time when Renu woke me up was. Bhabhi uthh jaoo its 10 AM nashta is ready abhi sonay do naa ,no she said uthoo jalde say. I got up and went to wash room and came to kitchen saw Renu was looking out of window she was in short nighty till her knees I got breakfast and Renu said bhabhi aao aap ko aik cheez dikhaoon and bring me to computer in living room: Akhir kaya hey Renu woh boli aap daikho and pushed me to sit on chair and connected her mobile phone to computer and I was shocked when I saw my bed room scene kissing with JIM. Yeh kaya hey Renu she came back side of chair or boli relax bhabhi and put her both hands on my shoulders I was watching all fucking with Jim. She pushed her hands on my boobs and pressed Ohh Renu kaya kar rahi hoo woh boli bhabhi ghabraoo maat main kisi say kuch nahi kahoon gee agar……..and she stopped Agar kaya Renu I was still in a shock .Bhabhi agar aap mujhay bhi iss game main shamil kar lain.WHAT u are still virgin and he have big one u will dye woh boli kuch nahi ho ga Bhabhi I said bohaat painful ho ga boli aik baar to pain honi he hey agar mazza bhi zayada ho to koi baat nahi and pressed my nipples AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Renu.
She pulled me by hairs and kissed my lips bolo bhabhi manzoor hey ? I was thinking and then said OK
She smiled and said smart bhabhi and kissed me again Renu u know Jim loves to go in Ass and he have huge for tinny hole will u let him to go in ur ass she smiled and said yes Bhabhi I love pain I was bit surprised and get up and took her in arms and kissed her pink lips. Bhabhi we will take bath together and you will shave me nicely I said ok darling. In bath we did a lot naughty things. I drank her pussy juices and shaved her she have some hairs on her pink ass hole I plucked them away and we were ready waiting for Jim. Suddely a bell and Jim was there early due to strike he saw both of us sitting and turned to stairs for his room I called him come here Jim he came and was standing there near us. When Ritu pushed her hand to his cock and pinched ,He jumped and cried in pain. She was laughing I said Jim don’t worry she will be with us and she want to to lose her virginity to you. He became happy and sat between us and kissed my lips Ritu was opening his jeans he was without underwear she pulled out his semi erected cock and said its lovely she bend and kissed his cock Jim dear I will dominate u as I love to dominate and loves to get pain I hope u will make me come multiple otherwise I will punish you. She removed her nighty was just in panty and Jim pulled away my nighty. I was without any thing, Ritu stands near Jims face with her hips near his face: She patted her hips and said Jim how is my ass as bhabhi said u are ass lover He pressed her hips nad said u have great hips but still I don’t know your tinny ass hole she was moving her hips then she bend on her knees showing him her ass he bend and kissed her ass; she gave alight moan,,,AAAAHHHH. He said you have nice tight hole, Ok lets go to bed room.
Jim was laying on bed his cock was fully hard and Ritu was sucking his cock and I was kissing him, she pushed a finger in my pussy;;AAAAAHHHH JIM be slow its hurting dear. He started to finger fucking me same time was moaning and said Renu be in 69 Let me taste this virgin pussy she came on in 69 ,He kissed her pussy She cried in pleasure AAAHHHHH OOHHH yes do more eat my pussy bite my pussy. Jehaa she have very small pussy with thin lips I can take whole pussy in my mouth and he opened his mouth wide and took her whole pussy inside. She was moaning loudly, OOOOHHH BABY YES SUCKKK ME hard you bastard; Bite my pussy plzzzzzz. He started to bite her she was pushing her hips on his mouth and moving her hips. They sucked each other for 15 minutes she came in his mouth. He pushed her on her back and rolled on her body keeping her legs on his shoulders. Bhabhi help him to guide inside me I came behind saw her pussy was fully wet with her juices I took hold of his cock and put its head right on her wet hole. And he pushed a bit and she moaned loudly as his cock head slipped in her hole and came blood she cried and said don’t stop push more and he pushed and then in third push he was fully inside her tunnel. I saw her eyes were full of tears but still shouting MORE YOU BASTARD FUCK HARD FUCK ME FAST DO; BE QUICK he started to fuck her like a machine I was sucking her nipples she was shouting MOREEE AAAAAHH DO IT FASTTTT YOU SONE OF BITCH FUCKKKKK HARD. She slapped on his face and said DOOO FASTTTT and after 35 minutes of fast fucking he came in her pussy. She pushed him and slapped his face YOU BASTARD I CAME ONLY TWICE AND YOU ARE FINISHED. She was out of control. She jumped and sat on his mouth, Open your mouth u motherfucker. Then she caught his nose so he opened his mouth and she poured all his cum and her cum in his mouth.
She said I am not satisfied she turned in 69 took his cock in mouth and started to suck she was rubbing her pussy on his mouth and after 15 minutes of sucking she put her in position her both knees around his hips she lowered herself and his dick was at her hole she pushed down and his dick was inside her She screamed with pain and said now I will fuck u and she was going up and down like a machine he boobs were dancing and I was sucking them she fucked for 40 minutes and then came in doggy and said come and fuck me he came and in one push whole cock was inside he fucked her hard she was crying, Yes this is better FUCKKKKKKK MEEE HARDD TEAR MY PUSSY      OHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! And he fucked her 30 minutes and came inside her she smiled and said this was better that day and night he fucked us many times and we decided tomorrow for ass fucking. We all were hell tired and felt a sleep.

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