Her Moments of Glory

My name is Abhishek. I got married when I was 26 and my wife was 22. Her name is Mrinali. Ours was an arranged marriage. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one of my dreams. She was very pretty, cheerful, fun loving, and personable. We both liked each other and said yes. I was living in the United States even before marriage, so as soon as we got married I took her back to the US.
Let me describe how she looks. She has big beautiful eyes, 5′ 6″ tall, fair, has long legs and she is quite athletic. Let me get to the more interesting parts, her boobs were 34C when we were married (that was one of the things I measured with my eyes before I said yes, I am a big tits man, if you know what I mean), very perky and firm and she has big pink nipples. Mrinali had a very tight pink pussy (she was a virgin) which she either kept trimmed or had it waxed very smooth. She was quiet conservative in her dresses and her wardrobe consisted of saris and salwars before she got married but that was all about to change once she landed in US. She had a nice bubble butt and when she wears tight jeans I have seen many a guy ogling her butt.
She found a job right away in US and I told her that the norm is to wear western dresses to work. I took her shopping to refresh her wardrobe with western dresses. I bought her a few modest skirts and tops to begin with. She tried them on in the fitting rooms and I recommended the ones which showed of her shape well. Even in those modest dresses she looked really hot. She loved the way she looked in most of the dresses. I also took her to couple of bars where the girls dressed boldly just to get her accustomed to the way people dressed and the way I wanted her to dress. She was a little shocked initially by the amount of cleavage the girls were displaying and how short the skirts were. Slowly I encouraged her to buy more revealing dresses and she had warmed up to it. She started dressing more boldly when we went out. I also noticed the attention she was getting from all the horny guys who couldn’t speak to her eyes whenever we went to the clubs and I am pretty sure it must be the same story at work. She noticed the change and enjoyed the attention as well.

Sex was extraordinary at the beginning; we used to fuck everyday sometimes even more than once a day. Mrinali had an amazing appetite for sex. She wouldn’t hesitate to try new things. We tried all positions and her favorite was doggy style. She said she got the deepest penetration in that position. I loved her tits and used to play with it a lot and amazingly her tits started growing and she was wearing 36D after six months of our marriage. I had an average 6″ cock which she thought was big. She was not a big fan of giving me a blow job although she loved her pussy being eaten. I loved eating her pink waxed pussy. She overflows with her juices, moans when I am eating her pussy. We even experimented with sex in public a few times in da parking lot and in parks etc. We watched porn movies occasionally and in one particular movie which was interracial in nature a well-built black guy was a romancing a big tit blonde when her hubby was away and Mrinali got da shock of her life when the blonde removed his belt and got his cock out.
“Oh my God, Abhi do guys really have penises this big” Mrinali asked.
“Yeah, I have seen some of the black guys in the gym locker room, and they are hung incredibly.” I replied.
“Will that even fit into her, I think he is going to split her apart” she said looking amazed.
She was really glued to the TV, and incredibly the cock grew even bigger as the blonde started sucking on it. Mrinali’s breathing pattern changed signaling she is getting hornier. I let her watch the scene and the black guy was fucking the poor blonde girl incredibly hard. The blonde gal was really enjoying it. Mrinali was crossing her legs back and forth. Eventually after a long fucking session the black guy came. He came thick ropes of semen all over her big tits. I stopped the TV and stripped Mrinali and went straight for her pussy with my mouth. Her panties were soaked. I removed it and sucked on her panties and went to the source of those juices. Mrinali lifted her hips to give me more access. She was pushing my head deeper into her pussy and was moaning loudly. I could not believe how wet she was. I was lapping up all the juices. I just moved to her clit and bit it gently and that’s all it took, she came with such a force that she completely collapsed after her incredible orgasm. I was amazed at the speed with which she came.
“Somebody enjoyed the movie a lot,” I teased. She only smiled back in response. We had the best fuck sessions that day.
We had a good community of Indian friends that we socialized with and we got invited to a lot of parties. When you have a pretty and hot wife you get invited to a lot of parties. She used to wear her Indian dresses to those parties. We also had a good number of friends from work. We sometimes invite them over for dinner. I had an office party once in which the spouse was also invited. I asked Mrinali to dress really well as I wanted to show off my hot wife and how lucky I am. I had accompanied my friends at work to the bar and Mrinali drove over. I was pleasantly surprised how pretty and hot my wife looked. She was wearing a sleeveless tight top which showed of her 36D tits really well with a hint of cleavage and a knee length skirt. I introduced my wife to my colleagues and she started mingling well. Among my colleagues was a black guy named Jerome who took particular interest in Mrinali.
He said to me “hey bud you didn’t tell me you had such a pretty wife.”
Mrinali blushed and said you are very kind. He has a very good sense of humor, single and probably around 30 years old. He is 6′ 2″, about 200 pounds and well-muscled and a gym freak. He was cracking Mrinali up and she couldn’t stop laughing at his jokes. He would touch her hand every time he had something funny to say. Mrinali was little taken aback at the beginning but after a couple of vodka drinks she started relaxing and I noticed his hands were lingering a little longer.
Just when we were leaving he came up to me and said “you are so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.” I agreed.
Mrinali blushed some more and she told him that she really enjoyed his company and Jerome reached out to shake her hand again.
In the car I asked Mrinali if she enjoyed the party and she said she really had fun. I complimented her on how hot she looked and how Jerome could not take his eyes off her. She just smiled. That night when we were in bed Mrinali wore a sheer nighty (that is an indication she wants sex) and I started french kissing her. She responded very passionately. I started fondling her beautiful tits through the silky material and she started moaning. I continued to kiss her mouth and dropped both my hands and started massaging her tits. Her nipples were really hard. She was pushing more of her chest into my hands and I started mauling her tits. I bent down and started kissing her tit flesh while I continued to squeeze the other tit hard. She was moaning even louder. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it and it stiffened in my mouth. I touched her fuck box and she was soaking.
I stopped and asked her “what has got you going so much baby?” She pulled my head back to her heaving breasts but, I resisted.
I asked her again “did Jerome get you going baby?”
This time she said “Yes and now get back to sucking my nipples.” She has never talked during sex until now and her commanding tone came as a surprise. I started nibbling on her nipples.
I stopped once more and asked her “were you imagining how big his cock is?” Again she did not answer and moved my hand to her pussy. I pulled it back and asked her again.
She said “yes, I was wondering how big he was down there, Abhi how big do you think he is down there?” I honestly said “he is built like a truck he could be at least 10 inches.”
My cock was rock hard she guided my cock to her soaking box getting into a cowboy position. She had her eyes closed and was riding my cock for all she was worth and I was squeezing her tits really hard. She started tensing and shrieked as she came. Mrinali has never come so soon and she kept cuming and cuming. She collapsed on me completely limp. I let her recover.
She got up and said “Abhi now I want you to fuck me really hard.”
I spread her legs and was surprised how wet she was and started my sliding my cock inside her. I fucked her for a good 5 minutes but I could not last any longer and I came like a freight train and surprisingly she had another orgasm with me. We just collapsed in each other’s arm and slept. This was the best sex session we have ever had.
For the next two months Mrinali never got to see Jerome but Jerome and I were becoming good friends mainly because Jerome showed extra interest hanging out with me. I told Mrinali that I wanted to invite Jerome home one night for dinner as he was single and was generally free. Mrinali said fine. I invited him the following Friday at 8pm and could not wait to have a hot fucking session after. On Friday when I came back from work, Mrinali asked me what I wanted her to wear. I asked her to wear something sexy. She took a pretty long shower and when she came out she was a wearing a short white sleeveless summer dress. This dress showed a lot of cleavage and I thought this was kinda bold I noticed she had waxed her armpits. Jerome showed up at 8pm right on time, with a nice bottle of red wine and Mrinali welcomed him enthusiastically. Jerome had an eyeful of my wife’s tits and he was not even trying to hide it. He gave her a long big hug and winked at her. I checked the label on the wine and its’ alcohol content was high for red wine. I opened the wine and poured three glasses. We made some small talk as we finished the first glass, I poured another one for the table and we helped Mrinali set up the dinner table. Dinner was sumptuous. Jerome was very appreciative of how tasty the food was and never missed an opportunity to peek at her big tits when she was serving. Mrinali finished her second glass pretty quickly and she was warming up pretty nicely. Jerome asked what is for desert with a wink Mrinali was quite comfortable with the sexual innuendos of Jerome. Mrinali brought out jamoons which actually goes well with ice creams. I poured everyone whatever was left in the wine bottle and poured Mrinali a generous share of it. We finished our wines and Jerome offered to help Mrinali with the dishes after the desert. They both started moving the dishes to the kitchen sink and were busy with their conversation. I switched on the TV. There was nothing interesting on the TV and I moved towards the kitchen. Jerome and Mrinali were leaning on the kitchen sink washing the dishes. He told Mrinali that they should switch and he held her by the waist and gently moved her to the other side and he brushed her ass real good and I thought he held there for a few moments than required. Mrinali turned looked at him and smiled. They switched again after some time and this time he turned Mrinali towards him, held her by her waist and moved her aside and again this time I thought Mrinali came closer than necessary and her tits mashed up against his hard chest. Again he held her in that position longer than necessary. My cock was rock hard watching them get carnal. After they were done with the kitchen we moved back to the living room, I quickly went back to watching TV. Mrinali sat across from Jerome and she was crossing her legs back and forth during our conversation and I thought he got a peek at her panties. After he left, I took Mrinali to the bed and she was already wet and hence did not need any foreplay. I rammed my cock in her and she was incredibly wet and she urged me to fuck her really hard.
“Did Jerome make you so wet?” I asked.
She said “yes.”
“Are you imagining how his cock would feel in your tight pussy?” I whispered.
She said “I think he has a big one Abhi, I felt something big in the kitchen when he accidently brushed against me.”
That’s it, I came inside her pussy in torrents. She was disappointed that I came so soon. She asked me to get her favorite toy (a fat dildo) and insert that into her pussy, I was surprised how well she was lubricating. Normally that fat dildo was a very tough fit, but today it was sliding in a little easier.
She was urging me on with closed eyes “fuck me with big cock and make me cum.”
I increased the intensity and she came so hard for so long that I thought she had multiple orgasms. She went really limp after that. I had to go the bathroom to pee and by the time, I came back she was sleeping like a baby.
Two days later when we were having a conversation, I asked her whether she wants to go all the way with Jerome. She told me that I am crazy but she did not say no. I did not force the subject too much. Two weeks later Jerome told me that he is looking for another job and is pretty close to finalizing the offer. A day later he resigned from our firm. I told Mrinali that Jerome has resigned and told her he will be moving out of our town. She felt very sad and told me that I will be losing a good friend. I agreed and brought up that topic again. This time I forced her a bit and she hesitatingly agreed.
“Are you sure about this, I want nothing to change between us after that because I love you a lot” she said.
I promised her. I told her that she should invite him over and tell him that I am not there but the plan was for me to be in hiding and watching all the proceedings. She checked with me many times if I am ok with it and she told me that she really loved me very much and asked me to promise that nothing will change between us. I did again. She called Jerome and told her that she was sad that he was leaving the firm and he is moving out of our town.
Then she said “Jerome you should come over for dinner Friday night. Abhi is not there as well as he is going to visit his friend from college, will not be back until Sunday night and I will be bored.”
Looked like Jerome agreed immediately and she did not have to convince him any further.
Mrinali said “7pm Friday night it is” and hung up.
She said, Jerome told her that he will visit us just for her and he will miss her a lot too. That evening she went shopping to pick a dress for Friday. I did not accompany her this time and I wanted it to be a surprise. Thankfully we had fully wired our house with security cameras that you could monitor either on a tablet or computer. I was planning to hide in the master bedroom closet with my ipad. It had a nice wall to wall cupboard from which I could watch all the action clearly. Friday evening 6pm arrived and she said she needed an hour to get dressed for her lover. I came home early at 5pm and made sure that I had access to all the locations through my iPad and at 6:45 I settled into my position to watch some serious action. Mrinali took a long shower and came out with a towel wrapped around her hair. I immediately observed that she had waxed and her skin was smooth as an infant all over. She was looking good enough to eat. She wore a top that had front buttons and ended in a knot right below her tits. She left all but the bottom two buttons open. It showed her ample cleavage and I could clearly see the hint of her nipples. She wore matching shorts which was short even by my standards. Her whole mid riff was not covered and showed off her flat tummy. It accentuated her bubble butt really well. I was stunned how far Mrinali has come but I was thrilled. I knew no red blooded male will be able to resist her. She did her hair into a pony tail applied some generous amounts of lipstick and perfume to complete her makeup.
The bell rang promptly at 7pm and Mrinali got the door to welcome her lover for the evening. I saw the expression on Jerome’s face as he took in how hot Mrinali was.
“You are looking good enough to eat babe, great to see you” he said not hiding his excitement.
“I wouldn’t leave you alone with a handsome guy like me if I were Abhi” he said. Mrinali slapped his hand playfully. He gave her a bear hug longer than you would expect a friendly hug to be.
“You are looking handsome as ever” Mrinali said.
“I have got some Caribbean rum this time, I make a mean tropical drink. I thought you might like it.”
Mrinali said “Sure, let us try some.”
Jerome was wearing a round neck shirt showing of his biceps and white spandex shorts. He said he was coming straight from the gym. I saw why he was wearing spandex shorts. The outline of his big cock was clearly visible. They moved to the kitchen since Jerome wanted to mix the drinks. Jerome got couple of glasses from Mrinali making sure that he touched her hand when he got it. He handed Mrinali her drink and they moved to the living room. Mrinali took a sip and said she loved it. She told me later on that it was sweet and pretty strong.
“I told ya.”
They had small talk about the new job and the location Jerome was going to.
And then Mrinali asked “how come you don’t have a girlfriend? Girls must be flocking you?”
“I had a girlfriend but we broke up couple of months ago.”
“Not want to get into personal details, but you are so handsome, have a great sense of humor and you seem like a fun guy to hang out with. Why did you break up? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to” Mrinali said.
“No that’s fine. The real reason she gave me was I am too big and she couldn’t handle it.”
I knew he had her exactly where he wanted and my cock was rock hard now.
Mrinali finishing her first drink said “Really? I thought girls really dig big guys.”
“No you don’t understand, she was bitching that I am big down here and she could not handle it” Jerome said pointing to his cock.
Looks like he was really enjoying the show Mrinali was putting up as his cock had hardened and it looked huge.
Mrinali looked at his crotch and gave an expression of shock and Jerome caught her staring at his crotch and she blushed and said “really?”
Mrinali came up and collected Jerome’s glass and made sure she gave him a good view of her ample breasts. He got the glasses from her and asked her if she was ready for another round. She said she would love it. While he was fixing her drinks, she opened one more button of her tight blouse which freed the melons they were supporting some more. Jerome came back with the drinks and gave Mrinali full view of his crotch area. His crotch was awfully close to Mrinali’s face and there was no way she could have missed how fucking huge he was. He noticed that she had opened one more button while staring at her tits and gave her a naughty smile. They were both holding the glass for a while enjoying the sight.
“Couldn’t you have tried different positions?” she asked innocently gulping her drink and her eyes riveted on his crotch.
He sat across from her with his legs spread.
“She was not adventurous and did not want to try new things. She would cum really soon when I was not even half way in her and would not let me touch her after that, She never wanted to try oral either” he said.
“What a shame” Mrinali said.
“What a waste of natural resources” she said naughtily looking at his hardening cock and taking another gulp of her strong drink.
She was feeling the effect of alcohol which was making her do naughty stuff.
“Do you want to see what natural resources she was wasting, sexy?” Jerome asked slowly.
Mrinali turned red thought about it for some time and just nodded.
“I have been admiring your big tits for long now. I want to see your tits in return, deal? It is only fair” he was very convincing.

Mrinali again took some time and nodded again. He hooked his thumbs on his spandex shorts and slowly brought it down.
Mrinali’s jaw dropped and she said “Oh my fucking God, I can see why she left you, I have never seen anything as big as this. You are a monster.”
“It gets even bigger, touch it” he said. She touched it and it twitched wildly and then tried to wrap her hands around his girth. Her fingers did not even meet. I was leaking pre-cum and knew if I touch my cock I will cum instantly. He had thick veins running down the length of his cock.
“Stroke it and you will see how much bigger it gets” Jerome was leading her to a nether world from which there was no return.
Mrinali started stroking his fuck pole and amazingly enough it got even bigger and it was very close to her mouth now.
“God, you are right it is fucking getting even bigger” she said.
He must have been 12 inches easily. She was salivating and her breathing had become really ragged.
“Is Abhi this big?” he asked. I thought that was pretty lame.
“He is not even half as big as you.”
Didn’t expect her to be this cruel. Mrinali kissed his purple head and his cock was twitching wildly. She held his fat cock with both hands and opened her mouth really wide and started sucking his head. Jerome held her hair and was bucking his hips. I was thinking, I had to coerce her into giving me head and here she was volunteering and worshipping that big fat cock. She sucked on his cock for a couple of minutes and didn’t get more than the head of his cock in her mouth. She was rubbing her pussy through the shorts while giving him head.
She got up and slowly untied her blouse. The blouse which earlier formed a huge cleavage finally released her ample breasts. Jerome was mesmerized by her beautiful tits.
“I caught you blatantly staring at my tits more than a few times. Is it as good as you imagined it to be?” she asked.
Milky white round and firm breasts with pink nipples were right in front of him.
“They are more beautiful than my best imagination, they are so full, ripe, soft and firm” he said as he bent down to kiss her mouth.
Jerome got his tongue out and was exploring her mouth. She was kissing his thick lips and opened her mouth to let his invading tongue. He bent further down to her breasts and began teasing one of her big pink nipples with his lips while one of his big hands started massaging her other tit. His tongue darted out and started licking her engorged nipple. His tongue circled her nipple several times and then he took it in his mouth and started sucking on it.
“AHHHHHH… AHHHHH OHHHHH that feels so good. OHHHHH you are making me so wet… SUCK it” Mrinali was moaning loudly.
She was pushing more of her heaving chest into his ravaging mouth and hand. He alternated between kneading and squeezing them really hard. He switched his mouth to the other nipple and did the same to it. Her nipples looked painfully hard. She was on fire and was moaning like a porn star. He moved her away just to admire her beautiful melons and told her these were the best tits he has ever seen. Mrinali gave a beautiful smile pleased with his compliment. He went back to sucking her tits and giving her love bites now leaving red marks. Mrinali eyes were closed and her legs were shaking and she was holding on to him for support. He lowered his head and was working on her flat tummy. He slowly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled it down, it fell on the floor and she kicked it away.
She was not wearing any panties. Her shorts were soaked. She was clean shaven and was smooth as a baby.
“Someone is all excited here” Jerome said looking at how soaked she was.
He rubbed his big hands against her pubes and then opened her cunt lips with his thumb and forefinger.
“OHHHHH GOD…. OHHHHH GOD.. your touch feels so good. MMMMMM” She was moaning.
I could see her cunt lips glistening with juices. I was admiring her beauty. She had an angel like face, big beautiful breasts, erect pink nipples, washboard tummy and shaved pussy standing stark naked in front of another man. I have never seen her this beautiful and I just realized how much I loved her.
“Let us move somewhere where it is more comfortable” Mrinali said.
He carried her easily to our bedroom and laid her down at the edge of the bed. I did not have to look at my tablet any more, I was getting a first-hand view of how my gorgeous wife being ravaged by a well- endowed black guy. He was now kneeling at the edge of the bed moved his hand around her ass and pulled her pussy towards his hungry mouth. He buried his face into her crotch area and was licking her pink cunt lips. Jerome’s tongue just like the rest of him was pretty long. She loved the licking and widened her legs to give him more access. Jerome was licking her pussy in earnest and every now and then he would stab her pussy deep with his tongue and then pull it out and give her clit a lick.
“MMMMMMM OHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD JEROME…. Your tongue feels bigger than a cock… MMMMM OHHHH..” Mrinali was moaning non-stop now.
He continued to knead and squeeze her firm tits and pinch her nipples while licking all the juices flowing out of her honeypot and it was sliding down her inner thighs. Every now and then he inserted a couple of fingers into her cunt pleasuring her even more. Mrinali could not bear the pleasure any longer and she started hissing and moaning loudly. I thought she was close to her orgasm. Jerome picked up pace sucking her pussy lips and gently bit her clit. That triggered it for her, her body started convulsing and she was wildly thrashing.
“OHHHHHH… OHHHHH SHIT.. OHHHHHH… OHHHHH OH MY FUCKING GOD.. I am cuming… SSSSSSSS.. Oh God I am cuming… .” She came so hard that she took 2 minutes to recover. She looked in the direction where I was hiding and I could see how satisfied she looked. I had dropped my shorts and was stroking the largest erection I had ever had.
It was Jerome’s turn to be pleasured.
“Are you ready for my big bro, he is looking for a tight pussy to fuck?” he said.
Mrinali said “I am not so sure all of your fuck pole will fit in my tight pussy” She feared.
It looked like an arm from a distance. His testicles were tennis ball size and hung low.
“Don’t worry, just relax and I will make it fit” Jerome promised.
She later told me that she was afraid that he was going to fuck the crap out her with his big fat pole. I was scared that she might not be able to take all of it. My cock was twitching like mad. I thought I might cum any moment without even touching it.
Jerome looked at her sloppy wet pussy and said “Baby you are wet enough to take me, don’t you worry.” Mrinali felt better.
He was standing at the edge of the bed, took his position between her legs and slowly started rubbing his mushroom head along her glistening pussy. He leaned over and started licking her nipples. Mrinali was enjoying the double sensation of his warm mouth on her nipples and his warm big cock rubbing her outer pussy.
He aimed his cock head at the opening of her pussy and pushed in and her legs clamped around his waist.
“Relax baby, I am going to fuck you really slow so that you can feel every inch of my cock.” He said.
“AHHHHHH MMMMM O-Okay, your cock feels so good” she responded.
Jerome slowly started a piston motion of his hips in and out of her pussy just with his cock head. Her pussy was making loud sucking noises each time he pushed his head in. His cock head was now glistening with her pussy juices. He pushed a little more of his cock in.
“OHHHHH BABY… AHHHHH OHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD.. your cock is going to split my poor pussy into two.. AHHHHH UMMMMMM… I am cumming cumming all over your dick. DON’T STOP BABY FUCK ME” she screamed.
He was not even half way in and he had already made her cum. I came along with her and I wasn’t even touching my cock. I came so much and I wasn’t prepared for this and I did not have any tissues and I made a mess of the cupboard.
Jerome continued to fuck her wet sloppy pussy slowly. Her pussy tightened around his cock. Her pussy started sucking his cock when she came and he pushed 2 more inches into her pussy. Mrinali had never felt anything like this in her life before and her pussy looked obscenely stretched every time he pulled his cock all the way out and he had not even got half of his cock insider her. Thankfully she was so wet and she was trying to squeeze her pussy around his cock but he was too big.
He pulled his cock all the way out and placed it on her mound and Mrinali saw the full size of the cock he was going to give her. Again he aimed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed with a little more force this time and he had slightly more than half his cock in her pussy. He was in virgin territory now. Mrinali screamed and held on to the sheets due to the impact. He started fucking her again this time picking up some more momentum. He reached out for her melons and started squeezing them hard.
“How does my cock feel sexy?” he asked. She started moaning again.
“OHHHHH AHHHHHH MMMMM my fucking God, I am cuming again. OH MY GOD.. I am cuming again.. UMMMMM I think I am going to pass out.. OHHHHH FUCK ME” she moaned as she came again.
Jerome used this opportunity to push his cock even more. As Mrinali recovered and she was biting her lower lip as his cock explored unchartered territories of her pussy.
“Oh my God Jerome how much more you have to go.. I already feel that you are hitting my cervix.” My cock was hard again hearing her moan.
“Just a couple of inches left baby.” He said.
“Oh Jerome your cock feels so good, my pussy feels so full. I have never felt anything like this before” was her reply spreading her legs even wider.
Jerome increased the pace and his balls were now hitting her ass and Mrinali was in ultimate pleasure. She had this look of being pleasured the way a hot gal like her should be pleasured. She had taken his entire 12 inches of fat cock.
“I am all the way in baby and see I told ya, you can take it. And you are one hot bitch” he said.
“I can’t believe that I could take you all the way in. I feel you are all the way up to my throat.”
“Am I better than your ex-gf?” she asked.
“You are so fucking awesome baby, your pussy is so tight and I could keep fucking you all night long” he said.
The slapping noise of Jerome fucking her hard and her moans filled the room. I was surprised at how long he could last. He was grunting and I thought he was close to cumming. Mrinali’s moans increased as well. Thank God we had some space between houses, otherwise we would have had the neighbors complaining. I was stroking my cock and it was hardening.
Jerome was on the verge, he pulled his cock out and got Mrinali to kneel down in front of him and started pumping his cock and was grunting. He came with such force that his first rope of cum hit her hair. The next one hit her chin. It was so thick. I was amazed how far his cum was traveling before hitting her. She was good foot and a half away from his cock. The next two gusts hit her breasts and the last couple of drops just dripped on the floor. I came again with him. The amount of cum Jerome produced was amazing. Mrinali looked beautiful with cum all over her face and her beautiful breasts. His knees became so weak that he collapsed on the bed.
Mrinali just held his cock and said “that was an amazing fuck Jerome, I have never cum so many times in day. Your ex is an idiot.”
Another thing I observed is how many times Mrinali had used “fuck” today. I thought it could be the alcohol. Jerome was not done yet. He kissed Mrinali on her lips first just a peck but their intensity slowly increased and their tongues were dancing. Jerome’s cock slowly started hardening again and he fucked her one more time. Mrinali came two more times while his big cock this time fit in lot more easily and ravaged my wife’s pussy. The bed was creaking so much I thought it was going to give way. When they were done they were both totally exhausted. No one was hungry. They just ate the appetizer she had prepared and Jerome left after he gave her a parting hug and a wet kiss.
“I will miss you baby, It was the most amazing fuck session I have ever had. I would like to be in touch with you.” He said just before he left. They both agreed they will stay in touch.
I came out of my hiding after he left and told my wife that I came twice while they put on the show.
“Oh God, Mrinali you looked so fucking good with his cock in your mouth and in your pussy, did you enjoy?”
She said “This is the best fuck session that I have ever had. Your friend’s cock is so amazing and so big.”
I asked her would she do it again and she replied “maybe.”
I had some light dinner and we went straight to bed. My wife slept like a baby. She did not bother to wear anything. I was curious and looked at her pussy and it was so red and swollen and looked completely used. It took 3 days before her pussy regained its’ tightness. I tried inserting my cock and didn’t feel much before she regained her tightness. It has been a couple of weeks since the great show. Mrinali keeps in touch Jerome through texting and they exchange some naughty stuff. Jerome left our town and I am hoping he will visit us again and I may get lucky. 

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