I’m 37-year old and have been a housewife throughout the 17 years of my marriage. My husband and I have three children; our sons, 15-year old Zahir, 12-year old Bilal and our daughter Salma who is 8, are all in college. My husband is an executive for a large company.

I am perhaps a little overweight but still in as good a shape as I have ever been. I have long black hair, large black eyes with a soft, clear complexion. Although I am not tall I have quite large, firm breasts and wide hips that often capture the attention of men. Some of whom were very well off which made me feel good, but I never took any of them up on it and didn’t intend to. I was a one-man woman. Some of the men were wealthy which made me feel good but I was never tempted nor did I intend to be. I was a one-man woman.

Salman was first cousin of my husband, he lived in the street where we lived. He was 20 and was completing his senior college. He’s a good student, good looking and very gentle.

We really knew each other through social meeting and we used to go visit each other frequently.

Due good relation Salman paid regular visit to our home, first he indicated me that he likes me and I caught him staring my chest and hips, then openly he showed his interest in me. I never encourage him but I admit that I always discourage him politely. 

Salman always told me that he had a crush on me and wanted me. I had told him not to be silly, as he was too young for me and that he shouldn’t say things like this.

The CEO of my husband’s company asked him to make a long distance business trip. 

As he could not take me with him, he was traveling with other executives too, it created a problem as to who would stay with me. Our children had gone to visit their grandmother and rather than leave me alone at home my husband asked Salman’s father if Salman could stay at our home.

He arrived immediately after dinner and I greeted him politely. We sat in the living room, opposite each other, talking about small things but I was aware he was staring at me as if mentally undressing me.

He saw that I noticed him, he just smiled and winked at me.

He had matured in body, if not in mind. And he looked a strapping young man. He had black eyes, dark lashes, clean shaven, long black hair, straight nose, handsome mouth… For the first time, I realized how attractive he was. I tried to imagine what he would look like naked.

I went to the kitchen to make coffee for him. To my surprise Salman came into the kitchen behind me. He told me that he really wanted me and I knew I couldn’t tolerate it any more. I told him to behave, but he continued by telling me for the first time, that he wanted to make love to me. I told him to get back to the living room, otherwise I would ask him to leave my home but I knew my demands lacked anger or disgust. 

He went back to the living room and I brought coffee both for him and myself. I didn’t mention he did some thing wrong but pretended that nothing has happened.

The coffee finished and I picked up the empty cups and took them through to the kitchen. As I stood at the sink washing them, Salman came in the kitchen and came up very close behind me.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, ” I love you,”

he said, as he slipped his arms around my waist. I felt him pushing against me. His pelvis pushed against my bottom and I felt something big and solid get between them. As I hadn’t pushed him away, Salman started to move his hand and cupped my breast in his big hand then boldly began to squeeze my nipple. I instinctively grabbed his wrists to pull it away but I was overwhelmed with how soft his skin was.

“If you want me, you’ll have behaved like a gentleman. I’m not doing anything which have you in mind, because I am a married woman and mother of three grown children.”

” How you want me to be a gentleman?”

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, ” I want with you,” he said, as he slipped his arms around my waist. I felt him pushing against me. His pelvis pushed against my ass and I felt something big and solid get between them. As I hadn’t pushed him away, Salman started to move his hands down to go under my neckline of my qameez (long shirt).

This time, I pushed back. His hands went around my waist and inside my qameez again; he moved his hands up and cupped my breast in them. I let out a soft groan as I felt his pelvis push against my bottom and at the same time he took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. He kissed the back of my neck and kneaded my nipples at the same time. I felt myself weakening at the knees, but the way he was supporting me from the back kept me on my feet.

My reaction made him bold. His hands had drifted down went through shilwar and I was now feeling his hand on my pussy through the cotton material of my shilwar.

He slipped his hand under my shilwar and touched the soft fur of my pussy. Then he placed a finger between the wet lips. He slipped it in and out.

I moaned with pleasure and my nipples had already grown hard due his squeezing and pressing against my qameez. “Don’t stop,” I whispered softly. I stood in front of him with my bottom pressed against his bulge. he moved his hands all over my breasts and tummy.

I was becoming horny now and I turned around and put my arms around Salman’s neck and gave him a passionate kiss, both of our tongues busy.

My reactions to his advances were a green light for him to continue. In one quick movement, his hand went to my shilwar string and pulled it. In no time my shilwar was by my feet on the floor . I allowed my young lover to expose my mature body and felt his fingers move up my thighs.

To my great surprise, I felt one, then two thick fingers poke effortlessly into juicy old me, filling me up as fully as my husband’s whole penis.

It was then my eyes wandered to the bulge in his shilwar. I just couldn’t help myself. I had to see how big it was now he was so obviously fully erect. With trembling fingers, I undid the waistband of his shilwar. Oh my god, just looking at and feeling Salman’s fully erect penis took my breath away. I shivered at the sight of his throbbing cock a thick bush of hair, dark, with the bulging, pinkish knob. Two large testicles, full of its venomous ammunition, hung from its sides. It was like a wild beast, jumping out from some undergrowth.

My husband has a normal penis and I had imagined most males to be similar. But my husband has just a tame lapdog compared to this dangerous looking monster. It was not only so much in the length but also the girth, the mottled veins and the big egg-like pink head that made me tremble. This one would definitely rip my pussy to shreds, I felt certain, even though I was moist inside.

The big knob looked swollen and angry, when I encased it in my hand and stroked it. It straightened out like a fire-hose filling with water. I pulled loosely up and down his penis.

We were kissing, he was playing with my pussy and I was stroking his cock. 

I heard my pussy slurp louder and juicier as his fingers played around.

We were still kissing passionately and when we breathlessly broke apart, I turned to look at him smiled and said, “I really missed you! I want to give you the best night you ever had. I want you to make love to me and do anything you want with me. I am all yours tonight, Salman!”

“I think it’s time we went to bed.” I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom 

I lay down on the bed with out shilwar, while I still wore my qameez”

Salman laid with me and kissed me. He then moved down and pulled up my qameez. He could not conceal his glee when my firm breasts bobbed out of the qameez and bra, giving a wolfish leer but revealing nicotine stained teeth. 

The sight of my plump breasts with their light pink nipples and bushy pubis made his organ, slightly bent in shape, pulse with the bulb taking a redder hue. He moved to my breasts and his rough mouth was greedily suckling like a starved baby. His teeth and tongue worked on my plum like nipples as if he was eating fruit. It was brutal though I did not feel the pain then. It was delightfully painful. 

His tongue and teeth manipulated my nipples and making me moan in pleasure, feeling ecstasy shocking and flowing into my body through my suckled nipples. 

I held his head and pressed his mouth to meet my breasts, I was moaning loudly now.

He started to move down to my tummy.

I sighed as Salman licked and kissed all the way down to my navel and beyond. And when he went farther down to my fat mound of vagina . I was biting my lower lips hard with my teeth as I feverishly try to relax.

I just opened my legs wide to give him free access. But He opened more my thighs as he dipped his head to my opening below. I had never before had this so this really shocked me. I felt soft gentle kisses on my cunt-lips. As his probing tongue became more eager, he found my clitoris. Lick my pussy I quickly told him, and as he sucked my pussy. I nibbled my legs tightened around his neck.

Salman was now sucking and licking me while I was bucking in ecstasy as waves of pleasure at both the feeling and the illicitness of this lovemaking came to a boil.

I am not able to describe the next few minutes as his mouth and tongue played in my pussy. I could hear myself squealing with pleasure.

Suddenly he moved and held his cock up to my face. I could get the slightly pungent male smell from it I had never kissed my husband cock in my 14 years of married life and this was a unique initiation. I took it inexpertly in my mouth almost gagging when he tried to thrust it deeper but I couldn’t keep it there and still breathe. So he asked me kiss and use my tongue on his bulb. 

I licked and kissed his cock for few minutes.

He then pulled it away and asked me to part my legs to position him in the classic posture of intercourse. He knelt between my legs; his cock in his hand, stroking it; making it harder and harder.

I moaned loudly, “Oh! Salman, please take me, fuck me with your huge cock, I need it so much, oh yes, fuck me, fuck your auntie.”

Then he carefully put his cock on my pussy hole as he tried to move inside.

“Be gentle I haven’t had a man in long and you are so big!” I whispered.

But His big cock would not go in easily though he increased the pressure. I felt pain. I moaned and my low-toned the pressure. I felt pain. I moaned and my low-toned affirmative delighted him and he grunted and spat his saliva onto his fingers, which he rubbed into my pussy lips. Again positioning his straining animal, he parted my thighs as much as possible thrusting his big cock in simultaneously. Removing his hands and lying heavily on my body, he clamped his mouth on mine and the bestial organ surged angrily inside. A wave of pain hit me and I screamed, but his tongue came ferociously to work in my mouth. 

He was inside me now trying to burrow deeper. When he could go no more, he stopped and suddenly drew back. I arched my back at the shock of the reverse movement and he ripped inside again. I could hear the soft sounds of the springs in the bed. 

I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist as he pounded deeper and harder into my body with every thrust. 

He was squeezing my breasts hard, and was grinding his bulbous cock head against my pussy. I was moaning loudly and mumble. 

My mind was filled with ecstasy and lust now as his thick cock pumped insistently into my pussy. His hips were humping back and forth, driving his thick cock in and out of my pussy, and making loud sounds with every thrust. 

I was screaming over and over with his every thrust, “OHHHHHH Salman. Oh this is so good, you is so huge, so huge, oh yes, that is it, fuck me, fuck your auntie, fuck me hard so I can be your woman too, oh yes fuck me hard Salman,”

“I am!”

“Do me Salman, do me”

“I’m doing” 

“Fuck me to death!” I pleaded between sobs, I was screaming, loud and long, wailing and sobbing without shame.

He brought my legs straight up to his chest.

I draped my legs over his arms as he bent down to kiss me. This allowed him more pressure on my clit and my hips were gyrating with him. He increased the pace of his thrusts and brought me to a huge climax.

“Oh yes, Salman,! I screamed, You are wonderful! Make love to me with your cock.”

He was groaning and thrusting his hips even harder against me. I was feeling his balls pounding against my ass as he was fucking her deeper and deeper, grinding harder and harder against my cervix.

Our bodies pressing against each other as Salman groaned and I moaned loudly with every thrust. He bit down on my breast, leaving his teeth marks all over my tender fleshy globes as my fingers clawed his back with his cock thrusting and pumping into me. 

My body covered with sweat as he fucked me hard and deep, plowing the depth of my body. My pussy muscles clenched tightly around his shaft, squeezing and milking him. We kissed, deeply on the lips and our tongues dancing together. 

I don’t remember how long it went on, this vicious battering of primeval lust.

I groaned loudly, feeling our bodies’ tremble I panted, “oh I am close, I am going to cum, I am going to cum Salman, take me harder Salman.” 

“I’m too coming, sweeet”

With that, he thrust his hips forth and driving his cock ever so deep into me and let out a loud roar like a beast as he exploded in the depth of me.

Soon I reached a huge orgasm and when finally I let him go we both fell flat on our backs on the bed, panting and gasping for breath.

I was more than happy that I found new lust and passion as he fucked me like an animal. 

We lay there for a minute then I reached over and kissed him. His mouth was soaked in my own juices that felt so nice and I licked his lips clean.

I put my hand his cock and wrap around it and started to gently pump his prick. Soon I saw that he was hard and ready again.

He fucked me all night long. I’d done all naughty, taboo with him, things I’d never done before in my life. It was a magical heated night of passion. It was a night that I would never forget.

After our final climax we were lying on our side facing each other. “I love you, do you know that?”

I stroked his hair. “Yes, I know, you showed me too.”

We held each other and before we drifted off to sleep I told him that it worked.

We woke a little later, each of us not wanting to wake the others. As no one in the home except the two of us so we hadn’t wore our clothes; and we were naked under the blanket. My hand reached to his cock and it was at full strength. So I started it gently stroking his cock and my pussy became wetter than wet. 

I sat up, took Salman cock in my mouth and kissed and lick it. This was a pure animal lust! He started rubbing my pussy. While he rubbed my pussy and I licked his cock my brain forget everything else.

I climbed on top of him, sitting slowly on his pulsing dick. I looked down. It was so exciting; watching my pussy accepting his cock inch by inch. My eyes had a gleam in them. Instead of bouncing wildly on his lap, I raised and lowered myself ever so slowly. He was looking very happy at my action. His eyes never left mine. I started to slide up and down on him. I also started to rotate my hips and slide back and forth, which caused my clit to stimulate more. I closed my eyes fully when I was doing this I thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t but kept riding him until I came with a gush that sent my juices running down over his balls and thighs. I stopped and stayed on him then opened my eyes “What you do to me, I can’t begin to describe it.” Then closed eyes and started to ride him again.

“Oh! You feel so good! Just sit back and let me pamper you and spoil you!” Salman said,

“That sounds good to me. I’m all yours.” I replied.

His cock and explode inside me. As I felt the explosion his sperm and his cum slam against me, the hot juices pooling inside me I came in a loud scream and gush of juice that soaked his cock and balls and dripped off onto the covers of the bed. I collapsed on top of him. We lay like that for a while. His dick was still hard inside me and he would occasionally move a bit for me. Every time he did I would whimper a bit. After a while I decided I was crushing him and slid off to the side. He enfolded me in an embrace and hugged me close to him.

I kissed my way to his neck. Our bodies rocked back and forth slowly. It was amazing feeling. “Thank you, that was wonderful ” he said. We pulled the covers over us and after a long period of love-making in the morning we drifted back to sleep.

It was near lunchtime when we woke and I made a very delicious lunch. After lunch Salman took a shower and told me that he’s going out because he’d some work to do. When he was leaving he hugged me tightly, we kissed and he left saying me be ready for the night. 

When Salman left I also took a nice hot shower and after taking some tea I went again to bed because I was feeling tired and was excited for coming night.

That evening I was busy to preparing special dishes for my new lover when I heard the sound of the doorknob turning and the door, which I had left unlocked, opening! Salman came at 8-o clock. He came to the kitchen and hugged me from behind cupping my breasts and pressing his cock in my ass crack.

” Be patient we have all night, now let me do my job”

I finished making dinner and served it on the dining table. We enjoyed fried beefsteaks, chicken rice, potato, parsley, onion and sweet juice. After the dinner we went to the lounge where we watched TV as we sat on the sofa. He pulled me into his arms and slowly rubbed my huge soft breasts with his hands through my qameez. I breathed deeply and moaned slightly with every squeeze. 

My hands were also eager, trembling hard reached out and brushing his hair lovingly. He laid his head in my lap.

I stroked his cheeks with my palm and said in lovely voice, “Take me please Salman, take me so I am yours.” And we moved to bedroom.

We lay there on the bed in each other arms. Soon he was on top of me ramming his big cock in my pussy, which could bear his huge cock now a little more easily.

After some time he fucked me again in sample missionary position he told me that he usually take tea at night so I went to kitchen and prepared tea both for us. We sipped tea and once again we were lay in bed. He has amazing stamina and I once again found him ready to take me.

” You’re ready again”

“Yea! Who wouldn’t ready with you”

“Ok! We’ll do it now little different for you.” 

“Oh! How different?”

” You’ll do me from behind. Want to try another way?” I asked”

” From behind?”

“You like that position, don’t you?” I asked

“Oh, yeah why not, you mean doggy style

I heard about this.”” he answered.

“Will it be as good as that we did this morning? I have never did it” he asked

“I don’t know, but you’ll never know if we don’t try.”

“Ok, what do I do.”

“I get up on my hands and knees.”

I asked him to come behind me. He came and kneeled behind me. He grasped his cock and rubbed it over my pussy to tease me and then slid it up over my asshole, then back to my pussy. He repeated this a few times and I was starting to hump back against him. The last time he slid over my ass and paused at my rosebud. I became surprise if he was tempted to slide it up my ass.

“Don’t there in my pussy”

“Yes! I’m not doing there”

He slid back to my pussy and let himself go inside I was so wet so it went easily in me.

I was stretched out a little by now and was loose around him so he started to pound on me. “How about this? Do you like it like this?” I asked him.

He started to pound away at me and as I was so wet so I immediately started to cum on his cock.

“I like it anyway you give it to me, this is incredible.”

Do you like my cock in your pussy?” I asked.

“Yes” I answered breathlessly. “But I thought you were going to do my ass for a while there.”

“I thought about it but figured I ask first.”

“You can fuck me anywhere you want. I love your cock in me. Maybe later you can do my ass, if you want. If it makes you happy.”

I looked back at him and he slammed into me extra hard. 

He took my shoulders, and pulling himself even deeper into my pussy, plowing and fucking my pussy hard with every thrust.

I was feeling myself getting close to orgasm. He talked about ass fucking and doing whatever I wanted got me super excited.

He grabbed my swinging breasts, and started to rubbing and squeezing them, I was on fire. 

I was screaming “Oh my Salman I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

“Me too,” Salman said

And then his cum started to gush inside me. 

“You were amazing my young lover…”I said.

I was stunned at the brashness of comment of myself who in everyday life would probably look like a very regular housewife, and here I was, behaving like a whore.

Those few days have been wonderful. We spent the three days almost as a honeymoon, and when my husband got back Salman went back home.

But we never miss any chance we get to fuck ? sometimes even while my husband is at home.

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