Fucked By Strangers

Hi this is Jyoti. i m married to sachin 2 years back. It was love marriage. Myself 5.4 tall an fair girl. my fig 32,28,34. Now i wan to tell my real story which happened before my marriage. This incident happened when I and sachin went out of city and sitting in his car. its almost 8pm and sachin started kissing me. Usually we did like this many times before but never had sex. Till that day I’m virgin. But That day was special for me because first time i was fucked.
I and sachin sitting in car and sachin is kissing me. His tongue is deep inside me. i was too hot that time. I was wearing jeans and top. sachin inserted his hand in top and started pressing my boobs. As my top is so tight we decided to remove top as there is no one to see us. then i removed my top and sachin started pressing my boobs. He just lifted my bra and make me half nude. we both enjoying and it happened for 20 minutes. Then Few men surrounded and trying to see inside car. As i frightened and started wearing top. After we dressed up we wanted to move from that place but they are standing in front of car and not allowing us to go. sachin Opened window and said we are talking in car and now we r moving but one of them said to come out of car or he will not allow us to go.

We both went out of car and they were 2 men. Sachin said leave us as we are also moving otherwise I’ll call police, but one man from them pushed sachin and grabbed his cell phone and started hitting sachin and shouting that sala tu maze kare aur muze police ko dega. Sachin then asked sorry and asked what u wan. both men asking money. we both given all money. they took mobile phone also and they trying take gold chain, but it was not coming and when he pull that chain it pains and i started shouted and crying. One man said doesn’t cry otherwise he pull the chain so hard. he said he ll take nicely if i cooperate. I said ok and stood quietly then he moved back and trying to open the hook of chain and purposely touching my back. sachin is standing in front of me so he don’t knew wat he is doing in my back.
This man now started fondling my back and he stood very close to me and his penis is touching my back. i was feeling his big penis. he was doing this for 2–3 min and now I was fully in sex mood but don’t wan to show in front of sachin but completely cooperating these men. As he also can’t do much in front of sachin so another man said to sachin come inside car and show everything, as u hidden some money inside car. That man pushed sachin inside car and as there is no light sachin can’t see much what happening out side with me. He took me back side of car and said as the hook of chain is too tight and difficult to see also so take your hairs up and hold it till I open the hook.
I collected all hairs and lifted them and again he started trying with one hand and another hand he touched my stomach. He started moving his hand on my stomach and i m also not resisting so he slowly lifted my top and his hand is just below my boobs. Now he came in front of me and i smiled at him. Now he got my signal, and within 1 minute he lifted my top and he tore my bra and started sucking hard my boobs. Then sachin came out from car and he trying to push him away from me but another man again started beating sachin and i also said its ok if we resist they ll beat u, so i m ready to take them as they told they all not do sex only they want to touch.
Sachin started crying and now they took me inside car and closed the doors, sachin sitting outside car and crying. Now That man told me to remove jeans and i did same. they removed my panty too. now i m first time completely nude. Both the men started to kiss n lick like animals. i was enjoying very much. Now they both opened there pant and first time i saw very big huge penis that also at a time 2. they told me to suck there penis and i holded both penis and stared licking. and that went for 10 min.
Now one man spread my legs and inserted his penis in my vagina, it was so painful movement of my life. tears coming from my eyes. but he is not stopping and he fucked me for 15 min and another man came on me and started fucking me, it was paining me but i was enjoying too, Another man crushing my boobs and biting my boobs, his teeth making me hot and paining also. Both fucked me hard and cum inside me,
They both collapsed on me and i told please go as i don’t wan to tell my boyfriend all this, as sachin also sitting down n not trying to see in car. They we all get ready and they both went out and I also came out and pee out only and wear my jeans and top. Sachin asked sorry for all this but i said it’s ok, It’s not your fault, they only kissed all my body and went away. We both came and he dropped me home and after few months we got married. still sachin don’t know i fucked that night. i was missing that men but after that incident I never met that men and i don’t know there name also.

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