Guy having sex with four slutty friends

Even before writing a single word, I would like to tell all of you that I am 100 percent sure that readers will not believe that all this can really happen, even then I am writing down extra ordinary sex experience of my entire life and there is only one reason for that, that I want to relive those moments.
Although at that time in the beginning it was not that pleasant experience for me but on later stage I really enjoyed that and now after few months I am cherishing that unpleasant experience too which really took my life at that time. This incident is not very old rather I can tell you it happened when winters in north India were yet not over completely climate was very pleasant and I remember each and every incident and word spoken very well,
further I will say that at present I am still into this sex affair but it was really very weird when it started. Anyway without wasting much time in intro, I would say that right now I am living thousand miles away from my home in a very decent flat in very good apartment in one growing city of U.P. which is touching capital of the country.
Say after around one month of living in that flat I realized that there is a female of nearly 36-37 is living next to me and like me she is also alone. Fortunately one day I stayed at home in a week day and saw her going inside the flat in evening. In appearance she was not that beautiful but she had sharp features and a luscious body on a heavier side.
We had few words on the door itself when we saw each other first time and had basic introduction, her name was Gunjan (not real) and she was working in a call centre. From her basic gesture I could see that she was confident girl as after knowing my name and where do I work she invited me for a coffee in her flat on the very first meet and later while having coffee I came to knew that like me she is also living alone in the town.

Anyway that day our coffee ended with a casual conversation, like from where I belong and exactly what I do. Being a sexually experienced male I could not stop myself staring at Gunjan’s body, moreover she was having kind of body by which I was obsessed from the very beginning of my teen age.
As I said earlier Gunjan was not beautiful rather average looking female with bit of wheatish complexion but she was having a heavy boney structure, with thick fleshy thighs and big breasts but because of her good height she never appeared fat to me. Though I was unaware of her past but from her body structure I could make out that she was sexually well.
Gradually while living beside each other within month’s time Gunjan and I became good friends, although we use to meet each other mostly on weekends because of our odd working hours and like that on one fine Sunday Gunjan revealed her past to me and told me that she is divorcee, living alone in this town with a decent job earning almost half a lack.
Things moved casually for nearly one more month and gradually I found myself getting sexually attracted towards her and at certain places I found myself caught staring at her fleshy assets but I was comfortable even after getting caught because I could see that Gunjan is also in more or less in same mind frame as far as our friendship was concerned.
Anyway all in all it was a good friendship and we use to address each other by name although I was nearly 6-7 years younger than her and hardly bit more than half in physical structure. Though physically I am in good shape because of my work out but still Gunjan was much heavier than me and sometimes I use to feel that I will not be able to satisfy her sexually as from her gesture and physical assets she use to look really very horny and sex loving female.
Anyway gradually some more time passed and things between we two got better and one fine Sunday I decided to give her treat of my birthday which was few days back on a week day and without telling her anything I got the Chinese food packed and took it her flat in the evening around 7 and told her that I am celebrating my birthday.
Gunjan wished me and we dined together and had food and in between she gave me compliment that in overall view I am a good human being and she is happy to have me as her friend. I accepted the bow and thanked her for the compliment, after few minutes of casual conversation she spoke that now she has to think about the gift she can give to me as a birthday present.
I gladly reacted on her statement and replied casually saying, “Ok…then when will I get my gift”? Gunjan smiled and said “bahut jaldi” more or less that day we ended there only, I came back to my flat as she was suppose to go out with her friends for a movie. Anyway I remained in pleasant mood throughout the week as I could see things moving in my favors and I was sure that sooner or later I will have sex with Gunjan.
Truly speaking friends my intuition was absolutely right, I had sex with Gunjan on the same weekend but in the weirdest way one can think of. It was Saturday evening and since morning I was out of my house and by the time I came back time was 6. In morning around 12 when I went out Gunjan was not home as her flat was locked but when I returned, door of her flat was open and lights were on, on full swing.
I looked in, one female with a petite body wearing Salwar Kameez was sitting on the couch with a remote in a hand and as she saw me she called Gunjan by addressing her name bit loud saying “Gunjan……aa gaya”. I could make out that she was talking about me and from the word “Aa gaya” she meant that I am back.
As expected Gunjan appeared to the door on very next moment and invited me in her flat while saying, “andar aa jaao…..aaj mere yahan party hai and you are invited”. I entered in the flat and before I would have thought anything two more females appeared in front of me and Gunjan started to introduce me with them.
Female who was sitting on the couch wearing Salwar Kameez, who called Gunjan as she saw me was Chhaya, and rest of the two females were Chaitali and Shilpi and all of them were Gunjan’s friends. I have already detailed physical appearance of Gunjan and if I have to detail rest of the three females then I would like to start it from Chhaya, Chhaya was little shorter than me,
fair in color should be counted in beautiful girls having luscious body with not much but little heavier breasts in proportion to her body. Having smooth and slender waist and right amount of flesh on her assets she could be considered a perfect female to arouse anybody on a very first sight.
From her makeup I could make out that Chhaya was married, she was having small dot on her forehead called Bindi, 5-6 bangles in one hand and a wrist watch in other, Chhaya was wearing few fingerings and a gold and black beaded necklace around her neck which is mostly known as Mangalsutra which only married females wear.
Wearing bright color Salwar Kameez with high heel sandals Chhaya was looking stunning with a smile on her pleasant face. Second one was Chaitali, average looking female with pleasant features, and just like Gunjan, Chaitali was also having wheatish complexion with same sort of fleshy body structure, heavy thighs and big round ass and it was more prominent in the outfit she was wearing.
Wearing black color full sleeve t-shirt till her waist and blue color body line denim jeans Chaitali was looking really very chubby, though she was having almost all her assets equaling to Gunjan, like her heavy breasts and fleshy ass mounds with ample flesh on arms and thighs but she was shorter than Gunjan and almost equal to me.
Unlike Chhaya, Chaitali did not had any mark of her marriage on her body as she was wearing just couple of fingerings of some stone, which did not looked like engagement ring. And now last but not the least Shilpi, I can say in collective perspective she was the female who was good looking as well as having perfect body, wearing typical Indian outfit,
Sari with a matching blouse she also seemed married to me with same sort of ornaments Chhaya was wearing, same sort of gold and black beaded Mangalsutra with lot of glassware bangles and a gold bracelet, having few fingerings and a red color dot in the middle of the forehead called Bindi.
Among all Shilpi was tallest, may be couple of inches more than me, having fully ripe fruits as a breasts of the size of musk melons followed by nice waist which was bit exposed at that time as she was wearing Sari and in spite of the fact that Shilpi had bit of belly she was looking great fuck on the bed for the whole night and the reason for this was her perfect ass.
After appearing in front of me Shilpi instantly took the seat on the couch and settled down on that keeping one knee on another and in that posture I could see the width of her bottom and I must say that it was really one of the finest piece of buttocks ever made by god, with a perfect amount of flesh on her ass cheeks and thighs.
Her hips were nicely widened when she was sitting on couch straight with a smile on her face. Gunjan who was standing beside me was introducing me with them, she herself was looking like a sex bomb wearing casual outfit of bit long t-shirt covering half of her heavy and erotically spread buttocks and on lower half she was wearing tight stretchable leggings which were giving clear impression of the flesh she was having on her massive thighs.
Anyway far from my lustful perspective, all four females seemed from good and educated class to me, rather two of them, Chhaya and Shilpi were looking from sophisticated class, just like ladies neat and clean, as far as character is concerned. For Chhaya and Shilpi I was sure that they must be married in some higher class family, it was evident from there outfit, they were in formal Indian ethnic wear with proper marital makeup and ornaments.
Anyway after formal introduction Gunjan told me that they four are very close friends, together more or less from the collage, though Chhaya who was having petite body was little younger then all of them she was little junior to them. In continuation Gunjan told me that nearly after around every two or three months they do this get-together somewhere and spend night together, drink and eat together and have fun.
Though I was feeling really happy that they invited me in there get together even then I formally tried to avoid to getting into their party by saying that it’s female get together, what will I do in this saying in casual Hindi words “ye females ki get together hai, main yahan kya karunga” in response Gunjan spoke that usually they have two males as well in get together but this time they have avoided calling them.
I took that statement casually and somewhat accepted their proposal to join them from my gesture. Gunjan asked me what would I like to take, she was having two options Vodka and Beer, I opted for bear and in a fraction she handed me over one can and I took a sip. Gunjan was making something in kitchen so soon she went back there, I was settled on the single sitter, stool sort of a thing which was not having anything to rest my back.
Initially all three females except Gunjan were sitting in the living room with their drinks but after around 10-15 minutes Chaitali the fat ass female, excused me for a fraction and went inside the bedroom and addressed Gunjan from there. Next moment Gunjan followed her from the kitchen.
As such nothing was looking odd to me as soon Gunjan came back and after picking up her drink from kitchen she joined us and settled down beside me on the same sort of stool and started chit chatting with me. Chhaya and Shilpi were sitting exactly in front of me and I could not decide that which one is more seductive,
as Chhaya was fair and beautiful among all four and Shilpi was having the best body, neither she was thin like Chhaya, neither she was fat and chubby like Chaitali and Gunjan, she was just perfect and her long legs seemed mend especially to get wrapped around man’s pumping buttocks while fucking her wet and hot fucking cunt.
For me everything was going great I was enjoying company of beautiful ladies, can of my bear was almost half and effect of that was evident on my gesture, nerves of my brain were getting relaxed.
Suddenly things really changed, I heard voice of bedroom getting opened, Chaitali came out, and I glimpsed at her but turned back straight as Shilpi was saying something to me. Before I would have understood what Shilpi has asked me Chaitali seized my nose with some cloth, Gunjan who was sitting next to me reacted instantly and held me,
but both the fat females Gunjan and Chaitali were not enough to hold me as the cloth which was seizing my nose was smelling very pungent, just like a hell and I was trying to get away, there was no way I could tolerate that smell. Within a fraction Chhaya and Shilpi reacted too and came forward and blocked movements of my legs too and Chaitali kept on putting that filthy cloth over my nose till I got semi conscious.
What I managed see and at that time was that all four were holding me tight from my arms and legs, I was unable to move at all, Gunjan was on my right holding my head tightly with one hand so that I cannot save myself from that cloth and holding my arm with other, Chaitali was holding my other arm and shoulder while pushing that stinking piece of cloth in my nose.
Both Shilpi and Chhaya were holding my thighs very tightly. I could hear Chhaya saying “lekar chal issko andar” Chaitali replied her saying “abhi nahi…pahle behosh hone de issko”. It was half conscious state when I felt that all of them were carrying me to somewhere, I don’t know who two were holding my legs and how they managed to hold my both the arms while seizing my nose with that smell.
I was thrown on the bed very badly, then again there was that smell, more powerful and intense as Chaitali was sitting beside me and continued to keep that filthy piece of cloth into my nose rest of the females were holding my body tight. After a while I got unconscious and could not feel anything happening to me.
When I regained I was in the dark room, and I was tied with a rope, both the hands together on the upper side, and my legs were spread and both of them were tide separately, I was still feeling heaviness in my head and I was feeling cold too as it was just my underwear which was on my body. It took me around 2-3 minutes to recall that exactly what has happened.
It seemed like a nightmare to me that I am lying almost naked at unknown place. I tried to get off the ropes by pulling it 2-3 times with my full force, but it was useless. I rested for a while then I realized that there is some movement in the room. I screamed in anger “Kaun Hai”. There was no reply, and suddenly somebody switched on the light. There was too much of glair for my eyes.
It was Chaitali standing on the corner of the room, near switch board. Shilpi was sitting very far on the chair in the same posture, keeping one knee over another. Chaitali opened the door and addressed Gunjan by saying, “Gunjan…aaja….hosh aagaya issko”. Very soon Gunjan came in and Chhaya too followed her.
I was lying almost naked in front of four females and now all of them were looking thirsty for sex. “Gunjan ye sab kya hai”? I asked Gunjan in frustrating fashion and in response she smiled and moved closer to me. “remember…maine kaha tha…jaldi hi tumhe birthday present milega”?… “yehi hai tumhara birthday present” she spoke again after a pause, and then she spoke again and asked me,
“you wanted to fuck me….hai na”? by now she was standing beside me closer to the bed I was tied on and she spoke again in continuation “aaj ek(one) nahi,… do(two) nahi,….. teen(three) nahi…tujhe chaar ladkiyan meelke chodengi…….samajh le aaj tera gang zabardasti hone wala hai” Gunjan was really getting weird with her words and it was really very shocking for me when she said
“char ladkiyan meelke tujhe chodengi” which means four girls are going to fuck me, CHODNA is a Hindi word for fucking which usually guys use and Gunjan seemed really comfortable in using that slang. “please mere haath kholo….jo karna hai kar lenge…mujhe koi objection nahi hai…I am ready to do it”
I spoke while looking at her and instantly got ready to have sex with them “objection humen hai…..itne aaram se tujhe ye sab nahi milega……usually gang ladkiyon ka hota hai….aaj pahli baar ek ladke ka gang zabardasti hoga” Gunjan replied casually to my statement and sat down on bed beside me, there was lot of space as I was tied in the middle of the double bed.
“Have you gone mad….tumhari problem kya hai….I am ready to do it…..” “problem kuch nahi hai…usually hum apni get together pe do(two) call boys ko hire karte hain…..aaj teri wajah se humara wo kharcha bhi bach gaya” As Gunjan said that usually they hire two call boys for there get together I was shocked to hear that.
Before I would have said anything else Gunjan spoke again, “you know I am divorcee,…. Chaitali ka husband Dubai mein rahta hai…so hum dono to sex ke liye genuinely starved hain….Shilpi nymphomaniac hai…iska ek mard se kaam nahi chalta…aur Chhaya, ye Call boys se khud ko fuck nahi karwati….sirf apni Chut Chuswati hai…lekin today she wants to get fucked …..tu hai hi itna cute…kitni cutely mujhpe line marta hai hmmm…. Mujhe pattane ke liye Chinese food khilata hai”.
With that Gunjan extended her hand to my crouch and it instantly went inside my underwear. “ohh…God” I moaned loud I was already hard and as I felt female hand fondling my erect rod I felt like heaven. “Wow….tera size to bahut achha hai….ab dekhna hai ye humare andar kitni der tikta hai…..raat bhar mein hum chaaron tujhe poora chus lenge” Gunjan spoke again and with that she entered her other hand as well into my underwear and tried to take out my monster.
My Hard penis popped out and came in vision to all four of them. I cannot brief exactly what I was feeling, it was really very strange, it was certainly not first time I was getting naked in front of any female. In past I was having couple of passing affairs, and in one of them I was sexually involved but for the first time I was naked in front of four horny females at one time and at that particular instant all of them were enjoying my condition.
Once again Gunjan spoke while jerking my rod up and down with one hand and somewhat asked me while taking her other hand to my balls and fondled them nicely “pahle kabhi kiya hai kisi ladki ke saath”? pleasure was incredible for me and I moaned as she played with my balls and replied in yes in puffing pleasurable voice. “good….” Gunjan replied back.
I don’t know when Chaitali took out set scissors from somewhere and came to bed and started cutting my underwear, within a minute she pulled out my jockey into pieces and threw it away. I was lying stark naked in the middle of the bed between four bitches and did not had any idea exactly what all is going to happen with me, certainly I was aroused,
it could be seen from the size of my monster rod as it was at its full size and it got even better when Chaitali, the fat ass female started playing with it. She took it from Gunjan’s hand and after jerking it for a minute Chaitali leaned over my pelvic and took my rod in her mouth and started sucking, I was expecting that too and I could not stop myself from moaning in bliss of getting sucked.
That was first time I was getting sucked, my ex girlfriend never agreed to do that. Chaitali mouth was wonderfully warm and she was really very gentle over my cock tip but still it was paining. I cried in pain as it went beyond my bearing power and spoke “please…..mujhe dard ho raha hai” Gunjan somewhat laughed on that and spoke, “abhi tujhe bahut dard hona hai….” With that she took off her t-shirt and her huge milks packed in tight bra came in my vision.
Chaitali was still sucking my rod and I was moaning in pleasure while looking at Gunjan in half naked state. “sab log apne kapde uttar do..aur bed pea a jaao….” Gunjan spoke again, this time to her friends and with that she stood up on bed and pulled her tight leggings down to her feet. Wow….Gunjan was just in her bra and panty and her fleshy assets were exploding sex,
her thighs were massive, juggs were huge and above all her erotically spread ass was really very heavy. I was dreaming to see her naked from very long and when it really came to me I was not in state to see her properly as Chaitali was still sucking me vigorously and I was crying in pain and pleasure, more of pain and less of pleasure.
What I could see from there by raising my head was unbelievable; her pretty face was inflated with the size of my swollen penis. Chaitali was average looking female with wheatish complexion, physically bit chubby but specifically at that time she was looking stunning while taking my hard penis in and out of her mouth again and again.
Gunjan stopped her by slapping her shoulder lightly and Chaitali got aside instantly and looked at me into my eyes and smiled lustfully. “tu kapde uttar apne…” Gunjan spoke to Chaitali and sat down on bed in a posture to suck me and looked at Chhaya and Shilpi, I too looked at that corned of the room, oh…god Chhaya was already in bra and panty and Shilpi was done just with her Sari still wearing blouse and petticoat.
“pahle kaun andar lega”? Shilpi asked while unhooking her blouse, “I knew it….tu yehi pucchegi….” Gunjan replied her, “pahle isska hila hila ke paani nikalenge….uske baad dekhte hain……” Gunjan spoke in continuation by that time Chhaya was on bed and like Gunjan she was still wearing her bra and panty.
What would I say about Chhaya, as I said she was the fairest and most beautiful among all four bitches, her breasts were bit heavier in proportion to her slender body, though now I could see that she was not that thin she was looking in first glance rather she was having good amount of flesh on her thighs, but still she can be considered as female with a slender figure and her scoring point was her skin color and beautiful face.
“Bra aur Panty bhi uttar de apni….sabse pahle tu hi Nangi ho isske saamne….” Gunjan Spoke to Chhaya as she was standing beside her on the bed. I was looking at her beautiful body and pleasant face, she seemed mad in lust, next moment she extended her hand to her back and unhooked her bra.
Wow her luscious breasts were hanging in front of my eyes, I could not believe, they were so white and seemed full of milk, her dark brown nipples were fully erect in excitement. Chhaya did not wasted any time and instantly took off her panty too and her clean shaven fuckhole appeared to me, she was wet and dripping smelling erotic.
Chhaya rubbed her fuckhole with her finger to get eyes over her cunt my as I could see that I am already looking at her without a flick of an eye and she inserted her finger in her fuckhole and moaned sexily and spoke while looking at me “Mujhe apni chuswani hai iss se” and with that she sat down beside me and came across my mouth and bought her fuckhole to my mouth.
On a very next fraction Chhaya’s fuckhole was over my lips and she was rubbing her pussy lips over my mouth, “hmmmmm…… chus issko achhe se” Chhaya spoke again with gasping tone and on very next moment I felt my hard Penis which was in Gunjan’s hand, went inside some one’s mouth.
I could not see the bitch who was sucking me as Chhaya was sitting around my mouth but certainly it was none other than Gunjan. Chhaya was continuously rubbing her fuckhole over my mouth but I was not willing to open my mouth to lick her, but Chhaya was going mad to get it sucked and she pulled my hairs to force me and spoke in puffing voice,
“Chus issko” I screamed in pain and opened my mouth and started sucking her luscious cunt, Chhaya was oozing out endless stream for her love juices and I was bound to gulp them. Down there I was getting sucked very badly and I could make out Gunjan and Chaitali talking, Chaitali was off with her clothes and now she wanted to suck me, after her words to Gunjan “mujhe chusne de”
I could feel that mouth over my cock has changed and now once again in Chaitali’s mouth. It was strange feeling which I cannot be described Chhaya was getting mad in lust her moans were rising and down there I was getting sucked like hell one by one in turns by Gunjan and Chaitali. After around 2-3 more minutes Chhaya stopped, I heard Shilpi saying “Chhaya hut, ab mujhe chuswane de”
oh..god what were they doing to me, Chhaya got up slowly from my chest but I did not get much rest as Shilpi took her place, by now Shilpi was also stark naked and like Chhaya she also clean shaven and dripping wet too. I did not got much time to look at rest of her body as like Chhaya, Shilpi instantly started rubbing her fuckhole over my mouth.
This time I opened my mouth before she would have pulled my hairs and I could hear Shilpi’s pleasure moans as they were much louder than Chhaya’s erotic gasps. Down here my hard penis was getting jerked, the bitches Gunjan and Chaitali were somewhat tired of sucking me, they wanted to make me cum but I was nowhere near exploding my load because of pain.
After say 2-3 minutes Shilpi too got aside and I looked around, all four sluts were sitting on the bed and by now rest of two, Gunjan and Chaitali were also naked. There massive breasts were sagging and big dark nipples were fully erect over big round wrinkled areolas, there thighs were thick and very fleshy and bottom was really very huge, wide and bulky.
Now I was just getting jerked, they desperately wanted me to cum but I was not feeling like cumming, though I was very aroused and could not stop moaning. “Gunjan… andar daal issko apne….abhi chhod dega paani” Shilpi spoke to Gunjan in her soft sensual voice. “nahi…..andar nahi daalna..Chaitali ko isska paani peena hai” I was moaning loud as I heard that Chaitali wants to drink my cum my excitement went double.
Gunjan was jerking me really hard and things were going out of my tolerance, I was crying in pain and pleasure together but they were not bothered about my screams, “apni Chut pe ragad isska Lund…tab Chhodega ye” Chhaya spoke from my left, she was sitting on bed near my chest.
Oh..god.. Gunjan instantly followed what Chhaya suggested, she got up and came around my waist and in half standing posture rubbed my cock tip over her fuck opening 2-3 times but did not inserted it into her fuckhole. I cried in strange sensation, suddenly I started reaching to my peak and my moans got changed, they got shriller and they could make out that I am about to burst.
All four were eager to see my cum and pressure was rising in my body, Gunjan was doing her job very well, she kept on jerking my rod and suddenly I felt volcano inside me climbing an I started banging my bottom on bed in rising excitement, all other three sluts, Chaitali, Chhaya and Shilpi held me tighter to stop my movement which made me cry even louder,
I wanted to burst but Gunjan was not ready to stop jerking my rod she was masturbating me continuously without any halt though she could see that I am about to cum, but she did not stopped, my movements were getting out of my own control and I tried to get up and but failed, all sluts held me tight. Instant of moving my hard Penis up and down Gunjan started rubbing my rod between her palms and because of that, pressure inside me increased tremendously,
I felt as if I am going to die in this pleasure, I wanted to cum massively but they were not ready to leave me, I was trembling and shouting and within next five six seconds everything was getting so bizarre that I can say that was going through a real sexual torture, blood of my whole body was running through my penis and surly within next few seconds it would have busted but just then Gunjan stopped so that I can cum.
I was at my worst, crying and shouting over these bitches and my body was arched like a bow in excitement and I was shivering and screaming like anything while cumming, my eyes were shut when I felt that I have released my cum with sudden jolts through my rod.
All four bitches were looking at my condition without a flick of an eye and they enjoyed my cries and were somewhat waiting to see my cum coming out of my rod, and as it was about to appear, Gunjan spoke again, this time to Chaitali “Chaitali ready ho ja, aane wala hai” Gunjan was aware my state as she was still holding my rod and could feel my pulsation.
Finally while sticky paste came out of my rod and Chaitali instantly took it in her mouth and licked my cock tip to take out more which made my whole body tremble in fever, as I said Gunjan was still holding my rod and she jerked my cock up and down couple of times to take out more of my white sticky Cum for Chaitali and her every jerk while releasing my load made my body shiver erotically and I gasped with a broken breath.
I was spent but all four bitches were heavily charged, sitting stark naked around me they were eager to eat me with a proper fuck. Shilpi was looking awesome, she was on her knees and along with her perfect size succulent breasts I could see her fuckhole too, I looked at her perfect shaped mounds for a fraction, her nipples were not big, neither small, they were just perfect, her Mangalsutra was resting on her bare breasts, and it was arousing me further.
Rest of three sluts were sitting on bed and just there sagging breasts were exposed to my vision and among rest of three my eyes got stuck on Chhaya, as I said earlier she was also wearing proud symbol of her marriage and looking stunning with a smile on her beautiful face and like Shilpi her Mangalsutra was also resting on her luscious fruits.
As I said Gunjan’s breasts were very heavy nothing less than a full ripe watermelon, she was wearing silver chain with a divine figure around her neck and it was shining on her wheatish skin, Chaitali was also having very heavy breasts equaling Gunjan, she was wearing a black thread with a spiritual locket but it was short, hardly an inch below her neck and her nipples were biggest among all four sluts. All of them waited for me to regain and continued looking at my condition with lustful eyes with a smile.

“Please mujhe chhod do…let’s do it comfortably…bahut ho gaya…please ye torture karna band karo” I tried to convince them as I got bit time to speak. “aise kaise chhod dein hum apne cute se callboy ko……abhi to teri proper fucking honi hai….”….. Gunjan spoke in response to my request in a very soft voice and then spoke again in continuation
“abhi to humne sirf tera paani chhudaya hai…taaki tu hamare andar jayada der tak tik sake…. ……samjha…hmmmmm…… ab hum ek ek karke tera ye mota Lund apne andar lenge…….aise kaise chhod dein hmmmm….” “please….. main karunga na..jaisa tum log kahoge main karunga…please mere haath- pair khol do” I requested her again.
“We know…..wo to tu karega hi……lekin pahle hum log ek baar tera zabardasti karne ka mazza to le lein….” Gunjan replied again to me and then spoke again “At a time do(two) logg karenge, decide kar lo pahle kaun-kaun karega….” This time Gunjan spoke to rest of three bitches while continuing rubbing my thighs with her both the hands, she was trying to arouse me as she saw that I have regained a bit.
“main karungi…pahle….” Chaitali, girl with heaviest ass replied in a low voice and with that she took my semi erect rod in her hand and started playing with it. “ok…who else”? Gunjan asked rest of two whores, Chhaya and Shilpi. “main aur Chhaya baad mein karenge, tum dono pahle kar lo” Shilpi replied and got up from bed spoke while getting down from bed
“main drink banna ke laati hun….sab lenge na”? “haan banna la… jab tak drink khatam hoga….iska Lund bhi khada ho jaayega” Gunjan acknowledged her statement. Shilpi went out but Chaitali once again did not wasted much time, once again she leaned over my crouch and took my rod in her mouth and started sucking my monster gently.
By now Chaitali’s mouth was wonderful, warm and moist and her tongue was doing magic on my rod, she was sucking foreskin of my penis and my pleasure was incredible. Finally my rod grew further in her mouth and she peeled off foreskin of my monster and rubbed her tongue on my cock head erotically I gasped in deep pleasure and puffed hard,
Wow what a pleasurable moment that was but just then Gunjan gripped Chaitali’s head and pushed her face deeper into my crotch and spoke, “itna aaram say kya chus rahi hai…..achhe se chus”. Chaitali followed what Gunjan said, Chaitali sucked me hard, I grunted and tried to pull back my bottom from her mouth but Chaitali leaned further and once again took me completely inside her warm and wet mouth,
“Oh…God” I moaned loud, I could not believe whatever was happening with me, it was pleasure at its worst, Chaitali was sucking me hard, raising my head I could see my monster going I and out of her mouth, pushing my hips up at the same time I tried to get into rhythm up and saw her moist warm mouth getting distended with the size of my swollen penis.
Chaitali continued taking my cock deeper in her mouth; her hands were clenching my thighs and she sucking me hungrily, by now I was hard and some sort of pain in my Penis was started. “Chal ab le le andar…bahut ho gaya….” Gunjan stopped Chaitali from sucking and she followed. Door got opened and Shilpi entered into room with drink but by now whole scenario was changed,
I was about to get fucked by Chaitali, “humare glasses rakh de side mein…hum karne ke baad piyenge” Gunjan spoke to Shilpi and she went to the corner of the room where small cabinet was kept, Chhaya also went there and took a seat bit far from bed to be an audience of two bitches fucking me like sluts.
Ahhh…… I moaned loud, Chaitali took me inside her, she came around my waist and as I expected she shoved my fully erect cock slowly into her cunt and moaned sexily in divine pleasure with her head lifting, her eyes got closed biting her lower lip she felt my monster getting deep into her flesh. Her breasts were hot and swollen; her nipples were stiff in excitement.
Next moment Chaitali began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts, holding my chest and rocking her own hips steeply up and down, to and fro, she was driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet cunt flesh. Her huge ass was moving up and down and we both were moaning loud in pleasure.
Shilpi and Chhaya were sitting away from bed as audiences with their drinks but Gunjan was on the bed waiting for her turn to get filled between her massive thighs just like Chaitali. Certainly I was in pleasure till Chaitali was driving herself steadily to get a fucking pleasure but apart from getting pleasure they had intentions to make me suffer and very soon Chaitali’s movements changed.
As I said she was sitting on me, ramming and reaming my cock in and out of her juicy dripping cunt with control, but as she saw that I am enjoying she suddenly plunged my hard Penis deeper into her flesh and tried to crush it in her fuckhole and laughed in fucking pleasure as I cried out in shock and delight.
She then leaned over me started to and fro movement, she was lurching her huge bottom like a slut and leaned a bit and started mashing her clitoris with my pelvis for while and then again she drew out my hard Cock and rammed in harder and deeper. It hurt me a lot, I almost cried, with a pain; my Penis was aching, she was having heaviest ass among all four bitches and with that as she was jumping over me,
my thighs and waist was in bad shape, I was moaning loud in fucking pain, but she was not bothered about me, what she needed was my hard cock in her fuck hole and my painful gasps and for that Chaitali continued to fuck me like an whore, for one or two more minutes. I was screaming and requesting her to stop,
I looked at Gunjan she was on the same bed on her knees and she was rubbing her fuck opening while watching my fucking session with Chaitali, Chhaya and Shilpi were also enjoying my condition. Finally Chaitali got tired and slowed down her pace, Gunjan instantly told her to get away by saying,
“hut mujhe karne de ab….” Chaitali got aside, I tried to speak to Gunjan, requested her to leave me “Please.. Gunjan stop… please stop, bahut dard ho raha hai..please ruk jao… karna hai kar lo but aaram se….., please mujhe chhod do… I ready to do it…..” I was never so helpless as I was at that time, because of those fucking bitches.
“beta…Gang zabardasti aise hi hota hai…..and you should be thankful…at a time hum do(two) hi hain…chaaron ek saath hoti to tu marr jata” Gunjan replied while coming across my waist and holding my erection straight like Chaitali she too shoved my cock into her fuckhole. Once again heavy ass was over my thighs, keeping my hard meat till the root of it into warm and wet fuckhole and this time it was Gunjan.
Just like Chaitali, Gunjan also started fucking herself slowly to get a pleasure and enjoyed my monster into her starved fuckhole with loud moans, at my end I was also in pleasure but just like last time my pleasure did not lasted for long, hardly after 2-3 minutes Gunjan changed her pace, leaned over and started mashing her clitoris with my pelvis and started fucking herself with my rod roughly.
I was moaning in pain and pleasure together and hardly minute was passed when I heard Chhaya speaking to Chaitali “Chaitali….tu sucking karwa le apni…….” Chhaya suggested Chaitali to get her fuckhole sucked by me and Chaitali accepted her idea. I could not believe whatever was happening with me, at a time both the bitches were milking my body completely,
Chaitali’s fucking cunt was over my mouth and I could not do anything to avoid sucking it and down there Gunjan was going wild with my hard throbbing penis. Gunjan was moaning loud while fucking me and her condition was changing, she slowed down to control her pressure but failed and one again took pace and her massive buttocks were again bouncing rapidly up and down,
Gunjan’s fleshy hips were swinging very fast to and fro on my thighs. She was ramming my cock faster and faster in and out of her cunt, our mixed juices flowing to bed like anything through my balls. I could not see her as Chaitali was sitting around my face but by now I was not sucking her fuckhole I was shouting in pain and pleasure with my full strength.
Because of pain I was nowhere to get on my peak. Suddenly I jerked my body up and snapped her thrusts. Gunjan’s cries grew sharper and shriller and very next moment she busted, her cunt trembled helplessly on my Penis and her grip over my thighs got tighter. Gunjan squeezed her thighs, griped my throbbing Cock tightly in her wet fuckhole and released her cum and shivered for few seconds, because of the orgasm she just had.
Finally Gunjan was spent and she tried to regain her breath while sitting on my top, keeping my rod into her fuckhole. Gunjan got aside, Chaitali was still on my mouth and she wanted me to suck, I did that, sucked her wet and dripping fuckhole for a while, hearing her pleasure moans, I gulped all her love juices.
“Chaitali 69 kar le…..isska Lund khada karna padega” Gunjan spoke from somewhere, I could feel that I was losing erection, though I was not discharged while getting ragged by Gunjan. Chaitali did what Gunjan suggested, she turned and lied over me, took my rod in her mouth and started to suck, I got bit relieved as with the tied body I was not getting access of Chaitali’s fuckhole,
so I was just moaning in pleasure and enjoying Chaitali’s warm and moist mouth over my hard cock. But that relief did not lasted for long, as Chaitali realized that I am not sucking her she turned again and adjusted her fuckhole over my mouth perfectly and started rubbing her pleasure hole over my lips my moving her heavy bottom to and fro.
Whole view got reversed within a minute, now I was not getting sucked, Chaitali was just holding my rod and jerking in between and I was sucking her fuckhole and she was in extreme pleasure while moaning sexily. I sucked her nicely giving my full affection to her fuckhole as I could see, that was the only way to arouse her to make her cum early.
Finally Chaitali got up from my mouth, by now I was in better size to get inside her and very soon Chaitali invaded my throbbing cock around her fuckhole. This time female with a biggest ass preferred sitting over me, facing away and raising my head I could see just her erotically spread ass and bit of my swollen Penis which was going in and coming out of her fuckhole.
Initially Chaitali was moving to and fro over my hard cock and I was in extreme pleasure but after fucking me calmly for few minutes Chaitali leaned away to increase her pace and her heavy ass started moving up and down, my hard Penis got more visible to my eyes as that big ass slut was rising her fuckhole high and banging it back over my fuckhole.
I was moaning in both, pleasure and pain and Chaitali was also in pleasure, I could see that because of my effective sucking she was aroused and with every stroke into her starved fuckhole she was reaching to her peak. Holding my legs tight Chaitali was leaning away and she continued fucking herself with passion and her speed kept on rising, along with her shrill pleasure cries,
her massive ass was getting banged on my thighs again and again with a long screwing movement of my hard cock inside her fuckhole and once again I was getting crushed under her enormous weight. Suddenly Chaitali raised her head up, towards roof and stopped her movement and tried to squeeze her fuckhole between her fleshy thighs, keeping my monster inside her pleasure hole.
Chaitali started to orgasm, and started trembling like a fish; I was also at the verge of explosion and as I saw Chaitali huge ass shivering over my cock with strange gasps I too exploded and once again felt volcano erupting inside me which finally came out through my throbbing cock with bit of pulsation.
Finally Chaitali also got aside, Gunjan gave her space and she collapsed on the same bed, next moment Gunjan got up and went inside the toilet and came back. I saw around, Shilpi and Chhaya were sitting stark naked where they were when my fucking was started, they still had their glasses in their hands.
Gunjan came back and picked up her glass and sipped before saying, “jaao ab tum dono bhi kar lo” she spoke to Shilpi and Chhaya. Chaitali was still on the bed beside me on her front and I could see her huge ass as she was lying facing away from me. “please leave me….mujhe toilet jaana hai” I requested them again. Hearing that Gunjan looked at me first and then to both, Chhaya and Shilpi.
They could not decide what to do; they never gave a thought to this problem. I spoke again and requested them again, as I could see the hope “kya Karen….”? Gunjan asked Shilpi and Chhaya, “leave him……waise bhi tum dono ka mann tha zabardasti karne ka…..hum log aram se karenge….” Chhaya replied, “soch le dobara issko baandh nahi paayogen hum….bhaag gaya to”?
Shilpi interrupted Chhaya. “please….. main nahi bhaagunga…please ye torture band karo” I spoke again and tried to convince them that I will not run away and will remain there with them. “Promise”? Chhaya got up while saying that in asking fashion, “promise” I replied, she climbed on bed and came to me, held my face in her hand from my cheeks and spoke again with a smile,
“agar mujhe bina satisfy kiye bhaga na to main aur Shilpi tujhe iss se bhi jayada buri tarah chodenge…soch lena….tu jaanta nahin hai humen….tera Lund ukhaad ke apne ghar le jaayenge” I smiled on her statement, it was mind blowing, I could not believe whatever Chhaya, female who seemed decent and sophisticated to me in first glace spoke in hardcore Hindi slang.
Anyway I was not that fool that I will run leaving that beautiful bitch, rather both the sluts who were yet to get a fuck, Chhaya and Shilpi were great looking females with a seductive body and not for a fraction I thought about leaving them after getting free from ropes, I wanted to fuck them but in my way and I tried to convince her that by saying,
”nahi bhagunga…I am not a fool….jo tumhare jaisi item ko chhod ke bhaag jaaun…raat bhar bologi to raat bhar tumko chodta rahunga….jahan bologi wahan daal dunga” Chhaya smiled on my response and replied “jyada smart matt bann…jahan daalte hain na wahin daalna hai” I could make out that she has understood what I meant by “Jahan bologi wahan daal dunga”
I wanted to say if they will ask me to put in there asses, I will do that too. “Don’t worry…bhagega nahi…. But I am hundred percent sure ki we will not be able to tie him again” Gunjan replied from where she was standing. “wo main aur Shilpi dekh lenge..humne kaise karna hai” Chhaya replied to Gunjan while looking at Shilpi and then asked her “what do you say”? “Ok” Shilpi accepted.
By this time Chaitali also got up and Gunjan told her to release my hand by saying, “Chaitali khol de issko…waise bhi humne jo karna tha wo humne kar liya…ab ye dono jaane isska kya karna hai”. Chaitali and Chhaya both started releasing me, Chhaya undid my hands and Chaitali released my legs,
finally I got free a went inside the toilet to release my pressure of urine and decided to take a shower as everything on my lower half was stinking because of Chaitali and Gunjan’s pleasure juices. I stood under shower facing away from door and after hardly a minute heard door of bathroom getting opened as it was not bolted, it was just closed.
I turned to see, Gunjan was standing, and by now she was wearing her panty but as she saw that I am standing under water she instantly spoke “main bhi aa rahi hun…” with that she took off her panty and came in and hugged me from behind. Ohh..God once again I moaned within myself, Gunjan’s stark naked front was touching my bare back,
she intentionally rubbed her fuckhole over my hips and gasped in pleasure and moved her hand to my front to hold my erection and this time I could not control myself from moaning. Gunjan was a slut who knew all techniques to arouse a man and at that particular time I was that lucky man on which she was applying her formulas.
She rubbed her wet lips near my ear and continued jerking my rod and along with that she was pleasure herself by rubbing her fuckhole on my hips. All other three females were watching us playing under water. “Chaitali tu bhi aa jaa…..chus isska Lund niche baith ke” Gunjan asked Chaitali to come in and told her to suck my rod while sitting on floor.
Next moment Chaitali also took off her panty to join us under water. Gunjan turned me around and held me from my cheeks in her hand and spoke “ek chumma de de” with that Gunjan started kissing me and with a fraction we were exploring each other’s mouth. Suddenly I felt Chaitali holding and jerking my rod, she was sitting on her knees on the floor and without wasting much time she took my rod in her mouth and started sucking my Penis with lot of affection.
Once again both big ass sluts were milking me and I was feeling the bliss of kiss and getting sucked at one time. Unintentionally my hands were invading Gunjan’s fuckhole in between kissing me she was moaning in pleasure while looking into my eyes like a real bitch in heat. “ab tum bhi suck karo mera Lund” I spoke to Gunjan who was standing facing me and she obeyed me,
I picked up Chaitali from my lower half and started kissing her, once again whole thing got repeated but this time I was kissing Chaitali along with invading her fuckhole and Gunjan was sitting on her knees sucking my rod to give me oral pleasure. Both the sophisticated and high class bitches were standing on door watching us playing sex game as audiences but not for long,
“ab bas karo…tum dono……humare liye bhi kuch chhodoge ya tum hi chus logi usko” Chhaya broke the silence as she could not see any end of that session. I smiled on her statement and replied back while looking at her, “tension matt lo tum dono se bhi chuswaaunga main abhi…..lekin dinner ke baad”.
More or less after that our sex play ended and because of shower and tiny sex play I started feeling fresh after a long lasted sexual torture sort of thing. We all came out and looked for some clothes. As such Chaitali was of nearly Gunjan’s size so she wore her t-shirt without bra and just panty on lower half, revealing her massive thighs completely, Gunjan too wore clothes like that,
she wore her top same she was wearing some time back covering hardly half of her erotically spread ass without any bra and like Chaitali she was also having just panty on her bottom but the Interesting thing was, when Chhaya and Shilpi asked Gunjan for something to wear temporarily for the dinner, Gunjan was not having anything of their size as they both were much slender than other two sluts.
Finally they settled down with my t-shirt and shirt, I went to my flat to get a t-shirt for Chhaya and a full sleeve shirt for Shilpi. After bit of chit chat and naughty cracker with some Hindi slang we came out to dinner and sat down together and spoke to each other and I came to know few things about these bitches.
Shilpi and Chhaya were belonging to Marwari community, they went through arrange marriage after their collage and as expected from their clothing gesture and they belong to very high class rich business family who are little conservative to make woman work, so both were housewives, Shilpi having one baby boy of around 3 years but Chhaya was yet to get fucked deliver a child.
I already knew about this fact about Gunjan that she is divorcee having no issues and belongs to Punjabi family background, she did not had father and her mother was living with her brother in the small neighboring town of Hariyana, and just like Gunjan, Chaitali was also Punjabi who was married to some Brahman guy (love marriage) at present who was working in Dubai to earn livelihood.
We chit chatted for long while having continental dinner (cheese sandwiches, soup and pastas) and I asked many things to them and one of them was about there get togethers, that do they really call up two call boys for whole night and Gunjan accepted that while saying, “hmmmm…… initially main aur Chaitali hi karwate they…ye dono sirf humen Chudte hue dekhti thin,
but soon Shilpi too started having fun,….then Chhaya started getting herself sucked, because isska husband isske saath oral sex nahi karta….today she is saying ki ye tere saath proper sex karegi”. As Gunjan ended I looked at Chhaya she was smiling while looking at me, “teri sahi aish ho gayi….tu ek ko patane mein lagga hua tha….char char mil gayi….bistar garam karne ke liye”
Gunjan spoke again and then spoke again after small pause, “humare bhi paise bach gaye…..ek raat mein do(two) call boy 10 thousand le jaate the” “that means 2500 per head…”? I asked back in question tone, “haan….hum sab ka on average do baar (two times) pressure release ho jaata tha” Gunjan acknowledged me
“anyway…now it’s free….provided ab dobara mera zabardasti nahi hona chahiye…nahi to main police station jaakar gang zabardasti ka case file kar dunga” I replied to them and we all laughed together. “hum dono tumhara zabardasti nahi karenge…..we both like soft lovemaking……ye dono to starved hain sex ke liye” after very long time I heard Shilpi’s soft voice saying that, the one who was wearing my full sleeve shirt and just panty underneath.
Chit chat moved further and program for rest of the night came in discussion. For rest of the night I was on the disposal of Chhaya and Shilpi, the most seductive babes among four as they were suppose to go back to their home bit early in the morning around 8, after that I was suppose to spend my whole Sunday between fleshy thighs of huge ass babes Chaitali and Gunjan, as Chaitali was suppose to stay for one more night at Gunjan’s flat.
Anyway diner was ending and I was in strange mindset, again and again I was looking at Chhaya and Shilpi as now they were suppose to get on bed with me because of there seductive body, beautiful faces and above that there marital makeup my mind was set on fire but unfortunately my body was yet not prepared for having sex, I was feeling bit tired because of hardcore session with Gunjan and Chaitali.
I was needing some arousal from words especially from Chhaya and Shilpi and soon I tried to get that by starting up fresh talk about her sex life with her husband by asking her, “so your hubby does not like oral sex”? “ya….that’s why I got involved in this” Chhaya replied back, “and your husband”? I asked Shilpi this time “we do….but very less” she replied “ok….that means you do this just for fun”?
I asked Shilpi again, “no…. actually my husband is more interested in making money….. above that I have more desire for sex then normal female” Shilpi replied in her soft voice, “in straight forward words…she is a nymphomaniac” this time Chaitali spoke in between, just to tease Shilpi and we all giggled on that.
“In my perspective….you all are nymphs….especially tum dono……inke baare mein baad mein bataunga” I replied while talking to Chaitali and from “tum dono” I meant Chaitali and Gunjan. Chaitali smiled a bit on my reply. “Truly speaking my husband does hardly twice a month….. And even by the end of that…
I always remain unsatisfied….I mean…mere husband mein sex ke liye wo passion nahi hai jo mujhe chahiye…we do not make love…we just fuck” Shilpi detailed her sex life bit more, I listened to her and spoke “truly speaking….I am really jealous of your husband….and from your husband too….” This time I was talking to Shilpi and Chhaya and both smiled on my reply.
Shilpi spoke again, “I am depending on you…..and now when it is free….we can do it more frequently….hope you don’t mind agar mein next week tumko contact karun……”? “sure any day….but let me tell you one thing, right now I want to relax…..I want both of you to give me oral pleasure…I have already given you once” I replied to Shilpi and then looked at Chhaya as well.
By now dinner was over and except Gunjan we all were in living area and all three bitches were exposing there fleshy thighs to me, more over we were sitting in a posture that I could see panties of all three females, Gunjan was missing as she was busy in packing up the kitchen. Anyway our conversation moved ahead and as I said that I want Shilpi and Chhaya to give me oral pleasure Chhaya reacted instantly by asking,
“You mean ab tum hamari pussy ko suck nahi karoge”? “Why not…..definitely I will do it…..but before that tum logg mera Penis suck karoge” I replied and as I said that Shilpi looked at Chhaya with a smile, Chhaya wanted to say something, I could read her gesture and she uttered after few seconds, “actually…..I don’t like sucking that…..maine kabhi nahi suck kiya” “very selfish…
hmmmmm….you like getting sucked, but you don’t like sucking” I smiled and replied in sarcastic tone, “actually I never felt like sucking call boys……Gunjan aur Chaitali to unka bhi ek dum bindaas suck karti hain…..even she has started doing that” Chhaya replied while looking at Shilpi as in the end she was talking about Shilpi.
“I am not a call boy… know this very well… least abhi tak to nahi hun…..I don’t know agar tum charon mill ke mujhe bhi call boy bana do to”? I replied with a giggle and everyone laughed on that, and by the time I said that Gunjan was also there to listen me and straightaway she came to me and settled down beside me and spoke,
“tu sirf mera call boy hai,……I was just thinking why don’t you leave your flat….saath mein rahte hain…ek hi flat mein…rent bhi bachega……” “koi problem to nahi hai na”? Gunjan ended with a question and with that she rubbed my crouch with her hand over the cloth and I moaned in pleasure. “nahi koi problem nahi hai…..but still….. Let’s wait for some time…
And what if my parents will come here to live” I replied to Gunjan, her hand was still on my Penis over the cloth and she was rubbing me and I was in the bliss of sexual pleasure. My eyes were on Chhaya and Shilpi and from my side I was trying my best to get an erection by visualizing them with me on bed and it was working.
“itna sab hone ke baad, still I cannot believe ki tum logg itni naughty ho…..I mean…… mere saath jo kiya wo bhi, moreover call boy ko bulana and all is a height of being a slut”. I spoke to all of them this time, “tu believe kar ya na kar….ye sach hai….aur ye bhi sach hai ki we all are sluts…from the very beginning….collage time se” Gunjan replied on behalf of all bitches sitting with me.
“We can prove it….” Chaitali replied while taking out her mobile from her bag. “kya…..that you all are slut”? I asked back with a giggle and then spoke gain, “don’t worry you have already proved that” “nahi…..I can prove ki wo call boy wali baat ekdum sach hai” Chaitali replied and while saying that she was busy with her mobile and she spoke again after few seconds,
“we have videos while doing all that” “show” as expected I spoke in keenness. Among all four, Chhaya and Shilpi were little hesitant to show me those videos, they both stopped Chaitali to show me those videos but Gunjan interrupted them by saying, “Sirf dikhane mein kya problem hai…..we will not give it to him”.
It was a touch screen mobile with high resolution and big display, while sitting beside me, without letting me touch the mobile Chaitali showed me four videos, one of each slut and all four videos were very clear and all of the females could be recognized easily as there facial expressions were also shot.
Chaitali had many more video files in her mobile but those four videos were more than enough for me to get an erection. She started with Gunjan’s video, she was getting fucked in a doggy style, holding her huge ass, a guy with a good built was banging her from behind, eventually camera was taken to her bottom after showing her facial expressions while getting fucked from behind.
Second video was of Chhaya, lying on her back with a spread thighs she was getting sucked, though initially she was shot from distance to capture her complete posture but later camera was bought closer and mainly her facial expressions were recorded in that video and she seemd in extreme pleasure while getting sucked,
third video was of Shilpi and was getting fucked in missionary position with fast furious strokes, after covering her facial expressions her fuckhole with a thick rod banging in and out was recorded for long and as expected the last video was of her own, the big ass female, that is Chaitali, she too was getting fucked in missionary.
Call boy was covering Chaitali’s whole body while lying on her and fucking hard and she was screaming in passion while looking at the camera and like Shilpi’s video she too was recorded mainly with her fuckhole stuffed with a big man meat. (Must tell all readers that somehow I want to get those videos,
till now I have not succeeded in that, but somehow if I will get it certainly I will forward it to this blog, may be after cutting down the faces). Anyway by now I was aroused and wanted to get back on bed with other two bitches Chhaya and Shilpi and as Chaitali ended showing me videos I spoke to Shilpi and Chhaya while looking into their eyes “hmmmm… let’s go now…..I am almost ready”.
Shilpi got up to go, Chhaya too got up but Gunjan interrupted by saying “yahin pe Nanga karke le jaao isse” with that she pulled my lower down along with my underwear and my semi erect cock popped out. Gunjan continued taking off m clothes and within a fraction she took off my t-shirt to, once again I was stark naked between four sluts,
I moved ahead and tried to take off Chhaya’s t-shirt and after taking that pulled her panty down and repeated this to Shilpi as well and finally we three moved to bedroom as Gunjan said “tum logg Chudai shuru karo…..hum dono abhi aate hain”
I must say, that both Chhaya and Shilpi were heavily aroused, much more than me. As we reached to bed they pushed me on my back and started eating me at the same time, Shilpi started pulling my rod back and forward to hear my moans and Chhaya was brushing her lips over my torso.
I pulled Chhaya a bit as I wanted to kiss that lovely bitch and after bit of hesitation Chhaya started responding to my kiss and we explored each other’s mouth thoroughly. By the time we were kissing Shilpi was waiting for her turn and as our kiss broke she came up and started sucking my lips and once again my mouth was getting explored, this time by Shilpi.
My hard Penis was getting jerked continuously and while lying on my back I felt Chhaya getting hold of my rod as Shilpi released. I was feeling as if I am in heaven but it was yet to come. Just then Gunjan and Chaitali entered in the room, “Dono ek ek karke iska Lund Chuso…….isske chilaane ki awaz bahar tak jaani chaahiye” I heard that in Gunjan’s voice and she too came on bed and tried to tug my hands with a stroll.
I tried to get away but she spoke to me casually, “tension matt le….tujhko torture nahi karenge, tightly nahi baaadh rahi…bus aise hi halke se baandh rahi hoon” I stopped protesting and Gunjan tugged my wrist with one stroll, which was anytime possible for me to remove. “Shilpi Lund Chus isska……Chhaya tu bhi Chus….”once again Gunjan spoke to her friends and told them to suck my Penis.
On a very next instant I found my rod in Shilpi’s hand as before that it was in Chhaya’s hand, Shilpi jerked my rod and instantly took it in her mouth and started moving her mouth over my rod up and down. I screamed in pain as Shilpi’s moth was little dry and it was painful to me. “Shilpi aaram se…..koi jaldi nahi hai…take out some saliva….”
Gunjan, a senior Slut with a huge ass tried to guide her friend Shilpi followed her, she took out some her saliva and started sucking my rod with some affection and I groaned in pleasure. As I detailed earlier Shilpi was taller among all four and bit wheatish with a round face and sensual features: her nose was straight and strong, and her lips were full and luscious.
Her eyes were large and wide, heavily lined with Kajal. She had long, springy black hair tied in a worn coiled in a bun high on the back of her head suiting her typical Indian outfit of Sari which she was wearing before leaving her Marwari In-laws. Shilpi had attractive birth-marks on her body and her breasts were large and heavy,
superbly formed and at that particular instant when she was leaning over my hard cock while sucking it her luscious melons were hanging in front of my eyes with her long erect nipples in large dark velvet aureoles. The belly was almost flat and firm and her hips were flared around delectable buttocks to long shapely legs meant to curl about a man’s pumping hips.
As mentioned earlier Shilpi was wearing thick gold and black beaded Mangalsutra around her neck, gold earrings, a lone bracelet on one wrist and several bangles matching with the sari she was wearing, couple of finger-rings in which one of them was her wedding ring and particularly at that time she was wearing nothing else except these ornaments.
I was moaning in pleasure while looking at her pretty face filled with my monster, Chhaya was sitting beside on the same bed and from her expressions I could see that she was also aroused but hesitant to take my hard cock in her mouth like Shilpi, but I was little desperate to see her beautiful face getting fucked by my throbbing cock and I tried to release my hand and got away with a stroll easily and got up.
Shilpi stopped sucking as she saw that I am trying to get up, next moment I took Chhaya’s wrist in my hand and pulled her a bit, she came little closer to me but for her I had something else in mind. I pushed her on the bed lightly on her back and came closer to her mouth while being on my knees and spoke to her while looking into her eyes.
“Chhaya…. open your mouth….muhn khol apna” I wanted to fuck her mouth like we fuck a female cunt and I tried to do that. After bit of hesitation Chhaya opened her mouth and I pumped my hips at her face to fuck her mouth. Once again, as Chhaya sucked my cock tip it pained me as her mouth was dry, I told her to take out her saliva and suck me saying, “Chhaya…use your saliva aur chus issko achhe se”.
Finally most beautiful and fairest bitch among all four, Chhaya was lying on bed flat on her back, I was leaning on her while being on my knees beside her with a support of my one hand, Chhaya’s hands were clinching my hips and I was fucking her mouth with deep screwing strokes. Unlike Shilpi Chhaya was fair and her skin was smooth and clear without a trace of the body hair,
Chhaya was so lovely, so pretty, so sexy, slender and curved. I couldn’t stop ogling her. She had lovely oval face with lovely eyes, large, brown and full of magic. Her breasts were full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit and above those luscious fruits her Mangalsutra, proud symbol of marriage was resting.
These customs and Indian traditions have lot of value for the Marwari community she belonged, moreover Mangalsutra also gives a visual reminder that she is married to another man, and this exited me even more and started playing with the pendent of her Mangalsutra and I continued fucking her mouth while caressing her breasts along with that.
Everything happening was crazy that excitement was apparent on my gesture and I could not control myself from speaking out erotic stuff about Chhaya in typical Hindi slang, “Chhaya tu dikne mein ek dum pati-vrata biwi lagti hai…par tu hai ek number ki Kutia….…..tere patti ko kya patta uski shaadi ek Randi se hui hai… yahan mera Lund Chus rahi hai”.
Nobody minded me saying that at least all three bitches who were watching Chhaya getting mouth fucked for the first time as all three giggled as I said that. Though I was excited but internally I knew my condition very well, this time I was not about to explode that quickly and I wanted to enjoy these fucking moments with Shilpi and Chhaya for as long as possible.
I turned a bit and extended my hand to Chhaya’s fuckhole and started fisting her fuckhole instantly and hardly within one minute my fingers were exploring her fuckhole very roughly, leaving my rod from sucking, Chhaya was moaning loud in pleasure and from her condition I could see that she was just ready to get filled in her fuckhole.
Including Gunjan and Chaitali who were bit far from bed even Shilpi who was also stark naked on the same bed were audience of my fuck session with Chhaya, no one among them uttered anything as they could see that now their friend is about to get fucked by me and it was first that she was getting fucked by somebody other than her husband, as said by them Chhaya just use to get herself sucked from Call boys.
I came between Chhaya’s fair fleshy thighs and slid my massive size into her fuckhole; Chhaya moaned deliriously, clenching my arms in delight she widened her legs even broader, her knees forked to draw me in even deeper. I grunted at the tightness of her fuckhole as I withdrew my hard monster from her fuckhole and banged it back with some pressure.
I must say that Chhaya was incredible in bed, I could not stop myself speaking nonsense in excitement and unintentionally I abused her again by saying, “saali……Rand bahut garmi hai tere andar….aaj teri saari nikal dunga” with that I pulled my buttocks and pushed myself back with hell of force to screw her deeper, Chhaya cried out loud in pleasure and pain but before that she smiled as I abused her.
I grinned at her reaction as she felt the power, heat and hardness of my monster deep inside her womb. I could see that Chhaya was enjoying my fucking, like a real slut and she extended her hands to my back and tried to pull me over her and grabbed me between her arms and thighs and moaned lusciously with a fucking desire “fuck me….hard”
I continued fucking her with deep screwing thrusts with sudden jolts and she cried out even louder in ecstasy “UHHH ohhhh uhhh…… OHHHHHh uhh….. OH OH OH OH Ahhhhh…!” Smiling at her excitement, I skewered her cunt very well, after thrusting my hard cock couple of times deeper into her till the root of it, I paused myself and leaned further and kissed that bitch deeply,
invading my tongue into her mouth. Chhaya’s body was hot under mine, her breasts were hard in excitement and her nipples were rigid. I moved down, kissed her nipples, and she moaned as bite them lightly with my teeth and scraped my teeth across them. Chhaya’s body rippled with lust she clenched me harder between her arms and thighs to get a proper fuck as I was playing with her exploding body, as I was keeping my monster in her fuckhole unmoving.
“Please fuck me…” Chhaya cried in desire like a real bitch in heat, once again I pulled myself out of her burning cunt and throbbed hard and deep inside her flesh and continued fucking her like a bitch for a while. Squeezing her both the luscious fruits brutally with my hands I went on going faster and faster, hammering and ramming my monster cock into her till she arched her body and cried out and shuddered as the dam burst, and screamed in a tidal flood.
Chhaya shivered helplessly like a fish without water with sudden jolts as the orgasm started hitting her body, holding me with her full strength she was trembling while releasing her pressure. My excitement was at its peak and I had one more bitch to bang. I got up leaving Chhaya into that trembling state and pulled Shilpi from her wrist, Gunjan was making video in her mobile,
certainly she was recording since I started fucking Chhaya as it was first fuck of Chhaya by someone other than her husband. Holding Shilpi’s face in my hand I guided her to suck me. Shilpi was hesitant to take my rod in her mouth as it was soaked with Chhaya’s fucking juices but I forced her to open her mouth by saying “Shilpi muhn khol aur Chus issko…..” Finally her pretty face got distended with the size of my swollen penis.
I grunted in pleasure and pulled her face deeper into my crotch, pushing my hips forward at the same time. Shilpi took my monster cock deep in her mouth; she had no other option, I was holding her face in my hands. Very soon she clenched my buttocks with her hands and sucked me hungrily, by now her hesitation was over, I groaned again, arching my head up,
to the roof I moaned loud in pleasure and pain. Shilpi’s mouth was wonderful, warm and moist, she was rolling her tongue around my swollen cockhead and it was magical and irresistible. “Yes!” I gasped loud “C’mon… Shilpi do it!…. Tu bhi Randi hi hai!…tera pati bhi sochta hoga ki usse bahut achhi wife mili hai……. Lekin tu bhi Kutia hai….. Achhe se chus ! mera Lund…Haan… uhhh….ahhh….”
certainly I was in pain but excitement was so high that I wanted to fuck her face till I die. Gunjan and Chaitali were busy in making video and I saw Gunjan coming closer to get a close up of Shilpi’s face filled with my monster. Like Chhaya I wanted to arouse Shilpi too so that I do not have to work hard with my penis to make her cum while fucking her thirsty cunt, and to do that I took her into 69,
but more than sucking her fuckhole I was fisting her cunt roughly and within a minute I could see Shilpi’s thighs trembling feverishly, she was oozing out hell of juices, and after certain point leaving my rod from sucking, she tried to get away from me with a strange whimper, I could easily make out,
that bitch is aroused and ready to get fucked but I was enjoying her trembling state and before leaving her I fisted her fuckhole very badly while screaming “Shilpi mera Lund Chus warna aaj mein teri Chut poori faad dunga” Shilpi screamed while holding my thighs like anything with that brutal fist of my two finger and a thumb and arched her body in excitement.
I got up took Shilpi in missionary as well and began to fuck her powerfully, with smooth, rapid thrusts. As my monster cock moved in and out of her cunt couple of times consistently Shilpi whimpered joyously under me like a slut, her body was jerking with my thrusts, her swollen breasts were jiggling randomly and golden Mangalsutra was dancing here and there on her wheatish skin.
Clenching my arms, wrapping her long legs around my pumping hips, Shilpi moved up eagerly under me while moaning in bliss of getting fucked by someone other than her husband. “Yes! Ohhh god yes… fuck me… fuck me hard” Shilpi was going crazy in awaited pleasure as she was last to get fucked among her four friends and her face was looking even more beautiful in animal lust.
I was also going mad and I wanted to fuck her as hard as possible to make her shudder in unbearable pleasure. With a thought of ramming myself deep into her I got up a bit and bent her thighs up, and hooked her knees over my shoulder and went into Shilpi smoothly once again till the end of her tunnel in a single thrust.
Now her thighs were getting pressed between our bodies and feet were pointing roof as slowly I was coming on her completely, and holding her bent knee joint while keeping them apart I was fucking Shilpi furiously, my hips were rising and falling angrily and Shilpi was moaning loud in pleasure and pain as I was continuously widening her thighs to tore off her fuckhole and I continued folding her body into half till her feet touched the bed around her face.
All three bitches who were audiences were enjoying watching her friend getting banged like a bitch and their comments over my fucking continued; “Maar achhe se aaj iski……sabse jayada khujli issi ki Chut mein hoti hai…” Gunjan spoke while standing beside the bed she was still shooting my fuck session with Shilpi.
Within one minute of brutal fucking, I could see that Shilpi was going out of control and she was screaming in pleasure which she could not bear, she was about to explode so was I, I wanted to stop and release my load too but suddenly I saw Chhaya coming beside me, all three were behind me and Chhaya was on the same bed and I think she wanted to see the penetration of her friend’s friends fuck hole and she came forward.
I took that opportunity, she was the one bitch who was most reluctant in taking my meat in her mouth and most beautiful among all, eventually I decided to release my load in her mouth, leaving Shilpi in that state I grabbed Chhaya instantly and pushed her on bed, she was shocked with my act and within a fraction found herself totally in my control.
“Kutia muhn khol apna…..” I screamed over her while taking my exploding rod to her mouth, I knew that she will not do that, with looking at her whether she is opening her mouth or not I pulled her hairs and screamed again in continuation, “muhn khol…varna jaan se maar dunga tujhe” with that I kept on pulling her hairs, Chhaya did not had any option, she was in pain,
as she screamed with a open mouth I filled my evacuating rod in her mouth and released most of my gunk in her mouth and kept on holding her face so that she cannot spit out. I could see that Chhaya was holding my cum in her mouth but I was over excited and very desperate to make Chhaya swallow, finally I blocked her nose with my thumb and a finger while saying “Chhaya pee jaa issko…..saali Raand….”
That was too much for her and she did not have any other option, she swallowed, I saw her throat moving that way. I looked back to Shilpi, she was flat on her back with spread legs, dead tired with shattering orgasms, I was nevertheless tired, and I too collapsed on bed. Chhaya ran to wash basin instantly to spit but she could not do anything with what she swallowed.
Everything happened so fast that I could not believed that within last few hours I have fucked four sluts and more or less I have satisfied all of them. Everything happened that day was so bizarre that I am sure readers of the blog will not believe on this. Anyway that night did not ended there, but as far as fucking was concerned I was not in state to even think about it.
We all had coffee, Gunjan made that, Chhaya behaved reluctantly with me for long but rest of her friends liked my act of making her swallow my cum. We chit chatted in the living room for long and saw myself fucking Chhaya and Shilpi in Chaitali’s mobile shot by Gunjan.
I asked Chaitali to give that video to me but she denied as she is insecure that I will forward it to someone and whole world will come to know about their slutty acts. Finally around 12 I came to bed room and as decided Shilpi and Chhaya were suppose to sleep with me but Chhaya was really very angry with me and she denied to come along.
As Chhaya denied to go Chaitali readily said, “koi baat nahi main chalti hun” but I wanted Chhaya on my bed, so I pulled her from her wrist while saying, “meri jaan aisi bhi kya narazgi hai….maine bhi to teri Chut ka paani piya tha” and took her in my arms and started kissing her while rubbing her body over the cloths.
She responded to my kiss after few seconds and came into the bed room. Along with Shilpi, Gunjan and Chaitali also came into bedroom and making each other’s body pillow we all laid on the bed somehow. Still I was not in state o have sex so we chit chatted and in one concern Gunjan reveled their collage life to me and told me that none among four sluts were virgin when they got married, anyway more or less after that we started falling asleep.
I got up to pee after bit of sleep time was around 4, only Shilpi and Chhaya were on bed, Gunjan and Chaitali were back to the other room. I could see Shilpi was in deep sleep facing away from me but Chhaya was little awake, she saw me getting up and going to toilet. I came back to her and started kissing her and moved my hand over her breasts over the cloths.
I desired to fuck her again but I was not that hard, I needed some arousal from her. Chhaya too seemed interested in getting fucked even though I asked her “karna hai”? “haan….karna to hai” she replied, “thoda sa chusna padega…tabhi khada hoga” I replied, Chhaya looked at me in darkness with her big eyes, I could see that she wanted to get fucked but she did not wanted to suck me.
“main bhi chusunga tumhari………rather 69 karte hain jaldi ho jaayega” “Ok” Chhaya agreed, I turned around and we lied sideways, I waited for Chhaya to take my semi erect monster in her mouth and as she started sucking me I buried myself in her white milky thighs and started taking out her fucking nectar. Chhaya sucked me nicely, by now her hesitation was also vanishing.
I grew hard in her mouth and Chhaya released her love juices in my mouth, it was evident that she is ready to get plunged again. I came over her, between her thighs into the posture of getting inside “please aram se karna…tez tez mat karna” “obviously….tez tez karunga to Shilpi jag jaayegi….aur abhi main abhi sirf ek ko Chod sakta hun….Shilpi ko subah dekhunga”
I replied back and Chhaya smiled on my statement as she could understand my condition of being alone in four females. I plunged Chhaya once again and fucked her tenderly; I must say that among all previous fucks that was the best; it was a real pleasure of fucking womanhood for a male like me.
I fucked Chhaya nicely with steady strokes while kissing her and sucked her luscious fruits as well. Finally we both climaxed almost at the same time and I released my seed in her womb. We both got up and used the toilet and I told her to take precaution by saying, “precaution le lena…kahin tum pregnant na ho jaao”…… “I know wo to lena hi padega…”
Chhaya replied and then spoke again “….mujhe kya chaaron ko lena padega…..Call boys ke saath to ye logg Condom lagwa ke karwati thi….aaj Sabne bina Condom ke karwaya hai” “Haan…main call boy nahin hun na iss liye” I replied and then spoke again in continuation “waise bhi …..Chaitali was on top when I released…so for her there are very less chances…
maine sirf tumhare andar achhe se chhoda hai” as I said that Chhaya looked at me with her big eyes and spoke again, “Shaadi ke baad aaj pahli baar…… maine apne husband ke alawa kisi ke saath kiya hai…..just because ki tum mujhe cute lagge the…aur tumne mere muhn ke andar chhod diya”…”tumne bhi to mujhe torture kiya naa?…..mujhe aram se boll dete….
ki tum sab ne mere saath sex karna hai….” I replied “Wo Gunjan aur Chaitali ka idea tha….mera nahi..” Chhaya replied back, “mujhe iss se kya…..? waise bhi apne Lund ka paani main tum sab ko pilane wal hun….Chaitali ne apne aap hi mera cum pi liya hai…tumko maine pila diya…..ab rah gayi Shilpi aur Gunjan…in dono ko bhi main apna cum pilaunga…let’s see kab….
iss time to mere andar kuch bacha hi nahi hai” I replied back and by the end of the statement we both laughed as I said today I am not left with any cum to make Shilpi and Gunjan drink it. After that we slept and when I got up time was nearly 7, Chhaya was still asleep but Shilpi was awake, she was just out of toilet after basic courses, and as decided both Chhaya and Shilpi were suppose to go by 8.
“karna hai”? I asked Shilpi, “haan…mujhe to karna hai…tum bataao…. kar paaoge”? She asked back whether I will be able to do it “that depends on you…..agar achhe se suck karogi to erection ho jaayegi” I replied, “Chhaya ko bhi jaga do….dono saath mein suck karenge…jaldi khada ho jaayega”
Shilpi replied, “forget her, uski maine subah subah char baje maari hai…Chuswane ke baad….. you were sleeping” I smiled while saying that “ok” Shilpi replied with just ok and came to bed. Once again we decide to lie down in 69 as Shilpi too needed some arousal.
Like with Chhaya I lied sideways with Shilpi and we sucked each other nicely and after getting bit of erection I made Shilpi standing on her four on the edge of bed and while standing on floor I plunged that bitch from behind. It was really great fucking that housewife in doggy style and I was getting really very aroused when Shilpi was turning her face to see me while moaning.
Due to my excitement I was pumping that sluty wife hard from behind which made bed jerking hard and Chhaya got up from her sleep. We I and Shilpi continued fucking for some time in that posture and later switched to missionary and soon we both climaxed after one another.
More or less after that Shilpi and Chhaya got up to go as they were suppose to move out and after some time both the Marwari bitches took leave, leaving there Punjabi sluts in a sound sleep. Although Sunday was not that wild and weird as it was Saturday but it was nevertheless fucking unbelievable.
As far as sex was concerned I was not in state to fuck Gunjan or Chaitali till afternoon, neither they forced me to do that initially but after having light Daal Chawal in lunch when we three came to bedroom both the bitches were demanding sex and they started playing with me in there way. Both Chaitali and Gunjan took off their clothes instantly and exposed there fleshy bodies to me,
then they took off my clothes too and without taking my rod in their mouth they jerked it well and licked my whole body with their wet tongue. It was a pleasure which was really very difficult to bear; both the huge ass sluts were eating me like hungry animals, licking and sucking my whole body including my tiny nipples at the same time but except my monster cock.
They were teasing me to arouse me and somehow I was trying to bear the pleasure by moaning and arching my body randomly with their licks but things went really weird when Gunjan took my rod in her mouth and started sucking me using her lot of saliva and at the same time Chaitali turned me sideways and initially bit one of my hips lightly and then parted my hips and tried to lick my ass hole.
I was just going crazy and could not control my gasps as Chaitali was again and again flicking her tongue between my spread hips, over my ass opening and within few seconds I found myself hard like iron rod, my Penis took its full size in Gunjan’s mouth itself. Gunjan also moved her tongue between my ass crack and flicked my ass hole while Chaitali was holding me tight to block my pleasure movements.
Out of two big ass whores, Gunjan and Chaitali I took Chaitali under me first and fucked her while making her lie on her back and keeping one of her fleshy thigh on my shoulder. Thanks to Blue movies which I see very frequently and decided to rub her fuckhole with my thumb while fucking her cunt.
Chaitali moaned loud and very differently as I started doing that and failed to held herself for long and trembled like a bitch in a shattering orgasm. That is how I got away from that slut without discharging my load and then it came to Gunjan, she very well knew what she has to do, without feeling any hesitation,
that my rod is soaked with Chaitali’s juices she started sucking me and I seduced Gunjan too while holding her big ass in my hands for some time by putting her on her four on the edge of the bed, but in that position I was in extreme pleasure and I was feeling that I may discharge without making Gunjan cum,
so I took Gunjan over me on the bed and fucked her while making her jumping and lurching her huge bottom over me, till she seemed to reach to her climax, and then again I changed the posture and I took her under me and banged her badly in missionary and every time while changing position I fisted her fuckhole very brutally and that is why I succeeded in making her cum along with me.
All in all after mid day’s post lunch sex experience, rest of my Sunday was spend peacefully because we three went out for a movie but later in the night once again I found myself between big fleshy thighs as in night after having dinner we came to bedroom and I started by burying my mouth between there fleshy thighs and sucked there juicy cunts one by one and both big ass babes,
Gunjan and Chaitali also sucked me while being on there fours as I was on my knees on the bed. I fucked them one by one in doggy style while holding there huge ass and I must say that it is really great feeling to pump females like Chaitali and Gunjan who has massive flesh over there ass mounds in doggy style.
As I said in the beginning even today I am in this sex affair and I fuck Gunjan maximum and most of the time in doggy style, as she is living beside me, after that counting comes to Chaitali as she is also living without her husband so she often comes to live with her friend for a night and she too get fucked in doggy way at least once during her visit to Gunjan’s flat,
moreover couple of times during Chaitali’s visit I have taken both the bitches, Gunjan along with Chaitali at one time. Shilpi also comes to have fun with me but hardly twice or maximum thrice a month and that is just for few hours and I fuck her mostly alone and in missionary position as I feel really great when she grabs me tight in her arms and thighs and last but not the least,
my favorite slut Chhaya, she has come just once after this incident, it was a weekday and I took off from my work when she called me to ask if she can come today, that day till evening Chhaya was with me and I fucked her thrice, and all in different position.
Life is on like this and I am enjoying to the fullest with these four fucking whores but I must tell you guys that these days I am interested in getting those video in which call boys were fucking these horny sluts and in fewer videos I am also shot fucking them. As soon as I will get those videos I will upload it to this wonderful blog for everyone,
moreover I think that is the only way I can make readers believe that whatever I have wrote down is 100 percent truth. So keep visiting this fabulous site as it could be any day when I will upload videos of four horny sluts Gunjan, Chaitali, Shilpi and Chhaya while getting fucked like real bitches till then bye and do comment about my sex experience.

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