jealousy and revenge

Today is my 4th marriage anniversary. M sitting in the couch in my bedroom, sipping tea and watching tv. But thinking how life changed in these 4 years. How I came to this house. The loving house my husband an inlaws. I was thinking how two years back on the same day or few days before that my life changed forever. I was who was homely girl and loved her husband very much and never been touch by other man got transformed in these two years and don’t ever remember how many guys fucked me in two year and become the private propery of two guys other then my husband…………I was thinking………..

It was about to 2 years of our marriage, things were going in very wonderful way. Me n my husband were still enjoying the honeymoon period. Living with joint family my in-laws and my husband the life was going on full swing. There was no complaining from god for anything. Being from upper middle background and highly qualified, but I never went out of my family views in respecting elders and family members. I am treated like my own daughter by my father in law and mother in law, due to my soft, sweet and caring behavior. We all have freedom to do whatever we want to, but still our whole family always wanted to live together and go together where ever we go. During Saturday’s or Sunday’s the sister of my husband comes to our place or we goes to her place and the cousin brother of my husband whom I treat like my brother too comes to our place every Saturday and stay at our place till Monday morning. 
We never have any complain about anything. life was going awesome. I being from Punjabi background and in Punjabi family has good looks which I always proud of that, form the time of college days. With smile I have make my male teachers to do as per my wish. But I never feel proud of that. Although I had a boyfriend in college days but it was for short period of time and we only did smooch. In collage I met my husband whom I got married. Even after about 2 years of marriage im 5”4 in height and with some maintained figure, with 34 -28-32 dimensions complimenting white skin with long blackish brown hairs with dark black eyes on oval slim face with pink lips which have natural pink lipstick on it( self-praise..hehehe isn’t).
Me my husband and his cousin and my sis in law (husband’s sister) are quite frank with each other and use to clubbing and drinking parting almost together. I use to wear Punjabi suits in home or jeans n t-shirt, but for partying I use to wear some beautiful dresses like skirts, wrapons, party gowns, and with skirts I wear sleeveless shirts. Hey I forget to tell u about my name. my self charu who is 25 at that time and my husband san who is 27 and his cousin bro sonu who is 25 that time and his sis tina who is 29 that time.

But things always never remain same, as the time changes the things also changes. My decent and homely background was about to change and that too as surprisingly to me and for which I was never prepared nor I wanted but it happens. I don’t know whether it was time which makes such situation or my lack of will. But whatever things got changed just before the 2month of our second anniversary. And the day when I accepted everything was the day of my anniversary that is 6th October. 

It was 5th of august, the Saturday noon and the program was made by my husband and cousin to go for some long night party as on Monday it was cousin birthday but due to office schedules he is giving party to us in advance. So I felt nice to hear that and this time it was the club of Shangri-La hotel in sohna road. I was looking for some dresses what to wear on the eve, which makes me looks most desirable women to my husband ( hehe). I had shortlisted 2 dresses one in white color middy, which has straps on the shoulder and was up to knee height and the dress was starting from my chest, making small part of cleavages. And another dress is long gown, from neck to my knees, but the best part is that dress is backless, the dress has a big round gut at back, making my naked back visible, which somewhere I was not feeling appropriate. Then I asked my husband san about the dress, and he said see let’s give honor to sonu by going with his choice, as he will feel good and then i smiled and we called in inside my room and show him the dress and asked which he would like me to wear. 
Sonu looks at me and smile and said bhabi u will look marvelous in any kind of dress, but then I force him, and said see, this dress is backless and long dress and the another dress is …he cut me short and said this dress is short from your chest and legs. All of a sudden to hear his words like that I felt ashamed in front of my husband. I don’t know why my husband move out from the room to room balcony to light the cigarette and me n his cousin sonu was in the room. He was looking at me and dresses. May be he was fantasizing me in those dresses. Then he said bhabi lets go for backless dress. I’m sure you will look hotter n beautiful in that. Hearing his words I smile at him and thanks him, which he cuts me short and said it should be me who should say thanks that u ask me what you wear today. That’s a big compliment to me. I was blushing. As he left I realize that with this dress, there is one problem and that is that I can’t wear bra since the dress was backless, and this will attract unwanted attention. Now I can’t tell sonu about this problem, I think a bit and then took the dress chosen by him and went inside the room. My breast was looking bigger without bra, in that dress and swinging according to my movements which was making me bit uncomfortable but excited too. San came inside the room and seeing me he said wow. ur looking dam sexy my sweetheart. I smiled at him. He describe my dress on my request as
The dress was covering my from top neck to my knees, making my legs below knees naked and displaying my protection free breast in tight dress, my breast was like popping out from the dress and the same was happening with my ass. it was from top like hiding solid breast , very slim waist making the dress in v shape and then small ass but attractive as it was tight from there.
It was 8:30 and I was all ready with my long hairs open to hide my back. And then we move out from the home towards the hotel in the car. We all were talking and gossiping in the car and after 1 hour we reach at the hotel. 
After parking car, we all three left for the pub, and we as usual took the corner seat and ordered our drinks, we all were having fun chat joking n nothing like something wired. So I was completely comfortable with my cousin. I took the seat next to my husband and sonu sat opposite to us. And then sonu said for today lets have wine today as our first drink and we all were okay with that and he got red wine. They were putting it in the glasses, but sonu stops and took the whole bottle and open its and offer the first sip to me saying today is my b’day so bhabi have to go for it first. We have done that earlier too so it was okay and I took the bottle and sip it and then handover the bottle to him by hugging him lightly wishing him for his birthday. Then sonu took the sip and then handover to my husband and he too sip it and like this we all were having fun and in 3 sips each the bottle was empty. Now we ask for our normal drinks. Absolute vodka for me and jack denials for my husband n sonu. After finishing the 1-1 drink, my husband ask me to dance with him. And me n my husband san went on the floor and start shaking our asses, 
I was bit uncomfortable while dancing as my breast was swinging heavily due to absence of bra and the air of ac on my naked back was making me shiver. And the hands of my husband was making me shiver more. While dancing my husband says the way your breast is moving it is awesome my charu, you are going to kill someone. I smiled and said I’m not feeling comfortable, let’s go on seat. Then san says sweetheart no need to think useless, you are looking normal and saying this he hugs me and kisses at my cheeks and we come over the seat. We were talking and again we went to floor this time it was me, my husband san and his cousin the birthday boy sonu. It was usual dance which we have done numerous of times, and this time it was no different. It was now 12 mid night and we had large amount of drinks and dance, but heart wants both the things more n more tonight. 
But tonight one thing was different I was dancing with bra less dress and I found while dancing sonu was looking at my jumping breast. Now we all were sitting on the table and finishing our another drink and sonu holds my hands and pull me towards the dance floor, I was like wait, my glass, he said bhabi it’s a gr8 track come on right now. I left the glass on the table and came on floor with him, holding his hand. We both were dancing and I can clearly see that his eyes were on my jumping boobs and I was smiling on the man’s nature who they are behaving. But I ignore his looks and continue to dance on the track with him looking at his eyes and was enjoying. There was some slow track there and we both me n my bro in law was dancing and my husband was watching us, he holds my hands for the dance and put his another hand on my waist and I was comfortable with his such act earlier but this time I was having some strange feelings I don’t know why? …… then while dancing I felt his hands brush my breast. 
Oh god did he do intentionally or just by chance, I look at his eyes and found that he didn’t think of this and this makes me normal and I continue to dance with him ( all the thinking happens in 1-2 seconds). We both were laughing while dancing and I again felt his hand on my breast, but the way his hand brush my breast I felt it happens by mistake due to dance so I ignore that thing and continue to dance and come close to him for dancing, the step which I took back when I felt his hand on my breast second time. For the next few minutes it was normal and I too got normal and then I gain felt his hands and this time it was bit hard, but I don’t know why even I know it was somewhere intentional but my heart didn’t accept that and I continue to dance with him looking at his eyes and laughing and smiling. And shows nothing has happen. I felt his hands several times during next five minutes sometime hard and sometime just brushing. His frequent hands makes my nipples erect and I notice that he has sense that. I don’t know I was enjoying a bit. I was never touched so many times by anyother man other then my husband but tonight in disc my bro in law is touching my breast again and again that too in front of my husband. I was getting thrilled while thinking all this and conscious too. My was dumb and don’t know what to do. But I myself not able to stop him even after I know what he is doing is wrong but I was not stopping him, rather I was encouraging him by smiling and keep on dancing with him. I don’t know the reason why I was doing all this.
I then asked him sonu lets go and have some rest and he accept that and we both join my husband. I came to him and hug my husband and kissed him and put my head on his shoulders and looked at sonu and seeing where he is trying to look. Seeing me looking at him he smiled at me and I too smiled at him. Then I took my pending glass and finish that in one swing. I sat straight and just watching the dance of the people and found in between that he is eying my breast specially my erect nipples, I was feeling uncomfortable earlier but now I’m okay with that may be the effect of alcohol is making me okay with that behavior. My heart was saying lets tease him and mind was saying not to. I sat more straight so that he can see more my tight breast. We got drinks again and again we all three went for the dance and after 5 minutes of dancing my husband move out for the smoking and he move out from the club and now it’s me and my bro in law was dancing and we had dance like this earlier too so okay but today something was different I don’t know what was the difference but there was something. We both were dancing and his hand was on my waist and another hand was holding my hand and we were just going for rolling dance, his hands was feeling my breast again and again and I was just showing I didn’t notice anything and dancing slowly with him. Holding his hand and his another hands grips my waist. 
Then sonu, pulls me towards himself more while dancing and I was close to him. I couldn’t stop him as it was the part of the dance and he smiles at me looking at my eyes and I too smiles at him. My breast was touching his chest. Infact I was so close to my brother in law that my breast was getting pressed against his chest. I was in that position close to him. Our bodies were pressing eachother/ I was having some strange feeling after some long time but I keep myself quite and keep on dancing and the hand of sonu which was on my waist goes towards my back and his hand reaches at my naked back. I got shiver as I felt his hand on my naked back and shake a bit but keep myself normal and keep on dancing slowly and his hands were on my back and I know he was enjoying his hand on my back. Then he said bhabi you are looking gorgeous today ever. I blushed and thanks him. 
Then he said bhabi, you are wearing back less dress but I haven’t seen you dress from back especially your back as it is covered by your long hair. I look at him smilingly and said so what should I do? He keep on dancing and rolling his hand on my back. While dancing slowly we were looking at each other and he was creasing my back. I smiled at him and looked at him and I said yes you are birthday boy so your wish should be accomplished and I remove his hand from my grip and he start looking at me as what I’m doing. I smiled at him and take my hairs and roll them in to small round ( temperory juda) kind of. And then turning opposite to him said see now. I know I was provoking him but I was under the influence of alcohol and something was happening which I don’t know. He was seeing my whole naked back.
Sonu said wow bhabi, flaws less skin, pretty back, I felt his hand on my back, which was advancement from him and I should stop him, but I can’t do anything as words remain inside my heart. I was feeling his hand and then all of a sudden I got shiver in my body and I turn to his side and smile and said lets come to seat. He holds my hand strongly and his strength makes me weak and I said sonu, come on lets sit,I was going closer to him. his was pulling his hands towards himself and I was going close to him, I said sonu, I’m not your girl friend. He said I wish you would have been my girl friend, and we both smile and he hugged me, we have hugged each other several times but this time I felt strange and something was happening inside my body. Then he said till the time san doesn’t come we both will keep on dancing and thinking that he has gone for cigarette so he must be coming in 2-3 minutes so I smiled and accepted his idea. 
We both were dancing and his hands keep on touching my breast and naked back. I didn’t object him anything. while dancing his hand once cupped my one breast tightly, he felt my full breast with his hand and he smiled at me pressing them and I show that I didn’t notice but then I maintain distance and he keep on dancing and soon I too forget what he did, and again I start dancing with him and keep him allowing feeling my breast. After again 5-6 initial touch he cupped my breast again. I don’t know coudnt say anything to him. Rather I smile at him and keep on that position. Then he bring his face close to my ears to say something and he said lets go outside and I felt his lips on my ears and a small kiss, which I can’t object as it was too small to get noticed or to object. To my shock his hand still was on my left breast and we both were standing at the dance fllor. What happen to me. Why I didn’t stop him feeling my breast for so long and why I am making him feel I know what he is doing. I said why outside in his ears, he said san hasn’t come to lets go to him and we all have cigarette and this time I felt his both lips on my ears and a small kiss. I look at him with wide eyes as I felt bad, but he behaved as nothing has happen then I took step back and he removes his hand from my breast hold my hand. I smiled and we came to our seat and I open my hairs looking at him and he smiled and I said I think u have enough show today and we both laugh.
Then he got up and he too and he hold me though my waist and we move outside, and as we move out there was t point on the corridor and we take left turn towards the lawn thinking san is there smoking, and we reach there, and there we didn’t found him and then sonu said pata nahi bhai kaha gya? ( don’t know where brother has gone). Then he lit the cigarette and call my husband asking where he is. N he replied that he is in the parking for cigarette and he take the right turn and we took the left turn. We both were in opposite side and then san said u guy finish the cigarette and then come to the bar as he is going there. He smiled and put the phone in his pocket. I was still feeling his hand on my back, he then gave the cigarette to me.
we both sat on the sofa there on the lawn. We both were all alone there and no one was there. Sonu was looking at me and I was just smiling and laughing what has happen. He bring his face close to me and said bhabi you are looking very sexy today. I felt bit awkward hearing such words from his side. But I smiled at his words and didn’t replied, his face was close to me and he said weather I want to have cigarette, I don’t know why I accept that and took the cigarette from him. Then he took cigarette from me and emit the smoke over my head and smile. Then he ask me to show his back on light. I laugh and asked what he is asking. No way I wont show it again. While talking I took the cigarette from him and took puff. Cigarette was on my hand and he said I want to see you this time your back. I want to see you. I laugh lauder and put my head on his shoulder and said you are sick bhai. By this time I forget all the things he did with me in the bar touching my boobs pressing them cupping them kissing my ears all. He took the cigarette from me and looking at me and then I got up and look around as if someone is there, then I bring my hairs in front and turns to sonu side and say look at your bhabi back dear sonu. This is your birthday gift. The expensive gift. I felt the hand on my back. Creasing my naked back and one hand on my waist pulling me towards him. I was stopped when my body touch the body of my bro in law. My ass was feeling his groan. Hard on. I was loosing myself. I took the cigarette from him and resting my self on his body as if he is my husband. I took the puff and I felt a kiss on my neck aaha it was gud I smoke out and Then I took the cigarette and turn to him suddenly and emit the smoke at his face, he felt suffocated smoke went on his eyes and I hold his face and said sonu are you okay ? you are okay naa sonu? He open his eyes as his one eye got red, his face was in between my hands, and then I said sonu your eyes is red please, we sat on sofa again and ask him to close it and I start giving my hot breadth to his eyes, the warm breadth which could give him comfort. My chin was on his lips and my breast was on his neck and I was feeling something on my breast. He rested his both hands on my bra less breast. But at that time I was concentrated on his eyes as that happen due to me. Sonu one hand too hold my face from cheeks and said bhabi thanks and I felt his lips kissed at my chin. I looked at him and didn’t say anything, he kissed me on my chin. my hands were on his face as I got kiss. My grip on his hand itself got strong and his hands were on my face, and don know who bring face more closer and our lips were in front of each other and I don’t know why I closed my eyes. his lips touches my lips and my lips opens up and my hands grips his face more strongly and his lips take my lower lips between them. I was smooching my bro in law, I don’t know what I was doing, his tongue was inside my mouth now and I have given him permission to go and explore my mouth. Then his hand left my face and came on my shoulder and make me lie on the sofa, his hand went on my breast and start pressing them hard one by one both which I didn’t object, and then his hand went on my neck unlock of the dress, I was not stopping anything and we both were exploring each other lips and saliva. I was getting carried away with sonu. The dress has only support from the neck, if that hook opens up my dres would come down to my waist and sonu has unlock that too. he was bringing down my dress from my chest, oh my brother in law was making me nude in the lobby of hotel, and I’m not objecting it. I felt the hands of sonu on my breast and felt they are being pressed by him. I was liking that. His hand touches my nipples and he press them gently. I was in seminude position with him.

And I when his hand touches my nipples something makes me realize what im doing and I just pushed him away and shouted at him what the hell he is doing with me. My tears came out and started crying what I have done and why I allow him to do such things. I put my dress to normal and said I’m going to tell to your brother. Sonu hold my hand and start apologizing for his mistakes and said bhabi it was mistake I will never do this again and he just fell on my feet. and thinking that telling this to san could disturb my life so I also got silent and said never appreciate such things again with me and I clean my face and feeling guilty why I allow him to smooch myself and allow him to take my dress from my body as he has seen my breast now. But feeling happy that I stopped on time.
. While going towards the pub, he tries to hold my hand but I abused him and shouted at him and warned him never come close to me. 
We stayed there for 1 hour more but I didn’t look at him and just answered when he ask question and we came to home, I was thinking weather should I tell this to my husband or not and I decided it should be remain in my heart. We stayed there for 1 hour more but I didn’t look at him and just answered when he ask question and we came to home, I was thinking weather should I tell this to my husband or not and I decided it should be remain in my heart. 
Part 3.
Next day I was sitting in my room, and thinking of the whole episode, I realize I too gave support him to flirt with me, by showing him my back on his request, allowing him to touch my breast and feel them and even smile when he touches them, I was feeling bad now, and guilt too. But happy to end it there. And have decided to be reserve with sonu onwards. It was evening and sonu came in my room, my father in law and mother in law were at their room and my husband had gone to market. 
Bhabi can I come in?
Who? Sonu!!! What else now sonu? Please move out.
Bhabi, just give me 5 minutes please I’m not feeling comfortable and having lots of guilt’s.
Sonu we will talk later, mom and dad are in room ( in-laws), and san can come anytime.
Bhabi , they are sleeping and bhai will come after 2 hours I have words with them, so just give me 10 mintues please,
Come in, and close the door.
Thanks bhabi!!!
Sonu came and sat on the bed next to me
Sonu see whatever has happen previous night, that was entirely wrong and it should not be encouraged and it was you who did that, I never expected such behavior from your side, 
Sonu holds my hand
I shouted leave my hand you rascal
Sonu leave my hand and his eyes were wet, 
Bhabi, I know it was my mistake and I really apologise you for this, but ..
But what but sonu? You made me nude, you want to …………you want to have sex with me idiot, I am your bhabi not your girlfriend, and now you are saying sorry? What is that
Bhabi see what ever happen that was my fault but more it was the time and situation, I promise you that such things will never ever be appreciated again from my side and will never ever show you my face to you bhabi ( his eyes were wet and tears fell from them)
Seeing his tears my anger disappears and I start feeling guilt for that act too now. I said sonu, see whatever happen, burry that 
Cutting my words shorts, sonu said, bhabi I never had any intentions like that, you are beautiful, charming and you know that anyone could die for you, but bhabi I have always respect you, never ever think in that way, altough I like you always but yesterday you was irrrestable, you was looking so beautiful and hot and when I touch you it was like heaven, bhabi I am sorry for what I did but you was just gorgeous, and I couldn’t stop my self my feeling you and smooching you. 
Listening the words smooching me and feeling my body makes me ashamed and the whole scene came to my eyes. I put my eyes down and said
sorry for that the words come from sonu
I said now finish it sonu, and never ever bring this topic again, okay, 
Bhabi I don’t know weather this topic will come or not, I don’t know what you are thinking about me, but I need satisfaction that you have forgive me,
I got up from the bed and said sonu, just finish it, and I don’t want to talk to you neither on this topic nor on any other topic, so please leave the room. 
I was going towards the room, and sonu hold my hand again, I got afraid as what if he do something with me. I said sonu leave my hand other wise I will shout, 
Bhabi first confirm me that you have forgiven me?
Yes sonu, I have forgiven you, what should I do too confirm you?
Sonu open his arms and said I need hug 
What? Hug?
You rascal?
He said bhabi it means you didn’t forgive me isn’t na?
Sonu please now move out or anyone can come inside and it will be trouble for me
Bhabi so please hug me and so that I can feel that you are no more angry with me
I was silent 
Bhabi? Just a friendly hug!
Sonu, yaar please I have forget everything now. So stop such things
Hug only word sonu said
Or discussion continue for 10 minutes or so,
And then I came in front of him and said sonu my dear I have forget you, don’t take anything in your heart or head and open my arms ( as it was the only way to get rid from him that time)
Sonu came close and close to me and hugs me tightely and said bhabi you are very beautiful and I love you charu and by saying this he kisses at my neck.
I broke the hug and said now move out or I will shout sonu.
Sonu was smiling on the achievement of his kiss again and I was just getting irritated and frustrated more and more as what I have done again and I was eeeeee.
Sonu open the door and smilingly looking at me and moves out of the room.
Soon san came in and things were normal, and I act as nothing has happen between me and sonu and I talked to sonu normally, but I was trying not to start any conversation with him first. 
After dinner sonu left our place and he acted normally and that thing made me bit comfortable and relaxed and I felt that things has end up now. 
So the morning comes and it was sonu, birthday and I know I have to wish him, but in the morning I was busy in morning task, making breakfast, setting up messed rooms and other activities. It was now 10 am and san was about to leave the home, he came in kitchen as usual and hugs me and kissed me and asked me to wish sonu, as it was his birthday and I nodded my head and said yes I will, he said make the call right now so that he too can wish him, as in office he might not get the time. I smiled and take his phone from san, I don’t want to wish him, but I have to as I don’t want to show anything wrong is going in between me and sonu. 
I made a call to sonu, it was 
Hello bhai.
Its not bhai, its your bhabi charu here, 
Ohh my sweet bhabi, from bhai phones, 
Smiling, yes dear, when san, is mine then his phone is also mine ( hating to talks to him)
Ohh really bhabi, and how much I’m yours ( I don’t have words to reply him in from of my husband so I tries to change the topic)
My dear bro sonu, many- many happy returns of the day, wishing a very happy birthday and I wish you get a beautiful girl this year and u get marry to him.
Thanks a lot my sweet bhabi, I need a wife like you, we smoohed each other bhabi, and you taste delicious bhabi, ( I was just smiling in front of my husband, listing to the shits of sonu, and cant reply him in his way.)
Oh really sonu, isnt that’s sounds strange, now talk to your brother, he is standing in front of me ( I said this, thinking that he might stop it, but he take more advantage)
Bhabi, I need your wished personnely, I will come in the evening at 5 pm, I know that time no one is at home and I want a kiss from you. 
Sonu you are most welcome my dear brother, try your best, your brother is going to give you the gift, don’t keep any expectation from me. And I smiled in anger and handover the phone to him saying your brother is on the line( I said this to warn him not to say any thing wrong In front of his brother).
They both talk each other and put down the phone. I was getting worried about the 5 pm what he said. But I was sure that I will not let him do anything with me and moreover, why I was worrying for anything. I will not let him do anything. 
While thinking of the evening my eyes get closed and when I wake up it was 6 pm and all of a sudden my mind went to sonu. 
Where is he?
He said about 5 pm and it is now 6 pm he hasn’t come!! 
Was I upset or happy, I don’t know but somewhere I was happy that he didn’t came and n relaxed too. I made the tea and came to my in-laws room for the tea and we all were gossiping and it was 7 pm now and my husband san came along, and sonu too came along with him.
My cherish mood disappear after seeing him. He smiled at me and I smiled at him ( with upset mood) and welcomes him and wish him the birthday. He smilingly accepted that and said will take my gift some other time.
I replied sonu your brother is going to give you the giftJ so please don’t expect anything from me I said in humor manner so that no one can feel anything fishy.
I was in my room, and just going to move out, sonu entered in the room, seeing him my heart beats got fast and I was frightened now. He came close to me and said charu I need my birthday gift.
Sonu please don’t make the scene I will not cooperate in any of your wish, you bastard just get lost.
Sonu replied bhabi I just need a hug and kiss from you, and I will move out, 
I said rascal get lost from there or I will shout,
Sonu came close to me and hold my hand and said am requesting you my love charu, you are too sexy to resist and I want to kiss you the day we kissed in the bar.
SANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN…..where are u ( I shouted) Hearing shout sonu leave my hand and I said now see what I do you rascal!
And in less then 10 sec san my husband came in the room and asked what happen charu?
I got frightened as what to say to him now? I can’t tell him that sonu was forcing himself on me as past would be revealed too. So I said nothing my dear, I just called you where are u sonu was asking about you.
I looked at sonu and said so sonu here is your bhaiya I was smiling on the things got balanced and saved too for some more time. Sonu smiled at me as I saved him from the trouble. 
I looked at him with wide eyes as saying get lost form here you bastard.
I move from there to the kitchen and finalizing the dinner and we all had food In the room and at 10:30 I was finalizing the kitchen and cleaning it. I saw sonu was standing on the door of kitchen and smiling looking at him I again got worried and look at him anger and said bastard last time I saved you but this time I will not, get lost now from here and don’t come to my hone again.
Sonu entered the kitchen and closed the door.
Oh god sonu open the door I said in low voice 
Sonu san is here please don’t spoil my life please open the door, sonu keep standing in front of the closed door and said just a kiss, 
I said sonu I will now shout on you and this time I will not spare you from such acts, please leave me man I beg you. My eyes were wet a bit, 
Charu, charuu. Where are you……
It was the san’s voice who was comming towards the kitchen, oh god what should I do
And before I could act sonu hold me from my face and lock his lips with his, and smooched me and presses my breast I couldn’t do anything as my mind was on my husband who was coming and he was coming too, 
I just got free from him and ran towards the door and open the door and seeing san is bit away feel relaxed and abuses sonu slowly for what he did and sonu smiled and you are sweet charu sweet and sexy.
I said now bastard move out of the room, but he kept himself there and then san too came in the kitchen and seeing us there didn’t feel awkward as it was normal but what happen 30 secs back was not normal.
Then sonu said lets go for ice cream we all three. I was not in mood to go anywhere with this bastard and said no I’m not in mood to go but san insists me and we have to go.
While having ice cream sonu was looking at me like hungry lions and said bhaii ice cream is not sweet, today I taste something more sweet then this ice cream. Both laugh as san thought that must be his girl friend but he least knows that it was not his girlfriend it was his own wife whom he tasted few minutes back that too forcefully. 
I smiled at his that joke but internally yelling at him. My husband was feeling I’m not in good mood and sonu too felt that and now we were at home and he was about to leave for his home he came to me in the room where all were sitting and he sat next to me and said slowly sorry for what I done. I didn’t reply him and move from there. And sonu left for his home.
That night we have sex and I enjoyed it little bit more and I didn’t feel guilt what happen today like earlier and forget that night by next morning. 
Such things keep on happening for next two months, sonu comes to our place in week ends and keep forcing him on me to favour him, but most of the time I wins and didn’t allow him to touch me and sometime he wins by kissing me or pressing my breast or ass over the clothes. 
I have gone weak in stopping him and he has gain the strength but still I was fighting and it was the day of 29th September exactly 8 days before my marriage anniversary, it was Sunday noon and everyone was at home, including my sis in law( sister of my husband) my father in law, that time bastarrd sonu and some more guest were at home, 
Sonu was as always trying to touch me or grab me alone but I was not giving him any chance. We all had done with the dinner and I along with my husband sis in law and sonu came in my room to take small nap and talks. We all were talking and then sonu, said bhabi I need coffee and everyone ask from them too. 
I was tired but looking with anger at sonu got up and went to kitchen for the coffee. I felt for a second that sonu could come in the kitchen but thinking of everyone sitting with him I got assured that he could not come.
I was busy in making coffee, all of sudden someone hugs me and I got afraid and shocked and saw it was sonu, I gave him slap and said rascal just maintain gap. (although he was used to get the slaps from me so I know it will not work much). 
Sonu hold s my hand and said charu I can kiss you anytime but I need a loving smooch from you my dear, form you, I said sonu forget it in this birth you can’t. Sonu said I will get that my sexy charu, 
Shut up sonu, mind your language, 
Sonu said I need kiss right now, 
Get lost please everyone is at home move out of the kitchen, 
All knows I’m in kitchen and you have come here too get lost sonu please,
Sonu holds my hands and come close to me and for the first time my legs were shivering for what I don’t know. 
I said in slow voice sonu, please do this some other time, this time anyone can catch us please ( I got shocked and regret on my self what I said, I know he is going to take advantage but I didn’t meant what I said). 
Sonu smiled and kissed at my lips silently and said charu I will some other time, but you know you show lots of attitude and this is the reason your sis in law tina is favourate and successful in life.
I looked at him and asked what you mean? What is the relation between her success and my relation with you. What the hell you want to say bastard. Sonu smiled and kissed at my lips silently and said charu I will some other time, but you know you show lots of attitude and this is the reason your sis in law tina is favourate and successful in life.
I looked at him and asked what you mean? What is the relation between her success and my relation with you. What the hell you want to say bastard. 
Part 4
Charu, what will you allow me to love you anytime for once if I prove you that tina is fucked by many guys?
My hands start shivering listening to that. I was sure he was laying just to get me and nothing of his word was true.
I got shocked and angry over such things and said sonu please, she is not like that, its fine we have women’s ego between us but she is not like that. Some where we both jealous of each other still I can’t take that she is like that.
He said what if I prove that to you.
Our discussion keeps on going for next 5minutes and then I found I’m getting late for coffee, and then I said 
How will you prove me?
Will you share bed with me charu if I prove that?
Sonu I don’t want to listen
Charu just think what she is doing she will be under you forever once you got the evidence and she will obey you as you are obeying her today.
Sonu but but? I can’t share…… and I will never either you prove me or not
He kissed me at my lips again and for strange reason I didn’t object him and I said sonu ..
Charuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? Was the voice of my husband who was waiting for the coffee.
I was moving out of the kitchen and then sonu hold my hand and said what you think charu?
Sonu prove me first and then we will talk
Charu I need you to be on bed with me after I prove you and that too live
Live ?
What you mean by live sonu?
Yes charu my sexy bhabi live?
I was shocked and in hurry as I have to give coffee in the room , and said prove me anyhow either live or recording.
Sonu kissed at my lips again and I was standing like statue allowed him to kiss and suck my lips and put his hand on my breast and I move out the kitchen.
I enter the room, all were smiling and laughing and my legs and hands were shivering looking at my sis in law, she is beautiful and rich and earns a lot herself too. I gave coffee to my husband and then to my sis in law looking at her ( but I was not able to look at her after listening that thing). 
Soon sonu too entered the room and I was not able to concentrate on the talks as my mind was on how come she is getting fucked my many men’s and if this is true then how sonu knows about this? 
But soon I came in my senses and we keep on talking. And it was now evening and I got busy in the kitchen along with the maid for to prepare dinner for so many people. 
But my mind was still on is it true soni has so many affairs and why sonu said she has lots of respects coz she got many men’s is she high profile p…… no- no she cannot be like this, but now I need to know the truth and f it is not true then I will kill sonu truly, 
But how, I can’t go and get fucked by sonu that bastard for the news , what he is demanding that is truly wrong and unfair but there is nothing to bargain and so I decided what my sis in law is doing let her do, I will not interfere or take interest I can’t betray my husband san, for my sis in law. So I decided myself that I will not go for the proof or ask sonu for it.
It was around 7 pm, I have to go to market to get something, as I was going, sonu asked where I was going, I told him as going to market, he asked can he accompany me, I said no way please thanks. I have really forget that today he has kissed me few times and I didn’t object him and moreover im soft with him this time too. But I can’t help myself the thing he told me has stop my brain from working.
Bhabi, lets come yaar, will tell you some more things about her.
Shut up sonu, I don’t want to know, and I move out of the house and went to the market and after 15 minutes got the things as I move out of the market sonu was standing there and smiling at me.
I don’t want to make the scene and went to him and said why the hell you are here man? What you want.
Charu I need you. Only you, 
Rascal don’t create scene here, get lost please I will come my self. 
Charu I will not do anything or force for anything, just sit in the car and I will tell you how you will get the proof, 
I looked at him and said see im sitting but I don’t need any proof, just drove it back to home, we both were going towards the home and then he said charu you know she got the new car, 
Yes, I know she has purchase Honda civic.
No, she didn’t purchased that she earn that, she helped someone in getting his client by sleeping with him for 4 days when she said that she is going for training .
Yes, she said she is going for training, what you mean she didn’t went for the training and she went for with someone . 
Oh god, but sonu how you know? 
My sweet bhabi I will let you know. But about my words
Shut up sonu, I can’t do that and never ever ask for such thing like that, whatever my sis in law is but she is not like this. She cant sleep with anyone n I’m sure.
Charu bhabi I will prove you don’t worry my dear
I don’t need to listen anything man.
And we reach the home.
I was moving out of the car, sonu holds my hand and pull me inside, I said sonu what you are doing, sonu said just sit with for 5 minutes more, I need to talk to you.
Shut up sonu, how I can sit here with u in the car without any reason, anyone can see us in the car. I replied him in frustrated way.
Charu bhabi, let’s go away from home, 
No sonu, I don’t need to talk about anything. My hand was still under the grip of sonu. Leave my hand
Charu should I drive the car, 
Move fast idiot you are putting me in trouble by making me sitting in the car like this with you without any reason. 
Sonu smiled and driving the car away from the locality. My hand was in his grip till now and was feeling that he was rubbing my hand with his hand.
Such things are always pleasure, the rubbing of hand but I came in my senses and said sonu leave my hand. Sonu look at me and grip my hand more stronger and bring it closer to his lips, I was looking at him and somewhere by not objecting him I as giving him courage and I got the kiss from sonu on my hand. 
That was enough fun for sonu I said in my heart and jerk away my hand from his grip and look at him with mock anger. He smiled at me and said yes what you want to talk to me sonu.
Charu , you are very sweet, I kissed your hand and I really felt very nice, 
I was silent due to unknown reason which is going to appreciate his courage.
He again hold my hand and I couldn’t stop him, he kissed my hand and I just said sonu no.
Sonu, I can’t do that please, sonu smiled and leave my hand and said you want to know about soni.
I was silent 
Reply charu
The car stopped at the isolated road at corner. My hand was on sonu hands and I all of a sudden cooperating with him. May be the reason is my sis in law about whom he told me so many things or may be such things excite me.
Sonu pressed my hand hard I looked at him with breaking voice what sonu, 
Charu you know what you are and how beautiful you are and I got the kissed by him on my hand again. Now I was getting weaker, and my hands start shivering. I got the kiss from sonu again.
I tried to pull my hand away from him, but I was successful, I want to stop him but somewhere the women inside me wants some more adventure, so I remain silent and decide to see what he does with me. 
Sonu bent towards me and I was seeing where he was going, he lips were going towards my lips, and I felt I am weak again like that day in the party when I submit myself to him. Sonu came close to me and I felt the warm breadth on my lips, my eyes has got closed, one more strong warm breadth and I felt the lips on my lips locking them to take even breadth. I know it was going wrong and we were on the road, I have allowed him to kiss my lips in the noon time and that’s too twice and then many kisses on my hand in last 30 minutes, I hold sonu face and slowly said sonu please stop it. His lips were sucking my lips slowly and gently and making them wet with his lips. I was not able to stop him, but I was not allowing his tongue to go inside my mouth.
I voice was shivering in excitement and fear and I was enjoying it but somewhere I was in fear too. i push him with unhearted way and sonu this time like a decent guy broke the kiss and keep on looking at my face. I looked at his face bend down my eyes in shame, this time I was not getting angry, 
Sonu’s one hand came on my waist and other on the back part of my head again, I look at sonu and said sonu, don’t force me please.
Charu his hand on my waist makes stronger grip on my waist and was messaging it and his another hand on my head forces my head towards him and I can’t stop him. Again his lips touches my lips and his hand came on my stomach. This time his lips was licking my lips and biting it, my hand hold sonu I don’t know why, but it was the sign of go ahead to sonu. Then the kiss broke in 30 seconds automatically which was broke earlier then my expectation and want. 
I was silent, then sonu bring his hand in front of me to say put your hand here charu.
I looked at sonu as what he wants, he was just looking at me. He keep his hands like this and I was smiling in heart and then I don’t know what make me to raise my hand and put on his hand. M hand was on his hand.
He grips my hand and we were now heading towards unknown place. Then I said sonu, please drive to home now as I have to prepare dinner, sonu smiled. 
The car turns towards the home, but still it was long way and my breadth was going out of control for unknown reason.
Then some words comes from my mouth which I don’t want to sonu how will you give me live proof of soni?
Sonu smiled and said when you want it?
As soon as possible
And what about my promise.
I got silent.
Then sonu said your sis in law is big time whore and she jealous of you and think you are nothing in front of her as she thinks herself as most beautiful girl in the world.
I was getting angry on my sis in law but I controlled and asked how you know every thing. 
Sonu said charu you are sexier then soni. I love you more than soni, and your breast is much more seductive then soni. The earth ran away from the floor listening this world and I don’t know what to say( but internally blushed s now I’m being compared with my sis in law soni.)
I didn’t look at him and I the car stops at red light and I felt the kiss on my lips again from his. I look at him with anger and sonu please, we are on the road and near to house and I’m not your girlfriend or wife so please look at the location I am the wife of your brother.
He was looking at me and I was looking at him. I saw his eyes were at my breast and this was making me feel embarrass.
He said charu, I will give you every details but before that I need a loving smooch from you.
Sonu you said all the things will happen after the proof given to me. No way of now and moreover you have got it many time since morning and just now too.
I don’t know what I said and why I said but it was not stick repulsion from me. It was slightly yes from me. And before I could say anything sonu said charu lets go to some corner then I will tell you when and how you will get.
No way sonu. I will not allow you to this happen, I was saying him in strong voice but my hand was still on his hand and I could not put it away for unknown reason. I was feeling thrilled now.
The car start moving from the red light to the some road and then it got stop under the tree. I was shivering and I know I can’t stop it. I was saying sonu please lets go home, 
Charu just in 5 minutes we will be at home, sonu …..sonu………..sonu and he was coming towards me and my hands and body was not going against him just my words were saying and his lips came close to mine and …….and …and my mouth opens up, for the first time and I allow him to go inside my mouth and explore my lips tongue and lips and his lips start biting my lips and his tongue goes inside and my tongue too start favoring him and our lips start sucking each other tongues and I feel his hand on my breast.
I was enjoying the movement and I don’t want to destroy it I didn’t stop him when his hand went on my beast and he was pressing it and as his hands pressing it and this time my tongue too start responding to his tongue and lips and our lips sucking goes fast and faster. His hand went inside my top and he hold my one breast under the top and naked and start pinching my nipple. Aah……….all of a sudden I came in my senses and I ask him to stop everything and he stopped it but his hand was still inside my top and on my bare breast. He look at me and I was just no words to say anything and then he said charu you have very sexy breast then your sis in law soni. I blushed from inside but didn’t show him. I said sonu remove your hands please and lets go to home.
Sonu push me towards him self and I was with close to him and he again kiss at my lips and then I said are you sure what u said about soni to me. He replied charu yes I will prove you tonight. and then remove his hand from the breast and said charu at night 2 am come in front of my room and see what is going on. His lips came close to mine and again I didn’t stop him he just kissed at my lips and we came at home
You will get every information from her mouth. 
But how.
Charu you will get to know everything I will open the light of the lobby for 10 second then you can come to terrace and peep from the window which will be slightly open and you will get everything.
But how in your room? Ohh will she be in your room? 
Yes sweetheart
Means you are fucking her and …………
Yes charu nothing to hide from you.
Oh gosh sonu you are so cheap I never think of that you are rascal in real. I don’t believe what you are doing with me and the same you did with soni too.
You are bastard and now move to home and I don’t want to talk to the person like you who is fucking his own sister.
Sonu remained silent and as we came close to the house sonu said charu listen I will throw a hanky in the lobby and after seeing everything just throw the hanky in front of the door of my room. And yes my dear bhabi when u start coming just light the lobby light for 10 seconds so that I get to know you are coming towards the window so that I can start the topic.
Finish ? sonu just shut up and I am now not interested in listening anything what you are doing or she is doing . I am very happy in my life okay. He tried to hold my hand again near to house but I just his hand and said rascal just keep you away from me now onwards. I came to house and we have diner and we talk till 1 am and then we all retired to our room. Just before going to room sonu again make me remind about the night episode and I just relied him with shut up. And went to my room. I was laying on the bed and the scene where sonu smooches me in the car came in front of my eyes and I was smiling in my heart and feeling how he touches and presses my breast. 
1 thing to say he is good kisser. Thinking all this makes me wet I was feeling something in my stomach. And then 
I was thinking about the things sonu said and the words soni saying about me. Soni words about me was making me angry and feeling jealous from her and somewhere my heart was saying lets check the sonu words and what both will be doing and all.
It was now 2 am and dot that time the light of the lobby switched on. My heart beat goes high and higher. And I was thinking fast what to do? Should I go and see or should let them live their life and I should live my life. I light switched off. I was in night dress and I don’t know I sat on the bed and thinking and decided lets check for 5 mintues weather soni comes in his room or not. Or it this trap of sonu to get me. What if he catch me at mid night in terrace and fuck me there. I couldn’t stop him as I myself went there. What is going in his mind. 1000 questions were coming to my mind. My legs were shivering but I was going towards his room.
I was coming towards his room which is behind the living room at the extreme corner of the house, I was reminded of his words to switched on the light so that he can start all the topics and I smiled and I switched on the light as per his words for around 10 second and then close the light and move the window of his room. 
The window was slightly open and I can see sonu was sitting on the bed in his and the light of the bathroom was on and the door seems to be closed which means soni was inside the bathroom. Since I was standing at the darker side so I was sure no one can see me except sonu as he know I am there and so I was relax and then the door of the bath room opens up.
To another shock added to my world, it was my sis in law soni coming from bathroom at 2 am at night in the room of his cousin brother and all alone.
Soni smiled at sonu and remove her nighty. Oh my god she is so open and yes sonu was right for sure that he is fucking her.
Soni removes her nighty and now she was in bra and panty in front of sonu. To accept one thing soni is still gorgeous and great body which I can see clearly from the window. Soni came and sit along sonu and both smooch each other and then soni lie on the lap of sonu. Sonu was creasing her naked stomach and the breast of my sis in law soni was under bra but still looking great in 36b size and white and firm. 
One thing sonu has made me clear that he is fucking her. Now the next thing is to get weather soni is going to other men other than sonu or sonu as laying and what she said about me.
Here comes now.
Soni next Friday you are having date I believe.
Soni smiled at sonu and said yes yaar, its with Mr. gupta who is zonal head of the bank and he is taking our vacant plot for the rent for the new branch for his bank.
Oh that’s awesome soni, gupta ji is going to enjoy you means.
Hahahah. soni smiled and said yeah but at end I will get 3 lacs per month as rent so what’s bad in that.
Ohh god I said in my heart. She is so open with sonu and accepting that and yes she told me that she might give her land on lease to bank if the deal strike so this is the way she strike the deal. Hmm
Sonu kissed at her lips and said what is the timing with Mr. gupta, soni god sad and said he is asking me to spent night with him but I can’t spent night what will I say to my husband and I’m saying him lets make it for whole day but he is not agreeing.
Sonu, you know him, you make me introduce with him, please do something and make him agree on day, it is tuff for me to go at night.
Ohh gosh sonu is using her for her uses. How sonu does knows about him? Is sonu act as the mediator between sonu and clients? May be sonu is he mediator that’s why he knows everything about her. 
To be true to say that time seeing them in that way sonu in just in his jockeys and my sis in law soni in bra and panty was exciting me. Sonu was looking hot with good built body and my soni was looking sexy with big cleavage visible and smooth silky legs on display and the beautiful round belly. Sonu was creasing her belly.
Then sonu said what about your trip of mountabu didi? He calls soni as didi )
Soni smiled and give him small slap on his cheeks and said idiot you don’t know where I went.
Yes I know everything my sweet n sexy sister but still I want to know more.
Hey my loving brother I didn’t went with the office I went to manesar in the farmhouse, with you where we met your client mr salim. 
What sonu took her there? For his client what is this. The shocks and shocks were coming. At one side I was enjoying the scene and other side I was getting such big shock. 
My sis in law was accepting that she went to farm house with him and with some other man for 4 day instead of vacation.
Yes mr salim he is really helpful didi, he not only helps us to get u the car he even give me the order for his company. That is really wonderful.

Soni kissed at his lips and said all the thanks to you. Sonu hugs his sister who was in bra and panty and I heard saying soni suck me.
I never sucked in my life and see this soni is going to suck his cock the cock of his brother ( I think in my heart the charu)
Soni got up and smiled at sonu and make his to sit on the bed putting his legs on the floor. Then soni remove the jockey of sonu. Oh god sonu has big cock. N thick too. wow….
All of a sudden I felt that sonu knows that I’m watching it and it was so embarrassing but at that time by body was hot and I was feeling moist in between my thighs. I know I am seeing him when he said soni his sister to suck his cock and that time too when she will suck his and im seeing soni my sis in law is holding the cock of her cousin brother and my brother in law. And the mouth of soni opens up.
My mouth too opens up and I don’t know why but I was enjoying now and my hand reached at my pussy and rubbing it slowly as my body wants something. And I was wondering how my sis in law is enjoying his cock and how easily she is sucking it as lolypop? Is she liking the men’s liquid? 
Yakkk.i cant but still I’m enjoying the scene. 
Now the things were clear to me what my sis in law is and what sonu is but what sonu said that was true. And I have given proof to sonu that I’m watching them, so I know I’m his next target. But right now I’m ready for anything.
All of a sudden I hear my name from the room.
What they are discussing about me.
I didn’t hear what sonu said about me……………… but my sis in law was saying charu….hahahah……she is as stupid as anything. Neither charu has looks or any beauty. She is just below average girl and she can never stand with me in any form. I didn’t hear what sonu said about me……………… but my sis in law was saying charu….hahahah……she is as stupid as anything. Neither charu has looks or any beauty. She is just below average girl and she can never stand with me in any form.
Part 6
What ?? my sis in law whom I respect so much has such thinking about me? Ohh god……….
Soni continued I wonder how my brother fell in love with her, what he saw in her. 
Dam I was burning with anger and was desperate to take revenge. I just want to enter the room and slap my sis in law what she is doing and what she is saying about me.
But something stops me. That was her next words about me.
See sonu how I play with men, I know what is their weakness and that’s why I’m here , I have made my husband success full you success full, and now see mr gupta who will do what I will say. 
Soni was saying this and sucking it in between.

By now I saw soni was made all nude by her bro and still she is sucking.
My heart and soul was burning what she said about me. What the hell soni thinks about herself. Is she very pretty? Has she seen her face? The cheap whore the slut the bitch ………my heart just want to shout now. But this is enough she knows how to play with men’s? hahahaha
I will show her now what I will do with her. I will make her bitch my sweet sis in law see me now.. I was saying all this in heart .
And then I heard the voice from the room.
Aaah aah soni I’m coming dost pull out side, 
Umm umm was the voice soni was producing while sucking and then she said come in my mouth sonu do it………aahhh aahh
And sonu hold the hairs of the bitch soni and pulled them and aaaahhh aah aahh ahh as his ass too was jerking.. the jerk of sonu has increased and the rhythm of soni too increased.
Sonu my brother in law was coming in the mouth of her sister and she has taken his cock in her mouth….i saw the white simen of sonu was coming from her lips, 
Yakkkk that’s bad scene but I want to see how cheap she can go now…………then soni bring out the tool and hold it in her hand and look at sonu and smiled and said satisfied brother……….
Sonu said my dick has some come clean it my dear sis……….soni smiled and bring out the tongue and lick the dick of her brother as it is some ice candy. And the cock of sonu was clean. It was big I had turn on it was thick.
Sunu pressed her breast and start sucking them and then I ste backward as I saw it was 4 am and I have to wake up maximum by 7 am. i abuse that bitch in my heart and start coming towards my room. Thinking the thinking of soni about me. I was burning all the way from heart and soul. But I don’t want to tell anything to anyone. I will take revenge my self.
As I came to my door, I saw sonu’s hanky placed in front of the door. 
What should I do ?
Should I tell sonu by throwing hanky or should I come in the room?
I pick the hanky and went towards his room and put it in front of the door and came back to my room thinking I will see what happens in future.
Things were in my mind now.
I was in the bed and thinking and don’t know when san kissed me on my forehead saying good morning dear it is 8 am. I was in the bed and thinking and don’t know when san kissed me on my forehead saying good morning dear it is 8 am.
Oh god 8 am of the morning. How come I sleep so late? Ohh sorry san , I don’t know I might be too tired at night.
I can understand my sweetheart no worried he hugged me. I was still hot due to night scene and as I wake up everything happen that night came in front of my eyes, I need fuck desperately. and I hold my husband tightly to lock my lips with him. Aah and after 20 minutes I felt relived after getting fucked by my own husband. But I need to fuck someone else and that’s my sis in law. I will show her what I’m.
I wear the clothes went to bathroom and after getting a change myself in to sleeveless suit with pajami. I was standing in front of the mirror and making my hairs and adjusting my dress, the night scene came to my eyes and the words of my soni towards me. I remove my dupatta and open my hairs and decided that I will make her feel low then me and went to kitchen to prepare the tea without duppata and making my big boobs on display.
I know in this suit without dupatta my breast is eye catching for him and it won’t stop sonu to touch me and now I want to tease him the way he did to me last night. I went to parents room and gave the tea to them and then I went to the bitch my sis in law soni’s room and gave the tea to her. As I enter to her room, she welcomed me the way she loved me most but I heard the reality at night. I didn’t make her know I know anything. I just smile at my sis in law greets her good morning and she was feeling too sleepy. I know why. Sonu my brother in law has rammed her last night and she rammed him. Hahaha… I said di have the tea and sleep again. She smiles and I came from the room of bitch and close her door.
Then I went to the room of mastermind the sonu, and my legs start shivering what if he ask about yesterday, and his nude image came in front of my eyes making me shiver more and the way he was getting sucked by soni. His huge dick was in front of my eyes and angers comes in me when I think how the soni my sis in law was licking his cock. My eyes were getting close in imagination and fantasy. But I control my self and knock his door. Thinking don’t know in what condition he might me?
Who’s that?
Sonu its me charu tea for you bhai.
Oh bhabi wait coming. Everything seems to be normal from his voice.
He opens the door, he was in undies only. I have seen him like this some time but today I was giving me sensation some heat seeing his body. It was like seduction. I try not to look at him gave him tea on the door, he says bhabi come in.
No sonu, I don’t want to come. I think u want to have tea with your sis? ( I said him in teasing way)
Hey just place the tea on the table. N no bhabi, I don’t want to have tea with her, he hold me from my arms, I said leave my hands sonu.
I without looking at his eyes, came inside his room, and place the tea. He asked thnx for placing hanky and the light.
So have you seen the reality of your so called sis in law.
I mummed hmmm.. I saw that. And saw how you enjoy her. hehe
Charu you are looking very sexy in dress, your breast is like I will chew them.
Yeah the same line you must have said to soni too while seducing.
No bhabi she is always ready for every thing

Then he said you saw how she sucked my cock and he put down his underwear became totally nude in front of me.
Idiot your room is open and yes I have seen that and I’m no more interested in seeing that again. But my pussy go wet and nipples got hard seeing him nude. And go and ask your sister to suck your cock. 
But I controlled myself and said I’m going to my room. 
He smiled and I without looking at him came to my room.
His penis was in my mind and heart ohh it is so big and strong. My husband has same kind of but others things are different I smile.
I was having tea with san and my mind was on soni as how to take revenge. Her words was going on in my mind SONI IS HOUSEWIFE AND SHE IS VILLAGER KIND OF SHE CANT HANDLE COCKS AND SHE IS IS IDIOT AND A GIRL WITHOUT BEAUTY
How the hell she said to me the women without beauty.
San asked u seems puzzled no honey I’m normal nothing has happen to me. Just feeling not well.
Hmm he uttered.
Take some rest dear as I’m going and soni is going with me too as I will drop her at home then I will go to office.
And sonu?
He said he will go later.
Shitt, that is bad he is going to take advantage. Hmm but I want to take revenge so I need to talk to him.
Soon sonu too came in the room with jeans only on his body and upper body nude. He smiled at me and I act as I didn’t notice.
My mind was thinking what to do and how to show her inferior then me. I was talking normally to sonu in front of my husband but whenever I look at him whole night episode comes in front of my eyes. Soon everyone departs to their work my sis in law the bitch soni and my husband went to their places respectively and sonu was in room and I was in kitchen preparing lunch.
By 11 am I got free and as was coming out of the kitchen I think of sonu again as he is in his room, so I went to the kitchen n made to cups of coffee and then went to my room, to change, I know this dress is looking good then I decide not now the way I’m looking will go like that. went to his room. He was in sleep. I came inside and place both the cups on the table next to bed and calls him.
Sonu…aahh oh charu, he smiles looking at me and I smiled in shame as thinking what he will be thinking of myself. As I’m so cheap whore who has come herself to know about the things and that of lady who saw him sucking n fucking his sister. But I don’t know where my mind and heart was taking me.
I smiled and say tea. I was wearing the suit Punjabi suit. With dupatta on it. Sonu wake up and sat on the bed. He was in jockey only. I look at him and said I think you are in sleeping costume get ready then we talk I will come. I got up. He hold my hand and got up and hugged me.
Charu, have you seen the reality? Sonu please wear clothes otherwise it could be problem. I want you too see me nude once charu.
I have seen u in the morning and at night too sonu, not now please.
Sonu stop all this, you will put me in trouble idiot. I was still in the hands on sonu. He was hugging me.
He smiles and said have you seen what she thinks about you honey. Yes mr agent n have seen you too. I said him in teasing way. He smiles and make me sit on the bed and remove his underwear getting full nude in front of me. He smiles and said have you seen what she thinks about you honey. Yes mr agent n have seen you too. I said him in teasing way. He smiles and make me sit on the bed and remove his underwear getting full nude in front of me.
Idiot I got up and start moving out of the room, he came in front of the door and close it. I said wear the clothes other wise I will never ever talk to you got it.
He smiled and I saw his penis was in action. Oh god sonu is sick. I tried to push him away sonu said charu, just see me once properly and then I will wear clothes. 
No I don’t need to see you I have an ample show at night. Go n enjoy with that bitch I said in anger.
Sonu was still nude and said charu, this is what, I want to show u to tell you what she thinks of you.
I said wear clothes .
First look at me from bottom to my eyes. I closed my eyes in anger and think there is no other option and I look at him and at his feet but my eyes was on his penis. And slowly I start raising my eyes from his feet to upper body my eyes struck at his penis this time I’m clearly looking with open eyes and thought how could soni my sis in law able to take whole in her mouth. 
I was looking at his balls and my legs and hands start shivring. I closed my eyes and said to sonu please I need to talk to you . sonu hold me through my waist and kiss at my lips and said go to your room I’m coming. 
He opens the room and that idiot was still nude, I just ran to my room with heavy breadth.
After 20 minutes sonu came in my room, and I was sitting on the chair watching tv but my mind was on sonu and soni and the possibilities could come next.
I smiled at him and he too came and lie on the bed and said yes bhabi ask?
I asked large number of questions and he told me the truth how she get in to all this and how she earns money.
I said sonu you know what she thinks of me. I’m ready to do anything with you but one note.
And that is the she should not able to give the land to bank on lease. And for that if you need money I am ready to give money to you any amount 1 lac, 2 lakh or 3 lakh say amount and take from me. 
Sonu smiled and said charu , I will try and I know you are mine and ready to do anything but those idiots needs flesh
Bastard sonu get him the flesh on any lady there are thousands available in money. But he need some decent housewife.
Like soni. I was silent and said just try it. I don’t need it anyhow.
Sonu got up and remove his shirt, and lock the room. Sonu don’t lock it, marwaooge tum
I said bstard what are you doing father and mom are at home, he went to the door and close the door and lock it too.. And he came on the bed and hold my hand and said lie on me charu.
Idiot open the door and wear the shirt.
Don’t worry charu they are in room and sleeping so no one will come and by saying this he push me towards himself and I came half on him, lie on me charu,
Sonu I’m on you I can this only as I don’t have another option. His made me lie straightly on his body and put his hand on my back. He kissed me on my cheeks and I didn’t object and said sonu tell me what to do?
Sonu said charu soni is giving money too. these rascals don’t do things without money but your sis in law directly said I will serve you in better way with money so they agreed on that. And moreover there are three managers whom she will entertain in two days and all of them together.
What?? Ohh
My breast was getting pressed on sonu’s chest and I was feeling his hard cock on thighs.
I lie next to him and look at him and said how cheap she is.
He said yes
Then sonu came on me, and I smiled at him. I have submitted him a day before till now he hasn’t made me nude. He was just going slow.
I without thinking said yes I saw that when she was sucking your cock like lollypop and taking all the cup. ( ohh I felt bad thinking how could I open so much with him ) 
He made me lie on the bed and I without repulsion lie on my back and looking at him. My breadth was heavy due to lots of excitements.
He smiled and said yes she can do more things. His hand was un buttoning the kurti front and I was not objecting him like I’m his only.
I said sonu now tell me how can you stop them?
Whom charu?
Mr. gupta idiot?
Charu, with money can u replace soni?
You want me to entertain with gupta ?
No way
I got up from the bed adjust my clothes and open the door and ask him to leave it and don’t dare to think about this again.
And forget it that you will be able to touch me again bastard okay.
He didn’t say anything and move out.
I close the door and thinking what the rascal proposed me to be the slut or whore.
No way I can’t.
Thank god sonu say this I’m able to save myself from sonu too now.
After half an hour sonu came in the room, 
What you need now? 
Charu listen I will try to talk to them with money but if they don’t agree then I can’t .
help in that case. Just remember the words she said about you.
Sonu I now don’t need to put her down. Let her enjoy I’m not interested and don’t come to my house agin. Okay get lost and I smash the door on his face.
The day pass on ..

Next day was Tuesday I was fuming with revenge with soni, but I don’t have anything from which I can take revenge. I know on Saturday she will meet with gupta. I don’t want that to happen.
Wednesday happen 
I was getting angry and angry and there was no call form sonu, I don’t know what to do?
I made a call to sonu in anger and said what the hell he think of him self? If he can’t help me. 
Charu I have talked to them but they are not getting ready on the money. As they are saying we are breaking the contract. And if I don’t talk to them soni will talk to them. 
Pleas sonu do something it is Wednesday and on Saturday, she will get the deal.
I know sweetheart but it is on you.
Try to get some better way rascal, I can’t do that otherwise she will win.
****Well charu I will try to talk to them again and let’s see what happens.
I with absent mind put off the phone. 
My mind was in anger and in jealous and I need to put the sister of my husband down. I don’t want her to get that contract at any cost. She was giving her body to them along with money to get her and I was just worried and I don’t want to get fucked by unknown people just to put soni down.
But the words she said for me was making me angry and forcing me to do anything.
At one side my mind was saying if soni can do this then why I can’t? And another side my conscious was not allowing me to do that. Then I thought sonu has full freedom on me, he can do anything to me and with me anytime and that’s wrong, so if sonu is there what is wrong in others.
No all of a sudden I felt that it is wrong and decided I will not let my self down.
It was Wednesday evening now and we all were at home me my husband and father in law and mother in law. 

Then we got the call at our landline, and it was the sad news, all of a sudden the earthquake comes at our home, my husband start crying when asked he said his uncle ( mama the brother of his mother) died. He use to love my husband n my mother in law a lot. The atmosphere was sad at that time. Since they live in Hyderabad so they have to book the flight ticket for morning. And it was decided that I will stay at home and will go there on 13th day. 
The night was tuff to pass, as all in the family was desperate to go there, sonu was also informed about the incident.
In the morning sonu too came in the house. the flight was of 11 am and it was 7 am now. We all were sitting in the room. San my husband was insiting me to go to soni place or call soni here to stay here till he comes back. But I insists him that I want to stay alone as I don’t want to stay with her and I was looking and planning to break her deal too. I want to alone and think for that. 
I went to the kitchen, to prepare the breakfast as all has to leave by 8:30 for airport. Sonu came in the kitchen, I looked at him and said yes, he said why you don’t call soni here or go to her place, you will be alone here for 3-4 days. 
I look at him with anger and said you know I don’t want to live with her bitch. 
Sonu smiled and said she is not bitch she is business woman. I said huh I know what kind of business women she is.
Charu why you are living alone, cant I stay with you for all these days with you alone in your bed room. You and me.
I looked at hm ( yes somewhere I have start liking him but my mind was not accepting him)
I said I’m happy living alone. You go to your sis soni and fuck her the way you do. 
Charu but I want to fuck you. 
Shut up 
He holds my hand, sonu leave me every me every one is at home. 
Sonu went towards the kitchen room and looking towards me he open his pant.
What are you doing sonu, rascal go away 
Charu hold it and say to me that I can stay with you.
Sonu if I say will you listen to me ?
Hehehe he laugh with his penis in his hand
And said no but I want to hear from you
Sonu go na please or put yr cock inside, you are inviting the trouble for me.
Just say by kissing me.
I looked at him and came to him pull him inside the kitchen and kiss at his lips and said sonu please come at my place and stay in my room on my bed till my husband don’t come and be with me .
He smiled and he gave me a smooch and slap on my butts and said I am going to drop them to airport when I come I want sexy charu in some sexy dress.
I thought in my mind, sonu I know you won’t leave any piece of cloth on my body then why to wear dress hehehe.. n I was wondering how much I have got open with sonu. Just coz of soni I belive. 
Anyways there is no back step with sonu, as I have move quite ahead so enjoy it. My heart consoles me. I smiled 
And now I kissed my husband in the room and they all departed.
I relax in my room for half an hour then finish the house hold things and then went for the bathoom
I came out from the bathroom in towel only and open my wardrobe to see the clothes and I thought to wear saree, the saree which I wore on his birthday. In which we both somewhere got carried away. No lets wear something normal so that he don’t think I m waiting for him.
I took my shirt and caprie the sleeveless shirt and caprie and the lingerie with net. I smiled and then sat on bed and start watching tv.
I got the call from my husband that they have reach the airport and sonu might not come home as he said to him he is going to office. I felt little disappointed and then I asked when he will give car to me. He said he will come evening or 2mrw.
I said okay and held the phone.
I was disappointed and I don’t know why my eyes got wet. I was in anger but I control my emotions and went to kitchen prepare tea and just entered the room. The bell rang
I went to the door and it was the maid. I thought it will be sonu. But I was somewhere he will come. Now the Thursday came and my heart beats was getting more fast and fast I don’t know what to do? I was puzzled at all. My heart and mind wants to take revenge, I know I can take revenge but somewhere my conscious was not allowing. It was noon now; i was in my room thinking what to do? Should I go or not to go?
Then the thought came in my mind, see charu sonu can fuck you anytime, n you can’t stop him, when one person other then your husband will fucks you what’s wrong if two fucks you. I don’t know this thinking give me courage and makes me smile. I looked at my mirror and smile and somewhere decided to give it a try. 
I picked up the phone and call him.
Hello sweetheart! How are u charu my sexy bhabi?.
Sonu I’m fine n you know what I’m going through.
Hahahah was his reply.
Don’t laugh sonu, tell me what I have to do ?
Charu you have to escort m gupta and satisfy him sexually. Will you?
Sonu shut up, come home and talk not over the phone.
He said he will come around 5 and will spent night with me. I said just come and talking rubbish.
I was worried and I called him at home.
He came at 5 evening 
As he enter the room hugs me, stop it son we are outside home. 
I came to my room and he too follow me in my room. And the door was closed ( not locked)
So charu are you ready 
I was silent
Yes charu, he put his head on my lap, I smiled at him. I haven’t got naked in front of him till now but still I was feeling very comfortable I don’t know why.
Sonu what I have to do ?
Sonu all of a sudden got up and make me lie on the bed and lied over me. His hands were on my breast and pressing them. 
Charu you have to please them for what they order you.
Whatever they will say you for sex you have to do it, 
Sonu kissed at my lips and said just you act as their slave.
Sonu what is guarantee that after doing all that they will reject soni?
Charu just make your mind they will call you right now in front of you.
That’s what I’m making sonu, 
See I can do with them but being a slave is too nasty.
Sonu pressed my cheeks makes me sit and remove my t-shirt. I was in bra and jeans in my room with sonu. And he too removes his shirt
Charu this time I can fuck you but I want to make you more comfortable my darling.
Sonu door is not locked 
Don’t worry charu no one will come at this time. My lips got locked, I was enjoying the lips of sonu ramming my lips
Charu stop saying now, you have to do this you have to have sex with them and act as slave only then you can win.
I’m ready sonu but still having fear
Fear of what charu?
Sonu I don’t know somewhere mind is not allowing
Aah sonu, stop it lady please, he was licking my cleavage and the breast over bra. sonu aahhhh my bra is removed now. I was topless in front of my cousin brother in law.
Wow charu, gupta is going to love your breast so awesome, sonu aahhhhh……
There was more excitement in me after hearing the name of Mr. gupta but still there was something which was stopping me.
Sonu was sucking my nipples and I said sonu I don’t know not getting comfortable with the name of gupta, I don’t know whether I can do with them or not.
My hands goes on sonu head, and I start pressing his face more on my breast I was enjoying and then I said sonu what if I won’t able to do the things according to them?
Sonu stop sucking my breast and look at my face. I was laying topless in front of my cousin brother in law, he was continuously looking at me. Then he said charu let’s talk to gupta again and see what he said and he call to mr gupta there and he said that soni has talked to them today also, and she will come on Saturday and on Monday the deal will be done. 
Oh gosh it is Thursday today and I just have the day of tomorrow. To break the deal I need to break, 
Gupta further said that now it is tuff to cancel her deal as she Is totally ready and brining the money along with her too. And Mr. sonu you didn’t gave the reply of that lady you was talking about, sonu listening this was looking at me. 
Then sonu said sir don’t crack the deal with her, just have the look at that lady tonight, if u like her then tomorrow you can have that lady o else you can have soni on Saturday and you can go with the deal. 
But mr gupta said he has promise to soni about the deal, then sonu said sir, she is sister in law of soni, and more beautiful and other then her husband she is not fucked, even by me too.
Hearing this gupta seems bit interested and fix the time to meet in the evening.
What sonu? What you are saying I’m still not properly prepared and you are asking him to see me tonight? How come sonu, I was looking at sonu and sonu pressed my nipples with finger and smiled at me. 
What will I say to my husband where I am going and what is the reason, many such questions were coming in my mind but sonu was not listening to any of them.
Okay Mr. gupta we will see you at ##### corner at dot 7pm. You can talk to her and then only you decide what you have to do. 
Done sir! Was sonu words 
Thanks again we will be there on time.
Then sonu said charu, see lets go and meet him, may be your shyness shaded away and you could feel more comfortable, 
I was confused and looked at him while sited topless in front of him.
He got angry and he start shouting on me and telling me to go in either way, either stop thinking of taking revenge from soni and live life or enjoy the world and beat her in her own world.
His words were getting in my mind. I said sonu I’m ready for it I told u by calling myself just a fear what if I won’t succeed.
What kind of success charu, sonu removes his jeans and his undies and he was nude from top to bottom, I was stunted again although I have seen his cock earlier too and hold It . he came close to me and unbutton my jeans I said sonu please door is not locked and parents are at home.
He replied abhie 1 ghante se aaupar se nangi baithi hain mere sath tab dar nahi laga( you are sitting topless from 1 hour in this room with me that time u didn’t get fear).
Sonu lie over me and his lip went on my lips and hands on my breast and I was giving him full favor and I was too sucking his lips and tongue. His rude words didn’t effect me rather I liked them.
I remove my hand from my jeans, as I remove my hand sonu came and sit next to me and start bringing down my caaprie down and down.
Sonu is the first man other than my husband who is making me nude and I was not objecting him. but in last few days sonu has overtook my mind. 
Oh charu what a beautiful legs you have he was licking my legs and I was getting more and more excited and just wanting sonu to do anything with me. My lower was on the floor now and I was laying in panty only in front of my brother in law. 
It is true revenge can take you anywhere and the revenge from my sister in law I making me nude in front of other men. Sonu lips were on my lips and his one hand reaches the place where no one else has gone, at my g spot sonu hands reach there. seems to be in hurry this time and me and ask me to hold his cock. I hold his cock and then he said see you are shying a lot it is good , but you have to be more open when they will ask you to suck them or dance with them.
I was looking at him with the excitement in my heart and mind. I was laying nude with him and by now he too went nude. For the first time I was fully nude with him or I should say we both were nude on the bed .
I wanted to ask him sonu how what shyness I have, but before I could complete my words my lips get locked by sonu’s lips, aah I was enjoying every movement with him. It was fantastic. My lips this time was supporting him and my lips and teeth was biting his lips, I was wet full wet and wanted a fuck from him, I was cuming and I want more and I was sucking his saliva 
Charu i am fucking you my bhabi! Sonu said
Ohh sonu fuck me, do it fast aahaa I felt this cock on my pussy, for the first time I was feeling the cock of another man in my pussy, I spread my legs and aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh bite my lips so that my shout don’t go to my in law. Aah it is awesome it went inside my pussy, I ws enjoying this penetration inside me, it was pain full but relaxing too. aahh sonu fast enjoying it.
Sonu asked charu bol tu meri randi hian ( say you are my slut)
Yes sonu I am your slut my dear, I am your slave, aah you are awesome sonu. The rhythm of sonu increases and his hands on my breast were pressing hard and he was just crushing them. I hug sonu and said slowly sonu it pains, he said you are my rand charu, don’t order me.. 
I don’t know I like his way, I like his attitude and said do it anything to me sonu, I’m yours only now only yours and after 20 minute of long fuck in which I had cum several times he enjucated on my breast and lie next to me. 
I don’t know when I wake up from the sleep but found it was not too late. Oh god me and sonu both are sleeping nude. Shitt what I did. I didn’t thought that either I did right or wrong by getting fucked by sonu, I was worried about parents. I immediately wear my clothes looked at his nude body and got confused again and I went to kitchen for tea
I came with two cups of tea in my room. One for me and one for my new lover or my agent or my dear bro in law who just fucked me sometime back. 
I went to my room, and suddenly felt embarrassed to see sonu there laying nude , 30 sec back he was here with me and both laying nude and half an hour back I got fucked by him and slept nude with him, but don’t know what makes me feel shamed in front of him. I put my eyes on the floor and asked myself why I am shying now. N smiled seeing his sleeping cock. 
I put the tea on the table silently and bring the sheet from the almirah and put it on naked sonu who was sleeping in my bedroom on my bed. I sat next to him on bed and gently kissed on his forehead and make him awake. I was tensed and somewhere happy too. Sonu opens his eyes. 
Sonu sensed my situation and got up and hugs me and kisses at my cheeks and said my sweet sexy charu
I know, what you are thinking don’ t think much my sweetheart, I looked at him and smiled him and support his hug my relaxing my body ( it was my submission to sonu, that I have accepted him). 
And there sonu remind me of the meeting with gupta, which I had forget and he said that I should wear something decent but urban too. so I wore another beautiful red color shirt with jeans on it. I with smile said is it fine Mr. agent. He laughs on it and we both hug each other.
I was feeling some kind of security with him, he was helping me in making my sis in law loose to me in said battle of two women’s. I was more comfortable with him now and somewhere trusting him blindly too. Although I was not emotionally attached to him but still I was feeling some kind of satisfaction with him. May be it was our sex encounter which happen half an hour back which satisfies my hidden desires and made me more comfortable in sex and bring out me from the orthodox behavior of having sex with husband only. I was now not feeling bad about him or thing anything much wrong what I did with sonu, what I did with him I was prepared and I myself allow him and to be true I enjoyed that too.
Since we were alone at home for few days so it was not tuff for me to move out of the house with sonu in eve till mid night. 
me and sonu move out of the car. It was sonu safari, in which we both sat. I was relaxed and nothing was going in my mind but, as we were getting close to the designated place, my hands and legs start shivering.
Now my mind was saying how I will face that guy, whom I don’t know and he is coming to see me that either I’m fuck-able for him or not. Oh, what will he say, what will be his remarks will he do something there or just talk decently? Many questions were running in my mind and suddenly sonu’s mobile rang and it was Mr. Gupta who was asking for the time and sonu told that we are on the way and will reach their in next half an hour. Car was going towards the restaurant and I was looking straight on the road, thinking where I was going. I was one side again feeling bad what I am going to do now, coz from there, there will be no back, but at the same time the thought of my sis in law comes which forced my mind to think that it I right what I’m doing. I looked at sonu who was looking on the road and seeing me looking at me, he looked at me and gave me small sweet smile and holds my hand. I smiled him back and then he said don’t worry dear charu, I smiled him back and said I know, I am normal. He was still holding my hands and his silent hand was motivating me and making me bit strong and helping me to come out of those thoughts. 

Before moving out of the house , we have seleced the clothes which I was going to wear today. I went to bathroom for bath but sonu didn’t allow me to take the clothes as he want me to wear in front of him. I came in towel and wore my blue jeans and took the shirt. I was standing in front of him in bra and jeans only and sonu was looking at me., beautiful skin bhabi, flawless skin. I am sure Mr. gupta will be your slave after seeing you. 
Hehehe I smiled, 
I smiled without looking at sonu and looking at my bra covered breast and thinking of the Mr. gupta what will happen.
I start wearing shirt and sonu took the shirt from me, I got shocked what he is doing, then he said charu remove your bra dear, only then it will be fun, you have to flaunt your body to them, but sonu in the hotel people will notice that I’m not wearing bra. Let them they are not your relatives, so stop caring about the people okay.
I smiled at him as he kissed at my lips and without a second thought I unhook my bra and become topless in front of him. I dint got any hesitation in front of him in getting topless.
Sonu took my t-shirt and bra and in that time I wear the shirt.
I wore the shirt and start adjusting my hairs. Shirt was bit tight too me. It was showing my whole upper torso . the shirt was embarrassing my whole breast and full shape of my breast was on display and it was sticking to my stomach and showing the shape of ribs too. my nipples were on display and the breast without bra was looking extra big and round. But I know hi have to look ssexy so I smiled and sid my self ok to it. At the hotel when I meet them but right now I need to move out of the house what if someone saw me so I again remove the shirt and got topless in front of him.
Sonu was looking at my nude breast and I was not able to look at him and shyingly said please don’t look at me like this sonu. He asked why I removed the shirt then I said it is tight and not good to move out from the house in this dress since lots of skin is coming out. He smiled and I wore t-shirt only without bra. And packed the shirt in my bag.
We came out of the house sat in his car
Sonu looked at me and said sexy super hot bhabi. I want to fuck you again.
I smiled and said in my heart just an hour back you fucked me my dear bro in law. Again. I thought I have submitted to him. It was my sis in law soni due to which I have submitted myself to sonu and gave my fate to him. 
Whatever now, when it comes to revenge womens are best in it and specially when it is against some other women.
I looked at sonu on his words and didn’t said anything and then he hold my hand and put it on his crotch. I looked at him with question in my eyes what now?
I was feeling excited like the girl of 16 years of age, I don’t have any objection just I was asking what he want and is he want something from me. Coz I was his from today. I have submitted myself to him. Sonu smiled and said bhabi I want you to suck my cock.
Sonu looked at me and I looked at me and without hesitation I said sonu this time? We are just reaching the hotel, I will do it when we will come back. after speaking I realize I opened too much. How can I say this to him and so normally. While I was thinking this sonu hugged me and I put my head on his shoulders on his head and my hand on his cock over jeans and my eyes get closed.
Bhabi bhabi, charu …
Aahhaa…I open my eye in shock. Oh we reached. Yes my pretty sexy bhabi we have reached now. My slept on his shoulder and didn’t realize when it happens. Or car was standing outside the hotel. He said bhabi u need to change the shirt and now where will you do that. Your t-shirt is not so gud to go inside the hotel and changei n washroom. I looked at him as I don’t know what to do? I asked tell me what should I do? Sonu said lets go in parking and inside car change your shirt immediately I said sonu let me fix my hairs and lipstick then take the car inside. 
I adjusted my clothes hairs and light makeup and looked at him for his approval. The approval from my boyfriend or my agent or from one whom gave my faith.
The car moves and we it enters the complex of a 5 star hotel the Radisson. The car directly went in to the parking lot. Our car went to the last corner of the parking and seeing no one there I immediately removes my t-shirt. I was topless in the parking lot and immediately I wore my shirt it must have taken not more then 15 seconds but for a women being topless for 15 sec in public area is like 15 hours. and we both came out. I adjusted my self again and start moving holding the hand of sonu as I’m his girl. I was showing full confidence but from inside my heart was coming out. I was shivering and as we were coming close I was getting more feared. Sonu hold me through my waist and said don’t worry my dear, no one is going to touch u here, just talk to him and he will see you.
I know sonu what I’m here for, the old guy want to see me mi eligible for bed or not and I know how many people are dying to get that opportunity. 
We both smiled. We entered the lobby of the hotel. I was not looking very hi end I was wearing black shirt with blue jeans and sandals but my perfect figure was on display and my hairs and red lips was complimenting my looks. I was confident on my look. 
Sonu called Mr. gupta and asked at which restaurant he is sitting. And then we enters the restaurant and first sonu enters and then I . Nothing was unusual there I have been there earlier too but with my husband this time was with my cosion brother in law. Everyone on the table seems to be busy in themselves. Sonu then said to me to look at the corner seat at the left end behind the pillar.
It was the seat where no one can see as it was at the corner and behind the pillar. So nnt an easy way for everyone to look at. I smiled in heart and said to sonu nice choice of seat.
He smiled and as we came close, I don’t know what happen to me, I was normal and all my stress went away. There was two guy sitting there both the old age of around 55-60 years. One was fat blad and black in complexion and other was black , looking bit healthy and having strong mustaches. 
Oh god these guys will play with my body and fuck me. I have to please such old men. I said in my heart. Well I have to so I smiled and move ahead closing all the thousands of thoughts running in my mind.
Both guys got up seeing us and first shake hands with sonu and then it was Namaste with me. They treated very decently this time. Unexpected to me. I was impressed. I was made to sit at the side of the pillar as no one else those guys n sonu can see me. I was made familiar by those guys formally after I took the seat the bald fatty black man was Mr. gupta and second man was Mr. chopra who has mustaches.
Now I was getting conscious, I was not able to look at those guys, and looking at the table. They all were behaving gently and noting informal and then the soft drinks were ordered as sonu rejected the proposal of drinking alcohol. 
The soft drink came and then sonu said to them, sir this is my bhabi charu, I was getting nervous as I don’t know what he will say to them. Sir she will come to your house at 1 pm sharp and will be with you guys till 8 pm and you can do anything what you like, she will please you in all the way.
Ohh my gosh that time was the first time in my life I was sitting like a item, who is on sale, it was very humiliating so I was trying not to listen their words but his words were coming to me. And his coming words were going to give more shock to me… it was
Sir, you can see her , she is more sexy and beautiful then soni, both guys look at me, it was so humiliating as they were looking at me and comparing me. I looked at Mr. chopra and pass smile and then looked at Mr. gupta, the eyes of Mr. gupta was like that , they will eat me. Horrifying. I smiled at Mr. gupta too. I don’t have any other option, I know the fact that next day they will eat me, the way they want. 
Then Mr. Gupta said charu is very beautiful and better then that bitch soni, just see her face, it seems her lips are so wide by taking multiple cocks in the mouth. All the three smiles and I don’t know how to react so I pretend that I didn’t understand. Then Mr. Chopra ask so charu do you have any problem or question? As sonu told us you have never done such things, this will be your first time.
I really don’t have words to say, I was easy to think then to face, I nodded my head by saying yes this is my first time, then Mr. gupta said don’t worry you will enjoy our company. I smiled looking at them and then at sonu. 
Then I said I’m sure soni won’t get the bank rent allotment. Mr. gupta smiled and said don worry we are business man n we don’t breach trust. 
Sonu then said sir you can feel her a bit if you want, ask her to come in between you guys.
What? Sonu what you are saying? In this public restaurant you are saying the guys to touch me n feel my body. Oh my gosh. I looked at sonu with surprise and then Mr. chopra said no its okay she will come tomorrow, she is pretty n decent this is our taste, but Mr. gupta said charu come and sit bet us for few minutes. I don’t have any choice and I looked at them and then at sonu with wide eyes and look around the restaurant to check if someone was seeing us. But no one was looking at us. Thanks to the beautiful location.
I was now getting conscious and nervous, I expected something like this to happen and was prepared but when it start happening my legs start shivering. I looked at sonu, he looked at and smiles me to say go and sit between unknown people in the 5 start restaurant where they will play with your body.
I got up and sonu and Mr. gupta too got up and I same next to Mr. chopra and then Mr. gupta took his seat and then sonu. I was shivering now. Don’t know what is happening to me. Then Mr. chopra was talking to me and I was feeling relax as he was talking normally and then Mr. gupta said sonu she seems to have nice breast. Sonu laughed and said sir tomorrow they will be yours you can see it and feel it as much s you can.. Listening this Mr. chopra laugh and I too laugh in my heart. And I found the eyes of chopra was on my breast. Then sonu said sir you can touch them if you like, then Mr. chopra said sonu we don’t need your permission now. And as Mr. chopra was saying I felt hand on my breast. my breast was under thin cloth, it was like naked and they are feeling it. Nice tight n firm breast charu you have. 
Oh my gosh in public restaurant, I’m sitting between two guys and one guy holding my breast and oh gosh second breast too by another man. They both squeezed my breast for 4-5 minutes and I was getting excited by this and I didn’t say anything.
Then sonu interrupted them and said sir tomorrow she will come to you, let us move as we have to go long distance, then Mr. gupta said okay but I want her to kiss me. I was speechless, how come here in restaurant, then sonu replied sir you can do many thing in the parking but here? Mr. gupta said okie in parking but nothing bad in kissing us here, sonu got speechless and look at my eyes as saying do it.
I crush my teeth as what they are doing and then I looked at Mr. gupta who was looking at me and hold Mr. guptas head and bring my lips close to them and lock my lips. ohh wired so wired. Kissing to such an old man never dreamt off. Then I felt two hands on my both breast and some one unbuttoning my top button of shirt, I came in senses and said no sir not here, and by then Mr. chopra kissed at my lips and said okay lets go to parking. Charu you are irresistible.
I blushed from inside. And Mr. gupta paid the bill and we all four move out of the restaurant and no one was holding anyone.
I was feeling bit relax and know anything could happen in parking but I was secured of one thing that we won’t be caught by anyone there. We came out of the hotel and by walk went to parking and sonu asked me to sit in between of Mr. gupta and chopra in the car. I know what he meant and I looked at him and Mr. chopra sit in the car then I came and then Mr. gupta came in. and the doors got closed and sonu was at driving seat. 
Mr. gupta start licking my cheeks oh sir..i said as I got surprise and Mr. chopra broke my top buttons and bring out my breast and start pressing it. wow what a lovely pair of breast. my all the buttons of the shirt was teared off. I was topless naked from front. My both breast was on display and Mr. gupta was sucking it and making it hard. And I was busy in smooching Mr. chopra. And Mr. chopra another hand was on my another breast. gupta said sonu she has beautiful breast. I think her husband don fuck her much. I dint like it but keep on sucking the tongue of Mr. chopra, the mustache of chopra was irritating but I had to adjust with it.
Then sonu said sir, she will come to your place tomorrow please let us go as we have to go at distant place, Mr. chopra agrees on it and both leave their hands from me. I got bit relaxed. And bit frustrated to as I start enjoying two hands on me, the way they were playing with my breast and back it made me wet but it has to end here. I had never been played by two mens.
Then I said sir I don’t have button of my shirt so I can’t come outside and both smile and said its okay charu we will wait for you tomorrow. I smiled at them thinking go and get lost you old perverted guys.
Our car start moving out of the complex and I came in the front seat, from the gap of front seats. Then I asked sonu to give me my shirt and he said that he threw it as he never expected that they will broke the buttons.
I yelled as sonu what he did. How will I go to home now and many thing. He said he will purchase the new shirt for me on the way and trying to ease my temper.
I was holding my shirt and then sonu said why you are shying from me, let your breast be visible to me. And in anger I remove my hand from it and said see them. 
all of a sudden I got the call from my hubby and I pick the phone and he asked where are we ? I told him we are at noida and we will come in 1 hour then my hubby said that no need to come to home, we should directly come to airport as their uncle died due to heart attack and sonu too will join them and I will go home from airport after dropping sonu and he said that my in laws are too going so I have to take the keys of the house from them.I was shivering now. Don’t know what is happening to me. Then Mr. chopra was talking to me and I was feeling relax as he was talking normally and then Mr. gupta said sonu she seems to have nice breast. Sonu laughed and said sir tomorrow they will be yours you can see it and feel it as much s you can.. Listening this Mr. chopra laugh and I too laugh in my heart. And I found the eyes of chopra was on my breast. Then sonu said sir you can touch them if you like, then Mr. chopra said sonu we don’t need your permission now. And as Mr. chopra was saying I felt hand on my breast. my breast was under thin cloth, it was like naked and they are feeling it. Nice tight n firm breast charu you have. 
Oh my gosh in public restaurant, I’m sitting between two guys and one guy holding my breast and oh gosh second breast too by another man. They both squeezed my breast for 4-5 minutes and I was getting excited by this and I didn’t say anything.
Then sonu interrupted them and said sir tomorrow she will come to you, let us move as we have to go long distance, then Mr. gupta said okay but I want her to kiss me. I was speechless, how come here in restaurant, then sonu replied sir you can do many thing in the parking but here? Mr. gupta said okie in parking but nothing bad in kissing us here, sonu got speechless and look at my eyes as saying do it.
I crush my teeth as what they are doing and then I looked at Mr. gupta who was looking at me and hold Mr. guptas head and bring my lips close to them and lock my lips. ohh wired so wired. Kissing to such an old man never dreamt off. Then I felt two hands on my both breast and some one unbuttoning my top button of shirt, I came in senses and said no sir not here, and by then Mr. chopra kissed at my lips and said okay lets go to parking. Charu you are irresistible.
I blushed from inside. And Mr. gupta paid the bill and we all four move out of the restaurant and no one was holding anyone.
I was feeling bit relax and know anything could happen in parking but I was secured of one thing that we won’t be caught by anyone there. We came out of the hotel and by walk went to parking and sonu asked me to sit in between of Mr. gupta and chopra in the car. I know what he meant and I looked at him and Mr. chopra sit in the car then I came and then Mr. gupta came in. and the doors got closed and sonu was at driving seat. 
Mr. gupta start licking my cheeks oh sir..i said as I got surprise and Mr. chopra broke my top buttons and bring out my breast and start pressing it. wow what a lovely pair of breast. my all the buttons of the shirt was teared off. I was topless naked from front. My both breast was on display and Mr. gupta was sucking it and making it hard. And I was busy in smooching Mr. chopra. And Mr. chopra another hand was on my another breast. gupta said sonu she has beautiful breast. I think her husband don fuck her much. I dint like it but keep on sucking the tongue of Mr. chopra, the mustache of chopra was irritating but I had to adjust with it.
Then sonu said sir, she will come to your place tomorrow please let us go as we have to go at distant place, Mr. chopra agrees on it and both leave their hands from me. I got bit relaxed. And bit frustrated to as I start enjoying two hands on me, the way they were playing with my breast and back it made me wet but it has to end here. I had never been played by two mens.
Then I said sir I don’t have button of my shirt so I can’t come outside and both smile and said its okay charu we will wait for you tomorrow. I smiled at them thinking go and get lost you old perverted guys.
Our car start moving out of the complex and I came in the front seat, from the gap of front seats. Then I asked sonu to give me my shirt and he said that he threw it as he never expected that they will broke the buttons.
I yelled as sonu what he did. How will I go to home now and many thing. He said he will purchase the new shirt for me on the way and trying to ease my temper.
I was holding my shirt and then sonu said why you are shying from me, let your breast be visible to me. And in anger I remove my hand from it and said see them. 
all of a sudden I got the call from my hubby and I pick the phone and he asked where are we ? I told him we are at noida and we will come in 1 hour then my hubby said that no need to come to home, we should directly come to airport as their uncle died due to heart attack and sonu too will join them and I will go home from airport after dropping sonu and he said that my in laws are too going so I have to take the keys of the house from them. We reached airport after changing the dress from home. We were late and San and my in-laws where about to checkin for secuirty check. I meet them and wished them a safe journey and sonu same time also spoke to them.
San was little worried as i would be alone at home and asked me to live with SONI.I assured him that i am alright and will be ok and will ask SONI or SONU to join myself at home. The moment i said this to san he was assured however sonu was standing next to me kept his hands on my ass and pressed it and winked at me.
After saying good bye we left from the airport and came to the car parking where sonu and me sat inside and started driving to home.
i was very quiet and nervous during the journey thinking about the tomorrow meeting with MR Gupta and Mr Chopra.
Sonu was aware about my nervousness and placed his hands on mine and pressed them hard and said to me to relax and said he will help me coming out of the shyness if i follow his orders and do as he says. I looked at him and thought just came to my mind how things have changed in few days time. The person whom i was angry at is the most comfortable i am with now and was not thinking too much about morality and marriage. I was now more like a girl who is trying to break free from all the barriers and become a girl who is just in teens and curious about sex and wondering how it is to be being with experimenting with sex and doing it new ways.
My anger toward Soni has made me bold enough not to think about right or wrong and looking only to prove that i am not just a stupid girl and can prove her and teach her a lesson by just taking all away from her which she has and bring it back to me.
Sonu looked at me and i was in my own thoughts and said so are you ready to work with me to get away and break free from shyness and rules made by society.
I said yes the second time little annoyed at him to which he responded asking me to promise i will do as he says to which i gave him a grin and said yes dear i promise but you have to promise me onething too. Sonu asked what is it now, i said i want all the things which soni has and want to make her pay for the words she said about me. He responded to me by placing my hands on his trousers. I could feel the warmness in his trousers and something very hard i was feeling little akward since we were in the car and was looking outside as the car stopped at the signal. I saw two gentleman looking at us from there car and i took my hands of his trousers and sonu immedieately said to me keep it and forget about the world around you if you want my help and dont forget your promise. I was scared about what people would think of me is there any known person around who will notice me but i obeyed Sonu and the signal got greeen and i was relieved. 
On the way to home sonu took a right turn to which i said to him hey i guess you missed the turn to which he smiled and said its time now for you to learn the lessons to get rid of the shyness and be bold. 
I laughed and said ok Mr Professor and laughed out loud

So he asked me ready to know your first task. Yes i said sounding little anxious to know what and how was he going to help me to be free

He told me the task and i was angry and said no way we are going to far with this and i dont know what he thinks of me?

Sonu looked at me angry and said well you can get out now and catch a cab and reach home and forget about all things an not to bother him

I was silence and just nodded to him and he started driving again

After driving for almost a hour we reached place far away from my home. 
Sonu took his foot off the pedal and stepped on the brakes lightly, bringing the car to a a halt. We were now right in front of a small “paan” Shop on the highway somewhere. It was 3 in the afternoon, and the sun was shining bright. Sonu put the car in neutral and looked at me.

Lets get ready for your first task of the day

I nodded and looked straight ahead.

“Can we…” I said tentatively, “well…can we drive a bit further so I can muster up the courage?”

“Come on, Charu! This is the far enough now !” Sonu said in a slightly annoyed voice.

“Yes, I know. I am sorry, but this location seems a bit risky. And the guy in the Shop looks…” I turned over my shoulder to look at the Shop. Sonu turned and looked to and said,

“He looks what? To me, he looks old and thin. Minimum risk. And there are no other Shops, stores or houses anywhere in sight. The traffic is light too. Charu, this is as safe as it can get.”

I didn’t say anything, and looked down.

“Frankly Charu, I am starting to think this whole trip was a big mistake.
I think you should forget about getting even with Soni and go home and be the house-wife which you are.

“No, Sonu, please. All I am saying is, I need a little more time. Maybe half an hour. And then…” I protested.

Sonu said to be you know I don’t like the usual hearing drama like others, but you must remember, you agreed to obey me. I am going to put my foot down. I command you, do it now! Or I turn this car back, drop you in your home, and I go my way. After all, if this simple task is so difficult for you then how will you be able to please guptaji and chopraji to cancel the deal and have a deal with you

I sat there, conflicted. I did not want him to leave. I did want this trip. But I was scared too. And tense. But he was right. This was very simple. If I could not do this, then the rest of the trip was going to be unthinkable. I tried to psyche myself into readiness. It’s a small thing, I told myself. Like ripping off a band-aid… or a wax-strip. Like jumping in the cold water and braving those first two minutes of chill. Like…

“Well?” Sonu interrupted my chain of thoughts.

“OK, I’ll do it. But, I have a request.” I said.

“Could you please get out of the car and stand next to the door where he can see you?” I said in a pleading voice.

“Alright, since this is your first task, I will. But in the future, I make the rules, and you follow them, get it?” Sonu said. He opened the door, stepped out of the car, and stood there. I took a deep breath, opened the passenger side door and stepped out too.

I slowly walked to the Shop and was standing in front of the window-counter. The old man behind the counter, who was sitting on a stool, looked at me quizzically.

“One pack of big Gold Flake cigarettes and three packs of Benson & Hedges. And three bottles of water.” I said to him in Hindi.

The old man reached to his right and took out the cigarette packets and plonked them in front of me. He then got up and went to the back of his Shop.

“They’re not cold. Is that OK?” he asked.

I had been busy craning my neck in either direction to make sure there were no pedestrians walking towards us. All I could see was Sonu, leaning against the car.

“Yes, that’s fine.” I said. He got three bottles put them on the counter next to the cigarette packs.

“Anything else?” the old man asked. I shook my head. “That will be…. 265 rupees.” and he started putting everything in a plastic bag.

And here it was. The moment of reckoning. The first step. I looked back at Sonu with a pleading look on my face, almost praying that he’d tell me to just pay the man with money and get it over with. But Sonu only gave me a stern look and nodded his head slightly, as if telling me to go ahead.

“Memsaab, 265 rupees.” the old man reminded me again.

Memsaab…. the word made me smile a little. A word that was coined during the British rule of India to refer to British women. But now, all these decades after independence, if you used it to address a stranger, you were usually a poor person from the lower classes of Indian society. And that stranger was usually an Indian woman from the rich or upper middle class, dressed in Western clothes. And I did look like a Memsaab. I was wearing a knee length skirt which showed off my milky white calves. A shirt with some no bra inside. 

“Memsaab?” he said again, interrupting my irrelevant thoughts. I looked at him, and for the first time looked into his eyes. This was it. Enough stalling. It was now or never.

“I don’t have money to pay you for this, but I have another offer if you are interested.” There, I said it!

“Ug….huh?” he said confused.

“If you let me take all of this, I will take off my t-shirt and bra, and let you look at my boobs for one whole minute.” Just saying it out aloud gave me goose pimples. 

“What???” he almost shouted, and I was afraid and said the same thing second time.

The old man swallowed nervously. He looked at me with renewed interest, almost checking me out. He then fixed his gaze on my ample bosom, my 34D boobs straining against the t-shirt. He then looked at Sonu. 
“Won’t he…. get angry?” the old man whispered.

“No, don’t worry about him.” I said, feeling a lot more confident. “So do we have a deal? All this for one minute of my naked boobs.”

“Five minutes!” the old man found his voice and countered, holding up 5 fingers. “Three minutes. Final offer.” I said, holding up three fingers, suddenly enjoying this. I looked back and saw Sonu laughing. He could not hear us, but understood what was going on.

“OK.” the old man said, and grabbed the plastic bag with my stuff in it. He then looked at a dust-covered clock on the wall and said “I will give this to you after three full minutes of your… show.”

For a few seconds, I felt exhilarated, as if I had just climbed the Everest. But then reality bit me hard. As much as I had dreaded saying all this, it was the easy part. The difficult part still lay ahead. Holding up my end of the bargain. ——- I looked at Sonu, and he gave me a broad smile of encouragement. I looked up and down the highway. There were no vehicles. And I looked at the old man, who was now staring at me with a very hungry look on his face. I’d better get done with this fast, I thought to myself. I reached down with my hands, and pulled my t-shirt upwards. I first pulled it slowly, stopping when the t-shirt was bunched up under my chin, showing the old man my exposed tits. His eyes grew wide and he opened his mouth as he stared at them.

I paused like that for two seconds and pulled the t-shirt over my head, taking it off completely. I held the t-shirt in my right hand and just stood there, suddenly aware of most of my torso being exposed. The old man could now see my flat stomach, my tits, my cleavage my shoulders, my belly button.

“Wow! You’re so beautiful!” the old man said, but then his practical side kicked in and he reminded me, “Remember, the three minutes don’t start until you take that off too.”

He was right. I looked up and down the highway again many times. Still deserted. 

And there I finally was. Completely topless in front of a stranger on a highway. I looked back at Sonu. He looked at me, smiled and nodded in approval. He then gave me the thumbs up sign. Then I noticed his gaze move from me towards the old man. Sonu cocked his eyebrows and smiled again. He then looked at me and gestured me to look at the old man.

As I looked back at the Shop, I saw the old man looking at me hungrily. Also, his right hand had disappeared below the counter and has moving rapidly. That’s when it hit me. He was masturbating! And here I was, topless, helping him jack off.

“Please come closer.” the old man said in a breathless voice.

“Okay” I said with a smile “But no touching.”

And I stepped forward, until I was resting against the wall and my boobs were hanging over the counter. From that angle, I could see the old man’s dick. It was erect, medium sized, and very dark. There was a thick bush of pubic hair around it. And the old man’s right hand was jerking hard at his dick.

“Ohhh…. you are so hot.” the old man said as he kept staring at me and I kept staring at his dick with amusement and arousement.

That’s when I heard the sound of an engine in the distance. I was about to turn around and watch when I heard Sonu say in a very commanding voice,

“Don’t panic. Just stay where you are. They probably won’t even notice. And even if they do, I am right here.”

I just stood there, as if frozen into a statue as the sound of the engine grew louder. It sounded like a truck. I was aware of every millisecond as the truck passed by. And Sonu turned out to be right. The truck passed without noticing me standing there topless.

“Please memsaab….please…can I touch…. just once? Please?” the old man said in a pleading voice. “You can have anything you want from my shop. Take everything. Just let me touch those magnificent breasts once.”

I looked at sonu and he just nodded then I looked into the old man’s eyes and nodded slowly.

He didn’t need a second invitation. Right away, he jumped up from his stool, and with his right hand still jacking his dick, he stepped ahead and with his left hand, grabbed my right breast. I inhaled deeply as I felt his rough callused hands grab my tit and press it hard. I closed my eyes as he started massaging it. That’s when he suddenly stopped and said


The next thing I knew, i felt something warm and sticky hit my stomach and tits. It took me a couple of seconds to understand what was happening. The man was cumming! And he was cumming all over my tits. I opened my eyes and saw that sure enough, the old man was holding his dick pointed upwards, still rubbing it, and was was shooting the jizz all over my upper body. A few specks even landed on my neck and my chin.

“Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” I shouted and stepped back. “YOU DIRTY OLD MAN!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!”

But all I hear was laughter. Two distinct laughters. The old man and Sonu were both laughing as I stumbled back, almost falling, looking at the semen all over my body.

“Sorry, memsaab.” the old man finally stopped laughing and said with a lecherous smile. “I got carried away.”

“Idiot!” I said and started cleaning his jizz with my Shirt.

Meanwhile Sonu, still laughing, walked towards the counter and held out his hand. The old man smiled and gave him the plastic bag. 

I had cleaned the old man’s jizz using the t-shirt and put my bra back on. There was no way I could wear the t-shirt any more. I threw it at the old man and he caught it deftly with his right hand and started laughing again.

“Let’s go Sonu.” I said in a cold voice, and started walking towards the car.

“In a minute.” Sonu said and took a long puff from the cigarette. He then fished his wallet out of his pocket and took out a crisp 500 rupee note. He kept it in the counter, said “Keep the change.” and walked back to the car with the plastic back.

I walked around to the passengers side and just as I got in, the old man yelled,

“Come again soon, memsaab. Everything is on the house for you.” and started cackling again.

Sonu got in, put the car in gear and started driving.

“Well done!” he said to me.

In spite of the fact that I was feeling a bit upset, I smiled and said,

“Thank you” ———————— Sonu and i got into the car and i was breathing heavily and was thinking how come i was able to do all this things. Sonu was praising me in the car and same time took three buttons of my shirt. I was sitting in the car almost my tits visible and out of my shirt to all people passing by.
Sonu was about to tell me a new task just when his mobile rang and i understood who is calling, it was Mr. Gupta. Sonu connected the phone to car audio 
via bluetooth. Mr Gupta said hi to him and apologized and said that Soni has called him and has offered to spend three days non-stop to get the deal. I immedieately spoke to Mr gupta that its unfair and he said well since there is a new offer from soni i also need to give them something more than the earlier deal. To which i responded what is that they have in mind. Well as you know our earlier deal was to have you at our home from 1 pm to 8 pm but if we have to say no to deal made by Soni he would like to take me to lonavala and i have to stay with them in a hotel for a day and do as they say and pleasure them.
I said its unfair to change the deal now and how can i trust him when in three hours only he has changed the previous deal to which he said well the choice is your and agreed to provide me 3 lac in cash and cancel the soni deal with bank and provide the papers related to same once i am with him in lonavola.
Sonu said yes to them to which i was furious and said to him how can i go to lonavala with them for a day, what if san calls at home and finds no one picking up the phone. Sonu assured me that he will speak to san and tell him to give me a call on mobile and will tell him i am at soni’s place.
What if soni tells him that i am not there to which he said to be relax i will take care.Without thinking for any moment i said YEs to Mr. Gupta to which he suprisingly said to us that they will be meeting us in three hours at lonavala.Since we were driving toward pune itself and where near to panvel sonu said thats ok we will be there.Mr Gupta told sonu he has to leave once he drops me to which sonu said yes and disconnected the phone.
I said sonu please dont leave me alone with those guys if you would be there i would be comfortable. Sonu assured me that he will book a hotel near to ours.
After travelling for such a long time i was exhausted and went to sleep. An hour later, we were at the resort in lonavala. It was almost 5 PM by then.Sonu and I both got rooms with balconies overlooking the expressway. Sonu had already gotten several texts from Mr. Gupta reminding him that they will be waiting for him to drop me in continental restaurant in the resort at 6:00 p.m.Since we reached early sonu took the opportunity to use the time to the best of his knowledge, Sonu pulled me in his arms with his hands roaming my body freely and undoing my shirt and planted a long wet kiss on my lips I went for a shower and sonu same time also booked a new room in the hotel just next to our hotel.We both were standing in the balcony and saw Mr. Gupta car enter the hotel.
I was nervous and shivering. Mr. Gupta and chopra both old man got of the car and walked in the hotel reception.
sonu got a call to which he provided the room number. As they walked in to the room sonu hugged me and kissed me good bye and said to me to see you by tomorrow 4 pm and he thanked mr gupta and walked with the briefcase full of cash and papers as agreed.Now i was alone with Mr Gupta and Mr. Chopra in the room and standing. They got settled in and order me to do as they say to keep the part of there dealI nodded my head and I closed the door saying bye to Sonu.
Old man now were looking at me like vultures and asked me to come and sit besides them to which i made a excuse for bathroom.
The both nodded there head and asked me to hurry and reminded me not to wear anything after i took a bath and just come out as they have brought me few clothes which they want me to wear in front of them.I went to have quick shower again out of fear, I came out. Completely naked except for the towel wrapped around my hair, I walked to my bag and opened it. In it were several dresses . I picked up the first one and started wearing them, a dark blue dress knee length with a plunging neckline and overlapping diagonal patterns below the waist. Tried it on and looked in the mirror. It was good, but not quite perfect. Then the second one, a red backless evening gown that ended a couple of inches above my knee. Both the old man were enjoying the show. The third was a jade colored figure hugging satin dress with a halter neck. The fourth was a stylish tank top with embroidery and a wrap-around skirt.The fourth one i tried was the tube dress.
Wow, it really was short. Considering my ample bosom, it showed a generous amount of cleavage at the top. And it ended just a couple of inches below my crotch
Mr Gupta and Mr Chpora walked towards me and kissed me and said lets go downstairs baby and have some food as we are hungry.
As we walked out of the elevator on the ground floor, I crossed the lobby and headed towards the restaurant. Every head, male and female, seemed to be turning to check me out. It was not an entirely unfamiliar experience. In my late teens and early college years, I had gone through a phase where I wore super short clothes. But once I got serious about my career, I started dressing professionally. I didn’t want my looks to undermine my intellect and ability. I wanted to be a go-getter not a bimbo. So it had been almost a decade since I wore something this revealing. Just then as we reached the restaurant a waiter approached us “Your table is ready, Sir.” “this way please.””After you.” Gupta extended his hand towards me. I followed the waiter, with Gupta and Chopra behind me. I could almost sense both old mans eyes gaze burrowing into my ass as I walked. Instinctively, I made sure the hemline was down.The waiter took us past some tables, a couple of fancy fish tanks, and a fountain. 
There, the waiter pointed us to a semi-circular booth. I got in, slid to the center, and immediately regretted doing it. It meant that Gupta and Chopra would be on right and left side of me Both old men kept staring, if the waiter hadn’t interrupted. He introduced himself, handed us the menus, and briefed off the day’s specials. 
“Champagne! We should have champagne!” Gupta almost leaped up.”Great idea!” Chopra said. “We should celebrate the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”
As Gupta started talking, I felt Chopra right hand come off my shoulder. He put it under the table and soon I felt it on my left thigh. I almost jumped in surprise, because he grabbed my thigh hard. Gupta hadn’t noticed it because the table hid it from his sight.
As Gupta droned on, Chopra’s fingers slowly moved up the inside of my thigh until they reached the hem of my dress. I struggled to keep a neutral impression as the fingers then reached under the dress, pushing the hemline up. In a few seconds, Guptas hand were at my thong. He moved the fingers around the edges He gently pressed his index finger against my clit, and then took his hand away.oth old men were teasing me and exploring me right in a middle of a restaurant full of people and here am i enjoying it with some fear in mind but determined to prove a point to Soni and teach her a lesson. Wonder where did the jealously and revenge took me from a simple loving wife to bold girl in teens.I suppressed a coy smile as Gupta & Chopra ran the back of there fingers against my thigh again. Soon the waiter returned with the champagne and appetizers. The three of us clinked our champagne flutes and raised a toast to our Deal.
Gupta had already emptied his flute and the waiter rushed to refill it. As they continued to play, I almost jumped out of my skin. Something really cold touched my thigh. I realized that Gupta, without anyone noticing, had taken an ice cube out of the champagne bucket and was running it up and down my thigh. I squirmed a little, resisting the urge to giggle as the cold ice tickled my skin. And then Chopra almost made me lose it as he put his fingers under my dress again and pressed the ice against the crotch of my panties.The waiter returned with a tequila bottle, three shot glasses, ice and lemon. We each took a shot, and the tequila burned down my throat. It had been ages since I did tequila shots. These days I stuck to mixed drinks or wines.”Refill!” Gupta said, and the waiter complied. I took the shot again, and didn’t suck on the lemon wedge this time.In a couple of minutes, I felt the tequila’s effects. I hadn’t anything since breakfast other than a couple of drops from Sonu’s cock. And I always get buzzed very easily on an empty stomach. Chopra was still talking, but with some alcohol inside me, I didn’t find his words easy to understand as i was nervous and at the same time hot to know what they have in mind for me the whole day.”Oh I love this song.” Gutpa said and slipped out of the booth. “Dance with me.” I took his hand and followed him to the dance floor, glad to be able to spend some time with him without Chopra talking. Gupta put his arms around my back and I put my hands on his shoulders as we danced to the intoxicating number.Every pair of eyes is on you.” Gupta whispered in my ear. I looked around, noticed that indeed was the case, and blushed.”You almost made me lose it with that ice cube.” I said in mock anger.”Haha, sorry about that.” Gupta said 
“You have no idea how difficult it is to keep my hands off you tonight.And then as if to make his point, Gupta drew me close and planted a long wet hard kiss on my lips. The kiss melted my protests away. I hugged Gupta and felt his muscular back with my fingers. A handful of people dancing around us noticed us and started staring. But i remembered Sonu’s word why care for unknown person and i guess he was right. Why should I care about them? I looked into the eyes of a angry woman and kissed Gupta even harder. Gupta responded by putting one hand on my butt and cupping it gently. I realized I was actually feeling a bit turned on, making out in public like this. “Finally the song ended and Gupta broke the kiss.We walked back to the table where Chopra was wearing an even leerier grin. I had already gulped down half the drink when the waiter appeared for our main course ordered. I ordered chicken, and both the men ordered finger chips. Gupta also told the waiter to bring us three vodka martinis, his favorite drink, when our current drinks finished. Chopra without wasting his time put his hand on my thigh. His fingers traced the familiar path under my dress and to the top of my thigh.But this time, it went further. I felt him slide his fingers inside the side of my thong front and gently flick my clit. Uday started gently rubbing my clit in a circular motion, and I was overcome with a feeling of arousal and panic.He was working my clit at the perfect tempo, sending waves of pleasure up and down my body, but not quite threatening to bring on an orgasm. As this continued, I felt my pussy getting wet Chopra must have guessed that too, because after a few minutes, his thumb gently poked at the entrance of my cunt even as the other finger kept working the clit.The booze had definitely lowered my morals and thought process because I ate it with a very sexy expression on my face, like in some porn movie, and sucked on Gupta’s finger for a second.As I writhed under the assault of the fingers, my half-closed eyes followed Chopra’s gaze to a table where two couples of what seemed like college students were sitting. One of the girls was staring at me and telling her friend somthing about us.I was too deep in now. I wanted that orgasm he was dragging me towards. Eyes closed, I leaned against Gupta, resting my head on his shoulder as his hand started pushing towards the finish line. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and saw that both couples at that college kids table were now staring”MMMmmmmffffff!” I bit into the rolled up fabric of Gupta’s shirt sleeve. My hips bucked, shaking the table slightly and causing the silverware on it to rattle as a tsunami of pleasure washed over me. And I lost all sense of time and place, shame or dignity, and just rode that sexy feeling. Finally, the orgasm subsided, and my teeth released Gupta’s sleeve. I had just had the most powerful orgasm of my life in full view of at least four strangers, at a table in a posh restaurant. “I’LL HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING!” one of the guys accompanying the girls loudly said, making an obvious joke. Joining in the laughter were not just his friends, but also people at two other tables, indicating that I had a bigger audience than I had realized. The pleasure of the orgasm was replaced by the shame and I stared at the table as I slid the thong’s crotch into place and straightened my dress. I then emptied the martini, and felt the cool warmth soothe my nerves. “Let’s go to your room. I said, struggling to keep my voice straight.”We’ll go, but let’s have another dance first said both old men in union.”
As Gupta and Chopra led me to the dance floor, again, all eyes seemed to follow me. I wondered how many were just admiring my looks and how many were curious to see what the skimpily dressed big breasted drunk girl would do next. As I thought those words, I blushed with shame but also arousal. This wasn’t me.
Gupta and Chopra both held me in a tight embrace and swayed to the jazz tunes the band was cranking out. They then started fondling my butt with both there hands. I opened my eyes slightly and saw a small crowd had gathered around. One of them let out a low whistle as both old men turned me around so my back was touching there chest, and then fondles my boobs. For the next five minutes, we danced like nobody was watching. Or maybe like everybody was watching, because it was something we three clearly enjoyed. Just then Gupta held me, turned me around, kissed me, groped every part of my body, and on one occasion, even picked me up and spun my around. That made my legs kick involuntarily, showing a handful of onlookers my panties. As the song was ending, Chopra hugged me too, and I felt the fingers of his right hand rubbing my back over my dress. His fingers seemed to be searching something. The next second, I realized what he was searching for. The hook of my bra. Very skillfully, Chopra twisted the bra from over the dress and unhooked it. That made the weight of my boobs push the bra’s half cups and the dress slightly forward. I immediately put one arm over my chest. “Whh…what are you d-doing?” I slurred. “Shhh.” Gupta said, then I felt his right hand go down the front of my dress. He reached for the bra and gave it a tug. It slipped out from my dress and soon it was in Chopra’s hands raised over my head. I felt a draft and realized, much to my horror, that this had made my boobs spill out of the dress. My massive tits were on display to half the restaurant, erect nipples and all. Instantly, I pulled the dress up and covered them, but a few whistles indicated that even in that short moment, several people had seen my naked boobs. 
Before I could say anything, Chopra pulled me into a kiss. As I leaned, the front of the dress started slipping down again. I raised my right hand to pull it back up, I felt Gupta’s hand move from my head to my right hip, and pull the dress up from the side and the back. My hand was caught between my boobs and Gupta’s chest. I then felt his hand go lower between our bodies and raise the dress from the other side. The dress was now rolled up around my waist, and I felt the cold leather touch my bums, which were mostly exposed because of the panties.Now, except for the flimsy panties, I was completely naked from the waist down.
I was now in a drunk state but completely aware about the cheering by the crowd around me and feeling shamed by both the old mans. Mr. Gupta understood whispered in my ear in a stern voice, “Don’t you dare roll in down.The music stopped and we returned once again to our tables with loud cheer and applause from the crowd.
I was very tensed with the happening and surronding and thought to run away but where shall i go in this state i am not even in mumbai. So i decided not to think hard and I took a couple of big swigs of the drink, picked up my fork, and started eating. Gupta’s hand returned to my thighs. He pushed my right and left thighs apart, so I was sitting there, with my legs wide open. He then slid his hand inside my pnaties and started fingering me again, very gently. I decided to just give in to the moment, and focused on the food, enjoying the pleasure Gupta was giving me. Even as I ate dinner, the movement of my arms made the the dress keep creeping down, and I always had to make sure I kept pulling it up. I lost sense of anything in the room apart from the chicken in front of me and Gupta’s fingers on my clit. Anyone watching me from a distance, with the table hiding me from the stomach and beneath, would have thought I was simply eating my meal, occasionally struggling with a loose dress front. They wouldn’t know that below the table, I was almost completely naked, with even the flimsy panties now pushed to a side. This continued for ten minutes as I downed the teenth drink of the night and another shot of tequila. My head was spinning, and I told myself I should stop drinking. So far this time, Gupta had just been working my clit. Then suddenly, he inserted two fingers deep into my wet cunt in one rapid motion. That gave me a start and I almost jumped. The fork flew out of my hand, bounced on the table with a loud clink, and fell down to the floor. “I’ll get it said Chopra.” He was right down in my legs pretending to pick up the fork but kissing my thighs and trying to create bite marks.After having food we decided to move to the room. I got up from my seat to move to our rooms and realized all the tables were staring at us. No, at me. Not at my face. Not even my boobs. So then what…… oh shit! I looked down and remembered my dress was still bunched around my waist. The entire restaurant was getting a look at me almost naked from the waist down. Quickly, I grabbed the dress by the sides at my waist and pulled it down. But I pulled it down too much. The hemline reached just above my knees, which was several inches below where it was supposed to be. So, you guessed it, my boobs popped out and swung side to side. “Shit!” I said and pulled the dress up, finally putting it in place.We three reached the elevator and got inside. Immedieately as the door close Gupta started pressing my breast and chopra had his hands inside my panties. I was almost nude with the dress hanging around me somehow i managed to reach the room and got inside with feeling with shame and at the same time hot and waiting for a nice fucking session. I got on the bed and was surronded immedieately by both the old men. Gupta was tearing my clothes whatever was left and chopra trying to undress himself. In a moments time i was nude with both old men nude and completely hard and long. I just started and got frightened with the size of there dicks and the thickness. We have been waiting to bang your horny cunt all night.” Gupta without wasting any time positioned his dick on my cunt and started entering me and with one hard push got inside me.i almost managed to scream and my voice choked in immedieately as chopra positioned his dick in my mouth. Now with both men in action i was almost choking and same time enjoying the fucking. The motion made my boobs shake in a circular motion. “Ummmm..” I moaned with my eyes closed, and lost myself in the moment. All I could feel was that cock hammering me. i could sense gupta shivering and increasing his pace and soon found flooding with his juices inside me. Then all of a sudden i almost coughed out with chopra exploding in my mouth. All the juices where flowing down from my neck. Both the old men changed there position and i found now chopra in my legs and gupta using my mouth to clean his dick.I was having never before feeling in my life and organsm building up inside me. Just i was about to reach my organsm i heard my cell phone ringing. Chopra just ignored but looking at me Gupta bought the phone to my ears and pulled his dick from my mouth. San was on the other side and i just said hi to him and the voice of slaps with chopra banging me and moving in and out with increase vigor making my voice tremor. San was worried and asked me about my well being and somehow with pleading eyes i asked chopra to stop to which he did to my surprise. i spoke to san for a min and said bye and lied to him as i was sleeping early since was missing him.No sooner i disconnected the phone chopra once again got into action and gupta was back again from the bathroom. With one swift motion chopra picked me up and i was in his arms with his dick inside me. Gupta immedieately sat on the bed with his dick pointing towards the ceiling.chopra now was making me jump in his arms and exploded in me and i at the same time had my first organsm and felt like my body was completely drained. I was exhausted with the session and just went to sleep. Almost about in two hours i got up and saw both the old mand staring at me and happy to find me awake.
Guptaji dint waste a moment to say anything he came near me and just gently rolled me over and pulled me up by my waist. Now i was in middle of the room like a dog on all fours where Guptaji was positioning himself for just another round of it. Chopra same time dint waste any time and asked me hungry. I just nodded and the moment i opened my mouth i fond his dick in my mouth. Guptaji in one push managed to enter me again and somehow i wanted to stop it and thinking how did i went so far with this two old men.
Guptaji thrust were making me my body move back and forth which chopraji took the most advantage as he was getting a bj from me without making any efforts with each thrust from guptaji.
NOw almost for ten minutes i found Guptaji behind me and chopra ji in my mouth and somehow they managed to last long and i have never had such experience in my life.
Guptaji was the first to explode inside me and chopraji followed soon after. I was in mixed feelings in a way enjoying this new found lust and having guilt thinking about san and how shall i face him.
Both the gentleman now relaxed on the sofa and i went to the washroom to clean the mess which was left by the amazing session this old guys were having with me. Now both the gentleman were nice to me and asking me if i liked it and to my surprise we still have more to come. 
Guptaji started smoking and went to the balcony accompanied by Chopra. I took the time to call sonu.
Sonu hearing my voice instantly asked me how am i and i nodded kind of saying dont know.
Me and sonu had a brief chat for around 10 mins and i kept the phone. Guptaji came inside the room and offered me a smoke and asked me whether i would like anything to eat or drink. The drinks had a strong effect on me but somehow i was in senses and wanted to try and have a smoke. I wore a skirt and tops and went to balcony and chopraji gave me the fag.
The fresh air made me feel good and the view of mountains in the night was amazing. In couple of minutes the balcony door opened and guptaji joined us. Guptaji looked at me and said you are incredible and he loved me and enjoyed.
i stayed silent and was smoking and watching the smoke disappear in thin air just like my innocence. 
As the time passed by guptaji came near and pulled me close to him i was silent and standing next to him. I felt chill air hitting my back as chopraji now positioned himself again behind my back and almost raised my skirt to my waist.i Looked at him in a pleading tone as we were in balcony and then thought the guest in hotel already had a show and looked arouund to see people busy in there own and felt relieved. Chopraji hands where moving from my one bum to another and slowly managing to my excitment. Guptaji was next to me and now moved his hands on my thigs and started moving upwards to the golden spot.
His fingers where able to find the spot and he started moving it in and out and now i was middle in the open balconay with two guys one in the front and other at my back fondling me. The pressure from both made my balance forwar and i managed to hold the railing and bent a little to make myself comfortable. In the same time i dint notice that my tits were almost placed on the top of the railing of the balcony and almost out in open for all too see. 
Suddenly i could hear cell phone ringing and saw chopraji leaving to attend it. now it was just me and gupta ji on the balcony. Guptaji immedieately wasted no time to take chopraji position and pulled my skirt down.
Now i was in the middle of a hotel balcony in open with almost tits out and skirts in my legs and complete nude for everyone to see. Thanks to the darkness that most of the people outside dint understand what we were upto on the balcony

Now i could sense hardness pressed against my butt and his hands where trying to part my ass cheeks.
I took a deep breath and was ready for the fucking to start again. Guptaji now was trying to get inside my ass and i was feeling the pain. I just murmered to him lets move inside as i saw few people in there balcony wacting in our direction.
Guptaji said honey as per the deal we do what we wish where we wish so relax and enjoy.
Guptaji was now moving in and out with force and my balance keept moving towards the balcony top and my tits now almost hanging out like fruits on the trees. I bit my lower lip and was enjoying the pace with which guptaji managed to fill me.
my hair were hurting as guptaji caught hold of them while moving in and out and i managed to keep my voice down fearing not to make other people aware about our session in the balcony. 
Guptaji soon emptied his load inside my as and let go of my hair. I looked around and found few people specially two young guys looking in our direction in interest without moving a inch. I managed to pull my skirt up and walked inside. 
I went to the bathroom third time in the day to clean myself can came out to find chopra sitting on the sofa with his dick hard again. Guptaji in the mean time was laying on the bed and started snoring. i guess he was exhausted and happy since i too wanted rest. Chopraji seems to have other ideas as the moment i entered the room he called me charu come here. i went near to him and he pulled me on his laps. i could feel his hard one warm heat on my pussy. he raised me and positioned himself to enter my pussy. 
He kissed me on my shoulder and took his finger out of my pussy. Then he put his hands on my hips and moved me so my back was resting against his pot belly and his dick slid under my cunt lips.As his dick kept rubbing against my pussy lips, I realized that I didn’t want to want it, but yes, I did want it. I stopped resisting. Chopra spread his legs, and my feet fell to the ground between them. I raised my butt slightly and one hand holding his dick in place, lowered myself onto it. The erect bent dick entered my cunt. For the third time that night he managed to make himself hard and started fucking me. he hold my waist was moving me up and down on his dick. i was too exhausted with the sessions and he could understand the same and was making efforts to make me move as fast as he could on his dick
I started hopping up and down on Chopra’s dick, once again enjoying the wetness and organasm which i never felt all in my married at this pace building.

I put my hands on his thighs and increased the tempo even more. Soon the room was filled with sounds of our skin slapping and my OOOHS and AHHHHS and UHMMMMS. My tits rose and fell at a rapid frequency. Five minutes later, Chopra pulled me back closer to him. I had to arch my back due to the size of his stomach. He then pulled my legs up by the thighs and put the palms of my feet on his thighs. All this while, the fucking continued at a rapid pace. I was now squatting on Chopra’s lap, his dick in my cunt, my back resting against his chest and stomach, his teeth biting my ears. About five more minutes later, Chopra put his hand on my boobs and started drilling me really hard. His motion was enough to keep things going so I stopped bobbing up and down on my own. Oh wow! This angle felt really good. I don’t fuck in this position nearly enough, I thought to myself. His dick felt so amazing inside me. Oh, that wave of ecstasy was building up again! Yes, there would be another orgasm soon. I closed my eyes, enjoyed the fucking and waited for the big O.”OHHH GOD!!!” I screamed as the orgasm was almost upon me.Chopra suddenly stopped fucking me and I plopped on his lap. But I was too close now. I started hopping up and down, and moaning as the orgasm swept in.
Chopra sensing my feelings started hammering me again. And soon, the orgasm hit me. In full force. chopra kept fucking me throughout. That helped it last longer. At last, I felt the orgasm recede. But Chopra was still fucking me. How long had been this time, I wondered. Seemed like forever. Then it seemed like Chopra was about to cum, because he pushed Me off his lap. I started getting down on my knees to take his cum on my breasts this time. But instead, he pulled me into and embrace on top of him, and put his dick back into my cunt. My thighs were starting to hurt now, but chopra seemed nowhere close to done. He buried his face in my boobs, put his hands on my ass, and kept fucking me like that. I really hoped he would get done soon. I was exhausted now and wishing guptaji dont wake up by the sounds of fucking again.
Now I was just lying limp in arms, my head on his shoulders. I stared at Guptaji with blank eyes as he rose from the bed. He took a couple of steps forward and put his dick in my mouth. I was too tired to make any proactive efforts towards a blowjob, so he had to be content with just fucking my mouth. And that’s how it went for a while, Guptaji fucking my mouth and Chopra continuing his seemingly interminable assault on my cunt.
Ten minutes since Guptaji woke up, So at least 35-40 minutes overall. And about 20 or so minutes on the balcony right before that. I had been fucked almost non-stop for over an two hours. No wonder I felt close to passing out.I was barely conscious. I just lay there, feeling my body get hammered and abused, bearing the unusual feeling of cum filling up my cum and my bowels simultaneously. Both men were exicted as they shot their loads in me. Guptaji stopped cumming, then put his head on my shoulder. Chopra kissed my boobs. We all now moved to the bed and lay there. My eyes closed and fell sleep.
IT was now almost 12 pm the next day when all three of us woke and both old men seems fully satisfied with me and were not making any efforts to start a new session. i was wondering to meet sonu and go back home and just look at the money and laught out loud at my first victory against soni.
Gupta came near to me putting one hand around me and the other on my boobs. He gently kissed me on my lips, and then got up. He walked to a breakfast trolley that I noticed on the other side of the bed, picked up a cup of tea and handed it to me. I took a couple of sips. Tasted like some sort of masala chai. Gupta brought me a fried egg sandwich and I ate it hungrily. 
I put the empty chai cup on the night stand and got up. That’s when Chopra walked in, drying his naked body, evidently right out of the shower. I purposefully looked away from his crotch, trying to forget the fact that I had been fucked by this man so many times. At that memory, I also noticed dried streaks of cum all over my legs, other parts of my body, and my hair. Guptaji reached to squeeze my boobs but I slapped his hands away and strode past him.
“Are you done with the bathroom?” I asked. “I’m going to take a shower
I got in the shower and turned the hot water on. It felt good on my aching body. But it also filled me with a sense of relief….a sense of relief that was a bit too overwhelming. I started feeling sleepy again. For a few moments, I thought I would doze off right there. With great effort, I washed my body, dried myself, and walked back outside with my dress in my hand. Chopra was now fully dressed too and was standing with Guptaji near the window.
I walked out of the bathroom nude and both old men looked at me and said “Listen, just sleep for a couple of hours more. I will go with Chopra and take care of the deal we made and they walked out of the room. 
I got up almost again after having a sound sleep and was feeling back to normal. I spoke to Sonu and he was on the way and will reach in 5 mins as he had booked the hotel just next to ours. I got myself ready was waiting just then there was a knock on the door and sonu walked and said we need to go and told me Mr. Guptaji & Chopra had left and delivered the papers and money as promised as part of the deal. I was in a confused state and thinking about the past 24 hours event.
We started driving and i went to sleep and in 2 hours or so i reached home and it was almost 6.30 pm. I was gald to be home, sonu left me and said with a wink he will be back in the night to give me company to which i smiled and walked with the money in the bag and was wondering what shall i do now with all this money.
Just then i remembered about my hubby san and called him and he was pleased to talk to me and we spoke for almost 15 mins and kept the phone. As the night came close charu was excitedly waiting to meet Sonu. Sonu was not picking up the call and made me more nervous and wanted to talk to him. 
In her thoughts charu forgot about the door bell ringing. she was shivering and since was alone was excited about night with sonu and what would he have in his mind.
She opened the door and to my surprise it was sonu, he took me in the arms and charu somehow managed to close the door. 
Sonu came inside and sat on a single sofa and pulled me in his laps. Charu was a bit uneasy and was now feeling shy and sonu hand was travelling her body freely and there was no protest as both were comfortable with each other. There lips meet and and they were not able to control feelings and seemed we were moving to the point of next fucking session.
Just then sonu gave me the good news about Soni deal being cancelled and started asking me about my stay with Gupta and Chopraji. I just kept silence and the expression on her face gave all the picture.
Sonu pulled charu in his lap and moved on the sofa. Sonu asked me “Okay, keep your foot here. ” Sonu said leaving her hand and before she could act he bent down, picked up her bare foot and kept it on the table. He gave me a gold anklet and i was thrilled with the present and thanked him with a kiss. By this time Sonu’s right hand was on Charu’s pussy pressing the mound. As she opened her mouth he thrust his tongue inside and with both his hands held her head and kissed her violently. 
Charu moved her head as his hands slid down to her back and he pulled her close to him. Her erect nipples pressed into his muscular chest and Charu too started exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue. He then picked her up in his arms walked to bed and placed her there. Sonu then peeled off the nightie off her shoulder over her breasts right down to her hip. Now unless Charu lifted her hips the nightie could not get off her. Charu was blushing furiously and her pinkish brown nipples were majestically erect. She closed her eyes and lifted her hips. Within no time she was as naked as she was the other day.
“I am happy that you wear nothing inside. Whats the point in having a lovely body if one can’t show it off, albeit accidentally? 
Charu could hear him stripping. Then there was silence for perhaps a minute. She hoped that she has not turning into a sex maniac. She wondered whether she should open her eyes. Her hands were free. Then she felt Sonu’s warm tongue over the nape of her neck, right down to the ample cleavage. The tongue then moved to the aerolas carefully avoiding the aching and erect nipples that were begging to be sucked. The tongue again went to her mouth and plied it open. Her tongue was sucked; hard. She too reciprocated. He licked every portion of her face and special attention was paid to the earlobes and the inner ear. His hands were on her hips and the tongue was now exploring her belly button, then down until he was sucking the vertical line of hair that she maintained over the opening of her pussy which with sheer excitement was very wet. Involuntarily she started thrusting her hip upwards. She waited in anticipation for him to go to her pussy but he reversed the direction. His tongue was now at her toes, the sole of her feet, teasing and disturbing the anklets and then a slow upwards motion of licking her inner thighs. He again stopped at the entry of the pussy. By now charu’s moans were clearly signifying her desire to get fucked again.
He then took a deep breath of Charu’s pussy odor, enjoying its smell. Then he extended his tongue and took his first taste of Charu’s pussy. his tongue swept between her tight cunt lips and brought an involuntary gasp from her throat. 
Charu was now in all mood again to go further and explore things with sonu and took her hands to press his head on her pussy
“No, please keep your hands where they were. ” Sonu commanded. ” I do as i feel and now you are going to learn new things as i wish and still more to come. So are you ready to go ahead and do as i say. Charu slowly nodded her head in approval.
Sonu now signalled her to his dick and charu without wasting any time 
bent down and kissed the tip of it. Thereafter she opened her mouth and gingerly took the head in her mouth. She just sucked on the head for a little while but she could feel that Sonu was getting impatient. He wanted her to take his full cock in her mouth.
Charu’s soft, naturally pink lips closed around the head of Sonu’s cock. She felt it begin to enlarge even more as her tongue moved along the shaft. Charu moved her head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into her throat as possible. Her moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with hot saliva. His mushroom shaped cockhead grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. She could feel the light prick of his black pubic hair inches from her cocksucking lips. 
Charu now knew that now there was no way she could turn back from what she had done in the last one day. 
Sonu now concentrated on her breasts after positioning himself between her legs. His cockhead was very lightly embedded in the folds of her pussy lips. She could feel an orgasm building up inside her. After about five minutes of tantalizing teasing she decided that enough was enough. She placed one hand behind his head and pulled it so that her erect nipple went into his mouth where he bit it lightly with his teeth. Her other hand went to Sonu’s buttocks and a light pull on her part made his cock enter her tight and very slippery pussy. As he entered her he immediately withdrew and then started fucking her by withdrawing fully and inserting fully. She could feel his dick inside her with the most amazing feeling more than what she could felt about gupta and chopraji. 
Sonu moved his finger up and down her ass, gently caressing it. He kissed her neck and gently sucked on the skin. His finger was encircling her deep navel and he slowly licked up to her ear and then down back to her neck. He then blew a warm breath on the wet skin and gently pressed his finger into her navel. 
“You have such lovely breasts. San is a lucky man.
He moved his hand to her breasts and fondled it tenderly. He closed his thumb and finger around the nipple whereas his other hand took both her hands above her head and he held both her wrists with one hand. Then he pinched almost violently. Another sharp jolt seemed to go through Charu’s body. He squeezed her nipple again, hard. Her pussy reacted with an involuntary spasm. She fought to free her wrists from his grip. But he was too strong. He started kissing the soft flesh of Charu’s breasts aggressively, sucking in the skin and biting them. He was leaving bite marks on her breasts. He sucked in her breast as much as he could and licked his tongue all over the nipple. He pulled his head back, letting the breasts slip out, till the nipples was between his teeth and then he gently bit on it. Shots of pain as well as pleasure rippled though her body and another moan escaped her mouth.
Sonu heard it and then moved to her other breast. Charu looked down and saw that the first breast was shiny, read and puffy from Sonu’s aggressiveness. By this time my pussy was so wet that drops of my juices were tricking out of my pussy and down my thigh. 
Now Sonu lay on his back and pulled her over him. Her tits were on his chest, his cock buried deep inside her pussy due to her weight and both her legs were apart;her feet placed near his hip bone one on each side and her hands over his ears so that she could guide her tongue or breasts into his mouth. She was busy exploring his mouth with her tongue, alternating it by offering her nipples to him which his mouth had no hesitation in grabbing. 
Sonu carried on chewing her erect nipples which were now pinkish red but she was getting wild. Sonu smiled as Charu started riding his cock getting up and coming down with a force. She reached yet another climax just as Sonu was discharging inside her. As Sonu’s cum kept discharging into her pussy, Charu flexed her cunt muscles, trying to milk every drop from him. She moved her pelvis upward once more again to catch the full force of his jerking, shuddering cock as it continued to spew out the full load of his hot seething sperm into her greedily drinking vagina. She bent down and kissed Sonu as her body shook uncontrollably from the final orgasm he had given her. 
Charu got up and went into the bathroom and stood under the shower for ten minutes. She came out and saw Sonu was not on the bed. She put on a T shirt and a pair of shorts without any undergarments. Sonu was in the drawing room fully dressed.
“Not bad. You have been so good that I am thinking of giving you a new assignment today again to check how much bold you have got
Charu smiled as you Mr Professor to which sonu said i guess are you the same whom i tried to kiss and you kept slapping me so many times.
well it was my mistake and dint know how interesting things can be. Sonu’s mobile was ringing and i guess it was someone from his office who has called and his face seems disappointed as he was about to leave for some work. Charu also seemed dejected as she wanted to take the opportunity of being alone and enjoy the time without wasting any time. 
Sonu kissed her and just before leaving just left by saying 

” Your new assignment is no clothes at home” and closed the door. Charu heard what sonu said and was surprised. She thought whats the point in any case as no one is home whether she remains dressed or nude. However the thought about promise made to Sonu and “may be he is trying to teach me new things and have a plan or something”. 

The feeling itself made her feel hot. Her hands started to slide inside her shorts and she started down to push it down and managed to remove in one swift.
Now she was in the her home almost nude. She raised her arms and removed her T-shirt too and completely nude in her home and was starting to feeling hot and sexy again. She was enjoying the moments of freedom as she was all alone and cursing why sonu is not there. 

She woke up in the morning and felt cold the moment she removed the sheets from her body and went to washroom. 
Almost 20 mins later she went to kitchen and noticed she was feeling very sexy and noticed her reflection in the mirror and was wondering how could she not releaize her inner beauty for such a long time. She started making a cup of tea and just saw the curtains of the kitchen were slightly opened as she went immedieately and started closing them properly. 

She could see the neighbour boy in the lawn sitting outside and having a cup of tea. 
Sonu in the mean time was busy in office and managed to find time to call Charu. Charu was happy to recieve call and asked him when can she except him at home to which 
she was disappointed to find he stuck in work. Sonu promised to complete the work and make home asap . He asked her whether she was following his order and charu replied in a yes and said its strange why he wants her to be nude at home when he is not there. Sonu said trust me it only make you loose the shyness of being nude and help her to be more bold.

Charu now was sipping a cup of tea and relaxing on the sofa. they both kissed each other and said bye.
Charu got busy in her household work. 

Just then she noticed someone peeping through the window and was shocked. Charu did not see him until she was halfway across the room and it was too late for her to escape from his eyes as he was watching very closely and his eyes got fixed with her and he was not at all moving a inch and charu panicked.
She was cursing now why did she agreed in first place to be like this and how could she forget to close the windows and curtains properly before staying in such a position for the whole day. 

Charu let out a scream as she grabbed the nearest thing, a small decorative pillow from the bed. It did such an inadequate job of covering her. With one-armed draped across my breasts attempting to hide them and the other holding the small pillow at my waist. Charu managed to speak

“What are you doing” Not knowing what else to say even though she know that this situation was not his fault.
The whole episode must have scared and startled him(Nitin) as much as it did me even though I was the one standing completely naked in front of that young college boy. 
Nitin run away from the window and charu managed to close the windows and curtains and was confused whether she really should wear some clothes. 

Charu was thinking what if now nitin talks about this to anyone and how long has he been watching her. How would she explain to him why she was roaming nude in the room from such a long time. 

Though it was terrifying and embarrassing it was at the same time, a huge turn on. Charu thought my God is he seeing me the way so many people in the resort just two days back.
Charu got dressed up and went outside too see if she can talk to Nitin. As she was out in the neighbourhood and saw Nitin with his friends wondering whether he was talking about her to them or sharing what he saw in the morning. Charu although dint talk to much with Nitin she just waived her hand for him to meet her and nitin understood and started walking towards her. 
She was now confused about what should she talk to him and how to face him and know how long did he saw her in the state she was at home.
She moved towards the door and opened the latch with nitin following her. She made herself comfortable in the sofa and was rather uneasy when nitin just steped in.

She just looked up and nitin came inside and before could talk heard him say as “I’m so sorry, CharuAunty.” 
Charu was relieved hearing a apology and it was nice of nitin to apologize for something that wasn’t really his fault as guys with his age would always curious about such things when she herself thought about her college times; Charu turned to tell him it was just a simple misunderstanding and she just walked out of the bathroom and was feeling hot so was getting herself dried up.
Charu dint realize about scolding him for peeping in her home and that gave Nitin too a breather and he started thinking ahead and was lost in his own thoughts of the scene he had witnessed.
Charu was wrong when she thought Nitin apologized to her for the morning as she could easily see he was breathing heavily and his eyes was more on her body and the hardness in his trousers was quite visible.
Her eyes got glued to his trousers for a second and she was about to say something dont know what when Nitin spoke
“I’m sorry but something like this doesn’t happen every day. You are so beautiful, you look so good. You know you were teasing me. Standing there letting me look at you. 

Charu immedieately said to Nitin that whatever he is thinking is not right and she was just like that for few minutes when he saw her and she dint realize that the curtains and windows were open.
Nitin interuppted her saying well i saw you roaming in the home for almost 1 hour without clothes and thought you gave me a indication when you were in kitchen watching me thats when i saw you and how beautiful you really look.
Charu asked him to forget about the morning and not to talk about it to anyone as it would give her a bad name and people will misunderstand her
Nitin getting bolder by every minute and sensing her position decided to make a move and asked her why was she nude in the home and he has never thought about her in that way but when he saw her today it was more like a different person.
He said i do understand Charu aunty what you want to say but how about a deal to buy my silence and he will not talk to anyone not even his close and best friends.

Now charu was pretty much in mixed state of mind as she could sense the hardeness from his trousers and same time feeling sexy to find such a young guy as her admirer.

Ok she said tell me what do you wish so we can just get ahead with this and forget and not talk anymore. 
Nitin came next to her and sat besides and started praising her that how beautiful she is and how much he loved to see her that way and asked Charu if she could just give him a more close view and he can keep his words and also could feel the moment of a nude woman next to him which he has never experienced in his life yet.
She suddenly got this disappointed look on her face and started thinking where really is she going with all this and what happens if SAN comes to know about it or guys in neighbour.

She thought for a moment and said 
“If you, and I are going to do this we have to get a couple things straight. One, I am happily married and this must be our secret. You can’t tell anyone, not even your friends or best friends etc… .
Charu said to Nitin “In her whole life, I never been with other men then my husband and no one has seen her nude than her husband.”
Nitin now getting bold took her hands in his and pulled her close and asked lets get even i know i saw you nude aunty and its unfair from myside to not allow you to see me the same way so we are even. He was now pressing her hands and charu was shivering 
Niting wasted no time pulling down his loose fit jeans exposing his hardness through his boxers. Before charu could say nitin manged to pulled his boxers down and placed her hands on his dick and charu felt a current past her body.
Charu could not believe her eyes. Nitin’s dick was hanging before her eyes, her hands managed to hold it without understanding what next to do. 
She immediately looked in other direction and said, “I think I should go now.” Now what we are even and you got what you wanted. 
Nitin with every passing moment was getting bold and pulled his Tshirt and was now completely nude in front of her and charu somehow managed to move her face to have a look at him 
Nitin guided her hand towards his dick. Her heart started pounding heavily.
Charu moved her hand all over his dick. She also felt his balls number of times. She was touching every part of his dick with lot of amazement and now was the same girl who was in lonavala and very much excited about the events. she was blushing to see such a young guy with her and enjoying it.
Nitin said “Please, show me yourself as i want to see you properly.”
She opened the button of her jeans and pushed it down her legs and a realization struck her that in her hurry she never wear her panties. Nitin now slowly moved his hands towards her T-shirt and moved it over hear head and now they both were nude with clothes in there legs. 
He made her stand and was looking at her from top to bottom and said i have never seen anything like this in my life and was very happy about the change of events from the morning
his hands were now on her ass and he made her turned around and said “OH God! Magnificent………. I never saw such a beautiful ass. 
Charu smiled and said, “It’s enough, and I am pulling up my jeans.” You got what you want now you can leave and dont forget to keep our secret safe. 
No aunty, how can you be so unfair to me. You felt my dick ,Don’t you think I also must be given a chance to touch and feel you
Charu moved closer slowly so to give him and herself a better view. As she did she could see the veins in his cock swelling
She knew now There was no turning back, no stopping it and its time not to think and just enjoy after all she was waiting for Sonu anxiously andd Nitin was much more young handsome and in his teens and very attractive.
Nitin said charu do you know that after all this is over and we go back to being neighbors, and I know we may never do this again but I will remember as you are the first girl i have touched or else i have always seen only in porn movies and internet sites.
Nitin now decided to make a move and asked charu to bent down
He placed both his hands over her shoulders and pushed her down saying, “please charu, nothing will happen. 
Charu was surprised by nitin as he was no longer calling her aunty but was addressing her as charu like i am his gf.

Charu now realizing that I she too wanted it and was frightened, nitin came close and held her hand that was toucing her pussy. He placed it on his prick. My hand could not go around it. He held her by the shoulder and lifted her up. Charu’s hand was still holding his dick. 

Niting pulled her to him and kissed her roughly on charu’s lips. she closed her eyes as nitin’s tongue entering her mouth searching for her tongue and she allowed him to savour her treasure. He sucked it in his mouth and played with it. It was a first time experience for nitin and it seems he enjoyed it. 
Nitin said “This will be our secret,” He assured. Nitin’s hands were circling around charu, sliding to her boobs. 
The erotic sensation was heightened with a mixture of emotions fright of getting caught by family 

Like all married couples, after six years sex had become a routine on a twice or three times a week schedule. Vivek would come home tired every day and sex was restricted to weekends; and that too for a short time. Though we loved each other, we had never given a thought for adultery to add spice to sex.

By now Nitin had lifted charu and was holding on to her boobs squeezing the plumpy base and twirling the nipple with his fingers. 

Nitin said “Wow!! Your breasts are special .You have the gift of the finest nipples. I have never seen anything like this. 
Charu looked into his eyes. They were filled with a passion and lust. 

Nitin put his fingers below her chin and lifted her face up to look into her eyes. He then brought down to my now free breast and held it towards the tip and squeezed the nipple.

“Ouch…” was charu’s reaction, as she pressed myself to him.

Nitin’s lips kissed me down there and charu got a sudden shock as she had a orgasm building. His tongue fanned the flames of passion that had erupted down there. she screamed out loudly Charu bit her lips as nitin’s tongue fucked her — in& out, in & out. She was desperately wanting him to go deeper and curved him back pushing herself into his face. 
Just as charu was lost in her glory and forgot where is she Nitin got up stopped sucking her and charu was little disappointed to be so close to have a organsm.

Charu was hot now and decided to enjoy with nitin and as she sat down in his legs now and started giving him a BJ and nitin was in heavens as it was first time some girl had wrapper her mouth around his dick.
Charu was now moving in and out and almost fucking him by her face. Nitin was near to cum and without saying anything did shoot his cum in charu’s mouth she almost choked and started coughing.
Nitin was now back to his senses and got dressed and left and promised charu that he would always keep it a secret and he will be going to bangalore for his further studies and will be in toucch…………….. Charu was confused to continue with what Sonu had said to her and also thinking about nitin and pretty disappointed about his lack of experience. 
She was feeling hot and missed sonu.
Just then Sonu called up charu and asked her to get ready and meet him near the parking lot so he could pick her up. She was excited and feeling hot again and wanted to make love. Charu wasting no time thought about the dress sonu suggested her to wear and was afraid what will the people nearby by say if they see her like that She searched for her cupboard and found short, bare belly spaghetti strap top that left the undersides of my 34C tits bare she was admiring the dress in mirror as she noticed she forgot to wear anything down. She managed to find a skirt which was near to the specifications given by Sonu. As she was about to slip her panties she remembered sonu’s word no innerwears please. 
She got ready with skirts just managing to cover her ass and was up to knees. The skirt was wide so with every move she made it rode a little higher and the cool breeze she could sense on her ass. She walked out to the car in the parking and her body was soaking in the feeling of walking practically nude and excited about what’ next do sonu has in mind. Charu thought about telling sonu about Nitin but managed to keep it to herself considering since he is leaving for Bangalore today itself let it be a secret in between her and him Charu got in the car and sonu started driving. Charu removed the shawl she wore while leaving home and placed it on the back seat. Sonu smiled towards her and asked ready for new challenges to which she asked what is it? Sonu pulled her close to him and gave a kiss on her lips to which charu also responded a little shying away considering she was near to her home. 
Sonu informed her that he was taking her to a mall as he was not satisfied with the dress and wants her to get a new dress which she will wear and then they can move ahead with whatever he has in mind which he still dint share with Charu. Charu wondered the dress she was in made her uncomfortable most and she has never been out like this and sonu still not happy with the dress wonder what he has in his mind. Sonu pointed her towards the back seat and asked her to open the parcel
She took it and sonu took the car at a road one around and asked her to change to which charu protested. Sonu reminded her no is not the answer and then why is she there with him he took leave from office leaving his important office work. Charu looked at the dress, “It was a pale pink little number that tied around the neck with two pieces of fabric, which came down the front and covered the breasts”. The center was open down to a full six inches below the bottom of my breasts and the sides covered my breasts if I stood still, but any movement showed the sides of my tits. My back was completely exposed down to the tight fitting skirt, which started at the top of her rear end and covered to just maybe two inches below her ass.
Charu ‘s tits were unrestrained and on the move, bouncing up and down and swinging with each step. With the shortness of the dress, her back exposed and no bra, she felt almost naked as she walked outside the car as sonu asked her to walk. Sonu got into the driver seat after praising her but asked her to do the first task He unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled them down to free his cock
At the same time he said to charu “I think you know what to do.” she lay down across the back seat, parted her willing lips and took his in mouth. 
After a few minutes of stroking and sucking he began to thrust up into her mouth, and then he held her head still and ejaculated into charu’s mouth. She was swallowing to ensure it dint spoil her hair or dress which already is little too much for her to handle. “Sonu, this dress barely covers her ass cheeks and pussy when she is standing; it rides up when she walks and when she sit down or get into the or out of the car, she will be exposed for all to see.” 
Sonu looked at her and replied, “Are you sure you are committed to beat Soni in her game? “
Charu not thinking much “said ready now”. The card of jealously sonu played very well and it made charu forget about morality and she being a married woman. The only thing she could think of words of Soni saying about her “She is just a stupid woman”
Sonu asked me if I would go to a Mall with him and change a few times there, each time into a more and more revealing outfit?
Charu promised her to see all of his fantasies through and she will never let Soni win, no matter how much it scares her.
They parked in a spot and got out. Sonu came around to her side, gave her a big kiss and held her tight for a moment as he told her how much he loved her and how happy he was as i am close to overtake soni and seems more confident than her and will do anything to get beyond her in all ways. 
This made charu very happy, but she was still terribly nervous. Sonu let her go slowly and we walked in to the mall. Sonu handed her the new outfit and asked her to changed behind the doors near to the stairs where plants where placed. Charu was now angry and shouted on him and said what do you think am i. She refused to take the orders and sonu seem irritated and said fine with him and took of his phone and called Soni and said he will help her to do the next deal with Gupta and Chopra.
Charu heard him saying so and just said ok will do it but how does this helps her to beat soni. Sonu told her it’s all about being bold and naughty and hot and ready to do anything and remove any fear about being nude or think about what people may say.
Charu’s heart beat fast and she began to shiver in fear. They were near some doors that were not getting used to much, but people were still coming and going on a pretty regular basis. The plant was in the far corner of an open square cut out, about fifty feet from the doors. She nodded at Sonu and as he handed her the clothes. She took the clothes from him with a trembling hand and walked behind the plant. 

The plant was large enough that she was able to hide relatively well behind it; it was a bit shorter than her, just about eye level, and it was very thin towards the top, people easily would be able to tell what she was doing if they looked well enough. She nervously looked around watching people come and go as she took off her shoes, a couple of whom looked over at her curiously, and as soon as there was a pause in the movement I took a deep breath and quickly squeezed out of my dress, grabbing the black cotton skirt I was to wear. She slipped it on, zipped it up and buttoned it up. She straightened up to see a woman looking in her direction, but as soon as she noticed her she looked away and walked off. 
The skirt sat very low on her hips showing off, the skirt was longer than the one from her last assignment but was still very short, it came down just a few inches below her ass. She looked around some more to see people coming and going, not paying much attention to her, other than a curious glance now and then, as if to wonder why she was standing behind a plant. Once there was another break in people she crouched as best and pulled the shirt over her head, then she reached for the new shirt. To call what she grabbed a shirt was a big mistake, it was more like a napkin with strings! If it weren’t for the bunny picture on the front she might not have known how to put it on. It looked like a triangle piece of fabric with the top point cut off and a string loop in its place, there was a two inch triangle hole in the center, then another string on each point (to tie behind my back). 
Once she had it on, the hole in the center showed off her cleavage and her breasts were not totally covered on the sides. There were now a couple of people standing and one walking by looking at her, but they left once she gave angry look 

She grabbed her old outfit and walked out to Sonu who had a happy loving smile on his face again. This made her very happy and she almost forgot what she just did, or what might come next. Sonu asked her to toss the clothes in the dustbin nearby. They both took a walk when sonu just went and returned with something in his hands. People and youngsters were staring at her and loved sneaking a view of her which made her more nervous. 
Sonu held out my next outfit and with a big smile told me I would need to change my completely for this outfit. Well in short it meant i had to strip completely to change for this new clothes. 
This time she looked her new outfit before taking off She had a white long sleeve shirt and shorts that looked way too small but were made from stretchy material, almost like tights. Then for her “innerwear” she was shocked to see some kind of black string contraption. It was kind of like a one piece swim suit but with almost no material. She was humiliated just thinking about it. 
She was hoping to change her bottom first and then her top, but due to Sonu’s choice in “innerwear” she would have to get completely naked with nothing but a potted plant for cover! She wanted to have her clothes off for as little time as possible. Once the floor was cleared she took a deep breath and quickly pulled off her top and her skirt, making her totally nude crouched behind the plant. She fumbled with the “innerwear” for what seemed like an eternity. She was really scared and embarrassed as She tried feverishly to put it on over behind a plant that offered little cover. She peaked out once or twice in the process to see a few people look her way and a couple stop trying to get a better view but seeming to not want to come any closer. Just as she was finally positioning the last of the straps she noticed someone slowly moving to her left at a distance to see around the bush. It was a man in his twenties, he had shocked, but pleased, look on his face. She froze for a second trying to figure out what to do, there was nothing Charu could do to avoid him at this angle, so shaking tremendously and almost naked she tried to hurry and finish dressing.
She quickly grabbed the white shorts, trying not to think about the man watching her, and pulled them up her legs and wiggled the tight stretchy material over her ass, which the shorts barely covered. She immediately grabbed the shirt and pulled it over her head. She got her arms through the sleeves and stretched the material over her tits. 
Feeling a tiny bit better, she put on my shoes as she looked around the plant. She still had the man off to her left watching and there were three people standing near the doors looking over curiously. 
When she straightened up and looked down at herself my fear returned in force when I realized how exposing this outfit was. Her shorts were tiny with no legs what so ever, like what some woman would wear to the gym. Her shirt came down just below her breasts and since the straps were raised taught leading to my tits, her shirt could not fully wrap under them, leaving gaps in the bottom. The straps that were exposed on her back and stomach were pulled tight leading into her pants, and disappearing between her cheeks and lips. She was shivering and terrified and I did not want to leave the relative safety of my plant. She looked over at Sonu in despair and she saw Sonu smiling and waving me over. She held back the urge to refuse and gathered what courage she had left and walked out to Sonu. Sonu laughed and told her how amazing she looks as he gave a tiny tug on my front strap digging it deeper into my crotch. Sonu thanked her again for agreeing to this and then said we should move along. She was so humiliated! She didn’t know where to put her hands, she wanted to cover everything at once, but she also did not want to draw any extra attention to herself. She eventually just left her arms at her side, walking as casually as she could, half naked, with my “innerwear” digging into her pussy with each step she took. 
Everyone was looking at her! Some in shock, some in disgust, some with smiles and mostly with laughter. To make things worse, the constant rubbing between her lips was making her overly sensitive and wet. She was so embarrassed and was blinking hard to try to keep her tears from falling, she was shaking and a little dizzy. They were nearing the main entrance now and Charu wanted so badly to run out the mall as fast as she could.
We slowly moved to the parking lot leaving people behind and Charu was relieved and happy. But sonu had other plans and asked her there is one more thing he has planned for her He explained that he had one last outfit, a normal one, in the car for her. With a mischievous smile he asked if she would be willing to get undressed here, throw her clothes in the dustbin and walk out to the car wearing nothing but her heels?
Charu looked around and was almost in tears and crying and little sobbing. Charu once again looked around and saw at the car which was just ten steps away and thought no one ever will come to know as no one is around nodded after a long time. 
Sonu was happy and could not believe that charu agreed to what he said and gave a huge smile! Then he kissed
her, thanked her and gave her the car keys
Charu took one last look at all the parking around and at Sonu, who was smiling widely, and she squeezed her eyes shut taking a deep breath as she pulled her shirt off as quickly as possible. She immediately grabbed her shorts and removed them in one swift and took her heels of to remove them. She quickly gathered the clothes and threw them in the dust bin once she was in range she hit the auto start since she was freezing and made sure the doors were unlocked. 
Charu hopped in the passenger’s seat and was looking for the clothes as said by Sonu to find none .Now she was completely nude with just a shawl waiting for sonu to come inside Sonu entered the driver’s seat as Charu asked him for the clothes to which he smiled well it’s only the shawl which he had and no other clothes. Charu was now angry and told him how she could go home with shawl warp around her body and no clothes down Sonu just said to relax and charu had thought about how she has changed herself by trusting this man and now he is taking complete advantage. She sat beside him not talking at all and shawl properly wrapped around but nothing in the bottom.
Sonu pulled her shawl away and she was nude in car trying to cover herself by hands
She was now nude sitting with her ass feeling the seats of the car and it was cold as the Ac was on and her legs shivering out of fear and cold. 
Sonu was angry with the attitude and Charu was crying in the car. They managed to reach home where Sonu asked her to get down and rush home and he will be back parking his car Charu got down from the car and was angry with Sonu for leaving her naked and travelling the whole distance with no clothes
She got of the car and run towards the front door before anyone could notice her. She managed to get inside and was relieved but to her surpise she saw Soni sitting on the sofa.

She was in shock to see soni in the room and tried to cover herself but how could she explain her nudity to her.
Soni looked at her and was surprised to see her that way. Before she could speak sonu entered the room parking his car in the parking lot.

Sonu just cooly said a hi to Soni and charu was wondering now what is happening she managed to get inside the bedroom and got herself dressed. 
Sonu and Soni were now on sofa and talking to each other and laughing,

Charu as came in was angry and realized it was the plan of both and somehow sonu and soni where together in this.

Sonu told charu that she was just a pawn and in there game and it was all planned by both of them and now since they both knew about her adventures well, Soni spoke to charu and said i was right when i said you are just a stupid girl and nothing more. 
She explained her to how they managed to manipulate and use her to get the contract and land deal from chopra and gupta by using her against her.

Charu started realizing her mistake and was furious with them and shouted however Sonu intervened and placed a envelope towards charu.
Charu managed to open it and saw her pictures being nude in resort while dancing and having sex with both gupta and chopra

Charu was shell struck now and understood her mistake how she was setup by both brother and sister and how now she is being used by both of them. She could not do much and asked them what do u want from me?

Soni managed to smile and say nothing dear we need you from now to do as we say and what we wish to or else the pictures which soon be delievered to SAN

Charu was now in no longer control and understood the mistake she made by getting carried away with her feelings and the mess she has got herself into

All she could do was nod her head in agreement.

She only could hear now the laughter of both who have now made her a fool and now she has lost control over her life and now being used by them.

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