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In real life we have to encounter so many situations and our response to these situations become experience of life time we never forget.Friends pls go thru my post published in oct 2009 titled ” fucking hot engaged babe “. I am going to start from where I left and as per the response of readers I will name ” X ” as Dolly and the younger sibling as Ruby.

Friends that night when I came out of dolly’s room I found ruby standing in front of her room and her cheeks were blushing. It seemed she had peeped into the room when we were in act. Ruby sarcastically asked me in a hushed tone “so u have checked the fitting “. I smiled and said yes. ruby came very near to me and said ” she is getting married and ensure that there r no more fitting sessions or else …..”.

I got worried and promised her that there will be no such thing. In the morning everything was cool and after having breakfast I left for my institute.Days passed and finally dolly got married. The duo looked good. It was after few months that I received a call from aunty asking me to come over at once. I visited their place in the afternoon and came to their place.

There aunty told me that they were going abroad to attend a function of -inlaws of dolly and that she has asked me to design a few dresses for the occasion.I was informed that it was marriage occasion.I smiled at myself and said it would be done. I enquired about the place where the wedding would be solemnised and was told that it was Florida.

Aunty asked me as to why it was important and I told her that as per weather the dress should be designed. At this point aunty some what hesitatingly asked if I can design one for her also. My heart skipped a beat and I nodded. Next day both myself and aunty and Ruby were off for marketing the required fabric for blouse and to select saree’s.

I insisted on transparent pink chiffon for Dolly and lemon yellow chiffon for aunty. Ruby had insisted for evening gown so I advised her to buy purple colour chiffon saree which I would convert to gown. For blouse I gave aunty no choice and bought same colour with one shade down. We returned back to the flat and I went back to do my work.

I made my sketches and the very next day I was back and showed the ladies my work. Ruby was in a hurry and she said she would discuss with me in the evening and left for her college. Aunty liked my sketches and said that she has never used front knotted type of blouse and was not sure as to how it will look.

That design was deep neck and deep back with a knott in front to hold the assets. I suggested her to try and if she does’nt feel comfortable then I would change it. As there was no one in the house aunty gave me measurement in living room only. I took measuring tape and asked her a bit hesitatingly to drop the pallu.

She did the same and for a brief moment I had a good look at her boobs and the flair of her skin. Needless to say I was aroused but concentrated on measurement. She had tied her saree from above the naval thus the gap between her blouse and saree was hardly 5-6 inches. I laughed and told her that aunty if you want to wear designer things then the saree

should go below naval by atleast 3-4 inches and that you should start tying the saree like wise. Aunty said o.k I will try. I proceeded to take measurement with utmost care and while measuring her boobs I took utmost care. But my hand brushed against it when I asked her to take deep breath.

I some what felt that her nipples were in erected condition and there were goose bums all over hands and waist for sure. I measured her band size and complimented her for being in such a good shape. Her vital stats were now known to me and I asked her why she is using “D” cup size when size ” C” will make her more appealing.

She was surprised at my comment and asked me as to how I know. I smiled at this and told her being a designer we are knowing about all these and can make our calculations. I then took measurement of her waist from over the saree and shook my head. She had a puzzled look on her face and I replied that I need to know her waist and that would not be possible till she she lowers her saree to below naval.

She blushed and her fair skin turned pink and goose bums were now visible even from that distance.But she nodded. She turned her back towards me and adjusted her saree and petticot and when she turned I was charged to have a view of oval naval with a bit of flab around the region. While taking measurement I purposedly brushed my warm hands there and took time .

I could feel that her breathing was not normal. I got up and said that would do and again complimented her. She said now she has gained weight to which I suggested her swimming as that would make her not only slim but also her boobs would not sag. I bit my lips after saying boobs and she laughed it out. I said now I would be going and would come after 2-3 days.

I called Ruby and said I would bring more sketches. I completed my work and came back to their flat. Ruby was not there and aunty was alone. As I had come unannounced I found aunty was in a loose T- shirt and 3/4. She was looking great and few drops of water were driping down from her hairs to face.

I presented my work and she exclaimed at the saree as now it looked something which she had not purchased. I suggested that she should try it and any fitting problem would be taken care off. She agreed and went to bedroom for changing. Even after 1/2 hour she didnot come out so I called her. She said she is not comfortable and called me in. I remember I had instant arousal.

She was looking very sensuos. I asked her what was the problem. She pointed towards the knott. I laughed as she had not done that properly. I examined her from top to bottom and again observed goose bums all over hands. It seemed she was excited and I was smelling sex. She was looking very sexy and as per her practice she had again put her saree from above naval.

I complained about that and sitting over bed I started adjusting it. I adjusted it in such a way that it was almost inches above her panty. My touch must have hit the right chords as she shivered when my fingers were adjusting her pletes of saree and if gose bums are any measure of excitement then she was fully excited.

All of a sudden I looked up and found her nipples were totally erect under the blouse which made my tool insatantly hard. I slid my hands up to the knott in such a way that I was able to rub her naval and ribcage. I didnot remove my hands from her body and asked her to remove the pallu so that I can adjust the blouse. She was speechless and was breathing heavy.

I kept my hand just below her boobs. She didnot move and taking the cue I slowly removed the pallu. I had full view of her magnificient boobs. Her nipples were totally erect and across the thin fabric it was fully visible. She was breathing heavy and that was doing wonders. Now I brushed my hands over her erect nipples and she shivered and closed her eyes.

I tweaked the nipples very slowly and she gulped. Meanwhile my tool was so hard that it revolted against my jockey. As I circled the tits aunty just turned her back to me and breathed heavily. Then I put my chin over her shoulder and said aunty you have tied the blouse wrongly and from behind pretended to correct it and simultaneously pressed my tool into her ass..

I pressed my tool hard and kept on opening the knott with my thumb over her nipples and pressing them. I opened the knott and then my thumb was on her nipples from over the fabric.I then gradually broke the barrier of fabric and took her boobs in my hands in such a way that my right hand was on her left boobs feeling the softness and erection of nipples and left hand

was exploring the naval region and kept on going deep inside the sari and peticot . I started to kiss her shoulder and kept on with my exploration. As a mark of protest she held my hands loosely but did.nt prevent me from exploring her boobs. Then I started removing her blouse inch by inch and as her shoulders were getting bare I kept on kissing her bare skin along with hot breath of mine.

Then I kept one hand over her boobs holding them softly and with other opened my jeans and pulled my jockey down to release my tool from bondage. My tool was fully hard and rubbed against soft saree. I found now aunty had placed her palms over my hand holding her boobs and was breathing very heavily.

I took my other hand after releasing my tool to her naval area and pushed my hands fully inside the peticot. Aunty held my hands as if showing subtle resistance which I overlooked. I then pulled my hands and took control over both her hands and held them and slowly kissing her neck and shoulder brought them to my neck as if asking her to hold my neck.

As she held my neck I first undid her saree and opened her peticot in one swift action and as it dropped to the floor aunty was only in panties with my pennis poking her ass cheeks. I started to lick, kiss her neck, shoulder and nibbling her ears with my hands roaming freely over her boobs sometime tweaking her nipples and some times softly kneading them.

My acts were giving immense pleasure to aunty and now she started moaning softly. I then started moving towards bed gradually doing all these things and then sat over it with aunty on my lap. The only participation from aunty was that she was enjoying but she did.nt touch my tool. I made her lie down and pulled her panty.

Now she was totally nude but still her eyes were closed and kept on with heavy breathing and soft moaning. I then turned her and started sucking her nipples and undressed myself by doing away with my jockey and T – shirt. The contact of bare skin to bare skin was electrifying and for the first time aunty held my head as I was sucking her nipples one by one.

I came on top of her and parted her legs and my pennis was rubbing the entry of her fuck hole. I did’nt realise when the head of my cock was inside her and gradually I was fully inside her.As I started my movement aunty moaned oooh doooo it dooooo it oooh yeeeeeeea and a smile of satisfaction was there but her eyes were still closed.

I kissed her lips and she welcomed me by opening her mouth and soon we were exploring each other. Her hands were now exploring strength of my shoulder and hands. The slow movements were matched by slow thrust from her side and she pulled down my head. She then kissed my shoulder and ears and I could feel warm breathing.

Her excitation was increasing and her moans were now more and more. I was also moaning kiiiis meee auntyyyyy yooooooou rrrrrr beeeau and aunty was saying dooooo iiiitttt nooooow nooooow iii wanttt yessss oooooooh goooooooooooooodddd ooooh yeeees and with that gradually our speed increased. her vagina muscles were gradually squeezing my tool and that was driving me crazy.

I felt that I was about to come and perhaps she also knew it. All of a sudden she started demanding more and in order to maximise my pleasure I put her legs over my shoulder to get maximum penetration and gave her power packed thrusts. She matched it with her experience and did the same. A few more thrusts and I sprayed my cum into her and she realised it.

She was moaning heavily and said feeew more doooont stoooop nowwww pleeeeassssse dooooo itttttt jjjjusssst oooooneeeeeee minnnnutttteee yeeeees goooooooodddddd ddoooooo iiitttt yeeeees. I continued with my semi erect pennis and gave her what she demanded. Soon I could sense her spray over my tool and she grabbed me and pulled my head down.

I was on top of her doing nothing and my shrinking tool was gradually coming out of her fuck hole by itself and very soon it was totally out. Just after a few minute or so she pushed me and I was lying near her. All of a sudden she got up and covered herself with her sari and ran towards bathroom.

When she did’nt come out even after quite some time I too moved towards the bathroom fully naked. She did’nt lock the bathroom and I opened the door and saw her taking bath under the shower. I crept inside and she mumbled ” go away now”. I was again getting erection on seeing her and water dripping from all over her body.

I did’nt respond to her and joined her in shower and kneeled down and started kissing her naval region and held her ass with both my hands. I reached down and started kissing her vagina and then licked it. She strongly held my head and taking a cue inserted my tongue in her vagina. She moaned loudly and thrust her pelvic to my mouth. She was smelling good and I kept on sucking.

She moaned and said I neveeer kneeeeeew aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah iiiiiiiiit feeeeeeeeeeeels sooooooo goooooooooddddddddddddddd aaaaaaahhahaahahah. Gradually I could feel tension building up inside her and very soon she had a very violent orgasm. She held my hairs and pushed her pelvic and I obliged her by giving her my tongue.

When I felt her juices over my face along with water dripping from shower I got up and held my face up. All her juices were cleaned by water of shower. I then started sucking her nipples and by now I was fully erect. I then took her in my arms and again brought her to bed. Both of us were fully wet. I then held my tool in front of her face and asked her to suck it.

She resisted and I insisted and I succeeded in putting it in her mouth. Just after 5-6 times she did’nt do it and lied down. I was very much dissatisfied by this but did’nt show it to her. I lied with her and then gradually turned her and inserted my tool from behind in one full swift movement. She was all wet inside.

From the beginning I started to fuck her at rapid pace and said to her aunty from now on you will suckkk meee every day. saaaaay yesssss orrrrr IIii willlll teeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuu apppaart. Kkkkkkyyyyyaaaaaa maaaaaaaal mmmmmmiiiiiillllaaaaaaa oooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuntttttty. aaaaaaaabbbbb kkkkkyyyyyyya ssssshaaaaarmmmmmaaaanna bbbbbbbboooooollllo.

Aunty was also enjoying and said oooookkkkkkkk iiiiii ooookkkkkkk nooooowwwwww jjjjjjjuusssssssst yeeeeeeeeees aaaaaaurrrrrr zzzooooozzzooooooor sssssseeeee. ppppppplleeeee ss kkaaaarrrrrrroooooooooo ooooooh aaaaaahhhhhh whhhhhattt aaaaa plllllllssssrrrrrreeeee oooooooooh goooooooooodddododododd.

I then took out my tool and asked her to suck. She was so excited that she begged me to continue fucking her but I was adamant in discharging in her mouth. She then took it inside her mouth and sucked me for about one minute and then again begged me to fuck her. I obliged her and asked her to be on her four.

I parted her ass cheek and in one go inserted half of my tool inside her fuck hole and rammed her with all my power. It felt like I was in heaven and was talking dirty with aunty. She too responded by swinging her ass and kept on saying chaal chhhhooood aaaj barsoooooo baaaad aaag bujhaaane waaaallalla mmmmiilllla.

I asked her auntyyy maajaaa aaaaa raaahaaa hai ——–hhhhaaaaann bahhhhhuuuuuuttttt. Dooooooo itttttt doooooooo itttttttt. Her becoming open to me made my pennis more hard and I rammed her with all my power. The sound coming out of her wet pussy was like driving on a wet road and made the envoirnment of the room electrifying and we continued with our fun game for few more minutes.

When I felt I would come soon I held her ass tightly and gave her my best shots. She was also nearing her peak and kept on begging thhooodddda aaaauurr yeeees busssss aur eeeek minnnnnutttte yeeeeeeesssssssssssss haaaaaa huuuuuuuuu karteeeeeee rahhhhoooooo pllleeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee loooooo maiiinnnnnn bhhhhhhhi aaaaaaa

zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooor seeeeeeeeeeeeee accheeeeeee seeeeeee pakaddddddddddd keeeeeee haaaaaaaaannnn zoooorrr seeeeeeee. I kept on doing as instructed and held her tightly and kept on ramming her like a dog. Very soon I ejaculated and the fun was immense as she also came at the same time. I discharged into her and my pennis was soaking her juices.

We were tired and rested for a few minutes. I then held her erected nipples and said aunty thank you bahut mazza aaya. She also said that she too enjoyed. Then she told me that she is not getting enough and it will be soon that she will be deprived of this heavenly pleasure as it will not be possible to maintain her physical beauty after 5-6 years.

I consoled her and said if she wishes then we can do it very regularly. Yehi soch kar to tumse aaj itna khul gayi. Diya bujhne se pehele bahut zor se jalta hai vahi meri halat hai. I laughed it out and asked her mera khyal kaise aaya aunty aur bhi to bahut ladke hai jo aapse relation bana kar khush honge.

She said dekho main randi nahi hoon aur family ki baat family mein hi rahe to sabse aacha. Mujhe Ruby ne bataya hai ki tum dolly ko uski shaadi se pehele hi chod chuke ho aur ruby boyfriend ke chakkar me na pade aur mms vagira na bane is liye hum logo ne decide kiya ki tumse aacha candidate koi nahi.

I was shocked and my heart skipped a beat on knowing that and said so all this was preplanned. She replied yess! do you have any objection ?. Objection ! my foot aunty meri to lottery lag gayi. Iska matlab mujhe ruby ko bhi chodne ka permission hai aunty. She said haa hai par uske saath tumko condom lagana padega. I exclaimed chalega !

She then said aur is baat ka pata tumhare uncle ya kisi bhi dost to nahi lagne chahiye. Keep in mind that we want sex but we are nat whores. We will satisfy each others need. I was not believing it so in order to test her I asked to main aaj hi ruby ko bhi chodunga.

She smiled and said jao woh to tumahara intezzar kar rahi hogi. Par khada to hoga na tumahara. Ek kaam karo take bath and get some food and then do it in afternoon. I agreed. I will write the afternoon experience in my next post.

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