Indian Married Couple Experiments

Avanti and I met in college. We were not alike by any means. She was brought up in a conservative Hindu family in Gujarat, and had little sexual awareness. While I had read and seen more than my share of porn and sex-related stuff. Though I also had nothing to talk of in terms of sexual experience. Soon, we fell in love with each other.

I introduced her to Porn. Though brought up in a conservative family, she was not at all a prude and was willing to try things. We did have a lot of penetration-less love-making before getting married, and were determined not to go the full distance before tying the knot.

Post marriage, sex for both of us was amazing. Both of us work out regularly and have been in top shape… She is 5’4″… well-toned body… proprtionate taut breasts… and near perfect ass and legs… I’m 5’9″, weigh 75 kgs with a musclular body that has very little flab on it.

We are a working couple yet we always gave sex its deserved importance and still do. We were always trying new things, bringing in resistance that bordered on playing out a rape, tying her up and teasing her for as long as I could, making love out in the balcony late in the night… Avanti always responded well to any new idea… be it bondage… spanking… use of dildos… etc. 

We normally did it the romantic way… making love rather than having a “fuck”. I prided myself in my ability to make Avanti shudder with pleasure whenever I went down on her and licked her up. 

Since my parents also stayed with us, we always kept the noise level down. Spanking, screaming and all other noises were always kept in check… though the parents did go out of town at times, it was not very frequent. 

I started fantasizing about Avanti getting more and more pleasure in different situations. Whenever I watched porn I always usedw to picture Avanti getting banged by those huge dicks… who could just go on forever… I always wondered if it was actually possible to go on for that long.




In the fifth year of our marriage, Avanti went on-site for six months on her project to Miami, USA. I used to send her links of porn videos that I really liked. Most of these had women being overwhelmed, either due to the size of the cock and relentless puonding or because she is being gangbanged. Avanti got hooked on to these sites – WhippedAss, Hpgtied, BoundGangBang, SexAndSubmission. One Saturday she called me up. She was sobbing. I was worried and asked her “What happened?”

“When you hear it you’ll probably hate me… ” She paused and added “You know I have been watching these videos online, right?”

“Yes” I said.

“Last night, I dreamt of the same stuff happening to me.” She said, still crying.

I let out a sigh of relief on hearing that nothing bad has happened. “Phew! Itni si baat? I thought there was some big problem. Anyway, so are you upset that things were happening to you against your will… and you didn’t like it?”

“No.” She said, “What was bad was that the people in my dream were my teammates, whom I don’t even find attractive. They tied me up… aroused me with vibrating dildos and… did it to me one by one… And I’ve become so bad that I actually was liking it in the dream… “

I interrupted her, “Avanti, there is nothing bad in this. As I’ve always been telling you having sex with the one you love is something else… But that does not mean that sex of all other kinds is a sin… And for God’s sake… you haven’t even done anything… you just had a dream… “

“I dont know how I’m going to talk to these people know… Seeing them will remind me of this dream.” She said and then added a little angrily, “It is all because of your links. Enough of it… I’ll not watch them again.”

By now, she had stopped crying. We talked about other things for about half-an-hour, before she said Good night to me and hung up. It was late night in India. I tried to visualize my wife up tied up and helpless… Her male team-mates teasing her… with vibrators… putting big dildos inside her… She screaming with pleasure… I had a big hard-on thinking about all this.

We had always had this argument where Avanti said that she could only think of enjoying sex with me… because she loved only me. I always used to tell her that sex may not be as good without emotions involved, but it can still be damn good. Neither of us could convince the other and the argument would just go on.

Next day, when we talked I brought up the same thing but she would have nothing of it and asked me to shut up and talk about something else. A few days later, I wrote her an erotic story based on Avatar (the James Cameron movie), where Avanti is the protagonist and goes to another planet with Navi-like people. 

[That story is also uploaded here in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy category – “Spielberg’s Avatar… Revisited… “]

Avanti read the story and really liked it, which made me pretty happy.

I had now started fantasizing about Avanti getting extreme pleasure in different situations… with different men… Hunks from bollywood… Hritik… John… fucking my wife out of her senses. I had made up my mind that some day I am going to live out this fantasy of seeing her getting fucked.




Avanti was back in India and my parents were gone for a month.

I told her about my fantasy… and desire to see it actually happening. She turned it down, saying it will always remain what it is – a fantasy. “Nobody gets to touch my body other than you”. She had me with that and I was on top of her right then… stripping down in record time and making love to her… 

I was not the one to give up. Whenever making love I always talked about it. Had her blindfolded… kept on teasing her for a looong time… made her pussy get drenched with juices… And when she looked very desperate… whispered into her ears with a hoarse voice… “Your husband is not here… Do you want me to put my big dick in you…?” 

I could tell by her expressions that on hearing those words she got aroused even more. But, she did not give in and kept calling my name “Please Jatin… dont do this… Fuck meeee… pleeezzz… ” 

On a few occasions I relented, but one day I made up my mind that today it’s going to be a Yes. I went through the same sequence. 

Blindfolded her… tied her up to the bed… spread-eagled… teased her for about an hour… She was lying naked… she was pulling on to the ropes… I had licked every inch of her… moving at an excruciatinlgy slow speed… from fingers to shoulders… face to toes… carefully leaving the vagina untouched… She raised her hips as I breathed down on her vagina… I just flicked her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue… 

I was being as ruthless… as cruel as I could be… both to her as well as myself… coz seeing her so aroused… so desperate to be filled up… was making it harder for me to stay determined. Determined, not to let my love… my wife… have her climax… her satisfaction… without imagining herself to be with somebody else… 

She started begging to be fucked… I got into the plank positionn (one taken for doing push-ups) and without letting any other part of our naked bodies touch, I gently caressed her pelvic area with my rock hard dick… She let out a moan… biting her lips… 

“Come on Jatin… Fuck me now… please… “

“I am not Jatin… I am Cory… My big dick will fill you up and stretch your pussy… like Jatin never could… ” I hissed into her ear. 

Cory Anderson was a hunk at her office in US. She let out a moan… I kept touching my dick all over her swolllen vaginal lips which had turned really red… 

“Please Jatin… fuck me… “. She whimpered.

I gently slapped her face and held it with my hand and hissed again “I am Cory… and you’ll have to ask ME to fuck you… or keep lying like this… I’ll keep kissing your body… licking you all over… all night… without entering you… “

“Oh… please fuck meee… ” she begged… raising her hips… But I raised myself too… not letting anything more than the tip of my very erect dick touch her

“I didnt’t hear my name… ” I said… And ran the length of my shaft along her very wet slit.

She was breathing very heavily… her breasts heaving… She was too aroused… too desperate for a fuck to hold fort… She gave in… and cried out… “Fuck meeee Cory… Please… ” 

I inserted the head of my dick into her and paused. I whispered “Ask me to fuck you harder than Jatin does… “

“Fuck me hard Cory… ” she said… panting… 

“Harder than Jatin.” I reminded her.

“Fuck me hard Cory… harder than Jatin… ” She cried out.

I went balls deep inside her with a forceful thrust… making her moan aloud and arch her back… I put my arms under her shoulders and held her head by grabbing her hair and kept banging her… pounding her like never before… I kissed her hungrily… “This is how Cory fucks babe… “

“Ooooh… I love it… fuck me… fuck me… FUCK Meeee… ” Avanti cried… Her body started shuddering and her vaginal muscles convulsed… clenching and releasing my hard penis… She came… crying out loud… “Aaaaahhhh… fuck… “

I exploded inside her… Falling into her arms… We kissed lovingly for a long time caressing each others sweaty bodies. 

I said “So doing it with Cory wasn’t that bad right…?”

“I just said yes to make you go on… ” she smiled and winked at me. I laughed at it and kissed her… knowing that at least I have her thinking about it for sure. This was enough of a victory for me.




I knew the idea of having Cory with us would be too far-fetched. I did not even know him and had only heard about him from Avanti. I got down to finding married couples on the net. Looking for only good-looking dudes would be too risky, can’t trust single males. 

I connected with couples of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds… Some were fake… some were too desperate to get going… rather than taking it slow. I had almost given hopes on finding somebody nice on the net… at least not in India… surely not in Pune. 

One day, I happened to find a very nice post on one of the sites from a couple. I sent an email on the given ID and got a response from the guy. From whatever we discussed on the mail, this guy seemed to have the right ideas. He was in exactly the same boat as me, where the readiness of the wife was not a given.

We agreed to meet at a water hole to talk over a few beers. We told each other our real names for the first time. He was Aniket and his wife Smita, and they were also a working couple. They were in their late twenties. He was a handsome guy with fair skin complexion. He was taller than me by an inch and was slim. He showed me his shirtless pics and I was surprised to see that he had a very well-toned body which was slim but well-defined. (For Bollywood followers a reference point would be Ranbir Kapoor). I was surprised because with the shirt on, he did not appear to be working out.

We showed each other our wives’ pics on our mobiles and were both really happy to see what we did. Smita was taller than Avanti. She had a beautiful face with lovely full lips that made me want to kiss her. Smita had more curves than Avanti and was perfectly toned, a result of her regular work-outs. She had a lovely tan skin while Avanti was fair. 

Ani and I took a couple of weeks to convince Smita and Avanti respectively to finally agree to meet. We met for a movie at a multiplex. Ani and I were both worried about getting the girls to open up. Fortunately, the girls made it easier for us by opening up to each other on their own. We starting talking at the interval and let the rest of the movie go by and continued with our chat. We exchanged mobile numbers and email ID’s in the end.

After a lot of flirtatious email exchanges and messaging, we were all convinced that we could now get a little adventurous. All of us decided to hit Goa. Playing stripping games, little bit of teasing… and at most having sex with our own partners in the same room… was the most we aimed for.

We were to go to Goa by road. We decided to go in one car. We picked up Ani and Smita on Friday night and hit the highway. After 4-5 hours, Ani offered to drive seeing me adjusting in the driver’s seat. I found it sensible to do so and went to the rear seat, where Smita was asleep. 

Ani asked Avanti if she would like to join me in the rear seat, to which she said “let’s not wake her up… she had a hard day at office… “

I also closed my eyes and rested my head back. I slightly opened my eyes and saw Ani look at Avanti’s bare legs every now and then. She was wearing denim shorts… that were actually more like hotpants… He could not be blamed for doing so… as I had mentioned earlier that Avanti had near perfect ass and legs. Having seen me appearing asleep… he moved his hand from the gear lever to Avanti’s right leg… Avanti was familiar with his flirtatious nature… her chats with him had been playful… reminding her of our college days… and she enjoyed that sort of boyish charm. She looked at him and smiled. Ani winked and smiled back… His hand was now resting completely on her thigh… 

He started kneading her right thigh slowly moving to the inner part… making his little finger brush against her crotch… I could not see Avanti’s face… but through my half closed eyes… saw her parting her legs slightly to allow him better access… He was now rubbing his hand on her pussy… he was using the hardness of the denim to rub her pussy even better… I could see Avanti’s breathing getting heavier… and that’s when my wretched phone rang. It interrupted the fun Avanti and Ani were having… and I was having by just watching… and Smita’s sleep… 




We reached our hotel and checked-in. We roamed around the whole day… Going for water sports… having beer… eating at the shacks… roaming around… By the time we came back to the hotel at 10, all of us were really tired. We went into our respective rooms… had shower and met in their room. Smita complained of her calves hurting a bit… Avanti said she also had a sore body. I saw this as an opportunity that could not be wasted. I suggested they should get massage from me and Ani.

Smita and Avanti smiled and looked at each other. Both of them said “Okay” in unision. 

I said… “To add to the experience you’ll be blind-folded and will only be able to guess which masseur is at your service at any point… “

Ani also liked the idea… and we could convince the girls for it.

Both Avanti and Smita were lying face down on the bed blind-folded. Both were fully clothed, jeans and t-shirts, which was not such a bad thing as taking each layer off would add to the fun… Me and Aniket, started massaging their feet with our hands… pulling each toe gently… massaging heels… arch of the sole… We rolled up their jeans and moved up to their calves and shins… We kept looking at each other to pick each other’s moves… using knuckles for hard presses… gentle carresses with palms… gentle presses with fingers… The girls were both appreciative of the skills we were demonstrating… 

Ani and I then decided to switch places… I went to Smita and Ani to Avanti. We now went to their upper bodies and started with their hands… then forearms… upper arms… Both were wearing sleeveless tops… and we spent a good time massaging both the arms… Then we sat astride around their waist… without resting our weights on them or letting our legs touch them… We did the shoulders… upper back… then the muscles along the backbone… down to the lower back… The girls were really relaxed… and were enjoying the massages.

“Hmmm… that feels good… “, Avanti said when Ani was working on her shoulders… 

“Aaah… nice…!!”, said Smita when I was massaging her muscles along the backbone.

I was working on Smita’s lower back. I went down till the start of the upward curve of her taut full butts… I massaged the muscles there… and then chose to skip the butts and went to the back of her thighs… I started with upward motions… long strokes starting from thighs going onto the butts… Every stroke was finishing further up on her butts… I was soon kneading her butts… I saw Smita’s luscious lips part just a bit… as I worked on her lovely ass… 

After a couple of minutes I heard Avanti moan a little… I saw Ani squeezing her butts… thrusting her whole body upwards with every squeeze… 

I went for the waist button of Smita’s jeans and undid it. Smita resisted just a little before raising her hips to allow me to pull her jeans down. Ani looked at me with surprise and did the same to Avanti… who unexpectedly without resistance let her jeans come off… 

I’m not sure if the girls at that moment knew who was massaging whom, and who had just stripped them partially. Ani gently rolled Avanti onto her back… and started massaging her legs from ankles… to shins… to thighs… I saw her expression and saw the familiar “getting turned on” expression on her blind-folded face.

I was doing the the exact same thing to Smita… She was parting her lips every now and then to let out sighs… Her breasts were heaving due to her heavy breathing… as I massaged her bare legs above the knees. I was slowly moving up towards her panties… with every stroke my hands were brushing against her coverred vagina… Her panties felt wet and I planted a kiss on her pussy through the sheer fabric of her panties… 

Ani and I again looked at each other and took off the shirts of both the girls. Seeing Smita’s full round tits made my heart beat faster. My eyes were fixed on Smita’s skimpy bra that were concealing very little of her very round and full breasts… I took off my shirt at this point… and rolled Smita over to make her lie face down again… I undid the hook of her bra… and started kissing her shoulders… I planted gentle kisses all along the right side of the back… As I reached the hips, I pulled the waist band of her panties with my teeth and released it from a couple of inches… Making her feel that little sting… She let out a little moan… 

I heard Avanti moaning louder… I saw from the corner of my eyes as I started licking Smita’s lovely butts… that Ani was kneading Avanti’s bare butts… squeezing them hard… Her fair skin had turned dark pink… Avanti was really turned on… breathing heavily… biting her lower lip… letting out moans… Seeing her like this specially when she wasn’t sure whether it was me or Ani made me get aroused even more… 

I hungrily took in more of Smita’s butts in my mouth making her moan… I made her roll over. She was holding on to her bra… I gently pulled her hands away and took away the bra… and was stunned to see her fabulous round breasts… I started licking them up like a thirsty animal… Smita arched her back and let out a moan… as I nibbled on her erect nipples… 

I could hear Avanti’s moans and heavy breathing in the background… but was busier exploring this lovely curvaceous body in front of me… After licking each millimeter of Smita’s breasts I started moving down slowly… kissing her all over her rib cage… all around the navel… then sticking my tongue in her navel… and then moving down further… I kissed her all over her pelvic bones and all around her pussy… Licking the insides of her legs… I kept licking her all around her vagina… sucked on her pussy lips… but intentionally did not touch the clit… I made circles around her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue… She moaned… “Aaaah… please suck me there… “

I still continued to tease her… Smita held my head grabbing my hair… and pushed my head down… as I was making circles around her clit… Making her ache for her clit to be sucked, caressed, pressed. I hardened my tongue and pushed her clit really hard and started flicking it fast with the tip of my tongue… She was holding my head and bucking her hips up… and moaning… I could hear Avanti now… panting… and then crying out… “Aaah… fuck!!”

I saw Ani finger fucking her with his tongue working on her clit. Soon Avanti had her whole body convulse in pleasure… as she bucked… and shuddered… wrapping her legs around Ani’s shoulders pulling his head harder into her cunt… 

Before Smita could have her clitoral orgasm. I sat upright and inserted the head of my dick in Smita’s cunt… which was really wet… and started playing with her clit with my thumb… with only the head of my dick inserted… She raised her hips and swayed them to try and get more of my penis in her… but I pulled back with only the head in… With my thumb moving over her clit in circles… I slowly inserted my dick completely… making her arch her back… with an open mouth that did not let out any sound… 

As I started inserting and taking out the full length of my dick slowly from Smita’s writhing body… I saw Ani entering Avanti too… Avanti opened her mouth wide… and let out a loud moan “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… “

Till now I was sure of Ani’s dick being equal in size if not smaller than mine. I had not bothered to look at it but going by Avanti’s reactions (and later her confirmation) it was clear that he was reaching deeper… where I had not been to…

I picked up pace… and was now thrusting and going balls deep into Smita’s wet cunt… I now leaned down to go missionary with my legs still bent at the knees… Smita spread her legs… as I put my arms around her by raising her a little. I tightened my embrace as her breasts got squeezed against my hard chest… I started increasing the pace of my thrusts… with which the volume of Smita’s sounds… her moans and soft cries also increased… She was feeling my back and shoulders… which were more muscular and wider than Ani’s. She clenched my butts and starting pulling me deeper into her… 

Finally, I came with a shattering orgasm and ejaculated loads of semen… As I lay spent with Smita in my arms… what was going on beside us got my full attention. 

Avanti was being really pounded by Ani… and was breathless. Trying to catch some breath with an open mouth… She was biting her lower lip… clenching the bedsheet… Her blindfold was now removed… and she was looking straight into Ani’s eyes… 

It didnt look like she could take it if she was fucked any harder or faster than this… At that very moment, Ani increased it up a notch further… Avanti’s moans now had become cries of pleasure with definitely some pain… Ani was ramming in… slapping Avanti’s butts with his balls and thighs… as she lay there taking the pounding with legs raised and resting against Ani’s wiry and muscular frame… Her cries were now more like wailing sounds… and she was closing her eyes and almost wincing every now and then… 

She finally let out a cry “NOOOooooo… Ani… please… stop… ” 

Ani stopped and leaned down to plant a kiss on her lips… they started kissing passionately with tongues inside each other mouths… Avani had her legs wrapped around his butts and her arms wrapped around his shouders… He gently started rotating his butts… which made Avanti arch upwards… and let out a loud moan with lips together… “UMmmmmmmmmm… “

“Do you want me to start now? ” Ani still breathing heavily said into Avanti’s ear (loud enough for us to hear it lying on the same bed)… I was not sure if Avanti could take more pounding but I was surprised to see her nod… 

Ani pulled back most of his dick… leaving only the head inside… He said sitting upright… “I want to hear you asking me to fuck you… please”

Avanti did not say anything… Ani started taking out his head slowly from Avanti’s soaked and battered pussy and pushing it in slowly back again… and paused only an inch inside… Avanti moaned… and whimpered in disappointment. 

“Say it Avanti… Say you want me to fuck you… ” Ani said as he continued with the slow… cruel teasing… 

Avanti gave up… and cried out loud… “Please fuck me Ani… ” 

On hearing it Ani started almost where he had left… Ramming Avanti… making her tits shake… which she then held in place with her hands… She was lying there being humped like mad… mouth gaping… eyes half open with eyeballs going under the eyelids… panting… 

Her moans again turned into the cries… or wails that were rhythmically being broken by the brutal thrusts of the sex machine that this man was… 

“Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa Aaaaa… “

Continuing his fucking… Ani leaned down and Avanti, who was till now clenching the bedsheet… clung on to him with both her legs and arms wrapped around his waist and shoulders. Probably hoping to slow him down… But he kept ramming her like a machine… 

I noticed Smita also was looking at all this… seeing her sex God… who till now was giving this immense pleasure only to her… , give the same pleasure to another woman. Another woman who had mostly been only made love to… never fucked like this before… 

Avanti by now had come many times… Ani finally came when he was all covered in sweat… and collapsed in the arms of my wife… Their breathing was still very very loud and filling up the room… After a while, we rolled over into the arms of each other’s partners… 

“Was it not the best sex you’ve ever had Avanti?” I asked, kissing her.

“Yes”… She said, with eyes closed and complete gratification on her face.

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