Girlfriend meri lund ki pyasi hai – Sex story

Hello friends, my name is Love and I live in Delhi. This is my real story. I was working in Chennai and I met with a young girl. Her name was Kamini. I was not serious and I started interacting her only for sex. She used to wear big clothes. Her figure was 34 – 28 – 36 and her boobs were so tight. Her nipples color was black. We used to met either in hotel room or somewhere outside the city. I am sharing one of my sex encounter with you.
One day, I booked room and called her – “When will you come?” She said – i am giving food to mummy and i will leave for library. We will meet there. She used to talk in this manner only in front of her mummy. I said – Don’t wear bra and panty inside suit. Then she said – if i will not wear, how can i come on scooty? I said – Don’t come on scooty. Come in auto. Please bring clips from home. She asked – what will do with those? I said – just bring. I will let you know, ones will you come.
kamini came after 30 minutes and she knocked the door. I had opened the door. She was wearing white colour suit and she was looking beautiful in light makeup. She was looking sex goddess. I pulled her inside quickly. i hugged her and was sucking her sexy juicy lips. I was also pressing her bums. She was moaning – Oh… love what are you doing? I left her and sat on bed. I asked to remove her salwar. She removed her salwar. Wow… what are the sexy legs. I then smiled and said – now, walk like a ramp model. She smiled and walked like a model and reached to all. Then, I asked her keep her hands above on wall. As she kept her hand on wall, her boobs been very tight. Then, I asked to rub her boobs on wall.
I had been horny now and removed my all clothes. My dick was very hard and i was playing with it. As Kamini was rubbing her boobs against wall, she was moaning and enjoying. She was saying – oh… Love, I am enjoying. ahaha ahah ahaha aahahah… I asked her – come back and removed her shirt. Kamini has removed her shirt and then i had been walked to her. I asked to open her asshole. As she opened her asshole, i had pushed my dick inside her asshole. oooo.. ooohohohoh… Love. It is so tight. oh.. it is so heavy. Come on.. Come on. Hug me tight. Please hug me tight. I asked – Bitch, come backward. Pushed your butts back now. Tighteen your butts now. Ride my dick, you fucking bitch. She was moaning ahahaha ahaha ahaha… Love.. I am leaking… Please do something. Please fuck me. I pulled my dick out and turned her. She was looking me with her bitchy eyes. I asked – Do you want to lick my dick? She was so horny and wanted to be fucked hard. She said – yes, i will do everything. But, please fuck me. Then, i asked her to put clips on her nipples.
As she put on clips on boobs, She started shouting… Please fuck me. My body is burning. Please fuck me. I am naked for you. Please fuck me. I can’t control myself. Please fuck me. I said – ok. I asked to sit on my dick and said – you just put your pussy on my dick. Other body must not touch with my body. She said – ok my love. As you will say, I will do. I will give your fun today. She sat on my dick and as my dick touched with her cunt. She was moaning ahah ahah ahaha… As my entire dick was gone inside, I also started fingering in her asshole same time. She was saying – love, I am dieing.. Please do some thing. Then, i asked tighteen your pussy and clean up. She was doing same and started jumping. She was jumping fast and moaning loudly hmmm ahah ahah ahaha hahah ahaha hahah… She was saying – i am dieing… yes… I am going to die. Love, fuck me hard. Fuck me like that my all life.
I will love to be fucked every night. You will ride my pussy every night. I will get fucked whole life every night. I will take your dick in my pussy everytime ahah ahah ahah ahahah… Her pussy was very tight now and i had cum due to this. I had hugged her very tight and pulled clips from her boobs now. Her boobs were very hard and now I started sucking her boobs. So awesome sucking friends. I had pulled her up and asked to be on bed. She went there and was seeing me with loevly eyes. I had worn my clothes and asked her clothes too. She had worn her suit with out bra or panty. We went out and had our food. Her black boobs were visible from white suit. Everyone was starring her. Then, we went for shopping. She was looking awesome only in suit. We bought a blue saree and came back.
When we entered in room. I asked to get naked again. I asked her to wear blue saree. She said – how can i wear blue saree? I don’t have blouse and petticoat. I said – you don’t need those. I am going to toilet. When i came out, she had worn blue saree. Her boobs were tight. Saree was rubbing on her boobs and she was getting horny. I had been nude instantly and went to him. I had tied her hands with threads. I had came down and started sucking her boobs. I was not touching her, i was just licking her nipples and sucking her boobs. I was also biting her boobs. She was moaning and saying – please love, untie my hands. Please i will give all fun to you. I said – no. She was moaning and saying – please untie. I will give more fun.
Then, I had been behind to her and started rubbing my dick on her assline. She was saying – what are you doing. Let me remove saree first. Why are you teasing me? Please make me naked. I slapped her hard. She was saying… beat me. Beat me hard. But, made me naked first. I took her to bed and sat her like a bitch. Her bed was in bed, but her hands were tied on her back. Her boobs were nude. I had put her saree above. I had sat on floor. I started licking my tongue on her assline. I was licking her assline. She was moaning ahah ahah ahah ahah oohohoh ooooo… Please come now. Please come now. You can lick me. You can suck me. Please come and hugged me. Please… I will give you fun to fuck me. I need you. My body needs you now. Please… Now i had opened her asshole and started licking her asshole with my long tongue.
I had kept my hands on her boobs and pressing her boobs. Then, i brought my hands down. It was like i am getting milk from a cow. Kamini was really enjoying this. She was really horny now and wanted to get fucked. She was begging me to fuck her. Her pussy was leaking to eat my dick. She was saying, put your dick inside. When your dick goes inside, I feel i had become a complete woman.
ahah ahah ahah… ahahah Its empty nwo. Please fill it ahah ahah ahaha. I stood up and started rubbing my dick on her pussy line. She was saying – please untie my hands. Please… Come over me. Fuck me. I made her straight and opened her hands. She hugged me tight and pulled me over her. She crossed her legs on my back. She was asking me to put down my all weight on her. aahahah… I want to feel her your all weight.
Her pussy was very wet and i pushed my dick in her dick. She was shouting ahhh ahaha ahaha hahah… She hugged me so tight and i was not able to push. I had given my tongue in her mouth. She was licking my tongue really awesome. I had started shaking my butts after sometime. I am pulling out my entire dick and was pushing dick again. She was moaning in pleasure aha ahah ahah.. ahaha. She was saying… Please love me like that.. Please love me.
I am your woman. Please fuck me. Please use me.. ahah ahha.. ahahah… fuck me… push me hard. hahaha fuck faster… fast… ahaha.. I am cumming… ahah ahahah. Please drop your cum inside. yes… I want to be mother of your kid. haha ahaha… I had cum. She was moaning… I was also about to cum. I had dropped my all cum inside her pussy. She hugged me tight and loved me alot.
She was not allowing me to stand after all fuck. She still my fucking buddy and keep my dick inside her pussy. She always says – she is my woman and whenever i fuck her. She is been complete woman.
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