Fucked by My Son’s Friend in Train

It was Ali and we (me and my son) decided at the last moment to travel to our hometown. We did get a confirmed reservation but it was for a coupe only 2 berths. As my son Raju went to get water I saw him coming back with
his friend Ali. Raju brought him along since Ali was traveling to destination near our town. He had no reservations and he requested that we allot him some space to travel with us. When i gave him permission to do so he was overjoyed but i noticed that there was some mischievous things in his mind which reflected through his sight.

My name is Madhavi Tripathi and I’m in my 40s and was a little plump, fair and sexy to my age. The important thing was when I stood up; Ali didn’t forget to see my big size breast and monster ass. I saw his mouth opening out in surprise seeing those great assets in front of him. Raju was blabbering a lot as the train started but Ali was noticing me. I decided to avoid him.

We adjusted somehow during the entire evening, me sitting in the single seat available to us. As the night approached the TC came in first fined Ali and then allotted a single lower berth for me and my son. Being modest Ali said he will sleep on the floor of the train. Me and my son adjusted in the single berth. It was decided that Raju would sleep on the lower berth and i on the upper.

As Raju and Ali slept i also went to sleep. As time passed on, my legs were slightly exposed showing my fair calf
muscles. Slowly Ali climbed to the end of the upper berth and slid his hand and touched my bare feet first and then moved towards my calf muscles. Me getting the feeling of something roaming in my leg, woke up and seeing me
Ali smiled. He signed that raju is sleeping down. I mumbled ‘Ok’ I covered my legs fully with saree and then with a blanket and started to continue my sleep.

After about 2 minutes, I can feel Ali inserting his hand in to the blanket and felling my legs on the saree. He softly squeezed my leg. I didn’t respond thinking that he would stop after some time and go to sleep. Getting encouraged he raised up the saree and getting a small gap enough for his hand, inserted it and started to feel my bare, fleshy legs. I wanted him to stop but his touch made a quiver in my stomach making me not to react. As I was sleeping sideways the first attack was made to my ass. Ali slowly rubbed through my thighs and reached my ass globes. He felt is soft and big. He squeezed them softly for a while and then crushed them with full force. I wanted to react but what will people think about me. My son raju will get in to a fight with his friend. I did not react, but something made me to enjoy. Ali, a boy of my son’s age exploring me gave me a kick. Ali got confirmed
from me not showing any resistance that I’m not sleeping. Once again to confirm, he gave two soft slaps on either side of my ass. It wobbled but I didn’t move.Ali then pinched as ass cheeks and started kneading..with one hand..He also inserted his other hand and started fingering my asshole..This was too exciting and moaned a little. My son was sleeping peacefully and here was his friend molesting his mother..and she was enjoying it Ali then knowing that i was in heat put some fingers on my cunt hole and started massaging my clit..My pussy was shaved 2 days ago but there were some bristles of hair..He cleverly massaged over the hairs so it excited more..due to the friction. It was very exciting and my pussy started getting wet. I moaned and sighed but not loud enough to wake up anybody..I was

now breathing heavily with sweats bead forming on my neck and back.. Ali also moved right over me and removed his shorts and T-shirt..He lifted my saree right upto my waist and then rubbed his cock on my ass cheeks over my panty. . He was squeezing my ass cheeks with one hand and the other massaging my wet pussy..Ali gradually peeled off the panty as well slowly….The touch of his erect cock on my ass sent shivers down my spine..
He started humping my ass slightly and i almost cummed with his rock hard cock touch effect..I had thought how shameless was i allowing Ali to do these things although i was married and somehow the lust for his cock has taken away all shame..I just craved for his cock..He then removed his hand from the ass and moved it to my boobs..He seemed to be surprised at size of my mounds.But then he started squeezing my boobs over my blouse..Ali then gradually open my blouse buttons and kneaded my boobs harder. He also removed his hand from my pussy and pinched my nipples..I was in pleasure zone and was now moaning continuously..
Ali now turned me so that now i lay on my back..My eyes were closed with shame but i wanted him to take me..He opened the knot of my saree and peeled it off expertly..Guess he must have done to this with other married women as well..He then started squeezing one boob and put his mouth to another to suck it..My husband had seldom done this so i wanted him to go on forever doing this..He was squeezing and sucking my boobs alternatively..I couldn’t hold it and i cummed…My body froze and i squirted cum some drops of which fell on his cock head..I could hear him suppress a laugh..He then started sucking my boobs again and rubbed his cock on my wet pussy..I grabbed his cock and guided him to my cunt hole..I was moaning loudly now so he put his lips on mine for a big wet kiss..and at the same time thrust his cockhead into my horny married cunt..His cock head at this age was bigger than my husband’s and it’s entry into my cunt sent a pain siren all over my body..My eyes opened up wide cause i hadn’t expected his cock to be this thick..I could only utter..UMMMMMM..UMMMMM..UUMMMMM..because of the tight grip of his lips on mine..
Ali thrust harder and harder and didn’t stop until his thick 8 inch + cock was buried deep inside my cunt..The pain in my pussy subsided as he paused for some seconds..Sweating was pouring down from my head and neck areas..He then removed his lips from mine and grinned…
He then started squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples..Simultaneously he withdrew about 5-6 inches of his cock and thrusting again..Thus began his fucking motion like a saw cutting through wood..The friction was less now due to my cum juices already flowing..but his cock thickness was driving my over the edge..I spread my horny married cunt to adjust to Ali’s cock thickness. I was like…ooooh.. aahhh.. oohhh.. aaaahh.. I could say nothing more..
Ali began increasing the speed of fuccking..and he was already breathing heavily now..and i knew he was ready to cum..He intensity of squeezing my boobs increased with his speed of fucking me..But he slowed and paused..i guess to not cum..But i couldn’t help it and cummed once again..
Ali them increased the fucking tempo and then paused again..He did that about 3-4 times..Every time after he paused he withdraw his almost entire cock and then thrust it fully in my horny cunt..
About 10-12 later from the time he thrust his cock into my married cunt he decided he decided to cum. Ali now increased his thrusting and fucking tempo and this time he didn’t stop and rammed his cock harder and harder..I was now loudly shouting… oooohhh mmmmaaa..ooohhh..aaaaahh..oooh …
The world seemed to be lost on us as we engaged in lusty fucking.. As Suddenly as he had thrusted Ali thrust his entire big tick cock into my married cunt and then cummed inside..
He kept cumming in my cunt for about a min or so..such was the juice amount volume in his balls..
I too seconds later cummed for the 3rd time in 15 mins..As he finished deposting his cum in my pussy he collapsed on top of me..and we rested for about 2-3 mins.. He then slept beside and then it dawned on me that we were in a train..I suddenly looked over to where my son was..Raju was sleeping as peacefully as a kid..
Relaxed i now covered me and Ali with the blanket and we slept..naked with Ali’s cum in my cunt..
Raju was sleeping soundly when he heard animal grunt like sounds..He heard sounds of a couple having a climax,but couldn’t make out was for real..He tried to open his eyes but they were two heavy. All he could make out was his friend Ali was not to be seen and he could hear his mom breating heavy. He cock jumped at the lusty sounds..he jerked himself to cum and went to sleep. That was around 11:30pm

He was woken up again a few hours later by moaning sounds of a woman and licking & kissing sounds..He managed to get up and check out. Ali was not to be seen around and the moaning sounds were coming from the upper berth.His eyes opened with a start and his brain started thinking hard..Is it possible that Ali and his own MOM..

He dismissed the possible straightaway but couldn’t dismiss the moaning sounds..He got up slowly from his berth and went towards the foot of the upper berth. He then steathly climed the up and what he saw blew his mind..

Comfortably coupled together on the berth were the naked bodies of Ali with his mom Madhavi..His mind started spining as he didn’t know what to do..He couldn’t take his eyes of the erotic scene before him. Ali was lying on top of his mom and french kissing her..Ali was also sqeezing his mom’s big breasts and playing with her nipples. His mom obviously excited was moaning loudly enough to be heard. She hand one of her hands on Ali’s head and she pushed it towards her breast to suck and one between his leg..

Being at the foot of the bed Raju saw Ali’s ass and his balls which were as big as golf balls..Ali as he went down to suck Madhavi’s boobs moved himself to a stand on his knees..It was then that Raju saw Ali’s thick being massaged by his mom..

Raju was dumb struck and his body felt paralysed except his cock which was hard..
Involuntarily he got his cock out and started stroking as he began enjoying Ali making love to his mom..Any amount of guilt he had watching his friend and mom together was overcome his lust Madhavi in the meanwhile was stroking Ali’s cock faster and moaning loudly now. She lifted and spread her legs and bent her knees. She also guided Ali’s cock towards the entrance of her pussy..Ali obliged and rubbed his cock on her pussy lips..but didn’t penetrate..He kept rubbing his cock over her pussy area for a min..This greatly excited Madhavi and also caused increased her desperation..

Raju could hear his mom say ” Ali, please fuck me..please..do it please”. Ali’s reaction to this was a laugh..Raju was too excited by this as he heard his mom being Ali to fuck her..He began jerking off his cock faster..

It was difficult for Raju to see Ali’s thick cock enter his mom’s pussy as there was darkness but was helped a little by the light coming from outside through the split windows.
Ali then finally penetrated Madhavi hot horny pussy and there was a little cry of pain and pleasure as Madhavi pussy adjusted to his thick cock size..It was little easier since she got fucked by Ali’s cock few hours ago..Ali thrust his cock nonstop into Madhavi married pussy and didn’t stop till his cock hit her pussy’s bottom.
Madhavi ran out of breath…Ali paused for a few seconds..and then started to fuck her slowly..He would withdraw almost half his cock and thrust it again and again …

Madhavi was shamelessly moaning loudly and had forgotten that her son was also travelling with them. She was sailing in the sea of lust..Ali too didn’t care whether his friend would be woken up. But unknown to them was Raju was already wide awake and lustily masturbating watching his horny mom being fucked hard by Ali.
Couple of mins later when Ali increase his fucking speed Raju couldn’t longer and sprayed his cum all over his berth…He said down on his berth satisfied..

He again went to see the sex scene on the upper berth..
Ali carried the fucking activity for about 8-10 mins and paused for few seconds..By this time Madhuri and already cummed twice.
Just when she thought Ali would stop he trust into her again and this began fucking her faster..

All that Madhavi could do was utter ”Ohh oooh aaahh..oohh maaa oohh..oaahh..aahh..aoohh..aahh” ..These drove Ali over the edge and he thrust into her faster and finally cummed into her with a big grunting noise..Ali slumpled on top of Madhavi and both closed their eyes with a smile of sexual satisfaction as Madhavi reached her 3rd orgasm.

Raju couldn’t help it and jerked off faster and cummed again..He was now sure that it was Ali who fucked his horny mom just a few hours..but now the though was exciting for him and he went to sleep excited.
Some time later..i got up and climbed down from Madhavi’s berth since i am an early riser..But what i saw suprised me a little. There was Raju all naked lying on his berth..with some dried cum on his legs..I immediately got the whole picture..Was it that he had seen me fucking his horny mom and hence jerked off but the part which suprised me what..why didn’t he show any protest..did he enjoy me fucking his mother ?

Questions like these excited me and my cock began to stir but anyways i went to the bathroom to freshen up..Recalling the images of my cock drilling Madhavi’s horny mature cunt was enough to give an erection..and it showed through my shorts when i returned back…
Madhavi gave me a knowing slutty smile while Raju had his eyes wide open seeing my bulge..

Madhavi went to freshen up and i arranged for the breakfast to be arranged..Raju didn’t speak much during breakfast.. he just was stealing glances at my bulge and what i and Madhavi were upto..
Madhavi made him sit near the window and she sat next to him and i next to her..I took this as a hint and massaging her back and her ass with my hand..She squirmed and giggled like a teenager but didn’t protest Soon my hands were traveling on her blouse and squeezing her boobs..She gasped and sighed with excitement..Raju understood what was happening but pretended to look out of the window..He began rubbing his cock with his hand..my hands were now inside her bra less blouse ..Madhavi had closed her eyes as she could bear the excitement..She pushed her ass back on my erection..i too got my cock out and started dry humping her..We were almost in a doggy fuck postion..She was a bitch in heat..She couldn’t take it longer..She told Raju to go and freshen up..after which she would serve breakfast..
Raju understood that his horny mom wanted my cock in her pussy..

He quietly got up and without looking at me went out. Madhavi immediately closed and latched the door. i grabbed her boobs and pulled her on me..We started french kissing like long separated lovers Soon we were stripping each other naked lost to the thought that there must be people passing the cabin now and then.I heard little noise near the door which was moving now and then. This was Raju who wanted to watch the action but couldn’t do so opnely.
Anyways..when i stripped his mom naked and vice versa we again began kissing wildly and she massaged my hard cock…I wasn’t going to cum easily since i had fucked her twice already in the space of few hours..
i fingered her pussy and found it ripped open..due to rigourous fucking by my cock..
it took a min for me to get her warmed up like a slut and although her pussy was sore i pushed my cock into her mature pussy for a 3rd time.i turned and turned her over a little so that it was almost a doggy position. This way her pussy was a little tight and i found my enjoyment..

One of her legs was on the seat and one on the ground and i was ripping her married pussy apart..I had begun slowly and soon found the rhythm for a doggy fuck..She was moaning like a whore…AAH AAH..Ummm..AAH.. After few mins she began calling my name loudly..Ali..oh..ohh ..aah.. ALI.. aah.. aah..This continued for couple of mins..and then her body tensed and she threw her head back..oooohh aaaaah…Sensing that she was coming..i too increased the tempo …i sensed that somebody was near the entrace and i guessed it to be Raju..as i hear his low voice as he cummed when hearing his mother fucked by me..

He returned a few mins later..i and Madhavi sat there clothed but he didn’t make eye contact with us..
Couple of hours later we reached our destination and went our separate ways but few days later..well
Ali cock had tasted Madhavi’s pussy and now he wanted to fuck her more. He stayed some days at his place and then came to Madhavi’s in-laws place. He found that the family house was large with her 2 brothers and their wives.
The elder one was Urmila in her mid-30’s and Maithali in her early-30’s.
Urmila has a 6 yr old daughter while Maithali has none despite her 7 yrs of marriage..He was introduced to the entire family by Madhavi as Raju’s friend. Both Madhavi and Raju were happy and excited to see Ali at their house.Madhavi was craving for his cock and Raju sensed that he could see more of Ali fucking his horny slutty mom The house was divided into 4 blocks joined by a common verandah in the centre. Each block has a bedroom and bathroom with a adjoining balcony room.The ground floor has store rooms and wash room with a large kitchen. The family woman used to be busy preparing meals or co-ordinating with servants to get the washing, cleaning done.

Ali didn’t interact much with Raju more with his mom. After arrving Ali wanted a unscheduled bath for which he asked Madhavi. She took him to the guest room which has a attached bathroom. This was near her room on the 1st floor. All the women got busy with the household chores and the men went outside for their work.

Raju knew something was going to happen and quietly followed the too. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he could hear moaning whispers of his mom.
Ali while going upstairs grabbed Madhavi from behind and dry humped her and massaged her boobs as they reached the 1st floor..She was almost half nude with her pallu pulled off her chest her blouse buttons open and her saree almost pulled up to her pussy level..
Raju peeped to see Ali kissing his mom hard and Madhavi’s lips hungrily responding.Madhavi has taken out Ali’s cock and was massaging it while Ali’s hand with busy with his mom’s body. He had his left hand massaging Madhavi’s boobs inside her blouse while his right hand was fingering her slutty cuntMadhavi was lost in lust and had closed her eyes but Ali’s senses were

awake. He had heard footsteps and saw Raju climbing half of the stairs

to stand midway to the 1st floor. He was busy kissing Madavi on her

neck and face fingering her cunt. Ali decided to give Raju a show so he

removed his right hand from madhavi cunt and with it lifted her saree

above her cunt level so that Raju so get a view of his mom’s cunt.He

lifted one of her legs and placed it on the stair wall. He then resumed

his fingering her horny cunt amidst the moans and sighs of Madhavi.

Raju had his cock out and started massaging it as he saw peeped from

the mid-corner of the staircase upwards..Ali was watching it from the corner of his eyes but pretended he was all focused on Madhavi. He then concentrated both his hands on her boobs. He had 2 of the 4 buttons open on Madhavi’s blouse but her boobs were so swollen and her nipples erect that were ready to jump out of her blouse. Ali sensed her discormort as he squeezed her big boobs, so he put his hands on her clevage and ripped open her blouse…

Not only did the button fly off but also her entire front portion of the blouse was torn which made a noise.Raju’s cock jumped at this but Madhavi didn’t care as she had already submitted to Ali’s dominance and lustily craved his body.Ali got his Tshirt off and got out of his jeans and underwear completely. Madhavi’s hands were now on his thick big cock and his balls which she now had complete access to.Her ass was rested against the staircase wall with her saree above her waist Ali tore off the rest of the blouse and threw it down where Raju was hiding. He then opened the knot on her saree and massaged her fleshy thighs..Madhavi again closed her eyes and continued massaging his cock and balls..Ali squeezed one boob while he sucked the other..This he did for about couple of mins. Madhavi’s low sighs and moans drove her son to climax and he spurted out cum. He was tired jerking off seeing Ali make love to his slutty mom, but Ali wasn’t done..

Madhavi now was whispering to Ali between her moans to fuck her so Ali lifted her legs and spread them wide enough for Raju to see her wet trimmed bushy cunt. Raju’s cock stirred again with a great effort purely due to the lusty scene in front of him, other wise it used to take him hours before he got hard again after he had cum.

Ali in the meanwhile roughly opened Madhavi’s married cunt with his fingers and without warning slammed his cock in her cunt. Madhavi shrieked but luckily Raju was the only as her sister in laws as well as the servant were busy downstairs. Ali kept on thrusting his cock forcibly into Madhavi’s married cunt till his cock was fully buried Madhavi’s eyes had popped out as she got used to the thickness of Ali’s cock and she came with just his cock buried in her cunt. She closed her eyes again as Ali paused and watched her shamlessly whisper his name almost begging him to fuck her. He then removed just 6 inches of his entire cock almost 9 incher shaft and thrust it slowly into Madhavi’s cunt. Withdew again and thrust again..This slow sawing motion was driving Madhavi to a climax again but Ali was enjoying this.

He slowly increased the tempo of his fucking as Madhavi’s moans kept getting louder. Raju was jerking off hard now as his slutty mom was being fucked hard by Ali’s thick cock. Madhavi’s couldn’t hold any longer as she shrieked loud as she cummed for the 2nd time in few mins, but Ali continued fucking her and pausing in between to increase the hold time.

Hearing the shriek sound Urmila called out to Madhavi which brought her back to her senses.She replied it’s nothing and urged Ali to finish fast and go away since the people in the house could now come upstairs anytime. Brushing her request aside Ali instead carried her to the guestroom in the postion of his cock buried inside her married cunt.

He placed her on the door and began fucking her hard right there..Raju in the meanwhile cummed again and went to the bathroom since he was exhausted after jerking off hard seeing Ali fuck his mother hard.
But Ali was on the rampage and he increased his fuck to break neck speed. Madhavi’s eyes were shut but her mouth was wide open as she felt his thick cock rip her horny married pussy apart..Ooh oh oh ..aaah..ooh ooh..aah..was all that she could utter.After a couple of min of this cunt ripping fuck Ali’s body tensed up and he buried his cock upto the hilt into Madhavi’s slutty married cunt cummed almost a big coffee mug full as he grunted loud Both collasped to the ground and it took Ali a min to get up and goto the shower while Madhavi lay motionless for almost 5 mins..She then somehow gathered the strength to get up and walk naked to her room and has a small shower. Ali kept her saree as souveneir as she came out dressed in another saree and blouse. She could barely walk straight as her pussy was sore and her legs weak from the terrific pounding her married mature cunt has received from Ali’s young thick cock.

Sushmita as u said finished up the portion i started. Believe me it takes a long of time and effort. Also the fact that i had to confirm with involved guy about all the details Both collasped to the ground and it took Ali a min to get up and goto the shower while Madhavi lay motionless for almost 5 mins..She then somehow gathered the strength to get up and walk naked to her room and has a small shower. Ali kept her saree as souveneir as she came out dressed in another saree and blouse. She could barely walk straight as her pussy was sore and her legs weak from the terrific pounding her married mature cunt has received from Ali’s young thick cock.

As she walked into the kitchen this was visible and so was a smile of complete satisfaction. Maithali saw this but couldn’t understand while Urmila didn’t pay heed to this.Some time later Ali after a quick shower,walked into the Kitchen and their eyes met.Maithali asked her what happened, why did she shrieked some minutes ago. Madhavi sitting down beside Urmila replied that she got frightened by a big mongoose between her legs as she and Ali smiled naughtily at each other. This again was observed by Maithali which puzzled her even further Maithali’s mind began to wander into wild thoughts. Was it really

possible that Ali had some hanky panky with her elder sis-in-law.

No..it was impossible. Madhavi was a mature married woman with a grown

up son who was almost graduate. Could she really..She just brushed

aside the thought..for the moment.

Ali came into the Kitchen dressed in knee length shorts with no

underwear inside and a sleeveless T-shirt. The women were not

accustomed to such a dress by a male specially in their kitchen, but

this was what he wore at home casually. He was tall (6feet

1inch),medium built with developed muscles being a basketball and

volleyball with big hands and feet.
Seeing this young tall strapping fellow in his casual wear caused the

women to blush and whisper to each other.

The most distracted was Maithali and she kept stealing glances at his

biceps and calf muscles. The thought of Madhavi having some fun with

this young strapping fellow re-entered her mind and she got a little

excited trying to imagine Madhavi in the Ali’s arms. She came out of

her thoughts when she a shout from urmila to remind her to put more oil in

the pan.

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