friends wife

I am 45 years old now, but still energetic, enthusiastic and very young at heart. To know the story, we have to go in flesh-back for 10 years when my good luck had always smiled on me for extra marital affairs for the first time in my life.
I had never relationships with girls and ladies in my life before my marriage. But after this memorable incident I became crazy about sex with ladies which I would like to share with you later on. I am going to describe my first extra marital experience in life with my friend’s wife. Before I narrate the story (I am a bad narrator) before you all, it will be good to introduce myself with past history in very short.
I & Ramesh was School friend. He was very much brilliant in study and selected for engineering. Despite my efforts, I could not get any job and finally started my business and shifted to Kanpur. Within few years my business established due to my skill and hard working. I got married with NIMA, a very beautiful girl calm and sweet. She satisfies me in all respect.
One day I saw Ramesh in taxi netted in road jam. I took him to my residence where he stayed with us for two days. We enjoyed his presence very much specially remembering the college days. My parent and wife liked Ramesh very much due to his good nature and behavior. My wife NIMA took extra care for his foods etc.
Ramesh was here for some official work and before leaving, he invited all of us to his place. After few months, I had some work at Pune, the working place of Ramesh. I didn’t inform Ramesh about my arrival. My planning was to surprise him. When reached Pune, I changed my mind not to surprise.
Those days, the facility of Mobile cell was not very popular, so I rang to his residential telephone. It was ringing but no answer. I thought, he may be out of place with family. So I booked hotel. During day time I finished my all works and went to hotel for wash. I was missing my friend Ramesh most. I became sad.
As I was getting bored, thought to take a chance and went to Ramesh’s house and rang the bell. His wife opened the door. She was very beautiful and charming. As we never met earlier, she could not recognize me, but to my surprise she warmly welcomed me inside and told, “Welcome Sir, please come in. I was waiting for you only”.
I surprised & asked for Ramesh which she didn’t replied & went to kitchen. Here, I would like to give a description of the lady. She was around 30-32 years old, fair and good-looking. She was in party make-up and dress. Adding to her sensual vital 36-30-36 statistics, she exuded sex-appeal from body and appearance. She looked a seductive temptress from head to foot.
I could guess she must be very hot and horny. Before serving welcome drinks to me, door bell rang again. It was his office peon. The peon told some thing in her ear and went back. She suddenly turned to me in angry mood and asked for my identification. “Bhabhi, I’m Ashok, Ramesh’s college friend.” Listening to it her mood cooled down. Again I asked for Ashok.
“He had some urgent work, will back after 9.30 PM. She served cold drinks to me. Soon we both became familiar. After some chit chat with her I intended to leave but she requested for dinner with Ashok. In courtesy I had no alternative other than to accept it. I started watching the TV and she was sitting on another sofa. While watching TV, I was talking about my college days.
She complimented for comfortable stay of Ramesh while he was at my place. She also told that Ramesh always remembers the taste of foods prepared by NIMA. During chit-chat, she use to bend down to fold the crease of her saree. Her breasts were tight and carefully packed in a low cut blouse and proper bra.
She was looking very much pretty due to rose colour saree and pallu, slightly adjusted which gave me a clear visible of her boobs. I had glimpse of her boobs several times but could not understand whether it was intentional. Though my mind was restricting me not to think, but my heart’s behavior was different which I never felt earlier.
She always tried to become friendly with me, started discussing her personal life. I too become more comfartable and switched over to film and modern faishon. I asked her weather she has any extra marital affair. She denied & told that she never thought about it earlier. “What does it mean? Are you thinking for it now? In reply, I saw tears in her eyes.
I put a big question mark on my face looking her for reply. She started weeping more. When I put my hand on her hairs in sympathy, her head rested on my shoulder and she almost hugged me. I could easily feel warmth of her body & its beauty and through her fabrics. My body was thrilled due to touch of a lady other than my wife for the firs time.
I could not dare to touch remaining part of her body except her head. I could not understand what is happening but continuously consoled her. But internally I was nervous too. My mind was not working how to console her. My hand automatically started to move on her back slowly to console her.Suddenly she got up and rushed to bath room to wash her face.
I heard the sound of water which she was sprinkling on her face. When she came out, her blouse was almost wet but she was not aware of it. Her condition was really pathetic. Her blouse was almost soaked in the water and stuck to her fair body like a second skin showing off her silky mounds in a voluptuous way.
The pallu of her sari was off place and her big bosom was heaving heavily with the nipples jutting out provocatively. Her appearance in the semi hidden skin made thousands of volts of current pass through my nerves. Bulge in my pant started which I tried to hide. I kept staring at her. She noticed but did not care. I could not stop myself to stare at her with greediness.
She noticed a sudden sparkle appeared in my eyes when I shot a quick glance all over her body for once. The transparent sari, blouse and light pink bra which became see-through being wet, gave a semi-nude appearance of her big, well-shaped breasts. No wonder, if I was not to be blamed for. She had known very well I was a well-mannered gentleman.
Though I was trying hard to keep my own self and composure, she knew it was human and natural. She knew too it would have been difficult even for a saint to resist his burning temptation looking at her provocative and sexy body in the drenched condition. When our eyes met she threw a sexy smile and told “Naughty man, why you are watching the edible (to be eaten) items, like to taste it?”
It was my time to be surprised. I noticed that her eyes were sending different messages to me. She hugged me tightly. I also co-operated her. I had a fear in my mind if Ramesh comes. When I asked her if Ramesh comes back ……..? She replied in reflex action, “He is out for 2 days, don’t bother”. She rushed to bolt the door and led me to her bed room.
I saw, her bed room was very big with all modern facility of the era. Antic type bed was in the middle of the room which was decorated with flowers. It’s your wedding anniversary today? I asked. Damn care of it, I’ll tell you later. But it’s our wedding night now with you. Mysterious chemistry began to work in my mind.
All hell broke loose as I touched her and hugged her tightly keeping my face buried on her neck. I did not know if I was kissing or licking her neck, as both of us were in another world. My hands were caressing all over her back for 5 minutes. I turned, her back, facing me in front of full size dressing mirror. Our eyes met again through the mirror.
I inserted my hands crossing her arm pits and grabbed her giant size boos over the blouse. She moved her face towards my and leaplock kiss started. My palm worked rigorously on boobs. She murmured due to pain. I asked again about the anniversary night. She told, Unwillingly, I was to bribe myself to MD seeking double promotion of Ramesh.
Ramesh compelled her to compromise. God saved me as MD returned back to head office for urgent work. Your body is my dream & desire now, due to Ramesh has lost interest in sex.” I replied “So kind of you dear”, simultaneously I powerfully squeezed both her boobs. She started patting me as love revenge. I pulled her saree.
As soon I started to unhook the blouse, she requested to put off the lights. I convinced her that her beauty will go in vain in darkness; as I wished watch her in bare-skin suite for whole night. She closed her eyes. Her blouse, bra, petticoat and panty came from her body one by one. She was stark nude before me. She was looking like sex Goddess Monalisa.
Even after 6 year of her marriage, she kept her figure maintained. She started moaning when my lips touched her lips and nipples. Before touching her pussy, I planted hot, sensual kisses on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, neck, armpits, breasts, nipples, navel, thighs and foot. Her entire body thrilled. She opened her eyes with a naughty smile on her face.
It was a signal of her complete surrender. She began to undress me. Once I was fully nude, she jumped to see my hot and erect cock. She was afraid of my size & told “dear, you are triple of my husband. It will certainly hurt me.” She was trying to imagine what quake my menacing monster may make once entered inside her love-tunnel.
I lifted her in my hands to her bed, kissed and replied, “Dear nothing to be worried, my king will please you much you had ever before.” Our bodies were boiled up. First I took her each lip into my mouth and began to suck – first softly and later hard. Then, I took her tongue inside my mouth and sucked it hard. I moved to her firm breasts. Her boobs were fairly big.
As I sat on the bedside, she grabbed my tool and started to love it. I began to lick her body, again from head to foot. I turned her over and concentrated on the erotic zones of her body.When I tried to lick the pussy, she tighten her leg. Any how my fingers reached to the spot and I started the finger fuck. She was moaning.
15 minutes later, I put her leg on her shoulder and pointed my giant tool to her love hole. I saw her pubic area was clean shave as if it was saved few hours before. Skin around the love hole was creamy and very soft. It was well nurtured and I presume some facial like treatment were done. Mine was also shaved. she separated her legs and thighs as widely as possible My tool was in my right hand.
With the help of thumb, point finger and middle finger of left hand, I tried to part the leaves of her pussy. Oh my God! Deep red colour mutton in contracting and retracting motion was visible in the bright light. It was clear cut invitation of my tiger into the tunnel. Dripping drops of fluid was welcoming too. I simply placed my man-hood to touch the door of inviting tunnel.
Without inserting it, I bent over her to kiss her but my lips could not reach her. Any how, I put 2-3 pillows below her shoulder & neck to reach my lips to her lips. I took her mouth opening inside my mouth, held both the boobs firmly and made a gentle push. Only head of my tiger was inside. Simultaneously to my push, she made a loud “hummmmmmm” sound from her nose and freed her mouth.
She cried “Saaaale, maar dala re!!you have killed me)” In reply, I again blocked her mouth. I paused for a moment & made a gentle push again. The tunnel was really tight. Perhaps in past the pussy has given passage to thin and small tool as well as still no issue. She again cried “Saaale, phad dala re!!(Hurting the choot)”. She requested not to block her mouth again.
I was smiling and concentrated only how to get entry to full length with less pain to her. My waist was moving very-very slowly with less pulling and more pushing. Any how, more than half of my tool was vanished. She was humming with pain closing her mouth. I took 2 minutes complete pause kissing & biting her nipple. She was a bit relaxed.
It was the opportune time to fulfill my desire to make a powerful stroke to be completely inside. I gathered the courage and made a powerful stroke leaving no space between our thighs. She almost jumped sounding loudly. I saw tears coming from the core of her eye. She noticed a cunning smile on my face and passed a remark “Saale, tune apne man ki murad puri kar li na!!”
I replied “Darling, meri murad to tabhi poori ho gayi thi jab maine tumhe apne hathon se naked kiya tha. Lekin tum gaali kyon deti ho?!!” “Because I enjoy gaali during pleasant moment” she laughed. After 5 minute my body started movement. After few strokes I was surprised to see that she was also co-operating by upward movement of her ass.
I started full length pull and push with my 9.5” tool. She started humming loudly “Aaaahhhhh Aaaaaahhh, pyaare, thoda jor se karo na? Mazaaaa aaaaaaa raha hai. Jokingly I told “Kyon re saali, pahle to dard se karah rahi thi, ab jor se pelne ki bol rahi ho?” She replied with smile “Aurat ke nakhre pe mat ja KAMINE, Ghode ke jaisa chodo muje… Phad do meri bur…. Aaaahhhhh oooooohhhhhh”.
Listing to it, my tool started to pump her like piston and we both enjoyed. In between she cummed once. After 20 minutes of rapid fuck I cummed inside her. Both were exhausted and kept our body idle for 10 minutes. She told, let’s have dinner & started clothing. I snatched the clothing and wished to have candle light nude dinner.
After a pause she agreed, covered her body with towel & put off the entire light of flat except kitchen. She lighted two small candles on dining table and went to kitchen. I followed her. When she was holding plate in both of her hand, I pulled her towel. She became angry like a lover. We both were hungry. Touching and kissing increased the taste of foods.
Since it was 9.30 only we moved to bedroom for a quicky. I was known to the fact that watching the reflected images of lovemaking in a mirror, gives extra pleasure to any lady. Both of us came to the big dressing-table having a full-length mirror. I placed a writing table in front of the mirror and made her stand on the floor touching the table, facing the mirror.
I made her bend forward, the hands resting on the table, keeping her legs and thighs widely separated. Our side view was clearly visible in the mirror. I stood behind her and tried to penetrate her pussy with my cock. She helped by keeping her thighs maximum possible wide and separating her vaginal walls with her hands but my cock could not get entry.
I parted her legs started to suck the clitoris. With a little adjustment of our postures, my cock went half inside her. Then I made a thunderous thrust with my cock. It pained both of us, but my cock went inside fully the way a hot knife cuts through a lump of cheese. I bent forward lying on her back, embracing her body with my hands. I clasped my legs with hers.
Then I started fucking her while I cupped and squeezed her breasts. A rapid pumping was there. With each stroke the boob on mirror side was oscillating in the air which was increasing our charm in viewing the mirror. This posture was more or less the way a dog fucks a bitch. I made vigorous thrusts with my cock ramming it deep inside her pussy and taking it out in quick succession and force.
We both were watching that my tool was appearing and vanishing between her thigh. She moaned with joy, and with pleasure while we both enjoyed seeing our nude, bodies and lovemaking reflection in the mirror as we were watching our own blue film. She liked this position very much and told me if the lovemaking could continue throughout the night.
She reached her third round of climax while mine was second. Now it was the time of my departure but she didn’t allowed. We came to the bed again hugging and kissing each other. We positioned to 69 and she started to suck the tool & I buried my head between her thigh licking the lips of the mouth opening having no teeth.
It was very difficult to put my tool in her mouth due to its thickness. She had to open her mouth in full size. Soon my tool became erect and started to fuck in missionary position in front of mirror. That night I fucked her 4 times in different position till 4.30 mornings. Both went to wash and there we spent 20 minutes with a quicky under shower. We clothed ourselves.
While departing to hotel She took a deep french kiss and said “Tumne mujhe wo maza diya hai jise mai jindagi var nahi bhool sakti. Tum mujhe maar kyon nahi dalte”. With a promise to meet again, we departed.

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