It Wasn't Just Him..

I went in the ladies room and looked at myself and had the same feeling as the last time when I was touched, I could again feel those dirty hands all over me. I splashed some water on my face, did my light make up, kajal under my eyes and lip gloss. Opened the bag to see what he had gotten for me, and I smiled. Rahul was from a rich family and had a good taste. The dress was a beautiful white skirt that ended a good 5 inches above my knee. The top was a simple sleeveless designer top that fitted me perfectly. But the problem was the black bra that I was wearing; it was contrasting quite a bit with the slightly transparent top. Although it was a nice lacy bra, but still was evidently visible under the top, I had no choice but to keep it on. He was so sweet that he had gotten me matching white heels. I quickly changed and put my college uniform in the bag. I took a last look at myself in the mirror and smiled, I was looking like a sweet little angel in white, with that little slutty bra saying who I really was inside.

As I walked out, I realized the effect of my outfit on men. They were leering, and I soon realized the little angel look was actually turning men on. I saw Rahul waiting, as i walked out. The expression on his face was worth a million dollars, he couldn’t say anything till I actually held his hand and put it around my waist and gave him a light peck on his cheeks and said thanks for the lovely dress.

We entered into a nice restaurant and got us a nice table comfortably cosy and in the corner. Rahul smiled and I realized the look in his eyes as he scanned me, his eyes starting from my deep black eyes, to my luscious lips and then rested on the slightly visible cleavage and the evident black bra. I was looking at him and smiled, i leaned in a bit to give him a better view and asked “do you like what you see?”. The reaction was instant, and the hunger in his eyes said it all. In a different world he would have picked me up cleared the table and fucked me then and there in the middle of a restaurant. The waiter came and took our order, but I could feel the sexual tension building up, and neither of us seemed interested in the food. He cleared the bill and took my hand as we walked out. We entered the elevator with a few other people, and i was pushed back into him, that was when I realized that he was actually hard. I could feel his cock straining in his jeans and poking my ass. I turned around and smiled at him as i gently rubbed my ass on it. I had my hair open, and put them all on one side, exposing a good portion of my neck and bare shoulders. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

The people moved out and by the time we got to the basement, it was just him and me and the lift-man. I was looking at the lift-man and thought what a boring job to be in, all day just taking people up and down the same shaft. I almost felt bad for him, as I saw him trying to steal glances at my legs. He must have been 45-50 yrs old, bald and hairy body with a round tummy. I just felt like giving him something to liven up his life, and then I suddenly turned and gave Rahul a long deep kiss, right there in front of the lift man. Rahul as if reading my mind fondled my boobs just before we moved out. We both turned and saw the liftman’s eyes wide open, one hand on his crotch and a slutty smile on his face. I winked at him as the elevator window closed. I looked at Rahul and he was really turned on, the tent was visible even through his thick denims. I could actually feel the juices flowing between my legs as I was felling terribly horny after the elevator incident.

I looked around and saw an employee’s only door. I took Rahul’s hand and entered into it. It was like a dark damp store room, barely big enough for both of us. We locked the door from inside, and almost tore each other’s clothes off. Before I knew it, Rahul had me pinned to the wall and was sucking on my breasts, my legs were wrapped around him as my hands struggled with his belt and then the button. He was a very branded kind of guy, and always wore those red band Jockey underwear, that really made his decently big thick cock look like a nice solid package. I loved feeling it over his jockeys, running my long nails over it, teasing and coaxing him. But today was different; we were both high on hormones and crazy for each other’s body. He looked me in my eyes and said, “I wanna fuck you Tanya, rite here, right now”.

I smiled and closed my eyes, my hands went down and guided his cock out, and then gently positioned it just above my dripping wet pussy. I shifted a little and with my back on the wall and legs wrapped around him, pulled him inside me. He just lifted me up and my hands went around his neck as he entered me. I almost screamed in pain as he entered me. He kept thrusting in and out like a possessed beast as i held him tight. His face was just above my boobs that were bouncing up and down and slapping against his chest as he continued to fuck me like a doll. I soon reached an orgasm and could feel my cunt muscles wrapped around his cock trying to suck his cum out, I held his face and looked in his eyes as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot raging sperm inside me.

We just stayed like that for a while, sweat dripping from our bodies, as I felt his cock shrink inside me, i pulled his face that was resting on my cleavage and kissed him. It was a long peaceful kiss as this time we slowly explored each other. His hands gently massaged my breasts and played with my extremely sensitive nipples, that were begging to be pinched and sucked again. He was still inside me, as I felt his 8 inch monster come alive again. I smiled as my cunt responded to it and body arched as I needed to feel him further inside me. He moved in and out gently, his hands pinned my hands to the wall, and we moved to our own rhythm. He climaxed soon again filling me up as we kissed and shuddered.

We settled down and walked out, it was time to head back. As i walked out to the metro station my heart skipped a beat as I felt the cool air go under my short skirt, it was a summer afternoon in Delhi, the sun was out and I must have been a site as I walked on the escalator with my short white skirt and a deep neck semi transparent top. I felt like I was on display. Men, boys, security guards even few of the women were looking me up. I went into the washroom to get my college dress on as it was time to head back home. I reached back in time for lunch, changed into my favourite old blue skirt and a tattered slip. I was too tired and went straight to bed.

I was woken up by the sound of tinkering in my rooms bathroom, and i woke up to find mom standing on the door of my bathroom instructing someone. My shower was not working properly so it was the local plumber, Raju. Now, Raju was a jack of all trades guy, he was a plumber, electrician and would do all kinds of household work around the locality. He was universally called Raju Bhaiya. In his 30s he had a wife and 2 kids, a bit shabby but not filthy.

I walked up to the bathroom to see what was happening, my mom seeing me awake told me to keep a look as she made the evening tea. I stood there as Raju Bhaiya tinkered with the shower, i looked around and there was my bra and panty hanging in there apart from my other clothes. Raju Bhaiya looked up at me and smiled, I knew he was hot for me even though he had a wife and kids, and had many times made suggestive passes at me. Clearly I was distracting him as he kept looking at my legs and then my chest and then lips. I could see the lust in his eyes, as I stood there. He asked me to pass a wrench from his tool bag and i bent down to find it, my skirt rising up even further, giving him a good view of my creamy thighs. I didn’t try to cover my cleavage as I stood up and his mouth was almost open as his eyes burned through the flimsy material of my top.

I saw him adjusting his crotch, and smiled. I asked him if he needed anything else as i trailed a finger down my neck and let my hair open pretending to tie them again, in the process making my breast swell out even more. He just stood there staring at me, as I walked in. I told him to look away as I wanted to pee. He was just dumbstruck as I walked past him lifted my skirt a little and sat on the commode as pissed rite in front of him. I got up, and was walking out, as he held my hand and pulled me close. His hands reached for my breasts as he mauled them and dry humped me in my own bathroom. His sweaty smell filled my nose as he moved to kiss between the valley of my breast, pulling my top down from the front.

Then suddenly mom called out and I pushed him away and walked out. I went down and started helping mom with the tea and snacks. Raju Bhiaya came down and told me the shower was fixed, he gave me a lusty look as he walked out. I went up to the bathroom and found my panties missing, and I smiled.

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