Half A Day With Bangalore Lady In Coimbatore

Hi all, Tamilveru is back again, thanks you all for your valuable comments and feedback. Now am not going to post the sequence of my previous story however I do not want to disappoint you. In this story am going to post story about how I got introduced to a lady through a gigolo agent and had fun with her for money. To new reader please read my old story under my name.
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The story would be bit long . I want this to be original, so please bear it and read to the end
I do not want waste your time, am directly start with the story. To maintain secrecy of the lady am not going to disclose any details of her instead of some common things. This happened in the end of January month.
Actually I got introduced to a gigolo agent who was in Bangalore. I asked him share the clients if anyone is there in Coimbatore areas. He said it was tough to find clients in this region. He called me one day after 3 weeks, saying that a lady who was his old client from Bangalore now shifted to Coimbatore. She was working in reputed company in Coimbatore now. She called him since she is new to Coimbatore and asked for availability of men. He asked me whether am free on Saturday and replied positively and we setup the deal including money matters, I said 5k for half day.
He said he wont provide the lady number instead on Saturday he will assist me where I have to go according the lady’s direction. On Friday I went to naturals and clean shaved my face, did some facials and came back to home cleaned my under arm hairs and pubic hairs, cut my nails (i want to be clean to serve my clients) and in the night I got message from the agent to go to a famous mall and wait in the food court.
As per instruction, next day I bathed cleanly and wore a tee shirt and jean with perfumes on and went to medical shop to buy condoms. I already booked a cab and I went to the mall and waited near the place the agent said.
I again got a call from the agent to go out of the mall and turn right side. There will be white Ford Figo car . I went out saw the car having Karnataka registration number and he ask to get into the car by backside. I got the backseat of the car. The lady greeted me with a smile. I did the same and she started the car and our conversation also started.
She asked about my age and other details. And started describing her, 29 years old married to an it guy before 4 years and he was in Germany. Still no children even though had a healthy sexual relationship between husband and wife. They came to one agreement that they don’t want to waste their life being separate so they can fuck anyone but with each others knowledge. When was in Bangalore, she had hired a gigolo and they made fun for a 3 hours when he about leave her in-laws came, somehow she managed that he is one of brother of her husband’s friend came to give her laptop service. So the couple decided not to do this Bangalore again. Somehow I got transferred to Coimbatore to enjoy the sex life.
By the time we reached her house. It was a two bedroom separated house. She was living with her cousin who also works in the same company. Now she went to Bangalore.
When I saw her completely she was 34-28-34 bit brownish in color. She made juice for both of us. We drank and watched TV for sometimes. I don’t know whether to proceed or not. I was peeping her from one eye. She asked me what all are the service I can provide I said something I don’t want, and rest all your wish. She was about to say her wish, I stopped her once we do you instruct me over there not in words.
She laughed and said yeah there is the bedroom. And she turned the tv volume bit louder and moved towards the bedroom. I followed her, I locked the room. And she sat and the bed and asked me to stand before her. She said me to remove my t shirt and jean, I did it in a vain. I stood in my boxer on. My rod stands at 90 degree. She caught my dick in tight and sequenced my balls.
Then she asked me to remove her top and I did for her, she was in white netted bra and asked her to remove her leggings but still her high heals is on wit her foot.
Red panty and a slender thighs came to my view. She asked me to lick her armpit and raised her left hand up. I licked it very slowly and carefully while I licking her she caught my dick and pressed very gently. She took my hand and placed it in her boobs. I understood her intention started pressing gently and sequenced her boobs and she asked me remove the bra, actually I shivered a bit.
She understands that and asked me to lie on bed came top of me and kept her right tit in mouth, I opened my mouth and sucked her tit and pressed her left boob, I continued to that alternatively sucking boobs licking her armpits like that. I chewed her nipples like a baby.
With one hand I circled her navel and she was sitting on my dick pressing it very harder. She brought her lips to my lips, for the first time our eyes met she smiled a bit and touched my lips and we started exploring each other and exchanged our saliva. One hour gone by, she stood on the bed I was between her legs, she asked me to remove her panty and removed it ans she sat on my face asked me lick her cunt. It was but hairy but clean and neat cunt.
I cant able to breath somehow I managed to lick it . She began to move front and back such that her pussy will rub against my face. I placed my hands in her boobs. And pinched her nipples. She moaned for it. And then she turned around sat on the face such a way that her back is facing me now I can able to see her butt hole. She tore my boxer and caught hold of my dick , she started stroking my tool.
Meanwhile am licking her pussy as well as her ass simultaneously. She played with my balls. She doesn’t like to suck me . I was ok with that. She spitted some saliva on er hand and directly in penis for lubrication. She was pressing her tightly she came on my face. She stood up and stand like a mistress with heals.
She took condom from my jean and rolled over my cock. Now for lubrication she sucked my condom covered dick. And she sat on my dick with her pussy. My dick got submerged in her pussy. And she sat for a while and began to ride me and she was continuously moaning.
She slowly and steadily she increased her phase. Only I can do was to to catch her jumping boobs and pressing it harder. After some time she stopped and caught my balls and sequenced it harder so that my ejaculation will be delayed. She laid on me asked me to suck her boobs. I chewed her nipples and bitten her nipples. She said naughty boy and started her mission . After a few minutes I said am going to cum. She ride-ed and moaned vigorously. Now am feeling a different pain. At last I came in the condom.
She laid on me ,still my dick in her pussy. Squirting the remaining loads. She got up from me and asked me to remove the condom and throw it in a waste bag. We went to restroom. I cleaned her pussy and she watered my dick, we played with water. We came out and she sat on the bed asked me to lick her from the feet to thigh.
I knelled down in the ground started to lick her feet and chewed her fingers which was clean and with nails were polished in pink. From toe to thigh licked for half hour. Even I again licked her pussy. And this time she asked me finger her pussy. Then she already ordered something to eat. She ordered me to be nude while having food. We went to dinning table. She unpacked the food and I helped her. We started our lunch and exchanged through food by mouth.
Again we went to bedroom took some rest. We hugged each other slept for a while. We got up the time was 5pm. She asked me to clean myself and she wore a nighty and went to prepare tea. I came back and saw that my boxer was torn. She back saw that and with a smile she came near me and said she will pay or it for that I hugged her kissed her and said no need darling. For the first time I said the word and I said sorry, she said no problem dear.
I wore my remaining clothes we booked a cab for me and started our tea and she said take my money from me and kept the money in her mouth. I went near her took her cheeks in my palm and saw her eyes again and took the money from her mouth and kissed her again. Then got a call from the driver. I bid bye to her and she kissed me again.
Friends this is my story. Please reply back your comments and suggestion tomankaththalaajith@gmail.com. Ladies around Coimbatore and Tirupur can use to satisfy your physical needs. And friends please don’t ask for the picture and detail of my client.
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