In the Begining

How it all started for me,

My marriage has always been an extremely happy one, I was lucky to find the love of my life. Our sex life was a bit “vanilla” until a year or so ago. I didn’t really think of myself as a sexual being at all. I would always let my husband initiate making love between us, it was most always a missionary position affair with oral sex only performed by him on me. I had never really come onto him to start sex, or even explore outside of our normal boundaries. I was happy in our sex life, I just didn’t think about there being so much more out there.

It was at that year or so mark that we were openly discussing fantasies. We were talking about an erotic dream I had the night before while we were in bed one morning. I told him I had a dream about cheating on him and that I woke up a little wet from it. I told him it was a real turn on for me in the dream, but I woke up feeling a bit ashamed and naughty. He was trying to make me feel at ease for sharing, and could tell I was a little afraid I scared him by sharing too much. So he came right out and said the idea sounded hot, and that it was a bit of a fantasy for him, the whole swinging scene. It was of course shocking to hear him agree that the dream was in fact a turn on, I didn’t expect that at all. This was really a new thing for us to talk about what sexually turned us on, so I listened to what he had to share. 

He went on to tell me he found interracial sex a big fantasy for him as well. I told him next time I’ll dream about fucking a black guy just for him. Of course he loved the idea and continued to spill on me how he found the whole idea of a married woman and a black man so taboo and erotic. I was immediately turned off at first to hear this from my husband of many years, but I was already horny waking from my dream and I was enjoying the naughty conversation. I was playing with his dick while he fingered me and we talked about why this topic turned him on so much. He continued to tell me he had fantasized about interracial swingers for years and how nasty the idea of a slut wife cheating on her hubby was to him. Seeing how turned on he was, it started to seem appealing. He went on about how it seemed like more of a sex for just pure sex thing it not at all like “love making”. The combined taboo feeling, skin contrast, dominating attitude, sexual appetite, and larger cock of a black man added to his fantasy as well. The fantasy started to permeate into my head after a while. the combined feeling of his fingers pushing inside me, and the fact that we were sharing his naughty fantasy together really touched me deeply in a sexual way. 

I closed my eyes and returned to the very taboo feeling my dream gave me. Cheating on my husband of seven years with another man, it felt so nasty and slutty. It was a new feeling that gave me butterflies in my stomach. Incorporating a black man in that same scenario seemed to give it so much more depth as well. It was something I had honestly never really imagined before, it made sense to me when I also saw it as so forbidden and obscene like my husband explained. I, up until that point had never felt so sexually imaginative. Needless to say we fucked each other silly that morning.

The more and more time went by it became a more regular habit to talk about his little fantasy before we had sex. It started getting me hot just to think about our little nasty chats we would have. It turned me on to see him so turned on by it, and it just grew to turn me on as well. It never really centered on ourselves though, he would tell me about videos he had seen on the internet of other wives being fucked by a black cock. He would tell me how it got him going to see them explore their sexuality with another man outside of their marriage. I began to think about what it would be like to be taken by a black man even when we weren’t together discussing it. I was surprised at how wet it made me to think about on my own. I even concocted a few of my own fantasies about it in my head. 

So finally one night I made it a personal issue, I asked him if he thought about ME specifically getting fucked by a black lover. He said yes, that it was the ultimate fantasy for him. It was a night I’ll never forget, I initiated sex for the first time ever, and I asked him to talk to me during about how he imagined me and a black man together. As we made love that night he told me how he thought about me getting ready for a date with another man, and how slutty I could get dressed up for a date with a black man. I asked him during about what kind of lingerie he would want me to wear, and how he imagined my hair done. He basically confessed he loved to think of me dressing to go out like a cheap whore. I loved it, I came in no time at all that evening, and so did Hubby. 

I would have never thought in my wildest of imaginations That my marriage would allow for me to even fantasize about another man. Much less to talk openly with my husband about how it turned him on to think of me being with another man. And a Black man at that.

At first we only discussed the topic during foreplay and making love, but I was thinking about it all the time. I knew he had been looking at interracial sites on-line, he had told me about what on them turned him on. I started to look at his computer from time to time when he wasn’t around, checking to see what sites were listed in his favorites, what sites he had been on in his browser history. I was still a little embarrassed to just ask him about what they were, that would mean I was turned on by the whole idea outside of making love to my husband. So I began to do it when he was at work or busy outside. That way I didn’t appear to be taking the issue too far, or to be interested in sex outside my marriage. I didn’t want to hurt him by taking the fantasy too far, making him regret that he shared it with me. Cause after all, I was very happy he did, and surprisingly I was getting turned on by it more and more it seemed. 

So I thought I would justify snooping in his computer by telling myself it was OK because I was giving us some new material to stimulate our foreplay. As I opened his pictures, I noticed he had downloaded lots of pictures of women having sex with black men. What struck me as different about them was that all of them seemed to have very average looking women in them, not typical porn star types. Lots of them seemed to be taken in a very amateur style, suggesting that they came from various personal collections. Most of them I just happened to notice were wearing wedding rings, suggesting the picture was taken of a an affair a wife was having with a black man. That or they were swingers, either way I was intrigued that this is what was turning my husband on. It was your everyday women, wives, mothers, not the Jenna Jamison type I had been envisioning. A quick check of his favorite sites and history confirmed it, it was all amateur white wife interracial porn. I took a quick mental note about the theme of some of the pictures and sites. Unprotected sex was a main issue on a few of them, “bareback” or “cream-pies” they called it. The thought of how slutty those women looked leaking another mans semen made me a bit hot. Seeing them being used for a black mans pleasure was giving me a few new ideas for what to say to my dear husband that night while I teased him in bed. I tried to cover my tracks that I had been snooping in his things, and waited for an opportunity to seduce my husband.

When he came home that night, I had lit candles and put on a pair of panties and a bra he had said he liked. It was a first for me to set the mood this much before sex. He looked pleasantly surprised when he came in. While we were lying on the bed making out he started to slip a hand down the front of my panties, that’s when I began.

“Honey….. when you think about me getting fucked by another man?” I asked.

“You mean a black man” He reminded me.

“Yes a black man, do you imagine that my lover would be wearing a condom, or just skin to skin?”

He looked at me shocked I think that I was so forward tonight. “I imagine skin to skin in my fantasy, does that turn you on.” He asked me.

“Yes, I think a white wife getting fucked bareback is pretty hot actually, so improper and just naughty.”

“Bareback huh?” He seemed surprised I knew the term, I had only just learned it by being on his web sites. 

“That’s what its called right?” I wanted to seem like I wasn’t sure of the term.

He slipped a finger in my pussy before continuing. “Yes they call it bareback sex, like riding a horse without a saddle, or a cock without a condom. That turns you on hun?” I didn’t answer I just moaned. “So you think about this naughty stuff a lot now?” He asked. I wasn’t sure what to say to that, but he continued before I could think of a reasonable way to respond. “Do you think a lot about getting screwed ‘bareback’ by your black lover? I think you do sweetie. I think it turns you on to think about a black man sticking his dick in you without a rubber.” He withdrew his finger and moved the crotch of my panties to the side, then put two fingers inside me.

“Its just so nasty for a married woman to do.” I half moaned as I said it.

“And that turns you on doesn’t it, thinking about being so slutty?” He knew I would say yes.

“Yeah it turns me on real bad, being a total slut for a man who’s isn’t my husband.” .

“How about letting that big black cock cum inside of you, do you want to let him do that?” This was shaping up to be one of the most forward and nasty conversations we had had yet

“Oh yes, that’s what a slutty wife should do right, let him cum in my pussy?”

He crawled between my legs to make fingering me easier. “If he doesn’t have a condom on its gonna make a mess, your gonna have a pussy full of black cum. That sound slutty as fuck to you?”

“Fuck yes.” I damn near yelled it.

“Its gonna leak out of your pussy and just be a cummy mess, you’ll be leaking another mans seed.” I felt him start to tease my pussy with a third finger.

I made eye contact with the best set of bedroom eyes I could. “Oh, I wouldn’t care if it were a gallon, I’d do it just to be a good whore for him.”

“Wow honey, that’s pretty nasty. Tell me again, you want what?” His fingers were pumping away at me with good speed.

I knew I was just egging him on, “I want to be a good little slut for my black lover. Let him use my pussy without a condom, and cum inside me.” I was whimpering as the words came out.

He put his thumb on my clit and rubbed it back and forth, He knows this combination of sensations always makes me cum in no time. “If he cums in you his cock is going to be covered in his cum, probably some of yours on there too. He probably will want you to lick it off for him. Would you do that for him?”

I was so close to orgasm, and the conversation was driving me over the edge “I’ll lick his dick clean of cum.” As I felt him rub faster and pump harder, I knew I was close. ” I want to be a dirty whore for my black man!” I started cumming as I finished saying it. After the usual orgasm spasms subsided, hubby pulled his fingers out of me and I watched him lick them off. Something he has never done before. He defiantly wanted to make sure I saw him do it too as he was waiting for my eyes to open again.

“Mmmm you taste good hun. I’m sure a black man will think so too.”

“Thanks.” I giggled a bit at the thought. “You want me to finish you off now?” I spread my legs to signify I was ready for him to put himself inside me.

“Yes I do, but…. how about you show me how your gonna clean a black cock.” He hardly ever asked for blow jobs but I was in the mood and feeling sultry. So I obliged him and crawled down to his crotch. The whole time though I imagined I was sucking off a black man who just wanted to use my mouth to get off. About a minute or two into it I stopped and told hubby that too, that I imagined I was blowing a big black cock. Boy did that get him going, he started telling me how he’d love to see me suck off a black man too. And as usual for a blow job for him, he let me know he was ready to finish in no time and he came in my hands.

As I ran to the sink to wash up, he was telling me how hot it was for him to share his fantasy with me. I came back to the bedroom and told him how much I agreed, that these nasty thoughts had really begun to turn me on so much. It still scared me how much I thought about it outside the bedroom, and perhaps scared me to think of how my husband would take it if hew knew just how much this was beginning to grow on me. 


I remember it was the day after Thanksgiving in 2007. Our out of town guests had left after a few days stay with us, it was safe for me to hop on hubby’s computer and finally cruise some of his interracial porn again. I had been thinking about wanting to do it for a few days but couldn’t with our family and friends in the house. So I waited until my husband left for work and started by checking out his favorite sites again. I liked what I found right away, beautiful wives turned into complete whores for black men. The whole idea of being a tramp for another man just turned me on so much. I noticed he had a membership to a site online, his user name and password were already saved in the computer and I logged in instantly. After I pleasured myself while watching a few videos I logged off and went about the rest of my day.

When my husband returned home that night we had a regular dinner, and after which he went upstairs to get on his computer. I though nothing of it and went about cleaning up the kitchen, until he came back down stairs five minutes later. He had a look of upset and concern on him, I asked instantly “What’s wrong sweetie?”

“You were looking at the porn on my computer.”

“What?” I responded somewhat embarrassed and like I didn’t know what he meant.

“I know you were, I checked the history on the computer.” He sounded so accusatory at first.

Damn, I forgot to erase the history of the sites I was on, well I figured he knew what was going on now. That I was taking this fantasy to another level and exploring it without him. “Are you mad?”

“No, Its OK. I just didn’t know you were interested in that stuff outside of our bedroom talk.”

That said it right there, that this was beginning to go beyond ‘talk’. Not just naughty talk of fucking black men while we made love to each other, but that it was part of a regular sexual fantasy I had all the time: Imagining white wives turning themselves over to black lovers to be used like a cheap sluts. I knew I had to out it all out on the table right there so I didn’t hurt him.

As I took a deep breath to start explaining my self, he cut me off, “How about you, are you mad that I have it on the computer?”

“Well no. I knew that you had that kind of stuff on there, which is OK you know, I don’t mind at all. But I was just curious I guess. We talk about it all the time and I wanted to see some pictures. I hope you aren’t freaked out that I am interested in this stuff without you.”

He was quiet for a minute before he finally responded, “I’m not freaked out at all, I’m just surprised that you really think about this fantasy when we aren’t in bed together. it’s a real turn on for me that you do.”

“I’m embarrassed but yes I do, its not just your fantasy anymore, I’m really turned on by it too, I actually got myself off to it today while you were gone.”

“Naughty you.” He fashioned a more serious look and continued. “OK don’t be mad but, I have a serious question, do you think about yourself and a black guy together ever?”

I was a little hesitant to respond, but after all it was time to be truthful. “Yeah, Sometimes.” 

That same evening, on ‘Black Friday’ as it was appropriately called for another reason in my own life, hubby took me upstairs to the office. We must have looked at interracial porn for hours on his computer. He showed me a lot of sites that he liked and explained what aspects of them turned him on, I made comments all the while about what things got me excited too. For me it was seeing the normal looking housewife acting like a total whore for a big black cock. I think we agreed on that we both liked the amateur photos and video because they were real and involved real people, it made the fantasy that much closer for us I think.

He showed me a few swinger sites he had come across where people put their profiles and pictures out to meet other people. He had found a few of them where wives were solely advertising to meet black men. I loved the though of getting comments from and maybe chatting online with a black man so I threw out that I’d love to see what kind of response I would get. He said he had the same thoughts exactly, and signed us up for an account on one of the sites. We filled it out as naughty as we could possibly imagine, with a tag line that read: ‘Wife looking to fulfill fantasy to be a slut for blacks’. Hubby being a bit of an amateur photographer, wanted to add a picture to it also. He had taken some of me naked before, with some hesitation on my part, and added a picture of just my rack to our profile as well. We didn’t want to include any face shots so as not to push the whole thing too far and put me in trouble with family or work. He also came up with a name for it, Slut4bbc was taken, so naturally it became slut4bbc69.

Again we made love that night and discussed what possibilities may come from putting our fantasy out on the Internet. Hubby teased me with nasty talk about seeing what sort of slutty things those black men would write me and talk about wanting to do to me. I literally couldn’t wait to check our e-mail the next morning. 

So I had my hall-pass from hubby, I could go on the web and meet black men and flirt like crazy. I loved reading my first responses to our ad’s online, I got a lot of compliments on the boobies. I had all kinds of different guys telling me they would love to see more of me, black and white men. But I have my perfect white guy in hubby, I was only interested in the black ones. The black guys seemed to be a lot nastier in their responses too, I liked reading about what they wanted me to do for them especially. Some pretty naughty stuff and a decent amount of it was new to me at the time, I couldn’t imagine trying some of it in bed, it seemed out of my league. Never the less, it all excited me so much do be doing something so new and so mischievous. 

Tons of men were sending me pictures of themselves and their cocks, Some of them were incredibly large too. Not that hubby is a small guy at all, but a lot of black guys are pretty intimidating in their size. I imagined the sex with them would be intense and rough. What I really liked though was seeing other women taking those big black cocks, other wives being a total slut for them. That’s where I imagined myself, being a cheap fuck for these men. 

I chatted with a lot of other women in the lifestyle too and got a lot of great advice on the scene. A lot of it came in the form on how to meet a guy from online, and the safe way to go about it. It was great advice really, but I questioned what I was doing. Was I just flirting and getting wet looking at others pictures, or was I really ready to meet someone in person. Of course it would lead to more, so I really didn’t think I was ready for that step. I envisioned meeting another man as a far off possibility, something that might happen in a year or so if we continued into the lifestyle. So I took it to heart and filed it away for the chance that I might make the fantasy real someday.

Someday was coming pretty quick though, I didn’t know it but hubby was talking to some of these guys too. He was e-mailing them to figure out who lived close and which guys might be a real possibility to meet. He had been encouraging me to find a guy I really liked and lived close too. I hadn’t put a lot of real effort into it though, until he came to me with a few suggestions of his own from his own little secret work. He called me into the office to show me a few e-mails and profiles from guys that responded to us, he pointed out that all of them were in or near LA. One handsome guy suggested meeting at a bar or for coffee in the next week, hubby made sure I read the whole e-mail and looked at all his photos too. I remarked that he was a cutie and was ready to leave it at that, but hubby said “What about coffee.” I couldn’t help but giggle uncomfortably, Did he really want us to see a guy in person? 

That’s when ‘the talk’ came. Was he really comfortable and even OK with me dating, possibly fucking another man, was I? This was new territory, It meant being alright with becoming a swinger. God was I alright with applying that label to myself? An interracial swinger! I loved the idea in my head, in my own fantasy. I even loved living vicariously through these women’s pictures and videos online, but to actually do it myself, that was a different thing completely. I suppose I knew right then though that I was going to be fine with going through with it, it was only two problems in my own head.

First, the stereotype and the label. I was raised Christian, in believing that sleeping with men other than your husband was absolutely wrong no matter what. Now a grown woman, I knew better than all that. I think that I truly knew this wasn’t cheating in the true sense. I wasn’t hurting the man I loved, my husband wasn’t being deceived. He was beside me and supporting me in exploring my sexuality, after all it was all his idea in the first place. I could shed the moral and religious tone to convince myself this wasn’t a sin. I hadn’t been practicing any religious or strict moral code in a long time in my life anyway. And then there was the whole how society would look at me if they knew of how I lived my sex life. Ridding myself of that thought was a bit tougher. It wasn’t as if I planned to broadcast it to the whole world, but if friends and family were to find out if would be embarrassing to us and hurtful to them. But we talked through that that night, hubby explained the idea was to be careful in exposing ourselves. To practice a little secrecy and caution would help alleviate that fear, it would be all the more wise anyway.

Second, on my list of concerns, was how this would affect my marriage. Yes my husband was leading my hand into this, but was he really ready for his wife to be with another man? I had to have him explain to me that our relationship wouldn’t be damaged by any of this. We agreed to keep an open line of communication about how we were feeling at all times. We are so in love with one another, we are indefinitely life partners. Both of us were already happy with our sex lives, this was just adding icing to the cake. We have a good life with one another, a strong marriage already, I did believe that we had a great foundation to start into this new lifestyle. Hubby added he just wanted to see me happy above all, and he knew that pushing the comfortable limits of my sexuality was making me very happy. 

So we e-mailed the gentleman back my husband had spoken with and asked for a date. As per my good advice from other wives I had spoken with online, I also asked for a few references from him and if he had a current STD test. After some back and forth on exchanging more pictures and information, we settled on getting together during the next weekend at a popular bar in downtown LA. That seemed like a good first date, somewhere in public where I could leave if it didn’t seem right to me. But to my pleasure, everything went VERY well. So great in fact I could only describe the evening in one word, “intense”. That story is coming soon.

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