Fucked My Cousin Jennie And Amy

Coming to the story this is the continuation of my first story “fucked my cousin and entered incest world”. After that 3 days we didn’t get much time to do sex. But when ever we get time I will suck jennie’s boobs and pussy more I used to suck her pussy very deep and will rub her clitoris hard. Time passed after a week one of my another cousin name amy proposed me. And she told me tat she like me more from the first. So I don’t want to leave two hot sexy girls.
Amy size is 34-28-30 she will look damn hot compared to Jennie. So I dint told her anything what had happened with Jennie and I accepted her proposal started being close and wild too. I used to chew and suck her sweet lips more and more at her place when my uncle and aunt was out. Since she had nice round big boobs I used to suck her boobs like her baby all the time and I used to press and squeeze those melons more rough and hard when I am very horny. And Amy to like to very rough. Compared to Jennie amy is very good in giving blowjob. The way she suck and lick my cock will make my cock beg for her tongue. She will do like a pro. And she like more when I started sucking her pussy.
I used to suck her pussy for more then a hour without taking out the tongue. Used to fuck her pussy more hard with my tongue. Slowly our relationship got deeper and wilder where I used to fuck her at least once or twice in a week. But she never allowed me to fuck in her ass. One day uncle called me and said that his brother met with an accident in salem and he took aunt also with him. Asked my parents to allow me to stay with amy. I was very happy and went to amy home.
There I saw her just now coming out taking bath. I closed the door walked to her silently and hugged her from behind and started rubbing her ass crack with my hard cock over her towel by pulling my shorts down. And started licking her neck and pressed her big boobs over her towel. She was turned on by this and started sucking my tongue hard I took her to bed made her lie down naked and hugged her tightly and started smooching her hard.
She was very horny and started asking me to do wild and asked me to lick her pussy first before doing anything as she asked I spread her pussy wide and started licking her pussy slowly with my tongue and made her pussy very wet by licking all places around her pussy and started licking her pussy hard and slowly I left my full tongue inside her pussy and drilled her pussy hard and also was fingering her asshole slowly and later increased my pace.
Since both holes are drilled hard at the same time she was moaning very hard in pleasure.. Also she started asking me to do more rough and wild she is very naughty on bed like me. I love that type of girls more slowly I started licking her pussy very deep with my tongue and also started fucking her pussy and asshole both with my fingers too.
I was rubbing and fucking inside her both holes hard and making her go more wild. She asked me to leave my both hands full in her asshole and pussy hole. I left almost both my 5 fingers in her both hole. But after that she can’t bear the pain and started asking me to stop. But I dint stop and fucked her both holes hard she was moaning in pleasure and pain and her cum started flowing more and more both my hand is full of her cum. I fucked for nearly 45 min like tat. She told me to make her my bitch and do what all I want to do.
I asked her to lick my cock and give a nice blowjob by kneeling and she did it very well rubbing and sucking my cock very rough and I choked her by deep throating and left all my cum inside her mouth she drank all the cum wit out even drooping a single drop and she asked me she want more cum to drink like a baby. While she is sucking I slapped her ass very roughly and made her ass go red and she loved it while I am slapping and asked me to do it hard and asked to fuck her like a dirty whore.
First I entered her pussy in missionary position first I started fucking slowly then I increased by pace her moaning made me very horny and my dick very hard. So I fucking her pussy hole with full strength very hard ramming her pussy in full pace where I can hear the sound of my balls hitting her asshole for push of my cock inside her pussy and fucked her very rough until she asked me to stop and cry in pain. She was making me more horny saying “fuck me please fuck me hard I love it fuck me baby…My hole is yours fuckk me leave your cum make me a whore dear want my pussy to get dirty with your cum” these words never let my cock go off mood.
Even though I cummed still it was rock hard then I fucked her from back in doggy position where I lied on her back kissing and licking her back and pressing and squeezing her hanging milky tanks and was ramming her pussy leaving my full cock inside her pussy and made her scream in pain and pleasure from morning till evening for 2 days I fucked her in all the position making her to lie on me. And I lied on her. Asked her to sit my cock and fucked her pussy and also allowed her to ride me hard. And she learned it quickly and drank all my cum and made my cock empty all the time run out of cum as I empty her pussy hole……
After this incident I fucked both my cousin on the same bed I share with u that after seeing response for this story….. Thanks for reading my story have a sexy day friends….

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