husband’s junior

I am 31 years old housewife and mother of one boy. My husband is 5 years elder to me and is employed with frequent transfers and tours. We are married for last 9 years. I am 5′4″ with vital stat 38-32-36 and whitish complexion with a seductive face. My name is Rekha. Just prior to narration let me confess the facts that led me to this adventure. Primarily is the lack of satisfaction and adventure in sex. My husband’s penis is only 4″ and thin. Moreover in one go he can fuck me only once and frequency has been generally once in a week. When he lays over me, I feel like a beast torturing me and never know how to care a woman. Now let us come to the point.
My husband had a junior (bachelor) guy who often used to come to our house for asking some professional doubts to my husband. He must have been 23 years old and me 26 at the time of this incident. He was tall and fair with masculine features, like lot of hair on arms, chest etc. Whereas my husband hardly had any. He used to look in such piercing manner without my husband seeing. This used to produce flood in my cunt and I used to masturbate many times thinking of him. One day my husband came in a very drunk state and went to sleep. Just after that, this guy (Vijay) landed up. He sat down for some time and started starring my all parts over my transparent nightdress. Even I wanted to hug him. But with my husband, sleeping in next room nothing happened and he left after some time after shamelessly feasting all over my body with his eyes. By the time my cunt had swollen and oozing all over. Next day (Sunday), I told my hubby that I would like to go one remote beach on other side of a hill in the night to see full moon. When he told that it is dangerous to go in bike I told let us call Vijay as escort. Which he agreed. We started at 8PM and almost on top of hill, petrol of my husband’s bike finished. He told that he will go in neutral gear being down hill, fill petrol and come back quickly. After he left, we both were standing alone in that on one side of the deserted place/road, without knowing what to do and what to talk, since both were burning with desire.
Suddenly he came and held my hand, which instantaneously made me hug him. The fragrance of his body, firmness of his chest etc made me so excited so I started hugging more firmly and digging my face more into his face. He first started handling my bumps which is actually is any mallu/south Indian male’s dream world. He then lifted my midi and felt my bare kundi. After some time he lifted my face and started kissing and sucking my lips. Then onwards he started calling me by name, whereas he used to call me only madam. I moved my right hand down and started feeling his bulge over the pants. I was feeling a difference of heaven and earth by the sheer size of this guy and my husband’s “kunji”. The he made me sit on his scooter and opened the front of my top. He was rather paralyzed for first time seeing a girls boobs covered in bra. Meanwhile I put my hand behind unhooked my bras and lifted the cups o show him my actual boobs. At this sight of firm and massive boobs, shining in moonlight made him almost faint. He bent down and started sucking my pinkish brown areola and erects nipples with such an hurry.
With other hand, he was squeezing my other breast. Then he switched over the mouth and hand and kept on doing this for a quiet some time. By this time, my cunt was dripping so heavily that my panty got drenched. After some time he lifted, my midi lowered my pantry and starred at my pussy. He then massaged it with his huge manly fingers. It was so slippery that his whole hand got wet. All these while he kept on calling me darling, sundary, sweet heart etc. He then bend down, separated my pussy as far as possible and started licking my pussy. He did not know what to do with his hand, which was going from my kundi to thighs and boobs and all sorts of places. After some time I got up and attempted to open his fly to see his kunji. Then he told me that now any time my husband would come back and we should stop and dress back. After that within five minutes my husband came back however, we aborted the beach trip since it was too late.
On the way, back he was trailing behind our bike on his scooter giving me some romantic look and even my eyes were fixed on him. I could not concentrate on what ever my husband was asking. He indicated by action that next day he would call me over phone. Next day morning my husband left for a emergency outstation tour for my luck. Around 9AM, my boy friend rang me up. I told him that we are so lucky that my husband is off for a day. He promised that he would come by night 11PM silently without others in the flat noticing us. Next day by evening, I took bath and dressed in some a very sexy panty, bra and a transparent saree. I generally do not wear saree, even though my husband likes so. When a heard a feeble knocks on the door, I opened it, let him in and immediately locked. I told that my son (2 years then) is sleeping in the bedroom. So he took me to the divan in the drawing room putting his had across my shoulder. He then told me that since we parted yesterday he was only thinking of me and he is now deeply in love with me. Then he hugged me tightly and started kissing & eating my small and cute little lips.
By now, my pallu had fallen down. I was in turn pressing his bumps with one hand and fondling his bulge with other hand. He removed his shirt and I could not believe that he had a so beautiful upper body. I started licking his chest since I was seeing such a beautiful guy first time in my life. By now, I was standing in my panty and saree blouse. He turned me around and enjoyed the seen from behind then he came and unhooked my bra. He turns me around and told me “ungal kambu romba azhaga irruku”. I was shocked to hear a junior talking like this but now I had no such status since going to be fucked by him. Then he kept on licking, sucking and eating my “mulaikal or kambu or kaye or marbu”. I was really on the way to heaven since for the first time a real male is handling a sex maniac like me. He now removed my panty too and I was standing first time like that in front of a guy other then my hubby. He starred at my hairy pussy, shaved and waxed thighs etc. Then he removed his pant and underwear.
I just cannot explain my astonishment since I could not believe what I was seeing. A long (8″ or so), thick, fair, and nerve jutting prick was such a delight to my eyes. My husband’s tool was as thick and long as his finger. And his balls was so huge, I really don’t know is there some thing wrong with this guy or my husband to be blamed for having a pair of small lemon sized balls.
I bend down to take his “kunji” in my mouth but he went and laid down on his back. So I got between his legs and took his “kotai” in my palms. It had a tapering shape with arrow type tip and tapering towards base with a very thick base (Kada). I must admit that there is no such thing beautiful in the world than this guys prick. I sucked his tool for some time. It was impossible to take even half the length, whereas I can take the whole prick and some part of balls of my husband in my mouth. Then I lifted his ass and started licking from his arsehole towards the ridge of his balls during which he was calling me all sorts of “Theory” like “Pundai mole, Koothi mole”, Which I don’t know what it means.
He then made me laid down on back, part my thighs and dived into my cunt. I just closed my eyes and left the rest to him. He did all sorts of things like putting finger and tongue in both holes, sucking my labia, drinking etc. Then he started concentrating on my soft belly, shapely navel, boobs, shoulders, armpit, hair, face for a long while which made me crazy for his huge “Kunji”. He got the message and attempted to insert his tip which was as it is thicker than base of my husbands “kunji”. Also, since mine’s was a caesarean operation, nothing thick has entered my pussy in the past. Mind you, this was after so much of lubrication. Finally just his tip penetrated and he started moving inch my inch. It was such pleasurable at the same time painful, I started shouting and crying and pleaded to stop. However, he pushed it all the way in and was hitting wall of my uterus. Now it was so tight he could not stroke it full length.
Some how he kept on fucking me and after few strokes my pussy got adjusted and enjoying. I am telling you, I felt like my husband and baby and fleeing with this guy just for this rather pleasure, which how ladies have come across. After some time his speed increased whereas I was also nearing orgasm, since his thick prick was rubbing my clitoris. With my husband no way for such a thing. He climaxed and unloaded his entire “Kanji” in my vagina, when I also climaxed simultaneously. After some time he got and sat on a sofa and dozed off. I woke up from a slumber when he again started eating my “breast kambugal”. This time he fucked me from back. At last, we went to bathroom and had a good bath together and he left after at 4AM. My Diwan sheet was spoiled due to his very and lots of kanji whereas my hubby’s is like water and very less quantity.
Then he went on transfer after a week, we also went on transfer, even though in touch via email no chance for further fucking. Next day when my husband came, I was terribly feeling guilty, I was hesitant to allow to let him lick my cunt since I thought he may taste kanji of Vijay left previous day. But nothing happened. This guy is having more than enough in every thing like his size, timing (50mins at least), giving pleasure for every woman.
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