Gift for couple

I am 27 years male from Bangalore. This was with one of my friend whom I met online she was my best friend. She is 35 years and married for 10 years but she didn’t had any kids after 10years it was problem from her husband side. she was from Hassan Karnataka
She use to stay with her mother in law and her husband was in Bangalore as he use to stay they for his work. I use to visit them home often and she was very kind with me she was very frankly with me. We use to speak whole night of every topic but she use to always say that she wants a child and often her mother in law use to fight with her on that topic. But she can’t explain her mother in law that it was her husband fault she would never understand he has low sperms count. She use to cry every time when I visit her home.
One day when I visited her home her mother in law had been to some marriage and she would come back after few days and she was alone at home. I thought not to stay with her as she wont feel good but she forced me telling that she would feel boor so I can stay with her.
That day she cocked some non veg in the afternoon and we both had together and spoke for a while. Then I had some work so I left it was Friday so I came at 9:30 p.m she was waiting for me. We both had dinner and we where speaking for long time she told me that we have to move to her farm house as she had some work.
The next day it was around 10.15 am we both left Hassan. we had to travel for 2hrs from her city we reached they at 12.30 on the way we spoke about my old friends and her friends she was very good friend to we often use to hold each others hand we both had to stay in one room as they was only one room & one hall so we both got settled in one room. It was very big farm and they was only one family looking after it she called the person and told him to get some food. We both changed our dress and got fresh up she was wareing a night dress which was brown colore she was looking very prity cute at this age also big boobs after seeing her I was very much horny and feeling good.
The person got our food from a near by hotel she told him that if she need any thing she will inform not to disturb us and he left us alone. We both had our lunch and where chatting on some topic and suddenly she asked me would you want me to see happy!
I said yes you have to be happy what’s the problem tell me I will get it solved
She said that she needs a kid and I have to help her
But dints know what to say I was holding her hand she told me that she knows that I really wanted her. And I too wanted her to be happy she moving her hand on my laps I was wearing shorts and t-shirt she kissed on my lips & I too kissed her I slowly kissed on her neck licked her ears and kissed her cheeks removed her night dress she was not wearing any bra & panty she has some hairs on her pussy but she was lovely I moved my hand every where licked her body kissed her on her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her pussy and gave her pleaser of life she was enjoying and making noise like aaahhhh ooooohhhhhh. Great do it more lovely you’re the best person you showed me haven then she removed my t-shirt and moved her hand on my chest kissed on my hairy chest kissed me & then she took my short and saw my pines it was 9” long 2” fat she took it in her mouth and enjoyed it. After some times she wanted mine inside hers so we applied some cream & tried to insert it inside but it was very tight she told me that her hubby had a small one & today she wanted every thing from me then she pushed it inside and we had a lovely fuck for 2hrs and we played for 5 hours and more it was 9:30 at night when we show it was dark out side and we had bath we called our person and order for some food we didn’t had any t.v. or any kind of entertainment at her place so after food again we hugged each other and had fun whole night more then 6 to 9 time we had & every time she took my sperms inside.
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