Gigolo with cuckold husband and his beautiful wife

It was already 11:30. My client had said in her mail that she would pick me up by 11. Not that I was nervous. I had done this…Damn!!! I don’t even remember how many times I had done this before. It started out as a means to earn some extra cash on the side,but now I was in love with this part time job.
I Got to meet and greet women of all classes,castes,tastes,shapes and sizes,and I loved fucking them all.Fucking their brains out. Nothing gave me more pleasure than to have a woman moaning in pleasure under me,or over me for that matter. Receiving the payment came a close second.
It started very unexpectedly,I didn’t fall for one of those several scams on the net or the newspapers,I was never even interested in becoming a “gigolo”,but one fortunate meeting with a boss’s ex wife,and then being introduced to her social circle. I was always tall and handsome, never cockily or confidently so,but I knew I was.
I just didn’t realise that even guys can make an easy life out of being easy meat. Of course the fact that I am well educated and can pass myself off as a sophisticated man helped the cause too. My mind came back to my present scenario when I heard the DJ announce the last track for the night.
Thanks to the new Government’s laws,Kolkata had succumbed to a rather unusual Cinderella hour. Pubs which used to stay open till the wee hours of morning,would now shut down even before the clock struck midnight. I looked at my watch,11:45. AngelEyes2011 (that was my client’s mail handle) still hadn’t showed up.

As promised I was holding a copy of “The Alchemist” in my right hand and was wearing a blue stole around my neck. There is no way she could have missed me. Anybody holding a book in a nightclub sticks out like a sore thumb. The bartender handed me my bill,just as I was about to pull out my wallet and pay,a middle aged gentlemen stepped in and offered to pay for me.
“Do I know you?” I asked He smiled and said, “Not really,but you know my wife,your client…” he said and winked. It should have surprised me,but it didn’t. A lot of husbands fantasies about sharing their wives with someone. But doing so with someone you know personally has risks. Blackmail, social stigma etc. Hence they hired my professional services.
I never charged extra for it,since I always found threesomes to be quite thrilling as well. He paid and I insisted that he deduct the amount from my fees. He insisted that I forget about it,since he was late. The valet brought his car and we hopped in. “I thought you would have booked a room in this hotel itself” I said “No,my company has a guest house 5 minutes from here.
I assumed it would be a better choice. I’m Subendu by the way,Subendu Bhattacharya” he said “Nice to meet you Subendu. Excuse my surprise at seeing you,just that your wife didn’t mention that you’d be…joining us…if you know what I mean” I smirked “I realise we should have told you before,but we are willing to pay extra if needed…” he replied “That wont be necessary.
So Subendu, how do you wanna do this. Do we take turns or does your Mrs want us both going at it together?” I asked with a smile “To be very honest,I wont really be participating…I like to watch…think of this as my cuckold fantasy” he said with a wide grin on his face. He seemed so excited by the whole idea,that for a moment I wondered who would be more enthusiastic this evening,him or his wife.
He drove his car up to a a 2 storied building and parked parallel to the curb. “Here we are.” He said as he turned the ignition off.We both got out of the car. He walked to the main entrance and I followed him. He rang the bell and a skinny little fellow opened the door for us.We went up a flight of stairs to the 1st floor,and stood in front of another door.
He knocked and said, “Debjani,we are here…” The locks made a familiar sound of being undone and the door opened. Their stood my client for tonight. In my profession,we seldom get lucky. Its very rare that the client turns out to be an absolutely stunning,gorgeous,angelic beauty. Today was a lucky night.
There stood this beautiful woman,draped in a long, sheer,crimson negligee,which made no efforts of hiding the lacy pink lingerie inside.Debjani,wasn’t very tall,5’2 or 5’3 at best. She wasn’t built to be a model either. But she was curvy. Just the way I like my women. I really cant contemplate how some men like their women to be skinny bags of bones.
Debjani,too,was curvy. Her amble breasts,curvy waist and wide hips got me excited immediately. As my eyes met hers,I realised she was checking me out too,and just like me,she liked what she saw too. The naughty smile on her face gave that away. “Hi” she whispered, almost in a trance “Hello” I said, as I grabbed her hand,brought her palms close to my lips,and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.
Almost immediately I felt her give a shrug,as she tried to control the shivers which ran up her body,and the goose bumps that made her hair stand up. We stood there,looking into each others eyes,already fucking each other in our minds. “Debjani,I hope you realise that the night wont get anywhere unless we actually get inside” Subendu interrupted.
“I’m sorry,please do come in” she said as she turned around and walked into the room. The view from her rear was fantastic to. A wide butt,I figured her stats would have been 36D-27/28-38. I was horny as hell already. “Debjani get us the bottle of JD and 3 glasses,come Ashwin,lets make ourselves comfortable.”
Subendu said “Debjani,hold on…” I said,she stopped. Both husband and wife were looking at me in surprise. “Pardon the interruption Subendu,but didn’t you say this was a “cuckold” fantasy?” I asked “Yes,so?” He asked curiously “Well then for you to be a cuckold,you cannot be the one barking orders,no offence…”
I said Subendu understood what I meant,smiled and said “None taken.Well then what do you suggest?” “Well tonight,Subendu,you are the cuckold husband,your Gorgeous wife Debjani is your mistress,and I am her bull!” “I like the sound of that!” Debjani said,enthusiastically. Judging by Subendu’s expression,he didn’t mind either. “Well then,”Mistress”,what would you have us do?”
I asked “Subendu,go get the drinks!” Debjani ordered. Subendu obeyed silently. He was already in character,and rather enjoying it. “And you handsome…” Debjani said as she walked up to me “you come with me,lets make ourselves comfortable.” She held my arm and we went and spread ourselves on the couch.
Debjani and me had bumped into each other on a dating sight,she was looking for some fun,I was looking for prospective clients. We had exchanged a few mails before she finally decided to hire my services. But I guess,neither of us had expected to get this lucky. It was LUST at first sight. Without wasting anytime,she sat on my lap,took my face in her hands and kissed me.
I had a hand running my fingers through her long black tresses,and another caressing her arm ever so gently. The kiss was gentle,our lips caressed each other in warm embraces,our eyes closed, and our breathing heavy and irregular. “Mistress,your drinks!” Subendu interrupted Debjani broke the kiss,looked at Subendu and smiled,as if to say thank you,for the drinks and of course for me.
But she quickly went back into character and said,”Put them on the table,sit on the floor and watch,and don’t speak unless you are spoken to.” Both husband and wife were fitting into their respective characters perfectly. “Now where were we?” she asked me “Oh,that’s right…” she said before grabbing my hand again and putting it on her breast,her hand clutched my hand and made my hand squeeze her breast,”here…”
The kiss resumed,but it wasn’t soft or subtle anymore. It was much more wild,as if we were devouring each other. Our tongues danced together,rolled over each other, inside our mouths and occasionally,when we stuck our tongues out,outside our mouths as well.
My hand wandered down from her breast to the hem of her negligee and lifted it up till well above her thighs,my hands caressed the fleshy and fair thighs,occasionally allowing the back of my palm to rub against her inner thighs. Even as our mouths were fixed to each other,her moans couldn’t be suppressed.
From my conversations with her I knew that she was by all means a loyal and faithful wife. But like a lot of couples,their’s was now a marriage of monotony with boredom. Under these circumstances, the feeling of a stranger’s hands loving and caressing her delightful body, was sending shockwaves through her body,making every spore,every cell,every thread of her existence explode with pleasure.
Unfamiliarity can be so pleasurable at times. Of course I knew that,I made a living on that knowledge. My hand had by now crept under her ass,grabbing,pinching and kneading those round ass cheeks of hers to my heart’s content.Her hands had unwrapped the stole from around my neck and she was licking,biting and suckling on my neck and earlobes delightfully.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Subendu,on the floor,his legs stretched out,his back against the couch opposite to ours,his hands massaging his crotch from over his pants. I diverted Debjani’s attention to him,she look at him and said “Tch tch tch,play by the rules. Dont touch yourself unless I allow it. Do only what you are told.” Debjani stood up and asked Subendu to stand up as well.
She stood with her back to him and asked him to undo the zip at the back.Subendu did as asked,and Debjani casually allowed the dress to fall in a heap around her ankles and stepped out of it. “Watch my body Subendu,look at it carefully,see how unblemished,fair and beautiful it is?
When you see your wife in the light of day tomorrow,she will have the marks of another man’s nails, his teeth and his mouth all over her body. She will smell of another mans sweat, her pussy will carry the scent of another man’s jizz! Thats what you want baby,don’t you?” she asked “Yes…Yes…Yes honey,I mean mistress,that’s what I want!”
Subendu said,before Debjani put her arms around him and pulled him in and planted a light kiss on his cheek. Some people find this odd,but I can understand why a Subendu and Debjani might feel this way. Sex in a marriage can get boring.Debjani was in her late 30s,Subendu must have been 45 at least.They had been married for 17 years now and had a son who was in his early teens.
The lack of understanding how sex and love,though tied together,are different entities,can lead to a frustrating and dull bedroom! There is no doubt that these 2 love each other,heart and soul kinda stuff.But the more carnal passions were starting to die,familiarity had crept in. And maybe on Subendu’s part,he needed to see another man appreciate his wife’s beautiful body,to once again recapture how carnally pleasing her contours were.
“I will have your marks on me wont I?” Debjani asked wickedly “Absolutely darling…” I said as I got off the couch and stood in front of her “I plan to eat you up!” “Well then,Subendu,be a dear and undo my bra and take it off!” She said Subendu,who was standing behind her did as asked. Her breasts…oh such gorgeous breasts…round,fair and blessed with light brown areolas and nipples.
In her prime,her breasts must have been even firmer,her nipples not as big and taut,but like wine,I liked my women a little aged. Since she was a mother now,her nipples were harder now,long and erect,just the way I like them. Her melons were still pretty ripe,not saggy and hanging.
She was truly blessed.If she was my wife,I would die rather than share her,but as I said,it wasn’t her lack of beauty that was the problem,it was the lack of excitement in the marriage. “Subendu, grab my breasts and hold them up properly so that this fine young gentleman can feast on them…” Subendu complied,put his arms under her armpits and from behind held her breasts up for me to suck.
Not that it was necessary,but Debjani wanted Subendu to willingly offer his wife to me,for effect. She put one hand behind my head and pulled my head into the valley between her huge mounds. I immediately started licking that particular area and rubbed my face between her tits. From behind Subendu was grinding his crotch against her ass, Debjani had not permitted him to do so,
but she did not object, I guess she liked being sandwiched between her cuckold hubby and her bull. Meanwhile my lips were perched on one of her erect nipples,taking her nipple between my lips I squeezed it with my lips ever so lightly.Then I opened my mouth wide and unleashed my tongue on the other nipple.I flicked it up and down with my tongue and drew circles around it.
I was literally drooling at the sight and taste of her beautiful tits,and her nipples were shining under my saliva. I opened wide again and this time planted my mouth on top of her breast, covering the entire areola and began sucking on her breast. They felt soft,jelly like and so wonderful that I finally pushed Subendu’s hands off them and grabbed them myself.
I just couldn’t have enough of them. My job was of course to pleasure her,and despite her moans,I knew she would soon get bored of me just playing with her tits. But I couldn’t help it,they were the best pair I had seen in a long time. I continued,squeezing,kneading,sucking and licking her tits,and occasionally taking her nipples between my teeth and chewing them very softly. Red marks had begun to appear on her breasts,just like she wanted.
With one hand I caressed her navel,playing with her belly button,pinching her love handles.Then my hand travelled lower.Very slowly my fingers traced their way down from her belly button towards her pussy.She was trembling in anticipation of my touch on her vagina, but I planned to tease her longer. My hands went over the thin material of her panties and went down to her inner thighs.
I drove my palm between her legs and caressed her thighs,occasionally letting my thumb touch her Venus mound.The anticipation was killing her,as was evident from her moans and grunts.Her panties and inner thighs were dripping wet,and if you need to be told where the wetness came from you are too young to be reading this story. I slipped a hand inside her panties and my fingers made their way to her pussy.
When they reached it,I wasn’t very surprised to see that her pot was dripping wet,her panty drenched. As soon as my fingers rubbed against her clit,she locked her fingers into a fist, clenching my hair. Her clit was erect and prominent now,and I caught hold of it between my index finger and thumb,while my middle finger made its way into her hole.
Her wetness made sure that there was almost no resistance,until her vaginal muscles tightened around my finger,trying to control the pleasure she was getting.When the muscles relaxed again I drove the finger farther in. Very soon my fingers were fucking her and rubbing her clit, and she was a wild mess of moans,groans and ecstasy!
“Eat me…eat me like you promised….please…lick my pussy!!!” She said as she struggled to control her breathing. “Of course,but then your hubby has to lick your asshole!” I whispered in her ear before kneeling down in front of her. I pulled her panty down,put her left thigh on my shoulder and admired her pussy,dripping,glistening,and letting out an aroma that can truly be called,’The Scent Of A Woman’.
“Did you shave for me darling?” I asked while I started fingering her again,only this time I had 2 fingers buried in her hole. “Yes you son of a bitch! I shaved so that you can eat my fucking pussy like I want you to,now LICK MY PUSSY BASTARD!” she said before grabbing my head by my hair and burying my face in her crotch. I love it when my women talk dirty to me.
I grabbed her ass and started licking her clit,over and under,up and down. My tongue did what it does best around a clit,my lips pursed her clit between themselves and helped me suck them. As my hand held her ass cheeks,they got spread in the process. Subendu had become a mute spectator for sometime now,that is till Debjani turned her head back towards him and ordered him to get down and lick her asshole.
Subendu looked reluctant to do that,but agreed eventually. He went on his knees behind her,and buried his face between her ass cheeks and began to lick her asshole.once her anal muscles started to relax,Subendu managed to squeeze the tip of his tongue into her asshole as well.
Before long,the situation was such that I was kneeling in front of her,eating her tasty pussy out, licking her clit and pussy, like I had been hungry for days.Subendu was behind her, also kneeling, doing the same to her ass hole,the 2 of us were taking turns to finger fuck her, and Debjani stood between us,her hands holding my head and shoulder for balance, her head tilted back,
facing the ceiling,moaning and breathing loudly.Her eyes shut,she must have felt like she is about to float away to the heavens. Then gradually her moans kept getting louder, and louder, and louder, until she finally squirmed,clenched and screamed as her orgasm hit her,almost instantly she started squirting like a fucking fountain or something, drenching my face and clothes in the process.
Her knees went weak and she collapsed,me and Subendu held her to keep her from falling and I lifted her up in my arms and carried her onto the couch and laid her down. Her eyes were still closed her hair in complete disarray,lot of the strands sticking to the the sweaty mess her face,neck,shoulders had become.In fact she was a sweaty mess.
As she lay there,here breasts heaved up and down as she took heavy gasps for air. The hint of a satisfied smile on her face gave away the euphoria she had just experienced. I decided to let her be for a while,allowing her to compose herself. I took a seat on the couch opposite to hers, and watched the marvellous sight of a beautiful woman recovering from an explosive, squirting orgasm!
Subendu sat down on the floor,like an obedient cuckold,waiting for his mistress’s next order. “I’d like that drink now…”she finally spoke,after catching her breath…Subendu instantly fixed 2 drinks for us. Debjani motioned at me to join her on the other couch. Then asked Subendu to fix a drink for himself.
I sat down next to Debjani, she put her head on my shoulder and I flung my arm around her,and put my palm on her breast. Subendu handed us our drinks,we clinked our glasses together and took the first sip. “I’m gonna need another shirt to go back in…” I said Debjani laughed and said, ”Sorry about that,I never knew I was a squirter. Something like that has never happened before.”
she said, it was obvious that actually she was not the least bit sorry. “And to think I haven’t even fucked you yet!” I said with a smirk “Hmmm…I like how you say that.” she said “say it again…” “Say what?” I asked teasingly “What do you want to do?” she asked again “Fuck you!” I said “No, say the whole thing,tell me exactly what you want…” she said,her hands had by now unbuttoned my shirt.
With her nails,she was gently scratching my chest.Leaning in,she planted kisses all over my well toned chest,occasionally kissing and sucking on my nipples. “I want to fuck you! I want to fuck you long and hard till the sun comes up. I wont let you sleep tonight,I’ll fuck your pussy so fucking hard that you’ll feel sore till next week,and wont be able to walk straight for just as long!
I wanna put my cock in you wet pussy and fuck you so good that you will never forget my name for the rest of your life. I want to pound your fucking cunt with my fat cock till you faint in pleasure!” I said…“Really?Then what’s keeping you hotshot?” she asked as her hand crept inside my pants and grabbed my cock over my underwear.
“Theres something I want you to do first…” I replied “Let me guess!” she said as she smiled and undid the button and zip of my jeans and then pulled it down along with my underwear till my ankles. She grabbed my cock and while looking into my eyes,she pulled the foreskin down and licked the fat head of my cock.She had guessed right.
She was still sitting beside me rather than kneeling in front of me,this gave my hand access to her body as well. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. At the same time she licked my cock from head to base and back.She took time to lick under the ridge of the head with the tip of the tongue.
Then she finally parted her lips wide and took the head of my cock inside her mouth,she sucked on the head for sometime before unloading a gob of spit on my cock and lubing it up properly. Now as her head bobbed up and down sucking on my cock,her hand went up and down the shaft tugging my cock at the same time.
Suddenly she stopped,looked back at Subendu and ordered, “Move the coffee table to the side and lie down on your back here,with your head this way, but first take his pants off his ankles” Subendu did as asked. Now,as I was sitting on the couch,Subendu was on his back with his head between my ankles.
Debjani got up,and knelt down in such a way that her crotch was on top of Subendu’s face, effectively getting into a face-sitting position on Subendu while staying between my legs in position to suck my cock. I was fully erect by now,and before going back down on my cock Debjani admired it for a while. “Like it?” I asked.
“Its about six inches I’m guessing,not much bigger than my husband. But its so fucking thick and veiny that it looks monstrous!” She said with a smile. “So that means you like it…” I said “Yup,cant wait for this fat fucking cock to be inside my cunt!” She smirked and went back to sucking my cock. Subendu had also started eating her pussy by now.
I caught him trying to sneak a peek at my junk,but with Debjani on top of his face he couldn’t manage it! Debjani’s technique was a little amateurish,but it was doing the job nevertheless.If I didn’t pull out of her mouth soon,I would end up cumming even before I have fucked her. So I pulled her head off my cock and said, “I think its time we move to the bedroom now.”
Debjani was all too happy on hearing this,she stood up,and so did I. She grabbed hold of my cock and started guiding me towards the bedroom. She ordered Subendu to turn on a few dim lights and switch the bedroom AC on. Meanwhile she jumped onto the bed,laid back on her back,and spread her legs. I got on top of her and pulled her legs apart wider and got between them.
I held my cock and positioned on her pussy,but instead of penetrating her,I pushed it up and started rubbing her clit and vaginal lips with my shaft. “Stop teasing me!” She said,and took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance of her love nest again,wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into herself! My cock pushed in nice and smooth.
She wasn’t tight like a young girl,obviously,but she wasn’t stretched out either. Her pussy was the perfect fit for my thick cock,it was wet and warm too. Before long I was in halfway. Then slowly I started building a rhythm.I would pull out all the way then go back in very gently again. Once her pussy got adjusted to my size,I could see my cock going all the way inside her,balls deep. This was my signal to pick up the pace. I started fucking her nice and easy.
I pulled her hands above her head and pinned them down with one hand.With my other hand I grabbed her waist and started fucking her even harder now. The harder I fucked her,the louder and shriller her moans became. Subendu was sitting beside us and watching my thick cock go in and out of his pretty wife. He had taken off his clothes too by now and shagging himself to wonderland.
Between her moans,Debjani noticed this,and in between her grunts she said, ”You like it…aaah…aaah.aaaah…you like it you fucking pervert?Oh yesss…yesssss….yessss….Oh fuck yessss! You like watching…oh my God ooohhh fuck yeah…your pretty wife getting nailed?” Subendu just nodded in affirmation.
“Lick my fucking feet asshole!” she ordered Subendu,Subendu gladly obliged. He held her feet and started licking them,between the toes,under the feet,he sucked the tiny toes. Somehow, Subendu holding Debjani’s legs gave me more freedom of movement,and I started fucking her furiously! Her ass and thighs were turning red!
The room was filled with the sounds of my flesh slapping onto her flesh in rapid succession. She was screaming at the top of her voice,and realised that she might attract unwanted attention from neighbours so she freed her hands from my grip and grabbed a pillow.She put the pillow on her face and bit into it to muffle her screams. I was loving how my cock felt inside her pussy.
The friction between my cock and the walls of her pussy was feeling like the ultimate pleasure to both of us. Subendu was beside us once again,watching me fuck his wife’s brains out. I guess he had only seen people fuck this hard in porn movies. I was on the verge of coming,so I stopped and pulled out before I could go over the edge. I was completely out of breath and sweat was dripping off all parts of me onto the bed.
“Ever fucked her this hard mate?” I asked Subendu “No…I have this…back problem…” Subendu said.It was natural,after a certain men lose stamina and muscle strength. I sympathised with him,knowing that even though about half his age now,when I get to his age,I might face similar problems. “Don’t worry,I’ll show you a few exercises…” I told him “Can you bros bond after I am done getting fucked?” Debjani asked.
I spanked her on the ass and said, “Your turn on top sweet ass!” I fell on my back and Debjani climbed on top of me,my cock had lost a little bit of hardness,so after sucking my cock,which was drenched in her own pussy’s juices,for a while till it was rock hard and fully erect again, she got on her knees on top of me,slid her pussy onto my cock and started grinding her crotch against mine.
She laid her body out on me completely and locked her lips with mine. I reached down and grabbed her ass and pulled my legs up enough to put me in a position to thrust upwards.Very soon we were both rocking our bodies in a matching rhythm and fucking each other hard again. She adjusted her position,got off her knees and instead of kneeling on top of me,now she was squatting on top of me.
For balance,she was holding my hands in hers,our fingers interlocked,now she had more freedom to move up and down and could do so at a faster pace. Before long we were back to fucking furiously. She had tilted her head back,her eyes had rolled back and she was jumping on my fat rod in joy and ecstasy. My view was awesome.
Every time she went up and down on my cock,her tits bounced up and down.She wasn’t fat as such,but obviously with age had put on a little bit of weight around the tummy.Not enough for it to stand out and be noticeable,but every time she thumped down on my pelvis and I thrust upwards to meet her downward thrust,the little bit of fat jiggled like jelly and made ripples.
The creator had made her,rather crafted her,with a lot of love and affection. How else could she be so beautiful. While I was enjoying it,she soon got tired and got off me. I pulled her below me again,only this time she was lying face down. Her ass,I was so caught up with how sexy her tits were that I had almost forgotten about her wide ass.
I bent down and licked and sucked all over her ass cheeks.I bit one of them hard,she screamed in pain but I kept the pressure on so that my teeth leave their mark. I wanted to fuck her ass now so I asked her if she had some lube. She understood my intentions and asked me not do fuck her ass since she had never been fucked in the ass and she wont be able to handle my fat cock penetrating her ass.It might tear her up.
I didn’t force the issue,nor did I say anything out loud,but in my head I cursed Subendu for having that beautiful piece of ass at his disposal and never having fucked it. I put 2 pillows under her crotch so that now her ass was protruding upwards and her pussy was visible on parting her legs just a little bit.
I lay down on top of her,putting almost my entire weight on her and pushed my cock back inside her pussy. In this position,her pussy was feeling tighter,since her legs were not spread apart entirely. Before long I was fucking her fast and hard again. The feeling of crushing her huge ass every time I thrust down and into her is something I still cannot put into words.
And with the new found tightness,I could feel every twitch,every contraction,every spasm that her vaginal muscles had.Every time those muscles tightened,they made a vice like grip on my cock.I loved fucking her in this position,I don’t even remember how long I fucked her that way.
In the meantime, Subendu had seated himself near her head,and after contorting himself in awkwardly, he was able to feed his cock to Debjani’s waiting mouth. I was closing in on my climax, Debjani meanwhile had had several orgasms,although she didn’t squirt again, all her orgasms were loud and I’m sure mind numbing for her. Her body had gone limp under me by now.
I tried to pull her up and into another position,but she said, “Ashwin,Im exhausted now,I need a break.Please…” “Fine…but I’m not done yet baby,suck me off then!” I replied. I pulled out. All the juices that had oozed out of Debjani’s pussy during our marathon sex session were glistening on my cock and crotch. “Subendu,clean that gunk off his cock!” Debjani told her husband.
Subendu reached for a bed sheet to clean my cock up. Debjani sat up and said “Even I could have done that. I want you to use your mouth!” she said This took us both by surprise. I’m had never tried anything but straight sex till then,I’m sure neither had Subendu,but in the heat of the moment,what should have disgusted us,instead attracted us.
I lay back on the bed and Subendu got on his knees near my feet and grabbed my cock. His wife came into my arms and kissed me. Subendu started licking my cock,unsurely at first but then started licking it how a cat licks milk up. Debjani and I were still locked in a long,passionate,wet kiss. Once our lips parted,she said, “Thank you,that was the best fuck I have ever had!”
“My pleasure mam!” I smiled and replied.Debjani looked at her husband and saw that he was still licking my cock clumsily. “Here,let me show you how its done dear…”She said and joined her husband near my feet and showed Subendu how to suck cock. Subendu learnt quickly and before long,husband and wife,were sucking my cock and balls together.
They kissed each other with my cock between them and took turns,so that one of them sucked my cock while the other pulled one of my balls into his or her mouth. “I’m cumming!” I declared and was about to grab a towel to cum in,but Debjani did not let go,she started sucking harder, with one hand she was pumping my shaft while her mouth sucked on my head and with another hand she fondled and caressed my balls.
I exploded inside her mouth,and Debjani made a valiant attempt to swallow the entire load but failed,I came like a volcano erupting,jet after jet,load after load,and most of it spilled out of her mouth onto my crotch and her hands,and finally onto the bed.
She showed me the amount of sperm she was able to collect inside her mouth,and then swallowed it,and then immediately after that,locked her lips with her husbands and gave him a taste of what she had just swallowed. We took a break,freshened up and fucked more for the rest of the night. And I kept my promise.
By the time I was done, I had left my teeth mark and love bites all over her,and she was too exhausted to even sit up straight. The reason I wrote about my experience with them and not one of my other clients,is because they are my favourite clients. To be honest,its more pleasure with them than business.
They are open minded and never back out of trying new things and new ways to fuck. Even without me,their sex life with each other has improved. Since then we met several times. Sometimes I’d play their slave,sometimes Debjani would play Subendu’s whore,sometimes Subendu would play the cuckold.
I even helped Subendu hire a hooker on several occasions, and we would either fuck in separate rooms,or spend the night in the same room,swapping partners and fucking like bunnies. But all that and more later,only after I have received your comments. So if you have any suggestions or queries,leave a word or two by using the comments option at the bottom of the page. Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more…
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