Gita bhabhi

When my brother got married I was 18 years old. I had started growing hairs
on my face and chest but I was studying still in a college as I took more
than one year to get promotion to higher class. My brother along with my
father was running a shop in the town. My brother’s wife too belonged to
the town. Our house was in a suburban village with lot of rivers, landscapes and backwaters. Beyond our compound there is a wide paddy field and just before the paddy field there is a small canal which was dug for irrigating the crops but never used. Even in the Summer season there would be enough water flowing as the water comes from a dam constructed in the forest lands. The steps to this canal was constructed from our land, women use these steps as an ideal place to soak their linen and dry them after washing it. I used to go to the banks of the canal in the pretext of fishing. There is a lot of vegetation and banana plants near it offering enough shade and privacy like in a tropical forest. My intention was not to fish but watch the ladies naked beauty when they bath at leisure and do the usual gossiping. Normally after three o’ clock they come to the stream and start their bath. The meals would be prepared and lunch would be over. The
lunch would be served as supper too so ladies are free in the afternoon.
T.V was not launched and electricity was just reaching the village at that
time. I started getting a hard on when I watch my neighbours bath at the age of **. First I thought something was wrong with my penis which started to jump at the silliest provocations and grew like a flagpole in my knickers at the most inappropriate occasions. I found it very difficult especially when my
mother wake me up in the morning to start my studies. According to her if
we study in the early morning we would understand more clearly and memory
would be great at that time. But my penis was standing hard rock and it was
impossible to stand up when my mother was watching and waiting to confirm
that I woke up. I would lay on my back and pray the goddamn penis to shrink
so that I could stand before my mom. Soon I learnt that the only way to
solve the problem was to masturbate in the early morning when my penis gets
the best hard on. There was no master for me to teach the masturbation, I
just stroked my thing and soon I experienced the vibration and a little
spinning of my head. A white thick fluid would emit from the tip which
resembled like a spit and the erection was gone for some hours. But then I
felt tired and dozed of when read my lessons. I would come from college
about 3.30 and right away I go to the stream to fish. The ladies from my
neighbourhood would be at various stages of undressing, some washing
clothes some soaping their pussies and some soaping the other ladies tits,
gossiping would be continuously going on in between. The subjects would be
how she was fucked last night, how one ladies husband waste money on
drinking and how someone eloped with other’s wife or some girl attained
puberty and how some girl got pregnant when her husband was away for an
year etc. Everything under the sun was big news for them, but the subjects
mostly dealt with adultery, sex and village scandals. I would sit behind
some bushes through which I could get a sneak view of all good pussies and
tits. Some ladies voluntarily gave me a show as if they did not see me
hiking their muslin towels while soaping their buttocks standing away from
me. My next door neighbour Vilasini was the best among them. She was about
five years older than me. When she bathed with some grannies she would ask
them to soap her back and while the grannies happily do the chore she would
face me with her towel half fallen and I could see her dark pussy and big
tits. Most of the ladies had big breasts especially the middle aged women
around 50 years old. They did not bother to cover their assets and I was
always awarded with nice clear and unabashed view of their watermelon like
breasts. But now a days I wonder what happened to my villagers. I don’t see
any girls or women with such tits now. Also they never bath in open
now. Even then I can bet that none of them possess such big tits which I
used to see in my childhood. Perhaps the family planning may be the reason
or lack of exercise. In olden days the women had to do a lot of household
chores and there was a secluded place for women to At that time most women
would have delivered about 4 to 7 children and they were less conservative
about sex too. Adultery was common and none bothered much about who fuck
who unlike the present times where people watch with binoculars at their
next door neighbours.

But little did I know that my masturbation sessions were going to end when
my brother married the girl from town. Her name was Gita, she was
beautiful, about 6 years elder to me. She got at home with my mother and
neighbours faster than I expected. After one week she started to bath in
the canal behind our house. I had avoided peeping on her as I thought it
was highly improper. But the sight of her coming to my house after her
leisure bath provoked my cock which was dangling peasefully between my
legs. She would wear only a small muslin towel to cover her breasts and her
shoulders would be bare. She covered her big breasts using the washed
clothes which were spread on her shoulders in such a way that an onlooker
could not understand that she wore no blouses neither any bra except for
the muslin towel. Her muslin towel could reach up to her midriff. So she
wore a lungi under it like men wear in India. When she spread the washed
clothes I would look at her from my room through the windows. As she would
be standing under direct sun and I watching her in my room she could not
notice me much. I would watch at her taking clothes one by one from her
shoulders and put it one by one on a wire tied between two coconut trees
which is used as hanger for the dress to dry. One by one she would first
put the clothes on the iron wire then she would spread them nicely taking
one at a time. My phallus would jump up at each of the time she put a cloth
on the wire. I could see her bare shoulders, how broad were they! She could
beat an Arnold Schwarz egger if she had some muscles in her bare hands, but
she had only flesh. When she had put all clothes on the wire I could
clearly see her shapely breasts covered or rather revealed by the muslin
towel. She had two spots on her left shoulder which were of vaccination
marks which excited me terribly for some unknown reason. She had a dark
forest of hairs on her pits, I could see the dark patch of hairy mass when
she lift one arm and spread the dress on the wire. I wondered how hairy
would be her pussy if she had such a massive hairy pit. When she had spread
all clothes she would go to her room and bolt the door. I would imagine the
stages of her undressing, removing her muslin towel first and then the wet
lungi, if only I had a capacity to go vanished and could peep at her!. I
prayed god for such a gift, by the time my phallus would emit the white
fluid which my body produced in plenty at that age. But the most thrilling
pleasure I got was when I masturbated standing in the water watching the
bare pussies and breasts offered to me by generous ladies who bathed in the
canal. I thought none guessed my activities and all of them think that I
was a poor fish hunter.

But I was wrong, one day my brother’s wife asked me “Why are you always
sticking around the canal boy?”. “Boy! My foot! Bitch how dare you call me
a boy”, I thought “if you see my dick you wont call me a boy”. I said
silently. “To catch fish”, came my voice. “How many fish you have caught?”
she was not going to leave me alone. “Well I tried but what’s wrong if they
did not enter my net” I said. “Okay but stop your fishing today if I see
you anymore hiding around watching woman I will tell your mother and
brother. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself ogling at other women’s tits and
ass. Do you think we don’t know it?” she was furious. “The bitch!”, I
muttered. Thus my entertainment stopped I was afraid to go to canal
again. My brother was a cruel man he might beat the hell out of me of my
brother’s wife complain about me.

Then came the harvest season paddy fields were busy with activities women
cropping yield and men helping them carry the corns to houses. It’s a
season when men would flirt with women and ‘pom pom’ (cup) their jutting
breasts when they put corn on their heads. The buffaloes and oxen were used
to plough fields and they would get bathed in canals. One day I saw my
brother’s wife going to the canal when she looked at my I turned my
face. “What are you looking at did you fish any today? Anyway don’t come
near canal”, she said. “I advise you not to go there now”, I said. “Why you
mind your own business”, she said sharply. “Then you will understand when
you feel it”, I said. She moved ignoring me. I had something in mind,
readers will understand it when you read further.

When I returned from fishing at the paddy fields I saw my brother’s wife
walking speedily to our house. When I came to the house my mother was not
there. I looked at my Brother’s wife room. Obviously she might be changing
clothes now. Wow, I thought if only I were in that room to see her nude
body then I saw her door half open and her face coming out ” Where is your
mother boy?” she asked. “She is not here she had gone to fields” I
said. “Oh what can I do now, oh please”, she was crying. “What happened
Gita didi any snake in your room?” I asked with concern.

In the harvest
seasons it was natural for rat snakes roaming around, did she find one in
her room. “No snake and ladder, oh some problem what shall I do now?” she
did not stop. “Didi tell me what’s your problem then only I can do
something”, I said. Then she opened the door and came partially out. She
was wearing only a blouse and an underskirt. The skirt was hiked above her
knees, what a sight I suppressed an urge to go somewhere and jerk off. Wow,
what a piece! Look at her tits, they are going to burst out at any
moment. Those sticking nipples they will tore the blouse and would come
out. Ah her thunder thighs! Two ivory pillars! Lo so well rounded and
shapely and creamy white. She was looking at a small dark obstacle hanging
on her creamy thighs. Then I understood her problem, it was a leach
sticking to her thunder thighs sucking her blood. It was common to have
such leaches appearing from nowhere in the canal after harvest, they come
with buffaloes. After the buffaloes and oxen are bathed the leaches travel
downward and they bite women who used to bath in the canals. I was
anticipating it and that was reason I had told her to avoid canals.

I looked at her thighs closely there was a leach hanging from middle of her
thighs it had drunk a lot of blood as its colour was red. She was having
some hairs on her outer thighs that’s the reason the wicked leach selected
her inner thigh which was hairless. I was knowing that the leach may soon
stop drinking and fall away. But I ran to my room and came back with a pot
full of calcium carbonate used to chew with betal leaves by my mom. If you
apply some cigar ash or calcium carbonate the leach will fell down. It was
only remedy for this leach bites. I closed the door and she got panic. “Why
are you closing door boy leave it open, I said” she barked. “Didi I have to
apply this paste on your wound otherwise it will drink your whole blood”
.”Okay do what you want but be quick”, she was no more panic. “Lay there on
the cot then only I can locate the leach’s bite point”, I started hiking
her skirt and tried to look at her pussy. She understood it and barked
again, “You boy, where are you peeking at leach is on my thighs not between
my thighs”. “No didi let me look at it”, I saw her pussy’s opening. A fine
thick mass of meat with lots of hair cut with scissors possibly. Her big
pussy winked at me like three puffs put together and bent in the
middle. Look at those folds wow! A perfect triangle with a rose channel
between and I inhaled a smell of soap mixed with lavender and urine, a
divine smell, an aphrodisiac it filled my nostrils and my prick struggled
to jump out. “What are you looking at bastard do something ” she barked
again. Well let me inspect more closely , Oh god what am I seeing. I was
seeing a pussy close up for the first time in my life! .The thick outer
folds of her vagina, and the pink inner folds, scissor cut pubic hairs, at
the top of that puffy pussy a two inch long clitoris, it resembled like a
small leach caught on top of her puffy pussy mound. I hiked the skirt again
and touched her big clit. “Fuck you boy, what are you doing there? Its not
there the thing caught me”, she barked again. “Oh didi but it’s a leach no!
two leaches are there I suppose, one on your thigh and another on your,
your …” I stammered. “Bastard, its only one that’s on my thighs the other
one is my clit, take your hands away from there”, she was furious. “Oh is
it so, I thought it was a leach it looked like a small penis to me!” I
exclaimed. “You idiot take the leach away before someone comes”, she
said. “Okay”, I used a leaf and tried to catch the leach, it was very
slippery. “Bastard, what are you doing are you peeping at my pussy or
trying to remove the leach”. I pretended I was taking some paste and
inserted my finger into her heated pussy and tried to catch her clit. “Its
not the leach you fool its my pussy and clit, idiot put it on my thighs”.
“Clit! What’s that? I have never heard of it!” , I put the paste on the
leach’s head and it fell down. I crushed it using my heel and a lot of
blood was spread on the floor. My brother’s wife looked at it and shut her
eyes in disgust.

I looked again at her visible pussy folds and milky white inner thighs.
Blood was still oozing out of the wound on her thighs. I looked for some
clothes to wipe it. Then I saw a soiled panty of her. I took the panties
and cupped her thighs with it around her wounds so that oozing blood will
stop. She was shocked at my act and she slapped my face. “You dirty
bastard, trying to press your brother’s wife’s pussy!”. I was hurt and my
head was aching, but I did not move my hands away . It was after all blood
stopped I took her panties away and I went out rubbing my cheeks. It did
hurt a lot, but my prick was still in agitated stage. I had seen my
brother’s wife’s pussy, ha ha. What if it hurt me a little?

Then my mother came to the house and I moved out. I came back only at
night. My father and brother was eating food. Didi was not looking at me,
she was still angry. I did not mind her too. “Good boy, you did right
thing, you saved your Didi from operation”, my mother said. My brother
lifted his face from food and looked at my mother as if to know what was
the commotion. “Your wife got bit by a leach from the canal, fortunately
your brother applied calcium paste and so now no stings and swelling”, my
mother said. My brother concentrated again on the food as if nothing had
happened. Such a caring husband, I thought. Didi started to cater for me
also, but I didn’t eat it. “I had taken food outside”, I said

The next morning when I brushed my teeth I felt severe pain where my sister
in law slapped me. She brought me tea when I had finished my brushing but I
ignored it and went out. She was bit desperate to woo me it seemed, perhaps
she had thought she had done a mistake. When I was busy repairing my
fisherman’s net I saw my mother returning from the market. She went to the
kitchen and started breaking a news to my brother’s wife, “Gita, you don’t
go to canal for bathing anymore there are a lot of leeches in the
water. Yesterday a leach caught our neighbour Villu, do you know where it
bit”, she hissed something into Gita didi’s ears and I heard a gasp from
her. I guessed the place where the leach might have caught. “She killed the
leach by pulling it by a damp cloth but now she cant urinate the whole
pussy is now swelling, I just saw it poor girl she is crying, they are
planning to take her to the doc, imagine what they will do they will
operate to remove the sting”. My didi was feeling guilty she understood if
I hadn’t removed the leach skillfully she would now face the same
problems. So my neighbour Villu was bitten by the leach. I sneaked to her
house through the broken compound wall separated our compounds. When I
entered her house she was alone and was lying on the floor in a mat. She
was wearing only an underskirt and blouse. The tits were proudly struggling
under the blouse. I had been a great fan of her. She was the most generous
person who always showed me her tits and butt while bathing. She knew I was
there watching her, but she did not show any protest or concern. She would
assess the surrounding and if none is watching her she would hike her towel
and start soaping her fat buttocks. While adjusting her towel she would
display her hairy pussy to my direction. I don’t know how many times I had
masturbated seeing her pussy and buttocks. “Villu dear, what happened to
you, my mother told you are ill”, I asked her. “Oh Vasu, I was bitten by a
leach and now severe pain, I can’t tell you where it bit me, go away I am
dying” she said. “Don’t worry its not you alone who was bitten by the leach
my brother’s wife was also bitten by it, almost on the same place where you
were bitten”. “Is it Gita too bitten well how’s her doesn’t she feel any
pain?” she was curious. “No I was there when she was bitten and I applied
some country medicine and the leach fell down without putting its sting
into the flesh, you should have waited for the leach to go away by itself,
it’s the sting causing problems”, I said. “Oh Vasu, what to do I was panic,
see my condition I can’t walk or urinate, it bit right on my pussy, now my
mother is taking me to hospital. All people will know and they will see my
pussy too sometimes they may operate”.

“Don’t worry if you apply some country medicine which I suggest it will be
cured, no need to go to hospitals”, I said. “Is it so?, then please tell me
Vasu, please help me”, “Its turmeric mixed with Tulsi leaves and if you
apply that paste it will be cured”, I said. “Oh Vasu, you did that to Gita
no? please can you make the paste and apply on me, please”, she asked. My
God! I could not believe the words. “I will come soon”, I ran back to my
home. I picked some Tulsi leaves and dug some raw turmeric, I went to the
countryside mixer which was a long stone and a carved stone pole to move
over it. I put the contents on the big flat stone and crushed it with the
carved rounded pole like stone. The noise caught attention of my brother’s
wife Gita. She came to the kitchen and asked, “Vasu what are you doing
making chutney? I have made it no need for you to make any curries while we
ladies are around”. “Shit, why cant you mind your own business bitch?”, I
tried to reply but the words came out was ” I am making a herbal paste ,
please don’t bother, I am experimenting a thing, go away”, I said. “I know
what you are planning you are trying to peek under that girl Villus
clothes, you are a horny boy with a dirty mind, why do you make herbal
remedy when she is going to hospital”, she questioned. I was taken aback,
the bitch had guessed right about my intentions. I took the paste in a
coconut shell and ran to Villu’s home. When I reached there still none had
come. “Villu I have prepared the medicine now show me where the leach bit
you”, I said. “No dear I can’t show it to you its my secret place”, she
said. “Well let then the hospital people do operation”, I said. “No please
wait, I can’t hike the dress you lift my skirt and close that door before
doing it”, she said. I bolted the door and hiked her dress, she was
beautiful but not like my brother’s wife. She was a princess and Villu can
be a servant to her. Even then she was sexy and had a milky white thighs
and when I saw the forest between her legs my prick started growing inside
my knickers. Her puffy triangle was swelling with the injury , there was a
foul smell of rotten fish coming out of her pussy. I thought it might be
because she had not bathed for two days. One thigh is fatter than the other
perhaps there also the leach bit, there was tiny hairs all over her thighs
and her bush looked like a reserved rain forest to me. The bit mark was red
and there was signs of pus. The mark was just after the channel between the
pubic triangle. I put my finger there and spread her pussy folds open she
was shutting her eyes and writhing in pain. I applied the paste to the
injury point and rest around the pussy orifices. I inserted a finger into
her pussy in the pretext of examining and I felt like dipping my finger
into a heated oil pan. Why women’s pussies are such hot? I wondered. I
spread the outer walls of her vagina and looked at the inner walls, they
were red while the outer folds were black and a lot of long hair curled
around. I examined further inside and my finger met a stub at the top of
her rose inner folds, it was the clitoris my brother’s wife told me. I
played the same game and rolled at the edge there was a skin cover on it
and when I moved the soft skin which looked like the food canal of a
chicken, back and I could see a white pearl like stub. It was so small but
when I rolled at its top using my finger pad, she was pressing her thighs
together. I moved my finger on her clit stub and she began to make a hiss
sound. Then I saw the paste was doing its job and the red mark became more
open and yellow pus was oozing from the bit mark. I used my two fingers at
its sides and pressed unexpectedly to her. She cried an ‘ayoooo ah
ayooooooo’ a lot of pus came out and the swelling was gone. I squeezed
twice again and she clenched her fists at my wrist. “Now the pus is out you
will be alright by tomorrow, no need to go to hospital”, I looked at her
clit again. She tried to down her skirts but I did not allow her, “Well
lets see if other marks are there, you have got a great amount of hair than
my Gita didi that’s why your swelling is much less”, I said. “Have you seen
Gita’s pussy?” , she exclaimed. I cursed my foolishness and corrected, “No
I overheard my mother asking her”. I moved my finger again around her
clitoris and found a sticky white fluid around the lower fold. “what’s this
something white fluid ” I tried to sniff at it and my face twisted in a
nausea mood. She saw my expression and flinched, “Who told you to sniff at
it it’s a white discharge which is common for ladies” , then I heard my
mother and Villu’s mother talking. I hurried to jump out after taking the
bolt away, but I did not forget to take one more view at Villu’s dark
pussy. I moved to verandah and while Villu’s mother entered through the
main door I moved away through the side door.

I entered my house through the back door. Before entering the house I
sniffed at my fingers again, “bAh’ I felt nausea again. I went to the well
and drew water and used a soap to remove the dirty smell. Even though I
washed thrice the smell remained, anyway I went inside and I was surprised
to see my brother’s wife standing at the door. “So you sniffed at her
pussy, she is dirty I know, are you not ashamed of yourself, you are a
dirty boy, Ah what a dirty smell your fingers are having! Go away, I feel
nausea”, she said. Then my mother appeared and asked “Gita what are you
taking to my son”. “Nothing mama, I was asking what was a foul smell here
“, my heart jumped. My mother sniffed around and said, “I don’t feel any
smell”. I was cursing my brother’s wife, why did she mess everywhere. Then
my brother came and the talk stopped.

The next day when I was making garden my brother’s wife asked me, “Are you
not going to treat neighbours today?”. “What’s wrong with you? you are a
busybody” . “No you are a busybody, you lift other’s skirts , you peep when
ladies bath, don’t you know how ladies treat you, they were all laughing at
you and I don’t like my brother to be called as a peeping tom, that’s why I
stopped you going to the canal”. She was advising me, but I was not in a
mood to waste my time hearing it, so I went to Villu’s house. When I
reached there her brother was playing outside, I asked him about his sister
and he said she has recovered and told me to go inside. When I entered her
room she gave me a smile of gratitude and asked me to sit on the
cot. “How’s your pain now?” I asked. “Much better, you will be a good
doctor in future, how do you know this medicine”, she asked.” Well I tried
it on my brother’s wife”. “Then you should have seen her pussy also”, she
was curious but I didn’t give any clue. “Dear tell me, did you see her
pussy, she is very beautiful you are lucky, is she hairy down there?”, she
was not going to leave me. “Why do you pest me, all women have hairs down
there isn’t it?”. “She might be cleaner than me, I had not been bathed for
two days, that’s why its stinky there, I smelt the thing you rubbed on my
underskirt , sorry I was bit ugly”, bit, my foot you were stinking lady,
but the stinking smell from a pussy is aphrodisiac to a man. But my
brother’s wife had cleaned her pussy well and not much hairy too. Villu had
not that hygiene, but then god created different kind of pussies and the
pussy itself is a wonderful creation. Unlike men its completely hidden
between the legs and it has got a lot of folds and then there is that pink
little meat when sucked can take them to heaven, even if men don’t care
about it they can do it themselves and achieve pleasure. I got an idea that
she was thinking I did not like her pussy, but I decided to prove
otherwise. “Well let me see how the swelling is now”, I lifted her skirt
and looked at her thighs. She put her legs in a V fashion and I tried to
closely examine the place where leach had bit, the injury mark was gone a
fishy smell welcomed me, I put my hands on her folds and opened them and
saw her red rose channel it looked like a hibiscus flower torn open by a
wicked boy. I found the small bud pulsating I rubbed it and said, “There is
still a leach here”, I rubbed its tip and it began engorge like a small
pebble. “Take your hands away, its not leach it is called clitty”, she
said. “But my brother’s wife doesn’t have that thing”, I lied. “So you have
seen her pussy, tell me how’s there , does she shave there”, she was
curious again. “I don’t know it was dark, but the hairs were trimmed”. “Did
she smell like me?” . “Yes but she smelt of soap, she just had a bath”. “I
know I smell bad”, she was sad. “But I like your smell, I want to inhale it
if you allow me”. “Well then show me”, I dived into her pussy and started
slurping at her pussy folds using my thick lips and not biting it. Then I
took the bud between my lips and started sucking it like sucking a sour
thumb. She put her hand on my head and started weaving my hair. I dived
ignoring the fishy smell and began to rotate my tongue inside her pussy. I
created an imaginary whirlwind inside it. She was pressing my head more and
more closer. The juicy pussy was wetting my tongue tips the smell of jack
fruit emanated from her vagina enthralled me. I was eager to make her
believe that I was not intimidated to her pussy and its fragrance, she was
enjoying the pussy eating. For all those male chauvinistic pigs who are
still afraid to put your face to a pussy my advise is just dive into it!.
However reluctant you feel for the first time you may start loving it, the
thrill is not from eating it but making her surrender and beg for your nib,
jab, rub, gag all using your tongue lips plaque combination. Once in a
hundred you may be blessed with a good aromatic pussy which you will feel
eatable. It’s a job for unselfish guys, once you did it to any woman please
feel they are obligated to you for lifetime.

So I pleased Villu with my sharpened tongue and its folds she was begging
to stop but I felt the rock was coming from her inner cave and final
explosion was inevitable. Then she fell with a thud with her fat buttocks
hitting the floor. There was no time and safety to satisfy my desire. I
just opened the door and went outside. Thank god, Villu’s mother had just
appeared with the grass cut for the cows. I tried to sneak away without
facing her, then the boy playing outside saw me and asked, “Brother don’t
you have tamarind in your house? You have a big tamarind tree there?!”. I
did not understand his absurd question. “Which Tamarind? What are you
talking?”, I asked. “No, your brother’s wife was here before some time, she
asked for some tamarind and when I said I would search the kitchen, she
told me that she would find it herself and just now she had gone out to
your house!”. My God! So she was here, she might have been peeping at us,
surely she could see Villu’s room from kitchen window. What am I going to
tell now, I walked to my home fearing the worst.

I did not go to my house directly instead I wandered around the fields and
met some of my friends. I reached my home at night. Then my brother and
father had come and they were eating supper. “Where were you till this
time?, what are you doing wandering here and there?. Don’t you have
anything to study?”, my brother questioned me. “I was at the library”, I
said. My brother’s wife was checking me, she took the waste dish and
emptied the fish bones and other waste to the waiting the country dog’s
face. “Go away, you filthy rascal, coming after licking all the dirt I cant
stand the smell of you, take these and go away”, she said to the dog. “what
are you telling, let that dog lay there its not disturbing any of us and
why did you took the waste dish now we are still eating, don’t we?”, her
husband asked.”He was wandering in the neighbourhood from the morning and
god knows what he sucked. He had no decency, he will sniff at any dirty
things, I cant stand his smell”, she said. I guessed she was indirectly
hitting at me, she has been referring my pussy-eating episode with the
neighbour girl Villu. “Dogs always smell, its nothing unusual, he doesn’t
bath everyday”, my brother said. “I know, but I can’s stand this rotten
smell, it’s the smell of rotten coconut husk, perhaps it may be coming from
somewhere else”, she kept digging at me. “Hey boy, come here, is the smell
coming from you, have you cleaned your face and hands?”, my blood
boiled. “Why are you quarelling with him, he has just come from the culvert
after usual gossiping, boy, eat supper and study something”, my mother
intervened. “I think Gita is off mood today, she is quarrelling with
everybody today, is it time for your periods dear?” my brother asked. She
did not expect such an open remark about her periods before the entire
family, her face became red and she went to kitchen. I was happy with the
escape. The bitch!, spying on me and then trying to make others get clue of
my sexual adventures. Boy!, she calls me a boy, bitch you see my prick once
and you will never call me a boy.

On next day my mother went for a wedding and I was alone at home. “Don’t
you have any fishing today boy?”, my sister in law asked. “No, why do you
bother?”, I asked. “Then don’t you have that herbal paste, I want it some”,
she asked. “Shall I apply it for you?”, I asked. “No, I know how to apply
it, just give me that stuff”, “Ok”, I went and made the paste once again,
but this time I added leaves of a plant called ‘choruthana’ which is
infamous for its itching spell. I tried to peak around and peep when she
applies it. She went inside the countryside bathroom made of coconut
leaves. I tried to peep at her through the walls but she heard my footsteps
and jumped out of it. She asked me to go away. The next day when I awake
in the morning I saw my brother scratching his abdomen and the pubic region
frantically. He was in a hurry to go to his shop along with my father. My
mother went to her daily grass cutting routine. When I sat for break fast
my brother’s wife asked me, “What hell was that you made
yesterday?”. “Which one”. “That bloody paste of you for the leach’s
bite”. “Oh that, it was same turmeric, tulsi, oh I forgot, I also added
some choruthana too”. “You dirty pig, choruthana!! so that’s why its
itching everywhere”. “Is it, then it should not be added to that paste
anymore, oho, now only I learnt that”. “You rascal, are you experimenting
your remedies in my pussy? Rascal wait till I tell to your brother, he will
kill you he has been itching and scratching for hours”. “But I gave the
remedy to you only no, why should it cause itching for him?”, I
wondered. “What to tell to you asshole, don’t play innocent, you did it on
purpose, to make my pussy itching, but it’s your brother who suffered most
from it”. Then the boy who is Villu’s brother came and asked, “Vasu, sister
is calling for you, please come”, “Ok’, you go I will come”, I said. “Go ,
eat that dirty hole from morning itself, what a boy, worse than a dog”, my
sister-in-law said. “Why you worry, its me eating what I want”, I went

When I reached Villu’s house she was happily standing there. “Vasu, thank
you dear, my ailment is now fully cured, you saved me from the
embarrassment, how did you learn such remedies dear?”. “Trial and error,
but my sister in law is cursing me for that”, I said. “Why, its so
effective no?”. “It was but I added some choruthana to it, but its my
brother scratching his pubis for that”. “Ha ha ha , its natural no?”. “How,
I gave it to my sister in law no?”. “Are baba, he might have put his prick
into your sister’s pussy yesterday night and naturally the paste hit his
prick no?”. “Oh, I did not think that angle, now I got it”. “Ok, if my
brother knows he will kill me, why did you call me, shall I see your bite
marks”. “No, I cant show it now, the boy is outside, but I will show it
when no one is here.” “Then I am going”, I said. “Wait, you applied that
paste to your sister in law no? So you might have seen her pussy, is she
shaving there?”. “No, she applied it herself, I don’t know, why do you
bother about her pussy anyway?”. “I was curious, “she is from town no? I
heard ladies from town shaves their pubes, I was wondering, well are you
sure you haven’t seen it?”. “No, I have no idea, if you are so curious why
don’t you ask her directly?”. “She is not that approachable, she doesn’t
show her privates even when taking bath together”, Villu said. “Why you are
crazy about her privates, anyway you women have got everything in common,
isn’t it?”, I asked. Then Villu’s mother came and we changed subject. I
knew there was no possibility for any adventure that day , so I left to my

When I reached my home, my mother was not there. I heard my brother’s wife
humming a song and taking her bath in the outside bathroom. I tried to peep
through the narrow holes but there was no chance, then an evil thought came
to my mind. She had peeped at me while I was busy eating Villu’s pussy, so
why couldn’t I hide in her bedroom and if possible to have a nice view. My
prick jumped at the thought and I entered her bedroom without making any
noise about my presence. I looked around the room. There was no hiding
place like cup boards, big almarah etc. The ground was cement floor with
black oxide coating. Our house was not electrified, so the rooms are not
the brightly illuminated. The only possible hiding place was under the
double cot, there was a bundle of used rug and her big iron trunk under the
cot. The cot had plastic wires interwoven and a mat on it. I could see if I
lay under the cot but very risky to get caught too. Then I heard the
humming near, I had no time to move out so I did hide under the cot. I did
position there, holding my breath, and my heart was beating fast. Then my
brother’s wife entered the room. She closed the doors and put latch from
inside. Little did she know I was lying under her cot.

My brother’s wife Gita was dressed in a wet blouse and a skirt reaching
longer than her ankles. She drew the window curtains and removed the towel
by which she was holding her wet hair. What a mass of hair she had!, it
reached up to her buttocks when undone. She had enormous buttocks. They
were protruding backward, when she moved they did not move but just
vibrated. My prick was also vibrating then. I tried to calm him down by
squeezing the end with my hand. She was standing before the mirror, I could
see only from her behind. I prayed God, to make her turn to my side so that
I could get a clear view of her pussy. She unhooked her blouse and removed
it from one arm, it dangled from the other arm. She had a smooth and broad
back, the spinal chord was not visible like men, instead it was a deep
channel from the nape of her head and going down somewhere under her
buttocks. I could have jerked off if I was able to put my prick even in
that spinal canal. She was drying her hair using the towel at leisure,
meanwhile she was enjoying her proud breasts in the mirror. I could see
only her naked back, oh dear, please turn towards me, I pleaded
silently. Then she removed her blouse from the other arm too. She was then
topless, but still I could not see. Then she moved to the window to throw
some hair locks fallen from her mass of hair. Then I could see her proud
big darlings. What a fine pair of breasts, the jet-black nipples like a
grape fruit. The big areolas were almost two inches diameter. She was
drying under her breasts; she lifted each of them and dried the sweat beads
and water under it. They were responding to her self-caresses, I could see
goose bumps appearing on them when the towel moved away. She was standing
so close to the cot that I could see only up to her thighs from the angle I
was laying. If only I could see that precious pussy, my prick agitated
like a viper kicked awaken from its coiled sleep. I suppressed him with
brutal force. He was pleading, “Give me that pussy, yeah”. “Wait you
bastard, don’t spoil, let me see her first”, I cursed my disobedient prick.

Then fell her skirt to the floor near me, oh god, if she try to pick it by
her hand then I would be caught. I tried to move back but then I could not
see her. I saw her beautiful calves like two ivory pillars. There was a
blue shadow of small hairs on her legs. It appeared so sexy to me, if her
legs have that much hairs then what would be her pussy. When I had applied
that herbal I could not get a clean unobtrusive view. Then she threw the
skirt to the corner of the room using her legs, her silver ‘kolus’ ( a
jingling ornament worn at the bottom of legs) made musical sound. She moved
again to mirror and she was fully naked!. I could see her fat thighs almost
up to her buttocks. She took a sandalwood powder and started showering it
generously on her neck, shoulders, armpits, belly, navel in the respective
order. She poured a generous amount into her hands and then applied to her
busy armpits. She had cut her pussy hairs using scissors, but she did not
do anything about her bushy pits. Then I saw her frontal view, what a big
melons she was holding on her chest!, how could my brother hold them in his
hands, lucky guy, but he was an unromantic always a serious man. They were
jutting proud like never been handled by a man. What a temper they have
even without the support of brassieres they stood firm. What a fine bushy
armpits, they resemble like Villu’s pussy I had munched. One can satisfy
him with those pits; her armpits were damp with her sweat and the long
bush. Thus they got an appearance of a pussy. So she cut only the hairs
from her pussy, the uncovered portions of her body were of ivory color. The
contrast between always-exposed midriff and starting of her hairline down
below from her navel proved it. Then she put her right leg on the cot and
started rubbing her asshole and the canal between her buttocks using the
wet towel. Even then I was not able to look at her pussy, fearing a
movement from my side would attract her attention. She dropped the towel
very near to me, I could inhale the sweet animal fragrance of her butt
channel, mixed with soap smell and powder. I sniffed at it like a dog.
Then she turned away and put a new skirt over her head and tied the string
around her midriff, I thought that show was over. But she did not put a
brassiere soon. Instead she moved half naked again to the mirror. She
lifted one big breast and to my dismay she sucked the tip , there was a
black mole about size of a small coin. It must be her beauty spot, “give it
to me I will kiss there a thousand times dear”, I said without any
sound. Then my mother called her from outside, “Gita, where have you put
the matchbox?”, “In the kitchen itself”, she replied. Hurriedly she dressed
her brassieres followed by her blouse and unlatched the door. She went to
kitchen and using the opportunity I too jumped out of the room. My heart
was beating like a drum. I need to empty my prick, then I saw the boy and
Villu’s mother going to market taking some tapioca for selling. That means
Villu would be alone in her house. I walked to her house.

“Hello Villu, don’t you have type writing lessons today?”, I asked. “Oh, I
didn’t go, I have no mood”, she said. “Why, any love problems?”. “Love?!,
who is going to love poor me?”, she said. “Well there are people like me
who like you very much”. “Is it, but you are so younger no, you are a small
boy?”. “Are you sure I am small, you have seen my big tool”. “Che, don’t be
naughty, I cant marry you”. “But you can then hold my tool and see how big
it is”, saying this I pressed her buttocks with my angry lion struggling to
vomit after seeing the astonishing sexy body of my brother’s wife. “Don’t
press me, your prick will tore my ass”, she said. “Well please hold it for
a while, haven’t I licked your pussy, now its time to repay for the
medicine I applied”, I said. “So you want fee, you said its free, why did
you come now, mother may come soon”, she said. “Then I want to see your
breasts, at least you can do that favour to me”. “Ok, I will open a hook of
my blouse, you don’t expect much”, she opened the top hook of her blouse. I
put my hands into her blouse from the top and pressed her hot boobs for a
while. I got idea that her nipples are raising and I kissed her cleavage
and her soaked armpits, she smelt of burning sulphur. She had a strong
odour but I had worse last time when I sucked her fishy pussy. She opened
one more hook and I was pulling her armpit hairs, I took my fingers and
sniffed at her raw sweat smell of her pits, the odour was stronger and
pungent there. She by that time lowered her hand and from the downside of
my khaki knickers took my prick. It was then well groomed and the foreskin
had gone back, the pre cum was oozing from the red top of my prick. She
felt it and said, “your prick is oozing gum, but it has a smell like ladies
finger when chopped”. “It’s a nice fluid, taste it, you will see how
delicious it is like chicken soup”. “Is it, well lets see, she kneeled and
was inspecting my red bell topped prick, I shoved it to her face
cleverly. Before long her mouth was open and my prick was inside her
mouth. “Well its not soup, but rice juice may be”, she said. “Suck it Villu
“, I pressed her head to me. By that time my hands were busy milking her
boobs and with my free other hand I moved my prick in and out of her hot
mouth and slightly masturbated too. Before long the prick was ejected and
her mouth and lips were full of my white fluid, she tried to spit it and
some dropped on the floor. “I cant swallow it, its so sticky” she said.
“Don’t worry, its alright, now let me do you”, I said. “Do what?”. “I want
to suck your pussy dear Villu like old times”. “No Vasu, I haven’t bathed
today, you will suffocate and someone may come”, she tried to move.

I forced her to lay on a wooden bench and hiked the skirt above her
waistline and her steaming pungent pussy was open to me. It was really
pungent and smelling urine, a very difficult task to suck at it. I felt my
stomach trying to vomit, but I controlled and began sucking her pussy. I
opened her pussy and the outer folds were jet black and looked like dried
tobacco leaves, she was hairy too, added to that the smell of rotten egg,
there was something white like frozen oil inside the inner folds. Perhaps
its what is referred as white discharge. My god, I volunteered a damn nasty
job, but once it was started I wanted to finish it with a peak. “Ohh..haa
ha aaa yes,suck me..oooha Vasssssssuu , lick me there ..feel my clit…yaa
aha hhhhhhha ahhhh hooo yeehhhhhhhhh”, she was moaning. She came to an
orgasm pretty sooner than I expected. But I was sure it was only tip of an
iceberg, a bigger one was in the anvil, then I heard some foot steps, I
looked at the front door which was open. None was there, better cover
myself. I adjusted her skirt down and while she was beginning to sit on the
bench, the door from kitchen was pulled open and my sister-in-law
appeared. Oh god!, she missed my cunt lapping by a precious minute.

“Oh, Vasu!, you were here, mother was looking for you, to go to market”,
she said. She then turned to Villu who was embarrassed with her sudden
appearance and was adjusting her dresses and asked, “Villu I want some
common salt, we are out of stock”. “I will take it”, Villu replied in
relief and tried to go to kitchen.

Villu, is it so hot here, you have your
blouse opened, that’s why I asked”, she began another digging. A
countryside Sherlock Holmes!, bitch, I guessed that she was trying to
caught us red handed and she was so desperate to get some proof. “Well one
hook missed, sorry”, Villu said. “Oh, don’t worry, Vasu was treating you
for your leach bite I hope, is his remedy applied today?”. “No chechy, its
already cured, Vasu was just passing by this way”, Villu tried to evade her
questions. “Ohfo, Villu were you drinking rice juice, its all over your
face and on the floor”, Villu was taken aback, she tried to smear her lips
as if some semen was there. My brother’s wife was playing a number, that
Villu did not understand. “No rice juice here”, I intervened. “But, see its
all over the floor, perhaps it may not be rice juice, some awful smelling
thing, is it gum, were you making gum ?”, she was asking again. “Ok, carry
on I will take the salt myself”, she walked to the kitchen. She took a
pinch of salt and added,” Villu why are you keeping everything open, salt
will melt no?, never keep anything wide open, something will happen”. She
was clearly hinting her opened blouse and hiked skirt. “Vasu come with me,
mother wants you”, she walked towards our house.

I followed her watching her big buttocks moving like two elephants in her
linen lungi. When we reached our house, my mother asked, “Gita, where were
you, how did you meet Vasu?”. “Oh Vasu was at Villu’s house, I went there
to take some salt, it was not here”, she replied. “Salt, are, we have a jar
full of it, where did you look for it?”, my mom showed a big jar full of
salt. “Oh, sorry I did not see it”, she said. When my mother moved away,
she said to me, “Vasu, its very little time required for getting ill name,
better you keep your medicines and all that in this house, people are not
that blind”. I flinched, what a lady, always spying and bitching on
me. What to do with her, I wondered.

One week went on like that without offering any interesting events. I spent
my time around the paddy fields, banks of the canals watching ladies
bathing together. Villu’s father who was away from home came to stay there
and he did not like the neighbours visiting his house at odd times. Villu
and my bro’s wife Gita started bathing again at the canal as the leaches
disappeared and wells became dry. But I could not enjoy Villu’s sexy bath
as Gita was always with her. One day I tried to peep at them but Gita got
my idea and threatened me with her popped eyes and I left the idea. Gita
and Villu were the most beautiful and sexy ladies in our countryside, some
of my friends voyeured on their sexy bodies when they bathed in
canals. Only poor I was deprived the sexy feast. This disappointed me. I
was not interested in other generous ladies like the barber’s wife, the
sexy dark dhobi lady who always showed me their pussies and tits as if
begging for my attention. They smiled knowingly when I masturbated standing
in the water away from them pretending not to notice their tits and that
hairy forest between their legs. The finest pleasure one could get from
life is by masturbating in a river or pool. If none have so far tried it
then my advise to them is go for it. Enjoy!!!!

The desire was burning inside me, to see my Gita nude and I masturbated
infinite number of times thinking about her fat buttocks and the heavy
breasts like tender coconuts. My mother and brother’s wife usually urinated
in open behind our house. One day I tried to get a view of Gita pissing, I
walked with silent steps with intention to appear unknowingly. I could see
only her fat buttocks and she was facing away from me hiking her linen
above her waist and Lo! What a fine butt. Within one second she dropped the
lungi and jumped up and sneered, “What is this? are you not ashamed of
yourself, Can’t I at least urinate peacefully in this house?” . I said
sorry but she started again, “You are brother of my husband, so a brother
to me, is it fair that you always peep at me, I cant do the dish washing,
sweeping everywhere you come peeping at me, nasty fellow, if you come like
this when I piss I will surely piss into your mouth”. “Then I will enjoy
it”, I said. “What did you say?”, she asked. “No, nothing”, I left her. The
next day my brother constructed a temporary bathroom with coconut leaves
folded neatly and there was not an inch open to peep into. I guessed that
Gita might have brain washed her husband.

The next day Villu visited Gita. “Oh Gita you have a new bathroom
constructed, so you will not be coming to canal anymore”, she
exclaimed. “No, so many peepers there, everywhere there are peepers”, Gita
replied. I guessed she was digging at me. I wished Villu and asked “Is your
father still there?”. Gita was replying, “Why do you ask, do you want to
treat him?”. “I didn’t ask to you, Gita sister”, I said. “So why are you
always around when two ladies talk, go away, Amma..”, I went away at the
next instant. I decided to sneak into her room again and have a good sexy
view of her nudity, I got the opportunity only next Friday. My mother was
not there and I saw Gita taking water in buckets to the bathroom and the
door closed behind her. Without loosing any moment, I ran to the house and
entered my brother’s bedroom. I adjusted the big boxes and grass mat and
lay still under her cot. Then I heard a harsh sound, “Mama, where is Gita?
Isnt nobody at home?”, it was my brother. He appeared unexpectedly and I
was shivering. If he found out me then I am killed. But how could I escape,
no way he entered the bed room. ‘I am having bath, please wait, Amma has
gone to temple’, Gita’s voice came from the bathroom. “Okay, that’s good’,
my brother sat on the cot and removed his shirt and changed to an old
lungi. “What happened, you came this time”, it was wife Gita entering the
room partly wet and dressed in hurriedly fitted clothes and carrying wet
clothes in her arms. “No, I need to take some money, urgently required to
purchase some provisions”, he said. “Then please wait, I will make tea and
will bring some snacks, let me change the clothes”, she said. “No need, but
change your clothes, of course”, he said.

Gita put the wet clothes away and was clad only on a wet dhoti tied just
above her heavy breasts, my dick was rising under my knickers. If only my
brother had left the room, what a fine occasion. Gita tried to put a
nightie over her head turning away from her husband. “Face me dear, its
been a long time since I see you naked in daylight”. “Ofo, don’t start your
games, amma and Vasu may come soon”, Gita said. “Where is Vasu?”, he was
asking for me. I was trembling again. “He is sticking around that Villu
always, its dangerous you know”. Gita was referring my affairs. “Don’t
worry, Vasu is my brother, he will also have a good dick like mine, it’s
the girl who should take care, nothing will happen to men, its women who
get pregnant”, my brother was beaming. “But if that girl get pregnant you
will get bad name, they are kids don’t know about those things, its our
duty to keep away fire and crackers being together”. “Who cares, lets see
your pussy dear, what are you hiding, remove your clothes”, he was
impatient. “No not now, at night “, Gita said coyly. The next instant my
brother jumped and snatched the wet linen in one pull and Gita was naked
down her waist, but she still had a blouse. My phallus was going to burst,
but the danger was grave too. If they saw me then I am killed.

“Please don’t crush, they will get bruised”, Gita was saying while my
brother was pumping her breasts over her blouse. “I want to drink your
milk”, he said. “No I will open the blouse for you’, Gita unhooked the
blouse and it was thrown near to me. What a big pair of breasts, tender
coconuts with brown nipples and what an areola, wow, my brother was sucking
at it and crushing them. “Don’t crush them, please go gently, its for our
kids to drink from them”, Gita was trying to kiss my brother. “Kids, fuck
them, I want to suck them now”, he was adamant. “Hus, I am serious people
are asking me , three months have gone and I am still not pregnant”, Gita
said scornfully. “I will fuck you nicely at night, but now I want you to
suck me out”, he said. The next instant he was standing with her phallus
erect and what a monster it was double my size and the big hairy balls were
dangling like pendulum. How could Gita accommodate them in her pussy, I

reached my hand and took her wet blouse and took it to my nose. I could
inhale the raw body smell of her, the smell of crushed jasmine, the armpits
portion of blouse was dark and stained and linen was very thin there and
the odour so strong. I sucked the socked blouse and enjoyed the slight
saltiness of her sweat accumulated, I peeled the foreskin of my phallus and
rubbed my dick on the blouse. “Don’t bite me, please suck my nipples”,
Gita’s voice made my senses back. I could see only their fat buttocks and
parts of legs. My brother was saying, “Later dear, now you suck me”. “No,
you always promise to suck my tits but never does. All you do is crush them
and bite at my flesh, don’t you know it hurts, you are always rough”. “Who
cares, now suck bitch, take my phallus, have you seen such one ever in
life. My phallus is greatest in this village do you know, you are lucky to
have me as husband. Now suck at it, hurry”. I saw my brother standing and
his wife was sucking. It was obvious that he did not get much pleasure and
Gita was no expert cock sucker. She was struggling to take it in her mouth,
more than half of it was still outside her mouth. “No good, you have to
learn how to suck a good cock, well let me rub it on your tits”, he took
the phallus out and was now rubbing it on the cleavages and on the tits of
Gita. I could now see her face, she was sad and hurt. My brother was taking
his dick in hand and was rubbing it everywhere on her body, in her
cleavages, tits and between the armpits. “Okay, now turn around lay still,
I want to fuck you”, he said. “Oh no, not there, I will not allow this
everyday, you have not fucked me in my pussy, why do you always go to that
shitting place. This way I will never become pregnant, I am sure of it,
please fuck me like men do, I am waiting for your great dick to fill my
pussy”, Gita was pleading. I did not understand the situation if he was not
fucking her between her legs then where was he doing it?

“Later, I will fill your pussy at night, now I am in a hurry”, he was
turning her to lie on her chest. “No I will not allow it, please fuck me in
my pussy or go away”, Gita was furious. My brother then gave her two slaps,
“Bitch, what are you taking, trying to teach your husband, I know what to
do, turn around bitch, I want to fuck you in the ass, yeah, I love it, your
asshole is better than your stinking pussy, I cant stand the smell of
it”. I was quite surprised. “Fucking in the asshole!, can anyone fuck
there!, it’s too small hole isn’t it? Why my brother is fucking her in
asshole when he could easily thrust his monster into her juicy lovely musky
pussy. Is he a human or a beast? What an embarrassed situation!”, I did a
big mistake hiding under the cot witnessing the brutality. “No, I will not
allow you to get away doing me the same stuff again and again, no, never!”,
Gita was crying. My brother handled her coolly with brutal force and I saw
him spreading her big buttocks and thrusting his thick penis into her.
“Ayooo, amma, he is killing me, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hooooooooo , save me”,
Gita cried aloud. “Shut up, no sound, I will kill you”, saying this my
brother took his phallus out of her rectum and spat on it twice, Again he
shoved the big tool into her rectum and I heard a slight fart sound. I
guess my brother, that rascal had burst my dear Gita didi’s anal cherry and
in the process she farted. Then my brother began to move fast behind her
and lying on top of her , the cot was creaking and I heard sobs of
Gita. Through the holes of the plastic wires woven I could see Gita’s pussy
and marvelous tits but the thrill was gone, my prick was now limp seeing
the cruelty caused to Gita by my brother.

Then I saw my brother carrying Gita and they moved to the floor, they might
have thought the cot might broke up. I saw my brother fucking Gita like an
ox mating a cow from behind. Gita was like a cow standing on her fours the
marvelous tits were dangling to and fro. Occasionally my brother would cup
her dangling tits and he would forcefully fuck her again in asshole. Gita
might have been used to anal fucking, after the first breaking there was no
symptoms of pain from her, she was rubbing her pussy with her hands and I
saw her fingers disappearing into her vulva. She was masturbating!, what a
pity, they were an odd couple doing unnatural things. The guy was fucking
his woman in her ass and she fingering her pussy. Anyhow it was a great
feast for my eyes. I can’t see such nice action even in blue films.

It went on for some time. Then my brother ejaculated and I saw him shooting
his semen on her buttocks when his phallus came out of Gita’s rectum with a
plop sound. Gita was relieved, she said, “dear, I am yet to come, please
suck me down there, I have sucked your cock a thousand times no?, but you
have never eaten my pussy!”. “Okay, I will do it at night, now I have to go
out”, my brother was going to dress again. “Oh you say this again and again
but never does it, I get jealous when I see others eating pussies”, she
lamented. “Whose pussy eaten by whom”, my bro asked. I thought she was
referring my escapades with Villu, she had seen me munching her pussy. “No,
I haven’t seen any, but my friends all talk their hubbies eating their
pussies, I have kept it clean and washed every time but you never did that
to me”.”I have no time now, later at night”, my brother was wearing his
shirt. “If you are going like this and ignoring my pussy I will allow
somebody else to fill my pussy”,Gita said. “In that case I will put itching
powder all over your pussy bitch, anyway who dares to fuck my wife, has
anybody got such a dick in this whole village”, he proudly displayed his
member again. “Anyway I cant go on like this, its high time I get pregnant,
people are all asking why I am not conceiving, I am embarrassed, your
mother also asked me”, she said. “Tell her to mind her business, I will do
it today night, now please suck my dick for a while, some more semen is
left out”, he caught her by hair and offered his dick to her mouth. Gita
took his member again and I saw her sucking at it sitting on the floor. I
had a vintage view of her assets by the angle. Her breasts naked wide back,
the channel between her buttocks, her sparsely hairy outer thighs, her
ankles, soft inner thighs, neatly trimmed pussy, the fine pussy folds, wow,
I began to shake my phallus vigorously. Then he came again, she tried to
spit the fluid, but my brother did not allow her, I saw Gita gulping down
the thick paste. The next instant my brother was gone out.

She was alone, she took a towel and dusted her body all dirt accumulated
from the floor, she was murmuring. “What a beast, such a fine phallus, but
he never fucks into my pussy, if he had filled me once I would have been
pregnant by now. What a chap always fucks in asshole, tomorrow I can’t even
shit properly, such a nice pussy I have, not like that ugly Villu, still I
am virgin, oh God! What could a girl do, why my husband is so fond of
assholes, my God, please make him like my pussy”. Using a towel she wiped
the semen from the floor, then she took the blouse, which was lying on the
floor and then she saw me!

She looked as if seeing a ghost, something unbelievable, then she came to
her senses. She dragged me from under the cot, she was still stark naked
and I had still my phallus in my hand. She cried and cursed and beat me,
“you mother fucker hiding under my cot! You saw all! Oh, shit, you devil!,
get out you devil, get out”, she forced me out and closed the door, I could
hear her sobs. I went out to the darkness, it was 6.30 evening and lamps
were not lit. I did not decide what to do, either my brother will kill me
or I have to commit suicide. I decided to run away from home. I went to the
culvert where my friend Ganesh was sitting smoking a bidi . “Dear Vasu,
where are you these days? I have heard you have seduced that Villu. She is
a chik yaar, did you fuck her?, you are so lucky yaar, your sister in law
she is the best fuckable woman in this whole village.Villu is the best
unmarried chick, you have both of them around, you are extremely lucky
yaar, are baba, give me one help, bring me a panty of any of them, at least
I can masturbate smelling their cunts yaar, why are you aloof, is it
because I talked ill of your sister in law. Take it easy yaar, you can
fuck my sister in return, of course if she allows, ha ha come, smoke one
bidi yaar”, Ganesh was always energetic and enthusiastic when sex is

“Sorry Vasu, but I am always like that, pardon me, did not mean to hurt
your feelings”, Ganesh thought my silence as a protest from me.

I broke my silence, “Ganesh I have a thing to ask you”, I said reluctantly.

“Ask, baba, ask, did you fuck that Villu, any problem man?”, he asked.

“No, that’s not the matter, well, is it possible to fuck in the asshole?”.

“Yes!, why did you ask, did someone tried to fuck you in ass?, are baba,
don’t go near sardars and muslims, they are crazy ass fuckers , they like
it better than fucking in pussies. Sometimes elder men will come to you and
stroke your penis, it happens in theaters, buses, festivals, some guys
do. But don’t go with them, they will fuck you in asshole and its no
pleasure but simply pain. If some guy approach you just kick at his balls,
he will go away”, Ganesh explained.

“No, I was just curious, some told me about it, then I did not believe it,
I said to him that it was impossible”, I said.

“Impossible, ha ha, ask your brother, its always possible for him”, Ganesh

“What did you say?, first you said ill of sister in law and now you talk
ill of my brother”.

“Ha, ha , the whole town knows your brother is a ass fucker. He is one
bloody ass fucker and he keeps a lot of boys as concubines at his provision
store. Haven’t you got a clue about it. Just now we were discussing what a
waste was that sexy sister in law of you married to your brother. He is a
gay, he is never interested in good women except those cock suckers and
prostitutes who takes all his money”, Ganesh said.

“How disgusting you talk, Ganesh!, he is my own brother!, have you
forgotten”, I was furious.

“You only started this topic, your brother is fond of only boys, last month
he made a fight with another guy a railway gate keeper who is infamous for
fucking small boys”, Ganesh was not going to leave me.

“For what, then what happened?”

“For fucking a new ****** boy, who is town’s new craze among the gays, a
real gandu ( boy who gives ass for fucking)” , Ganesh said.

“Last month, impossible, he was married three month back, he had no need
for boys”, I tried to argue.

“Ha, ha, Vasu, you don’t know these gay people, once they taste fucking
boys, they can’t stop fucking them, they wont get an erection if Aiswarya
Rai is displayed naked before him”, Aiswarya Rai is our sexy beautiful
queen of celluloid.

“Then why they marry?”, I was thinking about the incident I just voyeured.

“For the sake of society, for hiding their true identity, your poor
sis-in-law!, I bet she had never been fucked by your brother, take my
advise, baba, its your chance, try to seduce her, its possible baba, your
brother that infamous ass fucker of our town can never get an erection
before such good chicks, Ganesh was making merry.

Then my father came by last bus. He saw me. “why are you sitting here,
don’t you have anything to study, come with me to home”, he took my hand
and I walked to home with trembling heart and weak legs.

When I reached home taking the baggage brought by father I was trembling
with fear. I knew I had done a dreaded thing and if my brother’s wife ever
disclose it to my elder brother he would kill me. He was a brutal and hot
tempered man. Further if he knew that I had hidden under his cot and see
his fucking sessions with his wife what would one would not do. I sat with
my father for dinner, instead of Gita didi my mother served the dishes. My
father asked what was wrong with Gita, my mother replied she had a headache
and was taking rest. I was relieved by her absence, as I had no courage to
face her after she caught me guilty peeping her being fucked in the ass by
my brother.

The next day when I was awake only Gita didi was in the kitchen, I went to
the kitchen to take tea and she understood my presence, but she pretended
to be busy making a good fire using the damp firewood. I made my presence
felt by placing the glass tumbler forcefully on the table after taking
tea. She muttered without facing me, “don’t break the glass baba”. Thank
god she spoke to me!, I thought she would ignore me for ever. From that
instant I fell in love with her, I knew I was doing a mistake, a taboo, I
was looking at my own brother’s wife with evil intentions, I had seen her
private parts, I had witnesses her fucked in the asshole by my brother. I
felt pity towards her. I knew my brother did not break her cherry so
far. My brother was a gay, I came to knew more about his behavior. He had
made frequent visits to a lodge where boys were available for fucking and I
heard stories about marriages taking place there between men and young
boys, there were musical nights conducted and in the end boys were abused
sexually and for a payment. My brother was a patron of such lodges and when
my father was away his concubine boys approached his store and borrowed
money from him. Poor Gita didi, she was ignorant about such things, none
would believe such stories, such things happen in our land!?

I fell in love with Gita, I felt I would die if I did not see her a
day. She behaved to me as if nothing had happened. This encouraged me, I
looked at her pleadingly and I behaved more politely but she did not
acknowledge any of such things. I accompanied her to the temples and I
stood behind her when she was busy praying god with folded hands. My eyes
were roaming on her fat buttocks, (she did not wear panties when she went
to the temples), a simple dhoti, blouse and a davani( a 1.5 meter cloth
used to cover fronts over the blouses so that cleavages and the shapely
breasts are well hidden) my phallus was always rock hard while praying
standing behind her. There were the usual worshippers and admirers
including the old priest who used to throw a mixture of sandalwood paste
with Kumkum (saffron color mixture) into my didi’s hands with his tobacco
chewed lips watering at the heaviness of Gita didi’s breasts. My brother’s
wife had the biggest breasts in our countryside. Other ladies envied her
when they say she soaping her assets when bathing together.

One day there was a heavy crowd and I was walking behind Gita sister, then
there was a pull and my front hit her fat buttocks, she looked at me with
an angry sign, but when she saw it was only me she became calm. My phallus
became rock hard and I went outside the main temple. There was some more
small deities to which the priest and worshippers would go next, I went to
the dark and masturbated, my shoot went sky high. I felt guilty doing such
a thing in the god’s premise. But then our god, Lord Shiva is also a
naughty man, he used to peep at her wife Parvathy when she go for her
leisurely bath in the Ganges, as per myth. He is also an unabashed God who
did practice several sexual postures and he and his wife took the shape of
elephants and gave birth to a lord Ganesh with face of an elephant and body
of a man. So there is nothing wrong with shooting my semen before God, I
thought. While we were returning home I walked beside her and my hands
touches her hand, but she withdrew her hand and told me, ” walk distant
baba, don’t lean on me baba”. I was blushed.

But she did offer some privileges to me, did she allow it willfully or it
just happened I was not able to distinguish, when she cleaned the premises
using a brush made of shrubs, she did not wear her towel covering her
blouse, I could see her cleavages and slightly bulging abdomen and the deep
belly button. I peeped at her through the small window from my room, often
I masturbated standing watching her heavy bosom and its deep cleavages and
her sexy belly button. But when my mother or brother was present she would
be very modest and all covered. Another occasion when I would see her milky
white thighs was when she would wash the dishes with water drawn directly
from the well and she would sit near the well with her lungi showing her
ankles and partly bare thighs. Each such occasion made my penis stand up
and I masturbated standing in the house.

One day she asked me, “Why are you going to temple everyday? How came you
become so pious overnight?”. “I was just accompanying you, Gita didi” “Is
it, I don’t need any such guards”. “Yes, I know, but it’s a prestige for
me”. “What?” “Gita didi, people are saying you are the greatest chick
around here”, I told her openly. “chick?! You call your brother’s wife a
chick?!”, she barked. “Not me, people, they say you are the most beautiful
women ever come to this countryside, so I get some prestige when I walk
with you, I am brother of such a great chick, no?” “Are you not ashamed to
refer as a brother, are you behaving like a brother to me, you are nothing
but a nasty peeping tom”, she said. “I can’t help it, you have such
beautiful assets”. “Go away, don’t take such rubbish, don’t cross your
limits, remember I am your big brother’s wife”, she said. “I olden days
there was only a single wife for 5 brothers”, I said. “Aha, now the cat is
out of bag, so you are having such thoughts, shall I tell your mother, you
scoundrel, how dare you speak such rubbish to your brother’s wife, A
brother’s wife is a second mother to a younger boy, don’t you know that”,
she was sobbing and furious. “I am sorry, but I cant help it , I love you,
I love you and I will love you even if you hate me”, I walked away.

The reaction was oblivion from the next day. She did not reveal any of her
private parts, she changed to a nightie , a useless robe which covers fully
and it’s a robe which was designed to be most erotic, that is a night dress
a long gown with easily removable features. But in Kerala every women age
ranging from adolescent to granny wore it and its worn at day instead of
nights. This made men hornier, as they were deprived the contours ,
cleavages , nooks and corners of a voluptuous woman which their ancestors
enjoyed until the nightie was discovered. Before the freedom struggle no
women covered their bosoms in Kerala, then upper caste women started
covering the breasts soon followed by agitation by lower caste women for
their right to cover their bosoms. Now the fanatics of ***** and Muslims
force every woman to cover every inch of her body. Both ***** and Muslim
fanatics unite in one thing, deprive sex, and no dating, no talking no
mingling between men and women. Thus by past nineties Indian people are
deprived every kind of sexual pleasures and to see a woman nude one has to
wait till he is married or watch his blues away watching foreign porno
films. This depression of sex makes people commit more sexual crimes and
even children are attacked. Muslims promote their burkhas and only Muslim
women’s face is visible. The men who is deprived of sex, go crazy and enter
crowded buses and jerk off right in the buses or he goes to a movie hall
showing masala movie and jerk off there watching the abdomens and navels of
those extras who dance behind the hero and heroine showing their ample
midriffs and belly buttons which could hold cups of water!. The very same
guy who just jerked off seeing the navels and bulging abdomen apply tar on
the postures and preach the revealing postures should be banned. The very
next day media covers all these rubbish and different women agitations,
organizations folk before the theatres to ban such movies. Poor guy, who
want sex, who likes to watch a porno movie in the dark, who likes to have a
beer when its scorching sun outside found everything banned in this

Cigarette smoking is banned, men and women traveling in same seat in a bus
is banned, men and women talking outside his house is banned, liquor is
banned, beer is banned, frustrated to the chore he goes to his home , watch
the fashion T.V girls and finally jerk off. Now a days there too censors
have come, and lingerie sections have been banned in India during day
time. Coming back to the story, I had opportunities to peep at the ladies
who were willing to show their bosoms or partially clad pussies when they
were bathing at the canals. We had a toddy tapper Mackotha who used to
climb coconut trees at evenings and he will spend hours at the top in
pretext of taking toddy but all he does is jerking off while watching the
ladies soaping their pussies and melons ignorant of Macotha’s silent
presence over the coconut top.

Gita started wearing nighties and I could not see any of her plump body
then. This went on for a week and I could not stand it any longer. Once I
tried to peep through the coconut leaves made walls of the urinal when I
heard her pissing sound. But she sensed my steps and when I appeared as if
accidentally she had put the curtain down and called ‘Amma, Amma’, and I
ran away. One day it was an evening, my mother was away, I saw Gita didi
disappearing to the bath shed. It was not possible for her to know I was
around, I saw it as a god sent opportunity to have a peep. I saw her
clothes appearing on the wall one by one, first her dhoti, then her skirt,
then blouse and last the black bra the sight of which released my angry
young man outside my underwear. When I was moving with silent steps to the
bathroom, my mother appeared as if from nowhere, “Vasu, haven’t you seen
rain is coming, go take that logs away in the shed, don’t let them get wet,
we have no firewood else”. Oh, shit, I cursed my mummy’s appearance, I had
missed a great scene. I took the logs in hand and went to the small shed, I
arranged it in heaps, then I saw that the shed was constructed adjacent to
Gita didi’s room. There was a small ventilator without any doors. But its
not safe both persons from inside and outside could see each other. I took
some teak leaves and fixed it to the ventilator and arranged the logs
quickly so that there was a small place where I could stand and I had the
excuse I was arranging logs. I put some gum to the dry leaves and fixed
them to the ventilator. Now she can see only the dry leaves, but I can see
through the small holes the whole room if I put my eyes close to the

The rain started pouring down, and I was standing between the logs and I
shivered when I saw Gita entering her room fully covered with a lot of wet
clothes. She put away the wet clothes one by one on the hangers and when
she removed the underskirt from her chest, I gasped, my blood was boiling,
wow, she had no bra, nothing she was half nude, oooh, la la what a scene
baby, I took my phallus from my underwear I did not have to peel the
foreskin it was already gone back, my angry red sword had come out of its
sheath and was oozing wet. Gita took a dry towel and started drying her
boobs one by one, she took a lot of time looking in the mirror watching her
beauty, she lifted each breast like precious treasure dried the underside,
rubbed the nipples, and then she dried her armpits. I could see her side
and fine fleshy smooth back. She stood like a carved statue and there was a
deep channel downwards from her nape of neck, the channel itself was
sufficient for a man to jerk off. She had no spinal chord it seemed but a
fleshy spinal channel. She then wrapped the towel around her waist and
removed the wet lungi she was wearing. She stood like a wrestler and I
could see the dark fat thighs and heavy buttocks through the semi
transparent towel, only unfortunate thing was she did not face me. She then
used the wrapped towel to dry her wet hole and in the process I could see
her marvelous buttocks she put part of the towel into her rectum and using
her thumb finger she dried her asshole and after she put the towel in place
she sniffed her finger, taking to her nose. Was she smelling her asshole? I
was expecting the towel to disappear at any instant, but she took a dry
under skirt, put on it through the neck and as soon as the towel dropped
the skirt hid her fleshy buttocks from me, but I got one precious second in
between and my shoot went sky high to the mud walls just in front of me!!!.

She adjusted her skirt around her abdomen, her tits were dangling free. She
poured some talcum powder inside her palm and rubbed it on her armpits,
then she put a bra and started clipping it behind and I guessed the show
was over and unsafe to stick around. I put a last log in its place and
appeared to the front side. My mother was gone once again outside. Then my
Gita didi appeared with heavy mascara applied around her black wide eyes,
and I could sniff the talcum powder from her. “What a heavy amount of
powder you use, my nose is burning”, I exclaimed. She gave me an irritated
look, “It my powder and my body, why you bother?”, she asked. “But I don’t
like it , its better if you had not put any powder, I cant stand near you
because of the perfume”, I said. “Its my husband’s money and I am doing as
I please, its better you to keep away from me”, she said. I could not get
this lady, one moment she appear pacified the next moment she barks at
me. Then my mother came, “why are you quarrelling?” she asked. “Nothing
mama, we were talking about the rain, clothes are wet”, she said. “Oh that,
anyway the firewood is not wet”, she moved to kitchen.

The next day my parents went to attend a wedding at my sister’s house and
they said they would return with my brother at night. So I was alone with
Gita didi, I fantasized so many evil things, but she went away to Villus’
house soon after my parents left. I guessed she would not return to house
if she doubted she is going to be alone with me, so I decided to bluff her,
I had no intention to make a physical contact with her even though I
masturbated in several nights thinking about it. I took my fishing
equipment and walked to the canal through Villu’s compound. I saw my Gita
didi and Villu sitting on the portico and they saw me. Villu gave me a
smile and asked, “Vasu, are you going for fishing?”, before I could answer
Gita said, “I don’t think any ladies are bathing at this hour”. Villu
laughed at the joke and I was furious. “I am not going to watch any “, I
said. Gita shot back, “We did not say it, why you agitate with me, we were
discussing something else.” I walked and when I was nearing the canal, I
saw Villu and Gita walking to my home. The lunch was prepared, there was
nothing to do at the house till evening, so I was expecting Gita to take a
leisurely bath, I should not miss this opportunity, I hid my fishing rod
behind some bushes and returned to my house by another shortcut.

When I reached home, I saw nobody at the house, the doors were closed and I
saw the lights were on in Gita’s room. Villu was laughing what are these
bitches doing, most probably gossiping about me, I thought. Lets overhear
them , I decided so I moved to the shed behind the bedroom and hid between
logs safely. I soon focused my eyes through the holes of the leaves and I
could see inside of the room clearly.

Villu was sitting on the cot leaning to the wall and facing me
directly. She was laughing and was busy looking for lice in my Gita didi’s
hair. Gita didi was sitting between the legs of Villu , facing my side and
her long hair was being inspected by Villu, and both were laughing and
talking. This act of combing other woman’s hair and killing lice is the
popular spare time activity of Keralite women in countryside. It’s the time
they pass gossips and discuss womanly things and secrets. I could see
Villu’s skirts hiked above her ankles and her thighs were shining in the
light like two ivory towers, her folded knee made the thighs fold at
kneecap look like shape of a pussy’s outside. One could have a nice fuck by
folding her thighs and inserting the penis behind her kneecap!, I was
getting berserk. Then I saw three buttons of Gita didi’s blouse was open, I
could see her black bra and the heavy breasts which were trying to burst
them out. The table fan was running, the hairs of Villu were spreading ,
Gita was leaning more against her. “Oh what a relief when I opened the
hooks, now my bosom could breath”, Gita exclaimed. “But I am not getting
air now”, Villu said. “Its because you were so long skirt, who wear such
long skirts at home, you hike them, it nice to feel your thighs on my
sides, its bit ticklish”, Gita didi said. Villu hiked the skirt upper and I
could see the half thighs now, wow, she has so creamy and hairless. Gita
didi leaned more close to Villu and she too hiked her skirt showing the
calves and tiny hairs on her calves. If only she had put her legs fixed on
the cot I could see traces of her pussy, Villu was closely moving the comb
through the thick hairs and she caught one lice between her fingers and
crushed it. “Gita didi lean more towards me, lets see the front side”,
Villu asked. “Then I would unhook the bra, its so tight today”, Gita
unhooked her bra from behind and the football shaped breasts sagged a bit
and loosened. Villu exclaimed, “Aha, Gita , your tits are free, well can I
touch them, all say you have the biggest tits in this village, well let me
feel, wow, how heavy are them dear chechy, how did they reside in this 36
bra, I bet your size is 38″”, Villu was cuddling Gita’s breasts, and Gita
did not do anything to disrupt her. Villu said, “Gita I am envy whenever I
see your hair and breasts, will my tits ever become big like them”. Gita
laughed, “Ha, Ha , hair I don’t know dear, but your tits sure will become
large once you married, your husband will crush them as soon as you are
married”. “Gita didi, is it true that men crush our tits as soon as they
see them?, will it cause pain?”. “Ha ha, it depends on the guy, some are
greedy and rough, some handle them nice, but most of the guys go crazy once
they see them naked”, Gita said, her bra had all gone and her tits were
proudly looking at me. I started masturbating rhythmically watching those
marvelous boobs. “Gita, is it true men make us naked in the first night?”,
Villus asked. “You are better experienced than me, you are ready to expose
yourself even before the first night”, Gita shot back. Villu blushed and
she started, “Oh, Gita what are you talking, I don’t expose to
anybody”. “Oh, forget it, you have Vasu , applying herbs between your legs,
your doctor of leaches, don’t think I am a fool, I had seen him licking
your pussy, I saw both of you one day, but I did not want to disturb you”,
Gita revealed the incident and Villu lost all the color from her
face. “Didi, you see us, oh I am doomed, it just happened, but please don’t
tell it to anybody”, Villu pleased. “Oh forget it, I am not going to tell
it to anybody, sweety, I just want to know if it was nice, did you get
pleasure when he licked you there?”, Gita was bolder. “Oh, didi, it was
nice, I should admit it, it was really nice”. “Do you want it to happen
again?”, Gita asked. “I don’t get you, what do you suggest”, Villu
asked. “I suggest this”, saying this Gita moved her hand backwards and it
disappeared into Villu’s cave and she jerked but Gita inserted her finger
into Villu’s pussy and she sucked her finger, I saw a flinch from Gita
didi’s face. I knew the reason, she did not expect it, it was the most
pungent pussy Villu had, and Gita suppressed a vomit gesture, fortunately
as she was facing away from Villu she did not notice it. “Oh Gita, you are
naughty, well let me see your pussy too!”, Villu moved forward. I was
bursting at the turn of events.

I never thought Gita might know lesbian tricks, how did a country girl knew
the pleasures between two women. But Gita removed her skirt and offered her
pussy to Villu and she nose dived into my Gita didi’s pussy.

I was looking eagerly through the peep hole I had made and was shaking my
phallus with the other hand watching the two ladies cuddling amorously. My
Gita didi moved her hand upper and spread Villu’s legs and she inserted her
finger into the dark opening of Villu. “It was here the leach caught you
isn’t it, Vasu applied medicine here. I saw you both making treatment, tell
me Villu, was it nice when Vasu put his tool into you?”, Gita didi was
asking her about how I poked Villu. Villu was shy, “Oh don’t ask such
naughty questions, didi, we did not do much, he only started things, then I
lost my control”. “Did Vasu put his tongue in your secret place? Did you
get much pleasure?”, Gita asked her. “Oh Gita, don’t ask me, it was heaven,
I don’t know how but it was just heaven!”, Villu said.

“Do you want to enjoy it once again?”

“How, Gita, my mother will doubt, and its dangerous to allow Vasu to do all
those things, we may get pregnant”.

“Who said Vasu only can give you that pleasure, let me see what can I do
for you”, saying this Gita snatched Villu’s lungi away and began to roam
her fingers in the thin mat of pubic hair which adorned Villu’s love
triangle. Gita removed her hands and inspected her fingers,” Now I see what
did he do for you, you have such oozing, does it always wet like this, I
mean your pussy!”, Gita asked.

“Oh Gita you are making me ashamed, how can you say such things, you know
we get like this when we think about such things, take your hands away, I
am going, some one may come!”.

“Going!, without giving me an occasion to munch your pussy for my lunch!”,
Gita talked with desire in her eyes. “Chee chee, Gita what are you talking,
I never thought you talk such dirty things!”, Villu said. I too never
thought my modest Gita didi can be such a woman. “Oh Villu, we are two
women, women talk such intimate things when two are alone, I love your
honey dear, its so tasty, lets see for yourself”, Gita offered the finger
she just taken out from Villu’s pussy and inserted to Villu’s lips. Villu
sucked her thumb and said, “Whats so crazy about this, its like spit”. “You
suck thumb well, but dear I want to taste your cunt, give it to me”, Gita
began to move her face on the baby fat thighs and was moving upwards. “Gita
you behave so strange today, what happened to you, you said my juice was
oozing,but now you make it flowing like a river”. “Villu please rub your
hand on my neck, I feel bit aching there”, Villu’s hands fall on my Gita
didi’ neck she rubbed there and moved to backwards, as the blouse was front
opened, soon the blouse move way and I could see the marvelous back of Gita
didi like Rajastan desert. “I think you are aching somewhere else Gita,
surely not your neck”, Villu said. Gita took Villu’s hands and lead it to
her big breasts, “Villu if you know that why tease me, I want you to press
my boobs, they are aching from this morning”. Villu looked at Gita’s
breasts with envy and passion and began to massage the boobs using both her
hands.”Oh, Gita how did you manage to carry such big breasts, no wonder all
our country folk are crazy about you, oh look at these two darlings, two
‘babbly mass’ (sweet lemon big and round in shape) “. Gita laughed at her
reference and removed her blouse and began to remove Villus blouse, soon
both of them were naked above their waistline. “Yours are also not small,
Villu, I bet Vasu can make them bigger”

“Gita your tits are so firm like wheat floor , how come this don’t your
husband crush them, I thought all husbands flatten the breasts of their

“Now you flatten me, Villu, drink my milk!”, Gita took Villus head to her
breasts and offered her marvelous globes alternately.

I was shaking my phallus vigorously, my meat was now about eight inch long,
I had never seen them such big. “Villu today you have to show me the leach
mark, I want to see it, I want to see where my husband’s brother put his
medicine and cured you”, Gita told.

“Okay Gita, you also show me where that leach caught you, I know your
brother applied same herbal on you, I want to see your pussy dear Gita, I
was so curious to see that after Vasu told me about it, Vasu is so crazy
about your pussy, whenever he say about it his mouth is full of
saliva”. Gita tried to hide her surprise, “Oh Vasu told you about that!,
that dirty rascal, he cant keep anything secret, telling another girl about
my pussy!, che chee chee!!, he is my brother know, not his mouth but his
tool between his legs is watering. I bet he is shaking his whack thinking
about your and my pussy, that bloody leach, only because of it I had to
show him my pussy!”

“Gita you have no milk, but your nipples are so taut!?”, Villu said. “How
can I get milk, I am not pregnant baby, when I get a boy, I will surely
give you some milk”, Gita chuckled. By then both women were naked and were
rubbing each other. I was Gita’s fat thighs rubbing between Villu’s pale
thighs and Villu crushing her pussy alongside the fleshy thigh of Gita,
Gita was moving on top and Villu was accommodating her by crushing her
buttocks using her fingers. I saw Villu’s fingers disappearing into the
butt flesh of Gita Didi like finger applied to an iced cake.

“Dear please stand up, let me see you clearly “, my Gita didi made Villu to
stand up and she was watching her with passion and admiration. The pussy
folds were clearly visible and it was like a hibiscous flower between her
legs. “You have nice pussy folds, its very queer, I havent seen such folds
well let me look your little clity dear”, Gita was spreading the pussy fold
and was eagerly searching for the clitoris. Villu was lifting her legs and
I could guess that Gita had located the clitoris and was rubbing on
it. “Well let me see yours Gita”, Villu was searching Gita now. I saw both
women exploring each other. Villu’s hands spread Gitas ass cheeks wide and
she inserted a finger into Gita’s asshole. “Take your hands away from there
I don’t like touching anyone there”, Gita removed Villu’s hands away. “Oh
didi I was wondering how slippery you were there , surely I mistook as a
pussy, you are so wet there”, I could see Gita was furious at Villu noticed
the rectum being loosened. “Ok , do you want to see how a husband fucks you
when married, if you want lay yourself on the bed”, Gita tried to change
subject. “Teach me Gita, teach me everything”, saying this Villu stretched
herself on the mattress completely naked. Gita didi rolled on top of her
and began to pump Villu’s smaller breasts, “Gita lick between them, yes
there on the valley, I love it”, Gita was licking the place between her
breasts and soon Villu’s hands captured Gita’s buttocks and she was
pressing her into her body. Gita devided Villus legs and put one of her fat
thighs between Villus legs and began to move up and down rubbing on her
pussy mounds using her fat thighs. Villu was rubbing her pelvis and pussy
on the ivory thighs of Gita. “Drink my milk”, Gita put those marvelous
breasts to Villu’s eager lips and she started to suck her taut nipples.

“Now we do togther”, Gita moved to my direction and spread her thighs on
Villu’s face. I could see Villu’s familiar pussy spread up and Gita began
to lick all over there. Gita was obstructed by the pungent smell but she
was determined to make the girl cum. As I had done the same thing to Villu
I knew how much difficulty she was facing. Villu too was imitating Gita but
I was not able to see her action, I could only see the fat buttocks and my
Gita didi. I was finding it difficult to hold my cum anymore, it just shoot
from my phallus like a skud missile fired. I moved from the hiding place
and went to the well and began to draw water. I washed my face and
legs. The sound might have been heard by the women. I saw Villu appearing
first followed by Gita. I could see they had dressed up in a hurry , Gita
had no covering for her protruding breasts enclosed in her blouse. “Hello
Villu chechy, what was that shining on your face, were you doing facial
each other”, I asked. “What, facial, oh that!, yes we were having some
herbal facial done to each other. What’s the matter with you ?”, Gita asked
me. “No I was thinking there was something stinking about your herbal, I
smell a cow dung flavour”, I said moving closer to Villu. Villu suddenly
lost her color. I guessed she might have thought I was referring about her
pussy smell. “Ok we were doing a cow dung facial, what do you want now, why
do you interfere in women’s matters, go away”, Gita was furious mood.

“Ok I am leaving “, I said and went to the canal side. There I found my
friend Ganesha. “Are Vasu, come here”, he was sitting behind a bush. “Whats
the matter, Ganesh?”. “Z,,, silence, a great piece bathing there, look she
is showing everything baba, today its enough for a jerk off, come lets sit
here and enjoy”. I sat beside him. We peeped down below, a dark lady was
bathing there. She was not aware of us watching her from behind the
bush. It was a newly married girl to our village. She was soaping her boobs
generously as she expected some unexpected person to come by the canal side
she was hiding her assets to that side which made our point of view more
direct and she was using her lungi as a cover and applying soap to her
boobs and midriff in between that lungi. Ganesh and I smiled at each other
mischievously and we lowered our underwear and took our weapons outside. I
started jacking off vigorously then Ganesh asked me to help him and he
would do me. So we exchanged our phallus and started jacking off each
other. The woman was standing half nude in water and was drying her upper
side she used a small towel to dry her boobs and then she climbed steps
keeping the small towel as cover but we could see her like a mermaid
jumping out of sea. Then we exploded into each other’s hands.

I was surprised to see that my brother’s wife was interested in amorous
relationships with our neighbour Vilasini that I had witnessed in detail
and enjoyed very much. Two or three days went by without any happenings.
Vilasini’s elder sister had come to her house and was staying there for her
next delivery. So I did not get any opportunities to continue my liaisons
there. So my desires and dreams started to circle around Gita. Even though
she was my brother’s wife I was sure that my brother had little interest in
her god created assets like well rounded globes and a fine pussy. All he
was interested was her buttocks and asshole. Meanwhile I came to know that
my elder brother was a complete homosexual from various sources. One of my
friends disclosed me that he had seen my brother at a cheap lodge near the
market place along with a railway worker and a young boy. The railway
worker was a notorious chap who used to take boys who were wandering in the
streets offering them food, money etc to his railway gate watching room and
make sex with them. There were some rumors that he used to beat and pinch
them after use, something like masochism. My friend advised me that my
elder brother was on wrong tracks. He told me to tell my brother that the
company he was having with that notorious railway man would be dangerous to
his life. But I was not in a situation to complain to my brother, I had
little courage even to talk to my brother. He was big, cruel and has no
concern about anybody other than himself.

The colleges reopening was getting closer, my vacation was going to end
soon. Once the colleges started I cannot roam around and peep during
daytime. Then I overheard Gita asking my mother to tell my brother to allow
her to stay for a week at her home. My mother conveyed the same to my
mother when he came for dinner, “Let her go and stay, I can’t take her now,
the business is already down, if I am away the whole thing will collapse,
let her take Vasu with her, or you may go with her, mama, he said. I was
thrilled at the proposal, accompanying Gita to her house and stay there for
a week, wow. My mother said, ” Its husband’s duty to take wives to their
homes, people will complain you are neglecting them, Vasu has to be here, I
cant keep the house unoccupied during day time, I will be going here and
there , someone will rob the house”. Oh, shit! Don’t spoil my ambitions
mama, I said silently. Gita then intervened “If you are not coming to my
house, I am not going, why are you not coming to my house. Always you say
some or other excuse when I go home, my parents want to see you
too”. “Don’t you understand the problem, I cant keep the shop closed even
for one day, so much amount is given as loans, if I keep the shop closed
for two days, it will surely affect business”, he said. Then I appeared,
“Mama, I haven’t seen Gita didi’s house after the marriage, I have only ten
days for my colleges to reopen, let me also go with them”, I pleaded. Then
my brother spoke, “Okay that’s it, let Vasu take Gita to home, I will come
there on alternate nights”. His word was final and none questioned him in
our house.

So I was carrying the bag and walking along with Gita to the bus stop next
day. “Vasu, in which standard are you studying next month?”, she
asked. “XI”, I replied. “you have poor marks in tenth, now all you career
is depending on this course, don’t spend your time peeping women , I advise
you, as your brother’s wife its my duty to correct you and guide you”, she
went on. “Now I have stopped watching them, none seems good since I saw you
everyday”, I said boldly. “Don’t think you can peep at me any more, I will
tell to your mom, if you dare to do it again. Its not good, I am like your
mother, its all because of your adolescence, in this stage every one will
have naughty thoughts. Evil is ruling you, you should pray to god everyday
before you go to sleep”, she was preaching like a pope. The bus came and we
sat in a seat, I was sitting close to Gita while she was trying to keep
some distance between us. Fortunately the road was full of gutters or
rather the gutters formed a road, and the bus was moving like a boat
swaying alternately, I caught the iron bar in front of us firmly and in the
process my forearm came to contact with Gita’s nipple enclosed in her
blouse, she tried to move my hand to one side so that the brushing would
stop, but I did not move my hand and the driver helped me with his sudden
breaks and mad driving, most of the time he was watching ladies sitting
beside and when he saw some lady standing at the stops, he pressed the
rubber horn mercilessly and grinned at the bystanders.

Then a lady carrying a kid boarded the bus and she was looking at our
direction. Then the lady behind me asked me to vacate the seat and help the
other lady to sit. I cursed my bad luck and traveled the rest standing in
the bus. Then the lady sitting behind Gita started making chitchat. I heard
her asking Gita about her kids etc, I looked at Gita’s face. It was
grim. As we were living in country sides people often were curious to get
acquaint more personnel with each other. So it was quite natural about she
asking Gita whether she was pregnant after six months of marriage. Gita
gave a ‘no’ and soon the lady started telling about her daughter who was
married three months back and she was pregnant. Gita got irritated by the
subject and tried to change subject.

When we reached Gita didi’s place it was almost dark. We had to walk about
ten meters from the bus stop reach her home. While we were walking I tried
to catch her hand but she moved away from me, “You will never learn, you
always look for an opportunity , you busybody”, she talked. “What wrong did
I do?”. “What were you doing in the bus? Are you not ashamed, you tried to
caress my boobs”. “Oh, it was unintentional” , I replied. “You may think
you are clever, but there are others watching, don’t you know?”. “Who
cares”, was my reply. “My friend Ganesh has two fathers, do you know? His
mother married the eldest guy and then the younger one too started living
with them and now even she cant predict who is Ganesh’s biological father”,
I started another line. “Now cat is out of the bag!, I see, so this is in
your mind!, you brute you want me to be wife to you too, don’t talk to me
such words. I tell you nothing of that kind is going to happen. It was past
century when such things happened. It was to keep the family feuds minimal
and keep property within the family. I will not tolerate it. You may go
back right now, I don’t want you to come to my house with such evil
thoughts. You are my brother, that’s all, in all its pure sense, Got it!?”,
Gita said and moved fast. Her father greeted us at the gate. “Where is your
husband, send this boy with you?”, he was angry. “No, he will come tomorrow
evening, Vasu was begging to see our house, soon his college is opening”,
Gita said. “That’s okay he can stay here as many days he want, but I want
to see my son in law”, he said. “Brother will come tomorrow”, I said. “Okay
, go inside take rest”, he said.

Gita’s mother too asked about my brother not coming and she was curious
about her daughter’s pregnancy. “Did you miss periods?”, I overheard the
mother asking Gita. She cried, “Mama, please don’t ask again, I will tell
when I conceive, okay?”. “No, I was advising you not to do any family
planning etc , if you use condoms etc then you wont have kids when you are
ready for it. Better have it soon while I and your mother in law are
healthy”, she advocated her cause. Gita went inside. The supper was nice
and grand. I had my bead spread in the portico, there was only two bedrooms
which were occupied by Gita’s parents and Gita. I tried to look for Gita,
but she did not appear after the dinner. I got bored by next day and I
returned home in the evening. Nobody asked me to extend my stay there.

When I came back home my mother was asking, “Why Vasu come today, I was not
expecting you today, you said you will stay there for a week?!”. “Ok, amma,
I got bored there, all are asking for big brother only”. “Its natural, I
had asked him a hundred times to visit them, but he doesn’t hear. Today he
has gone with the Sasi for getting admission, he will not come today here
or there”, she said. I knew that Sasi, he was a concubine like boy with no
moustache and always shy. My friend Ganesh used to press his chest when he
was around and he will never object but giggle. I knew he was a gay and
most probably my brother had sensed it and gone with him in pretext of
getting admission. “Why Sasi went with brother, his father is there no?”, I
asked mother. “Your brother know some big person who can get admission for
him, he has just a pass so your brother took him to town. Tomorrow they
will go to college”. “Then Gita didi will quarrel, she was expecting him
today night”. “What can I do, my son is a helpful man, let that Sasi get
admission first and I will make him spend a week at Gita’s house”. My
brother came back with Sasi only two days after. I saw them coming
together. “Did you get admission Sasi ?”, I asked. “Admission, what
admission “, he looked confused. My brother barked at me, ” You mind your
job, why did you come back? Did Gita come too?”. “Gita’s father was asking
for you they expected you yesterday, at least tonight you can go there”, I
said. “No, not today, I am so tired, I lost all my energy, I am completely
spent”, he smiled at Sasi. He bit his lips together and went to his
house. My brother did not have to go to his wife house, Gita came back next
day morning. Her father dropped her at our house in a jeep, “You come to my
house with your husband only, when he gets time”, he barked and went away
without taking the tea my mother had made.

I was happy to see Gita didi back. But she was gloomy. “Why Didi, you look
so sad, did some one scold you at your house”, I asked. “Its none of your
business, you go and study, what for you if I am gloomy or pleasant”, she
snapped. “No, its nice to see you happy and merry and I can overhear some
sweet old songs , no?” . “Oh, you are not only overhearing but peeping too,
nasty boy”, she went into her room and closed the door. I guessed she was
going to change her clothes, I ran outside and went to the hiding place
behind the barn, but I collided with my mother who was there already busy
picking the wood. “Where are you running, can’t you see I am here”, she
said. “No mother, I need some coconut shells”, I lied. “Coconut shells are
a lot in the kitchen no?, for what you need them?”, she asked. “My class
teacher wanted us to create a flower vase using coconut shells as a project
under DPEP”. “Making flower vases by the students, what kind of education
is this , no wonder people are taking their kids to English medium now a
days”, she moved saying ” Come with me, I will give good big shells from
kitchen”. So I missed a golden chance to watch and shake my meat keeping a
look at my dream girl, my sweet Didi, cursing mama I followed her.

One week passed, then I heard mother saying “Gita take some jack fruit
chips when you go home, I have specially made them for you, if you are not
here you can eat them at leisure there”. “Where is Didi going amma?”, I
asked. “Oh she is going home for her cousins wedding , your brother will
come at evening in jeep. I am also going to my brother’s house today so you
come early at evening, don’t play football till sunset”, my mother
said. “Okay”, I said. So I will be alone next day, I moved to Villu’s
house and as I expected she was there are the veranda combing her
hair. “Hai Villu how are you, long time no see”, I wished. “Vasu, you did
not go for the wedding”, she asked. “Oh what wedding Didi is going, now a
days you are more friendly with Didi rather than me, why?” I asked. “Oh we
are ladies no, we have lot of things to talk, but you are a boy no?
scandals may start if I met you too often”, she replied. “But I have
something that Didi doesn’t have, want to try?”, I told. “Vasu, don’t play
naughty, my elder sister is here “. “Okay, then I have kept my brother’s
razor ready and handy, why don’t you come to my house in the
afternoon”. “For what?!”, she was embarrassed. “To shave your quim and make
it cute and pink so that no itch will be there and leaches will be tempted
to bite you”, I was bolder. “Oh, I don’t need it now”. “Okay then come at
least we can play games”. “What games?”, “the games you play with Didi
combing each other and god know what else”, she was clearly
embarrassed. “What are you saying?”. “I heard you calling Didi sweetie ha
hha hoo hhee, what was the reason”, I asked. “Oh, it was just a throne, a
prick in my foot, she was extracting it”, she lied. “But I thought she was
munching you for lunch”. “Did Gita tell you anything?”, Villu was
suspicious. “She didn’t tell, but nothing happens in my house without my
knowing”. “Go away, my sister is coming”, she moved away. I had lost hope
and so I went to canal and decided to have a bath. When I reached the canal
no one was there, so I removed my clothes and jumped into the water nude. I
was planning to take some quick dips and change into my clothes as none was
around. But at the same instant the milkman’s wife came with a bundle of
clothes and I jumped into the water to cover my nakedness.

The milkman’s wife was an elderly lady about 40 years old. She had enormous
breasts and the country folk often joked that the milkman will never be out
of stock since she is around. She acknowledged my presence with a smile
and started washing clothes one by one, as I was naked under water I was
waiting for some gent to appear so that he can give my dry clothes or she
leave the place whichever was earlier. But nothing happened, she soaped the
clothes sitting in the last step and when she finished them I could see her
buttocks wet and the single cloth she wore went inside her butt channel
giving me a clear idea of her contours from behind. Soon my phallus began
to agitate and I had no option other than to peel my foreskin back and
clear yesterday’s residues of a masturbation standing in water. She looked
back at me and since I was around she removed her blouse facing away from
me and hiked her linen cloth to her chest and it rolled up to her thigh
level. When I saw her calves I was surprised to see a lot of hair on her
calves like that of a man. She began washing her blouse and cotton braziers
and when she was wrinkling them facing me I saw an abundant growth of black
hair in her armpits. As in our countryside no women shaved their armpits,
they displayed it proudly. She was looking at me hinting that its high time
I had to leave as her next step would be bath. But how could I go when I am
naked and what would she think if she knew I was naked and my dick never
yielding to descend. Finally she lost hope and came to water she immersed
herself for five minutes and emerged like a sea lion with the linen cloth
sticking close to her body and since it was of cream color it was semi
transparent and when I saw the outline of her boobs I was getting mad. Wow, what a pair of breasts they were globes like the melons of Sareena Williams and lo the nipples jutting out I decided I had to jack off if I wanted to make my prick normal.

I began shaking my meat standing in the water while she was soaping her body facing away, she put a leg on the upper step and started to soap her legs and when she started her thighs as if nothing
happened she lifted her linen cloth and soaped her fat buttocks clearly giving me an unabashed view. Did she do it on purpose to tease me, or make
me understand she did not like my presence I wondered. Then she applied soap on her face then her leg slipped and she lost balance when she grabbed
a branch of a shrub to keep balance her linen betrayed her and it fall from her body. Wow, that was the moment, moment of ecstasy, all she hid from my
piercing eyes was open to me for one minute, she too jumped into water and grabbed the linen, I shot my thick stream of semen out. I felt a lot of
tiny fishes coming to me and they began eating my shoot right from the tip of my phallus, the shoot was still jetting out and the fishes tickled my
penis with its teeth. For one instant I lost touch with the whole world and felt like floating in the air.

“Haven’t you seen all you want? Why don’t you go now, I want to dry”, the
milkman’s wife angrily said. “But I have no clothes, I was waiting for you
to go away so that I can take my clothes”, I stammered. She burst into a
wild laugher and took my lungi and threw it to me. I caught it in water and
dried my head using it and jumped out of water. When I reached home, Gita
was all dressed in her Kanjeevaram sary and was waiting for her husband to
pick her up. As soon as she saw me she barked, “Where were you its two
hours since you went for bath, how many ladies were there, have you seen
all those pussies. Look at your eyes, they are brick red like night owl,
take your lunch, its cold already”. I took my lunch silently.

Even after 5 p.m my big brother did not turn up. Unexpectedly the climate
changed and the sky became dark. Rain started to drizzle. “I think my
brother will not be interested to attend your cousin’s marriage”, I
said. Gita was gloomy and she did not reply me, but she went to her room
and bolted the door. It was around 6 p.m my big brother came, that too in
his cycle. “Where is the jeep, brother?”, I asked. He ignored me and asked
for his wife. Gita appeared, her face was grim, but she tried to be
pleasant. “Sorry dear, there was sales tax officer’s inspection at the
shop, to the hell with him, all he want is money which I give, I begged him
to spare me for today, but who cares. Don’t worry we can start now itself,
Vasu, go to the junction and take whichever jeep or car available. Don’t
mind if the rent is high, ask them to come immediately before rain starts,
Go! Go!”, he said. “But its already dark how can I go alone”, I asked
him. “You idiot, coward, run fast, come with jeep as early as possible, now
leave this place”. I had no option other than to leave.

When I reached junction most of the people had left, no jeep, no car, only
the toddy shop was open and crowded. Then power also went out. It was after
one hour a jeep came, I argued with him and when he agreed to come home
half an hour was again gone. The jeep reached the metal led road and
stopped there as he said tyres were not good. So I ran to home and
announced “brother, jeep has come, now go, fast”. The doors were closed and
there was sound of sobbing and struggles inside, I knocked again wondering
what was the commotion inside. Then the door opened and my big brother came
out. He was shivering with anger, “Give me that torch, I am going to shop
again in the jeep, keep her locked in her room, don’t open the door till I
return back, bitch, playing with me, I will teach you a lesson”, I had
never seen him in such an angry mood. “What about her food, what if she
want to shit?”, I asked. “No food, no shit, if she shit I will make her eat
it, don’t open the lock till I come back, if you do I will kill you
rascal”, he charged out and I heard the jeep moving after some instant.

I did not understand what was the problem. Why did they argue each other,
why was Gita sobbing inside, Shall I look inside? Shall I unlock the door?
My parents are also not at home, what to do next, which was the ailing
question. I decided to take a look, I opened the lock and entered the
room. There was a small kerosene lamp burning inside, first I could not
focus my eyes in the dim light, then things began clear. I looked for Gita,
where was she? Then I saw her sobbing at a corner with her head on a chair
and she was sitting on the floor, I moved near her. Her long hair was all
undone and spread and long to her back, but oh! No, she was naked from her
waist down, only the blouse was on her body. She was naked!, but for the
first time it didn’t excite me. What happened to her, she was crying
louder, “Someone kill me, I had enough, someone please kill me”, she
muttered. “Gita didi, what happened, please tell me, please”, I put my
hands on her shoulder. She moved a bit, she was shaved down there, I saw
traces of talcum powder on her neatly shaved pussy and its folds. Wow!, she
might have done it today, she did shaving her pussy while I was away, and
applied talcum powder. The blouse was open in the front and the bra was
also partially undone, one of her mammoth breasts was out and there too
talcum powder applied heavily.

I put my hand on her shoulder’s and tried to pacify her, “Didi, stand up,
what is this, what happened to you, please don’t cry tell me what
happened?”. The lamp was struggling to keep its flame in the wind blown in
through the window, when the flame was high I saw red marks on Gita’s body,
red marks of beating, oh, god! All over her body, the marks were there,
they were marks of beating using the leather belt, that cruel bastard, my
big brother. What had he done to his pretty wife, she was all bruises and
at some parts blood was oozing from some wounds. When my fingers traced
there Gita began crying louder, “Oui,ma, he beat me, Vasu, your brother,
your cruel brother beat me, what had I done, I asked him only to perform a
husband’s duty, was it a crime, I don’t want to live anymore, I want to
die, please help me, please give me some poison, I want to take it and die
peacefully, I am fed up, I am fed up with this wretched life, Go away bring
me some poison, Vasu, please I beg”, she began to sob again.

Gita looked at me, then I saw her tears and some blood oozing from side of
her lips. My brother might have slapped her on her face, there were red
marks on her chin, and lips were bruised too. The thick mass of black hairs
in her armpits were visible, there was also stains of powder. But the
nakedness did not excite me, an unknown feeling of rage was in my mind. If
my brother was there I should have hit him, was he an animal, such kind of
brutality to his own sweet wife. A wife he never deserved, a charming
beauty, better educated still showing no signs of superiority always
willing to serve him whatever he required. Gita then took a towel and put
in on her chest, still they could not hide those marvellous global breasts
or the proud nipples sticking out of an areola of four inch diameter. The
six meter sary was on the cot, there was a cotton drawer with a red string
attached to it, I guessed it was a countriside panties used by women when
they go out.

“What happened Gita didi, please stand up, let me wipe this blood”, I tried
to smear the blood stains using the towel and she tried to stand up but
could not, I took her by inserting my two hands under her arms and lifted
her from the floor. The towel again went off and she moved to the cot. Then
only I saw more bruises, red marks of beating by the leather belt was all
over her body. I soothed her by travelling my hand her smooth naked
back. She writhed in pain when the sweat from my hands mixed with her
oozing blood. I should do something to stop the pain. I went to the kitchen
and boiled some water, I took the steaming water to the room and took some
turpentine and poured into the hot water. Then I took a dry towel and
dipped it in hot water and after wrinkling it I applied the towel on my
Gita didi’s naked body. She was unable to move she just lay naked on the
cot. But neither she was aware of it nor I was excited seeing it. She was
making small sounds of pain when the towel dipped in hot water mixed with
turpentine was applied to her broad shoulders, naked back, after some time
she got relaxed and was searching for the towel as if to cover her body.

She began to lay on her back and put the towel on her midriff covering the
vaginal area. But the bra was still open and I could see the bruises red
marks on her breasts, I dipped again and applied to her breast area. The
water was getting cold, so I could apply with more force. She was watching
me with a far away look, then she said, “Vasu, I never thought you have
such kindness towards me”. “Oh, Didi leave it, its my duty, but I can’t
understand why did you suffer all these, you could have adjusted with him,
actually what happened between you in a few minutes, you were planning to
start to your house no?”. She turned again on her front and I saw red marks
on her buttocks, she was thoroughly beaten using the leather belt which my
brother always wear. Water was cold so I went again to kitchen and made it
hot and came back. When I applied the towel again, this time on her
buttocks she made a “aahh seeeeeee ” sound. I put some balm on the long
reddish mark and tried to massage there. Then she faced me again, “Vasu
please sit here, I want to tell you something, you are the only kind person
in this house to me”. “Not only me, my parents are loving you, only my
brother is bit cruel, he is very hot tempered, you know him, you should not
have made him angry, once he is angry he has no control”, I said. “Okay,
please lay by my side, I will tell you what happened”, I sat beside her
touching those bruises and tenderly massaging on her wounds. “Vasu, after
you had gone to pick the jeep, he wanted it “, she said. “Oh, if he wanted
sex, you should have obliged”, I said. “Obligued!, I was ready but I
needed some pleasure for me too, I asked him, I told him if I want to
remove all those clothes and offer my body I need to do it in a proper way,
I wanted him to fuck me not in my ass, but on my pussy, you had seen him
doing it with me earlier, you rascal, you know what we did in the bedroom
all these months”, Gita said. She moved towards me and in the motion her
breasts touched my arm, I was shocked, I tried to move away so that I would
not loose my control. “Don’t worry, Vasu, I am not doing anything to tease
you, I just had pain lying on my back”, the flat stomach was now touching
me, my phallus was waking up. Something will happen, I feared. I tried to
talk, “then?!”. “Then, the same thing, when I was nude, he wanted me to
kneel before him, he said he wanted to see my butt, but I guessed his idea,
he was interested to have one more ass fuck before we start, so I refused”,
Gita continued. “You refused him?!” “Yes, I refused, I was adamant, I
wanted him to fuck me in my pussy, not in my shit hole!!, I wanted him to
fuck me properly first, I would have allowed him to do there too, if he had
fucked me once, do you know one thing I am still a virgin, my pussy is
never been fucked!, gone six months after the marriage and still I am never
been pussy fucked!!”, she spit on the floor sarcastically. “Oh then?”
“Then he threatened me, he tried to insert his phallus in my ass
forcefully, I moved away, we struggled, then he started abusing me, he
accused me of having illicit relations with you, Vasu, do you believe? To
make his inability hidden he blamed me having sex with you , he called me a
prostitute, he can never get erection if he try to put it in a pussy, I
have noticed that!,, he is a damn ass fucker, he had told me that he will
fuck men if I don’t give my asshole. I said go for it, but if you want my
ass you have to fuck me properly, in my pussy only. Then he started beating
me here and there and I don’t know how many times”.

“Okay, Didi forget it, we will have a solution by tomorrow, he will come
back soon”, I said.

Gita kissed me, “Vasu, now you have seen me naked now I have no desire to
live, I don’t have to keep this body for anyone in particular, my husband
doesn’t need me. I am giving it to you, you may do whatever you like, go
on, I don’t complain”

I stood up, “No Gita didi, no, I don’t want you in such a situation, I am
no dog, I don’t need any meat thrown at me, I desired it, I admit, I was
thirsty for you, I peeped you, I admit, I masturbated thinking about you, I
knew it was sin, but for me it was an obsession, a strange obsession, but
now I don’t want you, I don’t want to exploit you”. I put a sheet covering
her nakedness and moved out. The rain started falling heavily, the rain was
pouring madly, the rain with its dark music, the thunder showers with
occasional lightning. I sat there watching the rain.

I did not understand what is the end of it. “How will Gita face my brother
when he comes back, can he ever fuck a woman properly, if he does it only
in the other hole then her life is spoilt. Can he be taken to a
psychologist?”, I was thinking about the possibilities.

Rain continued for half an hour, then I felt Gita’s presence. She was awake
and came to my side. “Vasu, you sitting here, why didn’t you sleep?”
“Watching rain, its nice”, I said. “Is it, move a bit, let me see the rain
too!, we will sit here and watch rain, its coming again!”, she sat by my
side I moved a bit. The sky was dark, moody and sad sounds were raindrop
songs. I once began to count the stars i almost had them all, then a clash
of thunder rang and rain began to fall again. The closeness of Gita’s body
began to make my desires rise once again. But I didn’t want to exploit the
tragic situation, so I moved a little bit so that our bodies did not touch.

“Why you are moving away, Vasu, now I am ready for doing anything with you
but you are moving away. I don’t want to live with a body not required by
anybody, my husband doesn’t need it, now you too are ignoring me, okay I
want to cool, my body and mind both are overheated, I want it to cool
down”, she stood and went out to the drizzling rain. The rain was getting
stronger, she was walking in the rain, all wet, the towel had fallen
somewhere, she was stark naked, she was not aware of that. I moved to her
and grabbed her, I could see her only when the thunder strikes and
lightning streaks in the horizon. I grabbed her hand, and begged, “Didi you
will catch cold, please come inside”. “No Vasu, I don’t catch cold, I am
all heat, come near me I will give you a present, I will give you a kiss,
come near me”, she came to me and kissed me right on my lips, her lips
lingered in my mouth for sometime, I could taste blood and saliva, she gave
away some spit to my mouth, I drank it. It tasted like camphor. I hugged
her tight, I returned her the kiss.

“We will go inside, and I will make a fire, we can sit in the kitchen”, I
caught hold of her and pushed her inside the house and bolted the door. We
went to the kitchen and made a fire and we sat there in our wet clothes,
“lets change dress”, she went to her room, I followed her. I took a dry
towel and applied to her wet hair, she stood like a child when her hair was
dry, I began to dry her back then she lifted her hands and give room to me
to dry her armpits. I dried her arms and then I could not resist my
temptation to touch her hairy pits and I played with the long black pit
hairs. When I dried her puts she moved me to stand in front of her and
lifted her tits so that I could dry beneath those marvelous globes. There
was some traces of water between those tits too, I sucked them with my
towel and during the job I could not help touching her taut nipples. She
did not mind it, so I curiously tried to pull them out, they were about
half inch length in full tautness.

“Oh no!, its ticklish”, she giggled and then she left her wet lungi and lo!
She was stark naked standing before me only in her mangalsutra( the string
with a heart shaped locket ) and nothing else. I was flabbergasted at the
sight, the view for which I craved, I risked to voyeur was paraded before
my eyes so close so pure so divinely and my angry lion hanging between my
legs roared again.

“Why did you stop, dry me, dry my body, dry me everywhere, you promised to
dry me”, she was acting childish. The harsh sister in law now was a lamb
before me. “Its getting colder, please dry me”, she begged again. “Okay, I
will”, I said and started rubbing her wetness using the damp towel. She
stood like an Egyptian princess and I was her dark slave, who was drying
her buttocks and the channel between those big buttocks. What a fine pair
of butt, so firm, so well shaped, like a football cut into two pieces, I
was sitting behind her drying her thundering thighs which were smooth like
ivory towers. I dried her calves and heels and the leg, her foot fingers
with trembling hands. Now her behind was well dried but still I had to dry
her frontal. I offered the towel to her so that she could dry her extreme
privates, which she treasured and never gave any chance to peek at. “No,
you have to do there, you do it for me, please”, she was no shyer. I
kneeled before her and she put her feet on my thighs and put a hand on my
head to keep balance. Her pussy, with its beautiful folds, neatly shaved so
as to please her ass-fucking husband, I applied the towel between her pussy
folds, the smell of her pussy, the smell of camphor when sublimed. The
smell of pinewood her pussy was a divine mixture of smells, some parts
smelled of yadley powder and some parts sandalwood paste. I dried her
thighs and the triangle interior as well as the exterior, the smell was
intoxicating and the slave inside me was begging to lick the nectar from
the triangle.

“Do I smell nice?”, she asked. “Yes, its talcum powder, isn’t it”, I
asked. “Its me, its my sweet pussy, the pussy for which all the village men
craved which your brother earned but never used”, she was whispering.

“Its anyway intoxicating, I feel I have smoked a ganja beedi”, I said. I
tried to stand up and move away as it was sure that she would notice the
commotion in my lap. The phallus was in its ninety degree angle. “Don’t go
so easily, What is this”, she touched my phallus. “No its nothing, sorry I
forgot you are my brother’s wife, I just could not suppress it”, I

“So you failed, you preached you don’t need me, you wont use me, you are
brotherly ha ha,ha, now what is this I see”, she grabbed my phallus and
measured it in her soft palm and it was getting bigger and bigger.

“Now I will dry you, give me the towel”, she took it and began to dry my
chest, armpits and her fingers lingered on my small nipples while
drying. “Now you are cold, lets warm you, stand between my legs, yes, let
your big tool get hot, I am giving me to you, voluntarily, willfully, will
you accept this?”, she asked.

Accept her, who won’t, I was standing between her legs and my phallus was
rubbing her navel region. She was a Greek goddess half kneeled and I stood
like statue of David, but with a bigger penis.

“Kiss me, Vasu!! kiss me, I want a good kiss”, she asked.

I hugged her, took her sweet lips between my lips, I kissed, the deep
bruises invoked pain she writhed when my lips made contact with her swollen
full lips. “My brother, he beat you a lot”, I said.

“What to do, my fate!, kiss me, Vasu, don’t stop, Kiss me, everywhere, I
want you to kiss every inch of my body. Tonight, I want to take revenge on
my husband, tonight I am giving you my soul and body”, she was shivering. I
started to shower kisses on her lips, eyes, shoulders, nape of her neck,
her ear lobes, again on her shoulders, the small curls like grape wine
around her neck, then her sweet, sweat armpits, the musky hairs, then the
breasts, I outlined them circularly starting from outer diameter and
closing to her black nipples. She shivered each instant, on each kiss, her
hairs roused, the tiny hairs around her navel, they formed a small line
like black ants going down, then the shaved triangle, the puffy pussy, then
small track between it disappearing down, down. My lips encircled her
clitoral region, then she forced me to walk to the wooden cot and we joined
there in a warm hug. She was taking my penis in her hands and was cuddling
it. The heat was on, I could feel my pre cum oozing from its tip.

Rubbing the tip of my phallus, she asked, “Vasu tell me a truth, have you
fucked any girl with this?”. Fucked, did I do it with Villu, was it a real
fucking, I preferred to say I did not. “No Gita never”, I said. “Then what
did you do with Villu?”. “No, we did not do it, we just licked each other”,
I said. “So this is a virgin phallus, well then today you have to loose
your cherry”, she laughed. “Shall I have to suck your phallus, it’s a big
one, but I will try if you want”, Gita said. “No Gita, you don’t need, you
were sucking my brother’s all these days and now I don’t want you to do
same with me too, that too when all of your lips are bruised”. “Thanks, I
too don’t like it, but your brother insisted it every day, I obliged”.
“The hell with that guy, forget him that brute”, I said.

The rain started again, the wind was cold, the wooden windows crackled. She
was lying stark naked with her legs spread like a mermaid, I was sitting on
the cot thinking about next step. “Vasu, what are you thinking, you don’t
want to do it, now when I gave you all you wished, you don’t need me”,
there was concern in her voice. “No, I was thinking, so you never did this
with a man, you were thirsty all these days”, I asked. “Yes, I was thirsty
in a sense, then I tried it with a girl, well it was not much to
remember”. “You did it with Vilasini”, I asked as if I did not know
it. “Leave it, it’s a girl, that doesn’t matter who she is, I just tried an
option”. ” Why did you do it, how did you do it”, I was anxious to hear
from her. “Leave it I say, now tell me are you going to do it or not?”,
Gita was getting impatient. “Okay, Gita I want it, but in my terms”, I
said. “Oh, you are taking revenge for my neglects, you are trying to
exploit my situation, now since you know all my secrets, you want to
bargain?”, she was crying. I kissed her again, “Don’t cry, no nothing like
that, but I want it in my way”, I said. “Okay, you too want it in my ass,
ok I am ready, but take care of my pussy first, it’s a must”, she yelled.

I started my practice of all the theory I read, heard from others. I
started kissing systematically, when I reached the clean shaved pussy, she
caught my head and fixed it into her damp pussy. “Lick it, yes, yes, you
good boy, yes insert a finger, you can one more” she was struggling like a
wild woman, “Ha, Ha, wow,oooooooha, hahhhhhhhh, yes, do it, oooooooohh
hhhhhhhaaaaa haaaaaaa”, she was grabbing my phallus. “Now put it inside,
fuck me fuuckkkkkkkk me”, she was in delirium.

I took my phallus and its bell top was clearly visible, I put it just at
the tip of her pussy lips, she spread her legs and my phallus was entering,
then some tightness, I don’t know what, she was biting her lips, I was
loosing patience, I applied pressure then the phallus entered smoothly and
the cunt muscles gripped my phallus. Once it was inside, she was shutting
her eyes, and was biting her lips saying some undecipherable musings, I
began to move. . “pannitthaada ponnu vasukkutta pannithtaAAAAAAAAAAAAA,
cried Gita as her outer cunt-lips were stretched by my prick head. So
excited with desire was my Gita didi that she wailed herself to an orgasm
at the thought her first man entering her. I pushed my prick fully in as
her cunt muscles pulsated with orgasm and started giving her long and slow
strokes. Such was my strength that she might have felt a hot and searing
feeling in her cunt as he stroked her and she started meeting my assault by
lifting her buttocks to meet my thrusts. “UUNNGGHH fuck me fuck me AAHHHHHH
gAAAAAAAAAA OOOO Inside inside” , Gita didi urged . I was delighted by the
tightness of the cunt and started stroking shorter and faster seeing her
breasts flap about with my strokes. I was most excited at having my dream
girl the sexy woman to my first fuck and soon came deep inside her, filling
her tight cunt with my juice.

I hugged her and lay on her with my prick still deep inside her pussy with
all the mess I created. I told her, “Didi, I came inside you, I could not
help it, do you get pregnant, I think you may, what will we do?”. “I will
deliver your boy, a sweet boy, like you strong and handsome, don’t worry
Vasu”, she was hugging me to her body closer, closer. “But when your
husband, my brother know about this”, I was doubtful. “Lets see if I get
pregnant first Vasu, I am fed up with people asking for it, hell with my
husband, he can have my ass no problem”, she chuckled.

After one hour the rain stopped. Gita was lying beside be with my strong
leg placed between her legs. She nudged me and said, “Vasu!, it was nice,
you burnt the fire inside me and now I want you to do it again, can you”,
she was cuddling my phallus. As if her wish was coming true, the phallus
began to take the shape of its full length. I began to spread her
legs. “No, this time I want you to fuck me from behind, like oxen does to
cows, I have seen it hundred times, now do it to me, that way, I will stand
like cow, you fuck me from behind like a strong ox”, she walked to the
window and caught the rails and offered her behind to me, I walked with my
iron rod I caught her midriff, lifted a bit from floor and located her
pussy hole, I put the prick head into that hole and she welcomed it with a
grrr! Sound, I entered her from behind my rod went deep inside her juicy
hole. “Ha Ha, oooo oh”, she was yelling. I started moving clutching her
midriff for support, my pelvis hit her soft buttocks and a blush hush sound
was coming. I pulled out and again entered her. She moved from the window
and leaned on the cot. I could grab her dangling tits in the position and
began to smack her buttocks with brutal force. I came for a second time
after fifteen minutes, and then I exploded again.

We lay there in each others arms till the cock sang the morning song.

The rain had stopped, but the dripping of water from treetops continued. I
looked at Gita, she too was awake. “What are you looking at? Are you
satisfied now? You have fucked a virgin, do you know, Yes, I was a virgin”,
she said smilingly. “Are you satisfied Gita, it was you who was thirsty”, I
said. ” So still blame is for the woman! you were madly chasing me till
now, when you got me, you are putting blame on me, you will say I seduced
you, I know”, she said. “Okay, I don’t argue, but its time we to move away
and sleep separate, my brother or mother may come, the morning is minutes
away”, I said. “Okay, then you go now, I will sleep here”, she turned to
other side and the nakedness excited me. “Wow, not wearing anything, you
have become very bold and beautiful, but remember the stains on the bed
sheet, Brother can easily understand”, I went out. “Fuck your brother, let
him see, I want to be pregnant from you, I bet I am not going pregnant from
that ass fucker”, she covered her nudity simply by arranging the sheet over
her. I gave a small pat on her fat buttocks, two lovely darlings, shining
like full moon. I went to the kitchen and washed the glasses, stains, put
Gita’s clothes on the hangers arranged every object in its place. I dressed
in a new dhoti, and slept in my bed. I slept for hours.

“Vasu, Vasu, wake up”, it was Ganesh’s voice. I cursed him for disturbing
the sweet dreams. “What’s this baba, early morning?”. I woke up cursing
him. Ganesh was standing near the window. “Come its urgent!”, he was
anxious. I dressed up and went out, “What is the matter, heaven fall
down?”, I asked. “Look in this paper, there has been an accident, some jeep
collided at a culvert and fell off it”, Ganesh showed me a paper. “Oh, its
nothing some guys drove madly in the heavy rain, most probably the liquor
lobby”, I was calm. “No, look at the number, its KLX 2323, the jeep at our
junction, I doubt your brother traveled last day in it”, Ganesh’s face was
grim. I was shocked, what to do then?. “Don’t tell to his wife or your
mother, better we two go there and enquire, perhaps your brother was not in
it”, Ganesh passified me. So I went out after waking up Gita who was still
sleeping but dressed properly. “I will make tea”, she said. “No, Ganesh has
some emergency problem, I will come back after two hours”, I started with

We took an autorikshaw and reached the accident spot, which was ten
kilometers away from my house. The jeep was damaged and I doubted if the
causalities were alive. We went to government hospital and enquired. The
nurse read the name of patient, the driver was alright with a few
fractures, but the other name was of my brother. My head spinned, Ganesh
supported me, when we saw my big brother in I.C.U my heart broke. He was
completely surrounded by doctors, nurses and only his face was
visible. Plasters, needles, glucose trips, blood bags oxygen cylinders and
what not, he was seriously ill. After the initial shock was contained, I
asked the doctor about his condition. “Oh, he will survive, but I don’t
think he can walk, both thigh bones are broken, spinal chord is also
damaged, he will be alive but I prefer the other way”, he gave his verdict
in cold voice. So we returned in the same autorikshaw to home. The driver
of jeep was discharged and he asked me to take him to his house, as he had
to arrange the jeep to be lifted, it had no proper registration. On our way
he started cursing my brother, “your brother, that idiot, I told him to
stop and rest in the rain, but he wanted to go to that cheap lodge, to fuck
those boys ,aren’t he ashamed , married to the best chick in this village
and still going to fuck some dirty ass, fully drunk, what a rogue!!, all
the way he was singing abusive songs cursing goddess Kali, I told him not
to play with goddess name. He was singing that fucking song about goddess,
I expected the God would punish him someday, but now the god’s office is
fully computerized and the sinners get their reward immediately. At the
very instant the jeep slipped, I applied brake but your brother, that idiot
jumped out and rolled downward”, he was cursing. What should I reply, I
knew he was serious, I knew the driver’s dilemma, his jeep is not insured
nor registered, police will make him answerable for all misdeeds and
possibly exploit a large sum of money as cover up charges.

When I reached home, my parents were not there, Gita was singing in her
room. She just had her bath and was on her daily routine wearing only the
bra, applying powder in armpits, almost half nude but in a merry mood. When
I entered the room, she hid her bosom by the wet towel and asked, “What is
this? Vasu coming to my room when I am dressing, remember that I am still
your husband’s wife. Don’t think you can repeat last night, what happened
just happened but don’t expect anything more, now please get out”.

“Gita chechy, its urgent, we have to go to a place immediately” “Which
place, heaven?! Didn’t we go there last night?” “No, be serious, there is
some problem, there was an accident last night, perhaps your husband was in
the spot”, I tried to be calm. “Ha, ha, your brother. accident! never!
he is an iron man, nothing can harm him, don’t stare like that Vasu,
Haven’t you seen these well, you bad boy”, she was giggling with mock anger
adjusting the straps of her black brassieres. “Shit, there is a jeep
accident, and your husband traveled in it last night, we have to go to
hospital”, I was angry. “Oh, no! never!, Vasu tell me did you see him? Is
he alive, I know its my curse, I betrayed him, I betrayed him and he met
with accident. Vasu, you are a venom, didn’t I tell you not to commit sin?
Oh, God! Forgive me, I did sin. I will never repeat it, please save my
husband”, she began crying. “Now will you stop and come with me, he is
alive but some injuries, I saw his face, its okay, but doctor doubts about
fractures, please hurry”.

When we reached there it was a pathetic scene, Gita was crying mad, cursing
herself, saying “my sin!, forgive me lord, my sin!”, I was afraid if
someone doubt that I made an affair with her last night. Fortunately none
bothered her yelling’s, and a nurse gave a sedation injection to her. When
my parents came it was evening. The doctors were planning an emergency
operation for spinal area. We could see brother again only on next day. The
operation was success and they plastered his legs and put some weights here
and there. He spent one week in the hospital bed like that as if an
astronaut had just arrived from space. After that the plasters were
removed. My brother smiled at me, he was drinking rice soup and Gita was
nursing him with a smile. “Tomorrow we can go home, but first I want to go
to Gita’s home, we will come next week, till then you have to manage the
shop along with father, we cant keep it closed”, brother said.

I and Ganesh paid the medical bills and retuned to our house. One month
rolled away, and there were no signs of my brother returning from his
wife’s house. It was a surprise for all of us. My brother spent almost one
month at his wife’s residence!. I guessed Gita and brother might have
patched up and perhaps he was fucking her regularly. Most probably she
might get pregnant either by me or my brother, anyway life was going to be
smooth once again. From now on I will respect my brother’s wife and never
misbehave with her, I decided.

On Sunday my parents and I went to enquire about his progress of recovery
and reached Gita’s residence by jeep. There was a gloomy atmosphere. Her
father gave us a dry smile and Gita was looking so desperate and sad. There
was no sign of my brother. “Where is Raghu, how is he?”, my mother
asked. “Oh, my son-in-law!, he is alright and healthy, but I don’t know
what to say, my daughter’s life is completely spoilt. I don’t know who to
blame, perhaps the God is playing with all of us. Anyway you may take them
to your place, I don’t want to see my daughter living like a widow in my
house”, Gita’s father talked. I did not understand what was the problem. If
my brother is alright and healthy then what was the problem? Why was Gita’s
father talking sarcastically? “What’s problem Gita, Is he making quarrels
here? Does he drink?, tell me we can find a solution for any problem”, my
mama asked Gita. “Amma, there is only one solution, I have decided it, but
you must all agree”, we looked around and saw my brother wearing a saffron
robe like a saint, he had changed a lot, for the first time I was seeing
him sporting a beard, he looked so calm and divine. What happened to that
horny husband?

My mother hugged him with care and passion like a child. “What is the
problem, Reghu, did you quarrel with Gita’s father?”, mama enquired. My
father looked like a fool, he was ignorant of any of the problems unlike
me. “Mama, I had done so many sins in my life, now God had taken revenge on
me. I cannot be a husband anymore, the accident took my manhood away, I
can’t be no longer the old Reghu”, he declared calmly. Gita started crying
aloud. “Don’t say like that, we can treat at medical college, you will be
alright”. “There is no treatment for this, your son cannot be a man
anymore, his virility is taken away by god. The spinal chord had some
problem, the nerves no longer function, the doctor had told it to me when
discharged. We just came here after consulting our sidha vaidyan Edison, he
too says it’s impossible. He can live happily but his organ is useful only
for pissing, that’s the problem simply”, Gita’s uncle suddenly appeared on
the scene. “Altogether my daughter’s life is gone for ever, even after six
months she did not get pregnant, all the ladies married at that time have
now delivered’, Gita’s mother too joined the conversation.

The subject was not an arguable one in public anyway. I could understand
the pathetic situation, Gita had to live like a widow or apply for a
divorce. That was the only solution. “Come Gita, pack up your things, we
may go to our house and discuss things, perhaps some good doctor can cure”,
my mama asked Gita. “No, I am not allowing my daughter to live with a
corpse forever, you don’t know how many guys came here for her alliance,
she is young, I am not going to send her to your house like a servant. You
take care of your son, but I am not sending my daughter, its settled. I
will marry her to some other man. I want a grand child and my only daughter
should not suffer like this, you may take your son with you but not Gita”,
her father was adamant. “No daddy, I don’t want to divorce him, a wife
should care for her husband till his deathbed, I don’t want any happiness,
but I don’t want a divorce too!, I am going with them”, Gita was
pleading. What a dilemma, my father was also gloomy. Anyway we returned to
our house without any delay.

One week passed. We consulted so many physicians and ayurvedic doctors. All
were unable to do anything miracle. My brother invited all relatives to a
religious worship to be conducted at our residence on coming Sunday. My
brother asked my sisters to assemble as he was going to announce some
decisions. My parents, Gita, my two sisters and I were thinking what would
be his decision. He began talking when we were gathered and none outsiders
were present, “I want all of you to listen carefully to me and agree to my
decisions. First of all I am not interested to do business anymore, I am
leaving everything to Vasu and father. I am going to a religious place, I
want to join Karunakara guru’s Ashram and the third and important decision
is Gita should marry Vasu, and you must all agree to all of these”. The
bomb had fallen. Gita cried, “No Reghu Chetta, I don’t allow you go alone,
I wont marry Vasu, I am coming with you, I too join the Ashram”.

“No, I want to go alone, you are not coming with me. I don’t want any
family relations from now on. I want to repent on my sins. Vasu has to
marry Gita. She is a treasure, which I don’t want to go outside our
family. Vasu and Gita are almost equal age but that doesn’t matter. They
care for each other, they can be a good couple. Whatever you say my life
with Gita is now over and I wont change that decision. Gita and Vasu can
marry if they both agree, its my proposal. Take it or leave it, please”,
Reghu brother was firm.

“If your decision if final, I want Gita to be here only, Vasu has to marry
her”, my mother had taken the decision.

“No, Vasu was my brother, I cannot marry him, and we cannot be a husband
and wife. All villagers will mock at us. “I don’t like it”, Gita was not

“Do you love Vasu?”, my father asked Gita.

“Oh, I think it’s a good decision. Vasu can marry his brother’s wife. It’s
not uncommon. So many marriages takes place like that when the army men
die. Recently when our neighbour Bhaskar died in bike accident, his wife
was four month pregnant. They forced her to marry the younger brother who
was three years younger than her. Now I see them very happy and she is
going to deliver next baby”, my elder sister joined.

“What is Vasu’s opinion?”, Reghu brother asked me. I didn’t say
anything. My mother interfered, “He doesn’t answer because he think he is
only studying. But I don’t want Gita to go away to some other house, she
has to remain here till my last breath, so let Vasu marry her”.

I was too confused, why those people never asking Gita’s opinion. Was it so
cool to have a divorce and marry husband’s own brother whatever may be the
compelling reasons. Then my brother asked me to come outside, he took me to
the lemon tree’s shade, he put his arm around my shoulder and said, “Vasu,
I know it is very difficult and how much you respected her as your brother’
sister. But to tell you a truth, she is still a virgin, I did not make any
husband wife relations with her, it’s a fact which I did not disclose to
anybody, I had some problems and god did not forgive me for my misdeeds,
now I am as good as a corpse to her. You have to take care of her
responsibility, its my sin that she become almost a widow now, so you have
to obligue, as a brother you too have responsibility to repent on my
sins. Nothing harm is going to happen, you will adjust with an early
marriage, Gita is a nice girl, she loves you, I know it, it wont be much
difficult to have husband-wife relation after the initial mental
confusions, please take my word, she is the best woman one could get”, he
was sobbing at the end.

So everyone agreed and after one week Gita’s parents came with not much
interest. Gita too lacked any spirit. The village head came to our house
and before the picture of a deity, he game two big rose flower made
harams(flowers bunched together) and asked Gita to put into my neck which I
returned. “Now you are husband and wife, what about a new mangal sutra
(small chain with a locket to indicate wife status by ***** women in our
country)? “, the village head asked. “She already have one, isn’t it
sufficient”, my mother asked. “No, lets remove the old one, make a string
with turmeric paste coated and put the locket in it and let Vasu tie it on
Gita’s neck”. When the old chain was broken Gita cried, but others pacified
her. My brother took the old chain and gave it to my elder sister as a gift
from him, which she hungrily accepted. Thus the ceremony was over. Quite
unexpectedly Gita and I became husband and wife.

The function ended at 11 a.m. There was a small feast for the
gathering. Gita’s parents left soon without any interest. My brother took a
small bag and went to his ashram in a car after biding good bye to all, he
put his hands on his ex-wife’s head and blessed her. Gita was sobbing all
the time. The people left soon. It was at night, I found the
difficulty. Till the previous day I and Gita were like brother and sister
(none knew about that night, even I had started believing it was a dream or
nightmare) and at present we are husband and wife. When the supper was
over, my sisters asked me to join Gita in bedroom. “No, I will sleep in my
bed”, I said. “Your bed, ha,ha its all past, baba, now you have to spend
night with your wife. We will send Gita as a bride soon, you wait for her
in Gita’s bed room”. The sisters giggled and put me in Gita’s room. I sat
on the cot, thinking about the time I hid under the cot and saw my brother
fucking Gita in the ass. I felt all these incidents awkward and
unexplainable. After some time, I heard a laugher and giggling. My sisters
pushed Gita to enter the room with a glass of milk, dressed in Kerala style
bridal dress, with a lot of jasmine flowers decorating her hairs. Gita closed the door and came to me. She gave me the milk and I took a
sip. “Please leave some for me, your brother drank all of it in our first
night, I don’t want it to happen in my second first night too!”. I gave the
rest to her and she drank it humbly. I could not believe it. Till yesterday
she was the boss and I was a humble subordinate, and all of a sudden a role
reversal occurred. I became the boss overnight due to my position as a
husband, and she had metamorphosed to a shy bride from her previous angry
lion postures. She stood near the bed, as if waiting for me to give
permission. I did not understand any of this. I was still feeling a peeping
Tom caught red handed by her in her private room. How will our attitude get

After waiting for some time she sat on the cot. I was tired. I did not
remember anything else. When I was awake Gita had gone to kitchen and fine
morning light was falling on my face through the windows opened. I went to
the well, drew a bucket of water, brushed my teeth and went for my morning
chores. When I was returning after a bath from the canal, Vilasini (Villu)
appeared from behind a coconut tree.

“Congratulations!, so you got your Gita didi as your
wife!!. Congratulations again, did you screw her last night. I bet you did,
your face tells it. So your dreams now have come true. Did you look for any
leaches down there, is it shaved or bushy?”, Villu asked me.

“What’s wrong with you, have you loosen your nuts, what rubbish are you
telling. You know its not my fault. Everything happened, men proposes god
disposes!”, I said.

“But you got a fine chick which you were craving, peeping, coolly, as if
put in a silver plate and offered to you, some men are lucky, they get
everything without any effort, such things which he never expects, he
cannot expect as he knows very well that he doesn’t deserve it. Tell me the
black magic you did, whom did you consult? Who was the witchcraft, may I

“What’s wrong with you Vilasini? Don’t you know how all things happened? I
am finding it very difficult to adjust to it. Till yesterday she was like
an elder sister, almost a mother to me and today she is my wife. Do you
know how difficult it is?”, I asked.

“Ha,ha great joke, mother like!, shit, and you peep into her bed room, you
peep when she bath, and say she is mother like!!, you are then a mother
fucker!”, Villu was not leaving me.

“What’s in it for you, do you want her to eat your pussy again? I have no
objection, if she wants to eat your pussy then go for it! But you don’t
expect to eat Gita’s pussy anymore. Isn’t the reason you came quarreling
today. I know what’s in your mind”.

“Shit!, stop such rubbish. I thought your were loving me!”, Villu’s face
became red with blush and anger. “I was Villu, but fate is fate, what can
we do? We are toys in the hand of might god!”, I left her to take

Gita was waiting for me to serve breakfast, like an obedient
servant. “Where is mother?”, I asked.

“Mother has gone to market, to buy fish for her son, newly married son and
his wife!, we too are leaving today. So the newlyweds will be alone and can
have an indoor honeymoon right away”, my sisters replied in chorus.

“Have you got anything else to do? Always pestering me? Don’t you know how
difficult to look yesterday’s Gita chechy as wife Gita today? Am I an
animal? I was respecting her till last day”, I argued with my sisters.

“Vasu, come to this room, I want to tell you something”, my elder sister
called me. When I joined her, she bolted the room and said, “Eda Vasu,
don’t play innocent like a pope. We knew everything. Your leach hunting in
Gita’s …. I don’t tell which place, your peeping into her room, we knew
everything. By god’s grace things happened in your favour, else we might
have seen brother killing brother. So don’t play so innocent to us, perhaps
you can fool mother and father, perhaps that ape Reghu too!”, I lost color
from my face. That bloody Villu was gossiping about us, I was sure.

“Break fast is served, please come Vasu Etta”, Gita was calling me (‘Etta’
means ‘big brother or respected husband”) lovingly. “Go, go Vasu
Ettaaaaaaaaaa”, my sister mocked Gita’s respected tune. Fortunately they
did not comment anything to Gita and left by afternoon. The lunch was nice
with mushrooms; special dishes made of fish, sweets etc. When I had lunch I
was in a mood to sleep, my mother went out taking coconut leaves folded
basket to cut grass, giving enough chances for an indoor honeymoon.

When I had a little nap, Gita too joined me in the cot. “What a sleep last
night!, you didn’t ask if I want to lay side by side, why you become so
serious Vasu Etta”.

“Cut the crap, stop this Etta call!, call me Vasu as before, please”.

“No, wife should not call husband by name, you are my respected husband
now!”, Gita was coy. “Why are you not calling me my name?”, she asked
again. “Till yesterday you were my brother’s respected wife now you become
my wife, actually I am yet to adjust with this marriage idea”, I said.
“But I am your wife now, call me, my name, call me now, I want to hear it”.
“Okay Gita deedee, no Gita!”. “That’s not enough call me again, like you
call Villu, Geetaa!”, she was behaving like a kid. “Geetakuteeeee!” “
ayyo, nice, I love it call me like that Geethakkutty, I love it!! yes!
chettaaaaaaaa (dear hubby)…!” Gita was happy.

“Did you like that name Geetakkuteee when I called long back?”, I asked.

“Yes, I loved it”.

“So you were pretending angry with me, you liked my affections!”

“Yes, every woman likes to be admired, loved, cherished, respected, but
love is above all, all a woman need in this world is love. She will
surrender to any Tom, Dick and Harry if she feels he is loving him”, Gita

“How did you know I love you?”.

“Women know when someone loves her. It’s her built in talent. A look, a
sparkle of eye, a sigh when we pass, we get the message!”.

“Wow!, what a philosopher!”, I said.

“That’s an ideal wife”.

“But as per Indian mythology the definition of wife is something
different. Karyeshu mathri sayaneshu vesya, haven’t you heard it.


“Efficient like a minister to a king, but in bed like a well experienced

“How can a wife be a prostitute? Aren’t you ashamed to make wife a
prostitute?! It’s a bad word for woman, don’t you know?”.

“Its bad now, but in ancient times prostitutes were having equal social
status like wives. People visited prostitutes and loved their wives
too. Prostitutes in old era were highly educated, knowledgeable, experts in
everything, from administration to plain intercourse!”.

“Oh intercourse, your favorite topic. How can a wife become efficient like
a prostitute?”

“She must seduce, educate, explore, excite, take men to heaven!”.

“How, I have heard prostitutes first take money, then lie spread and gave
men what they want to do with her body, so where is the seduction?”

“Its modern prostitutes, the saying meant prostitutes in those old golden
days, they will write, sing, dance, quotes poetry, reveal their body slowly
exciting men every instant, do whatever things men ask to them”.

“Did they take it in ass too!?”, she asked.

“They were capable of taking it even in their nostrils!”.

“So what do you expect from this poor humble wife, you too want my ass
only. I thought my second husband would prefer my sweet front hole”.

“Okay, make tea, I want to plant some teakwood saples which Ganesh
brought. Take a pick axe and follow me, quick march!”, I ordered.

While we were planting those plants near our compound wall, Vilasini
appeared with a goat and some collected leaves as its food. “Oh
honeymooning by planting trees? I haven’t heard honey moons performed this
way”, she said at us.

“Oh, where are you two goats going?”

” Not two, one goat!, To make this goat eat, leaves of jackwood!”, Villu

“It eat only leaves!”.

“Unlike men, alas they eat only leaves!, it doesn’t eat grass”.

“I would eat grass if the meadow is good!”, I tried pun. “You are
interested in cutting meadow rather than eating!”, Villu shot back.

“Stop double meaning dialogues, my dear husband, don’t make your wife
jealous. I won’t allow any seducing others anymore. If you try seducing
neighbours,the hell hath no such fury than me, remember”, Gita said in a
humourous way.

Villu had gone by the time we finished gardening. “Now I want a bath at the
canal water, are you coming?”, I asked Gita, my wife. ” Yes, but I don’t
have spare clothes, I will sit at the shore only, perhaps leaches are there
even now!, but a wife has to follow her husband, so I am also coming”.

When we reached the canal there was enough water and water was crystal
clear, perhaps they might have opened the dam’s shutters. None knew about
it so there was nobody around. I jumped into the canal only my drawers on
and left other clothes ashore. “Why don’t you join me?”, I asked Gita. “No,
I don’t have towel or spare clothes, not now, if someone comes its
shame”. “Oh, don’t worry, we may start our honeymoon from this canal, none
seemed aware of dam’s shutters opened today, come I insist”. Then Gita too
reluctantly started removing her blouse. She opened her blouse and then
followed by her bra, under skirt. Then she hiked the lungi she was wearing
to cover her breasts, and joined me in water with a hiss shound indicating
its cold in water.

As soon as she joined me, my knickers struggled, as my phallus was erect.
“Does this have no other job?, its always in this condition, an iron rod!”,
Gita exclaimed. At the next instant she slipped and the lungi was flown
away down the canal. “Oh…hh please catch it Vasu Etta, my lungi!, its
flowing down, please catch it, I don’t have anything on me”, she cried. The
lungi was now reached few meters down and stuck at a bramble. “Don’t worry,
we will take it when we go back, now we can bath, as moss is there none
will see you are naked here”. “No,no, please take that skirt I will wear
it, I cant swim like the day I was born here in public, anyone can come,
you are not the only peeping boy here, I know a few boys”, Gita lamented.

Then I swam to her and touched her nipples, and started inspecting
it. “What’s there, leach?”, there was fear in Gita’s voice. “No, something
bit, small fish I hope”, I said pinching her nipples. “No, they might have
come thinking it’s their mother for drinking its milk”, Gita chuckled.

“There is another big eel fish, you want to see it?”, I asked. “where,
where let me see”, “Give me your hand I will give it to you else it will
slip away”, Gita extended her hands to me, I took my phallus out and placed
it in her hand. “Ohh…oooooooo, its not eel, its my husband’s
tool!, why this is struggling like this?” . “It saw a big den, it was to
enter the den”. I longed my hand to touch Gita’s shoulders and I began to
apply soap there. I caught the long hairs sprouted from her armpits and was
floating like wild moss in the clear water. “Geethakutty you have never
shaved here isn’t it, how long your pit hairs are, that’s why you emit a
sweet smell when you are sweating”. “Chee, take your hands from there,
ladies don’t shave there, what’s the use of blades for a lady anyway, its
you gents shave and cut hairs. Those hairs are god given to me, let it
remain in its place”, Gita was ticklish when I tried to kiss her armpits
and bit the long hairs. “Alright, I don’t ask you to shave, its nice to
see ladies having a lot of pit hair, its an indication of how hairy their
pussies are, in fact your hairy pits looks like a fine pussy to me”. “Ok
then soap me!”, Gita turned away. I put a small piece of soap and lathered
it in my palms and started soaping her broad shoulders and the smooth back,
which looked like an elephant’s forehead to me. I began to soap each nook
and corner of her body above water level and I was forgot she was standing
half nude in the open.

“Are you soaping me or making me wet?” “Both!, I want to make you wet, you
haven’t got wet like this after marriage, am I true, I want you to
understand how a husband can make you wet!”. “You are true, my ex-husband
never bothered to do such things to me, let me feel your hands all over me,
I love you”, unknowingly she was caressing my big phallus when she said
that. “Okay, now lets stop this open honey moon, some one may come, we
will go home and do such naughty things”, Gita said. “Let me soap your
boobs, Gita , I can’t take my hands away from these big globes, see how
smooth they are, two little darlings, let me catch these wild
strawberries”, I soaped her breasts and twisted her black taut nipples.
“Oooh, leave me alone, if you take that much time there, then what time it
will take to soap other important areas”, Gita was childish. “I forgot,
let me soap your triangle”, I inserted a finger into her hot pussy, even
though we were standing in water, her inner pussy folds were warm, and I
felt I have put my fingers into a tube full of hot oil. “Here also hairs
have grown, it was about three months now the accident, isn’t it”, I was
feeling the dark mattress of her pubic region. Once shaved the hairs start
fast growing there. “Yes, it was a neglected region since that rainy
night”. “Didn’t do anything to this area, while alone at night?”. “Don’t
play, you want me to say I finger every night, sorry, I doesn’t do it,
unless I am terribly hot. Do you want to grow hair there or not?”, Gita
asked me. “As you please I like both, it is always a surprise when I see
there is shaved when I least expect it, that’s called sweet surprise”. I
lathered again and applied it on her deep navel and down below. “This
navel of you, it looks deeper than your pussy hole, perhaps I may use it
when you are on periods”, I commented. “You use anywhere, but this is too
much, I cant suffer like this, I am getting aroused baba, lets go home and
do something, someone might come”. “Lets clean here nicely”, I opened the
pussy folds and water gushed into those orifices and Gita was giggling with
new ticklish feelings.” Don’t spread so open, tiny fish may bite me
inside”. “Let them enter its nice to feel those tiny things move their tiny
tails fluttering inside your pussy”. “No I don’t allow any tiny tot, except
this big eel”, she was again caressing my big tool.

I returned to her marvelous buttocks, what a fine two pieces of stiff meat,
I pressed and pinched there, then I felt her anus and inserted a finger
into it. “Take your hands away, don’t complain foul smells afterwards”,
Gita tried to move my hands. “But I love that smell, its too very nice “.
“Like elder brother like younger one”, “you too Brutus!, anyway take your
hands, I don’t like it “. “Okay, now spread your legs and stand still, let
me touch your little clitty”, I inserted a finger and spread her upper
folds of the pussy triangle and the pebble like clitoris came into contact
with my forefinger. “oooooooooh, don’t touch there, I will loose control”.
“So this is your magic control switch, your master switch”, I dived into
water and took it between my lips, “ooooooooohhhhhhh hhhhhhhha
Agggggggggggggagggggggggggg”, Gita lost balance and fell into the
water. Then we heard something fallen into the water. Had some naughty boy
joined us in water?. Gita hid her nudity by diving into the deeper water,
and I saw a coconut fallen near us. “Don’t worry, it is a coconut”, I
said. “Its not a dry one, its raw look if someone is on the coconut tree,
anyway lets stop bathing now, we were too careless, Vasu Etta, please take
my skirt and give it me, hurry up”. I took the lungi back from the brambles
carefully and gave it to her. We quickly dried ourselves and just when we
climbed the steps I saw a group of women with a bundle of clothes reached
the spot. If we had spent five more minutes they would have found us naked
and naughty in the water. The coconut saved us from the situation. I took
it in one hand, when we entered our property boundary, Vilasini appeared as
if from nowhere and asked, “Vasu, now give me that coconut”. “Why?, its
from canal, I took it from water, what right have to ask for it”, I asked
her. “Then it was me who threw it to you, otherwise those ladies might have
seen some people in our village acting like in English films”. Gita’s face
was red with blush, she said softly, “Thank you Vills, you saved me from an
embarrassment”. “Only we women help each other, the men are foolish, they
want their pleasure and never bothers about the embarrassment can happen to
us. After all your new husband is such a fool and a careless person”, Villu
shot at us. “Anyway my wife is so lucky to have a caring neighbour”, I

“Ok, don’t fight with her, dear husband, at least thank for saving from a
disgraceful situation’, Gita took my hand and we walked to our home. This
night is going to be our first night, I decided. When we reached our house mother was already there cutting the fish for
dinner. She gave us a knowing smile and said, “Thank god, now your
inhibitions are over, I want a grand child soon. I have been waiting for
that from the first day my elder son married Gita, now one year has been
spent, God played his role, now you are husband and wife, and it’s the duty
of a husband and wife to enjoy all good and bad in life, fortunes and
misfortunes, produce inheritors, make us happy. We want to cuddle our grand
babies before it’s too long”.

I walked as if nothing has been heard. Gita was hanging the wet clothes one
by one. She was giving a mischievous smile. My sisters had gone to their
in-law’s houses respectively. So it was going to be our official first
night. We both had forgotten the rainy night as if a fantasy, too good to
be true. When the dinner was served and eaten, I retired to my room, I had
arranged some jasmine flowers and showered them on the bed, as if an
indication of my first night. I was repeating the scene I had seen in a lot
of Tamil movies. Do Keralites practice this custom, I never know.

After half an hour Gita entered the room with a glass of milk. She gave it
to me and waiting for my response blushingly. I sipped half of it and
returned the rest to her which she drank as if it was a sacred prasadam(
God’s offering). “Come and sit here”, I said. She obeyed. I was thrilled
at the role reversal happened. Before a few days she was the boss and I was
a boy walking behind her worshiping, adoring her like an angel but with
desire. I never dreamt that she would be mine one day, and it had just
happened. Now she had metamorphosed to an obedient Indian wife who is ready
to serve her husband in whatever way he likes.

“Let me wipe this milk, its all over your lips”, Gita tried to wipe the
milk on my moustache and upper lips with her hands. “No, use your lips”,
she giggled and gave me a warm kiss and her lips lingered on my upper lips
and moustache and she wiped the traces of milk away. “Now I had milk and
honey’, I said.

“What are you looking at?”

“You look same like the bride of my brother, remember the days you came to
this house, you haven’t changed much”.

“I have changed, I was afresh then, now I am a second hand wife”.

“Leave it, my brother told me you were a virgin and I knew you were a
virgin, and it was me who stole your virginity”

“But I was not a virgin in some places”.

“Yes, I know, but its nothing immaterial” .

“Now lets us put of light’, Gita moved to the switch.

“No, let it remain, let me see my wife, fully naked”

“Haven’t you seen me naked enough, you peeper”.

“It was past, like trailer of a movie, I saw bits and parts only, now I am
married and its my privilege to see my bride naked in my first night”

“Oh!, shall I have to shed all my clothes, don’t look me like that, I feel
you are raping me with your eyes”.

Raping with my eyes, yes, I had done it several times, but when I heard the
term from her I felt something manly, I didn’t feel any sin. “Remove your
clothes, one by one, slowly, like you did when you came to this room after
your bath. I want to repeat it, the humming and singing, pretend me I am
not here, just shed your clothes one by one and get completely naked”, I

“What is this, a sex movie, you the director and I the heroine, remember we
are husband and wife. You will get bored, in fact there is not a place in
my body which you haven’t seen”.

“But you slapped me when I saw your most inner secret, so I could not enjoy
it then”.

“Now taking revenge for that?”

“No dear, it my desire, there is not a thing more erotic in this world than
seeing a beauty getting naked. Haven’t you heard about the great actor
Thikkurissi. When an interviewer asked him, what would he wish if God give
him one wish”.

“What was that?”

“He said he wanted to become an invisible man and the god must give him
opportunity to hide in the bathroom of Elizabeth Tailor when she bathes”.

“Who is Elizabeth Taylor, any tailor?”, I laughed at Gita’s innocence.

“Ha,ha, she was beauty queen of Hollywood at that time, the bathing scene
in Cleopatra is famous. Incidentally she possess the Guinness record for
marrying most number of men in the world”.

“How many?”

“I don’t know the count, but it’s a story that on one of her honey moons
she had asked the groom that she feel his face much familiar. Then the guy
replied that ‘Dear we had married once!’, this is our second marriage'”.

“Ha,ha, joking, so I don’t have to be much guilty, I was feeling guilty
that I am not a virgin to you, and you may repent on the decision later”.

“Never, it’s a dream come true to me. You don’t know how much I craved for
you, how much I worried when I saw my brother the brute, stick his thing to
your asshole!”.

“Please don’t remember me those days, you peeping tom!”

“How did you feel when you caught me peeping under your cot?”

“I felt urge to kill you, invading the privacy of a lady, that too in a
most vulgar condition, I felt to cry aloud, not to punish anybody, I wall
crying on my ill fate.”

“So let us start, please strip those things, I want to see my darling,
naked, as on the day as born”

“But first let me see your little Vasu, then only I feel I am even”, Gita
came to me and caught the lungi which I was wearing and without any
obstacle it fell down on the floor, and my phallus roared like the lion in
MGM banner.

“Look at this, whenever I see this is such big and hot, what’s the food you
are giving to it?”

“I just exercise it with my hands, thinking about my beauty, named, and he
has grown big day by day, now want a good fuck fest”

“What does it need now?’ “It wants to see the den in which he has to
enter, simple”. Gita took in her palms, and was touching it with passion,
at the same time, I removed her sary and began to unhook her under skirt,
the tag was undone, and it fell to the floor, Gita was standing before me
wearing the blouse and a knee length cloth firmly covering her buttocks and
reaching half thigh length. Then she opened her blouse and I was able to
see her two big melons covered in a new black brassieres.I felt the
heavenly musky women’s scent filling my nostrils, I hugged her closely
sitting on my bed, the heavenly scent was mostly coming from her armpits. I
put my nose to her armpits and inhaled her scent, till my lungs were filled
to its full capacity.

“What are you sniffing like a dog?”

“The scent of my woman, the aroma of her body, which made me her slave”.

I hugged her again and was licking the sweat beads from her deep cleavage,
the oiliness was spread to my tip of tongue and I tasted the saltiness of
her sweat and mixed odour. I unclasped her brassieres, and I could see the
big water lemons, dangling free liberated from its prison. The nipples like
coffee pods begged me to caress them and I obligued, I took them between my
lips, and bit them, she made a slight sound of ecstacy. I kissed on her
breasts alternately and when I traced their outer diameters her long armpit
hairs brushed my face, and I took those stray hairs between my teeth, they
were salty. Even in the rainy climate, she was sweating and trembling and
the only obstacle which remained in her body was the small cloth which
countryside women used in place of panties.

Panties were not common in Indian countryside’s. “Now you take this away”.

“Why should I , you can also do the same thing, I am shy, it’s a husband’s

“But I want you to do it, its more thrilling”.

‘Okay, an obedient wife does everything for her husband”, she removed the
white cloth with trembling hands but at the next instant her palm hid the
triangle, and with another hand she tried to cover her breasts.

“Ekahastena gopyathe, as Kalidasan said!”, I said.

“Who that bloody?”

“Don’t you know, Kalidas story”

“I don’t know, it may be a wicked one, I bet!” Kalidasan was famous poet of middle age in India. When he was crossing a
river where there was no bridge or boat conveniently, a woman was crossing
the same river from the other side, water was about the waist
level. Kalidasan removed his dhothi and tied it to his head as a turban,
the lady also did the same thing. But she could conceal her nudity
efficiently with a single palm, and Kalidasan was finding it very difficult
to cover his big phallus and his bigger testicles, and he said ‘Eka hastena
gopyathe’ (concealable with a single hand) , that women could cover their
nudity using a single hand!!’, that’s Kalidas’ story.”, I concluded.

“Okay then start something, I don’t want to hear any more such stories, I
am getting itching”


“Down there, where else, it’s a twenty five year itch!, my pussy’s all
itches has to be cured this night, please water my desert, today Vasu,
don’t leave me, ever, kiss me, everywhere, from head to toe, I want it, I
love it, please start”.

I made her lie on the bed, and began to kiss starting from her forehead,
inching down by millimeters, I kissed her eyebrows, unlike modern women,
the eyebrows were not shaped by beauticians still it looked in clear bow
shape, with thin edges, I traced her straight nose and dried the small
sweat beads appeared on her moustache region, there was a very, very thin
tiny shade which I licked with my tip of tongue, then I took charge of
those thick soft petal like lips. I lingered my lips on her lips and rubbed
them, I could feel the hot air coming out of her nostrils, and my lips took
her upper lips and I began to chew them, without causing pain. I did the
same to her lower lips, she was writhing in pleasure, one good kiss to your
woman, then she is your slave forever. I then began kissing her chin, the
high cheek bones, her ears, ear lobes, the place between her ears. My
brother never bothered to do that on those regions, it was her first
experience and I was practicing the hundreds of sex books I read. For
inexperienced men, my advice to spend some time doing this, it wont be much
thrilling for us physically, the reward will be the woman’s sighs,
groaning, the feeling of her raw scent, but you never knew you are creating
waves in her body, she will be boiling in scorching heat of love, passion
and ecstasy. You reward will be her life long slavery. She would feel
desires to pay back, and you will be lucky if she does the same to your
prick. I spent about half an hour kissing her body, and I was able to feel
she was burning with desire, she made so many undecipherable sounds, and my
lips were then on her broad meadow, enjoying her muskiness. Her hands had
captured my phallus, and it was leaking from its tip.

“Does this glue never stops?!”, she exclaimed.

“Its called pilot, originated from the pilot car which comes before a VIP
comes, its colourless, the original gum is white and more sticky”.

“Why wait, fill me with it?!”.

“No, we must not hurry, we are two experienced players, we should make this
first night memorable, a cherished night, the night has just only started,
and we won’t sleep this night.”

“Ooooh, will you take whole night to fill me, no Vasu, I cant stand this
anymore, put this big iron into me, let my pussy tore away!”, she was
pressing her breasts like a mad women. I was concentrating more on her
pussy region, I felt the juice running down from her inner folds and it was
like a damp pit, I spread her legs wider and nose dived into her pubic
triangle, drinking the nectar, and my tongue was deep buried into her
musky, slippery inner path. I was trying to locate her love button.

“Spread wider, where is your kanth(love button)?”

“Its inside, look for it baba, its hiding somewhere inside in that region”.

“Its small compared to Vilasini, that’s why I am finding difficult to

“You find it, then tell me Vasu, are you worried because its smaller than

“Leave that thing, comparing Vilasini and my dream girl, you too know how
difficult is to lick her regions, she smell so nasty”

“How do I know?”

“Don’t lie to me, I had seen you diving into that girl’s pussy. Don’t play

“Oh, you peeping Tom, nothing is possible here without you seeing it, it
was a slight aberration, happened to me, it was due to my frustration, your
brother’s neglect to woman’s needs, I tried an alternate source”.

“Were you satisfied?”

“I was not, but she was, Vasu it was you who tempted me in some odd way, I
had caught you both in such a situation and when I saw how earnestly you
eat her pussy, I thought it would be some ambrosia, but when I tried it I
felt vominating, but I could not express it as it was me who initiated all
those things. So I did not express, but I feel a woman doesn’t like the
smell of other woman’s region”

“But there are women like that, men liking men, and women liking men”

“Is you brother such a man, he always compared some boy when he was doing
sexy thing to me, he never compared with another woman, that’s why I asked”

“I can’t tell it now, but there is a rumour”.

“I felt so depressed, when he compared me against some boy’s ass, while his
younger brother was crazy walking my behind!”

“So you knew, I desired on you?!”

“Every woman knows it from the look of a man! But she never reveals, in
fact she enjoys it, its woman’s psychology, we expect everyone to stare at
us, but its your eyes!, Vasu which makes me wet!!, the way you caress me
with your eyes, the eyes like pieces of a broken bottle”

“Now stop talking, do something!, its an order!”. By the time I had located
her clitoris, it was feeling like cotton swab coated with glue and it was
getting firm and soft alternately, I used my tip of tongue to make it firm,
I licked around it and it stood like a small pebble and she was writhing in
pleasure. She took both of her legs and took its feet to her mouth and was
spread wildly, as if a lady delivering child, she was asking me to move my
tongue deeper, deeper. My mouth and face were all coated her glue, the
muskiness was filling the whole room, and I was afraid the smell will
escape our room and enter the next room and give my mama a hint that what
was going inside. She will be delighted that her son is making love to his
wife, at last.

She was fast approaching an orgasm, she was pressing my head like a small
pillow to her pubic, and my tongue entered her unexplored crevices and she
was enjoying the pleasure. I grabbed her buttocks like an opened umbrella,
fortunately my tip of tongue was pressing the arrow shaped tip of her
clitoris and she came with a bang. She came to her senses and was feeling
my sticky face, and said in low tone, “Thank you, Vasukutta, I came nicely,
now shall I suck your penis, I cant stand up, I prefer to relax, but give
it to me I will lick at it lying here”.

“No just relax, I am going to enter you, I want to fill you, while you
relaxing”. I lied on top of her and adjusted the tip of my phallus and
with no objection it entered her pussy.

She acknowledged it with a smile, I began to make slow strokes and she
enjoyed it. She lied under me, with eyes shut and smiling. I increased the
speed in the process and she began to move, she tried to make her legs
closer to my pelvis and I was getting more friction. I touched her midriff
and felt the traces signs of a chain around her midriff.

“Do you wear gold chain here”

“Yes, I had one, but your brother didn’t like it, so after marriage I did
not wear it”

“From tomorrow, you should wear it, I like to see it, a gold chain around
your narrow waist is nice to see, it makes you look like an Indian

‘Yes, my majesty!’ I started pumping, increasing speed as if traveling on
the highway with topgears, she supported me grabbing my butt and making me
pump deeply into her. I too was feeling the inevitable orgasm, “Gita, I am
going to come, please be ready”, I was moving madly.

“I am waiting for this from day one, my majesty, fill my pussy with your
milk, oh majesty. Fill it, shut it, forget it, like that bike’s ad!”

“I will never forget this night, I am cumming, ah,ah”

My shoot lasted for two minutes, the curdy semen entered her pussy, and she
lay still.

“Why are you silent, come lie on me, I was putting my weight on you till
now, now you may relax”

“No, dear husband, I don’t want your milk escape from my pussy, you are a
real man, I want to deliver children for you, for this I need your milk,
lets remain like this for ten minutes”.

I moved to her side and was hugging her, soon my wicked hands encircled her
breasts and started playing with her nipples. They too responded by
becoming taut.

“Did you enjoy it”

“Enjoy, I loved every minute of it, in my previous marriage I was repenting
on each night, doing the sin, because of my asshole fucker”

“Now tell me about your first night, how was that?!”

“I am no good story teller”.

“Lets relax, I want to hear it”

“Well this is what you mean by ‘Shayaneshu Veshya ( a prostitute in bed),
telling tales, but it was not much nice to hear, I feel shy to remember
those nights”.

“But I want to hear it”.

“Its about your brother, how your brother fucked his wife, its sin to tell
it to another brother”.

“Its about my wife’s ex-husband, I want to know the tricks he used, perhaps
I can make it better”.

“No, I don’t want you to enter the place where he entered”

“Oh cut the crap, tell me your first night”. She began..

“I was shy like any village bride. I knew about man-woman relations from my
friends and elders, I expected him to kiss me, make me nude, and put that
big thing into my, you know where it is. I entered the room with the milk
which your sisters gave to me. I gave the milk to him, and stood. He gulped
down and throw the steel glass to corner. Then he asked me to undress.”

“He did not kiss you?!”

“He never bothered such matters. He asked me, “take your clothes off”, I
waited for him to do it, how can a woman undress herself before an unknown
me, its like a ****, but he told me again, “What are you looking at , take
those clothes off, and come here”, it was an order like a military.

“So you started undressing right away”.

“I was remembering the advices told to me by my friends”.

“What was it?”

“They told me that your husband will kiss you and remove sary first then
blouse and then bra and panties if any”

“And what did you do?”

“I was educated in the city, I had stayed in hostels, so I was accustomed
to change clothes before others, only difference was they were all ladies,
so I removed my sary, under skirt, blouse, bra in that order, if that
interests you”

“One more thing, did you have panties on?!”

“No, I had removed it while bathing at your house, I felt it very
uncomfortable to wear panties at nights, I used to wear it only when I make
an outing”

“In hostels, you ladies wear other girls clothes”.

“Hostels, we are used to such acts, so many girls from different
backgrounds, we have to adjust with them, at first I was reluctant to shed
clothes before others, I waited them to move away, but they did not, they
were curious to see each other. Each woman compares her body with others
when they get an opportunity. They are bolder than me, sometimes girls
will walk naked while others watch.”

“Did you do it with some girls?”

“Aha, invasion of my privacy, I don’t disclose everything to you”

“So I can believe there were more Vilasini’s in your life”

“Yes, some girls forced me to do it, but I did not enjoy much, they
fingered each other and sometimes sleep naked in a bed, especially on the
cold nights, I will tell my hostel life later if that interests you later,
now coming to my first night.”

‘Okay, continue”.

“So I undressed and with shivering stood before him, then he turned me and
began watching my ass, he made some slaps on my buttocks, ‘nice”, he
said. Then he caught my gold chain which I wore around my waistline,
“what’s this, I don’t want you to wear any such things, especially here, a
firm ass, that’s what I loved about you, now kneel, let me feel , he
inserted a finger into my asshole and tried to penetrate it. I felt like a
cow, inspected by a prospective buyer. I felt so humiliated it was
different from any of the first night stories I overheard when my
relatives, friends talked.


“Then he again made me to face him. I was covering my pubic region and
breasts like the lady crossed river along with Kalidasan, but you know how
difficult to conceal my breast, they are so large as you say, like


“Your brother moved my hands away, and pressed my boobs with both of his
hands and exclaimed ‘nice, big firm”, and he inserted a finger into my
pussy and said ‘dry!, okay, on first nights, I am not going to hurt you,
you look afraid”, then he took my hands and led to his phallus. The phallus
was bigger than yours, I looked at it with honour and respect, so this big
thing is going to enter my pussy, how was it possible, I remembered the
advices from my hostel mates and repented on neglecting them”.

“What was your inmate’s advices?”

“There was a girl who used to put big green cucumber into her pussy, often
took from hostel’s kitchen, she did it when I was the only person
around. When I said its dangerous practice, she said we would better
practice or will feel much pain when some unknown husband fucks us with

“Did you ever do it?”

“No,never, I was afraid about my hymen, I heard stories about adamant men
inspecting their bride for existence of hymen, I wanted to present my
virginity only to my husband, not to any cucumber!”.

“So your hymen was intact on your first night?”

“You only broke it,brute”

“Yes, I know, but have you heard about hymen with corporation’s stamp?”

“I don’t know which corporation?”

“Trivandrum corporation, there was such a stamp on one of famous artist’s
hymen, Have you heard that story”

“Another one of your wicked stories?”

“Perhaps, but you want to hear it?”

“Okay, I may have a glass of water, and take a rest”, I watched her big
nude body moving with elegance like a new born elephant and taking water
from earthen pot and drinking it.

The spills were running down her body, she was bigger than normal when
naked. She came back and hugged me, I licked her nose”

“Its nice to smell your body perfume, especially when your nose sweats, I
have found its when your smell is great”

“Ok, tell me about that actress “

‘You know that Ambi of Malayalam, she was married to doctor from USA and
now. The story goes like this. The doctor was from U.S and he preferred a
girl from India, as most of the girls loose virginity from their college
days in U.S according to him. So his only condition was that the girl
should have a perfect hymen. And Ambi’s mother wanted badly to have a
doctor as her daughter’s groom, so she approached a doctor, the famous
plastic surgeon of Medical College, Trivandrum”

“Why, did she have no hymen?” ‘Hymen, for an actress!! Are you mad? Having a hymen for an actress is like
a rich man admitted to heaven, as Bible says! Even if they had one it will
be lost to the makeup man first, then followed by cameraman, producer,
hero, financers in the respective order!”

“ha ha, okay, continue”

“So Ambi’s mother offered a hefty some to arrange a perfect hymen for her

The surgeon agreed and he went to corporations’s meat market and bought a
lamb. He grafted tender membrane from its urinal area and put the hymen to
Ambi. The marriage was over and the doctor inserted his finger into the
pussy and felt the membrane. The girl writhed in pain and he broke her
virginity membrane and when everything was done, he went to the bathroom”

“For what?”

“A doctor from U.S is highly hygienic! He wanted to clean, do you know what
he found?”


“The virginity membrane, it was stuck at the edge of his penis, he took it
detached and inspected it with an academic interest. In fact he believed it
never existed, none could vouch for its existence even now, I think it’s a
myth, but some girls pretend pain, and some rub some blood on the bed sheet
to indicate she was virgin on her first night.

Anyway the doctor spread the membrane and he saw the stamp in black ink
“Trivandrum Corporation!”

“I don’t get you, how did it came?”

“Shall I have to explain a joke, you fool, the meat sold at corporation’s
meat stall should have corporations’ seal its mandatory!”

“ah,ha,ha, poor Ambi!”

“Okay tell me the rest of your first night. What did my brother do?”

“He felt my pubis, I had cut some hair using a scissors at that time, he
asked me why did I do it? Then he rolled on top of me and put that big
phallus and tried to enter my pussy, without any preliminaries, I felt my
urethra is getting damaged. I tried to move him away and his hairy chest
was rubbing on my breast and nose, as he was taller than me I didn’t feel
any pleasure from the acts. He tried to insert his big phallus several
times into me, and failed, then he told me to roll over, he spat into his
palm, and rubbed my anus with his spit. He told me it won’t hurt much
there. I was thinking that he wanted to spend his seed as I was unable to
accommodate him, so I allowed him to enter in my anus. It was my big
mistake. All nights followed in the same pattern, I was fucked brutally in
my asshole and he never tried to enter me from direct, always found some
lame excuses, I don’t have to elaborate you had seen the acts anyway”.

“Now tell me about your hostel days, did you masturbate there?”

“I am no story teller, its my dark secrets, why you want to hear”.

“Because my flagpole is getting erected and erotic tales can make him
bigger, and I will enter in your pussy again!”

“In that case I am ready to tell, what do you want to hear”

“Tell me about a girl who fucked you, I want to hear a girl-girl scene, it
always makes me wet”

“But don’t make it a practice like your brother, I am not going into women
to tell you more tales, and I don’t want to make Vilasini do such things
anymore. Perhaps you are planning a threesome!”

“No, I wont mingle with Vilasini, my friend Ganesh is going to propose her
next week.”

“That’s nice, her horoscope has some problems, its better Ganesh marry her,
he is nice and good, they are a perfect match too!”

“Okay tell me about your first lesbian experience”

“Oh it was from Renu, the dancer of our college, there were a hundred of
boys after her.

But she did not encourage them, she was much good and more beautiful than
me. She was my room mate.”

“It was a hot night, I was dressed only in night dress and nothing
inside. At night I felt someone was lying by my side. I smelt her perfume,
I knew it was Renu. She was cuddling me, her face was so close to me. She
brushed my face with her soft lips, and it felt so ticklish, she was
embracing me from my behind. Soon her hands unzipped my night dress and her
palms entered in to my dress, one palm encircled my left breast and another
began to pull my other nipple”

I was getting aroused and my phallus grew to its length and it was touching
Gita’s behind, I put him between her buttocks and the warmth was noticed by
Gita. “Like brother, you too put it there”.

“No its just to keep it warm, no evil intentions, continue your story”

‘Vasu, if you want to fuck in my ass I will allow you, but I want a kid
first, perhaps on my maternity days I will allow you to fuck me in my

“Oh I don’t need it now, please continue”

‘Okay, Renu began feeling my boobs, even though I felt it so ticklish, it
was giving me an unknown pleasure too, soon her hands traveled down and she
felt my panties”.

“You wear panties at night?”

“I was wearing it on that day, as I thought my period approaching, are you
satisfied. Then Renu’s hands lingered around my navel region. She was
getting bolder and was feeling the tiny hairs I had around my navel, and
she moved her palm further down”.

“Oooh, good carry on”

“Well let me feel how you are growing, ah ha this is bigger shape than last
time, I am going to tell more sexy things. Renu’s palm lingered on my
panties edge and inch by inch it progressed and finally her palm was
resting on my pubis mound like a small tortoise.

She felt my pussy opening with her finger and when she understood I was
wet, she felt I would offer no objection. Then she moved and put on light”.


“It was impossible for me to pretend any more sleeping. She was drinking
water from a bottle and gave it to me after asking , “Gita, do you feel
thirsty?”. I nodded, then when I had drunk water, she moved to switch off
the light, but she did not. She stayed there looking into my eyes, she
began lifting her nightie slowly, hiking it inch by inch, and finally she
removed her nightie over her head!”

“Aha, nice!”

“Vasu, can you imagine what did I see, she was hairless down there,
completely hairless, her body shined in the light, she was like a rose
petal, the color enticed me, she moved to me and stood closer offering me
an unabashed view of her rose pussy”.

“What did you do?”

“My heart was spinning, I cannot help but kiss her. I kissed on her
abdonmen, on her navel, then she hissed”


“She went back, put of the light and joined me in bed. She removed my night
dress and lowered my panties. She moved on top of me she began kissing
me. Do you know Vasu, when you were kissing me just before I felt like
Renu’s first touch. You both are tender, you know my contours very
well. Renu kissed me like you did, and ate my pussy in that night”.

“Did you repay her?”

“Yes, it was nice, she was fresh, no nasty smells, I thought Vilasini would
be like her, but when I smelt her I felt bad, but I could not go back, as
it would humiliate her. I had the view of your diving into her pussy. I
wanted to compete with her”.

“Okay, Renu did this everyday to you?”

“No, she wanted more than that”.


“She had artificial penis which her cousin had given her, she wanted to
fuck me with it, which I refused, she did it with my other room mate. “

“Before your eyes?”

“Yes, they were lesbian lovers even before I came to the hostel. They did a
hundred times before me, they wanted me to become jealous and finally give
it a try”

“But why don’t you try”

“I don’t want to have corporation seal on my hymen!”

“ha,ha,ha”, we laughed and started to make love again. This time it was
deliberately slow, and we did it with Gita sitting on my lap. I cupped her
breasts and moved her on my phallus as an axis. We made love three times on
that night.

In the morning mama called me, “Vasu, wake up, your friend Ganesh has come,
he want you to take him to Vilasini’s house”.

I had forgotten I wake up and dressed and went to toilet. Gita was just
entering from the bathroom, smiling, “I will make tea, soon!”

“Okay make one for Ganesh too!”

“Oh, he has come”

Vilasini’s horoscope matched with Ganesh. They got married in next month. I
and Gita attended, when we came back, Gita started vomiting badly. I was
angry, “the food was not good, I bet it’s the payasam which made your
stomach upset”.

“No dear husband, its your baby, little Vasu, inside me making problems. I
bet he is as mischievous as you.

“Is it true, when did it happen?”

“I missed my periods two months back, Vasu, but I wanted to declare to
others only after I confirmed with the doctor”.

“Then is it confirmed?”

“Yes your baby is now three months old”

Our life was beginning. I ran the shop very well with help of Ganesh and my
father. My brother had left the ashram and had gone for pilgrimage. We did
not hear from him anymore.

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