I may as well be up front about this and admit ahead of time what you will realize as you read this. I am a slut. A slut and I suppose even a whore even thought I did not really do it for the money. The money was just a by-product that came from me doing what I wanted to do anyway. I am also an unfaithful wife who loves to fuck and I do it every chance I get.

I guess it is fair to say that I have been a slut almost my entire life or at least since I was nine anyway. That was when our next door neighbor conned me into a blow job, ate my pussy, took my virginity and turned me into a cock lover.

I know, I know; most people think that nine is too young for a girl to feel anything sexual, but I did and I spent the years from nine to forty (with a short two year break as a faithful wife) fucking up a storm. I am constantly amazed that my husband of eighteen years (only two of them faithful) doesn’t have a clue as to what I’ve been doing. Granted, I do most of it when he is out of town on business trips and during my own working hours during the day (I have a very understanding boss). I’ve even managed a few members of his family. His dad is a stud, but more on that later.

When I hit the big ‘four 0’ I began to worry about several things; chief among them how would I feel living alone. I had led a charmed life until that point in my life, but sooner or later Stan was going to wake up and when he did I would be out the door if I was still spreading my legs freely. Some would ask why did I worry when it was obvious that I couldn’t care much for my husband since I was constantly fucking around on him, but the truth of the matter was that I loved the man. It was just too bad that the man I fell head over heels in love with had a sex drive that wasn’t even close to my own. Six or eight times a month was enough for Stan. Sometimes all I got from him was two or three times every two weeks. This from a girl who would take it two or three times a day if she could get it and sometimes I did.

So I was talking with Abby, one of the girls who goes with me on our ‘girl’s night out’ and I told her about my worries and asked her if she had any ideas that might help. She laughed and told me that there was only one solution to my problem and that was to stay at home and be good and then she laughed again and said:

“You would have more luck finding a sandy beach in Antarctica than being able to stay home and be good.”

“You don’t think I could quit?”

“Honey, I know you can’t. Your problem is deep-rooted and you need to find out why you do it before you can work at stopping it.”

“I do it because it feels great and I love the feeling.”

“Oh no honey; it goes a lot deeper than that. Something turned you into a sexaholic and you need to find out what that was before you are able to tackle the problem.”

I made an appointment to see an analyst and one of the things she told me she wanted me to do was sit down and write out as much as I could remember about my sexual history. I started it and was about halfway through when Abby came by to visit. I let her read what I’d written to that point. I don’t know why I listened to her when she tried to talk me into posting what I’d written on a couple of Net sites, but listen I did and she did talk me into it.

So here it is.

It will be posted in dribs and drabbles. There was an awful lot of sex going on between nine and forty and it will take some time to dig it all out of my memory and write it down. Abby laughed and said knowing me the story might run to three hundred chapters. You know? She might just be right.

I lost my virginity because of a tennis ball. I was in our front yard and tossing the ball to my dog Buttons and the ball rolled under the door of Mr. Jamison’s garage. Mr. Jamison kept the door open eight inches or so from the garage floor so his cat could get in and out. The ball rolled into the garage so I went around behind the garage and opened the back door and went inside.

Mr. Jamison was in the garage sitting in a chair and when he heard the door open he looked over, saw me and said:

“Oh shit!”

I think it was because I caught him jacking off to some girl in a swimming suit on the calendar hanging on the wall. Of course I didn’t know what ‘jacking off’ was at the time, but I did know what he had in his hand. I’d seen my older brother’s and he had told me that it was his ‘pee-pee’.

I walked over to Mr. Jamison and looked at him sitting in his chair with his right hand around his ‘pee-pee’ and being sweet young and innocent and knowing that if you had your ‘pee-pee’ out you were supposed to be pointing it at a toilet and there was no toilet in sight I said:

“Hi Mr. Jamison. My tennis ball rolled under your garage door. What are you doing with your ‘pee-pee?”

Just like I didn’t know what jacking off was I’d also never heard the word pervert before. At my present age I am well aware that most men caught in that situation would have been embarrassed and would have scurried to get their cock out of sight, but Mr. Jamison was not most men – Mr. Jamison was a pervert.

He smiled at me and said, “I’m making my pee-pee feel good by rubbing it. Don’t you ever make your pee-pee feel good?”

Rub my pee-pee? Why would I do that? I shook my head no and he said: “Come here and I’ll show you.”

I’m a little kid and he’s a grown man so I can trust him, right? I walked over to him and he lifted me up and sat me down on his work bench. He pushed my skirt up and took my underpants off of me. He spread my legs apart and then said:

“Tell me if this feels good.”

He started licking my pussy and hell yes it felt good. He worked on me for about five minutes and the he said:

“And now you do the same to mine.”

He lifted me off the work bench and sat me down on the chair and stuck his pee-pee in my face. He wanted me to do to him what he did to me so I stuck out my tongue and started licking his pee-pee. He let me go on for a couple of minutes and then he told me to take it in my mouth. I did and he talked me through my first blow job. He grabbed my head and said:

“My pee-pee likes the way you made it feel and it is going to give you a gift in your mouth. Don’t be scared now. Just swallow it like a good girl, okay?”

And then he busted his nut and I swallowed the juice that shot into my mouth. It wasn’t bad. I’ve had a lot worse over the years. He sat me back down on the work bench and went back to sucking and licking on me and that time he also rubbed me with a finger. It hurt just a bit when he started to work a finger in me, but then it started feeling good.

After about ten minutes he said that we needed to get more comfortable and he picked me up and carried me into his house and up to his bedroom. He told me my pee-pee was going to give him a gift if he kept making it feel good and then he told me it might get messy so he undressed me so my dress wouldn’t get dirty.

To shorten this a little bit he fingered me, licked me and then he fucked me. It hurt a little, but it wasn’t near as bad as it could have been. Mr. Jamison didn’t have much in the way of a dick. Looking back on things I’m guessing that’s why his wife left him and he was living alone. His cock was only about four inches long and not much bigger around than the finger he worked into me before he fucked me. It hurt at first, but then he licked my pussy to make it feel better then he fucked me again and then licked me some more.

By the time my mother hollered for me to come home for dinner I was liking what Mr. Jamison was doing to me a lot. He told me that what we had been doing had to be kept a secret because it was against the rules for him to be showing me ‘grown up’ stuff before I was older and he told me that as long as we kept it a secret we could do it a lot more.

I did keep it a secret and we did do it some more – a lot more- over the next four years. And before it ended Mr. Jamison had taken all three of my cherries, oral, vaginal and anal, and he also was responsible for my first threesome, foursome and gangbang but they didn’t happen until I was twelve and thirteen.

I promised Mr. Jamison that I would keep what we did a secret and I did, but I didn’t promise him that I wouldn’t take what I’d learned from him and use it on others. Three months after Mr. Jamison started fucking me I had my second lover.

Chris was a neighbor who lived three doors down from us and he was a fourteen year old boy that I had a crush on. I was always following him around and being a nuisance and he kept telling me to go away and leave him alone. He was chasing thirteen year old Mellissa Hargraves just like I was after him and like me he wasn’t getting anywhere.

One day he was in his garage working on his bike and I was hanging around trying to get him to notice me and suddenly realize that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Chris told me to go home and leave him alone and I asked him why he was always being mean to me. Chris told me that I was an annoying little brat and he didn’t want me around. He told me that I was too young to hang around with him and then I told him I might be young, but I could still suck his cock (Mr. Jamison had taught me all the words by then) and that was something that he couldn’t get Mellissa to do.

He looked at me for several seconds and then he got up, walked over and closed the garage door. He turned to face me and told me to prove it. I went to my knees in front of him and sucked him off. It didn’t take me long – maybe two minutes – and when he came I swallowed just like Mr. Jamison had taught me.

Chris told me to keep on sucking him until he was hard again and then he told me that as soon as he was hard again he was going to fuck me. That scared me a little. Mr. Jamison had been fucking me for three months and I liked it, but Chris had a much larger cock than Mr. Jamison – both longer and fatter – and I was afraid it would hurt me. But I had been chasing Chris and even as young as I was I knew that I had him as long as I could keep getting him off. I got him hard and he did fuck me and it did hurt at first, but it got better.

For the next two weeks I went into Chris’s garage, gave him blow jobs and let him fuck me. I also saw Mr. Jamison a couple of times a week. I was one well fucked nine year old.

My affair, if you want to call it that, ended one Tuesday afternoon. I stopped to see Chris on my way home from college. His parents were at work so he took me into the house and up to his bedroom. I sucked his cock and then when he fucking me he looked toward the closet and I heard him say:

“Do you believe me now?”

I turned my head and saw Kenny Wilson come out of the closet. He was taking off his clothes as he said:

“Oh yeah and now I want some.”

I was scared and I jumped off the bed and reached for my dress, but Chris grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed and then held me down until Kenny was on top of me. Kenny did me, Chris did me again and Kenny was doing me a second time when we heard the front door slam close and a voice holler out:

“Chris? Are you home?”

His mother had come home early. Chris kept her busy while Kenny and I snuck out of the house. Even as young as I was I knew when I had been taken advantage of and I never went back to see Chris again.

Between Chris and Kenny the word got out that I sucked cock and fucked and suddenly I was a very popular young lady. I had boys from thirteen to twenty wanting to be my new boyfriend. I was still too young to realize that all they wanted was my mouth, pussy and ass. All I knew is that I was popular and I liked it. However I was old enough to know that my parents would not be happy with me having older boyfriends so I had to hide it from them.

At the time I didn’t know it, but that arrangement worked fine for the boys. They weren’t the least bit interested in the word getting out that they were fucking a nine year old. And they were. I had five ‘new boyfriends’ in the four months between my breaking up with Chris and my tenth birthday. By the time I reached my eleventh birthday I’d been used by over thirty boys and by the time I turned twelve the number was over seventy (and Mr. Jamison of course).

Things changed when I turned twelve. The day after my birthday when I got home from college I found my fifteen year old brother and his best friend Bert sitting in the living room waiting for me. Billy cut right to it.

“Dickey Martin was telling guys that you sucked his dick and then you let him fuck you. I went and found him and started kicking his ass. When I was pulled off of him and asked why I was beating on him I said it was because he was spreading bullshit about you. That’s when half a dozen guys told me that he was telling the truth. They said they knew it was true because they had done you too. That right Bert?”

Bert shook his head yes and Billy said, “That ain’t right. I spend weeks on a girl just trying to get a kiss or cop a feel and getting nowhere and I find out you are giving away on a daily basis what I’m busting my ass just trying to get a taste of.”

I wasn’t as naïve at twelve as I had been at nine and I sensed where the talk was going and sure enough Billy said:

“I’ve decided that you can stop taking care of everyone else and take care of me instead.”

“I can’t do that! You are my brother.”

Billy ignored me and went on, “We can’t let anyone know we are doing it and so Bert and I came up with a plan. You are Bert’s new girlfriend. Since Bert is my best friend and we spend a lot of time together no one will think twice about the three of us being around each other all the time.”

“What does Bert get out of it?”

“Oh come on sis; you can’t be that dumb.”

“I won’t do it. Not with my own brother. No way!”

“Oh yes you will because if you don’t I’ll have to tell mom and dad what I’ve found out about what their little princess has been doing.”

“If you do I’ll just tell them about you trying to get in my pants. So there!”

“It won’t matter because I doubt that they will believe you. I’ll tell them about the fight and then coming home and asking you about it. I’ll tell them you begged me not to tell them and then I’ll tell them that you said you would give me and Bert blow jobs if we promised not to tell. I’ll tell them how upset I was when you offered to do that to your own brother and that is what convinced me that they needed to know what you were doing so they could get you the help you needed.

“Then I’ll give them the names of the guys I know about and you know dad. He will go looking for them and by the time he gets done with them they will have spilled the beans on themselves, you and anyone else they know who has fucked you. You telling them that I wanted in your pants will sound like something you were saying to try and take the heat off of yourself. So sister mine; do we go up to my room or not?”

I wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing my own brother, but I couldn’t see a way out and Bert was kind of cute. Billy did me first and then Bert did me. Watching me do Bert made Billy hard again and watching Billy do me again got Bert up for a second time. Billy probably would have gone for thirds, but we heard my mom come home and that put an end to our fun for that day. I do have to say that I did enjoy fucking my own brother. Billy had a damned nice cock and Bert’s wasn’t too bad either.

For the next year Billy and Bert (and Mr. Jamison) were the only ones I had sex with. We had the house to ourselves from the time we got home from college at four until mom got home at six-thirty. The afternoons that Billy and Bert had afternoon college activities belonged to Mr. Jamison.

It was okay in that Bert did treat me like his girlfriend. He took me to movies and to the malt shop and we hung around the mall together on weekends. There weren’t any comments – at least none that I was aware of – because even though I was only twelve I looked fifteen or sixteen.

Sex with Billy and Bert was just straight sex. There was never any two on one stuff; it was all strictly one at a time and for some reason neither Billy nor Bert ever asked me for my ass. Blow jobs and pussy were all they ever took. It was Mr. Jamison who saw to it that I got to experience threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs.

My birthday is in August so I was out of college for the summer when my birthday came around. It was on a Tuesday and Monday afternoon Mr. Jamison told me that he wanted me at his house at nine a.m. in the morning so he could give me my present.

I walked in his back door at eight fifty-five and he was in the kitchen waiting for me. He was naked and he told me to take off my clothes. It wouldn’t be the first time that he’d had me on the kitchen table so I smiled at him and quickly stripped. I started to climb up on the table, but he told me that we were going into the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and found three naked men sitting on the bed. I looked behind me at Mr. Jamison and he smiled at me and told me that the men were my birthday presents.

I knew two of the men. Mr. Alberts lived in the end house on the south end of our block and Mr. Markham lived five houses down from Mr. Jamison on the north end of the street. I didn’t know the third man. He was a large black man and I’d never seen him before. I was pretty sure that he didn’t live on our street. Mr. Jamison said:

“I told the boys that today was your birthday and they all wanted to have a birthday party for you and give you presents. They are my guests so they get to go first.”

All I expected was that it would be like with Billy and Bert – one at a time until they couldn’t get it up any more – but I quickly found out that I was wrong. Mr. Jamison pointed at Mr. Markham and said:

“He won the coin toss so give him a blow job.”

I looked around at the three naked grown men (four if you counted Mr. Jamison) and I was just a little scared, but Mr. Jamison had always treated me good so I figured that he would see to it that everything was all right.

Mr. Markham was sitting on the bed with his hard cock jutting up out of his lap and I almost giggled when I looked at it because even though he was a grown man his cock was smaller than Mr. Jamison’s (which I have already described). I went over to him and went to my knees and started sucking him off. I was maybe thirty seconds into it when hands gripped my hips and I took my mouth off of Mr. Markham and looked back over my shoulder. The black man (his name was James) was moving up behind me and it was obvious that he intended to fuck me while I sucked off Mr. Markham. I looked over to Mr. Jamison in alarm and he said:

“Relax baby girl and let it happen. You’ll be okay. I won’t let you be hurt.”

He lied to me. It did hurt because James was a little bigger than even my brother or Bert, but the hurt did fade away. It did hurt again when Mr. Jamison fucked my ass while Mr. Alberts was fucking my pussy. A little latter it was Mr. Jamison in my pussy and Mr. Markham in my but when James stuck his cock in my face, “Go on baby girl” Mr. Jamison said, “Suck on it. Use all three of your holes baby girl. Show them how good a slut you are.”

The four of them bounced me between them until one that afternoon and then I had to go home, clean up and take a nap before my parents got home. They had a party planned for me to celebrate my officially becoming a teenager. God, if they only knew.

For the rest of the summer Mr. Jamison and his “Fuck the baby girl” club got together every couple of weeks to play with me. Two or three times a week Billy and Bert wanted some and I never went out with Bert on a date that we didn’t end up on the back seat of his Chevy.

Just before college started my mother sat me down and gave me the ‘birds and bees’ talk and it was all I could do to keep from laughing at her. I sat there listening to her and thinking that I had probably had more cock in the last four years than she had had in her thirty-eight. The one thing that did come out of that talk was that she put me on the pill. God must have a thing in his heart for young sluts. That’s the only explanation I can give for not getting pregnant with as much sperm as I’d received prior to the talk.

“Don’t let your father know” she said, “He would have a fit my doing it with you only being thirteen.”


“He would look at it as my giving you permission to give away your virginity.”

Too late mom; way, way too late I thought.

“You are well developed baby and you look more seventeen than thirteen and the boys are going to be after you. We need to take the position of ‘better safe than sorry’. I know this, but your father still sees you as his little princess and to him you are never going to be old enough. He will probably still be thinking that as he walks you down the aisle. So trust me on this; better that he never knows.”

One week after college started I came home from college to an empty house. Billy and Bert had football practice so I figured that I would go next door and visit with Mr. Jamison. As I was going out the front door two police cars pulled up in front of Mr. Jamison’s house and four cops jumped out of the cars. Two ran around to the back of the house and two went to the front door. A few minutes later Mr. Jamison was led out of the house in handcuffs and was put in the back of one of the police cars. He saw me standing in our front door and he turned his head and looked away.

It was a couple of days before we learned that he had been arrested for having sex with an under aged girl. He got caught because she was overheard telling her sister how much fun she was having with Mr. Jamison. At first I was pissed that “my” Mr. Jamison had another girlfriend, but when my dad made the comment “I wonder how many other little girls that pervert was playing around with” I got scared. What if Mr. Jamison confessed? If my parents found out I would never be allowed out of the house as long as my dad was still alive.

I spent the next couple of weeks waiting for the axe to fall, but it never did. However, expecting it to fall and knowing that when it did my sex life was going to end I decided to get as much as I could while I could. I went after Bert and Billy with a vengeance. I pushed them into doing threesomes with me sucking one while the other fucked me. Once they got used to that I made them do me in my butt – one in my ass while I sucked the other – and finally I got them to do me in the ass and pussy at the same time.

Mr. Jamison never ratted me out so I never got grounded, but what I had done with Billy and Bert while waiting for the worst to happen set the pattern for the next two years.

I never heard from any of Mr. Jamison’s “Fuck the baby girl” club, probably because Mr. Jamison’s arrest scared them shitless so for the next two years I was a fuck toy for Billy and Bert. To be honest about it I was more of a ‘cum dump’ for Billy. I was still officially Bert’s girlfriend, but Billy had started dating girls and when they sent him home with blue balls he emptied them in me. And then I turned fifteen and lost my two lovers. They were both eighteen and started college that fall. The week before they left I was doing both of them – Billy in my ass and Bert in my pussy – when Billy said:

“We need to make a change here.”

“What?” I asked.

“It doesn’t seem right that you don’t have a cock in your mouth. All of your holes should have something in them.”

I didn’t say anything, just moaned as he slammed his cock into me. The he said:

“Okay Jim, come join the party” and Jimmy Melbourne came out of the closet. Jimmy was naked and he had a hard on and it led the way as he walked over to the bed where Bert and Billy were plowing away at me. I should have been pissed, but I wasn’t because Jimmy Melbourne was a hunk! Billy said:

“Show Jimmy what you can do with your mouth sis.”

Jimmy walked up until his cock was an inch from my face and then I looked up at him and then back down at his cock and opened my mouth. For the next three hours the three boys three holed me and I loved it! We stopped fifteen minutes before mom was due home. As the boys were getting dressed Billy said:

“I’m giving you to Jim since Bert and I will be gone.”

“Don’t I get a say in it?”

“No. I need someone I can trust to keep you occupied. Jim isn’t going to college so he will be here to keep you company while Bert and I are away. I don’t need you getting a boyfriend that I don’t know. Bert and I will still be doing you every time we come home and Jim has promised to keep you available.”

I said nothing at the time, but after Bert and Jimmy were gone I called Billy a rotten cocksucker for letting Jimmy know about our incest.

“What am I going to do if he blabs about it?”

“He won’t.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because he is banging both of his sisters and he knows if he lets our secret out I’ll let out his.”

“How did you find out about him and his sisters?”

“He told me. One day at lunch he told me that he thought you were hot and then he asked me if I was fucking you and I got all indignant and said “Hell no; she’s my sister for God’s sake.” He said if you were his sister he would be fucking you every day and I said that no he wouldn’t because it was illegal. Then he said it was no big deal; that he was fucking both of his sisters. I told him he was full of shit and he told me he would prove it to me.

“He took me home with him and had me hide in his closet and then I watched him fuck Sharon. While he was fucking Sharon Sally came in and started undressing as she told him to save some for her. He finished Sharon and Sally sucked him hard again and then he fucked her. Sharon stood there watching and then she said to hurry up because she wanted more. Jim laughed and told me to come out of the closet and take care of her. Later he told me that since he had let me fuck his sisters I should let him fuck mine.”

“His sisters? You did them both?”

“Yeah, but neither one of them was as good as you.”

And that is how Jimmy Melbourne got to be my new boyfriend.

Three months later Jimmy and I went on a double date with Charlie Atlee and his girlfriend. The necking got hot and heavy after the movie and Charlie’s girl kept slapping his hands away from her tits. After we dropped her off at her house Jimmy told Charlie that I would take care of his case of blue balls. I was a little upset at being taken for granted, but it had been some time since I’d had a threesome – and I really did like them – so I did Charlie on the backseat while Jimmy drove us out to the lake and then I did both of them on a blanket down by the swimming beach. After that Jimmy, Charlie and I spent a lot of time together.

Bert and Billy came home for the holidays and I was kept busy doing the four of them. Charlie never knew about Billy, but he, Jimmy and Bert three holed me several times and Billy, Jimmy and Bert did me even more.

After Billy and Bert went back to college in January Jimmy said, “You really do get off on foursomes so I need to get somebody else to help me and Charlie. Can you think of anyone you might like?”

“Just someone who will keep quiet about it. If word ever got back to my dad about what I’m doing I’ll get grounded until I’m seventy-five.”

Jimmy brought his cousin Jake into the mix and for the next couple of years I did Jimmy, Jake and Charlie two or three times a week and Billy and Bert when they were home from college.

When I turned seventeen I cut back some and told Jimmy that I needed to start dating boys my own age and who were in my classes. I really wanted to go to the senior prom so I needed to spend some time with my peers.

About that time Charlie got engaged to some girl I didn’t know and Jake moved to take a job somewhere out of state. I still saw Jimmy two or three times a week, but I started dating boys my own age. It was probably evil of me but I sent many a boy home with blue balls. No one in high college, at least as far as I knew, had any idea of what a tramp I had been back in middle college and I had no intention of anyone ever finding out. One of my class mates was going to get lucky, but I was taking my time to find the one I wanted,

With the prom only three months away I settled on Richard Beemis. Ricky was a fullback on the football team and quite a few girls in our class (and in the classes below us) were interested in him. I found out where he hung out and made it a point to keep bumping into him and one day he asked me for a date. I said yes and from then on he never had a chance.

I kissed him on the second date; he got his hands on my tits on the fourth, my bra off on the sixth, his hand up my skirt on the ninth and his fingers in me on the tenth. He got a hand job on the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth and I let him push my head down on his cock on the fifteenth. He kept begging me to let him fuck me, but I kept saying no. I told him I was not going to go all the way with anyone until prom night.

“You are going with me, right?”

“I don’t know. You haven’t asked me.”

“I thought it was a given since we have been going together for the last three months.”

“Nothing is a given.”

“Will you go to the prom with me?”

“Of course I will. Now unzip so I can give you something to hold you until then.”

Of course all the time I was going out with him I was still spreading for Jimmy whenever I wasn’t on a date with Ricky.

Prom night was a dream. Ricky picked me up in a chauffeured limousine and a dozen guys danced with me that night, but Ricky was the only one I let get close enough to feel his hard cock pressing into me. When the dance was over we went to a couple of after prom parties and I couldn’t believe some of the scenes I saw. I guess I had missed a bit by not getting involved earlier with my classmates.

The first party we hit was just a bunch of loud music and drinking with a lot necking going on, but the second party could be considered an orgy. Well maybe not an orgy because everyone wasn’t fucking everyone else, but there were couples fucking in damned near every room in the house.

Scott’s parents had sprung for two kegs and then had gone to a hotel after telling Scott to make sure the house was still standing when they came home. I saw things that night that surprised the hell out of me. Half a dozen girls who I would have sworn were stone assed virgins and downright prudes were getting fucked and giving blow jobs all over the place. I began to get worried. I fully intended to rock Ricky’s world that night, but no way was I going to be a public spectacle like those other girls were being.

I was sipping a coke (I wouldn’t even go close to alcohol back then) and talking to Brenda Speer, one of the few fully dressed girls there, when Ricky came up to me, took my arm and said:

“Come on; you have just got to see this.”

He walked me to a bedroom and I stood in the doorway and watched Abby Dalton pull a train. My pussy tingled as she took a cock in all three holes and there were seven other naked boys waiting their turn. I knew how she felt being used by three guys and I almost wished I could take her place right then. I got instantly wet. Not true. I was already wet by then, but I got a lot wetter when I thought of what it must be like to do ten guys (actually twelve because two more walked in while I was standing there.

I looked at Ricky and acted pissed. “Why did you think that I needed to see this? Do you think you are going to get me into one of these rooms here? I’m not a slut Ricky and if you knew what kind of party this was going to be ahead of time and you brought me here anyway then you may not be the kind of guy I want to spend time with.”

All bullshit of course since what I had seen had me hotter than hell and I was itching to fuck, but just not there. Just before I turned and walked away the guy in Abby’s mouth came and when he pulled out and moved away from her Abby looked up, saw me standing there and she smiled at me and winked. As Ricky pulled me away from the doorway and led me to the limo I was wondering why in God’s name she had winked at me.

In the limo Ricky pulled me close to him and he kissed me. We tongue wrestled for a while and his hands started wandering. I didn’t bother to fight him off. We both knew what was going to happen so why play games. I unzipped him and got his cock out into the open and I started giving him a slow hand job. He worked a hand up my legs and tugged my panties aside. I moved my legs apart and he got a finger and then two in me. I pulled away from him and quickly took my panties off and then spread my legs wide. Ricky got his gingers back to work and I lowered my head and licked the head of his cock. He moaned and said:

“You aren’t a virgin are you?”

It was a statement more than a question and I said, “I never said that I was.”

“Then why…”

“Why did I make you wait? Because I’m not a slut and I don’t do it with just anyone. I have to know the guy and really like him before I give it up.”

I lowered my head and licked his cock again and then took him in my mouth and sucked on him while my fingers teased his balls. He moaned again and hunched up at my mouth and I knew what was coming. I deep throated him just as he emptied himself into my mouth. I swallowed his stuff and was surprised at the pleasant ‘nutty’ taste. All the other cum that I’d swallowed had been sort of salty.

“Damn!” he said as I pulled my mouth off of him. “No other girl has ever done that to me.”

“Bullshit! You can’t say a girl has never given you a blow job. You’ve gotten several from me.”

“No. No girl has ever let me cum in her mouth.”

“I might have even more surprises for you tonight boyfriend.”

The limo started to slow down and Ricky tucked his cock away and zipped up and I picked my panties up off the floor and put them in my purse. When we stepped out of the limo I saw that we were at the entrance of a hotel. Ricky tipped the driver and as the limo sped away Ricky said:

“I dropped my car off here earlier when I rented the room.”

“Why are we standing out here talking?”

We went inside and down the hall to room 116. For the next three hours I did my best to fuck Ricky to death. I sucked him hard and fucked him then I sucked him hard and fucked him again. It took longer for me to get him up for the third time, but by the same token it took him longer to get off the third time and he managed to ring my chimes twice. When I swallowed his knob for the fourth time he tried to push me away.

“Oh no you don’t” I said, “You haven’t had my ass yet.”

He moaned and stopped trying to push me away, but alas, he didn’t get my ass that night. I tried, I tried really hard, but I could no get him up for another go.

When he dropped me at my house in the morning we tongue wrestled for a while before I got out of his car. He walked me to my front door and I kissed him again and as I did I reached down and rubbed his trouser covered cock.

“Next time baby.”

“Next time?”

“Next time you get my ass boyfriend.”

I kissed him again and went into the house. It had indeed been a perfect prom night.

I could be a calculating bitch some times and once I found out that Ricky and I were going to going to the same college I decided that Ricky was going to be my new fulltime boyfriend. Jimmy wouldn’t be going anywhere and I didn’t want to have to start from scratch. Jimmy took it well and in fact he told me that he had been expecting it since I had started dating my classmates. I didn’t cut Jimmy off cold; I did see him once or twice every couple of weeks or so and he was always invited when Billy and Bert came home from college.

After the prom Ricky became my steady and I found that I had chosen well. Ricky was up (no pun intended) for everything that I wanted to do. He was willing to eat my pussy and once he knew how I liked it done he got quite good at it. The thing I really liked about Ricky was his cock. It was a good seven inches in length, but it wasn’t much bigger around than a Ballpark frank. It was a perfect fit for my butt and Ricky took to anal sex like a baby duck to water.

So that was my love life from prom to graduation – Ricky and occasionally Billy, Bert and Jimmy.

With graduation out of the way and three months to kill before I started college I went to work fulltime at the part time job I’d had since I was sixteen. It wasn’t much, just working behind the counter at the Dairy Queen, but it was spending money and what my dad said was ‘life experience’ to help prepare me for the “Real World.” So my summer was pretty much set. I’d be serving cones dipped in chocolate, making Blizzards, Peanut Buster Parfaits and fucking Ricky, Billy, Bert and Jimmy. That was pretty much all I had to look forward to until I started college.

That is until the day I went to work and found it locked up tight and with a notice posted on the window that the business had been seized for non-payment of taxes. I turned around and went back home where I got the biggest shock of my young life.

There were two cars in the driveway that I didn’t recognize. No one should have been there. Mom and dad were both at work and Billy and Bert were at football camp. If I had been a couple of years older and a little wiser about the way of the world and given that no one was supposed to be there I would have called the police and reported burglars in the house or something, but I didn’t even think of that. I just went right on into the house.

The loud “Oh fuck yes; harder, fuck me harder” that I heard told me what was going on, but not who was doing it. The noises were coming from mom and dad’s bedroom so I headed that way. I just walked up to the open bedroom door, looked in and gasped. There was my mother on the bed and I instantly saw that I was indeed my mother’s daughter. What is the saying? “The leaves don’t fall very far from the tree?” It must have been in my genes, passed on to me by my mom.

Mom was in the middle of her bed and she had Mark’s cock in her mouth – Mark was her boss – and her pussy and ass were filled by two other guys she worked with and whose names I couldn’t remember. Mark was looking down at mom and saying:

“Suck it baby, suck it. Swallow my cum baby; drink it down.”

He must have heard my gasp because he looked over and saw me. “Oh shit!” he said and pulled away from mom. Her mouth now empty she yelled:

“Harder damn it, harder!”

The others hadn’t seen me yet and the guy in her butt started slamming into her. “Oh yes, oh fuck yes” she cried and then she realized that Mark’s cock wasn’t in her mouth any more. She reached for it and he pulled back and she looked up at his face, saw his expression and noticed that he was staring at something. She looked over her shoulder to see what he was looking at and saw me standing there silently watching. The look of alarm on her face was suddenly wiped away by a look of – depravity? Lust? Or something else? – as she was claimed by a large orgasm.

“Don’t stop on my account” I said, “I’ll just go on down to the library until my regular time to come home.”

I turned and left the house. As I walked to the library I don’t suppose I was thinking the kinds of thoughts that some other girls my age would be having after catching their mom being three holed. I was thinking of Mark’s cock and of the other two men on the bed with my mom. I giggled as I thought of what mom’s expression might have been if I had crawled on the bed with her and said:

“Move over; I want some too.”

By the time I got to the library I was having different thoughts. Thoughts like how will I handle facing her when I go home? What will she say to me? What can I say to her? What kind of relationship are we going to have from now on? And then I giggled again as I wondered what she would say or do if I said to invite me the next time.

Then I had a thought that made me laugh out loud. Ricky had the hots for my mother. He never said it, but I could tell from the way he looked at her and watched her when he was around that she was making his pecker hard. What would my mother say if I offered to swap her Ricky for Mark? Would she like a taste of hot young stud? Maybe I could turn her on to Ricky, Jimmy and Bert. Hell, why not give Billy a shot also.”

I managed to kill three hours at the library and then I headed home. Mom’s car was in the drive and daddy was just pulling in behind her when I came up the walk. I guess I somehow expected to have my confrontation with mom and have it out of the way before daddy got home, but it looked like it wasn’t to be. I went straight to my room and stayed there until I heard mom call daddy and tell him that dinner was ready. I don’t even think she knew that I was home.

When I walked into the kitchen and mom saw me she got all nervous and flustered, but dad didn’t seem to notice. As he passed me the mashed potatoes he asked:

“How was your day princess?”

I was looking at mom when I said, “It was an interesting day and I learned a lot” and her face lost some of its color.

“For instance?” my father asked.

“I got to work in the kitchen today. You know you are really having fun when you get to spend the afternoon sliding hotdogs into buns.”

Mom’s face turned a bit red at that. Dad asked mom how her day had gone and she replied:

“Same old, same old. Just the stuff I do every day of the week.”

I raised an eyebrow on that. Did she really fuck Mark and the other two guys every day? The rest of dinner time slid by and then I excused myself from the table and went up to my room. As I walked away I heard my father say that he had brought some work home with him and he was going to go into the den and work on it.

About five minutes later there was a knock on my door and a couple of seconds later the door opened and my mother came in. She closed the door behind her and then just stood there. I could see she wanted to talk, but didn’t know how to start so I asked her something that had been in my mind since I walked away from her and her lovers.

“Why don’t you love daddy any more?”

I could see something go out of her and she walked over and sat down on the bed and said:

“I still love your father baby.”

“Then why?”

“That’s not something that I can explain to a girl your age. You wouldn’t understand.”

“There aren’t many girls my age who have seen their mother being three-holed. I understood what I saw and you were pretty vocal so I sure understood that you were into what was going on. If I can understand that much I think I can probably understand whatever you tell me.”

I could see her wrestling with herself and I thought I knew what it was over. She needed to talk to me about what had happened that day. She was ashamed at my having seen her, but she was still my mother and the adult and I was still her baby. How could she talk to me about what I’d seen and still ‘stay in charge’ as the parent? She didn’t know how to do it and quite frankly neither did I. I was the pot so I sure wasn’t in any position to call the kettle black and God knows I loved doing what I watched her do, but she was my mother for Christ’s sake. Mothers don’t do thinks like that!

Whatever the internal struggle was about was suddenly over and she took a deep breath and said:

“I love your father with all my heart baby, but your father can’t satisfy me sexually. To be fair to your dad I need to say that I have never found any one man who could. You saw today what it takes to satisfy me. Your father is an exceptional lover and for any other woman he would be more than enough and I do love the sex life I have with him, but I need more. I know that it is something that you are not yet old enough to understand, but sex, just like food and water, is a physical need. Your father just can not meet my needs, but then as I’ve said I’ve never found any one man who can.”

As I listen to her I wondered if that was going to be what it was like for me when I got older. I did have her genes and I was already enjoying multiple partner sex and loving it (craving it would be nearer to the point). I’d never been in the position of having just one man since Billy and Bert took me over. There was Mr. Jamison, but you really couldn’t count him since I was too young to know what was going on when he got his hands on me. Lost in my thoughts I must have missed something she said because she was sitting there silently watching me.


“I asked if you were going to tell your father.”

I looked at her for a moment and then feeling wise beyond my years I said:

“Oh no, I won’t be the one responsible for breaking up this family.”

She winced when I said that and she stood up and started walking toward the door. She stopped and said:

“What were you doing home anyway?”

“I lost my job today.”

She looked at me for a few seconds and then left.

It was not a good night for me. Images of my mother being gangbanged had me hot and I ended up using the handle of my hairbrush to get myself off. Jimmy was old enough to go into adult bookstores and I was going to have to get him to get me a dildo or a vibrator before I wore out the hairbrush handle.

I woke up the next morning at loose ends. Billy and Bert were still at football camp, Jimmy was working, Ricky was visiting his grandparents in New Mexico and Mr. Jamison was long gone. Billy had ridden to camp with Bert so his Jeep was still in the driveway and I knew where he hid his spare key so I was at the mall when the doors opened at nine.

I shopped for blouses, slacks and underwear at Sears and J.C. Penny and prowled the aisles at Walden Books and B. Dalton’s for the Janet Evanovich that was supposed to be out without finding it and spent two hours hitting the shoe stores without finding anything that caught my fancy. Around twelve I went over to the food court, got two slices of pizza and a Mountain Dew and then found an empty table.

I had finished the pizza and was sipping the Dew when Abby Dalton sat down on the seat opposite me. I’d seen her around college, but this was the first time I’d been up close to her since the night of the prom.

“How have you been?” she asked.

“Not too bad and you?”

“Doing okay. Hey, what happened at the Dairy Queen? A couple of went over there last night and the place was locked up tight.”

“No idea. I went into work and found it closed with a notice on the door that said it was seized for back taxes. I tried calling Mr. Adams a couple of times but didn’t get an answer.”

“You going to find another job?”

“Don’t think so; at least not yet. There is only a month until classes start. I need to see what classes and the schedules are like before I look for something else.”

“So you aren’t doing anything tonight?”

“Nothing planned. Why?”

“Want to go to a party?”

“What kind of party?”

“Benny Thomason’s birthday party. The guy I’m seeing now has to work tonight and I don’t want to go alone.”

“I don’t know. If Benny wanted me at his party he would have invited me.”

“He doesn’t know about it. It is a surprise party and you would have been invited. Harv and Ted are putting it on and they were going to invite Ricky and he would have brought you, but then they found out that Ricky was out of town. So consider yourself invited.”

“What time?”

“About seven. You got a car yet?”

“Not yet.”

“I’ll pick you up around six forty-five okay?”

I called mom and told her that I had been invited to a pajama party and would be spending the night at Abby’s.

The party was held at Ted MIddleston’s home and they actually managed to pull it off – Benny was surprised (either that or he was one hell of an actor). Ted’s parents had gone somewhere for the evening so it was just kids from college there.

There was some beer drinking and I saw that some guys had pocket flasks that they sipped out of and passed around. I didn’t do alcohol (at the time) but they had a non-alcoholic punch and that is what I drank. It was supposed to be non-alcoholic, but I found out later that it had been spiked with vodka which is why I was feeling pretty damned good about two hours into the party.

Good enough that I was enjoying the ‘feels’ I was getting while dancing.

Good enough to giggle when Joey Phelps (who was Ricky’s best friend) pulled me into a bedroom and told me how badly he had always wanted to fuck me.

Good enough to let him do it.

I giggled when he pushed me back on the kin sized bed. I giggled when he pulled my panties off of me and I giggled when unzipped himself and took off his pants. I giggled when his hard cock poked out of the front of his boxer shorts and I giggled when he slid the boxers off and his hard cock bobbed as he crawled between my legs.

I moaned as he worked his cock into me and cried out, “Oh fuck yes!” as he started to fuck me. He was either a virgin or hadn’t had sex or relieved himself in a while because he came quickly. Too quickly. I was just getting warmed up. I rolled out from under him and moved to take his cock in my mouth. I was paying more attention to getting Joey up than anything else so I didn’t notice when my skirt was flipped up to my waist, but I did feel it when the hands gripped my hips. My eyes shot wide open because I was sure that Joey had locked the bedroom door. I started to jerk my mouth off of Joey’s cock, but Joey grabbed my head and held it in place as I felt a hard cock slice into me. I tried to pull loose, but Joey and whoever was behind me managed to hold me in place.

I didn’t want what was happening. It wasn’t that I minded being fucked – I loved being fucked – but I did not want it there at that party. The door obviously wasn’t locked and that meant that more people could come in or at least look in and the more people who knew the greater the likelihood that Ricky would hear about it.

I know it sounds strange that I was worried about Ricky since I had been happily fucking his best friend, but I thought that because Joey was Ricky’s best friend he would keep quiet about it so as to preserve the friendship and God knows I’d never talk about it. But that damned unlocked door changed everything.

In the space of seconds I went from “Oh no!” to “No use crying over spilt milk. I had Joey hard and he pulled me up on him and the cock in me slipped out as Joey pulled me up to where he could get his cock in me. Joey’s cock pushed into my pussy and I felt whoever was doing me from behind scoot forward. I still didn’t know who it was, but I did know that there was only one place he could be going and I called out:

“Don’t you dare without lubing it up good.”

He ignored me and pushed his cock against my sphincter and started working his cock inside me. He had some of what Joey left in my pussy on him and some of what Joey put in me while I was on my back had leaked out and run down toward my asshole and that helped a little as the cock pushed into me. It hurt some, but when my mystery fucker and Joey got a rhythm going the pain faded. Then a cock was pushed at my mouth and Abby settled onto the big bed next to me and then it was the two of us being used by cock after cock after cock.

I have no idea of how many times I took cum in mouth, ass and pussy and only a vague recollection of who put it there. I do know that several had me more than once before I passed out exhausted.

I woke up to a tongue licking my pussy and saw Abby leaning over me. I pushed her away with an “I don’t do that.”

“Pity” she said, “But I guess it isn’t for everyone. I thought you might go for it, but no biggie. At least I was half right.”

“Half right? About what?”

“You being as big of a slut as I am. I knew it the night of the prom. I saw the look on your face while you were watching me. You wanted to be the one on that bed. You going to deny it?”

I shrugged and said, “What good would it do. You saw me last night.”

“Indeed I did girlfriend and I’m betting that you are going to want to do it again. The good news is that we are going to a place where it can happen as often as we want.”

“What are you talking about?”

“College girlfriend, college. Just think of all the frat houses on campus and frat house parties.”

I smiled at that. But only for a few seconds and then said, “Oh no, not me. I’m not about to become a punchboard for a bunch of frat rats.”

“You don’t have to do it every night, but I’m betting that you will do it every once in a while. You proved that to me last night. Any way, I’m happy to have a sister under the skin with me.”

As she drove me home I thought about what she’d said and the more I thought about it the more I was sure that she was wrong. I didn’t need frat parties. After all, I had Billy, Bert, Ricky and occasionally Jimmy. Why would I need frat boys?  When I got home there was a note on my pillow to call my mother at work. When I got through to her she asked me if I’d heard from Mr. Adams about my job at Dairy Queen and I told her no (and I never did hear from him or get what I was owed in wages). She asked me to meet her for lunch and I met her at Riggo’s. After asking me if I’d had a good time at Abby’s pajama party she told me that she had a job for me if I wanted to work full time until college started and maybe even part time if my class schedule would allow it.

“We need a file clerk at the office. It is nine to five and it pays three hundred a week.”

“Three hundred a week? That’s almost twice what I made at Dairy Queen. When can I start?”

“You can go in with me after we eat and fill out the paperwork and start on Monday. You can ride into work with me in the mornings.”

My first day on the job was spent finding where everything was and meeting the people I would be working with. The second, third and fourth I was busy filing stuff that had been piling up since the last file clerk had quit. I’d seen Mark and the other two guys who had been fucking my mother (Sam and Alan) but they had stayed pretty much clear of me.

The fifth day was the eye opener.

The supply closet is on the other side of the thin wall that separates the supply room from the copiers and fax machines and I was in the closet getting paper for one of the copy machines when I heard voices on the other side of the wall. I recognized Alan’s voice when he said:

“Damn it to hell. That fax from Campbell still isn’t here.”

“Relax” Mark said, “He said that he would get it here by twelve. We still have half an hour.”

“Relax my ass! I can’t leave until I have it and I sure don’t want to miss my turn with Donna (Donna is my mom). I need to get off.”

“You won’t miss anything. We have all afternoon to fuck that slut.”

“It was a stroke of genius to hire to hire her brat to work here.”

“It was a no-brainer. Donna said no more pussy as long as the little twit was not working and could walk in on us at any time. Now we all know where she is during the day so Donna is free to be our pin cushion again.”

“The kid is a pretty hot looking little bitch. I wonder if there is any chance we could snag her.”

“That would be a kick wouldn’t it? Fucking the mother and the daughter?”

“A bigger kick would be to have both of them in bed next to each other while we took turns doing them.”

“Who knows? Donna is a big enough slut that we may be able to get her to go for it.”

“Not a chance!”

“There are always date rape drugs. I’ll bet we could slip it to both of them and then film it and hold it over their heads. They would have to fuck us forever.”

“You think?”

“Why not? All we have to do is…” and I didn’t catch the rest because they walked out of the room.

I wondered if my mom knew of their high opinion of her and then I wondered if she would do what they thought she might. Would she try to get all five of us on her bed? One thing I did know. I wasn’t going to have anything to eat or drink around any man who worked there. One thing I overheard did get to me. I started to think that it would be a kink to fuck the guys who were fucking my mother.

Riding home from work that night with my mom I debated telling her what I’d overheard, but decided to keep quiet about it. Just as we pulled into the driveway mom told me that I shouldn’t make any plans for Monday night.

“It’s your birthday and your dad wants you to be home that evening.”

“I already made plans to go out with a few of the girls to celebrate.”

“Maybe after dinner, but your father was quite specific about my making sure to let you know that you are expected to be there for dinner.”

The weekend was nothing special. Billy and Bert were home from football camp and Saturday night Bert took me to the movies and then out to Sloan’s Lake. He did me twice – once on the back seat and then again on a blanket down by the beach. Nothing new there, but as he was driving me home he asked me how Ricky was handling my being gangbanged at Benny’s birthday party. That is when I knew that unless Ricky was extremely open minded – and I’d not seen any sign that he was – we were most likely going to part ways. If Bert knew – and he had been away when it happened – then everyone knew and the word was bound to get to Ricky. I wasn’t in love with Ricky and I was pretty sure that he wasn’t in love with me, but I did like him a lot and I had been counting on him to be my steady until I settled in at college and got to know my way around.

Sunday was a day of doing nothing. I had expected Billy to try and get me alone for some slap and tickle, but surprise, surprise, he had found a girl that he liked and he was out with her so pretty much all I did was help mom around the house and paint my toe-nails.

My relationship with my mom was a little awkward. We hadn’t talked much since the conversation in my bedroom on the day I found out about her and her co-workers and what little we did talk about never touched on what had happened that day. She still did not look me in the eye and when she did catch me looking at her she would turn away.

She was not embarrassed over what she was doing and I knew that because she was still doing it and I knew that from the conversation I’d overheard between Mark and Alan. She was however embarrassed that I knew about it. I suppose that I could have made things much easier on her – after all I was as big a slut as she was – but even though I loved my mom I loved my dad also and she was fucking over him.

We managed to get through our time alone together over the weekend and it wasn’t until the ride to work on Monday morning that she acknowledged the elephant in the room where we were concerned.

“Are you ever going to talk to me again?”

“We talk.”

“You know what I mean. You used to talk with me all the time about college, your friends and what was going on in your life, but now you only talk if I ask you a question.”

“What do you expect? I find out that my mother is cheating on my father. Not even an affair for God’s sake, but doing gangbangs and from what I hear at work it is an almost daily occurrence.”

“What you hear at work?”

“Oh yes indeed mother dear; what you are doing is no secret.”

I saw her knuckles turn white as she gripped the steering wheel.

“Who have you been talking to?”

“No one. I just happened to be in the supply closet while Mark and Alan were discussing it in the copier room and if I heard it the others with me heard it too”

Of course there was no one with me, but I told her that there was to give what I was saying more weight.

“I’m sure that the part about me being hired to get me out of the way so Mark, Alan and Sam could play with you went over real well.”

“They said that?”

“Mark said that hiring me was – and I quote – “a no brainer” since you said that they couldn’t have any more pussy as long as I wasn’t working and could walk in on you at any time.”

She gave a shrug at that and said, “Well, it was my idea, but I never expected them to be so out in the open with it. But that’s beside the point. You have no reason to put me out of your life because of what I’m doing. I explained it all to you. I love your father – honest to God I do – but I need more sex than he can give me and as I get older it seems like I want more and more. Baby, your daddy is a marvelous lover, but he can’t go hour after hour after hour and that is what I need. I don’t believe there is any one man alive who could give me what I need. There are times when after an afternoon with Mark, Alan and Sam I still want more.

“The closet your father and I have ever come to a divorce came about when I tried to stop cheating on him. I became irritable and a real bitch and I damned near drove us apart. I didn’t mellow out until I started back up with Mark and Sam and then Alan. I love your daddy baby and I need him for me to be complete, but I need more – way, way more – physical attention than your daddy can give me. Please try to understand baby, please!”

When we pulled in and parked she reminded me that daddy wanted me to be home for dinner. I had a good idea of why. Billy’s birthday was in June and daddy had given him a car as a combination graduation and birthday present and that is just where I was. I had just graduated and it was my birthday so if I was right in my guess I’d be getting a car. It wouldn’t be a new car – Billy’s wasn’t either – but dad’s best friend owned an auto repair shop so the car would have been gone over with a fine toothed comb. It gave me something to think about during work at least until lunch time.

I saw mom and Mark when they left for lunch. I saw several people in the office glance my way when mom and Mark walked into the elevator together and as the elevator door closed I thought about what mom had said. She did seem to show dad lots of love and affection and he did appear to be very happy with her. Maybe being a slut was saving her marriage. As long as she and dad were happy why should what she was doing bother me? It did, but I guess I could learn to live with it.

I just happened to be where I could see the elevator when mom and Mark came back to work and mom looked positively radiant. When I saw that I softened a bit. After all, I did know how she felt. I wondered if I looked anything like that when I’d been taken care of. Right then and there I made the decision to cut mom all the slack I could.

The ride home was pretty quiet until we turned onto our street and then I reached over and touched mom on the arm and said:

“Just don’t hurt daddy.”

She smiled at me and I saw a tear in the corner of her right eye. “I won’t baby, I promise and thank you baby. Thank you for understanding.”

Dinner was my favorite – liver and onions – and after dinner there was cake and ice cream. Mom gave me a bracelet, necklace and earring set and the earrings were quarter caret diamonds. Billy gave me an IPOD and then daddy slid a small box over to me and I opened it to find a set of car keys and said:

“It’s out front.”

We all got up and walked to the front door and looked out at the 1993 Mustang convertible and Billy said:

“Swap you.”

“As if. Why would I want a Jeep?”

Then I had to take everyone for a ride. They all had a good laugh at my expense. It was a five speed transmission and up until then 99 and 44/100ths percent of my driving had been done in vehicles with an automatic transmission. There were quite a few jackrabbit starts until I got the hang of it.

I managed to get everyone home safe and then Billy asked if he could take it for a spin. I was not at all surprised when we pulled up in front of Jimmy’s. “Time for your real birthday present” Billy said as we got out of the car. The two of them fucked me until they couldn’t get it up any more and left me wishing that Bert and Ricky were there also. Was I my mother’s daughter or what?”

Because of limited parking at work I continued to ride to work with my mom. We didn’t talk much on the drive and I suppose it was because mom felt uncomfortable around me knowing that I knew what she was doing. There wasn’t anything that I could say or do that would change that. Well, I guess there was. I could confess to being the slut that I was and that would maybe give us some common ground, but no way was I going to go there.

The work wasn’t hard and there was plenty to keep me busy. As I worked I did notice that Alan always seemed to be watching me and after overhearing his talk with Mark I was pretty sure of what he was thinking and I remembered the thoughts I’d had about taking on my mother’s lovers for the kick of it.

And I do have to admit that in the back of my mind I still remembered Mark saying that mom was a big enough slut that she might even be talked into trying to get me onto the bed with the four of them. I did spend some time wondering about that. She was enough of a slut to let herself be three-holed on her husband’s bed; was she enough of a slut to try and pull me in if the guys asked her to? The more I thought of it the more I wondered if she would do it if the guys asked her to and I finally reached a point where I really wanted to know.

I kept an eye on Alan, Sam and Mark and waited to see if one of them would show an interest in me. As soon as one of them did (if one of them did) I would do some teasing and lead them on, but not let anything go too far. I would try to get them to the point where they would maybe go to my mother and ask.

Back at the ranch – so to speak – Ricky was back from the visit to his grandparents. I know because I saw him sitting in his car at the Sonic drive-in when I drove by. I wondered why he hadn’t called me and when I hadn’t heard from him over the next couple of days I accepted that he had heard about what had happened at Benny’s party and didn’t want anything to do with me.

Luckily Billy was home from sports camp, Jimmy was still around and I guessed that Bert’s girlfriend wasn’t giving it up because he got together with Billy, Jimmy and me once or twice a week. I wasn’t being shorted on sex, but I was missing the things that Ricky and I did as boyfriend/girlfriend. Well, I had no one to blame but me. I wasn’t so far out of it at Benny’s party that I couldn’t have fought Joey off if I’d really wanted to.

I did wonder how Joey and Ricky were getting along, but not bad enough to call Joey and ask and I sure as hell wasn’t going to call Ricky.

Thursday I got a call from Abby and she wanted to know if I was up for going to a party on Friday.

“I don’t know. Will it be anything like the last one?”

“That is strictly up to you girlfriend. No one forces anything on any one. There will be people there who were at the last one. They won’t expect that you will do what you did the last time, but you and I both know that there will be some of them hoping.”

I hesitated a couple of seconds as I thought about it and then asked, “What time do you want to pick me up?”

“I thought you had a car now.”

“I do, but it is in the shop. Something to do with an EGR valve and an air sensor.”

A lie, but no way was I going to drive my Mustang to a party where I might get looped on spiked non-alcoholic punch like I did last time. There were not going to be a DUI in my future. I wasn’t dumb. After prom night and Benny’s party I knew how big of a slut Abby was (just as she now knew how big of a one that I was) and I knew she wanted me at the party to take some of the load off of her so if she wanted me there she could be the one to get me there.

Friday morning on the way to work I told mom that I would be spending the night at Abby’s.

“She just broke up with her boyfriend and I’m going to be the shoulder to cry on.”

“Speaking of boyfriends how are you and Ricky coming along? I haven’t seen him lately.”

“Yeah, well, I might be doing some shoulder crying of my own.”

“What happened?”

“Don’t know. He came home last week from visiting his grandparents and he hasn’t called. Maybe he met someone while he was there. I don’t know.”

She didn’t say any more since we were pulling into the lot at work.

I was plenty busy that morning, but not so busy that I didn’t notice mom head for the elevator about twenty minutes before lunch time. Three or four minutes later Mark and San got up and left. I moved over to the window and saw mom, Sam and Mark get in Mark’s car and pull out of the lot. Along with all of the other things I’d been wondering about lately I wondered about that also. Why did mom do it at our house? I came home early one day; didn’t she realize that dad could also come home early? Could she need cock so bad that she let it affect her thinking? I shook my head and got back to work.

I broke for lunch at twelve-thirty and when I walked into the building cafeteria I saw Alan sitting alone at a table. He looked up as I walked in, saw me and smiled. I smile back at him, filled my tray and headed for an empty table, but before I got to it I changed my mind and sat down with Alan. Before he could say anything I said:

“You been bad or something?”


“I asked if you’ve been a bad boy. Did you do something to piss mom off so she told you that you couldn’t join in for play time today?”

He looked at me for a moment or to and then gave me a look that was half leer and half grin and said:

“I wasn’t bad, but I want to be. I begged off today hoping to catch you here at lunch.”

“Whatever for?”

“As if you don’t know.”

I laughed and said, “Oh yeah; like I’m going to horn in on my mom’s action. I’m not like you, Mark and Sam. You spend a couple of hours with her here and there; I have to live with her full time. Things are a little strained between since I walked in on all of you so I can just imagine how things would be between us if I started playing with her toys.”

“You don’t sound like you wouldn’t mind playing if your mom didn’t care.”

I laughed again. “I can see it now. “Donna baby; how about we ask your daughter to join us?” “Hell of an idea Alan; I’ll ask her.” Oh yes; I can just imagine it.”

Before he could say anything else Alex Combs came in and told Alan that he was needed in the office. Alan got up and as he walked away I thought to myself “The seed is planted; will it catch hold and grow?” And the biggie – if it did what would mom do? How would she handle it?

For the rest of the day every time I saw Alan looking at me he had a look on his face that told me he wanted me and I wondered if he wanted me bad enough. Would he keep trying?

I got my answer the next morning when at first break he sat down with me and asked me to have lunch with him. I looked at him without talking for a couple of seconds and then flat out asked:

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?”

“I think you are trying to come on to me. Why? Isn’t screwing my mother enough for you? Or do you maybe have a fantasy of a mother/daughter relationship?”

“What’s wrong with fantasies?”

“That’s it isn’t it? You want us both. On the same bed at the same time? That is just too kinky for words.”

I finished my coffee and stood up. Just before I walked away from the table I smiled at him and said:

“How are you going to sell that idea to my mom?”

I walked away leaving him sitting there thinking, “Well, she didn’t say no.”

Abby picked me up and we headed to the party. We were not the first ones there and those that had gotten there before us had already moved the furniture out of the way in the living room and dinning room to make a dance floor. Music was playing and some couples were already dancing. I hadn’t told Abby, but I had no intention of letting myself be a pin cushion that night. I just wanted to have some fun and maybe – just maybe – find a replacement for Ricky.

I stayed clear of the ‘supposedly alcohol free” punch and stuck to Diet Pepsi in bottles that I opened myself. I’d been there about an hour when I saw Ricky and Joey come in the front door. Ricky saw me right away and turned to Joey and said something. Joey looked over and saw me, said something to Ricky and then they both laughed. I don’t know why, but seeing the two of them standing there looking at me and laughing pissed me off. I walked over to them and looked Ricky right in the eyes as I said:

“I already know why I haven’t heard from you since you’ve been back, but what I don’t know is what you are doing spending time with your dirt-bag buddy here. It doesn’t bother you that he deliberately got me drunk and then pulled me into a bedroom and fucked me? It doesn’t mean anything to you that the entire time he did me he kept putting you down saying things like “How does it feel having a real man fucking you instead of your wimpy assed boyfriend?” It doesn’t bother you at all that your ‘good friend’ here held me down so that other guys could fuck me and that the whole time he kept saying “Fuck the bitch good so that she’ll never want wimpy Ricky’s prick again” and then laughing? How about knowing that he called me every day for a week to ask me if I wanted to do it again?

“The only reason I didn’t call the cops and holler rape is that I was too drunk on the spiked punch he fed me to fight him off and by not fighting him off he could claim it was consensual and probably get away with it. You know? He might just be right. Only a wimp would let him get away with it. Fuck the both of you!”

I was smiling to myself as I walked away. Most of what I’d said except for the drinking part was all pure bullshit, but with any kind of luck it would poison their relationship. Got to get back at them when you can, right? On Ricky because the asshole didn’t at least talk to me before kicking me to the curb and on Joey for being asshole enough to go after his best friend’s girl. It would maybe have been different if he had come after me because he wanted a long term romantic relationship, but all the dirt-bag wanted was a quick piece of ass. Sure not my idea of a best friend.

After venting on Ricky I went out of my way to ‘dirty dance’ with the guys who asked me. I let a lot of liberties be taken as far as roaming hands were concerned just so Ricky could see it. I did notice that Ricky and Joey didn’t seem to be so buddy-buddy any more. In fact I didn’t see them together again that night.

I went looking for Abby and surprise-surprise I found her in one of the bedrooms doing what I damned well knew was the only thing she had come to the party for. She had three guys working her and another four waiting and I waited until the one in her mouth got his nut and then pulled his cock out and then I told her I was going to find a ride and take off.

“Not going to play tonight?”

“Not tonight. Ricky showed up and took some of the shine off the evening. Talk to you later.”

As I walked back down the stairs I wondered if things had gone differently that night would I have been in there sharing that bed with her like I had at the last party. I laughed as I realized the answer to that question.

Gary Kinson was getting ready to leave and I asked him if I could bum a ride with him and he said okay. I saw Ricky watching me as I left with Gary and I wondered what he was thinking. I didn’t care what he was thinking, but I still wondered.

The next thing I had to wonder about was what was going to happen when I got in Gary’s car with him. Gary was one of the guys who had shared me at Benny’s birthday party. Would he want an encore? Or maybe expect one for the ride?

It was a quiet ride for the first few minutes and then Gary said, “I noticed that you and Ricky didn’t seem to spend any time together tonight. Could that maybe mean that you are no longer a couple? Or is it just a pot-hole in the road that can be patched and filled.”

“Not a pot-hole; more like a bridge that has been washed out.”

“Can the bridge be rebuilt?”

“I’m not sure that it should be. Might be best to just reroute the traffic.”

“You know of course that there are a lot of guys who envied Rick and if you are really not a couple anymore those guys are going to beat a path to your door.”

“I doubt that.”

“Don’t. I’m one of them and I want to take advantage of the fact that you are sitting next to me right now. That makes me the first in line of the bunch that wants to beat that path to your door. Any chance that I could take you out to dinner and maybe a movie tomorrow night?”

“Why would you want to do that? Because you think I’m an easy slut? That wasn’t really me at Benny’s party; that was someone who didn’t know what was happening.”

“I know that. I know that you were bombed and taken advantage of and I apologize for being one of the ones who took advantage of you. In my defense I can only say that some things are just too nice to pass up regardless of the circumstances.”

He pulled into the drive and stopped. He got out and walked around the car and opened my door for me – something that I wasn’t at all used to – and walked me to my front door. When we got there he asked:


I turned and looked at him for a second or so and then said, “How about we make it for six-thirty?”

“That will work.”

I got up on my toes and kissed his cheek. “Thanks for the ride” and then I went into the house.

Mom was surprised to see me since I’d told her I would be spending the night at Abby’s so I told her that Abby and her boyfriend were talking again so I thought that I’d better get out of the way.

When I came down for breakfast in the morning dad was out playing golf and mom was getting ready to go grocery shopping. As soon as she was gone Billy said:

“We are alone sis” and he led me up to his bedroom and we stayed there until we heard dad come home.

The date with Gary on Saturday was dinner and a movie and then he drove us out to the lake and we parked and talked. The talking led to some necking and when he put a hand on my breast I pushed it away.

“Behave” I told him and he kissed me again.

“You don’t know unless you try.”

I might have let him if Billy hadn’t taken care of my itch earlier, but I didn’t want Gary to think I was too easy so he was going to have to wait a date or two to score. I kept pushing his hands away.

“I told you last night that the girl at the party wasn’t the real me. Now stop it.”

He listened and the hands stopped, but we did neck for a little while longer before he drove me home.

“Can I see you again?” he asked as he walked me to my front door.

“I’d like that.”



“Pick you up at two?”

“Okay” I said and I kissed him goodnight.

Sunday we went roller skating at Skate City and then we went for pizza. We ended up at the lake again and I let Gary get my bra off and play with my breasts, but I stopped him when he put a hand on my leg and moved it up under my skirt. He didn’t know it yet, but he would get to go all the way on our next date. I expected him to ask me for our next date when he got me home. But he didn’t. He kissed me and told me he would call me.

Monday mom had a doctor’s appointment so I drove my Mustang to work. It was a fairly busy but quiet day and twice when I caught Alan looking my way he blew me a kiss. I just shook my head no and ignored him.

At lunch I was sitting with Tammy (our receptionist) when Mark and Alan came in and sat down at a table across the room. They were talking ad looking at me and I would have bet money they were talking about me and I would bet that the conversation was going something like this.

“I’m horny and I was looking forward to fucking Donna this afternoon.”

“Yeah, me too. I forgot she had a physical scheduled for today.”

“The little bitch is looking fuckable today. Think we could talk her into taking her mom’s place for an afternoon?”

“I think she would if we could convince her that we could hide it from Donna.”

“You think?”

“Either that or get Donna to go along with it.”

“No way!”

“I’ve talked to the little cunt a couple of times and she gives the impression that fucking her momma’s lovers would be a kick, but she won’t do it because Donna would get pissed if she found out.”

“So what you are saying is that we need to get Donna on board with it.”


Tammy and I finished lunch and we had to walk right by Alan and Mark on the way out of the cafeteria. As I passed their table I reached out and lightly touched Alan and let my fingers trail along his arm and then fall away. I felt so wicked and evil. I was leading him on knowing that nothing was ever going to come of it.

When I got home from work that night I found Ricky sitting on my front porch steps. He stood up as I came up the walk and I bluntly asked:

“What the fuck do you want?”

“To do something that I should have done two weeks ago.”

“And what the hell would that be?”

“Come to you, tell you what I heard and ask you what happened.”

“No need now. I told you what happened when I saw you and your asshole best friend at the party.”

“If what you say is true he is no longer a friend, let alone a best friend.”

“If what I say is true? You need to know that I no longer give a rat’s ass about what you think of me so you need to wrap your little brain around this. Whether I was drunk or sober your best friend fucked me. Your best friend fucked your girlfriend behind your back. It doesn’t matter how he did it he did it and there were twenty or thirty people there who saw it. It does not matter whether I asked him to do it or whether I was too high to understand what was happening he was still your best friend, he knew I was your girlfriend and he fucked me anyway and when you found out it was “Fuck the bitch, you are still my bud.”

“I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know what?”

“That he had screwed you. When I got back from my grandparents Cissy Matthews couldn’t wait to tell me what happened at the party.”

“Why would she do that?”

“I used to date her before you and I got together and she probably thought that you took me away from her so she was getting even. Whatever. I didn’t believe her so she gave me the names of some of the people who were there and they all confirmed it. I knew Joey was at the party and all he said was that he had heard something about it, but didn’t know for sure. I didn’t know about him until you told me at the party.”

“You ever shower with him after gym?”

“Yeah; lots of times.”

“Then you probably have seen that large strawberry birthmark that shows through his pubic hair and how would I know about that unless he was naked in front of me. Face it Ricky. Joey is an asshole. Now if you will please get out of my way my mom is probably holding dinner waiting for me to get home.”

“Okay. I admit it. I screwed up. Can we get by it?”

“You are asking me to get back with you? I’m all of a sudden not damaged goods any more?”

“I’ve already punched out two guys who have called you an easy slut. Does that sound like I look at you as damaged goods?”

“I don’t know Ricky. I’m still too pissed at you to consider it. Maybe after I’ve had some time to get over it, but you might as well know that once I found out you were back and avoiding me I stopped staying at home waiting for your call. Gary Kinson and I have gone out a couple of times and he seems interested in me. I don’t know whether it will go anywhere or not, but I’m not sitting at home being a wallflower and you have no one to blame for that but you.”

“At least give me a chance.”

“We will see Ricky; we will just have to wait and see.”

I walked by him and into the house.

Tuesday morning at break I saw Mark, Alan and Sam sitting together in the break room and talking. I saw Alan look over at me and give me that combination leer and smile. He said something to Mark and Sam and they both looked my way. I didn’t need to be a mind reader to know what they were talking about.

Mom left for lunch at eleven fifty-five, Mark and Sam caught the next elevator at eleven fifty-seven and Alan hit the down button at twelve on the dot. I don’t know why the four of them bothered because everyone in the place knew what was going on. I saw all the glances cast my way while it was taking place. Anyone who wanted to could walk over to the window and see the four of them getting in the same car in the parking lot.

I sometimes wondered if any of the people who glanced at me when mom and her lovers left had a clue that I knew what was going on. I acted like I never noticed anything, but was any one fooled?

Mom usually chatted about work on the ride home, but that afternoon she was pretty quiet. We were almost home when she asked:

“Everything okay with you at work?”

“I guess so. Why?”

“Any of the office wolves after you?”

A couple of guys from the mailroom had been hitting on me, but I didn’t mention them. What I did say was:

“Alan has been coming on to me lately.”


“I think he thinks it would be a kick to have done a mother and daughter. At least that is the vibe I’m getting.”

I saw her jaw tighten and she didn’t say any more.

She was quiet on the way to work the next morning. We pulled into the parking lot and as she put the car in “park” she asked:

“Are you leading Alan on?”

“Of course not. I told him there was no way I was going to have anything to do with my mother’s lovers.”

“What did he say to that?”

I looked away from here and she repeated, “What did he say to that? Tell me! I want to know.”

I looked at her, took a deep breath and then said, “He said how about if she says its okay?”

“Alan said that? He actually said that?”


“And what did you say?”

“I laughed at him and said “As if” and I got up and walked away.”

“In other words you told him okay if he could get me to agree?”

“No. As if. The way I said it meant “Ha ha, big fucking joke.”

“Well that sure wasn’t the way he took it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yesterday afternoon he asked me if I would be upset if he made a play for you.”

“You have got to be kidding me!”

“It gets worse. He asked me in front of Mark and Sam and Mark piped in with “Get her to join us.”

“Oh my God. What happened then?”

“I got out of bed, put my clothes on and told them that their fun was over. They bitched and whined all the way back to work, but it won’t really hit them until today.”

“Why? What happens today?”

“Today is when they find out that when I said that their fun was over I didn’t mean just yesterday, I meant that it was over for good.”

“Aren’t you afraid that Mark will fire you?”

“Honey, you and I are ‘golden’. If he fires either one of us I hit the company with the largest sexual harassment suit this state has ever seen, but it won’t come to that. Mark is only the general manager. Bob Oldham owns the company and I think that Bob would get rid of Mark before he would let Mark get rid of me.”

It took a second before what she had just implied hit me and then I looked at her in amazement and said:

“How do you find time for daddy?”

“Don’t you worry about your father young lady; I take very good care of him.”

I gave her a big grin and asked, “If you are through with Alan, Mark and Sam can I have them? It would be a kick to do my mom’s lovers don’t you think?”

Mom’s face clouded up and she was ready to blow up on me until she realized I was joking and then she got a weak smile on her face and said in a teenager voice “As if.”

Of course what she didn’t know is that I wasn’t joking. I did think it would be a kick to do my mother’s lovers, but I knew it would never happen. I had no doubt that I could hook up with all three, but I knew that after she cut them loose anyone of them I hooked up with would throw it in her face and I couldn’t have that.

That afternoon for the first time since I had come to work there my mom and I ate lunch together in the cafeteria. Mark, Alan and Sam sat at a table on the other side of the room and glared at us. I didn’t see any of the three smile during the rest of the day. I think it dawned on them when mom ate lunch with me the next day that she might just have meant what she said and by Friday they knew for sure.

Friday about half an hour before quitting time Mark called me into his office and told me that he was sorry, but business was slowing down and he was going to have to let me go. Mom had prepped me for it so I took my cell phone out of my pocket and punched the pre-set for mom’s number and when she answered I said:

“Mark just fired me. Where do you want me to wait for you until you get off?”

“Hold on there” Mark said, “I didn’t fire you; I had to lay you off because of lack of work.”

“He says I’m not fired, just laid off.”


I put my phone away and then looked at him and said, “She told me to wait here.”

“Wait here? My office is not a waiting room. I don’t care what your mother told you you aren’t waiting here.”

I giggled and said, “Can I wait here if I give you a blow job while I wait?”

I didn’t wait for him to say anything; I just went around his desk and went to my knees in front of him. I had his cock out of his pants and in my hands when the phone rang.

“This is Mark.”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m afraid I had to Mr. Oldham. Not enough work to keep her busy.”

I was stroking his cock while he talked and my mouth was an inch or two from it and he could feel my hot breath on his cock head.

“Yes sir, I understand. I’ll handle it. Yes sir. I’ll do it right away.”

He hung up the phone and said, “Your mother pulled a few strings and you still have a job.”

“Oh” I said, “Then I guess I don’t have to do this” and I dropped his cock, stood up and walked out of his office leaving him sitting there with a hard cock pointing up at the ceiling and snarling “You little fucking bitch.”

On the way home mom asked me how Mark had taken getting a phone call from Mr. Oldham. I told her that he was respectful on the phone, but that he was obviously pissed when he told me that I still had a job. I didn’t tell her what I was doing when Mark got the call.

On a personal, but not job related level, my sex life had slowed down some. There was Billy two or three times a week and Jimmy maybe twice a week. Bert was spending most of his time with a girl named Angela whom I’d never met. Gary never called after our skate City date. I guess I wasn’t giving it up fast enough for him. Ricky called once or twice a week asking for a date and I kept putting him off.

The Friday of my almost ‘almost layoff’ Abby called me and asked me if I was up for a party on Saturday night.

“It will be the last one before we go off to college next week.”

“What kind of party?”

“The kind I usually go to.”

I thought about it for a moment or two and then said, “Yeah, I need to get out, but I’m not making any promises as to what I might or might not do. You may end up on your own again.”

“That’s okay. I’ll take the help if I can get it, but I can cope if I have to.”

It had been a while since Billy, Bert and Jimmy had taken me in a foursome and it was a good bet that I would be joining Abby at the party. It was while I was in that mood that Ricky called me and asked me if I was doing anything Saturday night. It was time for me to make up my mind about Ricky. Get back with him and keep on the way we had been going; let him go or keep him and see if he was willing to go farther. In the blink of an eye I made a decision.

“I’m going to a party tomorrow night and you can go with me if you like.”

“What time should I pick you up?”

“Make it around seven.”

I called Abby and told her not to pick me up, but that I might need a ride home.

Ricky showed up at five to seven and on the way to the party we made small talk as Ricky tried very hard to get back in my good graces. I was pretty non-committal and just kept saying that we would have to see how things went.

We weren’t the first ones there and couples were already dancing when we walked in. Ricky went for the beer keg and I settled for the non-alcoholic punch that would either be spiked with something before the night was over or all ready was. I danced the first couple of dances with Ricky and then I started dancing with other guys. Ricky wasn’t happy about it, but he was too unsure of his status to say anything about it.

About two hours into the party I saw Abby and a guy heading up the stairs and about two minutes later two more guys followed them up. I waited ten minutes and then I pulled Ricky out onto the dance floor. It was a slow dance and I pressed myself against him and felt his cock begin to grow. I kissed him and then said:

“Truth time Ricky. Your asshole buddy Joey didn’t know it, but he did me a favor at Benny’s party. What he did was as good as rape, but what followed after he did me was fantastic and I loved it. Remember the night of the prom when you took me to the bedrooms and showed me Abby and what she was doing? Remember me saying that I wasn’t that kind of girl? Well I am now Ricky and you can thank Joey for it. Why am I telling you this now? Because I’m going to go upstairs and join Abby as soon as this dance is over and as my date I am giving you the chance to be first in line.”

He looked at me with a stunned look on his face and just then the music stopped and I stepped away from him. “Coming?” I asked and then I turned and headed for the stairs. I was on the second step when I looked over my shoulder and saw Ricky right behind me.

I looked in the room where Abby was doing her thing and saw that there was no room on the bed for me to play beside her so I went to the next room, opened the door and saw that there was no one in the room using the bed. I stripped down to my thigh high nylons and my ‘come fuck me’ heels and got on the bed. I told Ricky to leave the door open, get naked and join me.

Ricky was the first one to fuck me, the first one to use my ass and the first one to put a cock in my mouth. Ricky also was the last one to fuck me at the end of the party. In between there were nine other guys, some of whom had me more than once and two guys who did me three times. One of the guys who did a three bagger asked me if I would consider doing a bachelor party he was going to be setting up for his brother and I told him I would think about it.

Ricky was silent on the ride home. I had my head in his lap when we pulled up in front of my house and I hurried to finish him of before either of my parents, if they were still up, decided to look outside. I finished him and wiped my mouth on the sleeve of my blouse and then said:

“Okay Ricky; what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you still interested in me?”

“I don’t know. I mean yeah, I’m still interested in you, but I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?”

“I just don’t know what to say.”

“Can you live with everyone knowing that you have a slut for a girlfriend?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well think of this. In two weeks we are off to college and the word will make its way around and you can bet that I will be asked to a lot of parties and we both know why I’ll be being asked. It won’t happen at all of them, but it will happen at some. Think about it and give me a call and let me know what you decide.”

I got out of his car and headed on into the house.

Sunday afternoon while dad was working out in the garage I asked my mom about my job.

“Am I going to be able to keep it part-time after I start college?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Doesn’t Mark have to approve it since he is the general manager?”

“No honey, you are golden since I talked to Mr. Oldham.”

As she said that I saw something pass across her face. “What did you just think?”


“Your face just got a funny look.”

“I was thinking that I might have to keep a closer eye on you.”


“Because Bob likes the young stuff. I may not have done a good thing in calling his attention to you. Helen is the HR manager and you need to talk with her about setting you up part-time.”

“You know what? Maybe it would be best if I just let the job go when I start college. What with Mark, Alan and Sam already pissed at me and now maybe having to look out for Mr. Oldham it might be best for me to just leave.”

“In the first place Mark and the guys are pissed at me not you.”

“Yeah, but they can try to piss you off by getting to me.”

“What say we worry about that when and if it happens. Go tell your dad to clean up for dinner.

Monday I talked to Helen about part-time and she told me to come and see her when I got my class schedule. I was kept busy the rest of the week and it slid by. I noticed that Mark never smiled when we were around each other, but Alan and Sam didn’t treat me any different than they did before. Alan even sat down at my table during the Wednesday afternoon break and laughingly told me that I was safe from him now.


“You don’t know? Your mom dumped us.”

“She did? When?”

“Last week.”


“I asked her if she would mind if I made a play for you and she didn’t take it well.”

“You didn’t!”

“Fraid I did.”

“Be nice to her and maybe she will come back around.”

“Think so?”

“You can never tell. Stay friendly with her and see what happens.”

“Now that your mom and I are no longer getting together what are my chances with you?”

“Let’s wait and see what happens with mom.”

“That doesn’t sound much like a yes.”

“True, but it wasn’t a flat out no.”

On the way home from work that night I told mom about the conversation and she shrugged.

“It just might happen. I am getting a little antsy, but I’m going to make them suffer just a little longer.”

She did make them sweat some, but she was back with them in a week.

Friday rolled around and I still hadn’t heard from Ricky so it looked like I not only no longer had a boyfriend, but I was dateless for the coming weekend. Billy had gone camping with some of his friends, Bert was tied up with his honey and Jimmy didn’t answer his phone when I called (and I called a dozen times). I even called Abby, but she told me that it was her time of the month so she would be staying home. What the hell! The Mustang needed a good cleaning and God knew that my room needed some help.

Tuesday I registered and got my schedule and Tuesday afternoon I went in to work and Helen set me up with a part-time work schedule. The only bad part of it was that I would have to work a half a day on Saturday. It would give me twenty to twenty-four hours a week and as long as I didn’t carry any more than twelve credit hours I could handle it.

Taking classes and working part-time was a lot harder than I expected. For one thing it didn’t leave me a lot of time for a social life. I could go out on a Friday night, but I couldn’t stay out late because I had to go to work on Saturday. That gave me Saturday night and Sunday, but I couldn’t stay out late Sunday because my first class on Monday was at eight. When I got home from work at night I had to study and even if I didn’t have studying to do mom and dad were home so even if Billy was home he was off limits to me.

I was hurting big time and I was close to dragging Mark, Alan or Sam into the supply closet when Abby came to my rescue. She was invited to an ‘end of summer’ party and she asked me to go with her. I didn’t hesitate and I told my mother I was going to do a sleep over at Abby’s and when I got off work Saturday at noon I drove over and picked Abby up.

She gave me directions on how to get to the party and we got there just a little after one. By one-twenty a couple of guys had moved in on us and by one thirty-five I had my first cock of the weekend on a mattress on the floor next to Abby who was having her first. Then we swapped partners – twice – before getting up and having something to eat and drink. There was some dancing for a bit and then I found myself back on the mattress (or another one like it) and that set the tone for the rest of the party. Drink, dance, mattress; drink, dance, mattress. Around mid-night the dancing stopped and Abby, Pauline French, Nancy Wilde and I played Burlington-Northern (you know – trains).

There were a lot of guys at that party who went to the same college Abby and I attended and as a result we were recognized around campus and we got hit on a lot. After the ‘end of summer’ party I never had a dateless weekend again. I wasn’t a sure thing, but I was damned close to one. If I liked the guy he got lucky and if I didn’t care for the guy by the end of the date he didn’t. Safe to say I was getting laid three out of every five weekends and it could have been more.

It was the end of October – Halloween – before Abby and I did a frat house gangbang. She was invited to a party at the Phi Delt house and she asked me to go with her. She went as Elvira and I went as Cat Woman.

It was a wild party. Plenty of drinking and dancing and a lot of ‘touchy-feely’ and by ten o’clock I was so hot the steam should have been coming out of my ears. I didn’t fight it when the guy I was dancing with led me to a bedroom and I saw to it that he had plenty of help in peeling the Cat Woman costume off of me. I grabbed his cock and literally pulled him into me and then it was off to the races. I was so hot that just his entering me gave me my first orgasm. While he was pounding away a couple more guys entered the room and started undressed and stood waiting.

The first guy finished and he wasn’t ten seconds out of me and the next guy was in. While he was ringing my chimes more guys came into the room and got ready to play. After the fourth guy the group realized that I had more than one orifice and they began to take advantage of that fact. At first it was a cock in my mouth as my ass or pussy was used and then it progressed to me being made ‘airtight’ and at one point I had three cocks in me and a fourth cock in my right hand.

It went on and on until I finally pushed a guy away and said, “No more. I’m done. I can’t handle another cock tonight.”

It was the first time I ever called a halt to thing, but it wasn’t to be the last.

I cleaned up and got dressed and then went looking for Abby. I found her on a mattress in a room and still going strong. I sat down with my back against the wall and watched her and that turned out to be a bad move. A couple of guys who were waiting their turn with Abby came over and waved their dicks in my face and I ended up ‘fluffing’ guys for her until she finally called it quits.

Abby and I did one more frat party gangbang just before the holiday break and we ended up doing twenty-six guys between us. I loved it, but I began to suspect that even though I loved fucking I was getting a little out of control. I made myself a promise to cut things down a little when we came back to college.  During the holiday break I expected that my sex life would be limited to Billy, Jimmy and occasionally Bert, but it turned out that I was wrong.

The company Christmas party was held on a Friday night and one of the guys in the mailroom asked me to go with him. I spent most of Thursday and Friday trying to make up my mind as to whether to give it up to him or not and it turned out that I wasted a lot of time on the subject. He was passed out drunk two hours into the party.

Mom wasn’t there because dad’s company party was the same night. The plan was to go to his party, stay a while and then come to our party. Mark, Alan and Sam all asked me to dance and I did dance with each of them a couple of times. Mark and Sam just danced with me, but Alan went out of his way to poke his hard cock into every time he had a chance. He also played with my boobs and my ass a bit and I didn’t fight it because he wasn’t going to get anywhere. He was just going to end up going home with a case of blue balls. At least that is what I thought.

I was coming back from the ladies room and was walking by the coatroom when Alan grabbed me and pulled me inside. He was pretty quick – I had to give him that – and he had my skirt up, my panties pulled aside and a finger in my pussy before I could say:

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’ve waited a long time for this. You’ve teased the hell out of me for months and now it’s my time.”

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I was probably as ready for it s he was and I didn’t offer any resistance. He took his cock out and I leaned forward and swallowed the head and then the dick-head went and ruined it.

“That’s it you little whore. I knew you were a little cock-teasing slut who really wanted some cock.”

I bit down hard and he yelped and jerked back and my teeth scraped his dick as he pulled it out of my mouth and he yelped again and called me a fucking bitch. I stood up and said:

“Next time ask asshole.”

I was straightening my dress as he stormed out of the room. Seconds later I followed him out and as I was turning to go back to the table where I was sitting a voice from behind me said:

“Whatever you did in there didn’t seem to make Alan happy.”

I turned and saw Bob Oldham.

“Hopefully I taught him some manners.”

“It seems that you take after your mother in that respect. I haven’t taken the time to get to know you since you came to work here. Can this old man get a dance?”

“I don’t know. Can I trust you?”

“Now why would you say something like that?”

“My mother told me to watch myself around you. She told me that you had a thing for younger ladies.”

“Alas, your mother knows me too well. She is probably afraid that I’ll offer to show you my etchings.”

“Oh? You have etchings? I’ve never seen etchings.”

I thought I’d have a little fun and tease one of my mother’s lovers so I said:

“Too bad you can’t leave your own party because I would really like to see some etchings.”

And then he caught me off guard.

“Oh but I can leave the party long enough to show you my etchings. I have an apartment here in the hotel for nights when I work late or have to entertain guests from out of town.”

He offered me his arm and said, “Come along and I’ll show you my collection.”

I was caught so all I could do was take his arm and go with him. In the elevator I wondered if he was going to try to seduce me and I wondered what I should do if he did. It would be a kick doing one of mother’s lovers and after all I had considered doing Mark, Alan and Sam (or all three), but I wasn’t all that sure that mom would be happy about it if she found out. The question that was weighing on me the most as the elevator went up was how would Mr. Oldham take it if I shot him down? Would he take it out on my mom? I was another one of those ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ situations that I seemed to keep getting into.

We got off the elevator on the eighth floor and Mr. Oldham led me to apartment 8B. We entered and he closed the door behind us. He hit a light switch and the lights came on and I saw that the walls were covered with pictures in frames.

“Do you really want to se etchings my dear?”

There it was! Fish or cut bait time. I turned to him and kissed him. When I took my lips from his I said:

“Maybe later.”

He smiled and said, “You are just so much like your mother” and he led me to his bedroom where I found out why my mother spent so much time with him. I’d had dozens and dozens of cocks since Mr. Jamison took my cherry, but Bob was my first ten incher. I had my hand on it when I asked:

“How long can we be gone Mr. Oldham?”

“I think that under the circumstances you can call me Bob and to answer to your question the time doesn’t matter. I disappear from these things all the time so I won’t be noticed and I saw your date for the evening all ready passed out so I’d say we have a good half hour to forty minutes. Think that will be enough time?”

“For our first time maybe.”

He chuckled and said, “Oh yes indeed my dear; you are definitely your mother’s daughter.”

I went to my knees in front of him and took his magnificent cock in my hands. He was hard, rock hard, and it was for me. I leaned forward and licked the length of him and then parted my lips and took him in my mouth. He was so big that my jaws started to ache almost immediately. I tried to suck him, but it hurt to the point that there was no pleasure in it. I pulled my mouth off of him and said:

“Now; I need you in me now.”

He pulled me to my feet and led me to the bedroom and lifted me onto the bed. I pulled my dress up to my waist as he pulled my panties off. He got between my legs, pressed his cock against my pussy and pressed. I moaned as the head entered me.

“So big!” I gasped as he pressed forward stretching me like I’d never been stretched before. Bob started pumping, short little strokes to help me get used to his size and as I got used to it I moaned;

“More, I want more.”

I squealed as he pushed in a little deeper and then I was moaning, “Oh yes, oh fuck yes, fuck me lover, fuck me.”

Bob picked up the pace. Faster and harder his cock plunged into my pussy and I was calling out “Oh yes, oh God yes” as my body built toward orgasm. Minutes went by as Bob fucked me hard and fast and then suddenly I was coming. I screamed as my body exploded in a huge orgasm. I dug my nails into Bob’s ass and pulled him to me as I cried:

“Give it to me, cum in me.”

He slammed deep and hard into me and I felt his cock swell and then the hot spurts of his release. I clung to him as my body shook once more and then I held him until he went soft inside me. Bob pulled out and fell to the bed next to me and said:

“Damn girl; I should have introduced myself to you sooner. Think of all the time that has been wasted.”

“I’m willing to play catch up.”

He grinned and said “You ready to look at some etchings now?”

“Maybe next time. Right now I think we should be getting back to your party.”

“You go first and I’ll wait five minutes or so and then follow. When can we do this again?”

“I have to give you my class schedule and work schedule and you will have to make sure that my mom never finds out.”

The first person I saw when I got back to the party was my mother. I went to my table and got my drink and then leaving my passed out date in his chair with his head resting on the table I went over and sat down with my mom and dad. She wanted to know where I’d been and I told her I had been outside getting a breath of fresh air. Luckily she was looking the other way when Bob returned so I didn’t need to worry about her wondering and maybe putting two and two together and coming up with the right answer.

I danced a couple of times with my dad and a couple of times with other guys. I saw Alan sitting at a large table with Mark, Sam and their wives and when Mark and Sam were out on the dance floor with their mates I went over and sat down at the table with Alan.

“You fucking bitch!” he snarled at me.

“Your own fault Alan. You were seconds away from a pretty good blow job and you had to go and ruin it with that “little whore” and “cock teasing slut” bullshit. I’m not sorry I did it, but some day if you behave and act right I just might kiss it and make it better. Think on that.”

I got up and went back to mom’s table.

When the party broke up around midnight I left my drunken date where he was and rode home with mom and dad.

The next day mom and dad went Christmas shopping and since Billy was home we ended up in his room for a couple of hours. He tried to get in touch with Bert to ask him to join us, but Bert never answered his cell.

Sunday Billy and I went Christmas shopping and ended up spending five hours in a motel room. Once again Billy tried to reach Bert with no success. He tried Jimmy, but got no answer there either. Billy did his best and I didn’t tell him his best, while good, fell short of what I needed that day. I was beginning to see where my mom was coming from. One just wasn’t enough.

Monday at work Bob slipped me a key and asked, “Lunch at my apartment? Say about noonish?” I smiled and took the key.

I had ‘lunch’ with Bob every day for the rest of the week and when I left the house on Saturday to go shopping I somehow ended up at Bob’s downtown apartment. Mom wondered how I could spend all day shopping and come home without anything and I passed it off as not finding anything that I liked. A lie naturally since I had found something that I liked very much and it was attached to Bob.

Christmas came and went and New Years was fast approaching. For the first time in years I didn’t have a date for New Years Eve. There were plenty of parties I could go to, but I didn’t like to go to those types of parties alone. I was just about to the point where I was going to settle for curling up with a book when I got a surprise phone call. It was Ricky and he asked me if I had a date for New Years Eve. I told him that I didn’t and he asked me if I would like to go out with him. I said yes and when I hung up I wondered what was up with that? I hadn’t heard from him in months and suddenly out of the blue he asks me out.

In the car on the way to the party he was taking me to I asked him straight out what was going on:

“You haven’t spoken to me since before college started. I figured you had decided you didn’t want a slut in your life.”

“True, but you do have to admit that you hit me with a major change in our relationship and it wasn’t even a “How would you feel about this” but a flat out “Here is how it is going to be.” Frankly, I wasn’t even close to being ready for something like that.”

“And now?”

“I came to the conclusion that as much as I missed you I was going to have to find out so here we are. I do have one thing though.”

“And that is?”

“I always get to be first.”

What’s the matter? You don’t like sloppy seconds?”

“I’ll probably get plenty of them. Just because I want to be first doesn’t mean that will be the only time that night, but I would like you to be tight at least once and I figure I can only get that if I’m first. Also there is the pride thing.”

“The pride thing?”

“I take my girl to a party and some other guy takes her off and fucks her. How is that going to look to other people? What does that say about me? That I can’t take care of business? That I’m not man enough to hold on to you? And on and on along those lines. If I’m first I’m saying I know and it is all right with me.”

“I never thought of it that way, but I guess I can see your point. I will do my best to see that you are first, but it might not always happen. When the mood is right and I’m ready I may not be able to find you right away and I won’t spend a whole lot of time looking and as a result lose that feeling, But I do promise you that I will look for you first. Good enough?”

“I guess we will just have to see. Don’t forget, I’m not even sure that I can handle it yet. I hope I can, but just like you can’t promise me I’ll always be first I can’t promise you that I’ll be able to do it.”

By then we were at the party and as we walked in I made myself a promise that no matter what else happened that night Ricky would be first.

Ricky said he would play designated driver so I hit the punchbowl fully expecting that the non alcoholic punch was spiked. I spent about two hours drinking and dancing and talking to people. I was in a pretty mellow mood and I was dancing with a really hot looking guy named Lance and he had his hands all over me. He was doing a pretty good job of working me up and from the hard thing pushing into my leg I could tell he was worked up also.

“Can we take this some place a little more private?” he asked.

“We probably can, but first I have to ask you how you feel about getting sloppy seconds.”

“I’m cool with it. Why?”

“I have to tell my boyfriend and he will insist on being first. If you can handle that go and find us a place while I go find him and let him know what is happening.”

I went and found Ricky and together we went looking for Lance. Five minutes later I was naked with Ricky in my pussy and Lance in my mouth. Ricky gave me an orgasm minutes before he came and he kissed me, told me to have fun and he dressed and went back to the party.

Lance quickly took his place. He was doing me fast and hard and as I moaned and cried and dug my nails into his ass I saw a couple of girls standing in the doorway watching and I wondered if they were thinking that I was a slutty pig or wishing they had the nerve to do what I was doing. I saw them pushed aside as three guys came though the door and started taking off their pants.

Lance got me off twice before he came and when he pulled out his place was taken by a tall well built blonde. As the blonde guys’ cock slid into me a chubby redheaded guy offered his cock to my mouth and I opened up and took him in. The blonde had me right on the edge of cumming when he came and when he pulled out Red took his place and it only took him eight strokes to take me to where the blonde didn’t. Red fucked me long and hard and got me off again before he came and pulled out. He pulled out and another one slid into me.

“Having fun?” Ricky asked.

“I’m loving it.”

“Good” he said, “Roll over; I want your ass” and he pulled out and waited until I was on my hands and knees and then he moved behind me. He pushed a couple of fingers into my soaking cunt and worked them into my butt hole. After a minute or so he put the head of his cock in place and started working it into me. As he pushed into me a guy got down on the floor and scooted into place so his cock was right under my face and I did what he wanted.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw three guys waiting for a turn. I knew all three of them. Not by name, but all three were in classes that I was taking and all three were going to be a unique experience for me. One was black, an exchange student from Nigeria, one was Chinese although from his speech I assumed he was home grown, and one was a Latin and I’d never had sex with a black, an oriental or a Latin guy.

Ricky finished in my ass and I waited for the guy in my mouth to slide out from under me and take Ricky’s place, but he waved at the three waiting and said he was too close to coming to want to move and the oriental hurried over and pushed into my ass. Less than a minute later the guy in my mouth erupted and I sucked his cream down. He moved and the black guy took his place. As my mouth closed around him the thought came to me that I had my own mini United Nations going on.

The oriental pumped his load into my butt and the black guy moved to take his place and the Latin presented himself to my mouth. There were four more guys in the room by then and I decided to escalate things. I moved away from the black cock in my ass and mounted the Spanish guy cowgirl and then bent low. The black dude knew what to do and seconds later he was buried in my ass and going for glory. One of the four waiting came over and pointed his cock at my face and I opened my mouth and let him walk his dick into place.

Ricky walked in, looked at his watch and said that he needed to leave soon so he could get a couple hours of sleep before going to his job at the Village in. I took my mouth off the cock in my mouth long enough to tell the guys waiting to close and lock the door.

“I’ll get to all of you, but you guys are the end of the train.”

When they were all done and gone Ricky stood there looking down at me. I was a cum covered mess. I looked at him looking at me and said:

“Well? What do you think?”

He just shrugged, dropped his trousers and fucked me.

We pulled up in front of my house just after three. It had been a silent ride and I sat on my side of the seat and waited for Ricky to say something. He never did so when he put the car in park I asked:

“So tell me Ricky; what are you thinking? The night is behind us. What are your thoughts on what I did?”

“You don’t get it. That isn’t the area of concern. You said it yourself back when you first dumped it on me. Will I be able to handle it when people start bad mouthing me because I have a gangbanging slut for a girlfriend or bad mouthing you in front of me for what you are doing? I enjoyed tonight as much as anyone there and that isn’t the part that I wonder if I can handle. All I can say is that we will have to wait and see.”

Surprisingly enough Ricky was able to handle it, but not without a rough patch or two. Twice he had to beat the snot out of someone who let his mouth run away and after that the word was out that it would be best if no comments about Ricky and me were verbalized.

The next two years went by and there were a lot of changes. Billy joined the Army, Bert got married and Jimmy took a job in another state. My sex life cooled down a little. I still had Ricky; Bob was having ‘lunch’ with me a couple of times a week, whenever I worked late on afternoons after college and on the occasional Saturday or Sunday. I was still getting together with Abby and pulling trains at frat parties once or twice a month.

At work Mark quit and Sam was promoted and transferred to a different city. Mom was trying to make do with Alan, Bob (when he wasn’t with me) and dad. She was frustrated and it showed. She became irritable and snappish and I was seriously considering taking her to one of my parties where I knew she would be screwed senseless.

And then, quite suddenly, she stopped doing Alan and Bob and it was my dad who started feeling irritable and cranky. It turned out that mom had entered menopause and it totally scrambled her. Her sex drive disappeared and it suddenly became apparent why my dad was out of sorts – he wasn’t getting any.

Mother’s condition was the spark that moved me into the next phase of my life. First, her cutting off Alan spurred him into working harder at getting me into his bed. We had managed to put the Christmas party behind us and our relationship up to mom’s going off sex had been flirty, but not much more. I kept telling him that I wouldn’t play with my mom’s toys, but all of a sudden he wasn’t one of mom’s toys and he quickly pointed that out to me.

I had always given some thought to trying out mom’s lovers and I was doing it with Bob so why not Alan now that mom wasn’t using him? I made him work for it for a couple of weeks, but then one Sunday I met him at his apartment and spent from eleven in the morning until almost midnight with him. The Energizer Bunny was a run down slow-poke compared to Alan and if it wasn’t for one very bad habit I might even have considered a long term relationship with the man. His bad Habit? His mouth! We did the deed five times. He ate me and we fucked. I sucked him hard again and we fucked. We went sixty-nine and then we fucked. I sucked him hard and he took my ass. He washed his cock, I sucked it hard and we fucked. But he just could not keep his mouth shut!

“You are such a cock-sucking slut.” “God, but you are one dirty little whore.” “How do you like being my cum dump?” “Like my hard cock up your shit chute. Bet you would like to suck my dick when I pull it out of your ass.” “I knew you were a little whore.” “My brother has a big Golden Retriever. I’ll have him here next time. A whore like you just has to fuck dogs, right?”

And it went on and on like that the entire time I was there and I didn’t like it at all. I could barely walk when I left his apartment and I promised myself never again. I felt degraded, well fucked, but totally degraded.

The second thing was more far reaching. One Saturday as I was relaxing from the vigorous fucking that I’d just gotten from Bob (I really, really did like his ten inch cock) he said:

“Can I ask you something really personal?”

“You ask that given what we just did and have been doing since the Christmas party?”

“This is something totally different and when I ask I don’t want you to get up and go storming out.”

“That isn’t very likely.”

“I have a very personal favor to ask.”

“So go ahead and ask.”

“I have a very important customer coming to town next week.”


“And I try to take very good care of him. Your mother is who I usually send to take good care of him, but she won’t do it any more and I have no one else I can turn to.”

I laughed and said, “Let me see if I have this straight. You are wanting to pimp me to one of your customers?”

“That is pretty much it.”

“I don’t know if I can do it. I mean I doubt that it would bother me, but you have to remember that I’m in college. I have homework, term papers to prepare and studying to do. I don’t know that I can spare the time to do what you want.”

“What if I figure out a way to give you the time you need for your college work that will free you up for the three nights he will be in town?”

If you can do that I could probably do what you want.”

“Plan on me coming up with a way to make it work. It will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.”

And that was the start of my ‘company whore’ phase.  Bob fixed it up so I could do homework and study on company time under the guise of working on a special project for him (well I was, wasn’t I?) and on a Tuesday I met Alex Markus in the restaurant of the downtown Hilton. Dinner was followed by dancing and a few drinks (I had a very credible fake ID) and around ten Alex walked me into room 412. No need for a boring description other than to say that we were both well satisfied when it was over. We had done it all; eaten each other, some sixty-nine, anal twice, vaginal twice and one load down my throat. Alex asked me if I could spend the night and I told him that I couldn’t that night, but if he still wanted me to I could probably stay on Thursday.

Wednesday was dinner, followed by drinking and dancing and a repeat of Tuesday evening. Thursday was a bit different. After dinner Alex had tickets to a show and after the show was drinking and dancing and of course a trip to room 412 and it was then that Alex showed me that he had a kinky side. He asked me if I had ever done threesomes and I said I had and he then asked me if I liked them and I told him very much. He picked up the phone and called room service and ordered a bottle of champagne.

He was eating me when the knock on the door came and he got up to get it. I looked up to see him coming back with the room service waiter, an older black man of about forty. Alex pointed at me lying naked on the bed and said:

“If you don’t mind sharing that’s your tip.”

The black man didn’t say word. He just smiled and started taking off his uniform.

I was just a little pissed at being taken for granted. Yes, I had said I’d done threesomes and liked it, but I had not been asked if I would like to do what Alex just dropped on me. Part of me wanted to get off the bed, dress and storm out of the room, but in the back of my mind I was considering what that would mean to Bob and the company. Reason prevailed and I smiled at the black man and opened my legs. Alex arranged us so I was cowgirl on the waiter and then Alex took my ass. When both men had come I started sucking the waiter as Alex went and washed his cock and then the waiter took my ass while Alex filled my pussy.

After the waiter had gone Alex did something that had never been done to me before. He went down on me even though I was full of the waiter’s cum. It must have been a big turn on for him because he was hard as iron when he pulled his face out of my pussy and moved up to slide his cock into me. He brought me off twice before he came and then as we lay there sipping champagne he said:

“I invited Marcus (the waiter) back when his shift is over at twelve.”

Alex did my ass again and then we napped until there was a knock on the door at a little after twelve. Alex got up and came back with Marcus and another black man.

“I told Marcus to bring a little help.”

Again I was pissed, but again I kept it to myself as Alex arranged us the way he wanted us. It was a long night. Both Marcus and Jerome (the second black man) came in my pussy twice, my ass once and I took a load from Jerome down my throat and that doesn’t even count what Alex pumped into my three holes. It was almost four when the party broke up and I fell asleep next to Alex. Luckily my first class wasn’t until eleven on Friday. Alex woke me by finger fucking me and when he saw that I was awake he mounted me one more time and then we showered and I dressed and left.

I only had two classes on Friday and the second let out at two-thirty so I was at work by three. At four Bob called me into his office and told me that Alex was quite taken with me and then he handed me an envelope and said:

“A little token of my appreciation.”

Then he told me that he had another ‘special’ customer coming into town the following week and he asked me if I might happen to have Wednesday night open. I assured him that I did and we made arrangements for me to stop by his apartment for a bite of ‘lunch’ on Saturday.

When I left his office I opened the envelope and found three thousand dollars. It was official. I was now a paid whore.

After that Bob set me up with his ‘special customers’ three or four times a month and my ‘token of appreciation was never less than two thousand dollars. By the time I graduated I had just over two hundred and sixty thousand in safe deposit boxes at two separate banks.

Graduation found me Ricky less. He called me one Friday evening and cancelled a date we had to attend a party (and yes – it was that kind of party) and asked me to meet him for breakfast at the Village Inn on Saturday. He cut right to it. He had met someone he had fallen in love with. He told me he would never forget me, wished me well and then got up and left.

I was a little stunned. I had no illusions about Ricky and I being in it for the long haul, but I had expected that it would be a slow drifting apart after we both graduated. I had not even remotely expected that it would be so abrupt.

As graduation got closer I began sending out resumes and when Bob found out he wanted to know why.

“I thought you liked it here.”

“I do lover, but I’m not going to waste a degree by working as a file clerk.”

“I never expected that you would. When you graduate I’ll have an appropriate job waiting for you.”

I asked him what he had in mind and he told me that he wasn’t happy with Sam’s replacement and he was going to let him go and give me a shot at the job. When he told me about the pay and benefits I smiled and stopped sending out resumes. If that conversation had taken place a month earlier my retort would have been:

“Yes Bob. But I don’t want to be the full-time company whore.”

I couldn’t say that anymore. Mom was back and she was back with a vengeance. She had seen a doctor and he had put her on hormone treatments and mom had rediscovered sex. My dad was no longer grouchy all the time, Alan was suddenly smiling a lot more and Josh from the mailroom was walking around with a permanent smile on his face. There was a drop in the number of ‘special customers’ I was seeing and time spent with Bob was cut in half.

With Ricky out of the picture I had several guys asking me for dates and I went out with most of them at least once and I even gave it up for a couple, but I never found one with the right mental attitude to take Ricky’s place.

I still played railroad a couple of times a month, but I usually went to them with Abby instead of a guy. I was getting by on a lot less sex than I was used to, but the lack of bed or backseat action gave me more time to work on all the things that needed to be done before graduation. I had term papers, projects and presentations that needed to be completed. The last one, a group project for my Strategic Analysis for Business class, was finished on time and then I was able to sit back and relax and think about where I wanted to move when I graduated,

I finally settled on an apartment that was close to work. It was a two bedroom and the apartment complex had a pool and an exercise room. Thanks to my safe deposit boxes I had no trouble coming up with the first and last months rent and the security deposit. Mom went with me to shop for furniture and things and then mom surprised me by paying for all the furniture as a graduation present from her and dad. I moved in one week before graduation.

Graduation came and went and I started full time for Bob. My third day on the job as a full-time employee brought about another major change in my life. It took a couple of months to happen, but the seed was planted when Bob called me into his office and told me that he had a couple of very ‘special customers’ coming to town the following week and he asked me if I would ‘spend some time’ with them. Before I could say yes he said:

“I guess I need to let you know that they are a little kinky. They like to double team girls. Is that something that you can do?”

“It depends.”

“On what?”

“Is double teaming the extent of their kinkiness or do they have some other kinks that I may not care for.”

“None that I’ve ever heard of. They just like to share their women.”

“I guess I can do it then.”

The following Tuesday I found myself at the Marriott in room 218 with Jason and Tom. There was no diner and dancing with the two, just sex. Lots and lots and lots of sex. If it could be done by two men and a woman we did it – twice! The two decided to stay over for a second night and we did it again only I got dinner out of it the second night. My token of appreciation for the two evenings was five thousand dollars. I found out later that the ‘tokens’ were actually commissions that I received for the signing of contracts that I helped facilitate. Commissions that were totally under the table.

The session with Jason and Tom led to Bob asking me to do other multiple partner meetings. Several with two men, a couple with three and one with four. My tokens for those were also quite generous and the stash in my safe deposit boxes kept growing and growing.

What with going to parties with Abby once or twice a month, my time with Bob and the time I was spending with Bob’s ‘special customers’ I was getting enough sex, but I missed having a guy of my own. The problem of course was that I just couldn’t find one who had the kind of mind set that I needed him to have.

The seed that had been planted during the meeting with Bob that had led to my evening with Tom and Jason took root and grew into a large plant – a plant that flowered on a Wednesday evening in November. I was entertaining four of Bob’s ‘special customers’ at the Marriott when there was a knock on the door. Don answered it and I heard a voice I recognized say:

“Hi; I’m here for the party” and my mother walked into the room and saw her baby girl on hands and knees with a cock in both ends of her.

“As you can see” Dan said, “She is busy and Mike and I have been waiting our turn, but now that you are here and we don’t have to wait any more.”

Mom was rooted to the spot, staring at the tableau in front of her and I don’t even think she noticed Don and Mike undressing her until they got to where they were unsnapping her bra and tugging down her thong. She looked from one to the other and then back at me and then she shrugged and went with the flow.

It of course was not the first time I’d seen my mom doubled, and images of that first time when I’d walked in on her flashed through my mind, but it was certainly her first time seeing the same thing happening to her daughter. It was weird though seeing her on the next bed looking like a mirror image of what I was doing on my bed. I was on hands and knees plugged at both ends and so was mom.

Paul came in me and then Dave moved from my mouth to my pussy. Over on mom’s bed Don came in mom and Mike moved from her mouth to her pussy. Paul took his limp cock over to mom and offered it to her mouth and she took it and at the same time Don came over to me with his just deflated member and I took him in my mouth. Picture it! Mother and daughter tasting each other for the first time. And just how weird is it for a daughter to watch her mother take a cock in her ass? Not only take it in the ass, but scream:

“Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Cum in my ass! Harder damn it, harder!”

The four men shared the two of us until ten-thirty when mom said she had to be going. That left me with the four until I called it quits at midnight. I left the hotel wondering how my next meeting with my mother was going to go when we got to work in the morning.

The next morning mom was waiting for me in the parking lot. She got out of her car and got in my Mustang and as soon as she was in she asked:

“How long has it been going on?”

I knew what she was asking and I said, “Since you stopped being Bob’s ‘go-to-girl.’ He asked me if I would be interested in taking your place.”

“Just like that? He called you into his office, told you I used to be the company whore and asked you to take my place?”

“Pretty much” and then I told her about the Christmas party and what I’d been doing with Bob ever since. She looked at me with a stunned look on her face and then said:

“It must be something in my DNA that I passed on to you. Come on, were going to be late.”

She joined me at lunch (much to Alan’s displeasure) and told me that she had talked with Bob that morning. Apparently he had been in the middle of a crisis with one of our biggest customers and had totally spaced out that he had already set me up with the four guys and he had asked mom to take care of them.

“He wants to know if we would be willing to do it again.”

“Do what again?”

“Entertain clients together.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him that it would be up to you.”

“You told him that? You told him you would be up to having orgies with your own daughter?”

“It didn’t kill us last night. In fact, once I got over the shock of seeing you there I thought it was as erotic as all get out and I want to do it again.”

“This from the woman who got all bent out of shape when Alan wanted to get me involved with you and your posse?”

“If I knew then what I know now I would have been all for it. Anyway, think about it. Bob will probably ask you about it sometime today.”

At three Bob called me into his office and handed me an envelope with my ‘token of appreciation’ in it and asked me if I had talked with my mom. I said that I had seen her at lunch and then he asked me if it was something I thought I could do. I acted reluctant and he said:

“I’ve got some customers who would go nuts over a mother/daughter thing.”

I still didn’t say a word and just stood there looking apprehensive.

“You know I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Let me think about it. Last night was a shock to me and I still don’t know how I feel about it.”

I left his office knowing damned well that I would do it – that I looked forward to doing it. When mom asked me about my meeting with Bob I told her that I hadn’t committed to anything, but that I was probably going to do it.

The following Monday Bob called me into his office and told me he had some ‘special customers’ coming to town the next day and asked me if I would be willing to ‘visit’ with them with my mother and after several seconds of hesitation I told him I would do it.

There were five of them and we met them for dinner and drinks at five and by seven mom and I were naked on adjoining beds. And talk about a kinky evening! It was the first time I’d seen mother three holed and the first time she saw me the same way. The five men worked us over pretty good until mom had to leave at ten and then they were all mine until I ended it at midnight.

The next morning at coffee break mom asked me how things had gone after she left and all I could tell her was that nothing happened that didn’t happen when she was there.

“One of these nights” she said wistfully, “I won’t have to leave.”

Mom and I did five more of those group gropes over the next three months and then it was time for my birthday again. This one would be a milestone – my twenty-first. I would now be legally able to go into bars. No more taking chances with a fake ID.

My birthday was on a Thursday and mom told dad she was taking me out for drinks after work so he was on his own as far as dinner was concerned. After work we stopped at Alphonse’s for dinner and then went to The Pit for drinks. They had a live band that night and as two unescorted ladies we hadn’t been at our table five minutes before guys were asking us to dance.

Mom was flattered since most of the guys were half her age. She was having a good time and I almost expected to see her drag one of the young studs out to the parking lot. She and the guys she went out onto the dance floor with gave new meaning to “dirty dancing” and I swear there would have been penetration if it wasn’t for the clothes they were wearing.

I wasn’t doing all that bad myself and as a guy was dancing with me and cupping my ass in both hands I watched the same thing going on with my mom and I wondered how many other daughters and moms had a relationship like ours.

By nine-thirty mom had picked out one that she wanted to play with, but he was there with a buddy and mom asked me if I would “take one for the team.” I had danced with the guys a couple of times and he seemed nice enough so I said that I would.

“Can we go to your place? When I call your father to tell him not to wait up for me I want him to see that it is your number on the caller ID.”

Ten-twenty found me on my king sized bed with my legs up on Marty’s shoulders as Harry butt fucked my mom on the bed next to me. Then my mom did something that I thought was both erotic as hell and downright nasty. With Harry still buried in her ass she reached for the bedside phone and called my father.

“Hi baby. I’m calling because I didn’t want you to worry. We got a little carried away and I don’t think it would be wise for me to try and drive home.”

“Oh yes indeed. She did her birthday up right. She’s in the same condition I am” she said as she looked over at me, winked and pushed her ass back on Harry’s cock.

“We cabbed to her apartment. In the morning we will take a cab back to pick up our cars and go from there to work.”

“Thank you baby. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night.”

“Love you too. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and then looked back over her shoulder at Harry and told him to fuck her harder.

We swapped partners a couple of times before the guys left around two-thirty. I walked them to the door and saw them out and then locked the door. By the time I got back to the bedroom mom was fast asleep.

On the way to work in the morning mom told me that I was a bad influence on her and I had to laugh at that.

“Bullshit! You were spreading for the boys long before last night. Knowing what I know and have learned since catching you with Mark, Sam and Alan I’d be willing to bet that you have been putting it out since you were ten or so.”

“Twelve actually.”

“And you probably didn’t stop when you married dad.”

“Did so. For almost four years.”

“Daddy is that bad in bed?”

“Your father is a fantastic lover, but he is only one man with the limitations of one man. You’ve seen me sweetie. Mark, Sam and Alan in the afternoon and I still needed your father at night. I just need more than any one man can give me and I hate to lay it on you like a curse, but I don’t see that it is going to be any different for you.”

That night was just the first of many for mom and me and they all ended up at my apartment. Occasionally there were more than two that we took home with us. One memorable night there were six and I got to see my mother do four guys at once – three-holed and jacking one off with her right hand. I tried to copy her and couldn’t do it. The three that were buried in me bounced me around so much that I could get any coordination going to jack off the fourth guy.

It was a night out with my mom that changed my life. Once again we were at our favorite place – The Pit – and the usual parade of men was making their way to our table. I noticed a man sitting at the bar and he was looking at me, but he never came over to the table and asked me to dance. Every time I looked his way he was looking at me.

It was weird, but I felt an attraction toward him and I did something that I had never done before. It was totally out of character for me. I got up and went over to him.

“It doesn’t look like you are going to ask me to dance so I guess it is up to me to ask you.”

“I haven’t asked you to dance because I don’t want to embarrass myself. I can’t dance for beans.”

“Bull hockey! Anyone can dance to slow tunes. All you have to do is stand there, hold your partner and sway to the music. Come on. I’ll show you.”

I took him by the hand, pulled him off of his stool and led him out onto the dance floor. We stayed out there for three songs and by the time they were over I had a very strong suspicion that Stan was going to be a very, very large part of my life. When we left the floor Stan excused himself to go to the little boy’s room and I went over to our table, told mom she was on her own and I was waiting, purse in hand, when Stan came out of the bathroom.

“I’m not usually this forward” I told him, “but I’m not going to take a chance on letting you slip away. How about we get out of here and go some place for coffee?”

We ended up at a Denny’s and we drank coffee and talked for an hour. Stan was twenty-five, part owner of an engineering firm that specialized in bridge construction, had never been married and did not at that time have a lady in his life. I also found out that that night was the first time he had ever stopped at The Pit. I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard that since it meant – or at least I hoped it did – that he wasn’t aware of how many times I’d left the place with a man (or men) in tow. He got the sanitized (extremely sanitized) version of my life and when we left Denny’s we had a date for Saturday night. By the end of that date I knew that I had found the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

It was three weeks before Stan tried to kiss me for the first time. I would have on the first date, but I wanted him and I was going to let him do things at his own pace. I was not –NOT! – going to do anything to scare him away.

I was too much of a sexaholic to go totally without and fortunately Bob and Bob’s ‘special customers’ helped keep the fires banked. It took five weeks before Stan tried his first feel, six before he got one of my breasts in his mouth, seven before he got his fingers in my pussy, nine before I gave him a hand job and twelve before I let him take me to a motel.

In a way it was a disappointment and in a way it was stupendous. Stan didn’t “send me to the moon” like Bob with his ten inches did or like several of Bob’s ‘specials’ did, but Stan didn’t fuck me; Stan made love to me and that was something that I’d never had before. Stan treated me like I was the most precious thing in the world to him. It was just missionary that first time as I wasn’t about to let Stan see my full bag of tricks. I’d bring him along slow, but he would eventually get everything that I was capable of giving.

Our second time was at his apartment and after a bout of missionary I asked him how soon he could be ready to go again and he said he didn’t know. I told him that several of my girlfriends had told me that oral sex got their boyfriends ready pretty quick and I offered to try it if he would like. He said he would like it and I warned him I had no experience, but would do my best. I gave him a tentative, but adequate blow job and he seemed to like it. He asked me how I felt after doing it and I told him I kind of liked it. Then he offered to do the same for me, but I told him maybe next time, but that right then I wanted his brand new hard on. By the end of our fifth night together Stan had gotten everything but my ass and I had no intention of ever going there until he asked me for it and even then I was going to act disgusted until we were in the middle of doing it and then I would go a little wild and tell him that I liked it – really liked it.

I was still doing Bob and his ‘specials’ on the nights I wasn’t trying to fuck Stan to death. I had already informed Bob that I intended to marry Stan and once we were married I was going to be a strictly one man woman and that man was going to be Stan. Bob said that he understood and that he wished me well.

“But you aren’t married yet and Charlie Baldrich will be in town Thursday so could you have dinner with him?”

We had been dating for a little over nine months when Stan took a knee in front of me and asked me to marry him. I said yes and then things took on a life of their own as my mother went into full Mother of the Bride mode.

We were not a religious family so mom never even gave a thought to a church wedding. Instead she arranged for the ballroom at one of the local hotels and contracted with the hotel’s event planner to work with her on the wedding. Fran did a superb job and the only thing I had to do was find the dress I wanted and go to all the necessary fittings.

I let Abby know that my party nights were over and I told her the same thing I had told Bob. There would only be one man in my life once we were married and that man would be Stan. She said the same thing Bob did.

“You aren’t married yet so we need to get one more party under your belt.”

She set it up for the coming Saturday.

It was at one of the frat houses on campus and as soon as I walked into the room with Abby guys surrounded me and started undressing me until I was down to heels, hose and garter belt. I was picked up and carried to a bed, my legs were pulled apart and a guy when down on me while a hand played with one breast and a mouth attached itself to the other. Hands were all over me stroking my body and my hands were reaching out to grab and pull on exposed hard ons.

The guy eating me pulled his face away and moved up to line his cock up with my opening and then pushed. I was pushing my pussy up at him when a cock rubbed my lips and I opened my mouth to accommodate it. Then it just got repetitive as guys took turns on me. I had so many orgasms that I lost count.

I did my first ‘six way’ that night. I had a cock in all three available holes while jacking off a cock with each hand. Anyone seeing me that night would have recognized me for what I really was – a cock hungry slut. I was a cock hungry slut and I loved it.

As the wedding drew closer I started saying no to Bob when he asked me to take care of his ‘specials’ and he didn’t take it badly (but he did take me several times).

I spent my time at work getting things up to snuff so that the two week honeymoon wouldn’t put me too far behind. I didn’t want to return and have to work sixteen hour days to get caught up.

Instead of a few days before the wedding Stan’s bachelor party was scheduled ten days before because of the previous commitments of the guys he wanted to be there. As soon as my mom found out the date of Stan’s party she set up a bachelorette party for me on the same night.

“Dress sexy” she told me, “We may go out once more after the party.”

She reserved one of the hospitality suites at the hotel and told me to be there at seven. I wore my favorite ‘little black dress’ with four inch heels, thigh highs and a lacy black thong. I didn’t wear a bra as one would ruin the line of the dress. I finished off the outfit with a string of pearls that Stan had given me.

As I drove to the hotel I wondered where mom and I would go after the party and how many we might take with us when we went to my place. The first indication that it wasn’t going to be a normal bachelorette party came when mom let me into the suite and I saw nine guys instead of a bunch of female friends. Mom laughed at the look on my face.

“Your party is going to be just like Stan’s. They will have a stripper come in and while Stan is probably too straight-laced to do anything with the stripper it is a good bet that the other guys will have at her. What is going to happen here is that you are going to be the stripper and after you have stripped for the guys I’m pretty sure that you know how things will go from there.”

She walked over to a boom box, pushed the “play” button and my bachelorette party was on.

The song that boomed out was Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” and I started a strip tease. I spun, dipped and twirled as I peeled the little black dress off. Once it was off there really wasn’t much more to strip off. I didn’t have a bra on and I always wore hose and heels when I fucked so all that was left to come off was the lacy black thong.

Not being a professional stripper I didn’t know a smooth looking easy way to get the thong off so I did it somewhat awkward and once it was off I strutted over to Brad (Mom had stocked the place with men I’d done before) and held the crotch under his nose. He took a deep sniff and everyone laughed. The Brad grabbed me and pulled me down on his lap. I gave him my idea of a lap dance and then hands grabbed me, carried me to a bed and in just minutes I was having the first of many orgasms as the nine men used all my holes and several times all three at once.

I wasn’t at all surprised to see my mother undressing as she watched her baby girl taking a cock in her mouth as another hard one probed the depths of her ass. I don’t know how long it might have gone on if mom hadn’t called a halt to things around two.

Except for Stan that was the last sex I had before the wedding. I did get a surprise on the night of the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I saw my dad sneak off with Fran the wedding planner and a quick glance at my mom showed that she hadn’t noticed. When I thought about all the stuff I knew about mom I had to say to myself:

“Way to go dad.”

The wedding went off without a hitch and the two week honeymoon in Aruba was glorious and then we came home to start building our life together.  Marriage to Stan was divine. He was attentive, affectionate, (and with my training) marvelous in bed and I loved him completely.

There was only one problem.

I was my mother’s daughter and she had indeed passed something along to me in her DNA. I remembered her telling me that she had been able to stay faithful to my father for a full four years before giving in to her needs. It turned out that I wasn’t as strong as my mother. The itch started at around eighteen months and I managed to come up with enough strength to fight it until two weeks after our second anniversary.

Every year Bob held what was in effect his own mini trade show. He rented a large ballroom in one of the local hotels and invited all of his customers to come and see our new products and the upgrades available for old products. Then there was a cocktail party in the evening.

I manned one of the booths and since Stan was out of town visiting a bridge site that his company had something to do with I was in no hurry to rush home and I stuck around for the cocktail party. My intention was to nurse one drink for an hour or so and then head for home. It was a bad choice on my part. When I got married my exposure to Bob’s ‘special customers’ stopped. I worked in the office and I never saw any of them again – until the cocktail party. It seemed like everyone of them were there and everyone of them was waiting for the chance to get me a drink and talk with me with the object of the conversation being getting me to go up to their room with them.

My problem was memory. I could remember everything I’d done with each and every one of them. I remembered cock sizes and shapes. I remembered their favorite positions and all of their likes and dislikes. I remembered which ones liked to eat pussy and which ones were good at it. And I remembered the way I’d felt during what we did and how I felt when it was over. That feeling was that I didn’t want it to end.

The one drink that I was going to nurse for an hour turned into five or six and that one hour turned into three. Mom was there but she was behaving because dad was there also. She came up to me and said:

“I’ve been watching you little girl and I think you should get yourself out of here before you get yourself in trouble.”

“I think I’m ready for some trouble mama.”

“Things not well on the home front?”

“Things are great on the home front, but Stan is only one man and you of all people should know what I mean by that,”

“There is a big difference between you and me little girl. I married a man who is basically clueless. I loved the cuddly old bear to death, but your father lives in a world where he sees me as nothing but perfect. You on the other hand are married to one very sharp young man. You are not going to be able to get away with what I can get away with.”

“Stan is out of town for a couple of days so I’m pretty sure I can get away with it. If I limit myself to when he isn’t home I’ll be okay.”

“But you won’t baby. You will end up doing just what I did. When I started I told myself I’d do it just once in a while to take the edge off and you know where I am now. If you start now in a month to six weeks you will be back to taking care of Bob’s customers and probably Bob too.”

I told her she was wrong, but of course she wasn’t although she missed it by a bit. It was only two weeks, but that came later. Mom went back over to join dad and Arby came over to me. Arby was one of the guys who have spent an evening or three with me and mom and he said:

“I understand that your mother is off limits tonight, but how about you?”

I remembered how good he was at eating pussy and I looked over at mom and thought about what she’d just said and I was on the ragged edge of saying “No thanks” when I saw Bob looking at us. When my eyes caught his he winked at me just as Arby said:

“Come on sweetie; once for old time’s sake.”

I set my glass down and said, “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

Fifteen minutes later I was on my hands and knees and Arby was doing a marvelous job of ringing my chimes when there was a knock on the door. Arby pulled out of me and I screamed:

“What the hell are you doing? You got me going damn it; why are you stopping?”

“Don’t worry baby; I’ll get you cranked back up in no time. Your surprise is here.”

He opened the door and Mel and Harvey walked in with big smiles on their faces.

“I remembered how much you like multiple partners” Arby said, “So I invited some help.”

Five or so minutes later I was ‘airtight’ and having multiple orgasms. God, but I had missed the feeling of having three hard cocks in me at the same time.

The next afternoon around three Bob called me into his office. He smiled at me and said, “Welcome back” and he handed me an envelope. I looked inside and found the envelope stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

“What’s this?”

“Arby told me how happy he was that you took care of him, Mel and Harvey so that is a token of my appreciation.”

I tried to hand it back to him saying, “I did last night for me.”

“Nonsense” he said, “You might have done it for you, but it caused the three of them to think well of the company and the way we take care of them. The company benefits and so should you.”

I wasn’t going to stand there and argue with him so I thanked him and then he asked:

“Any chance you might be available next Tuesday for some fun with George Pemberton?”

“No sir. Last night shouldn’t have happened. I’m trying real hard to be a good wife for Stan.”

“Well if you ever change your mind you be sure and let me know.”

Mom joined me at morning coffee break and as soon as she sat down she said:

“Last night must have agreed with you. You have a nice rosy glow about you this morning.”

“I didn’t realize how much I needed it.”

“A little bounce in the hay always helps.”

“It was more than a little bounce. They kept me busy until six this morning. If it wasn’t a work day they would still have me there.”


I told her what happened up to and including Bob’s envelope.

“That may be what you need baby girl.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I know you don’t think it is going to happen, but I know it will. You are not going to be able to keep your panties on. When it happens taking care of Bob’s customers might be the best way to go. Set it up to happen during the day during work hours and you will greatly reduce the chances of Stan ever finding out.”

“I am not going to do that mother. Maybe once in a great while to take the edge off, but that is all.”

“Whatever you say little girl; whatever you say.”

Stan came home early that night as if to highlight mom’s point. If I was doing what I’d told my mom about only doing it when Stan was on a trip and he came home early I would have had some explaining to do. As it was he asked me where I was last night when he called. The lie rolled easily off my tongue.

“I got a little carried away at the cocktail party last night and Bob wouldn’t let me drive home. He made me take a room and stay at the hotel.”

As soon as I said it I realized how easy it could be disproved if Stan ever got it in his head to check it out. What lie would I be able to tell if he came to me and said:

“The hotel has no record of you staying there.”

My best bet to keep from getting tripped up in a lie and caught was to not do it and I promised myself I would knuckle down and be a good girl from then on. As I mentioned a little earlier that mindset lasted all of two weeks. In my defense I do have to say that what happened wasn’t planned or expected.

Stan was out of town visiting a construction site and dad was out of town for the Fraternal Order of Eagles state bowling tournament and mom asked me to come over and keep her company. We sat in her kitchen and talked for an hour or so and then she said:

“I feel like a drink. Let’s go over to the Landing Strip and have a couple.”

I was dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes and I told her I couldn’t go out looking like that and she told me that of course I could.

“It’s just a couple of drinks. We aren’t going out looking for studs.”

I let her talk me into it and a half an hour later we were sitting in a booth at the Landing Strip. We weren’t there five minutes before the first guy showed up asking if either of us would like to dance. The guy was my age so I wasn’t at all surprised when mom said yes. She had a thing for young meat and by the time she moved into his arms I knew how the night was going to end for her. I was trapped because mom had driven so I was stuck until she was ready to go home.

I’d never seen her go out and do the backseat thing in a parking lot so I suspected that she would drive me home and then go and meet her stud. That isn’t what happened. After dancing mom invited ‘young stud’ to join us in the booth and then we found out that ‘young stud’ was there with a buddy and – surprise surprise – mom told him to invite his friend over and then – surprise surprise again – two hours later Brian was pounding into me dog fashion while mom rode Axel cowgirl. Then it was missionary for Axel and me and doggie for mom and Brian and then and then and then until six in the morning when we chased them away so we could get ready for work.

Before they left, and without telling me, mom invited them back that evening. At lunch mom asked me over for dinner after work and not having the foggiest of what I would be walking into I said I’d be there and I’d bring a dessert. Mom just smiled when I said that. Meanwhile Axel called mom at work and said that Brian had a family emergency and was going to be out of town. Would it be all right if he brought a different friend?

“The more the merrier” mom said.

After work I went home, changed clothes and left a message on the answering machine that I would be over at mom’s house in case Stan called, and then I headed over to mom’s stopping at the Village Inn to pick up a pie. I got the chocolate silk because that was mom’s favorite. I walked into the house and then the living room and found mom sitting there talking to Axel and five other guys. Axel had taken mom’s “The more the merrier” literally. Thirty-five minutes later both mom and I were ‘airtight’ and we stayed pretty much that way until two in the morning when mom chased them all away.

The boys asked if they could come back again the next night and mom said no because she had something else going. Then she turned to me and said:

“Unless you want to see them.”

I thought for a moment. Stan was supposed to be gone for three more days. I weighed things in my mind and then said:

“If I can do it here so I’ll be at a recognizable number if he calls.”

Mom of course knew what I meant when I said “he” and she said, “As long As you clean it up when you are done.”

I looked at Axel and said, “Only who is already here okay?”

“You got it.”

Over coffee the next morning mom said, “I’m really, really sorry that I passed the ‘slut gene’ on to you, but there is no sense in crying over spilt milk. The last two nights and how quickly you agreed to do tonight show me that you aren’t going to slack off any. Should I tell Bob you are ready?”

I really didn’t want to admit it to myself, but mom was right. I could tell myself that I wanted to be a good girl for Stan all I wanted, but the bottom line was that given a choice I had chosen to spend time with six very hard cocks. I looked at mom and then said;

“Yeah. I guess so.”

That night the sex with those six guys was repetitive. Face it! Six hard cocks and one girl with three usable holes and there wasn’t any way that the same scene wouldn’t play over and over and over again. Repetitive yes, but I loved every second of it. When it was over Axel asked me if we could do it again and I have to admit I considered it, but in the end I told him no. Stan would be home in a couple of days and I thought I could use a little time to tighten up a bit so Stan would at least be able to feel the sides.

Mom wasted no time in letting Bob know that I was ready. He called me into his office at a little after three the next day and told me that my mother had told him I was ready to report for duty.

“Is that right?”

“Yes, I guess it is.”

“Can you handle a lunch date and a fun afternoon on Friday?”

“I can’t, at least not on Friday. Stan is due home Friday and I want to be nice and tight for him.”

“But you will be available the following week?”


He stood up, unzipped his pants and took out that lovely ten inch cock and said:

“Let me be the first to welcome you back.”

I smiled at him and went to my knees. “Bring it to me” I said as I knelt there with an open mouth. He walked it into my mouth. Five minutes later he had me on my back on his desk with a file folder clenched between my teeth to keep me from screaming as that marvelous ten inch cock drove me wild.

The next nine years were a repeat of the years between my starting to work for Bob and my marriage to Stan. The only change was that all of my ‘dates’ with Bob’s ‘special customers’ took place during the day except for when Stan was out of town and then I could do some nights, but I always gave myself three days to get my pussy ready for Stan.

Because of the pussy stretching issue I never did multiple partners during the day, but when I played in the evenings multiple partners was the norm. Some times those evenings included my mother.

There were some evenings when Stan was home that I did go out with my mother to do ‘girl things’ which Stan took to mean dinner together and some shopping. Usually those evenings took place in a motel room with mom on one bed and me on the other with the ‘flavors’ of the night. Mom’s flavor always seemed to be about my age. She sure did like the young stuff.

My ‘tokens’ of appreciation kept piling up in my safe deposit boxes. There was enough money there to pay off the mortgage on the house, the loans on both cars, all of our credit card bills and still have enough left over to buy all new furniture for the house, finance month long vacations in Europe and a dozen tropical cruises. I couldn’t do any of that without having to give Stan some explanation about where the money came from and there was no way I could do that. Since Stan travelled a lot and I didn’t I handled all of the expenses and I was able to put fifteen thousand a year towards things and explain it as my yearly bonus. Mom and I were working on an idea that we were going to try and pull on daddy and Stan. We would take a ‘girls weekend’ in Vegas and come home with a bundle that we won. The plan had a lot of rough edges, but we were working on it.

Things were rolling along well, but things change and not always for the better. Stan was away on another bridge inspection trip and Bob called me into the office and asked me if I could take care of one of his customers and I said I would.

“He will have his bother with him; any problem with that?”

“Of course not” I said to the man who had set me up with as many as six, but there did turn out to be a problem with it – a huge problem!

I knocked on the door of room 612 at the downtown Marriott and it was opened by Chuck Brasser. I’d had fun with Chuck on several occasions and he was one of my favorites because he was rather well endowed. I wasn’t a size queen by any means, but I did occasionally like the full feeling I got from guys with some size to them.

He stepped out of the way and I walked into the room and my worst nightmare. Sitting on the edge of the bed was Ralph Innge. Ralph was one of Stan’s partners in his engineering firm. I froze in my tracks as Ralph smiled and said:

“Well, well, well; what have we here? An early Christmas present it would seem.”

I turned to Chuck and said, “I thought it was going to be your brother?”

“Step brother. Same mom, different dad. Why? Is there a problem?”

“You could say that.”

I explained to Chuck just what the problem was while Ralph sat there and grinned. When I finished the explanation Ralph said:

“I don’t see the problem sweetie. You have been my fantasy woman since the day Stan introduced you to me. Until now it was a fantasy that had no chance of ever happening. This is real life sweetie and there isn’t any rewind button that will back time up so you didn’t walk through that door. You did walk through that door and are here in the room and all three of us know why you are here. Even if you turn around and leave without doing anything it won’t change the fact that I know. Accept it sweetie; I know so why not just get with the program.”

Chuck was standing there waiting to see what I was going to do and I looked from Ralph to Chuck and then back to Ralph. Ralph was right. The horse was out of the barn so there was no use in trying to shut the barn door. I walked over to the dresser and set my purse down on it, turned to face the two and started to take off my clothes.

Ralph was just as well endowed as Chuck. I’d never had two very large cocks during the same evening let alone at the same time. Talk about feeling full! I’d taken Chuck in my butt before and I’d had had cocks in my pussy and ass at the same time on dozens of occasions, but never two the size of what I got that night. It was mind blowing! I spent the night with Chuck and Ralph and in the morning I could barely walk.

In the morning Ralph and I left Chuck’s room at the same time and Ralph told me he would buy me breakfast. Normally I would hurry home and get ready for work, but that particular morning I felt the need to find out what Ralph thought our new relationship was going to be. Was I scared he was going to snitch me out? Damned right I was!

Ralph must have been able to read my mind. As soon as we had our coffee in front of us he said:

“Relax sweetie; Stan isn’t going to find out about this from me, but I am going to tell Bruce and Dave (Stan’s other two partners). I can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve sat around talking about what we would do with you given the chance.”

“Please don’t. You guys are too close to home if you know what I mean. I need to keep what I do as far away from Stan as I can to keep him from ever finding out.”

“You won’t have to worry sweetie. They won’t rat you out. That would be cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Same reason you don’t have to worry about me. If I out you I don’t get any more and I want more sweetie; I want a lot more. Besides, both Dave and Bruce are married and they would know that if they burned you it would cause you to drop a dime on them with their wives out of revenge.”

“You don’t have a wife.”

“True, but you have even more leverage with me because I don’t.”

“Explain that one to me.”

“I already told you. I want more so I’m not going to be cutting my nose off to spite my face either.”

My response should have been to say that there would never be a next time for him if he told Bruce or Dave, but I would have no way of knowing if he told them or not. Did I want to trust my luck to that? No I didn’t. I told myself I’d have more control over things if I had them under my thumb so to speak. And that is why three weeks later while Stan was out of town I was in Ralph’s apartment stripping for Ralph, Bruce and Dave.

With the exception of Ralph’s large cock doing the three of them was no different than doing any other three that I had done. There was just a tad of extra juice in it for me to be doing three guys who not only knew my husband, but who were fairly close to him. I warned the three of them against doing anything around Stan that might make him stop and think. No smirks when he was around while thinking “I’m fucking your wife you clueless twit” and no talking about me among themselves and then suddenly going silent when Stan walked into the room.

“You give him any ideas at all that make him suspicious and I’ll cut you off and if anything you do causes him to find out I’ll make damned sure that your wives find out to. Are we clear on that?”

I got three very vigorous ‘yes’ nods on that and then I fucked them one more time to take some of the sting out of the tone I used while cluing them in on what I expected.

For the next three years I spent one night with the three of them whenever Stan was out of town. They wanted more, but I refused. I still had Bob and his customers to take care of and I still needed ‘tighten up’ time to be ready fro Stan’s homecoming I did see each of them separately during the day from time to time, Ralph more than the others, and as I said it went on for three years and then everything changed.

Dave caught his wife fucking her boss and she apparently had the better attorney in the divorce and Dave was put in the position of having to sell his share of the firm to come up with the cash he owed his wife. Instead his wife made him an offer … She would take his share of the firm for her half of the assets. Dave could have the house, keep his 401k and not have to pay any alimony. Dave’s attorney convinced him that he was getting the better of the deal so Dave took it.

Patty immediately kissed her boss/lover goodbye and sent him back to his wife and three children and set herself up as the firm’s office manager. Two weeks after she assumed her new position she called me and asked me to have lunch with her.

After we had ordered she reached into her purse and took out a bulky envelope and passed it across the table to me.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Read it.”

I took the papers out of the envelope and started reading them. My heart almost stopped. It was a report from a private detective agency and it documented a months worth of my activities with Dave, Bruce and Ralph. I sat there pale and shaking and she slip another envelope over to me. Another PI report only this one covered my activities with Bob’s customers over the same month. I took a deep breath and then said what I knew she was waiting to hear.

“What do you want?”

“I want in.”

“You want to screw Bruce and Ralph?”

“Maybe a couple of times so I can let Dave know about it, but where I want in is on your other activities.”

Then she told me the story. She was a virgin when she married Dave. There sex life was pretty okay for the first five years and then she began to feel that she was missing something; that Dave wasn’t pushing all the buttons she had.

A friend at work told her that she read erotic stories on the Internet and used what she read to spice up her sex life with her husband. So Patty went to the Net and started reading stories, but instead of finding things she could use in the bedroom with Dave she found stories that grabbed her and turned her on. Stories about threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs and the husband watching. She read about huge cocks, black and white, that turned women into size queens. She read about BDSM and being forced and a lot of it she wasn’t interested in even if it did turn her on a bit, but multiple partner sex did turn her on enough that she wanted to try it.

The problem was that Dave was an extremely jealous and possessive man. If she even danced with another man at a party he got pissed. There was no way in the world she would ever be able to get him to try multiple partners let alone watch her with another man. She tried a couple of things to kind of sound him out, simple things like trying some ‘role play’ and talking about fantasies and what she got was:

“Who the fuck is filling your head with rubbish like that?”

Then she found out that Dave was cheating on her. He could call her a whore and a slut because she danced close to someone, but it was okay for him to fuck other women? No way! In the course of getting the goods on Dave her PI got onto me and he followed me to get the skinny on me. Patty’s first thought was to divorce Dave and then send what she had on me to Stan to complete her revenge, but it just so happened that I did Arby’s seven man gangbang while her PI was on my trail.

“You were doing what I wanted to be doing and the more the detective found out about things the more obvious it was that you were doing it as part of your job. To me that meant that it was set up ahead of time and most likely with men that, oh I don’t know, let’s just say men who were pre-screened – men who were likely to be safe. If I was part of something like that I wouldn’t have to go to bars and take chances.”

She decided that since they had no kids and it was a no-fault state she wouldn’t get any more than half no matter how she went about the divorce. She decided that she wouldn’t burn me, but instead use me to get in on the action.

She decided to get her revenge on Dave in a way that would really piss him off. Call her a whore and a slut would he? Well how about she give him one! She seduced her boss, had a two week affair and then started doing things that would let Dave ‘discover’ her cheating. Even with all the clues she dropped it took him a little over two months to find out and confront her. He told her he always knew that she was a whore and then he told her he was going to divorce her for adultery. She laughed and told him she was going to countersue on the same grounds and she tossed him the report from the PI. He called her a bitch and she said she wondered what Stan would call him when she gave Stan a copy of the PI report. Suddenly Dave did a 180 from his “You bitch” stance and was begging her not to tell Stan.

“So now you will use the reports to blackmail me?”

“No, not at all. They are yours to burn, shred or do whatever you want with them. Those are the only copies that exist. I only used them to set the tone of the meeting. I really do want to come and play with you.”

I looked at her for several seconds and then I told her just what I did and why I did it. I didn’t tell her about the ‘tokens of appreciation’ because I got the definite impression that she wasn’t the least bit interested in being a paid whore. A slut yes, but a paid whore no. I told her that the next time Bob set me up with more than one guy I would give her a call and then I told her that I was going to let Bruce and Ralph know what she had discovered and that I was going to end things with them because things were getting too ‘chancy’ and I wasn’t going to wait around until someone else discovered us.

“That will be good” Patty said, “That gives me an opening to go to them and tell them I’ll keep quiet about you and them if they will help me get back at Dave.”

I wasn’t at all keen on that happening because I had no idea how Dave would take it and if he ended up going off half-cocked everything could blow up in my face. But it was out of my hands. Patty said that I had the only existing reports in my hands, but did I?

With Dave’s departure – he wouldn’t work for the firm now that he wasn’t a partner – Stan, Bruce and Ralph decided that they could get along without another soils engineer so he wasn’t replaced. What that meant was that Stan would be traveling even more and I had more evenings for Bob to use.

Bruce and Ralph were not happy that I cut them off, but they couldn’t argue with my reasoning. In fact Bruce said he wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if his wife put a PI on him. I had to ask him if he felt that way why did he keep doing it and he told me that as far as he was concerned his marriage had been dead for years and that the only reason he was sticking it out was that he was too cheap and too lazy to go for a divorce. Just in time I thought, I’m getting out just in time. And I did because two months later Bruce’s wife did put a PI on him. Luckily it wasn’t Patty he got caught with.

Patty took to multiple partners like a kid goes for ice cream. I brought her in about two weeks after our talk and on a night when Bob had set up me and mom to party with five out of town customers. Mom came down with a mild case of food poisoning so I gave Patty a call. She was a big hit with the boys as she let out the slut that had been hiding inside her.

Patty joined me half a dozen times and then one night when Bob wanted me to party with five guys from Sigma Industries I brought Patty in to do them all by herself. I would have liked to play, but Stan was due home and I needed some tighten up time. I was there and I did do some ‘fluffing’ to get the guys ready for Patty, but I kept my panties on.

I’d told Bob about Patty and he wanted to meet her so I asked her if she would meet him and she said she would love to. They hit it off (Bob took her from behind as she bent over his desk five minutes after I introduced them) and Bob had another player in his stable.

A year went by and one morning at work I got a call from Abby. I hadn’t seen her or heard from her in over ten years. She had gotten married and moved to New York and now she was back.

“The marriage was a mistake” she told me. “He was a great guy and the next girl he marries will be one lucky lady. The problem was me. I couldn’t stop being the slut I’ve always been and when he caught me for the third time we decided that it would be best to end things. So, how are you doing? Been able to keep your legs closed?”

“How can you ask me that? I am a happily married woman.”

That got me a big belly laugh and a “Bullshit! You are as big a slut as I am. When are we going out together?”

“I don’t go out much in the evenings when Stan is home.”

“Nonsense. Just tell him your old buddy who you haven’t seen in a coon’s age is back in town and wants to get together for dinner and to catch up on things. He won’t have any problem with that.”

She was right; he didn’t. I did have some misgivings though because I knew Abby and what she was capable of. I wasn’t wrong. Dinner went well, but then she wanted a drink or two at whichever new club was ‘the happening place’ in town. I should have said no, that I needed to get home to Stan, but I let her talk me into ‘just one drink’ so I took her to The Black Mushroom. We weren’t there long enough to have our drinks delivered before guys were at out table asking if they could buy us drinks and asking us for dances.

The second guy she danced with caught Abby’s fancy so she invited him to our table. Naturally he was there with four buddies so Abby told him to bring them over. They pushed two tables together to make room for the eight of us. I danced once with each of the six, but didn’t let them feed me any more drinks. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back there were two more guys at the table. When I sat down Abby leaned over and said:

“Now there are four for each of us.”

“Oh no Abby; now there are eight for you.”

“You can’t tell me that you don’t want any of these guys.”

“Hell girlfriend, I want all of them, but there isn’t any way I could do them and not get busted when if when I got home Stan wanted to make love. Something about him wondering why I was so loose and sloppy down there.”

“So give him the old headache excuse.”

“Doesn’t work that way at our house. I will never say no to my hubby – never!”

“You are going to let all this meat go to waste?”

“Don’t give me that. Unless you have gone through a major change eight won’t even warm you up. Maybe some night when Stan is out of town and will be gone for a few days, but not now.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.”

I had one more drink and then I left Abby with her herd and went home. It killed me to do it, but it had to be done. I was a cock hungry slut and I knew it. I loved it, but I did worry about it. Specifically I worried about Stan ever finding out. I had managed to hide it from him for years, but could I keep on hiding it from him?  I was having lunch with my mom one day and I asked her how she had managed to hide what she had been doing from dad for so long.

“I’m not so sure that he doesn’t know.”

“I he knew he would have done something about it.”

“Maybe or then again maybe not. He knows that I love him – I’ve never left him in any doubt about that – and I give him all the sex he can handle. Maybe he knows that my sexual appetite is so much greater than his and he lets me run knowing that I’m his and that I will always come home to him. Maybe he knows, but won’t bring it up because he is afraid it might change our relationship.”

That gave me some food for thought. Was it possible that Stan knew? I didn’t know and I hoped that I would never find out.

A couple of months went by and one week when Stan was out of town I swung by his office to pick up a copy of some insurance papers. It was noon and the office was locked. Everybody gone to lunch I thought. I had a key so I let myself in. As I was walking toward Stan’s office I passed by Ralph’s office and saw Patty on her back on Ralph’s desk and Ralph was pounding her pussy while she was sucking Bruce’s cock. Bruce saw me and said:

“Just in time. I’d rather have pussy than mouth any day.”

I was there and I had locked the door behind me so I said to myself “What the hell, why not” and I walked into the office and started undressing.

“Not here” Bruce said and he led me into Stan’s office and cleared a space on Stan’s desk. He helped me up onto the desk and then he fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders. He pounded me hard and got me off twice before he got his rocks off and by then Ralph was there and he stood watching while Patty sucked his cock. Bruce pulled out of me and Patty went to work on his dick while Ralph buried himself in me. Bruce was busy fucking Patty when I left. I felt just a little unclean as I left the office. I had defiled my husband’s office and for some reason that really disturbed me. Fucking Bruce and Ralph didn’t bother me, but doing it on Stan’s desk did. I was back during lunch hour two days later and when Bruce tried to take me into Stan’s office I told him no fucking way. If he wanted me it would have to be on his desk.

Then came the period that changed me and forced me to see the analyst. One night Stan came home and told me that the firm had won a lucrative contract on a bridge that was going to be built in Alaska and he was going to be the site engineer. He was going to be gone for almost a year.

He would be able to fly home for ten days every three months or so, but for the most part I was going to be a ‘work widow’ for that year unless I wanted to quit my job and go with him. He warned me that there would be nothing for me to do except stay in the house trailer and wait for him to come home from work. We both knew me well enough to know I couldn’t do that so off he went leaving me to my own devices for a year.

Bob was overjoyed to hear it and so were Abby and Patty. “We are going to have so much fun” Abby said and we did. I introduced Abby to Patty and they took to each other and soon were out partying together and when Stan left they asked me to join them.

Between Bob’s customers, Ralph and Bruce (yes, I was back to doing them on a regular basis) and going out with Patty and Abby I was getting all the meat that my cock loving self could handle. I had some pretty wild nights with Patty and Abby. Abby had kept in touch with some of the guys who we had taken on at frat parties and occasionally she would set up a ‘reunion’ of sorts and Patty, Abby and I would be the centerpieces in gangbangs of as many as twenty-five guys.

There was one really memorable time when one of the guys who banged us when we were in college asked us for a favor. His younger brother was a member of the same fraternity he had belonged to and his brother had heard rumors of how wild things had used to be and he asked if the rumors were true. Bart had said yes they were and then his brother had told him that things like that didn’t happen any more and he wished they would. Bart asked Abby and me if we would do a frat house gangbang with a bunch of young guys. Abby immediately said “Hell yes!” but I wasn’t too sure. I’d be pretty loose after pulling a train and Stan was due home for his first visit and I wanted to be nice and tight for him.

One of the advantages of fucking Ralph and Bruce and partying with Patty was that they talked with Stan almost daily and they were able to update me on what was going on. My personal calls from Stan only took place two or three times a week and we had only talked about his return in general terms because he wasn’t exactly sure of when it would be. With Ralph and Bruce he talked in more specific terms. Things like “The north pylons will be poured tomorrow” and the first shipment of re-bar will be here day after tomorrow” and “I might be able to make it home on the first if (fill in the blank) happens on time.” So, knowing that he might be home on the first I told Bart and Abby that I could do the frat party if it was held no later than the twenty-fifth so I’d have a week to get ready for Stan.

Bart and Abby set it up the twenty-first and it turned out to be a good thing. I needed the extra days to recover. There were twenty-one young studs at the party. Twenty-one young men between eighteen and twenty-one with fast recovery powers and youthful exuberance and they damned near destroyed me. My jaw hurt, my ass and pussy were sore and I walked funny for a couple of days.

The night was also memorable because one of the kinkiest things I’d ever had happen to me happened at that party. Halfway through it one kid said he would like to see me take cum in every body opening I had; mouth, pussy, ass, ears and nostrils. I wasn’t paying all that much attention to what he was saying because I had three cocks in me at the time and was in the process of having a rather large orgasm. A couple of guys decided that they would like to help the kid make it happen and they almost did. They couldn’t get the nose because of the cock I had in my mouth, but they made the rest happen. I was sitting on a cock cowgirl, bent forward so another cock could plow my ass and I had a cock in my mouth. The guy I was sitting on was holding my body up so I could use both hands to make a half-hearted effort to jack off two guys (half-hearted because coordination was difficult with three cocks moving in and out of me). While I was taking care of those five cocks two other guys stood beside me jacking off with their cock’s only inches from my ears. They didn’t all cum at once, but they all came and I ended up with cum in my mouth, pussy, ass, both ears and cum on both hands. It was wild!

For the next nine days I said no to Ralph, Bruce, Bob, Abby and Patty as I got ready to greet my husband when he got home. Stan’s home coming was a joyous affair and the seven days he was home with me were like a second honeymoon. He had planned on being home ten days, but he received a phone call, told me a crisis had developed and he had to hurry back. I fucked him senseless on his last day and then told him that I wasn’t going to wait another three months before I saw him again. I might not want to live up there, but I could damn sure visit. He told me that I wouldn’t like it there and that rather than subject me to the conditions there he would just tough it out.

Stan wasn’t gone a day before Bob asked me if I had a free evening and for the next month it was life as usual – my life anyway – as I took care of Bob’s customers, Ralph and Bruce and did a couple of frat house gangbangs with Abby and Patty.

When the end of the month came I cut off everybody for a week and then flew up to Alaska to visit Stan and got my surprise. Stan walked me around the site and introduced me to a lot of people. From the looks I got from the crew I got the definite impression that if I lived up there and could hide it from Stan I’d never get off my back.

The big surprise came when he took me to the house trailer that was the on-site office and introduced me to Lisa. Lisa was a local who had been hired to be secretary and general odd job girl. I immediately could tell from the way her eyes moved when she shook my hand that she was fucking my husband. I felt a burst of white hot anger surge through me and I wanted to snatch my hand back, slap her face and then claw her eyes out. How dare she fuck MY man! How dare he have anything to do with that fucking bimbo! Now I know why he told me not to come up; that I wouldn’t like the conditions and rather than subject me to them he would just tough it out. Yeah! Right! Tough it out with that fucking husband stealing skank.

But I managed to control myself and I didn’t think I gave what I was thinking away. I held it together for the five days I was there and I did my absolute best to fuck Stan senseless to show him that the skank wasn’t half the woman that I was. On the flight home I sat in my window seat and stared out the window at the empty sky and thought bad thoughts about the cheating bastard I was married to.

Looking back on it now I realize how totally irrational I was. Not once did I think “Get a grip girl! How can you get pissed at him given what you have been doing for most of your married life?” Not once did I relate what I was doing to what he was doing. I was pissed and by God I’d show him! Cheat on me would he? Yes fucking indeed, I would show him and it was that irrationality that caused me to make my biggest mistake.

I had never – never ever – let any of the men I fucked come into my house. That was Stan’s house and Stan’s bed and I WOULD NOT defile them. Until the bastard cheated on me. To spite the unfaithful asshole, two nights after I returned from my visit to Stan I went out bar hoping with Patty and we hooked with a couple of college kids who were out celebrating passing their mid-terms. Patty took her guy home with her and I took mine home with me. I was going to do him in Stan’s house and on Stan’s bed. Yes indeed! I’d show the cheating bastard!

I did it all with the kid who was at least fifteen years younger than I was. I sucked his cock and then fucked him. I sucked him hard and took him in my ass. I took him into the bathroom, washed his dick, sucked him hard again and took him back to the bed. My legs were up on his shoulders, his cock was buried in my pussy and I was just coming down from an orgasm when I heard:

“Well, well well. Isn’t this just a marvelous sight.”

I looked over at the bedroom door and saw Stan’s dad and Stan’s two brothers standing there. Ronny, the guy fucking me turned and looked at the three men standing there and I felt his cock start to go soft in me. My father in law said:

“You need to get out of here boy; I need to have a long talk with my daughter in law about why she is cheating on my son.”

Ronny set land speed records on grabbing up his clothes and getting the hell out. As soon as he was gone Roger looked at me and I waited for the verbal abuse that would be heaped on me by my outraged father in law. Roger, Terry and Mark looked at me and then Roger said:

“Just how do you think Stan is going to take it when he hears about this?”

That was the wrong thing to say. If he had attacked me for being a slut or a whore I probably would have lain there and cringed, but when he hit me with that “What is Stan going to think” shit I got my back up and said:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass what Stan will think. If he says anything to me about it I’ll just tell him if he can fuck that bimbo he has up there in Alaska I can fuck someone here and if he doesn’t like it tough shit!”

“You telling me you were doing that kid to get even with Stan for screwing around on you? This is just getting even? Payback?”

“That’s just what I’m saying.”

He looked at me in silence for a bit and then he said, “You should at least try to keep it in the family” and he pulled his zipper down and moved toward the bed. Terry looked at Mark and Mark just shrugged and started undressing and a few seconds later Terry followed suit.

I sat up and took Roger’s cock in my mouth and sucked it while he shed his clothes and then he pushed me back on the bed and fucked me. He finished and Mark mounted me and when he was done it was Terry’s turn. By the time Terry was done Roger was ready again. I wanted to take all three of them at once, but I didn’t think it would be wise. They thought I was just getting even with Stan and that is where I wanted it to stay. Talking them into making me ‘airtight’ would show them what a slut I really was.

Roger told the boys that they needed to hurry home before their wives started to wonder where they were. Then Roger, who was a widower, said:

“I’ll stay here tonight and protect our property from claim jumpers.” The he turned to me and said, “That all right with you sweetie?”

For an answer I reached out, grabbed his hard cock and tugged on it. He got the message and climbed aboard. He rode me hard and after we had both climaxed he told me why he and Stan’s brothers had been there. Stan had ordered a new 23 cubic foot chest style freezer and he had asked his dad to move the old one out of the basement before the new one was delivered. Roger had used the key we had given him so he could watch the place when Stan and I were on vacations to let the three of them in. While he was telling me that I was fondling him and he started to come back to life so I went down on him to hurry him along. We made it one more time and then fell asleep and for the first time ever another man spent the night in my husband’s bed.

I was alone when I woke up and I smelled coffee. I found my father in law sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. He looked up and said:

“Good morning.”

“Yes it is.”

“We good?”

“I’d have to say we are much better than good.”

“No need for you to be going out looking anymore. Me and the boys will take care of you. We need to come back tonight and move that freezer anyway. Might come a little earlier so the boys can stay longer. That okay with you?”

“I believe I can handle that. It goes without saying that Stan never finds out, right? I mean you will make sure that Terry and Mark keep it quiet right?”

“No sweat sweetie. We know how to protect a good thing.”

He finished his coffee and said, “See you tonight” and left.

I spent the day thinking that I’d really stepped in it this time. Stan’s father and his brothers. Why had I been so stupid as to bring Ronny home with me? While part of me cursed myself for the pickle I was in another part of me was anticipating that night and I even turned down Bob when he wanted to set me up with a customer.

That night I met Roger, Terry and Mark at the door naked and told them I would be in the bedroom waiting. In fifteen minutes they had the old freezer on the back of Mark’s F-150 and were naked in my bedroom. As they started to line up to do me one after the other as they had done the previous night I told them that I wanted to do something that I had read about and try to do two of them at the same time and then maybe try three at once. Roger smiled and said:

“Last night wasn’t your first time; not by a long shot.”

Roger fucked me while I sucked Terry and then Terry took my pussy while Mark used my mouth until Terry got off and pulled out and then Roger moved to my mouth while Mark slid into my pussy. By the time Mark came Roger was hard as a rock. I told Roger where to find the KY and then told him since he was the head of the family he got to be the first one in my ass. They each took a turn at fucking my butt while I took turns sucking the ones not buried in my ass.

When my pooper was opened I said, “Okay boys; time to make your slut airtight.”

Mark and Terry didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about, but Roger had apparently been there and done that and I smiled as I watched Terry’s and Mark’s eyes get wide when Roger explained it to them. The first time it was Mark in my ass, Roger in my pussy and Terry in my mouth and then we took a break. When we got back to the bed I put the cordless next to the pillow and assumed the position. Terry filled my pussy, Roger filled my ass and I told Mark I was only going to suck on him for a little bit and then I was going to stop for a while and take care of something. Five minutes into things I took my mouth off Mark, picked up the cordless, told Roger and Terry to keep fucking me, but be quiet about it and then I called Stan. When he answered I said:

“Hello baby; miss me?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you really? Do you wish you were here with me as much as I wish you were here?”

“It’s all I think about at night up here.”

“Today is a bad day for me baby. I’ve been super horny all day and I had to bring my horny body home to this big empty house. Do you remember that dildo you bought me as a joke?”


“Guess what I’m doing with it right now. Here, listen.”

I put the phone down next to my pussy so it would pick up the sounds of Terry pounding into my cum filled pussy sending the squishy sounds of his cock working in the four deposits that were already there. I motioned for Mark to take the phone and hold it next to my mouth and then I took his cock in my mouth and made love to it for twenty or so seconds. I took the phone back and said:

“Hear it baby? Hear the sound of that fake cock pounding your poor horny pussy? Take your dick out baby.” I waited a few seconds and then said, “Have you got it out?”

I got a husky sounding “yes.”

“Pretend your hand is my pussy baby and I’ll pretend that I have your cock in me instead of a fake one. I’m going to put the phone down near my pussy so I can use both hands and you can listen. I want you to cum with me baby. Try and cum with me.”

I handed the phone to Mark and whispered “Make it happen” to Roger and Terry and then pulled Mark back into my mouth. My in-laws gave me an orgasm three minutes later and I pulled my mouth off Mark and took back the phone.

“Did you cum baby, did you cum?”

There was silence on the other end of the line for several seconds and then I heard:

“You know about Lisa don’t you? That’s what this is all about right? You know about Lisa and this is payback. Who is it? Who is there with you?”

“Why Stan baby; whatever are you talking about” I said and then I disconnected, dropped the phone and said to the in laws:

“Fuck your slut boys; fuck your slut and make her scream in pleasure” and they did.

Mark and Terry left to go home to their wives and they weren’t even out the door and Roger was pulling me back down on the bed for more. I don’t know where that old man (63) got his energy and his stamina, but he put a lot of younger men to shame. For the second night in a row my daddy in law stayed the night.

In the morning over coffee Roger said, “The boys are quite taken with you. If you would let them they both would be over here every night, but we both know that no good would come of it. Sooner or later Bev or Mary would figure out what was going on and things would come out that would be best left hidden.”

“What about you daddy? You taken with your slutty daughter in law?”

He stood up, unzipped and pulled out his cock and said, “Suck it slut.”

I smiled at him and said, “Bring it to me daddy.”

He walked his cock into my mouth and I blew him until he lifted me up onto the kitchen table and fucked me. It was a good thing the windows were closed or the neighbors would have heard me screaming for him to fuck me harder.

When it was over Roger asked me if I wanted him there that night and I told him no. I told him that I needed a day or two to step back and look at things and make some decisions. The fact was that I did want him to be there, but I had already told Bob that I would take care of Arby for him. I told Roger to talk to the boys and let them know I wouldn’t mind getting together with them every once in a while, but I didn’t want to make a habit of it.

“You are a different story though. I plan on seeing a lot more of you daddy. How about we figure on you spending the night tomorrow?”

Arby had to cancel and Bob told me that his wife was out of town for a couple of days.

“I’ve never had the chance to spend more than a little time with you and since Arby won’t make it how about I fill in for him?”

A night with that fat ten inch cock? “Count me in” I said. It was a long night and I loved every minute of it. I even loved it when Bob pushed that ten inch rod into my pooper. He took his time and it did hurt a little at first, but when he got it in and got going I was in heaven and if Stan would have walked in on me at the moment Bob shot his load deep in my ass I would have told him I was bringing Bob home to live with us and he needed to get used to the idea.

Bob did me again at lunch time and once more bent over his desk at three in the afternoon and I left work that night one very well fucked lady. On the drive home and for the first time since Stan left on his extended trip to Alaska I considered taking on a full time lover and didn’t daddy say that I should keep things in the family?

Daddy was there waiting for me when I got home and five minutes after walking into the house he was pushing his cock into me. As his dick went in I saw his eyebrows go up and I knew that he knew that he wasn’t the first one in me that day. I looked up at him and smiled as I said:

“I do have to keep my boss happy when he needs comforting. His wife has been out of town for a week and the poor guy was hurting.”

“How long have you been keeping him happy?”

“How long have I been there, twenty years?”

“You are a fucking slut aren’t you?”

“You don’t seem to mind.”

As I was screaming out, “Fuck me, fuck me harder damn you, fuck your slut” a stray thought of Stan flooded into my mind. It didn’t keep me from pushing up to meet daddy’s thrusts, but it did sit there and wait for me to acknowledge it. I did get back to it, but only after daddy had fucked me two more times. He lay sleeping on the bed next to me and I looked up at the ceiling and thought about my husband.

I had been a bitch and it was just then hitting me that I had totally lost it where Stan and Lisa were concerned. Where did I get off condemning Stan for doing with Lisa what I had been doing in wholesale lots for most of our marriage? He was a million miles away, lonely and sex starved and I was here at home and getting laid almost every day. How could I get so pissed at him that I fucked his father and brothers just out of spite?

So what if he had gotten a little to make his lonely nights a little warmer. Did it hurt me? Well, maybe just a little, but that was mostly ego. I meant what woman wants to know that her man isn’t hers alone? Wasn’t I supposed to be so hot that he couldn’t even bring himself to think of another woman? No matter. I’d really stepped in the shit with my phone call to him.

Why hadn’t I kept silent and let him have his bed warmer? It wasn’t hurting anything but my pride. I knew he loved me and would be coming home to me. At least I knew it until my stupid phone call. I’d just have to wait and see how things shook out.

I was on my back with my legs up on daddy’s shoulders when the phone rang. I was going to let it go until I realized that it might be Stan and that if it was I’d better take the call.

“Slow down and take it easy while I answer this.”

“Let it go.”

“I can’t; it might be Stan.”

I picked up the cordless handset and said, “Hello?”

“It’s me.”


“It took you a while to answer the phone. You alone?”

“Of course” I said as his father slowly worked back and forth in me.

“After the other night I had to ask.”

“The other night was a huge mistake. I was hurt, I was angry and upset and I stupidly acted on it.”

“I’m sorry. I never meant for it to happen; it just did. I can’t explain it; it just did. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. I do know what I won’t be doing.”

“What’s that?”

“I won’t be making any more visits.”

“That’s not what I’m asking.”

“I won’t be moving out if that is what you are asking. I’ll be here the next time you come home. All that I ask is that you leave your little sex toy alone for the last five days before you come home. I don’t want to smell her on you or taste her when you get here.”

“Taste her?”

“Think about it.”

A second or two of silence and then he said, “Oh.” Another couple of seconds of silence and then:

“You just told me…”

“I know what I just told you. The nights up there are cold and long and you don’t have any places where you can go to blow off steam and sitting alone in that house trailer had to be driving you nuts. The genie is out of the bottle Stan and you can’t push her back in. I will tell you this. When that fucking job is over she better be history and you had better be coming home to me. If you dump me for her I will fly up there, hunt you down and kill you both. Are we clear on that?”

There were several moments of silence and then he said, “I don’t deserve you.”

“No you don’t and your punishment is going to be going through life knowing that and having to be reminded of it every time that I kiss you, wake up next to you and make love with you. I have to go now. I’m going to cry.”

I pressed the button to disconnect and then I did just what I said I was going to do. I cried. I cried out, “Fuck me daddy; fuck me hard and make me cum” and daddy did just that. And he did it two more times.

As my father in law lay sleeping next to me I looked up at the ceiling and thought about what I’d said to Stan. He didn’t deserve me. No man deserved to be stuck with a whore like me, but I was the way I was and there was no changing me now.

I was in a good mood when I went into work. Having my daddy in law there and available when I woke up in the morning meant that I was able to start my day off right and on that particular morning I needed to be in a good mood to do what I was going to have to do.

While I had been staring up at the ceiling I had realized that my relationship with my husband had changed. It didn’t matter that I had given him offhand approval to keep on fucking Lisa. My phone call to him would now have him wondering about what I was doing with my evenings and I knew that our established schedule of calling each other was now a thing of the past. He would think about what I’d said about his spending his nights alone and after my spite phone call he would wonder about how I was handling my nights alone. I was certain that he would be calling me more often to see if I was home to answer the phone or maybe to see if I was out of breath from bouncing on the bed when I answered. Maybe he would be straining his ears to see if he could hear anything in the background.

I told Bob, Abby and Patty that I wouldn’t be available in the evenings any more. They were all sorry to hear it and Bob did ask if I would still be able to do days and I smiled as I said:

“I’m on your clock during the day sweetie. As long as you don’t mind my falling behind on the work I’m supposed to be doing I will of course do what you want.”

“Good. How about having lunch with Bert Olson today.”

Abby and Patty said we could still go out and play after Stan’s phone call and I pointed out the difference in time zones and that Stan’s calls would most likely come about the time we normally went to bed when he was home. Then Abby said:

“We can always do it here so you will be here when he calls” and I had to lie to her and say that no way would I ever fuck another guy in Stan’s house and on Stan’s bed.

“We can still get together every once in a while. I mean Stan does know that you sometimes work late, right?”

“We will see, but for a time I’m going to be a home body.”

And stay home I did, but of course I wasn’t alone. Daddy was staying with me pretty much full time and Terry and Mark would come by once or twice a week either alone or together.

I was right and Stan did call more often and he staggered the calls between early and late and I was always home and I almost always had a hard cock or two in me when I took the call. I had cautioned Roger, Terry and Mark to be deadly quite when I took the calls and I don’t believe Stan ever knew that anyone was with me. The result of the calls was that whoever was fucking me when I took the call got a charge out of being in me as I talked to Stan and when I hung up they fucked like mad men.

During the day Bob kept me busy – either bent over his desk (when my mother wasn’t) or taking care of his customers. I was missing the large groups that I used to do in the evenings and pulling the occasional frat house train, but I was getting enough sex to keep me happy. Every two weeks I stopped by Stan’s office to pick up his paycheck and it always turned into a mini orgy with Patty, Ralph and Bruce. It was at one of those mini orgies that my life changed yet again. I was getting dressed after taking two loads each from Ralph and Bruce when Patty said:

“You need to douche yourself pretty good when you get home.”

“Why? Why would you say something like that?”

“We have been trying to reach you all morning” Ralph said. “Stan called. He thinks you are fucking around on him and he called to let us know he would be off the site for a couple of days. He’s flying home to try and catch you,”

“Damn! You should have told me that before you fucked me and loosened me up. If he wants pussy tonight he will notice that I’m looser than I should be.”

“So don’t fuck him” Patty said. “Be pissed at him for not trusting you and coming home to try and catch you fooling around.”

As soon as I left the office I called Roger and clued him in and told him to get in touch with Terry and Mark and make sure that they knew not to drop by. On the way home I hit a book store, bought a dozen books and went home. I left the books lying around the house and then showered and douched, put on jeans and a sweatshirt and settled in on the couch with a book and waited to see what Stan was going to do. When Stan walked in on me he would see me at home alone with nothing but books for company.

According to what Ralph said Stan’s flight was due in at six-twenty and it was an hour from the airport to the house. At nine there was still no sign of Stan. I thought about it for a minute and then I got up and went out the back door. I crossed the neighbor’s back yard to the street behind us and then walked around the block to my street. Mrs. Olsen’s bushes screened me as I looked up the street to my house. There was a late model Ford Taurus with a man sitting in it parked where the driver could watch my house.

Stan was playing detective.

Well he could sit in his car all night as far as I was concerned. I went back to the house, read for a bit longer and then went to bed. Figuring Stan would come into the house after I’d gone to work in the morning I set the stage for him. I put my dildo and the bottle of KY on the bedside table and put a couple of our porn tapes next to the bedroom TV and VCR.

The Taurus was gone when I left for work in the morning and I wondered how long Stan had sat there before calling it quits. I kept looking in my rearview mirror, but I never saw a Taurus on my way to work. I stopped by Bob’s office and let him know I would not be available and why and then I went to my office and got busy doing my real job.

Just before quitting time I hit every window in the place to check out the streets and I spotted a Taurus with a man sitting in it that was parked where he could see the entrance and exit of the parking lot. I went to Bob’s office and entered only to find my mother on her back on his desk with Bob buried in her.

“Oops. Sorry to interrupt. See you both tomorrow.”

The Taurus picked me up as I left the parking lot and followed me home. It was another night of book reading on the couch and again around nine I slipped out the back door and walked to where I could see the Taurus. As I walked back to the house I wondered just what Stan was trying to do. He knew that I knew about Lisa and he knew that I wasn’t going to make his life miserable over it so what was he doing?

By the time I got to work the next day I was just a little pissed and I stewed over the situation most of the day. Half an hour before quitting time I checked the windows again and spotted the Taurus. I went into Bob’s office and asked him if he was busy and he said no.

“Good” I said. “My idiot husband is sitting outside in a car hoping to follow me and catch me cheating so I’m going to cheat on him in here while he is out there sitting on his butt.”

Bob smiled, stood up and freed that magnificent ten inch pole of his and I bent forward over his desk and let him take me from behind. He came and when he pulled out I turned and went to my knees and sucked his cock until he was hard again and the second time he took me on his desk just like he had taken my mom the previous day. I debated going for a third time, but then thought that if I stayed inside too long after quitting time it might give Stan ideas that I’d rather he not have.

As the Taurus followed me home I wondered how long Stan was going to keep it up. I called Patty on her cell and asked her if Stan had given any indication of how long he was going to be in town. She told me that he had told Ralph he would be going back to the job site in five days. Since he had only been here two I figured that he wouldn’t show himself until the fourth or fifth day so when I got home I gave daddy a call on my cell.

“You want to live dangerously?”

“What do you have in mind?”

I explained my thinking and then asked, “You want to sneak in the back door and fuck your slutty daughter in law while your baby boy sits outside the house?”

“What if you are wrong and he comes into the house?”

“I’ll disable the garage door opener so the only way he can come in will be through the front door or back door. I’ll put the chains on the doors so he won’t be able to rush in. You can do me on the kitchen table and if he tries a door you can scoot out the other one. I figure even if he does come in tonight he will wait until I turn the lights out to go to bed. He will want to sit and watch until then to see if I get a visitor or go out.”

“You really want to do this?”

“Damned right I do.”

“What time do you want me there?”

“It gets dark about seven so how about seven-thirty?”

“Okay sweetie, see you around seven-thirty.”

He slipped in the back door at seven twenty-five and by seven-thirty he was buried in my pussy. Normally I’m quite vocal when I have a cock in my body, but I forced myself to be quiet in case Stan came up to the house and put an ear to the door. Daddy fucked me to three orgasms and then he came and I sucked him hard again and he did me on the kitchen floor. After we both came a second time we sat back and had a beer and then I got down on my hands and knees and daddy took my ass. That night because Stan was just outside I got totally nasty and did something I had never done before (and would never do again). When daddy came and pulled out of my ass I spun around and sucked and licked his cock clean and in the process got him hard again. He took me bent over the kitchen table and when he finished he was done. Nothing I did could get him back up again. He left and I went to bed and slept soundly.

The next day I did Bob in his office again and then watched the Taurus follow me home. I read my book until nine and then I went out the back door and around the block, but this time I didn’t hide behind the bushes. I walked up to the car and tried the door. It wasn’t locked so I opened it and leaned in and said:

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable in the house?”

He was caught and didn’t know what to do.

“Sit here if you want” I said and closed the door and went into the house.

Ten minutes later a sheepish looking Stan came into the house. I was sitting on the couch with my book and I looked up when he came in and then went back to my book. I ignored him and he sat down on the easy chair across from me. After a couple of minutes of silence I said:

“The lover you are trying to catch me with is in the bedroom. Go say hi to him.”

He just sat there and I let a couple of minutes go by before I put my book down and said:

“Dick Tracey you ain’t. The next time you might want to try a disguise of some kind so people won’t come into my office and ask me why my husband is sitting outside watching the building.”

He couldn’t or wouldn’t meet my eyes. Finally I said, “What the hell are you doing Stan? It is obvious that you are spying on me, but why?”

He started to open his mouth and say something, but then closed it.

“Damn it Stan; either talk to me or get the hell out of here and go to a hotel. If you aren’t going to talk I don’t want you around. I’ll help you start. What were you expecting to find?”

He looked at me with a bleak look on his face and said, “You with another man.”

“And if you did what then?”

“I’d have something to hold over you if you went for a divorce because of Lisa.”

“You’ve lost me here Stan. What made you think I would be going for a divorce?”

“The calm way you behaved when you found out about Lisa. It isn’t natural. You should have been outraged and calling me every name you could think of. Instead you told me to go and have my fun. That just isn’t natural so you must have been planning something and didn’t want me to panic. I figured that since you had some guy when you called and pretended you were using your phony cock that you would probably keep on with him since you told me to keep on with Lisa.”

“What good would it do you to have something to hold over me?”

“If you went for a divorce on adultery I could point out that you had committed adultery also and that since we were even maybe we should go for counseling.”


“To try and save the marriage.”

“You lost me there Stan. I don’t understand.”

“That’s just it; I don’t want to lose you.”

I thought for a moment and then suddenly it dawned on me. “You are doing this to try and keep me?”

“Of course.”

I started laughing and then said, “You big stupid clown; you couldn’t get rid of me if you wanted to. I love you and you are stuck with me. Yes, I was outraged over you and Lisa, but I am smart enough to know that making a big scene over it while you were as far away as you were would have only made things more difficult for us. I did fly off the deep end with Jake and I did call you while it was going on out of spite. When it was over I realized it was a huge mistake. I not only shouldn’t have done it, but I absolutely shouldn’t have let you know.

“When I sat down and thought about it I was still pissed at you, but I could see how it happened. You are an attractive man and of course Lisa would be attracted to you and knowing you like I do I’ll bet that she seduced you and not the other way around. You were living in a trailer on a construction site with the nearest town fifty miles away. You were lonely, had nothing to do and you were easy prey for her. Everything would have been fine if I hadn’t thrown Jake in your face out of spite. You could have had your bed warmer until the job was done not knowing that I knew and not carrying the load of guilt that I dropped on you that caused you to be here spying on me.”

“Who is Jake?”

“Just a guy. I didn’t want to do it with anyone I knew or from around here that I might keep running into so I drove out to the airport hotel and picked up a traveling businessman. Some one I’ll never see again.”

“He the only one?”

“Yes. I don’t have your problem baby. I’m not stuck in an out of the way place with nothing to do. There are places I can go, things I can do and people I can spend time with. I do miss making love, but I have our porn tapes and my dildo and I can hold out until you make your trips home.” I stood up and said, “And you are home” and I headed for the bedroom.

It was a long night and I wore Stan out. I called in to work the next day and told Bob I was taking two days off and I spent those two days making sure that Stan would never forget me for even a minute. Lisa was never mentioned and when Stan left to catch his flight I didn’t think he would be able to get it up for Lisa for a couple of days. If she could get him up, good for Stan.

Stan’s trip home was a wake up call for me. It was only pure-assed good luck that I found out he was coming home. If I hadn’t known Stan could very well have caught me with his father, his brothers and maybe some of the young meat that Abby and Patty wanted to bring to the house. I might have survived a “Jake” but I could have never survived the others.

Stan’s trip also brought a few things to mind. There was a point of view that held that those who cheat expect others to cheat also. That Stan thought this was evidenced by his trip home to ‘catch me in the act.’ Not that my phone call hadn’t helped him think that. Then there was the ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ way of looking at things. Putting aside what Stan had done with Lisa, my phone call to him (regardless of the reason for it) had planted the thought firmly in his mind that I had cheated on him.

Those thoughts brought me to the big one. Human nature being what it was from this point on Stan was always going to have it in the back of his mind that while he was in Alaska fucking Lisa I was more than likely going to try on a cock or two of my own. He would always be thinking that I was at home fucking a ‘Jake.’ The difference was that I knew about Lisa and as far as I was concerned he was free to continue with her. He, on the other hand didn’t know what I might be doing and human nature was going to make him want to find out.

The question facing me was had I satisfied him with my story or was he curious enough to keep trying to check me out? Taking human nature into account I thought it highly likely that he would if only to find something that he could “hold over me” as he had put it. To me this meant that my life style was going to have to undergo a major change. I couldn’t count on only Stan being the watcher. He would have to find some help. Maybe he might even go as far as hiring a private detective. My activities with Patty and Abby had to stop and my meetings with Bob’s customers had to stop. I was going to have to make some major adjustments if I wanted to hold onto my marriage and I did. Yes, I was hanging major horns on my husband, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t love him. I did and it would kill me to lose him.

But I was too big of a slut to quit completely.

I would still have Bob at work, Stan’s partners (Bruce and Ralph) and I could set up arrangements for daddy’s visits and maybe even Terry and Mark once in a while. Figuring that a PI would follow me to see where I went and what I did if daddy entered the house through the back door before I got home and didn’t leave the house until after I’d left the house to go to work the PI would only see me enter the house in the evening and leave in the morning. He wouldn’t see me have any visitors. That would probably work for Terry and Mark also.

Then I had the thought the Stan might give the PI a key so he could get in the house and wire it. I needed to think on that, but I was sure that I could solve the problem. Something to think about anyway.

Thinking that it would take some time for Stan to set things up I figured I could get in one last frat party if I acted immediately. I called Abby and Patty and explained the situation to them and they set up a “going away gangbang” party for me.

There were fourteen young studs and they were all for my pleasure only. Abby and Patty sat that one out so I could get the full benefit of all that hard meat. As usual no hole was off limits and I was kept airtight pretty much the entire night. I actually had to be half carried to my car when it was over and I called into work sick the next day. I wasn’t sick, but I was having trouble walking and I spent most of the day soaking in the tub. As trains went, it had been outstanding. God, but I was going to miss doing them.

I waited a few days to let myself recover and then I called daddy and asked him to meet me for lunch. I explained things to him and he said he would be fine with my idea of being in the house when I got home and waiting to leave until I’d gone to work and then he gave me his idea on how to handle the problem of the PI maybe wiring the house

It was brilliant!

I had the house wired! Using some of the money squirreled away in my three safe deposit boxes I had a professional come in and wire the entire house. I could see who came in, where they went and what they did. I told him what I wanted and why I wanted it done and he cocked an eyebrow at me and then got to work. He knew where a PI would most likely put his cameras so my guy put his where the PI wasn’t likely to find them while placing his. When he was done there wasn’t a square inch of the house that wasn’t covered with a wireless device. They all fed into three DVRs hidden in the attic. When he handed me his bill I smiled at him and said:

“Not so fast.” I slipped off my blouse and said, “We need a good test of the system.”

We spent the next five hours fucking and sucking in every room in the house and then checked the recordings which fired us up and there was another round of fucking and sucking. When Norm was ready to leave I told him that he was going to have to come back from time to time and fine tune the system. He left knowing that he had a very satisfied customer.

It turned out to be a waste of money since no one ever did enter the house to place any bugs or cameras. All I had to show for the money was a growing porn collection staring daddy, Terry, Mark and me playing all over the house and occasionally featuring Norm when he stopped by to ‘fine tune’ things.

But you know what they say. “Just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean that no one is out to get you.”

I became more aware of what went on around me and five weeks after Stan had returned to Alaska I began to notice the same man being around whenever I went somewhere. I was careful not to let him see me notice him and when I got home that night I told daddy about the man. He said he would look into it. He called a friend of his on the local police force and my follower ended up with a follower of his own.

Two days later daddy told me that the man was Jason Robards and he was an operative of the Robinson Investigative Service. Daddy was slowly sliding his cock into my ass when I picked up the cordless and made the call.


“Hello yourself. Are you alone? Am I interrupting anything?”


“Are you sure? I’d hate to think I was pulling you away from Lisa.”

“I’m here alone.”

“Well so am I. At least for tonight, but I am going to take another trip out to the airport tomorrow and find myself another traveling business man. I’m going to bring him home with me and fuck his eyes out and you want to know the best part? I’m going to video tape it and send the tape to you.”

There was silence on the other end of the line and I said, “Aren’t you going to say thank you? It will give you something that you can hold over me and that is what you want isn’t it?”

More silence.

“And look at all the money it will save you. You can call the Robinson Investigative Service and tell them you don’t need their services any more. Do you think they might give you a refund since I’m going to do their work for them? Well, no matter. Bottom line is that you will have what you say you want. Maybe I can find a guy who doesn’t have to hurry home and he can spend the entire weekend with me. That would make for a great tape wouldn’t it? I’ve got to go. Need to do my nails before I go to bed. I do want to look my best tomorrow. Love you baby. Bye-bye.”

I dropped the cordless and daddy said, “You are a total cunt; you know that?”

“No I’m not daddy. I’m a total slut – your slut. Fuck my ass daddy; fuck your slutty daughter in laws ass.”

When he came he pulled out and went into the bathroom to wash his dick and then he brought it back for my mouth. As I worked on getting him hard again he asked:

“Are you really going to do it? Go out to the airport to pick up a guy I mean?”

I laughed and said “I could just use you” and then I said “I’m thinking hard on it. It will put an end to all the private eye and spying bullshit and worrying about getting caught. If he is telling the truth about just wanting something to hold over me to keep me from leaving him over Lisa it won’t mater. If what he really wants is something to use to divorce me it means he doesn’t want me and I won’t fight it. I’ll let him go.”

“In that case can I repay a favor?”

“What do you mean?”

“I owe Brandon a big favor for getting him to check out the guy who was following you. Can he be your travelling business man?”

And so it was that a fairly hunky cop named Brandon spent Friday night, all of Saturday and most of Sunday with me while I showed my appreciation for his help. I only taped Friday night though. Stan really didn’t need to see me at my best (or worst depending on the way you looked at it).

I was soaking in the tub washing Brandon’s last load (of the day anyway – I did invite him back) out of me when the cordless rang. I picked it up off the floor next to the tub and answered it.



“Hi back.”

A little silence and then he said, “Did you really do it?”

“Of course I did. It is what you wanted.”

“I don’t think I really did.”

“Bullshit Stan. You flew home and followed me for days to try and catch me being a bad girl and when that didn’t work you hired a private detective to try and do it. You wanted it and so I gave it to you and I hope you appreciate it. Brandon and I put in a lot of effort to give you a hell of a show. By the way, he said he would be back in town in three weeks and he wants to know if we can do it again. I told him that it would be up to you.”

“Up to me? Why is it up to me?”

“It depends on how you react to the amateur porn tape I’m sending you tomorrow. If you were telling the truth about only wanting something you can hold over my head it is one thing, but if what you really want is something you can use to divorce me so you can be with your Alaskan bimbo then it is something else. And of course there is the way you respond to seeing Brandon making me his slut even if all you wanted was something to hold over me. You might not like hearing me beg him to fuck my ass harder and you might just decide to say “Fuck it” and cut your loses and get out. In that case I’ll say yes when Brandon calls me again.”

“I don’t think I want to see it.”

“Your choice. I’m sending it. You can watch it or not.”

“How did we get here?”

“You weren’t smart enough to convince me that your job site was no place for a woman like me and make me rethink my decision to come up there and visit you. If I would have stayed here I never would have found out about your little sex toy and I would never have felt the need to strike back. Then you wouldn’t leave it alone. I gave you a free pass to keep on with your dolly, but you just had to start playing detective and when that didn’t work out well you went and hired a real one. That is how we got here!”

“So it’s all my fault?”

“You bet your sweet ass it is.”

“Are we going to be able to get by this?”

“That is strictly up to you. I gave you a free pass on Lisa and as long as you don’t do any more stupid shit we should be okay.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

“I’ll be home in four weeks.”

“I’ll be waiting. Just don’t forget the five day rule.”

When I stopped at the Post Office and mailed the tape to Stan I was thinking that I wouldn’t have to worry about being watched any more and I could go back to playing hard and partying hard, but then I asked myself if I really wanted to. I had pretty much cut the ties where Abby, Patty and Bob’s customers were concerned. I still had Bob, daddy, Terry, Mark, Ralph, Bruce, Norm and Brandon to feed my hunger at least until Stan came home. When that happened I would just have to see.

I might not always be honest and above board where Stan was concerned, but I was always honest with myself. The events of the last several months had convinced me that my luck was running out or at the very least getting thin. I did love Stan and I wanted very much to keep him, but could I ever go back to being a one man woman? I didn’t know, but I wanted Stan bad enough to seek professional help. Can Doctor Burnett help me? I don’t know. If she can’t I’ll be back. Stay tuned.

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