This is a story which happened last year, i was going back from college one day, so i was in a shared auto, when a married last must be in her early thirties entered the auto. She was very hot. Must be around 36-28-36. I was staring at her throughout the journey and i guess she noticed me staring at her also and smiled at times.My stop came and i got off, obv i thought of her and masturbated when i reached home. ;)Next day luckily i met her in the auto at the same time, she was sitting next to me this time. She recognized me and smiled, i smiled back with a hi.We kept meeting like this for a week or so, till one day the auto we were traveling in broke down. So we both planned to take another auto, we were alone in that auto and we started talking she asked me what do i do and all. And she told me she lives alone here, her husband is in australia and they dont have kids yet. So we became friends and started talking often.I found her very hot, day by day she was becoming hotter i felt. I am a very shy kind of guy, so i can never make the first move. But one day she offered to take me for lunch, i happily agreed.It november last year, we went to a proper restaurant, she was in a blue dress, and i was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She was looking freaking hot, i had a sudden hard on seeing her. I was trying very hard to hide it, i guess she noticed it though.So we took a table which was a bit secluded, and ordered our food, while waiting for our food to arrive we were talking and she suddenly started playing with my feet under the table, i was shocked but it felt so good, i was enjoying it, i got an erection immediately.She got her chair more closer to me and her back was towards the main part of the restaurant. She kept on playing with my leg, and held my hand, i was totally aroused by then. She could see my hard on and was having fun teasing me. I couldnt control any more but we were in a restaurant so i couldnt do anything. She almost kept her hand on my hard on over my jean when our food arrived and we started eating but all the while she was playing with my leg. I was having a great time. After lunch, i was horny and so was she. We decided to go to her house and took an auto from there. Throughout the auto journey she was playing over my jean and teasing me, i kissed her a lot.We reached her home, rushed inside. As soon as the gate closed she just jumped onto me saying “i have wanted to fuck you since i saw you that day”. I was on cloud nine, since that is what i also wanted.She tore open my shirt while we were kissing and i was pressing her huge boobs over her dress, we moved to the bedroom and i threw her down on the bed and got on top of her, i removed the strap of her dress and her bra strap and started to suck on her tits, it felt like heaven, she already to moan as she hadnt had any action since months because her husband wasnt around.While sucking her tits, i took my other hand down ans removed her dress and panty and then she was completely naked and when i touched her pussy, it was already dripping, she gave me a wink ;)I got up and removed my jean and boxer, my 7.5″ fully erect dick stood up saluting her, she smiled after seeing it, got up and kissed my dick. It felt awesome, then she started to give me a blowjob, while i was pressing and playing with her tits and nipples. After around 10 mins i cummed in her mouth, and she took it all in and smiled and said that i tastes delicious.She got up and kissed me, making me taste my cum.After that i went down on her and started to finger her and lick her together, she started to moan loudly. I began tongue fucking her and finger her, her pussy was all wet and dripping, she couldnt stop moaning and begged me to fuck her, put my 7.5 inch in her. After fingering and licking her for sometime, i got up and took my dick near her pussy, she moved her pussy closer to my dick to make it enter, i tried teasing her. But she was desperate and held my dick and made it enter a bit and a huge moan came out of her mouth.She begged me to go deeper and i slowly started thrusting her then started going faster and she kept moaning asking me to fuck her harder and harder. I kissed her in between, pressed her tits. She was loving it and so was i.Then i turned her around and started doing her doggy style, after around 8 mins of doggy style i cummed in her pussy and fell down on her.She told me that this was the best sex of her life and kissed me.We lay there and kissed for around 30 mins, i played with her tits, she with my dick and we were in each other arms.Then i got ready for another round :pBut this time we wanted to do anal, so i turned her around, got oil, applied on her ass and my dick for easier penetration.I slowly put my dick in the entrance of her hole and put pressure, but it was very tight.Slowly i applied pressure and she also applied pressure backwards, i entered around 2 inches, it was very tight, she felt a lot of pain but then we paused for a while, i kissed her back and pressed her tits. And we tried again, this time with more pressure and with 2 thrusts i entered almost the whole of my dick, she screamed so loud, i had to put my hand on her mouth to reduce the volume. We just stood like this for 2 mins and then i started to thrust slowly, slapping her ass and pressing her tits alongside, it was soo much fun, she loved it and so did i.Everyone should try it at least once. Trust me.I cummed all over her back, and then we slept for a while. After waking up we had a bath together, ordered dinner had dinner. All night long we kept on playing with each other. That was the best time of my life.Next day morning i went to college from her house in her husbands t shirt :pWe kept on meeting a lot and had a lot of sex till her husband came and she moved to Australia with him. 🙁

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