This incident happened around 9 months ago in our final year. I was the only close friend of her in boys. So she shares everything and spends most of the time with me in college. She trusts me a lot. Never say no for anything because i was so nice to her. She was very good friend of mine. I had no bad intentions about her. One day i invited her to my home. That too only when my grani was in home. Else i would not have called her. She spoke to my grani and my cousin. They liked her simplicity. Even we both spent some time and she left after one hour. She was so happy for being in my home for the 1st time.It was campus recruitment time in college. I was the best in class in quantitative and reasoning. She was not so good in it. So she asked me to help her in arithmetic. I said ok. She was ready to come to my home. But no one was in home that day. I told her the same. She said she has no problem to come. So even i said to come down. I had my bath and was in boxers and sleeveless. She came around 10. I opened the door and invited her in.She was wearing light pink chudi with white salwar. Her fair body was looking so damn beautiful in her pink dress. I gave her a compliment. She said thanks and was scolding me back for wearing so less clothes. I told her “baby this is my home and i cant wear suit and roam and i feel comfortable in this”. She just laughed and said “ok ok” . And she even brought a dairy milk silk for me. She might have given more than 10 chocos so far. But me.. Not even one. So nice she is.I didnt want to waste the time so directly started with books. We were in my bed. She was sitting beside me with loose hairs. I was teaching her some speed enhancements to save time in exam. She bent little forward and solving the problems i told her. I turned towards her. This is when i felt little uncomfortable. I can see her light pink bra and some cleavage. I turned around. But by that time my junior woke up from his sleep. And it was his time to make decisions. I was watching her cleavage and bra. Her pink lips, i felt like grab her and bite her lips. But i was in control. In addition to that. She is sitting so close to me so that our hands are clearly touching. I had to cover my hard on. Because i was wearing only boxers. So i placed 2 books on it as if i was taking support. She never suspected me. After almost one hour i was bored. I asked to solve herself for some time so tht i can listen to some songs. She said even she is bored.So we kept our books aside and talking about all the gossips and teasing each other. She hit me on my bare lap so hard for something i told her. I just shouted with pain. Even i wanted to hit back. But she is a girl so i hesitated a little . I gave her warning n left her. She hit me again for something. This time i dint keep quite. I pinched her thigh so hard. She screamed in pain and was hitting me everywhere. I was just laughing and covering myself. She started slapping my cheeks. I said no for that. She didnt stop.Me: sindhu stop. One more slap. I will bite your cheek like anything, i am serious.She slapped me again. Thats it. I held her hands and tried to bite her cheek. She said no and didnt let me. I tried hard. She just escaped and slept turning around with her salwar around her face. I tried to turn her around. She was strong. I went over her and pulled her salwar. I can feel her body against mine. I was turning her by holding her waist and shoulders. Finally i did. I went over her to bite. She said no and cover her face with her hands. She told me to get off her. I didnt. My dick is very hard now. It pressing on her crotch area. I removed her hands from her face and pinned them with mine behind her head.She closed her eyes and shaking her face to escape from my bite. I can see part of her fair boobs. My chest is pressing against her. I can feel her soft boobs against my chest. Finally i got her cheek and bite it very hard taking maximum flesh in mouth. She was shouting to stop.After few secs i pulled back my mouth and left her hands free. She was scolding me and slapped me hard this time. I went silent for a second. She said “oops… Sorry” and started laughing. That screwed me. I held her hands again and bite her other cheek very hard. She was begging me to leave. I was literally chewing her cheek. And next her nose. She tried to escape.But i was strong. I bite her chin. She is calming down slowly. Now i went to her neck but didnt bite. Just placed my head on her shoulder and my mouth close to her neck almost touching. We started breathing heavily. My warm breath on her neck. She said “varun please get up. I want to go. This is not good.” i dint listen. Slowly touched her neck with my lips and started biting it with care. She started moaning and was asking me to stop. “hmmmm… Noooo… Varun… Mmmm.. Pllssss… Stop”I started kissing her neck with passion. She turned on now. I placed my left hand fingers on her lips. Was playing with her lips and kissing her neck. I placed one finger in her mouth and touching her warm tongue. She slowing licking it. I the removed my finger and placed my lips on her lips. Kissing slowly. Started biting her lower lip. She is breathing very high. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and playing with her tongue inside.Meanwhile i placed my left hand on her left boob and pressing it. She tried to remove it. But i didnt. Kissing her hard. She was moaning. Came down and was kissing her right boob over her dress while pressing left boob. Taking whole boob inside my mouth. I went to her naval. Raised her dress a little and kissing her stomach. Licking her naval and pressing her boob with one hand and other hand on her lips. I removed my top. Tried to remover her top. She got her conscious back. She said no and got to adjust her dress. She got down from bed. I went to her and pushed her to wall.Sindhu: varun pls leave me. This is not right. We are friends. We should not do this.Me: sindhu please.. Im very high now.. One time sindhu please.. I never tell this to any one.She turned around. I pinned her hands to wall with mine n was kissing her back and neck and managed to losen her zip. I can see her pink bra.Sindhu: no varun.. Plsss.. I beg u.. U r my friend.But she was moaning tooo.. Means she too want this. She is just scared. Because this is her 1st time. And even mine. But i have seen many porn.Some how i convinced her. I turned towards me and started kissing her lips again. Very hard. With one hand i was pulling down her dress from her shoulders. It was tight. I asked to remove. She was silent. I raised it from bottom and removed it completely. She is in bra now. Kissed her boobs on her bra and pulled it down. Now i can see her bare boobs with pink erected nipples. She closed her eyes. I was sucking her nipples. Her hands in my hairs and pushing my head against her boobs. Still we are against wall. I placed one hand on her pussy over her phant and was rubbing it.. She placed her hand on my hand. I inserted my hand in her panty. She was having very few and small pubic hair.She tried to stop my hand. But couldn’t. I can feel her wet pussy. I was ribbing it and kissing her lips.. She was moaning. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. She was not taking. I forced her. She held it. I took it out. I guided her how to stroke it. She was doing it slwowly. I bent down and removed her white pant and pink panty completely. She is full nude now. Removed my boxers too. She was not looking down. I kissed on her pussy lips. Raised her one leg and placed it on my shoulder to make some space to suck her pussy. I slowly sucking it and pressing my thumb on it.. She is excited. Her juices r coming out.I wiped them with my boxer and started sucking again. I got up and asked her to suck mine. She said no. I turned her around and was pushing my dick in her ass crack. Pinned her hands to wall with one hand and placed other hand on her lips. I was kissing her neck n whispered in her ears.“Sindhu.. Please… I sucked yours rite.. U should suck mine too.. Please sindhu.. Only once i never ask u again.. Please..”She agreed and went down. I placed my dick in her mouth. She hesitated a little. But took it in. Sucking slowly and licking the tip with her tongue. I was in 7th heaven. It was warm. I never had so much pleasure in my life. I held her hairs and was pushing her head to and fro. It was superb. She did a great job. I know im closer to cum. So i removed it n took her to bed. I laid on her n kissing he lips. She held me very tight. I place my dick on her pussy. But i couldnt enter. I got up and placed pillow below her ass and raised her legs around my waist. Now i again placed my dick on her pussy. Tried to push it. It was too tight. She was in pain and asked me to stop. I inserted my middle finger 1st to widen the hole. She moned aloud. I finger fucked her for couple of minutes. Now i placed my dick again. She was in pain. She was screaming. She said ” varun plss stop.. Its paining.. I cant bear.. Plllsss varun.. Lets stop”My dick was little inside by that time. But i saw her pain. Tears rolling down from her eyes. I didnt want to hurt her more. So removed her one leg but not my dick from her pussy. Slowly laid on her again and started kissing her. Her one leg is stretched and other is around my waist. I was kissing her hard.. She too.. Suddenly i pressed my dick with full thurst inside. It went in completely. She tried to break the kiss to scream. But i dint leave her. Kissing her.. Dint move my dick out.. It was in her pussy. I dint move for couple of minutes from that position. Was kissing her to make her forget the pain. She is calm nww… I slowly moved my dick to and fro. Very slow. Because i didnt want to hurt her. She started enjoying it.. I increased the pace.. She is moaning high…Ahhh… Varunn,nnn,,,,,,,, ahhhhhhhhhh… Mmmmmmmmmmmm………. Faster….Varun please faster……… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ammma.. Ammm ammmmmmmmm…..I fucked her like that for 10 minutes and finally cum inside her…I was done.. We both tired.. I didnt dare to look down.. Cause i was sure that she was bleeding. After 5 minutes we both washed in bathroom. She said she want to leave. I asked to stay for half n hour. She agreed. I took her to bed. We laid down. I was kissing her slowly and playing with her nipples. One of my leg was over her. By this time the dairy milk silk was completely melted inside. I opened it and applied it over her body. On her lips, cheeks, breasts and on her stomach. I liked the entire chocolate over her body. Best part was her chocolate covered lips and boobs. She too loved it.We laid down for sometime and then she dressed up left by 2pm in the noon. This is my best experience in my life. And we tried it again. Not even spoke about it later. We are done with college and now she is in her home town bellary in karnataka. Im in Bangalore preparing for cat. We are in contact in phone regularly.

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