hot mausi

I had entered the final year of college when this happened. That was the most important year of college education with many important exams at the end of it. So I was asked to take my last college vacation. Go and visit my mausi [mother’s sister] during the summer months. Her two sons, three and four years younger, were very good friends with me. We were having a beautiful and completely wasteful holiday. It was after a week of vacation that one day I encountered an astounding sight. I had gone into the bedroom where my aunt was taking her afternoon nap. It was a hot afternoon and as she lay on her back, legs and arms spread, her sari had climbed up to her thighs. I was most confounded. Wanted to touch her but could not get up the courage. So, that afternoon I used many an excuse to go through that room just to see her naked legs. After that day I tried to weave through her room as often as possible in the hope of catching a glimpse of her naked legs.
A few days later my cousins had to go away for a week to attend a college camp. I was now alone with my aunt. She asked me to sleep with her in the large double bed. “You will feel alone in that big room. Abhi tu itna bada bhi to nahi hua hai ki apana khud ka bed tujhe mile, she said. At night when I got up to have a drink of water I again saw that her sari had climbed up and her thighs were clearly visible. With some foolish courage I put my hand on her thigh and began to rub them lightly. So ja, she said while turning away and pulled the hem of the sari down to the ankles. I turned the other way and went off to sleep. At night I had pleasant dreams of cuddling up with her. In the morning she came to wake me up. What is this, she asked, pointing to the thick white stiffening in front of my pajamas? I just shied away and went off to get dressed for the day. I knew what it was and how much pleasure taking out milk from the cock gave. But I did not know anything else about sex at that time
That afternoon, after lunch, there was nothing else to do. So I sat on her bed watching some silly film on TV. She wasn’t interested, so she turned her back away and went off to sleep. A while later I too grew drowsy and lay down cuddled up with her. Very soon the thought of her naked legs began to bother me. Yes, her sari had begun to climb up once again. This time I did not touch her. Instead, made the sari go a bit higher by slowly shifting its hem up. When it had gone up high enough that her bum cheeks were visible I lay next to her and once again cuddled up. But this time I had thrown one of my leg over hers, placed one arm under her head and put the other one across her body. In short, I was as much in physical contact as was possible. It was a most pleasant feeling and soon I went off to sleep. I must have just dropped off into deep sleep when I felt my aunt pushing her bums into me. Her sari had finally climbed all the way up exposing her bums completely. My cock was erect, had come out of the lungi and was flush with her bum crack. I slowly began to rub my cock against her body. It was at this that she turned towards me and simply put her legs over mine. But that pleasurable body contact with my cock was lost. Also I was scared that she would wake up and see me naked. But there was no further response from her. After a while she simply pushed against me and not finding my cock erect put her hand into the lungi and began to fondle it. As my lund once again stood up she also pushed her body against mine. Then she began to rub the head of my cock against the dark mound. I was fully awake by now and could see that her face had become very intense.
Then she sat up all the while massaging my cock and pumping it softly. I was too stunned to know how to react. But she did. Then she just put her legs across my body and sat on my cock. It smoothly slid into her warm cunt as the juices began to flow down my pubic hair. Now she started to rock to and fro. One of her hands was still holding my cock and simultaneously rubbing it against her body while the other was busy fondling her own nipples. In a little while her face and ears turned completely red and she began to make moaning noises. Her rocking motion became more energetic and she rolled over on her back pulling me on top of her with the cock still embedded inside. Now she splayed her legs wide open and asked me to begin pumping as hard as I could. Ten minutes later both of us were completely drenched in sweat, wet with our own juices and lay exhausted in each others arms. Since that afternoon mausi and I made love as often as we could. The entire week that my cousins were out we made love all through the day, taking breaks only when the cooking and cleaning women came in to do the housework. At night we would frequently wake each other up and once again begin a fuckathon.
Ten years have passed and even today, whenever we meet at some family gathering, both of us try to find time to be in a secluded room and have a quick fuck. If nothing else is possible I first go into the bathroom and she quickly follows. Then we make love right there either standing or sitting on the toilet seat.
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