German lady took my penis

German madam ne lund liya mera – Hot Indian story

It was the best time when I met her for the first time as with her I had not only enjoyed my bachelor life in a very pleasing way but also she gave me the best pleasure for the life which I really cannot forget at any case. Now I am married but my days with her in Germany really makes me to think about her. She was really a very helping girl who used to help many ones to come out of the problem and when I had the hot feelings about her then she helped me in getting my sexual need fulfilled in an impressive way.
She was the part of the company at the client site where I was working as an IT consultant and slowly I got attracted towards her in the most impressive manner. I used to stare at her for a longer time and that really had made me to get my penis erected because of her sexy and hot looks. I had the only wish to see her naked as it was looking very difficult for me to get more close to her so that I can think of fucking her but one day things really changed my way.
It was the week’s last working hour and she had called me in her cabin. I had no concern with her as I used to just report to the person who had been looking for the IT related things and when I heard that she has called me then it was really a big surprise thing for me. Anyhow I get into her cabin and then she asked me what I had been planning for that night. I had no such plan so I get straight on that.
She then asked me to follow her for the night that day. I really had no object as through that I was thinking of seeing her naked as she used to be in a very stylish short clothes which had been making me feel hard. She took me too many locations but in the night after having the dinner with her at a restaurant she directly took me to her room where she used to live alone. She was just a few years older to me and with her looks of the body she really looks younger to me.
I had not yet been surprised by anything now as we had got more close to each other and after making me to sit in the waiting room she went inside. She then asked me to come towards her room. I forwarded my footsteps and finally reached in her room where I had been able to see her naked back side. She then stood and turned towards me. I was shocked to see her naked with big and attractive boobs pair. They were really looking nice. It was not the end as she had not only made my wish to come true as she fucked me in different sex positions and after that first encounter I had started spending many days and nights at her place with fucking most of the time.
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