My name is Vinod Kumar, age 41 years and I am working as Senior Finance Manager with a Navaratna Public Sector Company in Nagpur. I have an Accountant working under me whose is a Keralite and his name is Mohan. Mohan lives in my neighborhood with his wife Vanaja and a son. Vanaja is a very fair, beautiful and voluptuous woman. Mohan visits our house quite often with his wife. Ever since I saw his wife, I was very much attracted to her and wanted to see her naked. Whenever they came to our house, I used to imagine her naked. Whenever I fucked my own wife, I imagined fucking Vanaja. Mohan was due for promotion as Accounts Officer in June’2000 so, in order to please me, he started visited our house almost every weekend since February’2000. I had a special liking for Vanaja’s breasts and ass. Whenever she was in our house, I used to keep staring at her. Whenever she bent for some purpose, I used to peep into her blouse to get a glimpse of her breasts. Quite often she noticed me staring at her. Sometimes, I even touched her whenever I got an opportunity. She never objected to any of my actions, may be because I am her husband’s boss. So I got more encouragement. So, I sometimes even patted her ass or brushed my shoulder against her breasts when she was very close to me. She did not object to that also, on the contrary she used to give me sexy smile. 
My dream of fucking Vanaja came true on the day of the Holi festival this year. Since my family had gone to Delhi to visit my in-laws, I was alone and therefore Mohan invited me to his house for lunch. When I went to their house, Vanaja was alone at home. Seeing me, she came to me and applying colour on my face she wished me happy holi. She was so close to me that I could smell her breath. I also took some colour on both my hands and applied them on her cheeks. I gradually moved my hands to her neck. I wanted to put my hands inside her blouse but before that I asked her “Kya Vanaja main yaha rang lagane se thum naaraaz tho nahi hogi” She replied ” Nahi sir, aaj holi hai, aap jahaan chahe rang laga sakthe hai”. I replied ” thank you Vanaja” and I put both my hands inside her blouse, with each of my hands on each of her breasts. I started fondling her breasts. Her breasts were so soft, and warm. I could feel the excitement building in her. I wanted to make the most of the situation. So I told her “Vanaja, mai thumhari gaand mei rang lagana chahtha hoon” She agreed and turned around, so that her ass was facing me. I pulled her saree upto her hips and asked her to hold it. She obeyed. I took some colour on my hands and started massaging her ass. I asked her to spread her legs and put one hand inside her legs, on her hairy pussy. At that time, her husband Mohan entered the room. I thought he would be annoyed. But on the contrary he did not bother at all. Mohan said ” Happy holi sir. Aapka biwi tho abhi yahan nahi hai sir. Is liye is baar aap mere biwi ke saath jee bharke holi manaaiye sir. It would be an honour for me if my wife can satisfy you.” I replied “Thank you Mohan. Its so nice of you. I have quite often dreamt of enjoying your wife’s body. She is really very very sexy” Mohan “Today I am handing over my wife to you sir. You can enjoy her in any way you want. But please keep in mind my promotion sir.” “I will definitely keep in mind your promotion Mohan. But your wife should also keep that in mind and satisfy me. I hope you understand what I mean.” “Definitely sir. Vanaja, aaj Vinod sirko khus kar do please. Sir jo kuchh bhi kahenge who sab karna. You should be very obedient to him and carry out all his instructions. OK sir, I do you want me to do anything else for you sir?” ” No thank you Mohan, if I need anything I will call you. Now please leave us alone.” “OK sir have a nice time with my wife” saying this, Mohan left.
As soon as Mohan left, I grabbed Vanaja and kissed her all over her face. Her eyes, her nose, cheeks, lips etc. I embrace her and I could feel she was also enjoying and becoming hot. I could not wait any longer. I started stripping her while she stood quietly. When she was completely naked, she was feeling very shy and tried to hide herself with her hands. I caught hold of her hands and told her: “Vanaja, aaj thumhara husband thumhe mere havale kar ke gaya hai, masthi karne ke liye, thum bhi mere saath enjoy karo samjhi?” “Thik hai sir, kahiye ab mujhe kya karna hoga?” “Pahle mujhe nanga tho karo, phir bathatha hoon thumhe kya karna hai” Vanaja started stripping me and I was enjoying each and every moment of it. I have always wanted to be stripped by a woman. When Vanaja brought down my chaddi, my lund (penis) sprang up fully erect. At that time Vanaja was squatting on the floor. So my lund was just above her face. She understood what I wanted. She obediently took my lund into her mouth and started sucking it like a lolly pop. Oh it was such a nice feeling. That was the first time some one was sucking my lund. I had requested my wife many times to suck my lund but she never did it for me. So I was really enjoying myself. I caught hold of Vanaja’s head and started moving my hips. I took her hands and placed them on my ass. She understood what I wanted and caressed my ass. She also fingered my asshole. I was practically fucking her mouth. I said “Aaaaahhhh Vanaja, bahuth acchha lag raha rai. Please mooh mei aur thook leke chuso mere lund. Yes, yes, ha ha, aise aise, very good, you are a very good girl Vanaja.” My lund was moving in and out of Vanaja’s mouth. At times it was slipping out of her mouth, but Vanaja very obediently took it back inside her mouth. I took my lund out of her mouth and rubbed the tip all over her face. While I was rubbing my lund on her face, she sucked my balls. I then turned around and rubbed my ass on her face. Vanaja started licking my ass, and even my asshole. While she was licking my ass, she put her hands around me and with one hand she masturbated me and with the other hand she fondled my balls. Aaaaaahhhhhh it sooooo nice. I then turned back and asked her to resume sucking my lund. I again started fucking her mouth. I caught her head by her years and moved her head back and forth. I lost all control over myself and kept telling her to be faster ” Yes Vanaja, faster, faster, yes aur jorse, aur jorse Vanaja, thumhara husband ka promotion ka sawaal hai Vanaja. You have to satisfy me today, chalo aur jorse chooso, randi ki tharah chooso Vanaja, aaaaaahhhhhhhh aiiiiiii yes, yes aaa Vanajaaaaaaaa, you are soooooo nice dear” Since that was the first time I was being sucked, I could not hold any more and exploded in her mouth. She took my entire cum in mouth and drank it. When I was finished, she licked the remaining cum from the tip of my lund and some of it which had falled on my balls. Vanaja then got up and started smiling at me. I told her ” Thank you Vanaja” Vanaja ” Thank you kis baath ka sir? Yeh tho meri farz hai, aur unka hukum bhi tha ki mai aapko khus karoon, aur boliye sir mujhe aur kya karni hogi?” “Vanaja, thum nangi ho ke kithna sundar lag rahi ho, jee kartha hai ki thumhe hamesha ke liye nanga karke mere paas rakhloon.” “Koi baath nahi hai sir, aap jab kahenge mai aapka ghar aa jaoongi aur nanga ho jaoongi, phir aap jo chahe karna mere saath” “Mujhe thumhari gaand bahuth pasand hai dear, mai thumhari gaand chaatna chahtha hoon” Vanaja said “Thik hai sir” and she turned aound. “Aise nahi Vanaja, thum kuthya jaisi ho jao” Vanaja got on all fours like a dog and I sat down behind her. Then I started kissing and licking her ass. Then I started smelling her asshole. I could smell her shit on her asshole and it was making me mad. I don’t know what got into my head, I started licking her asshole. I asked her “Kaisa lag raha hai Vanaja?” She replied “Bahuth acchha lag raha hai sir, please aur chatiye na sir meri gaand ko.” I started licking her asshole and in the process I again got an erection. I told her “Ab mujhe thumhe chodna hai dear, chalo utho” Vanaja told me “Aapka lund ithna jaldi phir uth gaya ? Unka lund tho ekbaar jharnese, phir nahi uth-tha hai” Vanaja lied down on the bed and spread her legs wide for me. I kneeled down in front of her smelled her hairy chooth, and started licking it like a dog. I couldn’t wait any more. I touched her chooth with the tip of my lund and inserted it. My lund when erect, is very thick though not too long. So the moment it entered her, she cried out: “Aaaahhh sir, please dhire se” ” Don’t worry Vanaja, thoda dard hoga phir bahuth achha lagega” Then I pushed again slowly and gradually my lund entered her chooth. Then I asked her: “Ab kaisa lag raha hai honey?” “Bahuth achha lag raha hai sir, ab mujhse aur raha nahi jaatha, please mujhe chodiye na sir” I then started fucking her faster and faster. After a few strokes, I ejaculated again in her chooth. Then we got up and had our bath together.
After that event we had so many chances to fuck. Now i am free to Fuck her as her husband dont minds. He allows me to fuck her when ever i want.

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