Hot Sexy Girls fans of Euro 2016

Hottest Female Fans Seen in Euro 2016:

Below pictures are from random matches and we will keep updating as the tournament moves forward. Having said that so far Albanian fans has created alot of hype on social media and the pictures below will pretty much confirm their status as the hottest euro 2016 fans.


















French Girls:

Albania Female Fans Are The Hottest:

We are just into the 5th day of group stages in the European championship and Albania fans has already won the trophy of hottest fans in Euro 2016.

Random Fans: Against Albanian girls has created alot buzz but now lets take look at some other countries and their fans.

Swedish Girls: 

England Fans:

Like we mentioned before the tournament has just begun as we move forward in the competition we will keep updating with new pictures. So far Albania might have lost their battle against Switzerland on the pitch but their fans have won hearts all around the world.



This Poland fan had the burn to show she was too hot to handle


A Portuguese fans smiles before her side drew 1-1 to minnows Iceland last night


Maybe this Russia fan distracted her side as they lost 2-1 to Slovakia

The early stages of Euro 2016 will probably best be remembered for the ugly scenes of violence between England and Russia fans.

It led to Russia being handed a “suspended disqualification” after they charged at Three Lions supporters following their 1-1 draw in Marseilles.

But these pictures show it was not all drunken hooliganism, with many women feeling safe enough to travel to support their team.

Swiss fans smile as they wait for the start of their clash against Romania

Swiss fans smile as they wait for the start of their clash against Romania


This Romania supporter shows her love for her home nation with this sign


A Romanian embraces the sunshine and supports her country at Parc des Princes


This Poland fan got into the spirit before her country played Northern Ireland


A Ukraine follower cranes her neck to see the action as her team compete
France defender Bacary Sagna’s wife Ludivine made an appearance
Was this Belgium fan still smiling after her side lost 2-0 to the Italians?


A Russia fan arrives to support her country in Euro 2016
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