he Railway Trip

It all began in the most southern part of Sweden. A dull and ugly day. The rain poured from heaven.
My husband, George, and I, Mary, had decided to take a week off for skiing in the far north. As you perhaps know, Sweden is a country of some length. From the most southern part, up into the snowy mountains in the north, you have to travel for at least 800 miles. That means that normally you wouldn’t use a car: of course you could go by air, but it’s more delightful to go by train.
We had packed our skis and some suitable clothes for the train trip to the far north. It felt peculiar to hire our skis from the store and then carry them out on the wet streets of the city into the cab taking us to the railway station.
The first part of our journey was the day train ride to Stockholm, the capital, and from there we had to take the night train for the north.
George and I had booked a first class sleeping compartment for two. As we entered the train, we found it – a small one with two beds, with the luxury of an ensuite shower room and toilet. After having put down our luggage, we went to the dining-car. There were plenty of people but we found a table for four. Two of the seats were already occupied by (as we would learn later) a nice couple, Anne and Adam. They were also destined for the same ski village that we had chosen.

After ordering some food and a bottle of wine just as the train left the station, we acquainted ourselves with our new friends. The conversation was amusing with much laughter and interesting stories about previous made trips to ski resorts in the mountains.
I found Adam very attractive. I looked at George now and then and saw that his eyes were fixed to Anne’s fabulous breasts. Her jumper showed off a well-shaped pair of 34D tits which I sure he was imagining getting hold of.
Adam seemed to respond to my longing eyes. The atmosphere was charged. We ate the food and drank the wine as the train travelled north. The darkness outside the dining-car windows was interrupted only by flashes of light as we passed through stations.
Adam looked with a smile at George and said: “What do you think of a wife swap?” George looked at me in embarrassment.
“Haha, you guys would feel happy then?” I laughed.
Eventually it was time to return to our sleeping compartments. Together with Anne and Adam, we walked through the narrow corridors of the sleeping coaches. When we arrived at ours, we found to our astonishment that they had got the compartment next door.
Adam embraced me and said “You may have a night kiss at least.” He kissed my lips!
Anne smiled and said “It would be nice if I got the same attention!”
George wasn’t slow to respond. He hugged her and held her tight, kissing her sincerely, whilst drawing her into our compartment!
I just looked in astonishment at him. Was this the ski vacation we had dreamt of?
Adam whispered in my ear that it was allright. He took my hands and I followed him into their compartment. I wasn’t prepared for this situation and the thought of being his lover, although as I looked down at his crotch, I knew he would be great in the bed. The growing swell of his trousers was obvious.
But I’d never made love with anybody else but my husband! He was the man who took my virginity.
I have always being very shy. I think it is because of my less than developed body – my small tits, only AA size and my rather tiny bottom — that I felt wouldn’t be attractive to men. I always was full of horror when forced to strip, even in front of my female gynaecologist!
Now I stood in front of Adam who was seated on the edge of the bed. He asked me to turn around. In front of me there was a mirror showing me from my knees upwards. His hands moved up my thighs and stopped at the waistband. He unzipped my slacks and pulled them slowly to the floor.
Then he asked me to remove my jumper. Oh heavens! My face was blushing. Hesitantly I pulled it over my head. I never wear a bra and so, standing in front of the mirror, I could see the image of my small tits, my flat tummy and a pubic bone accentuated by the hipster waistline fabric.
Adam’s hands stroked gently over my buttocks. “I really like your youthful body” he whispered with an admiring deep sigh. “Just as I saw you entering the dining car my heart started to beat harder. I want you! And I want to come deep inside you.”
At that moment we could hear the sounds of love from the adjacent compartment. I heard Anne shouting something like “Just like that! Oh, that’s good!”
We smiled and Adam forced my hipsters down. I turned my back to the mirror and seized his head. I pressed his face against my pussy. His tongue started to lick my pussy lips which sent a wonderful shiver through my body.
He got to his feet, grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. There I was, laying on my back whilst he quickly stripped. As he took off his boxers, I saw his rather long and thick cock just above my face.
Oh goodness me, would I be able to handle it?
He straddled my face, kneeling on the bed and licking my tits, sucking the nipples hard. His hands searched for my pussy and I moaned when he separated the lips and touched my clit. He bent his body forward. I licked and sucked his lovely testicles which more or less filled my mouth. I couldn’t believe how lucky I felt when he sucked and pinched my clit.
Suddenly he shifted and lay back on the bed. His cock pointed straight up. I saw some pre-cum on the top and licked it off. He groaned and drew me to straddle the rock hard flag pole.
Carefully I lowered my wide open pussy against his large cock, and it found its way slowly into my vagina. I felt some pain as I pressed my crotch against his body. I never had experienced such a thick organ. He lay completely still and looked at my face. From his ragged breathing, I could tell he was really enjoying this.
I kept on moving up and down, absorbing his cock inch for inch for every thrust. At last all the length was inside my body. My juicy hole had swallowed something so large I thought it would be impossible. It was a marvellous feeling of a thick cock completely filling up the cavity. It touched the cervix and pressed my uterus upwards. Oh! I groaned with satisfaction!
We changed to the missionary position. Adam forced himself into me. As my vagina was well oiled and had got used to his well-shaped cock, I loved every hard stroke. My whole body was electrified. It was only a matter of seconds before my orgasm. I shouted in ecstasy and grabbed the edge of the bed.
Still with his cock inside me Adam moved me onto my side. With one of my legs moved upwards, it made it possible for him to continue fucking me obliquely from behind. This was a new position for me as it required a male organ of some length which George was unable to offer.
Aaaah, what a curious feeling! Having Adam behind me, his wonderful hard cock pushing in and out of my vagina sideways whilst his hand caressed my clit! I found it extremely erotic.
Then he moved me once again until I was laying on my back on the bed. He bent my legs towards my head. I got hold of my feet and spread my legs to open up my pussy. Adam wasn’t slow to use my creamy wet vagina mouth. He forced all the length of his hard cock inside with one stroke.
I heard him groan and he breathed in a violent manner. He shouted “I’m going to cum inside you!” His body went into spasm, my vagina squeezed his cock and he shot bursts of warm sperm up against my cervix.
I screamed in sensual pleasure, my body bent up against Adam. Oh, what an orgasm!
Both of us fell asleep facing each other. The only sound to be heard now was the song of train wheels running on steel rails carrying us to the snowy north.
I woke up still face to face with Adam. My hand had a firm hold on his cock shaft. Our position was heavenly: his arm around my body seemed to be trying to keep me close to him. I wished we never would need to leave the bed and I hoped that George felt the same way, together with Anne on the other side of the compartment wall.
The dream was over. I stood up and went into the ensuite and, whilst showering, I heard Adam using his shaver.
As I stepped out completely nude from the shower room, Adam smiled and grabbed me. “Here you are, my shy night nymph!” He kissed me and I cuddled up to him. “Oh,” he said, “we have to hurry. Breakfast is waiting.”
He made his way into the shower and when he returned, I was dressed and had put on some makeup (borrowed from Anne’s bag). I got a last glimpse of his nude body before it was all hidden under his clothes.
Adam and I walked along the narrow corridors of the train coaches. As we walked into the dining car, we immediately saw Anne and George who seemed to have eyes only for each other, just like newlyweds! We walked up to them and I heard George say “What a tremendous night you gave me!”
“Hi there,” I whispered in his ear. “I hope you haven’t forgotten me?”
He laughed and stood up. He embraced me and gave me a lovely long kiss. “No! Though the night was wonderful, it will never be as good as when we are together!”
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