my first sex to you all I was of 19 at that time when I lose my virginity. And I was dating a girl since last 6 months. The name of girl was Priyanka. I used to call her Pri. She had a very pretty face with full of sweetness. And her figure was just awesome , well even if we were dating since past 6 months we hadn’t have sex before. Because she always used to reject my request of doing sex by making some excuses. But I was getting impatient to see her naked. She was so sexy
that whenever she wore tight cloths, my dick stars getting hard.We had kissed before but now I wanted fuck to fuck her. But as she was refusing to do sex I made a master plan. First I checked that whether she love me. That was the essential step. So I create some situations and then I tested how much she love me. And passing from those different situations I found out that she love me a lot and will do anything to retain her love. So one day when I was alone at home, I called her to my place. Then we star scoffing about romantic things and then I touched her lips. She got what I was trying to say with my first touch to her lips. Then she came closer to me, and kissed me on my lips. And that’s how we start kissing that day.

After prolong kissing I knew that she must have got Horny, and then I again asked her for sex. This time she didn’t refused it clearly, but still was not getting ready for sex. So I show her condom ,which was the second part of my plan. As per my knowledge about very traditional Indian girls, they prefer safety than their want. So after seeing that condom, she said yes to do sex. I thought to myself that finally I’ll see her naked today. I was jumping with
happiness in my mind.
Then we went on bed. I took out her top and her pant nearly within no time. I was feeling certain rise in my dick. Then I took out my shirt and my pant to make her horny too. Then I unhooked her bra. After taking out her bra what I saw was nothing less than heaven. Her breasts were not that much big but were enough big to be sexy. Her perky pink nipples were perfectly suiting her breasts. Then I touched her nipples, it was just magical. Her breasts and her nipples were exactly what I was dreaming of. Then I started to play with it. And as soon as I start to play with her nipples, she start getting horny. Then I hold her breasts and I start pressing them with my both hands. At the time her eyes were closed and she was moving her hands from my head.. I was squeezing her breasts and she was moaning .
I then sucked them and they became red.her nipples were erect. then I entered my hand in her panty. first she stopped me but then she also allowed. I entered my finger in her depth . I tore her panty and went down there and started licking it. she was making noises and her body was making a bow. then she stood up and laid me down and made me completely nude and started sucking my dick and she was doing it with great style. then we came in 69 position. she was sucking my dick and i was eating her pussy.
Kya btau dosto kya mast taste tha .after 15 minutes i ejaculated in her mouth and she drank all my sperm. then hum dono let gaye. kuch der baad maine ek bf chala di . bf dkh ke hum dono ko josh aane laga. in bf a black guyk was fucking a girl wildly. ye dekhne ke bad mujhse raha ni gaya and main uspe chad gya.i was fully eret again.( sorry main ye btana bhul gya ki mera lund 7inches ka hai ) i was on top of her biting her breasts, then i told her to lift her legs and slowly i started pushing my dick inside her. her pussy was tight but then i entered with full force and she screaned.main 5 minute tak waise hi pada raha.fir uska bhi dard kam hua and she started moving to and fro. she was moaning loudly aaahhhhaaaaahhhhhhaaaahhhh and i was getting more and more exited. around after 20 minutes of hardcore fucking we came together.
Kareeb 30minutes tak kuch khane aur aaram kane ke baad hum phir bed pr aa gaye. this time is was sitting leaning against wall and she sat on my dick. her breasts were in my mouth which were in my mouth and i was sucking them so hardlly. aarushi was shuting but i dint listen and was fucking and sucking her wildly.priyanka said nik aaaahhhhaahhh plzzzzzz aarammm se main maaarrr jaungi……aaaaaahhhhhh then i kept my lips over her and increased my speed to maximum. she came in 5 minutes but i was not ready to stop. i fucked her for another 10 minutes and came. as i came she lied down and told this was the most amazing thing of her life.
After that we had sex 3 times more. it was the best day of my life.
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