How My Cute Little Daughter Became My Sex Slave

 am 45 and live with my wife and 18 yr old daughter. My daughter failed in 12th and she was not interested in studies and so she was idle at home. She is an attractive girl with wide eyes and well structured body. One day I entered into her bedroom with out knocking and i saw her trying to change her petticoat after bath. She had a small towel wrapped around her and she was trying the petticoat over her head.
Suddenly the towel gave way and it fell down on the floor. Exactly I was there at that moment and i saw her whole body front and back as she was standing in front of the dressing mirror. I could not imagine my own eyes. Her body curves, her well shaped breasts, her round buttocks, thighs and her belly button- OMG! It was a feast to my eyes. I withdrew from the room silently.
From that day on her naked body was in my mind always. I tried to have body touch with her to satisfy myself. After a few months, my wife went to visit her mother who lives in a village and my daughter and i were alone in the house. In the evening i went to meet my friends and i had a can of beer. I returned home around 10 in the night. I could not see my daughter anywhere and i thought she might have gone to sleep in her room.
I entered our master bedroom and to my shock i found my daughter sleeping in my bed with magazine on her side. I just stood near the bed and watched her breasts going up and down matching her breathing. She was wearing half saree exposing her belly button. I could not control my feelings. Suddenly i opened my cupboard and took a half full liquor bottle and sprinkled on my face and chest. I removed my dhoti and shirt.
I went near my daughter and looked at her. The very sight made my rod stand erect. I jumped on her yelling my wife’s name and closed her mouth with my lips. i pinned her holding her both hands over her head. with my legs I spread her legs apart. Telling my wife’s name, I put my rod on her pussy and with the help of one hand in inserted my rod into her hole. In the meantime she was trying to escape and she tried to shout. But i completely closed her mouth with my lips.
When i inserted my rod she gave a shrill cry. But i continued to push inside and started doing up and down. After sometime her resistance became less and she relaxed her body. I fucked her now fast and released her mouth. She did not make a sound. I continued to fuck telling my wife’s name. At one stage she opened her legs more. I mercilessly pushed my big rod in and out. When i reached the climax I pumped my cum into her pussy.
During the entire process I acted as though I was fully drunk. After ejaculation in rested on her with my full weight. She became breathless and she pushed me aside. She sat on the bed and looked at my long and soft penis lying on my thigh. She touched my rod with two fingers and let out a smile. She went away and I slept.
Next day morning i woke up late and i saw her wearing nice half saree with towel wrapped on her head to dry her hair. She was so beautiful to look at. But I did not show any feelings, I stayed normal and I drank the coffee which she gave. I could see a trace of shyness on her face. After break fast she sat near me asked about the amount of alcohol i consumed. I told her I consumed more with my friends and i could not remember how i came home. I requested her not to tell her mother about the drinks.
She immediately told me that she would not tell her mom and she encouraged me to drink that day also. I got the message. To my surprise she made body contact with me on some context or other. That night also i came around 10. But i did not drink. I found her on my bed, exposing her breasts by loosening the top hook of her blouse. Her petticoat was above her knees. I knew she was pretending to be asleep.
I sat near her and loosened the other hooks of her blouse. She didnt wear a bra. Her breasts were round with a rosy tit. I pulled the string of her petticoat. I inserted one hand under her waist and removed the petticoat through her legs. The silky hair on her pussy made me crazy. I lied on her and started kissing her cheeks, neck and her breasts.
I sucked her breasts. In the meantime my rod became stiff. I touched her pussy. She shivered lightly. I opened her legs and positioned my self. I put the tip of my rod on her hole and slowing inserted into the hole. While pushing i noticed a movement on her lips.
I kissed her lips and sucked them. My 8″ rod was busy inside her pussy. At one stage she lifted her both legs and kept on my waist. She circled my back with her hands. She made some movement of her hip to match my thrust. But she pretended to be asleep. I pounded her furiously and at last ejaculated into her. Then I got up and washed myself and lied down beside her. I closed my eyes and watched her. She got up, collected her dress and went to her room with a smile on her face. Next day morning, I went to her room. I found her inside her bathroom. I waited for her. She came out with a towel wrapped around her.
On seeing me she stopped. I went near her and held her shoulders. I lifted her face, looked at her eyes and asked whether she liked it or not. She smiled but did not tell anything. I told her to be frank and i asked her whether she wants it still more. She nodded her head meaning yes. I pulled her towards me and hugged her. I pulled her towel out and carried her to my room. I threw her on the bed and lied near her, holding her tight. I kissed her face. She also responded passionately.
Then I pulled her over me and asked her not to tell any body. She promised. I asked her whether she feels guilty. But she told me clearly that she enjoyed the sex and she wants more often. I kissed her all over. She told me she wanted to have a close look at my rod. I told her that my rod is her property. And also I said that the more she takes care of my rod, the the more performance she can enjoy from it.
She went down and took my penis in her hands which was erect. She said it was beautiful. She smelled it. She planted a kiss on the tip. I told her to suck it. She put her mouth on the tip and sucked it. I pushed head down and my rod went 3/4th inside her mouth. She was moving her mouth fast. She became breathless and came up and hugged me. She said she loved my rod. I told her that i wanted to see her pussy. She said no at first and then she said ok. I moved down and came in between her legs. I brushed my face on the silky hair on her mound. She giggled. I opened her legs and planted a kiss on the outer lips of her pussy.
Then I opened her pussy with my fingers and looked at the pinky heaven. It was so juicy and inviting. I inserted my tongue and nibbled on her clitoris. She gave a jerk. I inserted my tongue and licked her hole. I inserted my tongue into her hole and fucked her with my tongue. She pushed my head down spreading her legs more. I fucked her fast with my tongue and suddenly i could taste the heavenly juice coming out of her hole.
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