In the absence of husband.

I was horny, the more I rub my pussy the hornier I got. It had been 15 days since I had sex with my husband yash; who is a captain in navy. Yash returned to his ship after one month holiday; throughout the holidays we had lots of sex. Now I was left alone for three months; few days I somehow manage my urges but today I woke up horny. 

I got up, put on a T-Shirt, a pair of harem pants and walked out of my apartment with only my purse. I wanted to take a walk to clear my head. I lived in one of the most posh areas of Delhi; the street was deserted,as it always is at 5:00 AM. I kept walking but the walk wasn’t helping. My urges were getting stronger, I felt like my pussy would explode if I didn’t fuck right away. 10 minutes into my walk I realised a car was behind me, with its headlights off, probably following me. I didn’t dare to look back, but I started walking faster. Seeing this the driver put his headlight on, flashing the high beam at me. It was only then that I realized that the semi transparent material of my harem pants were now completely transparent under the strong light. He drove up right next to me and drove at the same speed at which I was walking. 
The window rolled down and a voice reached my ears “ Chalti hai kya?”

Shocked and disgusted at being treated like a hooker I turned around to protest. It was a high class merc with a middle aged fat man driving. Another guy was watching me from the back seat. Both of them seemed intoxicated and I noticed there were beer cans strewn in the car. Just as I was going to protest the guy in the back seat said “Saali ki mamme bhi utni hi mast hai jitni iski gaand hai!” Now I started feeling scared so I turned around and started almost running. They kept following me.

“Nakhre kyun kar rahi hai? Jitna piasa mangegi milega.” One of them said. I kept running realizing that crying for help on the desolate road was of no use, and I had left my “safe” area far behind. They were still following “Achha chal 15000 le le!” Seeing me unmoved they made another offer “Maaf kar de, akkal mari gayi hai meri, chal tere jaise chhamiya ke liye double,30000!” They made another offer “Abey 50000 le le, itna to 5 star hotels mein bhi nahi milta!”

Now they had my attention! My already burning cunt and the fact that they had just offered me made me stop running. “Raand maan gayi Sameer!” The guy in the back seat commented. On any other day I could have made a scene and escaped, but today my hormones were controlling me. I walked upto the car, since they had already assumed I was a hooker I decided to play along. “Dono ka?” I asked. 

“Ha… but I will just suck your tits and will watch the show….jo karna hai wo karega.” Sameer, the guy driving said. “60000 se ek paise kam nahi lungi” I said the money of course didn’t matter, fact was I was enjoying this adventure, but if I could get a hefty sum at the same time, why not? “Aur mere paas time kam hai, isi area mein ek aur client se milna hai, jo karna hai gari mein” I said. 
“Ashu, this whore is fussing too much, we can get better deals elsewhere” Sameer said
I got a little desperate and bold on hearing this and walked right upto the window and said “maybe, but other whores wont have a figure like me.” I grabbed Sameer hand and put it on my boobs and continued “or a nice set of tits like mine…” I pulled his hand on my ass “Or a full ass like mine.To get good service, you have to shell out good money!” I smirked and said. At that moment, as I now realise, Tamanna the slut was born.

“Oye teri! A sophisticated whore!?!” Ashu exclaimed! “Aaja Raand, tujhe lootne ke chakkar me hum khud lut jayenge!” Sameer said as he laughed! “Peeche aaja !” Ashu ordered me. I got into the back seat! Almost immediately he grabbed my pants and pulled them down, tearing them in the process! He pulled me into position, bent down and started eating my pussy.

“Top to utaar chamaiya!” Sameer ordered. I did as asked. Sameer adjusted his mirror to get a proper view, then wipped out his cock and started shagging himself. Ashu then pulled his pant down and repositioned himself to fuck me! The huge backseat meant he had more than enough space to do what he wanted. Like most men with prostitutes, the quality of sex didn’t matter to him. He just wanted to fuck. He put his arms under my back, locked in a tight embrace and started to fuck wildly. He tried to kiss me but I turned my face away, he was stinking of booze! 

Dejected he buried his face in my tits,sucking them and biting them like a hungry dog! In fact he bit me hard sometimes, I bit down on my lips to prevent myself from screaming. 
“Kaisi hai Ashu?” Sameer asked,obviously enjoying the show. “Tight hai! Not loose like most whores!” he answered in a muffled, breathless voice! In about 5 minutes he started reaching his climax, just as he was about to explode, I pulled his cock out of my pussy and immediately he exploded on and around my crotch! I realized the myth is true, drunk men don’t often last long, but come in loads!

“Abey sala…” Ashu uttered almost out of breath “Iske mamme aur chut itne badhiya hai, 5 minute mein mera kaam tamam kar diya Sali ne!” I sat up and saw that Sameer had brought the car on a desolate road, well far away from where we were…. “Chal nautanki, waise bhi kaha chodne ka shajahan hai tu? Abey rundi, saamne aaja!” Sameer said.

“Stop the car first…” I said. “Abey nangi hoke raste pe utregi? Case go jayega agar pakde gai to?Aise hi aaja” Sameer said, a little irritated. “Sadak sunsaan hai, kaun dekhega mujhe…moreover you loved to watch…. ” I said in a naughty tone. Lets be honest,I was enjoying the lust!

Sameer stopped the car and I got off, taking a box of tissue papers from the back. I walked in front of the car, the headlights of the car were my spotlights. I stood in front and with a tissue paper started wiping Ashu`s saliva off my breasts! While doing so I rubbed my tits together and jiggled them, then pulled a breast up and licked my own nipples. All the while I looked at them with a smile. Then I put one leg up on the bonnet of the car, took another tissue and took time wiping Ashu`s jizz of my crotch. I was driping like a leaky faucet by now! Sameer gestured at me to get into the car in the seat beside him. I got in.

Sameer started driving again. Ashu was reaching for my pussy from behind so I slid the seat back to give him comfortable access. He reached with his left hand and pushed 2 fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me vigorously! I put my head against the head rest of the seat, closed my eyes and began enjoying myself. With his right hand he grabbed my right tit and pulled it up “Chuske dekh Sameer, badhiya chuche hai!”

Sameer slowed the car down, to lessen the chances of an accident..He bent over and put his mouth on my boob and started sucking and licking and biting just like Ashu was doing a while back. He was having trouble controlling the car, with his head on my tit, one hand on his own dick and only one hand controlling the car. So he took my right hand and put it on his dick.I started massaging it as he now made himself more comfortable with the free hand. I felt myself climaxing, and as I locked my legs in, Ashu`s hand got stuck in my crotch, but he still continued fingering me. In a few seconds I exploded, I squirted my juices on Ashu`s hand and the 2 guys shared expressions of amusement!
“Sali khud bhi enjoy kar rahi hai!” Ashu giggled!

I opened my eyes and turned around to look at Ashu, he was taking in the essence of my squirted juices and licking them up! “Aapko apna lund chuswana achha lagta hai?” I asked Sameer with yet another naughty smile… “Uske liye kitna extra legi?” he asked,
“Free as an discount !” I said and bent over to take his cock in my mouth. I struggled between his pot belly and steering, and his cock wasn’t very long either. But somehow I managed and started sucking! My head started doing an up and down bobbing motion on his dick! 

He put a hand on my head and let his fingers linger in my hair. I heard Ashu opening another can of beer. Then suddenly I felt his cock wriggling in my mouth, he clenched his fist around my hair “I’m coming he exclaimed!” he warned me, expecting me to pull his cock out of my mouth, but I did no such thing and kept on sucking his cock!
“She wants you to fill her mouth with your cum….” Ashu said as he laughed!
Sameer exploded inside my mouth. I could feel jet after jet of his hot cum hitting the back of my throat! Once he was done cumming, I carefully pulled my head of his dick, making sure I had collected most of his cum and made a show out of swallowing it in front of them. I collected few drops from around my lips on my finger and licked it off! 

“Dil khush kar diya janeman, here is yours Rs 60000!” Ashu handed me a fat wad of cash. I acted like a true professional whore and counted the money and put it in my purse.
“Kaha chhorna hai tujhe?” Sameer asked.
I told him the name of my apartment where I lived saying its where the client lived. 

“I know where that is.” Sameer said and turned the car around. Ashu handed me the clothes to wear, but not before the both fondled and sucked my tits some more.They were obsessed with my tits, I don’t blame them! While dropping me they asked for my number. “Kabhi aur waqt leke, jee bhar ke chodenge tujhe!” Ashu said. I told them I don’t give my numbers directly to my client, I took their visiting card instead and promised to call them and let them know when I’m free.

Next day was the first of the month; and I was horny again. I was wearing a pink colored sari that day and had applied mehendi to my hands and they were wet. I had left my hairs loose. I heard the doorbell; opened it and found the milkman standing. I had to give him his dues for the previous month milk supply. “Memsaab Paise…” the milkman Suraj said. I said my hands are busy and asked him if it’s very urgent. “Memsaab bahut jaruri hai…. sabji lene ke liye bhi Paise nahi hai” suraj said. “Thik hai… come inside and close the door.” I said and suraj obeyed. 

The lust took over me again and my head started making a plan. “Bhaiya to hai nahi… aur mere paas 200-300 rupees hai abhi…Atm se nikalna parega…do one thing to take 200- 300 rupees now… baki ka saam ko lejana… ” I said. “Ji thik hai memsaab…” Suraj said. “Mere haatho mein mehendi lagi hai…Tum apne aap Paise lelo…” I said. He said ok and asked me where the money was.

“It’s in my blouse…you can take that money for now… ” I said. Suraj stood stunned for a second there. “Le lo…sabji bhi leni hai tumko…otherwise what will you eat… ” I said. He nodded, as if I was right there. I asked him to come closer. He hesitate but came near me. “Remove my pallu down” I said and lifted my hands up. Suraj’s hands were shaking; he put them hesitantly over my left shoulder. 

“It is pinned” Suraj said. “I knew it…remove it Suraj…” I said. He put two fingers inside my blouse near my shoulder; touching my skin for the first time. I jerked upon his touch, involuntarily. Suraj used his both hands and removed the pin without hurting me. He slowly brought my sari pallu down as my heart began to beat faster. My blouse clad tits were now in front of him, inches away. My blouse was transparent enough to reveal that I was wearing a white bra inside.

Suraj stretched his hands forward towards my blouse. His positioning was not right and he happened to grope my tit. “Ouch” I shrieked. “Sorry memsaab… ” he said. “Better look and take” I advised. “Which side is the money…” Suraj asked. “Left” I said; Suraj put his hand over my bosom. There was not much of a gap for his hand to enter in. He looked at me and said “I can’t put my hand as there is no gap.” I smiled and said casually “Remove a button or two”. 

Suraj caught my blouse top with both hands; feeling my tits with his palms and released the first hook of my blouse. Out came my cleavage into his view and some fresh air for my tits. He opened another hook; looking up he inserted his hand inside from the top of my blouse; fingers first, over my left one. His hand was over my tit now he gently grasped my tit to assess the size and shape. My tits are firm and round like a ripe mango. “Paise bra ke aander hai…” I said. 

Suraj looked at me and I acted to turn away in shyness. He now pulled his hand out and kept it now inside my bra. He entered heaven, his dick must be tearing his underwear by now I thought. He touched my nipple with his finger tip and it became erect. I arched my back and thrust my tit further towards him. My tit was crushed in his hand now. 

Suraj could feel the currency notes on one end but he didn’t take them immediately. He delayed his movements there. He was searching on the other end of my tit and feeling my boob fully. He was tweaking my nipples with his finger tip movements from side to side. My nipple now became erect and it stood up firmly. My pussy juices were flowing by now and said “The money is on the other end….”

“Ok memsaab…” suraj now moved his hand and felt the notes. While trying to grasp the notes he grabbed my tit and gave it a squeeze. “Aghh” I let out a sound and showed pain and lust in my eyes. “Sorry” he said and pulled out his hands with the currency. My face was red now. He stood there staring at my tits. I said “Cover me up now…” suraj buttoned my blouse and adjusted my tits back in place and covered my pallu as well. 

“Thanks memsaab for giving the money…” he said. “Ok go now…aur sabji le lena… ” I said; disappointed he left immediately.

It was 4 pm when suraj came back to my house and rang the bell. I invited him inside and told him to wait. He sat on the couch as if he is the owner of the house. “Kuch loge… let me get you something to drink… ” I said and went to kitchen. I returned with a glass of fresh juice. 

I was wearing a red colored sari with blouse and petticoat of the same color. I went near him and bends to place the glass on the small table. As I bend my pallu slipped and showing him my cleavage; he looked excitingly on my breasts. I sat on the couch next to him and said “Suraj aajkal doodh mein pani jyada milane lage ho… ” “Aisi baat nahi hai memsaab…” he said; all the while he was looking on me without taking his eyes, he took the juice glass; he lost the balance on the hold of the glass. Some juice fell on my feet. “Shit…” I said.

“Sorry memsaab galti ho gai…I just lost the balance on the hold of the glass…you wait here….mein abhi floor saaf kar deta hu… ” suraj said. He went to the kitchen and took a towel and came near me and sat on the floor and hold my left feet and whipped my feet clean with the towel. Then he rubbed my feet with his bare hands I just looked him and said nothing. He placed my cleaned left foot on his lap such a way that my feet was on his crouch as well. 

Suraj took my other feet and cleaned it with the towel. Then he started to rub it with his hand. I said nothing and closed my eyes; seeing no reaction from me he increased his rubbing speed. He hold my right feet on both his hands and looked at my face without taking his eyes away he lowered his head and kissed on my feet. I moaned slightly. He opened his pant zip and took out his black cock and placed it between my left feet’s toe and the other finger and by holding my right leg he started kissing all over my feet then he licked my feet clean.

Suraj took my both feet and placed it on his cock. Now his cock was between my both foot; he started to move my foots along the length of his cock. His cock become more and more hard. He left my feet on his cock and I started stroking his cock on my own with the same speed he maintained. I acted of realizing what I wad doing; stood up and run inside my bedroom and closed the door. 

“Memsaab…. ” Suraj came near the bedroom door and called me. I didn’t answer anything. He pushed the door and it opened. I was in the bathroom when he entered my bedroom; I didn’t bolted the bathroom door. He pushed the bathroom door and opened it. He pulled me and hugged me; I too hugged him putting my face in his chest. He kissed my shoulder and his hands started to rub and squeeze my buttery ass. He squeezed it for a long time as I was still hugging him. Suddenly he slapped on my ass very hard; I screamed in pain and holds my ass leaving the hug and started to rub my ass with hand because of pain. He immediately holds my cheeks and moved his lips towards mine. He slapped on my ass again; I jumped again. 

Suraj again slapped hard on my left ass “Aah.. ” escaped my mouth. He hugged me tightly took hold of my head in his hands and started to suck my lips. He inserted his tongue inside my mouth and soon we were in a passionate kiss; I was rubbing my fingers all around his back. He pulled my sari off my body and throw it on the floor. I took his T-Shirt and then loosened his belt by kneeling down. His cock was almost 10″ long. I pulled his underwear along with pants. He was completely naked now; he made me stand and removed my blouse and saw my white bra. He kissed it and removed the hook and with his mouth pulled the bra and stripped it. He was surprised to saw my breast which was firm he smelt it and gave a soft kiss on my both breasts. 

Suraj started to suck my nipples and lick the flesh of my breast. He pulled my nipples using his teeth. I moaned in pain but didn’t stop him. He then came to her navel and kissed my stomach and rubbed all over my abdomen with his face and hands. He kissed and licked my navel for a long time. While he licked my navel I started to moan. He went to my face once again and French kissed me again and kissed and licked my cheek, nose forehead, head, my jaw, my neck and finally he kissed and flicked his tongue all over my earlobe. He then kissed my breast and sucked on it. Then he went to work on my navel. He then kissed right on my navel and sucked and licked it again.

Using his lips suraj pulled the robe of my petticoat and released the knot. The petticoat loosened and fell down. Now I was only with my red panty.

”Memsaab wakai mein aap maal ho…” suraj said. I got shocked up on him calling me maal but loved it more him using slang language. He kissed my pussy on over the panty and snored and took a deep breath and said “Chal palat jaa Randi….Let me see your other side”

Suraj kissed on my ass; got the upper end of my panty with his mouth and pulled it down till it reaches my knee and left it stay there. He took a deep breath on the odor of my ass and gave a hard kiss on my ass. Then he placed his one hand on each of my ass cheeks and started to squeeze them. He separated my ass crack and took a nice look on my pussy and ass hole. He kissed my pussy and licked along the crack and reached my ass hole. He kissed and licked my asshole clean. He stood up and hugged me from behind. He sucked my ear lobes and works his cock along the valley of my ass crack. His tip of the cock touches my pussy every time he thrusts downwards. 

Suraj then made me lie on the bed on my stomach. He went on top of me separated my ass cheeks and inserted his cock inside the gap of the cheeks and started to fuck my ass crack for sometime. I pressed and squeezed his cock; he came hard his cum was all over my ass cheeks. He continued fucking my ass mounts until he become limp. He ask me to go to toilet and followed me and cleaned my ass pussy.

Soon suraj left promising to return at night; I sat down on the couch, letting everything sink in. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any guilt or despair anymore. Maybe, when a woman keeps her urges suppressed all her life, fearing social and morale obligations, and then is set free in an ocean of lust, the pleasure doesn’t leave any room for guilt. I looked at the clock, it was 6:00 PM. I went to the kitchen cooked my dinner thinking how in 12 hours, I had become a cock hungry whore! Now, my adventures would only get more pleasurable!
It was near 8:00 pm when my phone rang; I picked the phone. “Hello memsaab….I will reach your house till 9:00 pm…hope you didn’t get angry… ” suraj said. “What will you make for me…” he said. “I have prepared paranthas…. thats all I have made” I replied. “I want some fresh milk also…” he said mischifely with double meanning. “Ok…you can have fresh milk… ” I said and cut the phone.

I finished my work and went to room for a bath. I took white bra and same coloured panty from drawer; went to bathroom and after 20 min, I came out. I looked myself in the mirror and was looking hot in that panty and bra’s pair. I took out a black colored sari with matching blouse and petticoat. After 15 minutes I was ready for my adventure. It was 9:05 pm when I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and suraj came inside. 

“You’re looking more hot now, man” suraj said while looking at my ass as I was closing the door. As soon as I closed the door he hugged me. “We have a whole full night…why are you in so hurry…” I said; he sat on the couch and I went to get cold drinks. I came with a tray in my hands. While putting the tray on table; I was very careful about my pallu and can see lust and disapointment in suraj’s eyes as he couldn’t see any cleavage which he was expecting. I sat beside him and we talked for sometime. 

After few minuted I placed one of my hands on his shoulder. He took his one hand and placed it over my hand which was situated on his shoulder. He held my hand firmly and keep staring at me and hugged me softly. Both his hands were on my back; I placed my both hand on back of his neck, softly. Suraj hugged me tightly pulling me close to him. His head was above my breasts and my head was above his head. 

Suraj hands were revolving around my back. “I love you Tamanna… I have always dream of fucking you….today all my dreams came true… ” he said, his hands were now on naked flesh of my back. “You know…I was dying to come here…” he said his hands were pressing my naked back softly. I closed my eyes as he hugged me tightly. He pushed me towards him and now I was almost sitting in his lap. He took my face and looked at me; my eyes were closed. His right hand was still raoming around my back. He placed his left hand on my belly, I shivered but didn’t react. He then made me sit in his lap. My legs were arond his waist and I was sitting in his lap as I was riding him.

Suraj started kissing my neck his hands were on my back. He took right hand sequezed my breasts so hard. I shivered, got up and said “Be gentle suraj…not soo hard….” He took my one hand and again pushed me into his lap; he hold my both hands above my head with strong grip. His other hand was sequezzinz my breast over black blouse. He kissed my neck and cleavage over top of my blouse. ” 

“Aaahhhhahhaaaaaaaa….” I cried in pain as he bit on my neck and as soon as I opened my mouth to say something he placed his lips over mine and his tongue was raoming in my mouth. With his other hand he was pressing my boobs and belly area. He was still mouth kissing me, exploring my tongue with his, pressing my boobs very hard. “Ughhaahhhh…” I moaned and closed my eyes. He released my hands from grip. 

Suraj took one nipple in his middle finger and thumb and sequezed it vey rashle. “Aaaooo…” all I could say as he again explored my mouth with his tongue. Now he explored my private area with one hand over my sari. I was getting hot by his actions. He made me stand and hugged me, his hands were pressing my ass cheeks while kissing my lips very hard. My both hands went to his back of neck automatically. He broke the kiss and looked my face. I had my eyes closed; he was looking at?me and pressing my ass. After 20 seconds, I opened my eyes and looked at him.

Suraj pushed me towards him by helding my ass cheeks in each hands. He was humping from front on my pussy over sari. He kissed my neck and moved towards my boobs. He removed my pallu from front and my black blouse was in front of him and he could see white bra underneath it. “Aiiiaaiiiiiiiii……” I screamed as he took one nipple in his teeth from over blouse and streched it outside very hard. “Please stoppp..its hurtinggggggg” I pleaded but he did same with the other too. He was kissing my boobs when his phone rang. He stopped kissing my boobs and picked the phone. “Hello” he said while pressing my ass with one hand still holding me. “Hello… suraj where are you…I’m waiting for you…” I was listening this because he was holding me in a hug and I could listen the person on phone. 

“It will take some time Kapil…I’m going to drink milk given by Tamanna madam… ” suraj said moking whlile looking at me. I was shocked to hear kapil name; kapil is watchman of our building. Suraj pinched my ass check so hard and I couldn’t stop myself from making sound ” ughhhhhhh….” I controlled my voice as I didn’t want kapil to listen that. “Ok but come fast…” kapil said as Suraj disconnected the phone. He again started pinching my ass and bitting my nipples over blouse. 

“Ooooyiiiiiiiimaaaaaaa….please not so hard…. ” I said “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” I again cried as he took half of my boob in his mouth and bite it over my blouse. He took me in his hug and carry me up from ground and throw me on sofa. I fell with my face down and ass upwards. As soon as I fell, he ride over me and started kissing my earlobes. I’m very sensitive at that area. He was stroking his cock on my ass as he was dry fucking me.

After 2 minutes I was moaning heavenly. Suraj took the string on back of my blouse and open it. He took the blouse away and I was now in my bra. He kissed my whole back and licked it like a dog then he turned me towards him. He now attacked my boobs with mouth and his hands were trying to remove my remaning sari from my legs. He also removed bra cups from my boobs and pinched them one by one with his teeth. 

“Oooooaaaaa please slow……stooppp… aghhhhhhhhhhh” I was screaming as he was hurting me. “Bitch you have best pairs of boob I have ever seen” he said and kissed me on lips. I kissed him back, by now he undid my sari completely. I was now in white panty and bra whose cups were not covering my boobs. He slowly went towards my belly kissing my neck and boobs. He inserted his tongue inside belly and licked it very hard making it wet. I was going crazy.

Soon he reached my love spot. My hands were on his hairs. Suraj kissed vey hard on my pussy over panty and pulled my panty down from my legs. His tonguue reached near my pussy walls, he stopped, his tongue was 1 cm above my pussy and looked at me. My eyes were closed, he stopped there for few more seconds. Getting no reaction from Suraj I opened my eyes and looked at him. 

Suraj now forcefully attacked my pussy with his tongue and winked at me. “Ooohh mmyy goddddddddddd…..” I moaned; he held me firmly by my waist and conitued licking my pussy wall and g-spot. “Fuckkkkkkk me” all I could say as I had my orgasm. He got up from the sofa and keep looking at me asked “What are the last words you said bitch? ” “I don’t remember….” I replied still lying there on the sofa.

He slapped me on cheek, softly and made me stand by holding my both hands, forcefully. I was looking like a slut. My pussy was still dripping some juices. He smiled and kissed my lips. I tasted my own juices from his mouth. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh….” I moaned softly as he pushed one finger in my wet pussy in standing position. He thrusted his finger in and out of my pussy and then he pull out his finger, which was very wet with my juices. Suraj bring his finger to my mouth. I resisted and turned my face to the other side.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” I cried as suraj slapped my ass with other hand, very hard. As soon as I opened my mouth he pushed his finger inside my mouth. I had no option without sucking his finger with my juices. I made a very cute face while looking at him with little anger. “Tell me bitch, what are the last words you said to me…. ” he said. “I don’t know” I replied. “And before that….when you was cumming.. ” he said smilimg. “I don’t know….” I said annoyingly.

“Ok…now its your turn to payback..” he said while pulling his pant down; he was now in his underwear only. I kissed him hard on his lips before sliding down on floor. I was now sitting in front of him my mouth was in front of his cock. I pulled his underwear down; he put both hands on back of my head and pushed my lips towards his cock. I kissed his cock head which was rock hard like a iron rod. He pushed my head towards his cock and thrust his cock to my mouth. “Uughh…….” I coughed as half of his cock enterd my mouth. He started thrusting in and out of my mouth. My mouth was wide open and it was very uncomfortable fo me to take his half length bcz of its grith. He kept thrusting and hold his cock in that state as his cock’s head was in my mouth. Then he spitted on his cock twice making his cock wet and again thrusted in my mouth very hard.

” ooouugggg….aaaa….ugggggg..” suraj was gaggig my mouth like there is no tommorow while pinching my nipples very hard. He was giving me double pain and enjoyment. He sat on the sofa and made me sat in front of him, while his cock was still in my mouth. He again started thrusting and took thumb of his right foot and placed it near my pussy. He started massaging my pussy lips pinching my nipples. In this way he was treating me in three ways. After about 10 minutes of cruel blow job, he stopped.

He slapped me on cheek, softly and made me stand by holding my both hands, forcefully. I was looking like a slut. My pussy was still dripping some juices. He smiled and kissed my lips. I tasted my own juices from his mouth. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh….” I moaned softly as he pushed one finger in my wet pussy in standing position. He thrusted his finger in and out of my pussy and then he pull out his finger, which was very wet with my juices. Suraj bring his finger to my mouth. I resisted and turned my face to the other side.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” I cried as suraj slapped my ass with other hand, very hard. As soon as I opened my mouth he pushed his finger inside my mouth. I had no option without sucking his finger with my juices. I made a very cute face while looking at him with little anger. “Tell me bitch, what are the last words you said to me…. ” he said. “I don’t know” I replied. “And before that….when you was cumming.. ” he said smilimg. “I don’t know….” I said annoyingly.

“Ok…now its your turn to payback..” he said while pulling his pant down; he was now in his underwear only. I kissed him hard on his lips before sliding down on floor. I was now sitting in front of him my mouth was in front of his cock. I pulled his underwear down; he put both hands on back of my head and pushed my lips towards his cock. I kissed his cock head which was rock hard like a iron rod. He pushed my head towards his cock and thrust his cock to my mouth. “Uughh…….” I coughed as half of his cock enterd my mouth. He started thrusting in and out of my mouth. My mouth was wide open and it was very uncomfortable fo me to take his half length bcz of its grith. He kept thrusting and hold his cock in that state as his cock’s head was in my mouth. Then he spitted on his cock twice making his cock wet and again thrusted in my mouth very hard.

” ooouugggg….aaaa….ugggggg..” suraj was gaggig my mouth like there is no tommorow while pinching my nipples very hard. He was giving me double pain and enjoyment. He sat on the sofa and made me sat in front of him, while his cock was still in my mouth. He again started thrusting and took thumb of his right foot and placed it near my pussy. He started massaging my pussy lips pinching my nipples. In this way he was treating me in three ways. After about 10 minutes of cruel blow job, he stopped.

“How could u cum inside me…..” I said. “I will not do that again…I promise… ” he said while pinching my nipple. “Ouch…I will never allow you to fuck me again… ” I said teasing him. “Ok… we will see…. ” he said while smiling. I had enjoyed very much, while he was giving me some pain at the same time. We were still in the hug; he caressing my hairs. We started talking 

“You have the best pairs of the boobs I have ever seen..I mean enjoyed.” Suraj said I stood from over him and started adjusting my hairs. “You’re a animal…” I said putting my panty on. “I was dying to fuck you from evening… will never get bore fucking a bitch like you… ” he said. “Look what you have done to boobs… ” I said looking at my boob while wearing my bra. My tits were covered with love bites given by suraj. 

“I’m sorry… next time I will be gentle… ” he got up and kissed me on my lips. “Mmmhhh… ” I pushed him away with force; “I’ll never allow you to do anything again… ” I said huriedly wearing my sari. He smiled at me and started wearing his clothes. I went to the bathroom; return after 5 minutes. Suraj was sitting on the couch in the lobby. 

“I am really hungry….give me something to eat…you have taken all of my energy.” he said and I went to kitchen.

I was heating the vegetables when Suraj walked towards me “Ptaakkkk… ” came the sound as he spanked my ass very hard. “Special way to thank my bitch…for preparing food for men..” he said. He came close to me; stood next to me as I was fixing the dinner plates for us. He put his hand over and hugged me from sideways and pushed me close. His one hand was on my ass and other hand on my boobs as he hugged me from front. 

Suraj started kissing my juicy lips and with one hand he slowly removed my blouse. He pinched my nipples, while kissing me. He slowly undid my sari; now I was in my bra and panty only. He inserted his hand inside my bra and started caresing. His other hand was doing same with my pussy over the panty. I was getting hot by time and my he can see lust in my eyes. 

He placed his both hands just above my thighs and underneath my ass’s flesh and lifting me in air he made me sit on the kitchen basin. Still kissing me he removed my bra and was caressing my both boobs. He kissed my earlobes and my neck making it very wet. Looking into my eyes he slapped me softly on my left boob and it jiggled. He took my lips fully into his mouth and was kissing madly.

Suraj then move towards my boobs. I was looking at him and he attacked my left boob with his mouth and caresssed other one with hand. He was sucking my boob very hard and juice started dripping from my pussy making my panty wet. He then moved towards my belly and started slurping my stomach. He pulled my panty down to my ankles. Bend a little and started licking all the juices from my pussy. Soon he was stroking near my g spot with one finger. I started moving restlesly all around on kitchen basin and my boobs were going up and down with pleasure as I was breathing very heavily. He chewed my pussy lips, pulling them outwards and then inserted his tongue inside my pussy.

“Ooh maaa….Sssss….” I moaned in pleasure. Suraj took his middle finger; pushed it inside my pussy and started fucking me fast with his finger. When his finger was fully coated with my juices he took it out from my pussy and pushed it in my ass. “What are you doing ..” I shivered as his finger went inside my ass. 
He started finger fucking my ass very fast. I was getting some pain but enjoyed alot as he fucked my pussy with his tongue. 

“Do you like it bitch? ” he asked while his mouth still on my love hole. “Mmmm…” all I could say as I was very near to cum. He held me from my waist very firmly and pushed his finger inside my pussy hole. “I am cummmming….” I shouted as I cummed. My eyes were closed and I cummed with strong moanings. After 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes I relaxed, suraj holding my hand make me stand. “I think you…enjoyed alot, bitch…” he said while stroking my nipples. He inserted his finger which was in my ass a few seconds ago and asked me to lick it saying “You will love it bitch…” I did as he ordered; I feel like pukeing but somehow control myself.

After that I brought lunch into lobby; Suraj so didn”t allow me to wear my clothes. My sari, bra and blouse were still on the floor in the kitchen. After finishing our dinner I went to kitchen to clean the plates. After that, I went into room for a bath. I took 10 minutes to bath and came out wrapping a towel around me. Suraj was sitting on my bed naked. “I think you should leave now…if someone finds about us my life will be ruined…” I said while going towards drawer to get fresh panty and bra.

“I think you should not wear anything, I’m gonna show you real fun…” he said and pulled me towards him. He put one hand on my ass and with other hand he pulled my lips towards his own with holding my hairs from my neck. He kissed me hard on lips. I knew that what is gonna to happen in next hours. He removed one end of towel from folding and it fell down on floor. He bend and kissed my both boobs. Suddenly his phone rang. 

“Hello…..oh kapil….I’m busy with madam… she is more than what I have thought…yes she is naked in front of me..what you want to join us…I don’t think she will agree…ok I will try…” I was shocked to hear suraj talking to kapil so openly about me; but this added fuel in the fire. 

“How can you…what kapil will think about me…” I said. “He will not harm you…but tell me did you enjoyed being my bitch…” suraj said. “I enjoyed but still….” I was saying when he said in between “No but…you can enjoy more if you.” he stopped while looking at me. “What if…open up…” I asked. “If you allow kapil to join us…” he said. “What you want kapil to join us…no way…you’re out of your mind…I will dye with shame standing naked in front of him… ” I said. “Ok no problem…” he said pinching my boobs. 

Suraj hugged me tightly and pinched on my both ass cheeks. He throw me on bed with my ass towards the roof. He laid over my back and started kissing my earlobes and my naked back. His cock was touching my ass as he was slurping my back with his tongue. Then he took his mobile and started typing a message to someone. After sending the message he get from bed saying he is going to drink water from fridge. Soon he came back and started kissing my ass cheeks. He parted my ass cheeks and spit huge amount of saliva on my ass hole. Then he put his tongue there; I shivered as I felt his tongue on my ass hole.

“Sssssssss….” I said and hide my face into the bed sheet. He was sucking my ass hole while with one finger he was fucking my cunt. After 5 minutes of licking he held me by my waist pushing it upwards made me in doggy position. He again sucked my ass hole for 5 minutes. I was burning with lust. He got down from bed at this time. then he turned her. he stood on the bed and took out one cloth from drawer. “This will help you to reduce your shyness.. ..” he said and blindfolded me with the cloth and inserted his clock in my mouth. 

Suraj started fucking my mouth; I was strugling for breath; saliva flowing from my mouth. I was unaware that Suraj had messaged kapil that he will left the main door open for him to join us. Suraj had opened the main door when he went to drink water. Kapil had entered my flat and was watching suraj fucking my mouth silently from last 5 minutes. 

Suraj saw kapil standing near the bedroom gate; he signaled him to remove his dress and to keep silent.

Puccccchhchhcpuccccccccc….” were the sounds coming as suraj was mouth fucking me. “Suck that bitch…suck that..” suraj said as he pushed his cock inside my mouth. He signaled kapil to come near the bed. Suraj get down from the bed and kapil took his place. I was sitting there without knowing what to do and what is happening. Kapil inserted his cock in my mouth. His cock was same in length but was little fatter than suraj’s. 

I was surprised as my mouth my wide open still I was having little difficulty to take his cock in my mouth. I immediatly removed the cloth from my eyes. “Kapilllll….what the fuck you’re doing here…” I said trying to hide my nakedness with bedsheet looking at his cock. “Relax bitch…no need to hide yourself…he had seen you naked…” Suraj said pulling the bedsheet. 

“You will enjoy it…” Suraj said spanking my ass. “But I can’t let kapil fuck me….” I said. “As you wish…don’t fuck kapil…but you can give blowjob to him…at least you can do that… ” Suraj said. “Ok but just blowjob…” I said. “Kapil bitch mouth is yours…go get some blowjob from my whore…” suraj said to kapil. Kapil grinned pulled me closer by holding me by my hair and kissed me on my lips. Suraj moved onto the bed. 

“What a lovely set of ass and boobs she had …” kapil said kissing my boobs. He was gripping my ass with his hand. “Tonight is the night you’ll remember your entire life…” kapil said and made me lie down on the bed in such position, my whole body was on the bed but my face was hanging from the bed. Suraj smiled and attacked my lower body. Kapil hold me from head and pushed his cock head in my mouth; he was trying to push more and more of his cock in my mouth.

“Ooohhh gggooodddd…….” my voice was not coming out from my throat and salive was oozing from my mouth.”Suck it slut…suck it good…” kapil was maoning with his eyes closed and was trying to push more cock in my mouth. Meanwhile suraj parted my pussy lips and inserted his tongue inside my pussy pinching & caressing my boobs and nipples with his hands. Half of kapil’s fat cock was inside my mouth; saliva oozing from my mouth making his cock wet. 

“Hhhhooooyyyyyyyy……. ” I sighed as kapil took his cock out from my mouth. After half minutes he pushed his cock hard in my mouth. “Oh man…she is so fucking good…” he said. Suraj was still busy with my pussy. I was pushing more of my pussy into suraj’s mouth and was enjoying his tongue fucking. 
Suraj pushed his two fingers into my wet pussy. I was moving in rythm with his tongue movements. 

Suddenly suraj took his fingers out from my pussy and thrust his wet fingers into my ass hole. “Aaahhhhh mmmmaaaa…” I screamed in pain with kapil’s cock in my mouth as suraj’s fingers went inside my ass hole. Suraj started finger fucking my ass hole and was licking my pussy; while kapil was enjoying tight grip of my juicy lips around his cock. I was burning with desire. After 5 minutes suraj get up and told kapil to stop. Suraj pulled me to the middle of the be; took position between my legs and placed his cock head near my pussy lips.

“Aaaahhhh….” I cried as he entered half of his cock into my wet cunt with a powerful stroke. He took his cock out and again entered me with a powerful stroke. I shouted loudly in pain; suraj placed my legs over his shoulder and started humpping my pussy very fast but with powerful strokes. “Aaahhh…sssss…” I was maoning with each deep thrust. Juices were flowing from my pussy to my ass hole. Kapil came behind me and inserted his fat middle finger in my ass hole from bottom. 

“Ssssssss…..” Escaped from my mouth as kapil started fucking my ass with his fat middle finer; both of them started fucking my both holes. “Mmmmm…. I am cumming… don’t stop….fuck me harder….tear apart my pussy…. ” I said as I came. Kapil took his finger out of my ass; Suraj asked me to bend in doggy style.

I said nothing and bend in front of suraj; spitting on my ass hole Suraj said “I’m going to fuck your ass, bitch….” “No it will hurt a lot…” I said. “You will love it bitch…” he said putting his cock on my ass hole enterance. I was in doggy position when Kapil lay under my body in 69 position; kapil cock was in front of my face; his mouth on my pussy lips. 
Kapil pushed his cock in my mouth saying “Suck my cock slut…” 

Suraj started pushing his cock in my tight ass hole. He thrusted with little power and I cried “Aaaiiiii… ” as his cock head entered my ass. Suraj pushed his cock further in my ass; kapil started licking my pussy, giving my body a pleasure that I don’t have words to explain. Suraj stopped, held me from buttocks pulling his cock from my ass; made a harsh move and entered half oh his cock in my ass with a powerful thrust. 

“Ooohhhhh….mmmmaaaa….take iiiittttttt… ” I couldn’t complete my sentence as suraj did it again. “You bastard….iiiiiiiiii….” I cried as his entire cock entered tearing my ass hole. He stopped and slumped my naked back; kapil was busy licking & chewing my pussy. “Ssss…..mmmmmm…..” soon I started moaning in pleasure. Suraj started fucking my ass with steady and slow strokes. I was enjoying my ass being fucked by a big dick.

“Uuummmm…..sssssss…..” Room was filled with my moans. After 10 minutes he started fucking my ass fast with long strokes as he was about to cum. “Fuck me…fuck my ass…” I was moaning in pleasure. Suraj cummed with a loud grunt. I lay on the bed with my ass in the air. Kapil hugged me from bottom, Suraj was still upon me; I was in between two huge hunks. Kapil hugged me and started kissing my boobs as soon as suraj separated from my body. 

After 2 minutes of foreplay kapil made me lie down on bed and started licking juices from my pussy and ass hole. I closed my eyes in pleasure. Kapil was moving his tongue deep inside my pussy. I was moving in his grip restlessely. Suraj sat on one side of the bed was looking all this. Kapil then hold me from ankles; placed my legs over his shoulder, I understood what he is going to do.

“No…..stooopppppp….I just agreed for a blowjob…..” I said to Suraj who was smiling. Kapil grinned and placed his cock head at the entrance of my pussy. “Stoooopppp….” I cried as kapil thrust his fat cock head inside my wet hole with one push. “Take it out kapil…” I shouted as kapil was pushing more in my pussy.

“Take it ouuuuuttttt….” I shouted as kapil was pushing more cock in my pussy. He stopped and fell over me as half of his cock entered in my pussy. He started kissing my face and chewed my nipples and juicy lips. “I beg you kapil….please stooopppp….” I said again. “Don’t worry whore…you’re born to be a slut… you’re made to get fucked…soon you will be enjoying all this….” he said and sucked my nipples hard. He pulled his cock out; spit huge amount of saliva on his cock, thrusted his entire cock in my pussy tearing my walls apart with a powerful stroke. I shivered as length was not the problem the problem was that his cock was fat. 

“Aaaoooooooooo mmmmmyyyyyyyyyy… ” I cried in heavy pain. Kapil kept thrusting me hard and I was crying in pain. He was now fucking me with steady srokes. He stopped for a while and I was amazed at my own reaction. I pushed my buttocks in upward direction to meet his thrust. He placed his both hands under my ass cheeks and pushed my pussy lips in upward direction and started riding me very fastly. “Thuppppppppppppp… thuoppppppppppp…” sounds were coming as his buttocks slapped against my ass and he was fucking like hell.

“Fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeee…..aaaahhhh…. ” I was moaning. Suraj was watching as kapil was amusing me and I was in heaven. “You’re fucking hottttt slut…you’re so tight bitchhh…” he was abusing me while humping me. After 15 minutes of fucking he grunted “I’ m cummmmmmmmmmmmnggggg……” and gave a last long and hard push in my pussy. “Sssssss……” I moaned as I feel my pussy filled with his cum. He fell on my body; I hugged him my legs wrapped tightly around his buttocks as I was taking his seed in me. 

“Yeahhhh…you’re very hot bitch…slut did you enjoyed…” kapil asked in my ears. I didn’t replied; hugged him tightly giving him a hint that I enjoyed a lot. “Suraj I think she said yes…I can fuck this bitch any time…” kapil said with a grin on his face. “Hey don’t take it wrong…I’m not going to allow kapil to fuck me again…” I replied in mock anger. Both of them started laughing hearing me.

“So tell me bitch….did you enjoyed it…tell the truth you fucking whore….” Suraj said. “The truth is….I enjoyed a lot….but You gave a lot of pain to me…Both of you know how to satisfy a women…I think I cannot live without yours cocks anymore…” I said. 

i said nothing and started eating. ” i think u also would not deny that u will want to watch more and more fucking of u r wife…huh? ” he said. “Girls love’s pain…they want big cocks… cocks which can tear their holes…” Suraj said. “I think both of you must leave now…I too needed some rest…” I said. 

“We must leave now…kapil get dressed….you take rest bitch….we will come tomorrow….” suraj said wearing his clothes. Kapil deemed disapionted as he wants to enjoy more. “Why are you not my wife…I would have never gone to work….will keep fucking you days and nights….if you were my wife….” kapil said and get up from bed.

I smiled; soon they wore their clothes and went home. I closed the door and fell on bed; I didn’t remember when I slept.

Days started passing fast both Suraj and kapil used to come my house and fucked me everywhere in my house. They fucked me in living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even in balcony. One month later while driving back home a guy got hit by my car; on the way to the hospital the guy died. “Man you have to accompany us to the police station…” the officer told me. I didn’t put up any resistance. I knew they had me, I was arrested on charges of murder. I contacted my lawyers and after getting bail, I contemplated my next move. Before I could decide I was summoned in court. The murder charges didn’t stick since the laws dealing with that section of the penal code said that what happened was not intesnall. So I was booked for unintesnall murder.

I was sentenced to 2 weeks in imprisonment and fine of Rs250000. But I was allowed to apply in high court. I applied in the high court. Next day I found myself being stripped and searched in jail. Thats when I first saw her, the senior warden of the prison, a woman in her late 40, Mrs. Kalpana Mishra. “I`ve gone through your papers.” she said as she took a good look at me while putting on a pair of clinical gloves. “Turn around and put your hands on the wall!” she ordered. I did as told, she came up behind me and first put her hands on my breasts and cupped them, before then tweaking my nipples. I didnt know whether this was a normal procedure but even if it wasn’t I knew better than to protest. 

“You lead a double life outside!” Kalpana said as her hands slowly went down to my crotch and then she pulled me onto herself so that while we were both standing, my ass was rubbing her crotch! With her fingers she first rubbed my clit and then penetrated my pussy! As it was unanticipated I squirmed and my vaginal walls contracted around her fingers. Then even while her right hand was working on my pussy, she adjusted her stance and put a finger up my ass! “It’s tight enough” she murmured to herself.

Kalpana turned around to a lady constble, who was till now watching as a silent spectator and said “She`s clean….get her in the prison clothes and take her to her cell!” 
As I was being taken to my cell, I heard the other inmates pass lewd remarks! “Look new whore is here….I will make her to lick my pussy…. etc…” The prison was full of ugly women with bad teeth and even worse vocabularies! The constable opened the cell and almost shoved me in, the cell couldn”t have been bigger than a 6×3! Dirty dingy walls and a horrible stench! I sat down in my dark cell and cried as my sobs faded out under the comments, arguements and loudness of the other inmates! 2 weeks? I wouldn’t survive a day here. With these horrible thoughts on my mind and a tear washed face, I dont know when I fell asleep. I was suddenly woken up by the sound of a baton being rung across the bars of the open door of my cell! I looked up and saw the block in charge standing there. “It’s time for dinner, do I have to send you an invitation card” I didn’t know what the time was, but it was dark. I was walking towards the hall when suddenly the officer held my hand and said “Not here, in madam`s office!” And she led me the way. I walked into Jailor Mishra`s office. She was sitting at her desk having her dinner.

Kalpana looked up at me and said “Sit! Here, have this, I don’t think you would like the horrible dinner being served in the mess hall!” On a platter in front of me was some well cooked and delicious smelling chinese food, obvioulsy not jail food. I sat down slowly with my gaze fixed on it, trying to assume why I was being given this special treatment!
“Eat up bitch…madam doesn’t give such offer to everyone…” chuckled one of the very few male constables in the facility. Who was also in the room. The answer to my doubts seemed fairly obvious, she must have wanted to finish what she started when I was being “checked in”, regardless, I started eating! Once I was done, kalpana asked me to walk with her. I walked beside her as she went around the outer corridors of the jail, telling me about the facility, almost as if she was giving me a tour. 

“This facility has room for 600 inmates, however at present we have 1400 inmates in this prison. Even so, you got your own cell, good food to eat, protection from the rowdies…Why do you think you are getting all of this?” She asked…finally it boilt down to the point. I looked down and said, without daring to meet her eyes with mine “You want…you want to finish what you started in the morning…”

“Hahahahahaha!!!!” She burst out laughing! “Oh my God,A LESBIAN?!? Is that what you think I am?” She asked…almost rhetorically.
“Dont be silly dear,” she continued “I enjoy a good big fat cock fucking me just as much as I heard you did. Thats right, I knew about you from your watchmen & doodhwala….” I started fearing the worst as soon as I heard their name. 

“I have a proposal for you; one which can make these next 2 weeks absolutely free of any trouble for you, or on the flipside should you choose not to accept it, it could make your time worse than hell. Once you hear the proposal there is no looking back! But trust me, you wont regret it. Do you want to hear it?” She asked. I nodded in affirmation.

“Come with me.” Kalpana said. I followed her. I went through the usual prison cells, leading upto a dark area which went into the corridor of solitary confinement chambers. She knocked on the last iron door on the left. First the peephole opened, then the rusty iron door was pulled open from inside with the most irritating noise. Inside were 2 male gaurds, who saluted her as she walked in. “Follow me…” she said as she walked to a door on the other side of the small chamber and opened it.

A flight of stairs led down from the other side of the door. As soon as the door was opened, aromas and sounds that had no business in a prison came up. I followed her into a passage where the cells were huge, but all of them had long canvases and garments covering up the naked cages to form makeshift opaque walls! I couldnt see inside the cells but could hear noises of TV sets, audio systems, people chatting and of all things, people fucking! 

“What is this place?” I asked Kaplan. “C`mon, you know what it is…tell me…” she said. “It feels like…like a brothel or something” I answered. “Thats because it is a brothel, and I am the mistress who runs it!” her statement left me shocked! Is this for real, are these the things happening in this jail? “High profile politicians, advocates, police officials, judges, business tycoons, this is their way of investing and utilising the oldest profession of the world. Though technically female prostitution is illegal in our country, but its a huge market, millions of ruppes change hands in this market everyday. But these high profile people cant directly be associated with such businesses. Thats where I come in, acting as the pimp, as the end all and be all of this facility, I use my prisoner brought to my prison.Then with their consent I employ them. They serve high end clients exclusively. Afterall, this has to be kept a secret! I make money, the politicians backing my trade make money, and the girls, they spend the easiest jail time possible and of course, make money in their stay here too! From tonight, this is your world for the next 2 weeks!”

“Do I get to choose my clients?” I asked. “No. If they can pay your price and if you aren’t genuinely sick, you will entertain the client. In fact I have one for you tonight itself. Its more of an initiation ceremony.” Kalpana said. She walked me to a cell and said it will be my quarter. Compared to my previous cell, this one was a palace. It had clothes running through the bars to create makeshift walls. A TV, a refrigerator and a double bed! And a makeshift shower in one corner with a toilet! She handed me a packet of clothes and asked me to wear them after a nice shower. I took a shower and took those tiny excuses for clothes out.They were no clothes, they were skimpy pink lace lingerie. The panty was semi transparent, and the top was a series of thin satin straps with just enough lace to cover my nipples! When I came back out of my cell, kalpana handed me a t-shirt and frock and asked me to follow her again. I followed her after wearing the clothes, as she led me again, through a different route this time and took me to the backgate of the adjacent building which was the men`s prison facility.

A sturdy looking man with a thick moustache was waiting there with few constables. As soon as he saw us approaching he took a few steps towards kalpana pulled her into his arms and planted a long deep kiss on her lips! When their kiss broke he looked at me and pointed a bight torch light on my face and walked towards me. “A nice face…you were right, she is very beautiful. She must be a top class bitch….” he commented as he lowered the torch to place the light on my heaving breasts.

“What’s kalpana,how many times have I told you I dont like fake tits!” he complained. “They are real Suresh,I checked!” Kalpana said. Suresh was the jailor of the men`s prison facility. He handed the torch to a constable and pulled me in his arms. With one hand he grabbed my ass from over the frock and with the other he squeezed my right breast, to verify kalpana`s statement I guess. Suresh was not a particularly handsome man, he was of a huge built ,not fat, but rather like someone who was well built once upon a time, but over a period of time, put on some weight. He must have been on the over side of 50. All in all, he wasn’t very attractive. But as a whore you learn to love even the ugly ones while you wait for the handsome ones! I had too, over a certain period of time. So when suresh started licking my face, rubbing his course tongue over my cheeks and lips, I reciprocated by sticking my tongue out. He ran his tongue over and around mine, before finally pulling it between his lips and sucking on it! I closed my eyes and the 2 of us were entangled in a bout of tongue and lip wrestling. My hands were now on the back of his head, fingers lingering through his hair. Our trance broke only when we heard kalpana`s voice say these words out loud “Do you wanna finish everything here itself or do you wanna go inside. I`ve got to choose cocks for myself too!” I understood their policy now. Kalpana supplied her girls to suresh while suresh let her fuck inmates of his prison. We went to suresh`s private quarters, which was a fairly big room. As soon as we entered the room suresh dialled a number on his phone and just said the words “Bring them in.” Suresh sat on the sofa and pulled me on his lap. He had an arm around my waist and slipped one hand under my frock and rubbed my legs. Soon their was a knock on the door and 5 men walked in and stood in a line.

“All of you…take your clothes off…” kalpana ordered the men to strip their clothes off. The fluency and lack of surprise they showed at carrying out the orders hinted that they knew what they were coming in for. Soon all 5 guys were standing stark naked.The one on the extreme right caught my attention first, and I guess kalpana`s too as she went infront of him and asked him his name “Iqbal” replied the man. Iqbal was an immediate favourite because of one particular reason. He was hung like a horse. It was one of the biggest cock I had ever seen. Even in a limp state it must have hung at a proud 5-6″. Kalpana grabbed the cock and asked “It must be even bigger when its erect, right?” Iqbal smiled and said “Yes madam,100% satisfaction!” Then she went up to another guy, 2nd from left was fair and very handsome. As soon as kalpana stood in front of him, he said “I’m Amardeep Singh!” “Amardeep! Is it true that they arrested you in the middle of an orgy?” Kalpana asked, meanwhile on the sofa suresh had taken his shirt off and had 2 fingers up my pussy while his tongue was drawing hoops inside my mouth! 

“Yes mam!” Amardeep replied rather proudly. Kalpana took long hard looks at the other 3 guys, more precisely their cocks and asked the one in the centre his name. “Manoj” was the reply. “Ok Iqbal, Amardeep and Manoj stays here…rest can go back… ” she ordered.
She pulled of her uniform and was now only in her inners. She reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra and let it fall to the floor. It was only then that I realised that under that ordinary face, she had a really tight body. Not a very fair complexion, a little bit dusky. But her body hardly had any fat on it! It was evident that even in her 40s she was very particular about maintaining a fit body. Her shoulders and collar bone structure was the sexiest a man can imagine. Her tits were a handful, conical and firm with a perky stance to them with dark brown puffy nipples! Her ass was tight as well. Her hands and arms were a little muscular and her navel was washboard flat! She pulled her panty down to her ankles and stepped out of them. 

Kalpana gestured at the guys to come near her. The guys surrounded her. She said something to them which I couldnt make out, but soon the 3 guys were licking her from head to toe. She stood with her hands raised on top of her head, her eyes closed enjoying the tongue bath they 3 were giving her.The guys too were hungrily slurping her up all over. Obviously because in prison they didn’t have any contact with women, so this was an unmissable opportunity! Her legs, her thighs, her calves, her navel, her ass, her back, armpits, breasts and the valley between, behind the ears, the neck, the guys explored all of her with their tongues.

Suresh told me to stand up in front of him and slowly take off my clothes.I did so, and very slowly and teasingly I took my t-shirt off.Then I turned my back to him while he was still sitting on the sofa and holding on to the frock I slowly pulled it down to my feet, pushing my ass up close to his face. Suresh held me by my hips and pushed his face into my ass and turned it side to side in a fast motion, then pulling back out he licked my ass cheeks. Then he put pressure on my back with his palm, indicating he wants me to bend down more. As I did, he got a better view of my pussy. He leant forward again and after pushing aside the thong covering my pussy barely, sniffed my pussy in a long drag! 
“Oh bitch you smell so good! So warm and moist!” He commented. “I taste even better!” I said naughtily. He shoved a finger into my cunt to test how wet I was. I wasn’t dripping but I surely was wet. He pulled his finger back out and licked my wetness off it! He then brought his mouth close to pussy and unleashed his tongue on it.

Meanwhile I could see kalpana too was having a good time. The guys had thrown her on the bed and now she had Iqbal`s head between her spread legs as he ate her pussy, Manoj and Amardeep were near her head, both getting their cocks sucked on. “Iqbal!!! Ohhh…I can’t wait anymore…fuck me with your massive cock…” kalpana spoke with moans of pleasure. Iqbal climbed on top of her and spread her legs wide.That’s when I caught a sight of Iqbal`s erect cock which was 10″ long and thick as a bamboo! He spat into his hand and lubricated his cock with his saliva and placed the head of his huge dick on her pussy opening! Then slowly applied pressure to push in as much of his cock kalpana`s cunt could take. She arched her back from the pleasure of having her pussy stretched and her torso formed an arch shape on the bed.

I was now back on the sofa sitting beside suresh. He had now taken his pants and briefs off too and while I had his cock in one hand, servicing it, he freed my nipples of the round patches of transparent material covering them and was now merrily playing with my boobs, sucking them, squeezing them and even biting them softly. He pulled me on top of himself, I sat on his lap facing him, my feet on either side of him. As he held his cock up for me, I slowly sat down on it, allowing his cock to slide up into my pussy. I started riding him as he pushed his head forward to feel my bouncing and juggling hooters strike his face as I go up and down riding him. Sometimes he would grab a tit and suck on it while my pussy worked on his cock! My attention went back to kalpana when I heard her having a screaming orgasm. Even while I was watching how much fun she was having, suresh had me on all fours on the carpeted floor. He came up behind me and slowly penetrated my ass and started fucking my asshole in doggystyle!

Iqbal was now lying on the bed facing up, kalpana was on top of him riding him too, but soon she motioned at Amardeep to take her ass even while she rode Iqbal`s cock in her pussy! She probably got the idea from seeing suresh take my ass. Amardeep was more than happy to oblige. Manoj got up into a better position and started fucking her mouth. Now his cock had the sole ownership of her mouth! But to his surprise kalpana pulled his cock out of her mouth and started screaming! “Ohhh Yesss! You guys are…. aaahhh….are filling me up so good!!! Aaaah yeah!!!! Im cumming again,and this one feels even better!!! AAAAAHHHH”

Her screams were matched with Iqbal`s who started pushing up to fuck her vigorously to cum with her. He was successful; both of them came together in an earth shattering orgasm. He blew his load inside kalpana`s pussy, and I could see drops of his cum trickling down his own shaft as they overflowed from her pussy! They must have had kalpana`s juices combined with it too! Iqbal came out from under her and Amrdeep who was fucking her ass, now came under her to fuck the wet deck Iqbal left him. The 2 of them decided to stand up and pulled kalpana off the bed too, they made her stand with just one leg on the ground. Kalpana was being held upright by Amardeep and Manoj obviously because one of her legs was being held up by Amardeep, who was in front of her, this was to allow Amardeep and Manoj space to penetrate her holes! Kalpana had her arms flung around Amardeeps neck to prop herself up!. Manoj was behind her pushing his cock into her ass and Amardeep was doing the same to her pussy.

In the meantime suresh had turned me around and now I was on my back on the floor, with my legs pulled up and spread, as he now got on top of me and pushed into my pussy again! I could sense he was peaking and after letting him fuck me in a rush for a while, when I realised he is about to explode, I asked him to blast it on my face. He pulled out just in time to wank his dick a couple of times and then spray his cum all over my face. I lay there on the floor, naked and face covered in cum, looking up at the ceiling. Unsatisfied because suresh couldn’t make me cum. 

Kalpana`s screams as she orgasmed for the 3rd time. I was envious, she came thrice and my guy couldn’t make me come even once. Even before I could finish this cocktail of thoughts I saw kalpana`s face on top of mine, also covered in cum from the other two guys presumably. She planted her lips on mine and I parted mine to push my tongue up into her mouth! We kissed and licked cum off each other`s face! The guys watched and rubbed themselves! “End of first, second round in 5 minutes!” Kalpana announced naughtily. The guys all chuckled. I don’t know about rounds, but this day surely meant the end and begining of “Chapters” in my life. I had neither a brain, nor a heart or soul. Just a pussy that was always cock hungry!

1week had passed; if I said that jail life was a walk in the park for me, I would definitely be lying. I had a house and freedom on the outside, here I had no liberty. I was being sold and was being given a smaller share. In one week I had been with 11 different men, sometimes kalpana would have me taking 2 or even 3 clients. The worst part was the clientelle.They used to come into my cell and be occupied with my boobs and ass for most of their alloted time, then lay me out on my back, fuck me for 10 minutes at most and then leave after themselves being fully satisfied, but left me hungry all the time. On such occasions, I`d rub myself thinking about Iqbal, fantasising about his huge cock plunging into my wet pussy, his big palms groping my ass and tits!!! I needed a good fuck and a big cock too! I hatched a plan.

I knew that my only chance of getting someone to fuck me who wasn’t my client would be to attract a male gaurd, there were very few in the women`s wing, and have him do me. So the next morning, while having my bath I saw an opportunity and hatched a plan, on seeing an opportunity. Unlike the other women in the prison we didn’t have to all rush to the shower room to bath. We had our own makeshift shower rooms in our cells. My only prospects were the 2 guards who guarded the entry to our secret chambers, and the only way to get their attention was to press on a buzzer system, which was there in all the rooms. I thought for a while, I needed an excuse to call one of them in. I observed that the knob on my shower was loose. I deliberately opened the shower and kept turning the knob till it came off in my hand. In that wet state I put on a white shirt which came up till my ass, every time I moved or stretched it got hiked up exposing my ass and pubic area. Then I deliberatly splashed some water on the chest area of the shirt so that it became semi transparent. I buzzed the guard room and in a minute or 2 a guard arrived. He was of short height but stout. Dark complexion but sharp features. 

I was sitting on a chair waiting for him. As he unlocked the gate to my cell and came in he asked “what happened?” “Shower knob has come off, can you please fix it” I answered
I sat on the chair with my legs crossed, my elbows resting on my thigh and my face on my palm. He gave my long fair legs a quick glance and walked towards the shower. I watched as he tried in vain not to get drenched while he picked up the knob and put it back on. When he was done I stood up, and deliberately ran my hands through my hair, pretending Impulling them back, I knew perfectly well that doing so will make the shirt ride up, exposing my crotch to him. 
“Thank you” I said as I continued pretending I was pulling my hair back to tie it! He stood in front of me mesmerised, glaring wide jawed at my naked lower body, his eyes came up and he noticed my erect brown nipples were almost jutting out of the wet shirt. Then his eyes met mine and I smiled.

“Ok I`ll leave now” he murmured, but didn’t move an inch, he continued staring wide eyed, his mouth fully open. I saw his name tag on his chest, read. “What are you looking at sikander?” I asked in a low seductive tone. He looked away and turned around to leave when I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer. I parted my legs and pulled his hand onto my crotch. His palm rubbing against my moistening pussy. He immediately pulled back and said that he would be fired if kalpana came to know. I assured him nobody would know, and if he didn’t do exactly as I said, then I`ll tell kalpana that he tried to molest me, which kalpana wouldn’t take kindly to, seen as how she didnt like anyone touching her prize birds. I held him by the shoulders and sat him down on the chair.I knelt before him and while looking into his eyes, I unzipped his trouser, undid the button, and then swiftly pulled it down along with the boxers he was wearing underneath. 

His cock sprang up like an alarmed snake. He was nowhere close to Iqbals size, but he was definitely above average. I licked it once and he let out a sigh as he controlled his shackled nerves. Then after a few more licks I took him in and started sucking on it, my head bobbing up and down his cock! I sucked it and licked it like his very life dependd on the pleasure I was giving him. Then he started twitching and I felt him explode inside my mouth. Jet after jet of his hot cum hit my throat and filled my mouth. I promptly swallowed it. Once his orgasm subsided he stood up and tried to pull his pants up “Wait,the game has just begun, now you will lick my pussy!” I protested

I stood up and slowly undid the buttons of my shirt and then after all the buttons had been opened I stood there letting him anticipate whether the whole shirt comes off or not. I turned my back to him and pulled the shirt off. He had a good view of my ass which was a few inches from his face. I turned my head and looked at him, sitting on the chair behind me. He looked at my face and then my ass. I slowly pushed my ass closer to his face. He pulled his hands up and grabbed my ass! He licked the buns and bit them softly while his hands carressed them. Then I suddenly pulled away. I sat on the bed,which was opposite to the chair, with my legs crossed. He was panting, staring at me, anticipating my next move. I slowly uncrossed my legs and spread them wide. I put one hand down to meet my pussy, I rubbed my clit and fingered myself as he watched, then I pulled my pussy lips apart with my fingers and spread my pussy to give him a good view of the pink of my pussy! As soon as he saw it he got off the chair and lunged at me, burying his head between my legs. His mouth started working on my pussy. He was no expert but having my pussy eaten after so long was feeling great. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, enjoying his fingers plunging in and out of my wet pussy as his tongue played with my clit. I couldnt help but moan a bit, but I tried not to alert anyone. Slowly I felt myself peaking. “Are you erect again?” I asked

“Ha…” he replied in between the slurpy sounds he was making while eating my pussy. “Fuck me then put your cock inside my pussy!” I ordered; he got up on the bed, pulled me into position and spread my legs apart and got in between them.Then he smoothly plunged his cock into my wet pussy and started to fuck me! I rubbed my clit with my fingers as his cock pistoned in and out of me. He rest his entire torso on me and adjusted his position, to have my boobs to suck while he fucked me. He licked and sucked on my tits, which were juggling now every time he thrust into me. Becasue he had come once before with a blowjob, he was lasting longer now. I wanted to change position but he said he was more comfortable with the old missionary! Thankfully he lasted long enough for me to climax! Oh God it felt good after so long! I could feel my tensions ease out, or rather ooze out as my juices flowed out of my pussy. Even before I was through my orgasm, he gave me 5-7 hard strokes and came inside me. We were both sweaty and panting, he tried to move in to kiss my lips, but I pushed his face away.

“I only need your cock, not your affection!” I said harshly. He looked at me in amazement for a few seconds and got up. Pulled his pants up, got proper and left, locking the cell door from outside. I loved sex,maybe even more than I loved my freedom! It was around 2 o clock at night. I came out after a long shower, my last client for the night had left about an hour back. I dried my hair and put on just a white nightrobe with nothing underneath, I looked at the dinner the guard had left me, it had gone cold so I put it in the fridge and drank some milk and went to bed. It had become daily routine for me to rub my clit before falling asleep. I kept the TV on sometimes, at a low volume, to overlap my moans. Suddenly I heard heavy footsteps in the corridor, and husky low key whispers. Then I saw two gaurds from the security room at my cell gate. I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping. I heard them put the key in the lock, unlock it and then open the cell door.

“Don’t do it Kamal, if madam finds out…” said one gaurd, I recognised sikander’s voice. “Shut up.The whore fucked you, why won’t she fuck me?” Kamal said; both of them seemed high. “I have been eyeing her big tits since the day she came, today I`ll fulfil my hunger.” Kamal said as he sat down on my bed and grabbed my breasts with both hands with only the thin material of my robe seperating flesh from flesh. “Don’t do it kamal” sikander said again. “Sikander keep shut if you dont wanna participate!” Kamal ordered as he continued kneading my breasts.

I was lying on my back, curiously I continued pretending I was asleep and wondered how far they would dare to go, I slowly raised my hands over my head and stretched out my body, thinking that I waking up kamal backed up.Then once he felt I was still asleep, he got a little more bold and pulled open the rope in the front keeping the robe closed. He spread the robe open and presumably, watched and observed my naked body. He brought his body closer to mine and crouched down on top of me, he put his face between my breasts and grabbing both my tits he squished them up against his face. He was slobbering and drooling all over my tits as he sucked and licked those puppies all over.

“Come over and enjoy this whore” kamal said to sikander. “What if she wake up?” Sikander feared the consequences if I woke up. “She wont wake up, I put sleeping pills in her dinner….” little did they know that I hadn’t eaten that food. Reluctantly sikander came over and sat on my other side, opposite kamal. He put his hand on my body and let his hand explore the length of my body, his hand went down to my crotch and before long his fingers were deep in my pussy.This continued for sometime, sikander fingered me while the 2 of them each sucked and squeezed a tit.

I was pretending I’m sleeping and they believed because they had laced my food. Then sikander pulled his hand out of my crotch and observed that it was wet. On seeing this kamal instantly jumped down to between my legs, pulled his trouser down, held my legs with both hands and spreading them apart he positioned his cock near the entrance to my pussy lips. He tried shoving in but slipped out, he tried again but same result. Maybe he was having difficulty because he was high. Sikander was still on the bed kneeling near my head, he was rubbing his stiffening cock on my face as with one hand he continued massaging my tits. “Hold her legs,Im not being able to enter her…” kamal said, finally giving up. As sikander moved to grab me by the ankles he accidentally knocked down the steel glass that was on the table next to the bed. Both of them got up with a start and ran towards the cell gate. I opened my eyes and saw them stumbling over each other trying to leave. 

“Wait…stop” I ordered, the 2 of them froze, unable to make it out the door in time. Realising they are busted they turned around and tried convincing me not to tell kalpana.
“Don’t u feel ashamed doing something like this” the two hung their heads in silence “How dare you leave a girl in the middle of a fuck, unsatisfied? Fuck me then leave!” I said with a smile.The 2 of them looked at each other once and then jumped on top of me. “No not here, if the other girls see or hear us they`ll create problems.Take me to your room.” I said. Both of them pulled me up, off the bed, and dragged me to the guard quarters, groping me all over on the way.

I entered the room and saw the room was full of smoke, several joints were made and kept on the table. It smelt of weed. So thats what they were high on. I picked one joint up, and on seeing me put it between my lips kamal picked up a matchbox and lit the joint for me. I stood in the middle, doping up, as the 2 of them generously explored my body with their tongues and hands. By the time I was through with the joint and starting to feel the effects, they were both on their knees on the floor, kamal in front of me and sikander behind. One was using his tongue on my pussy and the other was squeezing my ass cheeks as his tongue probed my anus. The feeling of having two people wetting me up mixed with the effects of the joint meant I was feeling weak in the knees, dizzy, and I was feeling every sensation magnified by 10. I had a mind numbing orgasm and almost collapsed on the floor, but they pushed and pulled me to sit on the floor with my legs crossed. I could barely keep my eyes open, I could only feel my juices squirt out of my cunt like an open tap and wet the very floor I was sitting on.

Both of them stood up and whipped out their cocks and hung them near my face. I held both of them and sucked on them. But the joint was stronger than I had expected. My eyes were half closed and the room felt like it was spinning. As my tonue and mouth engulfed their cocks, turn by turn to work their magic on the dicks, I could feel lights going bright and fading and then going bright again. Their grunts and moans and breathing reverbed in my ears as I sucked on their cocks hungrily. But soon I felt too weak to stay upright so I slowly lay down on the ground. Kamalspread my legs and held my ass and pulled my pelvis up to position my pussy. I held his cock and guided it into me. Sikander came and knelt near my head and placed the head of his dick on my lips,which parted to let his throbbing shaft enter my mouth! Kamal and sikander were fucking my pussy and mouth respectively while I intensified my own pleasure by rubbing my clit with one hand! 

“You were right, her pussy is tight and hot. Does she suck well?” Kamal uttered. 
“Absolutely. She doesn’t get so many customers for nothing.” Sikander said. I don’t remember the next few minutes that vividly, maybe they changed positions once or twice, but the next thing I can recall vividly is that kamal was under me lying on the floor facing up, his cock glided up into my pussy and my torso was lying on top of his, facing him, and I felt something trying to penetrate my ass. Sikander was slowly pushing his cock into my ass. Both of them soon got into a good rhythm complimenting each other, fucking my ass and cunt simultaneously.The sensations were so good. I was feeling every inch of their cock rubbing against the inner walls of my ass and pussy. I put my lips near kamal`s ear and whispered “I want both cocks in my pussy” kamal looked at me in shock, wondering how much of a slut I am, I smiled at him. Kamal told sikander to pull out of my ass and enter my pussy, which was already occupied by his own cock! Sikander pulled out and slowly tried to push in.

I screamed as I felt myself tearing up, kamal put his hand on my mouth to muffle my scream and asked if they should continue, I nodded in the affirmative. Slowly sikander`s cock dug in. Both of them were tearing me apart but it was a sweet pain, which too soon turned to pleasure. Realising I am enjoying it, both of them started humping me silly again. I had another orgasm in that position. Then they switched and now kamal fucked my ass as sikander ploughed my pussy. 

I spent 2 hours or so in that trance. When the first session was done they lit more joints and we all fucked like rabbits, all doped up till none of us had any strength left. And just in time too, the sun was starting to rise. Both somehow managed to carry me to my room, as I fell asleep smelling of smoke, spunk and spit! I woke up late in the afternoon, when the gaurds came to give me lunch. One guard came into my room while the other stood near the gate. This one was a lot younger, he kept the food on the table and turned around to leave when I said, still lying in bed “Excuse me” the 2 turned towards me halting their steps” Do you smoke weed?” I asked with a smile as I lifted my robe above my waist to give them a view of my bush…

Even in a prison, I was living like a queen. Queen of sluts maybe. I had the 2 guards in the day shift if I needed a good fuck before the clients started arriving, and the 2 night duty guards to make me their bitch after the clients leave.They started pulling favours for me; in return I let them fuck me anyway they wanted to. I could feel my appetite increase everyday.The more cum they fed me, the more I felt hungry for it. I longed for Iqbal`s cock. As luck would have it, an opportunity soon presented itself.

Bimal and Rakesh, the day guards came to me with a proposal, they had spoken to Kamal & sikander they wanted to Gangbang me together that night. I thought for a while and said “Ok.I`ll do it !” I said. It put a happy expression on Bimal & Rakesh faces. “But on one condition…I want Iqbal too to be there…” immediately their joy disappeared. “So you like him too?” Bimal said as he controlled his giggle. Iqbal and his cock seemed legendary.

“Ok you keep our wish, we`ll see what we can do…” Bimal said. “No, I want Iqbal tonight, once I’m through with him, I`ll do whatever you want.” I said firmly. Rakesh thought for a bit and then said,”ok! Done !” Later, late at night, they arrived after my last client left and I was just about to head for the shower. “Ok bitch come out… we’re waiting for you…” Bimal said, as Rakesh opened the gate. I only had a towel wrapped around me, so I asked them for some time to finish my bath.

“We can have Iqbal here for only 20 minutes, the more time you waste, the less you`ll have with him.” Rakesh said.

On hearing this I rushed out. They lead me through some narrow, dingy and damp underground hallways to bring me to a room, which looked like it used to be a godown of some sort. It had matresses spread out on the floor, and one dim bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling, under which stood Iqbal. He stood bare torso, wearing just a pajama. I stood jow dropped at the door and measured him up. He must have been at least 6 feet 2 inches, 4 pack abs, wide chiseled chest, broad shoulders, arms with muscles rippling and a wheatish complexion with sharp features and shoulder length curly tresses and a thick stubble. He looked like a Greek God. My trance was broken when I felt a hand on my ass cheek. Kamal spanked me from behind and said “Go and Enjoy!” The four of them laughed and entered the room as well and took their seats around the room, to watch me and Iqbal! As I started to take my first steps towards Iqbal, I could see a bulge starting to form on his crotch. He too had been measuring me up. Those few steps towards him took an eternity. Finally when I reached him, I instantly put my hands on his chest and he pulled me into his arms. I looked up into his eyes as he looked into mine. With my hands I traced the chisels of his chest, his abs, nothing needed to be said, we both knew what we were there for. He put one hand on my chin and pulled my face up and brought his lips down on mine. A slow kiss was initiated, which progressed into a wild kiss with our mouths and tongues devouring each other. My arms went to his back and explored the ridges and drops of his ripped muscles on his back! His held me in a closer embrace as soon as my hands went down to his ass and grabbed those firm cheeks!

He pulled my towel off to expose me completely. He measured me from bottom to top and then pulled me close again, this time by grabbing my tits, which he started to suck. I could feel his monster trying to burst out of his pajama and poking me near my belly button. My attention instantly went that way. I undid the knot on his pajama and he let it drop to the floor and his python sprang up. Oh my! It was at least 8″ long and at least 3.5 in circumference. It was huge and throbbing with veins popping out. I placed my palm under it and tried to weigh it, I instantly bent down, my hands on his hips, and pulled its head inside my mouth. He was making sounds as he enjoyed the good sucking his cock was recieving. Inch by inch I tried to swallow his cock, my lips were stretched.

“Fabulous bitch…” rakesh commented, I noticed them sitting around us, wanking off as they saw us in the act. Iqbal pulled his cock out and placed it on my face, his fat cock was slobbery from my own saliva, was covering most of my face. I gave his balls gentle sucks and a good licking. Finally I grabbed a hold of the cock, I wrapped both palms around it and the head was still exposed, my fingers struggled to meet each outer in a grip around the shaft. I closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling the cock in my mouth, Iqbal gently pulled my head back and lay down on the mattress.

“I want to eat you now whore…” Iqbal said with a grin. I happily obliged by settling my pussy over his mouth and then bending forward to pull his cock back into my mouth, yes, 69. As my tongue and mouth made loops around his cock, he licked my clit as he probed my pussy with his fingers. Then he spread my pussy as much as his fingers would allow him, and pushed his tongue in. 
“mmmmhhhh…mmmffffffff!” I couldnt control the moans even though my mouth was occupied by his cock. I finally let his cock free of my mouth and said “Fuck me! Fuck me now! I want your cock in my pussy” I said desperately and got off his face and squatted on top of his crotch. I knew I couldn’t sit down all the way, so I stayed in a squat position as his I put my hands on his outstretched hands to support myself! He was still lying on his back, with his tower erect. 

I slowly pushed down on it, but because of its width it was struggling to push in, so I pulled up again and this time went down with more precision and slower, as a result I could feel every bit of the stretch, his cock head was not that difficult, but the ridge of the head was fat, I could feel myself getting stretched, almost as much as 2 cocks in my pussy stretch me. I had covered just till midway down his shaft when I felt his cock head pushing against the back wall of my pussy! That`s as much as it would go. I began riding it slowly, getting used to the proportion with time. After getting comfortable enough I started riding him faster. As I jumped up and down on his pussy, he fixed his look either on my eyes or my juggling breasts. His cock was a perfect fit for my pussy, PERFECT! I could feel every inch of my vaginal walls getting rubbed, I felt him hitting my g-spot. Its been a while since anyone did that. Soon I felt an orgasm building up.I screamed and thrashed my head and hair around like a possessed person, and climaxed in a screaming, earth shattering orgasm which left me squirting like a fountain, something I had never done before. I always thought I was the sort of lady who oozes and leaks her juices, never thought of myself as a squirted before today.

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