friends wife Mamta

I am Vikas, aged 39, working for a MNC and putting up in Singapore since 2007. I am a married person, have a beautiful wife and blessed with 2 sons. In nutshell, till last month, I had been a faithful husband and intended to remain so. Today, I must admit that after marriage I had been faithful only because I did’nt get any opportunity sexy enough to lure me out of monogamy.

Well, last month I was in New Delhi for a business meeting with our franchisee. Before coming to India, an old friend accidently bumped into me in Singapore. He gave me contact no. of one of my old friend and I was looking forward to meet him. So, I took additional 2 days just to spend some time with him and his family.

I finished my business by wednesday and in the evening went to his residence to give him a surprise. A beautiful lady opened the door. I wished her and asked her to inform her husband that Mr GKL has come to meet him. As she turned and went inside I saw her beautiful hairs bouncing on her shoulder and the mild swing of her ass.

My friend, Rakesh, came out and could not recognise me. We were meeting after a gap of 6 to 7 years and in Singapore I had toned up my body and there had been a sea change in my personality. I addressed him the way I used to since childhood and he was surprised and happy. He introduced me to his wife Mamta and his only son Rahul. We chatted and chatted.

I came to know that Rakesh would be going out of station tomorrow only so I did’nt tell him anything about my plans to stay with him and spend some quality time with them. Mamta meanwhile served us tea and snacks and joined us. She inquired about my wife. Incidentally same time my wife called me and I told her where I am now.

Then I gave the mobile to Mamta so that she can talk with her. While chatting with my wife, my wife told her about my plan to stay back for some time with them. After the line was disconnected Mamta asked me for my luggage. When I told her that it was in hotel she told Rakesh about my plans and asked him to cancel his trip.

I hated to see Rakesh in such a condition and told him to move ahead and next time I would come with my family and invited him to Singapore. But as this incident was bound to happen, they did’nt agree and finally after having dinner at my hotel they brought me in. Rakesh and myself had a few rounds of of our usual brand of black dog and wound up the show at home by taking another 2 rounds of drinks.

It had been quite some time that I had exceeded my normal quota of 3 pegs and called it a day. I slept almost immediately and woke up due to thirst. As there was no water available,I went to kitchen and almost stopped immediately. I found Rakesh fully dressed up and pumping the hell out of Mamta and she groaning no, no. As they were in doggy position and their back was towards me.

I turned back and left immediately but still heard Mamta saying ” you are hurting me Rakesh and pls stop treating me like thank you mam types “. Once in my room I checked my watch and it was 4 in the morning. I again tried to sleep in thinking why Mamta uttered those words when I heard door opening and Rakesh saying let him sleep and closing the door.

As I could not sleep, I decided to go in for morning walk and freshened up. As I came out from my room I saw Mamta. She was in sleeveless black nightie upto knee length which hung over her shoulder by 2 chords. Her pinkish fair skin was gleaming. She was tying her beautiful hair and that gave me opportunity to view her clean smooth armpits.

The gown over the nightie was perhaps in her bedroom so upon seeing me she wished me and rushed towards bedroom. In those 10 to 15 sec I could see that her nipples were also erect. I had a very strange feeling and soon Mamta came back covering herself with gown. She still looked great. We had tea and I went for morning walk thinking about her.

When I returned, Rahul was in dining table and Mamta had changed into denims and a tight woolen hyneck . It was giving a good description of her tall curvaceous figure. She was cooking breakfast and issuing instructions to maid and Rahul. Then both of us took breakfast and then she left for her job. After maid left Rahul and myself locked the house and went for outing.

I did some shopping also and bought gifts for Rakesh, Rahul and a saree. After watching her in black nightie I felt a bit ackward but bought black chiffon saree for Mamta. Whole day we engaged ourselves in one thing or other and returned back to home at about 7 in the evening. Mamta had still not returned from her job so I went to kitchen to make some tea.

Rahul was very happy and was on video call with Rakesh. He was showing all the gifts that I had purchased for him. As the tea was ready Mamta came and I served her tea also. Rakesh told Mamta that I make wonderful tea and during our stay in hostel Vikas used to cook also. We had tea and chatted with Rakesh.

Then I rang up my wife and while talking with Mamta,she asked her about how come I am such a good cook.Rekha informed her that cooking is my hobby and that cocktail is my speciality. Meanwhile, I freshened up and changed. I wore my bermuda and T – shirt and declared that I would cook. Rahul was very tired so Mamta was cooking for him.

She served him and said ” kitchen is now all yours”. She then took Rahul to bedroom. I cooked cabbage with mushroom and plain dal with roti. Mamta was back to living room. She had taken bath and was wearing a pink color gown. We settled down on sofa and she asked me for drinks. I said that I never drink alone.

She some what sexily said ” tomorrow, I have taken leave and sat’day sunday is holiday, so she could give me company provided I serve her cocktail.” I smiled and asked her about her choice of taste. She smiled broadly and said that she likes it sweet with a tinge and aroma of lemon. I had seen a bottle of bacadi white rum in refrigerator. I took ice, lemon, soda and honey.

Then I minced ice and honey together. I poured 60 ml of bacardi, 15 ml of lime juice in a glass and honey,ice mix and about 120 ml of soda. I served her and asked her to take a sip. She took the glass from me and said she would catch cold in this winter with so much of ice. I switched on the hot air blower and jokingly said Mamta it would rather make you hot.

She laughed and sipped the drink. It really tasted good. We chatted and sipped our drink and finished it in about an hour. She liked the drink and I offered to repeat. She readily agreed and I gave her one more glass. I observed she was now talking more and was asking a lot about Rekha and myself. By the end of second round she demanded more. I warned her and asked her to wait.

The combined effect of drinks and air blower was visible while I was making third glass. I reduced the amount of rum to 30 ml. She had taken off her gown and was in frock type nightie. One thing common about morning nightie and this frock was it being sleeveless and hanging over shoulders with just 2 chords. It was around 11 and I suggested we should take dinner with the drink.

Mamta agreed and we both were in kitchen. I could not remove my eyes from her pinkishly fair skin. Her bare shoulders and the impression of her boobs on cotton frock were having devastating effect on me and my dick also started demanding attention. While heating up the dishes I had cooked Mamta suddenly turned towards me and called me by my name and asked me what I meant when I told her to inform Rakesh that Mr GKL has come.

I burst out in laughter and said Mamta I cannot explain. She just smiled and said is it gadhe ka……….. . I was amazed at her frankness and simply nodded. While having dinner she continued to poke me why it was gkl. She had suddenly lifted few barriers and now I was feeling more comfortable. We again sat on sofa and she turned off the blower.

I asked why to which she naughtily said ab frock to nahi na utar paungi, and I am really feeling hot. She spoke ‘hot’ very sexily and I decided to break one more barrier. I sighed and said my bad luck. She came back and sat very near me. I could smell the exotic aroma of her body and in order to hide my rapidly growing bulge in bermuda’s crossed my legs.

She asked me to quantify my bad luck and I said it was intangible so can not quantify. After a while she suddenly asked me ” so, this nightie is better or the morning one ? “. I blurted out almost immediately that she looked damn sexy in black nightie. She winked at me and said she knew it because my jaw had dropped when I saw her in the morning. I tried to salvage the situation and said after all I am a man.

She laughed and said I know very meaning fully looking at my crossed legs. I asked her about her male collegues and if she found some one intresting enough. She murmured bastards ! Everybody rapes with their eyes. She went on to say they try to get every female collegue to bed and it is really difficult to carry oneself. I said not everyone is alike.

She said yes, I agree but most of them are like that barring a few. I suggested to keep family relations as we do in Singapore and women are treated with respect and dignity. She told me about how she handled her boss when they went to Mumbai on a bussiness trip. Both of us laughed and then she demanded one more drink. I said it is late now and perhaps we should sleep now.

She got up and as I tried to get up she pushed me back on sofa and said please vikas, I am enjoying and don’t be a spoil sport. I said o.k and stood up. As the space was less her body rubbed against mine and she moved ahead. She went to kitchen and I went to toilet. I took out my dick and rubbed it. It was still semi erect and I removed the foreskin.

I could not get Mamta out of my mind and it started gaining erection. I got immense pleasure and slight itching was there at the back portion where foreskin was joined with the head. I tortured myself by pouring cold water on my dick and it responded. I urinated then again poured water, wiped it with towel and came back.

Mamta was sitting with two glasses on sofa and was watching toilet door only. As I walked toward her I felt she had fixed her gaze on my crotch only. I felt a bit uncomfortable and sat beside her. I took a sip and admitted to her that she is a quick learner. She took her glass and gulped the whole in one go and stood up and asked me to wait.

While going she turned and said vikas you are a gentleman. She went inside her bedroom and I continued to sip my drink. Very soon she was back and my heart skipped a beat. She was wearing the same black nightie. She smiled at me. My dick reacted. I could not control myself and as she came near me I stood up and pulled her towards me.

She could say anything I kissed her lips. I stopped to see her reaction. She had closed her eyes. I held her face and then again gently kissed her lips and probed the contours of her lips with my tongue. I gently sucked her lower and upper lips turn by turn. She did’nt put any resistance. Then I kissed her neck and shoulder, every inch of it.

My hot breath was on her neck and she held my arms which held her from her slender waist. I licked her shoulder and proceeded towards her neck and finally her ear lobe was in my mouth and my hands were now holding her ass and squeezed it gently. She bend her head and I tingled her earlobes. I then lifted her in my arms and kept on kissing her and walked towards my bedroom.

She left hand held my head as I walked and by the time I was lowering her on bed she opened her mouth. My tongue probed her tongue and soon our tongue embraced each other and she held my head. My right hand now explored her boobs and left hand was feeling the softness of her right hand palm. We disengaged our tongues and I lifted my head to look into her eyes and face.

I kept on feeling her boobs. She rolled her tongue on her lips and arched backward lifting her ass. I pulled the nightie little upwards and again started to kiss and lick her neck. She pressed her face with mine and as I licked and kissed she rubbed her face with mine.

I then slided my left hand beneath her body through her nightie and my arm held her body such that my palm was in direct contact with her boobs tweaking the nipples gently and right hand went to naval area and then to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy and from over the panty and liplocked with her simultaneously. She thrust her tongue and kissed me hard.

As I was tweaking her nipples they grew hard to the extent that they attained their peak. I got up and knelt beside her and removed my T shirt and lowered my bermudas. She touched it with her hands and gripped it. I then removed the nightie. She was only in her panty and her pinkish fair skin had turned more pinkish. She lifted herself on her elbows as I removed her panty.

I unfolded the blanket and covered her and proceeded to suck her nipples. I played with those nipples and she just kept on shivering due to pleasure. She held my tool and spoke in husky voice vikas it is really gadhe ka lund. I laughed and told her that she only invited it and now she would have to take proper care of it. I kissed her again from lips to naval area and back to lips.

I then took moisturiser from side table and asked her to apply it on my tool. She did it. I then came on top of her and positioned my dick and entered her. It went inside smoothly but she never had a 9″ cock inside her. Her eyes were wide open in shock as it must have opened her up in unexplored territory. I started to suck her nipples and very gently stroked her.

Gradually she overcame the initial pain and started enjoying. I fondled her boobs gently and kissed her. She now started moaning softly. I pinned her down and whispered that she is sexiest lady I have come across. Its all yours now and just do it pls don’t stop vikas. I was totally lying on top of her and was stroking very gently and my hands were squeezing her ass.

I used to stretch her ass as I pumped in and squeeze them while pulling out. I was pulling out only 2″ to 3″. She was content with the strokes and started kissing my face. Her kisses slowly turned into licking my face and lips. The itch of my dick was growing and I started to give circular motion to my hips which grinded her pussy. Now her moaning was getting loud.

I could feel that when I was stretching her buttocks she was resisting it and trying to squeeze it with full force. I increased my pace and sucked her nipples one by one. She stretched her arms out and held the pillow. Now I pulled almost half of my pennis out and then ram into her with full force. She was evidently on a pleasure trip and started to moan very loudly uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh types.

I felt her vagina walls squeezing my dick. I then lifted my top part of body and started to give her the best shots. The whole 9 inches were working hard to give and to get pleasure. Her boobs kept on bouncing with my thrust. She got the space to wriggle out her pussy with my dick and matched every stroke. I felt like bursting out and pumped her madly and suddenly felt that I fired my first shot deep down the alley.

As I pulled out to fire the next shot, I was countered by flood of her cum. I again pulled out and came down like a jet engine and fired again and again. She had fully squeezed her ass and her whole body was tight. She bit her lips and pulled me down. She kissed me furiously while I continued to grind her pussy with all my might.

I gave her another 4 to 5 power packed shots before knowing that I have fired all inside her. I pulled out my dick. It still had life and was still hard but not fully. Mamta lay there content but I felt my itch in dick was still there. I jerked it violently and it came back to life. I again came on top of Mamta, took her legs on my shoulders and inserter in one go.

I madly rammed her pussy and was panting for breath. I continued fuck her giving deep strokes when I felt my gun is ready to fire. I again fired one after another giving deep strokes. I felt fully satisfied. I removed my dick and rubbed it on her thighs. Mamta was smiling at me and I kissed her and embraced her. I don’t know when I slept holding her boobs.
I woke up next morning due to Rahul crying out loud. I was still nude and the memories of last night rocked my dick. I searched for my bermuda and T shirt and quickly wore them and came out of the room. Rahul was crying and I asked him the reason. He told that he wants to go for picnic with his friends and that was planned weeks ahead in college.

Mamta, wearing the same gown was looking very sexy said he has cold and in this weather she can not permit him to go. I became mute spectator and prayed that Rahul goes for picnic as that would give me opportunity to be alone with Rahul. Just then Rakesh called and Rahul was quick to complain to his father. Rakesh ruled in favor of Rahul.

I saw Mamta taking the mobile and moving to balcony of her bedroom. Rahul was happy and started filling his waterbottle. I entered Mamta’s bedroom and overheard her saying ” you don’t understand Rakesh, whole day how I will manage Vikas. ” She was silent for a few seconds and then said ” he has already done lot of shopping “.

Then she sighed and said o.k. I felt bad that I am causing problem and came out of the room. Mamta came out of her room, smiled sexily at me and asked me about my plans. It was already 7 a.m and Rahul was supposed to leave in another one hour. I asked her if she needed any help. She asked me to help Rahul to get ready and I did the same.

Soon the maid also came in and the whole house got busy for Rahul’s picnic. It was cloudy that morning and a bus came in to pick him up at sharp 8 a.m. Mamta went to see him off and came back in minutes. Meanwhile, I too, freshened up and waited for breakfast. Mamta served me with eggs, toast, fruits and a glass of chilled milk and joined me.

She asked maid to clean up the rooms also. I waited for the maid to go as Mamta got busy with her. After about 2 hours the maid left. As she left and Mamta locked the house I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck and untied the robes of her gown. She neither resisted nor participated.

She turned around and looked straight into my eyes and asked me wether we are doing the right thing. I said that we had willingly crossed all the barriers yesterday itself. By this time I had succeeded in removing her gown and was furiously kissing her bare shoulder and licking them as well. She shocked me by saying it was under the influence of alcohal and I stopped kissing her but still held her waist.

I told her that she may have been under the influence of alcohal but I was not and that I enjoyed last night. I left her not knowing how to react. She said she enjoyed too, but was not sure wether she can knowingly cheat Rakesh. I said that I understand but in reality did not understand. She then again shocked me by saying she would not stop me from fucking her because of the last night mistake.

I was very annoyed with this and I retaliated by saying that I can find whores who can do the thing for 20 K or 30 K and I need not carry the guilt of raping some one. I continued my monologue and said yesterday I thought it was between two consenting adults and yes both of us have cheated our spouse but I did it with her only because I find her irresistable and as I turned to go towards my bedroom Mamta embraced me from behind.

She said sorry to me and that she is not able to cope up with guilt feeling. I tried to console her and said it sometimes happens that one finds a person attractive enough to satiate one’s incarnal desires but if it happens with every second person then you can term it whore or male equivalent of whore. She laughed out loud and said you are indeed a gentleman.

She then whispered in my ears as to how I plan to satiate her desires. She pulled up my T shirt and I could feel the touch of her bare boobs on my back. I turned and found that she had slipped out of her nightie and was in her panties only. I fully removed my T shirt and embraced her and kissed her neck. Her hands found way into my bermudas and held my dick.

I had not cleaned my pubic area of her juices and they had dried there itself . She felt it and said you dirty fellow you did’nt clean it. I said lets take bath together. She kept silent and I again lifted her in my arms went to her bedroom. She kept on giggling as I tingled her chin with my tongue. Once inside her bathroom she said lets get into shower panel.

I took out her panty while lowering her and removed my bermuda as well. We entered the shower panel and she opened the tap. Spray of water hit us from all direction and we liplocked ourselves. She held my tool and rubbed it. It was now fully erect. She then took gel having straberry smell and applied it on my dick and entire crotch and started rubbing it.

I moaned in pleasure. I turned the tap so that water flow reduced to minimum. She knelt in front of my tool and again started rubbing my dick and crotch. The pleasure was immense and soon the foam hid my tool and entire crotch. She then slowly massaged my balls. I exclaimed out of pleasure and increased the water flow. She cleaned the foam and I found my dick saluting Mamta.

I looked at her and there was a request in my eyes. She opened her mouth and outlined the head of dick with her tongue. She played with the head with her tongue for quite some time before taking it inside her mouth. The warmth of her mouth gave me immense pleasure and I jerked a bit to go deep inside her mouth. She resisted it and said itna bada pura nahi le paungi and swallowed 3″ to ” inches.

I arched backwards out of pleasure as her tongue stroked my dick. I started giving her mild strokes. Her hands were busy playing with my balls. The pleasure was so immense that I found difficult to keep on standing. Water kept on spraying all over my body and was dripping down on her and she kept on licking till I felt that I would now shoot. I pulled out and told her.

She stood up and posed sexily raising her hands as if tying her hairs and slightly twisting her body. She then asked me to spray on her body and I simply obeyed her. I fired shot after shot on her flat stomach, thighs and as I emptying I forced her to kneel back so that my last shots could be fired at both her boobs and the final one landed straight on her face.

She closed her eyes and lifted up her face. My cum glided down her face with water. I took a handful of same gel and closed the tap fully. I applied the gel all over her wet body and started massaging her. Soon all her body was covered with foam. From behind, my both hands were cupping her magnificient boobs and softly squeezing them with occasional tweaking of nipples.

She was shuddering and rested her head on my shoulder with arms around my neck. This posture gave me access to her entire body and I started kissing her shoulders. Then with one hand I held her boobd and the other one went past her naval and reached her pussy. She was dripping down there and as if she read my mind she opened the tap again.

All foam vanished in seconds and I lowered myseld and buried my face in her vagina. It was smelling like fresh starwberry and I inserted my tongue in her love hole. Her cum greeted my tongue and I started to probe deeper. She moaned loudly aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmnnnnnnnnnnn vvvvvvviiiikkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd.

I was frankly not getting any pleasure out of sucking her but her moaning was making me hard once again and I wanted to give pleasure to her. Very soon I felt her body fully tighten around me and she sprayed gallons and gallons on my face with her wriggling her crotch on face and holding my head tightly. Surprisingly, I did’nt feel bad at her wetting my face.

Once she was done she immediately bent down and started kissing me furiously all over my face. I stood up and embraced her. Her erect nipples were poking my chest. She held me tight. We again applied gel on each others body and bathed playing with each others body.

We dried each other and the symtoms of being in water for too long was evident on our finger tips. I took lavender oil along with olive oil lavishly and rubbed it all over her body. Her nipples were erect and even touching them sent ripples down her spine. I massaged her full body kissing and licking her and rubbed my body with every part of hers.

The effect was electrifying and my dick was fully erect. She just kept on quivering and moving her body on bed sexily. I got up and went near dressing table and picked up a lip outliner brush. I went to kitchen and got honey and came back to bedroom. I dipped the brush in honey and started painting her stomach. First a big circle and then gradually reducing it.

Her stomach kept on quivering up and down in harmonic motion. She kept on holding the pillows and raised her boobs indicating she wanted it there. I repeated the process there and as I brushed her nipples she moaned and huskily said vikas please suck it. I then went down and applied honey on her love hole with brush. She spread her legs wide and I soaked it with honey.

Her moaning had already made me hot, finally I dipped my dick in honey bottle and kept it on side table. I first sucked the honey from her magnificient breast and then from nipples. She cried out in pleasure and demanded hardeeeeer viiiikass. I sucked hard and slightly nibbled her nipples. She held my head tightly and lifted herself. I held her tightly and sucked her.

Then I turned and did the same with her naval and finally reached her vagina with my dick near her mouth. As my tongue probed her I felt her sucking my dick for honey. It was sending ripples down my spine with my sucking hers and she sucking mine. We sucked each other for quite some time. She had already started oozinng out her juices.

I disengaged and collected all the pillows and made her positioned it below her stomach. I spread her legs and inserted head and slowly I fully entered her. My hands went beneath her and cupped her boobs and my full body resting on her. I started stroking her gently with by lifting my hips few inches above her ass and falling down as if due to gravity.

I kept on incresing the movement of my hips till I was almost fully pulling out my dick except some portion of head and then banging her with all my might and once meeting her ass giving circular movement to my hips thereby rubbing my pubic hairs with her ass. I was having divine pleasure and so was Mamta who had started moaning loudly.

As I would bang her she would emitt aaaaaaaanghhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and as I raised my hips uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmnnnnnnn. The itch on my dick was increasing manifolds with each thrust and I started to bang her with more and more power. Suddenly I found Mamta putting her hand in her mouth and furiously sucking herself.

I squeezed her boobs and furiously started pumping her at maximum speed I could have managed. She lifted her top portion with support of her hands and swayed her head almost shouting uuuuuuunnnuhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuunnnnnnghhhhhhh and I kept on trying to remove the itch of my dick by rapidly moving my hips.

I peaked and my hands left her boobs and gripped her waist as I pumped with my full might which was causing her to move ahead but I everytime I pulled her back to meet my other jerk. Within a minute I started to fire and hurriedly removed my dick, turned Mamta around and re inserted in a single go.

Now Mamta was also furiously giving movements to her hips and by the time I fired my las shot she started to cum. With some hardness still left I kept on ramming her till my dick felt there was no more any showers of juices and till I could not do any more. I fell on her gasping for breath and she too was panting.

My lungs were in desperate need of oxygen and with my mouth wide open I sucked in air. I tried to lift myself from her body but she pulled me back and kissed my chin. I was totally exhausted and slowly my heart beat came back to normalcy. We remained in each others arm for quite some time.

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