I am Swathi, 23 years old married woman living with my husband and his family. My husband is Rajesh aged 28 businessman working along with his Father (Ramji) aged 57 in his successful clothes emporium.
His younger brother Deepak (aged 19) is studying in college and his sister (Shalini aged 18) is in plus 2. His mother is Shanti (aged 48) a housewife (everyone called her Amma). They also have a maidservant (Chandra aged 20) brought from their village. 
They also have a driver (Raju aged 40) whose duty is from 7am to late at night.
My husband’s family is very well respected in society and they are gentle sophisticated people. They are also originally from my town and are well know to my family and hence they selected me as their daughter-in-law.
I am college educated in home science and have always been a shy reserved girl. I was the quietest person in my group of friends and never had a boyfriend like some of them. When they use to talk about sexy things I used to blush and keep quiet. So when I got married I was a virgin and have been a dutiful and respectful daughter-in-law and well liked by my in-laws. Everybody here respected me and treated me well. 
Shalini was extremely happy to have a young girl now at home and when she was at home she was always around me. She would discuss everything about her life with me and would sit in our room and study till late at night till Rajesh came home and chased her out of the room. Sometimes if Rajesh was out of station on a business tour then she would sleep in my room itself in our bed. Being the only daughter, she was the darling of the house. She was also a good girl and had good friends. When I came here 3 years ago at the age of 20 and was myself a young girl just out of college, I was glad to have Shalini’s company. She was 15 then and I would help her with her studies. She was a cute chubby girl and in the last 3 years had blossomed into a real beautiful rose like the actress Bhumika. 
Now about me-I am not beautiful like Shalini but not bad looking. I may be compared to a homely side actress like Renuka in Hum Aapke Hain Koun.
I had a good figure (36-24-36) with a firm body and with clothes looked normal but when naked had a fantastic figure. (That’s what I thought-but what I did not know was that men and even young boys had x-ray vision and they would strip a woman with their look and could imagine how she looked naked). Anyway-as I told you earlier, I was very innocent and not experienced. Except with my husband. He was very horny and the minute he got home from work he would chase Shalini out of the room, bolt the door and hug me and squeeze my tits and ass and would kiss me and within 2 minutes he would make me bend over either on the bed, the chair or the dresser or just against the wall and pick up my nighty, pull down my panty just till my knees and somehow during all this he would have his cock out of his pant and would start fucking me furiously and cum in me within 5 minutes. This was his regular quickie and I got used to this. During this quickie (about 7 to 10 mins) his mother would be calling us down for dinner or she would send the maid over to call us down. The maid would knock on the door and call us. Sometimes I would be leaning against the door itself while my husband was banging away from behind and I would answer the maid that we were coming down in a few minutes after Rajesh had a wash.
The maid would go away (that’s what I thought) and we would finish and then I would pull up my panty and we would go down for dinner. At first I used to be uncomfortable with all the cum leaking out of my cunt and I would be fidgeting and lifting my ass side to side. Nobody noticed this. (That’s what I thought). But now I have got used to this and have mastered the technique of squeezing my cunt lips and holding on to the cum inside my cunt for a long time. This has also strengthened my cunt muscles and now when Rajesh fucks me I am able to squeeze his cock with my cunt and he finds it extremely stimulating and satisfying. But then I have to stop after a few squeezes or else he would cum quickly. 
Once we had our dinner we would rush back to our room and he would then undress me naked and also become naked and we would have a nice long fuck. My mother-in-law was also very understanding and would not ask me to help with clearing up after dinner but would do it herself with the help of the maid. In the beginning Deepak or Shalini would also come with us up to the room but Rajesh would quickly send them out. After some time everybody got used to Rajesh’s routine and now nobody disturbs us. After the fuck Rajesh would have a shower and then wear his kurta pyjama and go down and spend some time with his family or watch TV in the living room. I would have my shower also and change my nighty and watch TV in our bedroom or use my laptop and go to sleep. Rajesh would come up late and sometimes would be still horny and would cuddle up to me from behind (spooning) and pull up my nighty and push his hardon between my thighs. I would be half asleep and would moan and adjust so that his hardon slips into my cunt. Sometimes he would also just go to sleep like this but most of the time he would finish the fuck and cum in me. This is also how we woke up in the morning. Either he would wake up first with his morning hardon and would start cuddling from behind and I would wake up and roll over and we would have a nice morning fuck. If I get up before him I will also be in a horny mood and will pull out his cock (which will be semi hard) from the pyjama opening and start playing with it and he would wake up smiling and we would have a nice morning fuck. This was going on for some time then one day when I doing this he pulled my head towards his cock and rubbed his cock against my lips. He did not say anything but I knew that he wanted me to suck his cock. I had never done this before but had heard my friends discuss this. So I just opened my lips a bit and kissed the tip of his cock and then took the head in my mouth. I started sucking his cock as if it was the most natural thing to do. It was so exciting for him that he shot his cum immediately right into my mouth and I also was taking by surprise and while he was shooting his cum he also pulled my head so that he shot his cum directly into my throat. I choked a bit a swallowed some cum. He still was not satisfied and immediately mounted me and started banging away. I did not have time to do anything about the cum in my mouth and had to swallow it. I did not taste bad and I did not mind it. Since then I have been sucking his cock when I am out of service during my periods and he is also happy as he gets his normal relief and does not have to masturbate like he did before I learnt to suck his cock. Now we never waste his cum and it is sent either in my cunt or my mouth and I swallow every time. I think I am a born cocksucker and love the taste of my husbands cum.
So this is how our day starts and ends. We are both in our young prime age and have learnt to be fully sexually satisfied with each other. My husband is a loving and kind man and a very considerate lover who has learnt to control his Cumming and wait till I also have an orgasm. If for some reason he is too excited and cums too fast he will fuck again within a few minutes and make me cum. Once when he was unable to get erect immediately after cumming too soon he suddenly got in-between my legs and spread them and started licking my clit. I had never experienced this before though I knew about this from my friends. I just closed my eyes and Rajesh sucked and liked my clit and I had a tremendous orgasm–the best I have ever had. So now sometimes after all the fucks if I am still horny I will just smile at Rajesh and spread my legs. He knew what I wanted and would immediately oblige by licking my cunt and clit till I came. I lost all my shyness in front of my husband and with his encouragement I was fully sexual.
I got so used to this routine of sex daily that when my husband went of his business tour once or twice a month for 2 or 3 days then I would feel out of sorts as if I have lost something. My husband also suffered this and would masturbate many times a day when ever he got a chance and would call me on the phone while doing so. At first he would tell me what he is doing or what he wanted to do to me and would masturbate himself and I would just answer in monosyllables. He then started wanting me also to talk sexy which I slowly learnt to do so. At this time I would also get horny and start playing with my clit and once I told Rajesh that he encouraged me to also masturbate and remove my clothes and we started having phone sex. This also became our routine when he was away. Once he got back from his tour then we would fuck like dogs all the time without any inhibitions in the bedroom. If he got back very late at night he would not disturb me but just come in without switching on the lights and remove his clothes and get into the bed quickly in the dark and fuck me in my sleep. I also had told him that it is OK for him to do this without waking me up and I did not mind. I also stopped wearing panties now and just wore a nighty. He would be so horny that he had to fuck me immediately. Once like this when he came back from a long tour very late at night and I was fast asleep and tired (I was also tired that day as all of us –the rest of the family had gone to the beach and played) so I was deep in sleep. Rajesh as usual started to fuck me from behind spooning me and as I was fast asleep I did not adjust my backside for him to slide into my cunt. He just pushed his rock hard cock into my crevice behind and his cock had lots of precum lubrication (which was normal for him). His rock hard cock by mistake got aimed a bit higher and as he was excited he pushed hard and entered my asshole and the head got lodged in. I woke up with the sharp pain but luckily I did not scream. Rajesh’s body in the meantime gave another push and his cock which was now spread with his precum went another few inches into my asshole. Now he had half his cock in my butt and I was fully awake. The pain was gone and it felt nice somehow. I think like the natural cocksucking my body also was made for anal sex. Rajesh was also aware now that he had by mistake entered the wrong hole. I whispered “Its Ok” and pushed my butt towards him and his cock went in another inch. He also felt excited as his cock was held in a vice like grip of my tight asshole. This was his first anal sex and he never thought that he would be so blessed to have anal sex with his wife. He gave another shove and buried all the 7” deep into her anus. Swathi also felt nice as somehow his cock was hitting her G spot which for her was exactly 7” in her anal passage. They were attached and stuck like that for a minute and were enjoying this new sensation and then Rajesh got excited and started moving in and out. This new sensation was too much for him and he immediately came. He lay like that for a few minutes with his cock deep into her butthole and then it shrunk and popped out. The sensation was also too much for Swathi and she had a tremendous orgasm and lay fully satisfied. Both of them lay quietly fully satisfied and Rajesh hugged her from behind with so much love for his wonderful wife. Rajesh got up and went to wash his cock and Swathi went back to sleep with her husbands cum deep in her ass.
After that anal sex also became part of their sex routine along with regular fucking and oral sex. So now when Rajesh got back from his tours and if it was late he would fuck Swathi from behind in the dark either in her cunt or ass as he pleased and Swathi would not wake up. He would also cum in her and as he also was tired would immediately fall asleep with his cock still deep inside her cunt or ass.
This was Swathi and Rajesh’s sex life for the last 3 years. They were extremely happy with each other and also Rajesh’s family was extremely happy with Swathi.

Chandra the 20 year old maid servant had been with this family for over 4 years from the age of 16. She was very homely and plump with a brown round face. She wore a skirt and blouse since she came here and still wore the same type of girlish clothes even though her body had fully matured. She had big huge tits and a big round ass. She was not pretty or good looking but her smiling and happy face made her charming. Everybody here was nice to her and treated her as part of the family and she was comfortable to be all around the house everywhere and was not barred from any room. She had a small room next to the store room where she had all her stuff. She had an old mattress, bed sheets and pillows and lots of other used stuff from everybody-like perfumes, face powder, hair oil, lipstick etc etc. All the stuff that Shalini did not want or got tired of using was given to her. Shalini also tried new make up on Chandra and also taught her to use makeup and lipstick. Chandra used to wash away the makeup before leaving Shalini’s room after their make up sessions as Chandra was shy to come in front of the men wearing makeup as she looked so different and grownup.
Swathi also gave her stuff and tried to make her wear sarees but Chandra was not comfortable doing household work in a saree. So she continued wearing her skirts and blouses. But as she grew up her tits also grew big and now the nipples could be seen clearly. As her tits were bigger than all the women in the house she had to be bought 2 bras by Swathi and got used to wearing bras when she was in front of the men. Once the men left the house and when she was alone with the women she removed her bra and washed it and did not want to wear them out as she only had 2. So many times she would be braless when one of the men walked into the house and then she would run to her room and wear her bra. But this rule she did not follow when Deepak baba was at home. For her Deepak was still a little boy and she did not look at him as a full grown man. Little did she know that he had also grown into a full grown man? Also everybody thought of Chandra as if she was a small girl and knew nothing. But she was a maid servant and had come from a large poor rural family. For rural folk sex is normal and they had it in their small huts or in the fields or anywhere they felt like it. Also they had it with whomever they wanted including relatives. But they did it silently but somehow most people came to know but feigned ignorance. 
So if you wanted to fuck your neighbours wife you waited for her to be alone near the well or in her hut or wherever and then went and asked her directly if she wanted to come to the fields. If she was interested then she would say Ok and you headed off to the nearby field and she followed at a discrete distance. Once in between the maize or sugarcane or whatever grows there she immediately lays down in between the plants in a softer area and you pull up your lungi or pull down your pyjama and mount her and bang away and cum in her. You don’t have to bother about a condom or her safe period or anything. If you have some close friends you share her with them and they all also mount her one after another and bang her. The rural women can take as many cocks as you can give them. No problems. Also they don’t care about pregnancies and will give birth to the child and no questions asked. That’s why so many kids will look like their neighbour men.
Also the same thing happens to the women in your household. Other men will be fucking your wife, mother or sister in the same way. Father-in-laws, brother-in-laws, cousins and even brothers will fuck the women and they always spread their legs.
So this is the environment that Chandra came from and sex was not anything strange for her. But here in the city things were different and people were such hypocrites and had sex as if it was a sin.
So whenever she was sent up to call bhabi and bhaiya she knew that they were fucking and she would act as if she is leaving but stand quietly in front of the shut bedroom door and listen to the fucking. She knew that they were fucking like rabbits all the time and Chandra was excited about this. 

The house was a large one with 3 storeys. The ground floor had the regular large living room, large dining room, large kitchen, three bedrooms with attached bath. The master bedroom was occupied by the Ramji and his wife and the other 2 bedrooms were kept empty as guest rooms.
The second storey had 4 bedrooms and 2 were occupied by Deepak and Shalini and these were the noisiest rooms in the house with loud music and endless loud telephonic conversations by the teenagers.
Rajesh and Swathi’s room was on the top floor in this 3 storey building and there were few other rooms on that floor used to store stuff or empty. Rajesh and Swathi, s room was more like a hotel suite with a large bedroom cum sitting area with sofa, reading chairs, coffee tables etc. There was a large modern attached bathroom with a shower area, bath tub, WC, large his and her wash basins on granite tops with a huge mirror. The room was elegant and modern. The sitting area had large windows and also a door that led out to the roof as it was the penthouse room and that too was well organized with potted plants, a double cushioned swing, patio furniture strewn around, tall lamps etc. There was a small 2 piece washroom with a WC and sink at one end for guest to use. Rajesh used to call his friends over for parties/drinks etc on this roof garden. This roof garden could also be accessed by the stairs and that is what Chandra would do when she had a chance to hear these young newlyweds’s fuck. She was smart to also realize that next to the outside washroom there was a ventilator that was always half open.

This roof garden could also be accessed by the stairs and that is what Chandra would do when she had a chance to hear these young newlyweds’s fuck. She was smart to also realize that next to the outside washroom there was a ventilator that was always half open. This was at an angle to the bedroom area and if she placed a chair under it then she could peep into the bedroom and watch the fucking which she very much wanted to do. If she was back in her village then she would have been having regular fucking with all types of men and her hormones were raging now imagining the fucking inside. Chandra also did not want to be caught so she kept a cleaning bucket with cleaning material for the sink, bathroom and window glass. So when she peeped through the ventilator standing on the plastic chair, she would have the window glass cleaning stuff in her hand so that if caught then she had a reason for being there.
Chandra had been watching this fucking for some months at different times of the day and night. One afternoon when Amma was calling for Chandra and she was not responding due to the loud music from Deepak’s room, she sent Raju the driver in search of her. Raju searched around the house and then reached the terrace when he noticed Chandra doing something suspicious. He stood on the top stair quietly and kept watching what Chandra was doing. He noticed that she had some cleaning stuff in her right hand but she was not cleaning any thing. Also she was standing on the plastic chair and peeping into the ventilator but seemed to be concentrating on something going on inside. Her left hand was not to be seen from his angle but her large buttocks were fidgeting. Raju slowly walked next to a window and now could clearly hear the fucking sounds from inside. He now realized that Chandra was watching someone fucking inside and since it was Rajesh’s room he deduced that they must be fucking inside. Raju slowly walked towards Chandra from a slight angle and she could not see him approaching. He now was right behind her and he saw that she had her left hand inside her skirt and was playing with herself. Raju cleared his throat softly and Chandra was startled and was about to say something while trying to step down from the chair. But Raju held his finger on his lips saying “shuuu” and stopped her from getting down from the chair by placing his hand on her knee. He again said “shuuuu” asking her to keep quiet and placed another chair which was closeby next to Chandra’s chair and stoop up on it. He now could also peep into the room and did so and was thrilled to see Rajesh saab and Swathi memsab fully naked fucking in the missionary style. Swathi memsab had her fair naked thigs wrapped around Rajesh saab’s muscular fair buttocks and he was banging away vigorously while both were making loud fucking sounds. Chandra was shocked and did not know what to do but Raju now put his hand around her waist and with his other hand pointed inside asking her to also watch. Now both of them were watching silently and Raju by this time had a terrific hard-on as he had never seen such lovely beautiful live sex. He pulled Chandra close to him and rubbed his crotch. Chandra also started watching the fucking but had stopped masturbating herself. Raju now started rubbing his hand over her big huge buttocks and squeezing it. Chandra could not object as then she would be also caught and get into trouble with big saab. Also it felt nice that some male was touching her so she did not object but watched silently. Raju now knew that Chandra was a willing participant and he took her hand and placed it on his hard on. He had opened his fly and free his hard cock. Chandra was excited to feel that she was holding such a huge big round cock. She looked down and saw that Raju had a pitch black but enormous cock and he now adjusted himself and brought out his balls which was larger than a tennis ball. She held his cock while he was squeezing her buttocks. He then realized why he was here and told her that Amma wanted her downstairs immediately. He whispered for her to go down while he stays here and watches the live show. He took the cleaning material from her hand and now he could act as if he was helping in the cleaning and now had a reason for being there. He kept playing with his cock and knew that he had to masturbate to get relief. Chandra quickly went downstairs while Raju kept masturbating and within 2 minutes he shot his cum on the wall in big spurts.
He immediately wiped the cum of the wall and put his cock back in his pants and slowly went down. He went behind the house and sat down in the shade below a tree and smiled happily to himself. Now he knew that he could fuck Chandra when ever he wanted as well as get to watch live sex shows also freely. His life had become exciting from the monotonous daily routine. Previously he would drive the saabs and memsaabs around and then come back and wash the car and then had lots of spare time. He would voluntarily help around the house and then would sit here below this shady tree getting bored. This was a quite area behind the house in the enclosed compound with large tall walls. There was a well with a motor house for watering the garden with lots of trees and shade. There was a nice artistic garden bench under the tree and a hammock but nobody except the servants used this area. Raju decided that as soon as Chandra was free he would fuck her behind the motor room next to the compound wall and nobody could see or hear. His life was going to become exciting now. He lay down on the bench daydreaming and waiting for Chandra to come.

What Raju did not know was that their innocent choti memsaab bhabi knew that she was being watched getting fucked. This happened some months after Swathi moved in that she heard Chandra calling them down while they were fucking. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and Rajesh was fucking her missionary style and suddenly a few seconds after Chandra left Swathi saw the reflection of a shadow near the far ceiling. What Chandra did not know what that the shadow of her head was being reflected in one of the mirrors and that reflection was being projected close to the ceiling in the corner. Rajesh was facing the headboard of the bed and could not see it but Swathi could clearly se it. She stiffened her body immediately and was about to get up but she was also on the verge of an orgasm and Rajesh was doing a good job of banging away and stimulating her clit while giving good hard strokes. The thought that somebody was watching their fucking also was suddenly very exciting and she had a tremendous orgasm and her cunt got very wet. Rajesh also commented that today she was very wet and excited. Swathi just smiled and did not tell him about the peeping person. Swathi by now realized that the person peeping was Chandra as the shadow was clearly a woman. Also by moving her head a bit she could now see a woman face through the few inches angle towards the ventilator. Though from the angle and the light behind the head Swathi could not make out the face clearly but by the hairstyle and also the knowledge that Amma never came up there. Also Shalini had gone out with Deepak and their friends for a movie. So it could only be Chandra. Swathi wanted to be sure that it was Chandra so she immediately got us and swiftly wore on her robe and quickly went out onto the terrace. She waited and Chandra came from the other side with the cleaning material in her hand saying that she had cleaned the washroom and if bhabi wanted anything cleaned inside the room. She sounded confident and not at all nervous but had a slight guilty look and was talking non stop to hide her guilt. Swathi smiled at her and patted her head and told Chandra to come up later on when Rajesh had gone out as she wanted to give Chandra some old makeup and clothes and also to come and clean the room. Chandra was relieved that Swathi bhabi did not suspect anything and she happily went down. Swathi also had to rush inside as Rajesh’s cum was leaking profusely down her inner thighs and she had to rush in to wash it.
While washing her cunt Swathi realized that she did not mind Chandra watching her getting fucked and also that it was kind of exciting. Till now Swathi had never though that she was an exhibitionist and also had never once thought about someone watching her getting fucked. She smiled at herself and realized that she was again horny. Rajesh was about to go down but she stopped him and again started playing with him and eventually both got naked and she sucked his cock to erection and she now bent over for a doggy fuck. Rajesh quickly mounted her and both came very quickly. Swathi now realized that it was more exciting when someone was watching and decided to call Chandra on some pretext in the future when she had started fucking. She could then make lots of fucking sounds when Chandra came and knocked on the door and Swathi could ask her to come back later and thus signalling indirectly to the maid that now they were fucking and Chandra could then start watching the show and thus Swathi would have an audience. Swathi also realized that from now on she has to be careful that Rajesh was facing the headboard and not the other side when Chandra was watching as she did not want Rajesh to stop this new exciting development.

Swathi also realized that from now on she has to be careful that Rajesh was facing the headboard and not the other side when Chandra was watching as she did not want Rajesh to stop this new exciting development. 
Slowly Swathi go completely comfortable with Chandra’s peeping while she was getting royally fucked by Rajesh. She started being totally slutty in her moaning and sex talk with Rajesh and verbally became louder and more sexy. Rajesh was thrilled by his wife becoming more proactive in their fucking and encouraged her. Little did he know that his naked body, buttock and cock were being watched by their now horny maid servant who was enjoying the live sex show and masturbating her cunt. Swathi now would lie naked with her legs spread wide open after their fuck and let the cum leak out onto the bed sheet (which Chandra would later take for washing) all the while knowing that Chandra was watching this lewd display. Sometimes Swathi would be still horny while Rajesh was in the bathroom after the fuck having a long shower and Swathi would rub his cum on her clit and start masturbating herself being excited at knowing that her maid was watching her. She did not know that Chandra also was masturbating herself but Swathi knew that the girl was horny and needed to be fucked nicely soon. She knew that watching live sex was exciting and Chandra was very horny all the time fidgeting herself and unconsciously watching the men’s crotches. Chandra didn’t realize that she was staring at the men’s crotches but Swathi saw that and also her Father-in-law saw that. Anyway Swathi started calling Chandra often as she and Rajesh fucked often and also when Rajesh was out she would call Chandra to her room and make her do odd jobs as well as just give her company. Like this Chandra became a regular visitor to Swathi’s room when the men had gone out or when she was free and now spent most of the daytime there till Shalini came and took her place and chased her away. While there Swathi would go about her routine and started slowly even begun changing her clothes in front of Chandra till now they both were comfortable with Swathi being fully naked in front of Chandra and shaving her legs or having a shower with the bathroom door open and asking Chandra to bring stuff inside like a fresh towel or something else. Chandra also became comfortable being in her memsaab room while bhabi memsaab was walking around half naked or sometimes fully naked. Slowly Swathi started using Chandra to wash her back in the shower or hold a mirror while she trimmed her public hair. The 1st time Swathi did this in front of Chandra she asked her memsaab as to why she is trimming her pubic hair as well as shaving the cunt lips. Swathi told Chandra that women should trim their public hair as well as keep the cunt area clean of hair for health reasons to avoid getting crabs as well as to avoid fungal vaginal infection which could cause bad smell of the cunt. Also she told Chandra that Bhaiya (Rajesh) liked it like that and Chandra should also do this. Chandra blushed at the talk of her pubic hair as well as this implied that Swathi bhabi assumed that she had lots of pubic hair. She tried to change the topic but Swathi was now in a playful mood and wanted to take things further and make Chandra her close confidante. Swathi asked Chandra directly if she had lots of pubic hair and Chandra blushed and nodded yes. Swathi had finished trimming her hair and immediately got up and opened a cupboard in the bathroom and took out a new disposable razor and also her husbands shaving cream can. She asked Chandra to remove her skirt and shave her cunt as if this was a normal thing to do like brushing her teeth. She kept her voice also normal but Swathi was excited that she was about to see another girls cunt for the 1st time. Chandra hesitated for a moment but as Swathi was also naked in front of her and was behaving normal she immediately loosened the knots of the skirt string and dropped the skirt on the floor. As she was not wearing any panty her cunt was in full view of Swathi. It was full of thick dense hair and Swathi immediately told her that so much hair was bad for her and she has to remove it. Chandra told her that she has never done it and did not know what to do. Swathi asked her to sit of the WC and wet her cunt and apply the shaving cream on her pubic hair. Chandra followed her instruction and Swathi handed her the disposable razor to start shaving. Chandra started shaving her pubic hair and Swathi was holding the mirror for her sitting on a stool in front of her. The scene was so sexy to any onlooker but Swathi kept a straight face and concentrated on the work in hand. Chandra was able to shave the pubic hair from her navel to her cunt lips but after that her chubby tummy came in the way and also she was scared that she will cut her clit. She looked at Swathi with big eyes and told her now what to do. I can’t reach in-between my legs so far down. Swathi immediately took the razor from her hand and made her spread her legs and started shaving her hairy cunt area that still had hair. She then slowly spread her cunt lips delicately and cleaned the cunt of hair fully leaving it nice a bald and looking like a chubby camel toe. She asked Chandra to slide down further and lift her legs higher. Chandra obeyed and Swathi then applied some shaving cream in her anus area and shaved that to clean of hair. Chandra was stunned that this high class lady was touching her ass. But Swathi did not mind as now she liked this village girl so much and wanted her to be like a close secret friend with whom to share lots of secret stuff. Swathi wiped her cunt and asshole with a wet hand towel and showed Chandra her handiwork with the help of a mirror. Chandra was still sitting on the WC almost lying down on her back with her legs in the area spread and now fully shaved cunt and asshole clearly visible in the mirror. She thanked Swathi and Swathi just brushed it off saying that you are like my sister and in future you can help me when I shave my cunt. This was like a nice pact for the young women and also sort of secret slutty development. Swathi did not want to lose a great opportunity as well as she was now intrigued by the woman’s cunt right in front of her face so close and now smelling nice. She never had lesbian tendencies earlier but the raw village sexuality of this servant girl was making her excited. She wanted to continue and see where this will all end so she kept wiping the newly shaved cunt with the hand towel while conversing casually with the maid who was enjoying the attention and also did not want the situation to end. So she kept herself in the same position but her legs were getting tired. Swathi now dropped the wet hand towel and reached for an expensive imported hand cream and took and large scoop and applied it to the newly shaved cunt. It was cold and soothing to Chandra and she let out a satisfied moan and Swathi kept rubbing the cream in the maid’s pubic area and cunt lips. She then started rubbing some of the cream on the clit and started stroking it. Chandra was moaning excitedly and thrusting her pelvis at Swathi’s hand. Now all pretence was gone and Swathi was masturbating the maid vigorously. She placed the maid’s right leg on her lap and the left leg on the edge of the bath tub and the maid was now spread out fully with her head resting on the flush tank behind.
She took another dab of cream on her index finger and entered it in Chandra’s pussy. Even though the maid’s cunt was fully wet she encountered the hymen about 4” inside and Swathi realized that her maid was still a virgin. So she did not want to damage her hymen and removed her finger. Chandra was moaning and would not have minded if Swathi had 
Pushed her entire finger inside and broken the hymen but Swathi instead spread the cream further down and entered her finger in the now clean shaved puckered asshole. Chandra never knew that the anal hole is also a sexual part of the body and watched in silence as Swathi slowly pushed her high class manicured finger full of imported cream in her low class servant asshole. It was slightly uncomfortable in the beginning but Swathi asked her to relax her anal muscle like she was taking a shit and then the finger went past the sphincter muscle and fully into her anal passage. Swathi now had her 5” finger fully in her maid’s ass and she started massaging the asshole for some time. Then she slightly pulled half the finger out and introduce one more finger and now both the fingers were comfortably inside the maid’s ass. Bhabi the started fingering in and out and curved her fingers up and touched the G spot and the maid moaned loudly and thrust her pelvis further. Swathi realized that the poor girl needed release so she bent down and suddenly licked the maid’s clit with her tongue tip. This was the 1st time for both and it was not unpleasant so she now extended her full tongue and gave the maid’s clit a heart lick. She then started doing this rapidly while still fingering the ass with 2 fingers and this was too much for the maid and she let out a huge moan and had her first orgasm with another persons manipulation and that too a woman’s. She lay gasping for breath and Bhabi in the meantime had got up and was washing her hands. Chandra noticed that she only washed her hands and not her mouth and was stunned that such a high class woman had licked her low class cunt and did not thin k it was dirty Swathi was still naked and went and lay down on the bed edge with her legs hanging over the edge and spread out and watching the maid. She did not say anything but Chandra knew that she was expecting reciprocation and she quickly went to the bed and knelt down and just as her memsaab had done earlier she also started licking her cunt. Swathi closed her eyes and was enjoying this new sensation of another woman licking her cunt. The maid did not know if her memsaab also wanted to be fingered in the ass. She could not believe that such a high class woman would let her high class ass be fingered. Little did the maid know that this high class ass was fucked regularly by saab. So she tentatively touched Bhabi’s high class clean asshole. Swathi reached down and held the maids finger and put 2 of them in her cunt and lubricated them and then placed it at her asshole. Chandra now knew that her memsaab wanted to be fingered in her asshole and she slowly touched the tips of both fingers to the asshole. She was astonished that both fingers slipped easily into the asshole and also could move in and out with not pain or restriction. Now the maid was fingering memsaabs asshole as well as licking her cunt and she got the hang on both and as this was also a new experience for Swathi to get a woman to do this to her she came with a huge orgasm.
She lay back exhausted and pulled Chandra up to her signalling her to come and lie down next to her. The maid was thrilled and immediately lay next to her memsaab and Swathi then gestured her to remove her blouse which was still on. Chandra quickly removed her blouse and lay next to her memsaab fully content and happy with the situation. Swathi pulled the maid closer and hugged her and then turned and kissed her on the mouth. Chandra was a clean village girl and used Neem sticks in the village to brush her mouth and here she was given good toothbrush and minty tooth paste which she used regularly. Also she always brushed her teeth after eating anything as per the instructions of Amma and as such had fresh breath always. So when Swathi kissed her it was not gross or uncomfortable but like kissing her husband Rajesh bit only softer lips. She was enjoying this and the maid also was enjoying this as this was the 1st time that anyone had kissed her. She did not know how to kiss so she followed her memsaabs lead and reciprocated exactly what she did. Swathi now had climbed over the maid’s body and was lying on her while still continuing to kiss her. She then made her spread her legs and lay between the maid’s legs with their pubes touching each other. Swathi now was French kissing the maid and she also was reciprocation and in a few minutes got the hang of it. Now Swathi was grinding her cunt on the maid’s cunt and French kissing her. This went on for about 5 minutes and the maid had her orgasm 1st followed immediately by her memsaab’s orgasm. Swathi was fully exhausted and lay on the maid for some time very still but breathing deeply while the maid also tired and panting hugged her memsaab and held her ass cheeks firmly and also she wrapped her legs around her memsabb. Both of them lay like that with Swathi’s head resting on the maid’s ample bosom. Swathis head was in-between the huge boobs and she could see the nipple was erect and big. She lifted her head and took the nipple in her mouth and sucked it gently. Chandra the maid had very sensitive nipples and this immediately sent another wave of orgasm through her cunt and she jerked and came again. Now she was fully exhausted and lay back with her legs spread wide and Swathi enjoyed lying in on such a nice plump woman. She again rested her head on one of her breasts and kept squeezing and playing with the other. They lay like that for a few minutes and then Swathi got up and holding Chandra’s hand went to the bathroom for a shower. This was also the 1st time that the maid was having a shower as she had a separate servant’s bathroom with an Indian commode (shitpot) and tap and bucket for a bath. So she was thrilled standing in the shower with memsaab and watched as Swathi first showered and then allowed her to shower. Swathi showed her how to mix the hot and cold water using the taps and also how to switch to shower mode from tap mode. Swathi was in an excellent mood and started using her own soap on the maid and also rubbed soap in her palms and rubbed the maids cunt and crotch area. After that she also washed her own cunt and then used shampoo on her head and gave some to the maid. They both rinsed off and then got out of the shower. Swathi wore a fresh nighty while Chandra also got dressed. Then Swathi asked Chandra to comb her hair and while she was doing this she informed Chandra that she knew about Chandra peeping from the ventilator while she and her husband fucked. Chandra was shocked that Swathi knew but seeing that she was smiling she knew that she was not in trouble but Swathi did not mind or else she would have mentioned it earlier. She suddenly stopped combing Swathi’s hair and asked her if bhaiya saab also knew about her peeping. Swathi said “No No” he does not know and also we can’t tell him about that or our fucking as he will get angry. Chandra asked her if she can continue watching or if she has to stop. Swathi laughed and said now what is there to hide from you. You can continue watching but be careful that Rajesh or other family members does not catch you doing that. Saying that both of them then left and went down.
From that day Swathi and Chandra continued having their sexual sessions and Swathi taught her a lot. One day after a heavy session when both were lying down Swathi asked her how is it that you are still a virgin. Don’t you want to fuck someone soon or are you waiting for marriage. Chandra replied who will marry me memsaab. My family does not have dowry money and depend on my earning and also I am not so good looking that somebody will marry me. Then smiling she continued that if she finds some man to fuck then she will definitely get fucked. Swathi was astonished how easily her maid was taking about getting fucked but then realized that village folk and the poor people don’t have hypocritical ideas about sex like Urban middle class people. So Swathi then told her that if she gets a man to fuck then she can tell Swathi who will see that she can use one of the other vacant rooms on the 3rd floor to safely and comfortably fuck. Chandra was happy that she had a confidante now to help her lose her virginity safely and comfortably. Also Swathi told her that the 1st time she should fuck bareback without condom to really enjoy the sensation of the man cumming in her, so for that she should do it on her safe days. She then explained to Chandra what the safe days are and how to calculate it. After that she advised her to tell the man to use condoms if the day was not a safe day or to ejaculate outside the cunt or maybe in the mouth or ass. Chandra then asked her about oral sex and anal sex and Swathi explained it clearly and also told her that the next time she fucks she will inform her and she can come and peep as usual and Swathi will show her how to suck cock as well as get fucked in the ass. It was thrilling for Swathi to talk about all this as well as for Chandra who was happy that she had got such a nice memsaab to work for.
So the same night when Rajesh got back and had their quickie and then had dinner and were coming up to their bedroom for the normal round of leisurely sex, Swathi loudly told Chandra to get some warm milk upstairs for her husband after 5 mins. Chandra knew that today she will be able to watch some new live sex and Swathi is going to show her some new stuff. So as usual she came up and called out and Swathi opened the door and took the milk and winked at the maid who smiled and boldly went to her peeping spot. It was a dark night and she was well hidden by the darkness and now freely stood and watched the show. Swathi who was fully naked now made her fully naked husband Rajesh lie down with his head towards the ventilator. Rajesh had his stiff hard-on as usual and Swathi looked at the ventilator and seeing a blurred figure there took hold of Rajesh’s cock and started licking it thoroughly. She also held the balls and licked it thoroughly as she was teaching her maid how to suck cock. She then licked round the head a few time and then took the head into her mouth. She then pulled back the foreskin and ran her tongue around the head inbetween the foreskin and head which is very sensitive. Rajesh jerked his hips as this was very sensitive for him and Swathi then slowly took his entire cock into her mouth and deep throated him. Rajesh did not stop this and knew that he was going to cum soon and let Swathi take the lead and do as she pleased. Within another minute the cock was so sensitized that he was about to cum. So Swathi instead of taking it in her mouth as usual wanted to show Chandra how a man cums in the mouth. So she withdrew her mouth completely and stroked his cock a few times and opened her mouth wide for Rajesh to shoot his cum in spurts inside Swathi’s mouth and onto her stretched out tongue. Swathi hoped that Chandra was observing as she took all the cum in her mouth and tongue and then facing the ventilator swallowed it completely licking her lips. Rajesh was still hard and Swathi immediately told him to fuck her ass doggy style and immediately bent down on her hands and knees showing her ass towards the ventilator. Rajesh who was always ready for anal sex immediately knelt bending her and was about to shove his still hard cock into her asshole but Swathi told him that today she wanted to be fucked like an ape and not like a dog. Rajesh knew what she meant as they had done this many times before. He stood up and placed his legs on either side of her bent hips and then he bent down to start fucking her. This way he was not on his knees like in doggy style but all his weight was on the slightly bent legs and his feet was flat on the bed on either sides of her bent hips. That way when they fucked he could give real hard strokes and also from behind every millimetre of Swathi’s ass hole and cunt was clearly visible. Chandra was very excited seeing this purely animalistic fucking and knew that her sweet memsaab was doing this especially for her benefit. Chandra’s cunt was profusely wet and she was masturbating vigorously and she was scared that Rajesh would hear her. Rajesh by this time had inserted his cock fully into Swathi’s ass and was banging her hard with all his strength. Her asshole took a severe pounding and Swathi knew that she will be walking with bowed legs the next day as today her ass was being pounded hard. Rajesh who had just cum in Swathi’s mouth 5 mins earlier could also last for another 15 mins and poor Swathi’s asshole was getting a good hard fucking. Swathi wished that she had not made Rajesh cum in her mouth first and should have reversed the sequence of events. But it was to late now and her asshole was taking a severe beating that too not in doggy style but in the ape-man style. In the doggy style only the hips banged the cock inside the cunt or asshole but in the ape-man style the entire thighs muscles as well as the upper body muscles were used in driving the cock into the cunt or asshole. So the force was far greater and tremendous and severe on Swathi’s poor tender asshole. But she just bit her lips and bore with the banging her ass was getting and hoped that Chandra was at least getting tremendous enjoyment. Chandra had cum so many times watching this animal like fucking and vowed that she too will try this as soon as possible. Of course watching the force of the fuck she realized that she needed more experience fucking before she would be able to take a fucking like this in her asshole. She remembered how Swathi’s single slim finger in her asshole earlier was so painful and uncomfortable in the beginning. A thick cock like Rajesh’s was equal to almost six fingers together and slightly fatter than a mans wrist.
She wondered how Swathi babhi was enduring such a thick fat cock in her tender ass. She was grateful that babhi was doing this for her education. Rajesh banged Swathi like this for almost 15 minutes and then started cumming deep into her asshole. Swathi in the meantime had several mini orgasms and when Rajesh was cumming his cock got fatter and she could feel the cock pulsing in her G spot and she came with a load moan and sever jerking of her hips. This was one of the best fucks for both of them and Rajesh lay down exhausted. Swathi kept kneeling in the same bent pose with her butt sticking out in the air towards the ventilator and Chandra could see her asshole was fully open and pink. The asshole was twitching and then slowly started shrinking and closing shut and at the same time the cum started leaking out and flowing down her thighs. It all looked so vulgar as well as sexual and beautiful. Chandra drank this sight in excitement and when bhabi at last lay down flat on the bed ass fucked and exhausted completely, she silently left the scene and went downstairs. She was still flushed and sweating when she was walking down the stairs and entered the house that she did not notice her master the bada saab looking at her strangely and noticing her fidgety walk and flushed demeanour. Ramji was well experienced in life and had lots of great life experiences that he immediately knew that their maid servant was a very horny girl and also just now had done something to excite her and make her flushed. He had been noticing this for some time that every time she came down from upstairs she was flushed and walked fidgety (due to her wet sticky cunt). He also noticed that when ever she went up to call somebody or deliver milk she was taking at least 30 mins to come back. His wife did not notice all this but he did and started keeping a close eye on her activities. He also started making subtle inquiries about her activities during the day when the men were away and started getting the information that the maid Chandra was spending lots of time with his dear innocent bahu. He did not mind this and was relieved that at least the maid was not being fucked by Deepak his college going son who was on the 2nd floor. In the beginning Ramji suspected that his second son might have been fucking the maid but then he realized that Deepak was mostly out of the house most of the time and still the maid was coming down from upstairs flushed and fidgety. He realized that this was something to do with her trips to the 3rd floor and hoped that his older son was not fucking the maid and cheating on his beautiful nice wife. Ramji liked his bahu a lot and felt that the family was blessed in getting such a beautiful good character bahu who behaved decently, respectful with everybody and was also liked by everybody. Nobody had a single word against her. So he did not want that his own elder son should be cheating on his bahu. So he did a little more investigations and was relieved to find that whenever the maid went up his son was not alone but was always with his wife. Ramji never went upstairs as he believed in giving his children privacy and wanted them to be free and happy in their own spaces. So he never set foot upstairs and let his sons take care of everything in the house including repairs, supervising plumbers etc. So one evening when the maid had gone upstairs to deliver some milk at his bahu’s request and had not come down immediately he slowly went on the stairs and when he reached the top he and stepped close to the window that he heard his bahu and son moaning and immediately knew that they were having sex. He felt ashamed to have come up and spied on his son and bahu that he immediately ran down the stairs and went to his room. In all this confusion he had forgotten about the maid and only later at night it suddenly struck him that when he went up his maid was not to be seen and she also had not come down. So that meant that she was still on the terrace and he wondered what she was doing there in the dark. Ramji was a good person and always gave the benefit of the doubt to everyone and so his mind thought that the maid may be tired from work and was hiding on the terrace to take a few minutes of rest. Thinking like this Ramji went to sleep and for a few days did not think about this again.
In the mean time the driver Ramu peeping event took place. Swathi was that day getting fucked after a 2 days gap due to Rajesh’s business tour. He had come back in the morning and as soon as he got to be alone with Swathi they ripped out all their clothes and started fucking like dogs in heat. Chandra also knew that that day the fucking would be great as her memsaab even though was being serviced by Chandra regularly now needed cock in her cunt regularly. Her sexuality was so heightened that she needed cock daily now and hence as soon as she had her husband alone she also got into the fucking vigorously. In all the excitement and also she had now got over the thrill of Chandra watching through the ventilator was not noticing the ventilator as often as before in the beginning. Once in a while she would glance at the ventilator and carry on her fucking. So after about 15 minutes of vigourous fucking when she was adjusting herself she happened to glance at the ventilator and was shocked to see that there were 2 silhouettes there instead of one. The second new one was clearly a male because of the short hair. She stiffened and froze for a few seconds and did not know now what to do. But as she was in a heightened state of arousal she did not immediately get up but continued getting royally fucked. She was now aware about the position she was in. She was lying fully naked in a bright room getting fucked with in a missionary style with her naked cunt and ass pointing towards the ventilator and the new strange male. Her legs were lifted high and spread on Rajesh’s shoulder. He was also spreading his legs to get a good angle and was pumping away with his large balls banging her asshole. Her position was such that all this was definitely clearly visible to the new strange male person standing outside the ventilator along with Chandra. Now the realization sunk in that Rajesh was not the only male to have seen her cunt and naked ass and boobs. Now some other strange man was seeing her in her full naked glory and also in such a vulgar position for an innocent housewife. But she could not do anything about it and so just continued getting fucked. Anyway the fucking did not last much longer and Rajesh was cumming hard in her and she also had reached her peak and started cumming when she felt Rajesh spurt large amounts of hot cum into her womb. She kept watching the 2 silhouettes and suddenly there was only one left and that was the male one. Luckily that person also left after 2 minutes and she lay still for a while and then quickly wore her nighty and thought of going down and looking for Chandra. She wanted to know immediately who that was but was now shy and worried about the fact that she had been seen naked getting fucked by a strange man. So she went back to the room and sat on the sofa and started thinking rationally. The strange man peeping through the ventilator had to be someone living in the house to get access to the terrace. And that was only two men possible and that was her father-in-law or her brother-in-law. Her mind could not think of any other person so dare enough to come and peep through the ventilator. UNLESS Chandra had met some fellow in the marketplace or the neighbour servant boy with whom she chatted across the compound wall sometimes. Or it could be any stranger from the area or just any man. The thought that all her naked charms had been seen by a strange man and that too maybe her own family members or a low class servant class equal to Chandra sent blood rushing to her face and she was blushing pink. Her husband saw her like this when he came out of the bathroom and wondered if he had outdone himself today and smiled proudly and went downstairs. Swathi went in the bathroom in a confused state and started having a shower and cooled down and calmed down somewhat under the cool water. There was nothing to be done now and what had happened cannot be changed. She had to accept the fact now that her naked body was seen by more than one man and also the strange man may be at this very moment boasting about seeing her naked body and that too in such a vulgar fucking state to all his low class servant friends. Now the only thing to do was to corner Chandra immediately and find out who was the strange man. 
In the mean time Rajesh was downstairs and decided to have a cigarette in the back yard and happened to notice his driver smoking under the shady tree. Ramu jumped up from the bench and dropped his cigarette and stamped it out and looked sheepishly down at the ground. Rajesh was confused by his behaviour as he had seen Ramu smoke umpteen times and also had offered him cigarettes many times on their business trips in far off places. Also Ramu was not looking Rajesh in the eyes and want looking at the ground. Rajesh asked him if he was well and if there was any problem? Ramu muttered no sahib and said he ahs to wash the car and if there was anything else the sahib wanted. Rajesh brushed him off saying no, go wash the car. Rajesh did not know that this low class driver standing in front off him had seen all his private parts in detail as well as that off his lovely innocent wife in all its glory. Also this low class driver had seen the vulgar poses of his wife while getting fucked. What more was there to see in a woman? He was ignorant and hence brushed off the low class driver with a wave of his hand. Ramu by this time had recovered from the sudden shock of seeing his master as well as the sudden shock of the exciting turn of events and smiled as he went about his low class business happy in the knowledge that he was going to get a chance to fuck the maid as well as in the future he could watch the high class master and his wife anytime in their most intimate moments with the help of the maid servant. Ramu was a very happy man Chandra had in the mean time finished the odd jobs giver by Amma and was now heading towards the stairs to go up to Swathi when she bumped into Ramu in the small passage in between the stairs and the wall. There was nobody around so Ramu immediately pulled her suddenly and hugged her and started squeezing her boobs. He held her tight while Chandra was squirming and trying to get away but Ramu held her tight and started kissing her hard and holding her big ass and crushing her into his groins. Chandra was taken aback at this sudden attack and instead of being scared she responded quickly and relaxed in Ramu’s arms and kissed him back. She was now an expert in kissing having been trained by none other than the memsaab and started French kissing Ramu by opening her mouth and extending her tongue. Ramu was a slum dweller and did not know how to kiss in this high class way and was stunned that this village servant girl knew how to kiss so well. But he liked it and opened his mouth and they started tonguing each other, Chandra in a sophisticated way and Ramu in a slum dwellers way. He was squeezing everything possible, her ass, tits and then her cunt from over her skirt. Chandra didn’t object and allowed him full access and would have allowed Ramu to fuck her then and there. But unfortunately they heard chota saab coming clearing his throat after his cigarette and Chandra pushed Ramu away and hurried upstairs. Ramu also quickly walked towards the garage to wash the car. But what Ramu and Chandra did not know, was that their little sexual play was noticed by someone in the store room. Ramji had gone to the store room to search for something and did not switch on the light yet as the window was slightly open a few inches and the room was not fully dark. He was about to switch on the light when he noticed some shuffling movement outside and he leant and looked out through the small gap and saw these two servants hugging and kissing and doing all stuff right outside in the open. He was about to scold them when for some reason he just kept quiet and decided to watch the sexual play outside. It was somehow exciting to watch these low class servants hugging and kissing like high class people. What the high class big sahib did not know was that all the high class sexual behaviour was taught to Chandra by his high class innocent bahu. Anyway he kept watching and realized that he had an erection in his dothi and as he was at home he was not wearing any underwear. He normally did not get an erection like this and also could control his feelings. But this open raw sex that too right in the open was somehow very stimulating and he had a full erection. Now his problem was how to go outside with his erection. He made a mental note that from now on he had to wear an underwear even when he wore a dhothi at home. Since no one was close to the store room which was way back he decided to wait till his erection went down. Ramu and Chandra by this time had left the scene and Ramji still had the erection. So he started massaging his balls and cock and then decided he better masturbate quickly to bring the erection down and then he could go outside through the living room and back into his bedroom. He was still facing the window close to the window and masturbating thinking of Chandra’s big ass being squeezed by his driver Ramu. In the meantime Swathi had come down and was searching for Chandra. When Swathi was downstairs Chandra had gone upstairs so Swathi could not find her anywhere downstairs and went towards the back thinking that she must be in the store room. When Swathi pushed open the door and walked in she saw her fathering law furiously masturbating his cock which was outside his dothi. The light from the gap in the window was shining directly on his cock and in the few seconds she saw that even with his big hands around the cock there was still half the cock visible. It was huge and light brown in colour and the balls hanging down were also huge. Ramji was startled by the sudden intrusion and was shocked to see that it was his daughter in law who had entered and seen him in this shameful state. But he was on the verge of cumming and was still furiously moving his hand up and down his shaft. Swathi was frozen still and still holding the door and saw the huge cock spurting over and over again about 8 to 10 times sending huge globs of cum splashing on the window sill and some flew outside. Swathi came to her senses and pulled the door shut and rushed out and rushed upstairs. This was too much in one day. Not only had some man seen her having sex now she saw another man having sex even though it was with himself. And that too her own father in law. Swathi ran into her room and saw that Chandra was sitting there calmly waiting for her to return. Swathi sat down on the sofa dazed and before Chandra started speaking she instructed Chandra to go bring her a strong coffee immediately. She sternly told her maid to come back immediately and not be downstairs even if anyone asked her to do some chores. Saying that she lay back and closed her eyes. The happenings of the day were too much for her and she was mentally exhausted. For some strange reason she could not get the picture of her father-in-laws huge cock out of her mind. She was ashamed to compare it with her husband’s cock and realized that her father-in-laws cock was at least 3” longer than her husbands and also thicker. She shook her head cursing herself for such lewd thoughts about a person who was like a father to her and so loving and kind to her. Swathi was also astonished that her father in law had to resort to masturbation when he has such a pretty wife shanty who was still young and had a nice firm slim body. Swathi had noticed that her mother in law though from a village and just an SSLC was in fact quiet sophisticated and well dressed and with a trim tight body. She looked much younger than 48 and even though she had given birth to 3 children she had a tight stomach and firm ass. Shanti had a quick brain and was quite intelligent and quickly picked up urban life by observing and adapting. She now moved in high circles confidently and even though a housewife was well knowledgeable. She also had a happy married life and that was evident to everybody in the house, the respect and love between this husband and wife. So seeing her FIL resorting to masturbation and that too in the store room was unfathomable and mind numbing to the innocent housewife. So she decided to keep quiet about it and not mention this embarrassing incident to her husband and to try to forget it. But images of her FIL’s huge cock kept popping up in her mind and eventually she dozed off on the sofa.
Chandra had in the meantime returned and was sitting next to Swathi’s feet waiting for her to get up. She felt bad for the innocent housewife that Ramu had embarrassed her. She knew that memsaab had seen both of them peeping through the ventilator. Chandra had thought that Swathi memsaab would have got up immediately when she saw Ramu also peeping. Chandra did not know that from the bed the face could not be recognized and only a silhouette could be seen. So Chandra assumed that Swathi memsaab knew that it was Ramu the driver besides her peeping through the ventilator. So when Swathi memsaab did not stop fucking but continued she was amazed that her innocent memsaab was allowing the low class driver to see her in such a vulgar position. Chandra could clearly see Swathi memsaab’s cunt being fucked royally and her asshole could also be seen clearly. Also rajesh’s naked ass and balls and his cock going in and out of the wet cunt could also be clearly seen. It was a truly sexy vulgar scene and Chandra was still shocked that her memsaab continued getting fucked in this manner knowing very well that their low class driver was also watching the scene. So Chandra was waiting calmly and not tense or stressed out. She was not ready for Swathi’s outburst as soon as she got up and saw the maid sitting calmly near her feet. Swathi was fully stressed out with both the embarrassing situations that day and vented all her anger on the hapless maid. She blasted the maid and accused her of inviting some strange man to witness her live fucking without her permission. In the end she gave the maid a tight slap and asked her as to who that strange male was who had watched her getting fucked. Chandra now realized that Swathi memsaab did not know that it was Ramu the driver who had peeped in and also that memsaab thought that Chandra had invited him to peep. She immediately caught Swathi’s feet and blurted out that Ramu the driver was the person who peeped and also that she had not invited him but had been sent by Amma to find her and had caught her peeping inside. She also informed Swathi that Ramu could have told Rajesh that Chandra was peeping at their fucking and hence she had no choice but to keep quiet and allow him to peep. She also added that she thought that Swathi memsaab would have stopped fucking when she saw a strange man’s face also peeping but memsaab had continued fucking so she thought that memsaab was permitting Ramu to also look. Chandra also informed Swathi that she thought that memsab knew that it was Ramu the driver and knowingly had continued to show her cunt being fucked. Swathi memsaab did not stop on change her vulgar pose but had continued getting fucked till it was fully over. Chandra was weeping profusely and sobbing and talking and Swathi who was a gentle and normally calm person felt ashamed to have taken out all her frustrations and anger on her poor maid. She immediately apologized to Chandra and pulled her to her feet and hugged the girl kissing her eyes and cheeks and then her mouth. Both of them calmed down and Swathi walked her to the bed a lay down next to each other. Swathi then asked her what happened afterwards and Chandra told her in detail about Ramu squeezing her ass and the about the hugging and squeezing and kissing incident downstairs next to the staircase outside the storeroom window. Chandra also informed Swathi blushing and giggling that she felt that Ramu wanted to fuck her. Swathi was smart and intelligent and knew that she had to make Ramu also a confidante now so that he does not go around and spreading the news about how he had watched and seen Swathi naked getting fucked. That would be embarrassing and she would be not looked with respect but the low class street boys would start whistling and passing comments at her on the street. Eventually Rajesh would notice this and he would come to know Swathi’s little exhibition secrets. So she asked Chandra the maid if she wanted to get fucked by Ramu the driver. Chandra blushed and giggled and said I don’t know and maybe. She also added that his cock felt nice and hard rubbing against her when Ramu hugged her. So Swathi knew now that Chandra was horny and mentally prepared to get fucked. She then told Chandra that she would help her getting fucked but now to go down and immediately inform Ramu the driver strictly to keep his mouth shut and not tell anyone about the peeping incident or about his affair with Chandra OR else she would get him fired and also get him arrested for peeping. Swathi didn’t mean it but wanted to impress upon the maid the seriousness of the situation. She was very worried about Rajesh coming to know anything and spoiling her happy marriage and her image of being a sweet innocent housewife. When Chandra left to go find Ramu Swathi kept lying down and again the image of her FIL masturbating his big huge cock came flashing through her mind. Swathi was embarrassed that she was not able to get rid of that image and now suddenly realized that her FIL had been masturbating in the store room and her intelligent mind could put two and two together and deduct that her FIL had been watching Ramu the driver and Chandra the maid making out outside the storeroom window and her FIL had clearly enjoyed the sex show. Swathi smiled thinking that how respectful innocent decent people also had their hidden fetishes and hidden kinks. She had not known that she enjoyed exhibitionism and now knew that her FIL enjoyed watching (voyeurism). She now as glad to know that just as she enjoyed being watched her respectful FIL enjoyed watching other women having sex. She wondered if her FIL found the low class plump servant maid sexy. She had heard that many maid servants got fucked by the masters and that meant that there was some sort of kinky side to high class middle class males. Even though they had sexy good looking wives they were sexually attracted to dark skinned low class maid servants and given the opportunity would fuck their servants. 
At last Swathi was now calmed down and no longer stressed out and could now smile and think about the days incidents without any regrets. She went into a deep sleep and then late at night smiled contentedly half asleep when she felt Rajesh fucking her from behind spooning her. She did not open her eyes but went back to sleep fully contented Chandra could not meet Ramu the driver and inform him about Swathi’s memsaab’s strict instructions and the next day early in the morning he left with chotta saab Rajesh on a business tour. The tour took 2 days with chotta saab and after that immediately he took a weeks leave to take his pregnant wife to her mother’s house to leave her there as per custom for her delivery. 
Shalini also had a week study leave for the quarterly exams and hence she spent all her time with Swathi babhi in her room. So Swathi also could not have her usual sexual play with the maid Chandra and Chandra was kept busy in the kitchen as Amma also had her periods and did not enter the kitchen. Hence Ramji also had no opportunity to release his sexual tension with his wife who had her periods and slept in a separate guest room at the other end of the house as per customs.
So all the women and men in the house very sexually inactive as well as Rajesh and Ramu the driver who were on tour. Swathi was getting a bit bored and cranky due to lack of sex by the end of the day. Shalini was busy studying for her exams in Swathi’s room and hence Swathi could not watch TV there. Deepak had gone out as usual with his friends. So Swathi had no TV and no young person to talk to as Chandra was busy in the kitchen. So Swathi came down to Amma’s guest room and started chatting with her for a while and as Amma preferred to reading instead of watching TV she left her MIL and went to the living room to watch TV. Ramji was in his room doing some accounting work when he heard the TV in the living room and came out to also watch TV there. He also was bored. He was also waiting for a chance to apologize to his DIL for the masturbation embarrassment the other day. He had not yet spoken to her and was feeling very guilty and ashamed. He was also worried that his DIL might have told his son about the incident. So when he saw Swathi sitting there and watching Tv he walked in sheepishly and sat down far away and watched Tv for a few minutes. Swathi also was embarrassed and did not know what to speak with her FIL. He then got up and sat next to her and whispered his apologies to her. Swathi immediately blushed and told him that she had forgotten about it and not to worry. He then asked her if Rajesh knew but she assured him that it was a secret and she had told no one or will not be telling anyone about it. Ramji was relieved and sighed and slumped down on the sofa and Swathi was also relieved that the embarrassing ordeal was over. She had been thinking about how she was going to face her FIL. So she also apologized to her FIL about her barging in the store room when he was inside. Ramji looked at her and said that it was not her fault and anybody could walk into the store room at any time as it was a store room and not a bedroom where one has to knock and enter. Also it was not correct for him to have been doing that in the store room and should have been doing it behind locked doors in his own bedroom. When he said that and the way he said it was so funny that the humour of the situation struck them and they both laughed and the ice was broken. He smilingly asked his bahu if they were good now and Swathi smiled and said yes, they were OK now and the tension between FIL and DIL had disappeared. Now they were like co conspirators. Swathi still in a jovial mood suddenly asked her FIL as to why he was masturbating and if there was some problem with his wife. Ramji was stunned for a moment at the direct inquiry on such a delicate matter but now realized that the ice was broken and they had a secret between them and that changed the relationship between FIL and DIL into that of friendship and trust. He also suddenly felt nice that his Bahu trusted him and felt comfortable with him to talk with him so openly. He smiled and said that his relation with his wife was normal and he was satisfied with her. He smiled saying this and implying that his sexual life with his wife was good and Swathi also smiled and acknowledged that she understood. But he saw that she was still not satisfied with the answer and was curious to know the reason for his masturbating like that in the store room and not waiting to get back to his room to do it. So he frankly told his DIL the reason saying that on that day he was searching for something in the store room and had suddenly come upon the servants making out outside and hence he masturbated. Swathi was now in a playful mood after being bored the whole day and again asked him why he did not go to his room to do it or whether he did enjoyed watching. Ramji also was now relaxed talking like this about taboo stuff and that too with his sweet innocent DIL. So he said yes he enjoyed watching and everybody does, Don’t they? He then added that the problem that day was he was wearing a dothi without underwear and was embarrassed to come out to the living room with an erection which was clearly visible. Swathi smiled and said yes it could not be hidden and was visible meaning that she too agreed that he had a huge big cock. 
She looked down at his crotch unconsciously noticing that he was wearing a dothi today also like usual at home and his crotch area was looking huge. Ramji suddenly realized that today also he had not worn any underwear and all this sexy talk with his beautiful bahu was getting him excited and his cock was responding by getting hard. In a few seconds his cock was fully erect and forming a tent in his dothi. He could not do anything about it and also saw that Swathi his innocent DIL did not mind looking at it and did not get up and go away. He was sitting just a foot from her next to her on the sofa and the TV was on and they were still talking softly. Swathi started getting wet in-between her legs and was fidgeting due to the sticky cunt leaking on her thighs. She unconsciously rubbed her crotch and wiped her cunt and then realized what she had done in front of her FIL. Ramji was also looking at her crotch area and then at her breasts. Now the equation between FIL and DIL had changed and he was looking at her like a woman and not his DIL. Swathi also felt that it was now or never and slowly reached out and took hold of his huge cock in his dhothi. This was only the 2nd cock in her hands even though she was holding the cloth covered cock. It was huge and her fingers could only hold half of his cock. Both of them were now silent and Swathi kept squeezing her FIL’s cock and then she slowly parted the dothi cloth and held his cock directly. Feeling such a soft and delicate hand on his cock Ramji’s cock twitched and got harder as stiff as a rock. Now Swathi started stroking his cock up and down and also rubbed the mushroom head with her fingers. Swathi knew that now she had to try this beautiful huge cock and did not know if her tight cunt could fit this monster inside. She got up and started walking towards his room and with her fingers motioned him to follow her. Ramji was still dazed by the turn of events but as all the blood had rushed out of his brain into his cock he could not think straight. Now he was thinking with his dickhead and quietly followed his DIL with his cock poking out of his dothi like a lance. Swathi was wearing a nighty and as soon as she entered her FIL’s bedroom in one smooth motion she removed the panty which was wet with her juices and in the same motion she lifted her nighty above her waist and bent down at the edge of his bed showing her naked ass to her FIL for the 1st time. Ramji who was following closely behind had the sense to shut and lock the door and without a single word positioned himself behind the naked ass of his beautiful DIL and his cock which was standing erect and perfectly positioned and aimed at her wet cunt. He moved in-between her backside and in one quick motion started inserting his cock into his innocent DIL’s cunt.
It was like shoving a pepsi bottle or can and because of the wet cunt and lubrication the mushroom head could enter her tight cunt. Ramji was so excited that he could not wait for her cunt to get adjusted to his size and gave another shove and lodged in another few inches. Swathi grunted in pain and pleasure and bit her teeth and waited for the next push. She made the mistake of adjusting her ass a bit and in that movement she had pushed her ass backwards when at the same precise moment Ramji gave his next shove and his entire 10” rammed into her cunt fully till his balls. Swathi squealed in pain and consciously muffled her sound by pressing her mouth into the bed and stayed still with her FIL’s huge cock fully stuck in her tight cunt. Ramji was too excited at having such a tight cunt after so many years that he started banging away vigourously. He did not know how Swathi was taking it but from her muffled squeals and moaning sounds he knew that she could bear it and was also enjoying it. Swathi’s knees were resting on the edge of the bed and he was standing erect holding on to her hips and banging away. Swathi cunt was so stuffed and filled and his cock was hitting places that had never been hit by a cock before that she was cumming continuously one after the next.
After about 5 minutes of rigorous banging she could feel her FIL’s cock bulging further and knew that he was about to shoot his cum in her womb. She had seen how he came in 8 or 10 huge spurts when he masturbated and knew she was in for a huge load. She had never had so many multiple orgasms and that too continuously that she realized late that her FIL was fucking her bare back without a condom and she also did not have any loop or contraceptive protection as she was newly married. Also this was the unsafe time of the month. But it was too late now and she could not stop and ask her FIL to shoot his cum outside on her back. Also this was only the 2nd cock in her life and she also wanted to see how it felt inside being cummed into by such a huge cock. So she kept quiet and let her FIL blast his cum deep into her. Her doggy position was also unsafe as the sperms will shoot deep and the length of his cock will directly shoot the sperms right into her uterus and if unlucky then right at her eggs. But this was not the time to worry but to enjoy the sensation of his continuous blasts of cum. Ramji kept banging away and his downward stoke deep into her cunt coincided with the sperms being shot out and thus all his cum was being loaded deep inside. Swathi was astonished that Ramji was spurting without stop for more than 8 spurts of cumming and when he stopped he must have spurted at least 10 to 12 times. He was so exhausted by the time he finished that he lay on her back for a few seconds and then as he was holding her hips tightly both he and Swathi slid side wards onto the bed and now he was lying in the spooning position with his cock still lodged inside. They lay like this still stuck like dogs as his cock was still huge and erect. His cock was twitching and Swathi could feel it and she it return squeezed her cunt muscles milking his cock in rapid motion. Ramji had never experienced such a cunt sqeezing technique and enjoyed the sensation. It took a few minutes for his cock to deflate and pop out of her cunt. Swathi could feel a rush of cum leaking out of her cunt onto Ramji cock and her thighs and bedsheet. Ramji was still hugging his DIL from behind and Swathi slowly turned and faced him and hugged him. She looked into his eyes with so much love and satisfaction that automatically both of them started kissing each other. In kissing also Swathi started French kissing her FIL and she was now an expert in kissing also and Ramji totally enjoyed it. He then slowly moved his hand to her boobs and squeezed it gently over her nightly which was raised still only till her waist. He then moved his hand under the nighty and as she was braless felt her beautiful firm breasts. Ramji was a very healthy strong guy and though middle aged could get an erection immediately within a few minutes of fucking. And since he was in such a taboo situation his erection did not completely go down but immediately he became hard. Swathi could feel his cock getting erect as they were still hugging tightly and now Ramji slowly removed her nightly over her head and made her fully naked. He moved her to the middle of the bed onto her back and then climbed inbetween her spread legs. In one smooth motion he had again lodged his hard cock fully into her sloppy cum filled cunt and they lay like this for sometime both enjoying the feeling. He then got up slightly and placed his hands below her knees and lifted her legs and started banging away. The depth of his cock again was tremendous and Swathi could feel his mushroom head touch the mouth of her uterus and actually enter her uterus. Swathi knew that if she got fucked by her FIL like this regularly then her cunt will become completely loose. But she did not care and was enjoying the fuck. She kept on squeezing his cock when it was fully inside and it felt as if a mouth was sucking his cock. But since he had just cum he was able to go on like this banging away at the tight cunt for more than 30 mins while Swathi was again in the throes of continuous orgasms. He again shot loads of cum deep into her cunt and Swathi was by this time too exhausted with all the orgasms and vigorous banging. Ramji was also exhausted and lay on her body with her legs wrapped around his back. It was such a sexy but taboo scene to see the naked spent FIL lying on the naked body of his cum filled DIL whose legs were wrapped around his strong body and arms wrapped around his neck like husband and wife. They lay like this for a while and then without a word Ramji got up and went into his bathroom. Swathi got up bowlegged and pulled on her panty over her cum filled cunt and then wore her nighty. She tried to stand straight but could not since her pussy was so sore now. Only now she was feeling the pain in her pussy and hence had to be bit bowlegged when she stood up. She straightened her hair and made herself presentable and slowly walked out of her FIL’s room.
kitchen work and saw Swathi walking strangely and slowly out of big saabs room. Swathi saw her and motioned with her finger on her lips to keep quiet and called her. When Chandra went close to her she could smell the cum on her memsaab. Swathi put her arms around her shoulder and as quickly as possible walked upstairs with the help of the maid. Luckily they did not meet anyone as Shalini also had gone back to her room to listen to her music. So Swathi quickly went into her room with her maid and pulled her in and asked her to lock the door. She then hobbled to her bed and lay down on her back. Chandra didn’t say a word but looked at her memsaab to wait for instructions. Swathi then spread her legs as her cunt was paining and asked Chandra to bring her a wet worm hand towel. Chandra rushed to the bath room and brought a wet warm hand towel and when she got back to the bed she saw that Swathi memsaab had removed her panty and lifted her nighty over her waist and spread her legs. The maid Chandra saw the mess inbetween her innocent bhabi’s legs. The cunt was smeared with cum which was now flowing out profusely and the cunt was fully pink and red and now fully opened up. Chandra knew exactly how Swathi’s cunt looked as she had on numerous occasions played with it and licked it. She knew that her memsaabs cunt looked so nice a sophisticated and was so tight with the lips closed and a little camel toe shape. The clit was also nice a small and pink and elegant looking. Now Chandra saw a totally different cunt in front of her. The cunt lips were swollen and spread out and opened up with at least an inch of cunt opened up and visible. Also the little camel toe shape was gone and the clit was fully swollen and opened a bit and looked like a tiny minute penis head jutting out. Also the flow of cum and the look of the cum spread all over the entire area made the whole area look so vulgar and no longer sophisticated. 
Chandra slowly wiped the cunt with the wet hand towel but the cum kept flowing out. So Swathi asked her to get the big towel and spread it under her buttocks. The bedsheet was also fully wet.
Chandra knew by now that bhabi was fucked by someone in big saabs room as she had seen Bhabi walking or hobbling out of that room. The only male in the house at the moment was big saab and thus even the servant maid could guess that Ramji saab had fucked his DIL and that too like a dog and had made a mess of such a beautiful cunt. By the look of Bhabi’s cunt Chandra guessed that Ramji saab had raped his DIL as Chandra thought her Bhabi to be so innocent and pure that she would never had voluntarily fucked her FIL.
But she kept quiet and waited for Bhabi to speak. Swathi looked at Chandra’s worried face as she wiped her cunt softy that she smiled at Chandra and asked her if her cunt was looking totally fucked. Chandra smiled with relief and commented that “yes big saab has torn your cunt open”. Swathi nodded in agreement and informed the maid that Baba was hung like a horse and also came like a horse. Swathi wanted to share this fantastic experience with someone and happily explained in detail the entire fucking episode with her FIL. She also trusted the maid fully and was happy that she had a confidante to share her experience. Chandra was licking her lips while hearing about the amazing fuck and commented that it would have been nice to watch the fucking scene through the ventilator. Swathi immediately told her that the next time she will invite her FIL upstairs and get fucked here and Chandra could watch as usual through the ventilator. Chandra was excited and wanted to know when that was going to be and Swathi also realized that this fuck was not a one time event and sub consciously had already decided to keep fucking her FIL and enjoy his huge cock. Swathi immediately started making plans for the next fuck and decided that she had just one more day to enjoy this taboo fucking before her husband returns. So she decided that the same night after Shalini slept (shalini had the habit of sleeping with her bhabi when Rajesh her brother was on tour) Swathi would come downstairs to Ramji’s room(as his wife had periods and slept in the guest room at the other end) and then they could fuck calmly as long as they wanted. Swathi promised Chandra that she would take her also to watch the fucking as she knew that her FIL will not object. Chandra asked if big saab will not object and Swathi assured her that she will take care of the arrangements. She then instructed the maid to go and inform big saab that Swathi memsaab has informed that she will be coming down to his room at midnight and to keep the room unlocked. Chandra ran down the stairs excited that she will get to watch this taboo sex that night itself and rushed off to inform big saab. She softly knocked on the door and when he opened she rushed in and shut the door and locked it behind. She put her finger to her lips and moved inside towards the bathroom and when she was well inside she told Ramji the instructions. Ramji was taken aback that the maid knew about this illicit taboo relations but kept quiet and trusted his DIL’s judgement. He nodded and quickly sent her out That night Swathi tried to behave normally and taking normally with her SIL Shalini who had come back upstairs after listening to her music in her room for a few hours. Swathi by that time had cooled her swollen cunt and also applied some ice to it to give it relief. She had a long warm bath and stayed in her room and had Chandra bring up her food. Shalini also brought her food up and all three of them ate in Swathi’s room. Amma who had her periods ate alone in her room and went to bed early. Ramji ate alone at the dining table and knew that Swathi needed rest after the vigorous fucking she received. He knew by her reaction to his cock that his son was smaller than him in the penis department and in a way felt proud that he was bigger. So he sat and ate his meals alone and then went to him room and watched TV and waited for his DIL to come down for his next fucking session. He knew that his daughter was sleeping upstairs with his DIL but also knew that Shalini was a sound sleeper and once asleep would only get up in the morning. No amount of sound will wake her up. Also his wife Shanti never came into his room when she had periods as she was still old fashioned in that respect and it was a force of habit. So Swathi coming down at midnight to get fucked will not be risky. He only hoped that the maid would keep her mouth shut and decided that the very next day he would ask Swathi to take her shopping for some new clothes as well as increase her pay as a bribe to keep quiet. That way they could continue this illicit taboo relationship. 
Once they 3 women had their food, Shalini went to the study table and started her studies while Swathi and Chandra came down and cleaned up the kitchen and dining table and by the time that was done it was around 11pm. Chandra went to her room in the servant quarters and waited for Swathi to come back later on. Swathi went up and immediately went to bed and pretended to be sleepy. She called Shalini also to bed saying that she can get up early and study and to come and sleep. Shalini had not brought up her nighty and was still in her day clothes. She normally ran down and changed and came up to sleep with her bhabi. But today Swathi did not want to waste time so she asked Shalini to take and use one of her nighties from the closet. Shalini went to the closet and took out a nice silky nighty and went to the bathroom and removed her clothes and wore the nighty. Her panty and bra felt sweaty so she removed it and decided that she did not need a panty and bra as she was sleeping with her bhabi and she also knew that her bhabi also never wore panty and bra while sleeping. So she was comfortable to do the same. Her nighty smelt nice and Shalini wanted to get rid of the slight sweat smell from her armpits and between her legs so she took one of her bhabi’s perfumes and liberally sprayed on the perfume in her armpits and inbetween her legs. She now smelt as nice like her bhabi.
When she came to bed Swathi hugged her from behind and pretended to be very sleepy and after few minutes pretended to be asleep. She knew that Shalini did not take long to fall asleep as she was a carefree teenager and within minutes Shalini was fast asleep. Swathi pulled out her arm from under Shalini and lay still for a few minutes and then called out Shalini’s name and when Shalini did not reply she got up from the bed and crept outside and quickly came downstairs to the servant quarters and called Chandra who was sitting in the dark waiting patiently. They both silently walked to Ramji’s room and as the door was unlocked they went inside. Ramji had all the lights off except the night lamp in a corner and the situation was very erotic. Ramji was shocked that the maid servant also entered with his DIL and shut and locked the door and quietly went and sat on the floor at the foot of the bed. Since Swathi had brought her and did not say anything Ramji kept quiet and waited for Swathi to make the 1st move. Swath stunned him by coolly lifting and taking off her nighty under which she was fully naked. Her naked body looked sexy and in the dim slightly red night light she looked like a prostitute getting ready for her client. Ramji had seen such scenes in Hindi movies and imagining his beautiful DIL like a prostitute was also very exciting. She immediately came close to him and straight away reached for his cock which was semi erect. She pulled him by his cock towards the bed to stand next to the servant maid who was sitting on the floor and had a great view. Swathi wanted to make this a great show for her maid so she herself unwrapped Ramji’s dothi and made him naked below his waist. Ramji immediately removed his vest and was now also fully naked with his DIL holding on firmly to his cock. They were standing right next to Chandra who was sitting on the floor with her legs folded. Her face was almost at cock level and Chandra could now see the huge big balls and huge cock being held in her delicate memsaab’s hand. Even in this semi erect state it looked like a monster and now she knew why Bhabi’s cunt was so fucking messed up that afternoon. She wondered how such a delicate cunt could take this monster. She had seen Rajesh’s cock numerous times and knew very well that this cock was way bigger. Now Swathi started pumping the cock for Chandra to see from close and it was growing bigger and bigger. Chandra had never seen a cock from so close up and it looked unreal. Ramji in the meantime also knew that Swathi wanted to show his cock to the maid and he also did not object as he was proud of his cock and also this was the 1st time in his life that he was naked in front of 2 women. He knew that he was the center of attraction and liked it. He in turn started kissing Swathi and squeezing her tits. The scene was so taboo to Chandra that she too started getting wet inbetween her legs. Swathi now knelt down next to Chandra in front of Ramji and took hold of his cock and kissed it. She then tried to take it into her mouth with great difficulty as the mushroom head was very huge. 
She stretched her mouth as wide as possible but could not take it into her mouth. So she just ended kissing and then she started licking it all around the head and the shaft. She then held the balls and licked it thoroughly. Ramji was a old fashioned man unlike his son Rajesh and as such had lots of pubic hair on his balls and cock. It was like a jungle but since his cock was so large and big it did not make a difference to the size. Swathi kept licking and playing with his balls and noticed that Chandra’s face was right next to hers and was just a few inches away. She playfully pushed the cock towards Chandra’s face and hit her face with it all the while giggling and saying that “I will beat you with this monster”. Ramji also smiled at the play and Chandra also giggled seeing the other two. Now Ramji held his cock and swatted Chandra on the head and then swatted Swathi also on the head. All of them started laughing softly and Swathi suddenly caught holed of Ramji’s cock with her right hand and Chandra’s head with her left hand and pushed them together. Now Ramji’s cock was touching the maids lips and due to the pressure of Swathi’s hand on her head she slightly opened her lips and the cock head went slightly in. Chandra was a big girl and as such had a bigger mouth than Swathi. Hence the cock head could go easily into her mouth. The sensation was fantastic for Ramji who never had his cock sucked before. Swathi had also guessed somehow that her old fashioned in laws did not indulge in oral sex. She was happy that at least Chandra could take the cock into her mouth and she instructed Chandra to suck the cock and lick it. Chandra was a willing student and took to her studies with dedication and started sucking her master’s cock willingly. Ramji was in heaven and silently blessed his DIL for providing him with such pleasure. Chandra now was on her knees and sucking away with gusto and also licking and playing with Ramji’s huge balls. She was able to take about 4” of the huge cock in her mouth and that was enough for Ramji as long and the sensitive head was fully inside her warm mouth. Swathi now decided that since Chandra was also included in the sexual game that she also has to be made naked and proceeded to undress her while she was busy cock sucking. It only took a few seconds and now Chandra was also fully naked with her beautiful huge tits for Ramji to squeeze. Ramji felt he was about to cum due to the cock sucking so he pulled Chandra up and hugged her and started kissing her and squeezing her tits. Swathi did not mind sharing and since they were next to the bed they all lay down on the bed with Ramji in the middle. Now Ramji had 2 women playing with his body and he mounted Swathi andstarted kissing her.
He immediately inserted his cock in her cunt and gave a shove and Swathi screamed as the pain was too much. She had thought that her cunt could withstand another bout of fucking but it looked like it was going to be painful. So she made Ramji get off and mount Chandra his maid servant. Chandra had not expected this but she was ready for anything. Also Ramji did not mind as he just wanted his cock in a cunt and he was getting a new cunt to fuck. He did not know that he was so lucky as to get a virgin cunt on the same day he got his DIL’s tight cunt. But Swathi knew that Chandra was a virgin and also knew that such a huge cock for the 1st fuck will be really painful. She was a bit jealous that the maid was going to get such a beautiful huge cock for her 1st fuck but she did not mind and got up and went and brought some ponds cream from the dresser. She applied a large amount on his entire cock and also a large blob of cream into Chandra’s virgin cunt. Ramji was lying on top of Chandra who had her legs spread wide in anticipation of her 1st fuck. Swathi herself was sitting next to the couple and now since Ramji was resting his weight on his arms, she took hold of his cock and positioned it at the entrance of the maid’s cunt. Ramji gave a slight push and the head entered slowly. Chandra was a brave girl and also had been waiting for this very opportunity to get fucked that she just clenched her teeth and pulled Ramji’s buttocks towards her body. Ramji took that as a sign to keep going on and gave another push and went in a few more centimetres. Swathi was holding his balls and lifting it from behind to get a proper view. She was bent and leaning close to the action and wanted to see everything from close. Now Ramji’s mushroom head was knocking at the hymen and he asked Chandra if she was Ok. Chandra nodded yes and he gave a huge shove and broke through her hymen and Swathi also gave a push on his buttock and shoved him fully into Chandra’s cunt. Swathi knew that once the deed was done quickly then Chandra can enjoy the rest of the fuck. It was like learning to swim by jumping straight in the deep end of the pool. Chandra’s virgin cunt tore open and started bleeding profusely. Ramji lay still for a while till Chandra could get over her pain. Swathi was rubbing Chandra’s buttocks from behind and also applied some cream around the now bloody shaft and stretched out bloody cunt. This was all so exciting to watch for the innocent Bhabi who had never thought that she would ever be witnessing or be a participant in another girl getting deflowered right in front of her eyes and that too just a few inches away. It was fantastic and exciting. Now the pain was tolerable for Chandra and she again pulled Ramji’s buttocks towards her and he also understood and started slowly moving his cock out and then pushing it in. Blood was flowing out but he kept fucking her and after a few minutes of slow fucking he increased his pace and started banging away. Even though her cunt was paining terribly Chandra now started getting pleasure and Swathi started rubbing Chandra’s clit also. Both these stimulations sent the maid servant over the edge of her most intense orgasm of her young life. Chandra never knew that fucking could be so pleasurable. No wonder Swathi Bhabi and Rajesh Bhaiya were fucking all the time like dogs. Ramji felt very proud that he was able to give the virgin girl an orgasm on her first fuck itself. Even his own wife did not have an orgasm on their 1st fuck on their suhaag raat and Shanti made a huge fuss and cried a lot taking his huge cock into her virgin cunt. But this servant girl seemed to have been mentally prepared for her 1st fuck. Also seeing his innocent bahu freely playing with the maids private parts told him clearly that the 2 women were having a sexual relationship. Ramji had never seen lesbian sex before and like all males was excited about it. Now was the opportunity so he told his Bahu while still banging away at Chandra’s cunt to come up and he then stopped fucking and took hold of Swathi’s hair and pushed her head towards the maids face. Swathi immediately started kissing the maid and Ramji continued fucking and he too bent down and kissed the maid servant and his bahu. Swathi next sucked Chandra’s huge tits and Ramji was too excited watching this sex play between two women and that too his innocent sophisticated middle class bahu and the low class dark skinned servant girl. He started banging the tight cunt furiously and then with a huge grunt started shooting his cum deep into the young maid servants cunt. Even though he had fucked that afternoon he still had lots of sperm in his huge balls and kept spurting cum like a horse. This new sensation of having a huge cock spurting so much cum and that too the expanding and twitching of the hard cock sent the maid again through a huge orgasm. Also at the time that Ramji started spurting his cum in the bloodies cunt Swathi who was still lying next to her and sucking her big boobs had been playing with her clit and seeing Ramji grunting she slipped her long finger also into the maids newly fucked cunt deep inside along with her FIL’s huge cock and made it still more stuffed. The maid was totally exhausted and now lay limp while Ramji also lay on her plump strong body putting his entire weight on her. Swathi’s finger was still stuck inside the maids cunt and she could feel the squishy cum as well as her FIL’s cock slowly losing its erection. Swathi was kissing the maids cheek and also licked the sweat of her cheeks. She then did the same with her FIL’s face and kissed him. Ranji also kissed back and then kissed the maid. Chandra was fully satisfied and astonished how she was being showered with so much love by these two high class masters. She kept still and Ramji’s cock had now slipped out and he lay one one side of the maid and Swathi his DIL lay on the other side. Swathi was the 1st one the get up and looked down at the mess on the bed. The bedsheet was full of blood and cum in the middle below Chandra’s messy cunt which was also leaking cum and had dried blood on the cunt lips and thighs The bedsheet was full of blood and cum in the middle below Chandra’s messy cunt which was also leaking cum and had dried blood on the cunt lips and thighs. Swathi also realized that the maid had got fucked without a condom and was lying down calmly with the cum still inside her cunt. She quickly told the maid to go and wash her cunt thoroughly and made a mental note that she had to take the maid the next morning to her gynaecologist and fix her with a contraceptive loop. Otherwise she will sure get pregnant as Swathi was now sure that her FIL will be fucking the maid regularly. Also now Ramu the driver will also come back from tour and definitely fuck her. So it was better to get her protected. But Swathi still was confused as to what to do about herself as her FIL was also going to definitely keep fucking her and fucking with a condom was not exciting. Also she could not get fixed with a contraceptive loop for two reasons. What will she tell her husband Rajesh the reason for the loop as they were trying to have a baby? It was already 3 years and now they were ready for parenthood. 
Chandra had by this time washed herself and wore on her clothes so Swathi also did the same and left Ramji’s room quietly. It was almost 3am in the morning and only then they realized that they had been fucking and playing for almost 3 hours. Chandra went to her servant quarters and when she went in she found that Ramu the driver was waiting quietly inside her room. He was lying on the bed and was fully naked. He smiled at her when she walked in. There was light from the street lamp inside the room and it was not fully dark and hence she could see Ramu clearly. She was astonished as to how he was so boldly lying naked in her bed and also haw come he had come home so early. He was expected only the next morning along with him master Rajesh saab. She walked quickly to the bed and asked him when he came and what was he doing there. He replied that he and master had come at around 2am itself as master had finished the business transactions early and they had left immediately and drove straight home without any stops. Actually Rajesh was very horny and wanted to come back before Swathi slept so that they could fuck nicely. So he had quickly finished his business and asked Ramu to drive fast and without stops straight for home. Ramu then smiled showing all his teeth and grabbed her skirt and pulled her to the bed and whispered that he had heard Chandra getting fucked by big saab when he was going to the servant quarters to sleep as per chota saabs instructions. It was very late so Rajesh had asked him to stay back. Chandra now was not shy with Ramu and nodded and lay down next to him. She had just got royally fucked by her master the big saab with his huge cock and now here this driver fellow was waiting for her also with his huge big cock sticking straight in the air. She whispered in Ramu’s ears that she just had her suhaag raat meaning that she just had her 1st fuck and her cunt was paining still. Ramu whispered back that he will be gentle and she will definitely enjoy the fuck and he will stop if she can’t bear the pain. Saying this he pulled up her skirt and mounted her plump body. Chandra was scared as well as thrilled that she was going to have her second man so soon and that within a few minutes of the 1st. She decided to go along and spread her legs and pulled up her skirt. Ramu was well experienced also and in one smooth motion aimed and entered the still tight almost virgin cunt of this young maid. He had fucked so many women but this situation was very exciting. That too fucking this young girl immediately after his high class master had fucked her. Her cunt was nice a wet and he could easily shove his entire prick deep inside. Chandra had noticed that his cock was slightly shorter than Ramji’s but was a bit thicker. So when he shoved his hard cock inside her recently fucked cunt, she felt a sharp pain but not like when big saab had broken her hymen. This was a tolerable pain and she knew by now that in a few minutes the pain would seem less and the pleasure will start. So she just grunted and accepted the cock. She wrapped her legs around his body and also raised it up giving him full access to her cunt. Ramu had been excited the last 1 hour when he had heard the sexual noises from his masters bedroom and also had heard Chandra’s and Swathi memsaab’s voices. He had silently slipped away and waited patiently in the servant maids room knowing very well that nobody would come there so late at night. He had been playing with his cock which had been rock hard for more than 45 minutes and now when he inserted it into the tight cunt of this young girl he was unable to control any longer and within 5 minutes of fucking her gently but with deep strong strokes he started cumming in her. He had not had any sex for some time and the last 2 days also had been so busy with the chotta saab that he had no time to even masturbate. So he had lots of cum in his big black balls and he shot the entire load deep inside Chandra the maid who had been a virgin just a few hours ago. Now she was a full fledged whore having let a second man fuck and cum in her unprotected cunt within a few minutes of each other. Her cunt was now still paining but it was a pleasant pain. She was fully satisfied and lay back and did not bother to get up. She was also sleepy now and Ramu also was tired so both of them cuddled up and went off into a deep sleep.
When Swathi had gone back to her room at about 3am she silently crept inside as she did not want to wake up her SIL Shalini. But when she reached the bed she was astonished to find that instead of Shalini her husband Rajesh was sleeping soundly. Swathi did not know what to think but was also exhausted and curled onto to bed with a painful but fully satisfied cunt and also went off into a deep sleep. 
Shalini had gone back to her room at around 230 am. 
The next day she had her exams and left home early to college.
She was a pretty girl like the movie star Bhumika who looked like the pretty heroine and not the sex symbol type like item girls. She studied well and had a decent group of friends and also had decent habits. She did not curse or use bad language as well as had good reading habits and she and her friends had decent hobbies and had not looked at porn etc like her other college mates. She was very attached to her bhabi and since her bhabi also had the same personality like hers they got along well. She shared all her intimate details with Swathi her babhi and when she had some women problems she did not ask her mother but took advice from her babhi. 
The next few days she was busy with her studies locked up in her room (that’s what everybody at home thought so) and also left home early and got back late saying that she was doing joint studies with her friends. She was not seen much by the family and also had almost no contact with her Bhabi who was busy satisfying 2 men now- her husband and her FIL. Also now as Shalini was out of the way Chandra had full access to Swathi and spent most of her spare time with the young housewife. (Will continue about this lateron as we will get back to Shalini’s story now). 
Shalini had finished her exams but still left home early and came back late. Also now during weekends she was gone for the whole day and started having sleepovers with her friends. Nobody noticed her change of routine as she was normally a quiet girl and very inconspicuous. Everybody thought that she was with her bhabi as usual and bhabi who was so busy now tought she was in her room or helping her mom or out with her brother Deepak. Only when Rajesh had again gone on tour and this time along with his father Ramji did Swathi have time to realize Shalini’s change of routine. She also realized that it was almost 3 weeks since Shalini had come to her room or even spoken to her. Whenever they crossed paths somewhere in the house Shalini scurried away as if she was busy doing something and now Swathi realized that the girl was avoiding her. Immediately the 1st thought was that somehow Shalini had come to know about Swathi and her FIL and was upset with her and also was ashamed of her SIL and hence was avoiding her. But after mulling over it and replaying the past 3 weeks she realized that Shalini actually was behaving like this with everybody at home and avoiding everybody. 
If Swathi bhabi knew the real reason why Shalini was avoiding her and also the reasons for the change in her personality then she would have been flabbergasted. Actually this all happened the night when Swathi had gone down to her FIL’s room to get fucked for the second innings of that day leaving Shalini sleeping soundly in her bedroom. Swathi instead had been instrumental in her virgin maid servant Chandra losing her virginity to her FIL. When Swathi had returned to her room at around 3 am she had found her husband had alreadry come back from his tour and Shalini had also gone back to her room. Actually when Rajesh had returned from the tour it was almost 2am and the house was dark except for the glow of night lamps. He had asked his driver to stay back and sleep in the servant quarters as he was also supposed to leave for his village the next day. Rajesh slowly entered his room and found it dark as the curtains were drawn shut and there was only the slight glow of the street lights coming through the minute gaps between the curtains. Anyway he was tired but horny and quickly entered without making a sound as he did not want to disturb his wife sleeping soundly on the bed. He quickly removed his clothes and crept into the bed and as his wife was facing the other side as usual he got comfortable behind her in the spooning position. They had done this numerous times and both were used to the routine. His wife smelt divine as usual and he recognized the smell of D & G Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana that he had bought for her when they were on their last quick vacation to Singapore. He lifted her nighty from behind and put his hand inbetween her legs and caressed her cunt. She had no panties on as usual and he was amazed to touch soft pubic hair around the cunt. He knew that normally his wife liked to keep the cunt fully shaved but maybe because he was not there for a few days his wife did not bother to shave her cunt and her pubic hair had grown a bit. He did not mind the pubic hair as it was soft and also not thick. He slowly inserted his finger into her cunt and normally Swathi would moan and sigh and go back to sleep and let him play with her cunt and butthole as he liked. Indtead she went rigid and stiffened her body but as Rajesh was half sleepy and horny he did not feel anything. Maybe his naild had scratched her cunt lips as he also had not trimmed his nails or public hair due to the hectic tour. He found the cunt getting wet with his manupilating the clit and playing with the pubic area that he immediately pulled up the nighty over her butt and placed his hard cock in the entrance of her cunt. 
Shalini had been sleeping soundly and had not noticed that Swathi bhabi had left the bed and the room and gone out. She was deep in sleep and suddenly felt a finger trying to enter her cunt. She stiffened and went rigid and was about to get up and say something when she realized two things. One the finger had gone fully into her cunt and the second (now that she was wide awake) that it belonged to her brother Rajesh who was thinking that she was his wife Swathi because she was in her bed and also wearing not only her nighty but also her perfume. The room was also dark. She then realized that if she now woke up then her brother would be embarrassed and that would be terrible as he had his finger up his little sister’s pussy. Shalini was still a virgin but as she was an active athlete and also was in the cycling team her hymen had broken a lot time ago and completely disappeared. Also the regular friction between her cunt and the cycle saddle had made her cunt flexible and hence the finger going in did not cause any pain. Shaling used to masturbate sometimes like every teenager and had also inserted her fingers into her cunt while masturbating. So when her brother’s finger had gone in her cunt she did not feel any discomfort and instead her cunt got wet as usual. She was now fully aware of what was happening and kept quiet and was deciding what to do. Also the hand playing with her pubic area started feeling good so she decided to keep quiet and expected Rajesh bhaiya to go to sleep once she pretended to be still asleep. She was certain that he would not do anything with his sleeping wife and was not aware of the understanding between husband and wife regarding fucking while asleep. So she thought after a few minutes of this pretend sleep Rajesh bhaiya would definitely go back to sleep. Suddenly she found that Rajesh was now lifting her nightly over her bum from behind and she panicked. But she still did not know what to do and by that time a hard cock was pressing at her cunt lips. She tightened her butt muscles but the hand behind suddenly lifted one butt cheek spreading her cunt open.
Rajesh had now spread the cunt open and slowly pushed his cock into the cunt. He was amazed to find the cock was not going in smoothly as usual but was being clamped tight. He thought that maybe because of the position of the butt Swathi was clamping her muscles tight in her deep sleep and hence her cunt lips was squeezed together and hence he was finding the cunt tighter. He overcame this by giving one huge shove with his thigh and butt muscles and his cock went slamming through the cunt and got fully lodged in his little sister’s virgin cunt Shalin gave a grunt and had already shoved the bedsheet cloth into her mouth to keep silent and also to pretend to be asleep so as not to embarrass her Rajesh bhaiya. But now things had reached a point of no return and she had been fucked by her brother and there was no going back. So she kept quiet and decided to let her brother have his way with her and fuck her. Also her virgin cunt though was paining did not bleed as there was no hymen left in her cunt and also years of masturbation had opened up the hole a bit and Rajesh’s 7” cock was comfortably lodged in her tight cunt. Rajesh was very excited after 2 days of no fucks so he started banging away and slamming into the cunt from behind. The woman he was fucking was covered with a thick bedsheet due to the cold AC room and only the bum was naked which was being kept warm with his hot groin banging into her. He kept on like this for a few minutes and felt his wife cunt tighten and a she started moaning and cumming.
This was the 1st time Shalini was cumming with a cock and was used to cumming only while masturbating with her fingers. This was far better than her usual orgasms and her body stiffened and she could not keep silent but moaned out and her virgin pussy which now was a fucked up cunt was totally flodded with her wetness and then as she was at her peak she felt the cock inside her cunt starting to throb and pulsing and she felt warm cum unloading in spurts deep inside her. She panicked and tried to pull her cunt away to avoid getting another spurt of cum but the excited cumming man behind her was holding her tightly and she could not get away and was forced to receive another spurt and then another and it kept on going till she went slack and spent. Shalini was in tears now and felt like sobbing loud but still kept silent and pushed her hand with the bedsheet in her mouth and cried silently. The man behind her who had actually unknowingly raped her now lay behind her still with his cock lodged deep into the warm cunt. Shalini could not run to the bathroom to wash the cum away and was helpless and prayed that she does not get pregnant by her own brother. 
Rajesh was totally exhausted with this fantastic fuck and the tight cunt. He wanted to wake up Swathi and compliment her for the great fuck but also for doing her cunt muscle exercise to tighten her cunt muscles to make it so tight and made him feel like he was fucking a virgin cunt. But he saw from the position of his wife who had now curled up in a foetal position that she was in deep sleep and he slowly turned away and lay on his back and in a few seconds was snoring away slightly. 
Shalini who was lying fully awake and totally fucked up waited till he heard her brother snoring gently and then got up and crept out of the room hurriedly one floor down to her own room. When she entered she saw that the time was a few minutes before 3am and realized that she had actually been getting fucked for more than 30 mins. Now her cunt was paining and she shut her door and rolled onto the bed in a foetal position and lay like that unable to comprehend at to what had just happened. She was wondering as to where Swathi bhabi had disappeared so late at night and that too for such a long time and also that her unprotected cunt was flodded with so much sperm. She immediately rushed to the bathroom and started washing out all the cum as much as possible and also forced herself to piss as much as possible and thereby push out all the cum. Shalini then shoved her finger deep inside her cunt and started pulling out the cum and kept doing this pushing and pulling her finger and pouring water onto her finger. She was in the tub doing this and decided to fill the tub and lay in the water with her cunt submerged and try to let the water go into her cunt and float somemore cum that was leaking still out of her cunt. Actually the position in which she had been fucked was such that the sperms when realeased that too by a strong man would shoot deep into the uterus and if the stroke was inwards while he shot his sperms would agtually make the mushrrom head of the cock enter the womb and for a moment while the sperms were being let out into the unterus womb the mushroom head would swell up and the ridge of the head will actually be held by the mouth of the uterus and form a tight seal for a few moments. Then all the sperms would have a chance at swimming freely in the uterus and when the cock withdraws the uterus at the womb will shut tight and not let the sperms leak out. When Rajesh fucked his sister he shot a number of spurts like this and Shalini was unaware that the cum that was coming out was only about 70% of the billions of sperms. Anyways, she filled up the tub and soaked in it for sometime still using her fingers in her cunt. Even though she was doing this out of worry of getting pregnant the movement was actually like masturbation and after sometime started feeling nice and now Shalini was actually masturbating herself. But she was fooling herself into thinking that she was doing this to remove her brother’s sperms. She then reached out and took her imported hairbrush with the long thick handle and started using that in her cunt to remove the sperms and Shalini was actually now masturbating with her hair brush. It felt so good and Shalini wondered as to why she had never done this before. She had only used her fingers to masturbate earlier and also had done it gently and ladylike. Anyways, it felt good and also as her cunt was underwater the warm water felt nice going into her cunt that all the pain had gone away and now Shalini only felt pleasure. She again had a tremendous orgasm and now she was totally exhausted but fully satisfied. She quickly got up and dried off and wore a fresh nighty and went to bed and this time really fell asleep soundly. The next day she was late for her exams but she did not care and now her mind started thinking only about fucking, cocks and masturbation. Even when sitting in class or in the car being driven to college she would start playing with herself and her panties were always wet. Unconsciously she started giving out a sexy smell like a street dog in heat. Nature had made the female body of all species like that. When in heat it emanated a sort of hormones and also some sort of body signals that only the male species.
That’s why ovulating women of any age attract lots of attention unconsciously at the workplace, in the market or in the bus and unfortunate males have to resort to rubbing against them in the bus or grinding the crotch in a crowded bus or busy marketplace or some other form of eve teasing.
Shalini now had changed a lot suddenly and started avoiding her family members and started spending more time with friends. All her friends were tame innocent virgins and quickly Shalini lost interest in hanging out with then and started making new friends and without her realizing it they were all male friends. Boys who never spoke with her in college started now approaching her boldly and speaking with her and inviting first to birthday parties and then to picnics and other group activities and then to movies and long drives. Within a month Shalini had gone from being an innocent college girl to now being the easy pickup in college as she went out with everyboy who asked her. She went out daily after college to movies, parties, weekend picnics etc. When she was alone with a boy like in a movie she would allow his full liberty to kiss her, play with her tits, touch her body anywhere and play with her cunt under her skirt and also put his finger in her cunt. She also reciprocated by kissing, hugging the boy as well as boldly opening his fly and taking out the cock and playing with it right in a movie theatre in the balcony. If they were in a corner seat and with other couple friends like themselves who were also making out then Shaling would bend and suck the boy’s cock. At first she did not allow the guy to cum in her mouth but then after a bit of coaxing she started taking the cum in her mouth and spitting it in a handkerchief or on the ground. But once when the guy held hed head tightly and was still cumming she was forced to swallow the first few spurts and she realized that it was not so unpleasant and she quickly became a cum swallower and automatically became a favourite of the guys who love to have the girl not only to allow the guy to cum in their mouth but also to swallow it. It was also easier now as they did not have to mess their pants and be sticky and uncomfortable. All these developments took place in a matter of few days and then on the weekend when they were at a party with only youngsters at one of the rich guys farmhouse they had too much to drink and Shalini stayed back overnight. That night Shalini willingly went to one of the bedrooms upstairs with the boy with whom she had come to the party and they fucked. The guy was immature and came within a few minutes and Shalini felt unsatisfied. She remembered her 1st fuck with her brother and wanted an expert fucker to satisfy her. The guy she had come also had a immature dick and she went down again to the party fully dissatisfied. Also she had made the guy use a condom which he had readily in his pocket and the fuck was not satisfactory That’s why ovulating women of any age attract lots of attention unconsciously at the workplace, in the market or in the bus and unfortunate males have to resort to rubbing against them in the bus or grinding the crotch in a crowded bus or busy marketplace or some other form of eve teasing.
Shalini now had changed a lot suddenly and started avoiding her family members and started spending more time with friends. All her friends were tame innocent virgins and quickly Shalini lost interest in hanging out with then and started making new friends and without her realizing it they were all male friends. Boys who never spoke with her in college started now approaching her boldly and speaking with her and inviting first to birthday parties and then to picnics and other group activities and then to movies and long drives. Within a month Shalini had gone from being an innocent college girl to now being the easy pickup in college as she went out with everyboy who asked her. She went out daily after college to movies, parties, weekend picnics etc. When she was alone with a boy like in a movie she would allow his full liberty to kiss her, play with her tits, touch her body anywhere and play with her cunt under her skirt and also put his finger in her cunt. She also reciprocated by kissing, hugging the boy as well as boldly opening his fly and taking out the cock and playing with it right in a movie theatre in the balcony. If they were in a corner seat and with other couple friends like themselves who were also making out then Shaling would bend and suck the boy’s cock. At first she did not allow the guy to cum in her mouth but then after a bit of coaxing she started taking the cum in her mouth and spitting it in a handkerchief or on the ground. But once when the guy held hed head tightly and was still cumming she was forced to swallow the first few spurts and she realized that it was not so unpleasant and she quickly became a cum swallower and automatically became a favourite of the guys who love to have the girl not only to allow the guy to cum in their mouth but also to swallow it. It was also easier now as they did not have to mess their pants and be sticky and uncomfortable. All these developments took place in a matter of few days and then on the weekend when they were at a party with only youngsters at one of the rich guys farmhouse they had too much to drink and Shalini stayed back overnight. That night Shalini willingly went to one of the bedrooms upstairs with the boy with whom she had come to the party and they fucked. The guy was immature and came within a few minutes and Shalini felt unsatisfied. She remembered her 1st fuck with her brother and wanted an expert fucker to satisfy her. The guy she had come also had a immature dick and she went down again to the party fully dissatisfied. Also she had made the guy use a condom which he had readily in his pocket and the fuck was not satisfactory. 
She kept dancing and drinking and before she realized she was drunk and was now an open target for all the guys there as the guy she came with had puked and was now lying in a corner in a drunken stupor. One of the older boys then took her to the bedroom upstairs and quicky fucked her and left her naked upstairs and went down. After that there was a steady cumming and going and word had spread around to all the guys that there was a chick upstairs getting fucked and pulling a train. The guys downstairs who were with their steady girlfriends started making excuses like going out for a smoke and going upstairs and having a go at the now passed out young girl. The guys did not care as she was fresh meat and Shalini also would pass form unconsciousness to slight consciousness. When ever she regained consciousness she could feel a guy mounted on her and pumping away and also realized that the faces looked different. She did not fully realize that she was being gang fucked but her cunt had been filled by so much cum that it was sloppy and lubricated and the cocks started feeling good in her cunt. She drifted off to sleep and when she woke up again it was almost morning and she had a terrible head ache and hangover. She was alone and naked and she was lying at the foot of the bed with her legs hanging over. She got up and staggered limping bowlegged to the attached bathroom. She looked in the mirror and saw her face and also her hair coated with dried cum. Her mouth tasted awful. She and puked into the sink and washed her face and then sat on the WC and washed her sore cunt. It was fully inflamed and very sore having been so misused and abused. For some reason her asshole was paining terribly and when she washed her cunt and touched her asshole it stung badly. Also deep in her ass there was pain and she realized that somebody or maybe more guys had fucked her virgin ass and tore it up. What Shalini did not realize was that the farm house had a few servants living in the servant quarters and there was a young chokra boy also working and living there. He was the only one allowed that day inside during the party and was the one serving drinks and food and running errands for the guests. After the boy whose family owned the farmhouse had finished fucking Shalini and she had passed out he had asked the chokra servant boy to go up and clean the mess in the room. Someone had puked in the bathroom and it was messed up and also there were so many handtowels and some handkerchief also full of messy cum. So the chokra boy cleaned up the mess and while doing so he noticed that the naked girl had passed out fully. Actually he had noticed that the girl was passed out and even though he was a young boy he had seen so many people drunk and passed out in the farmhouse which was mainly used by the masters and their friends for wild parties or all ages. He had locked the room from inside so as not to be disturbed by more horny guys looking for a free fuck. The chokra boy who was wearing a khaki shorts had a nice erection despite his young age when he noticed the girl was so beautiful like a movie star. The chokra boy also knew that she had been fucked like dog and was astonished how such a beautiful young girl who looked like she was from a good rich family had allowed her cunt to be used by anybody. Maybe she was a prostitute. The chokra boy reached the conclusion that that was the reason that she had allowed all the boys to fuck her as prostitutes will fuck anybody as long as they were paid. So the chokra boy removed his shorts and lay between the legs of the passed out girl and started fucking her. Her cunt was loose and sloppy with all the cum and also he had a small immature cock. Even though he was 18 years old he was small due to malnourishment and had a small cock. But it was hard and erect and the boy enjoyed the fuck immensely. This was the 1st time he was fucking a high class girl. He had experience with the servant women who worked there and who allowed him to fuck them whenever he wanted. He also had fucked some prostitutes who had come to the farmhouse but they were all low cheap class grown up women. This was a young girl his age and that too she was so beautiful. So he fucked her fast so that the master would not catch him and he also shot his cum in her already filled cunt. Then the chokra boy quickly wore his shorts and wiped the girls cunt as much as possible with her top and panties that was lying on the bed next to her. He them bundled up all the messy stuff and took it down shutting the door behind him. He threw the clothes into the large pile of clothes outside in the washing area for the maid servant to wash the next day. He left the girl lying naked as he had found her and then went and informed his chota master that the room was clean. Again a few guys went up and made use of the freely available cunt and after a while the fucking had stopped as the guys were satisfied or had to leave or were passed out.
The chokra servant boy was also free now as nobody was calling for his services and when he saw that the party was over and chota master had gone to his room and fallen asleep also fully drunk. There were 3 other young boys lying drunk in the other rooms passed out. The house was calm so the chokra boy returned to the servant quarters where the 4 drivers were sitting on the ground and playing cards. As the farm house was outside the city and far away the rich kids would always come in their cars but with their drivers as they knew that after the party they would be too drunk to drive. Their family also knew about their parties and as they were in high society this was all normal to them. Even the parents of these boys and girls had their own kinky parties and as such did not think otherwise. They were also happy to pay the driver’s overtime and send them to drive their kids safely but with the strict instructions they were not supposed to drink at all. So the drivers who by this time had formed friendship with the other drivers would gather together after parking the cars and sit and play cards or perform individual errands for their respective masters. They would also sit and gossip about their masters. The chokra servant boy was friend’s with the masters driver as they had both would fuck the servant maids together. They also stole gas from the car and sold it or used it in their own small mopeds. Thus there was a bond between the driver and the chokra boy and after fucking Shalini and then finishing all the chores he rushed in and called the driver out secretly. He excitedly told the driver about the high class young beautiful prostitute whom he had just fucked and who also was fucked by lots of the other young masters. He also informed the driver that the young prostitute was passed out drunk in one of the bedrooms upstairs The driver also was bored and wanted some action himself and he excused himself from the other drivers making the excuse that his master was calling him inside, he quietly followed the chokra boy inside the now quiet farmhouse from the backdoor. He peeped around inside and saw it was dead quiet and slowly both of then went up the stairs into the room where Shalini was lying naked and still passed out drunk. The lights were on and one look at the beautiful high class young girl and the driver knew that this was not a prostitute but was the girl who Ramu the other driver had driven to the party. He was now scared to touch her as if she woke up then he was finished. These high class rich people had high connections with politicians and the police and if he was caught they he would be beaten badly and mostly be killed in the police station for raping the girl. But looking at her even though she was gang fucked she looked like a young movie starlet. Also her face was so innocent looking and her body was flawless. The driver had never fucked any high class woman and had only fucked servant class or low cheap prostitutes. He would never get another chance like this. So he decided to pretend as if he was helping the girl and went close to her and shook her gently and then with force. The girl did not respond but lay limp fully passed out. Now the driver was confident that she would never wake up for the next few hours and proceeded to open his fly and took out his now stiff cock and got ready to fuck her. The bed was a mess with wet cum so he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed and took hold of each leg and spread her legs up. Now she was lying at the foot of the bed with her cunt spread wide open. The driver was holding the legs wide so he asked the chokra boy to now pull down his pants from behind which he quickle did. The pants now were wrapped around his feet along with his undies and his cock was free and standing straight and pointing at the open cunt. The drives cock was thick and full of thick protruding veins. It was long about 8” but not very fat. (compared to Ramji’s or Ramu’s cock). But it was hard as a rock and the driver in one smooth motion entered the smooth used up wet sloppy cunt of the young girl. It was so warm and wet that cum gushed out from the cunt and coated the drivers cock fully as lubrication and also flowed down inbetween Shalini’s legs from her downwards onto her asshole and down on the bed and carpet on the floor. It formed a steady stream as the driver kept pumping away and enjoying the best fuck of his life. The chokra boy was standing behind and watching from a close up view at this beautiful life fucking. His cock had also got erect and he was rubbing in from outside his shorts. The driver in the meantime was so engrossed in the fucking and enjoying the best fuck of his life that he was using long strokes to move in and out. He wanted to prolong the fuck and when he was about to cum due to the excitement he would pull out completely and then push back in one smooth movement. He got quickly used to this and was banging away for about 15 minutes then suddenly when his cock came completely outside and he pushed it back with force in one downward movement his cock had twitched slightly and got out of line and went slightly downwards. The force of his pumping was so much that in one smooth movement he had entered the anal entrance of the young girl. It was also coated with cum and secretions from her cunt and his cock was also fully lubricated that the cock whick was also not very think went fully into her virgin asshole fully inside. If the girl was awake she would have screamed her head out as it was actually a very brutal intrusion. But as she was passed out drunk she did not feel anything and the driver had in the meantime pumped in and out of her ass a few times and the sudden change from the loose cunt to the fully tight virgin cunt was too much for the driver and he shot his cum deep inside her asshole. He lay still like that fully lodged deep into her anal passage. Even though he had cum his cock did not go down and the tight anal passage which was also very warm was fantastic. He again felt his erection and again started fucking the girls ass for some time but he being a servant class now wanted to also cum in her high class cunt. So after about 5 minutes he pulled out of her ass as shoved his dirty cock into her cunt and banged her hard using deep forceful strokes. He now came deep inside and since he was still holding her legs spread and her bum was slightly high his strokes were downwards and he pumped in a huge load downwards into her young cunt.
Now he was fully satisfied and lay on her body for a while. He had let go of her legs and they were down on resting on the side of the bed with her body and bum still on the bed edge. He then pulled out his cock and lay down on the ground and the chokra boy quickly dropped his shorts and quickly got inbetween the girls legs for his second shot. He had seen how the driver had fucked her in the ass and also wanted to try it as he had never done it before. So he too held her legs open and tried to enter his small cock inside but her legs were heavy and the chokra boy was not an expert fucker like the driver. So he asked the driver for help in putting his cock in the girl’s ass and the driver who liked the chokra boy and also was grateful for him telling him about the available high class girl now got up and went on the bed and took hold of the girls legs from over her body. He was straddled over the young beautiful girl still naked below his waist and the position he was in made his now saggy big balls rest on the girls beautiful face. The scene was so vulgar.
When now the girl was comfortable spread for the chokra boy to fuck her ass using both his hand to position his cock in the now fucked open asshole. He entered smoothly but still felt the asshole gripping his cock tightly. Shalini’s ass had never been fucked and also it had been delicate uptill the point that it had been buggered by the low class driver. So it gripped even the chokra boys small cock and he happily pumped away and within few minutes shot his second load now in her asshole. This was the 1st load that Shalini was taking in her asshole and unfortunately was not awake to enjoy it. All the while the chokra boy was fucking her ass the driver was sitting with his balls on her face and then slowly started rubbing his limp cock and balls on her face in a forward and backward motion and rubbing his dirty low class genitals on the high class beautiful face all over her eyes.nose and mouth. The driver started pushing his cock into her mouth and stroking it slowly in a out and all the while resting his smelly asshole over her nose. The boy took 5 mins to finish his fuck and by the time the driver had managed to get a decent hardon by the rubbing motion and the wet lips and mouth. He was now pushing his cock in a fucking motion into her mouth and slowly bent forward and started actually fucking her mouth. He had again gained his full erection and was amazed that he could get erect so soon. Earlier after 2 quick fucks he had to wait for at least 30 mins to again get erect and that time stoo the motivation was not that exciting as he got to fuck only older low class servants. Now since this was a never once again chance he wanted to make full use of it and face fucked the girl. He knew that he had to finish quicky to avoid any risk of getting caught that he pumped now fully into her mouth going deep throat and since the chokra boy had moved away he could lie fully on the girl and face fuck her. He came again a lot into her mouth first deep in her throat and then he wanted it in her mouth so pulled out a bit and came in her mouth. The girl had swallowed some cum but had a lot in the mouth and it also dripped out on her cheek.
The driver and the chokra boy quickly left the room and while going out he instructed the boy not to mention this to anyone and not especially to Ramu the other driver playing cards with them. He explained to the boy that the young girl was not a prostitute but was Ramu driver’s chota malkin. So to keep his mouth shut as they will both get into a lot of trouble.
So this is how the weekend party ended with lots of happy young boys who nailed a young almost virgin girl, a happy driver who nailed his 1st high class malkin, a young servant boy for his 1st high class fuck as well as his 1st anal fuck, and a totally fucked up but relatively(even with the painful ass and cunt) satisfied Shalini.
It took the whole of next week for Shalini’s poor fucked up cunt and ass to heal. She applied lots of nice smelling imported hand and body cream to her poor swollen inflamed cunt lips and then to her asshole. While applying the cream her fingers easily slipped in the asshole and it felt nice. Unknowingly she had found her G spot which is deep in the anal cavity and once she felt nice she kept masturbating her ass hole and then experimentally put a finger in her cunt also. Now her index finger was in her ass and her middle finger was in her cunt and within a few minutes she came and this orgasm was different from the earlier ones by only vaginal masturbation. Now Shalini had learnt still another way towards sexual satisfaction. Within 2 days she was now able to shove 2 fingers up her ass comfortably even without any cream. Just the cunt juice was enough for her fingers to slip into her ass. She next used her hairbrush handle which was fatter and longer than 2 fingers but with some lubricating cream the entire hanle was lodged into her ass and when she looked in the bathroom mirror she could only see the brush portion as the handle was entirely stuck up her ass. It looked so vulgar and Shalini looked up at her face in the mirror and now saw that she looked different somehow. Her face had matured within that month and all the childishness was gone and now the reflection showed a woman and not a girl.
This was noticed by Ramu the driver also. When he picked up Shalini last Saturday her saw that she could not walk straightlegged and also she was wearning her jeans but had a loose boy’s Tshirt on. He could clearly make out that she had no bra also as her tits were bouncing loosely in the tshirt when she hobbled and walked. She had called him on the cell phone early in the morning and he had to help her get down the stairs and while doing so could feel her tits a bit when he held her under the arm. Shalini just wanted to get home quickly and was not bothered what the driver thought. He kept looking at her and she realized that he could guess that she had been fucked that night and by her condition could also guess that she had been gang fucked. His look had also changed. Earlier when her would drive her around he would call her Shalu memsaab and treat her like a kid. She also would call him Ramu Kaka and nor as driver or Ramu. He was like part of the family and she knew that he would not tell anyone anything if she requested him and while driving home she told him not to mention anything to anyone. Ramu acted innocent and asked her what not to tell. She knew that he knew so she kept quiet. But he now was calling her Shalini memsaab and was not looking at her as a kid. She had also felt his hands against her tits while he was helping her walk down the stairs. Within a minute of seeing her in her fucked up condition his look had changed and she realized that he was looking at her lustily. It did not disgust her but gave her a feeling of power. So from the back seat she sexily spoke with him now and touched his shoulder and said “you know what I mean”. He nodded and told her that he will not tell anyone in the family. Shalini lay back and closed her eyes during the drive back but Ramu had decided that he had to tell Chandra the maid about this. The same afternoon while fucking Chandra, he told her the exciting development. All through the week whenever he got a chance he would look at her lustily and Shalini pretended as if she did not notice. She took rest for the next few days at home and during this time she noticed the changes at home. To cover up her limping bowlegged due to the pain in her ass she told everyone that she had slipped and fallen in the bathroom and slightly hurt her hips. She refused a doctor saying that it did not pain that much and that she will apply some tiger pain balm and it will be OK. Chandra told her that she would help her and apply the pain balm for her and Swathi also seconded the idea. Shalini noticed that now Chandra was always with Swathi babhi all the time. She did not think much about this as she also used to stick with Swathi babhi all the time. Chandra came up to her in the afternoon to rub the pain balm.
In the afternoon just before coming up to Shalini’s roon on the second floor when Chandra was getting fucked she came to know from Ramu the driver about Shalini’s weekend fuck. He added some masala and bragged that had and felt Shalini memsab’s breast while helping her walk and she did not object. He also lied that the servant boy had told him that Shalini had been fucked by many boys. Chandra was shocked to hear all this and immediately ran up to Swathi bhabi’s room and told her all this except the part about Ramu feeling Shalini’s breast as she knew that Ramu would immediately get kicked out for that. Swathi was in shock but also realized that it must be true because Shalini had changed the last month and now was avoiding her also. She decided to keep quite and wiat for Shalini to come helfself to Swathi and tell her about all this if she wanted to. Swathi was a nice person and also broadminded and knew that nowadays times had changed and teenagers were fucking more before marriage and also living together without getting married as live in couples. Shalini was also a modern teen and hence brought up in this modern way. So she just kept quiet about this and immediately sent Chandra to Shalini with the instructions to give her a nice good full body massage and not to mention about this to Shalini but to pretend that she did not know anything. She also strictly told Chandra not to gossip about this to anyone and also lateron tell Ramu also.Chandra who always listened to Swathi became serious and decided to follow Swathi bhabi’s instructions. So she immediately went to Shalini’s room to give her a massage. 
Swathi also wanted to instruct Ramu strictly not to talk about this incident to anyone but before that she wanted to get fucked by Ramji or her husband as she was now excited with all this sexy news. But Rajesh had gone out with his mother and Deepak. So Swathi went down to see if Ramji her FIL was available for a fuck but he too had gone somewhere and was not in his room. So she called out to Ramu and when he came running she immediately asked him to come up to her room. Ramu followed her upstairs and couldn’t help noticing her nice big round pear shaped buttocks inside her nighty. Swathi had stopped wearing panties and bra’s now as she never knew when she will get the sudden opportunity of a few minutes to get fucked and it was easier to just bend down and lift the nighty and get fucked quickly by Ramji anywhere in the house. Now they were so bold that even if they were passing each other anywhere at any time Ramji would feel her ass or boobs and if the opportunity of a few minutes were available then they would fuck right there and then. Once when such an opportunity arose when his wife was in the bathroom and he knew that she would take at least 15 mins he quickly pulled Swathi inside and right outside the bathroom door had fucked her bent over in the doggy pose. When they heard the shower water stop they quickly disengaged and Swathi left the room quickly. Once like this when she was coming out of Ramji’s room Ramu was there and he looked at her and saw that her face was flushed pink. He already guessed about Swathi bhabi and Ramji saab from the day that he had returned early and had heard the voices(Ramji, Swathi and Chandra) in Ramji saaba room. With a little bit of coaxing he could get all the details from Chandra and now knew all the details. So when he was following Swathi madam up the stairs he could see that she had no underwear and his cock stood up (even though he had a nice long fuck with the maid servant just now) and he imagined how such a lovely ass was being fucked by both father and son. This thought excited him and his cock became hard again. He adjusted it in his loose white driver’s pants and quietly followed her upstairs. He guessed that Chandra may have told Bhabi about Shalini and he knew that now she was going to tell him also to keep quiet about it. He knew that now he knew so many secrets about this family and maybe he could ask for a raise. But he also liked this family who treated him so well and did not make him feel like low class. They never scolded him like other high class society bitches he had worked with. This family was elegant and sophisticated and he did not want to spoil his relationship with them. He wanted to stay with them for ever so he just kept walking up the 3 storey’s stairs enjoying the view. He leaned forward and tried to see if he could smell her cunt but Shalini was always clean and her cunt always smelt nice. Also her mood to fuck had gone down not finding Ramji and also now her mind was thinking seriously about how to control the spread of gossiping about Shalini. So as soon as they entered the room she asked him to shut the door and then she told him that she knew from Chandra about Shalini and that he should strictly keep this confidential.
Shalini also told him that he was doing good work for the family and never complained about working late and hence she would tell bada saab to give him a raise as well as good bonus for ******. Ramu was pleased that without even asking he was getting a raise and he immediately told her quickly and innocently that he would never tell anyone about this just as he had not told anyone about her and Ramji saab. Swathi was shocked that Ramu knew about this illicit taboo relationship and her face went red with embarrassment. She just looked at him with big round eyes and then was scared that the driver also knew about her This was more serious than Shalini’s affair as she could lose her husband and this good family if this got out and also she would get such a bad name in society. He quickly assure dher that he would never tell anyone about anything that happens in this family as he was also considered as part of this family. He then told her that he had a request of her and when she quickly nodded for him to go on, he told her that he wanted more opportunity to be with Chandra as she was always busy and also her room was not safe for them to do anything. Swathi immediatelt told him that he could use this room meaning her room whenever Rajesh saab had gone out. Ramu was happy about the situation now and also that he had bonded with Bhabi and now had a confidante in his affair with the servant maid. Also Swathi madam knew that he was a married guy and by accepting to help him fuck the maid she was now directly involved in the affair. Ramu was in a mood to fuck now as his cock had been erect for so long and he immediately requested bhabi as to why not call Chandra the servant now itself as he was in the mood. Swati blushed and now since she was assured that her secret was safe she smiled a bit and called him badmash. And also said “tum logo ko khabi bhi mood aajatha hai”, (meaning that you men get the mood anytime). He replied “kya kare mamsaab, jawani me aisai hoto hai”,(meaning that in young age this is what happens). She then told him that Chandra had gone to Shalini’s room to give her a massage and she will be back in maybe another 15 mins and if he wanted he could go down and come back. He told her that if he goes down then if someone comes they will give him some work so its better if he stays here itself if she did not mind. Ramu was sitting on the floor next to the door and Swathi now was sitting on the sofa close by. She agreed and then did not know what to talk about and immediately inquired if he was the person who peeped inside from the ventilator along with Chandra the other day. Just as she said this she realized her mistake about this because now she had accepted and also told Ramu the fact that she knew that He had been watching her get fucked and had not done anything but had carried on. He accepted and also told her ,“ Oos din bahout mazza aya memsaab. Aap dono koob mazza le rahe the aur aap dona mast dik rehe the,’(meaning that that day I enjoyed the sight a lot and also you both were looking very beautiful). Swathi now blushed and also knew that from that angle Ramu had seen only her cunt and ass and Rajesh’s cock pumping inside her spread out cunt.
They then kept quiet for sometime as it was now embarrassing for Swathi and Ramu also realized that he better shut his mouth as memsaab looked embarrassed and he was scared that she may cancel the programme for him now to fuck Chandra in her room. Swathi did not know what to say and instead reached for her cell phone and called down to Shalini’s cell. Shalini’s answered after a few rings and Swathi asked if Chandra was there. Shalini answered in the affirmative and told her that she was just finishing and would send her up in 5 minutes. Swathi then told Ramu that Chandra will be up in 5 mins and that she will go down and talk with Shalini while Chandra is up in the room. Ramu who by this time was comfortable talking a bit freely to Swathi told her that if you want you can stay also and watch like I watched you the other day saying that he did not mind. Swathi who had earlier become horny hearing about Shalini’s weekend gangfuck episode from Chandra now had become hornier with the sexual innuendo with the low class driver. She had also become a voyeur since watching her FIL fucked the virgin servant maid and had enjoyed it a lot. Now a chance to see 2 low class servants fuck would be fantastic. So she just nodded slightly and said,” dektha hai” meaning lets see. 

Chandra who had gone down on Swathi bhabi’s instructions to go help Shalini didi (though Shalini was younger she called her didi out of respect)with applying the pain balm as well as to give her a relaxing massage. Swathi knew that Shalini’s cunt would be paining a lot as according to information passed on by Ramu through Chandra indicated that Shalini had been gang fucked. Swathi wondered how many guys had made use of Shalini and how many times had they fucked her. What Swathi did not know was that Shalini had also been buggered in her virgin ass and that was the main source of pain. The cunt pain was lesser and Shalini would not be bowlegged while walking if her ass was not buggered. Anyway she gave her Tiger pain balm with instructions to Chandra to try to massage Shalini all over the painful areas which Chandra understood clearly. When Shalini opened the door looking exhausted Chandra immediately told her didi to lie down and I will rub the pain balm for you. Shalini was wearing just a nighty without bra or underwear and felt shy to allow the maid to see her naked and told the maid to give her the balm and she will rub it on. But Chandra refused saying that Swathi bhabi had strictly instructed her to do the job and not to feel shy as she regularly massaged Swathi bhabi also fully naked. Shalini was surprised to hear that her innocent quiet bhabi showed her naked body to the maid servant and also let the maid touch her and massge her. Before she could reply Chandra bent down and took hold of her nighty and in one clean motion lifted it up and over Shalini’s head and stripped her naked. Then she gently made her lie down on the bed. This was done forcefully and expertly as Chandra had lots of experience with taking care of her sibling younger sisters and brothers and she had done this so many times to give them a bath. Shalini did not protest as she was exhausted both physically and mentally. She lay down quietly and shut her eyes. Chandra took one look at the naked girl and noticed the red swollen pubic area and realized that this girl had been royally gang fucked and the driver Ramu was telling the truth. The whoel area was pink and red and the cunt was opened up vulgarly and the pink area inside the cunt could be seen clearly. She also noticed that Shalini’s pubic hair which she had trimmed or shaved earlier was now grown a bit and needed to be shaved. Chandra asked Shalini whether it was paining here and when Shalini opened her eyes she saw the maid pointing at her cunt. She just stared at the maid for a moment and nodded yes. The maid immediately took a scoop of tiger balm and rubbed it over the pubic area gently without touching the cunt lips. She also had brought the baby oil form Swathi’s room and applied it liberally on the young girl’s pubic area and started gently massaging it. She then started massaging the entire front portion above her waist and also her tits and immediately the nipples got hard. Shalini just kept quiet as this was very relaxing and just closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage and let the maid do what she wanted. The maid massaged the thighs and legs and feet with oil and Shalini felt a lot of relief. Chandra did not touch her cunt and asked her to turn over to massage her back. When Shalini turned over Chandra nicely massaged her shoulders and back firmly and again the thighs, legs and feet firmly. It was so relaxing and Shalini just sighed and mentally thanked her sweet bhabi for sending over the maid to massage her. Chandra then massaged her nice firm buttocks and applied oil liberally. When the oil dripped into the ass crack Chandra followed it with her fingers to massage the ass cheeks and touched the butt hole by mistake. Immediately the young girl winced in pain and made a crying noise. Chandra slowly parted her ass cheeks and saw that the young girls fair ass hole was also inflamed pink and did not look puckered up and tightly closed but looked a bit opened. Chandra had seen Rajesh bhaiya fucking Swathi bhabi in the asshole and immediately knew that Shalini didi had also been nicely buggered in her asshole. Now it was clear why Shalini did was walking bowlegged and also was so exhausted. She had been gangfucked in her ass also. Chandra took another few drops of baby oil and slowly rubbed the ass check close to the asshole with actually touching the ass hole. After some time the pain was slightly gone and now when Chandra actually spread her ass cheeks and rubbed oil on the butt hole it was tolerable and started feeling a bit better. Shalini unconsciously spread her legs wide and allowed the maid to now fully massage her ass including the asshole. Chandra then asked Shalini if she can apply some cream to the asshole and Shalini just grunted and nodded yes. Chandra quickly picked up Shalini’s imported face cream and took a scoop on her middle finger and applied it directly to the inflamed asshole and rubbed it gently. The asshole opened up automatically due to the lubricated finger and the slight pressure made the figer now go into the asshole a bit. Since it was coated with cream it felt nice and soothing to the painful ass and Shalini moaned. Chandra now knew that this was not painful and hearing Shalini moan she again took one larger scoop and applied it to the asshole again and pushed her finger. This time it slipped inside a bit more easily and about an inch of Chandra fat finger went it. It was not uncomfortable or painful but instead the cram being massaged into her asshole felt soothing. She allowed the maid to carry on as it looked like she knew what she was doing. The maid by now was applying more cream to her finger and was able to fully insert her index finger in the young high class girl asshole.

She allowed the maid to carry on as it looked like she knew what she was doing. The maid by now was applying more cream to her finger and was able to fully insert her index finger in the young high class girl asshole. Chandra while doing this muttered to herself softly but audible to Shalini,” unn harami ladko ne gaand be mara aur phad deya”. Shalini was shocked with the comment which meant that Ramu the driver had told Chandra the maid and also the maid now knew that not only had she been fucked but also had been fucked and buggered in the ass by a gang of boys. She just kept quiet and then after some time asked the maid,” Swathi did ko be patha hai kya”? The maid answered,” Haan didi”. And continued,” Kithne ladko thae didi”? Shalini answered truthfully,” nai malum kitne thae”. Chandra now had confimed that Shalini didi was indeed gangfucked and she had to tell this to Swathi as well as Ramu who would be thrilled to hear this confirmation.
So she continued massaging Shalini’s asshole and as all her fingers were now fully coated with cream she inserted her middle finger also into the young girl’s cunt which also needed some TLC. Now the cunt and asshole was fully lubricated and the maid was in fact masturbating her. Just as this masturbatory massage was reaching her peak she got a call from Swathi bhabi to send the maid up after she finished the massage.
Shalini relaxed and then felt her cunt getting wet and she was headed to a fantastic orgasm. When the orgasm subsided she asked the maid if she gave Swathi bhabi also such massages and the maid innocently said yes and also included that she also gave such body massages to bada saab meaning Ramji, Shalini’s father. Shalini was shocked to hear this but did not inquire further.
Chandra then went to the bathroom and ran the bath for Shalini to have a nice warm bath. Shalini got up and when she walked to the bathroom felt the pain had almost gone completely and both her cunt and asshole was now feeling much better. She also could walk properly without being bowlegged and got into the bath and told the maid to go upstairs as Swathi bhabi wanted her. The maid left the room after changing the bedsheet and taking the soiled bedsheet and nighty for washing lateron Chandra went upstarirs to Swathi’s room and saw Ramu sitting on the floor comfortable and also saw that Swathi bhabi was in a good mood and chatting with Ramu the driver. She inquired if bhabi also had some clothes for washing as she was carrying Shalini’s soiled clothes also. Swathi bhabi asked her to come inside and bolt the door and told her boldly that Ramu wanted to fuck her and she had agreed to allow them to use this room. Chandra the maid was shocked at the development and in the meantime Ramu had got up with a conspicuous hardon. He immediately hugged Chandra and started kissing her. She dropped the clothes and kissed him back as she was also horny after playing with Shalini’s body. Chandra would have loved to also have had sex with Shalini but the girl was so much fucked up that Chandra decided not to make any move. Also it was better to wait for these high class women to make the 1st move. Since Shalini did not make any move and just lay still enjoying the maid massaging and masturbating her, she had just concentrated in that and hence was still horny. She expected Swathi bhabi to get up and leave the room but she did not do so and just sat on the sofa and watched the servants hugging and kissing. Chandra now knew that they had an audience and was excited that she was going to fuck the driver in front of such a high class lady. Ramu in the meantime had started undressing her and also himself and within a minute both were fully naked. Ramu was proud of his cock and was facing Swathi who also was looking at his cock. Swathi noticed that this cock was so dark and thick and the mushroom head was so big compared to the rest of the cock. Also the cock was not evenly thick but slimmer after the mushroom head and then got thicker and thicker towards the groin. The balls that hung below this vular ugly looking cock was the largest that Swathi had ever seen. Swathi could just imagine how much spunk would shoot out of this massive cock and was eager to watch this event. She unconsciously licked her lips and could not take her eyes away from this ugly low class monster cock. When she eventually looked up she locked eyes with Ramu and he had a slight smirk as was confident that memsaab liked his cock. Chandra was playing with his balls and stroking the monster and he in turn was squeezing her ass,
boobs and then fingering her cunt. All the while he was watching Swathi and she was also eagerly watching the action. It was like he was performing just for her and Chandra was just a tool for their enjoyment. They were standing at the foot of the bed and Ramu pushed the servant maid backwards and made her lie down on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging down like they had seen Rajesh saab and Swathi memsaab fucking. Swathi memsaab did not object and he spread the maids legs and knelt on the carpet and started kissing and licking the maids cunt. Now Swathi was unable to see clearly so she got up and picked up a small stool at the dressing table and positioned it close to the scene of action. She was so horny at the scene and also that she had somehow got sucked into the servants sex life and had lost all shyness and was now only keen to enjoy the voyeurism. Ramu was glad that memsaab was so close to the action that he wanted to give the best performance possible and he vigourously started sucking the maids wet cunt. He shoved two fingers in her cunt and then tried to shove a finger in her asshole. Chandra had been fingered in her asshole but was still a virgin in her ass. Also her asshole was dry and Ramu’s fingers were thick and dry. So she asked Ramu to apply some oil or cream. Ramu started getting up to get the cream from the dresser but Swathi stopped him and said that she will get it as she did not want them to lose the momentum. Ramu was so grateful and pleased that his memsaab was herself getting up and getting the cream for him to apply to the maids asshole. He made up his mind to never disappoint his memsaab and also to be very loyal to this family. Swathi had by this time got the cream and taken a big scoop of cream and knelt beside Ramu and applied the cream on Chandra’s asshole. She had done this so many times with Chandra and it was nothing new but this time it was like a threesome now with Ramu her driver kneeling right next to her and that too fully naked with a massive hardon and she had somehow got into the action unconsciously. Ramu could no longer wait and immediately got up and tried to position his cock aiming at Chandra’s cunt. He was standing at the foot of the bed and had lifted and was holding both Chandra’s legs in the air completely spread out vulgarly. He jabbed his cock at her cunt opening but because of her fat thighs and fat ass he was unable to hit the target and enter her cunt. He tried several times and then looked down to his right straight at Swathi memsaab’s eyes. She was still kneeling on the carpet getting a closeup view of the scene when she also saw that the driver’s fat cock was not hitting the target. When she looked up she saw Ramu loking down at her and she knew that he wanted some help from her. His cock was stiff and resting against Chandra’s fat bum. She took hold of it without any hesitation with one hand and with the other hand split open her ass cheeks and positioned the ugly black cock at the enterance and Ramu gave a shove and entered fully into the maid’s cunt. While all this was going on and due to the close proximity Swathi’s face rubbed against the driver’s sweaty thighs. Also her face was so close to the cunt and cock that she could smell the servants musky sex smells. But she was far too excited now and this situation had turned out to be actually very exciting and sexy. Ramu started banging Chandra and making long strokes and whenever his hairy sweaty ugly bum moved backward it bumped into Swathi’s forehead as she was now kneeling exactly behind the fucking couple. Swathi did not say anything so Ramu also kept going on and he was excited that he was having physical contact with his memsaab as well as the fact that Swathi memsaab had held his cock to guide it into the servants cunt. Swathi’s forehead was now full of sweat even with the AC as the low class driver was sweating like a pig. She reached for a handtowel and used it to wipe her forehead and then realized that the next time Ramu drivers bum and thighs touched her face it again got sweaty. So she wiped her face as well as his ass and thighs with the handtowel and Ramu was enjoying his mamsaab pampering his ass. After a few minutes of this Swathi realized that it was of no use and she stopped wiping the sweat and decided that she anyways was going to have a shower after all this. Swathi was enjoying this voyeuristic pleasure of watching her servants fucking from so close. Chandra was also in heaven due to the strong banging the driver was giving her and knew that Swathi bhabi’s presence was making the driver more excited. She had been shocked when she saw through her upraised legs that Swathi bhabi had held the low class drivers cock and positioned it at her cunt entrance. She was enjoying all this when she felt Swathi bhabi’s finger entering her asshole and quickly went fully inside her asshole. Swathi had taken lots of cream and applied it to Chandra’s asshole and inserted her finger into her asshole when Ramu had his entire cock in her cunt.This was a new sensation for Chandra to have both her holes filled. It was fantastic for all three of them as Ramu could feel the finger through the thin membrane separating the anal and vaginal cavity. It was the same for Chandra as she also felt fully stuffed. And Swathi could feel the cock through the thin membrane. The entire scene was so vulgar and indecent to see the servants fucking and their memsaab sitting right behind and fingering the maid’s asshole. Chandra climaxed and had an intense orgasm and her cunt got fully wet. When Ramu’s bum moved back Swathi suddenly caught hold of the wet cock and removed her finger from the maid’s creamy asshole and aimed the monster black swollen cock at the maids asshole. Neither Ramu nor Chandra were expecting this and were not ready for this. Ramu was using the same speed and strength of fucking and Chandra was also moving her ass backwards to meet the drivers thrust. When Swathi suddenly took hold of the cock and directed it at the asshole Ramy slammed his entire cock into the virgin asshole of the maid. Chandra screamed like a banashee or pig being slaughtered. The entire cock got rammed into the poor girls asshole and Ramu who did not have time to stop his fucking movement gave another shove and the super tight asshole felt so nice and tight around his excited cock that within a few shots he started cumming into the maids asshole. He then lay stuck on her back side and Swathi who was in a naughty playful mood started laughing at the maids predicament. She swated the ugly black ass of the driver with the handtowel and told him,” kaisa lagaa, Chandra ka gaand marna”.
Both Ramu and Chandra were shocked hearing the normally demure innocent and quiet chota memsaab talking so vulgarly like a slum dweller. Ramu immediately answered,” Bahooth mazaa aaya choti memsaab. Chandra ka gaand be bahooth tight tha aur isileyae pane jaldee nikal gayaa.” Aur panch minute main lauda phir se kada ho jayaja choti memsaab. Tho mai ek bar phir se gaand marunga aur is bar bees minute se jyada lunga.” (Ramu wanted to talk filthy with the memsaab as she has started it and he did not want to lose this opportunity to talk dirty with her). Swathi answered,” Ramu tum maard log kuthae ho,” and saying this she again swatted his ass but this time with her bare hand.
Her soft hand felt so nice on his dirty black ass. He laughed and waved his ass left and right and Swathi kept spanking his ass and they did this a few times and then she started rubbing his big fat black ugly hairy butt with her soft fair small hand. The contrast was so terrible and looked awful to see her beautiful soft hands petting and rubbing his dirty ugly black low servant class butt. Ramu was in heaven and was enjoying this pampering from his memsaab. Chandra and Ramu were in the same doggy position and when his cock popped out of Chandra’s ass, she caught hold of the slimy wet cock and pulled it like milking a cow. She was still playful and caught hold of his cock and gave it a yank and he squealed as the balls got squashed. But he did not mind as it was not so painful. She then suddenly leaned forward and took the mushroom cock head into her mouth and sucked it. The drivers cock head was large and she had to open her small soft mouth wide to take the head into her mouth. Swathi then while having the cock head in her mouth used her tongue to lick the lower portion of the head and then swirled the tongue around the sensitive cockhead. The soft mouth on his hot semi-erect sensitive cock was too much for him and his cock immediately got erect and quickly became rock hard. Seeing this Swathi was very excited and her cunt which was already wet started getting too sticky. She wiped her cunt from over her nighty and then she stood up and removed her nighty in a single movement and was standing fully naked now. 
Ramu who was looking backward still crouched upon the maid also go up and turned around and was standing face to face with his memsaab. He boldly hugged her as her getting naked meant only one thing and that was that she also wanted to join them and play. He lowered his head and also kissed her like a slum dweller and pushed open her mouth roughly and stuck his huge large tongue deep into her mouth. Before Swathi could react he had her lying on her back on the bed and quickly positioned his cock and this time was able to enter her cunt easily and in one stroke was fully stuffed in her cunt. It was so pleasurable that Swathi moaned and wrapped her legs around his back and let her driver fuck bang her. They were in the missionary position and Chandra had moved aside and was lying next to her memsaab. Ramu now started seriously banging away and he rested all his weight on his forearms and used his entire upper body and thigh strength to bang away at the innocent high class lady’s tender cunt. This was like animal fucking and Swathi had never been fucked like this and just closed her eyes and let the low class slum fellow have his way with her. In all this excitement Swathi it did not strike Swathi that the driver’s cock had come straight out of her low class servant maid’s asshole and had gone straight into her high class cunt without being washed. How much lower can she get. Only after a few strokes did she realize this and by this time it was too late and she was being fucked like a dog (rather bitch). She also realized that Ramu was not wearing a condom and before she could open her mouth the driver started spurting deep into her cunt. He filled her cunt with so much cum that it started leaking onto the bed and for the driver it was the best fuck of his life. He lay fully on her now fully exhausted and hugged her body tightly. He did not know if would ever get this opportunity again so he did not want this to end. So he kept lying still on her and Swathi also did not want to hurt his feelings so she let him lie on top of her. Chandra was sitting up and watching this incredulous scene of the black ugly driver lying on the sophisticated fair white body of her memsaab and saw that they were still joined at the hip and Swathi babhi had her legs still wrapped around his fat dirty looking blabk hips. Ramu slowly lifted his face and looked at her lying with her eyes shut. He thought that this was heaven. Such a beautiful woman and he had fucked her. He slowly lowered his face and kissed her on the mouth and when her lips had parted, he started French kissing her earnestly and then boldly touched her boobs for the 1st time. He felt her nipples and all the time Swathi kept her eyes closed. The warmth of her cunt and the excitement of the position that he was in made Ramu’s cock get hard again and Swathi felt it and gave his cock a squeeze with her vaginal muscles. It also accelerated the hardening of his cock and Ramu the driver was ready for another inning of fucking and that too with his sophisticated high class memsaab. He slowly started moving his hips and after a few strokes started again fucking her sloppy cunt. Chandra who all this while was enjoying watching the vulgar scene turned towards her memsaab and started kissing her. This girl on girl action was too much for Ramu and now his cock was painfully rock hard and he wanted relief fast. He also now wanted to use the only hole remaining on this high class memsaab and he suddenly pulled out of her cunt and positioned his cock on the entrance of her asshole. When Swathi did not protest he smiled happily and shoved his cock into this high class tight asshole. Swathi lifted her bum higher and made it easier for her tight asshole to receive the ugly cock and it did so easily. Ramu also now was kneeling on the bed inbetween his memsaab spread legs and he held both her feet and shoved his dirty low class cock into her beautiful asshole. The rough abuse of her tender asshole made Swathi wince in pain but she bore the pain and also Chandra had by now squatted on her face and placed her servant cunt on the high class womans mouth to be licked. Chandra’s cunt was still full of Ramu’s cum and now both the servants were misusing their gentle innocent memsaab like slum whores. Swathi licked the maids cunt and the cum started flowing out due to gravity into her mouth and also on her face and Swathi bhabi kept licking and swallowing her drivers cum. Ramu could clearly see Chandra’s fat bum on her memsaab’s face and also his cum leaking into his memsaab’s mouth which she was swallowing without any hesitation. This was so vulgar and exciting for the lowly driver who had never seen such a scene even in a blue film. His cock immediately responded and he started spurting his cum deep into his memsaab’s ass. Swathi who was on the verge of an orgasm was sent over the edge by the pulsating cock and the spurts of cum which she could easily feel in her tight asshole and she had a tremendous orgasm and moaned out loudly. Ramu who was now totally exhausted flopped down besides his memsaab on the large king size bed. Swathi pushed Chandra off her face and caught her hair and pushed the maid towards her cunt for reciprocation. Chandra immediately put her face inbetween the spread out young memsaab’s legs and gently licked her fucked cunt which was still with Ramu’s cum. Ramu lifted his head and now saw the maid clean out his cum from both the cunt and asshole of their memsaab. Once she had fully cleaned the memsaab’s cunt and ass Swathi caught her hair again and moved the maid’s head to Ramu’s dirty flaccid cock to be licked clean. Swathi also got up and pushed the maid on the other side of Her driver and she too lowered her face to Ramu’s cock and started licking it clean. Swathi had turned from an innocent woman to a high class concubine who knew how to enjoy and also pleasure a man thoroughly no matter whet ever his status in life. That was a true sex goddess and that’s what the innocent Swathi bhabi had become.
Both the women, one a high class sophisticated lady and one a low class servant woman tendered to cleaning the dirty ugly hairy big balled slimy cock of the low class driver. Ranu was thrilled.
He felt he was in heaven or that he had definitely done something very good in his previous life for being so blessed to have 2 women as his bitches.
Shalini was shocked at 1st and then intrigued by the information she had received from her maid servant Chandra as well as the vaginal and anal masturbation she had received from her. If Swathi bhabi and her father were also getting sexual massages from the maid then there was a chance that it had gone further also and maybe they were involved sexually also. Shalini could not imagine her father fucking the low class maid nor could she imagine her bhabi of also having a lesbian relationship with the maid. But after realizing that she too had allowed the maid to take liberties with her pussy and ass, she imagined that anything was possible. But now the most pressing development was that not only did her bhabo know about her sexual adventure but her driver also knew about it. Shalini hoped that he had not spread this information as well as that the other drivers at the party also did not know. Now she was scared and she curled up on the bed in a foetal position and knew in her heart that all the drivers would have definitely know if Ramu knew about her being gang fucked by the rich boys at the party. She also now remembers vaguely that there was a chokra servant boy also inside the house who seemed to be everywhere. Little did Shalini know that the chokra boys sperms also had swum deep inside her pussy along with the low class driver’s and other assorted boys. Shalini wondered how is she going to face her bhabi and driver now. No wonder Ramu the driver was looking at her strangely and lecherously. She wondered if she could get the driver fired before her father came to know anything about this incident. Also Shalini was unable to look at her older brother Rajesh directly in the eyes knowing that he was the one who had started all this by taking her virginity. Shalini went off into a deep slumber and it was late when she woke up and took a nice shower. The pain in her cunt and ass had disappeared completely and she mentally thanked the maid servant for that and decided that from now on she would get the maid to massage her daily. The house was quiet as it was late and Shalini was hungry and decided to go down to the kitchen to get something to eat. 
After the afternoon orgy which had lasted till evening the driver Ramu and the maid Chandra had come down and Swathi bhabi had gone immediately to have a nice long bath and tried to wash out as much cum as possible. Rajesh had not yet come back yet and Swathi got cleaned up and then went to the kitchen room to join her MIL and Chandra to help prepare dinner. She had checked Shalini’s room and had seen that the girl was sleeping and decided to let her rest. She informed everyone that Shalini was resting and asleep and not to disturb her and she may be tired after all the studies for her exams. Ramji and his son Deepak were sitting in the living room and watching TV and discussing business also. Ramji tried to teach both his sons all the time about business and so this was not unusual. When Ramji went to the washroom to wash his hands he passed both the maid and his DIl who were busy laying the table. Ramji coolly squeezed both their asses and carried on coolly to the dining table. There also whenever he got a chance he touched them boldly. Now Swathi and Chandra were so used to this that it was like rubbing shoulders and they took it also coolly and the thrill of doing this in public but secretly was exciting. Ranji was sitting at the head of the table and he had his wife and DIl sitting on either sides of the table. When he spread his legs his knees were touching both his wife and DIL. Hid DIL did not say anything but his wife whispered in his ears,”Kya kar reho ho ji, bahu dek legee”(meaning what are you doing,DIL will see). He just smiled at her and kept his sexual play going on. Swathi had dropped her spoon and bent down to pick it up and while doing so she stretched her hand and caught hold of her FIL’s cock and gave it a squeeze. He stiffened both his legs and his wife asked him what happened. He replied “nothing” but his cock was now erect in his dhothi. During dinner Swathi was leaning forward and talking and listening to her MIL across the table but unknown to anyone except Chandra who could see everything while serving the food, she was stroking her FIL’s cock and massaging his balls under the table. Deepak was sitting next to his mother and the other end of the table was Rajesh’s spot which was empty. Also the spot next to Shalini was empty. Normally Shalini sat where Swathi was sititng now next to her father and Swathi sat next to her and close to her husband.
Ramji quickly finished his meal and excused himself and using the napkin to cover his hardon rushed to the washroom before anyone could notice his hardon. Everyone else was still busy eating. Chandra followed her bada saab holding a hand towel for him and entered the washroom at the other end away from the dining room. Ramji quickly caught her hair and pushed her down to her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth and asked her to suck fast saying.”jaldee, lauda chooso”. Chandra started sucking his cock fast and Ramji caught her head with both hands and face fucked her. Chandra was now able to take any cock fully deepthroat as she had a big mouth and had also become an experienced cocksucker. Ramji quickly banged her face and then held it against his groin in a tight grip and shot his load deep into the maids throat and mouth. Chandra quickly swallowed his load and wiped her mouth and got up and left the washroom towards the dining room to continue serving Amma and the others. She was still licking her lips and mouth when she saw Amma and smiled thinking that she had just taken that lady’s husband’s load in her mouth and she was sitting and eating innocently unaware of all this. Swathi of course saw the maid licking her lips and wiping her mouth and knew that her FIL had unloaded in the maid’s mouth. They looked at each other and smiled conspiratorially. Her MIL was chatting away non stop with everyone at the dining table and after finishing their meal everyone left for their respective rooms. Ramji was still horny and the cocksucking by the maid was not enough for him and he wanted to fuck his DIL. He waited for the women to clean up after dinner and then called for a glass of milk and when Chandra delivered it he instructed her to inform Swathi to come down to the guest room after Rajesh had slept that night. He kept massaging his cock from over his dhothi and told her,” Swathi beti ko bolo kei Bade saab ka lund choosne ke badh be kambe jaisa kada hai aur aup ko jaldee se ladsee bulaya hai chudwane ke leye.” 
Chandra conveyed this message to Swathi bhabi and Swathi replied,” kyon, Bade saab tughe be chod sakthe the. Kyo mere he choot ko chodna chathe hai.” Chandra laughed and replied,” bade saab ko thumare he choot bahut pasand hai aur roj thume chodne ka bagaire neend nahi athee hai unko.” Saying this she then went down to finish the rest of her normal chores which took at least 2 more hours after which she too went to bed. The driver Ramu had gone to bring Rajesh saab home and as usual had his 1st quickie with his wife immediately on his arrival. All the while when getting fucked by her husband Swathi could only think of Ramu’s ugly hairy cock and also her FIL’s hard cock which she will be taking in the same choot soon that night. Swathi did not want to keep her poor horny FIL waiting so long so she squeezed her cunt muscles making gripping motions and moaned in pleasure. Rajesh was proud to hear his wife moaning with his fucking and when Swathi started moaning louder and having an orgasm he too shot his load deep into her already cum filled cunt. The billions of sperms shot deep inside at a tremendous speed and encountered billions of Ramu drivers sperms already swimming inside. Swathi lay back contented and turned away from Rajesh and immediately pretended to be sleepy and closed her eyes. Rajesh also was tired a bit that day and also decided to forego his shower and also closed his eyes and within minutes was breathing deeply. Swathi waited till his breathing was deep and knew by habit that her husband now was fast asleep and he would not get up for a few hours at least. She got up quickly and without even washing her cunt she switched out all the lights and drew the curtains and slowly crept down to the guest bedroom. When she entered she found her FIL was already waiting for her there fully naked and sporting an impressive hardon. The lights from the streets lit up the room enough to see things clearly. Swathi entered and without even closing the door she immediately rushed into the arms of her FIL. She playfully caught hold of her FIL’s hard cock and asked him,” Babuji , aaj kyon apka lund itna joor se kada hai. Chandra net ho aap ka lund ko choos ke rass to nikal diya tha dinner ke waqt. Phir be lund kada hai?” Ramji answered,” Nahi malum beti. Aaaj kyon tujee chodnee ka bahoot maan kar raha hai. Jab tujee dinner pe dekha tho kuch alag se deekree the. Taere cahareh pet ho kush alaj se bath thaa.” Actually Swathi had the freshly fucked glow when she came down to dinner after getting gloriously fucked by her driver Ramji could not wait any longer and her quickly removed her nighty and pushed his DIL towards the bed and made her bend over doggy style and immeidtely pushed his hard cock into her cunt. Swathi’s cunt had just been fucked by her husband and her cum gushed out with the intrusion of her FIL’s cock into her cunt. Ramji also felt all the cum rush out and also coating his cock and asked her,” Kyon bahu, Rajseh se chudwake aah rahee ho kya?” Swathi replied,” Haan babuji, abhee abhee choodwake jaldee jaldee neechae aa gayeee mai. Choot ko wash karnee ka bhee time nahee melaa. Kyon babuji. Aap ke beta ke sperms aap ko tang kar raha hai kya?-she asked impishly realizing the taboo nature of this situation. Her FIL’s was fucking her cunt using his son’s cum as lubrication. How exciting was that? Ramji also realized that and was proud that his DIL wanted to get fucked by him so badly that she didn’t even wash her husband’s cum and come down. He banged her hard and was grunting loudly. Swathi also was moaning and telling him,” Babuji joor se maro meree choot ko. Aur joor se. Aur aap be apne sperms ko mere pathee ke sperms se melaa de.
If you remember, Shalini who had got up late at night after having been masturbated by the maid servant and had fallen into a deep exhausted sleep had slept through the evening and when she got up so late she was feeling very hungry. So she had come down to the kitchen to get something to eat and as it was late she did not want to trouble the maid or her mother or anybody. She thought she would make a simple sandwich and take some cold pepsi with it. When she came down the house was silent and dark. The only light was the one she had put on in the kitchen. After making the sandwich she started eating it with one hand and had a pepsi can in the other. She switched off the light and was about to carry on to her room when she thought she heard some sound coming for the guest room. She stood silently for a second and also stopped chewing and listened in the darkness quietly. She then again heard the sound and now was sure that someone was in the guestroom. Shalini knew that they had no guests at home that day and was scared that it may be robber trying to steal the expensive HD TV or music system that was there in every room. Also the rooms had expensive furniture and fittings and other expensive stuff like carpets etc. Shalini quickly rushed the other direction to her father’s room and without making a sound and without switching on the lights she went towards the bed. The bed was empty. Her mother also had gone to her sister’s house and was spending a few days there. So the bedroom was empty. Shalini wondered where her father was. So she then quickly walked to the servant quarters at the back end of the large house but still inside the house. When she reached the servant maids shut door she clearly heard fucking sounds and moaning and whispering. She stopped suddenly and clearly heard Ramu’s voice. Shalini opened the door slightly and saw her driver Ramu humping away at the maid servant. They were in the missionary position and facing the door and when the door opened it creaked a bit and Ramu heard it and looked up to see someone peeping in. Shalini could not see the expressions on his face as the window was behind the fucking couple and the street light that came in illuminated the room slightly. But her face could be easily recognizable to the driver but he kept fucking at the same pace and waited for her to say something. This was the 1st time Shalini was seeing live fucking and she was unable to react at once and kept watching the fucking scene for a few seconds. Ramu was lying flat on the plump body of the servant maid and he had just tilted his head slightly upwards to see the door opening. But his buttocks were clearly visible rising up and down in between the maids spread and raised legs. Though Shalini had been fucked by so many boys as well as her older brother (and also the strange driver and chokra servant boy which she did not know about), she had actually not seen even herself getting fucked. So this was something new to her. Ramu by this time knew that Shalini memsaab was not going to make a noise or call anybody and he boldly raised himself on his arms and fucked the maid even harder. Now his white eyes were clearly visible to Shalini as the dark background and his face were dark. He was looking directly at her and Shalini locked her eyes with his for a few seconds. She did not know what to do and then came to her senses and quickly shut the door and walked towards the guest room alone. She picked up a rolling pin from the kitchen and walked boldly towards the guestroom knowing now that if she screamed for help the driver could hear her as he was within hearing distance. She quietly walked to the guestroom door and found the door locked from inside. She then walked to a small window that was facing inside the house next to the door and had a curtain covering it but it was slightly parted as normally curtains will be when not pulled together tightly. Here also the street light lit up the room but in this room the street light was bright as the curtains on the windows facing the outside courtyard were open as it was a private courtyard. Here was the next shock for Shalini and this was too much for her. She could clearly see her father fucking some woman in the doggy position at the foot of the bed. The woman was kneeling on the bed and her father was standing behind and banging away. Shalini could not see who the woman was but could hear her voice and she was absolutely shocked to hear her innocent decent Swathi bhabi’s voice. Not only was that shocking but also the vular language she was using and that too to her FIL. Swathi was telling her father,” Babuji aur jorse meri choot maro,”(meaning, fuck my cunt harder) and Swathi was moaning and her father was grunting and panting. Shalini had never heard her bhabi(sister-in-law) use any indecent words or language all these years and now seeing her in this position fully naked and showing her ass to her FIL and getting fucked and that too by her own husband’s father and now talking so vulgularly was incredible. What was happening in this house? Her brother fucked her, her servants were fucking away coolly inside the house itself, she got gangbanged and did not know who all had fucked her, her servant maid had masturbated her that afternoon and also informed her that she was also doing the same to her Swathi bhabi and her master the bada saab and now she was actually seeing the second live fucking show and that too her own father with his own DIL. Watching the servants fuck itself was very stimulating for Shalini and now her cunt also felt healed and was fully wet. Shalini realized that now her panty was soaking wet and the scene in front of her was very exciting even though it was so taboo. She kept watching and had dropped the rolling pin and was now rubbing her cunt through the nighty and panty. It felt so nice and she decided that she was going to watch the whole fucking scene and she could clearly see her father’s nice large butt moving backward and forward and pumping away into his DIL’s cunt. She could not see the cock fully but only when it withdrew she could see that it was massive and the balls’ hanging down was marvellous. Shalini felt guilty looking at her own father but now could not help it. Her father somehow looked so beautiful to her even in this vulgar position. Shalini saw how much her bhabi was enjoying getting fucked by her FIL that she felt jealous. She wished that it was her at the receiving end of that vigorous fucking but knew that her father would never fuck her as that was crossing the line to much. So she had to be contented by just watching. They kept at it for some time and then she heard her Swathi bhabi tell her FIL,” babuji ab meri gaand maro,”(meaning, babuji now fuck my ass) and saying this she put her soft hand on his slimy cock and positione dit at the entrance of her asshole and Ramji was thrilled. He never expected this and quickly gave a shove and lodged his cock in his DIL’s asshole. Shalini was astonished at the level of degradation her bhabi had fallen to and watched as now her father was buggering his DIL. His cock easily entered her asshole and lodged in fully without any problem and Ramji realized that his DIL had been regularly taking her husband’s cock up her ass. He did not know that his driver had also fucked his DIL and now Swathi was a fully liberated woman who enjoyed her sexuality fully with no inhibitions. The tightness of her asshole was too exciting and Ramji shot his load deep into his DIL’s asshole. Now he was fully satisfied and quickly picked up his clothes and walked out naked to his bedroom without even saying anything to his DIL who was lying naked on the bed now and recovering from the fucking. Shalini had quickly run out and was rushing up the stairs to her bedroom and got in a shut the door. She stood there quietly and then she heard her SIL walk up the stairs towards her bedroom. Shalini was highly excited and lay on the bed and masturbated herself to sleep. The day’s events were too much for the young girl and she was both physically and mentally exhausted Shalini woke up feeling fantastic and happy and energetic. All her fatigue both physical and mental had disappeared and also her cunt and asshole were feeling fine. It was 3 weeks since her brother Rajesh had fucked her and a few days since she had got gangbanged but still she was feeling nice and happy. She had already called up her last weekends date early in the morning and had told him that she was free this weekend and was ready for a date. The guy’s name was Rahul and he was glad that such a popular and beautiful girl like Shalini was interested in seeing him again. Actually he was expecting a nasty call from her for leaving her after fucking her and had also heard from the other guys as to how she was fucked by them. He wondered as to how she was not pissed off at him. Actually the guys were again planning to use the same farmhouse and were anxious now of getting some girl drunk and them make her pull a train. Now they had the experience they realized how easy it was to gang fuck any female. Rahul called up all his mates immediately and informed them that he was bringing Shalini as his date again. Some of the guys who had not got the opportunity to fuck Shalini that weekend because they had their girlfriends along decided to go alone to the party that weekend. They had heard the details about the fantastic fuck the other guys had with Shalini and also wanted a sample of her too. After Shalini had fixed up her programme for the weekend she ran up to Swathi bhabi’s room as she wanted to see her bhabi’s face and see how she looked after the fantastic fuck she had the previous night. Her brother Rajesh was in the shower and Swathi bhabi was busy arranging his clothes to get ready for his office. Swathi also was in a good mood after the satisfying fucks of the previous day and was surprised to see Shalini walk into the room all smiles and chirpy. Shalini was behaving like the previous girl that she knew and Swathi was happy that the young girl was feeling OK even after the gang fuck she had the last weekend. Shalini was looking closely at her bhabi’s innocent face and wondered how her bhabi could look like such an angel after doing such vulgar taboo acts with her own FIL. Shalini was also dressed and ready to go to college and dragged her bhabi to have breakfast. She wanted to see how her father behaved in front of his DIL after having fucked her and buggered her the previous night. They both then went to the kitchen to help Chandra and Shalini noticed the maid was also in a very happy mood. It seemed as if all the fucked cunts were very happy and Rajesh had come down to the dining table for his breakfast and was also joined by his father Ramji. It looked like such a happy family. Shalini who previously had guilty feelings and could not look her brother Rajesh in the eyes after getting fucked by him now was able to look him straight in the eyes after having seen his wife getting fucked by her FIL. Shalini did not have any guilty feeling now as things had evened out. She noticed her father at the dining table and now could see subtle glances and return smiles. But they were so subtle that Rajesh did not notice. He was a cuckold and he did not know it. The husband is always the last one to know and Rajesh was blissful in his ignorance. Shalini told her dad that she too will come along with them and after the driver dropped them off he could drop her at her college as she had to go early to go to the library and finish an assignment. She sat in front with the driver and after they had dropped off her father and brother at their emporium she asked the driver to take her to college. Ramu expected her to go and sit in the back seat but she kept sitting at front. He also avoided looking at her as both the masters were in the car earlier and now he did not dare to look in her direction. There was silence for some time and then Shalini spoke and in a low voice told him that she was sorry that she had peeped into Chandra’s room last night and disturbed them. She did not tell him the reason for her intrusion or else she would have had to tell him about her father and sister in law and that was none of the drivers business. Ramu was relieved that she had not told anyone and told her so. Shalini assured him that she would not tell anyone and will keep it as a secret and reminded him also not to tell anyone about the last weekend also. She did not know that Ramu had told Chandra who in turn had told Swathi bhabi. Ramu quickly assured her that he would also keep her farm house affairs a secret and asked her if she was OK now since he had seen her in a terrible condition the last weekend and she knew that. Shalini assured her that she was OK now and that this weekend also Ramu had to drive her to the farmhouse for another party and he had to wait and bring her back. Ramu was thrilled that he could take his choti memsaab again and decide that this time he was going to keep his eyes and ears open to see what was happening. He also decided that he would take some small present for the servant boy Gopi who was inside the house during the party and thus he could get information from him. He had noticed the last time when they were sitting and playing cards Gopi the chokra servant boy had come and taken their driver Iqbal inside the house and they had gone for a long time. He had to find out what was that all about. Ramu quickly drove and dropped Shalini off at her college and both of them were relieved that the air had been cleared and things were now perfect with no problems. This was a good day for everyone When Ramu reached back home after picking up some dry cleaning for Rajesh saab he went straight up to hand them over to Swathi memsaab. He found that she had gone in for a shower and Chandra was there arranging Swathi memsaab closet. He walked in and handed over the drycleaning to Chandra who went to Rajesh bhaiya’s closet and hung them and Ramu who had followed her now caught her from behind and hugged her and playfully made fucking motion on her ass like a dog humping a bitch. Swathi who had come out of the bathroom saw her servants sexy play and told them,” kyon subhe subhe hee phir se mood me aa jaye. Kyon kal raat ka chudaiee teek nahee tha kya.”(You both are in the mood so early in the morning itself. Was last night’s fucking not satisfying enough). Ramu knew that Chandra must have told her about his fucking her and Swathi knew that Chandra had told Ramu about Swathi and her FIL in the guest room. There was nothing to hide now and they all had bonded well and there was no embarrassment now. Ramu left Chandra and turned and answered his memsaab,” Nahi memsaab. Kal raat bahut mazaa aaya iske choot marne me. Lakin kya karae memsaab, is jawani mein lund bar bar kada ho jatha hai.”(No memsaab. Yesterday I enjoyed a lot fucking this one’s cunt. But due to my still young age my cock keeps standing all the time.) Saying this he walked towards Swathi who was at the dresser and bending and picking up some earrings from the drawer. She had worn a fresh nighty but without a bra or panty. Ramu suddenly caught hold of Swathi’s waist and pushed his groin into her bent ass and pulled her ass towards him. Swathi was surprised and shocked by the drivers roughness as well as his boldness to initiate sex with her his memsaab. She scolded him and told him to behave himself but he did not listen to her and while struggling to get out of his grip Swathi had turned towards him. So ramu now hugged her and kissed her on her mouth. She smelt fresh and her hair was still wet. Ramu had spent the night with Chandra and hence did not have time to go home for a bath or change of clothes and also he had just finished his chores and hence smelt of sweat. Swathi was repulsed by him but he was strong and she could not push him away. She also could not make any loud sound as Deepak her brother in law was still sleeping after a late night and had come back only early in the morning. So swathi struggled silently and all the while Ramu was taking liberties with her. Swathi looked at Chandra for help but Chandra who was on Ramu’s side was enjoying the rough sex play bordering on domination. She just stayed where she was and watched her innocent looking high class memsaab being manhandled by the low class driver. This was fun and exciting. Ramu had squeezed her boobs roughly and then wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and took her to her bed. He dropped her on the bed and without losing hold of her and also followed her and fell on top of her. He roughly pushed her legs apart and lay in between her legs and kept French kissing her. Swathi could do nothing about this assault and was still struggling but Ramu was heavy and strong. He also managed to open his pant fly and take out his cock. He was not wearing any underwear luckily for him since it was soiled and he had left it in Chandra’s room for her to wash. He had a raging hard-on and he quickly managed to stuff it into Swathi memsaab’s hot cunt. Due to the unwanted sudden attack Swathi’s cunt was dry and Ramu’s forcible shoving of his cock into her dry cunt was painful. Swathi cried out and begged Ramu to please put some cream. She knew that there was no stopping him now and he was definitely going to fuck her and decided to allow him have his way but wanted to make her cunt lubricated. Ramu asked Chandra to get the cream and apply it on his cock and Swathi memsaab’c cunt which Chandra happily agreed and did immediately. She enjoyed doing this and being involved in the fucking rather than be a bystander. She put a blob of cream directly into Swathi’s cunt and also on ramu’s cock and then took hold off his cock and positioned it at her memsaab’s cunt to get fucked(rather ravaged). Next Chandra move dup on the bed and helped Swathi memsaab get naked by removing her nighty while the sweaty smelly driver was still mounted on top of her. His cock now easily entered her cunt and he started banging away at high speed with all his force. He was still in the dominating mood even though his memsaab was now not struggling. Swathi being a sexual young woman started enjoying the non consensual sex and her cunt which had a mind of its own started getting wet. Her hips also started moving and cooperating with the driver and he banged away with all his strength. The vigorous pounding gave Swathi her 1st orgasm immediately and then after a few minutes she again had a fantastic orgasm and this made the filthy driver’s cock start spurting deep into her cunt. Ramu was satisfied and pulled out his cock and still holding her down her moved up over her body and straddling her boobs he pushed his cock into her mouth for her to clean up. The drivers big black buttocks was almost sitting on her boobs and her hands could not protect her mouth as they were pinned down by his thighs. So she was forced to open her mouth and take the drivers dirty slimy black cock into her mouth and lick it clean. The cock gave a last spurt and sent some more cum directly into her mouth which Swathi had to swallow. She also now licked his cock clean before the cock choked her breath and only when the cock was fully flaccid did the driver take in out of her mouth. Swathi had to swallow her spit as well as whatever was in her mouth and Ramu the driver felt powerful over the control he now had over his memsaab. He quickly got up and closed his fly and went out and Swathi lay still quietly. She now knew that her driver will be taking full advantage of her body and using it whenever he wanted and there was nothing that she could do about it.
She now was scared of her predicament and for the 1st time felt that she had lost control of the situation but there was nothing she could do about it. She had to keep quiet and let the driver have his way with her, so the best thing was to be cooperative with him and also enjoy it in return instead of being a victim. That way she will still have some sort of control over the situation. Chandra felt sorry for her memsaab but since she was a servant she sided with the driver who was also a servant and the forceful domination was also very exciting. She hoped that she could be there every time Ramu fucked her memsaab which she was sure that he would do as he had a great sexual libido and seemed to be always horny.
Shalini was getting ready that Saturday evening to go to the party with her date and she knew that this time there would be more young horny guys trying to fuck her as young horny guys can’t keep quiet and liked to brag about their conquests. But this time Shalini decided that she would act as if she was drinking a lot and without actually doing so and pretend to get drunk and then this time she can also enjoy the gang fucking and also know exactly which guys had fucked her. Also somehow this would also put her in control of the situation and she can always stop it if things became too violent or painful. She could have actually got fucked knowingly with the boys but getting fucked this way was more exciting. It also kept her reputation as a sati-savithri innocent girl. This way she could enjoy getting gangbanged and not thought of a slut. 
Chandra had given her a nice long massage and also relieved her sexual tension by masturbating her cunt as well as giving her a prostrate massage with lots of cream. Shalini’s passages were now clean and well lubricated for the heavy duty action. Ramu had been instructed by bada saab to wait for Shalini and bring her back safely. Swathi bhabi had sent her off with a wink and told her to have fun. Ramu the driver also was slyly looking at her in the rear view mirror and Shalini was a bit embarrassed that everyone including her driver seemed to know that she was going for fucking that night. But she did not care now and her pussy was getting wet fully in excitement. 
Gopi the servant boy at the farm house was very glad to see that Shalini had also come for the party. He had been told by his saab’s to get the place ready for a party for chota saab’s and his friends. The cook had made all the stuff and kept them ready in food warmers and had gone to her servants quarters to her family. Only the servant boy was inside the house serving drinks and running around servind snacks and then everybody just helped themselves to food and sat all over the place and ate and spilled and puked as usual. So Gopi was very busy and could not be close to Shalini all the time. The drivers had all joined together and had also been given food and were now relaxing and waiting to take their masters home. Iqbal the family driver was also glad to see Ramu and knew that Shalini had also come to the party but he did not expect much as he knew that everytime will not be the same and last time he was lucky. He also was scared to fuck with the rich people as he knew it was a dangerous game to play and it was just asking for trouble. So he was just contented to play cards with the other drivers and smoke and gossip about their masters.
There were 15 people at the party at the same farm house but this day there seemed to be all new girls. Shalini found that there were 6 other girls and they too were new girls that she had not met before. They were dates of the guys who had brought them here for the 1st time. Most of the guys with steady girls had not mentioned the party and hence all the girls were kept in the dark about today’s party. The guys had told some lies to them about being with families or something and had come alone as they had missed out the last time since they were stuck with their girls and had to take them back in their cars as the farmhouse was situated in a remote area far from town. So they had brought casual dates and were planning to send them back in one of the 8 seater SUV belonging to one of the guys. If they were lucky to score with them then they would keep them back but if the girls did not put out them the guys had decided to pack them off as soon as possible. Now they were like a pack of wolves and had bonded together because of Shalini. They had discussed in detail and had decided that from now on any casual dates would be shared amongst all of them and only steady girls were off limits. Also if they guy was about to break up with a steady girl then they would throw her to the wolves and all of them would gang fuck her and then throw her out. These guys were all products of rich dysfunctional families and their parents were too busy with making money or attending kitty parties to have time for a normal family. Only Shalini was from a normal loving family but they also had now become abnormal. Anyway they all concentrated in getting the girls drunk and in that effort got themselves also piss drunk. Even before midnight the guys were stumbling and speaking incoherently. Only one girl had put out with the guy who had brought her in and was taken upstairs and fucked and then when she had come down another guy had tried to also seduce her for a fuck but she was unwilling. Hence the other 7 guys were now drunk,randy and horny and their only hope of fucking tonight was by getting Shalini drunk and passed out. The other girls had all drunk a lot and were now too drunk to dance or do anything and were all slouched on the sofa’s waiting to go home. Shalini had gone upstairs with her date and had a nice fuck but he was the guy with a small cock and also the guy came very soon even before Shalini had got any pleasure out of the fuck. When they came down the guy went off for a smoke outside and she was cornerned by another guy who had immediately taken her to the dance floor and was holding her tightly and dancing a slow dance. Shalini did not mind it but had to keep up appreances and she was acting drunk and when they passed her another drink she took it and pretended to take a sip. Actuallt today Shalini had not taken a sinle sip of any alcohol even though she had been given at least 7 or 8 drinks. She had managed to divert the guys attention and pour the drink into the expensive ornamental potted plants decorating the house.
She made and excuse of reaching for some snacks lying on the side table next to the wall and unseen by anyone had poured the drink into the potted plant next to the table and then made the big show of drinking the drink saying,” bottoms up” and all the guys did the same and drank their drinks. She now stumbled and held the guy nearest to her and acted like she was about to fall and the guy winked at his mates and told her that its better to go and lie down in one of the guest rooms upstairs. Shalini also acted in agreement and stumbled and swayed and went upstairs with now 2 guys holding her around the waist and literally carrying her quickly upstairs. They wer also piss drunk and hence they too were swaying and it was a funny sight and Shalini almost laughed out loud. She wondered if maybe she had made them drink too much and by the time they packed off the other girls and come up to fuck her they may also fall down dead drunk. So she kept acting drunk and quickly went upstairs and fell down on the bed. Shalini had worn a skirt and tight top and had also this time brought a spare set of clothes in the car. She fell backwards on the bed and pretended to pass out and while doing so her skirt had risen up and her panties could be clearly seen. Normally she had started wearing thongs but tonight she had decided to be like satisavithri and wear regular panties. The room had only a dim light at one end and the guys also did not want to brighten up the room. Shalini’s date was one of the guys helping to bring her up and he of course took liberty with her and was groping her tits when coming up. He was again ready for his 2nd shot and boldly pulled down her panty if front of the second guy who saw that she was passed out and hence also was bold to squeeze her tits. They both quickly undressed her and Shalini again was forced to control herself when their hand ticked her waist while pulling up her top. Shalini lay flat on her back and her date quickly mounted her and banged away and as usual came quickly. When he pulled out the other guy took her top and wiped her cunt and he also had pulled down his pants and quickly mounted her. Shalini was thrilled to find that he had a nice big thick cock and she sighed contently and kept her eyes shut and enjoyed the fuck. He took a long time to cum and Shalini had a small orgasm and had to have it silently without making a noise.
Just like last time the guys kept creeping in silently and fucking the drunk passed out (that’s what they thought) girl and cumming in her cunt. 
Shalini kept lying still and the guys would play with her body freely and squeeze her tits , suck it and run their hands all over her body, squeeze her butt and just enjoy having free reign over such a pretty young girl. Shalini could clearly see their faces and was enjoying their playing with her body. Then they would rush out from the room fearing that she would wake up and they would get caught. These young guys were gentle with her as they did not want to wake her up and still none of them had fucked her in her ass. Like this the guys kept streaming in and out and cumming in and out. Gopi the servant boy was sent up inbetween to clean up the bathroom and also the mess on the bed and provide fresh hand towels which were all full of cum and stuff. Shalini was lying back with her eyes open after she had cleaned up her messy cunt with a handtowel. Her top was also a mess as some guys had just used that to wipe her cunt. Also her bra and panty were gone as they were taken as souvenirs by some guys after their fucking her. Suddenly Shalini heard the young chokra servant boy knocking on the door and calling,”memsaab”. She closed her eyes and did not answer and Gopi the servant chokra walked boldly inside. He had heard the boys downstairs talking about the incredible fuck they had with Shalini upstairs and so the servant boy knew that this time also the young beautiful memsaab was getting gang fucked by these rich masters. He wondered if he too could lateron get the same chance as before. So when he came inside he found the beautiful girl lying in drunken sleep fully naked and showing her beautiful cunt and tits. Gopi walked to the bed massaging his cock inside his kakhi shorts. His little prick was hard and he wished that he could immediately fuck her. He went close to the girl and shook her shoulder and called her,”memsaab”. Shalini still pretended and lay still and expected the chokra boy to go and clean the batroom and arrange the messed up bed and room. Instead to her shock the low class servant boy was now squeezing her tits and she opened her eyelids a fraction and saw that he had moved his hands to her cunt and was rubbing it gently. Shalini was still shocked that this chokra servant was taking such liberties with her body. Gopi then quickly left the girl and started cleaning up the bed and room and then went to the bathroom to clean it. He had replaced all the handtowels also. Shalini was relieved that the servant had left her after a quick feel of her body but she was still in shock as to how bold the guy was. She wondered if he had done this the last weekend also because he seemed to be very comfortable and not scared that she would wake up. While she was pondering this she saw the servant boy had quickly finished his chores there and had come out of the bathroom and was heading to the door with a handload of soiled clothes. Shalini was peeping through her shut eyelids and because of the dim light which also was not directly on her face she could see what was happening while still lying on her back.
Gopi had all the soiled clothes in his hand and went to the shut door and dumped it there and bolted the door from inside. He had spent only a few minutes upstairs and hence decided that he would at least put his hard cock for a few seconds inside the high class memsaab’s cunt as he may never get this chance again. Shalini was shocked to see him bolt the door and come quickly on the bed and lower his shorts and get inbetween her legs. Gopi spread her legs and expertly inserted his cock into the stunned girl’s cunt. Before she could react he had started pumping away and it took only a few seconds on her warm pussy to make him cum inside her. While cumming he lay flat on her beautiful body and started kissing her on the mouth. He smelt of sweat and his mouth also tasted bad. But Shalini could no do anything but had to bear the assault from this meek looking servant boy. When he had pumped his cum also he quickly got up and pulled up his shorts and picked up the soiled clothes and went out humming. This all happened in just 3 minutes and Shalini was still trying to understand just what had happened when the next boy entered and she had to lay silently and get fucked without being able to clean the chokra servant boys sperms from her cunt. The high class rich boy who was fucking her had no idea that his cock was coated with a low class servant boy’s sperms and her happily fucked away. 
Like this all the guys had come for second round of fucking and were slowly getting too drunk to do anything and were passing out in the other guest rooms downstairs. Two of the guys had left and only 6 guys were left in the house and the party ended earlier than last weekend as the drinking and fucking had started earlier. It was around 2am The house was quiet and Shalini lay still for sometime and was still surprised that none of the guys had even tried to fuck her asshole. All the guys had used her cunt and were actually in a hurry to just cum and leave and hence they did not try to last longer. The only surprise what the servant boy also getting in on the act and having a go at her. She was pondering whether to get up and call for her driver and then leave when she heard the door open again.
Iqbal the farmhouse driver was waiting impatiently for the party to end. He was as usual playing cards with his other driver buddies when in between Gopi the farmhouse servant boy had come with some food and snacks and had served them and had winked at Iqbal and gestured for him to come outside. Once outside Gopi informed him that he had already had a go at Ramu’s memsaab and had fucked her and cum in her. (Iqbal bhai, maine Ramu bhaiya ke memsaab ko aajh be choda. Wo aajh be tun padi huiee hai-) Iqbal was on pins and needles from then on and was now very excited and could not concentrate on the card game or the gossip with the other drivers. He kept going out for smokes more often and Ramu noticed Iqbal was very restless especially after Gopi had come and taken him out by winking. Ramu was a smart intelligent guy and was very perceptive. He knew that something was going on but he did not suspect anything. He knew that Shalini was inside getting fucked by the rich boys as he knew about the last weekend. So he thought that maybe the servant boy had a chance to watch the action and was bragging to Iqbal their driver. Ramu also joined Iqbal outside for smoke and decided to keep a watch on him as well as the servant boy Gopi. So at 1:55 am when Gopi came again and told Iqbal that he was wanted in the house by chota saab, he too followed a few seconds later saying that he is going out for a smoke. He silently followed Iqbal and Gopi and found that the back door of the farm house was open and he too entered. When he entered he found no one in the living room and saw the servant boys feet as he just went up the stairs. Ramu quietly followed and soon saw them quietly going into one of the bedrooms. They had shut the door with a slight gap and kept it unlocked to make a quick getaway if needed. Ramu peeped in and was shocked to see what was happening.
Shalini also heard the door open and again lay still and pretended to be still knocked out drunk. Iqbal quickly dropped his lungi and with a soild hardon had reached the bed and caught hold of Shalini’s legs and pulled it to the foot of the bed. Shalini could see through the slits of her eyelids that this guy was not one of the boys but was infact the farmhouse driver Iqbal. She had been driven by him when she had taken a ride with her boyfriend and his friends for a movie some time back and knew that his name was Iqbal. She did not know what to do and just lay still and wanted to see what happened. Then it happened so quickly. Iqbal expertly pulled her legs apar and spread them as well as lifted them up. The servant boy had in the meantime slid behing Iqbal and like soldiers who knew their routine had held his cock and positioned it at Shalini’s cunt entrance and Iqbal gave a shove and quickly had his entire cock in her still tight cunt. Both Shalini and Ramu who was peeping in were shocked at the development. But both kept silent and Iqbal was pounding away with his massive cock. This was the fucking that Shalini was looking forward to and now she knew why her cunt was paining last week. Because of the pounding she had and was receiving from the low class driver with his rough fucking. Cum was leaking out of her cunt as Iqbal’s cock was filling and stuffing up her tight cunt and pushing all the 
Other buys cum inside as well as outside her cunt. Ramu just watched the savage fucking his coha memsaab was receiving and the poor girl was knocked out drunk. He felt bad for the girl but the scene was also exciting for him and he had a terrible hardon. All through the evening he had been excited knowing that his chota memsaab was getting fucked by the gang of rich boys. Now he was watching Iqbal having a go at his memsaab. That meant that last weekend also Iqbal had fucked the girl. Now Ramu recollected that Iqbal had been missing from their card game for quiet some time the previous weekend. So he had been all the time fucking his Shalini memsaab. Ramu still kept quiet and watched as his buddy Iqbal fucked the girl mercilessly. Iqbal now did not care if she woke up as he could say that she had initiated the fuck. Also he knew that she would not like it to come out that she was gang fucked. Her reputation would be tarnished and nobody would marry her. So Iqbal boldly fucked her while Gopi had knelt behind his buttocks on the carpet and was coolly fingering Shalini’s asshole. Shalini was stunned as to how these two were taking liberties with her and now knew that these two had also done the same stuff last weekend because they seemed to know the routine. Gopi was playing around her cunt and asshole and had also shoved his middle finger into her cunt along with Iqbals thick cock. It was now painful having two objects in her cunt moving in different directions. Gopi them withdrew his finger and inserted it into her asshole smoothly with all the lubrication of cum. He quickly entered 2 fingers and now it was really painful for Shalini who was moaning and grunting both in pain and sexual excitement. She had a terrific orgasm and stiffened her legs and body. Just when her orgasm subsided Iqbals cock had come out and Gopi had placed it at her asshole and Iqbal gave shove and savagely shoved the entire cock in one push into her tight asshole. It was very painful and Shalini muffled her scream and bore the pain. Now she knew for certain why her asshole was paining terribly the last week and who was responsible for that. Iqbal kept banging away and after 5 minutes of solid fucking the tight asshole came deep inside her ass. As soon as he withdrew his cock from her painful asshole and lay on the bed besides her, the chokra servant boy Gopi immediately caught hold of her legs in the same vulgar spread out position and inserted his hard cock into the same sloppy asshole. His cock was small and was tolerable and it somehow massaged her poor fucked asshole also and felt good. Gopi this time took longer and he too added his spunk to the mess in her asshole. He then quickly withdrew his messy cock and climbed onto the bed and straddled her face and rubbed his low class cock on her face and tried to force it into her mouth. When her mouth would not open Iqbal who was lying besides her and watching the scene, caught hold of her nostrils and she was forced to open her mouth and take the dirty slum dwellers cock into her mouth. When he had his cock in her mouth he started forcing it in and Shalini was forced to unconsciously clean up his cock and Iqbal seeing this also got up and pushed the servant boy aside and he too did the same. His cock was bigger even when flaccid and Swathi almost chocked. So she quickly licked and cleaned his cock so that he could get up soon. When this was done both Iqbal and Gopi quietly crept out.
Luckily Ramu saw that they were about to come out and he quickly rushed into the adjacent vacant bedroom and waited behind the closed door. When he heard their footsteps recede down the stairs he the came out and went into Shalini’s room. Shalini had heard the footsteps and immediately lay still in the same position. She had been about to get up to go get cleaned up but immediately someone was coming in. She wondered now who was going to fuck her. When Ramu entered she was shocked to see him creeping in silently. She waited for him to wake her up but Ramu had other ideas. He had seen how the 2 servants had fucked her and abused her beautiful body. And that too they were someone else’s driver and servant boy. So Ramu thought that he too had a right to fuck his chotamemsaab and immediately went towards the foot of the bed and looked down at the naked pretty girl. Shalini could see him through her slightly parted eyelids and wondered what her driver was about to do. Ramu knelt down at the foot of the bed and now his face was at her cunt level. Her legs were at the foot of the bed resting on the carpet and Ramu slowly a gently rubbed his rough hands on her beautiful thighs. His touch was gentle and reverential as if he was touching a goddess. For him this beautiful girl was a goddess. Who would have thought that her a low clas driver would get such an opportunity. He immediately got up and quickly unbuckled his trousers and pulled down his underwear. He then parted her legs and made put his arms under her knees and lifted her legs and his rock hard cock was rubbing against her lovely cunt. He pushed gently and found his cock going in smoothly inside all the way in and wrapping around his large veined large black cock. For Shalini it was a terrific feeling having such a monster stuffed inside her. She now closed her eyes and lay back and let her driver fuck her hard a furiously. And that’s what Ramu did. He could not control himself and banged away at the tight cunt. Shalini no longer had a pussy but a nice fucked up cunt. Ramu was in heaven and enjoyed the fuck tremendously. His cock had been hard the whole evening and it was relief for him and his cock to now be nicely relieved. His orgasm was the best he ever had in his entire life and Shalini’s orgasm also coincided along with his and they both came together profusely. Shalini had wrapped her legs around her driver and Ramu was stunned to see that his chotamemsaab’s eyes were wide open and she was holding his body tightly with her beautiful legs wrapped around his hips. Ramu was exhausted and lay flat on her and Shalini wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him tightly. For Shalini also this was the best orgasm of her life and she was thoroughly satisfied. After a few seconds of rest Ramu lifted his head and Shalini caught his hair from behind his head and pulled his face and kissed him and open her mouth for a French kiss. Ramu was thrilled that his memsaab was not angry at him for having fucked her when she was unconscious and he kissed her back gratefully. Ramu asked her,” memsaab aap jaag rehe thae kya, jab chudwafahaee thee”.(memsaab were you awake when getting fucked by me). Shalini answered,”haan Ramu kaka, Mai jag rahee thaee jab aap muje chod rahae thae. Aur sari raat mai jag rahee thae jab sabee mujhe chod rahaee thae.”(Yes I was awkae when you were fucking me and I was also awake when all the guys were fucking me). And she gave him an innocent sweet smile. Ramu was thrilled to know that she had willingly go fucked that night and now knew that his future was very bright and happy as he had 3 new cunts to fuck in the house whenever he wanted and that too 2 were high class memsaab’s. He also knew that now he would also be financially well off in future as these high class rich people would take care of his needs now. 
Shalini told him,’Ghar chale”(lets go home) and asked him to get her clothes from the car as she was still naked. Ramu immediately ran down and picked up her clothes from the car and Shalini quickly had a shower and got dressed. Ramu went down and told Iqbal that his memsaab had got up and they were leaving now and he drove Shalini quickly back home. Shalini sat next to him in the car as it was late at night and nobody could see them. She was relaxed even though her asshole was burning and paining. But this time her cunt did not pain at all and only her asshole was uncomfortable but bearable.
What Shalini and Ramu did not know was that Gopi the servant boy had gone down with Iqbal after fucking Shalini and was about to also go to bed in his servants quarters that Iqbal realized that he had left his underwear in Shalini’s guest room and in the hurry to get out of the room he had forgotten to pick it up. It was a cheap worn out slightly torn underwear and not like the expensive foreign ones the rich boys wore. Shalini would definitely know that the cheap underwear was some servants and may create a fuss.
So he asked Gopi to go quietly as if he was going to clean the room and pick up the underwear. When Gopi reached the upstairs guestroom he found that Ramu the driver was fucking his memsaab Shalini and she was still unconscious. It was exciting to watch a kaala(black) coloured middleaged driver lodged and fucking in-between the legs of such a fair and beautiful young girl. Gopi kept watching and was stunned in the end to hear the memsaab start speaking with her driver still locked in their embrace and with her fair beautiful legs wrapped around the ugly dark skinned hairy driver. Gopi was also stunned to hear that the memsaab was awake throught the evening fucks and that meant that she even was awake when Gopi had fucked her and she had not stopped him but had let him fuck her. Gopi was thrilled that such a high class beautiful girl would have let such a poor servant boy fuck her not only in her cunt but also in her ass and after the fuck had been forced to take his cock in her mouth and clean it of the spunk.
Gopi was thrilled and ran down to inform Iqbal about this development.

While Gopi was busy telling Iqbal about this new twist, Shalini was being driven home and Ramu was still horny because he had been horny the whole evening and one single fuck was not enough. He was now bold enough to take Shalini’s hand and place it in his groin and he squeezed her hand signalling to her to squeeze his cock. Shalini smiled at him and said,” Kyon Ramu kaka, muje chodne ke baad be aapka lund kada hai. Aaap tho belkul jawan ho.”(why Ramu kaka, even after fucking me your cock is still standing hard. You are still like a youth).Ramu just nodded and kept quiet as his mind was now on the beautiful slim fair hand on his groin. So saying she started playing with his cock and in seconds his cock was again fully hard and he asked her to open his fly and take out his cock (Shalu beti, pant kholo aur land ko bahar nikalo) Shalini immediately open his fly and took out the black hard monster. Ramu was now driving only with half the concentration and he bent down and pushed the lever to push back the seat and give the girl more space. Then he caught her hair roughly and pushed her head towards his cock. Shalini was not wearing a seat belt so she was pushed violently downwards and immediately his cock hit her face. Ramu roughly told her,”Aab mere lauda ko choosoo jaldi.” (now suck my cock soon). Shalini immediately took the fat dark mushroom head into her delicate lips and sucked his cock. She then licked the head with her tongue and started giving him a proper blowjob but had to stretch her mouth wide to take such a big monster. She chocked a few times and Ramu was about to come. He asked her to stop and told her that he wanted to fuck her and to wait till they got home. Shalini also was ready for another fuck and sat silently while now Ramu concentrated on getting home fast and drove much above the speed limit. When they reached home Shalini told him to park the car and come straight to her room. Ramu quickly parked the car and knew that Chandra would have heard the car being parked in the garage as her servant quarters was next to the garage. So he quickly rushed to her room and told her that he was going to chota memsaab’s room for fucking. Chandra who was half asleep asked him if she could also come and watch and he immediately grabbed her hand and dragged her quickly upstairs to Shalini’s room. Shalini was surprised to see that Ramu had brought Chandra but by now she did not care who knew about her sluttiness. She was lying naked on her bed and both the servants entered and shut the door and switched off the light. But there was enough light from outside and Ramu immediately got naked and mounted Shalini and started kissing her. It was nice to be fully naked and touching this beautiful body and smooth skin of this high class girl. He placed his hands under her knees and pushed her kegs up and spread her legs also with his knees. His hard cock found its target and he started banging away. Shalini’s pussy had now become a fucked up cunt fully and there was no pain even though the penetration was rough. There was only pleasure and Ramu kept banging away. Chandra was standing next to the bed watching when Ramu asked her to come and touch her memsaab and feel her beautiful skin. Chandra immediately got on the bed and started playing with Shalini’s body also and then crept down inbetween the legs to watch the fuck from closeup. She loved to see the fucking from this angle and she started petting both the butt’s, one beautiful and smooth and one hairy black and ugly. Chandra loved to feel the cock when it was going in and out and she also slid one of her fingers along with Ramu cock into the cunt. The angle was such that her fat thumb was on Shalini’s asshole and she also slid her fat thumb into the young memsaab’s asshole. This was too stimulating for the young girl and she had a terrific orgasm. Ramu now wanted to fuck her ass and told Chandra,” Lauda ko gaand mein dalo”(put the cock in her ass). Chandra immediately held his slimy cock and place it at her asshole entrance and Ramu just rammed it in with all his strength. The monster black cock just slammed into the painful asshole of the poor girl that she shrieked and Ramu immediately placed his mouth on hers kissing her and stifled the sound. Ramu did not wait or care about her torn asshole even though Chandra told him,” Ramu kaka, aapne chotimemsaab ki gaand phad de.”(Ramukaka you have torn chotimemsaab’s asshole). Ramu did not care as he was fully excited and banged her asshole but the excitement was too much and he came deep into her asshole. Two days later all hell broke loose.
Ramji and Rajesh had returned from the business trip and now all the family members were at home. Shanti the 48 year old big memsaab of the house and Ramji’s wife and mother of three grownup children, had missed her period and now it was almost 20 days late. This was very unusual as she had her periods regulary on the dot as and was never late. She had visited her gynaecologist and confirmed her suspicions and had told Ramji immediately on his arrival home. Ramji was shocked at first and then was thrilled that he was going to be a father. They had a lengthy discussion about the pregnancy and Ramji was adamant that he was not going to kill his baby by abortion. Shanti was also against abortion and they then visited the gynaecologist together who told them that Shanti was still very young and in the west women started a family late in life and 48 was still considered young. Also everything was normal and she would not have any difficulty. Shanti felt a bit embarrassed that she was going to have a baby at this age when they had grownup teenagers at home. Also what would her son and DIL think about her. This was the age to become a grandma and instead she was about to become a mother. So when the entire family got together at dinner, Shanti announced the good news to her shocked children and DIL. She also announced that they could expect the baby in another 7 months. 
Deepak her younger son was the first to react and jumped up and hugged his mother and congratulated her enthusiastically. Immediately everyone got out of the shock and hugged her and congratulated her and there was lots of commotion and happiness even though the situation was weird. 
Deepak the youngest child of the family was only 19 and used to be a good student like Shalini. But that was as long as he was in college. In college he had full freedom and had joined with boys of his status and ever one of them was rich and had all sorts of bad habits. Drinking was the least of them and Deepak wanted to fit in with these guys, so he too started joining them on picnics, bars, parties, clubs, dancing and getting drunk. These guys all were a loose set of friends and were totally about 15 of them. Whoever was available hung out together but there were about 5 guys who were thick friends from college and they were the core of the gang. So being in their good books was essential and then they would invite a few other guys for their rich parties or trips even going abroad on trips to Singapore etc. These guys had lots of girlfriends and some were even in college and were just 18.
One of them was Shalini and one of the guys was fucking her often and had had taken her to the farm house on 2 weekends and had got her gang fucked. They did not know that she was Deepak’s sister and luckily they had not invited him to their party in the farmhouse. Deepak was trying hard to get into the core group but had to be content with the other guys and they just went to discos or bars or cheap dance bars with cheap whores dancing. Some of the guys stayed on and fucked these prostitutes but Deepak was not interested in fucking prostitutes and that too for his 1st fuck. He was still a virgin and masturbated a lot. He also surfed the net for porn pics, videos and stories and was addicted to a site called freesexyindians. He spent lots of his spare time when he was at home locked up in his room and reading all the free stories and viewing the fantastic pics and videos. He liked all sorts of stories and was so horny that he was tempted to fuck a pros with his friends. But he controlled himself and always came home late at night and drunk but luckily he had not been caught by anyone yet. Only the servants Chandra and Ramu knew about his late night stumbling into the house. Once his mother saw him stumbling into the house drunk but kept quiet about it.
She did not want her strict husband to punish him or something. Also on that particular night unfortunately Shanti the big memsaab of the house was also drunk herself having had a little too much to drink at her hen party and had just enterd her room when she heard her son stumbling inside. She went to bed and as usual took her sleeping pill for her insomnia and went into a deep blissful sleep. Shanti went to these late night kitty or hen parties only when her husband was out of town on business otherwise she always stayed at home to take care of the family. Then she would only go out during the days and return early if ever she went out. Her family came first for her Shanti was contented in life and was happy for having such a happy family that she did not want any unpleasantness spoiling the calm household. Her husband treated her well and she was respected by society and loved by everyone in the family. She was a devoted mother, wife and mistress and treated everyone nicely. She was still only 48 yrs old and looked younger. She was not slim but also not fat and could be called a MILF. But she always dressed conservatively and had taken to drinking wine very late in life at her kitty parties. So even a little wine could make her tipsy. Her husband kept her sexually satisfied and always fucked her when ever she was in the mood or when he was in the mood. Shanti was still shy and never initiated sex but her husband could pick up the sexy signals easily and he always kept her satisfied. Anyways- Shanti was happy with life.
But life takes strange twists and one night when Deepak returned from his late night clubbing drunk and horny and ready to go to bed and masturbate he was dropped off by his mates and silently crept into the house. The house was dead quiet as it was almost 3am and he knew that only the women were at home as all the men had gone on a business trip. So he was confident and also knew that his sister or bhabi would not say anything about him to his father. Only he had to be careful of his mother and see that she does not see him piss drunk. Deepak was thirsty and went into the kitchen to pick up a bottle of cold water from the fridge. While going into the kitchen he had to pass through a passage and from there he was able to see his parents room. The door was shut but the small window that opened into the passage and had four shutter was open. Actually the top two shutter were only open and Deepak wanted to confirm that his mother was asleep. He knew that she had insomnia and was taking treatment at a sleep clinic in a famous expensive hospital and also was taking medication for her sleep disorder. He hoped his mother was asleep and would not catch him drunk and coming home so late. His grades were not good and Deepak was worried that his parents may place a curfew on him if they found out that he was out so late. Deepak was always careful to slip out after dinner and everyone thought he had got to bed early. Anyways he stood on tip toes and peeped inside and could see his mother fast asleep. She was snoring lightly but what caught his eye in the dim night light were her fair legs reflecting the moonlight streaming onto her through the other open window. Deepak loved his mother like any other loving son and she was always a very good mother to him and had always given him any amount of money he asked with no questions asked. She was the one handling finances at home and his father never interfered with her decisions. He also had never had sexy feelings towards her even though her had read numerous stories and some true of sons fucking their mothers. Shanti had worn a silky nighty as usual and as her husband was not there she was sleeping in the middle of the bed on her side with her buttocks towards the window. In her deep sleep her nighty had risen above her knees and though it still covered her big buttocks her thighs were completely exposed. 
Now seeing her like this Deepak stood outside looking with awe at such a beautiful sight. This woman sleeping there was like some sex goddess and her thighs looked like a south Indian movie actress Rambha who had acted in some hindi movies and had thunder thighs. For Deepak these thighs were more beautiful and he kept looking and with his one free hand started massaging his cock from over his trousers. He was already horny and these fair sexy thighs were fantastic. He forgot that this woman was his mother and his drunk mind could only see her as a sexy woman. He could not see her face and that made it all the more easier for his to enjoy the sexy sight. The bedroom was a large one and the bed was about 10 feet away from him but still he could see everything clearly. After a few minutes just watching and playing with his crotch he undid his fly and pulled out his erect virgin cock and started masturbating in earnest. He was so highly excited that he quickly shot his cum onto the wall next to the window. Now he felt relieved and quietly slipped out of there and went to his room. He fell asleep immediately in a drunken stupor and had a nice wet dream with his mother in it. Chandra was surprised to find cum stains on the wall and floor when she cleaned the house next morning but being a simple girl just cleaned up quietly. Deepak woke up with a massive hangover and just lay in bed even after being awake. He had morning wood and even with his hangover masturbated his hard cock. His mind went straight to the memory of his mother’s fair beautiful thighs and big buttocks like Rambha. He felt ashamed to think such dirty thoughts about his mother but what to do now. He was a horny young teenager with a hard on and he was masturbating his cock and could not think of any other images. Deepak was still a growing teenager and his cock was not very big or thick. But it was a decent size and was 6.5” in length and about 3” diameter which was an above average size. 
It was again too exciting for the horny teenager and just a few minutes of masturbation and he was cumming again profusely.

Once again he was ashamed about his dirty thought and decided to forget about it. He has a quick wash and started again reading stories on FSI. But this time he concentrated only on incest stories and that too about mother fucking. There were so many mother fuckers out there and he could also watch videos of mother fucking and they seemed real as they had strong resemblances. He again had a hard on and again masturbated looking at mother fucking porn. He masturbated for a long time and ended again with a huge cumming but this time his guilt had receded and he felt nice. Now he knew that there were numerous mother fuckers and that it was not so uncommon. He cleaned up using a tissue and kept surfing information about incest and mother fucking and learnt that California in the US was the number one State for incest. Also in the south of the US there were lots of trailer trash white folk for whom mother fucking was normal. Most women in the US become single women with grown up sons by the age of 40 since the divorce rate is very high. They then have to move to smaller accommodations and mainly one bedroom apartments and because of the scantly clothes as well as high usage of alcohol they slowly tend to gravitate towards getting sexual comfort at home. One the guy is a horny teenager who would fuck a lamp post and secondly there is a woman in her early 40’s in her sexual peak and without a husband and sexual frustration. This is a highly potent mixture and hence incest becomes common. It is the other way around with fathers and daughters also and many young girls of 18 and 19 get pregnant by drunken fathers who forget to use condoms. Hence there is a lot of inbreeding there and dumb Americans being born everyday. And the whole world knows about the blacks being kept as slaves by the whites and like cattle being inbred constantly. All the young males were used for stud duties and would constantly used to fuck all the fertile women whether it is their sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins or anyone. This went on for decades and no wonder blacks call other blacks as brother or sister because actually they might be descendants of the same parent. No wonder most Americans are born so stupid. 
In India incest is very subtle. As in most cultures the women reach their sexual peak in their late 30’s or early 40’s. And normally their husbands will be at least 4 to 5 years older or more. By that age the men’s sexual desires reduce and most middle aged men will be attracted to younger women and lose interest in their wives. So they will work longer hours and take more business trips and have sex with their wives once every week or two, which is highly unsatisfying for the women. By this age most of the son’s are in their late teens and have raging hormones and will fuck anything with a hole and like most teenagers have oedipal repressed feelings. 
Oedipus complex
The Oedipus complex in Freudian psychoanalysis refers to stage of psychosexual development in childhood where children of both sexes regard their father as an adversary and competitor for the exclusive love of their mother. The name derives from the Greek myth of Oedipus, who unwittingly kills his father, Lauis, and marries his mother, Jocasta. 

In India this oedipal feelings are repressed and nothing happens between mother and son in most cases and they have a normal relationship. But sometimes something like a sudden view of the mother’s cleavage or thighs will bring this repressed feelings to the surface and then there is no stopping and the son has to fuck his mother and will do everything to fuck her. The mother of course cannot tell anyone because the society is such and tries to control the son’s emotions by advice or threats but this does not work and the son eventually succeeds in stripping her naked and fucking her and keeps fucking her when ever he wants. The woman also keeps quiet and in most cases starts to enjoy this taboo sex and everybody is happy. 
Anyways- Deepak went down after the shagging and at the breakfast table was slyly glancing at his mother who was busy laying the table and getting breakfast ready with Chandra chatting away with her and Swathi bhabi. 
He realized that he may be caught giving guilty looks, so he quickly ate his bkfast and left the house to meet his buddies. The whole day was spent talking about girls and women and watching blue films in his friend place as well as lots of beer. The played cards in between and by the time he returned home it was late at night. Shalini had gone for her weekend party and Rajesh and Ranji were off on business. Chandra had gone to Swathi’s room to give her company and Deepak realized that there was no one on the groundfloor and the house was dark and silent. He silently peeped into his parents bedroom and saw his mother was fast asleep. He heard her low pitched snoring and realized that she was fast asleep. That day actually Shanti had a head ache and took some strong pills for that and then she took an extra sleeping pill over the prescribed dosage. That had knocked her out completely and even an earthquake would not awaken her. Deepak of course did not know this. So he took things slowly and entered the room and shut the door. He also shut the windows and now there was only the dim night lamp on. He slowly went to the bed and shook his mother slowly and called her. She did not respond but just kept sleeping. That evening Shanthi had a nice shower as usual before bed and had used some nice perfume and a bright yellow nighty. Now seeing his mother sleeping with her fair thighs visble and the sweet smell gave Deepak a fantastic hard on. He slowly turned her over on her back and saw in awe the beautiful MILF lying there with her big round tits jutting out so beautifully and her hips so nice and big and as she had not worn panties her nighty was bunched inbetween her cunt and he could clearly see her plump cameltoe cunt. What a beautiful sight. Now Deepak who was also drunk was beyond caring. Also there was no other male in the house and he felt bold enough to lift his mother’s nighty slowly and see inside. He was still not bold enough to completely lift the nighty over her waist. So he bent and placed his head inside the lifted nighty and peeped inside and could now not only see her beautiful hairy cunt but also smell it. It smelt delightful and for the virgin boy to see a cunt so close and that too his mothers was fantastic and exciting. His hardon was raging inside his pants and he undid his fly and let out his cock which stood out straight. Deepak decided to masturbate looking at his mother cunt and he held her night lifted up and with the other hand he started masturbating his virgin cock. Soon he wanted more and seeing that his mother was still snoring deeply now he realized that his mother must have taken her sleeping pills and would not awaken. So daringly he pushed her nighty over her waist till her navel and her pubic hair and complete cunt was on full display. He stopped masturbating and spread his mothers legs and she just complied in her sleep and lay there legs spread out like and slut ready to be fucked. Deepak was thrilled to see his mother displayed like this and he opened the three buttons on her nighty at the top and freed her beautiful big boobs. Now his mother was fully displayed out and though was not fully naked she still was naked completely as her boobs and cunt were now openly on display. Deepak though drunk had the quick wit to take out his cell phone and quickly take a pic of his mother almost fully naked. He took another pic only of her cunt and one of her big boobs. He reached out and gave a quick squeeze of her boob and then touched her cunt. Her pubic hair felt so nice a soft unlike his own rough pubic hair. Deepak now wanted relief and slowly knelt inbetween his mothers spread out legs and then bent over without putting his weight on her. He placed his hands on either side of her upper body and just wanted to rub his cock on her pubic hair and masturbate and cum quickly. He was scared to fuck her as she might awaken. So now his hard cock was rubbing inbetween his mother legs and over her pubic hair. Deepak started fucking movements and he was in heaven and now his hard cock was rubbing over the camel toe hair covered cunt. The friction of his cock on his mother’s clit was making her moan in her sleep and made Deepak even more excited that he started moving more faster. He was making a sort of up and dowm motion and not a forward and backward motion and thus his cock was rubbing inbetween his mothers cunt lips and on the downward motion her cunt lips were being spread and his cock was inbetween them but not penetrating the cunt. His mothers cunt was fully wet from the stimulation and covering his cock with it and now his cock was slimy and slippery. His cock was also excited enough to secrete precum and rubbing it all over the cunt lips. Deepak was a regular masturbator and hence he could last a long time even though the situation was very stimulating and exciting. Deepak was about to cum so he stopped the motion and just waited kneeling in between his mothers spread out legs and then he squeezed her boobs. It was terrific and he felt he was in heaven. He then held her behind the knees and lifted both her legs up to have a closer look of his mothers cunt. It was the most beautiful thing he had seen and was fair and covered by pubic hair (not too much) but the right amount to look sexy. Deepak liked the cunts he saw on the internet which were unshaved and with hair. Shaved cunts did not turn him on as much as hairy cunts and his mothers was the best. He slowly bent down and nuzzled his face inbetween his mothers legs and smelt the smell of her wet cunt. Even though she was asleep her cunt was excited and wet and Deepak then licked her cunt.

He had seen it done on the internet and was a theoretical expert like most teens and did a good job of licking her cunt. He then again got inbetween her legs and positioned his cock and gave a push. The cock instead of sliding inbetween her legs slipped due to the wetness and entered her cunt lips and the mushroom head got lodged in. Deepak was aware enough to stop and just enjoyed the feeling of his mothers cunt lips wrapped sungly around his cock head. The feeling was fantastic and Deepak thought that since he had now technically fucked his mother, there was no reason why he cannot push his entire cock in the warm hole from where he came. He decided that he would not cum in her and that way she will not know that her son had fucked her. So Deepak pushed all the way and lodged his entire cock till the balls into the warm cunt of his mother. He was now in true heaven and the virgin boy was no longer a virgin and his mother had unconsciously taken his virginity. What more could a teenager want. Deepak started fucking his mother in earnest and now he did not care if she woke up and started banging away. His mother was grunting in her sleep and she must have been dreaming about sex or some thing and was moaning. This was so exciting to Deepak to hear his mother moaning because of his fucking that he was unable to control himself and at that moment also her cunt started having and orgasm and tightened around his cock and sort of sucked the cum out of him. Deepak came in gushes and filled his mother’s cunt fully. His cock was fully inside and so most of the cum shot out deep inside her cunt and Deepak could not help it but kept banging away and spurting cum like he had never spurted before. The tennager was spent and happy and for a moment lay fully on his mother and then he kissed her on the mouth directly. This seemed more taboo that fucking for some reason and Deepak French kissed his mother. Now the mother son relationship was finished. For a moment Deepak was worried that he had cum inside his mother but then he consoled himself thinking that she must be on some birth control or maybe had an operation to avoid pregnancies as she never had another kid after Shalini. So definitely his mother was protected and he did not worry about that. His only worry was that she would find out that she had been fucked and he may get caught. So he quickly wiped her cunt as much as possible and straightened out her clothes and also the bed and left her and the room exactly as before. 
Deepak was right that his mother was protected during sex but that was only by using a diaphragm which her sister had got her over the years from America. 
A diaphragm is a thin rubber dome with a springy and flexible rim. It is inserted into the vagina, fits over the cervix and is held in place by vaginal muscles. A diaphragm holds spermicide in place over the cervix (opening to the uterus). Spermicide kills sperm, preventing fertilization. After intercourse, it should be left in place for 6-8 hours. Diaphragms are 86-94% effective as birth control. 
Shanti’s sister had shown her how to lift on leg and place in on the chair and then insert the diaphragm deep into her cunt and Shanti was an expert. So when ever she had sex with her husband she used the diaphragm and it had worked for them perfectly. Also on her unsafe days she used extra spermicide to kill the sperms and had avoided to get pregnant since Shalini’s birth. 
So now she was truly fucked as she had a shitload of potent young teenage spem swimming deep inside her cunt and making its way upward to make a baby. 
Shantti did not know this and when she woke up the next day she felt terrific for some reason and except for the extra wetness in between her legs she felt fantastic. Shanti cunt normally got wet when excited and she did not think otherwise. She had a fantastic deep sleep and somehow felt satisfied. Unknown to her she had a fantastic fuck and orgasm and that will make any woman happy when she wakes up. She had a quick shower and went down taking her son’s sperm with her deep inside her cunt (sperms will live inside the woman’s body for at least 48 hours swimming happily) as well as a fertilized egg in her womb.
Two days later all hell broke loose.
Ramji and Rajesh had returned from the business trip and now all the family members were at home. Shanti had missed her period and now it was almost 20 days late. This was very unusual as she had her periods regulary on the dot as and was never late. She had visited her gynaecologist and confirmed her suspicions and had told Ramji immediately on his arrival home. Ramji was shocked at first and then was thrilled that he was going to be a father. They had a lengthy discussion about the pregnancy and Ramji was adamant that he was not going to kill his baby by abortion. Shanti was also against abortion and they then visited the gynaecologist together who told them that Shanti was still very young and in the west women started a family late in life and 48 was still considered young. Also everything was normal and she would not have any difficulty. Shanti felt a bit embarrassed that she was going to have a baby at this age when they had grownup teenagers at home. Also what would her son and DIL think about her. This was the age to become a grandma and instead she was about to become a mother. So when the entire family got together at dinner, Shanti announced the good news to her shocked children and DIL. She also announced that they could expect the baby in another 7 months. 
Deepak her younger son was the first to react and jumped up and hugged his mother and congratulated her enthusiastically. Immediately everyone got out of the shock and hugged her and congratulated her and there was lots of commotion and happiness even though the situation was weird. “””””””””””
Deepak had made a quick calculation in his head and realized that the day when his mother was impregnated was the night that he had fucked her and had cum in her. Also when she announced her pregnancy Shalini frankly and innocently asked her why she had not used any protection and her mother answered truthfully about using a diaphragm and that it seemed to have failed. So Deepak was now certain that the baby his mother was carrying was his.
When all the excitement was going on Rajesh who was hugging his wife Swathi now told them that the family could now expect 2 babies in 7 months as Swathi was also pregnant. Now everyone was double happy and jumped in joy and hugged Swathi. Swathi was like a shy bride and blushed along with her blusing MIL. She saw the happy faces of her husband and her FIL and felt so guilty. If only they knew the truth.
Swathi was a healthy woman and her periods were so regular that she could easily forsee exactly when she was going to have her periods. She would inform her husband a week before her periods and they would make plans accordingly. So when she missed her periods she knew immediately that she was pregnant. She had been expecting this as she had all the symptoms of pregnancy for at least 2 weeks before her expected periods. She was feeling a bit fatigued, had morning sickness, felt like eating more pickles or citrus stuff, her breasts felt sore especially if her husband or Ramu or her FIL played with it or sucked it. So Swathi had realized for some time that she was pregnant and her missing her periods only confirmed it. She quickly calculated backwards and checked her diary where she had noted days with a tick and an initial (H, R, B for Husband, Ramu or Babuji her FIL) and also a number for the number of times they had fucked her. Some days had multiple initials meaning that more than one of them had fucked her. So all she had to do was find out from the gynaecologist using ultra scan to determine the age of the foetus which she did immediately when she missed her period. Her gynaecologist confirmed that Swathi was indeed pregnant and also the age of the foetus. She congratulated Swathi who was somewhat in shock and did not know whether to be glad or sad about this pregnancy. The only problem was that the child may be Ramu the driver’s. When Swathi felt she was pregnant she had time to think it over and realized that even if the child was her father-in-laws there was no problem as the DNA would be the same as her husbands and the child would not look different. Actually the child may look exactly like Rajesh her husband. But if the child was Ramu’s then it would be black and have his ugly features and everybody will know that it was fathered by her driver. He life will be ruined. 
So as soon as she got home from her doctors office she took her diary and made calculations and was relieved to find that the week that she had got pregnant only her FIL had fucked her and that too daily multiple times. She remembered that her husband had taken Ramu on a business trip and when he flew out of town he had allowed Ramu to take the car and take his wife to her mother’s village 250kms away for her delivery. So neither Ramu nor her husband had fucked her the whole week and the child was definitely her Father-in-laws. Swathi sighed a sigh of relief and immediately realized that she was a slut and whore to be bearing some other man’s child and not her husbands even if the other man who made her pregnant was her own father-in-law. Swathi realized that she had to monitor her pregnancy closely the 1st 3 months and if there was even the slightest doubt that Ramu her driver was the father of her child then she had to get it aborted. 
The only other way around this was she had to go to her maika (mother’s house) for delivery as normal and give birth to her driver’s bastard child and somehow give it away and say that the child had died in child birth or something. Then she would have to get help from her family and they would come to know that their innocent daughter was a whore and getting fucked by so many men and that too a low class driver. 
So when she heard the news that her MIL was pregnant Swathi realized that her FIL had knocked up two women and one was his own DIL. Swathi also realized that she had to tell her FIL that he was the father as she may need his help later on for any crisis situations and it was better that the father of the bastard child knew it. Rajesh her husband of course had to be kept in the dark. 

When Swathi had returned from her doctor’s appointment and had confirmed that her FIL was the father of her bastard child she was now relaxed and happy to be a prospective mother. Only now her face started glowing that she was pregnant and decided to enjoy the pregnancy like her mother-in-law who also was unknowingly carrying her son’s bastard child.
Now thinking of giving birth to some one else’s child made her cunt wet and she felt like a whore and slut. She started masturbating herself when the door suddenly opened and Chandra came in. Swathi saw that it was only Chandra and asked her to come inside and masturbate her. Chandra came in and immediately started masturbating her memsaab and then asked her”, Bhabi, yeh baccha kiska hai. Thume malum hai kay? (Bhabi whose child is it? Do you know?) . Swathi was shocked and realized that she never thought that anyone else would suspect her of having a bastard child. She felt like a complete Randi hearing Chandra ask her that question. She now realized that Chandra, Ramu, Shalini and her FIL knew that she had fucked other men other than her husband. Also they may suspect that she may have even fucked someone else without their knowledge. Because once you are known as a whore then people think that you will fuck any maN-which is actually true. So these people may doubt who the father is. So Swathi lied to Chandra that the doctor had taken blood tests and found that Rajesh is the father. She also instructed her to tell Ramu that also so that there was no more speculation. Swathi knew that the servants held the doctor’s word in high esteem like God’s word for them and they will believe it if she told them that the doctor had confirmed that Rajesh was the father. That also gave Swathi the idea that it would be good idea to get her doctor to do a parental test by taking out fluid from the umbical chord and testing the DNA with her FIL’s DNA. Then it would be confirmed that Ramu is not the bastard child’s father. 
So she instructed Chandra to run down and ask Ramji saab to immediately come up for a few minutes. When Ramji came hurrying upstairs worrying why his DIL wanted him upstairs immediately when all the family members were present at home except Rajesh. As soon as he came up with Chandra following Swathi chased away the maid and then told Ramji the good news,” Babuji aap phir se baap banne wale hai(meaning actually that you are about to be a father again). Ramji smiled and thinking that his bahu was talking about his wife Shanti being pregnant answered,” Haan bahu. Is budape main be main baap banne wala huun. Apke saas be kamal kar de, Is umar mein.(yes DIL,even in this old age I am going to be a father. You MIL surprised us by getting pregnant at this age).
Swathi answered,” Nahi babuji-Main merae bache ke baat kar rahi hoon. Aaap he mere bachee ke be baap hain”(No FIL, I am talking about my child. You are the father to my child also). Aaap he ne mujhe chood ke mere paet ko matke bana diya(You have only fucked me and made my stomach into matka). Swathi was smiling and in a happy mood and Ramji realized that his DIL was actually happy to be carrying his child. Swathi then told him that it is better to get the DNA test done within 3 months to eliminate the chance that Ramu may be the father.
Ramji also wanted to be sure that the child was not Ramu’s the low class kala driver and was either his or Rajesh’s. So he readily agreed to go with Swathi and get a DNA test done. He was thrilled that he had fathered a child with his beautiful bahu but them like most men he had to ask her the suspicious question-
Ramji asked his DIL,” Bahu, kya Ramu aur mere alawa aur koye se chudwaya kya? (Bahu other than Ramu and myself did you get fucked by anyone else)
This was a terrible question to throw at an innocent and that too pregnant woman. Pregnant women have mood swings and will be irritable and get irritated very easily. From docile sweet women they will turn into a screaming fisherwoman in a flash. 
Swathi was again made aware of the fact that everyman she fucks other than her husband will always think of her as a whore and will always question if she was getting fucked by more guys. She was a bit pissed off with her FIL for thinking of her as a whore (which she actually was now having let her driver fuck her). So she answered,“Nahi babuji, aisaa mauka nahee meela” (meaning that I never got the chance).
Ramji was shocked to hear his innocent DIL speak like this and was also bit pissed off. He did not realize that his DIL was being sarcastic.He asked Swathi,” Tho mauka melna se tu aur gair admee se chuwayaji kya?”(So if you get the chance you will get fucked by more strange men).
Swathi was also now in an argumentative mood and said,” Kyon nahi, aap be tho apke bibi ka alawa Chandra aur muje chodthe hai na? aur kis kis ko choda pata nahee”(why not?You also are fucking Chandra and myself. I don’t know who else you are also fucking)
Ramji was totally pissed of at the insolent reply and answered,” Tho itnee badee randi ho gayae tum tho phir mein tujee ujlee baar business tour mein le jayoonja aur merae business client se chudwaunja. Mere business KO bhee phaida hooja aur high class randi ka fees 50000 be bach jayaja.”(If you have become such a big whore then the next time I go on a business tour I will take you to get fucked by my business clients. That way I will also save on hiring high class prostitutes for them to fuck and will save 50000).
Swathi was shocked at the turn this conversation had taken and also shocked that her FIL wanted to whore her out to his business clients in other places.
But maybe because of her pregnancy, her harmones were making her argumentative and she defiantly told her FIL,” teek hai babuji. Main ujlee baar aap ke saat aaunga aur aapke randi banuga aur aapke business clients se chudwaunja. Laekin randi ka fees 50000 muje dena padega.”(Ok babuji, I will come with you on your next business trip and be your prostitute and get fucked by your business clients but you have to pay me the 50000 prostitute fees.)

ll this talk of prostituting the DIL was making both FIL and DIL horny and Ramji immediately grabbed Swathi and lifted her nighty and pushed her on the bed doggy style and as he was wearing just a dhoti he moved the cloth and pushed his rampant cock into his Dil’s pregnant choot. He banged her hard calling her “Randi saali, saab se chudwathe ho”(bloody prostitute getting fucked by everyone)
Swathi also was in her peak and replied,” haan babuji. Main randi hoon. Aur sab se chudwathe hoon (Yes babuji,I’m a prostitute and I get fucked by everyone)
Ramji could not bear it any longer and came again profusely inside Swathi’s cunt. Just as he finished cumming they heard footsteps and Rajesh walked into the room without knocking as it was his room also and only his wife would be inside even if naked. Luckily Ramji and Swathi had not taken off their clothes or else they would have got caught and were instead just standing apart after the fuck. Ramji told his son that I had come up just to inquire if bahu was OK and if she needed anything. Now that she is pregnant she has to be taken care of especially by everyone. Rajesh was pleased that his father was taking such good care of his DIL and hugged his dad. All this while his father’s cum was leaking down his wife’s thighs.
Ramji immediately told his son that next week business tour to Ooty they would take Swathi with them for a change and rest in the nice cool hill station. Rajesh immediately agreed and smiled at Swathi who was looking astonished. 
Swathi actually thought that her FIL was just joking about lending her to his clients to fuck as a prostitute. But it seemed that her FIL was now serious about this. Actually Ramji had also been joking at first about making his DIL a prostitute and lending her to his clients to fuck. But while fucking her he realized that his DIL was giving her cunt freely to the driver and maybe will give it away to the milkman or dhobi or paperboy or auto driver or even Ramu may take her and lend her to his driver friends for fucking. So Ramji’s business instincts made him think, why not make some money out of her or at least save some money instead of giving her cunt away for free to low class strangers. That way on their next 7 day trip to ooty he will save atleast 3.5 lakhs for 7 nights. Even if he gave that to Swathi the money will be still in the family itself and will not be a loss. Like this every business trip he will be able to save money as well as provide a fantastic whore to his clinets who will be tremendously pleased. Also many men like to fuck pregnant women so even if she is pregnant she can still fuck till her delivery date. Some men actually hire whores who are pregnant for fucking as it is a fetish for them. 

Normally Ramji and his son when they are on business tours will meet at least 4 to 6 clients per day depending on the city and the volume of business and most of them will be provided with 5 star dinner as well as a high class prostitute at night whom they will all share in the hotel room after dinner and lots of drinks. Most of these clients are old dogs but few are the younger generation. And since this happens in different cities around the country and sometimes abroad none of them have met Ramji’s family members. 
So saying this Ramji hugged his DIL and yold her,” Next week ko Ooty chalangae and tu koob mazaa kar sakeegee”(Next week we will go to OOty and you will enjoy a lot-he actually meant about getting fucked but in front of his son it looked like he was saying that ooty will be fgreat fun for pregnant Swathi)
Swathi understood and replied,” Teek hai babuji. Main bhi thayaar hoon koob mazza lene ooty mein”(OK babuji. I am also ready to have lots of fun in ooty meaning that she was ready to get fucked a lot in ooty but in front of her husband it meant innocent fun)
Ramji left the room but his cock had again got erect with the double talk with his DIL in front of her husband and also the fact that Swathi was actually ready and willing to come with him and service his clients as a randi.
He immediately went doen and cornered Chandra in the store room and dragged her to her servant quarters and shut the door and pushed her on the bed roughly. Chandra was amazed and his bada saab’s horniness but was glad to be getting fucked and immediately puled up her skirt and opened her legs. Ramji immediately fell on her and inserted his hard cock in his servant’s cunt and started banging away. He kept banging away and did not hear Ramu enetering the room. He turned to Ramu and told him to shut the door quickly and wait for a few minutes for him to finish. Ramu and Chandra were shocked that their bada saab was so casually talking and not at all embarrassed that the driver had entered the room while he was fucking the servant. Once he finishe cumming in Chandra he told Ramu,” Aab tu chad ja”(now you mount her) Ramu immediately opened his fly and took out his hard cock and inserted it in the maid’s sloppy cunt and started fucking her.
Ramji had by this time straightened his clothes and left the room casually.

For the next few days the household had to adjust to the routine changes due to 2 pregnant women. All this pregnancy etc had made all the men in the household horny as hell and they were all the time looking out to catch the women for a few moments and have a quicky. 
Shanti had morning sickness and her insomnia had increased and thus she found the slight disturbance or snoring from her husband unbearable. So she moved to one of the other guest room at the far end far away from all the disturbances in the house. She also instructed everyone not to disturb her as she sometimes slept in the daytime too due to her lack of sleep at night.
Swathi too had all symptoms of her pregnancy and felt exhausted soon. She and Ramji had gone to a specialist and got her umbical fluid tested with her FIL’s DNA extracted from his mouth with a swab and confirmed that the child she was carrying was his. This made both FIL and DIL much closer and like husband and wife. Swathi realized that her FIL was now more than her husband who only had tied a thali but her FIL now had fathered a child with her and that too without a thali. Now that Shanti was irritable and had moved to a separate room Ramji was free to fuck day and night. Chandra benefited the most from this and as Swathi was pregnant Rajesh started spending lots of time at home and Ramji could not get more opportunities to fuck her. Still they managed to have quickies and Ramji was getting bored with having only Chandra to fuck. Once in a while he fucked his wife when she was in the mood but that was rare. Swathi felt badly for her FIL and wanted to help him get satisfied as much as possible. She also rarely went out that much. The Ooty business tour got postponed by another few days also. So when Swathi was invited to her friends wedding she was happy to get a chance to dress up and doll up and go to the wedding. Her MIL did not want to go out so she took only Shalini who was also thrilled to dress up and doll up with lots of jewels to go for the wedding. The wedding was a ****** friends and hence none of her male family members could accompany as it was also no use as they will be separated and none of her household men knew any of the wedding guests who were mostly ******. 
Razia her friend and Swathi had a close friendship in college and kept in touch via e-mails. Razia had few other older sisters and hence her wedding was late at 24 which was considered too late to get married. But luckily she was getting married to a guy from this city and Swathi was the 1st friend to be invited. Even though Swathi and Shalini were not ****** they were accepted into the inner family circle of Razia whose family were in the steel business and were rich but were very humble and friendly with everyone.
Swathi felt at home and since they were also joined by their other college friends were now giggling and talking. Everyone congratulated Swathi on her pregnancy and Swathi smiled and wondered what they would say if she told them the truth about her pregnancy. Swathi laughed inwardly and thought that they would shit a brick if they knew that her child was a bastard and conceived by her FIL. Anyway now thinking about this she remembered her FIL and his lovely cock and Swathi felt wet inbetween her legs. She wished that she had her FIL’s cock immediately to fuck.She unconsciously started rubbing her clit while holding her had innocently inbetween her thighs. Women can easily masturbate in a busy crowded place with nobody knowing. That’s easy for them. Even while at work they can easily play with there pussy and masturbate fully without anyone knowing. But we men can’t do that as we have to take our cock out and that too it will be hard and cant be hidden immediatelyJ.Anyway-While daydreaming about this she kept looking around her and saw the laughing faces of her SIL Shalini and her other friend surrounding them mostly covered from head to toe in burqua with only the faces showing as they were all women in the room. Swathi was knocked out of her daydream as if jolted and she suddenly had a brilliant idea. She excused herself saying that she wanted to give hger driver some instructions and grabbed Shalini by the hand and left the room excited. Shalini also saw her bhabi’s smiling face and asked her what is this all about. Swathi rushed towards the large parking lot and fould a secluded spot under a large tree and told Shalini,” Kyon Shalu? Aabhe be tu aapne papa se chudwane chathee hai kya? (Why Shalu-do you still want to get fucked by your father). Shalini remembered the night she had seen her father’s wonderful cock fucking her Swathi bhabi and had told her bhabi that she too wanted to have a taste of the cock in her cunt.

Swathi had not forgotten that and now that she was unable to satisfy Ramji often she had been thinking hard how to satisfy him. Now seeing Shalini’s beautiful face all dolled up like bride she wanted to arrange for her FIl to fuck his daughter as she had requested. But Swathi knew that Ramji would have refused if she had told him as that was too taboo for his conservative upbringing. Fucking his DIL was the limit for him. He could never imagine fucking his own daughter. Now Swathi had a brilliant idea and Shalini was thrilled that her bhabi had remembered. She answered,” Haan bhabi. Muje papa ka land dekna ke baad bahut mann kartha hai ke main be usse chudwa le.”(yes bhabi after seeing papa’s cock I am eager to get fucked by him). “Main aabe bhe issi waqkt thaiyarr hoon”(I am ready at this moment itself to get fucked by papa).
Shalini also was excited and she too thinking of the same cock that made Swathi excited a moment ago got excited and she too had a wet cunt.
She asked Swathi bhabi as to how she can get fucked by papa as he would never agree to fuck his own daughter.
Swathi explained to her her simple but brilliant idea. 
Hearing this Shalini was thrilled and knew that it would work out and she hugged her bhabi right there in the parking area which was shaded and covered with threes. They were standing at the very corner next to a huge SUV with dark windows. Nobody could see them there.Shalini kissed Swathi on the lips and then Swathi responded by French kissing her. They both were fully excited and squeezed each other’s tits and bums. They were unaware that inside the huge SUV with the dark windows Iqbal the driver was taking a nap in the back seat. He had spread a towel on the seat and as usual when he had to wait long periods he took a nap in the vehicle back seat. 
He was a clean guy so his saab did not mind. He had come with his memsaab who was a friend of the family to attend the wedding rituals which went on the whole day. He was awakened from his nap by someone leaning on his vehicle and heard sounds outside. He opened his eyes and saw through the dark window two females kissing and making out right next to the vehicle. He recognized one as Shalini the girl he and Gopi the servant chokra had fucked in the beach resort. He also remembered what Gopi had told him that this high class memsaab was only pretending to be drunk and was fully aware that she was being fucked and even in the ass by the driver Iqbal as well as the servant boy Gopi and she had not protested but enjoyed it. Now seeing her again and that too in this lesbian scene in the deserted secluded parking lot he was excited and started massging his cock. He as usual did not wear any underwear as it got very hot in the car and his cock and balls got uncomfortable being squashed up all the time. He had even read somewhere that if his balls were hot it would kill the sperms and he being a low class fellow thought that his fucking ability would also become less if he wore any underwear. So he had a big tent in his pants and felt like masturbating. But he did not and kept watching and then he suddenly rolled down the windows and both Swathi and Shalini got a shock when he said,“hello Shalini memsaab. Kaise ho? (how are you). 
Shalini who was hugging Swathi had lifted Swathi’s saree up over her ass and her hand up Swathi’s ass inside her panty squeezing her ass cheeks. She was facing the SUV and Swathi had her back to the SUV and now her bared ass was a few inches from Iqbal’s face and from where she heard the voice. Swathi stiffened herself but Shalini recognized Iqbal immediately as the driver who had fucked her thoroughly both in her cunt and her ass and who may indeed be the guy who took her ass virginity. The look in his eyes and the confidence with which he was looking and speaking told Shalini that he knew that she knew that he had fucked her and he did not look surprised or scared. Shalini immeidtaely assured Swathi that everything was Ok and told Swathi,” Don’t worry bhabi. Yeah Iqbal chacha hai. Isse main jhanthi hoon.Yeah driver hai”(this is Iqbal cchacha. I know him. He is a driver)
She replied calmly still holding Swathi in the same position,”Main teek hoon.Aap kaise ho?(I am are you?) Swathi was squirming and trying to pull down her saree but Shalini was having fun in showing her bhabi’s ass to this stranger and that too a low class driver. It was exciting and Shalini wanted to see how far this will go. Also nobody was missing them and they were still hidden from the world.
Iqbal in the meantime was caressing Swathi’s ass which was right in front of his face from inside the car and told Shalini,” memsaab,Apke bhabi ka gaand bahoot mast chikna hai)(your bhabi’s ass is fantastic)
“Gaadee ke under aajaaoh”(come inside the vehicle)
So saying he opened the door and held Swathi’s gaand on the hips and pulled her into the vehicle. Shalini helped by pushing Swathi gently and Swathi had to fall into the back seat onto the driver’s lap. Shalini also got in and shut the door. Iqbal had moved to the other end of the large lengthy back seat and Swathi was now resting on his lap and could feel his hard cock on her cheel from inside his pants. Shalini was sitting next to her and picked up Swathi’s legs and placed it on her lap. She smiled at Iqbal and asked him if he liked her bhabi. Both Shalini and Swathi were already sexually excited and so too was Iqbal. He did not reply but bent down and kissed Swathi on the mouth and held her tight. Swathi was amazed at the development and wondered how Shalini knew such low class fellow’s and that too so intimately to start a sexual encounter within few seconds of meeting in a strange place. Iqbal French kissed her and squeezed her tits while Shalini lifted her saree above her waist and squeezed her cunt. Iqbal was watching from the corner of his eyes and was excited to see this high class memsaab stripping her own high class bhabi in front of him a low class driver. 
He also placed his hand inbetween Swathi’s thighs and Shalini pulled up Swathi’s panty and allowed Iqbal to put his hand on Swathi’s cunt. Iqbal quickly put his middle finger inside the wet cunt hole and started masturbating this high class stranger whom he had met just a few seconds ago. Shalini to excite him further told him,”bhabi do mahinae se paet sa hai”(Bhabi is 2 months pregnant). Iqbal was shocked and also excited to hear that this high class woman was such a whore to be 2 months pregnant and still get her cunt masturbated by a strager driver. Swathi was maoaning and inbetween her moans asked Shalini how she knew this fellow. Shalini told her crudely,” Iqbal chacha ne mere gaand mara” (Iqbal chacha fucked my ass).
Swathi immediately knew that Shalini was talking about her gangbang in the farmhouse. Saying this Shalini quickly started undressing Swathi fully and Iqbal helped her also in making her bhabi nanga right there in the open parking lot. It was exciting for all of them. Once Swathi was naked Shalini spread her legs and bent down and kissed her cunt and started licking it. Iqbal had never seen a more xciting sexy scene and he immediately freed his cock and it was now resting on Swathi’s ckeek. Swathi had her head on his stomach and Iqbal turned her head towards his cock and pushed his cock against her mouth. Swathi opened her mouth and licked the circumcised mushroom head. This was the 1st time she was seeing such a cock live. She had seen so many on the internet and blue films but never a live one. She licked the head and then she turned and got up and turned around and faced her ass towards Iqbals face. Iqbal immediately spread her ass cheeks and licked her wet cunt. It smelt so divine and he was in heaven. He could not bear it any longer and got up and knelt behind her in the cramped area. But he was able to do so and immediately pushed his cock inside the pregnant woman’s cunt and fucked her gently. Shalini was watching all this and held Swathi’s face and kissed her on the mouth and French kissed her. Swathi came within a few minutes of fucking as she was so very excited and also being pregnant her cunt was very sensitive. Her orgasm was terrific and she moaned out loudly and hearing this Iqbal too got excited and was about to cum and asked Shalini,” bhabi ke choot ke undar panee chodu kya?(Shall I cum inside your bhabi’s cunt). Shalini answered,” haan panee choot ke under chodo. Bhabi tho pregnant hai”(yes you can cum inside bhabi’s cunt as she is pregnant now). Hearing this Swathi smiled because these two people were taking the decision of letting a low class driver to shoot his cum inside her cunt without even asking her.
Iqbal also was excited to hear Shalini talk like a randi and immediately came deep inside Swathi’s cunt. He kept cumming like a dog for at least a minute and luckily he had spread a towel on the seat as his cum started leaking out the minute he pulled out his spent black cock from the fair fucked up cunt.
He lay back on the seat panting and closed his eyes for a few seconds. Swathi sat in the middle still fully naked and Shalini also leaned back on the seat after enjoying such a beautiful vulgar live fuck. Shalini still had her hands on Swathi’s thighs and moved it inbetweeen Swathi’s legs and felt the cunt fully messed up with cum. Shalini played with the messy cunt and inserted two of her finger inside and took it out and placed in in her mouth and licked the cum. Swathi was looking at her doing such a vulgar act and was amazed and how Shalini had changed. She also realized that she too had changed like this. They smiled at each other and Shalini then bent towards Iqbals cock and picked the half erect slimy cock and put it in her mouth. Iqbal who had his eyes closed could not believe it and was amazed that this beautiful girl was taking his slimy cum covered cock willingly in her cute mouth. Shalini licked his cock clean and started sucking it in earnest. This was too much for the driver and his cock immediately responded by becoming erect again. He turned towards Swathi and pulled her face and started French kissing her while the younger girl was sucking his cock. 
While he was still kissing Swathi Shalini had manovered herself towards Iqbal and now had raised her saree and pushed aside her panty and was bent forward showing her bum to Iqbal right over his erect cock. She held his cock with one hand and lowered herself onto his hard erect lauda and lowered herself fully onto his cock and had his cock fully inside her cunt. She then held on to the seat in front and started fucking the driver up and down and banging down hard. This position sent his lauda deep inside all the way to her womb and Swathi could see from the side the vulgar contrast his black cock made to the fair pink backside of her young SIL. Shalini was too excited and banged away onto the drivers cock driving it fully inside with every downward thrust. It did not take both of them long to cum and Iqbal felt the young girls cunt tighten its grip on his cock and both of the groaned and grunted and came simultaneously shooting his cum deep inside as she had now fully settled down on his lap lodging the thick cock to be stuffed inside like a cork in a bottle sealing up the opening. No cum leaked out but shot deep inside and they sat like that his cock still twitching and letting out cum in spurts. Shalini leaned back on Iqbal and he hugged her tightly with eyes closed. Shalini was still fully clothed like a sati savithri (except that she had a drivers cock up her cunt) without a single item removed from her body whereas Swathi was sitting like a whore randi fully naked besides them.
After sometime they all recoverd and Swathi quickly got dressed up and Shalini also straigtened herself. But anybody could clearly see that these two young women had been recently fucked so they decided not to go in but call Ramu to bring the car there and go home directly. Ramu was provided with a cell phone like most of the drivers of rich people so that they can be reached anytime and he too was napping in the car parked in front of the house. He immediately freshend himself by washing his face with a bottle of water and drove inside towards the end of the lot and parked in front of Iqbals car on the path. Immediately he got out and opened the back door and Shalini and Swathi quickly rushed inside waving goodbye to Iqbal who had got out of the car also. Ramu watched in astonishment at the scene and immediately looking at the two young women’s dishevelled attire as well as Iqbal’s sniling face and also the the bosy language of these three, he knew that they had done some hanky panky inside the other car. He quickly shut the door and then went to the drivers seat and turned back and asked,” Bhabiji, ghar jana hai kya?(Bhabiji shall we go home?) Swathi did not answer but Shalini answered,” Haan Ramu kaka(yes). 
He looked back at Shalini in the rear view mirror and kept quiet and Shalini knew that he was dying for some explanation. So she did not want to keep him in suspense any longer but playfully asked him,” Ramu kaka, kuch poochna hai kya? (Do you want to ask something?). Ramu just kept quiet and waited for the young girl to continue. Swathi was just sitting contented and relaxed and hearing these two playing around.
Shalini still felt excited at the sudden sexual encounter with the strange driver and sexily told Ramu vulgarly,” Haan Ramu kaka, Iqbal chacha ne hum dono ko choda aur hamaree choot aab bilkul gheelee hai Iqbal ke pane se bara huaa”(Yes, we both got fucked by Iqbal and our cunts are filled and leaking with his cum)
Aaap tho janthee hai ke Iqbal chacha ne farmhouse main meri gaand marae thae. Aapne tho dekha tha. Aaab Iqbal chacha se main aur Swathi bhabi ne bhee apnee choot chudwaiyee”(you know that Iqbal chacha had fucked my ass in the farm house and you had watched it and now both myself and Swathi bhabi got our cunts fucked by him)
Tho aaab jaldee ghar le chalo, choot ko saaf karne hai. Chacha ne bahoot pahnee under coada. Bhabi tho paet sa hai aur usaee kuch farak nahee padagee. Lakin mujhe jaldee hee choot saaf karnee hain, nahi tho main be paet se ho jawoonjee (now drive us home fast as we have to clean our cunts. Chacha has shot a lot of cum inside our cunts. Bhabi is pregnant and it does not make any difference but I have to immediately clean my cunt otherwise I will get pregnant with Iqbal’s child) 
Both Ramu and Swathi were astonished at such vulgar but frank talk from the mouth of suckh a beautiful high class girl.
Ramu was about to start the car but Swathi stopped him and told him to wait. She got down and went towards Iqbal and spoke with him and came back to her car. From outside the back window she asked Shalini,” Shalu Itni jaldee ghar kyon janaa hai. Kuch daer aur mazza karengee na? (Shalu why do we have to go home so fast. Why don’t we have some more fun for some more time)
Shalini was always ready for some wild fun and immediately without even asking the details accepted. Actually Swathi had gone to Iqbal and asked him if he wanted to go somewhere and continue fucking as both Shalini and herself were still horny and wanted to continue the fun. She asked him if he had a place closeby or knew of any such safe place to go and calmly fuck in peace without disturbance.Iqbal was thrilled and he had immediately accepted and told Swathi that he had a unmarried driver friend living closeby in one of the government low income group flats and could contact him and get his flat for them to use. But the only problem was that he had to wait for his memsaab to take her home and then make some excuse and come and that will take a long time. Swathi told him to first call up his friend and find out if the flat is available and then go and inform his memsaab that he not feeling well and instead of him Ramu will be the substitute driver and wait and take her home. While Swathi was informing her plans to Ramu and Shalini, Iqbal had called and fixed up the flat and then he and Ramu went to the house to inform the memsaab about the change of driver. 
When they had gone Swathi asked Shalini,” Shalu, kya tujhe aab bhee chudwane ka mood hai kya? Mujhe tho hai aur malum nai kyon? Choot ke khujli aab bhee hai aur Iqbal chacha ka lauda tho mast hai. Pahale baar aisee lauda dakhee mainae aur chudwaiyee.”(Shalu, are you still in the mood for fucking. I am and I don’t know why? My cunt is still itching for fucking and this is the 1st time I am seeing a circumcised cock and Iqbal chacha has a fantastic cock)
Shalini answered,” Haan bhabi, Iqbal chacha has a mast lauda and I too don’t mind getting fucked again. The lauda feels different without the foreskin. You should also try it in your gaand. It also feels different.”
Talking like this made them feel excited again and Swathi and Shalini again French kissed and felt kujli in the choots again. 
Ramu and Iqbal returned after few minutes and Ramu took Iqbals car keys and told Swathi and Shalini to have fun and if possible he would join them lateron. Iqbal had given Ramu the address of his friend for Ramu to be able to join them lateron if possible. He knew that the evening is going to be a long one since when he called his friend Rafiq the other government employed driver, Rafiq had skipped work and was in his flat watching a pirated Hindi movie on the DVD player with three of his other driver friends whom Iqbal also knew very well. So when Iqbal called and told him why he needed the flat Rafiq immediately told him that Iqbal should allow them also to join in the fun. Iqbal had no other option but to agree and did not inform Swathi and Shalini about the gang waiting to fuck them. Iqbal knew that Shalini would not object to a gangfuck as she had done it many times already. Also Shalini did not mind if the guys fucking her were drivers. Even Swathi memsaab seemed to be like Shalini and did not look down upon the low class drivers and had immediately allowed Him to fuck her without even a single objection. These two high class women did not seem to have any class or religious prejudices and treated all the men equally. Iqbal respected that and decided that he would take care of their safety and see that they had their fun without forcing anything on them. He also knew that once he took these two high class sluts inside the flat at least Shalini would not object to a gangfuck and Swathi may allow at least him for another fuck. But he knew that once the guys knew that she was pregnant they would all like to fuck her as there was something sexually appealing to fuck a pregnant woman. So while driving he decided that he would inform the guys to go slow on her and concentrate on Shalini and he Iqbal would first fuck her and if she was willing to let anuone else they would also enjoy her. Otherwise they had to be contented with all of them fucking only Shalini. Iqbal immediately smiled thinking about how absurd his thoughts were. Of course none of his driver friends would mind fucking only Shalini who looked like such an innocent beautiful movie star. Where in the world would they get such an opportunity?
Also Iqbal’s status among his ****** driver friends would become higher after he gave them such a free treat. So when they reached the flat all the neighbours who were around were awe struck at these two beautiful women fully decked up in silk sarees and jewels visiting these low class drivers flat. Some men also passed lewd comments to Iqbal saying,” Kyon Iqbal chacha? Kahan se utta ke laye ho itne mast maal ko?(From where have you picked up such hot sluts Iqbal chacha)
Swathi and Shalini were blushing with embarrassment as they knew that these people around them knew that they had come to do some hanky panky with Iqbal. They also were embarrassed to hear such lewd comments but just lowered their eyes and quickly hurried up the satirs to the top third floor low income flat. Both Swathi and Shalini had never entered such a poor type of flats and only knew that their servants lived in such places. They had also seen such places only in Hindi movies. So as soon as the door opened on Iqbal’s knock they just rushed inside and when Iqbal had shut and bolted the door they suddenly found that there were 4 other men inside the flat sitting on a mattress spread out in one corner in the tiny front hall watching a movie on a small old colour TV. There was no other furniture in the room. 
The room inside was clean and painted bright and the mattress was coverd with a clean white sheet with round pillows covered with maroon covers to rest the back against the wall. The small window had a nice dark curtain and the room was still quite bright.
Both Swathi and Shalini were shocked to see these guys who were definitely all low class fellows. But being sophisticated ladies with good manners they said hello to the guys and Iqbal introduced them as Rafiq, Abdul, Rehman and Anthony. Iqbal assured the two shocked women,” yeah mere khass doston hain aur bilkul decent saaf family log hain. Yeah tapori log nahee hain memsaab. Sabhee govt driver ke kaam karthe hai.”(these are my friends who are decent clean family guys and not slum dwellers. All of them work as govt drivers). Both Swathi and Shalini shook their hands and Rafiq got up and gave them place to sit on the mattress and asked them if they would like a cool sherbet drink. The high class women did not want to hurt the drivers’ feelings and looked at each other and agreed and sat down on the mattress which was actually quite comfortable. Actually Rafiq was staying in the govt allotted flat and had Anthony as his flat mate who paid hima nominal rent to stay there. Both were bachelors and actually Anthony was a bus driver. Rahman was not a govt driver but an auto driver and was living in the nearby slum with his wife who was a housemaid. He would work in shifts and share an auto with another guy and now he was in the night shift and hence was free during the daytime and spent all his spare time with his driver friends. Abdul was also a driver for the govt on a temporary basis but he was a garbage truck driver. He also lived in the slum nearby and his wife worked in the garment factory as a labourer. 
For all of them this was the first time they were meeting such high class rich women on a sociail basis and all of them had high regards for Iqbal chacha who was the oldest of the group. They all were in their early 30’s except for Anthony who was 25. Rafiq and Anthony were the clean guys as they lived in a flat but the other two were slum dwellers and had no proper facilities. So Iqbal called them aside and asked them to go have a bath in the bathroom.
Rafiq had brought the sherbet in clean glasses and all of them had it in silence. Iqbal who was still standing held out his hand to Swathi and asked her if she would like to see the bedroom. Swathi immediately got up holding his hand and when Shalini also started getting up Rafiq held her back and asked her to give them company in the front room and let Iqbal and Swathi go check out the bedroom. Shalini immediately understood what Rafiq meant and she blushed and sat down again. Rafiq also sat down next to her and now Shalini was inbetween Rafiq and Anthony on the mattress on the floor. Abdul and Rehman had gone to the small bathroom and both were having a quick bath in their underwear. They were excited and had a hardon and they chattered away in their slum slang in a low voice. Abdul was telling Rehman,” dhono high class randi ko koob bajayaengay” (we will vigourously fuck both the sluts).
Swathi who had gone with Iqbal found the small bedroom had a clean bed with a nice bedsheet. The small window here also was covered with a nice curtain and the room had 2 cupboards 1 each belonging to Rafiq and Anthony. This was Rafiq’s bedroom and Anthony slept on the mattress in the front room but had his clothes and stuff in the cupboard in the bedroom. As both were bachelors they had no problem sharing the flat. 
Iqbal immediately on entering the room hugged Swathi and kissed her and without closing the door pushed her on the bed and started undressing her. Swathi who had never ever been in such surroundings was somehow excited and hugged and kissed the low class driver like a cheap redlight whore. She did not care now and just wanted to get fucked. Iqbal had got naked fully mounted the naked pregnant woman and spread her legs and inserted his raging hardon into the sexy woman’s cunt with a vigourous bang. Swathi squealed at this vicious hard attack on her cunt and her squeal could be heard in the front room. Rafiq who was sitting next to Shalini immediately caught her roughly and started kissing her roughly. Anthony who was sitting on the other side pulled down her saree pallu and squeezed her boobs roughly. Rafiq was holding the girl tightly while French kissing her and Anthony saw this opportunity and opened the buttons of her jaket and pulled her blouse from one hand. He also pulled up her bra and freed her boobs and started sucking one boon roughly. Shalini was helpless on this double onslaught and could not do anything but reciprocate. She also kissed Rafiq back and she herself got rid of her blouse and bra and assisted Anthony by lifting her bum while he was pulling out her saree and her petticoat.
In a fraction of a minute Shalini was stripped naked and her beautiful sexy body was exposed. Both the drivers were stunned by her beauty and started mauling her boobs and tits and running her hands over her cunt. Both of them inserted a finger simultaneously in her cunt roughly. They could not withstand her beauty any longer and got undressed quickly and Rafiq quickly mounted the beauty and lifted her legs onto his shoulders and with a strong push shoved his thick black circumcised 8” cock deep into her cunt. Since her legs were on his shoulders she could not see his cock but could feel the thick monster which went deep inside. Luckily her cunt was already lubricated with Iqbals cum earlier and she felt no pain but just immense pleasure. She knew that these low class drivers would fuck differently and just bang her cunt which was a change from the high class boys. This was pure animal like sex and Shalini was enjoying it. She just lay back and allowed rafiq the driver to bang her. Anthony was sucking her breast roughly and it was a bit painful and sore but she bore it and enjoyed it. Her cunt was leaking out profusely as the banging with Rafiq’s thick cock was pusing out some cum from deep inside. Anthony had in the meantime come and sat behing the fucking pair and was caressing her bum and he saw the cum leaking out. So he rubbed it onto her ashole and slowly inserted his slimy middle finger into her asshole. He expected there to be obstruction but Shalini’s already fucked asshole opened up easily to his probing finger and it slid in easily. Anthony was surprised that his finger was able to penetrate Shalini’s ass so easily without any obstruction or pain. The young beautiful girl did not even wince or feel any discomfort. Anthony realized that Shalini had been fucked anally and asked her,” memsaab, phelae kabhee gaand marwaee kya?(memsaab did you get fucked in the ass before). Shalini who was enjoying Rafiq’s fucking and moaning like this dirty slum talk from the driver and replied,” Haan, Iqbal chacha ne meri gaand mara aur ushee se phelee baar gaand marwaee”(Iqbal chacha fusked my ass and he was the 1st person from whom I got my ass fucked)
Anthony was excited hearing this high class girl talk so vulgarly like the cheap prostitutes he was normally used to fucking. Rafiq and he would bring prostitutes regularly to fuck as well as the low class slum servant maids living in the slums nearby. Even Rafiq was scandalized hearing this vulgar talk. He was in heaven having his cock in such a beautiful girls cunt and had never thought in his life that he would have such an opportunity. Hats of to Iqbal chacha. He was his hero and guru from now on and he would be grateful to him always Rafiq was excited to hear Shalini talk about anal sex so casually. Most of the slum girls or even prostitutes never allowed anal sex so casually and the prostitutes charged extra for it. Then too they did not seem to enjoy it and it was sort of a turn off. But to find a woman and that too a young girl accept it so casually made him more excited. So he asked Anthony,” Anthony bhai, iske gaand bajana hai kya?” (Anthony bro do you want to bang her ass)
Anthony answered,” Haan Rafiq bhai. Is loundi ke gaand banjnee me mazaa ayega. Iske gaand upar karo aur main be chad jayoonja”(Yes Rafiq bro. It will be fun to bang this girl’s ass. Bring her ass up for me to mount her)
These driver fellows had never done a double penetration before and none of the slum women or even the prostitutes allowed it. So the chance to do it was exciting and Rafiq quickly without removing his cock from her cunt turned the girl over and now he beautiful ass was up in the air. Rafiq kept fucking Shalini from below and Shalini who was hearing the slum talk was a bit apprehensive but also curious. She had changed from a quiet girl into a wild girl and was ready for any new experiences. She had lost all her shyness with the world and had the courage to do anything. Now the prospect of trying DP (double penetration) was exciting and she played along and did not say anything. The one cock in her cunt itself felt so good and by that logic two cocks in her will be even better. Anthony also realiaed that the girl understood what they were about to do and since she had not raised any objections he quickly inserted his funger again up her ass. It went in more easily since she her ass was up in the air in a sort of doggy pose. He was easily able to push in another finger and then he could no longer wait and quickly stood up placing his hairy dark legs on either side of her fair buttocks he quickly rubbed his cock in the slimy cunt area and then placed it at her asshole entrance. Shalini stiffened her body momentarily but Rafiq then gave a push from below and at the same time Anthony happened to shove downwards. Even though Anthony was gentle the entire thick fat black cock entered easily into the girls hole. Shalini grunted like a pig and all three stayed still for a moment relishing the beautiful vulgar coitus. Shalini now was sandwiched inbetween these two low class drivers and this is the precise moment that Abdul and Rehman came to the front room after finishing their bath. They were still in loose cheap striped kachaas(underwear) and were shocked to see the scene before them. Shalini’s face still looked like a beautiful starlet but her body was impaled by two cocks and she was sandwiched tightly. These slum fellows had seen so many live sex scenes when they sometimes joined with Rafiq and Anthony in banging some slum girl they could entice for fucking or some hired prostitutes. But they had never seen a scene like this and only had seen such a scene on blue films and that too with firingis and not Indian women. They were thrilled and wanted to get in on the action and quickly removed their underwear and came on either side of the threesome and started playing with her boobs. Rehman was very hard and horny and immediately stood up and pushed his cock towards the girls face and she immediately opened her mouth and took the head in. Rehman caught her head and pushed his cock fully inside. He was not very big and was only about six inched and average thickness. So Shalini was able to take his cock in her mouth without gagging. Now Shalini was totally fucked having all her holes filled. If there was any other hole Abdul would have also filled it but he had to be content with just playing with a boob and waiting for his turn. All the three men now started fucking Shalini in earnest and each of them were in their peak. Shalini was the 1st to have a tremendous orgasm as the cock in her ass was hitting her G-spot at the exact time that the cock in her cunt was fully inside. Both Rafiq and Anthony could feel the other’s hard cock through the thin membrance separating the asshole passage from the vaginal passage. 
Abdul was going crazy with desire to shove his cock into some hole but had to wait patiently. Luckily Iqbal who was thoroughly excited at the events of the day had finished cumming inside Swathi for the second time that day and when he got up the lovely pregnant woman just lay back satisfied and like a whore just lay there with her legs spread wide with cum dripping out. Iqbal was about to ask her if she was willing to fuck another guy and before he could do that Swathi told him,” Ek aur ko andar bajoh”(Send another guy inside) Iqbal was thrilled that Swathi was wiling to get fucked by another of his driver friends that he just nodded and went out leaving the door open. When he came to the front room he was shocked at the unexpected sight. Three of his driver friends were mounted on the young girl like a pack of street dogs. Iqbal quickly gestured to Abdul who was sporting a massive hard on and playing with the girls boob and said,” Abdul bhai, chaal ander aur doosri memsaab pe chad ja. Who thaiyar hai.Lekin dhera se bajana, who pregnant hai”(Abdul bhai go inside and mount the other high-class woman. She is ready to get fucked.But bang her carefully as she is pregnant”
Hearing this Abdul was all the more excited and did not wait to say anything but rushed inside. His massive lauda was waving like a flag in front of him. Swathi saw this black hairy slum fellow rushing inside and his huge cock and balls were awesome and she just lay there looking in awe. She had never seen anything so huge. Her FIL’s 10” looked smaller as Abdul was a freak and had a 10” cock but it was very thick like a wrist. And his balls were massive and hung far down. Abdul was a huge guy and scary looking but actually he was a gentle giant except in bed. Abdul did not wait for any preliminaries and just got inbetween the spread out legs and with one quick motion had lodged his huge lauda’s mushrrom head into the now stretched out cunt. Every women he fucked would be walking strangely with bowed legs the next day as he had great stamina nd strength and also a massive cock. Iqbal knew about his cock as they had shared women before and he wanted to watch the fun even though the fun in the front room was also terrific. So he kept going from one room to another watching both.
Abdul had mounted the surprised Swathi but he was not resting his weight on her whole body as Iqbal chacha had told them that she was pregnant. He did not know how many months and the woman’s tummy also was flat.His cock had slid in about 5” and by that time Swathi felt fully stretched and stuffed. She did not know how much more she can take inside. Abdul gently asked her,” kitna mahina”.
Swathi answered,”D0”(Two) and was pleasantly surprised at his gentle voice and gentleness. When she had seen him rushing in to fuck her looking so huge as well as sporting the biggest cock she had ever seen, she had expected that she would be roughly banged. But this guy was so gentle even though he looked like a ugly ruffian.
Swathi was pleased with the guy and wrapped her arms around his huge shoulders and pulled him on top of her and hugged him. Abdul also now rested his entire weight over her and Iqbal who had taken a chair next to the foot of the bed could not see her body. He could see her cunt stretched so wide with half of Abdul’s massive cock inside. Iqbal was worried that her cunt will tear and start bleeding but watching Swathi pull the massive guy over her and hugging and kissing him. He realized that Swathi was in not much pain and liked Abdul. Abdul also kissed the beautiful angel and pushed his massive buttocks a bit and sent another inch inside. Swathi then wrapped her legs around his back as much as possible and pulled his buttocks towards her pelvis and when he gently pushed down Swathi pushed up and the pressure sent the entire cock fully inside her stretched choot. To Iqbal it looked like a medium sized torch stuffed up her cunt.
Swathi was glad that they had come here to get gangfucked or else she would have missed the opportunity to get fucked by such a fantastic cock. She squeezed her cunt muscles and Abdul could feel it and was thrilled that this beautiful woman was enjoying his fucking. He then again stretched out on his arms and now with his massive thighs and buttocks started fucking her in earnest first gently and then picking up speed. Swathi was moaning out loudly and Iqbal was worried that the neighbours could hear her. He quickly went to her and started kissing her on the mouth and muffled the sound. Abdul now was banging her hard and Swathi kept having orgasms continuously. Abdul could not bear the squeezing motion of the cunt as well as the sounds that Swathi was making and he came with a loud grunt inside the pregnant woman.
In the front room All the three men were having a fantastic time stuffed in all Shalini’s holes. They all heard Abdul and Swathi from the next room who were loud and this spurred them on and they all came simultaneously in the girls holes. Shalini could not breath as Rehman had shoved his cock fully in her mouth when he came and was holding her head tightly and she was forced to swallow all the cum and only when he stopped pulsing and shooting cum did he withdraw and let her breath properly. Luckily Shalini was able to swallow the cum and also breath a little through her nose. He cunt was flooded with Rafiq’s cum and her asshole was also flooded with Anthony’s cum.
All the fuckers were a bit satiated and just lay still in calm silence and the silence was only broken when Ramu entered the flat. He had rushed back to the fucking scene as fast as he could after leaving the memsaab and her car. Since he did not have transportation he was forced to call a friend to bring his motorbike and drive him to Rafiq’s place. The friend was also know to Rafiq and he also followed Ramu upstairs. Ramu could not get rid of him as he did not know what to lie to him and just was anxious to get to his memsaabs and see if they were ok. Also he was horny thinking about the gangbang. So when he entered he could easily make out that the gangbang had already taken place. Shalini did not bother to cover herself even though see saw another stranger following Ramu kaka. Ramu introduced him as Mansoor. Mansoor was surprised to see the scene as Ramu had not mentioned that they were fucking a randi. Now looking at the beautiful movie star looking young teenager, he ralized that they had indeed enticed some new starlet to get fucked. He said salaam to Shalini and by this a naked Abdul entered and informed the gang that Swathi was free if anyone wanted to mount her. Ramu immediately told the gang that he is going to fuck her and Mansoor followed him inside. Again Mansoor was surprised to find another beautiful woman with movie star looks who looked like the older sister of the slut in the front room. Swathi was glad to see Ramu who immediately got undressed and mounted his memsaab without even any hesitation or invitation. Mansoor was surprised how his ***** driver friend just got into such a sexual act with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen naked and also was surprised when Ramu introduced her as his memsaab for whom he worked. Mansoor again said Salaam to the naked woman who replied back while wrapping her legs around her driver servant casually. Mansoor took a seat on the chair next to the bed and he also had a stiff cock and watched the live sex with awe. These two high class women were so relaxed and slutty and did not do nakra like the slum girls/women or even prostitutes. He started massaging his cock when Swathi asked him to get naked and invited him to mount her next,” Mansoor bhai, aap bhi nanga ho jao aur Ramu chacha ke baad mujhe chodhna” Hearing this invitation Masoor also got undressed and went to the bed and knelt besides it and ran his hands over her smooth fair beautiful bady. Ramu who was pumping away in earnest told him, Memsaab 2 mahine pregnant hai”. Ramu was excited about the whole situation and Swathi also told him to finish fast as she wanted to go home quickly and Rajesh will come back and wait for her. She also wanted to get fucked by as many of the guys as possible before she left so he had to cum fast. Hearing this Ramu immediated started pumping harder and shot his cum deep inside his memsaab in front of a total stranger. Ramu immediately got up and went to the front room and Swathi gestured to mansoor to mount her and he wasted no time but mounted her immediately and started banging away thrilled at the sudden surprise fuck.
Ramu who went to the frony roon announced that the guys better have another round as Swathi had informed him that they had to leave soon as it was getting late. Hearing this Shalini told Ramu that she was going to saty the night there with her new friends and if he wanted he could take Swathi and go home. There was no rush for her to go home and she could give some excuse. Only Swathi had a husband waiting for her. Hearing this the guys were thrilled. Ramu had no option but had to agree to his chota memsaab who was the boss. So he informed the group that whoever wanted to have a go at the other memsaab could go in and have a shot as she was ready for them otherwise she was going to leave soon.
Shalini also encouraged them and said,” aaab Tum log jaldee se bhabi ko chodna aur baad mein raat bar mujhe chodhna. Mein bathroom mein naha kar aathee hoon”(now you guys quickly go and fuck bhabhi and later on the whole night I am available for fucking. Now I will go take a bath in the bathroom)
Saying this Shalini got up and went for a bath and the entire gang then moved to the bedroom. Swathi was surprised to see so many naked fellows in the small room but kept on getting fucked by Mansoor who quickly came in her. By the time Shalini had taken a shit and had a nice long cool bath Swathi had been gangfucked by all the men there. This was her 1st time taking so many cocks and she was used like a cheap randi. She was fucked in missionary style,then turned over on her knees with her beautiful bum sticking up and someone mounted her doggy style. While she was being mounted doggy style Ramu had found some face cream and applied it to her asshole. Seeing this the Rafiq qho was fucking her doogy style asked,” Ramu kaka, mein iske gaand maar saktha hoon kya(Ramu kaka can I fuck her ass) Ramu replied,” haan Rafiq bhai, Chahe to maar lo”(yes Rafiq brother. If you want you can fuck her ass). Swathi was smiling on hearing the conversation and how Ramu kaka was treating her as his sexual property and also how the others were treating her as Ramu’s property. Now she was not Ramu’s boss but his sexual slave. Swathi did not mind and waited for the anal assault knowing very well that the other guys will also have a go at her ass now. So Rafiq who was pumping in her cunt quickly pulled out his cock and without slowing down aimed his cock at the asshole and in the downward motion had entered her asshole fully in one stroke. Ramu who was fingering her asshole also helped by slightly diverting Rafiq’s cock towards the right direction and Swathi squealed when the big black cock forced itself inside. Rafiq did not slow down but kept banging away and his circumcised cock fely fantastic in her tight asshole. The guys watching were surprised as how casually Sawthi had allowed Ramu kaka to dominate her. Now they knew that whenever they wanted these high class bitches they had Ramu kaka to help them. So by the time Shalini finished her bath and came out the guys had quickly enjoyed themselves with Swathi who immediately went to the bathroom to have a bath and tidy herself. She has so much cum leaking out of both holes but she did not worry, as she was already pregnant. It also felt nice when she walked to feel the squishy cum in her cunt. So when she went to the bathroom Swathi immediately took a sanitary npkin which she kept for emergency in her hand bag and coverd her cunt so that the cum would not leak out. Swathi wanted to keep the squishy wet feeling in her cunt for longer and she quickly had a face wash and gressed up and tidied herself as much as possible. When she came out ready to leave she found Shalini was wearing one of the guys boxer shorts and a loose T-shirt and was looking fresh and very sexy. Swathi knew that her SIL was in for a terrific long night and wished that she too could stay the night. But unfortunately Rajesh was waiting at home for her. Ramu also was disappioned to leave but he consoled himself that Chandra was there for him if he wanted to fuck.
Anthonu also had to leave as he had to drive his auto and pick up his regular customesr from work and then continue on his night shift. The next whole two weeks Shalini was taking rest as well as studying for her final exams. She had missed a lot of classes these last few months and had to make up by intense studying. Also her cunt and ass were in terrible but sexciting pai and whenever her ass or cunt pained she only got wetter thinking about all the beautiful cocks she that had fucked her. But she took some painkillers and also concentrated on her studies. Deepak was also bus ith his studies for the finals and he also stayed in and sometimes helped Shalini when she had doubts. Swathi had come back from Rafiq’s flat and had immediately been accosted by her husband who was waiting anxiously for his wife with a hard cock. Has usual immediately undreassed her and mounted her Sathi had taken off the sanitary napkin in the car before entering the house and iped her cunt with it and gave it to Ramu to throw away. Luckily Rajesh had not switched on the light or else he would have seen the mess in his wife’s cunt and asshole. Instead Swathi pulled him onto her on the bed and immediately took his cock into her cunt. All the drivers cum hich were mixed into a coktail inside her cunt now coated her husband’s cock and he was surprised at ho wet and squishy his wife’s cnt was. But he thought that mybe the wedding had made her horny as normally people get hornier at weddings. It’s the easiest place to pick up a married woman and score. For some reason married woman are easier to seduce at weddings especially those that come alone as hubby could not get off from work or was just not interested. Anyways-he had a sloppy fuck and added his cum also to the mess inside his wife and by the time he had finished Swathi was fast asleep.
Also the next week Swathi had to get ready to accompany her Fil and husband on their business tour. So Shalini just concentrated on her studies for 2 full weeks and just masturbated whenever she felt horny. She was still waiting for her father to get back from his business tour and was surprised that Swathi bhabi also accompanied her husband and FIl on their boring business tour. If she only knew the truth? She knew that Swathi’s plan would work easily and she could get fucked by her father soon and was waiting impatiently for that to happen. 
So when Swathi returned Shalini had not been fucked for 2 whole weeks and was now miserable and horny. Swathi looked fresh and happy to be back but looked tired also. The change and holiday seemed to have been good for her. Also as soon as Shalini was alone with her Swathi gave her a bundle of notes totalling 100,000 and aksed Shalini to buy herself some expensive present. Shalini was absolutely thrilled and hugged her bhabi tightly and kissed her and reminded her not to forget their plans. Swathi calmed Shalini down saying that they could put their plans in action the next day itself as Ramji taking the day off and Rajesh would go to work and take care of all the details of their business after the most successful tour. Rajesh was surprised as to how on this tour every client had given them a terrific business deals and convincing them seemed to be easier. Maybe his wife was a lucky charm to have around when they did business. 
Anyways-the next day Swathi who sent Chandra to bring her FIL upstairs immediately summoned Ramji. Everyboday had gone out and only Ramji and Swathi were at home along with their maid Chandra. Ramji was in the mood after all the xcitement of the most successful tour of his career and was expecting to get a nice long calm fuck with his pregnant DIL. When he went inside wearing his dhothi and just a baniyan he was surprised to find that Swathi had a guest in her room. Swathi introduced their guest as Razia her college and college close friend saying,” babuji, yeah Razia hai, marie uchee se dost. Ishee ke nikah pe pechlee mahine main our Shalu gayee thea”(this is razia who is my close friend and last month Shalu and I had attended her wedding.). Uske pathi wapas America chalee gayee hai.aur isko visa milne mein tho aur kuch mahine lagagee(Her husband has gone back to the US and her visa will take a few months)
Ramji wished the newly wedded ****** bride who was fully covered by her pardha and he could not see her face but she had lovely fair hands and feet in beautiful hig heels.She also smelt divine wearing some Arabic perfume that ****** women wear. Razia also wished him without speaking but just bent and did the adaab gesture. Ramji apologized for being casually dressed and was about to leave to go but Swathi stopped him saying that, Babuji aap se jaroori baat karnee hai,(I have to talk something important with you). In the meantime Razia excused herself to go to the bathroom and left the Fil and DIL alone.
Swathi quickly whispered to her FIL,” Razia ke pathi ne siraf ek haftee yahan thae nikah ke baad aur aab Razia ko choot ke koojli bahaut hai. Usne mujhe bathaiee ke jaldee se usee koi chodhe nahi tho who apnee driver se chudwaeejee. Hum dhono tho bahut karb ke dost hain aur isee leaeee who mari pass aayee hai aur aisee chudwaneee kee baat kar rahee hai(Razia is feeling very horny and her cunt is itching to get fucked soon. Her husband fucked her for just a week and now she wants to get fucked soon or she will fuck her driver soon)
Isheeleya babuji maine aap ko bulaaya hai. Kyon na aap he is nahi dulhan ko chodee aur mazzaaa lootee. Kyo aisee mast mall ko driver lootee. (that’s why babuji I called you. Why not you make use of this new bride and fuck her well instead of some low class drive enjoying such a mast hot stuff)
Ramji was stunned but glad that his DIL called him. He too had never fucked a ****** woman and this opportunity was fantastic. He immediately agreed but Swathi told him that the only condition was that Razia would not show her face as she was shy So when Razia came out of the bathroom Ramji Swathi immediately caught her hand and took her towards her Fil and made her stand in front of him. Ramji was sitting on the bed sporting a hardon which was clearly visible through the thin dhothi. He was also not wearing any underwear. Chandra who had also entered following Ramji and had heard eberything was shocked that this newly wed ****** bride had come here to get fucked by Swathi’s FIL. She sat quietly on the floor and waited silently fearing that if anyone noticed her they may chase her out.
Ramji immediately caught the young bride around the waist and hugged her and his face was at level with her breast. He squeezed razia’s buttocks and kissed her tits. He then stoodup and kissed the girl through the pardha on her mouth. Razia also kissed back and seemed excited at Ramji’s touch. She too hugged him and then brought her hand down and touched his hard standing cock lightly and then boldly held his hard big cock. Ramji had a nice big thick cock and Razia maoned slightly as Ramji was squeezing her tits which was sensitive. Since Ramji could not strip the girl he quickly bent the girl onto the bed and started lifting her pardha. Razia had removed the botttom of her Salwar kameez and was naked below the waist under her pardha. Ramji lifted the pardha above her waist and the ****** brides beautiful round and fair ass was naked now with the pink cunt visible. Ramji immediately knelt behind the young girl and kissed her cunt and licked it. Swathi also sat on the bed next to the amorous couple and watched in silence so as not to break the sexual mood in the room. She smiled at Chandra and winked and Chadra smiled back. Ramji now was licking the fair young cunt earnestly and then he stood up and freed his land and inserted it slowly thinking that it would hurt the young bride. But the huge land of Ramji just slided easily inside and was fully lodged. Ramji was surprised that this girl who had been fucked only by her husband and that too just for a week could easily take his huge cock so easily. He wondered if the young ****** brides husband had a bigger thicker cock than his and had made her cunt loose in just a week.
Anyways-he did not ponder too much on that and started banging the newly wed cunt. This was a rare treat for him and also the fact that he was fucking a ****** cunt made it all the more exciting for him and he banged her hard. Razia was still standing on the ground bent on the bed. She pulled Swathi who was sitting next to her and Swathi lay back on the bed and Razia bent and whispered in her ear,”thank you” and Swathi caught her face and kissed her on the pardha mouth. Ramji then lifted the young ****** girl and placed her knees on the edge of the bed and he also mounted the bed over the girls buttocks and started fucking her like an animal. Chandra who was sitting on the ground behind and watching the vulgar fuck was amazed at how sexy and vulgar the scene looked. Ramji was giving long strokes and he heard the young ****** girl breathing deeply and having an intense orgasm. Ramji felt that this ****** cunt was no different from his bahu’s hinhu cunt and felt the same. Omly the thought of the different religion made it so taboo. Hearing razia cumming loudly he too was on the verge of cumming so he asked,” Beti, choot ke andar panee choduoon kya?”(beti, can I cum inside your cunt”
Razia nodded with out answereing and Swathi answered,” babuji, Razia ke chhoot ke andar he panee chodoo.Thabhe tho mazzaa aayega(Babuji, shoot your cum inside Razia’s cunt. Then only you/we will enjoy fully) 
Ramji by now could not hold on any longer and shot his cum deep inside the young newly married muslinm bride.
The position he was in mounted above her buttocks also made the cum go really deep inside the young girl and she was flooded with the cum. Ramji kept banging and cumming for at least a dozen spurts and kept pumping away till his cock became completely flaccid.
Ramji was totally bushed and exhausted with the fantastic fuck and dismounted the girl and lay down on the bed flat on his back. Razia also was exhausted and satisfied and she too lay flat on the bed on her stomach with her pardha on covering her entire body except her fair buttocks. Swathi was sitting next to her and she gestured to Chandra to clen up her baada saab. Chandra immediately came to the bed and licked Ramji’s cock clean and then knelt behing Razia and parted her buttocks and licked her cunt also. Swahti was watching Chandra lick and clean both her FIL’s cock as well as the girls cunt and seeing both the fuckers lying contented she asked,” Kyon babuji, Meri sahali kaise lagee? Chodnaee main mazzaaa aayaa kya?(FIL how do you like my friend. Did you enjoy fucking her?) 
Ramji still panting a bit answered,”Bahu, Kya baat hai thumari saheli ka choot. Bahoot mazzaa aayaa. Iskee tho choot tight bhi hai lekin mera lannd tho aasaan se under ghus gayaa. Main samjaa ki isee mera bada land lenee main dikatt hoogee. Lekin lagtha hai ke iske pati nein choot maar maar ke aek haftha mein hee dilla kar diya. Laktha hai kee iske pati ka land bhi bahut bada aur mota hai”.(Bahu, your friend’s cunt is fantastic. I enjoyed myself thoroughly fucking her. Her cunt is tight but also it was easy to shove my big cock inside her cunt fully without any proble. I think that her husband has fucked her thoroughly and within one week has made her cunt loose. Also I think that her husband has a big thick cock also.)
Swathi then asked razia,” Kyon Razia, kaise lagee merae babuji ka lund. Mazza aayaa kya?”(why Razia, how did you like my FIL’s cock. Did you enjoy thoroughly?)
Razia just nodded and whispered in a low voice,” Haan “(yes) . Razia was still shamelessly lying with her buttocks still naked. Ramji moved his hand over her buttocks and then leaned up and started massaging her buttocks and then he again got up and stradled her hips on either side and lay on her body. His cock was getting semi erect and He asked Swathi,” Bahu lund ko chooso na”(Bahu suck my cock) which Swathi immediately did and made it erect. Ramji was kneeling over Razia and Swathi then placed his cock again on her cunt and Ramji gave a push. Chandra had also got into the act and was playing with ramji’s balls and when Swathi removed her hand she held Ramji’s cock and directed it into Razia’s buttock crack. And as she aways like to see anal fucking, when ramji gave a shove Chandra moved his cock in Razia’s asshole and instead of any resistance the cock slid easily deeep into the young girl’s asshole. Razia also did not scream or make any noise and Ramji was astonished how the girl could take such a huge cock so easily in her asshole. Chandra who was watching for inches away suddenly looked up at Swathi and started saying,” Yeah tho …..”(this is……) and Swathi realized that the maid had recognized Razia to be Shalini. Swathi immediately bent and kissed Chanddra on her mouth and shut her up. Actually Chandra who had given Shalini so many sexual massages and licked her cunt so many times knew Shalini’s cunt and ass and naked body very well. Shalini had a small tini almost invisible scar about the size os a small button which she got when she scratched her ass on the metal slide at kindergaten. Only Chandra had seen it from close and now when she was parting Razia’s ass cheek for Ramji’s cock to enetr the asshole had Chandra noticed and recognized the scar. Chandra was shocked to see this incest right in front of her eyes. This was the 1st time that she was seeing a father fucking his daughter. Chandra realized that Swathi had arranged for Shalini to get fucked by her father without his knowing by dressing her up as a muslinm woman and saying that she is Razia. It was a brilliant idea and it worked well and Swathi wanted to keep it a secret, as she was apprehensive about ramji’s reaction if he found out that he had been tricked into fucking his own daughter and that too by his DIL. Swathi gestured with her finger on her lips for Chandra to keep quiet and Chandra nodded her acknowledgement. Now the fucking was more exciting for Chandra knowing that this was incest taking place right in front of her eyes. That too a father was fucking the gaad of his young unmarried daughter after fucking her cunt. Chandra wished that some one could fuck her also as she was extremely horny. The same ws the condition of Swathi. But Swathi wanted to allow Shalini to enjoy her father fully.
Ramji finished his unknowing incestuous fuck and unloaded his cum into his daughters ass and quickly got up and tidied himself and left the room after hugging all three women and thanking them especially his DIL.
When Ramji left the room Shalini removed her black head to foot purdha and started giggling excitedly at Swathi and Chandra. They all squealed and started speaking together and Swathi looked at Shalini and gestured,”how was it?’
Shalini replied,” Swathi bhabi. Papa ke lauda tho mast hai and jaisi mein samjee waisi he mazaa aayaa”(Swathi bhabi, papa’s cock is fantastic and I enjoyed very much like I had dremt and expected)
Thanks bhabi Ramji and the entire family were attending a close business associate as well as long standing friends daughters wedding. This was the wedding season for business people and this was the time to meet new clients etc as well as spread their networking as well as bond together during the wedding.
These events were family affairs and some were actually entertaining and enjoyable as well as lucrative for business. Also here in this vast crowds anxious parents of brides were always looking for suitable grooms and they could actually see the eligible boys and observe them and then make a move. So most business people brought their entire families to socialize here. Also the business community was purely secular and a true business man or industrialist did business with everyone equally and during this interaction many found true friendship also even though they belonged to different religions. 
So it was not a surprise that the Ramji family ran into Razia’s new family (her husbands) in this wedding. Razia’s FIL was also in the textile business and hence was pleased to meet Ramji’s family through Swathi. They all sat together and the elders talked business along with some other common familyfriends. Razia’s new inlaws were very modern and broadminded and hence Razia was not in her Pardha whicg she wore while in her own conservative family. Razia was also introduced to Ramji and wished him formally and Ramji was amazed at the calmness and coolness of this newly wed bride who did not show any recognition or fear or anything but acted as if she was meeting him for the 1st time. Swathi panicked and tried to keep them apart the whole time and was worried that someone may say something. They all went on stage to wish the newly weds and take pictures. Since the stage was huge the pictures of guests were taken with 2 families at a time and hence Ramji’s and Razia’s families went on stage together to take pics. Swathi was holding onto Razia’s hand and hence Razia was standing with Swathi’s family while taking pics. The photographer made adjustments and Razia was standing inbetween Swathi and Ramji. Razia squeezed Swathi’s hand tightly while taking the pics and then Swathi excused herself to go to the ladies bathroom. Razia also followed her saying that she too had to use the ladies room.
Razia followed her silently as Swathi kept chattering away. The music bamd was loud in the background. When the went into the ladies room Razia bolted the door from inside and told Swathi,” Swathi kya main kuch kahoon?(Swathi can I tell you something)
Swathi had casually pulled down her dress (ladies pant suit) and was sitting on the WC facing Razia who was at the sink and could see Swathi’s reflection in the mirror and answered,’Kya?(what?)
Razia said,”Kaise kahoon. Muje tho sharam aathee hai.
Swathi, thera babuji tho bahoot gatiya kisum ke aadmee hai.” And she started weeping with tears in her eyes.
(Razia how can I tell you. I am ashamed even to mention this. Your FIL is a very horrible, low class tyoe fellow)
Maine samja ke tu ne bahoot high class family main shaadi ke. Lakin theraee babuji tho bilkul harami nikla)
(I thought you had married into a high class family but your FIL seems to be a low class bastard)
Swathi was shocked to hear such harsh words from her normally decent, gentle friend. But seeing her friend weeping she felt bad for her and knew that something bad had happened and now everything is going to be a mess. Swathi was afraid of this happening from the time she saw that Razia had come to the wedding also.
She looked up at the sweet tender face of her Muslium friend and asked her,” Kyon Razia kya hooaaa?(Wht razia, what happened?)
Sobbing Razia said,” terae harami babuji ne hazzar logoon ke samne mere gaand dabaaya jab hum picture le rehee thae”(Your bastard Fil squeezed my buttocks when we were taking picture in front of 1000 people)
Of course when Ramji squeezed her ass in front fo the entire crowd of guests no one had seen it as he had taken a firm hold of Razia’s beautiful pure buttocks and since there were so many on the stage and none behind them his actions went unnoticed. Poor Ramji had been having an uncomfortable hardon from the moment he he was introduced to Razia and saw her beautiful exotic face for the 1st time. He was amazed that such an innocent angel had behaved like such a slut and got fucked by him in front of his DIL and servant and now was behaving so angelic and sweet in front of her own in laws. He tried to give a knowing smile but the girl kept her cool and behaved like a normal newly wed shy bride. So when on the stage he found Razia standing next to him and he smiled at her, Razia smiled back and then turned towards Swathi and was talking with her ignoring Ramji. Ramji felt the moment right when everyone were concentrating on the bride and bridegroom and he had his hand behind him and he quickly caught hold of one of the buttock on the muslium girl. Razia was shocked and about to scream out but realized that she can’t do anything and she just tightened her grip on Swathi’s hand and was blushing pink. The photographer took his time calmly and within the next minute or two Ramji had nice squeezed and explored the young girls buttocks fully and shoved his hand into clothed her ass crack and tried to touch her cunt. Razia could not even fidget as she saw the entire wedding guests were looking at the stage and she was terrified if anyone else saw this. She was close to tears and hence when the picture was taken she hurried behind Swathi to one of the ladies bathroom.
Swathi was shocked hearing all this and felt that she was the reason for all this misunderstanding and her poor FIL could get into trouble. Also Razia was talking about going out and telling her own MIL about the incident. Swathi was petrified hearing this and knew that there would be a great embarrassing commotion in front of all the guests and her FIL will be shamed. So she quickly finished her piss and pulled up her pants and couaght hold of her friends hand and dragged her upstairs to one of the guest rooms that such wedding halls normally had. While dragging the shocked girl she kept explaining that 1st Razia should hear what she Swathi had to say and then make a decision. When they found a small dressing change room on the 2nd floor, Swatho dragged her sobbing friend inside and told the attendant not to let anyone inside as they were changing their clothes and shut the door.
Swathi had no other way out of this predicament but to tell her close friend Razia the entire story of how Shalini her SIL got fucked by her own father with Swathi’s help by impersonating as Razia. Swathi also explained that Ramji her FIL was innocent and was unaware and also had to tell Razia that she too was being fucked by her own FIL. Hence Ramji had taken liberties with Razia and was infact like Razia an innocent victim of circumstances.
Razia was a bit relieved that the old man Ramji was not a pervert groping innocent young girls everywhere but had been manipulated by her sluttish friend Swathi and her equally slutty SIL Shalini.
Razia calmed down on hearing the explanation and actually smiled at Swathi and was amazed that such decent high class people had so much hidden secrets and people actually committed incest and looked so normal and decent. 
She had calmed down fully and had assured Swathi that she would not tell anyone about this and was actually quite excited on hearing such an amazing fucking story. Swathi was now relieved and both the girls freshened up and went down to join the family.
Now when Razia saw ramji smiling at her she could see the sexual nature hidden behind the smile and she blushed thinking that the old man was thinking of her sexually at that too in front of all the guests and close family. She now could smile back calmly knowing that Ramji was safe and would not embarrass her in front of her inlaws. Everybody were enjoying the loud music from the live band and kept socializing normall when Razia’s MIL wanted to use the washroom and took her DIL Razia for company. The ladies washroom was full so Razia took her to the same room on the 2nd floor which was a mezzanine floor and had a window facing the big hall downstairs and could see the stage etc. Razia left her MIL to finish her piss inside the attached bathroom and pulled back the curtain a bit and was watching the activities downstairs. Her Mil had finished her piss and had freshened herself and Razia asked her to go down and she would use the toilet and come down in a few minutes as her stomach was upset. Razia’s MIL went down and informed Swathi that Razia would be down soon. Ramji and the men were chatting closeby and then went to mingle with his other business associates scattered around.. Shalini had met some of her college mates and was with them and Swathi joined her and they were enjoying a fats number by the band. The danced as bit freely and Swathi saw Razia’s face at the window above and waved out and Razia waved back and kept watching the activities downstairs. She was smiling and then dropped the curtain and went inside. 
Swathi was tired both physically and mentally and was glad to go home by midnight and immediately went to bed and Rajesh had to be contented with fucking her while she was asleep. 
The next morning when Swathi went down to help in the kitchen she happened to run into her FIL Ramji in the darkened passage,who immediately caught her and kissed her and squeezed her buttocks. Swathi playfully asked him,” Kyon babuji, Kaal aapne aiseae hee Razia ke bhe gaand dabayee shadi main?(Why babuji, Yesterday you also squeezed razia’s buttocks like this in the wedding?)
Ramji was in a fantastic mood and replied,” hain bahu, kal maine Razia ke gaand dabayee aur choot be mara”(Yes bahu, yesterday I squeezed Razia’s ass as well as fucked her cunt)
Swathi thought that some how Shalini may have worn the burqua and again got fucked by her father without telling Swathi and asked,” Kab babuji. Kya Razia yehan aayee thi kya?)(When babuji. Did Razia come here?)
Ramji answered,” nahin bahu, Kal shadi mein “(No bahu , in the wedding yesterday)
Then Ramji explained that yesterday when he had gone upstarirs looking for a bathroom he ran into Razia coming out from a room and ha had taken the chance and pushed her back inside and immediately caught her and hugged her and kissed her. Razia was frozen in the shock attack and then tried to push the strong old man away without making any noise. But Ramji was strong and he had squeezed her buttocks and boobs and kept kissing the young pure girl. Razia had sensitive tits as well as she loved kissing and her husband had taught her well. But unfortunatlet he had to leave after switching on the innocent girls sexual switch and left her frustrated. That’s why razia had masturbated in the toilet when her MIL had finished pissing and had gone down and Razia tried to cum fast but she could not with all the loud sounds of the wedding from below. So she was still unsatisfied when leaving the room and now the rough manipulation by this old man had again made her cunt wet. Ramji was taking liberties with the girl as if he owned her and Razia realized that Ramji actually tought that he had already fucked her before and that Razia had cooperated fully. So she too started enjoying the attention and decided that there is no harm in just kissing and hugging and it felt nice to be in a man’s arms again.She too kissed back and hugged the old guy and then Ramji turned her around and held her tits from behind kissing her neck and Razia could feel his hard cock on her buttocks. Ramji was dry humping her forcefully and the pushes took the heated couple into the room and Razia now was bent forward and to keep balance rested her hand on the windowsill. Razia let the old man dry hump her as she felt there’s no harm in that and pulled open the curtain a bit to see if anyone was missing her and if would come up to search for her. She saw Swathi down waving at her and she too waived back. Within this fraction of a moment Ramji had found the nada of the dress and untied it and had pulled down her dress along with her panty and had inserted his finger into her wet cunt. Razia gave a shocked slight squeal but still kept smiling at Swathi who was trying to tell her something and it was evident that none downstairs could see anything and also no one was searching for her. Razia tried to understand what Swathi was gesturing and could not move away from the window or do anything about the thick finger in her cunt which felt very good. Suddenly the finger was withdrawn and was replaced by a thick cock which 
Rramji gave a huge shove and just slammed it into the young girls cunt thinking that he had already banged this cunt and Razia could easily take his huge cock without any problem. But actually razia’s cunt was tender and not much fucked and the savage shove by Ramji was painful even though nice and she immediately dropped the curtain and just bent forward and tried to control the pain with the huge cock lodged inside her. This was only the 2nd cock in her life and that too it was much bigger than her husband who had actually only fucked her once every day for a week and that too not for long periods as he came very fast due to the excitement of such a beautiful cunt. Ramji was amazed as too the tightness of this cunt and the reaction of the girl. The previous fuck the cunt could easily take his cock as that cunt was his randi daughter Shalini who had a well fucked cunt. But this cunt was pure and unused and very tight which made it all the more exciting for the old man as well as he realized that he had to finish the fuck fast before anyone came in. So within a few strokes he came deep inside the young Muslium girls cunt and he quickly pulled out his cock and hurriedly zipped his fly and giving the fair buttocks a last squeeze he left the room. Razia was dazed at how the events had gone out of control and she took quickly pulled up her panties and dress and rushed down to her family. She had to stand quietly without wriggling or fidgeting very obviously even when she felt the cum leaking onto her panty and then down her thighs. She could smell the musty sex smell and was worried that anybody close by could smell it. But that was only because while having sex the primitive senses are heightened and a person can smell and feel much better.
Anyways-by the time she got home her cunt had wet her panty and her dress and luckily it did not show. 
When Ramji explained about his fuck to Swathi, she was amazed how easily her innocent sweet pure friend had allowed a Hindou old man to fuck her and cum in her. Swathi realized that all women when they got koojli in their choots could be easily seduced by any man and fucked irrespective of any religious barriers or age.
Shalini had changed a lot both in her appearance as well as the way she spoke. She still looked like a movie starlet and dressed in latest modern clothes that high-class young rich girls wore. But ever since she started associating with Rafiq and his driver friends from the slum her language while having sex had changed. She started using words that they used like lauda for cock and lauda ka baal to give a gaali etc. Once she fucked her father she had crossed all boundaries and now was a totally liberated slut. She kept visiting Rafiq’s flat often and whenever she had the mood at any time of day or night she would simply call him and someone would come and give her a lift either in some borrowed car or auto. Rafiq’s flat was used by his close friends who Shalini had already met and fucked and so wherever she went there at least one of them was available at short notice for her to satisfy her choot’s choogli. She also had Ramu at home and also Chandra for some lesbian fun.
One day when she returning from fucking outside and was creeping slowly into the house, she noticed a shadowy figure in the dark going towards the guest room. She could recognize it as her brother Deepak who was also returning from a late night out with buddies. Shalini was intrigued as to why Deepak bhaiya was creeping silently like a thief and not walking boldly like a normal son does inside his own house. She thought that maybe he had some drinks and wanted to hide the fact from their parents and hence was silently creeping inside. Shalini also was creeping in silently and hence Deepak did not hear her. Shalini also wanted to avoid being caught by her parents who thought of her as still to be an innocent sati savitri.
She saw in the dim light that Deepak was peeping inside the small window and then he opened the door silently and went inside not bothering to shut the door fully. The door also had a curtain and hence unless you parted the curtain there was complete privacy in the guest room that was situated at the far back end of the huge big house. Shalini slowly crept to the small window and luckily the curtains were not fully shut and she could see clearly inside, as the room was as usual lit by the street light as well as a dim zero watt nightlight. What Shalini saw shocked her and she never would have thought in million years of seeing. Deepak had boldly pulled up his mother’s nighty and made her naked below the waist and he also had opened all the buttons on top and pulled out his mother’s huge breasts and he was now happily sucking it. Shalini watched in fascination as her brother sucked his mother’s breasts so boldly. Shalini also knew that their mother suffered from insomnia and hence had been taking treatment as well as sleeping pills and now it seemed that somehow Deepak was adding an extra sleeping pill to his mother’s late night warm milk and knocking her totally out and by the confidence and the way Deepak was proceeding, Shalini knew immediately that her brother had been taking such liberties regularly. Shalini knew immediately that Deepak was going to fuck his mother and as guessed Deepak boldly pushed down his shorts which he wore at home and climed inbetween his mother’s spread legs and in one clean motion had entered his erect cock inside his mother’s cunt. Shalini watched in fascination this mother fucking. Nowadays nothing shocked Shalini as she had great experience in sex and was herself a father fucker and a total randi slut. Shalini was also very intelligent and bright and when she saw Deepak the matherchod fucking his mother without a condom, she immediately knew that her brother had made their mother pregnant and nobody but Deepak knew about this. Shalini being a woman knew from the women talk between all the females at home that her aunt from the US had trained her mother to use a diaphragm and Shanti their mother had been using it successfully for decades now without getting pregnant. Shalini seeing the incestuous mother fucking going on by Deepak the matherchod without a condom was convinced that Deepak was the father of their mother’s bastard child. Shalini thought to herself,” Deepak badaa he matherchod nikle. Usne aapne maa ko he chod ke aur apne bachaae ke maa aur dadee be bana dalaa. Salaa harami”(Depak turned out to be a big motherfucker. He fucked his own mother and made her his child mother as well as grandmother. Bloody bastard)
Shalini and Deepak had a very close relationship as there were very close in age and much younger than their older brother. So they had bonded well together and literally grew up together. Uptill a certain age they were even given baths together by their mother, aunts,a ny elders at home, servants etc and hence had seen each other naked when they were young. Actually the elders don’t notice that the kids have grown up and still treat them as bachaas and hence by the time they realized that these two kids had grorn up Shalini and Deepak had seen each other naked so often and it had become something common for them. So when the naked bathing had stopped they two kids took to playing doctor and patient and other naughty kids games. When they played hide and seek with the other kids, Deepak and Shalini would run and hide in a secluded shed behind some used tires and nobody ever was able to find them for hours. During these hours hiding Deeepk and Shalini had got to squeezing closely together in the little cramped space and being very silent to avoid being caught by the other kids seeking. What turned out to be innocent fun then graduated to feeling each other bodies and eventually kissing. But onec they had gone to middlecollege and had less time to play and also the girls began to hang out only with girls and also the pre puberty boys hung out with only boys these innocent sexual encounters stopped gradually. Now for many years Deepak and Shalini had forgotten all their antics at childhood and were just brother and sister but were very close to each other and could keep any secret from their family. Also once they became teenagers they strated hanging out with their own friends and Deepak knew that his sister was very broad minded and had many boyfriends. But he did not know the details and also did not invade her privacy. Shalini of course knew that her brother was very studious and was considered a very good decent student who hung out mostly with his own crowd. He had a sort of steady girlfriend named Sandhya but that was still an innocent relationship. 
So this was the relationship between brother and sister. So when Shalini saw that Deepak was confidently mounted on their mother and pumping away coolly. She entered the room and shut the door. Deepak stopped his pumping and was about to hurriedly get up when he saw that it was only his sister Shalini. Shalini also said,Shuuuuuu” with her finger on her lips and had come next to the bed and had placed her hands on Deepaks buttocks with sisterly affection. Deepak had got over the shock seeing that it was only his sister Shalini and again started pumping away. Shalini gave him a sharp swat(slap) across his buttock and whispering and giggling asked him,” Kyon Deepu bhaiya, Maa ke choot kaise lagee, matherchod”(Why Deepak bhaiya, How do you like mothers cunt you mother fucker)
Deepak coolly replied,” Shalu, Maa ke choot tho mast hai. Aur gaand tho ussee badiya hai”
To an outsider the scene may have been astonishing. Naked Brother pumpimg away into his somewhat naked mother and Sister were chatting away as if they were sitting in a restaurant and having tea or coffee. 
Shalini then asked,” Deepu bhaiya, kaab se maa ko chod rahee hai? Kya tune hee maa ko pregnant banayaa?(Deepak brother, from when are you fucking our mother? Did you make her pregnant?)
Deepak answered,” Haan Shalu. Mein samajtha hoon ke is bachaae ke baap tho main he hoon. Theen maheenae se roj main maa ko benaa condom chod rahaa hoon. Papa ke sat tho maa daipraghm use karte hai.”(Yes shau. I think that I am the father of this child as I have been fucking mother without a condom for 3 months daily. With papa mother uses a diaphragm)
Shalini answered,” That’s what I also feel. That’s cool Deepu bhaiya. It sort of cool to father a child with your own mother. Don’t worry. This will be our secret. Its exciting watching a live mother fucking. Carry on banging her and let me see you cum in her”
So saying Shalini lay besides her mother and watched her brother fuck. Then she went down inbetween the legs and started rubbing her hands over her mothers thighs and cunt. Shalini was amazed at how beautiful their mother was even in this age. The skin was smooth and tight and not flabby and when she squeezed her mother’s big boobs it felt firm and not saggy.
She remarked,” maa ke badan tho mast or chickni hai. Aur choot be intne mast hai. Tu tho badee he kush nasseeb ho jo apne maa ke intni nadiya mast badan ko chod sakaae”(mothers body is fantastic and her choot is also mast. You are a lucky fellow to be able to fuck your own mothers mast body)
Deepak grunted his acceptance and was now on the verge of cumming and told his sister,” Shalu I am about to cum.Watch”
So Shalini go closer to the action and could smell the sex and watched as her brother shot his cum deep inside their mother’s cunt. During all this entire fucking episode their mother was making moaning and grunting sounds and Deepak assured his sister not to worry and their mother wil not get up but have an orgasm while unconscious like a wet dream.
When Deepak pulled out his cock Shalini saw the profuse amout of cum that flowed out. She immediately put her finget into the cunt and felt the warm cunt of her mother as well as all the squishy cum of her brother. She thought to herself,” No wonder mother got pregnant. Her brother had shot so much of potent teenage sperms into their mothers cunt and she would have definitely got pregnant after the 1st such fuck itself. No way these sperms would not impregnate her.
Shalini was fascinated with this taboo incest even though she also had indulged in incest twice. But this was all the more exciting as this was mother fucking which was the most taboo of all the incest when a son fucked the same hole he came from. Shalini squeezed her mothers pubic area lovingly and wordered what would their mother say if she saw what is happening. Shalini then wanted to be part of this taboo incet and hence she leaned forward and gently licked her mother cunt which was still overflowing with her brother cum. Deepak watched in silence as well as amazement as his sister licked their mothers cunt as well as licked his cum from there. Shalini kept using her toungue to extract het brothers cum and when her mouth was filled with a few teaspoon full she swallowed the cum. Deepak watched as his sister cleaned their mother’s cunt clean of most of his cum and did not let it drop on the bedsheet but just swallowed it. This made it clear to him that his sister was an accomplished cock sucker and had swallowed cum earlier and so easily as well as she seemed to enjoy it. Deepak reached out and hugged his sister for the first time after long time as well as that night. Shalini was kneeling now inbetween her mother’s cunt and Deepak also put his face next to Shalu and he also gave a lick to his mothers pubic hair and then gently kissed his sister’s lips from the side. Shalini was still licking and swallowing and when she finished swallowing she turned her head and kissed her brother back gently. There was so much bonding and love between these two that it only felt natural and not a dirty taboo. Deeapk then pulled his sister towards him and hugged her. He was still naked and he squeezed his sisters boobs and by now his erection had come back. Shalini could feel it pressing against her thighs and she quickly held her brothers cock and then bent down and kissed it and then took it into her mouth. Deepak was not surprised and this seemed like so natural for him too and he started undressing his sister right there in his mother’s bedroom. Shalini also while sucking her brothers cock helped get herself naked and Deepk quickly got behind her buttocks and inserted his erect cock into her cunt from behind. Shalini assumed the doggy pose and was still with her face in her mother cunt. Deepak started banging his sister fast and the jerks made Shalu’s face bang against her mothers cunt. Shalu then opened her mouth and sucked her mother’s cunt fully while her brother now got up in a standing pose over her buttocks and really started banging hard. Shalini was moaning as well as their mother Shanti who was again feeling excited in her sleep. Deepak was unable to last longer as the nights sudden developments were too exciting for him. He again came profusely and now Shalini could feel what it was to have her brother cum in her. She could feel the teenagers full blasts and shooting sperms. She clenched her cunt muscles and her cunt sucked out all the cum from her brothers cock. Deepak unloaded fully and quickly got up as they had spent more than an hour in their mothers bedroom. Shalini also quickly dressed up with her brothers cum still leaking and she and Deepak quickly tidied up their mother and left the room holding hands like lovers. Both brother and sister casually went into Deepaks room and quickly got undressed fully naked and pulled up the covers and went to bed like husband and wife hugging and cuddling each other. 

Normally nobody disturbed Deepak as he studied late and got up late and had his own weird schedule. So unless he called them he was left in peace and so Deepak and Shalini could continue their incestuous fucking in the morning as soon as they got up and Deepak once again banged his sister who was half asleep but was always willing to take a cock in her cunt. Once they had finished their morning fuck Shalini then asked Deepak to call Chandra with tea and breakfast in bed. Deepak raised an eyebrow in question and Shalini explained that Chandra knew everything that was going on in this house and the right after Deeepak had called down and asked for his b’kfast to be sent up, Shalini told him the entire fucking happenings in the Ramji parivar. Deepak was shocked in hearing everything but the most shocking news was that Swathi’s baby was his father’s and not his brother’s. Also Shalini told him about her sex life and all the fucks she had including the gangbangs. Shalini also told him that both the servants were also involved with them sexually and hence could be trusted with any secrets.
Hearing all this Deepak’s teenage cock again became half erect and Shalini immediately bent down and started sucking her brothers cock. For Shalini now if she saw an erect cock the 1st thing was that she took it in her mouth like a full fledged slut.
So when Chandra entered the room she found Shalini sucking her brothers cock and by this time Chadra had stopped being shocked by the sexual goings on in this parivar. She coolly placed the tray with the breakfast and joined Shalini in playing with Deepaks balls. Deepak even though Shalini had told him about Chandra did not expect her to be so bold as too immediately come and start playing with his balls and now Shalini pointed his cock towards Chandra asking her if she wanted to suck it. Chandra immediately got onto the bed and bent down and started sucking Deepaks cock expertly. Both Shalini and Deepak were fully naked and Shalini let the maid servant enjoy the new cock of chota saab. She got up and went behind Chandra and untied the nada of her skirt and pulled the skirt down making her naked below the waist as Chandra also stopped wearing panties as she did not know when some male in the family would just pull up her skirt and have a good fuck in her cunt. She too had become like Shalini a full fledged slut willing to take on any cock. Deepak watched in awe as Shalini coolly licked their low class maids cunt without any hesitation. Chandra had learnt to keep her body and cunt clean like the bada memsaabs and Swathi and Shalini had given her all their good imported toiletries to use. Also most of the time nowadays Chandra slept with either Swathi or Shalini and had bath with them and they soaped each other and were equally clean after the equally dirty sex they had together. Even Ramu had become extremely clean as he was now sexually involved in this household and bada saab had given him lots of his old stuff to use. He also used to have a bath with these women or with Chandra after a good long fuck.
Anyways-Shalini was licking Chandra who was now moaning loudly and thankful for the sexual relief. Shalini then gestured to Deepak from behind Chandras ass to come and fuck her. Deepak was happy to get to fuck yet another cunt and happily got up and positioned himself behind his maids buttocks. Chandra who knew that Shalini would offer her cunt to het brother immediately got into the doggy position and she too happily got ready for her chota saabs cock. Deepak held Chandras big brown ass and positioned himself when Shalini now held his cock and directed it into Chandras cunt. The cock sliced into the young maids cunt easily and Deepak started banging into the 3rd cunt of his life. This was the 1st cunt that was not related to him and that too a maidservants. He was excited terribly at the situation and was glad that Shalini had caught him fucking their mother yesterday. Now he knew that through his teenage sister he would be able to get to fuck numerous other cunts and he happily banged away and since nobody objected he came deep inside the maids cunt. Deepak was totally satiated having fucked 3 different cunts within 12 hours.and that his mother,sister and maid servant. What more could any teenage boy ask for. He was the happiest guy in the world.

Shalini had found out from her brother Deepak that he was fucking his mother every night and had formed a routine which was working perfectly for him. Now he had 2 other another allies or partners, his sister and his maid servant and that made it all the more easier for him. Shalini had also told him that everynight she would also come with him to watch the mother fucking and Chandra hearing this also wanted to be included. Chandra had never seen motherfucking and was now anxious to see this. She had watched Fil and DIL, Father and daughter and brother and sister fucking in this household and the only one left was motherfucking. So Deepak assured her that he would come and get her when he went to his mother’s room. He also gave the task of adding an extra sleeping pill to his mother’s milk at night to Chandra who happy accepted the chore. 
But Shalini had other plans and Shalini being a confirmed slut always wanted more from sex and wanted new experiences. She was completely devoid of conscience now regarding sex and was actually having the mentality of a total slut and whore. She had manipulated her father into fucking her and also her brother into fucking her. She had also unconsciously manipulated her older brother Rajesh also into fucking her by mistake and could have stopped it if she wanted. Now she wanted to have some more fun.
So that night when she was planning to go to Rafiq’s flat for a late night fuck, she phoned up Anthony on his mobile phone to come and pick her up in his auto. Anthony who was on night shift and getting bored immediately accepted the offer and decided that as it was around 2am and he had another 3 hours before he had to hand over the auto to his friend for his 12 hour day shift. Deepak also got ready to go downstairs to fuck his mother and Chandra who was in the room with them also wanted to tag along. So when Shalini went down to go out Deepak and Chandra slowly crept downstairs and went into their mother’s room. That night before sleeping Ramji had actually fucked her before she took her sleeping pill. For some reason while Ramji was fucking her she was half asleep(due to the pill that chandra had added to her milk). So Ramji finished his fuck soon and was still not satisfied as his wife took her slepping pill and fell asleep. So he went to chandra room but she had gone to Shalini’s room and Swathi was busy fucking her husband upstairs. So poor Ramji had to go to bed half satisfied and he fell asleep immediately.
Deepak had gone down and Chandra was astonished as too how confidently the teen age chota saab was undressing his own mother and playing with her mature but beautiful body. Deepak pulled her hand and placed it on his mother’s cunt and Chandra could feel the soft pubic hair and lovely fair thighs. Badi memsaab’s boobs were also beautiful and Deepak was enjoying squeezing them Chandra also squeezed the other boob and was enjoying the mature sleeping woman. This was another new experience for her to be playing with a totally sleeping woman as well as watching a mother fucking in progress. For Deepak too it was exciting to have an audience to watch him being a matherchod and bang his mother. Chandra helped him remove his clothes and she held his cock and sucked it to make it fully erect. Then she guided his cock into her badi malkin’s cunt and Deepak pushed his cock inside and started banging her. Deepak had given only a few shoves into his mothers cunt when the door opened and he was about to jump up and get off his naked mother, when he heard Shalini’s voice shuuuing him to keep quiet and that it was only her. 
Shalini who had got ready to go to Rafiq’s flat had called Anthony to come and pick her up. Anthony who was driving his auto also was bored with so less sawari so late at night that he was happy to comply and had come and waited outside the compound wall next to the gate. When Shalini came out he was standing next to his auto and they hugged and kissed like two college lovers as it was almost 2am and the street was empty. They could have even fucked there and nobody would have disturbed them. Shalini got into the auto and then changed her mind and asked Anthony not to start immediately. She had a sudden idea and change of plan. So she asked Anthony,” Anthony bhai, kya tum mari maa ko chodna chate ho?Who tho mast mall hai”(Anthony bhai, Do you want to fuck my mother. She is a hot mall)
Anthony being a low class auto driver immediately answered,”Kyon nahin. Aaap ke maa tho jarroor mast mall hogee. Kaab chodna hai aur kya aaap ke maa muj jaysae auto wala se chudwayaejee?’(Why not? Your mother will definitely be a mast mall. When do I get to fuck her and will she be willing to get fucked by a low class auto driver?)
Shalini just held his hand and dragged him inside the house saying,” Chalo, chahae tho aab chod sakthe ho”(come now,you can fuck her now itself)
So saying she took him boldly inside the dark house and entered her mother’s bedroom where Deepak was alredy fucking their mother. Deepak and Chandra were astonished to see Shalini walk in holding the hand of a low class slum dweller who was wearing a kakhi shirt and looked like a auto driver or street sweeper. Anthony was shocked to see the scene of one young teenager boy who was fucking a mature woman and what seemed to be a servant girl sucking the boobs of the same mature woman who had her eyes closed. Shalini whispered to Anthony,” who Deepak bhaiya hai aur who Chandra hai. Jo chudwarahee hai who hee hamareae maa hain. Who sleeping pill laekar so rahee hai”(That is my brother Deepak and that is Chandra. The woman who is getting fucked is our mother who has taken sleeping pills and is asleep)Anthony was shocked and open-mouthed and did not know what to say and wondered if he was dreaming. Shalini did not wait for him to answer and told him,” Deepak bhaiya chodne ke baad, tum maa pe chad jaooh”(After Deepak bhaiya finishes fucking her you can mount my mother)
Deepak and Chandra were also shocked and did not know how to respond and kept quiet. Deepak kept fucking his mother and had a large audience now and was a bit shy and self-conscious at having a stranger witnessing him fucking his own mother.
He was surprised at Shalini’s behaviour and she was acting like a low class Randi in the company of what clearly looked like her low class lover. Shalini and Anthony were making out on the sofa next to the bed and Deepak could see them kissing and hugging with Shalini sitting on his lap. They looked comfortable and Deepak immediately knew that this was one of the driver guys who had gangbanged her. Shalini called Chandra in a low voice to the sofa and got up and pushed her on Anthony’s lap. Anthony immediately hugged the servant girl who smelt nice and fresh and Chandra too willingly kissed him. Chandra thought that if the auto fellow was good enough for Shalini her memsaab then he was definitely good enough for her. Anthony squeezed the maids boobs and kissed her and the servant maid returned the kiss with a French kiss exactly like the way Shalini kissed. Chandra had been well trained by these high class memsaab’s and knew how to have sex just like them.
Deepak in the meantime was very excited at all the happenings around him that he came quickly inside his mothers cunt. He lay on his mother for a few seconds fully spent and then got up and went to the sofa. Shalini immediatelt told Anthony to go fuck her mother soon and pulled Chandra away from him. She also told him that her mother was pregnant so not to worry about cumming inside her cunt. Anthony smiled thinking to himself that he was not worried to cum inside these high-class women and if possible making them pregnant. But the knowledge that this high class woman was already pregnant and was being offered to him to fuck by her own daughter with her son watching was out of this world. He quickly undid his kakhi pant and pulled out his black lauda and Deepak watched in astonishment as this low class auto driver mounted his mother and inserted his lauda into her fair high class cunt which was being fucked for the 1st time by a low class fellow. Also Anthony’s hairy black ass looked so vulgar banging up and down into the spread thighs of his mother. Shanti was moaning at the huge cock assaulting her cunt and even in her deep sleep she could feel the sexual excitement and had an instant orgasm moaning out loud. Anthony was scared hearing the woman underneath him moaning and wondered if he would get caught and booked for **** if she woke up. He was smart enough to understand that her nasty children were fucking the mature woman without her knowledge and now he was also involved in this conspiracy. But he did not worry about all this now as his lauda was doing all the thinking being enclosed in such a fantastic MILF cunt. Anthony had never fucked such a high class MILF and he enjoyed thoroughly and also knowing that the woman’s son and daughter as well as her maidservant were watching this non-consensual fuck was very exciting. Also the woman’s cunt was well lubricated with Deepaks cum.He turned towards Shalini and smiled and then concentrated on cumming fast as he knew that this was risky and the quicker the better. Luckily for him Shalini had left her brother with Chandra on the sofa and had come to her mother’s bed and was now massaging anthony’s blach hairy balls. Shalini wanted to have a closup view of her mother getting fucked by the auto driver and was enjoying the view. Deepak whose cock was being sucked by Chandra looked up and was amazed to see his innocent young sister lean forward and lick the auto fellows balls as he kept banging into his mother. Anthony could not stand it much longer and came profusely inside the sleeping woman’s cunt. His load mixed up with Deepaks load that was already inside. Anthony quickly got up and straightened his dress and Shalini also got up and started to leave with him. Shalini was now completely horny and needed to get fucked fast and furiously. The best place for that was in Rafiq’s flat where the news will spread to their close group of friends and they will one by one somehow turn up to participate in the group fuck. That group was tight knit and they had kept Shalini a secret from others and did not want her to be used by everybody even though she did not mind. But Shalini was satisfied with her sex life as she was getting fucked daily either at home by Ramu and now her brother and also Rafiq and his friends. 
Deepak and Chandra left his mother room and Chandra followed him upstairs to his room where she wanted to get fucked by him and he too was ready for his next shot having been aroused by the vulgar sight of his beautiful mother so vulgarly used by an auto driver. So he and Chandra quickly cleaned up his mothers cunt and tidied up her nighty and bed and left quietly to his room. Once inside he pulled Chandra his maid servant to bed and the fucked like lovers. Chandra was extremely happy to be treated like a lover and to have this young boy like a boyfriend to sleep in his bed. So she too was satisfied and after the fuck Deepak did not ask her to leave and she too crawled under his bedsheet fully naked and hugged Deepak and went to sleep like two lovers.
Shalini had a fantastic night with Rafiq and his three friends Abdul, Rehman and Anthony. Anthony regaled them with his story of fucking Shalini’s mother in front of her brother and also the motherfucking that he saw. They did not believe him until Shalini also confirmed it. Immediately they also wanted to have a chance to fuck Shalini’s mother as Anthony had described her as a fantastic MILF like the south Indian heroine Rambha who had acted in some Hindi movies also. Shalini assured them that she had no problems with any of them fucking her mother and told them that if they could make a plan to achieve that then she and her brother as well as her Swathi bhabi and maid Chandra would help in getting her mother also gangbanged. The next day was Holi and was a general holiday and Shalini had to get up early and Anthony again dropped her off at her house. It all looked very innocent to see Shalini getting out of an auto. The only difference was that instead of this high class memsaab paying money to the autodriver, she leaned inside the auto and gave him a deep French kiss saying goodbye. Anthony felt that he was so lucky and he was in heaven. He kissed her back and squeezed her tits and she smilingly went off inside the house. Nobody could see all this and hence Shalini was safe. Shalini was nice and fresh after the good fucking she had had with the 4 guys and also had a good few hours sleep. Just a few hours sleep was enough as long as her cunt was well banged and satisfied. She ran up to Swathi’s room and wanted to tell her all the recent happenings but Swathi was also getting ready to go out with the entire family to celebrate holi with their close friends and relatives at the elite clubhouse. Everybody had a quick breakfast after pooja by their mother Shanti who also was looking quiet fresh and contented after having been vigourously fucked by her son and the auto driver. Shanti had woken up feeling very uncomfortable as her cunt was leaking profusely and she also had a fantastic wet dream and could not recall all the details but knew that she had had an orgasm in her sleep and the bed sheet was wet. She was ashamed that at this age she was behaving like this but thought that because of the pregnancy maybe her body was out of control. Chandra and Ramu were also ready dressed up in white like the rest of the family and ready to go with them. Ramu of course was the driver of the SUV and Chandra was being taken to help them with any servant duties that may be required. It was like a picnic mood and this was the 1st time after a long time that the whole family were together and going out together. Deepak and Shalini were sitting in the third row right behind with Chandra squeezed in also. Ramji was sitting next to the driver as he was the head of the family and Swathi, Rajesh and Shanti the Amma were in the middle seat. The three teenagers in the last row were high spirited and giggling and laughing all the way and Ramji and Shanti as well as rajesh and Swathi were happy to hear the laughter and the whole group were in a happy mood. (if only they knew the reason for the giggling and laughter) The cd player was on and they could hear some gazzals and like this the entire family went of to celebrate holi.
Each and everyone of the occupants in the Suv had fucked the previous night and 
Shanti had the cum of her husband Ramji, her son Deepak and an unknown auto driver swimming deep inside her uterus.
Swathi had her husband Rajesh’s and her FIL Ramji’s cum swimming inside her cunt. Ramji had managed to get a quicky from Swathi when she had come down to take milk for her husband after their fuck as well as Ramji’s was returning to his room after fucking his wife and was still not fully satisfied.
Shalini had the cum of Anthony,Rafiq,Abdul,Rehman swimming in her cunt deep inside after the night long gangbang.
Chandra had Deepaks and Ramu’s cum inside her cunt. Ramu had fucked her before going home last night and Chandra had spent the night with Deepak.
So all the cunts in the vehicle were well fucked and satisfied and filled with sperms.
Also another surprising turn of events was that all the women in the vehicle were pregnant with bastard children.
Yes even Shalini and Chandra.
Shalini had realized during the week that she had missed her period and also like Swathi had felt nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. Also Swathi had noticed the same symptoms from Shalini and had asked her about her periods. Chandra also had come up to Swathi a few days ago and said that she is feeling some vomiting and maybe she ate something that upset her stomach. But on further questioning by Swathi and Shalini they realized that Chandra too was pregnant. So Swathi fixed up an appointment with her gynecologist and then got both the teenagers tested and it was confirmed that Shalini had indeed got pregnant around the time that she was fucked Rafiq, Abdul, Rehman and Iqbal. Anthony had fucked her in the ass only and so he could be ruled out. At first Shalini was shocked but then she was excited to be pregnant. Chandra’s pregnancy could be by Ramu or Ramji as at that time both were fucking her daily. Chandra off course did not know the implications of being pregnant when unmarried and it did not matter to the servant folks. Also seeing Shalini so calm and also happy Chandra also fely pleased that she too was in the same boat as the high class memsaabs. Swathi at 1st was terrified about Shalini’s pregnancy but then she realized that now-a-days it was easy to get an abortion and it was going to a dentist and pulling out a tooth. A few hours with the doctor at a home clinic itself was enough and then a few hours rest and everything will be Ok. Nobody had to know. Also it was only the 1st month of pregnancy so they 2 more months before having an abortion. So many young girls now-a-days can be seen at numerous clinics and private nursing homes getting abortions and they do that number of times before they get married to some innocent by stupid NRI or ex-pats abroad who think that all Indian girls are virgins and sati savitri. They don’t realize that times have changed and young college and even collegegirls are experts in cock sucking and fucking more than their desi counterparts abroad. Just see all the scandal videos on the internet and it becomes clear that these girls are bold enough to not only have extra marital sex but also willing to be taped on video openly showing their naked bodies and having sex before the camera like porn stars.
Swathi decided that when she goes to her maikae(mothers house) for her delivery she will take both Shalini and Chandra with her to her home town and get them aborted there in secret without anyone knowing. Her in laws will not object to them going with her and also their pregnancy will not be noticed if they keep their symptoms hidden. 
So when Swathi told them about her plan in the clinic, they were relieved somewhat.
Anyways Shalini being a slut nowadays did not care about being pregnant and decided that she would enjoy the feeling of being pregnant and carrying a totally bastard child that too being unwed unlike her bhabi or mother.
She was anxious to tell her driver friends and had done so last night and they were thrilled that one of them could have made this high-class girl pregnant. Anthony was sad that he was not the father and had cum in her ass only. The other 3 ****** drivers were proud and immediately called up Iqbal and gave him the good news as he too may be the father. Chandra had informed Ramu about this news and he too was thrilled that he may have made Chandra pregnant. He also called up Mansoor his friend and informed him that Shalini was pregnant by one of the ****** drivers. So now everybody except Ramji, Shanti and Rajesh knew about this news and all were very happy and excited that they may be the father of the bastard child.
Shalini decide that the next 2 months she was going to get fucked daily and now she also will not have periods and can fuck the entire almost 60 days daily. She knew that being pregnant and getting fucked will feel different as the harmones make the body very sensitive and maybe she will enjoy it more. Shalini for a moment felt it would be nice to give birth to this her 1st child but realized that to do so she will have to get married immediately to a dark skinned dark ***** boy as the child was definitely going to be dark skinned. Shalini also thought that if the child was Abdul’s and was a boy then he would have a massive huge cock and that would make him desirable to all his girlfriends(maybe to her and his aunt Swathi also). Shalini was smiling thinking about this and told Chandra and Swathi this and all three were giggling and laughing sitting in the back seat of the SUV.
The day was fantastic and the whole family had great fun splashing colour water and colour powder and getting fully wet. The ramji parivar young women including their maid were full fledged slits and hence had purpously not wore any pant or bra and when their white traditional churidars got wet their boobs and trimmed slight pubic hair could be clearly seen. When the clothes stuck to their body and til the girls actually pulled it again in front to get it unstuck from their bodies. It also so happened that Shanti also did not wear bra and panty as nowadays because of her pregnancy her brests and cunt were very sensitive and she felt uncomfortable.
So unfortunately for her and fortunately for the entire men there she also had the same problem when she got wet. But in her case she had thicker pubic hair and the dense forest could be seen clearly. Nobody mentioned this to her and for a long time she went about walking all over the place meeting people some strangers and showing her pubic hair stuck to the clothes. The girls noticed but wanted to have fun with her and see her embarrassing herself in front of everyone. The females had lost their chunnies a long time ago in all the holi merriment and colour application. There were other women also in the same predicament like the Ramji parivar women and Swathi wondered if they too had purposely come without underwear. Also now after the pics of Brittany Spears without her panty and also her kissing Madonna on stage had made most teenagers to behave like her. So now in colleges and colleges it was common to see girls kissing each other openly just for fun as it was not considered bad and also of course not wearing underwear had caught on too. Swathi and Shalini made sure that Shanti had a steady flow of Bhang ki Thandai(cannabis extract called bhang mixed with almonds,spices,milk and sugar ) that was normally drunk during holi festivities. Normally just one glass was enough to make a person high and happy. Also the other side effects were that once a person starts laughing he will find everything funny and laugh at everything and be in a tremendous carefree happy mood. At first Shalini and Swathi were just having some innocent fun watching their mother/inlaw being groped by strange men in the pretext of wishing her happy holi and smearing her with colour.They too (including chandra) were mauled by total strangers of all ages but they three enjoyed this and in the commotion they too also had nice feels of various cocks and compared notes as to the sizes of cocks that the men had and laughed and giggled. The men too were shanas (shrewd and smart) and played far away from their own womenfolk and had fun with strange women who were other’s biwi’s, behan’s, bahu’s and betis and maa’s. They did not realize that the same thing was happening to their own womenfolk but within a few hours and after the consumption of bhang nobody cared much. They too were wearing loose kutha pyjama’s white in colour and their hardon could be felt easily by the women they were hugging. They thought that some high-class women like Swathi and Shalini were by mistake touching their cocks in the commotion without knowing that these 2 sluts were on purpose feeling their cocks and comparing notes. The waiters and serving staff etc were also having fun watching these high-class people behaving so stupidly and laughing stupidly at everything after having too much bhang ki thandi. They were being paid overtime and also these drunk people also gave huge tips and the icing on the cake was all the tits and cunt and ass’s they could see for free. By exoerience they knew that some women would have to be helped into their cars at the end of the day as their menfolk will be to high and need help themselves. At that time these waiters etc could get a nice feel of tits and asses and nobody will object as they don’t notice. Some young handsome waiters get lucky and get to also fuck some of these high-class randis. There are ample places in the vast club with parks, pools buildings etc to find a secluded spot. Some of the guests also get lucky to bang their friend’s wives by 1st starting off as innocent wishing,hugging and tehn after the bhang innocent touching etc and when the husband disappears on his own hunting for loose females, their wives get seduced and fucked royally. Sometimes once they are fucked the guy spreads around the word to his other friends and all of them like dogs start hovering around her and eventually take her also somewhere and fuck her royally. Sometimes they are not so sophisticated and simply fuck her one after another after they have cornered her in a secluded spot and once she is seduced and fucked by one guy she can’t refuse the others who like a pack of dogs fuck her one after another. Swathi and Shalini were new to this game but now they were sluts and hence the hunters. Once they found and felt some nice hard cocks they consulted each other and then sent Chandra to go call the guy to a secluded spot on the terrace of one of the building from where they could see down if they wanted and have protection and time also to get dressed up in case of emergency. The also had enough bhang to not feel any hesitation and had picked out 2 young studs to service them both. Once they had been serviced well and had gone down to lunch they found their mother/inlaw Shanti quiet high with bhang and laughing loud with a stranger who was helping her by holding her up and she too was standing steady by holding his arm while his other hand was holding her around the buttocks if front of everyone there. Nobody cared. Some youngsters again threw a bucket of coloured water on the crowd and now Swathi and Shalini and other also could see Shant’s tits clearly as well as the crack of her ass which was wet with colour water. The stranger was a younger guy maybe around 35 years and looked like a young executive of a MNC. He did not know this woman and also did not know Swathi or Shalini who joined the group but did not show that they were related to this wet woman (Shanti). The stranger who was a shanna fellow offered to help her get dry and started leading her away behing the building and then towards the bushes where it was quieter with only some young teenagers running about once in a while chasing some other teenager, The guy was an expert in handling such situations having attended so many of these gatherings and he had found that the older women especially the MILF’s were the easiest targets. He had some how got a small hand towel which her kept on his person for such occasions and started wiping the giggling woman who did not object at all. The stranger then wiped her tits and then squeezed them and Shanti still kept giggling but trying to avaid the guys touches. Swathi and Shalini had followed them and were now standing slightly hidden with the stranger having his back toward them. He quickly undid his fly and let out his cock and took Shanti’s hand and placed it on his cock. This was the 2nd cock that Shanti was handling consciously and was shocked but the bhang had made her light headed and she was in a very very happy mood and light headed that she could not react unfavourably or quickly and involuntarily squeezed the cock. It felt nice and warm and she just held it tight while by the time the stranger started kissing her on the mouth squeezing her tits. He was an experienced khiladi and he quickly found the nada to her bottoms and with one pull had loosened it and then pushed the bottoms down over her ample buttocks. Shanti gave a shocked stifled yelp and her head jerked up and she could see clearly her Bahu (daughter-in-law ) and daughter standing coolly and watching the fun without coming to help her. 
Before Shanti could react the stranger who did not wait for any more foreplay quickly bent her forward towards the bushes and Shanti had to balance and hold on to a branch to avoid falling. This made her naked fair ample buttocks jut out invitingly and the guy immediately pushed his groin forward and his erect cock moved in-between Shanti’s pure ass cheeks and with a slight adjustment he had found the cunt hole and jammed his cock inside with force which made her squeal out loudly as well as almost fall forward. By the time Shanti could balance herself and concentrated on holding on to the branch to avoid falling forward, the stranger had started banging away quickly. He knew that such indecent fucks had to be quickies and he could not waste time as someone may come there or the woman may put up a fight and stop it. So he concentrated on quickly dumping his load inside this stranger woman whose name he did not even know. But she was goodlooking and sexy and had a fantastic cunt which was now responding to his fuck and was fully wet. Shanti was slightly still aware that her bahu and daughter were watching her having sex with a stranger but her fuzzy mind somehow did not register the implications.
While Shanti was getting fucked in the open by the young sranger and being watched by her bahu and beti, a teenager boy who had been running around like crazy after another teen girl suddenly caught hold of her right besides Swathi and Shalini and the guy caught hold of the laughing and giggling girl fron behind in a strong grip and nicely got a chance to squeeze her small tits and press his groin into her wet ass. The two youngsters were completely wet like most of the people there and the girl was the guy’s sister’s friend. This was the only chance that he can get to take liberties like this and the girl cannot object. They were panting and gasping and then suddenly saw the fantastic open air-fucking going on behind the bush but visible clearly from where they stood. They realized that the two young women (Swathi and Shalini) also were watching openly the fucking going on and they too watched with open mouths. Both were virgins and the girl was a tease and would kiss and hug guys but would not allow then any further liberties. So she was enjoying her friend’s brother hugging her and squeezing her tits and that was enough for her but the guy was very horny and his cock became extremely hard watching the live fucking. He pressed it harder into the young girl but when he tried to put his hand into her kameez from front and try to feel her cunt she caught his hand and stopped him and still giggling gently told him, “No”. 
Rohit begged her,”Please Deepa, just once”
Swathi and Shalini were watching this one more show next to them and felt bad for the young boy. 
The girl then pointed to Shanti and told him in English,” Rohit,Why don’t you go and try with that aunty there. Maybe she will let you also.” Then turning to Swathi and Shalini she asked in Hindi,” Didi, kya aap log us aunty ko jhanthe hai kya?”(Didi, do you know that aunty over there?). She was still struggling with the boy and was scared that he may forcibly pull down her kameez and do something or her brother may come and see her like that and then kick the boy’s ass. She also did not want to spoil her friendship with her best friend (the boy’s sister) and thought to pass on the buck by somehow getting him to go to the MILF aunty who was so shamelessly getting fucked openly. That aunty also did not look bad and from where they were they could see her naked buttocks and the slight side profile of her face and tits and she looked good and her body was also fit and she had thunder thighs. 
Shalini answered the girl,” Haan, wo tho hamari podosan hai and bahut chalu cheez hai. Hamne dekha hai ke jab uske pati ghar pe nahi tho wo bhaut saree gair mardoon ke saat samband rakthe hai.”(Yes, She is our neighbour and a slut and when her husband is not at home she has relationship with many men)-Shalini did not want to answer the your girl using crude language or else they may get scared)
But to the boy she directly told him,” Wo thume jaroor chodnae daeghee. Kyo na tu un dhone ke peeche ja kar kadee ho jaoah nahi tho aur kyoee thumare aajaee uspe chad jayegaa”( she will definitely let you fuck her. Why don’t you go and queue up behind them or else some other guy will mount her and fuck her before you)
Saying this Shalini smiled and winked at Swathi. Swathi also was enjoying this talk and the way Shalini was trying to make her mother a fuck toy for the young boy.
The young girl also saw this opportunity to get rid of the boy and pushed him towards the fucking couple and told him,” Rohit,Didi teek kahh rahaee hai. Jaldee jaaooh aur try karo. Nahi tho koyee aur line kaat leegaa.”( Rohit,What didi is saying is correct. Better go quickly and try your luck. Or else someone else will take the chance before you)
The girl Deepa was happy that her virginity was saved as the two seemingly worldly women besides them immediately encouraged Rohit. Even though one of them looked the same age as his Deepa, for some reason she looked much more experienced and mature for her age. Rohit would have been shocked to know that the girl Shalini was a huge slut and that too a pregnant one with a bastard child. Anyways-the encouragement from the 3 women was enough to go and stand boldly behind the fucking couple and watch the guy bang the bent woman doggy style. He was holding her fair hips and banging away and Shanti was enjoying the fuck as well as now aware that her DIL and daughter did not object nor did they try to stop the fucking. She was now too excited as well as too light headed with the excessive bhang and her mind could not think straight. At that moment all her feelings and body’s awareness was totally concentrated in her choot which was tingling and she was about to have the biggest orgasm of her life and when the guy started shooting his load of cum deep inside her, her cunt also exploded with a huge orgasm and Shanti the demure, high class sophisticated housewife started grunting and moaning like a cheap low class street prostitute and made such loud noises that even the sluts Shalini and Swathi were embarrassed. The stranger who had cum in her immediately pulled up his clothes and hurried away, without even a single word or a backward look!! He was fully satisfied by the fantastic fuck and only when he was leaving hurriedly did he see that there was an audience who had watched the public fucking. He quickly looked away embarrassed but glad that none of them looked familiar and nobody recognized him and he would not get into any trouble for forcibly fucking a drunk woman. He would have been shocked to know that in the audience the woman’s own daughter and DIl were present and they only had got the woman drugged out of her senses by feeding her glasses of bhang Anyways-Rohit did not wait for an invitation. He was already horny and turned on by Deepa and was excited that she had herself given him the idea and encouragement to fuck this stranger MILF and was also witnessing it. So he wanted to impress her and immediately pushed down his 
Knee length shorts and turned side wards to show his hard and decent size cock for Deepa to see for the 1st time. Before the woman could straighten up and pull up her clothes Rohit took the guys place behind her and grabbed hold of her hips and moved his groin forward. Shanti thought that the 1st guy was still holding her and was immediately going for a second round of fucking. She was imopressed even in her drugged state that he could get an erection immediately and she felt proud that her body still excited a younger guy to have her twice continuously. Shanti did not know that the guy holding her hips and getting ready to fuck her was a very young boy of just 18 yrs and younger than her own son Deepak. Rohit had seen 100’s of blue films/porn videos as well as 1000’s of video clips of doggy style fucking. So he expertly bent his knees and pushed his hard cock like a stallion upwards into the bent MILF’s fucked up cunt and hit the target immediately and his hard lund went right into her cunt like a hot knife through butter. Her cunt was so warm and the cum inside also was warm on his cock and felt fantastic. Rohit’s first fuck was a sloppy seconds but he was in heaven. He started banging away just like a dog on the street fucking a heated bitch. Deepa also was impressed with Rohit and now felt a bit jealous that Rohit was fucking another woman and she had given him encouragement and permission. Deepa was also impressed with the quick glance that she had of his cock and now she wished that the cock was banging her, as her cunt was unusually wet. The scene was so primitive and animalistic to watch two people indulge in fucking right in the open with so many of them watching that Deepa felt a new found voyeuristic pleasure. Deepa had never seen live sex before and had only seen some porn with her girl friends. She never knew that it could be so exciting to watch live sex. She wished that she could get a closer look and found that she had been unconsciously squeezing her thighs together and biting her lips and her hands were held clasped near her breasts.
Shalini who was standing right besides Deepa saw the girl had changed for being uninterested to highly excited with the sexual atmosphere there. She whispered,” Deepa, nazdeek ja kar deko. Aur mazzaa aayeja.” (Deepa, go near and watch and you will enjoy more).
The young girl shyly shook her head and Shalini caught her hand and smiled at Swathi and pulled her forward and around the bushes and closer to her mother and Rohit. Swathi also followed and there was another teenager couple also who was slightly to the other side that also steeped closer but right in front of Shanti’s who was bent forward. Shanti now noticed the crowd that had formed around her and turned side wards and noticed her own daughter standing right behind her naked ass. She also noticed her own DIL standing next to her and some strange girl being held by Shalini. Shalini gave her mother the thumbs up smilingly and Swathi boldly patted her fair ass in encouragement also smiling. Shanti was relieved that both her daughter and DIL were not shocked or angry with her atrocious behavior but were actually encouraging her to enjoy getting fucked. Now she also notice dthat the guy fucking her was a different guy and this guy looked so young like Deepak. Thinking of Deepak her son while being fucked by another teenager was so shameful for Shanti that she blushed and felt like a cheap whore. She shook her head to clear it and concentrated on the wonderful cock fucking her so nicely and with so much teenage strength and horniness. Rohit was in heaven and now finding Deepa so close to the action made him all the more excited. Shalini had pushed Deepa to stand right next to the fucking couple and still holding her hand she placed both their hands on Rohit’s ass, which was going like piston in and out. Then Shalini freed her own hand and watched Rohit grab Deepa’s hand and take it inbetween his and Shanti’s body for Deepa to feel the action. He left her hand there and then since she was so close to him he wrapped his hand around her waist and felt her tit. This time Deepa did not object but let Rohit play with her tit as well as she could also feel his pubic hair and the slimy cock a bit when it withdrew form Shanti’s choot. This was too exciting for Rohit and he shot his 1st load into the unknown MILF’s choot and his sperms also mixed along with the other stranger’s. Rohit also quickly got dressed up fast and he grabbed hold of Deepa and rushed to go home before his and her parents return home from the Holi celebrations. Now Deepa also voluntarily went with Rohit knowing very well what was in store for her when they reached home and she was now too excited and wanted to continue the fun. Shalini lovingly gave her a water bottle filled with Bhang ki thandi for her and Rohit to drink and have fun. Shalini was glad that she was instrumental in getting a virgin girl to about to lose her virginity. Both the teenage lovers ran towards the exit and Swathi and Shalini helped their mother/MIL get dressed and look decent. Shanti was embarrassed when her Dil bent down and wiped her cunt for her with a piece of her own clothing and then pulled up her clothes. She now felt embarrassed and could not look at her dauther-in- law or daughter in the eye and she was also feeling faint as the bhang was now having the full effect on her. She was taken to the SUV and made to lie down on the back seat and Ramy was instructed to keep and eye on his badi memsaab while Swathi and Shalini went inside and located their family members to take them home.
When Swathi and Shalini left their mother in the back seat of the SUV and instructed Ramu to be ready to leave for home as well as take care of badi memsaab who lay curled up on the back seat smiling dreamily intoxicated, Ramu knew at once that she had taken bhang and by the looks of it, a lot of bhang. 
Ramu immediately knew that his badi memsaab had had too much Bhang, which was commonly served during Holi but he had never seen his memsaab ever in this condition. Ramu was also aware that Bhang made a person very sexually stimulated and also very inhibited and the sight behind him in the SUV was exciting to watch his homely housewife sophisticated memsaab in that condition.
As soon as the two girls had gone in search of the rest of the family, Ramu opened the trunk of the SUV and took out a small pillow and bedshheet and some bottles of water. Ramu then went to the rear and knelt in between the gap and asked his memsaab if she was OK and gave her a bottle of water as well as lifted her head and placed the pillow for her and then covered her with the bedsheet. Shanti memsaab drank a little water and smiled at Ramu happily still in her happy intoxicated dream world. Everything looked great and felt great and Shanti was the happiest person in the world. Ramu immediately knew that this was the best time to have a good feel of his badi memsaab and immediately shoved his hand under the bedsheet and in the guise of adjusting the bedsheet he rubbed his elbow on the boobs and then rested the whole arm on her boobs. When his memsaab did not object he then adjusted her clothes, which had bundled up under her big buttocks and when Ramu did that Shanti unconsciously lifted her big ass to let her driver adjust the clothes. She smiled happily at her driver and was grateful to have such a good caring driver as well as such a good loving family. Ramu now was freely touching his memsaab over her clothes as if adjusting and he had a feel of her breasts, which were without any bra, and also when he adjusted the clothes under her ass he could not feel any panty but only the thin cloth and the firm buttocks. He gave her buttocks an experimental squeeze to see if she objected and if she did then he could apologize and back away and stop mauling her and behave like a good driver. But Shanti was in her dream world and the touch of this low class driver man felt so nice on her hot body and she kept quiet and did not say anything or else he may stop touching her. When he squeezed her buttocks she immediately clenched them and dropped her uplifted buttocks on his hand and placed the entire weight on them trapping his hand under her ample buttocks. Ramu now knew that he had no problem with this high-class woman and he had free reign over her body till the family returned which could be any minute. So he pulled out his hand from under her buttocks and stopped pretending to adjust her clothes but boldly squeezed her boobs. He pushed aside the bed sheet and then pulled open her top and freed her beautiful big fair boobs and squeezed them roughly. The rough handling of her sensitive boobs by the rough coarse hands of her driver was very exciting and Shanti gave a small moan and squeezed her thighs together. Ramu saw this action and immediately lifted her top aside and opened the nada of her bottoms and pulled it down slightly and could see the glorious pubic hair and plump choot. Ramu bent down and kissed his badi memsaab’s choot and it smelt musty. Shanti spread her thunder thighs and allowed Ramu to insert his fingers inside and now he could feel the wetness of her pubic area. When he shoved his finger in his memsaabs cunt he could feel all the cum inside and immediately knew that this high-class woman was not only intoxicated but had been also fucked. Ramu was smart enough to deduce that since the girls had gone in search of Shanti’s husband and he had not come with Shanti, the cum in her choot did not belong to him. So that meant that Shanti memsaab had been a bad girl and had got herself fucked by someone other than her husband. Now Ramu was confident that he also could do anything he wanted with this woman and she will not abject. He wished that he could fuck her as his hardon was troubling him. He freed his cock and took hold of Shanti’s hand and placed her fingers around his cock. The cock felt so nice and warm in her soft hands and Shanthi gave it a squeeze. Ramji then caught hold of her hips and dragged her down so that her head was in the center of the long seat and her legs were now bent at the knees still covered by the bedsheet. Ramu pulled the bedsheet fully over Shanti’s body and face after shoving his cock in her mouth. Shanti sucked the second cock of her life and did a good job of it. Ramu knew that he had to cum quickly and made fucking movements in her mouth and saw in the distance Swathi and Shalini coming back towards the SUV from different directions. He noticed that none of the other family members were with the girls so he slowed down and let the memsaab suck his black cock. Ramu was also fingering her choot from under the bedsheet and when the two girls came close to the vehicle and Swathi opened the door she saw the scene and realized what was happening. Shalini also had reached the SUV and was standing alongside her bhabi and she too saw what was happening and did not react at all as if this was something very common like having a cup of tea or something. Swathi told Ramu,” Ramu Kaka aap dheerae se khatam karo aur phir challaengae.”(Ramu kaka you finish slowly and then we will go) . Ramu was happy to get permission from the DIL to continue his sexual play with the lady of the house and smiled at the choti memsaab and told her,” Beti, maaji ka salwar utharo please.”(Beti, please remove maaji’s salwar(bottonm portion of salwar kameez)
Swathi and Shalini were standing next to the open car door and their mothers legs were facing them. It was bent at the knees like a M sshape on the seat, so Swathi in response to Ramu’s request bent inside the vehicle and caught hold of her MIL’s kameez and started pulling it down. It was exciting to again make her MIL naked in public and here in middle of the parking lot there were only a scattering of drivers hanging around their masters cars or sleeping inside. Nobody was looking at their direction also and there were no known people around also. Shanti was hearing this talk between his DIL and driver and when she felt Swathi bahu reach in and pull her kameez she just lifted her buttocks and let Swathi pull down the clothing. Shalini was also assisting in holding the legs and lifting it and Ramu was watching this amazing vulgar sight of a DIL and daughter denuding their mother in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon and that too at the request of their low class driver. Now Shanti was completely naked below the waist and Shalini put down her mother’s legs and they rested down the side of the back seat outside of he car.
Ramu was not content with just getting his cock sucked and wanted to fuck his memsaab as he had the support of the two women and he did not want to lose this fantastic opportunity. Who knows if he would ever get such an opportunity again. Once the memsaab came to her senses after the intoxication had gone she would never let her low class driver fuck her ever. So Ramu quickly got outside the vehicle still with his clothes on but his cock sticking out of his fly and Shalini moved out of the way to let him get access behing her mother. Shalini knew that Ramu wanted to fuck her mother so she assisted now by lifting her mothers right leg and asked her SIL,’Bhabi, Maaji ke tang upar karo aur Ramu kaka maa ko chodne do.”(Bhabi, lift mothers other leg and let Ramu kaka fuck mother). Swathi immediately helped and lifted her MIL other leg from the other side and Ramu got himself positioned in between his badi memsaab’s spread out thunder thighs. He held on to the car sides and was unable to position his cock properly so Shalini with her free hand held her driver’s cock and positioned it in the open choot of her mother. She saw down that her mother’s recently fucked choot was fully wet and cum matted the pubic hair. She held on to the drivers cock and placed it gently at the entrance of the choot from where she had come out 18 yrs ago and said,” Ramu Kaka, abhee maa ka chooto ko koob jore se chodho.”(Ramu Kaka, now fuck mother’s cunt hard)
It was such an amazing sight to see a DIL and daughter spreading their mother’s?MIL’s legs and holding their drivers cock to assist in him banging and fucking her.
Ramu was in heaven when his low class black hard thick lauda sliced easily into the high class woman’s choot.
Swathi told Ramu,” Ramu Kaka, is bar jhalddee chodho. Baad me maa ko kahee aur le chalengee aur tab aaram se chod lennaa,”(Ramu Kaka, This fisrt fuck do it fast and then we will take maaji somewhere else and you can fuck her again slowly and calmly)
Ramu the driver was already highly excited with the unusual and unexpected situation and was also ready to cum and he banged harder and shot his load of cum also deep into the memsaab’s choot. This was the 3rd load of the day for the woman who was a pure innocent woman just a few hours ago. Now she was voluntarily participating in 
such lewd sexual behavior and that too in front of her daughter and DIL and with a low class driver.————–
What had happened earlier-
Shalini had gone in one direction and Swathi in the other 
earlier and Swathi had located Ramji and Ramji was told that his wife was a bit high on bhang and was sleeping in the SUV. Ramji decided that he did not want his son or daughter to see their mother like this and so asked his DIL to take her MIL for a drive along the seashore and park on the beach and let her get some fresh air and then bring her home after she had recovered. Swathi did not tell Ramji that Shalini had seen her mother like this and was in fact the reason her mother was like this having made her drink number of glasses of concentrated Bhang. He informed Ramji that Shalini was with her friends and will come home later and she will take care of her MIL. Ramji was glad to have such a nice bahu and Swathi left him and immediately phoned Shalini to meet her at the vehicle, as there was a change of plans. When Shalini reached the SUV, she found her mother sucking Ramu kaka’s cock and went and stood besides Swathi who had the back door open and was watching the scene calmly.

Now back to the story- Ramu was about to cum when he heard Swathi tell him to come fast and that they could take Shanti somewhere else to continue the fucking. He was already about to cum and gladly unloaded his cum with a load groan and spurted number of times humping away like a dog on the street. When he had finished and pulled out his cock, Swathi had pushed her MIL inside and picked up her feet and legs and sat down inside the SUV and Shalini also got in the other side and placed her mothers head on her lap. Shanti was still naked below the waist but Swathi had pulled down the Salwar to cover her cunt. The windows were dark black and when they closed the doors nobody could see inside.
Swathi looked at Shalini and raised her eyebrows.
Shalini looked at Swathi and said,” Maa ko Rafiq ke flat pe le chalanjee aur wahan aaaram se chodenjee.”(We will take mother to Rafiq’s flat and get fucked there.) What she meant was that they wil get their mother fucked and also they can get fucked as their choot was also having koojli after seeing so much animal like sex.
Swathi nodded and Shalini made the call to Rafiq.
Shalini had finished taking to Rafiq and instructed Ramu to head towards Rafiq’s flat. He had heard the entire conversation and was now aware of what was happening and was excited to be part of the plans. He was more excited now as he was going to witness this daughter and Bahu get their mother/inlaw gangfucked. 
Shalini had got in the other side and placed her mother’s head on her lap and Shalini filled in the gaps by telling Ramu,’ maa ne abhe abhe dho gair mardho se bhe chudwake aaa reahee hai aur ab hum maa ko aapke driver dostoon se bhe chudwayeenjaee.”(mother just got fucked by 2 unknown men and now we will take her and get her gangfucked by your driver friends also.
She bent down and whispered in her mother’s ears but loud enough for the others to hear,” Maa, choot mein aabhee bhi bahut koojli ho rehi hai kya? (mother, is your cunt still itching and troubling a lot?) Shanti was in her element and sexually excited and just nodded. She had lost all her inhibitions as Bhang was like Spanish fly or oysters and was a highly potent aphrodisiac and kept the person highly sexually excited for 6 to 8 hours and the vagina needed constant fucking or masturbation for relief.
Her mother didn’t answer but simply shut her eyes as if it was a dream but a good but embarassing dream. 
Shalini assured her,” Phikir maat karo maa. Mai aur Swathi bhabi aap ko hamare dostoon ke paas le jayenjae aur koob chudwayenjee.”(Don’t woory mother. Swathi and I will take you to our close friends and get you fucked a lot)
Swathi placed her hands on her Mil legs and massaged it up the thighs and kept doing this till they reached Rafiq’s flat. Then she helped her MIL get her kameez on and tied the nada for her. He cunt was stil leaking and Swathi had wiped it a bit also with a handkerchief.
As it was holiday all the drivers were free and were in fact waiting to do something exciting. Most of them were either govt employed or employed by musliums, who did not venture out on holi, so as not be be harassed by unruly Holi revelers. So they gave their drivers off and hence the entire gang could be rounded up. Rafiq, Abdul, Rehman, Mansoor, Anthony, Iqbal all lived close to one another and could reach Rafiq’s flat before the memsaabs reached there. They were astonished to see that the 2 girls had brought along with them some good-looking high-class aunty who was looking intoxicated.

As soon as Swathi, Shalini, Shanthi and Ramu entered the flat they noticed that it was filled with the slum dweller drivers who were dressed neatly and had all shaved and taken bath to be presentable to the high class women visitors. Even though they had fucked Swathi on one occasion and Shalini numerous times, they wanted to look their best for the high-class women. They were happy when they saw that their efforts were not in vain as there was another new high class woman with the 2 girls and she seemed very high class and sophisticated even though she was a bit intoxicated. She was totally aware of her surroundings and also knew why she and the other 2 girls were here. But when Shalini had told her that she was taking her to get fucked by her friends she had expected to be taken to some college hostel or college students house of high class and sophistication. She never expected that her innocent daughter had such low class drivers as friends. Shalini had introduced everybody to her and what they did.
As soon as the introductions were over Swathi whispered to Shalini and then took her MIL to the bathroom to have a nice bath and get cleaned and fresh. She did not want the low class drivers who were all looking clean and fresh to think lowly of her MiL if they smelt her musty cum filled cunt and sweat. Swathi also wanted to freshen up and so she too got inside the bathroom along with her MIL and started undressing. Swathi had left the bathroom door open for the men to watch if they wanted and since the bathroom was clearly visible in the front room as well as the bedroom everybody could see the sexual bath-taking place. Swathi had not been fucked and all the sexual voyeurism had made her cunt also wet and soggy and she wanted to clean her cunt also. When she was fully naked she started undressing her MIL who now looked red faced blushing and shy to see how casually her innocent beautiful DIL was undressing in front of total strangers. She did not know that these strangers had seen Swathi’s body thoroughly more than her husband and knew every mole on her body because these strangers had never been with such a beauty in their life ever and when they got the opportunity they kissed and licked her body all over and massaged and squeezed every inch of this beautiful angel. So too with Shalini who was even more familiar with these drivers as she had spent many nights fully naked getting fucked thoroughly. Shalini had also entered the bathroom which was big enough for everybody to fit in as there was a raised washing stone inside to was clothes on. Shalini got undressed in seconds and had taken a bucket and opened the tap and put her solied wet clothes in the bucket and filled it with water. Swathi handed her clothes also inside the bucket. They had all not worn any underwear and hence there were only the thin salwar kameez to wash and which will dry within and hour. They intended to stay for more than an hour and were comfortable being naked with these guys. Anyways-in another few minutes all these guys will also be naked so that was not a problem. Shanti was totally flabbergasted at how casually both the girls were behaving at home in this strange slum flat. Swathi had by this time unbuttoned her salwar and lifted it over her head and freed her big boobs and the guys now crowded near the bathroom to get a closer look. Shanti whose intoxication had receded greatly now was almost fully sober and was blushing at the way her DIL was stripping her naked in front of these strangers. 
She tried to cover her boobs to hide the shame she felt as this was the craziest thing she had ever done in her entire life. Even in front of her own husband it took number of years before she could really be comfortable being fully naked and the 1st few months she had never been fully naked in front of her own husband. She also took bath tying a petticoat around her breasts and taking bath like most Indian still do in villages and small towns. There are still numerous married Indian women who are so shy and have never been fully naked in front of their own husbands their entire married life. They just lift up their petticoats and the husbands’ crawls in-between their legs still wearing his lungi but just lowered below his groin and they fuck quickly and finish the job as if it was something very dirty. If someone walked into the room while they were fucking all they can see is two fully clothed people just joined at the groin but everything else is fuly covered including the guy’s bums. 
So now being so casually stripped in front of these strange guys and that too by her own DIL was too much to handle and so Shanti just blushed and tried to cover her feminine charms. Swathi did not wait any longer to calm her MIL but took some sadistic pleasure in making her naked and humiliating her in front of these low class drivers. She felt so much power over her MIL and that was exciting. Swathi decide then and there that tonight she was going to make her MIL a total slut to be used by everybody. She untied the nada holding up the kameez and pulled it down and Shatti had to leave covering her breasts to hide her cunt. Shatni bent down and lifted her MIL’s legs one by one and removed the final piece of clothing and gave it to Shalini to put in the bucket. Shanti now was standing slightly bent trying to cover her cunt and bobs and the crowd saw such a beautiful MILF who still looked so elegant and sophisticated. Shalini asked for detergent powder and Abdul hurried and brought a box of detergent and offered to wash the women’s clothes. Shalini moved aside and Swathi by now had opened the shower and pushed her Mil under it. The water was cold and just right to make Shanti lose all her intoxication due to the cold water. Anthony stepped in to adjust the taps to mix some hot water for the women and quickly got out of the way. Swathi had not finished humiliating her MIL and smiled at Shalini wickedly and then asked Anthony if he would like to help them apply soap of her MIL’s back and she could not reach there to remove the holi colour. Shanti was objecting now and told them that’s its Ok and she will take a shower by herself when Swathi told her,” Maaji, kyon Sharma rahee ho? Anthony ne pahle bhe aap ko nanga daek chukka hai. Usko soap lagaaoo do na?(Maaji, why are you feeling shy? Anthony has seen you naked earlier also. Let him apply the soap for you) 
Shanti, as well as Ramu were shocked to hear that Anthony had already seen this high class MILF naked. 
Abdul was sitting on a short plastic stool and washing the clothes on the washing stone. He had also undressed and was wearing only an underwear, which was also getting wet with the water splashing of the women’s body. He did not mind as he was getting a close up look at the bathing scene. 
Anthony had quickly also removed his clothes and was also in his underwear sporting a nice hardon and ready to assist with bathing the new sexy woman who now he knew was Shalini’s beautiful mother. Swathi winked at him and gestured him to enter the bathroom and he immediately did so and squeezed into the now full bathroom. Shalini hugged him from behind and also tried to get under the water and she pushed him towards her mother who was now sandwiched between Swathi who was in front of her soaping her brests and the driver who now was stuck behind her and she could feel the thick cock on her buttocks. Anthony wasted no time and took the soap from Swathi’s outstretched hands and started applying it on the shy middleaged woman’s back. He rubbed soap on both his hands and gave the soap to Shalini and then lowered his hands and applied soap on Shanti’s buttocks. Shanti who was now completely sober under the cold shower earlier and now under warm water felt that she was going to die from shame. 
Shanti whispered to her DIL’s,” Isne kaab mujee nanga dakha hai?(When did he see me naked). Shanti thought that Anthony the driver may have seen her naked that afternoon at the club when she was getting fucked and expected Swathi to tell her that.
But Swathi was enjoying her MIL’s embarrassment as well as the suspense in the room as everybody there wanted to know how Anthony had been able to see this beautiful lady naked. Lucky bugger.
Anthony also kept quiet and was enjoying being the center of attraction along with Shanti. He waited for Swathi to tell Shanti the story.
Swathi coolly raised her voice louder over the running shower and said,” Jab Anthony kal raat ko chodha tha”.
Shanti screamed,” Kya? Maine is driver se khabbee nahi chudwayee. Merae pati ke alawa aaj se pehele kissee se bhe nahi chudwayee. Bagwan ke saugandh.”(What? I never got fucked by this driver before. Other than my husband earlier to today I never got fucked by anyone.God promise.)
Sirif aaj bhang ke nashe me main do aira gaira se chudwayee aur Ramu driver se bhe chudwayee. Who tho bhang ke kaaran choot mein koojli ho rehao thee aur who ghair admee ne moukae ka phaidha utaya aur mujhe chod dhiyyaa.” (only today because of intoxication by bhang I got fucked by 2 strangers and also Ramu driver fucked me. Also the bhang caused sexual irritation in my cunt and the stranger took advantage of the situation and fucked me)
Shanti was so embarassed to have to talk like this about getting fucked in front of these 7 drivers and her own daughter and DIL and that too standing fully naked in their midst.
Shalini was worried that her mother’s intoxication was fully gone and she was now fully sober and hence may start objecting to the situation. Shalini was standing behind Anthony and hugging him tightly from behind and he in turn was crused into Shanti’s backside in the small bathroom. So Shalini caught hold of Anthony’s soapy hand and pushed it roughly into her mother’s ass crack and still holding his hand started rubbing her inbetween her sensitive anal cheeks. Anthony got the message and he immediately started rubbing Shanti between her legs and then inserted his middle finger into her cunt, Swathi also saw Shalini’s ploy to keep Shanti excited and she too was massaging her MIL’s sensitive boobs and to calm her MIL down she kissed her on the mouth. Shanti was shocked at this lesbian action of her own innocent DIL but could not do or say anything as she was sandwiched inbetween her DIL and the driver and now Swathi was French kissing her and inserting her tongue deep into her mouth. Shanti had never had any sexual contact with any woman all her life and this was the 1st time and it was nice and tender. So she just kept quiet and also Anthony’s fingering of her choot had a calming effect and she relaxed and decided to just go along with whatever her DIL and daughter had planned for her. 
But Swathi was not over teasing her MIL yet and inbetween her kisses coolly she told her MIL,” Maaji, Anthony driver bhai ko kal raat Shalini ghar layee thi aur thab tho aap need ke gholee le kar gahiri neend mein so rahee thee.
Taab aapko Deepak bhaiya, aaapke ladla beta jumse chod raha tha tho Shalini ne dheek liya aur aapke choot ko Anthony bhai se bhi chudwayee. Chandra bhi uk waqt kamrae mein thee aur aake choot ko chaat rahee thi.)
(Maaji, Shalini had brought Anthony driver home last night when you were fast asleep after talking sleeping pills. Shalini saw that Deepak bhaiya was fucking you and so she offered your cunt to Anthony also to fuck. Also Chandra the maid servant was in the room and licking your cunt)
Swathi took immense pleasure in taunting her MIL for some reason and was enjoying humiliating her in front of these strange drivers.
Shanti who was already embarrassed and did not think that she could be more embarrassed now hearing this new information was totally shocked and luckily she was being held and sexually stimulated by two people, otherwise she would have fainted and fallen down.
Hearing that he dear loving son had taken advantage of her deep sleep and had fucked her was the most shocking news she had ever heard in her life. She instinctly knew that her DIL was telling the truth and was now totally embarrassed. The drivers hearing this new sexy tidbit were also shocked to hear that this high-class woman was fucked by her own son. They knew that it happened in the slums due to lack of space and also drunkenness and freedom from most social norms but to hear it happening in the so-called high moral society was exciting news. 
By this time the sexual tension in the flat was at its peak and everybody wanted to start fucking so Shalini directed Anthony and his other driver friends,” Maaji ko undar bedroom mein le chalo chodne ke liyaee”(Take mother inside to the bedroom for fucking)
Abdul who had finished washing the women’s clothes also and was squatting down got up immediately and in the same motion wrapped his long arms around the mature woman and carried her wet into the bedroom even before Shanti realized what was happening. Shanti could feel his huge cock inside his underwear rubbing against her legs as he carried her. Abdul was excited hearing all the sexy things and wanted to have a 1st go at this sexy woman. 
Abdul gently laid her on the bed and 7 horny men (and 2 women) immediately surrounded Shanti around the bed and all of then were low class drivers. She looked at her DIL and daughter for assistance but looking at them she knew it was of no use as that they were the 1st to get her fucked. Imagine getting your own mother fucked by an unknown low class auto driver when she is asleep. Also her DIL also seemed to be taking immense pleasure in humiliating her.
Shalini was in fact pulling down Abdul’s underwear and so was Swathi who was pulling down Anthony’s. 
Shanthi still could not get over the shock of knowing that her own teenager son had fucked her in her sleep even though now she was in such a bigger predicament and about to get gangfucked by drivers. 
That explained why for so many days her cunt was fully wet unusually and smelling strange also. Normally her feminine secretions did not smell so much and also did not leak so much. Now it was clear that her cunt was being used by her son as a cum bucket to dump his horny teenage loads.The only question was. How long had this been going on? Shanti was sure that it could not be that long as her cunt felt abnormal for a few months only and also she was somehow walking up daily extremely satisfied and happy. So she was very curious and desperate to know how long had her cunt been used as a cum bucket. And also now the knowledge that her daughter had also been lending out her cunt for fucking by her low class driver friend was also disconcerting. Also for how long had that been happening and also if she had been used by anyone else for them to dump their loads? 
So Shanti still wanted some more details of the mother fucking and asked her DIL,” Bahu, Deepak kaab se mujhe chod rahaa hai? “(Bahu, from when is Deepak been fucking me?) 
Swathi was enjoying all this and happily informed her MIL,” theen mahine se Deepak aapko chod raha hai.”(From three months Deepak is fucking you)
She added,” har rooj”(daily)
It took Shanthi just a few seconds to put 2 and 2 together and Swathi was looking at her face keenly to enjoy seeing the sudden realization and utter shock register on her MIL’s face. Shanti realized that the child in her womb was now definitely not her husband’s as she always used the diaphragm along with spermicide and that meant that Deepak had fathered her child. Then the second realization that maybe Shalini had got her fucked also by some low class fellow also at the same time and maybe the child is one of these low class fellows. She looked around her now with wide frightened eyes and saw the ugly looking fellows surrounding her and now playing with her body as they liked and thought that if one of these fellows were the father then the baby would also look black and ugly like them.
Swathi had lots more shocking news for her MIL and also Swathi was enjoying the sadistic pleasure and the power of having sexual control over another female and wanted her MIL to suffer for some more time and did not tell her more and now concentrated on having her MIL gangfucked. 
Swathi was interested in having Shanti get banged immediately by a large Muslium cock for the 1st time and asked Abdul,” Abdul bhai, Maaji ko pehelae bajanna hai kya?(Abdul bhai, do you want to bang maaji first?)
Abdul answered,” Haan bhabiji, Itni chikni choot aur tagdhi taange maine khabee nahee deka aur chinnal bahut khoobsurat bhi hai.”(Yes bhabi, I have never seem such a smooth cunt and strong thunder thighs and the whore is very beautiful also.)
Shalini who had been sucking Anthony’s dick was already being mounted by Mansoor and was moaning away loudly enjoying her mother’s humiliation by Swathi. While Swathi was kneeling on the bed besides her MIL and busy getting her MIL fucked by Abdul, Iqbal and Ramu had maneuvered themselves around her and were happily massaging her tits and playing with her wet cunt. Shanti was seeing this live sex action for the 1st time in her life and the sex stars were her own daughter and DIL. She also was getting excited by all this and stopped worrying about her pregnancy or anything else and her clit was throbbing (what they say-Chhola Phudakna). This was the 1st time that her clit was throbbing so intensely and seeing so many hard cocks all waiting to ravish her made her cunt wet and she voluntarily spread her legs more and allowed Abdul more access for his fat finger to probe her cunt. Swathi also was fingering her cunt and Shanti had two fingers inside her wet cunt. Swathi asked Abdul in hindi,” What are you waiting for? Chud ja aur joor se jaldhi bajaa”(Mount her and bang her hard) Swathi wanted payback for her being turned into a slut and whore and also made pregnant by Shanti’s husband. She also was made into a prostitute by Ramji, Shanti’s husband and now Swathi wanted to make Ramji’s wife into a low class fucking whore and serviced by low class drivers. Swathi wished that Shanti was not pregnant or else she would have seen to it that one of these drivers or Ramu their own personal driver had made her MIL pregnant. Swathi had lots of plans for her MIL but at the moment she wanted her MIL to voluntarily become a whore and watched with pleasure her MIL getting sexually excited and could feel her MIL’c cunt getting more wet when she fingered her along with Abdul. Abdul was taking too long to mount her MIL and Swathi was getting impatient. She found that Abdul’s cock was still limp and he had not got an erection even though this was the sexiest scene in the world. She caught hold of Abduls cock and stroked it up and down and then bent and took the limp cock in her mouth fully and tried to suck it and make it hard. But it still remained limp and Swathi was losing patience and asked Abdul,” Kya hooaah Abdul bhai, Kyo lauda deeli hai. (What happened Abdul? Why is you cock still limp?)
Iqbal was watching all this and he too was impatient, so he pushed Abdul aside scolding him jokingly,” Khotey ki aulad, Lavdae ki baal, Kya huaa? Wahan konee pe jaa kar taeraa Toota hua Land choos.” (Son of Donkey, Hair of the cock-What happened? Go there in the corner and suck your limp broken cock)
And also told Swathi,’Bhabiji, main maaji ko choodunga.”(bhabiji, I will fuck maaji) and saying this positioned himself in-between the mature woman’s spread legs. Swathi lifted up her MIL’s legs up in the air and told Abdul in a derisive tone,” At least hold up maaji’s legs and let Iqbal chacha fuck maaji”. While Abdul went behind Shanti’s head and caught hold of the mature woman’s legs passed on to him by Swathi the DIL, Swathi took hold of Iqbal’s lauda and herself positioned it at the entrance of the cunt and told Iqbal,” Chaloo Iqbal chacha, Choot mar ke phad do abhee.”(Come on now Iqbal chacha, Bang the cunt and tear it). Iqbal did not wait for another invitation and shoved his hard hairy cock deep into Shanti’s pure high-class cunt. Shanti gave a grunt and received the nice hard cock willingly as she was very very horny now. She was in the most undignified position of her life and had her legs lifted and spread out in the air with her cunt totally exposed to a bunch of low class fellows and now there was a dark skinned middle aged Muslium driver lying in between her fair thunder thighs whose cock was being held in position by her own naked DIL. But Shanti did not care anymore and remembered a joke in her kitty party group,” If **** is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” Although this had started as a nonconsensual sex had now turned into a voluntary consensual sex Swathi also was pleased that now her MIL was truly fucked when she saw Iqbal’s cock pierce easily into her MIL’s cunt. She knew that now the guys will take care of her MIL and all of them will fuck her one after another and she went back over the edge of the bed and positioned her ass in the doggy style and immediately felt someone take hold of her hips and shove a nice hard cock. She did not even bother to look behind to see who was fucking her and just watched the amazing scene of mother and daughter being fucked together on the bed. It was actually her own driver Ramu who had mounted her when Iqbal had left her side to mount Shanti. 
Rafiq shoved his hard cock into Swathi’s mouth and Rehman who had been touching all three women and squeezing tits and naked bums and just enjoying himself like a kid in a candy store had mounted Shanti’s face and was now face fucking her. Shanti had never had her face fucked and she could not do anything when suddenly a hairy muslium fellow climbed on the bed and she saw a hairy black balls and stiff hard cock and hairy ass coming towards her face. She opened her mouth to object at this vulgar assault but before she could say anything Rehman had shoved his cock into her mouth and shut her up. Rehman had just had a piss and come there and Shanti could taste the salty cock and almost gagged. She did not know what to do and Rehman told her looking down at the amazing sight,” lavda ko chatoo”(Lick my cock). Shanti tentatively likced the cock and when Rehman shoved it fully inside her throat her throat somehow automatically adjusted itself and wrapped around the long hard cock without gagging. Both Shanti and Rehman were surprised at the natural cock sucking and Rehman told her,”Tu tho paidashi chinnal hai.”(You are a born whore) and turning to his friends fucking all around him just loudly exclaimed,” Deek isko. Raand ne purae lauda ko jalaee main jhoosadli hai.”(The whore has shoved the whole cock into her throat). Everybody in the room immediately looked and indeed saw the way Shanti was getting face fucked and they could clearly see the outline of a big hairy hard cock entering her throat up to Rehman’s hairy balls that was tickling Shanti’s nose and chin. Shanti’s head was now pushed back over the pillow and Rehman was fucking her face like he normally fucked a choot and Iqbal was getting a closeup view of the action as he was fucking Shanti’s cucnt positioned in the missionary position behind Rehman’s ass.
So now each woman had two men pleasing her with Shanti having three with Abdul just holding her legs and his floppy limp dick and balls touching her head.
Anthony whose dick was being sucked by Shalini while being mounted by Mansoor was getting impatient to also start fucking one of these three hot horny women. He pulled out his cock from Shalini’s mouth and went to Iqbal and told him to make Shanti ride his cock and winked at him.
Iqbal knew from past gang fucking experiences what Anthony planned to do and immediately pulled out his cock from Shanti’s cunt. Shanti who was enjoying the banging was disappointed that Iqbal had stopped his fucking and was expecting her next cock in her cunt when Iqbal asked Rehman to also stop his face fucking and he then without another word lay down and pulled Shanti over his body. Anthony helped Iqbal in positiong Shanti in the cow girl woman on top position like the white people do on blue films(porn) and even lifted Shanti’s buttocks and spread Shanti’s ascheeks for Iqbal to position his cock under Shani’s choot hole. Anthony slowly lowered Shanti over Iqbals long hard lavda and the cock went easily and fully inside Shanti’s fucked choot and she was now impaled on a hard cock and that felt terrific. Shanti had never fucked in this style and was at 1st embarrassed how these 3 fellows were handling her body in such a vulgar and undignified way. But now having the huge cock fully up her cunt till the balls felt fantastic. Iqbal asked her to raise up and down and Shanti followed his instructions and placing both her hands on his chest she raised herself up and down and started fucking him. Shanti felt this way to be terrific and wondered why she had not tried it before as now she could direct the cock to rub against her clit and she started moaning out loudly and both Shalini and Swathi were happy that Shanti was enjoying herself and they knew now what was going to happen and smiled at each other. Shanti , unaware of the norms of gang fucking enjoyed blissfully as the saying goes,” ignorance is bliss”. Rehman immediately positioned himself in front of Shanti’s face and caught her chin and made her open her mouth and inserted his cock into her mouth and as before started face fucking her. Shanti took his cock easily into her large mouth and wondered how she was able to easily tolerate such a huge cock in her throat. Anthony had by this time applied some cold cream (which was always next to the bedJ)onto his cock and now positioned himself behind shanti’s ample fair buttock’s and roughly pushed her forward while Iqbal pulled her down and hugged her body tightly knowing the routine very well. Everybody in the room stopped what they were doing and now watched this scene keenly waiting to see another ass being DP’d and torn open.
Anthony quickly positioned his cock near Shanti’s asshole and Swathi who was bent over at the side of the bed and facing them, also helped in holding the cock in place and then Anthony nodded to Iqbal who held Shanti tightly hugging her and Shanti also suddenly found that room had gone quiet and then Anthony gave a shove and tore into Shanti’s asshole. Shanti screamed like a banshee and felt searing pain in her asshole as she felt something hard tear into her asshole. Everyone laughed in delight at the scene and Anthony withdrew his cock and then again banged in. Iqbal from below also gave a shove at the same time and Shanti could feel the two cock like as it there was no membrane parting her asshole and her choot hole. Luckily Rehman had removed his cock from Shanti’s mouth otherwise she would have bitten it as she was clenching her teeth and trying to pull away from Iqbals strong grip. Shanti was now crying in pain but nobody stopped and the in and out motion in her cunt and asshole kept going on till the pain became bearable. The tight asshole of Shanti was too much for Anthony and he shot his load into Shanti’s asshole and that was Shanti’s first load of the gangfuck. But Shanti had no respite when the spent cock was withdrawn and her ashole felt so nice now without the stretched feeling and pain of having such a large object jammed into her asshole. But within a few seconds she again felt Iqbal tightening his grip on her hugging her again and Shanti now an experienced Ganndu (ass fucked) knew what was about to happen and before she could struggle she felt another cock ramming into her poor asshole. This was Rafiq who had been getting his cock sucked by Swathi and who had seen the asshole hole vacant now and quickly mounted the mature woman but this time without any lubrication. Only the saliva from Swathi’s mouth and the cum in her asshole were enough lubrication and again Shanti was DP’d violently. Rafiq could last a long time and this cock kept banging away and Shanti’s asshole was also now getting comfortable. The woman’s body is incredible and all the holes are meant to be used for fucking and the holes also get adjusted to all sorts of objects shoved into them. Once Iqbal saw that Shanti had stopped struggling as well as stopped making loud squealing noises and was in fact responding to the excitement by squeezing her cunt muscles which had become very tight due to the stuffed cock and the pressure on her stuffed cunt from the stuffed asshole. Iqbal’s cock was now being nicely squeezed and massaged by the mature cunt and in his slum and red light areas it was called “headlight marna or dabanna or dipping” meaning like dim and dip the truck’s headlights her cunt was squeezing and releasing his cock. This was the trucker’s sexual lingo in redlight areas and picked up by prostitutes. Anyways- this massaging of his cock by Shanti’s cunt muscles was too much for the old man and he started lifting his hips from under her and banged her cunt harder and started cumming into her choot deep inside. This was the 1st load of sperms from a low class Muslium driver and not the last. Once his cock was satiated Iqbal lay still for a moment and then slipped out from under Shanti and now Shanti was in the real kutiya (doggy) style being sodomized in the ass roughly by another Muslium driver Rafiq who now had full access to Shanti’s hips and body and held her hips tightly and really started riding her hard. 
As soon as Rafiq had shot his load in her asshole and pulled out he was replaced by Rehman and again her hips were held tightly and Rehman first fucked her cunt and after a few minutes of that he pulled out and immediately pushed into her asshole which now was able to easily accept the lauda without any pain or resistance. Shanti knew now that she was the star attraction of this gangfuck and everyone of these 7 fellows was going to use all her holes like a cheap street whore. The scene around her was surreal watching her daughter Shalini looking so fair and beautiful like a movie star but attached to her from behind a savage looking dark skinned ugly low class Muslium fellow was banging away holding on to her hips with Shalini smiling and talking something to her bhabhi Swathi who also looked fair and beautiful like another innocent movie star but also in the same position with a ruffian attached to her buttocks who looked like a low class slum dwelling extra from a hindi movie scene. Shanti realized that to her daughter and DIL she also must be looking exactly like that and she just bowed her head and buried her face in the pillow and allowed the drivers to take whatever liberties they wanted with her body.
While the fucking was going on Shalini received a phone call from Deepak and she answered the phone seeing on the display that it was only Deepak her brother. Shanti, Swathi and the 7 drivers heard Shalini speaking on the phone and immediately became silent but she told them,” Sirf Deepak bhaiya hai. Aaap log continue karo”(Its only my brother Deepak. You guys continue) and Shalini continued speaking on the phone,” Hello Bhaiya. Kya hai?(hello brother. Whats up?)
——-(Deepak speaking)—–
Hun teeno yahan hai(We three are here)
Maaji, bhabi aur main.(mother,swathi bhabi and myself)
Yahan yanike, Rafiq ke yahan.(Here means at Rafiq’s place)
Rafiq kon?(Who Rafiq)
Ramu kaka ke driver dost.(Rafiq is Ramu kaka’s driver friend)
Then casually she said,”Maaji ko chudwane ke liya. Aur kyon?”(To get mother fucked. Why else?)
All around her the whole gang was amused and shocked how Shalini was speaking casually with her own brother about taking her mother for gangfucking as if she was taking her to an ice cream parlour to eat icecream.
Shalini actually was getting fucked simultaneously and her voice kept cracking with every bang she received from behind.
Ek minute. (One minute)
Then Shalini looked around and said,” Total mein 7 admee, sabhee Ramu kaka ke driver doston. Lekin ek lauda bekar deli padhi hai. Hahahaha. Who Abdul bhai aaj kuch phaida nahee hai. Aaj sirif choot chatne ke layak hai.hahhaha.
(In total 7 men all of whom are Ramu kaka’s driver friends. But one cock is usless.hahahaha. That is Abdul bhai. Today he is useless and fit only for licking cucnts.hahaha)
Maaji abhee busy hai. Rehman bhai se gaand marwa rehaee hai. (Mother is busy now. She is getting her ass fucked by Rehman) 
Aur Swathi bhabi bhi busy hai. Who bhi chud rahee hai.(And Swathi bhabi is also busy. She is also getting fucked)
Mujhe Mansoor chod raha hai doggy pose mein.(Mansoor is fucking me now in the doggy pose)
Ek minute.(One minute)
Then Shalini handed over the phone to Shanti and told her that Deepak bhaiya wanted to speak with her.
Shanti was flabbergasted firstly at the slum like low class conversation being carried on between sister and brother and also now that her son wanted to speak with her knowing very well that she was being buggered in the ass by a low class driver –thanks to her daughter Shalini.
Shanti shook her head but Shalini put the phone on speaker phone and pushed the phone into her hand and said,”Deepak bhaiya se baat karo. Who aapse chudthe waqkt baat karna chantha hai. Wo bhi Chandra ko is waqt chod raha hai aur phone mein hamse baat kar raha hai.(Speak with Deepak bhaiya. He wants to speak with you while you are getting fucked. He also is fucking Chandra at this very moment while speaking with us on the phone)
Shanti was forced to take the phone and answer,” He—ll–o be—ta. K-ya h-ai?(hello son. What is it?). Rehman seeing that Shanti was speaking with her son on the phone while getting fucked by him got very excited and started banging her more furiously making her voice stammer while speaking.
Deepak could her all the sounds around Shanti and was excited to speak with his mother for the 1st time in a sexual manner. He answered her,” Kooch nahin Amma. Malum pada ke aap chud rahee hai tho maan laga ke mein bhi aap se baat karoon.”(nothing much. Came to know that you are getting fucked and felt like talking to you)
Kaisa lag raha hai. Suna hai ke gaand marwa rahee ho?(How are you feeling? Heard that you are getting your ass fucked)
Shanti did not know what to answer her son. This was not the conversation a mother was to have with her own son and that too while having sex. But Shanti was glad that at least now she could talk to her son about his fucking her in her sleep and somehow this phone sex talk was getting to be exciting. The others were also feeling this excitement of hearing the phone sex between mother and son and there was heavy groaning and slapping sounds of groins banging against buttocks and sucking sounds.
Shanti answered,”Aacha lag raha hai abhee. Pahlee bhar bahoot dard hua lekin ab teek hai. Beta tum kya kar rahee ho? (It’s feeling nice now. In the beginning the 1srt time it was very painful but now it’s OK. What are you doing son?) Actually Shanti knew from Shalini’s conversation earlier that Deepak was fucking Chandra while talking over the phone with them. But she did not know what to talk and hence she asked the question. What else could a mother talk with her son over the phone except ask innocent questions?
Deepak who was also very excited talking sexily with his mother answered,” Good. Main yehan Chandra ko chod raha hoon. Abhee abhee wo babuji se chud ke upar aayee hai. Aaapko wahan kitne log chod chuke hai?”(Good. Here I am fucking Chandra. She just got fucked by father now and came up to get fucked by me. How many guys have fucked you there)
Shanti was shocked to hear that her husband had fucked their maidservant Chandra. What was happening in her home? 
She asked,” KYA? Babuji ne Chandra ko choda?” (WHAT? Your father fucked Chandra?)
Deepak answered,” Haan Amma. Aur babuji ne Swathi bhabi and Shalini ko be chod chukka hai. Unse pooch wahan.”( Yes mother. Father has also fucked both Swathi bhabi and Shalini also. Ask them there)
Shanti was looking at the 2 other girls and both nodded their heads smiling and winking at each other.
Shatni looked at them and thought. Bloody sluts.
Deepak continued happily,” Amma aap janthe ho? Babuji ne Swathi ko pregnant kiya.”(Mother, Do you know? Babuji has made Swathi bhabi pregnant.) 
This was too much for Shanti and she looked at Swathi and screamed,” Saali kutiya”(whore, bitch)
Deepak hearing this laughed and asked his mother,” Kyon gussa ho rahe ho Amma. Aapko maine pregnant banaya aur Babuji ne bhabi ko. Aur Shalini ko un drivero ne)
(Why are you getting angry mother. I made you pregnant and Father made bhabi pregnant and Shalini got pregnant by one of those drivers.)
Shanti did not know what to answer to her son’s logic and realized that all three of them were whore bitches.
Deepak continued his sexual talk on the phone with his mother and found the situation funny and laughingly told her,” Amma, aap whahan is waqkt gair drivero se chudwarahee ho aur babuji pe joosa ho rahi ho?”(Mother, you are at this time getting fucked by unknown drivers and getting angry with father for fucking a servant maid)
Shanti realized that her son was right and she had no right to behave like a sati savitri when she was naked ina slum flat getting fucked and cummed in all her holes by 7 low class guys. Also she was carrying a bastard incestuous child. She would be lucky if her husband did not throw her out. 
Deepak was sexually charged by all the phone sex with his mother and now also wanted a chance to fuck her willingly.
He told her,” Amma, jaldi wapas aajao. Mujhe be mood hai aapko chodne ke liye. Aur maine aapka gaand bhe nahi mara hai aab tak.”(Mother come back soon. I am also in the mood to fuck you and I have also not buggered your ass yet) 
Shanti felt embarrassed hearing her son talk of fucking her as well as fucking her in the ass so casually and that too these low class buggers were hearing everything. 
But she too was excited at the prospect of having a young good-looking stud after all these ugly fellows. So she shyly and in a sexy tone answered,” Deepak Beta, Mein tho gharke mall hoon aur tujhe jaab bhi maan kare, taab chod lena.”(Deepak my son, I am the property of our house and whenever you feel like it you can fuck me)
Yahan mujhe itne jaldee nahi chodega mujhe. Yahan sabhe 6 laudee abhi bhi kadak kaddae huaee hai aur 2 ya 3 ghantee laag jayega in saab se chudwanee. Tu wahan Chandra se mazaa lo aur uska gaand maro. Mein ghar aane par seeda tara kamre mein aajayaaonga aur taab tu jo bhi chahe mujse karwalo.
(Here these guys will not let me go so soon. All the 6 cocks are still hard and erect and it will take another 2 or 3 hours for me to get fucked by them and satisfy them. In the meantime you enjoy with Chandra and fuck her asshole. As soon as I come home I will come straight to your room and then you can use me anyway you want.)
Hearing this sexy talk by the mother Deepak could not hold on any longer and came loudly and grunting inside chandra. Everyone here in this flat could hear the son cumming as a result of his mothers’ sexy talk. Here too the air was sexually charged and cocks started spurting cum into hot wet holes.
As soon as Swathi, Shalini, Shanthi and Ramu entered the flat they noticed that it was filled with the slum dweller drivers who were dressed neatly and had all shaved and taken bath to be presentable to the high class women visitors. Even though they had fucked Swathi on one occasion and Shalini numerous times, they wanted to look their best for the high-class women. They were happy when they saw that their efforts were not in vain as there was another new high class woman with the 2 girls and she seemed very high class and sophisticated even though she was a bit intoxicated. She was totally aware of her surroundings and also knew why she and the other 2 girls were here. But when Shalini had told her that she was taking her to get fucked by her friends she had expected to be taken to some college hostel or college students house of high class and sophistication. She never expected that her innocent daughter had such low class drivers as friends. Shalini had introduced everybody to her and what they did.
As soon as the introductions were over Swathi whispered to Shalini and then took her MIL to the bathroom to have a nice bath and get cleaned and fresh. She did not want the low class drivers who were all looking clean and fresh to think lowly of her MiL if they smelt her musty cum filled cunt and sweat. Swathi also wanted to freshen up and so she too got inside the bathroom along with her MIL and started undressing. Swathi had left the bathroom door open for the men to watch if they wanted and since the bathroom was clearly visible in the front room as well as the bedroom everybody could see the sexual bath-taking place. Swathi had not been fucked and all the sexual voyeurism had made her cunt also wet and soggy and she wanted to clean her cunt also. When she was fully naked she started undressing her MIL who now looked red faced blushing and shy to see how casually her innocent beautiful DIL was undressing in front of total strangers. She did not know that these strangers had seen Swathi’s body thoroughly more than her husband and knew every mole on her body because these strangers had never been with such a beauty in their life ever and when they got the opportunity they kissed and licked her body all over and massaged and squeezed every inch of this beautiful angel. So too with Shalini who was even more familiar with these drivers as she had spent many nights fully naked getting fucked thoroughly. Shalini had also entered the bathroom which was big enough for everybody to fit in as there was a raised washing stone inside to was clothes on. Shalini got undressed in seconds and had taken a bucket and opened the tap and put her solied wet clothes in the bucket and filled it with water. Swathi handed her clothes also inside the bucket. They had all not worn any underwear and hence there were only the thin salwar kameez to wash and which will dry within and hour. They intended to stay for more than an hour and were comfortable being naked with these guys. Anyways-in another few minutes all these guys will also be naked so that was not a problem. Shanti was totally flabbergasted at how casually both the girls were behaving at home in this strange slum flat. Swathi had by this time unbuttoned her salwar and lifted it over her head and freed her big boobs and the guys now crowded near the bathroom to get a closer look. Shanti whose intoxication had receded greatly now was almost fully sober and was blushing at the way her DIL was stripping her naked in front of these strangers. 
She tried to cover her boobs to hide the shame she felt as this was the craziest thing she had ever done in her entire life. Even in front of her own husband it took number of years before she could really be comfortable being fully naked and the 1st few months she had never been fully naked in front of her own husband. She also took bath tying a petticoat around her breasts and taking bath like most Indian still do in villages and small towns. There are still numerous married Indian women who are so shy and have never been fully naked in front of their own husbands their entire married life. They just lift up their petticoats and the husbands’ crawls in-between their legs still wearing his lungi but just lowered below his groin and they fuck quickly and finish the job as if it was something very dirty. If someone walked into the room while they were fucking all they can see is two fully clothed people just joined at the groin but everything else is fuly covered including the guy’s bums. 
So now being so casually stripped in front of these strange guys and that too by her own DIL was too much to handle and so Shanti just blushed and tried to cover her feminine charms. Swathi did not wait any longer to calm her MIL but took some sadistic pleasure in making her naked and humiliating her in front of these low class drivers. She felt so much power over her MIL and that was exciting. Swathi decide then and there that tonight she was going to make her MIL a total slut to be used by everybody. She untied the nada holding up the kameez and pulled it down and Shatti had to leave covering her breasts to hide her cunt. Shatni bent down and lifted her MIL’s legs one by one and removed the final piece of clothing and gave it to Shalini to put in the bucket. Shanti now was standing slightly bent trying to cover her cunt and bobs and the crowd saw such a beautiful MILF who still looked so elegant and sophisticated. Shalini asked for detergent powder and Abdul hurried and brought a box of detergent and offered to wash the women’s clothes. Shalini moved aside and Swathi by now had opened the shower and pushed her Mil under it. The water was cold and just right to make Shanti lose all her intoxication due to the cold water. Anthony stepped in to adjust the taps to mix some hot water for the women and quickly got out of the way. Swathi had not finished humiliating her MIL and smiled at Shalini wickedly and then asked Anthony if he would like to help them apply soap of her MIL’s back and she could not reach there to remove the holi colour. Shanti was objecting now and told them that’s its Ok and she will take a shower by herself when Swathi told her,” Maaji, kyon Sharma rahee ho? Anthony ne pahle bhe aap ko nanga daek chukka hai. Usko soap lagaaoo do na?(Maaji, why are you feeling shy? Anthony has seen you naked earlier also. Let him apply the soap for you) 
Shanti, as well as Ramu were shocked to hear that Anthony had already seen this high class MILF naked. 
Abdul was sitting on a short plastic stool and washing the clothes on the washing stone. He had also undressed and was wearing only an underwear, which was also getting wet with the water splashing of the women’s body. He did not mind as he was getting a close up look at the bathing scene. 
Anthony had quickly also removed his clothes and was also in his underwear sporting a nice hardon and ready to assist with bathing the new sexy woman who now he knew was Shalini’s beautiful mother. Swathi winked at him and gestured him to enter the bathroom and he immediately did so and squeezed into the now full bathroom. Shalini hugged him from behind and also tried to get under the water and she pushed him towards her mother who was now sandwiched between Swathi who was in front of her soaping her brests and the driver who now was stuck behind her and she could feel the thick cock on her buttocks. Anthony wasted no time and took the soap from Swathi’s outstretched hands and started applying it on the shy middleaged woman’s back. He rubbed soap on both his hands and gave the soap to Shalini and then lowered his hands and applied soap on Shanti’s buttocks. Shanti who was now completely sober under the cold shower earlier and now under warm water felt that she was going to die from shame. 
Shanti whispered to her DIL’s,” Isne kaab mujee nanga dakha hai?(When did he see me naked). Shanti thought that Anthony the driver may have seen her naked that afternoon at the club when she was getting fucked and expected Swathi to tell her that.
But Swathi was enjoying her MIL’s embarrassment as well as the suspense in the room as everybody there wanted to know how Anthony had been able to see this beautiful lady naked. Lucky bugger.
Anthony also kept quiet and was enjoying being the center of attraction along with Shanti. He waited for Swathi to tell Shanti the story.
Swathi coolly raised her voice louder over the running shower and said,” Jab Anthony kal raat ko chodha tha”.
Shanti screamed,” Kya? Maine is driver se khabbee nahi chudwayee. Merae pati ke alawa aaj se pehele kissee se bhe nahi chudwayee. Bagwan ke saugandh.”(What? I never got fucked by this driver before. Other than my husband earlier to today I never got fucked by anyone.God promise.)
Sirif aaj bhang ke nashe me main do aira gaira se chudwayee aur Ramu driver se bhe chudwayee. Who tho bhang ke kaaran choot mein koojli ho rehao thee aur who ghair admee ne moukae ka phaidha utaya aur mujhe chod dhiyyaa.” (only today because of intoxication by bhang I got fucked by 2 strangers and also Ramu driver fucked me. Also the bhang caused sexual irritation in my cunt and the stranger took advantage of the situation and fucked me)
Shanti was so embarassed to have to talk like this about getting fucked in front of these 7 drivers and her own daughter and DIL and that too standing fully naked in their midst.
Shalini was worried that her mother’s intoxication was fully gone and she was now fully sober and hence may start objecting to the situation. Shalini was standing behind Anthony and hugging him tightly from behind and he in turn was crused into Shanti’s backside in the small bathroom. So Shalini caught hold of Anthony’s soapy hand and pushed it roughly into her mother’s ass crack and still holding his hand started rubbing her inbetween her sensitive anal cheeks

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