Heena aunty

my first sex encounter with my aunt. This happened 2 year back when I was in first year of my college. We have a big bungalow and we had given our first floor on rent to one of our relative whom we are not that much connected as normal relative.

So the story starts with the introduction of my aunt, her name was Heena, 32 years old and having stats 34-30-32.She was not so good looking but yes as her figure is she looked sexy. The story started when they came to our house to stay.

I was busy in my studies as I was in engineering. As I was not getting enough time for any other thing so I couldn’t get introduced to them. So during vacation I used to stay at home whole day, because of that I came to know about them and started interacting with them. Their family consisted of Husband, wife and a 3 years child only.

I did not have much interaction with them earlier but one day they wanted to shift their luggage from one room to another so both husband and wife called me to help as I was in next room. I went there and helped them. After that I came to know about them and we were interacting with each other better. One day when she was washing clothes I saw her cleavage and firm boobs.

I thought to try her out. After that I was always seeking for chance to talk to her on any reason. I was regularly playing with her daughter. One day when I was at her house she asked me about my life what I do and all. She asked me indirectly that I have girl friend or not.

I said not yet, then she asked, “You want to make girl friend” I played my card and said “Yes if I found someone like you” She didn’t react a bit, may be because her husband was there but next day when he went out, I went there and started to play with her daughter, then again she asked me, “Why you said yesterday that you want girlfriend like me?”

I said, “I was just joking at that time” and then she said “No you have to tell me” She made me to tell that, so I said, “Because you are so good, and your husband is lucky to have you” then she murmured something which I didn’t ask her. Then again I said, “If you have any girl in your knowledge then let me know” then she said,

“I know which girl you want and I know her name also” I asked about that to her, then she said, “Her name is Heena right?” I was not in a position to tell something so I said, “No it’s not like that” and tried to change the topic but she said, “I have seen you many times eyeing on me so you should tell truth” then I said.

“Its not like that, that’s just because you are so good and beautiful” then she said “As you are 18 years you must be knowing how to use beautiful things” I was shocked from the straight approach from her, that time I was not in a position to reply something so I went away from there.

Then next day I asked her, “What were you saying yesterday” then she said, “Nothing” and didn’t open the topic but I made her and asked her about that, then after some time she said, “A person must be knowing how to use beautiful things” then I said, “Yes but that beautiful thing should not resist anything” She smiled and said, “Approach must be from other side”

I gathered courage and decided to move bit further and went near to her and held her shoulders, and kissed her on chicks she didn’t say anything and looked into my eyes so I again kissed her this time on her lips, but she again didn’t respond anything so I asked her whether she liked it or not then she said, she was afraid and shy.

I said, “Ok your choice whenever you wish we can move further” And as I was leaving the place she stopped me and said, “I am ready but feeling shy” so I closed the door again and held her from her arms and planted kiss on her lips this time she responded slowly but after some time she began getting excited so she also started giving me heavy shocks but forcing her tongue

into my mouth and sucking my lips heavily I could not control her as she was getting excited heavily, and I was trying to match her speed and excitement and kissing her hard. Then after that I put my hands on both of her boobs from above her shalwar while kissing and started exploring other parts of her body with my lips, on her neck, ears, and shoulder cheek everywhere.

Aunty gently sucked my lower lip lightly biting it at times. I could notice my tool getting hard. It was rock hard. She put her hands on my face and passed them through my hair. I put my hands around her and we stood up hugging each other. She was wearing shalwar kurta and so I passed my hand slowly under the same onto her boobs. She was still kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth.

As I touched her breasts my heart raced. “Slowly” she said, “Don’t be in a hurry. There is lot of time” I removed her kurta and pulled my lips from her lips and started kissing her neck. “Good boy”, she said. She then raised her breasts as if to suggest that I kiss them too. She was wearing a black bra. And it was so sexy seeing her in the bra. They were huge like milk tankers.

Part of them was already bulging from her low cut bra. I kissed and tried to suck the tender breasts. She pulled me towards her breast and said “Kiss”. I kissed her slowly. First I kissed her left breast, then her right one over her bra. When I attempted to remove her bra she said “No, my boy, enjoy it slowly, smoothly, softly.”

I kissed her on the bra for a long time. One of the erect nipples rammed through the bra. I could feel her heart beating fast. She mentioned me to take off my shirt. I did. I was not wearing a baniyan. She touched me on my chest and then my back gently squeezing me. I could sense by now my underwear getting wet with my lubrication.

She pushed me to the wall and held my hands and started sucking my nipple. Wow! Even now as I tell about it I feel the tingling sensation running through my spine. She did it very gently. All the while I was holding her breasts and rubbing her nipples from the bra. She sat on the bed and pulled me towards her. I was standing and she kissed my navel. And gently bit it and sucked it.

I was burning with desire. I tried to push her down but she would not allow. “You must learn to control a little if you want to enjoy for long “she said. I agreed. She stood up and turned around. “Kiss me on my neck” she whispered. I drew ahead close and kissed her on the neck. Then on her back, “Unbutton the bra” she said.

She then took my free hand and motioned me to open the hooks of her bra. She was rubbing my hair. I removed one, then the second and then the third and the last. “Slowly” she said again “A woman likes it slow in the beginning.” I opened her bra slowly and she spread her hands to help me remove it.

I removed it. And I continued kissing her back. “Now the shalwar” she told me. I removed the lower. She had the panty left. She turned to me. I was shivering with excitement looking at those mounds. “These are the doors to a woman’s orgasm. Handle them with care.” she advised as I was staring at them. Then I stood up.

I bent and softly took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked it and licked it. I licked her nipple and there it stood proudly, the dark area around the nipple so firm. Then I took the other while fondling the first with my hands. She moved her breast in and out of my mouth. “You are learning well” she moaned. I soon understood that handling the breasts is an art that has to be learnt if one wishes to satisfy any woman.

I took both her breasts in my hands and continued sucking, licking and pressing softly. She was getting very aroused for she was digging her nails into my back and clawing me. I slid towards her navel leaving her breasts. She immediately replaced my hands on her breasts and said “Don’t remove your hands”. I kept squeezing them while licking her belly.

She then took my hand and mentioned me to remove her panty. She wore a white panty with flowers printed on it. She pushed me down. I can still remember those first smells. How they excited me! I kissed from her panty and then her thighs and her knees and her calves and her feet. And then up again. This time when I reached her panty she pushed it down and pulled it away.

For a full minute I stared at her cunt. It was wet and wild. It had been neatly shaved. “Hey Mahi, come kiss me here” she said pointing to the cunt. I bent down and took her vagina lips in my mouth. I could feel her buttocks shaking a little. She held my head and moved me towards her clitoris between the vagina lips.

As I sucked it, it hardened a little and I heard the pleasantest of moans. Her body arched. She twitched and turned. I lowered my lips and reached her vagina. I was wet! “Put your tongue in” she told me. I did so and she rammed my head with her thighs. She put my hands on her breast and I squeezed and licked.

And she moaned. I can still hear them. How sweet. Then after some time she pulled me up and asked me to put my finger in her vagina. She held my hand and pushed my index finger in. I could feel the rough surface of her insides. I pushed my finger deeper and she turned hotter. As I rubbed the g-spot (she later told me about it) she shuddered and exploded.

“Take off your underwear” she shouted. “Now is the time for fucking.” I hurriedly removed my clothes and she pulled me on her and held my cock and pushed it inside her. Ooo what warmth. As I entered her I understood why they call it “Conjugal bliss” o what joy! I went in and out slowly. Already my testicles were twitching to shoot. She sensed it and said “Stop moving”. I stopped.

We kissed each other. Then we started and then stopped and started. The pleasure of being near an orgasm and then holding on to that is something that has to be experienced. Words cannot fully begin to describe it. After a long time I came first me and then her. I was about to roll aside when she said” Don’t.

A woman needs a man more after an orgasm. Kiss me and hug me tight.” I stayed on top of her and kept kissing her for a long time. After some time she said, “Ok times up now, my hubby will be home any minute. But he would be going on tour after 2 days, at that time we would do it again” and saying this she stopped me, after that I was waiting for 2 days to pass.

In between that 2 days I was trying to catch her alone so that I could do something, got few chances to kiss her and fondle her. So after 2days her hubby went on tour and as he left the house after some time I went to her house in noon she was alone at her home her kid was sleeping, I went there and directly held her and started kissing on her lips she also responded me but she said,

“Wait let me close the door” she closed it and came back I was sitting on bed she set beside me and said, “Tell me what you want to do” then I said “Everything that is possible.” Then I came close to her and held her face with my both hand and started kissing her on her lips. I was fully taking her lips and sucking it she also wrapped her hand around my neck and started responding me with same force.

We were enjoying that deep kiss very much, after that I started to playing with her boobs over her dress and put my one hand over her pussy she held my that hand and said, “Wait for some time you are going too fast” Then I came to know that she also like foreplay like me, I again started kissing her she asked me to remove my t-shirt I did that and pulled her top also then she said,

“Wait I am taking it off” she removed her top and I was amazed, a milky white beauty with black bra on it I put my hand on her bra and asked her to remove it. She said, “Now you can remove it yourself” I did that and oh my god that was a super beautiful size with firm 34 size boobs with big black nipples.

I was overjoyed and I hugged her and started pressing her boobs with my hands, I inserted my tongue in her mouth and started sucking her lips. Then I move downwards to her boobs and I started eating them. Ah….. They were sweet. Mmmmmmmmm I was eating them like a mango.

Wao I slowly put my lips on her nipples and she held my head and pushed me towards her breast to suck them, after that I started playing with her nipples with my lips and tongue and started sucking them; she was moaning softly and enjoying them.

“Oh……….mmmmmmwwwaaaaaa……. Aunty I love you aunty Ahahh” …. While doing this all my hand reached her wet pussy and I was teasing it with my fingers. Ahh.. It was wet with her juice. She suddenly stood up and moved away. She said, “I want to see you naked” I stood up to remove my clothes as I stood up she quickly caught my lowers and pulled it to make me nude.

I was surprised at her behaviour as well as enjoying it at same time. Then she removed my underwear and was surprised to see my dick. I was confused. She went to the freezer and from there she took a bowl of ice cream and came back. I was on fire.

Oh…She put ice cream on my 7.5″ dick with a spoon and started licking it. I said, “Aaaaaah aunty…o oooooooo…….. Mmmmmmmm.” I was on the 9th sky. She was eating me. Mmmm… Ahh. Within few minutes she licked all ice cream. Wao it was beautiful and unforgettable moment of my life.

She said, “I forgot to tell you, You have meat far more bigger then my hubby and you have thicker than my devar” after hearing that I was shocked, and asked her about her devar, she said, “I have slept with him also” so I said “I have got an experienced maal” then she took my tool in her hand and wrapped her hand around then she began to fist it roughly.

And slowly started taking it in her mouth, she was too good as she began sucking gently on the head of my cock. Her tongue swirled over the sensitive head as she lowered her head and took my cock deeper inside, I said “Ooooo…God…tame bau mast chuso cho (you suck superb)… suck me…lick me….suck my cock!!!” I moaned, my eyes were closed with excitement.

She was highly experienced in it she knew exactly what to do to make me go crazy with lust. She cupped my balls and I felt that I would cum soon. Then I said, “I am cumming” she said, “Come in to my mouth I want to taste your cum, neither my hubby not my devar allow me to do that so please give it in my mouth” she was massaging balls as in rhythm and style I cummed soon

and she took my whole 7inch shaft in her mouth and I cummed inside her throat, then she released my cock, that day my cock was looking like as if it was 8inch big because of her superb sucking.

After that it was my turn to satisfy her, so I lay her down on bed and removed her lower and she was wearing black inner down, I asked her to remove it and she did that, then she spread her leg and said, “You can taste it” I put the whole bowl of ice cream on her body. Her body was totally covered with ice cream and then I started massaging her body with my hands. I started licking ice cream along with her soft skin.

“Ahhmmmmm…….aaahhhhhhhh. Delicious!!!!!!!!” I was licking her nipples and after sometime when I finished licking her nipples I reached to her waist and then started licking it. Ahhahhah mmmmmmmmm then I reached her pussy. Now I made her to spread her legs quite wider. Waoo….. I could see the deep hole of her pussy.

I put a spoonful ice cream in her pussy and then 2nd spoon and then 3rd. With 3rd spoon her pussy got filled. Then I inserted my tongue and started eating that ice cream. Waooooo. It has become sweeter than before Mmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhhh, now she was moaning “Aahahhahah fuck.. Me…. Mahi…ahhhhh ooo…….mmmmmmmmmahhhhh.

Eat me…… Ahhhhhh I want…….take you …….inside me……….. Come in me Mahi… Ahhhhhh mmm.” I dropped down quickly and drove my tongue straight between her soft pussy lips. I wanted to make her explode. I focused on her clit. Sucking and licking it with pleasure. Though it was having bit hairs as she had shaved it before a week.

After that I inserted my one finger in her pussy hole while sucking, I was not feeling comfortable while doing that so I suggest her to put pillow under her hips she did that and after that I got a better angle to suck so I started again. Her moans and groans excited my limp cock back to life, and the bucking of her hips made me so crazy that I could not control myself.

Finally after some time she grabbed my hair and screamed, ”Ohhhh…,Mahi mane kaik thay che (something is happening to me)…yes…yesss….suck me..fuck me….I am cumming… ohhhh… suck my pussy!!” Her pussy gripped my finger and juice began to flood out of her pussy. When she stopped the bed was fully drenched with sweat underneath her ass. She was lying limp with her eyes closed.

When she came back to consciousness, she called me closer to her and gave me a hot deep kiss on my lips and held my cock again. She whispered, “Fuck me like a bitch Mahi.” I asked her to spread her legs; I adjusted myself and put my dick on her hole. I pushed my cock deep in aunt’s pussy in one clean stroke. She said, “Ooh … God.. It is painful yet very good.”

I got nervous and pulled my cock out. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry put it in again but push slowly.” I kept my 2″ 1st on her pussy’s mouth, then I entered slowly. Ahhhh it was going very easily. Mmmmm ahhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmthen I inserted 5 inches inside. She started moaning “Mmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh Mahi. Fuck me hard ahhhhhhhh.”

Then I slowly took it out and pushed it with a great force. My world had collapsed. My 9″ dick was totally lost in her and I started to fuck her as hard as I could. I pulled out and then again pushed…. 9″ in…. Out……in…out ahhahhahah mmmmm. I was in heaven. Ahahah 7.5″ in,….out…out……..in.

Then I started stroking her slowly and in rhythm, I lay down on her and started kissing her lips while fucking her, after some time she got too much excited and said angrily, “Is this it?” I said, “What?” she said, “Cant you do with more power, you can treat me as your asset but please fuck me harder.” by hearing that I said, “I don’t have any problem” and I grabbed her ass and pulled her legs on my shoulders.

My cock was in her pussy and I started to fuck her. I pushed in hard. I could feel the head of my cock touch her womb. Her cries were a mixture of pleasure and pain as I abused her pussy. As I fucked her, her hands gripped the bed sheets. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She was making sounds that I had never heard before.

We rolled over now she was on me and enjoying my dick’s ride. Ahah she was jumping high and then come down. I was in heaven.. 9″in out..out… Her boobs were going up down up down slowly easily side 2 side……mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh … Now she took it up to her thought and I was doing …in…out job.

After some time I asked her to change the position she said, “Bang me from back side” then she came in doggy position spreading her legs, then I slapped my aunt on her cheeks as I fucked her roughly, she said “I am really feeling like heaven, now please don’t stop until you come inside” I said “I am also enjoying this darling so I would not stop” she was moaning loudly and in pleasure.

After some time I said I am going to cum. Where you want that” she said, “Cum inside me” I asked “What if you get pregnant” she said, “My periods were over 2 days ago so no problem” I said “Ok take it” Within few moments I came with jerk and it was the biggest cum of my life…… I had filled her cunt with my juice and she liked it and we both moaned loudly.

I lay on her, after sometime I stood up and she also got up, then she held my semi erected penis and took it in her mouth and cleaned it, then I again kissed her deeply for few minutes, she hugged me and said “I enjoyed a lot, we will do it again soon” I said “It will be my pleasure.”

This aunt of mine and I continue to enjoy sex when fortune favors. She taught me things that keep women enjoying me and vice versa. Please tell me how you find my story, and it’s totally real experienced not a story made by me. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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