Fun in Bus

I am, Raghava, 34yr old now and good looking.. I went to Bangalore to attend a marriage and coming back to pune on Sunday evening.. I have booked a bus sleeper coach for my journey.. I have boarded the bus and bus started around 6pm. I choose upper berth and no one is there next to me and the other bed is empty..I thought no one will come here and I can freely sleep.. bus started and going on.. after 45min one woman boarded the bus and came to the seat and asked for the seat number.. she is little uncomfortable by seeing me and asked the conductor to change the seat.. he told to let all passengers boarded so that he can check and change the seat.. another 30mins passed and I am watching what will happen.. let me describe about the woman.. she is looking good.. around 30+ age, her face is pretty chubby, shiny with gold colour.. big eyes.. she is little fat.. fat arms and she has considerably noticeable belly and nice ass.. and big boobs.. they are just sitting on her belly on her saree.. I can see her boobs shape from side..The conductor came and said no other seat is there for her and she has to adjust next to me.. I am not surprised because I don’t have any intention towards her to do anything during that time.. just watched her from last 30min what would she do now.. finally she left her sandals under the below seat and held the ladder to come up.. i am just watching her.. she looked at me and smiled as she is little struggling to climb the ladder.. i helped her to take her hand bag and asked whether she required any help.. she said no thanks.. she climbed up and adjusted to next to me.. very nice perfume smells from her.. I was reading a book and continued to do.. she took her hand bag and kept it near her head and took her mobile and informed his relatives that she boarded the bus and the bus was started.. I was around 8pm now and about to leave the Bangalore out skirts.. I just continued to read the book.. she just sat next to me.. one hour passed.. on the high way.. bus stopped for dinner and finished my dinner.. and the bus started at 9:45Pm..I have adjusted to sleep and took my blanket and covered fully and turn opposite to her showing my back to her.. she also did the same and we both positioned opposite side.. slowly I went to sleep.. another 2hrs passed.. and I wake up and feel her hand on me.. and I was in straight position.. I feel her hand just above my belly I thought it was an accident.. and removed her hand from me.. after 10mins again the placed her hand just next to my dick and trying to press it..I understood the situation and kept quite.. I just turned little bit so that she feels comfortable.. she made some courage and started pressing my dick and it wake up and become hard now.. she tried to unzip my pant and trying to find the zip lock.. I adjusted myself to let her do what she wants… she managed to unzip my pant and slowly tried to pull my dick from my underwear.. my dick is already hard and came out easily by her action.. she is slowly started doing hand job and it becomes too hard.. then I also made some courage and removed my belt and unbuttoned my pant.. placed my hand on her breasts and no signs of objection.. moved my hand into her saree from side and started pressing them..They are very huge and my hand was not enough to hold them.. I tried removing the upper saree and she unhooked her blouse in front.. she was wearing a bra and slowly placed my hands on her bra.. slipped her breast from the bra and pressing them.. her nipple was so straight now and feel it very had.. boobs are very soft and milky.. I am not able to see her breast as almost no light in the cabin.. she helped to unhook the bra and both breasts are out now.. she doing her hand job and I am pressing her boobs and moved close to her and tried to kiss her lips.. she also moved towards me.. its amazing that I am kissing a unknown women for first time in my life apart from my wife.. I felt her lips and kissed each other with tongue lips.. I licked her all over the face..She now sat and slowly moved towards my dick.. and turned towards it.. she held my dick tight and put it in her mouth.. ohh.. I felt very soft with her lips and she slowly started sucking it.. and caressing my balls and sucking by dick.. I had just shave my dick one week back.. and it was neat.. she liked it and pushed all the skin back and sucking it slowly and i am in heaven… and turned her ass towards my face indicating to do 69…. I pushed her saree up and she has very huge thunder thighs.. very soft.. licked her thighs , felt very soft .. found her pussy and placed my finger inside her pussy.. she has hair on her pussy.. I started doing the hand job to her by rubbing her clitoris.. she started sucking my dick hard.. harder.. and she turned towards and laid on the berth by separating her legs.. she pushed my head towards her pussy..She wanted the pussy licking.. moved down and she held her two thunder thighs and spread in V shape.. I spread her pussy with my finger and started licking her pussy.. she enjoying it and pushing by head towards the pussy.. it tasted very good.. it smells like making the man fuck her.. licked and sucking her pussy.. biting her thighs.. oh god.. it was so good to lick her pussy with hair.. I moved and turned my legs towards her and place my dick near her mouth.. she is down and I am on her doing a 69.. she pushed the skin back and sucking my dick.. fluids are coming out of her pussy indicating that she is enjoying it..I moved towards her legs spread and she held her legs tights.. removed my pant and put it aside.. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy.. and completely went inside.. I moved entire saree up but not undressed her saree.. under skirt and saree moved up started pushing her to fuck.. I have adjusted completely into her pussy and laid on her to get hold of her boobs.. I love to suck the boobs while fucking.. and started to press them.. but not able to reach her boobs as her belly obstructing them.. pulled her towards to completely make her inside me and now able to get the boobs into my mouth.. sucking the boobs , she held the legs tights and fucking her.. pushing hard to oh.. oh.. she is screaming to hmm… but very slowly.. the bus is going very fast with vibrations and we are also in the same vibrations with my dick..asked her to lay back to do the doggy style.. she pulled up her saree and laid up like a dog and get hold of her ass.. wow .. what a rounded big ass that I have ever feel off.. very big huge ass.. very smooth like butter and I love to smooch them.. pressed them hard.. licked and sucked the and bite them.. they are so soft and now..I used to see the blue film but first I experiencing it.. so soft and lovely.. started pushing her.. he pussy is tight to hold of my dick.. she is enjoying it and fucking.. her.. ohh.. oh. I fell i am in heaven for second time..Then I said down and she came on top of me and get hold of my dick and inserted into her pussy.. wow.. what a pussy.. ohhh.. Completely went inside.. and she started shaking her big ass round my dick.. and bent towards my face to suck her boobs.. what a wonderful fuck.. took her big boobs into my mouth and she is riding me .. giving her big strokes and fast.. and sucking her boobs and pressing her ass.. I get hold of her ass and pushing towards my dick.. abbba…. hmma..a.a… a fuckk. me.. babe.. come on… she riding me fast and sucking her boobs.. and she stayed straight and I started giving her fuck from down.. with increased speed.. oh.. oh.. I am getting out.. and oh.. my god.. fuck babe.. she is very hot to fuck.. I cummed inside her and she is laid on me…. she wiped out everything with her lower skirt and holding my dick..We had another round later in the same night.. and wonderful fuck I ever had with a fat beautiful woman.. I never think of enjoying a fat woman like this..

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