Indian Wife & Boss Part 4

Ravi felt guilty as he blamed himself for everything. Meena showed no pity on him rather creates situations where he feels even more remorseful. He was more caring, more loving towards Meena. He took care of most of the household chores and stopped bugging her for being late from office. Meena was enjoying this new found freedom. 

Kripa called her the next evening; Meena was so enchanted listening to his dominating voice that she unknowingly touched herself. Kripa laughed his ass off when she told him how she handled Ravi. 

“Serves him right,” he said, “he is a sissy boy.”

She was so much fascinated with Kripa that he forgot everything else. Day and night she dreamt about the night spent with him and longed for his dominating touch. Her body ached for him to take her forcefully and screw her brains out. She waited for him to call her, to ask her to come to him, to fuck her, but he didn’t call. It was frustrating; she thought of calling him but didn’t want him to know how desperate she is. 

Gupta called her many times and wanted to meet her but she was not interested. She lost interest in her boss as well and didn’t allow Ravi to come near to her. Salim and Pradeep the guards at her office continued to pester her, asking her to come to the basement, but she ignored them. 

One day in the office Pradeep bumped into her and started to threaten her but she laughed him off.

“Send me the pics or send them to my hubby,” she teased him, “I don’t care, now go fuck yourself,” she snarled. Pradeep was taken aback he cannot believe such a nice fuck toy was slipping out of his hands. 

Then one day she received a parcel at her office. She curiously opened it and found a dress in it and a letter. It was from Kripa. She looked around and finding no one around she hid the dress in her drawer and opened the letter anxiously.

“Wear it on Saturday night; I will pick you up from your house.”

Saturday is today, her heart started to beat faster and her face blushed like a teenager first time in love but then she panicked, how can he come to my house, Ravi would be there. She picked up the phone and dialled Kripa.

“Yes sweet heart, I was not expecting your call, I was expecting to see you at 6 O Clock sharp” he spoke.

“You cannot come to my house, Ravi would be there, you know what I told him about that night,” she spoke quickly.

He laughed out loud, “As if I care about him, but don’t worry I won’t come to your flat I will be waiting for you in my car downstairs at sharp 6 O Clock and listen,” suddenly his voice was stern, “I don’t want you to question my command or disobey then in any way, If you call me again or disobey me in anyway, then you need not come at all,” he hung the phone. 

She was stunned and felt blood drain out of her body. She breathed hard; with shaking hand she put back the phone. She felt like a little girl who has just irritated her daddy. She felt upset but vowed to herself that she will not do this mistake again. 

She could not concentrate on the work and kept thinking about the meeting and what she should do. She felt itching in her pussy and realized that her panty was soaking wet. She came home around three. Ravi was home as it was his off day. 

“Hello dear,” he greeted him. She nodded slowly but didn’t speak and quietly moved to the bed room. Ravi sensing her bad mood walked behind her. 

“What is it dear,” he looked concerned, “is everything OK?”

“No, everything is not OK, Kripa has been calling me and threatening me, he wants to see me tonight.”

“What!” he was shocked, “but why?”

“He told me he will return me the pics,” she spoke slowly with her head down. 

“I cannot trust him that he wanted to return the pics,” he mumbled, “where he wants to meet you.”

“At his residence, he will send the car to pick me up.”

“What if he tries to do something with you,” he was concerned. 

“What else he could do, he had already raped me, I can handle him,” she spoke. 

“I will come with you,” he was furious.

“Please, Ravi I don’t want you to come with me and create any problem, I will handle it and finish it once and for all,” she spoke. 

He looked hurt, “he may try to take advantage of you.”

“That much I can figure out, he is not calling me to say sorry to me and hand me over the pictures, he will definitely try something, but I can negotiate and this threat of blackmail can be solved,” she tried to reason with him. 

Ravi almost lost his balance; he was dumbfounded and held the edge of the bed to support him. He looked at Meena who was scared like a deer caught in the spotlight. 

“He can’t, I will kill that bastard if he dares…,” he was shaking with rage. 

“No, you will not do anything,” suddenly Meena spoke in a firm voice, “you will stay home and wait for me.”

“No, I will not,” he was adamant. 

“What if he hits you again… rapes you,” he was shaking, imagining Meena with that man, “let us report to the police.”

“Shut up,” Meena shouted taking control of the situation, “enough of your nonsense, it was you who never trusted me and you suspicious nature lead to all this, do you know what kind of life it would be after you report to police. Nothing is going to happen to Kripa he has got good connections and everyone in my office and your office will come to know about it, OUR life will be miserable. The police will ask so many dirty questions, why I went with them to the bedroom? Who opened the blouse? Why didn’t I raise alarm? Why your hubby watched it and did nothing? Why didn’t you report it immediately?” 

Again Ravi had no answer. He fidgeted tried to think of something but nothing came to his mind. Meena pushed him out of the bedroom and closed the door and sighed.

She was having butterflies in her stomach as she opened the package and pull out the dress. Her jaw dropped, it was a brown skirt and a white shirt. “A college dress!” It was a kind of dress she had not worn in ages and how could she go out in this dress. She fell on the bed like a deflated balloon. All her bravado vanished and she felt her body trembling. How can she wear it and walk out in front of her hubby. “What if any neighbour sees me, what am I going to say,” she thought. She cannot do it, I will wear something normal, but then she remembered the afternoon conversation with Kripa and her body trembled. 

Nervously she tried it and found it a perfect fit. She found that the white shirt was quite transparent and whatever she wears inside will be visible. It snugs tightly over her soft breasts; the skirt was pleated and was reaching just below her fleshy round hips. She looked in mirror and shivered at her sexy image. Lot of her shapely thighs were revealed. With a sigh she took it off and went to take shower to get ready for the evening. Her heart was pounding in anticipation. 

Ravi sat in the living room feeling dejected. He took out the whisky bottle and started to gulp down drinks after drinks in total helplessness. He was not able to think what he could do. Meena on the other hand was getting ready, she waxed her legs and arms, shaved her pussy bald. After taking shower she put on light makeup. She chooses a black cotton bikini panty which stick tightly over her crotch and accentuated her buttocks. She picked up a half-cup bra; it barely covers half of the breasts and holds her C size boobs together displaying more cleavage. She left her hairs loose and had a final look in the mirror, she saw a teenage college girl staring back at her. 

Ravi’s jaw dropped as he saw Meena coming out of the room in that college dress, “you dressed like a slut for him?”

“He sent me this dress and asked me to wear it tonight,” she saw a cynical look on his face, “don’t draw conclusions,” she walked towards kitchen. 

“So you have decided to fuck him,” he blurted out.

“Yes, if you think so,” Meena matched his tone.

“So after all I was right, you are dying to fuck him,” he shouted.

“Can’t stop your filthy mind to imagine dirty things,” she shouted back. 

“I can’t let you do this,” he spoke helplessly.

“I know what I am doing and you should know what is good for you, stay here or …” she let is hang. Ravi just sat there sipping the drink. She shrugged her shoulders and walked to the kitchen. She stood there absentmindedly worried about Ravi. Her mind returned to Kripa and she felt a knot in her stomach. She walked to the living room and turned on the TV and sat on the couch but could not concentrate on the screen. She kept checking her watch.

As the clock showed the time she was waiting for, she mustered courage and walked to the door. Ravi watched her going out and desperately slumped deeper into the couch. 

Meena felt a knot building up in her stomach as she slammed the door shut and stepped into the corridor. She walked quickly towards the lifts, praying no one sees her. But her prayers went unanswered. Her neighbour, the most loathsome of all, was already there. He glanced at her and his eyes went wide. “God!! of them all, this lecherous creature.” 

“Ahh! Is it you bhabhi ji (sister in law)?” he had a broad grin on his face. Meena just nodded and nervously waited for the lift to arrive.

“Joined some college,” he spoke checking her out with a big grin on his face. She felt so embarrassed, like being caught naked in front of this filthy man. 

“No, fancy dress at office,” she spoke and cursed the lift for being so slow. He continued to stare her shamelessly; the grin never left his face. Then thankfully for her the lift arrived and it was empty. He boarded the lift with her.

“Ground floor,” he enquired and then pushed the buttons. 

“I must say you look really sexy in this outfit,” he commented, clearly drooling over her. Meena felt really pissed off but kept silent. 

All through the ride to the ground floor she felt his eyes piercing her. She rushed out as soon as the door opened and prayed that the car would be there, she doesn’t want to wait in this dress. As soon as she stepped on the road a car honked and she saw Kripa on the back seat. She let out a sigh of relief and got in the back seat.

Ravi was standing in the balcony of the flat and saw Meena entering the car. She was looking like a cute little college girl. He watched in nervousness as the car drove away taking his lovely wife with it. He felt his heart sinking, fearing what they may do together. 

Kripa examined her from top to bottom while Meena smiled respectfully. He frowned as he looked at her feet. 

“What is this you are wearing a high heel with college dress,” he scolded her. The smile on her face vanished immediately and a similar sensation of submissiveness took over. 

“Ah.. I don’t have any college shoes,” she spoke in wavering voice. 

“That much I thought,” he spoke and pulled out a box containing black college shoes, “now change it.” Meena quickly took out the sandals and changed into the shoes. 

“Now what to do with this girl,” he frowned again, “tie your hairs into a pony tail.” Meena realized her mistake and tied her hairs as instructed. 

“I am sorry,” she spoke. 

“Sorry what!!” he yelled. Meena quivered and then she realised.

“Sorry daddy,” her face was red with shame.

“Humm, better,” he mumbled, “now you look like a pretty college girl,” he hugged her and kissed her forehead. 

The car continued to move on the busy streets of Delhi and both of them sat silently. Meena wondered where they were going but she didn’t dare to ask Kripa. She looked at his face which was devoid of any expression. She thought that the moment they meet he will grab her and fuck her senseless but he was sitting quietly, ignoring her totally. Finally she became restless. 

“Am,” she fumbled for the words, “Umm, where are we going.” Kripa looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. He smiled and put his hand on her knees. 

“You need to learn a lot baby; you cannot question your daddy,” he slipped his hand up and squeezed the thighs. 

“I was not questioning,” she replied looking down, “I was just asking.”

“Just follow the daddy no asking, no questioning.” She nodded obediently. 

“You know how difficult it was to handle Ravi, he was insisting on coming with me,” she giggled. 

“Well I don’t care how you handled him and I don’t care if he joins us, either,” he replied sternly. Meena was taken aback, she looked hurt. She kept quiet for the rest of the journey. The car entered into parking lot of a multi-storey building. Kripa held her hand and guided her to the lift.

They entered into a well furnished apartment. The moment she entered in the living room she saw Gupta leaning on a sofa and sipping a drink. Meena completely forgot about Gupta. He had a wicked grin on his face. She just took it for granted that Kripa would be alone with her but instead of feeling any aversion, she felt strangely excited. 

“Come darling,” he cooed and put an arm around her. She glanced towards Kripa who was busy mixing drinks. Gupta cupped her firm buttocks and whispered, “You look hot.” Meena’s heartbeat increased. He guided her to the sofa and pulled her into his lap. Meena squirmed trying to put her bums on the seat but he kept an arm around her and rested her ass on his groin. She struggled a bit but eventually settled down, leaning on him. 

“You look more seductive than the last time,” he caressed her. Kripa approached them with two drinks and handed her one. She was reluctant but took it anyway. She sipped and found it to be very strong, she made a bad face.

“Not used to it,” Gupta laughed and kissed her lips. He grabbed her hairs and kept her head steady. 

“Why didn’t you come to me when I called,” Gupta asked. 

“I was busy,” she spoke. Gupta looked amused; he placed his mouth over her and pushed his tongue inside. Kripa stood sipping his drink and watched as Meena kissed back passionately. She gasped as Gupta slipped one hand up her thighs. Meena’s legs were parted and her black panty was visible, she was withering with pleasure as he rubbed his finger between her pussy lips. 

Kripa sat down beside them and pulled her head towards him. “Tell me, did you think about me during the week.” She nodded. 

“Were you horny thinking about me,” he opened two buttons of her shirt. 

“Yes, I was,” she panted, her chest heaving. 

“And what did you do when you were horny,” he asked moving his hand inside her shirt. Gupta meanwhile pushed two fingers inside her cunt which was dripping wet. 

“Uggh, Ahhh! Nothing… I dreamt about you,” she replied lovingly. 

“WRONG!! you were fucking your buddies, you slut,” he screamed. She was stunned; she looked into his eyes burning with rage. Kripa swiftly moved his hand and landed a hard slap on her cheek. The slap stung like a bee and her whole body trembled. 

“What do you think I am, huh,” he shouted, “I am not one of your fuck toys that you will fuck as per your will, I am not your spineless husband who will watch you getting your pussy and mouth stuffed with cocks.” He grabbed her hairs and pulled her face up. Tears dwelled in her eyes. She felt ashamed, especially in front of Gupta, she covered her face with both her hands.

“What did I tell you last time, that you are MINE, you will fuck when I tell you and you will fuck with whom I tell you, bitch, can’t keep your hands off the cocks for one week,” he looked furious. She trembled not knowing what to do. She looked towards Gupta but he was of no help.

“Sorry daddy, sorry,” she sobbed, “but I didn’t fuck anyone.” 

“Shut up and move your hands aside,” he snarled. 

“No… daddy, please,” she looked scared. 

“MOVE THEM,” he shouted and she hesitantly removed her hands and instantly another hard slap stung on her cheek. She shook violently still in his grip. 

“Please daddy,” she looked up pleadingly. 

“You have disappointed me, slut,” he snapped, “Now what to do with you, dirty cunt.” 

“Sorry daddy, I am sorry, it won’t happen again,” she sobbed, her cheeks were red.

He pressed her head against his chest and caressed her face softly. “When I tell you something you have to obey,” he said softly. 

“I will daddy,” she spoke slowly. 

“Good girl,” he lifted the chin and kissed her lips. She relaxed in his arm feeling like a little girl being rewarded by her daddy. She gladly opened her mouth and kissed him back. Kripa tasted her creamy lips. Their tongues lapped. He clasped her tender boobs in his strong hands and squeezed them hard. Meena moaned softly feeing the passion building inside her; she relished the touch of two horny men. 

“Humm, wet like the slut you are,” Kripa whispered lifting her skirt up. Gupta roughly mauled her pussy making her squirm. She groaned and humped her pelvis.

“Ugh, ugh,” she gripped his hand between her legs and moaned. 

“Let us move to bedroom,” Kripa announced. Inside the bedroom Meena was pushed onto the bed.

“You have been a whore,” he yanked her legs wide, “and tonight you will be treated like one.” He pushed his fingers from the side of her panty and slipped two of them inside her wet snatch. Meena moaned and melted into his arms.

“You like to fuck, don’t you,” he roughly fucks her fanny with his two fingers.

“Ahh, ouhh,” she wriggled and humped her pussy onto his hand. His fingers were now glistering with her juices and easily moving in and out of it. 

“Do you like to tell your hubby stories of your fucking with your fuckbuddies or does he like to see you getting opened up,” he yanked her hairs and put his teeth on her soft cheeks. 

“Ahhh,” she cried out as she felt the sharp bite, “he doesn’t know anything about it.”

“Ahh!! you need a real man to bring out the slut in you,” he pumped harder, “your hubby is a wimp, a looser who can’t take care of his girl… don’t worry daddy is here, I will take good care of you,” he continue to comment about her hubby. 

Meena was on fire from the moment he grabbed her. She was dreaming for it the whole week and felt elated at being finally with him. She wanted to be treated with authority by her man; she wanted to obey his every command. She felt waves and waves of pleasure ripple through her body at his hard touch. She spread her legs wide giving him full accesses to her inner most parts. With her half closed eyes she saw him putting his mouth over her face and felt the teeth hard on her flesh. She groaned as the pain whizzed through to her brain. She knew what he was telling was true, she felt humiliated but aroused. 

Kripa continued to humiliate her and Meena got deeper and deeper into it, the reference of her husband reminded her of him and she felt bad. She remembered the pain filled face of Ravi and felt sorry for him. She wondered what she is doing? Why she is allowing Kripa to humiliate and dominate her? The thoughts disturbed her, cobbed her mind. 

She looked at Kripa and saw a carnal frenzy on his face. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and she gasped feeling the need to be filled in. She let her face dragged onto the pillow. She was floating as if in a dream and felt her skirt pulled above her waist, panty down to knees. She heard the snap sound as Kripa pulled out his belt and felt a knot in her stomach. Meena pulled her knees raising her enticing ass up in air. She felt a need to be taken, used by a man and yearned for Kripa’s touch. She wanted this and she knew she deserves this, a tear dwelled in her eyes at her weakness.

“Good girl,” he teased her anus with his thumb. “Last time I was very gentle with you but now you need to be taught a good lesson,” he twisted his hands behind her back and quickly clasped them with a nylon cuff. 

“What is this? Wait!” she gasped nervously and struggled against the restraints but it yielded no result and she found herself securely tied. She turned her neck to look at him and found a smug look on his face. He was admiring his handiwork. 

“No!” she was scared. 

“Be still,” he said sharply, “we can stop this anytime you want, but remember if you choose to stop then we stop completely and you can go back to wherever you come from,” he hissed. Meena immediately went still.

“Have I made myself clear,” he shouted.

“Yes, yes,” she panted.

“What yes,” he yelled, “tell me clearly what do you understood?”

“I won’t stop you daddy,” she surprised herself by saying that and then buried her head onto the pillow feeling embarrassed. She quivered in anticipation. Gutpa was a mute spectator up till now; he was sitting on the side of the bed watching the entire drama keenly, stroking his hard shaft. He moved in front of Meena, his hard cock touched her nose.

He lifted his face up with both hands. Meena looked at the beautiful red bulbous head with a drop of precum leaking. He rubbed it on her lips. She groaned like an animal, shedding any inhibition still in her. 

“Mmm, give it to me,” she said opening her mouth. 

“Thack,” the first slap landed hard on her buttocks and she yelped in pain with Gupta’s cock buried in her mouth. 

“Uggh.” The second stung even more and she rocked forward engulfing the entire length. Gupta felt his hot mouth wrapped tightly over his shaft. She wailed loudly as his hand landed again and again, but her cries were muffled due the cock stuffed into her mouth. She rocked back and forth with each blow on her buttock, involuntarily struggling against her cuffs and wiggling her ass. Kripa took his time spanking her; he smacked her buttocks and then wait for the pain to spread through her body before hitting again. 

“Awoo, Uggh, Duugdd,” she made strange incomprehensible noises and slurped on the meat. She buried her face in his groin and bobbled her head up and down in frenzy. 

“Please daddy… free my hands… please,” she lifted her head and pleaded. He stopped hitting her and then sensing the urgency unclasped the cuff. She rubbed her aching ass and then diverted her attention towards Gupta. 

“Aggh, it is sooo fat,” she grasped the base of the cock. She licked the entire length and put it back between her lips. Gupta moaned in pleasure and cupped her firm boobs. 

“You enjoyed it slut,” Kripa whispered touching her wet pussy, “yeah I can feel it, you liked it,” his fingers were wet with her juices.

Meena felt another cock pressed against her ass crack, her stomach rippled and vibrated. Both of them held her between them and explored her naked body. Her breathing was laboured and noisy. 

“Fuck me,” she groaned, “Ohh fuck me with that big pole,” she gritted her teethes. 

She pushed her hand behind and grabbed the hard cock, “Uggh,” and pulled it guiding towards her throbbing pussy.

“Sir,” suddenly a voice came from the door. It was the driver. Meena was stunned; she saw driver was gawking at her. She cringed, feeling so exposed in front of this man. Her legs were wide spread and she was having a cock in her mouth and the other in her hand. 

“What?” Kripa barked.

“Sir, Madam’s phone is ringing again and again,” he cannot remove his eyes from her body. Meena realised she must have left the phone in the car. 

“Throw the phone on the bed and get out, idiot,” he howled “and shut the door on your way out.” He kept the phone on the bed and pushed it towards them. The phone slipped beside them, Ravi’s smiling face was glowing on the screen. Meena relaxed a bit as the driver closed the door. 

“Ahhh, it’s your hubby,” Kripa pressed the button and pushed the phone in her hand. She was forced to answer it. 

“Hello, Hello, Meena,” Ravi’s worried voice came from the other end.

“Hello, Ravi, I will talk to you later,” she spoke quickly trying to hide her quivering voice. 

“Wait… where are you… how are you…” 

Kripa looked at the red face of Meena and smiled. He held her waist and rammed his entire length inside her pussy in one go. The cock made its way spreading it wide. 

“Ahwoo,” Meena’s eyes spread wide and she throw her head back in ecstasy; she covered her mouth with her hand to stop her moaning. 

“Meena… are you OK,” Ravi’s worried voice entered her ears.

“Yeahaa… uggh… I am fine,” she panted. Kripa slowly slip back and then rammed again with full force into her swollen pussy. He started to fuck her with long, vigorous thrusts.

“When are you coming back,” Ravi enquired.

“I will be back soon… Uggh… Awo…” she bit her lips, “I will talk later,” she somehow manages to speak and quickly shut the phone. 

“Next time you speak with my cock in your mouth,” Gupta pulled her head towards his cock. 

“Agghh, Ohhhh, fuck me… Harder,” she shouted. Kripa was too happy to oblige. 

Both of them picked up rhythm fucking her at both ends. Gupta had her hairs in his hand and he was banging her throat making her breath hard through nose, producing loud guttural sounds. Kripa held her ass and pounded her pussy variously. 

The sound of her moaning and shouting was heard into the living room where the driver was sitting; watching TV, but his attention was on the sounds coming from the bedroom.

They changed position; Kripa laid back and pulled her over to ride his cock. She grabbed his glistening shaft, settled it between her soaking pussy lips and slowly sat down onto him. The cock disappeared completely inside her and she fell over his chest hugging him. Gupta moved behind and watched as she started to rock back and forth by pushing her knees. Meena felt Gupta moved his fingers on her anus, she bucked harder. Gupta quickly fetched a lubricating cream and poured a generous amount on her anus. 

“Ever taken two cocks,” he whispered. Meena closed her eyes and clenched tightly against Kripa’s chest. He rubbed the lube over her ass and pushed one finger inside her hole. 

“Please… not in my ass…” she clinched her ass tightly over his finger. Gupta put more cream and lubricated it by moving his finger in and out of her ass hole. She wiggled in pleasure and rocked harder over the shaft in her pussy. Gupta continued to finger her ass which was now producing no resistance to his fingers. 

“Stop please… you will hurt me… I can’t take that in my ass,” she blabbered as Gupta prepared her ass. He kneeled around her and placed the cock head between her crack. 

“Fuuuuuuuck,” she went absolutely still. Gupta looked at Kripa and a wicked grin spread over his face. He gently pushed the head and the lubricated anus presented little resistance. 

She let out a deep “uggggghhh” and went absolutely still as the head slowly spread her sphincter and disappeared inside her. All three stopped moving. Meena breathed hard, one cock in her pussy from below, and another cock head inside her ass. She then rested her head on Kripa’s chest and gripped his shoulders hard. Gupta pushed, sliding ever so slowly, “Ayeee mummy,” she gripped harder and squealed. Gupta continued to push his cock inside her puckered hole until it was buried upto balls. 

Then the two cocks started moving.

“Oh… fuck…” she screamed in ecstasy, “uggh… mummy…” They started to move in unison, back and forth in short strokes. Meena’s eyes were wide with a sensation she had never felt before. She grunted and screamed like insane.

“Ough, Ahhh… God… you are tearing me… don’t ever stop… fuuuuuuuck… yeeeeees,” she bucked and moved her ass until she convulsed into a shattering orgasm. The first to blow the load was Kripa and Gupta continued to bang her ass.

Slowly the sound subsided and there was silence in the apartment except for the sound of the TV. Couple of minutes later Kripa emerged from the bedroom dressed in shorts only. He glanced towards the driver then settled down on the sofa. He sipped water from the bottle and relaxed. 

Almost fifteen minutes passed by when the door of the bedroom again opened and Meena emerged dressed in his college uniform. She walked towards the door.

“Where do you think you are going,” Kripa roared. 

“I am going home,” Meena replied with firm voice. Something in the voice made clear to Kripa that he no longer had control over her. He stared her for a moment while she looked fixedly.

“Ok as you wish,” he finally relented with a sigh and signalled the driver, “drop the madam to her house.” Meena opened the door and stepped out into the passage. The driver hurried behind her. They both entered the lift and he pressed for the basement. 

“Madam I heard you scream, are you hurt?” he looked concerned. Meena felt awkward travelling with him as she remembers in what state he has seen her few minutes ago. 

“No I am fine,” she replied without looking at him. They rode to the basement silently. 

“You are a very pretty girl,” he spoke opening the door of the car. She ignored it and moved inside. As she sat her buttocks hurt and involuntarily a cry escaped her mouth. The driver stopped midway closing the door. 

“You are hurt, I know he spanked you,” he looked at her. Meena remained quiet and looked away from him. He sighed and closing the door he walked to the driver’s seat. They rode the empty streets of Delhi, it was past midnight. 

“How can a man hit such a pretty girl,” he talked aloud to himself, “do you enjoyed being spanked?” he asked Meena. She remained silent, feeling embarrassed. 

“How much do you charge?” he looked behind through the back view mirror. Meena’s face turned red with rage as she understood the meaning.

“Just shut up,” she shouted, “and keep your eyes on the road.”

“Why are you getting angry, I just asked to see if I can afford you and promise, I won’t spank you,” he sounded serious. 

“You… you…” she was unable to find words. She was shaking with rage and feeling so ashamed of herself. She just wished that they reach her apartment quickly. During the ride driver kept on enquiring various things and she somehow managed to control her temper. As soon as they reached the apartments, she jumps out of the car and almost ran to the lifts. 

Meena opened the door with her keys and tip toed inside hoping Ravi would be asleep, but he was exactly there where she left him in the evening. Ravi was looking at her intensely. Meena was feeling ashamed of herself, of what she did and how it has broken him. Couple of minutes passed and neither one spoke then Ravi got up and approached her. 

He came closer and started to unbutton her shirt. He took out her clothes one by one stripping her naked. He looked at her body; the boobs had several red bruises, a bite mark on her left boob. He turned her around and saw the red tender skin of her ass. 

“Why… why did you do this? Why did you go to him?” his face was a maze of torture. 

“It is now over Ravi, everything is now settled,” she looked into his eyes and hugged him. 

“How can it be over, you will go again when he calls,” he was shaking.

Meena hugged him and kissed him on lips and forced her tongue inside his mouth. Ravi tentatively brought his hands around her and pressed her hard against him. She melted into him. He started to kiss her, first softly then harshly. His hands roamed around her body, squeezing her, pinching her. She felt the hardness pressed between her legs she opened his fly and pushed his hand inside. Ravi moaned. She opened his pant and pushed his underwear down. The cock was rock hard, she stroked it.

“You know how much worried I was, sitting alone wondering about your safety,” he caressed her buttocks. 

“Don’t worry baby, next time you come with me,” she replied stroking the cock with determination. She felt him trembling and then he blew his load all over her thighs.

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