Friends husband

I am Tripti, and I must mention that this is not my real name. I regularly follow this blog since last one year and in a way somewhere this blog is also responsible for the forbidden act I did, which now I am writing it down. This is about my sexual encounter with the husband of my friend who lives in my neighborhood.
Kartik and Deepika were living beside me in the next house from last one year or may be bit long and since then Deepika and me were in touch and gradually in last 7-8 months we, me and Deepika were like really good friends and now say from last couple of months or from bit more than a month I am fucking with Deepika’s husband Kartik, obviously Deepika does not know anything about this.

All this started because I was really tired of living alone and I needed something to live, moreover I think stories published on this blog were making me more and more lusty every day. I am not ashamed of saying that I was literally starved of sex and couple of times I thought about committing suicide because of my loneliness but never succeeded in going up to that stage and ended with crying in the night on bed or in bathroom.

Anyway If I will start from the beginning then I will say that my husband has gone to US on 5 year long project leaving our 7 year old boy and his 70 year grandmother with me to look after and in this lap of five years he can come back just twice a year and that is also depending on his work.

Initially Shailesh (my husband) came back after six months, after completing first phase of his work but since then it is almost 8 months he did not came back because of delay in the completion of second phase and I could see that he will not come may be even in next 6 months because he has to cover up this delay in next phase.
As I mentioned earlier, Deepika is living with me next door with her husband from last one year and since then we are friends and gradually we got closer and closer. Her husband Kartik is a good looking guy with a good built and reserved nature and from the time me and Deepika have started talking about their sex life unknowingly I started lusting over her husband and use to fantasize about Kartik while masturbating.

Gradually Deepika was getting more and more frank with me and did not hesitated to speak anything about their bedroom life. According to her, Kartik was divine lover who usually do not hurry to fuck her and set her body on fire by his tenderness before starting proper fucking and all such information use to set my body on fire which eventually led me to wetness in my fuckhole and further led me to the habit of masturbating regularly in shower.

Gradually my all this fantasizing increased with passing time making me desperate for a real fuck instead of self fisting of a cunt twice or thrice daily and finally one day it touched its peak when suddenly I saw Kartik just in briefs.

I still remember each and every moment of that incident, it was weekday and hardly 7 in the morning and I was in Deepika’s kitchen to get small tomato ketchup pouch from her fridge to pack it in the Tiffin of my son and suddenly Kartik came out of his bedroom in the living room wearing just jocky after taking a shower to ask about his undershirt from Deepika,

without realizing that I am also there and at my end my eyes are glued to his body and he walked almost till the kitchen and as he realized that I am also there he walked back immediately while saying “please yahan aakar… nikal ke dedo (undershirt)” “haan ek minute mein aakar deti hun” Deepika replied,

I smiled while looking at her on their conversation by taking out double meaning of their words and asked her, “kya dene jaa rahi hai?” “Undershirt”she replied, “ok….. mujhe lagga wo(cunt) dene jaa rahi hai”I replied using my wit. Deepika laughed on that and replied “wo to maine kal raat ko hi di hai…..”

for those readers who cannot understand Hindi I can try to explain that whole conversation was actually about giving undershirt to Kartik and when Deepika said that she will give it in minute, I took out naughty meaning of that because in Hindi “Dena and Lena” is used for fucking.

Anyway now if I will explain Kartik then I will say he was perfect for the female like me who is desperate to get a manly treatment. Kartik must be touching 6’ and of nearly my age as Deepika is nearly three years younger than me, His chest is broad and deeply cleaved, and his belly is hard and flat with thick and muscular arms and forearms with same sort of thick muscular thighs,

actually he use to play Tennis regularly and because of his efforts on playground he was having lot of stamina and according to Deepika he use to last for long during sex and most of the time he use to ask her for second time but at Deepika’s end it is always just once as it is enough for her.

Nature wise Kartik was reserved and gentle in talking; I use to meet him mostly on weekends as he is always gone by 8 and comes back around 8 and use to address me Bhabhi though on the other end Deepika use to address me Didi and at my end I use to address him Bhaiya.

Anyway that day after having eyeful of man’s naked body (almost naked) I masturbated thrice in the whole day, once while having shower and recalling Kartik’s body, especially his muscular thighs and his main portion which lies between them,

though it was covered at that time but even then I could make out the bulge and assume that he must be having a real big penis and heavy ball which will take long to get fully erect and will last for really long while making inward and outward movement inside my fuckhole.

After this particular incident things were getting really weird for me and soon once again I landed on bed on my stomach just before leaving house to get back my child, and fisted my cunt slowly after putting my hand in my panty and murmured “please fuck me Kartik… fuck me…..yes fuck me hard”and finally I cummed after couple of brutal fists into my fuckhole while fantasizing Kartik fucking me from behind.

After that I got bit busy in daily routine bought my son from bus stand and later met Deepika and asked her about her last night’s sexual intercourse. Though according to her it was usual sex in missionary position but for me it was more than enough to leak my fuckhole for rest of the day in my panty.

By the end of the day once again I was going wild and my sexual desire led me further ahead and I started planning to deceit my friend and thought about targeting Kartik next month when Deepika was suppose to go to her mother’s place for nearly 20-25 days. Actually her mother was going through some surgery which was planned next month and she was supposed to live there to take care of her mother and father.

Obviously for Deepika it was me who was suppose to look after Kartik’s basic need of food and laundry in her absence but at my end I wanted to look after even his other needs as well, especially the need of bed partner, in that particular time span.

Somehow I wanted to utilize those 20-25 days in my favor and as it is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so I asked Deepika about his likings and disliking in food and all, and Deepika detailed me few things which he does not eat and couple of things which he likes a lot. Through all this I just wanted to take his attention and as far as the matter of attracting him was concerned I was sure about this that I will be able to blow his mind through my physical appearance, at least once, because I am much more good looking than Deepika, any day having a more luscious body then her.

Now here if I will explain and compare myself with Deepika then I will say that I am fair in color and Deepika is bit dark in complexion, moreover she is thin and I have reasonable good amount of flesh over my thighs and ass mounds, and Deepika has almost flat bottom as compared to me, though I have bit of belly and Deepika has flat abdomen with petite body structure or you can say maintained figure.

Anyway as a whole I have a juicy body and succulent physical assets, with much bigger and heavier breasts than her which is most attractive part of a female body. Moreover It’s just not that I am praising my body over Deepika’s body but surly there was a big difference in my over all gesture as well to appeal a male sexually, after all I was married from more than 8 years and she was just a kid for me as her marriage was hardly 2-3 years old.

Anyway from that night for the rest of days left in Deepika’s way out for nearly a month it became my favorite pass time to think that how can I trap Kartik in my lust and seduce him to fulfill my sexual need and like first day I use to leak throughout the day while thinking about Kartik and it always ended with fantasizing Kartik fucking me hard in various positions.

Moreover watching blue movies on laptop (curtsy my husband) and reading such crazy stuff on this blog played important role to strengthen my desire and courage to try something forbidden with a husband of my closest friend.

To know more about Kartik and his likes and dislikes in bedroom, many times I casually raised the topic of sex with Deepika, like I asked her almost every day whether last night they had sex or not as days of Deepika’s departure were coming near and it was obviously expected that they will fuck as much as possible, and once during evening tea when she said “yes” I instantly moved ahead asking her in which position?

Here I am trying to write down word to word conversation which I think readers will love to read, moreover it is longest and craziest conversation which I have ever had with Deepika as in past every time it use to end up with in 2 ore 3 statements.

Anyway I moved to next question, asking her in which position they had sex, and she answered as usual “in missionary” for that I teased her by saying “kya yaar tum log koi aur position try hi nahi karte kya?”somehow I wanted to know Kartik’s favorite position. “actually its most comfortable position for me” Deepika replied with a giggle,

“kabhi koi dusri position bhi try kar liya karo” I responded accordingly expecting that she will speak about some other position but she just laughed in response, somehow I wanted know more about Kartik, so I asked again, “so, tum dono ki favorite position missionary hi hai?” “nahi sirf meri hai, Kartik ko to doggy style pasand hai” Finally Deepika uttered the thing I wanted to know. “Then why don’t you try that position?” I asked her further, “Actually main uss position mein bahut uncomfortable hoti hun” Deepika replied, “why…. I mean aisi bhi uncomfortable nahi hai and it’s so pleasurable…. Shailesh(my husband) to mere andar mostly peeche se hi daalte hain” I replied and spoke about my sex life a in a desi language to provoke her to speak more about her sex life,

“I know but….. Kartik bahut der tak karte hain” she smiled while saying that as she saw I am smiling and then spoke, “kabhi kabhi to dus(ten) minute tak andar bahar karte rahte hain”“wow…. You are so lucky….” I smiled a lot on her statement and then asked her again in bit of wondering tone,

“Bhaiya continuously dus minute tak karte hain?” “nahi beech-beech mein slow ho jaate hain, kabhi kabhi to ek dum still ho jaate hain aur breast play shuru kar dete hain”Deepika completed her sentence with a naughty smiled, “wow…. Mere husband to hamesha jaldi mein rahte hain,…. …waise mujhe bhi fast hi achha lagta hai but wo dus minute tak stay nahi karr paate… kabhi kabhi to mujhse pahle hi blast ho jaate hain”…

Then I spoke again after a small pause, “tab main dusre round mein khud oopar aakar karti hun” I was trying my best to continue this conversation as long as possible. “hamara kabhi dusra round nahi hota, jab nayi nayi shaadi huee thi tab hota tha” Deepika spoke in context of my last statement,

“hamare aaj bhi minimum do(2) round hote hain” I made my statement and then spoke again after a small pause “waise bhi ab itne time ke baad milenge to ek baar mein 2 round to challenge hi”I completed my statement in somewhat low tone, and then asked her again with bit of naughty smile,

“waise Bhaiya tujhe kabhi bolte nahi hain…. 2ND round ke liye?”“kya baat karr rahi hain Didi…… hamesha bolte hain…. Kartik ka bass chale to 3RD round bhi kar lein…….but main nahi karne deti” Deepika replied and somewhat detailed me fucking stamina of Kartik. “Deepika tu pagal hai…. I mean you are so lucky….….. I wish teri jagah main hoti,…”

I finally I finished my statement by speaking up my desire, “ab main kya bolun just forget it” Deepika replied with smiled and tried to concentrate on her tea, I spoke again to justify my last statement which was much more than our usual talk, “tujhe itna milta hain to tujhe uski value nahi hai…..mujhe dekh, main pichhale aath(8) mahine se taras rahi hun isske liye”

Deepika smiled on that and finally spoke “Didi just leave it” she wanted to end this topic but I wanted to go ahead, once again I tried to continue and asked her, “achha ye batta tu oral sex karti hai Bhaiya ke saath?” “kya…. ? Hum bass Kissing karte hain…..”Deepika replied, “aur wo?” I asked her again, “wo kya?”

Deepika asked back again though I could see that she knew what I am talking about, “tu Bhaiya ka penis suck nahi karti kya?” “Didi please…….”She almost laughed on my straight forward question and then spoke again, “I hate that”“kabhi kiya hai?”I asked again “nahi…..” Deepika replied with one word to show the reluctance on this conversation,

but I was not in mood to leave the subject and I asked her next question in oral sex’s context, “Bhaiya kabhi bolte nahi kya, karne ke liye?” “Didi please….. just leave it” Deepika was trying to control his laugh, I was also laughing on her blushing and avoiding fashion, “last question…..” I asked her again, “what” she asked back, “Bhaiya ne kabhi nahi kaha tujhe suck karne ke liye……?” “bahut baar kahte hain… par main nahi karti….mujhe achha nahi lagta” Deepika replied “aur Bhaiya tujhe suck karte hain” I tried to know more about their oral sex life. “Didi please…. Wo last question tha” Deepika tried to avoid that by getting up,

“pakka ab isske baad kuch nahi puchhungi….tell me” “Do(2)-teen(3) baar kiya hai…. Lekin Zabardasti” Finally Deepika replied that as well. “that means Bhaiya to rangeen(colorful) nature ke hain, par tu ek dum dry hai” I somewhat teased her…”Haan…. Ab bas karo…… mujhe nahi baat karni iss topic par” finally Deepika was picking up empty cups and tray of snacks which we were having with tea.

“You know main iss type ki conversation se hi mazze le leti hun….. mere husband to next six months tak nahi aane waale” I tried to justify my side that why I was forcing her to speak and did not wanted to end the conversation.

Anyway now from this conversation I was having lot of knowledge about Kartik, about his fucking skills and his erotic taste of trying oral sex which was not getting fulfilled by Deepika which now I was ready to do it with him, and surprisingly just a thought that I am sucking Kartik’s penis while sitting on the same sofa where I was sitting at that time made me wet just in few minutes.

Anyway this conversation ended there only but I could not stop thinking about my friend’s husband. As I said earlier I use to meet Kartik mostly on weekends so I did not knew much about him and his thinking and because of his reserved nature it was really difficult for me to read his brain that exactly what he thinks about me and how he will react if I will try to attract him sexually.

I could realize this as well that if Kartik will remain faithful to Deepika after my attempt then with this step I may end up my friendship with Deepika but somewhere lust was dominating my fear of losing Deepika as a friend and I avoided thinking about the negative consequences of this immoral attempt.

Anyway from the beginning I was thinking about approaching Kartik as we read in these stories by revealing my cleavage and all and purposely to expose my body during dinner I bought couple of nighties without Deepika’s knowledge,( as from last 6-7 months we use to do shopping together) which were like not too much but enough to arouse a man.

Apart from that I was making plans that how can I get alone with him in sensual state, I was trying to make double meaning sentences which I thought I will be able to speak to him to give him a hint that I want to get on bed with him in Deepika’s absence.

All this preparations and mind state lasted nearly for 15 days and I don’t know how many times I changed my panty in the day time because of wetness and how many times I have masturbated in these fifteen days. Actually throughout the day I use to imagine various situations in which we will be opposite to each other,

I assumed his statements on my own and prepared my replies which always ended in day dreaming of having sex with Kartik which ultimately use to get tranquilize by masturbation assuming that Kartik is fucking me hard in various corners of the house. Progressively time was passing and I was trying my best to know more and more about Kartik,

undoubtedly I was very positive and had this thing in mind that I have to try doing this but as my awaited days of were coming closer some sort of fear was also occupying my mind and mostly this fear use to rise after masturbation but gradually again horny thoughts use to conquer that fear and once again I use to start creating new melodrama in my mind between me and Kartik which finally use to end up with masturbation one more time.

Anyway finally it was a Sunday when Deepika was supposes to board the train for nearly 33 hour journey. Throughout the day Deepika was busy in packing her luggage and I spent nearly whole day at her place to help her,

unconsciously I was staring at Kartik’s body and visualizing myself under his naked body and along with leaking in my panty I was bit scared with my intentions and could realize that there is a big difference in assuming things and in actually doing them and because of this fear once I thought about giving up trying all this but my thought changed again when in afternoon Deepika asked me for some solitude with naughty smile in their own house,

as I was working in her kitchen and preparing dinner. I still remember her words, “Didi please….. aap mind matt kariyega….. but Kartik ko mujhse akale mein kuch kaam hai” Deepika was smiling naughtily while saying that at that time and Kartik was in the bedroom, as such for me there was nothing to mind as we were good friends and I could make out that what is the matter, even then I asked,

“ kya kaam hai, mujhe bhi to patta chale” “ab ek husband apni wife ke saath akele mein kya kaam karega….? Bass wohi kaam hai.” Deepika replied in a naughty tone, “to jaa, jaa kar karle bedroom mein, main to yahan kitchen mein hun..” I replied while doing what I was doing, “nahi…actually Kartik is getting conscious… kah raha hai ki how can we lock the bedroom from inside when Bhabhi is here”

Deepika replied back and finally I surrendered by saying “ok…give me 2 minutes”. I took a leave with a burning desire of having sex at her place as Deepika’s words were really arousing for me and after coming back to my place I could not stop visualizing Deepika getting humped by Kartik and truly speaking I was feeling really jealous of Deepika which strengthened my thought of trapping Kartik in my lust.

Deepika’s Train was scheduled at around 8 in the night and I insisted Deepika to get along with Kartik to see her off and finally after Trains departure it was just me and Kartik who were coming back in the taxi. What we did throughout the way was casual conversation that how long Deepika will take to reach there and how far is her house from station.

We both were still suppose to have dinner together as it was tea time when we were off from our house for railway station and finally we landed home around 10 in the night. I told him to freshen up and I will be in his flat in 10-15 minutes after doing so.

By that time both my mother-in-law and my son were already up with their dinner and he(my son) was already on the bed with her grandmother to go to sleep. Anyway after using the toilet I took out my new night wear which was bought specifically for this purpose. It was set of two, a sleeveless nighty which was nearly six inches below my knees and a full length gown above that, with a belt to tie around waist.

From the beginning from last 10-15 days I was thinking about wearing just that nighty and going out in front of him to his flat with fresh “chapattis” but something stopped me, may be my consciousness I was feeling little scared of trying this and eventually I came out wearing that full length gown as well and served the dinner in his flat on the dining table.

Gradually my all thoughts were getting shattered, at dinner I was expecting that Kartik will be in shorts and I will be able to see his muscular thighs at least but he did not changed, he was still in his denim. Moreover whole dinner time passed like a flash and could not do anything at all to arouse him,

I was confused in myself and above that TV was on and most of the time Kartik was busy in watching Discovery, though he asked me couple of times if I am ok with the thing running on the screen and obviously I said ok to that channel every time he asked,

though I could make out that couple of times he was staring at my tightly packed breasts in the gown which were like much bigger and heavier than what his wife Deepika was having but I must say that more than him I was staring at him, at his broad shoulders and manly face cut. Finally my first dream dinner came to an end with nothing and now I was suppose to go back to my flat,

though I wanted to stay with him and I did that for a while by showing interest in the TV channel he was watching. After around 10-15 minutes of silently TV watching I got up to come back to my flat but then asked him for a tea or coffee, obviously somehow I wanted to spend some more time with him but he said no to it and closed the door after my exit while thanking me with a smile.

Truly speaking I was feeling like crying at fullest, I was really very frustrated, I was waiting for this moment so desperately and it just went like that. What I was assuming was not at all that easy and straight, literary from last 15 days I was living in wonderland and this was actual world where I could not utter a single word of those double meaning sentences which I was preparing from last so many days,

moreover I could not dare to open my upper half to show him my deep cleavage, and now after coming back to my place I could realize that I was really very uneasy for no reason there in his presence.

That night I was really very disappointed and could not sleep, neither I could concentrate on masturbating and again and again I was re visualizing things happened while coming back in taxi and during Dinner and assuming what would have happened if I would have said this or that and finally I ended up with switching on the laptop and watching porn and finally slept after masturbating visualizing the man in the movie as Kartik and female as me.

Next two days also went like this, with nothing to talk about. As on the very next day Kartik called me around 7 to inform me that he will be very late and will eat out with one of his colleague, and on next day he told me in the morning itself before leaving that he is invited by someone on dinner and he landed home around 12 after dinner and just took keys from me to get into his flat.

At my end I was really getting mad in lust and my condition was getting even worse. I was spending sleepless nights in frustration and now even masturbation was not solving my purpose, as from last so many days I was day dreaming about having sex with Kartik in this span of time when his wife will not be here, but in reality I could not even see him properly.

Anyway next morning I got really late to get up and did not got much time to think about all this and after sending my child to college I started preparing breakfast for Kartik and Tea for my mother-in-law and after doing that finally I knocked his door and on very first moment of I saw Kartik looking at my milks,

my cleavage was exposed as I was wearing my long gown casually and belt around the waist was also lose and truly speaking from my side it was unintentional, I was so late that I did not realized that I did not covered my big breasts fully and gave him a good view of my deep cleavage.

Though initially it was unintended but I followed the same gesture and did not bothered to cover my breast and tried to behave as if I am not aware that my cleavage is exposed. I could see that Kartik was really conscious, he tried to avoid looking at my milks but could not control and again and again his sight landed on my luscious breasts and I found him getting uncomfortable every moment as I was serving him breakfast while standing just next to him.

I was nevertheless uncomfortable; my heart was pounding high as first time in my life I was intentionally exposing my body to someone who was not my husband. Gradually those 10-15 minutes of breakfast passed and Kartik went off to his work place. Throughout day I went through strange sensation, I don’t know what was that, I was little tensed, also happy and horny as well.

I could see something going in my favor but truly speaking I really did not had any idea that how ultimately that thing will happen and somewhere apart from going desperate for getting fucked I was bit afraid of it as well. Finally day came to an end with this sort of uneasy mental state and around 8:30 I called Kartik to ask his status, because from last two days he was not having dinner with me and I did not had any information about his that day’s plan.

He told me that he will reach by 10 and will have dinner with at home. Initially I got disappointed but later I realized that by 10 I will be free from feeding my son and his grandmother and 99 percent they will be in bed, so I will get quality time with my dream boy and it happened exactly the way I thought.

Kartik got even more lately and landed home around quarter to eleven and by then both my son and my mother in law were slept and I was alone at home to serve him dinner. Because of mornings unintentional exposure I was feeling bit confident now and as I saw that my Mother In Law has gone to sleep I changed and by the time Kartik knocked my door I was in my other night wear which was nicely fitted Capri just below my knees,

revealing thickness and amount of flesh I was having on my thighs and ass mounds with a cut sleeve t-shirt just below my waist. Intentionally I was not wearing any bra just to make my breast jiggle freely with a movement of my body. Throughout the dinner I could see that Kartik was uneasy and with his increasing nervousness I was getting confident. I was talking to him casually,

though our conversation was casual mostly about the taste of the food but I could see that he was really very uncomfortable. It was really fortunate for him that he was sitting in a way that he could adjust his erection while assuming that I am not noticing, but the truth was something else, I could easily see whatever he was doing to avoid getting a tent between his thighs,

and I very well knew that again and again he was looking at me, possibly all parts of my body, my thick fleshy thighs, my jiggling breasts and obviously my erotically spread ass mounds, whenever I turned and went inside the kitchen to get something.

Finally second day’s dinner also came to an end and as such we did not talked much and as I saw that he got up to go to his flat I asked him for a coffee and he accepted my proposal. I told him that I will be coming to his flat with a coffee and by that time he can change, after all I also wanted to see his thick hairy thighs.

I must say that it was my day and things were going in the way I desired, by the time I reached to his flat with two mugs partially filled with hot coffee, Kartik was not only in boxers, but he was just wearing undershirt on the upper half and I could see broad shoulders as well along with his thighs,

though because of that later I got bit nervous by assuming that possibly he has understood my intentions and may be to arouse me he is also exposing his muscular body, as he could easily guess that I must be starved for sex. Initially we both sat quietly in front of TV and some sort of crocodile was in the conversation as once again it was Discovery running on the screen,

but I could easily see that unlike Sunday Kartik was not at all focused on his favorite channel and again and again he was looking at me. Our conversation started when I asked him whether he talked to Deepika or not and exactly when she reached after her long train journey.

“Hmmmm…… but kya kar sakte hain…… she had to go….. mummy ki surgery hai?” he just hummed to say yes and said that there is no other option. “I know…. I can understand….. main bhi to akeli hi rahti hun…..there are few things which you can’t avoid”

I started making platform for myself to reveal my intentions but truly speaking only I can feel what I was experiencing mentally at that time while saying that keeping my intentions in my mind, my heart was pounding high and with that pounding heart I continued, “at least you know that she (Deepika) will be back in 15-20 days, mere husband to shayad next six months tak bhi nahi aayenge”

“I know it’s really difficult to live alone for a female….. I must say aapke andar bahut patience hai jo aap akele rah rahe ho…….” Kartik replied, while looking at me and I must say that even after trying harder he could not stop staring at my physical assets and I could feel him uncomfortable in his boxers.

“patience to apne aap hi aa jaati hai…… but sometimes things go beyond your control aur aise mein suicide karne ka mann karta hai….” I replied whatever I thought without thinking much and he got nervous as he heard me saying that sometimes I feel like committing suicide. “Bhabhi kya baat karr rahi hain?” Kartik was looking at me while saying that, straight into my eyes.

“no I mean it…. Wo to Deepika se friendship ho gayi to main bach gayi…..unless I would have committed suicide.” I replied while looking at him with bit of artificial smiling gesture, as I could see that I could commute my loneliness to him. “nahi nahi please aap aisa matt karna….” He was really concerned with what I said,

“You don’t worry…Deepika ke aane se pahle nahi karungi(suicide)… nahi to aapko khana kaun khilayega?” I giggled on my witty reply and he too laughed well on that while putting the empty mug on the central table. I thought about getting up as now I could see that this thing will not happen in a day and I wanted him to think about whatever I have said. “aapko kuch chahiye ho to bataiyega, sharmane ki koi baat nahi hai”I got up while saying that and truly speaking once again it was unintentional, I spoke something which had double meaning and he looked at me into my eyes to read my intentions but I behaved casually and turned to the door to go to my flat. “rather aapko kuch chahiye ho to bataaiyega….”

This time I looked at him into his eyes to read his brain and he continued by saying, “I will get it tomorrow while coming back from office”I smiled on his cover up as I could see that he has understood why I was looking at him. “I hope you do not have any problem if I will come late…. Throughout these 15-20 days” Kartik asked me once again when he was about to close the door after my exit,

“nahi koi problem nahi hai” I replied with a smile, moreover I wanted to further say that rather it will be better for me. Anyway once again that day ended without any action leaving me as horny as you guys can think and finally I masturbated twice in the night to tranquilize my urge to get fucked by Kartik and slept stark naked after fisting my fuckhole.

Next morning I was feeling even more confident and I served him breakfast in the same night wear and to add up spice to my looks and tugged my hairs in a knot as I knew that I look more killing in that casual hair pattern. Once again I found Kartik staring at physical assets throughout the breakfast and this time he was focused mainly at my fleshy thighs.

Then to further tease him I went inside his bedroom when he was folding and packing his laptop into the bag and asked him if I can use his toilet. Anyway finally Kartik took a leave for his office and I remained in pleasant mood through out the day, actually I was getting some sort of pleasure from all this, exposing myself sexually to tease Kartik and enjoying his nervous gestures.

Now I wanted to go further in teasing him till he attacks on me to fuck me and for that I had something in mind, I visited one of my friend in the evening and to go to her place I got ready with proper marital make up, wearing saree and all and came back by 8, served dinner to my mother in law and fed my child and decided to wait for him for the dinner and intentionally I arranged everything in his flat.

Once again I changed into my first night wear which was set of two, a sleeveless nighty and a full length gown and this time I was exposing my deep cleavage nicely with proper makeup of a married woman, if I will get into detail of that then I will say that I was having a proper Bindi in the middle of my fore head and sindoor in my mang with lot of lipstick on my lips to make them look juicy,

wearing golden black beaded Mangal Sutra symbol of marriage, gold earrings and few gold rings in my fingers, lot of colorful glassware bangles and last but not the least, a thick silver anklet in my feet which was producing pleasant cham-cham while walking. I must say that at that time I was looking stunning and the way I have seen Kartik looking at my sex parts since last morning,

I was sure that it will be really difficult for him to control, and he will probably attack on me and that’s what all I needed. At my end I had this thing in mind that somehow I had to clear my intentions either by double meaning words or from my activities.

Finally my Mother in Law and son went into bed and I came out to living room and started watching TV and around 11 Kartik Knocked the door and I opened the door and smiled at him, he too smiled at me initially and once again he sight flew to my cleavage.

I as wearing Bra the one which was bit tight to me, to make a better cleavage and my good amount of milky juggs were coming out and white flesh was visible to him as I was wearing long gown casually. I caught him staring at my cleavage once while giving him keys of his flat and saying “dinner aapke flat mein hi lagga diya hai”, Kartik blushed as he realized that he is caught and just said ok and took keys from my hand.

I too followed him in his flat and by the time he came out to living room in dining area from his bedroom after freshen up, I was already waiting for him and we both started having dinner. I could see that today Kartik was not nervous like he was yesterday but he was blushing, he was avoiding eye to eye contact may be he was caught red handed staring at my cleavage,

but he could not stop staring me as I was looking really stunning because of my marital makeup, and I was enjoying his mental state as now I was getting into driving seat. As such we did not talked much for long but and I could see that once again I will not be able to do anything for which I was preparing myself since morning, that I had to clear my intentions to him through my words,

and after getting caught one more time while looking at my breast Kartik stopped looking at me at all and focused on his meal. Dinner was in progress when finally I uttered and asked him if he is alright? By saying, “Bhaiya aap theek to hain?” “haan haan kyun?” he replied, “…. I mean you are not talking at all”

I spoke casually, “nothing….bass dimag mein abb tak office hi chal raha hai”he lied I could sense, actually he was conscious after getting caught staring at my milky juggs, “Bhaiya aap office ko office hi chhod kar aaya karo”I smiled while saying that while looking into his eyes and then spoke again,

“you are already working more than 10 hours a day, above that ghar aane ke baad bhi office ke baare mein hi sochte rahte ho”. Then I spoke again after few seconds, “waise…I think you are missing Deepika… sach bolo?” I was trying to get friendly with him. He looked at me for a fraction and suddenly lights went off, it went dark.

Kartik went out to see that matter, it was not a power cut, there was no such problem in my flat and he came back with a conclusion that there is a problem in his electric board; moreover only two rooms were into dark, his bed room and living room. We both had rest of our dinner in candle light, and it was adding up the sex appeal into my gesture and intentionally I was blushing to arouse him.

Suddenly something clicked me, dinner was over and I was cleaning up the table, and I offered him my bedroom, I knew that his other bedroom his not habitable so he can sleep in my bedroom and I will get adjusted with my mother in law, assuming if we will be in same house then there will be some chance, but Kartik said no to it,

then I offered him that he can sleep on sofa in my living room but he said no to even that and asked me if I have a plaas and screw driver, I said yes to it as I knew that he knows that I have that unless I would have said no to it. Anyway I was disappointed with his no to sleep in my flat and I gave him the set of tools and stood beside him on the floor while stretching my hand up,

holding the candle in the candle stand while he was standing on the chair to repair the burnt wire. I was standing down and Kartik was on the chair and in that posture he could see my breasts even better and surly he had that view twice but as such I could see that nothing will happen. He was at the verge of repairing the lights and I was sure that Kartik will go to sleep as he was hesitating looking at me.

Now I had to do something, he was tightening the screw and now he just had to switch on the MCB, I don’t know what I thought at that instant and intentionally I jerked my hand in which I was holding the candle to give him light and candle fell on me, over my breasts. As it was a thick candle and there was lot of molten wax in the cavity which got spewed on my upped breasts which was exposed and I screamed in pain.

Kartik immediately jumped down while saying “ohh… shit” and slapped my breasts twice as he could see tiny spark on my nighty and then immediately spewed water from the bottle kept on the table over my upper half. Bottle did not had much water Kartik told me to put more water on my breast as I was bit screaming because of heat of molten wax, obviously I was over reacting and I was not in that pain.

Anyway I went to basin which was in the same living room and started putting more water over my breasts, truly speaking at the time when I jerked my hand I did not realized what I am doing and what will happen, it was spontaneous which came out to be very useful for me. I was totally wet from my top and my breasts we jutting out of my bra,

in excitement and Kartik was looking at them without a flick of an eye, as such there was very less light in the room which was coming out of kitchen but it was more than enough for him to see my milky breasts moreover I think by now my nipples were also prominent because of water and excitement. I looked at him he was staring at me, “kuch jalan kam hue?”

he asked me while looking at my breasts, “haan, aap ke pass burnoul hai kya? (do you have burnoul, cream which is used to dress up burns)” “Haan bedroom mein hai?” he replied, “aap please pahle lights on karr do, I went inside while saying that, room got lightened and just then Kartik entered and took out that cream from the drawer and gave it to me,

I started taking off molten wax from my upper breasts while looking into life size mirror in the bedroom itself and Kartik was standing behind me, he was trying his best not to look at me in the mirror but could not control and finally one more time I caught him staring at me and smiled in the mirror while looking at him, and spoke,

“Bhaiya kya dekh rahen hain?” “kuch nahi” he replied with a fumble, “I can understand your condition….…. Ek to Deepika yahan nahi hai, above that main iss state mein yahan khadi hun” I replied in naughty tone while looking at him in the mirror, and truly speaking I don’t know how I was talking to him so well, every word was spontaneous.

“Nahi Bhabhi aap mujhe galat samajh rahe ho” Kartik spoke again and tried to cover up, “Bhaiya main bachi (child) nahi hun, I very well know iss time aap kya dekh rahe ho….. aur kya soch rahe ho?” I continued teasing him and spoke whatever came in my mind and I could see that I was proceeding where I wanted to go,

Kartik got embarrassed and I was sure that he was about go out of the room when I turned to him and spoke “ye aapki wajah se jala hai, iss liye aapko iss par cream lagani chahiye” by now I was done with the removing wax from my upper breasts and I was standing facing him almost wet from my top with a small tube in my hand.

“Bhabhi kya baat karr rahi hain?” he spoke again in confusion, I could see that he could not believe whatever was happening, even I could not believe whatever I was saying and doing, from my side almost all bars were broken and he could easily guess my intentions and I must say that Kartik was more nervous than me.

Anyway I spoke again and tried to dominate him, “Bhaiya ek to aap mujhe Bhabhi kahna band karo, Deepika mujhe Didi kahti hai…… uss hisab se main aapki saali(sister in law) hui”…… “Bhabhi Maa(mother) saman hoti hai aur Saali aadhi(half) gharwali(wife)hoti hai,….. ab decide karlo aapko kya chahiye” I spoke again and gave him the cream while saying that.

He was looking into my eyes without a word and next moment I took off my long gown to give him better access to my half covered breasts so that he can apply cream to it. I was standing just in cut sleeve nighty which was totally wet and half of my breasts were exposed to him, above that my marital makeup,

lots of bangles and Mangal Sutra symbol of my marriage was adding up spice to my looks and Kartik was in the state which is really difficult to define, he was confused, scared as well as aroused, “bhaiya aap to ladkiyon ki tarah sharma rahe ho,…….. at least cream to laggao mujhe” I spoke again and I was clear with my words that exactly what I want, somehow he started applying cream on my breasts,

as such I was not burnt, there were hardly bit of redness and I was not bothered about it, rather I was more excited for the thing which was about to happen, now and I could see that now I was not very far from my target and I moved bit ahead and tried to hold him and spoke again,

“aapko itni si baat samajh nahi aa rahi ki…… main dikha rahi hoon, tabhi to aap dekh raho ho….. aur ek aurat jab kisi mard ko apna ye sab dikhaati hai to usska kya matlab hota hai?” I could not believe whatever I was saying but I was gone too far, I was sure that that Kartik is not going to miss this opportunity but I could see that he was still bit hesitant to go ahead,

I grabbed him better and then asked him again, “abb baaki ki nighty aap uttaroge ya wo bhi mujhe hi uttarni hai” “Bhabhi kya karr rahin hain” he spoke in fumble while stepping back a bit, “Bhabhi nahi …..main saali hun aapki, aur aaj raat ko aadhi se poori gharwali ban jaaongi”with that I pushed him and went along with him on the bed and we both fell on bed.

I was on top of him he was still confused, “Bhaiya aap to aise darr rahe ho jaise ye sabb pahli baar kar rahe ho….Deepika ke saath karte ho na?…. mere saath bhi karo” I spoke again in sensual soft voice and for me that was limit of being shamelessness and I was behaving like bitch now.

Anyway I continued, “balki(moreover) mujhe maloom hai… Deepika aapko satisfy nahi karr patti…. Lekin main kar doongi… ek baar apni sewa karne mauka to do mujhe” I don’t know from where I was getting these words, they were not at all what I was thinking from last so many days that I will speak but they were doing their job very well, Kartik was getting aroused as he was breathing heavy.

I got up a bit and took off my nighty myself and now I was just in bra and panty laying on top of Kartik along with all the golden ornaments I was wearing and I could feel that my breasts were trying to tear off my bra in excitement, just then I leaned over him and tried to kiss him and he responded to my kiss after few seconds.

Oh God I was kissing Kartik, husband of my best friend and as such I could not see any hesitation in me while doing that….rather Kartik was little reluctant but the way I was exploring his mouth it was really difficult for him to get hold of him and gradually he started holding my seductive body and we went through proper kiss and sucked each other’s tongue like hungry animals.

I got up once again and started unbuttoning his shirt and he got up to remove it completely, I further lifted his under shirt and finally he got totally naked from upper half. I must say he was having a body which any girl could dream for his partner. As I said earlier His shoulders are wide and strong, chest is broad and deeply cleaved, and belly was hard and flat,

he use to play Tennis regularly and because of that he was extremely well-muscled. I could not control myself and I moved my hand over his chest and started brushing my lips over his naked body and once again I was laying on top of him and sucking his nipples and could hear him moaning in pleasure.

We kissed again and slowly things were getting out of our control, we both were excited and looking into each other eyes again and again while breaking kisses. “I think main door is not bolted” Kartik spoke this in Hindi…. “I think bahar ka darwaza khula hai”“to jaao band karr ke aao….” I replied, “aapke yahan to sabb so gaye hain na?” he asked me status of my mother in law and son,

whether they are slept or not, “Haan……unki koi tension nahi hai”I assured him, Kartik went out and I immediately closed the door and took off my bra and panty and got stark naked wearing just my ornaments and then switched off the light and came to bed. Kartik entered into the dark room just then, “Bhaiya aapne saare kapde uttar do…. aur bed pe aa jaao” I spoke as I saw him on the door, because he was coming from light he could not see anything and he switched on the light and found me stark naked sitting on his bed while resting my back on the back of the bed.

“Dekho main bilkul Nangi hun …. Aap bhi jaldi se nange hokar aa jaao mere pass…. aur light off kar do” I spoke again in a sensual voice, I don’t know how I was doing all this and how I was saying all that but I could see that my words were arousing him and Kartik followed what I said, he switched off the light and started taking of his clothes and within a minute he was on bed with me and we started eating each other like animals,

moreover I must say I was eating him more and he was responding me to follow. It was dark but now we could see each other’s face, while kissing we did not realized that where our hands were on each other’s body what we were exploring, when we stopped he was squeezing one of my milky breast and I was holding his thick and long cock.

Kartik was laying straight and I was lying partially on his top on his left while holding thing of real beauty, it was so big certainly bigger than my husband and hard like Iron rod and I was jerking him to pleasure him. “Bhaiya aapka size to bahut achha hai” I spoke while moving his penis up and down, I knew the power of these words,

usually my husband use to apply this trick on me to arouse me and now I was applying same on my best friend’s husband. Anyway I continued and spoke again “Mere husband ka bhi itna hi hoga,par aapka thoda mota hai” I spoke whatever I thought will help him to arouse him and I started jerking him harder and Kartik started moaning in pleasure and got even harder.

“Bhaiya samajh lo main Deepika hoon,…… aur karo jo usske saath karte ho” I spoke again… I wanted to move him ahead and fuck me but Kartik remained unmoved, I gripped him tighter from side and kissed him on his cheek and then spoke again in sensual voice, “Bhaiya aao na, kyun tadpa rahe ho mujhe, karo na.. mere saath.. kya soch rahe ho….hmmmm ab jaldi se chhad jao mere oopar?”

“Bhabhi ye hum achha nahi karr rahe……”Kartik uttered I don’t know why and how this came in his mind after reaching to this stage, he was getting conscious over what we were doing and that was dangerous for me. I could not think of stepping back now. Rather I don’t know how he would have stepped back from here if I would have allowed him.

Anyway in any case I was not ready to go back from here, “Bhaiya kuch galat nahi hai”…. I spoke again in a low voice, then after few seconds I spoke again in requesting tone, “bass ek baar mujhe harra (green) karr do…..nahi to main pagal ho jaaungi…

Please……Bhaiya…. just try to understand my condition….. mere saath pichhle aath(8) mahino se kuch nahi hua hai main tadap rahi hoon sex karne ke liye”I was literary crying for sex like a bitch in heat. “Bhabhi agar Deepika ko patta chal gaya to bahut problem ho jaayegi” “kisi ko kuch patta nahi chalega…. trust me,….. ye baat hamesha hum dono ke beech mein rahegi”

I tried to assure him and waited for him to speak but he remained silent, I knew he wanted to do it, either he was acting or he was truly confused but it hardly mattered to me, I was not ready to leave my prey now and I moved down. Kartik’s erect penis was already in my hand and very next seconds I took it into my mouth and started sucking him like a lollipop,

somehow or other I wanted him to forget his ethics and that was the only way to do it. Kartik moaned loud in pleasure and pain, and almost jumped on bed and tried to stop me holding my head while saying “Bhabhi please…. Kya karr rahe ho…?” “Bhaiya chusne de mujhe……. Mujhe maloom hai… Deepika aapka kabhi nahi chusti”

I pushed him on the bed again and he lied down and I continued sucking Kartik’s cock with care and affection as I knew that it was his first time and it must be paining him. As expected as I exerted bit more pressure while sucking he hissed in pleasure and pain. Kartik’s long cock quivered in my mouth and belly rippled and he seemed helpless, it was paining him a bit,

but I continued, took out more saliva from my mouth and using that moved my tongue lasciviously around his cock-head, skillfully trying to arouse him. Within few more seconds the sensation through which he was going was wonderful: I could feel it from his body movements, from the way he was shivering while holding corner of the pillow.

By now my mouth was warm and moist, and my tongue had the kind of confidence. I sucked him with full affection, which I never did with my husband and result was wonderful his further rod grew in my mouth, that really excited me and I continued giving more affection to my friend’s husband’s thick and hard cock and Kartik grunted in pleasure and finally stopped me sucking.

But there was no way to stop me from going further now and I moved up on his body and as expected holding his monster cock straight I tried to sit on him and raised my head in pleasure as his penis touched my opening oh….God…what was that, I bit my lower lip in upcoming excitement and further sat down and moaned loud as I felt his monster searing into my starved fuckhole.

Finally I was sitting on his thighs after taking his whole meat in my flesh and pleasure was incredible for both of us. We both were highly aroused and initially it was me who was seducing him but soon Kartik also came in rhythm and holding my waist he started moving my body slowly to suit his pleasure.

I don’t know what I was feeling at that time, in a way it was pleasure which I could not remember that when I last had, and I could realize this as well that self fisting can never take place of real man meat. I was moving to and fro over the husband of my best friend and we both were moaning in pleasure while looking at each other shamelessly.

Gradually once again it was me who started taking driving seat and started moving myself over Kartik’s hard cock. I began to fuck myself with deep, skewering thrusts, holding his chest and rocking my own fleshy hips steeply up and down, to and fro, driving his inflamed erection in and out of my wet cunt flesh, my breasts were hot and swollen,

and nipples were getting stiffer and stiffer in excitement, My golden Mangal-sutra was rocking on my bare milky breasts and my bangles were also making sound in the rhythm. Slowly our pleasure moan’s were getting lauder and lauder as my speed of fucking myself was increasing and his thick and long cock was rubbing on the inner walls of my fuckhole after stretching my virginal muscles to maximum.

“Yes, Bhaiya, yes… *hanh*… uhhhh *hanh* uhh… *bahut* *accha* *lag raha* *hai*… *hanh* uhh… oh yes… oh god yes…It feels so good, Kartik! Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes… c’mon… fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck my cunt! *Hanh* uhh ahhhh uhh ohma uhhh *hanh* uhh OHHHHH!” I was going crazy in lust so was Kartik, he pulled me and I leaned over him,

we kissed for few seconds and then Kartik started controlling my movements, extending his arms he was griping my ass mounds tightly and moving me to and fro to suit his pleasure and while doing that he tried to mash my clitoris with his pelvis by pulling me closer from my bottom and pushing himself bit up. I moaned loud as my clitoris got rubbed for few seconds with his pelvis,

I think that was the key for him and next moment I found his fingers over my cunt and somehow he rubbed my clitoris with his thumb and I just went mad in pleasure and did not lasted even for a minute and moaned erotically as I was about to burst. With in 2-3 inward strokes along with clitoris rubbing I reached to my climax and shivered in long awaited orgasm and moaned loud while releasing my fluid from deep inside. Kartik held me firmly from my waist with one hand during my burst and squeezed my melon to pleasure me with other. I trembled for a while and finally fell on him like a dead body. Kartik waited for me to recover and when I got up a bit and looked into his eyes he turned and took me under his body started his way of making love.

He was exploring my body with his hands, squeezing my breasts and kissing me all over my body he could kiss in that posture, over my neck, cheeks and ears and I was moaning in pleasure with his tender love making. Once again we kissed for bit long and exchanged our saliva, I was getting aroused again but I could see that Kartik was already aroused,

he was yet not over and he wanted to continue fucking me, even I wanted to him inside me and to get him inside I spoke to him in sensual voice, “Bhaiya… daal do andar….aur bujha lo apni pyas…. mujhe mallom hai… Deepika aapko kabhi puri tarah satisfy nahi karti”….. Kartik got up a bit and looked into my eyes and asked me,

“how do you know?”…. “I know…. mujhe sab maloom hai…..Deepika mujhe sab kuch bataati hai” “hmmmmm…..”Kartik just hummed to accept that and parted my fleshy thighs and next moment once again muscles of my fuckhole got stretched to maximum and he started ploughed my fuckhole with his monster meat.

I raised my legs and wrapped my thighs around his buttocks and next moment Kartik started plunging my starved thirsty fuckhole slowly to tranquilize his urge. Once again I was getting fucked and it was of the way by which my friend Deepika uses to get fucked, slowly and tenderly.

Kartik was moving back and forward in my fuckhole with lot of control and I was never fucked in that pace in my entire married life, he was so steady and powerful that I could not control myself and gradually I was feeling that once again pressure was building up in my body.

I was moaning while holding him, while embracing his muscular body between my arms and thighs and I could feel endless streams of my pleasure juices flowing down to bed. He caressed my forehead gently while fucking and looked into my eyes; I too started him while moaning lustfully in fucking pleasure.

His hands were sliding up and down on my thighs and breasts, making me shudder in double pleasure. He reached around and caught my rigid, throbbing nipples, twirled them in his fingers, I cried in pain and pleasure. While pumping my wide opened fuckhole, he sucked my nipples hard and my face got turned to one side as I was going mad in his love making.

Kartik further rose on me and kissed me deeply; pushing his tongue into my mouth and my lips parted, and I fenced his tongue with my own. Again his hands moved over me, now at fuckhole, once again he fingered my clitoris I moaned thickly, with lust, and my hips started rising and falling with the rhythm,

I was shaking my fuckhole with his massive crusher and with each downward thrust, his cock went deeper and deeper in my fuck hole. Within one more minute his hips started flexing rapidly in a squeezing motion and his pace increased. By now every deepest corner of my fuckhole was touched and massaged by his massive crusher and my fuckhole was contracting powerfully on his penis,

I was reaching to climax again. He grunted and next moment Kartik started moving even more rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth. “OH… OHh… uhh OHhhh… Uhhhh… OHhh… uhh OHma uhhh Ohma uhh OHhhhmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhhh ohhhh… I was in ninth planed and he could sense it from my loud moans, Kartik Kartik ohhh uhhh Ohhh… OH… Oh-OH- OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!”

Kartik was riding me hard and rapidly, my cunt was rising and falling, sliding up and down on the huge length of his penis. As his huge cock was appearing and disappearing in my fuckhole more quickly my whole body was moving with his powerful jerks including my big milky breast which were moving weirdly here and there because of his fucking strokes and above those milky juggs,

symbol of my marriage and my loyalty for my husband, my golden mangal-sutra was dancing and I was chanting Kartik’s name in pleasure instead of my husband’s name, while enjoying every fucking second of cheating my husband., Other than typical sound of “pach…pach” which comes out because of slapping of sweating thighs together during a nasty fucking,

my anklets were producing sweet “cham-cham” and along with that bangles were making erotic “khann-khann” in the rhythm Kartik was banging my fuckhole and along with this whole room was filled with our pleasure moans. By now Kartik was unstoppable and with in few more seconds I was about to explode, I tried to hold myself,

but I saw Kartik was also about to touch his peak as his body was jerking rapidly up and down, I was not in state to hold him between my thighs and by now they were apart and my feet were pointing roof, he was pumping my fuck hole with hell of speed and it was getting higher and higher, our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure.

At last, he shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his monster cock sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt, and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel smoothly till the very end. He fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried to stop his rocking and jerking motion.

I orgasmed hard and it was much more powerful than the previous one, rather it was most powerful orgasm I ever had, my bottom trembled helplessly and I exploded like never before in my entire married life, Kartik gasped as he felt the hard shivering of my burning fuckhole on his penis, and next moment I started cumming in one tidal wave after the other.

My body got rigid with tension, my buttocks flexed tight; I squeezed my hot fuck hole painfully on his penis as the orgasm thundered through my body. He held me tight as I was trembling in pleasure with broken moans, Kartik sighed in satisfaction as the heat erupted from his penis and he shivered in few short jerks and spewed deep into my love tunnel.

We both were dead, and after couple of minutes we got up, he used the toilet first, then I cleaned and washed my fuckhole, whatever junk he released inside me and came back to bed. We laid there in each other’s arm; rather I went into his arm after coming out of toilet, for some time in the dark without any word.

I was realizing that I am lying naked in someone’s arm who is not my husband but eventually I did not wanted to realize that. Kartik was in my day dreams from so many days and may be because of that I was not that uncomfortable in lying naked in his arm. Anyway I wanted to talk to him to know what he is thinking but as I said earlier Kartik was reserved in nature and I did not knew about him much, I just kept my mouth shut. Finally he uttered “Bhabhi I think ab aapko jaana chahiye ….. If your mother-in-law will get up…. bahut badi problem ho jaayegi? “she will not get up before 5,…. aur aap mere andar dobara nahi daaloge kya….?…. Deepika ko to aap hamesha do(two) baar karwane ke liye bolte ho” I spoke casually while playing with one of his nipple.

I think he smiled on my words, may be because he was realizing as such his bedroom life is not at all secret for me. “Ab aap mujhe Bhabhi bulana chhod do, aur Tripti kahkar bulaya karo……” I spoke again after a small pause and then again “jab tak Deepika nahi aati, main hi aapki wife hoon” and then again,

“aur tabb tak… main aapki sewa karungi…..jaise ek wife apne husband ki karti hai”……. “but this is cheating…..” Kartik spoke after few seconds, “mujhe nahi patta….. I just know ki aap mujhe achhe lagte ho…aur mujhe thode din aapke saath aise hi rahna hai…. Jab tak Deepika wapis nahi aati” I replied while getting more into his arms,

“ok”he replied and then spoke again and asked me “and what will you do when Deepika will be back…..?” “I don’t know…..we will see…. Kya karna hai….. but app ek baat samajh lo…. Mujhe aapse physical love chahiye….nahi to main pagal ho jaaongi…….” I was yet not over and I spoke again

“Bhaiya you don’t know how difficult it is…. I mean kisi bhi female ke liye husband ke bina rahna…. Is just like living in hell….. main sex ke liye raat-raat bhar tadpati rahti hoon”. I spoke again after a small interval…”aapko bhi to meri zarurat hai…. I know Deepika aapko kabhi puri tarah satisfy nahi karti” I waited for him to reply “hmmmmm…. That’s true…”

he replied after few seconds, “bass… to fir aap mujhe satisfy karo, main aapko satisfy karungi…. Simple” I spoke casually, “it’s not that simple…..” Kartik replied and then spoke again, “what if you will get pregnant ….. Rather even this time we have not used anything” “don’t worry about that…I will go on pills…aap binna condom ke mujhe enjoy karo….”

I was ready with my reply, “still… I don’t think there is any future in this relation” Kartik spoke again. I don’t know why he was so negative and I could realize that it is dangerous for me and my lust for him, at least for next 15-20 days. “whatever….. Let’s enjoy these 15-20 days….. Rest of the things we will see later….” I moved my hand to his thighs while saying that and spoke again,

“I don’t know…mujhe kabse aapke saath aapke bistar pe sone ki desire thi….. Finally aaj wo puri ho hi gayi….” Once again I thought about arousing him through my words and while saying that I was holding his penis and jerking it very slowly up and down. “Bhaiya jab tak Deepika wapis nahi aati…. Main aapka bistar garam rakhungi…….. mujhe aapki bahut zaroorat hai…

aur aapko bhi to meri zarurat hai….aap mere saath jo chaaho karr sakte ho….” I was yet not over and once again I spoke “treat me like your slut…main aapki rakhail bann ne ke liye tyar hoon” I could see that Kartik was getting aroused from my erotic words as slowly his penis was getting hard in my hand.

I got up a bit while jerking his penis up and down, I was clear what I had to do, even Kartik knew what I m going to do now, even then I spoke “I am sure Deepika aapka kabhi nahi chusegi…lekin main aapka hamesha chusungi…. Jab bhi aap bologe” I was jerking his penis and it was getting harder and harder, I continued applying my trick and spoke again,

“aapko harr tarah ka sukh doongi…. Tann aur mann se aapki sewa karungi… aur hamesha aapka bistar garam karungi,…… “jab bhi aap kahoge aapke saamne nangi ho jaaungi” and then spoke again “aur aap bhi mujhe hamesha aise hi harra(green) karte rahna”it was a long statement and it worked again…

I was still holding his penis and by now Kartik was fully erect and finally he spoke in puffing voice, “Tripti…. Suck me..” It was first time he addressed me with my name and it was really very arousing for me. “Bhaiya…..main aapki rakhail hoon… jo aap kahoge main karoongi…chaho to mere muhn(mouth) ke andar hi appna paani chhod dena….”

I made last statement before taking his monster in my mouth and that was enough for him to stop thinking about wrong and right and once again as I took his penis in my mouth Kartik trembled with sudden jolt. I licked it with a to and fro motion rubbing his foreskin with my soft and pink lips. I was moving my tongue all around it and Kartik was at the top of his ecstasy.

In the beginning he was in bit of pain but after hardly 2 minutes as I took out more of my saliva and started massaging his hard cock with my tongue and moist and warm inner cheeks, I saw Kartik in intense pleasure, he was making pleasure sounds and enjoying my suck over his throbbing penis, and I was liking his moans, they were so arousing to me,

and I increased my speed of moving his skin up and down and removed foreskin of his penis completely using my moist lips and sucked his cock more passionately, his moans grew intense and he started crying in pleasure. Within a minute he was at the stage where could not control that pleasure and he stopped me and got up and pushed me on the bed and widened my thighs.

I was expecting that he will fuck me now, but he had something else in mind and with in few seconds I found him buried between my fleshy thighs…. Oh god… my legs were lifted in air and my dream boy was sucking me while holding flesh of my thighs….I never expected that,,, he was so good down there and I was starved for this, my husband never gave me this pleasure,
he always ridiculed my request of giving me oral pleasure, though I use to suck him(my husband) whenever he asked. Anyway Kartik was giving his full affection to my starved fuckhole. I was clean shaved there and in the beginning Kartik was licking my opening tenderly like we enjoy ice-cream,

I was totally wet down there releasing streams of my pleasure juices and he was licking and gulping all my juices, and I was moaning in that wonderful pleasure up to max. Gradually his speed increased and Kartik started sucking my hole and my moans started getting intense, I think he was also enjoying my pleasure moans and wanted me to cry in pleasure,

next moment he opened my fuckhole with his fingers and entered his tongue in my pleasure hole and sucked my pussy lips powerfully and widening my fleshy thighs further apart and tried to eat my fuckhole and flicked my clitoris with is tongue passionately. Ohh… God I was going crazy from such an erotic act, my feet were pointing roof and Kartik was on his knees leaning over my fuckhole,

holding my legs apart as much as possible he was continuously digging my fuckhole for more and more, as if he wanted to take out whatever liquid I had in my body and holding his scalp I was pulling his head further between my thighs and lurching my bottom up again and again in pleasure with loud moans. Within few more seconds things went beyond my tolerance and I stopped him.

His mouth was totally drenched with my pleasure juices and I could see that he has not wasted even a single drop of my nectar. We both got up and before he would have said anything I asked him, “Bhaiya peeche se daalenge na?” and he just hummed to say yes, but he wanted me to suck him for a while and holding my arm he pulled me straight and took my mouth closer to his penis and spoke,

“Tripti… thodi der aur chuso issko…suck me…” I gladly did that and within a minute felt his penis growing hard in my mouth. He was ready to fuck me again and as he stopped me from sucking I turned around and came on my four and spoke again, “Bhaiya daaleye…ab aur apni rakhail ko peeche se enjoy kariye” intentionally I was using the word “rakhail”again and again, don’t know whether it was arousing for Kartik or not but certainly it was arousing me a lot.

I was on my hands and knees before him and he knelt behind me on his knees and, holding my waist, he pulled my fuckhole towards his penis slowly I backed myself onto his huge hard penis while looking back. Kartik bent his head and guided his monster to my opening, turning my head I was watching him in fascination.

As I moved further back toward his penis, I felt the heat of his cock tip at my soaked fuckhole. He quivered in hunger as his huge penis touched my love opening, next moment he leaned over me and slid his hands up to my swollen breasts; he crushed them hard and squeezed my fleshy boobs in his palms.

I gasped as his thick cock was touching my pleasure opening and my fuckhole was twitching to get stuffed again. Kartik held me from shoulder and tried to pull me further towards him I eased my bottom further towards his hard erect rod. My moan changed into a sharp gasp as his huge cock entered into my narrow tunnel, stretching all my virginal muscles again up to maximum. He grunted at the, hot clamp of my fuckhole on his penis. I impaled myself even deeper, and my face twisted in joy as the huge, hard length of his penis was squeezed into my thirsty fuckhole. He sank his shaft completely in my cave and waited. I moaned, as he was touching deepest corner of my love tunnel, which was never explored by my husband.

“Mm… you’re mine, Tripti, all mine! Right?” “Yes,” I moaned, “I’m yours…all yours”. He pulled bit of his rod slowly from my fuckhole, and pushed back deep inside. I moaned in enormous pleasure. He did that again “Yes… fuck me Bhaiya… yes… OHHHhhh hanh unhhh hanh OHHh uhhh OHHH hanh anh uhhhh hanh!”

I was moaning as he was getting in and out of me, rubbing my inner virginal walls with his hard meat. Kartik moved slowly at first, rocking his hips back and forth, I was on my hands and knees; I slid myself in and out on his throbbing cock in that rhythm. With every thrust of his monster deep in my fuck hole, I felt a new sensation running through my body.

At last, he moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, driving his huge length in and out of my cunt with thrilling control. Several times his balls pressed my buttocks and his thighs slapped at mine. Gradually, he increased the pace, going faster and faster.

He dug his hands into my ass mounds, held my huge hips and began to rock me back and forth, jerking my cunt to and fro on his shaft. Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!” once again he was getting unstoppable while drilling and pumping me hard and I was crying in pleasure,

he too was panting in bliss of fucking me from behind and suddenly he paused and it just took my breath… and I trembled feverishly from top to bottom and screamed in gasping voice, “”Ahhhh…. Bhaiya… kya kar rahe hain….. fuck me….please… aisa matt kariye….” My legs were trembling and I was at the verge of explosion but Kartik withdrew his rod completely and my climax got delayed. Kartik pushed me slowly down to bed on my stomach with my legs spread, keeping two pillows under my belly he lifted my fleshy ass mounds to get access of my fuckhole, and held my waist with one hand and rested his monster on my opening using other, and with a single knock he was again fully inside me. I moaned loud as it was totally different sensation for me.

Kartik was laying on me and pumping my fuckhole in very comfortable position, and his movements were very steady. Along with moving in and out of my fuck hole he was milking my whole body by kissing and brushing his lips on my back and neck while crushing my milky juggs with his hands. It was most pleasurable moment of my entire sex life; I was never fucked like this ever.

Slowly along with mine his moans also started rising and I could feel him going to his peak, and after that every stroke he made in my hole, he increased his pace and puffed in pleasure, I was already crying in pleasure which I could not bear for long, he was literary ram fucking me and suddenly I tightened my legs and clamped his huge penis in my fuck hole.

Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh! Shit” he gasped and collapsed on me and buried his penis in my fuckhole till the root of it. “Ahhh Ahhhh… ohhh maa haan haan!” I too cried madly. Kartik took his hand under my belly and fingered my clitoris brutally. Oh my god I just went crazy and moaned loudly, I went through a violent orgasm once again.

My body got racked by heaving sobs as the dams burst. My fingers were clawing the sheet as I could not do anything to stop him rubbing my clitoris, I was spread wide and Kartik was lying on me, I could not move even a fraction, and I started trembling with jerks and could not control my shrill cry as stream of pleasure was cumming out of my pubic area with sudden jolts.

At the same instant his own climax was uncontainable, he screamed and exploded with a shudder and jerked out his white sticky cum deep inside my tunnel again. It took us 3-4 minutes to get normal and we both were sweating heavily, tired and completely exhausted. Kartik remained on me for next 4-5 minutes; I could easily bear his wait.

Finally we both got up and cleaned our self and I saw the time, I still had few hours but none of us were in any state to do it again, we both wanted to sleep now and I started collecting my clothes while looking at him, he was blushing and could not see in my eyes and just opposite to him, I was staring him like a slut, as if I have not done anything wrong.

“Bhaiya aap abb kyun Sharma rahe ho, jo hona tha wo to ho gaya….” I spoke while wearing my bra after wearing panty and came closer to him and turned around, so that he can hook my bra and then spoke again, “zarra hook band karna” he did that, “if you want, I can stay…we still have 2 hours…” I spoke again while wearing my nighty, “nahi Bhabhi… I think… ab humen sona chahiye… mujhe kal office bhi jaana hai” (means we should sleep now, I have to go to office tomorrow). “hmmm…..first of all, I am not your Bhabhi….call me Tripti…. Aur dusra….is relation ke baare mein jayada sochna matt, just enjoy…. Jaise main enjoy karr rahi hoon, it will always be secret between you and me…..ok?”

finally wearing my clothes I was ready to go back to my flat. “I wish main raat ko aapke saath hi so paati….anyway.. Good night” I spoke again while looking at him. I came out and found everything as it was in my flat. I slept tight in the night as I after so many months I was satisfied sexually.

Once again in the morning everything went fast and as such nothing was changed except we both were smiling while looking at each other. I think by morning Kartik was totally out of confusion and as such I was also not guilty conscious. Through in the day time I was thinking over what I did last night, but finally I ended everything with a thought that after all I am also human being and like others I too have desires,

moreover who knows Shailesh (my husband) is also having this sort of affair there in states. Once again day ended and with a same routine I fed my child and his grandmother, and like yesterday Kartik came back around 11 and we both had dinner together in his flat and I came back to his flat after winding up the kitchen and stood in front of him with a smile and spoke

“aapki Rakhail aapki sewa mein haazir hai” Kartik smiled a bit and spoke, “please don’t say that…you have given me real pleasure of marriage”… “and you have given me that” I replied while walking towards him, as I was standing bit away and he was sitting on the sofa while watching TV. I was wearing my second night wear.. short Capri till my knees and sleeve less top till my waist. Kartik raised his hand and took me on his lap and pulled me closer and spoke again, “promise me, you will not use this word again” “what…? Rakhail?”I asked him while looking into his eyes, “hmmmm…” he hummed to say yes.. “ok”I accepted. Once again that night we had sex twice.

I sucked him while sitting on the floor while he was sitting on the sofa and then he made me sit on the sofa and he sat down on floor and licked me tenderly. We took off all our clothes in the living room and walked in the bedroom naked and finally had two intercourses one after another in which he fucked me while keeping one of my leg on his shoulder and other down on the bed.

Anyway we spend nearly 15 days like this (leaving 4 days of my monthly cycle which interrupted our one weekend)and in these 15 days I spent 3 nights with him in my bedroom, and he fucked me on my wedding bed on which I was always fucked by my husband, and I was delighted with the pleasure I got by cheating my husband.

Kartik gave me respect and took good care of all my needs physical as well as mental as if I am his wife, though in my view I was nothing less than a slut. I too took him as my lover and tried to satisfy him as much as possible.

Anyway throughout these days I was talking to Deepika almost daily and I gave her detail that Kartik is over working in office in her absence and use to come around 12 in the night and after dinner, and Kartik also followed by this statement and told her (Deepika) that he feels shy eating my place.

Deepika could not doubt as she knew that he is reserved in nature and she tried to convince me this fact. Finally my golden days came to an end, it was our last night in solitude, as Deepika was already on the train and she was reaching around 9 in the morning. I finished everything before time and unlike other days at 10:30- 11:00 we were ready for action.

Things got more interesting after our first intercourse, when we both were resting, laying stark naked on the bed and I was lying sideways facing away from him, thinking that what will we do when she(Deepika) will be here. Suddenly I felt Kartik behind, he was touching my whole back body with his front and I could feel that he was nearly fully erect.

I was expecting that now he will fuck me again, but he had something else in mind. Kartik kissed me near my ear and brushed his wet lips on my neck to make me moan in sensation. “… Tripti….. tum meri Rakhail ho naa…?”Kartik spoke in very soft voice while taking my ear lob in his mouth and I moaned bit loud.

After so many days… it was he who spoke that word, I thought he is trying to arouse me and himself as well so I replied positively. “haan… main aapki Rakhail hi to hun…..itne din se daily aapka bistar garam karr rahi hun”Kartik was brushing and kissing my back and it was a wonderful feeling along with those erotic statements.

“Tripti…..I want your whole body” Kartik spoke again. “main apna sab kuch to de chuki hun aapko….aur kya chahiye?”I asked him while puffing as he was still kissing me while massaging my bottom with his hands, “nahi abhi bhi tumhare paas kuch hai… jo tumne mujhe nahi diya…..I want that” “mera sab kuch aapka hi hai….….hmmmm…..bolo kya chahiye”

I asked him in same sensual fashion, “your asshole….….” he spoke while squeezing my plump ass mound, I was shocked and could not believe what he said. My heart beat stopped for a second “bolo….doogi…. apna asshole mujhe…. hmmm…?….. I want to fuck you there” Kartik spoke again and asked me sensually in the same fashion while playing with my ass cheeks from behind.

I turned to look into his eyes and realized that he was sure about what he said; even then I asked him one more time in my words, “mere peechhe waale hole mein daaloge kya?”….. “See I am not forcing you…but…I want to do it ….I really love your bottom and I want to experience your ass hole” he spoke while looking at me while resting his hand on my hips “hmmm…”

I smiled lightly before saying “waise bhi…. I am your whore, to be more precise Rakhail… how can I say no to you”… “I think tum mind kar gayi… maine to aise hi bol diya tha…. I am sorry I used that word”I smiled on his gesture, “you know my husband has asked me for that at least hundred times…. But I never said yes to him”

I was looking into his eyes and he was staring into mine, waiting for me to say final yes or no. I wanted to say no to it, because I was afraid of pain, but somewhere I did not wanted to dishearten him, I was somewhat in love with Kartik and seriously I could not say no to him. Finally I smiled after raising some courage within myself and spoke with throbbing heart,

“but main aapko manna nahi karr sakti…app mere saath jo chaaho kar sakte ho”“I am not forcing you… and please don’t feel any burden…. I mean maine wo Rakhail wali baat yun hi bol di thi”he spoke again “I know… and don’t worry…. I am not feeling any burden…” I was smiling while saying that, and then I spoke again,

“I am sure when this time my husband will come… he will not leave my ass… I mean he is after my asshole from last one year and if I had to lose it ……I will prefer ki main aapke saath hi karun……. Because aapne mujhe bahut pyar diya hai” I was somehow trying to convince him that I also want to do it.

Kartik smiled and leaned over me and spoke thanks just before kissing my lips and once again we went into deep delicate kiss and explored each other’s mouth nicely. My heart was beating high, as I knew that now I will get fucked in my ass, moreover Kartik was having much bigger Penis as compared to my husband.

Kartik was enjoying my body and kissing me all over my face and neck and gradually moving down to my breasts without showing any hurry to fuck my ass and I was moaning in pleasure. Now I could recall that why from last two nights he was fucking me just in doggy position and in between he was parting my hips to see my tiny asshole while fucking my cunt.

Right now he was licking my whole body while going down and finally started sucking my nipples one by one. I was getting aroused with a thought that now I am going to scream like hell as I use to see girls crying in x rated movies while getting anally ripped but I was scared too as I could not imagine the pain through which I was suppose to go,

and I think Kartik was conscious about that and that is why he was trying to arouse me through oral foreplay to subside my fear of that pain. After giving lot of love to my swollen milks he gradually moved down and continued licking my whole body and I was moaning in pleasure and my body was moving randomly with sudden jerks as his thick rough tongue was touching sensitive area of my waist, belly and thighs and finally he lifted my leg bit up while spreading it and started exploring my fuckhole with his tongue. Oh…God I was already going crazy with the thought of getting anally fucked and above that his slow tender tongue fucking along with light massage of my clitoris with a thumb,

it was something which I could not bear for long and along with moaning I started releasing streams of my pleasure juices one after another. By now Kartik was well aware of my body and he knew that when he has to stop, as pressure started building up in my body my moans got intense and I started lurching my bottom and he gradually slowed down his pace and turned me around and kept two pillows under my belly.

I was on my stomach and my plump and erotically spread ass was raised up in front of him, and next moment he squeezed my both the hips in his hands and them crushed them together and for me pleasure incredible. I was already heavily aroused because of cunt sucking and above that sensation of getting anally fucked was rising every second and I could not stop moaning.

Kartik once again started from top and came down while licking my shoulders then waist and finally kissed my hips one by one while holding my waist and suddenly took a bite of one of my ass cheek and continued biting my flesh till I felt his teeth and I screamed in strange sensation, truly speaking it was not at all painful rather I wanted him to bite me more as by now I was mad and wanted him fuck me hard,

at that time I was so excited that I was not scared of getting anally fucked and Kartik was busy with my ass, he squeezed my hips together couple of times and then parted them to see my tiny ass hole and I could feel the breeze of air on my pot hole as he was holding my ample hips apart to open up my pot hole.

He further parted my thighs using his legs while holding my hips apart and my tiny asshole got more prominent to his eyes, I was already aroused and suddenly Kartik flicked tip of his tongue on my anus and that was something which I could not bear at all and I arched my back and moaned loud strangely raising my head, I was feeling as if I will die in this excitement.

Kartik did that again and this time it was better, my asshole got licked nicely and I trembled strangely. He took out one tube from the side drawer of the bed. “ye lubricant hai… iss se penis ka movement easy ho jaayega” before I would have asked him he spoke himself, as he saw me looking at him while taking out that tube.

“Tripti just relax… apni body ko ek dum dheela chhod do hmmm….” Kartik spoke while massaging flesh of my ass cheeks and next moment I felt cold semi liquid on my ass opening, oh… god I got even more excited, as he parted my hips further apart so that liquid can enter inside my hole.

Fever of getting anally fucked was rising every second inside my body and I was shivering in fear and excitement. I was spread as wide as possible on my front keeping pillows under my belly and Kartik was squeezing and parting my hips, but as such nothing was going in my pot and fluid started flowing down to bed, he had to do something else and just then while rubbing his finger between my ass cheeks he took that stream of liquid which was flowing down and inserted one of his finger in my tiny exit. “Ahhh………” I moaned long in excitement with a sudden quivering, I won’t say it was painful, it was a sensation which cannot be written it can only be felt,

but it was just a tip of his finger which made me shiver in excitement and next moment he poured more gel and inserted his middle finger further deep and I was feeling cold liquid getting inside my ass. “Ahhh… Ahhhh… I was moaning intensely as now it was bit painful as more than half of Kartik’s finger was inside my tiny ass hole, but I could bear that pain and he could sense that.

Slowly Kartik started finger fucking my ass and I started moaning in pleasure and pain together, he was pouring plenty of lubricant and initially most of it was flowing down to bed through the dividing line off my heavy ass. “Tripti…. Jayada pain to nahi ho raha?”

Kartik asked me while finger fucking my ass, “nahi… abhi to bahut thoda sa pain hai…. But pain to hona hi hai….aapka wo (Penis) to iss se bahut mota hai” I somehow spoke my perplexing mind state while puffing in pleasure. “haan.. But wo bhi chala jaayega….. maine bahut sara gel daal diya hai… tumhare hole ke andar”

I could feel what he said, with every inward stroke of his finger in my ass I was feeling liquid getting inside my heavy pot and again and again he was collecting liquid which was going down through my ass crack and that was so arousing in itself that I was going crazy in pleasure. “Bhaiya aaram se daaliye ga…nahi to meri jaan nikal jaayegi….” I requested him. “hmmmm…..” he accepted while caressing my hairs with the other hand as they were coming on my eyes when I tried to look back at him while laying on my breasts. “don’t worry about that,……maine tumse ek baar anus mein dalwaane ke liye kaha aur tum maan gayi……..main tumhare liye itna nahi karunga kya?….”

“Tripti believe me tum meri jaan ho….I wish main tumse pahle mila hota…. To aaj tum, meri wife hoti” Kartik spoke with a small pause between two lines and while saying that he was fisting my ass hole with his finger and by now his finger was moving easily in and out of my butt hole. I don’t know what I was thinking, it was romance mixed with lot of lust and filth.

“Bhaiya main bhi aapse bahut pyar karti hoon”I replied while laying with my raised spread ass, “I know…that… main bhi tumse pyar karta hoon…. You are a perfect wife” I think while saying that he was lubricating his monster because now finger was withdrawn from my ass hole and next moment I felt his one hand on my fleshy ass mound and he parted it and he touched my anal opening with his cock-tip.

I moaned in pleasure and arched my back in excitement my condition got worse when Kartik started rubbing his penis on my ass hole, he was leaning on left elbow and rubbing my pot hole with his penis, for me it was altogether a different sensation which I cannot describe, but I could not do anything except moaning in pleasure.

“Tripti… thank you… very much….muhe itna pyar dene ke liye… tum bahut achhi ho…I really love you” Kartik spoke in sensual voice and then spoke again in continuation, “itne saalon(years) mein….Deepika ne mujhe itna pyar nahi diya, jitna tumne mujhe… last ek(one) mahine(month) main diya hai”

Kartik was rubbing his penis on my hole while saying that and for me it was very delightful listening that along with that pleasurable rubbing, but that pleasure did not lasted for long. “tumko kuch nahi hoga…. Hmmmm….Main bahut dheere se daalunga….bass shuru main thoda sa pain hoga…. Fir sabb theek ho jaayega” Kartik spoke again and got up a bit and squeezed his cock-tip in my tiny ass hole and pushed it hard inside.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh……… ahhhhhhhhhhh…….. ahhhhh ahhh…. Bhaiya….Bhaiya….” shrill whimper came out of my mouth, Kartik was hardly an inch inside my pot and I screamed at my worst. “bass abb ho jaayega…” Kartik was also puffing in pleasure because of tightness of my hole, while saying that, and with that he went further inside my pot hole and I could feel every inch of his monster ripping my tiny ass hole.

I was feeling as if some thick hard iron rod is going inside my tight hole. My eyes were closed and mouth was opened, I buried my face in pillow to control my voice. Slowly Kartik was getting further inside my ass and I could feel my asshole getting wider slowly, while doing that somehow he poured more gel on my asshole,

I could feel the pond of liquid on my ass and to make that liquid flow inside me Kartik withdrew his penis completely from my ass for a fraction and immediately inserted back. Ohh…. God what was that..I cried in pain like mad.. And this time he went deeper in my ass. Certainly because of gel penetration was getting easier,

I think within few seconds half of his monster was inside me and closing my eyes I was trying to bear the pain, just then Kartik moved back and forward couple of times and started fucking my ass slowly. My husband was asking for my ass from last one year but I never agreed, and for me it was matter of disbelief that when he was not here I agreed to get ass fucked by husband of my best friend on his very first request.

Anyway Kartik was enjoying tightness of my tiny ass up to max; I could hear his pleasure puffs and his pleasure moans were enough for me to continue bearing this pain. Kartik kept on going in me deeper and deeper in my ass, but very slowly, with in and out movement and I could feel that slowly his whole mammoth length was inside my ass.

I was moaning with broken voice and could see that Kartik was in intense pleasure; he was laying on me keeping his monster inside my pot. “Tripti…. Aage peeche karna shuru karun?” he asked me after few seconds when he saw that now I am adjusted with the pain. I closed my eyes and hummed to say yes and finally my proper ass fucking started,

initially Kartik started fucking my ass very slowly, as it was a tight hole and he could not move fast but slowly my asshole got stretched according to the thickness of Kartik, and in and out movement of his penis got easier, moreover plenty of gel was spread over my hips and slowly it was flowing in my pot with in and out movement of his shaft.

I was moaning in mixed feeling, pleasure as well as pain, truly speaking friends getting ass fucked is altogether a different experience, thought Kartik was very much bothered about my pain even then every time he pushed his rod inside my ass hole, I skipped my beat with pain and as he took it out I shivered in strange desire of getting plunged again,

and Kartik continued plunging tightest hole of my body comfortably and gradually I too got adjusted with a pain. My ass was raised well up and thighs were spread up to maximum, and in spite of my heavy ass buns Kartik was having clear access of my ass hole and he was riding on me well as if he is riding horse after putting his weight on his knees and elbows.

I could feel that gradually Kartik was getting excited as his speed was increasing; though he was trying to control his passion even then it was getting faster and faster. Now he could feel that I am in pain as I crying more in pain than pleasure of getting ass fucked and he did what he could do to pleasure me,

he rested on me leaving his full weight on my body and slipped his hand under my belly and started fisting my fuckhole and eventually rubbed my clitoris vigorously. My moans went double and I started gasping and crying in pleasure, he was holding my clitoris between his thumb and finger and worst part was that he knew the sensitivity of that thing in female body. His massive crusher was fucking my ass and he increased his speed and started rubbing and crushing my clitoris even more wildly at the same time. “Ahhhhhh….. Ahhhh…… Bhaiya…. Bhaiya…. Please… Kartik….kya karr rahe ho..?“ I was crying and screaming in pain and pleasure while banging my legs on bed and could not sense anything neither pain nor pleasure, and above that he was riding on me fast while fucking my ass.

Bed was moving weirdly as gradually our speed was increasing, Finally I started trembling, as I wanted to blast and Kartik was not ready to leave my clitoris, it was a moment which cannot be defined in words and I was banging my legs on bed and tried to get away from him, but I could not…he was laying on me and I could not move even a fraction.

My cries got shriller like “ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma Kaaarrtikk….uhh OHHH uhh OHMA Kaa….rtik” I was feeling as if I am going to die in this excitement. Kartik was also getting closer to his burst I could sense that and because of his fucking strokes in my ass I was feeling that I will be tored off in two from my asshole.

Fortunately Kartik also shuddered very next moment and buried his monster completely in my asshole till the root of it and moaned loud in triumph, “Ohhhhhuhhh Yes… ohhh god yes yes yes!” and hugged me hard from behind. I too started cumming as he stopped rubbing my clitoris and like first day I went through violent orgasm,

I shivered like a fish for few seconds and then got shattered with sobbing moans and finally started cumming with sudden jolts and along with that I was feeling enormous pain in my ass. I could feel Kartik’s rod’s shivering in my butt he was hollowing his balls and finally I felt bit of hot liquid getting injected inside my pot.

We both were dead once again and Kartik slowly moved aside and withdrew his monster completely from my ass hole. I was not in state to move at that time, I just lied there without any word in the same posture keeping my ripped asshole up on the pillow and Kartik was laying partially on me on my upper half.

Even after his withdrawal I was feeling as if I am having his penis in my ass and my asshole was twitching in strange sensation. I could feel that my ass hole has gone bigger now as it was starched up to the thickness of Kartik’s monster meat which was remarkably thicker than the normal thickness(at least thicker than my husband).

I tried to get up after few minutes and Kartik also got up along with me. Unintentionally I smiled at him while getting up and he caressed my hairs to keep them away from my eyes as they were spread weirdly on my face, “bahut dard hua na…?” he asked me, I moved my head in yes with a smile, “lekin aapko satisfy karna bhi to zaroori tha…. Ab pyar kiya hai to nibhana to padega…”

I spoke in low tired voice. “Thanks….”He spoke again, “for what?” I asked him…“For whatever you did for me” “agar aap anal sex karwane ke liye thanks bol rahe ho to…. To rahne do…” “just promise me… ki you will continue this relation with me as long as it is possible”…..”Now I can’t live without sex…I will commit suicide” “I promise….somehow I will keep you sexually satisfied” Kartik promised me.

We both got up, and cleaned our self and came to bed. I told him that I want to sleep in his arms, that night it was possible, time was just fifteen twenty minutes passed to 12 and we had 3-4 hours as my mother-in-law use to get up around 5. We lied in the dark in each other’s arm and slept for nearly one hour and then once again our foreplay started.

I still had a desire to get poked in my fuckhole and before getting that desire fulfilled we lied in 69 and pleasured each other by sucking and licking each other as much as possible. Finally next morning Deepika arrived back and everything went to normal. Initially for few days we did not found a way out to get together sexually as we never use to got alone,

but then Kartik suggested me to start working and that really worked well for us. Usually I go for my job after sending my child to college and being my best friend Deepika has taken a responsibility of my son afterwards and I came back by 5-5:30, and occasionally say twice or maximum thrice a month Kartik and I take day off and spend whole day together in some good hotel.

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