Like every girl has a dream of the fear & experiences of the first wedding night, I too had been awaiting what was in my share. To tell you about myself, I am Mita, the elder of two girls, brought up in very controlled environ of an extremely orthodox landlord father and a very devoted & religious mother. My initial formative years were spent in a village, where the college and the home were next to each other. I was not allowed to mix around with the other village children. My father held a very high position in the village hierarchy and was respected, — rather feared.

This made me forfeit all the joy of growing up and the small talk with friends that in the end, educates a girl about herself and her body. The only joy that came along was my baby sister, in whose company I grew into a well built girl. As I got my first period, my mother gave me a brief lecture and advised me as to the hygiene. But other than that talk about sex was a taboo.

We later on shifted to the city and being of a marriageable age, my parents were on the lookout for a suitable groom. 

In India, it is a custom that the parents find a suitable match, a groom for their daughters. Meeting or going around with a boy before marriage, at that time was prohibited. The society here in India, is not as advanced like the west in this area of relationships.

I had absolutely no idea about the actual sex acts, before my marriage; but the turn of events were such that I am getting a love making quota which is more than what most of the Indian Girls can expect. Initially I was unaware of what was happening, but when times passed, I learnt to enjoy my lucky fate.

As informed, I had grown up into a very fair, slim girl with my breasts like small papaya fruits. My breasts were slightly elongated and pointed with an upward curve, like a pair of mini-missile. There was no droop and they were nice and taut. I had a stubby nipple sitting at the tip of the cones and about half an inch long. I would always admire them in a mirror, seen through my closely fitting salwar dress. At times my nipples would make a dent and show through my dress. My height was placed at 5.5ft and the vitals were 32-28-36. Whenever we attended any marriage parties, heads turned to see me and I knew that I stood out amongst others.

One day my father came home, soon after my 18th birthday and announced that we would be receiving visitors to look at me. In other words a match had been found for me and the future in-laws and the groom would be visiting our house to ‘inspect’ me. The date fixed was after two days and there was hectic activity in our house. I was ordered not to go out of the house. My sister, who was now 15 yrs, was asked to help me in my make-over and my dresses. Father bought lots of sweets for the visitors. 

Finally the day arrived. The family of the future groom were filthy rich and were blessed with ‘two boys’; this was what I was told. Since they were coming in the evening, I was made to have a bath with lots of aromatic herbs. I wore a bright blue saree (Indian drape dress) and a matching tightly fitting blouse. My hands, neck, ears and hair hosted many gold ornaments. I felt like a highly decorated doll.

When they arrived in a Mercedes car, I was very impressed. But immediately, I got a shock as the ‘two boys’ turned out to be exact twins. They had worn clothes which could not differentiate them. They both were tall, fair and very handsome. From the way they talked and behaved, I could make out that they were very close to each other. They were named Rohan and Sohan,

My father welcomed them and after they settled down, I was called out for ‘display’. I was introduced to Sohan as my future groom. As soon as my eyes met his eyes, our eyes locked into each other. The match was fixed. Both of us were impressed with each other. The parents of the boys asked me a few questions about me and my likes and then I went inside to serve the refreshments. I could make out the eyes of the boys on me.

Later on after all talks, they left. By late evening, we received a call that they had approved of our alliance and that they would visit us for further talks. All at home very, very relieved. But the big dilemma to me was which my groom was. They both looked same.

In the week that followed, the talks were finished. They had strictly told my parents that they did not want to burden us with any dowry as they were against it. It was also decided that I should visit their house and that my groom would come to pick me up in a day or two.

Two days later my father told me that the boy would be coming in the evening. Their house was at the other end of the city which was about 8 KMS away from our place. My mother lectured me how to behave and talk at their house. The request of my sister to accompany me was put down firmly to allow me to have privacy with the boy. Sharp at around 5PM, one of the boy came to pick me up. He was wearing a tight jean and a designer white shirt. I was wearing a rich saree in maroon shade.

He wished my parents and smiled at me. My heart melted and a pleasant shiver ran down my legs. I waved a bye to my parents and sat on the front seat, where the door was held open by Sohan. He shut the door and went around to the drivers’ seat and waved to my parents as he sat down. 

We left for his place. We hardly spoke in the car except for a few questions, which I answered in mono-syllables. We reached their house, which was huge, and there was a long driveway to their house. Sohan stopped the car and came round to open my door. He put out his hand which I hesitatingly accepted. As he helped me out, I saw his parents standing at the door and smiling to us. I pulled back my hand ashamed that they saw me holding his hand. The family was very nice and so was Rohan. Sohan was literally fawning over me. My mother-in-law to be was a very nice person and very broad minded too. By the end of the evening, the ice was broken and we exchanged many little tit bits of conversation of our families and our future plans.

The parents told us that they were very fortunate to have such fine boys and were very happy that Sohan had chosen me. I blushed. They also told me that they would want to make me their daughter-in-law at the earliest and if I had any other plans then having an early wedding. I replied in the negative and asked them to take any decision. The mother-in-law gifted me a very beautiful and expensive necklace, which she said she always wanted to give to the first daughter-in-law. At this Rohan jokingly what she would give his bride?

My father-in-law spoke to me and told me that in case I wished, then they would not mind if I decided to wear jeans and t-shirts or salwars, if I felt that wearing saree was a burden. My MIL insisted that she wanted to see me more in salwars then in sarees

After dinner, Sohan came to reach me home. We stopped near my house and he walked me to the door. My father was very happy to see us. At the de-briefing at home I told them about what my MIL & FIL had told me. They appreciated the gift and praised the Lord for this wonderful match.

The wedding was fixed after a month. During these intermediate days, we met about 3-4 times, but in the presence of mine or his parents. 

Three days before the wedding my house started filling with relatives. Most of my cousins were boys and I had only two girl cousins who were younger to me. They made fun of me to be careful of the first night. One of them whispered that she had heard that there would be a blood flow. I did not understand what they were saying and was a bit frightened. But they assured that in time I would love it.

What was this “it” that they were referring? I was absolutely in the dark. Unbelievable, but true. My knowledge about sex was ‘zero’. I knew that my vagina was meant for the periods and for peeing, and my rear for excreting; but was not aware of any other thing to be done. I had been feeling very funny between my legs but I could know why. A day before the wedding, my mother came to my room and requested all the other guests to leave the room politely.

When we were alone, she told me that I would now be going to a new house, and that I should be prepared for all situations. She was hesitant, but she said that the first night is the most important night as she will be meeting her husband alone for the first time. I did not understand why she was telling me this, as I was alone with him in the car when we went to his house? She also told me that I should allow him to do what he wants to do on the first night and that I would understand. She strictly told me not to stop him in what would happen. She told me in as many awkward, and lowered voice that initially there would be a little blood that would spot the bed and I was not to get scared; She ended by saying that I would understand.

That left me very confused, but I did not ask her what she meant. My confused state continued till after my wedding ceremony. The ceremony ended in the evening and the bridal palanquin left for the groom’s house. Their gardens and house was lit, making a day out of the night.

I was traditionally welcomed into the house and was taken straight to the bedroom. It was huge and had been decorated with flowers. The bed was strewn with rose petals and I shivered with anticipation looking at the bed. I had seen such décor earlier, but had thought that it was part of the décor.

His cousins took me to the bed and made me sit. I saw the time in the watch; it was 10PM. After some time, I was escorted to have dinner and everybody there poked fun at Sohan and me. I blushed at their jokes. After dinner, I was escorted back to the bed room and his cousins giggled as they left and shut the door behind them. Soon after Sohan entered and locked the door.

He came to the bed and sat near me. Something was happening to me between my legs, and in my bosom, which I could not understand. He talked in a whisper saying that I must be tired and whether I wanted to sleep. I shook my head in assent. I went in the attached bath and changed into the satiny nightie that my mother had packed. I also found a very see-through lacy front clipped white bra & panty; Also my mothers’ choice. I was feeling very awkward to come out in front of Sohan, as it would be the first time that I would be in the company of a man in this type of clothes.

But after about 20 minutes, when I came out, Sohan had changed into a white pyjama kurta, and he appreciated what he saw on me. He called me to bed and I demurely reached the edge of the bed and he put out his hand to invite me on it. This was another first. I would be sharing a bed with a male, not knowing what I was expected to do, and armed only with the advice of my mother to go along with what Sohan, my husband, wanted.

He asked me if he should put off the lights. I nodded. There was a very mild bulb by the bed side and which he put on, before shutting off the room lights. We slept close to each other. Sohan’s hands moved across my chest rubbing my pert breasts, which had become taut. He slowly moved his palm over my left breast and traced it with his fingers, pinching the nipples. I had closed my eyes and enjoyed the waves of some hidden pleasures that passed through my chest to between my legs. I was sub-consciously twining & untwining my legs.

Slowly his hands slipped down to my tummy, and a shiver passed through me, as it went down to between where my thighs met. My hands were frozen by my side. He slipped his hand over my vagina, which had suddenly become very moist. I had a very bushy hair growth around my vagina, But I found his hand going further down. He slowly started to pull my nightie over my thighs,; I made a feeble attempt to stop him, but he pushed me on the side and slept very close to me. Then he suddenly caught my hand and slipped it between his legs. I felt a stick like object, which I learnt was the penis, and played the most important part on this night.

It was hot and must have been about 5 inches long. It was smooth and must have had a loose skin over it. As I could feel it sliding in my hand, I explored cautiously and found that the tip was rounded and smooth and oily. I had not known about it shape, but was aware due to our Science subject in college. But I had never seen one nor talked about it.

By now Sohan had his hand in my panty, as I lay on my side. Then it happened. I felt his finger trying to enter my bum hole. Now I was a little confused; was it the vagina that he would put it in or was it the bum hole. Mother had said that it would pain a mite and that a little blood was natural. But was it the bum or the vagina? I decided to wait & watch. He slowly removed his pyjamas and slipped my panty down. I was feeling very much ashamed as it was a male touching me for the first time, and that too at my most private parts.

“I am feeling ashamed. Please stop.” I pleaded.

But instead, he kissed me near the neck and slowly slipped his hand under my crumpled nightie to my breast and squeezed. The pleasurable current was so much that I slipped my hand up & down his penis. I was growing in my hand. Then I felt a different type of a feeling building up inside me as his one hand squeezed my small breast and his other hand was at the bum door. Then suddenly I felt so good that I pushed back against Sohan and felt myself squirting between my thighs and I suddenly sat on the bed, not knowing what had happened. Sohan too got up. I did not know what to say.

“Mitu, what happened?” he was genuinely concerned.

“I don’t know, but I think I …… ” I replied shame facedly.

“Mitu, is it because you came?” Sohan queried.

“Came?” I was confused.

“Yes, when a body likes this feeling you release your juices. This is called “Cumming”.” Sohan explained. “And you are a squirter.”

“Squirter? I asked.

“Yes. Very few people are as lucky as you.” Sohan replied.

He took off his shirt and I could see his muscles as we sat on the bed. My legs were dangling over the side and the nightie was crumpled to my thighs. My panty was missing. I then found Sohans’ hands encircling me and pulling me to him, as he too slid his feet on my either sides and pressed himself into me. I too relaxed on him. He lifted my nightie over my shoulders and here I was with just a bra in front of this man who was to ravage me. 

He commented that I was very lovely and that my breasts were beautiful. I did not realize that he was not wearing a shred of clothing, while I had my bra on. His hand s had been rubbing my bushy vagina from the outside and one hand was over my bra. His lips were playing havoc on my shoulders and neck. Then he did something as I silently participated. He lifted me and made me sit on his penis. The feeling was great.

Then his fingers went again to my bum hole and he spread my slimy “cum” around it. Suddenly I felt his finger going in my bum. I felt tickled with a little pain, but the lubricated finger was giving me another great feeling. He pushed it in a little bit more till I adjusted to the entry. He then moved it in & out and I liked it. So this was what my mom was telling me about. Suddenly he pulled it out, which made me to say “ouch”.

He made me get up and kissed me as we stood. I now saw his member standing at attention and throbbing. Then he opened the drawer next to the bed and took out a bottle of Vaseline like cream. I watched in surprise as to why he should require Vaseline at this moment.

He then made me lie on the bed on my stomach and spread a lavish amount of cream near the bum hole. He also put some on his penis. And then he placed himself between my spread thighs and lifted my waist and put pillows under my stomach. I was now having my bum pointing upward. I was now waiting in a wanting anticipation for this secretive assault.

He then kept his penis tip near the hole and started pushing it in. I could feel the head trying to enter. I felt a bit of pain, but bore it. 

“Ouch, ouch, it’s hurting….pleeeasewait.” I cried as his pole started to enter my bum hole. Tears trickled down my cheeks, as Sohan came over me lying over my back, holding onto my breast with both hands as his penis invaded my rear. And then suddenly he was inside me. The pain was unbearable but I did not stop him. 

“Please Sohan. Don’t move. Please. It’s paining.” I pleaded with him. He did not move as he lay over me kissing my neck, pressing my breasts and deeply embedded in me.

After some time I could feel him pull out, then he plunged in. This time the pain was not much. I think my hole, now well lubricated with the Vaseline like cream must have numbed my rear hole and it must have adjusted to his width. I put my hand around and held his waist. Then Sohan was going in and out, in and out and I could feel my pain dissolve into pleasure. 

He suddenly put his hands around my waist and made me go on my knees. Now he was on his knees and ramming me as pleasure after pleasure built up in me and suddenly I started to squirt. He collected it in his hands and massaged them on my back and breasts. Though I was nauseated initially, I felt this to be a lubricating feeling.

Then his tempo suddenly increased and I felt him stiffen as jets of hot liquid pumped into my intestines like an enema. He collapsed over me and both of us were bathed in sweat. In a few moments I felt him growing small and slipping out of my bum. . We now lay side by side hugging each other. All inhibitions were lost. I could feel some liquid stuff sliding down my thighs and wiped it with the bed sheet.

“Did you like it? ” I asked Sohan.

“Mitu, you were wonderful.” Sohan was ecstatic. “I hope it did not pain much.”

“Well, it did. But my mother had told me about the pain.”

“Your mother had told you about this pain?” Sohan was surprised.

He smiled. Then he told me that he had a secret to tell me, and that it should be kept only between us. What he told me on my wedding bed, gave me a shock and changed the entire sex life. 

“Mitu, thank you for such a wonderful love making. In fact I was not sure whether I wanted to marry as I am gay. I could not hurt my parents and had to go along with this marriage.” Sohan explained.

“Gay? What is Gay?” I replied displaying my shocked state.

“No Mita, I think you don’t know that actual love making or fucking is in the vagina. Gays are males who make love to males; Like lesbians are two girl lovers. They fuck (this was a new word) in their arses. I don’t want to have sex in a vagina. I just cannot.”

“But you just made love to me?” I almost came to tears.

“Mita, this is called arse fucking, and I love to do it. Did you not enjoy it?” he counter questioned.

“Yes……..” I whispered. “But can this make me pregnant?”

“Mitu, you are so innocent. Don’t worry about that. We will find a way”, he said sliding his hand to my breasts again and pulling me to him.

I felt a little comfortable pushing close to him and turned to face him and slid my hand around to hug him. He kissed me on the lips and then moved down to my tits. The earlier topic was forgotten as newer feelings came to fore. In no time I could feel his soft penis becoming stiff again and now he sat on the edge of the bed with his legs down and made me sit on his penis facing him. As I sat on his thighs and placed my feet on the bed, he put his hands under my buttocks and lifted me up. I had balanced myself by holding onto his shoulders as he placed the tip of his penis at my bum hole.

The earlier lubrication had diminished the pain of entry and I could feel him sliding into me again. I pressed my breasts onto his chest and he held me tight in an embrace and we kissed, forgetting that we were joined together.

He then moved in and out by balancing me in his palms. I got on to the act and lifted myself and pushed back onto his penis which had swollen to immense size and was throbbing. This was giving me a lot of pleasure to feel my rear hole well plugged. He reclined on the bed and I could now move up and down more freely. The earlier feeling in my stomach returned and ripples after ripples could be felt ending in squirting my cum on his stomach. Soon after he stiffened and jets of his semen entered my rear.
We then went to the attached bathroom and washed ourselves of the sweat and the gooey stuff all over. We washed each other and he promised that I would not repent marrying him. I hugged him.

We then wiped each other and then I changed the bed-sheets which were spotted with our juices and crumpled. We changed into new night suits and slept. Sohan told me not to wear the bra and panty. Neither did he wear any underwear. We hugged each other and slept.

The next day morning, there were eager faces to welcome us, for which we had dressed prim and proper. I had a sore arse and the mother-in-law realized that the First-Night was a success.

Sohan had more surprises for me in store. After the morning passed, and as soon as we entered our bedroom for the afternoon siesta, he was in a horny mood and he took my arse again now standing in front of the dressing table, with me getting my high watching my perky breasts swinging to his thrusts. We both came together, – at either ends. Then we relaxed. I could feel his ‘cum’ (that’s what he called it!) sliding along my thigh which I wiped with the towel.

The next installment of shocker came when we relaxed side by side on the bed and his hands on me.

“Mitu, as I told you that I am Gay, do you want to know who my partner or lover is?” he asked.

“Yes” I whispered.

“Rohan” he replied. “He is my lover.”

I was shocked as there was no way that you could tell that they were lovers. It definitely looked that they were two very close brothers.

“By the way he is not only gay, he loves to have sex with women. Our parents don’t know; but we never hide any secrets.”

I had a shiver going up my spine, – a shiver of pleasure. At least somebody was normal here. A few days after our wedding, Sohan’s parents gave us tickets to Maldives and Sohan insisted that Rohan also could join us. When he asked me, I agreed knowing full well that the honeymoon would be a memorable one. Finally the three of us flew to Maldives for a fortnight holiday.

Maldives is a great place for honeymooners. Placed in the middle of the Indian Ocean with clear blue waters & white beaches right up to your resort, the hotels are cute huts, – some big, some small. Ours was a big one with air-conditioned rooms and which were also interconnected. The resort was a cluster of almost 50-60 such huts and looked like the occupancy was high. They had two swimming pools with bar counters inside, and you could watch the sea from there. One of these pools was very close to our hut. 

I had never ever entered a swimming pool in my life as there was no pool near my house and I did not know swimming. And to my surprise, as soon as we were settled in the room, both the brothers started changing into swimming shorts and told me to change too. I was at a loss of words and told them that I did not know swimming and that I had no swimming costume. I also told them I was feeling embarrassed to wear such skimpy clothes in front of so many other people.

Both Sohan & Rohan tried to convince me that we were far away from home and this was expected on a honeymoon, to let oneself go & enjoy every moment, which in case we would not be able to do at home. I was partly convinced, but I told them to go on and that we could buy a swimming costume for me later.

I accompanied them to the pool. It was quite full with many bare bodied males and skimpy bikini clad females swimming without any care for voyeurs. As I watched both these brothers swishing through the waters, I saw and compared my husband with my brother-in-law. Rohan was definitely well built as compared to my husband. His power showed in his laps which were much faster than Sohan, my husband. 

I watched the other well built foreigners cutting through the water wearing the slimmest of trunks. I also saw that some had a big bulge in their trunks, whilst the ladies and girls were very comfortable in the smallest of bikinis. Some had big breasts, which threatened to plop out of their shoe string tied tops, whilst some were moderately placed. I tried to visualize myself with my breasts in such small breast holders, tied only with a neck string.

These thoughts, mixed with the appetizing sites of bulgy trunks was making me feel moist between my legs. I could also see a couple kissing passionately at one corner of the pool and my sight locked onto them.

After some time Rohan & Sohan came out and started to tease me as to what I was missing and that the water was nice and warm and that I must get in there.

“But I do not know how to swim!” I said.

“Don’t worry. Rohan will teach you.” Said my husband Sohan suddenly, before Rohan or me could react. “You’ll do it won’t you Ro.”

“Your word is my order, dear brother.” Rohan replied smilingly. “Who would ever want to miss an opportunity to teach swimming to such a pretty Bhabi (Sister-in-law)”, he said with a twinkle of an eye to me.

I blushed and tried to brush off this offer to teach me swimming. I reminded them that I did not have a swimming costume. At this Rohan, my brother in-law immediately said that he would purchase one for me from the Resort shop, as per his choice. I was a bit taken aback as to why he should be so eager to volounteer. I protested that I would buy one at leisure, but to no reason.

“Bhabi, look at all those sizzling babes in the water. I want my Bhabi to be the best among them. Sohan, please, please let me buy the costume. It’s my honeymoon gift to her.” He looked at Sohan & me pleadingly. I felt sorry for him and I agreed to let him buy one.

“But Rohan it has to be a one piece costume or I will not wear it.” I threatened.

“Sorry Bhabi, this choice is going to be entirely mine. We do not have our parents or any known people here and please let us enjoy this 2 weeks of freedom.” He said with authority.

“But……” I started to protest. Rohan suddenly put his finger on my lips and told me that I was only to enjoy the holiday. His finger on my lips sent a pleasure feeling to my stomach. So there it was decided that Rohan would present me with a swim wear of his choice. Knowing his choice, I was preparing to be shocked.

I was a little turned on with all the bare bodied activity in the pool and pushed close to Sohan. He looked at me and holding my hand led me to the room. Rohan excused himself and went to the bar telling me that he would browse in the shop for my present. 

Before I could realize, he had locked the main door and pulled me into his arms. Within no time we were kissing each other slurping and Sohan literally ripping off my clothes. In the next 10 minutes we ended up on the carpeted flooring with Sohan pushing himself deep into my anus stroking like the end of the world was here.

I had my legs over his back pulling him into my rear. Waves & waves of orgasms was riding through me realizing that we were fucking on the floor and we could be caught in this position by Rohan who could be coming anytime; after about 15 minutes I felt Sohan stiffening himself and could feel jets of hot semen being pumped into me. I squirted again.

I realized that the bare bodied males had turned him on in the pool. I then realized what he had told me about him and Rohan and I eagerly looked forward to see what they actually did.

By now we had both been bathed with sweat and the pool water, and the carpet was wet and spotted. I felt his sperms sliding down my thighs. Now Sohan did something which I was absolutely not prepared. He spread my bum and I felt his tongue licking the spilling sperms, Though I was tremendously turned on, I was totally perplexed that someone could do this. My hand had slipped between my thighs and was titillating the clitoris which had by now become swollen and poking out. I let slip my finger inside my vagina and let it be there.

My breasts were stiff and extremely sensitive as Sohan grabbed them from behind for support.

Soon afterwards he turned me on my back and kissed me on the lips. Initially I was a little nauseated, but the sweety salty taste of Sohan’s sperms made me forget and I got into the act.

I now decided that I was going to go all out in whatever the two brothers would do, as we would be together for the next two weeks. Today was just the first day. I would not be a wet blanket. We got up nude as a candle and headed for the bath tub. Here too we played with each other. Here we heard the door to Rohan’s adjacent room slamming and we hurried to dry ourselves and came out.

I still had the bath towel tied around my bosom till my thighs, just below where they met. I was not wearing any panty or bra as our bout had let them be strewn around like a battle field. Sohan was just getting into his shorts when suddenly the connecting door flew open and in walked Rohan.

“Hey guys. Seems that I am intruding?” he said “I will come back later.”

At that moment, Sohan and me said “It’s ok.” We realized what we had said and the three of us burst out laughing.

Then Rohan told us that he had visited the Resort shop and had got the right swim suit for me. I was now wary of what he had brought. He handed me a gift wrapped packet and they both asked me to open it. With trembling fingers, I released the ribbon and the paper and there lay the skimpiest of a two piece bikini, blue and white checks and a thin frilly lace border. The panty piece was to be fastened with strings on either sides. All in all it was a very sexy piece of lingerie. I lifted it up with surprise written large over my face.

“I am not going to wear this. This is too small for me. It will not cover anything.” I tried to get out of this situation. “Please Sohan, not this. Get me a one piece suit.”

They tried telling me that it was ok. But I put my foot down. Finally it was decided that they would buy a one piece swim suit and that when I felt comfortable that I should use the 2-piece bikini.

We went for lunch, with me hanging on to Sohan like a leech. Rohan had his eyes on many a single ladies & girls around and I was sure that he was up to something. I found out later that he spent the night with a skinny cute girl, whose figure seemed to match mine. 

We spent the evening walking on the beach and we returned late for dinner. The dinner was candle lit and I was playing toey-toey with Sohan. Or was it Rohan? That night before we retired to our own rooms, Rohan kissed me good night on the cheeks and when it came to Sohan, they kissed on the lips, and which lingered on for quite some time. I looked on but did not say anything. He left but did not lock the door.

That night too Sohan was in his element and made me suck his penis. He moaned out loud and I was scared that the other people would hear. He then made me lie over him with my face towards his penis and his mouth to my vagina / bum. I sucked him as he fingered me in both holes. His hands were pumping my breasts and tweaking my nipples. Both of us orgasmed in each others’ mouth, atleast twice in the period that followed.

It was then that I saw that the common door was not locked. A thought came to me ‘ was Rohan watching us from beyond the unlocked door?’ I felt a shiver pass through me, – a shiver of excitement.

Our honeymoon was off to a great start. The next day, I got up late. I saw that Sohan was already up. I went to the bath, brushed my teeth and changed into casual clothes. I thought I heard sounds from Rohan’s room and slowly peeped inside. There they were sleeping front-to-back in each others’ arms, kissing away and then I realized that Sohan had his penis embedded in Rohan. They did not see me. Was I to feel revolted or watch this new experience?

Then Sohan pushed in and out with Rohan cooing and moaning in low voice. He then lifted Rohans’ bum into the air and they made love the way the dogs did. This went on for almost about 15 minutes. Were they not scared that I would get up? Or did they plan this for me? Rohan must have known that Sohan had informed me about their relationship. I did not want to interfere as it had not affected me.

I then went and relaxed on the bed, to find myself getting turned on. I raised my hand to my tiny breasts and pressed them while the other hand went between my legs over the short skirt that I wore.

I then heard noise coming towards me and I did as though I was ordering breakfast, knowing fully well that they had their own type of breakfast. 

As soon as Sohan walked in, he brought up the topic of going for a swim. He again tried to ask me to wear the two piece bikini. But I told him that I would before going back. Then I opened the second packet left for me by Rohan. It was a lovely light blue one piece swim suit having a bright flower print from the stomach down to the gusset of the suit. I went to the bath to change into the swim suit. I could not bring myself to take off my bra & panty, just as an additional barrier. Barrier against what & whom?

But I still went ahead and wore the suit over the bra & panty. I was ashamed to come out this way, as it would be my first time in a swim suit. I wrapped a pool towel, from the room under my arms & tucked it over my small breasts. My slim, well built and fair skinned legs showed below the towel and I was conscious of the fact. 

When I came out Sohan & Rohan were both standing there changed into swim trunks. They were shocked to see me. Rohan whistled, and Sohan just looked at me.

“What?” I asked with a smile.

“I thought a fairy had just walked out of that door.” Rohan was first to comment. “Bhabi, I am going to be a hero out there, being in your company, teaching you to swim.”

“You are joking?” I asked in mock amazement. He raised his hand to me in mock invitation and like a model I placed my finger tips in his hand and walked two steps. 

“Rohan, you be gentle with her. Don’t get carried away. She is just learning to swim.” Sohan advised Rohan.

“Boss, I will treat her just like you treat her – like a flower.” He replied.

“Ok, you two love birds, carry on to the pool”, Sohan said with a flair. ” And Mitu, please do not feel shy or ashamed. No one knows us here. We have come to enjoy and please let your self go. No one is going to question what you do. You can see a lot of the other females, – what they wear in the pool. So please enjoy — no holds barred”.

I was a little perplexed. Was Sohan not coming with us?

“Dear, you are not coming to the pool?” I asked my hubby. … and lovebirds? What did he mean by that?

“No darling, I will just make a few calls and come later”‘ he replied. “But go right ahead both of you and enjoy yourself. Rohan will take good care of you”. He said with a twinkle of his eye.

I had not realized that Rohan was still holding onto my hand, and as I tried to remove my hand he gently gave me a jerk and turned to leave through the door. I had no time to react and I followed. Rohan waited for me to catch up and he now held my hand in his palm and we walked holding our hands, to the pool.

Rohan was better built than Sohan and my hand felt very comfortable in his hands. Anybody would feel that we were a couple. As we walked, I could feel eyes on us as a pair; but at the same time I had the consolation that nobody knew us here. Also I had the permission of my husband to be with his brother. On the way I stumbled, and I fell and held on to his shoulder to support myself. In the bargain I had my left breast pressed onto his arm, through the towel. 

He must have felt it too, because I realized that my breasts had become very taut and the nipple was very prominent. I was sure it must have poked into him. I blushed and looked down. 

“Wow, what a feel!” Rohan muttered.

“What?” I asked, “You said something?”

“No, not particularly but I was complimenting what I felt!” he replied.

I turned red in my face; so he had felt it and I hoped that he had not got a wrong meaning. But why was I taut in my chest? I could also feel me getting wet between my legs and hoped that it did not show.

Soon we reached the pool and we selected a pair of deck beds away from the crowd. We kept our stuff there and I was hesitant to remove the towel around my chest, because of the people around. Suddenly Rohan put his hands on my shoulder and loosened the towel and pulled it off me. There was I, standing in my swimming suit for the first time at a pool. There were hardly any people in the pool.

“Shall we?” Rohan asked melodramatically gesturing towards the pool. I was in a state of dilemma not knowing what to do.

Suddenly I felt Rohan bending and sweeping me off my feet and carrying me to the pool. I tried to protest but his grip on me pressed my boobs to his chest. I hung on to his neck as he entered the steps to the pool. When he was in waist deep water, I felt cold water touch my buttocks. He slowly let my feet come down, and fearing that the water would be deep, I clung to his neck more firmly. This action made me stand very close to him hugging his neck. 

The back of the swimming costume was open to the buttocks, and my back locking bra strap was obvious in the middle, across my back. Rohans’ hand lay flat on this strap and his fingers were pressing into the side of my left breast. I thought that this was a natural thing to happen and let it be.

We reached the waters and still he kept holding me. Then reluctantly he started to put my legs first down in the water. As I slid down, my pussy slid along his front, down to the pool, I felt something stiff poking against my stomach and as I slid into the water, between the cleavage of my breasts. As I looked, I could see a huge bulge in Rohans’ swimming trunks, just below the water. The feeling of floating in the water, mixed with this knowledge, I did not know what to do.

Oh my God! He was having an erection by holding me! I could feel a flush starting at my stomach and travelling between my legs. What was Rohan up to? Then I realized that the water was very warm and I dipped my breasts below the water, having my feet firmly planted on the ground. I looked up towards Rohan, whose eyes were on me — yearning.

I then felt his hands holding my shoulders urging me to stand. As I stood shakily, he turned me making my back towards him. He whispered to me that I should go towards the edge of the pool and hold on to it with my hands. And that I should raise my legs in the water and paddle. Initially I tried to do it but I slipped under the water and came out gasping for air.

“Mitu, don’t be in a rush to learn. Just get used to the water and try & float by straightening your legs. Once you have stabilized, then you paddle. I will help you.” He said comfortingly.

He made me hold the side of the pool and put his hand under the water and below my thighs and lifted me parallel to the water. This made me dip forward and gasp. He immediately put his other hand below my chest and held me up. In the bargain, his open palm was on my breast and had clutched it hard. I moved my hand to his and moved it down to my stomach.

Was he doing it on purpose? In the absence of Sohan, in fact I liked it. But I preferred that it be accidental and that I should not send any wrong message to my brother-in-law. We carried on like this to practice my swimming, sometimes with his hands sliding along my breasts and some times over the stomach. I did not comment, but let it happen without being obvious. He was giving me instructions as though nothing was happening. But his rubbing my breasts was having a very strong effect on my boobies as they had become very taut. I was sure the Rohan could feel them.

I could feel his fingers moving outside my swimsuit and through my bra. The shoulder straps were biting into my arms, but I could not remove them here. I decided to buy a strapless bra from the shopping center.

We were in the water for about an hour and then he said that we should come out. He held me by my shoulder for support and we walked slowly to the edge. I had put my hand around his waist to gain balance, but my eyes were riveted on his bulge, which had become enormous and obvious. As soon as we reached out, he handed me the pool towel which I threw around my shoulders, and made no attempt to close my front. He had wrapped the towel around him and then we returned to our room. Sohan was waiting as though a kid was waiting for a present from his parents.
Hey, how was the swim?” he enquired. “Did you enjoy your learning with Rohan? Anything happened?”

He had lots of queries, which surprised me, as though he expected something to happen.

“I liked it. Rohan is a great teacher. It will take me a few days to learn proper swimming; but I am sure Rohan will teach me.” I replied, trying to get Rohan’s swollen bulge out of my mind.

“Rohan is a wonderful teacher. Just go along and he will make you a champion. … And Mitu, in case you want to go to the pub with him, please do so, as I may be busy these two days. Dad had called and wanted some help. Just enjoy yourself.” He said exuberantly. “Just remember no one knows us here. Let yourself go. I won’t mind.”

I looked at him quizzically, because I thought he was giving me a message. “Hey, hello, it’s our honeymoon. It’s we who have to be together. Not Rohan & me.”

“Mitu, you said it; yes, it’s our honeymoon and you know that dad & mom expect us to make them grandparents. And you know that it is not possible for me. That’s why I want you to be with Rohan. It will be our secret.”

“Sohan, how can you think of this? How can I be with Rohan? It will be incest.” I was shocked.

“Mitu darling, I know that it is shocking to you; but don’t you think how hard it is on me to say this? This secret will remain between and he is also the same family.”

Though this came as a shocker, a big tension of bad thoughts came off my mind. “But did Rohan know about this?” I asked him.

“You could say that I had an informal talk with him about how to hide my problem from dad & mom. It was then that I mentioned about this to him. He was not sure since he did not want you to get wrong ideas and be mad at him.” Sohan was very pleading.

“But Sohan, how could I be with him?” I tried to plead.

“Mitu, please help me.”He got up and held me closely. “Please, pleeease, Mitu.”

“I don’t know what to say” I blushed and went to the bathroom to change. I was surprised that I was getting wet between my legs and did not want Sohan to know. I removed the swim suit and had just unclipped my bra when suddenly the door opened and Sohan came in. He seemed to be in a mighty hurry and grabbed me kissing me on my shoulders and neck. 

I was in no mood to ask questions as I was already turned on. Our moans reverberated in the bathroom as he bent me over the bath-tub and entered my rear. He seemed to be in a mood as he turned on the shower and we drenched under its warm soothing waters. His hands went round to hold me by my breasts as he pistoned into me. 

Throughout this session he was pleading me to go along, and how I would enjoy the bouts. He even suggested that he could join us if I wanted. With these talks, I was getting turned on beyond limits, just visualizing me at the mercy of the rigid package. I came atleast 3 times and that too violently. After about ten minutes he pulled me to him and I could feel warm jets being pumped into me as his cum spurted into me.

I could feel him going soft and sliding out. The sticky cum was sliding down my thighs, along with the water. I bent down and took him in my mouth as he again became rigid. I bounced my head onto his pole, sitting on the bath tub and after a few minutes, the last of his sperms shot in my mouth and onto my boobs. What came to my mind was, would I be able to mouth Rohan by the way his size showed.

We then soaped each other as I told him that I would try to go along with his idea. But I could not control my blush and hid my face into his shoulder. He whooped with joy and danced in the bathroom holding me.

“But please don’t tell him crudely. We are still going to be here for another ten days, and maybe I will be able to pass on the message to him. Promise me Sohan that you will not tell him?”

“I promise Mitu, I promise.” He said.” You don’t know what a huge burden you have lifted off my chest. I want you to be with him, and I shall go on fishing trips or make myself sparse. You just go ahead the way you want.” He spluttered out with happiness that his secret would be safe with his parents.

“But Mityu, would you mind if I watch you’ll?” he asked.

“Shiiiiii…..you dirty fellow.” I replied and hit him with a pillow, in mock anger.

That night we decided to go to go dancing to the pub. As we got ready to go, I had worn a short thigh length skirt, which I would never wear at home and a loose buttoned shirt. I was in a naughty mood and wore a lacy honeymoon night panty but did not wear a bra. Sohan & Rohan were wearing almost identical loose Bermudas and white T-Shirts.

Before going to the Pub, I told them that I wanted to go to the shopping arcade. We first went there and I asked the counter girl for a bra with no shoulder straps. She took me to a counter and showed me an array of brassieres, ranging from cotton to very slinky see through lace ones. There were black ones, pink ones, green ones and multi-coloured ones. 

Some of them had a hard cup to hold up the boob while some were having an elastic, lycra feel, but most of them were having a back clip. On the suggestion of the counter girl, I selected a light pink, almost see through one which was not having a hard cup and would fit snuggly on my chest, perfectly contouring my small breasts, and highlighting my nipples. I tried it out and appreciated myself in the mirror. I did not remove it and kept it on. After we paid, we went straight to the pub.

I had never had any liquor earlier in my life and on the insistence of Sohan I had a glass of wine. My head felt light and the music felt right. When a slow song was played by the in-house DJ, Rohan held out his hand inviting me to dance. I shrunk towards Sohan, afraid that I would make a fool of myself. But Sohan forced me to go on the floor.

Rohan was a very good ballroom dancer and he led me on the floor along with many other hep-dressed couples and scantily clothed girls. As we came to the far end which was darker than the rest area, I felt his hand going further behind my back and pulling me towards his chest. I did not stop him and pressed my boobs into him. Suddenly I realized that my stomach was feeling a hard pole like object, which was in a highly aroused state. 

Given the opportunity I would have grabbed it, but I knew that would be very gross. He purposely rubbed his penis into me and almost dry fucking me. My flimsy panty was a mass of soggy cloth and my cum slid down my thigh. After a lot of rubbing I felt him hold me tight and I too held him by putting my arms around his neck and pressing myself into him. I then realized that he could not control himself and had shot his load, spotting his shirt and my shirt too.

I looked up at him and suddenly without any warning he clamped his lips onto mine. I do not know whether it was the wine or my wanton lust, I opened my mouth to his probing lips and his powerful tongue entered my mouth and played swords with my tongue. I felt my tongue being sucked into his mouth and I let it happen. I sucked his lips and we lost sense of time.

The music played on continuously and we were lost in ourselves. When one song stopped, we realized our state and the surrounding. Rohan suddenly broke apart.

“I am sorry Bhabi. I don’t know what came over me. You were looking so sexy……..pretty, I could not control myself.” He apologized.

“It’s ok Rohan. I was in the same state. In fact I was enjoying your lust.” I jeered at him, pointing down with my eyes. He walked behind me to the table because he wanted to hide the spot on his shirt due to his letting go.

Sohan made eyes at us, “Had a good time?” He asked.

I was the first to respond ‘I didn’t know that Rohan was such a fabulous….. dancer!”

“Well you are a great partner, too.” Rohan complimented.

“Hey Rohan, something has spilled on your shirt. There’s a spot in front.” Sohan pointed out.

For a second, we both froze and then Rohan replied. “Yes, in fact one of the guys was dancing with his drink and it spilled on me. Happens sometimes; no problem. I will change and come.’ With that he left.

“So did you’ll do anything out there?” Sohan asked.

I just blushed, smiled at him and looked at the dance floor. Sohan then asked me to come on the floor and I stuck to him like a leech all through the dance. When we came back Rohan had changed and was back.

When Sohan went to the bar to get the drinks, Rohan apologized again. But I told him that it was ok and that I had in fact liked what happened. He put his hand around my shoulder and kissed me on my cheek. 

Sohan was back with the drinks and wine for me. I had lost all my inhibitions since no one knew us here. The next glass of wine and a soulful song got my feet taping. Sohan poked me from the back and pushing me towards Rohan. Rohan was not lost to his actions and asked me to dance again. I was on my feet before he could finish his invitation. 

This time on the floor we got ourselves holding each other extremely close to each other mashing my boobs on his chest, all in the name of dance. I now felt that I simply wore the strapless bra now and wanted to have my breasts free. I decided to go to the washroom and get it out. The songs were slow and we blended with the others in the crowd. Maybe we were the only people who were not a couple, but who cared!

When the dance ended, I excused myself to go to the girls room. I was sweating and when I reached the loo, I went to an empty cubicle and unbuttoned my shirt and reached behind and unclipped the new bra. It was wet with sweat. My boobies now were free and I was sure that in bright lights my nipples would be seen pressed against the shirt front. I cleaned my thighs and the area around my pussy, of the cum running down the inner thigh with the toilet paper was in a very horny mood as I had never had such a freedom, and that too with my husband’s permission.

I folded the bra but did not know where to keep it. Then I decided that the best place to keep it would be to stuff it in my panty front as it would also prevent too much cum to flow down my leg. So there it went. I patted the front of my skirt not to be an obvious bulge.

I was aware of the fact that my breast would be the center of attraction, if I sweated any more, and the shirt stuck to my chest. But keeping what my husband had requested me, I tried to get Rohan as horny as I could get; but I did not to be direct and I did not want anything to happen tonight, as I was not prepared in my mind. 

As I returned to the table, my eyes searched for Rohan. I now took the lead and held out my hand to him. I led him to the floor and went to the farthest dark corner. He held me like a flower in his arms, as we swayed to the music. I could feel his fingers feeling for the missing bra. He was sure that I had worn it earlier but was confused at its disappearance. His palm roamed my back. As he pulled me to him and pressed me into him, I could feel his ahnd sliding down and cupping my buttock, pressing me into his massive bulge. 

He must have put his penis upward to relieve him the pain of hardening in his underwear. I could feel it like a stump of a small tree, pressing between my breasts, as I put my hands around his waist and rubbed his penis between my cleavage, without touching it by hand. I could feel it throb and jerk. As Rohan ‘s passion increased, I could feel him groping my buttock and pressing me into him, in tune with the music. Was he dancing or dry fucking me? Were we being obvious to the other people? But as I glanced around, I saw that they were all in their own trance kissing and mauling each other in the darkness.

Suddenly I felt a familiar feeling building up in my stomach and then the curtain broke. I held Rohan tight and pressed my breast into his penis. At the same time I could feel his fingers searching for my bum hole. I could not control it anymore and I moaned , “Rohan… hold me tight” as I shuddered a very strong orgasm ,soaking my new bra in the panties. My legs were on the point of buckling. Rohan held me tight and his fingers pressed into my bum hole and also at the sides of my breast.

“Rohan, can we go to the table?” I pleaded with him. He swooped down and placed his lips on mine opening my mouth; this time I sucked on his tongue like sucking on a penis. We broke apart and he held me by the waist as we went to our table. I was exhausted and sleepy due to the wine and asked Sohan if we could go to the room.

We then had snacks to eat from the cafeteria and went to the room. I just flopped on the bed for some time before going to the washroom. I removed the bra, which acted like a pad and had soaked my cum. I also removed my panty and had a wash. I wrapped a towel around my waist and came out to take Sohan’s shorts, which I wore without any panty. I washed the soaked panty and bra and left it to dry in the bathroom, so that I could get it dry the next day.

I went to bed and that night Sohan fucked me like a stallion, spooning me and entering mu anus whilst in a sleeping pose. He was very turned on with the evenings’ happenings. I squeezed his penis by contracting my anal sphincter and this was like milking him. He shot a wholesome load into me and we slept with him still inside me.

The next day, I felt someone shaking me to wake up. The sunlight had filtered through the window and I must have slept late. I realized with shock that it was Rohan, who was standing near the bed and waking me up. Though I was covered in a blanket, I wrapped it closer to me.

“Hey, what are doing here? I asked squinting my eyes.

“I was trying to wake the mermaid, to go swimming.” He replied.

“Where’s Sohan?” I asked.

“Well, he’s gone for a fishing trip.” He told me.” Now get up and change. I will be in my room.” With that he turned round and went to his room. I felt sad that he had not stayed.

I got up and after brushing my teeth and freshening up, I checked if my panty & bra had dried. Thankfully yes, they had. I strapped the bra in place adjusting my boobs into the cup area. I then wore the swimming costume, but no panties, which was a more bold step that I decided to take.

I slung a towel over my shoulder and went to Rohan’s room. He was ready with his shorts and the towel over his broad shoulders.

“Bhabi, I am sorry about yesterday.” He sounded forlorn.

“No, Rohan, there is no need to be sorry. I did not mind it. Well we were caught up in passion, and we let ourselves go. I am on a honeymoon and passion is what is the agenda.” I consoled him.

His faced lightened up. I went to him held him by the hand and pulled him up. I then took the liberty of slinging my hand through his as we walked to the pool.

“Bhabi, would you mind if I say something?” he asked.

“No, what is it?”

“Bhabi if you see around the back of the swim suit worn by people does not have any strap. Yours is looking very odd.” He said in a hushed tone.

“Rohan, I have never gone to a pool earlier in my life and I am feeling very odd without wearing the bra.” I tried to justify. “But it is just 5 days gone, and a whole 10 days are there for me to adjust. Let’s see what happens.”

“I hope that we don’t have to wait for the whole 10 days!” he joked.

“Well. Let’s wait & see.” I replied with a smile.

We reached the pool and kept our towels on a deck bed. We then went for a shower. I realized that today there was no one in the pool. We asked a couple who was leaving the pool, what was the matter and they told us that there was a fishing contest and that most of the residents were on the beach.

I was happy that the pool would be to us. And with Sohan not around, I would not be holding myself back. Rohan called out to me to come in the pool. He held out his hand and led me in the warm waters. 

“Today I am going to take you to the deep end, since no one is here.” He said.

I was scared as I was still good at swimming, but with Rohan around I felt secure. The effects of the night were still fresh in my mind. He led me to the edge of the shallow end of the pool and made me hold it. He then put his hand below my thighs and lifted me up in the water, as I started to beat my legs in swimming unison. His one hand was as usual under my breasts and this time I let things take their own course. As his palm came under my breast, he cupped it and I could feel my nipples harden.

I could feel warmth spread in my chest. I wanted to let him know that I knew what he was doing and decided to joke with him.

“You like doing that don’t you?” I asked gasping over the water.

“Whaaat…?” he was surprised that he was caught in the act, and his hand slipped lower to the stomach.

“If you have to hold me there, – I mean for balance, I will not stop my coach.” I gave him an indirect go ahead.

Immediately he caught on and his hand clasped over my breast and squeezed. “You naughty thing.” He replied.

He now held me by my waist and took me a little deeper in the pool, where I had to literally stand on my toes, whilst he was well stable on the pool floor and his shoulders were well above the water level.. Again he made me hold the edge of the pool and lifted my legs up. I splashed trying to swim. This went on for some time but I did not feel the familiar hand over my breast. 

Then he went under me in the water and came out from the other side. I looked at him as he smiled. I had slowed down, so he put his hands over me and held me on either sides and made me exercise by moving my legs. Suddenly I felt something sliding past my boobs, inside the swim suit and I clutched the sides of the pool and turned towards him. 

I realized that Rohan had unhooked my bra and had pulled it off me. My breasts were now only held up by my swim suit. I could see my bra, in his hands under the water.

“Rohan what are you doing? Why have you removed my bra? What if someone sees?” I was shocked.

“Like I said, the strap was very annoying. And there is no one around. Look. But don’t you feel nice and comfortable now?” he asked.

“Yes…” I responded realizing that I was actually feeling comfortable. But how was I to hide my bra. I could not even walk out of the pool as my legs were not touching the floor. To my horror, I could see Rohan folding the bra underwater and sliding it in the front of his shorts, behind his monster.

“Sohan, nooo, …. What are doing? Give it back.” I scolded him.

“Why do you want to wear it if without it you are feeling comfortable?” he counter argued.

“I am feeling out of place” I retorted.

“I that case, take it and wear it.” He replied with a tinge of sadness, coming closer to her. 

Without a seconds thought, I lunged towards his shorts and tried to pinch the bra out, but his monster was guarding it fiercly. I had to have it back and gathering my power I slid my hand into his shorts. My hand felt a thick long pole hidden there, and it slid against the back of my hand as I pulled out my bra. Rohan swam away to the other side.

Now that I took it out, the problem was how do I wear it. After realizing the folly that I could not wear it nor keep it with me, I called to Rohan to come near. I saw to it that there was no one around, as he came near and held on to the edge a little far away from me. 

“Ok, you keep it for me.” I held the folded bra towards him under water.

“If you took it out, you put it back.” He replied to my shock.

“Rohan….” I was shocked, “How can I?”

“The same way you took it out,” was his reply.

I knew that I was heading towards a point of no return and with a familiar feeling entering between my legs; I decided to take on the proposition of my husband.

“OK. Come near.” I invited him.

He slid very close to me as I tried to slip the bra into his trunks with one hand. It was difficult to stuff it in as his engorged penis was like a huge baton blocking the entry.

Then what Rohan did really caught me by surprise. He came in front of me, with my back to the pool wall and holding both sides besides me he hooked his one leg behind mine and secured me in a sitting position. Now both my hands were free and I hurriedly pulled his short front and stuffed the bra inside his shorts. As I stuffed the bra, I had to grasp his tool which must have been atleast 8 -10 inches long and about 3 inches wide. The head was a shiny red and glistened under the water.
My pussy was a pool within the pool. As I sat on his leg, I felt like pulling him into me and going through the act in the pool itself. But good sense prevailed. I felt him sliding his legs to release me and I held onto his shoulders. This brought us close together. If anyone could see now we would be seen as husband & wife. The ice was broken or so I thought.

Rohan suddenly turned and swam away and went out of the pool. I called out after him, but he just picked up his towel, tied it round his waist and walked fast towards our room. I was scared that something had happened. I could not come out of the water fast as I was at the almost deep end of the pool. By the time I came out about 15 minutes had passed; I wrapped the towel around my bust and went to our room to see what was the matter. I was scared that something bad had happened.

What I saw was a sight of relief and made me laugh. There was Rohan at the edge of the bed, with his shorts around his ankles and his penis in the hand and masturbating furiously, with his eyes closed. I was sure that the image in front of his eyes was mine. But I was amazed at the length and thickness of his penis. It was about 10 inches long and about 3 inches thick. It made a frightening sight.

But my animal instincts were coming to the fore. I decided that this was the best time to make an advance. I dropped the towel and crept slowly with my wet suit, without making any noise, knelt down at the side of Rohan and put my hand over his and grabbed his penis. My fingers could not even go half way around.

As soon as my fingers grabbed his penis, his eyes flew wide open. He saw me. Instinct made him close his thighs, and my hand got caught in between them. But I did not let his penis slip out of my hand.

“Rohan, a penny for your thoughts; whom were you thinking about?” I poked fun at him.

“Mitu, don’t you know who is in my thoughts? I want you Mitu. I can’t wait any longer. Please, say yes.” He was panting his lust. His hand was now leading mine on his pole. 

“Yes, yes Rohan, please make love to me” I replied. “I was waiting for you to ask me. But now I had to take the lead. I could not control myself.”

The knowledge that Sohan would not be coming from the beach so soon, fueled my horny state. I did not mind a quickie but I had to get the feel of a penis in my love pot. This combined with the awareness that I could never get motherhood with Sohan, I wanted to make my in-laws happy.

In my subconscious mind, I was scared about his size. His equipment would tear me apart. Whatever happened, I had to try it out. He lifted me to my feet. As I slid the wet swim suit off my arms & down my legs, he took off his shorts off his ankles and his massive prick stood at attention. I left my wet panties which I had worn under the swim suit and stood bare breasted in front of my brother-in-law. I giggled as my bra was still hanging wrapped round his penis. He took it and put it round his neck.

“Rohan, you are very big there. I will not be able to take you in.”

I was scared that his thick penis would rip me apart.

“Mitu, don’t you worry about that. I will be gentle.” He assured.

He pulled me to him, his lips on mine and my boobs squashed against his muscled chest. I felt his long & strong penis poking at my stomach. I held on to his penis with both my hands wrapped round it while his hands had found my boobs and he was mauling them, tweaking my nipples and sucking my tongue and lips. Licking my neck, kissing my eyes and ear lobes, I was losing whatever control I had and my body turned to wax. 

I did not realize that he had lifted me off my feet and laid me on the bed. His penis had slipped out of my hand. We were both wet and sweaty and this made Rohan slide smoothly over me. I again held on to his penis and led it to my yearning orifice. I did not know what had come over me. I was a willing partner in this incest, and I was loving ever moment of it.

I had not even bothered to check whether the door was open or the curtains were pulled. I was in raw lust. I did not care for anything except to be laid by Rohan.

I could feel his enormous and smooth head sliding at the mouth of my vagina. I felt Rohan’s hand sliding over mine and pushing the head at the centre of the love hole. I removed my hand and wrapped it around his broad shoulders. Suddenly I felt him pressing his pole in my hole and the wetness lubricated the head to enter. I almost gasped at the pressure that the head was putting on the vaginal walls. The size of it had stretched the pussy and I felt sharp pain between my legs.

“oooof….. Rohan, please stop. You are too big. It’s paining.” I pleaded with him. “I can’t bear the pain. Please remove it. Pleeeeease.” I was sweating profusely as the pain was getting to me.

“Mitu, please bear the pain for a little while.” He tried consoling me. “This will be your actual honeymoon.”

Heis efforts had got his pole about 3 inches inside me. The pain was excruciating. Suddenly he pulled out a little bit and pushed with all his force. There was pain like lightening and I grasped his back holding him so that he would not move. He was fully embedded in my love pouch and I felt as though my vagina had been stretched by putting a barge pole in me.

He did not move. Slowly the pain subsided and I loosened my grip on his back. I was now sweating much profusely and my hands had fallen at his sides. Without removing his pole, he slid his arms and entwined his fingers into mine and clasped them in assurance. Using this clasp he pinned me down as he slowly pulled out and then rammed back into me. I was literally pulled up on his cock as he pulled out. I felt my buttocks hit the soft mattress and his mons thudding at mine. His pubic hair was tickling my shaved pussy and his bag of balls slapped my well used arse. 

His ramming continued for a long time as the pain slowly receded completely and now a new wave overtook my body. Initially I lay subdued bearing his hammering. Then I felt a familiar feeling building up in my stomach and I came with a thundering orgasm. I pressed his fingers and pulled them into me. His kisses were making me go mad. I sucked his tongue and chin. 

He slowed his thrusts and left my hand. I raised my head and looked between us where his pole had entered me. Rohan raised himself and held for me to see. I reached my hand and held his penis where it entered my pussy. It was sleek and slimy with our juices. I reached further and felt his ball sack. This must have pushed him over and he commenced ramming into me like a piston. The feeling of getting fucked in the vagina, after adjusting to his girth was great and was giving wave after wave of pleasure. I thrust my small boobs upward. Both the boobies had become taut with excitement. The administrations from Rohan his nibbling the tits had made my points stiff and very sensitive. He was ramming me at a speed of a high speed piston. There were waves of orgasms passing over me. I clasped him to me mashing my boobs into him. The nipples must be poking him like needles, – but who cared. 

Suddenly we could hear someone opening the main door and we realized that Sohan had returned. I whispered to Rohan to release me from the skewered position. Though we had a go ahead from Sohan, I did not want to be felt humping his brother behind his back. Rohan realized what I was indicating and he pulled his stout pole from my vagina.

I suddenly felt as though a part of me was being torn apart. The disconnected pole had created a huge vacuum and I felt that my hole must be huge cavity. I felt my sticky pussy and hurriedly tied the pool towel around my breasts as Rohan slipped into the bathroom. Not a moment later, Sohan breezed in with a huge smile.

“Hey beautiful, how was your day?” he said, lowering his voice and twinkling his eye he asked “Did I miss anything?”

“what do you mean?” I counter questioned, little realizing that the bed was a crumpled mess and wet with our sweat and the pool water. 

“No, nothing of the sort. We just returned from the pool. I was lying on the bed as Rohan was in the bath.” I lied as I felt my love juice mixed with Rohans’ sperms leaking down my cunt to my arse hole. 

I could see dejection on Sohan’s face. At this point I yearned for Rohan to wrestle me to the floor and complete what he had started, but I had to control myself.

I got up and hooked my arm into Sohan’s and we went towards our room. I did not realize that my bra was in Rohan’s room and that his bed had a sticky pool. As we entered our room, I excused myself and went to the bath to shower. 

Half way through my shower, the door opened and Sohan walked in, He kissed me and fondled my pair and let his hand slide down to my pussy. This was the first time his hand had ventured there. I moaned as I felt his hard penis poking me at my rear hole. I reached behind and held him tight. He started humping in my hand as he grew bigger. I led the tip to his favorite hole and the soap made the head slip in. I bent forward to let him slip in more as he pushed in hard. I felt pain but just momentarily; then came the familiar pleasure. I was now being rammed from the back. The compared pleasure was different. 

One fuck and I was getting addicted to Rohans’ prick. I had to let him finish in me. I had an obligation to my in-laws; I was in actuality looking for excuses.

I had just got fucked from both sides within about just half an hour. Sohan was pumpmping into me furiously as I moaned out my pleasure. I wanted Rohan to hear my moans; I wanted him to come to me and know how horny I felt. Then I felt Sohan pull me to him as he stiffened and the warm sticky jets sprayed my guts. I turned and kissed him as his pole tickled my tingling pussy. I felt a rush to hold him and push him in me, but I wanted to let Rohan have the honour fo completing the deflowering of my vaginal virginity.

Then Sohan said that he would be going out for fishing in the night and that he would be returning late. He also said that he would love me to sleep in Rohan’s room so that I would not be alone. I knew that he was throwing us — Rohan & me together. He also said that he would come and join us in bed without having to change rooms at night.

That evening the three of us went to thedisco and I danced with Sohan first. With a nice sheen of sweat and two glasses of wine, I put out my hand to Rohan and who literally jumped to me. He whisked me into his arms as he swirled on the floor. As we reached the familiar dark spot, I moved my mouth to his ear and whispered, ” Rohan, Sohan has said that he would be going night fishing and that I am supposed to sleep in your room. I hope you have no problem?” 

I bit his ear as he grabbed me to him and kissed me on my lips. It was a kiss of yearning. It was the wettest kiss; a kiss which I returned with all eagerness, little realizing that we were watched by Sohan. He was happy that his plan was working. 

After dinner, Sohan left with his new friends and we went to reach him to the dock. As their yatch left the pier, we literally ran back and before we were on the bed, Rohan had torn my shirt and bra as he roughly threw me on the bed and jumped on me. He had also divested himself of his shirt and his chest pressed on mine. He took my tit into his mouth and sucked me like a child as I lay on the bed on my back with my legs wrapped around his clothed body. I humped my panty clad vagina into his boxer covered shorts. 

I reach down and pulled his shorts down freeing his monster. I felt Rohan grabbing the mound of venus and then suddenly felt my lace panty being literally torn of me. I did not waste any time and pointed his monstrous round prick head at the doorway of my love hole. Rohan pushed himself in one go and was fully embedded in me.

“Owwww, ooow, … Rohan slowly dear, please I am here for you.” I pleaded with him. “You will tear me apart with your monster.”

He was in no mood to listen. He had turned into a sex starved animal. He moaned, nibbled and pulled out, literally lifting me on his pole. My buttocks lifted off the bed, and then he rammed back.

“uuuuuooofff” was the sound that came from me. And then he rammed me like a machine gone haywire. Though I felt like his pole would come out of my throat, I bore the pain, because the pleasure of my sex starved pussy was being introduced to a totally new feeling. A much better feeling than getting my arse rammed.

Our bodies were swathed in sweat and the room was filled with our grunts and moans. Then after what seemed a long time, and many multiple orgasms squirting around Rohan’s penis, I felt Rohan stiffening and my baby cavity was flooded with warm streams of sperms shooting from Rohan. I humped his prick, tightening the pussy walls clamping him inside me. I did not want him to come out. Rohan was spent and he lay on me. Our sticky bodies squirming over each other’s, and joined at our mid. I felt him softening and he slipped out of my hole. We lay side by side, basking in the after wash of pleasure.

I turned and slept over Rohan pressing my tits into him. He held both my globes and squeezed. My long hair, now wet with our sweat fell over him, covering his face. We slid on each other, pressing into each other. We lay like this for some time.

I then sat near him and bent to take his now flaccid penis into my mouth. It was soft and fitted snugly into my mouth. Our mixed juices tasyted salty and pungent on my tongue. I bobbed my head up and down and felt him being revived. 

Suddenly Rohan pulled me to him and kissed me.

“I wanted to feel our aroma on your mouth.” He whispered.

I returned back to getting him to action ready. He was now standing and had filled my whole mouth. Now only the smooth red head of his penis could fit in my mouth and I licked the small slit at the tip.

Rohan now sat and made me sleep. He held me by my waist and raised me on my knees. My head was on the pillows. He knelt behind and slid his penis between my legs. I was surprised that Rohan too was after my arse; but I was pleasantly surprised. His penis slipped past my asshole and entered my pussy hole from the back. Slowly he slid fully into me. I was feeling totally filled. He held me by the waist and fucked me doggy style. Again after a few moments he pulled me to him and sprayed his seeds into me. We were now both tired and we collapsed on the bed with Rohan above me.

We lay in each others’ arms savoring the new found pleasure. We were now feeling sleepy but we were both in a mood to have another bout. We must have screwed ourselves almost for about an hour or two. We lay together for another half an hour and then I took the lead.

I climbed over Rohan and took the now stiffening prick, which was pointing to the ceiling, in my hand. I straddled him and pointed it at my hole as I slowly slid down. We both watched as the pussy swallowed his huge penis and it disappeared into me. I was amazed that I could accommodate his huge girth in my till now unused cunt.

I let my cunt get used to his size and then I lifted myself off him and let myself come down on his erect penis. It was his turn to moan & grunt as I continued my humping. My lower lip was curled between my teeth and my eyes closed. I don’t know how long I hopped up & down on him and then when I got my orgasm, I felt Rohan stiffening too. In a moment, we both came together and I screamed out my pleasure. I just lay down on him tired. We slept like this with him still in me. 

We did not realize when sleep over took us as we slept conjoined at our prick & pussy. Suddenly in my sleepy state, I felt pressure on my back. What was this? Here was I sleeping on top of my brother-in-law, with his prick still embedded into me and then I felt a familiar tool entering my arse. 

I realized with panic that Sohan ahad arrived as we slept and had found us joined at our waist. He had undressed and had positioned himself over me and was positioned to enter me. I tried to turn round but he pushed my back to press onto Rohan and he pushed.

I was shocked that I was being fucked together in two of my holes and this was a novel experience to me. Rohan was also coming out of his slumber and realized what was happening. This must have given him an impetus and I could feel him growing inside me. He held me to him as Sohan started to move in & out of my back side. Then after sometime I felt Sohan’s hands on my breasts pulling me to him as Rohan started to ram into me from below. 

I was ashamed and closed my eyes. I was thoroughly enjoying this dual ramming but was very tired. Then after a long time both of them came together into me. I was a sticky mess. Then they pulled out of me. They were both hugging each other sandwiching me in between.

They murmured sweet nothings into my ear as I kissed Rohan right in front of my husband. Then I turned and hugged Sohan and buried my face in his chest. “You are very naughty, Sohan.” I complained in mock anger.

“Mitu, I am happy that you did not disagree to my plan. Now you can enjoy both of us at your choice. At the same time dad & mum will be happy with their dream. Thanks Rohan. You are a wonderful brother.” With that he hugged Rohan and they kissed each other right in front of me. 

“Let nothing be hidden from any of us.” They said. I was happy.

We slept like that and never knew when the sun rose. I went to our bath and freshened up. I was followed by Sohan and then Rohan walked in fresh from his bath. I was standing in front of the mirror combing my hair with my sating knee length nightie, as Sohan was on the bed watching movie. Rohan walked up behind me and kissed me on the neck. I tried to stop him by turning around, but his hands were on my breasts, pumping them.

“Rohan stop it. Sohan may not like it.” I tried to stop him.

“Darling, let our presence not be a hindrance, and let’s ask him.” He replied; “Sohan would you mind me and Mitu making love.”

“Go ahead guys. You are most welcome.” He replied, still watching the scenes.

I felt his hand going between my legs and cupping my vagina. I pushed myself backwards on his prick, which had stiffened. I realized that he had lifted my nightie and was pulling my panty down. I reached down and slid it along my legs and stepped out of them.

“From today, no wearing panties; Agreed?” Rohan whispered.

“If that’s what you want.” I whispered back.

“Hey you love birds. What are you whispering?” Sohan asked.

“I was just telling her that no panties from today. It wastes a lot of time.” Rohan replied.

“I agree.” Was Sohan’s response- So it was decided that the rule was “No Panties”.

Rohan just bent me over the dressing table and I could feel his pe3nis head feeling around my pussy hole from the back. I reached down and led him to his target and in one push he was completely embedded in me. He reached down and groped my apples, tweaking my nipples, now stiff and held me and lifted me to him. I was on my toes and I could my pussy skewered on his prick in the mirrored reflection. He bent my face and we kissed. 

Slowly he pushed me down and started his see-sawing into me. I held on to the table edge and pushed back to his thrusts. I bent my h4ead and viewed the action spot as his prick entered me leaving me flushed with a feeling of getting filled up. Then I saw a shadow behind Rohan and felt that he had slowed down and almost stopped thrusting into me.

I looked up into to mirror and what I saw really turned me on, and my pussy lips squeezed Rohan’s penis. Sohan had come behind him and had inserted his penis into Rohan and was humping him. The relative thrusts were what I was feeling. He had embraced Rohan and was thrusting powerfully into him. Both of them were moaning and in turn had me peaked. I tried to thrust in the opposite direction to Sohan’s thrusts into Rohan. I felt me cumming and tried to stand but Rohan pushed me down as he along with Sohan in tow, thrust into me and pulling my waist into his pelvis. He held me to him and then I felt the familiar warmth of his sperms pumping into me and sliding onto my thighs.
I looked down and also saw that Sohan had spilled his seed into Rohan and was sliding down Rohan’s legs. I wondered why he could not fuck me like a normal male since he did exactly that with his brother? But why should I bother when I was being properly serviced by both of them?

Then it became a regular routine and my honeymoon was a complete success. I was sure that the amount of seed that had been planted into me would definitely impregnate me. We tried every position and every place of our cottage. I got screwed against the wall in the bath, in my cunt as Rohan sat on the toilet seat and in my rear hole when Sohan sat there. On the sofa as we watched a movie. Here I was screwed in the arse when I was on all fours, as I sucked Rohan dry. I felt like a slut.

What a change from absolutely a stranger even to talk of sex, to being serviced by two strong males in every orifice, without the slightest sense of guilt. 

Our honeymoon finally came to an end, as we packed. We finally had one final go together, at my instance because I was not sure we could do this at home. We freshened and we left.

When we reached the airport exit, dad & mom were waiting for us. We touched their feet in respect. Mom hugged me and enquired how we had enjoyed. I blushed, glancing at Sohan and Rohan. 

“I hope Rohan was not a botheration to you’ll?” enquired dad.

“Oh no, he was no botheration at all. I enjoyed his company, dad. He was very helpful.” I replied, almost unable to control a giggle.

We left for home. After a few days the signs started showing that I was indeed impregnated. This was a day for celebrations. My parents and sister were there. I was going to be a mum at 19 years. My sister was at her every best in chiding me.

Later on every opportunity Rohan would corner me for a quickie, as the rule of No Panties still continued. We even had a threesome when Dad & Mum had gone for a party. Now that my belly was protruding, Rohan seemed to have a fetish to fuck me and I enjoyed every bit. Sohan was not far ‘behind’.

I now looked forward to my delivery and a thought came to my mind. What would it be when Rohan would get married and get his wife home, – would it be a foursome? I now looked forward to my lesbian streak. Yes, my thoughts did prove to be true, but that’s another story.

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