Impregnated by My Nephew

I am Seema, married to Ashok, who is 34 years. I am not voluptuous, nor one who made heads turn during by studying career. I was the only child of my family. Ashok too was quite handsome and again the only child in his family. He was lean in stature at 5’9″ and his manhood was about 5-6″ long.

Ours was an arranged marriage. Though Ashok kept me sexually satisfied, the last couple of years’ sex has been an on-and-off affair, due to our busy schedules. He works in an IT company in Pune as Senior Manager Sales, and has to work late to meet his targets and even travel out-station. I help out at a lady friend’s bookshop close by, though I do not have fixed timings of work.

I was aware of his work schedule before marriage and had prepared myself for these, sometimes long absences. Being brought up in an orthodox family, where even talking of sex was taboo, the taste of raw sex, had exposed me to novel experiences, unknown to me as a maiden. Our intercourse, or more aptly fornication, always in the traditional missionary style, right from the first night and further in the confines of our Pune flat, had opened the hidden flood gates of my sexual appetite. We were both novices in the sex act and had broken ice on the first night itself.

We resided in a company allotted duplex bungalow on the outskirts of the city. This allowed me to wear dresses, which I could not wear in my parental home. The kitchen was very spacious and served as a dining room too. The kitchen counter was broad and was laid with highly polished granite slab, which I loved to keep shining & spick & span. Our house also had a beautiful garden all around and offered much needed privacy in this busy city, as well as a place to have our office parties. 

Our house had two bedrooms; one on the ground floor and one master bedroom on the first floor, which was occupied by us. The house had two bathrooms cum toilets — one attached to our bedroom and the other common one on the ground floor. The kitchen was on one side of the bathroom which sandwiched the ground floor bedrooms and the sitting rooms. Attached to the kitchen was a small store room.

Without wasting time, a little info about me; I am aged 28 years and married since the last 6 years. I am fair skinned and of height about 5ft 4″ and have sea green eyes. My hair reached my waist. I had retained long hair as my husband liked them long. My body is slim, bordering thin and weighed a meager 45 kgs, with a set of very small pointy breasts with statistics placed at 28″; my college girl friends, called my tiny pair ‘boiled eggs stuck to my chest’. They told me that my shape was called as “Snoopy” breasts and they called me Snoopy. I had always envied those friends of mine who sported huge sized boobs and were the target of the college boys. My small breasts did not sag, but stood like small cones, I only wore a small front clasp, 30A Bra for namesake and to muffle my elongated nipples, which topped the pink areola.

My husband always toyed with my tiny pair and loved to suck the nipples. He never complained about the size of my pair, but I guessed that he missed a plump set of boobs, as I could seen him watching every time his colleagues wives attended our house party.

My husband liked me wearing modern short skirts or loose shorts at home and had even bought me a micro mini- skirt, when we went for a beach stay for our honeymoon at Goa. He never forced wearing of traditional dresses on me. So I loved to wear short dresses or mini-skirts at home. At times, I just wore Ashok’s shirt with front buttons, without any inner wear, since I had total privacy of our home. We only had a maid who came to wash our utensils in the afternoon and was sometimes called in the morning after a night party.

Ashok, my husband, was not the sexually adventurous type, but many times I took liberty to go without my panties or bra. I had always wanted to experience remaining nude in the house, just like the hippies I saw in Goa, but had never dared to, even though I had all the opportunity. Though six years had passed for our marriage, I had not yet succeeded in conceiving. We had decided that we would not plan and to let nature take its own course. The doctors we consulted had said that both of us were normal and to wait for time and keep on trying. That such unexplained delays did take place at times.

At no point did I have any intention whatsoever to seek sexual satisfaction, outside my marriage, as I loved my husband. I remained happy with my rationed sex. All this changed in the last two months when my husband received a call from his close cousin, that her 26 year old son had a project in Pune, for about 4 months and whether we could put him up with us during that period. After consulting me, my husband informed her that since the location of his project was a stone’s throw from our residence, we would definitely host him during his stay. He was expected to start work on the project within the next fortnight and would be coming in a week to ten days.

I did not remember meeting my husbands’ cousin, during our marriage; neither had I seen her son or her other family members. On being informed about his arrival, by my husband, I dusted and got the bedroom on the ground floor ready for his stay. 

Ashok went early morning to the railway station to pick him up. His name was Jitendra, but his pet name was Jeetu. He was slightly taller than me and shorter than my husband. But it looked like he had been attending a gym as he had a well toned body and manly muscular arms. Fair in complexion, I noticed that his eyes were green, like mine. He had a beautiful smile playing on his full lips, which hid a white row of teeth.

He had come with a suitcase full of his clothes and his lap top. He had brought a box of gifts sent by his mother, which he handed to me. Ashok introduced Jeetu and introduced him to me.

“May I call you Kaki (Aunty)?” Jeetu asked me extending his hand. His eyes were on me — judging or gauging me?

Ashok immediately interjected, “Well! Does that not make her look too old? You two are of almost the same age; why don’t you call her by name, if Seema has no problem?”

“Absolutely no problem! Jeetu please call me by my name Seema. OK?” I replied taking his extended handshake. I felt his strong grip.

I was dressed in one of my short white skirt and a silky front buttoned shirt, which must have made me look like a college girl. My hair was tied in a bun, like a small pony tail. I do not know why but at first sight of this young lad, who was just 2 years younger to me, I felt a stir between my legs, which I could not understand. I could feel a little wetness between my legs and I hurried into the kitchen immediately.

Ashok led Jeetu to his room on the ground floor and gave him a short brief.

“Jeetu, I have to leave for work. Seema will be there in case you need anything.” With this he went up to our room to get ready to leave for work.

By the time I got ready to prepare breakfast, my husband had gone up to freshen up while Jeetu unpacked his bags. I knocked on Jeetu’s door and went in with a cup of tea. Jeetu had removed his shirt and was bare bodied. I noticed his well toned muscles and strong biceps. He was the exact opposite of Ashok, who had a slight paunch and was a typical husband, but with a heart of gold.

I left the tea cup on the side table and told Jeetu about it. I could feel his eyes looking at me, in a very special & different way. Could not guess what was going on in his mind.

“What?” I asked.

This jolted him into reality.

“Sorry, Kaki; Uuh, I mean Sorry Seema,” he stuttered a reply, “I was looking at your beautiful hair. I did not notice them earlier. They are gorgeous.”

It was then that I realized that my waist length thick black hair had loosened out and strewn behind me.

“Oh! Thank you for the compliment,” I could not control a blush.

“Wow! I am now floored with the blush!” he commented.

“You are naughty,” I said and rushed out of his room. The earlier feeling between my legs had returned. What was happening to me?

I got the breakfast table ready and Ashok came down and was joined by Jeetu. Ashok asked him about his family and told him that if he wanted any help in his work he was free to ask. He also told him that I was familiar with the city and that I could take him around to familiarize with the city, since he would be at work the whole day.

He told us that he was to joined work after 4 -5 days and that he was free till then. Breakfast being over, Ashok left for his work and I returned to the kitchen. I remembered that Jeetu had to have his bath and I went back to his room. Again, I knocked on his door and went in. 

“Jeetu, you may want to have bath. The bathroom is next to the kitchen. I will show you taps and the geyser.” With this I went to the bathroom at the ground floor with Jeetu in tow. The bathroom was not very big and at one moment of time, I had to squeeze to one side to allow Jeetu to come in. I felt my small, now taut breasts brushing against his side. I felt a shiver run down my stomach as my sensitive stiff nipples skimmed along his chest. It was the first time after my marriage that my boobies were rubbing against another male. A sigh left my lips and the wetness between my legs returned. I could actually feel my panty getting moist.

Why was my body reacting to this male person in our house? . . . And, that too within such a short time? I came out of the bathroom. I did not realize that due to habit of being alone in the house, I had left my earlier worn colorful bra and a purple panty, with a fairy on the gusset, hanging on the clothes hooks behind the door, in the bathroom.

After some time, Jeetu went to have his bath by wrapping a towel around his waist and calling out to me that he was going to have his bath. I heard the door close and the sound of the shower. I was busy in the kitchen moving around with the wet panty reminding me of my recent encounter. I was thoroughly confused.

After sometime, I heard the shower stop and a few moments later, I heard the bathroom door open and then Jeetu’s bedroom door close. I had forgotten to inform Jeetu that most of the latches were loose and to secure them properly. It was this delay in informing Jeetu about the loose latch that opened doors to all my college fantasies. 

I did not disturb him as I was sure he wanted to rest after such a long trip. I finished my kitchen work and I knocked on his door and told him that I was going for my bath. He replied that he was comfortable and to proceed. I went upstairs and after taking my towel & undies and entered the bathroom. I thought of coming out and then wearing the bra. 

Keeping in mind my recent excited state, I decided to have a head bath. Usually, the Indian women do not have a daily head bath, but prefer to wash their hair separately due to their long hair remaining wet. The feeling of the warm shower rippling down my head and back

I entered the bath room and removed by bra and the now wet panty and dumped them in a bucket for washing. It was then that I realized that my earlier set was hanging in the ground floor bathroom. Since I did not want Jeetu to feel awkward about my used underwear hanging around, I decided to remove them later.

I let the shower run over my head and the streams of warm water ran down over my back and as I turned, it ran in between my boobies, giving me a nice feeling. I felt my hand reach up and hold my snoopies. I tweaked my nipples and closed my eyes to savor the feeling. For a moment I visualized that Jeetu was fondling me. My eyes flew open. 

What was this thing happening to me? I had never ever thought of any other man touching me earlier. Yes, I did find Jeetu attractive, but he was two years younger to me. He was also related to my husband. 

I finished my bath and came out in the bedroom, which I had locked when I came in. I wiped myself dry. I looked in the full length mirror and saw my body. Though my body had the fairness & looked sleek, I lacked in my upper department. My long hair, green eyes and fairness compensated for the lack of my body statistics. I found my boobies taut and very sensitive; my thighs were thin and I did not have much of the buttocks. I was a typical “Zero” Figure.

I decided to be adventurous and wore a pink polka dotted panty and a colorful bra under a T-shirt and loose colorful shorts with an elastic, that showed my slim-thin thighs. I then remembered about my used bra & panty in the lower bathroom and decided to remove them.

I came down the steps bare footed, as was the practice to walk in the house and turned towards the lower end bathroom. The bathroom was still steamy after Jeetu had his bath. I reached behind the door for the clothes hooks but did not find anything there. I was in doubt whether I had actually left them there. Maybe the maid had put them to wash!

I decided to check on Jeetu. Since I had come down silently, Jeetu may not have been aware that I had finished my bath and I was down. I did not call out but decided to go and knock on his door.

When I reached there I found that the door was slightly open and not latched. Instead of knocking I decided to peep in. What I saw inside made me freeze in my tracks. He had not realized that the bedroom door was open and must have thought that I was still having a bath.

Jeetu’s head was away from the door and hidden from the door and his undressed waist and legs were parallel to the door, slightly spread. Between his legs was a huge, darkish brown, baton like object, which he was furiously pumping up & down, with the help of a cloth like item grasped in his hand, which was encircled around this baton. I guessed that it must have been about 10 — 12 inches long and as thick as my arm. It was not straight, but curved upward like a banana in shape. It had a round red shiny ball like appearance at its top.

I gasped as I realized that Jeetu, it was his penis and he was furiously masturbating on the bed. I realized that the cloth in his hand was my missing panty, which he was using to titillate himself. My blood froze for two reasons — one for the sheer guts of this young man to masturbate with my panty, and secondly for the massive size of his penis. 

I pulled myself back from the door as it was mind-boggling for me that anyone could have such a huge penis. Was it normal? I was feeling very edgy & excited between my legs and had to press them & rub them together to control myself. My hand had gone to my pussy and was rubbing it subconsciously over my shorts and panty.

I could not control myself. I had to watch his massive tool again. I peeped in through the door slit and then came the next shocker. When he was about to climax, his pumping intensity increased and then a jet of sticky semen flew upward, almost touching the ceiling fan and falling somewhere on the bed. Immediately Jeetu’s other hand came up in view holding my missing bra. He clamped it with the bra cup over his red turgid head and shot his load into it, holding it in place. I could see the spasms of his penis in his hands.

I was literally dripping from my pussy and luckily had my panties on; otherwise there would have been a puddle of my juices at Jeetu’s doorstep. I forced myself away from the door, knowing that he could come out any time. I also wanted a release badly or I would be found moaning helplessly outside this youngsters’ door.

I retreated fast, tiptoed upstairs and locked my bedroom door. Before I reached my bed I had pushed my shorts and soaking wet panty to my feet. I grabbed the longest hairbrush, near the dressing table, with a round plastic handle and did not waste a second in stuffing it in my dripping love hole. It slid in easily due to my juices. I had the recent pumping visuals before my eyes and pumped this handle into me to find my release. I could feel the familiar wave building up in me and I came gushing like a fountain, – the strongest orgasm visualizing Jeetu’s monster at work on my tiny slit.

My familiarity of this type of enchanting wave was usually restricted to a few copulations with Ashok, mostly after watching some porn scenes or after our parties attended by big breasted females.

I had never wanted to have sex with any person outside my marriage and now this tempting effect of having Jeetu and his monster around would make it difficult for me to control myself. I was sure that even if I wanted I could never accommodate his huge monstrosity in me. It would definitely rip any normal vagina into shreds. The more I thought of his penis, the more excited I got.

There and then I decided that I would not have sex with Jeetu or anyone else. But my future was to take a sharp U-Turn and I was to be proved wrong and later on, would be boon ending as a very fruitful venture.

I used the recent towel to clean my pussy of its juices and the tell tale marks on my thighs. I removed the bed sheet which was stained with my juices. 

As I prepared to go down, I decided to wear my mini and that too without any panty. Though I did not have the courage to display it to him directly, I would not mind if he got a few glances of my sex garden, since my husband would not be there till late night.

I never liked to shave my vagina. It had a modest tuft of jet black curly, pubic hair which carried down in a triangle between the legs. I then wore Ashok’s shirt over this and went down. My hidden adventurous streak was playing up. I decided that even though I would not have sex with him, I would titillate and flirt with him harmlessly. 

Shortly, within a day, I was to be proven wrong.

I came down and called out to Jeetu as though nothing had happened. It was time for lunch and I started setting the table. Our dining 6table was rectangular and covered with a thick clear glass. Though there were many table mats and coasters, one could see under the table. Jeetu came to help in the kitchen. I saw him staring at my back, which I could see as a reflection in the kitchen window. He didn’t say anything. I tried to hide my blush and glow, but I am sure it was obvious.

“Can I take the dishes to the table?” he asked politely. I showed him what to take and he came close to me near the counter to take it. I could feel his warmth as he brushed against me innocently. I told him to take his plate and serve himself and that I would join him soon. When I came out I saw that he was sitting with his food served and waiting for me.

Now was the time to flirt with him. I took a plate and served myself.

“I am not a good cook and you will have to bear with me.” I told him.

“Oh, the food is excellent. You are very modest,” he replied.”I am sorry I am troubling you.”

“Please don’t mind. There is enough place in our house and I being alone the whole day needed company.” I stressed the word ‘company’ without looking up. I then decided to take a chair exactly opposite to him and slid sideways into the chair keeping my legs closed. I did not want to be obvious. We talked as we had our food, and I could see that he was glancing very furtively searching below the table to get a view my pussy. Towards the end of our meal, I purposely reached for a dish towards him and in the bargain spread my thighs wide, as though to stand. He must have got a royal view of my garden, because he started shifting in his chair.

“I hope you are comfortable Jeetu?” I purposely inquired.
“I . . ., I am fine. Kaki, I mean Seema”, he stuttered.

I crossed my thighs and he lost the view. After the meals, he helped me to take the plates inside and to clear the table. Good, he now knew that I was not wearing any underwear; he must have got a stiff stand which was creating problems in his shorts. I suggested that he watch TV in the sitting room and that I would join him after instructing the maid.

Soon after this our maid arrived. She was buxom too, in her mid thirties and I saw Jeetu’s eyes following her. Now I wanted to tease him more. I called out to the maid.

“Bai, (the way we call maids in India), by any chance you have see my panty and bra I had kept in the bathroom.” I purposely said in a loud voice.

I watched Jeetu through the corner of my eyes and saw that he was very nervous. He fidgeted whilst watching TV. He was frightened not being sure whether he would be caught and if caught, what would be the repercussions. I was enjoying the scene, hidden away from him.

“No, madam, I did not see it. Maybe you kept it for washing in the machine.” The maid replied.

“Must be! I thought when I had my bath in the down bathroom, I had kept it there. But no problem I must have put them with the others.” I said, loud enough for Jeetu to hear. I had decided to keep a fresh set of used panty and a bra to see if he would still use them. It was turning to be a huge turn-on for me to play the cat & mouse play.

I served gulab jamun (small brown round Indian sweet dish served in sugar caramel) as dessert and we watched the TV till late afternoon and then we went to our respective rooms. The evening went peacefully. When Ashok returned late in the evening, I had my top & knee length skirt on and we all sat in the hall and chit chatted. 

“So Jeetu, how was your day? Hope you are refreshed now?” he asked Jeetu.

“Seema is a great cook and I enjoyed my lunch. I loved the dessert.” he said looking straight in my eyes. I blushed, because I knew what he was hinting at. 

What added to my blush was Ashok saying ‘that my gulab jamuns were excellent’.

“I agree totally”, Jeetu replied. 

God this guy was a hard core tease and was getting back at me was my afternoon remarks to my Bai. 

Then Ashok suggested that I should take Jeetu out on sightseeing or go for a movie to pass time, as he may not get time to see the place after he starts his project. Though I tried to give excuses, Ashok forced me to go out.

“Seemu, instead of remaining cooped up in the house, you now have company. So go out and enjoy. There are some good movies in town, which I insist you must see. You know that I cannot take you out often, but now that Jeetu is here, take advantage.” He insisted.

So it was decided that we would go sightseeing in the morning and after lunch we would go for a movie. With that we retired to our rooms. That night, I initiated our sex session and surprised Ashok by climbing atop him. Before me was the virtual huge pole of Jeetu ramming into me, but reality was otherwise. I gushed my orgasm onto his prick, which by now was softening having deposited its load into me. We never used any protection as we had decided that nature should take its own course to start a family.

“Seemu, you seem to be in frisky mood today. What happened?” Ashok queried after seeing my excited role.

“Oh, nothing. I am just myself. Why do you ask?” I asked. I was scared that he should find me unusual in me today?

“I am sure that a young man in the house must be exciting you?” he teased. How true were his words? I could not help but blush. 

“Stop saying such things'” I said in mock anger.

“Well you are young and so is he. Don’t worry. Its nature at work”; with that he hugged me and kissed me on my boobies and we slept like that without a shred of clothes on us. What was he hinting at? Or was he just joking?

The next day was to be the most ground breaking day in my life. I usually got up much earlier to Ashok and went down to prepare his breakfast. After preparing breakfast, I would have my bath to freshen up for the day. I did not use our upper bathroom because it was a morning ritual for Ashok to take the morning newspaper, which I took up for him with his bed tea, and enter the bathroom and exit it after about 45 minutes to an hour after going to the loo, shaving and having his bath. 

I would carry my change of clothes down and use the lower bathroom. I would get refreshed feeling the warm water course down my nude body. By the time Ashok had his bath, I would finish my bath, change and even set the breakfast for him, because it would take him another 30 minutes to change and come down. So I had about an hour and a half to myself.

That day too, after I took the newspapers and the bed tea to Ashok, I took my clothes change and went down to the bathroom. The bathroom was not very spacious but was more rectangular. I pulled the small slide latch of the bathroom door and removed my clothes in preparation of a shower. I saw the clothes hooks and remembered the Jeetu violating my undies and bra. It turned me on. I released the shower and the warm water coursed down my body. I had left my hair and the water coursed through them. I soaped my hair and washed my boobies. I imagined that it were Jeetu’s hands that were fondling me as I snaked one hand down to my pussy lips.

I again ran the shower to wash off the soap, which ran down my legs and collected near my feet before going down the drain.

On the other hand, Jeetu hand woken up and he too, having a wish to have a bath was headed to the lower bathroom, with a towel wrapped round his waist and his clothes change in his hands. He must have come and without realizing that someone was inside the bathroom, pushed the door. The latch may not have locked properly and the door opened right onto me. In his hurry, he entered the bathroom to find my back facing him, nude and like a peeled banana. Realizing that someone had entered the bathroom, I swung round to find Jeetu standing there, shocked and staring at me with wide eyes. I guessed that he must have come by mistake. 

“What . . . What are you doing here?” I said in a hushed tone. I tried to cover my boobies and my pussy with my hands hiding them from his eyes. At that precise moment, I slipped on the soap near my feet and would have definitely fallen down, if it was not a lightening reflex of Jeetu to throw away the clothes he was holding and reached out to grab me from falling down. His one hand held my arm and pulled me to him.

To gain stability, I tried to reach out and hold onto something. Unfortunately or fortunately my hand grabbed at his towel, which came loose. He was not wearing any inner wear and his massive penis was rapidly coming to life, just about a few inches from me. So as to put me on my feet, he wrapped his other arm around my waist and pulled me onto him.

I felt a high voltage current when I was crushed against his rippled chest. Being of almost similar height, my boobies were smashed onto his chest, poking like thick pins on his small nipples. But the most shocking thing was that his penis was wedged between both my legs and was touching my arse cheeks due to its curve. It felt like I was holding a bamboo between my legs. We stood glued to one another trying to understand what happened. Then it dawned on me that we were nude and in the same bathroom.

On one side was the fear that Ashok would come down and find us in this position, while on the other was sudden shame. 

“Wow, Snoopies!!!” his words jerked me out of my reverie. “Oh my god! You have the loveliest set of Snoopies in the world.” He said looking at my breasts.

I suddenly realized what was happening and tried to turn round. But his huge penis wedged between my legs stopped me. He realized this and moved back a little. Immediately I turned round. 

“I am sorry. I did not know that you were inside.” He tried to explain. I was shivering not from fear but sheer lust. Jeetu was profusely apologizing and at one time held me by my shoulders to make his point. As he tried to move out, this time he slipped a little and he fell on my back pushing me to the wall and again his huge penis slipped between my thighs and now came out from the front. I looked down and saw the red turgid head, curved and looking up at me. It was just yesterday that I had seen this head from far, spewing it’s cum. 

“No problem, I understand. But please leave before we are caught in this position. People will misunderstand.” I pleaded with him. Sub consciously I had held my thighs close, to hide my pussy and as he pulled back, I could feel his monster sliding out rubbing gloriously against the mouth of my vagina. The penis head rubbed at my clitoris and I shuddered. I could feel an orgasm building in me, just thinking about the feeling of this push and rub.

Within a second Jeetu was out of the bathroom and went to his room. I later realized that he had escaped nude top his room as the towel was still in the bathroom.

What had shocked me was that he had said “Snoopies”. How did he know my pet name?

I somehow finished my bath and was leaving, and I realized that I had to make another play. I wore the fresh change of panty and bra, but purposely left the used ones on the clothes hook. I wanted to see if he would still put these to use or hold on to yesterdays ones.

I dried myself and pulling a salwar top over my head, I wrapped a towel at my waist and went to the first floor. Ashok was still in the bathroom. From top I yelled out to Jeetu that I was finished and that he could go for his bath. I wanted to let Ashok know that I was on top and that Jeetu would be in the bath now. This created a clean alibi.

Later on, Ashok came out and I dressed up in a salwar and went down. Jeetu was still in the bath. After some time he too finished his bath and went to his room. I heard him lock it. I was very inquisitive as to the fate of the panty and bra I had left there. I went in the bathroom and was pleasantly surprised. The ones I had left had disappeared, but the earlier ones which had seen action were replaced in its place. 

I removed them and found that the bra cup was still wet and a little sticky and the panty which had a fairy design on it, where the mouth of my vagina, had brownish stains. I now knew that he was also a player in the cat & mouse play. Something came to my mind and I decide to put it into effect later.

At about 8.30 am, Ashok came down ready to leave for his office. Jeetu too came to the table. There was a pregnant silence and Jeetu and I could not see eye to eye. We tried to act normal. Ashok reminded us about going out and the movie. The breakfast being over, Ashok left for his office after the usual pleasantries were exchanged. I cleared the table and went to change. Jeetu silently went to his room.

I decided to avoid revealing clothes and to wear a white salwar kameez (Indian dress with top & pajamas) adorned with pretty flowers in red, blue and green hues, with a colorful dupatta (shoulder drape) when we went out. But I wanted to be adventurous and what I did was I wore the wet bra and the used panty, which Jeetu had sprayed his cum and left in the shower.

I came down and knocked on Jeetu’s door, which opened immediately. He was dressed in jeans and a white, loose shirt. I told him I was ready and we could leave after closing the house. He helped me to close all windows & doors and we left.

Since the city was close by, we decided to take a 3 wheeler taxi or rickshaw and then walk around. We went to the main garden and walked around. Then we walked in the shopping mall close-by window shopping. By this time it was time for the afternoon movie and we headed there. I saw an elderly lady begging outside the hall and dropped a few coins into her bowl.

She looked at us and said “You make a wonderful couple. May God bless you.” I tried to tell her that she got it wrong, when I felt Jeetu’s hand on my shoulder and indicating that we should proceed.

Jeetu said that it was his treat and bought the tickets. We went in and he went to the refreshment counter and bought a big bucket of sweetened popcorn and only one big cup of aerated soft drink. I didn’t ask him. There was a little time for the movie to start and we headed inside the hall before it darkened. We saw that there were just about 10 people in the huge hall and the usher led us to the last row and indicated towards the corner. 

I looked at Jeetu and couldn’t control a blush. I got goose pimples thinking about those college days and the action that followed, in such corners of theaters. I walked ahead and Jeetu followed. I sat on the corner seat and placed my popcorn bucket on my thighs. He placed the soft drink cup between us. It had only one drinking straw.

“Hey, just one straw?” I queried with him.

“Is it a problem? Then I will get another cup,” he responded. “I thought we could share one.”

“It’s OK. We’ll share,” I said.

Immediately after that the lights dimmed and the advertisement trailers opened up, I started eating the popcorn. There was no one anywhere near us and we were in total privacy. I offered the bucket to Jeetu, who picked up a few. The movie started and I started to concentrate on the story, Jeetu too was looking ahead. Sometimes he reached for the bucket and picked up popcorn’s. 

Suddenly, I felt a fingers searching for something, just over my navel over my salwar. I froze and looked sideways. I realized that Jeetu had his eyes on the screen and had missed the popcorn bucket whilst putting his hand inside. I did nothing to stop his fingers, just over my pussy . When he realized that he had missed the mark and was touching me, he pulled his hand back immediately.

“What happened?” I asked in a hushed voice of mock surprise.

“I am sorry, I was picking up popcorn and missed the bucket,” he hushed back in reply.

“Are you sure?” I asked him. He kept quiet.

“I wanted to ask you something. Would you mind if I ask you?” I asked Jeetu.

“Yes. Kaki. What’s it?” he asked in a subdued & frightened voice.

“When you walked in the bathroom today morning, did you really not know that I was in there?” I asked trying to sound stern.

“No. Kaki, I swear. I was not aware that you were in the bath. Otherwise I would definitely not come in.” he sounded very apologetic.

“Also when you bumped into me, you said ‘Snoopy’. Why was that?” I inquired. He did not reply and sifted his eyes between his legs.

“Please tell me why you said that. You said it so spontaneously. Please tell me,” I sounded imploring.

“Kaki….” He started and I stopped him.

“Why are you calling me Kaki? You can call me by my name,” I told him. “You are making me sound old.”

“Sorry, Seema,” he responded. “In fact I am feeling ashamed to tell you the reason.”

“See there is no one here. We have complete privacy. Please tell me.”

“Seema, I have a fond liking for . . .err, small breasts.” He stuttered. I could feel my boobies feeling taut and poking at my bra. “In the morning, when I saw yours snoopies, I was amazed how beautiful they were. I have always loved your type of boobs. But . . .” he stopped.

“You loved my tiny breasts?” I stammered. “You actually loved my boobs?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I am sorry but they are the best I have ever seen. I had many female friends having 34″ & 36″ breasts, but I never took a liking for them. In fact me and my sister are very close and she too has a 36″ bust line and I have seen her change often. I was really turned on when I saw the most beautiful Snoopies in the world . . . and that too getting to feel them.” 

Was Jeetu really appreciating my small boobs? Did he plan to fondle them now? Was that the reason he chose the corner seats?

“You saw your sister’s breasts? You mean she changed in front of you?” I sounded shocked. But I could not stop blushing and smiling. 

“Oh yes! There is nothing wrong with that. We share the same room and were always fooling around. She is elder to me by 2 years and married two years ago.” He replied frankly. “Her husband is abroad and comes home every 6-8 months. In fact they are having a problem starting a family and she was looking for a good gynecologist.”

“I do know of one or two clinics here. We too wanted to start a family, and had visited them. But we have not succeeded till now after 5 years,” I replied. This talk was turning me on and I had to shift my legs feeling the familiar wetness.

“Seema, I am sorry, but did you mind what happened in the morning?” he implored.

“No not at all. If you say that you made a mistake.”

“Oh! . .” he expressed sadly and sunk back in his chair. I realized that we had lost track of the movie.

“Did I say something wrong, Jeetu?”

“No. It’s OK.” He replied halfheartedly, sounding sad.

“What did you want me to say, that I felt nice that you walked in? That pressing my boobs onto your chest was good?” I now had to be frank too.

He turned and looked at me. There was asking in his eyes.

“See Jeetu! I am married and I cannot say or do things which may create problems for you and me.” I told him matter of fact. “But I must say that you have a huge instrument down there.” I giggled.

I reached out for the cold drink and felt that Jeetu too was reaching out for the glass. Our hands met and subconsciously clasped each other. I did not know what to do and kept silent. None of us made an attempt to release our hands. I realized that slowly Jeetu was moving my hand towards him and then I felt him putting it on his thighs and leaving it there.

I could have removed it, but I don’t know why I let it lie there. Suddenly I was aware of something moving beneath my fingers. I was inquisitive and then I realized that it was the huge baton in his pants coming to life. I did not have courage or the will to remove my hand. I let caution to wind and started feeling his baton by moving my fingers along the length over his pants.

I know that it was wrong, but my inner passion was taking over me. How much I wanted him to touch me, but I did not want to look like a slut. I felt his eyes on me but did not look up to him. What amazed me was that his penis was continuously growing. It was massive in size. I never knew when his arm went over my shoulder and pulled me towards him.

“Jeetu, this is wrong. I don’t want to cheat Ashok. Oh my God! What am I doing?” with this I tried to pull back my hand. Jeetu immediately held my hand and pressed it onto his tool.

“Please Seema. Please don’t leave it now. No one shall know. We don’t have to tell anyone,” he was actually pleading. 

“But . . . . nothing more than this; you promise?” I relented not because of his pleas but because of my urgency. I was breathing heavily and my boobs were stiff.

“I promise,” he said. “But please don’t hold back. I was going mad for you since the time I set my eyes on you. After, today’s incident, it was like a sign for me to have you.”

As he was praising me, I did not realize what he was doing and then suddenly I felt my hands rested on hot skin. I was shocked when I realized that he had lowered his zip and stuffed my hand into his pants. I was now in direct contact with his monster. 

It was hot and sweaty. I grabbed it and started to move my hand over the entire length. The length was fabulous and I was scared what it could do to a small cunt like mine. My tits were very taut and I let my hand reach up to my left boob. If Jeetu wanted to fondle me, I would have gladly let him. And that is exactly what happened.

I felt his arms across on my shoulder pulling me towards him. I rested my head on his shoulder as his hand slipped into my dress and grabbed my breast. His strong fingers mauled my tubular boobs and tweaked my nipples. I was losing control and I shifted my other hand to release his penis out of his pants. I pumped his prick like I saw him do in the morning. The only difference was that I was doing it with both hands.
Here we were one married woman and one horny youth in the corner of a cinema hall making it out as though it was the end of the world. I felt him try to lift my salwar over my stomach and his other hand squeezed my other breast. We had totally lost track of the movie. My dupatta had fallen down near my legs. I did not care. I was in throes of passion which I had not known earlier.

I was cheating on my husband and I liked it. Suddenly I felt Jeetu’s fingers snaking under my pajama belt and going to my pussy. I grunted and whispered near his ear, not to do it. But my pleas fell on deaf ears. I could feel his fingers run along my slit and I widened my legs to facilitate him. I was totally wet.

Then the scene was coming to an end of the first session of the movie and the lights would come on. We hurried to stuff his monster upward under his belt as it would not go in his underwear. I pulled up my dupatta around my shoulders and fixed my dress. Immediately after that the half time lights came on.

I could see a satisfied yet a disappointed look on Jeetu’s face. My face was flushed. I felt incomplete at the only opportunity that I had got after my marriage; and that too with such a unique monster.

Then Jeetu whispered to me “Seema, do you want to watch this movie or should we go home?”

I looked at him in disbelief. He was a fast mover. I was confused and just shook my head. He took as my assent and as soon as the lights dimmed again, he held me by my hand and led me down the cinema aisle. We left the hall and caught the first rickshaw that we got to reach home. We sat with gap between us, as we did not want anyone to notice.

When we reached home, I went to open the door and Jeetu paid the rickshaw. By the time he paid the fare, I had the door open. I had hardly walked in, when Jeetu entered and shut and latched the door. I just turned to look at him. He came up to me and before any words were spoken, his lips latched onto mine. I responded to his hungry kisses as he sucked my lip and entered his tongue into my mouth. This was all a novel experience for me. I was getting excited.

He put his hands below my legs and lifted me still stuck at the lips. He entered his bedroom and lay me down on it, with my legs dangling down. I was putty in his hand. I wanted to experience his prick. Jeetu pulled off his shirt and I could see his strong muscles, as compared to the slight paunch of Ashok.

I tried to remove my salwar but he told me not to. I was perplexed. He removed his jeans but left his underwear with his monster sticking out of it. He then came over me and took my boob into his mouth over my salwar and the bra. I caught his head and pressed my small boob into his mouth. His hand went inside my pajama and he was now sliding his fingers furiously over my slit, but entering me.

Slowly he started pulling down my pajama , but leaving the panty on and he removed his mouth from my tit to pull the pajama off completely. He then slowly removed my salwar top and here I was in my used bra & panty, which were used by Jeetu yesterday.

He saw that I was wearing the same set on which he had sprayed his semen and whooped with glee. I closed my face with my palms as I felt ashamed. He put his hands under me and lifted me up on the bed. My face was still covered like a shy bride.

Suddenly I felt his mouth on my pussy. I felt a wonderful feeling traveling up my hole to my breasts. I was shocked. I never knew that such a thing could happen. Ashok had never ever done this. I did not want him to stop. I pressed his head into my pussy and pushed it up to his mouth. I felt him roll down the panty and his tongue entered my small hole, sliding all along the slit. It was a total new experience for me. As his tongue reached my clitoris, a dam seemed to break in me and I squirted my first of the many orgasms. Jeetu’s face was sprayed with my volcanic squirt.

He slid up my body and opened the bra hook and freed my very sensitive boobs.

“Oh my beautiful Snoopies!'” he exclaimed. In a moment he had gobbled the left tit fully in his mouth and sucked it up and down, coming in and out of his mouth. The entire fleshy mound was being sucked and his rough tongue was lapping around the nipple. I encircled him with my arms and pulled him to my chest.

I did not care for any repercussions and wanted him in me. But I was scared that his tool would rip me apart. He must have read my mind and reached down to hold his monster and direct it to the mouth of my small slit. Earlier, I had just visualized it, but now that reality dawned on me, I was scared.

“Please Jeetu, you are too big. It will tear me'” I pleaded. I was on the threshold of wanting it in me and at the same time scared of the damage that it may do. Whatever it was, I did not want Ashok to come to know. 

Jeetu, stop now please. You know I am married. I am not allowed to do this. Please don’t do this Jeetu.” I pleaded. But my halfhearted pleas fell on deaf ears. I could feel him forcefully trying to enter me and then suddenly I felt his huge head making its entry in me. I felt a sudden pain between my legs as my small hole was trying to accommodate this baton. It was much bigger than Ashok’s prick.

Then Jeetu started pushing it in slowly. I remembered the pain after Ashok had entered me on our first night. But this was not pain; it was a feeling of being stuffed with a huge object. He pushed and he entered a little more. The pain was becoming unbearable and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Though I wanted him to stop, I was enjoying the experience of being fucked by a man, other than my husband.

Then Jeetu suddenly pushed himself into me and must have gone further in. The sudden pain made me push my chest upward and my head fell back. My whole body was bathed in sweat and lubricated Jeetu sliding over me. Though he had taken most of his body load on his arms, part of his body still pressed me down. I swung my legs around his waist and he took this as me wanting to press inside. And he did so, I shrieked loudly and the sudden entry. I could feel the tip of his penis touching mu stomach. I was sure that he had entered my womb. I was sure that my vagina opening must have been stretched wide.

I then realized that he was not wearing protection, I froze; but then I realized that he looked and was like my husband and that it would not make a difference to be impregnated by him. I had read somewhere that Indian culture allowed “Ni yoga”, an option to be impregnated by a known person, in case your husband was unable to impregnate you. As a wave of pleasure ripped through me, I hugged him to me, roughly, to hold him inside. I was literally feeling choked and stuffed.

Then he started to move out. I felt myself being pulled up along with him due to his tight fit. He reached down and held my hips. Slowly I felt him pull out and then slowly sink in. The feeling was amazing and I cannot put it in words. Then after sometime, his pi stoning intensity increased. I was getting rammed royally. My moans and yelps were falling on deaf ears.

“Jeeeeetu, pleeeease stop. Youuuu are huuurting me. Oowww, oowwww, ouch'” my moans were literally cheering him to go deep into me with stronger force. I got repeated orgasms and the juices were lubricating his entry & exit action.

“Oohhh my god! Ohh my god! You will kill me. Please go slow” I pleaded. But he continued his squishy rod into me. After about 15 minutes of ramming into me, I felt him stiffen and he embraced me and crushed me to his chest, humping his waist, with short strong strokes, into me and then pushing deep. The tightness of his cock against my vagina walls was literally lifting me off the bed. His balls were slapping against my buttocks, which by now were wet with sweat and our mixed juices.

“oooooooo, unff, unnnfff …” was all that came out of my hoarse throat. I squeezed my legs around his waist and pulled him to me. 

A second later I could feel warm jets of his manly juices pumping straight into my womb, coating his baby making seed on the walls. I was surprised as he kept on pumping his semen for a long time. Ashok’s tool would slip out of my hole immediately after he spilled in me. We would then go for a bath, separately now but together after our marriage.

Jeetu had relaxed for some time and lay on me. My Snoopies were crushed below his chest and were flattened. Though the warm spurts had stopped, there was no sign of his girth reducing or his rod slipping out. I was thoroughly skewered on his tool. This experience and feeling was something I had never experienced earlier in my 6 years of marriage. I had forgotten about Ashok by now and concentrated on our union. I wanted to see his prick in me.

“Jeetu I want to see down there!” I asked him sheepishly. 

“You mean our fuck joint?” he responded, turning his attention to his pet snoopies. “Sure. Here give me your hand.” It was then that I realized that I had clasped the pillow on either sides to vent my gratification. He held on to my hand and slowly slid it between our sweaty bodies and mad me hold onto his cock base, which was the only piece out of me. I felt the area to be slimy and as I felt my pussy lips clamped around it, I felt the familiar goose pimples all over me.

“Now what, Jeetu?” I asked him, realizing that he did not want to come out of me. “What happens now? I cannot be with you like this. You know Ashok will come to know and then all hell will be let loose.”

“Seema, did you like it today?” he asked point blank.

I just looked at him and nodded.

“Do you feel guilty about it? You know it just happened,” he justified. “You are wonderful and so was our lovemaking. You are the best.”

With that he muzzled into my boobies and gobbled a full boob into his mouth, and than sucking out repeating the fucking action. We were still glued to our base and now I felt him softening.

“Jeetu can you please remove your …. Tool? Please?” I was feeling a slight pain.

He obliged and slowly started to pull himself out. As I looked down, it looked like a snake coming out of it hole. Even when it was flaccid, it was much bigger than Ashok’s tool. As the head f his tool exited my pussy hole, it came out with a plop. I felt as though a huge load had come out of me. I reached down to find my hole totally dilated. I was now scared that the sheer width of my hole would give me away during our nightly bouts. Today I had to find an excuse to avoid sex with Ashok.

I was further amazed at this young man’s sexual appetite. After pulling out from me, he slid down and kissed my pussy. It was a shock for me. How can a man kiss you there, that too after such a bout? 

“No, please Jeetu, what are you doing? It’s dirty to do that.” I said. But before I could actually stop him, his tongue had lapped at my pussy lips and then I felt his tongue slip into me. The wave of pleasure that rode through me made me push my chest out and curved myself with the support of my head. My hair was wet and spread all over and made a design of its own. I came with such force that I pushed my cunt onto his face, making him gasp for air.

I felt like a virgin on her first night. In one day, I had broken my marriage vows, had cheated on my husband, and had got small breasts sucked and then rammed with the biggest prick, for over two hours. I had crossed the line of no return and had now got my cunt sucked and kissed that too after being royally fucked by a younger man. 

“Jeetu let me go and have bath and freshen up.” I realized that we were fucking for the last almost one hour and half. The time now was 4.30 pm.

There was ample time for Ashok to return so I sighed in relief. I sat on the bed only to realize that I had a thick sticky fluid trickling out of my ravaged cunt. My legs were wobbly and I could not stand properly. It felt as though my hole was pulled apart and there was a gaping hole. Jeetu got up and lifted me in his arms and made way to the lower bathroom.

Here we were nude as Adam & Eve, walking about nude in my house, sprawled in a strangers arms. I was afraid that the maid would ring the bell, only to realize that I had asked her not to come today. Jeetu put his back to the door and pushed it open. He lowered me onto the floor and turned on the water shower. The cold water shower stung my skin but at the same time refreshed me.

“Seema, let me give you a good rub.” Jeetu volunteered. He was also nude as was I.

“No Jeetu. I have already over crossed the height of cheating and if anyone comes in it will be bad.” I tried to tell him.

“No one is going to come, Seema. Please you are tired. Let me help you.”, I was tired and then gave up.

“Just for a little while,” I relented.

He made me sit on the high bathroom stool and soaped my back. As his hands reached my shoulders, he massaged the tense muscles. It felt good and I let out a purred moan. He then came close behind me and I felt his penis growing up again.. It felt very sexy to be massaged by fingers on the shoulders and on the spine by a thick penis.

I reached back and tried to hold it. I felt it grow again. This was totally different from Ashok, which would fall to sleep once the action was over. Then the shower started with warm water and I felt totally relaxed. Jeetu’s hands traveled all over my back and then gave special attention to my boobies. I felt his hand going down between my legs and I spread them to facilitate him.

His hands on my vagina, sliding up and down the slit, smoothly soapy gave me a great feeling and I relaxed onto his chest behind me and enjoying the penis poking into me. Jeetu was nibbling at my ears and was turning me on.

How was it possible that this penis was not going down at all? Would it be possible and would he try fucking me again? My questions were replied immediately. I felt Jeetu acknowledging me to get down from the stool. He made me stand holding the taps ahead of me and started to push my back down. I was surprised not knowing what he wanted. It was then that I realized that he had positioned himself behind me and was pointing his penis head at my dilated entry.

“Jeetu what are you doing?” I tried to move up, but he kept his hold on my shoulders. I liked the power he had on me. Ashok was a very accommodating fucker. But Jeetu was literally forcing himself on me. Was it force?

He pressed my lower back to adjust himself and then I felt the familiar bulb of his rod slipping into me. Then without any notice he pushed directly and fully embedded his entire length into me.

“Nooooo, oh god, it’s paining. It’s paining.” I yelled holding tightly onto the taps. After just a few seconds he started pistoning me by pulling right out and them ramming fully inside. I felt like a poodle being fucked by a German Shepherd. But after a few rams, I was actually enjoying this fuck. I pushed back to his front rams and our moans filled the bathroom. Jeetu had held my slim waist in his strong hands and was continuously ramming me. This was the first time that I was being fucked from rear and I actually loved it.

Then Jeetu lifted my face and kissed me. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter as his penis was ravaging my pussy hole. 

“I think I am in love with you, Seema” Jeetu said suddenly.

I froze. I had not expected him to say this. He continued;

“I don’t know why but I must have fallen for you when I set my eyes on you. But when your snoopies massaged me, I had slipped much further. I want to make love to you every moment I get.” He pleaded. Since my mouth was kissed shut. I pressed my cunt lips on his monster to silently reciprocate his emotions. I too, without any knowledge had given myself to him.

“But we have to be careful. Not because I may get pregnant, but you must control yourself if anyone is in the house. By the way I had also lost myself to you when you were fucking my bra and panty yesterday.” 

“You saw?” This revelation shocked him and he blushed knowing his act was caught.

“In fact today, for the movie, I was wearing the same bra & panty that you spilled into yesterday.” I revealed to him.

I felt a major orgasm building and at the same time Jeetu tensed and shot his load into me. Our juices mixed.

“Can we please rest now? I got to cook for the night.” I said.

“Can we order food and have more of this for dinner?” he joked. He slid out of me making me feel the void. But now it was more comfortable.

We both washed ourselves together and went to our respective rooms to dress up. Ashok was delayed that day, but nothing else happened. That night after he came home, he inquired how the day was and I told him that we had gone for the movie and then loitered around in the city doing window shopping. I did not tell him that it was my window that was being shopped, rather shaped. 

I suddenly had a naughty idea and thought of putting it to work. At the dinner table, I told Ashok that Jeetu’s sister had wanted to see a gynecologist in Pune and if we could call her here. Jeetu was startled and looked questioningly at me. But he did not ask anything and I just smiled. Ashok was for it and told Jeetu to call his mom and inform her. Luckily that night Ashok was tired and my cunt was spared additional sexercise.

Next day, as was the routine and Ashok went to the bathroom, I came down to make the breakfast. Jeetu must have been asleep after yesterday’s bouts. I entered the kitchen and started the gas and started making Chapatis (India flat bread). I was dressed in my short skirt and had not worn any panty as my cunt lips were sore.

Suddenly, I felt hands clasping my breasts from the back and I was stunned. It was Jeetu, who had got up early and freshened up, before I came down. 

“Jeetu, what are you doing?” I reproached him trying to remove his hands which were mauling my breasts. “Ashok may come down anytime.”

“Seemu, you know his routine, He will not come out for the next 45 minutes. I want my breakfast before he comes down.”

“I can’t come to your room now. Please go away.” I pleaded.

“I don’t want you to come to my room. I want my breakfast here.” With that he pushed me towards the kitchen counter and lifted my skirt upwards. I held the counter for support as I had no other choice. I felt the familiar truncheon between my buttock cheeks and before long it was at the door of my cunt and into me. The vigorous fucking yesterday had prepared my hole to accommodate him today with ease.

In just about under a minute he was bucking into me like a jack rabbit. I could not even shout or moan out my approaching orgasm, loudly. Within a few minutes, I must have had 3-4 powerful orgasms. And then he shot his baby making liquid into me. Immediately afterwards, he pulled out of me and disappeared just like he came in. I was feeling a need for more but was left helplessly panting out my afterglow. I could feel his semen going down my thigh through a widened pussy hole and I used a kitchen napkin to dry the leaking stream.

I glowered at him when he and Ashok came for breakfast. He smiled at me. Then Ashok said’ “I have informed your mom. She will call you regarding Rupa’s arrival. Your bro-in-law shall come to drop her.”

With that we started our breakfast with the usual routine. There was pin drop silence till the end of breakfast.

“So what are you plans today?” Ashok asked as he left.

“Today, I have to stay at home and take stock of my job'” replied Jeetu, a smile playing on his lips.

“Don’t rush things at work. In case you need my help, please let me know. Seema shall give you all details of the places.” Ashok added.

“Oh, she has been a great help. She showed me many places. I will definitely ask her, if I need to see any other place.” He looked at me and said.

I was turning crimson red because I knew which places he was referring to. After Ashok left for work I went to ask Jeetu for an explanation for putting me in such an embarrassing position. But by the time I asked him, he was on me and in no time we were out of our clothes and in his bed.
Why did you want my sis to come here?” he asked, gobbling my left Snoopy.

“Guess why?” I teased him.

“You have not met her nor even know her,” He inquired.

“You have awakened me by literally opening my doorway. I want her window to be opened by Ashok. You portrayed her with details of her assets and I am sure you won’t mind Ashok sharing in our joy.” I explained. “Instead of going through medications, if her problem can be solved here, do you have a problem? It is called Niyog.”

“Wow! This can be a formal exchange program.” With this he returned to his favorite sport of screwing me.

We were now both looking for the arrival of Rupa.

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